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Internet Censorship By Fiat

September 21, 2012 by  

Internet Censorship By Fiat

The free exchange of information on the Internet has eliminated Big Brother’s ability to control the message. This makes elites walking the halls of power uneasy. That’s why efforts by government to regulate and censor the Internet won’t die, no matter how many times the public thinks it’s killed them.

Since Congress has twice been beaten down on the issue thanks to uprisings by the unwashed masses, the illegal White House usurper has decided to once again do an end run around Congress and legislate by fiat with a new executive order. As usual, the new regulation is designed “to make us safe.”

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano — a recent purchaser of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition (to make us safe, I’m certain) — said Wednesday the cybersecurity executive order that the White House is drafting is close to completion.

The draft order is said to be based on a measure in Senator Internet Kill Switch Joe Lieberman’s bill that died earlier this year. That measure, critics charged, would serve as a back door for regulatory agencies to force companies to meet new security standards. It would make it easier to regulate and surveil Internet communications.

The American defense and intelligence networks are primary exporters of cyberwarfare, so another executive order is not going to “make us safe” from cyberattack.

What would really make us safe would be having Presidents who didn’t routinely violate Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution. But, of course, we can’t expect a Congress that routinely approves anti-liberty measures like the USA Patriot Act or the National Defense Authorization Act (which calls for the secret indefinite detention of Americans) and allows Presidents to assassinate American citizens on a whim or make war without a formal declaration of war on countries that have not attacked us to have any concerns about whether the President is shredding the Constitution.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Harold Olsen

    Basically, this new EO will stop those of us who oppose Obama’s Nazi policies from criticizing him This Hitler wannabe is continuing to follow Hitler’s game plan and silence the opposition. Next will be the banning and burning of books that oppose his policies and do not meet with his approval. I wouldn’t be surprised if sites like this one get shut down under the name of protecting us. I’m still wating to see what his October surprise will be. I think he’ll manufacture a crisis that will “necessitate” him postponing (Obama code for cancelling) the election so he can be sure to remain in office. I wonder when he will draft an EO to suspend the US Constitution.

    • GALT

      Relax Harold, this site and you are quite safe…..where ever the HALLS of POWER
      are, they are NOT in Washington, D.C…….Davos, possibly?

      That location is more akin to a brothel which offers services to those who write checks
      and the business is conducted through surrogates…….the “elites”, whomever these ephemeral creatures are have no need to actually visit the place which is more like
      an asylum and quite dysfunctional………

      These “elites” , having been handed the “kitchen sink” by the Supreme Court with
      “Citizens United” have gotten everything they need……….

      Finally Harold, just so you know how really SAFE you are, the “elites” ( whomever they may be ) are very happy that this site is here……..after all, you think “government IS
      the problem”…….and so do they.

      • DaveY

        Whoever is truly in charge, we have to worry about Obama. He’s already taken us down a dangerous, socialistic road. Our job now is to make sure he doesn’t leave us there.

      • Warrior

        Galt, your description of DC is spot on, however the pols are really just “manipulative tools” of the “elites” and oblama is the head puppet tool at the moment. And the theft continues…

      • JC

        Yep! Misdirection is the key to keeping Americans divided and ignorant.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        JC,the population divided in some instances means safety and freedom for them, as an example a sheep in a barn pen is easier to catch but a sheep that is out in a big field is harder to catch and it wears out the catcher.

      • TIME

        Dear Galt,

        Oddly the more I learn daily, the more I feel just as your post infers. The “Divide and Conquer” is dead center stage.
        Saddly the strange thing is that the “elite” 13 Bloodlines really do enjoy this game they created for their amusement;
        {BIG Cat & mini mouse.}

        What a long strange TRIP its been!

        If the American, let alone the people of the world had 1/10000000000 of a Truth they would drop a load larger than the universe.
        Saddly they are far more into the battle of nit wits and Nano Wits, all of whom are as cluelss as the next.
        **Please Let me be quite clear I am still on a “very hard deep learning curb” with a TON more to learn, thus I am just a student of life.

        Galt; Have you ever been to a Tim Wallace Murphy or Crichton Miller lecture? OMG – What Great stuff indeed….

        PEACE and LOVE ~ be with ALL of you. ;-)

        PS: Keep an Open Mind, so you all can learn, as we really know nothing valid at all. Please KEEP DIGGING for TRUTH. Then, stop and question even that.

    • msbets

      first this lizard will throw down the gauntlet, it’s exe order #13603, which entitles this madman to have COMPLETE control over all food, water, transportation, medicines, hospitals, you name it, this monster will own it, I fault congress for letting this snake abuse the exe fiat, even Issa says he has but has failed to say why, then it will take the internet in the same fashion, I don’t remember any person in high power of abusing, like this vile foul smelling muzzie lizard, it’s nothing more than a subhuman micro-organism, then we are REALLY ISOLATED AND THAT’S WHAT THIS BASS TURD WANTS, TOTAL ISOLATION, IT TRULY NEEDS A STRAIGT JACKET AND QUICKLY.

