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Intelligence Ties to The Underwear Bomber

January 18, 2010 by  

Intelligence Ties to The Underwear Bomber

Could the Christmas day bomb attempt on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 have been a false flag set up by various intelligence agencies with the goal of tightening the grip of governments on its people while enriching a few well-connected individuals and corporations?

That idea—seemingly incomprehensible at first glance—gains credence the more one looks to connect a few dots.

There remain many unanswered questions about just what happened in the months, days and hours leading up to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s attempt to detonate the explosive pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN)—which he had concealed in his underwear—as the flight descended on Detroit.

President Obama, in a news conference on Jan. 7, said a “systemic” failure allowed Abdulmutallab to board a plane at the Amsterdam Schiphol airport carrying the explosives. But was it a failure, or was it an orchestrated event?

As we documented here it’s being reported that Abdulmutallab used cash to buy a one-way ticket to the United States at the last minute while carrying no luggage and being on a terrorist watch list. Incredibly, his father had communicated to the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria in November that Abdulmutallab had been radicalized and may be planning a terrorist attack.

At least one witness—passenger Kurt Haskell—claimed that a well-dressed Indian man had escorted Abdulmutallab to the ticket counter and told a ticket agent that Abdulmutallab didn’t have a passport but needed to get on the plane. Haskell’s story has since been corroborated by another passenger who has asked not to be identified, according to a blog posted by Haskell’s wife, Lori. Dutch authorities deny this but refuse to release surveillance video of the airport terminal.

Haskell has also said another Indian man was arrested after the flight landed. But the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) disputes Haskell’s version of the story. However, the FBI has orchestrated a cover-up by giving at least four different accounts of what happened once the plane was on the ground.

But there is much more to the story, and it starts a little more than two years ago.

In November 2007, under orders from President George W. Bush, two Guantanamo Bay prisoners were released to Saudi Arabia. From there they went to Yemen where they joined with the top leader of al-Qaida in Yemen and went to work.

As CBS News has reported, in August 2009 the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) picked up information on a person of interest dubbed “The Nigerian.” He was said to have met with “terrorist elements” in Yemen. The Nigerian has turned out to be Abdulmutallab. But that connection was not made when Abdulmutallab’s father went to the U.S. Embassy on Nov. 19. There are also reports out of the United Kingdom that MI5 had warned the CIA about him in 2008 as well.

Despite Abdulmutallab’s father’s disclosure to U.S. authorities, Abdulmutallab’s visa was not revoked nor was his name placed on a no-fly list. That an oversight like this could occur by accident, without the knowledge of the CIA and U.S. State Department, is not believable.

As Gordon Duff reports in Veterans Today, groups claiming to be al-Qaida in Yemen say the Detroit attack was in retaliation for U.S. cruise missile attacks on bases in Yemen. According to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the al-Qaida terrorists released from Guantanamo by Bush are really Israeli intelligence agents. This was stated by Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh when he announced the arrest of a group of alleged Islamist militants. He did not say what evidence pointed toward a link with Israel.

Duff told (AFP) that there is no al-Qaida in Yemen. “George Bush released a couple of phony operatives from Guantanamo, and after travelling to the Middle East, they hooked up with [the Israeli intelligence agency] Mossad. The only reason Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez released them is because they’re assets,” Duff told AFP.

And, as Duff reports, Abdulmutallab’s father also has ties to Mossad, as well as the CIA station chief and U.S. Ambassador in Nigeria. Named Alhaji Umaru Abdul Mutallab, he is one of the richest men in the world and recently retired as chairman of Nigeria’s First Bank. He also serves on the board of a number of Nigerian corporations and runs the nation’s national arms industry in partnership with Mossad.

Israeli intelligence officers have been training Nigerian security forces for some time, according to an article in Nigeria’s Daily Trust newspaper. Reports show that Mossad trains the military, sells weapons, runs the airports and wields power over Defense Industries Corporation (DICON) in Nigeria, according to AFP.

In an interview with AFP, Duff said he’s not surprised that a man of Indian descent has been tied in with the Abdulmtullab’s bombing attempt. Israel and India are close business partners, especially via their military contracts. He also said the Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) works hand-in-hand with Israel.

As investigative journalist Wayne Madsen wrote in a recent copyrighted Wayne Madsen Report (WMR), Asian intelligence believes the Indian man who helped Abdulmtullab through security was a RAW agent who used his influence to convince airline and airport security personnel that Abdulmtullab was a bona fide Sudanese refuge.

WMR reports that the security company that cleared Abdulmtullab in Schiphol is the Israeli-owned International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS). Many of ICTS’s officers are former Israeli intelligence agents. The online version of Israel’s Haaretz newspaper,, reports the failure of ICTS, saying: “Even if U.S. intelligence failed and the name of the Nigerian passenger was not pinpointed as a suspect for the airline, he should have stirred the suspicion of the security officers. His age, name, illogical travel route, high-priced ticket purchased as the last minute, his boarding without luggage (only a carry-on) and many other signs should have been sufficient to alert security officers and warrant further examination of the suspect. However, the security supervisor… allowed him to get on the flight.”

It’s not the first time ITCS has failed. The firm also cleared attempted shoe bomber Richard Reid for a Miami-bound American Airlines flight from Paris in December 2001. And, on Sept. 11, 2001, ITCS handled security at Boston Logan Airport, Newark Airport and Dulles Airport, the three airports from which the ill-fated 9/11 planes took off. ITCS also handled security at the London transportation system when the July 7, 2005, bombing took place there.

There is another common link between Reid and Abdulmtullab: the explosive PETN. That’s what Reid had in his shoes that he tried to set off before being subdued by other passengers.

But Duff told AFP that the explosives Abdulmtullab had on him “couldn’t have blown up his own seat. Even if full power, it wouldn’t have worked.”

PETN is commonly used with blasting caps to set it off. The chemical concoction used by Abdulmtullab only caused a small fire.

So, to close the circle, who stands to gain?

First, every attempted terrorist act is met by a call for tighter security and better screening. Now the cry for full body scanners is getting louder. And who is making the most noise on these? People in Congress and those who are in a position to influence the sale of the machines. Some of them are:

  • Former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Michael Chertoff lobbies for Rapiscan Systems, one of the leading manufacturers of the scanners. Chertoff’s department purchased five of the scanners in 2005. He hit the news talk shows within hours of the attempted bombing.
  • Another manufacturer is American Science and Engineering. It is represented by former Transportation Security Administration (TSA) deputy administrator Tony Blank, who also once worked for House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Also lobbying for the firm is Chad Wolf, former assistant administrator for policy at TSA and a former aid to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas), who is the ranking Republican on the transportation committee.
  • Smiths Detection, another screening manufacturer, employs the lobbying firm Van Scoyoc Associates. Working for them is Kevin Patrick Kelly, a former top staffer to Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), who sits on the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee. Former Rep. Helen Delich Bentley (R-Md.) also works for Smiths.
  • L-3 Systems is represented by former Sen. Al D’Amato (R-N.Y.), and is said to have developed one of the most sophisticated systems available.

But that’s not all. It just so happens that some provisions of the USA Patriot Act of 2001 are due to expire at the end of the year and President Obama wants them to continue. These provisions are a boon to intelligence-gathering agencies.

They are:

  • The secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court which grants the government “roving wiretaps” without identifying the target.
  • The FISA court’s ability to grant warrants for “business records,” from banking to library to medical records.
  • The so-called “lone wolf” provision, enacted in 2004, that allows the FISA court to issue warrants for electronic monitoring of an individual even without showing that the person is an agent of a foreign power or a suspected terrorist.

What better way to convince a skeptical Congress and public that an unconstitutional intrusion on liberty should be continued than through a failed terrorist attempt?
And finally, the military-industrial complexes of the U.S. and Israel stand to gain, as do the Bush conservatives (also called neocons), all of whom are pushing for a ramping up of military activities in Yemen. Plus, neocons like Gingrich—and most conservatives for that matter—have used the attempted bombing to bludgeon Obama as being soft on terror.

Remember, government loves a crisis. Crises allows government to push through things it could never accomplish without the people being in a state of fear and urgency.

Unfortunately, it seems the traveling public is going to stand passively by and allow their governments to squeeze them even more and use them to make pornographic photos, all in the name of a false sense of security.

(Editor’s note: My original plan for this article was to write on the dangers presented to the travelling public by the full body scanners. Sadly it seems now that their use in all airports is a foregone conclusion. However, my research led me off on this tangent, and the more I dug the more I uncovered. I realize that the vast majority of the public is not ready or willing to believe that agencies for their government could be so diabolical as to intentionally place people’s lives in jeopardy for profit or control. But I’ve sourced the information well enough that if you care to examine the evidence for yourself, you can. I suggest you do that before dismissing this out of hand. Next Monday I will write on the dangers inherent in the scanners themselves. But don’t be surprised if more on the bombing—and those who could be behind it—follows.)

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • David Forde

    Nothing nowadays would surprise me at all. The mendacity of western governments has got out of hand.Sadly in order to be certain safety when traveling by Air then thsese body scanners seem to do the job.

    • ROD OH

      “Pass all the FACTS along…”? I think your FACTS have as much credibility as does your spelling and grammer. They might be a good basis for a fiction book though…

      • http://aol greg

        This person can work on spelling. Your dumbing down is irreversable

        • ROD OH

          greg …you got the “dumbing down” part right but tell me something… where you looking in the mirror when you wrote that? But at least you gave me some hope. At least you know what the term is. Now if we could just stop it from happening among the conservative/republican backers.

          • roflmao

            Quote: “I think your FACTS have as much credibility as does your spelling and grammer.”

            “grammer”? (Try “grammar”.)

            Quote: “… where you looking in the mirror when you wrote that?”

            “where”? (Try “were”.)

            So much for YOUR credibility, Rod.

      • denniso

        Not too much surprises me,but I am surprised that Mr. Livingston’s conspiracy theory makes mostly repubs look like true villains and tarnishes the ‘neo cons’. Conspiracies for huge profit and power certainly ocurr but,wouldn’t invole Obama… the last thing Obama wants when his plate is already overflowing,is a terrorist attack on our soil killing hundreds of Americans and harming the overall economy even more. The military industrial complex is not dead,but I think Cheny fits the bill for this conspiracy theory more than some of the others mentioned. How could Cheny not be mentioned???

        • Margaret

          For the same reason as I did NOT claim him and Bush to be behind the 9/11 attacks, of which theory belief you accused me on the site “Airport Insecurity”.
          January 12 I asked exactly the questions now reported on this site. Do you remember denniso? You answered to my comment:
          “What if this underwear bomb was never supposed to go off? What if Abdulmutallab was not sent by muslim extremists? Isn’t it very convenient for Obama to announce, our security system failed and the government has to place tighter restrictions to the American citizens for us to lose our freedom more and more….”
          Remember my comment? It is strange though, my comment as well as your (silly) reply is taken off the web site “Airport Insecurity”. All others are still there.
          Maybe you can find a conspiracy theory behind THIS web site, denniso, as you accuse everybody to be conspiracy theorists and think, you’re the only one who gets it right.

        • cr747

          denniso, why should VP Cheney be mentioned??? I’ll tell you simply because VP Cheney has got a lot more sense than Obama ever thought about having. And definitely a lot more sense than Obamas pet sheep Biden.
          At least VP Cheney is not a racist like Obama, he’s not a Muslim, like Obama. He was born in The United States, not in Kenya, and most of all he never met behind closed doors with the Republicans, like Obama, Biden, Bug Eyes Pelosi, Reid, and all the Democrats.
          VP Cheney is just much more of a Gentleman, and knows how to make a speech without looking at a TELEPROMPTER, and has enough sense to write his on speeches. WOW WHAT A VICE PRESIDENT HE WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          “the last thing Obama wants when his plate is already overflowing,is a terrorist attack on our soil killing hundreds of Americans and harming the overall economy even more.”

          Did you really write that after reading the article? Did you think about it? If the event were staged (and I certainly think it was) the ObamaLamaDingDong does not risk your supposed terrorist attack.

          The result of what ever this was is more enslavement, more encroachment, more intrusion by YOUR out of control Socialist government into our lives, and more assault on what very little freedom we have left.

        • denniso

          And, I suppose you believe that aliens have landed and are in control and that they communicate w/ us via crop circles??

          • Michael J.

            Yep, and I think you are one of them.

          • Rod James

            denniso Oh come on! You can do better than that!

        • Sue C





          • Save The Mosquito

            Posting your article with every letter capitalized hurt readability.

    • http://Yahoo Dee D

      A great possibility in this set of game rules our employees are running past the (no longer sheeple – now zombies). Anything at all to try to discredit this administration.

      • Jana

        I don’t think it is this administration at all. There might be some agencies in the Government that would do this, but I don’t think any President would knowingly do this type of thing, no matter how bad or how good he is.
        I have heard of some covert agencies that would do just about anything and probably have done things that we as Americans would be ashamed of. That is why we as Americans are against secrets in Government for the most part. Yes, there has to be a few things kept secret, but some of the different agencies have gone way overboard. In fact I even think some of these agencies act independently from the President and feel even he does not need to know what they do.

        • Claire

          Jana: Well spoken. I believe you are absolutely correct on this.

        • Rod James

          Jana, On the part about certain agencies keeping info to themselves and not telling the President, I would agree. On the “few secrets” kept by the government would be an understatement as classified information kept by the government is huge.

    • Andy Miller

      Dear David:
      When the first Supposed Terrorist hides something in a body cavity will you bend over to let them check you? I for one will not nor will I allow a body scanner near my wife, children or myself! I think we should replace our elected (public servants) so called, and replace them with people that want to (serve the public and not themselves) for no more then the average pay of the people they serve. Close our borders so people will have to take the normal path of entry to this great nation. Tell the Muslim people living In the United States to stop there radical terrorist operations or they will all be deported or contained until they can control there own, like we did in WW II with the Japanese.

      • Scott

        Ament to that one. This government, not solely THIS administration, is running off with our rights in tow. I guess if everybody wants to give up their privacy, freedom, and even their lives to a controlling government, we can send you off to the first concentration camp they set up. Downsize government control! I’ll keep my guns money and freedom…

        • Save The Mosquito

          It wouldn’t hurt to proof-read your post before hitting the submit button.

  • Brant Robinette

    That’s definetely a lot of things to consider but I think I could disprove it with one point:

    If Obama and the progressives really did have a hand in this for their own benefit it wouldn’t have been a failed attack, it would have blown up the plane. There is a complete void of compassion and good will in that administration and the progressive movement, they’d have no hesitation in killing Americans to get their agenda ahead.

    • P.B.

      Hi, I do agree about Obama’s cabinet goes, but the last thing the Dems want to have happen is an attack on American soil. Just think about the rage that would be out there if a plane or bridge, or or what ever gets blowen up, the people would be sreaming for Obama’s and Nancy’s head. And President Bush and the republican party would be lifted into saint hood, do you really think clinton or obama or nancy p. want that to happen? No these little misfits with there bombs that dont go off is just what they want , just enough to put the scare into the american people, but not kill us that would do in the dem. party all together. Just watch what how the democrats deal with an attack and see what freedom they take away from you in the name of security.

      • and Jelly

        Start googling and you-tubing “Agenda 21″ or Earth Charter. All roads that we are currently being taken on lead there…and it’s already passed the U.N. Once you watch it and read about it (the real truth behind it) and feel like, there is no way…start thinking about everything “green”, community organizing, the health care bill and rationing, swine flu and the vaccines…etc. We are at war and most of us don’t even realize it…

    • Gary Geppelt

      You don’t have to have a downed plane to get the desired results. What was the quantity, purity, etc of the chemical. Did it not explode becuase the perp didn’t know what he was doing or because the chemical were not of the correct mixture or compound to explode. Do we really know what the chemicals were or do we only know what we are told?

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      I disagree. This sounds logical as remember Obama was vacationing in Hawaii and didn’t even come home like every other President would have? That kinda shows he knew about it in my opinion. I don’t think that he wanted it to blow up the plane either as he knew it would get across what he wanted done. Plus guys you got to remember, he is the first president really that we on the internet can get information all over the world and find out facts so if it were traced that he did no, he would be in bigger do do than he is already.