    • tlgeer

      Do you get this hysterical, and babel gibberish, very often? You might want a professional to talk to.

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  • Ben W. Gardner

    Because of the increasing intelligence of Internet users, it is almost impossible to use a “kill switch” to block a website so that it cannot be accessed.

    In the beginning of the Internet, most people were 100% dependent on DNS (Domain Name Servers) to translate a URL (“ into the actual electronic address that a computer understands ( to access a particular website. All a government needed to do is disable the DNS server so that the site could not be accessible easily in an acronym (name) rather than a direct address. However, if a user knew the exact address of the website, the computer can access it easily.

    If a website is physically located on a web server in a country that wasn’t under control of the U.S., a user can get there directly. The only way a government can block it is using a firewall on all of the backbone cables into and out of the U.S. and specifically block that one particular address. That is very difficult and expensive as there are six major backbone lines and hundreds of other paths leading to the main network.including satellite. Firewalling ALL of them is an almost insurmountable task for the government. If you know the address, you can get there from here.

    There is a file on all Internet capable computers, regardless of operating system, called HOSTS. (the dot is necessary – there is no extension) that is used FIRST to attempt to resolve a URL BEFORE it goes to DNS. If an address is found there, your computer does NOT check with DNS to resolve the URL. I use a very old program called “Fastnet97″ that works from Windows 2000 through Windows 7 that automatically records the exact address and URL of all websites visited in the HOSTS. file. This file can also be edited in any text editor (Notepad). This way, I automatically bypass any DNS lookup except for a website I’ve never seen before. If the government blocks DNS, I just keep on truckin’ and never notice the difference.

    • GALT

      Good stuff……anyway to contact you?

  • Charlie

    Internet is a form of freedom of speach. Our governmental employees really seem not to like our constitution.Our employees in our government really seem to want to control our ever movement, every word we use, everything that could infringe on their power. Seems that if “We the people” do not put the stops on these clowns in our governemnt now we will loose all….freedoms,country,personal believes and anything else that might get onto the employees that work for us in our government way to complete the quest of “One world governement”. If you love our country stop these employees of our’s in our government from the power greedy movement that they have been doing now for decades.

    • DaveH

      This is nothing new, Charlie. Over 200 years ago, Thomas Jefferson knew that — “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground”.

    • tlgeer

      And you know this as a fact because . . . ?

  • loboviejo

    The problem probably goes back to the failure to adopt a Bill of Rights before considering the empowerment of Government. The way we did it gives the granting of electoral votes to the District of Columbia equal play with any of the first ten Amendments. Or it may just go back to the failure of Congress to impeach Jefferson over the purchase of Louisiana—he not only violated the constitutional prohibition on unilateral executive action in foreign affairs. The problem is that Presidents have a history, abetted by a failure of the Constitution to specify limits on executive power.

    There is no necessity for a cybersecurity executive order as the “critical” computer operations have been shielded from attack. A kill-switch on the Internet is about shutting down dissent. It has nothing to do with security.

    • dark angel

      Amen and when they do, it will be a declaration of war on the American people.

      • JC

        It will certianly be the first warning sign. And time to prepare for whatever comes next.

  • Bela

    Censorship on the internet is already here. I’ve had many comments I made on Yahoo simply disappear. In many cases, the comments I left appeared on my computer, but if I opened an new window my comments were gone. Also, I noticed that in many cases I wasn’t getting feedback. The number of comment by others became stuck and I was surprised to find that if I opened another window the number of comments had in fact advanced. If you write about Soros your comment will not appear as well. Often comments that sound like they are coming from extremists or racists (most likely plants) are put up to make it seem like people opposing Obama are right wing radicals.

    • tlgeer

      Your 1st Amendment rights pertain to public posting and writing, not private. Yahoo is a private entity that allows you to post if you follow the rules. They do not have to let you do so.

      This blog is also private. Any of the moderators can remove a post, make a person’s post have to be approved before it shows up on the blog, or can block a person entirely. The majority of the boards and blogs that we all post to are private, not public.

      You want to be able to post whatever you want, when you want, without being censored in some way – start your own website.

  • ladybug

    If you voted for Obama because he is black, you are a racist. If you didn’t vote for Obama because he is black, you are a racist. I did not vote for Obama because his campaign was all talk and no substance. He did not say what “Change” was and now we know and I’m glad I didn’t vote for him.

    If we get rid of Obama and the long term politicians, we might have a chance to keep the internet free.

    independent voter

  • michaeljbeglinjr

    Yet another un-Constitutional move by Obama. The freedoms Americans had given up for the 9/11 attacks will be insanely hard to get back. Our government, both parties, will not stop until we the people MAKE them stop. What will it take?