      • cr747

        Very well said Sally. I thought the same thing about him and her vacationing in Hawaii, and was not even concerned enough to fly back home. WOW IS THE UNITED STATES IN TROUBLE OR NOT??? I’ll answer that, yes we are. He was in Hawaii trying to buy himself a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

        You can bet that George W. Bush would have been there in a heart beat.
        I thought that when the prez… was out of town that the vice prez… was to take over. I think he is ashamed to show his face. Or maybe Obama has realized He doesn’t like HIM. Oh!! I know they don’t like each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Rob M

          haha I said the same thing when he was in Hawaii, “I wonder how long it will be till he shows his new (purchased) birth certificate?” We should have checked how much slush fund money was in the account before he left and after he came back. How much did that certificate cost us taxpayers Obama?????

    • http://Mozillafox Smokey

      Well Spoken Brant, as the first commentator stated, its hard not to believe anything you hear now a days, with the politicians we have in power. We need to take that power away from them at the ballot box.

    • 4 Comon Sense

      Brant. You are dead WRONG. A scare is a more subtle way to get what they want. No one murdered. Let’s say that this bomb had gone off. Hundred’s dead. There would have been a out cry from the American people that you could have heard from around the world. There would have been HELL to pay. Jobs terminated and we would still been digging into why this was allowed to happen.

      Now all we have is what they wanted. No one fired, a major inconvenience of the American people, a few speaches from this administration and his sheep and the digging into this issue is over.

      I am not sure who the sheep are anymore. Those who are being used by this administration or US the People buying into this CRAP.

      • http://Yahoo Dee D

        4 Comon Sense——Would you, could you say kinda like de-ja vu of 9/11 again????????? Over 4000 dead and the financier still at large?????????

    • http://Yahoo Dee D

      Right you are Brant. 9/11 and over 3000 lives proved that as a fact, on American soil at that.

  • Dwain

    The Government of the US has used “False Flags” to sounds the drums of war and more and tighter controls of Americans since they blew up the USS Maine in Havana Harbor! The puppet masters win the Americans lose their freedoms. History tells us the Spanish placed a bomb against the hull of the ship but investigation shows the explosion was internal. There will be more false flags and more loss of freedoms as Americans clamor of safety.



    • 4 Comon Sense


  • Donald M. White

    Thank you, Bob, for that most enlightening article about crime in the counter-intelligence arena perpetrated by government to take away our rights. I believe every word. You should be knighted or at least congratulated for working tirelessly at this for the past 38 years. I don’t know of any other motive because it transcends party and president. Most people probably won’t believe this until someone like the Pope, Thomas S. Monson, or Sarah Palin says it. You take a big risk in writing this, but the risk is even greater if you (we) remain silent. I believe this is a concerted series of acts by One World Order freaks like Bush, Clinton, and Obama to eliminate the Constitution, take away our rights, and create a United Nations government. Ditto for the Bilderberg Group, the Triparte people and the Council on Foreign Relations. I have written about the Bilderbergs on Hub Pages and most recently mentioned in an article about Congressman Chaffetz that I thought this underwear bomber was a setup deal by Obama to tighten up laws against us and to actually eliminate people. The scanners are anything but safe. Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah got a bill through a committee of the house banning the use of scanners. Thanks to the underwear scandal it probably won’t pass the full House. Scanners are dangerous for frequent fliers like him – he goes home to Utah twice monthly – and it means being scanned at least 24 times yearly. I would be happy to help you research what this is doing to our bodies. I’m a former insurance company president and worked three years in Salt Lake City as an AP newsman and now I’m semi retired, writing a crime novel. Link to my last article.
    My article: “Air Passenger Scanning – Needed Or Not?”

    • Disgusted

      I completely believe our government would stage something like this. As the article said, the actual amount of exposlives on the guy wouldn’t have blown up his own seat – however the government knows that after 9/11 there only needs to be the perceived attempt and the citizens will be so scared they will take whatever the government wants to shove down their throats and give up whatever rights they have to feel protected by “big government”. This type of power grab has been happening for many years and we are finally starting to see it, lets hope the citizens of this country start to question what is going on.

      • DaveH

        As Bob said, it takes a blasting cap to set off the stated explosives.
        Government, like Hollywood, is just assuming that the majority of Americans are not knowledgeable enough to know those details. Unfortunately, I think they are right.
        As Ben Franklin said:
        “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

        • chuck b


          don’t know what kind of explosive this guy had on him, but there are “binary explosives” that don’t need much more than a match to set it off and a very small amount could do the job.

          • DaveH

            It was PETN.

          • John P

            Learn about explosives before you speak.

            PETN is an extremely high velocity explosive. Had a condom full of PETN detonated in the window seat, the aircraft integrity would have been compromised at altitude and might have as well on the ground. PETN does require a strong initiator (a low/medium velocity explosive) which it appears this terrorist did not have, or did not use correctly.

            You would be amazed how small an amount of the right explosive it takes to do a lot of damage if you know what you are doing. A ball of PETN smaller than the size of a softball will completely demolish an automobile (steel construction). An aircraft is made of aluminum and gets its strength from the the sum of its frame and skin. They are not designed to endure a large, locally confined explosive force; rather they are designed to take the distributed forces of flight and flight related (weather, atmospheric) disturbances.

    • ROD OH

      Donald…if you believe this crap then your next career as a “writer of fiction” ought to be a tremendous success.

      • Rod James

        Rod. Most people don’t want to believe this scenario! They don’t think our government (and the people influencing it) could be that dangerous and uncaring. There is plenty of real evidence that shows that “We the people” have lost all control of their own country via government.These things are possible and I think likely.

    • cr747

      Donald M. White, What has Clinton, and Bush got to do with this??? They know that Obama is so dense that he doesn’t want anyone in the oval office with him.
      Now I wonder what he’s hiding in there. Maybe some LOADED cigars Clinton left behind!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hank Jackson

    If this is true, our houses are bugged, our phones, email, and everything we do is being taken in. The government that is able to pull all this off could turn anyone off in an instant. No election is safe, no person is to be trusted. If you can’t beat them, join them. Become a INFRAGARD today, sign up at the FBI website and become a member of government. Check it out.

    • DaveH

      Sure, if you want your children and grandchildren to live like Haitians or Cubans.

  • Liza

    I, too, am not shocked at this possibility. I would like more in depth referencing than the news sources quoted, b/c when one tries to pass on info like this to friends and family, it needs to be airtight so it is believable. Bob is right that many (most!) are not ready to accept information like this. They have not done any independent research. Most do not understand the new world order agenda that requires tighter governmental control.

  • Bill Hicks

    Let’s see. We’ve had the “Buster Brown Bomber” and the “Fruit of The Loom Bomber”….both using methods of detonation to ensure they were caught! If they actually intended to detonate, would they not have enough common sense to do it in a locked restroom??? I smell a rat here!!! Call this conspiracy theory, but can anyone answer this: other …than sheer stupidity? If these “terrorists” are this stupid, we have nothing to worry about, except for losing more freedoms, in which case, the terrorists won! If you are not young enough to remember the terrorist attack on the King David Hotel…look it up…the perfect false flag!



    • cr747

      Muslims maybe,!!!! stick together like brothers. I wonder who answers the RED phone at THREE AM when it rings.
      Or better still, WHO ANSWERS IT PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama is probably afraid to…

      Has anyone else noticed that when Obama is supposed to make a statement or a speech at one PM or at a certain time, something always happens that he cancels it for later. You suppose he has to notify the other Muslim countries what time he will be making his speech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leslie

    There is a body scanner that is non-intrusive (does not show body parts)so why aren’t people screaming about the ones they are currently installing at a rapid pace? Also, we are all smart enough to know thatt it is only the good citizens who will suffer from the use of such equipment, those who intend to do harm will figure out another way around this. Do we really think this is going to stop terrorism in the sky? Why aren’t we listening to the experience of Isreali arilines? Do they use body scanners?

    • DeJay

      It takes some time to design, develop and build these full body scanners. I believe this plot has been thought out long before the phony bombing attemps which makes Bob’s article all the more believable.

    • ColinCody

      I am told the Israelies do not use body scanners, they rely on excellent profiling instead. Apparently profiling works quite well when used by experts. I’m pretty sure it would be vastly less expensive, and it is certainly less invasive and less potentially harmful. We should, of course, be doing it everywhere all the time, but that would be too simple, and the elites would not get rich from it.

      • believe no one

        i dont think they take their shoes off either

        • cr747

          Oh yea they do. You have to walk around in germs and what ever else is on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Rob M

            speaking of germs….whats to stop a real terrorist from spraying a deadly virus into his own face prior to takeoff, and boarding a plane and sperading this to all who are aboard….and they in turn spread it to their own destinations?????? Not a single one of us is safe. The foot bomber and the johnson bomber were fakes, and the claim from Al Quida today was a fake. Forget gold, buy lead!!!!

  • Henry

    I thought security at Dulles (as well as the World Trade Center, and United Airlines) for 9/11 was done by Securacom (not ITCS) – part foreign owned, and with Marvin P. Bush (W’s brother) as a principle in the company.

    • DontBelieveEm

      Bingo,,, Securacoms contract expired on 911 tho, so now this new co. took over the (security) now we are safe HA! The whole New Word Order has taken over and it looks like We cant do anything about it

  • Emo Zipper

    Nothing is impossible. Everyone who has delt with explosives knows that most can only be detonated with another explosive device. When set on fire they only burn. Most producing a clear blue flame. Some just smolder. Any demolition expert will tell you that military explosives are designed that way. As fire is quite common on the battlefield. Accidental ignition is not a desirable property…EZ 01.18.10

  • LindyMaeUSA

    There’s NO DOUBT in my mind whatsoever, the whole incident was SET UP by the US Government for various reasons, including MONEY (that’s always the first incentive) and more ominously: FURTHER CONTROL OVER AMERICANS!

    Even a Fifth Grader would “smell a rat” when reading “the Muslim Maniac had NO PASSPORT, NO LUGGAGE, CASH for the ticket, his father FOREWARNED the US Embassy, Britain REFUSED HIS ENTRY PERMIT, etc! HELLO??

    I’d like to know WHAT was said to the Schipho NW ticket agent(s), WHO said (whaever) to him or her and WHY video evidence “isn’t available” to the public?? This government pulls off such audacious stunts because THEY KNOW THEY CAN! Get it???

    Those who haven’t been lulled into the POLITICALLY CORRECT death sleep better “Tighten your seat-belts” because the NWO plans to shock, stun and ENSLAVE us plus the rest of the world while America’s “Silent Majority” stands by with their finger in their nose asking: “What happened??”

  • Raggs

    Not to toot my own horn, but I made a post in another thread a few weeks ago stating that I believed this was a planned action.

    • LindyMaeUSA

      Good for you, Raggs! At least a few of 305,000,000 in this country can “read the writing on the wall!”

      • Stevie

        No make that 265,000,000 can read the writing on the wall. 20,000,000 can only read Spanish, and another 20,000,000 can’t read anything.

  • H Kirk Rainer

    On a comical note, this story reminds me of the once-featured cartoon in MAD, Spy versus Spy. Who is the good guy…and the bad?

    I don’t know how to believe the story — simply because I cannot grasp the end-game of our nation’s military, intelligence and other “interests” in the so-called war on terrorism.

    What seems evident is that this is a perpetual war being waged on financed funding. How long can our country continue at this scale, whether by credible or conspired causes? Perhaps as long as we are compelled to by way of “a crisis”.

    • trust no one

      afghanistan ended and broke the soviet union is the “war” on terrorism heading the usofa in the same direction

    • cr747


  • Paul K. Davis

    One question–how does the bomber himself benefit? Why would he allow himself to be thrown in jail and potentially executed? Or are they depending on an Obama justice system to get him off?

    • DaveH

      Most likely he thought it would work. He was just an innocent dupe. And he certainly wouldn’t be the first. I doubt seriously that he would volunteer to burn the crap out of his crotch and then inevitably be set up for imprisonment or execution unless he was a true terrorist at heart.
      PETN, the stated explosive, requires a detonator, otherwise it will just burn. If he was a seasoned terrorist or taught by seasoned terrorists, he would have known that.

      • JackH

        Dave, these guys are willing to blow themselves in the name of Allah. Don’t you think a little crotch burning is pretty minor compared to dying?

        And, AMEN to Mark. Vote all of these suckers out!!!!

        • DaveH

          You missed my point. If he was knowingly working for our Government, he wasn’t giving his life for Allah. Thus, it wouldn’t make sense for him to be aware of the real plan.

    • Robert


      These people are being manipulated and used if not abused sometimes. The executer is the top of the seen part of the iceberg.

      We got enough manipulation in this country, let us politically educate ourselves and try to understand who is behind all the wars that we are waging for nothing and based false information.


    • cr747

      Obama will pardoned him so he can finish his job of blowing up another plane some where else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • denniso

        To think that the gov’t would set up a phoney terrorist plot for political gain is sheer lunacy and shows where totally illogical thinking can end up. You have to be absolutely cynical to get to that crazy point.

  • DaveH

    And things aren’t going to change as long as so many of you keep voting for Republicans that don’t promise to cut back the size of Government dramatically.
    Scott Brown is a good example of this. People are so exited that he may win the Senate seat in Massachusetts, but read his issues page and tell me that this man really wants to cut back the size of Government:

    As I example, here is an excerpt from Scott’s page:
    “In Massachusetts, I support the 2006 healthcare law that was successful in expanding coverage, but I also recognize that the state must now turn its attention to controlling costs.”

    Does that sound like he advocates less government?

    As long as the voters keep voting for the lesser of two evils, we are just going to get “evil”.

    Big Government is the problem, not the solution.

    There is only one Party that promotes Individual Liberty, Individual Responsibility, and Limited Government. That is the Libertarian Party.

    • DaveH

      For their Party Platform:

      Some of their freedoms may sound scary to those of you who are products of the public propaganda system, but if you look into the issues deeply, I think you will realize that they would work better than what we now have with Big Government meddling.

    • Meteorlady

      I vote Libertarian every chance I get. Unfortunately my friends tell me I am wasting my vote. Not true – no vote is wasted when you are free to cast one. The media will not give them any credit, publicity and in fact, treat them like they are nut cases in some states like Washington state. I think all people deserve press coverage to get their views out there. There should be a limit on campaign spending and the major new services should be required to publish every party’s points.

      • DaveH

        The media doesn’t like Libertarians for a very good reason. Most Corporate officers (that includes media moguls) don’t want the kind of competition that the free markets would bring. They would much rather keep their high-paid jobs without facing the rigors of the free market. And the Libertarians champion free markets.
        Foxnews is breaking that mold however and giving them air time. Thank you Foxnews.
        I believe we are wasting our votes when we vote for politicians who don’t really represent our ideals. Thus, I vote Libertarian and hope that one day more people will invest the time to learn about the joy and freedom that our policies would bring.

    • cr747

      Keep voting REPUBLICAN you say??? If I remember right the Democrats are the one’s locking the doors and won’t let the REPUBLICANS in. Is there something wrong with this picture.

      Besides when you vote for one of those other dudes you are defeating the purpose of voting. Wouldn’t be so bad if they could win, but they can’t win.
      I am registered as a democrat, but as I have said before I haven’t voted democrat sense way back before Slick Willy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • james shelton

    This comes as no surprise. I told my wife the day it happened it was a sham.Always look for the money trail.But now it’s a little late to mount up on your high horse and cry foul.Generation after generation have flushed the other people down the drain.I’s not just here in the U.S.A. it’s been happening all over the world year after year.WAKE UP YOU BUNCH OF LEMMINGS. Save your own hiney that of your loved ones if they’ll listen.Drop to your knees and pray.Satans children are in power now and only GOD can defeat them.

    • ColinCody

      “Drop to your knees and pray. Satan’s children are in power now and only GOD can defeat them.”