    • Antonio

      The people wont do anything until they come for their cel phones…Thats probably what it will take

    • s c

      Michaeljbeglinjr, it needs to be said and repeated until Obubba is OUT of the White House and OUT of Washington. He has NO use for the Constitution. To people like him, it’s a piece of paper that is to be used, abused and manipulated so utopians (and all other forms of worthless twits) can enslave those who appreciate, respect and worship freedom.
      Is there ANYONE out there who still doesn’t understand the depth and breadth of Obummer’s treachery? People like him are beyond mere labels. The fact that he wants to be seen as a ‘Democrat’ is IRRELEVANT. He’s a homegrown, wannabe tyrant who has no conscience. Admit it, people. The longer you find ways to deny it, the worse off America will be. Remember (and tell it to your kids daily), America is this world’s LAST gasp of freedom. When and if America falls, the whole WORLD will be utterly enslaved.
      It’s freedom, or it’s SLAVERY.

  • Nitengale

    Cellphones? Get real. They will come for us first.

    • Terry

      The GPS on your phone will allow them to find you too.

  • s c

    First, show me someone who claims to be an “elite,” and I’ll show you a first-class LIAR. Second, I don’t give a flying _____ what Uncle Scam thinks about the internet. Third, tyrants always concern themselves with free speech. Consequently, ANYONE who finds “reasons” to interfere with the internet [or TV, radio, newspapers, etc.] is a worthless sob who belongs in an “enlightened” country like Syria (where true elites can ‘discuss’ their problems and try to kill each other). Kindly move there N O W, you scummers.
    People, if you don’t have free speech, you shouldn’t have to be TOLD that whatever other freedoms exist are in constant danger (IF they still exist). If you think Big Government is your friend, as far as I’m concerned, whatever happens to you (and people like you) is NOT my concern. Whiz off, and get OUT of America. You don’t deserve to live here.

  • Chris

    Executive order 13603………..snopes says “false” to this meaning government takeover as the youtube video states.

  • billy dee

    well it has been a LONG 4 years .. and Business as usual from state govs and the DC utopians … all have a nice upcoming Holiday season as 2013 is gonna rock… for the better i hope…

  • Chris

    A plea to y’all…..please vote for Gary Johnson.

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  • Rebecca

    This is an open message to “President” Obama and Janet Napolitano, and rest of you Progressive Elitest. We, the American People will NOT be manipulated by you. We will NOT be silent! We are NOT fooled. This is not about protecting the public. This is about taking away our freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. That is why you are trying to usurp the Congress and push this so called “Cyber Security” bill via fiat!!!

    • tlgeer

      As a Democrat, I feel the need to point out that 1) we are not Progressives; 2) we are not elitist’s; and 3) we are US Citizen’s just as you are.

      Pretending otherwise just leaves you looking like a fool. If you do not know, or do not understand, how to read something legal I HIGHLY suggest that you find someone who can. Ignorance is no excuse for having hysterics over something that is quite simple and straightforward.

  • tlgeer

    Until, or unless, it actually happens, I wouldn’t believe it.

    The FCC has been fighting to prevent the ISP’s from controlling what websites their subscribers go to. Right now, the ISP’s are pushing Congress to change that. They are pushing hard to change that.

    Read what is actually proposed, and not on a website (like this) that only posts their view of what is happening.

    Even the blog that you linked to doesn’t say what you have said it does.

    “The White House is crafting a draft executive order aimed at protecting the nation from cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure, such as the electric grid, water systems and transportation networks. The order would create a voluntary program in which companies operating key infrastructure would elect to meet a set of security standards developed, in part, by the government.

    “The VOLUNTARY [my emphasis] program in the draft order is based on a measure in Lieberman’s bill that drew opposition from GOP senators and business lobbying groups, chiefly the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Critics argued that the program would serve as a backdoor for regulatory agencies to force companies to meet new security standards.

    “Napolitano again urged Congress to enact comprehensive cybersecurity legislation, arguing the White House cannot completely address the threat on its own. She noted that DHS is limited in the number of trained cyber personnel it can hire, which cannot be addressed by an executive order.

    “An order from the president also can’t offer liability protections to companies, which protect them from legal action if they are hit by a cyberattack. Napolitano said liability protections are “often viewed as mechanisms to foster timely and effective information sharing” about cyber threats between government and industry.

    “Lieberman, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, said he was encouraged to hear that the administration was close to wrapping up work on the draft order. He said the White House should move forward on implementing the executive order and not wait to see if Congress passes cybersecurity legislation during the lame-duck session after the election.”

    READ what the reality is, people, instead of listening to gossip that you do not understand (or don’t want to understand).


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