      James, you are right. Not only have we turned control of this nation over to Satan, but the church is also not the church, the people do not know how to pray “effectively and fervently” (James 5:16) to get results, and many church-going people are not really converted to genuine Christianity, so, they are not on praying ground. We are in a deep pit of our own making over many, many years. We have no choice now but to soldier on asking the God of all grace and mercy to set aside or eliminate those who oppose the governmental and societal principles of the Founding Fathers. We need godly leaders of profound insight, unflinching integrity and powerful courage to take their places.

      Dr. Ron Paul is the only person of such character I know in government today. He would make the very best president this nation has ever had, bar none, and he deserves our prayers for his health and for more wonderful opportunities to further promote the truth to the American people.

  • http://WND Bonesecos

    I wouldn’t put it past the NWO to attempt such measures. When the Oklahoma City bombing took place, I had a strong feeling that it was Clinton’s doing. He had been trying to pass the anti assault weapons bill through congress, but it wouldn’t pass. After blowing up the building with fertilizer the bill passed and assault weapons were banned. Why not ban fertilizer, after all that is what was used to blow up the Federal building?

    • DaveH

      I was listening to a talk radio show shortly after the bombing. A lady called in to say that months earlier she confronted a group of men on or near her ranch who were blowing cars up with fertilizer bombs. They identified themselves as Federal Agents who were testing fertilizer bombs for forensic purposes. Does that sound likely? Just months before the Oklahoma bombing?

      During Clinton’s reign we had Ruby Ridge, Wako, and the Oklahoma City bombing, as well as many mysterious deaths in his own administration.

      I wouldn’t put anything past Big Government.

      • American Citizen

        You can look at what she said two ways. Did she say they showed her legitimate ID? They could have been lying to keep her from reporting them. Who can believe what these days?

        • sarah

          DAVE H –

          We can’t blame everything on Clinton and/or Dems — Ruby Ridge was almost entirely on George Bush I’s watch, beginning in the mid-1980s, but coming to a head between 1989 and 1992. The trial, however, was in 1993.

          And let’s not forget the bombing of MOVE HQ in Philly by the cops — eleven people were killed in that urban assault.


          • DaveH

            The seige was in 1992. It doesn’t matter that they were under surveillance earlier.

      • denniso

        So, even you are feeding ridiculous conspiracy theories for the mob to savor. Are you trying to get tim McVeigh off the hook for the truly evil that he did??

  • Claire

    If this was a planned set-up what would be the point? Obama admitted
    Homeland Security failed. To admit failure in this type of situation only makes Obama and the Department of Homeland Security appear incapable. Or the underwear bomber and his backers were trying to prove that they can get by with anything. Or some sleaze in our own government set it up. Maybe I am missing something here.

    • DaveH

      There is no inconsistency in admitting the system isn’t working. It rolls right in to their plan to “make it better” with Bigger Government.

    • DaveH

      Admitting the failure of a system is always the starting point for suggesting more regulations to solve the problem.

      • Claire

        DaveH–I see. More rules and regulations. According to talk radio and the news media, it has made Obama and Napolitano appear incapable. His approval ratings are in the tank. So if he and the government is behind all this, why do they expect more rules and regulations will boost their ratings? Bigger government only causes more dissent among the majority of the people. I truly fail to see the logic in this.

        • beary

          Claire, who cares about ratings? They want control and they are getting it. Forcing us into a health care system that we don’t want and puts them in control of our life. Wiretapping us whenever they want, they are even able to come into our homes and search without a warrent. Now we are going to have to be naked before going on an airplane and they can put our nakedness on display through the internet. They can also save the picure, print it and keep a police profile on us.

          • Claire

            Beary_–I was talking about Obama and his administration worrying about their own ratings. I don’t give a hoot for anyone’s ratings. Bush installed wiretapping and it no doubt continues. I am scared to fly so I always drive. I don’t have the answer to all of this garbage. The only solution left to do is vote them all out and start anew. New people, new everything.

          • American Citizen

            Have you seen where 18 states’ Attorney Generals are considering fighting Obama and the Feds on the Health Care Bill? They’re looking at the constitutionality of it as well as unfunded mandates. Too many states are having budget problems for the Feds to force more on them.

          • denniso

            Claire…you are right to see no logic in this conspiracy theory because there is no logic…it’s truly an idiotic line of ‘no reason’ at all. Please don’t go there as you are more sane than that.

        • Claire

          American Citizen–No, I have not heard this. But in reality it stands to reason. Too many states are in a financial bind. They cannot take on any more burdens. Illinois is in such a financial bind that it will never get out the mess it is in. Thanks to the insane and corrupt politics here. Our election for Governor is coming up. Nearly all of the candidates have some kind of skeleton in their closet. Nothing ever changes here. Right now all I know is Quinn must go!! And God help us.

          • cr747

            Claire, hopefully more states will come on board with these already listed. Get in touch with your state government.
            Also Clair they need to get rid of Daley to. He reminds me of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Claire

            cr747—Get rid of Daley???!!! That is virtually impossible!!!! These people control everything in Illinois literally. Daley does not pay any attention to the letters or phone calls that he receives (unless you work for him) and Durbin blows you off. They don’t care about the people in Illinois. They are out for themselves. A person can only TRY to vote them out, but it never seems to work.

  • http://none Delores Gresham

    For those of you that have not read “The Hope of the Wicked” by Ted Flynn might go on-line and get a copy. You cannot buy it at most Book Stores. This Book will give you the Plan that has been developed by the Elite, the documented history of how this Plan is being implemented, who has been and is involved in the implementation and what is planned for America in the next couple of years. After reading this Book, that has over 1200 Foot Notes you will understand why things are happening and what is coming our way. If “We the People” do not wake up and get busy throwing out all of the Radicals, regardless of party they belong to, putting in office real Patriots our Nation will be Destroyed.

    As you probably know America is the only Nation of the World that is standing in the way of implementing a “One World Government”. This Administration has the mission to destroy our Financial System, God’s influence on anything within our Government, Schools and Personal livest, producing Young People who are in essence ignorant of the History of this Nation, void of love and respect for this Nation and are really been educated to be “Children of the World” just ready for the “One World Government” implementation and to put the Elite in control with the rest of us being their Surf’s. Please refer to the UNAgena21 Governance of the World on the Internet. Also, you can order this Plan under UN Agenda 21 from the UN Book Store. In World Wide Meetings over the past 20 or so years the U.S. Government Officials have been meeting with the UN and World Leaders planning and implementing the United Nations take over of all Nations of the World, establishing a “One World Government”. Currently the Obama Administration has submitted to the Senate 17 Treaties, if Ratified will hand over large segments of the U.S. Property and Society to the control of the UN and establish a U.S. National UN Tax based on our individual income. These Treaties include our Sea Ways, Raising our Children, take over of our National Parks, etc. Many or most of these Treaties does away with our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The UN laws and Regulations will also override our Laws and Supreme Court. Also, included in this handover is the NAFTA Trade Agreement and The NAFTA Highway. Again go on-line to NAFTA Highway and check out how this ties into this takeover and implementation of “One World Government”.

    I could go on and on; however all of this information is available to anyone who wants to find it. This Issue of the Intelegence Agency and Israel is really insignificant when measured against what is really going on. You may want to research this and write more about these Issues. 10:45 A.M.

    • ColinCody

      A courageous federal judge in California will soon (Jan. 26) be hearing the case to force BO to prove his American citizenship. Pray that the judge’s eyes will be opened if they are not already and that Obama will be prosecuted and convicted of fraud, imprisoned and deported back to his home country of Indonesia. None of the treaties, etc. of his bogus presidency will then be valid.

      It has been reported that BO filled out a form requesting a government grant for himself as a foreign student from Indonesia. This was when he was applying to go to Occidental College years ago. Someone obtained this information using the Freedom of Information Act, probably the attorney handling the case.

      • Meteorlady

        While I am not a BO fan – the part of about the grant is untrue according to

        • cr747

          I am a Lawyer, and I can assure you that you can’t believe everything that Snopes says or writes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • http://Yahoo Dee D

            cr747 – I check Snopes because they give you two sides of the issues at hand and allow you to think for yourself to form your own opinions.

          • denniso

            Snopes is about 1000% more correct than 99% of what’s on this site.

          • True Born

            Snopes is an uber-liberal funded front:


            Read it and weep!

    • ROD OH

      Delores…people like you are the problem and certainly not the solution. Thank goodness that you are still and will always be a shrill minority. I highly suggest that you read some other sources than those that you have currently tapped into. All that people like you do is make these wacko pundits rich with your cult like thinking.

      • Stevie

        ROD OH, you sound EXACTLY like HOMESEC, who declares Christians, gun-owners, veterans, pro-Constitutionalists as suspected terrorists. And yes ROD, take that as an insult !

        • ROD OH

          Stevie…Thanks for not disaapointing me with your use of “backlash labeling and name calling”; which I am certain is always your first reaction. But no, I take that as a compliment, not an insult.

      • Meteorlady

        He RodO – there are more than just that book. An ex-CIA guy wrote one in the 1990′s I believe. He also detailed the New World Order. There are also three more books detailing the same. Where there’s smoke…… George Bush Sr. even discussed it openly on various occasions.

    • Stevie

      Ted Flynn’s book is easily the best single book on the real, yet hidden workings of this world.

    • ROD OH

      Delores after reading your rambling blog, I think I can tell you why Mr. Flynn’s book is not in most book stores. Book stores tend to only want to promote “credible, worthwhile material”. On the other hand, maybe it was in the “fiction section” and that is why you missed it.

    • DaveL

      How is the NAFTA Highway related to the NWO? It was supposed to be about using I-29 as a corridor between Canada, the US and Mexico to move goods around the middle of the continent and move them quickly. It was supposed to be good for trade and good for the economy and the local economies. It would create jobs too. How is that a bad thing?

      • Claire

        DaveH–I never have headaches but I think I am getting one now. Hint, hint.

        • Claire

          Sorry, I meant DaveL

    • cr747

      Delores, The BIBLE will tell you everything you need to know about what is going on all over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paula

    Indeed, we are being and have been set up in preparation to become the sheep being lead off to the slaughter. Little by little, piece by piece. We are being lead also to believe that our enemy is Islam, Iraq, Muslum, Middle East. Ah, but who is really doing the controlling of all these ‘feelings’? Who is bringing forth hate amongst the common man?
    People somehow need to wake up to what is really going on. People need to stop believing what they read or hear on the news. People need to believe only 1/3 of what they see in real life. I don’t mean via the television, media, etc. Those are included in the to not believe catagory.
    By “seeing” I am talking about when you walk out your door and you see a dog biting a human. When you walk out your door and see a lady falling to the ground. If you walk out your door and see a lady laying on the ground, you cannot say that you saw her fall, so you cannot believe that she actually fell down.

    • ROD OH

      Paula, “Who is bringing forth hate in the common man”??? Well after reading many of the blogs here , I would say it is people like you and who think like you. What “Christian madrassa” did you all attend that taught such venom, hate and a total misreading of reality?

  • http://personalliberty john baker

    My father fought in WW2 and Korea and he always said “Dont ever believe what you see or hear on the news This country has its own propaganda there are more secret agentcies then you would believe is possible” This current form of goverment has taken it to a new level. The total disregard for For the people by the People has long since been brushed to the wayside

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      I totally agree. We lived in the Canal Zone (Civilians) during the riots, in fact I worked in the Administration Building for the Panama Canal Company and could look out the window and see all the crap going on down on Forth of July Street. Most all of the information that was being peddled in the newspapers and on the TVs in the US was blantenly in error. That is when we learned don’t believe anything you read in a newspaper nor what you see on TV. Now we are fortunate that we can do research on the internet to at least get a little closer to the truth.

  • Raggs

    Scary isn’t it….

    What most people don’t realize is that the health care reform bill is a major contributor to the government controling you by via a scam.
    If this passes you can forget about your rigths. This will be the first major step coupled with the UN treaties, climate control, and financial crisis. All of which in my thinking is a planned action.

  • Wormwood

    Global Analysis – International Intelligence

    MUST READ !!!

  • c lee

    Surely with all the exsperts in the field of exsplosives someone could come forward and show their credentials to the editor of this site proveing his or her ability to speak on the subject and give us some credible information as to the possibility that the exsplosives were never meant to be more than a scare tactic or that in fact they were the real deal. Surley there is an exspert among us or someone here knows an exspert that would be willing to share the truth with us here.

    • Michael

      They were the real deal, his underwear looked like adult depends. They were filled with the powdered explosive. He had a blasting cap that he used to try and detonate the mixture with. He hid under a airline blanket as he tried to blow us all up. Evidently he had gotten the mixture wrong and instead of going BANG he just went poof. The remainder of his underwear fell to the floor of the plane and set fire to the carpet. Want a detailed account of what happened during the last few minutes of flight 253, it’s gonna cost you a few beers……

      • c lee

        That must have been an exspearience to tell the grand kids about, glad to see you were able to be here today to answer this blog. And I hope you never have another exspearience like this. I heard a lot of talk about this being a scare tactic and the bomb would not have taken the plane down etc. etc. Thanks for sharing.

      • DaveL

        Name the time and place! I’ll supply the cold beer!

  • Wormwood

    The most common use of PETN is as an explosive with high brisance. It is more difficult to detonate than primary explosives, so dropping or igniting it will typically not cause an explosion (at atmospheric pressure it is difficult to ignite and burns relatively slowly), but is more sensitive to shock and friction than other high explosives such as TNT or tetryl.[8] Under certain conditions deflagration to detonation transition can occur.

    It is rarely used alone, but primarily used in booster and bursting charges of small caliber ammunition, in upper charges of detonators in some land mines and shells, and as the explosive core of detonation cord.[9] PETN is the least stable of the common military explosives, but can be stored without significant deterioration for longer than nitroglycerin or nitrocellulose.[10] It is also used in exploding bridgewire detonators, either alone or with a subsequent booster charge. In spark detonators, PETN is used to avoid need for primary explosives; the energy needed for a successful direct initiation of PETN by an electric spark ranges between 10-60 mJ.

    Its basic explosion characteristics are:

    * Explosion energy: 5810 kJ/kg (1390 kcal/kg)
    * Detonation velocity: 8350 m/s (1.73 g/cm3), 7910 m/s (1.62 g/cm3), 7420 m/s (1.5 g/cm3), 8500 m/s (pressed in a steel tube)
    * Volume of gases produced: 790 dm3/kg (other value: 768 dm3/kg)
    * Explosion temperature: 4230 °C
    * Oxygen balance: -6.31 atom -g/kg
    * Melting point: 141.3°C (pure), 140-141°C (technical)
    * Trauzl block test: 523 cm3 (other values: 500 cm3 when sealed with sand, or 560 cm3 when sealed with water)
    * Critical diameter (minimal diameter of a rod that can sustain detonation propagation): 0.9 mm for PETN at 1 g/cm3, smaller for higher densities (other value: 1.5 mm)

    PETN is used in a number of compositions. It is a major ingredient of the Semtex plastic explosive. It is also used as a component of pentolite, a 50/50 blend with TNT; a shaped charge of 8 oz of pentolite, used in the M9A1 (bazooka) rockets, can penetrate up to 5 inches of armor.[11]

    • Shirley Schmoock

      Gosh Wormwood, I hope nobody reads this blog and sees your wonderful, explicit directions for blowing something up – like an airplane?

      • Claire

        Anyone can get the information on how to build a bomb off the Internet.

  • Michael

    I was on that plane and was sitting two seats away from the bomber. He did have a blasting cap that he used, but instead of exploding, his underwear caught fire. He never ate, drank, or spoke much the entire 7 3/4 hour flight. He was almost in a comatose state as we wrestled him from his seat and pulled off his clothes. No, I firmly believe he was disapoointed when he realized that he was not in heaven but surrounded by a bunch of angry men……..

    • USPatriot

      I am glad you are safe! I do think the bomber believed this would be jihad, but whoever packaged him fixed it so he would just set his B%^$ on fire. Now the stock of the company that already had these scanners MADE could sell them. Another example of false flag terror. And Bush didn’t do us any favors either. Both he and his father talked about the New World Order. We have big problems in our government on both sides. Tea parties are finding new leaders. Some will be independent and some will run on the Republican ticket. Follow the Patriots.

      • denniso

        Just because humans and large complex agencies are sometimes incompetent,that doesn’t logically lead to the conclusion that they are conspiring to enslave or blow us up.

  • Shirley Schmoock

    Oh come on! And Kennedy killed himself? Let’s consider one single thing:

    What sort of guy would willingly blow his balls off so the CIA etc. could study the reaction of security?

    Do you think we talked him into it – convinced him it would work and he’d be a martyr – just a practice run – all of the above?

    I think we were sloppy and reticent since Bush kept us safe for 8-years.

    • Michael

      Security didn’t work, but the untold story is the keystone cop response we received upon arrival at the terminal…..what a sad example of homeland security dis-organisation that was. Very sloppy, it was as if we were unwilling participants in a poorly planned and poorly supervised training exercise.

    • trust no one

      who was president on sept 11,2001 ?
      they are all liars
      when we believe that and start to throw them and their money grubbin hands out we will all be better off
      if ever there was a time for a true for the people by the people party to emerge this is it

  • Terry

    This is just the sort of garbage that I would expect from the gutter press, not from a reputable news source. I am sending this comment and then unsubscribing from PLD.

    • True Born


      Don’t let the door hit you in the A$$ on the way out! When you or your progeny are the slaves of the NWO, don’t blame this blog! :-p


    • Save The Mosquito


      This blog belongs in the “Humpty Dumpy Was Pushed” category.

  • LindyMaeUSA

    Delores: Thank you for your excellent input and suggestions. “Forewarned, is forearmed.” I’m looking for Flynn’s book!

    Reading: “The Late Great U.S.A.” by Jerome Corsi in 2007 set me to “asking questions” for the first time and “noticing what’s going on in this government,” followed by “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins. I cried when I read that book . . . so heart-broken and ashamed of the evil, greedy bastards in charge of our beautiful Country which has been blessed for so long in so many ways!

    Then last September, I bought and TRIED to read all of Michelle Malkins “Culture of Corruption” but had to lay it down; I couldn’t finish reading it, I was SO SICKENED by the written expose’ of ALL the crooks, thieves, liars and tax cheaters Obama put in his cabinet plus those czar rats who are helping him rule us! Indeed, Obama IS “The Puppet President” but because of the powerful authority he has access to, we all are in dire danger!!

    “Those people who will not be GOVERNED by God, will be RULED by tyrants.” –William Penn

    • ColinCody

      Lindy Mae…Not many people have the courage to face factual reality about the scum who have been ruining this once great nation for many years. You have that rare kind of courage, and I am glad to hear about you. Would that there were many millions more like you. Most people do not want to know what is really going on because they suspect that they would become enraged, and they would also become morally obligated to try to do something about it. But sadly, they would rather watch TV, live in a make believe world, and hope for the best while our people and our nation are gradually destroyed by pathological narcissists gone wild and in control.

    • trust no one

      “the best democracy money can buy” by greg palast to your reading list to open your eyes even more

  • DeJay

    Delores G is right on the money. Everyone should check out the Canadian Free Press since they are not bound by our laws. The American Free Press might be another sourse of factual information. There is a page on the CFP about all this crap coming down the pike has going on for 100′s of years. George Washington was a Free Mason and that group has shady backgrounds.

    • Claire

      DeJay–My husband is a 32nd Degree Mason. He does not worship Lucifer. He believes in God. I trust my husband and I sure as hell will believe him before I will believe any propaganda.

    • denniso

      So now G Washington is one of the evil,big gov’t bad guys?? Wow,you’ve lost your mind…

  • Matthew

    This article is right on the money, but it doesn’t go far enough. Most people realize 9-11 was also a false flag event perpetrated by traitors in the U.S. military and intelligence agencies. Far from “keeping us safe” for eight years, Bush ALLOWED the 9-11 attacks to take place and then covered up the evidence. If you’re not familiar with this subject, a good place to start would be

    • Michael

      Matt, “right on the money’? You’re kidding right? Bush allowed 9-11 to happen and not one co-conspiring sole as spilled the beans right? Wow, unreal.

      • cr747

        BUSH or anyone in the government did not know anything about 9/11. I can assure you of that.

        Now is a different story. Obama could have played a part in the 9/11 episodes. For him being a muslim, and the crooks that are in Chicago could have very well had a hand in this. If you remember when Bush and Al Gore was having hanging chads and all that good stuff. Daley was in on the re-count of the votes, and raising hell all the way through it. So it could have very well been some of those Democrats that where so upset that Al got beat, that they decided to pull this off and make it look like the Bush administration had something to do with it.
        If you remember it wasn’t long after that, that Obamas name started popping up, and him being a Muslim he new where to go, and how to reach these terrorist. That would also explain why he is telling the Muslims when he will pull the troupes out of Afghanistan, and also plot the underwear scare while he was in Hawaii. I for one do not trust him!!!!!!!!!!

        • denniso

          So Bush didn’t allow 9/11 to ocurr,but Obama is part of the terrorist plot?? You’re riduclous…

      • http://Yahoo Dee D

        Michael – Cheney did need a platform and a viable excuse to invade Iraq based on out and out lies. And bin Laudin is still alive as well as his family members who were flown out of America on government planes in the early morning hours on 9/12.

    • LindyMaeUSA

      Matthew: God bless you, guy! You’re the first person I know of who actually admits: BUSH and his NWO cronies PLANNED 9/11 so they could manipulate angry Americans into “permitting” him to raid Iraq without question.

      I’m going to read and put the on My Favorites to show my stubborn, ignorant “dyed-in-the-wool” Republican husband that Bush was, is and will continue to be ROTTEN to the core! And BTW: I’m not a Degenerate Democrat or a Republican Rat! I’m a God-fearing, loud-mouthed American Patriot with a LEGITIMATE birth-certificate to PROVE my right to live in and enjoy this beautiful country!

      • Michael

        I have a 1st edition copy of “Pearl Harbor, The Truth” I can loan you. It goes into chilling detail about how then President Rooselvelt was in cahoots with those Japanese boys, all for the sake of the promises of a limitless supply of cheap VCRS, TVS, and cars.

        • LindyMaeUSA

          Michael: Thanks for the offer, Hon.

          Because I love history so much, I read several pieces of legitimate documentation two years ago about FDR’s insidious agreement, acceptance and participation concerning his knowledge of that imminent attack which resulted in MILLIONS, not thousands, of American lives viciously thrown away, all for the sake of capitalistic gain!

          Obviouly, FDR didn’t know: “A shroud has no pockets!” But even if he knew he COULDN’T take anything with him when he died, I doubt he would have changed his mind about Pearl Harbor because “A greedy man is never satisfied! (Habakkuk 2:5)

          • http://Don'thaveone Sally

            Man, you sure know your bible. The little book of Hababduk (spelling) is only three chapters and basically when the Jews had not kept God in the picture, God punished them and sent in the Baboloyians to capture them and layed waste to their temple. Which means basically, if the US does not get back to a God fearing nation under the constitution and the bill of rights, as a nation it is doomed because God is pulling out of protection that we have enjoyed up to this point. All you non believers, ateist, etc., be thankful that the US has had an abundance of true believers, this is the only thing that has been holding back, however, when the rapture happens, nothing will be held back for all of you who are left behind to try and endure.

          • Curtis S

            Sally? Do you have a dog?

        • http://Yahoo Dee D

          Michael – We didn’t start getting the cheap VCR’s, TV’s and killing toy’s for our children, and contaminated animal food and poison baby formula until NAFTA was passed and Hillary made many trips to China during the Clinton Administration and all this came from China not Japan.

          • Claire

            Dee D—you are correct on this one! I bust my butt to try and never buy anything “Made in China.” Since I have dogs, I especially remember the dog food scare. That was indeed a nightmare. I do not trust China or anything that comes out of that country. The problem is–a lot of items are from Thailand, Viet Nam, India, and other places. It is neverending. I buy items “Made in America” and I will tell you one thing- it sure makes me feel better to do this.

  • clyde carter

    our goverment has gotten so far out of reality its disgusting.
    president lincoln said destruction would not come from without but
    from within . I believe we are very close as of now.
    OH I PUT MYSELF ON THE NO FLY LIST because of the b.s. involved in
    security clearance.

    • LindyMaeUSA

      Clyde: Thanks for the “instant grin” comment. I appreciate that kind of levity. Keep it up, guy! ;-) Considering the extreme seriousness of America’s situation, we need all the smiles we can get!

  • http://none Thelma

    Will find and buy Flynn book; listen to Michelle Malkin often; Also Ann Coulter – ever since Waco, the tank, I have been writing letters (to no avail) about the increasing anti-America, Liberal-Socialist-Communist, UN, and One Worlders so-called “Progressives” follow Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” methods. Today, Why are SEIU members ALLOWED to bus/move into Scott Brown’s campaign area? Why is illegal voting, voter registration fraud continuously overlooked, dismissed? Only government collusion, media collusion, while we, the citizenry, the taxpayers, the people busy earning a living, blindly or at a loss what to do, take each day at a time. First, Scale Back Government, All have Term Limits, no Lifetime Pensions, no Special Insurance, If we even are “allowed” to vote in November, 2010!!!!

    • LindyMaeUSA

      Atta’ girl, Thelma! I love, respect and admire Americans who RECOGNIZE the truth then have the guts and patiotism to “say it like it is!” Good for you! :-)

    • Michael J.

      Amen Thelma, “If we are even allowed to vote in 2010″

      • denniso

        Why don’t you move to an actual totalitarian country and see how it compares?? Iran??

        • Michael J.

          Denniso, my ancestors came to this land 330 years ago. My great grandfather 10 generations removed landed here amongst the fourth or fifth batch of Pilgrims. He lived here, raised family here and died here before this land was even called America. Since then my people have been involved in every struggle, war and fist fight that was required to make this country the place that people from around the world today desire to come to.
          So don’t preach to me about Democracy or what it takes to build one.
          My family has shed the blood that puts the red in red, white and blue.

          • JC

            Michael, ignore her, she’s nuts anyway.

  • MF


    Bush, 911 where the buildings were detonated, anthrax that was sent only to Democrats and real journalists. 5 postal workers died and then they blamed a dead guy. He took 6 days to respond while staying on vacation (when wasn’t he on vacation) to the shoe bomber, he ignored Katrina…shall I go on?

  • marty

    If there’s anybody out there that’s gullable enough to think the government wouldn’t lie to you I refer you to ” the buffalo news “, May’99, page B-1. The article says that National Guard Capt. Gordon Hess,while at Fort Knox,Ky.,commited suicide by stabbing himself 26 times, then wipeing the knife clean so his fingerprints wouldn’t be on it! He was found with 6 stab wounds in his neck, 20 in his chest includeing 2 that penetrated his heart, and 4 in his lungs!THE ARMY – GOVERNMENT SAID THEIR EVIDENCE CONCLUDED IT WAS A SUICIDE !! THEY GOT AWAY WITH THIS RIDICULOUS LIE !!

    • Dee

      Yes, and how about how they killed Bill Cooper for speaking out against the corruption of the Elite, right at his home. First they tried to make him look crazy, when that didn’t work they sent the IRS after him and when that didn’t work they put people on his street to have him come out to check it out and then killed him. Everything they tell you is a lie, it’s all about control. You fear, they control. Get rid of all FEAR.

  • Happy

    Pray. We are living in the most dangerous time. This is one of the motives to take more power away from the people.

  • Robert

    I have a headache after reading this article. Can someone drop a big bunker buster on some Arab Jihadist and make it go away? With all the deceit and lies coming out of Washington, no wonder or surprise that there might be more to the crotch bombers story than meets the eye. So America, wake up and make sure your guns are clean, loaded and at the ready. Washington is more intent on disarming us than finishing off the terrorists who want to kill us. I guess Saudi money talks and all of us can walk. At least those of us who do walk, don’t bow. Got that Obama? Real Americans don’t bow to now one, especially Arabs.

    • ColinCody

      During the election campaign, someone did some research on BO’s genetic heritage. They found that he is half white because his mother was white, while his father contributed about forty percent Arab genes and only ten percent black genes. The black genes greatly predominate in his case, so his white and Arab genes are unsuspected just to look at him. My percentages of his father’s contribution are close but not precise because I read the post well over a year ago and did not take notes. He could have run as an Arab had it been to his political advantage to do so.

      • http://Yahoo Dee D

        ColinCody – Rumor has it that Obama, Bush, Kerry and the Clinton’s are all related and knit very close to Adolph Hitler. I’ve not checked it out as true or not, just heard it from a VVEERRYY trustworthy NEWWWS source.

        • denniso

          You are joking, right??

  • al st acques

    It dosent mater weather the subject is war errorism, bootlegging, prostitution, convient deaths, Who will benifit from the above
    consider V an inverted pyramid, at the bottom or point is the subject similar to the above the wider part of the pyramid are those who will gain, from the subject from the bottom. ex; a drug user . who gains ? the support package, the money gleans to to hire more lawyers, create more prisions, more police has to be hired to fight drugs, manufactuers gain by creating more software, and instrumentation etfc, the list is enless, they are aall making money off the drug user or prostitute,, Tell me who is the real victim, pimp. Who stands to gain ? familiar, ditto arms race, A need to foster a war, to generate manufacturing, oil to make plactics, in a sagging economy inflated money to pay bills with

  • Dr r


    I recently went through Atlanta airport and respectfully refused to be scanned and opted for the “hand search”. This takes about 10 extra minutes. If EVERYONE did this, i think they would stop the scans immediately as it would back log the system… This is a possible answer to this mess… What say you?

  • pearl

    There are many valid and practical observations and suggestions in these comments, but nothing will work because the gov’t doesn’t want anything to solve the problem and acts only to exacerbate it.

    God alone can help us -there is no other hope, as everyone, EVERYONE, involved in the system is either corrupt or powerless.

    • ColinCody

      Pearl, I suspect that you would find “The Memoirs of Charles G. Finney” of great interest. Finney’s revival ministry demonstrates the incredible power God is willing to use in turning an entire nation back to Him. When there is genuine revival and theological reformation, the government will follow of necessity as day follows night. It cannot be otherwise. I believe James 5:16 is the prayer approach that great prayer warriors will use one day to meet our national needs in this regard.

  • chuck b

    if the government is behind this and umar is a conspirator with the government, is umar going to sit in prison for the rest of his life or possibly get the 40 virgins to help this admin gain more power over us?? and did they put baking powder in his boxer shorts so there would be no explosion??? if that’s the way it is umar is one stupid dude!!!or will he spill the beans when he goes to trial? obumbo and co. would be stupid enough to try this, however, in this case i don’t think so.

  • ROD OH


    This is a perfect example of what is wrong with politics today, conservatives and unfortunately the Republican Party. You know that you can get away with this ridiculous use of conspiracy theories on your mindless base and it is truly pathetic that you choose to do so. Until approximately 35% of our population gets smarter than to listen to this garbage, I do not hold out much hope for progress in our nation. How pathetic of you to spread this type of mindless nonsense. I really wanted to use stronger language than this to express my disgust, but I decided it was better to be civil.

    • AndreaB


      After reading the above article, I was curious about what people would have to say about it, and decided I would read the comments.

      Your first comment was an insult to the author. I paraphrase, ‘your facts are as credible as your spelling and grammer.’ FYI: you misspelled grammar.

      Your second comment asks the writer, ‘where you looking in the mirror when you wrote this?’ FYI: should’ve be ‘were’ You went on to state that ‘…among conservative/republican backers.’ Should’ve been ‘amongst.’

      Your third comment was just another reply.

      Your fourth comment was to tell someone they are the problem, not the solution. You ‘highly suggest that they read some other sources,’ but fail to provide any suggested reading…just more insults.

      Your fifth comment mentions the use of ‘backlash labeling’ and ‘name-calling’ then you go on to ask someone else if they wear a tin-foil hat.

      You then go on to attempt to discredit someone else’s ‘rambling blog.’

      The last of your comments that I gave attention to was to Paula, by asking a question about ‘who brings out the fear and hate.’ Well, RodOH, YOU brought it out in me.

      I fear what you think because it’s obvious by YOUR labeling and name-calling, that people on here that take time to do research, read books, and publish an article are considered ‘conspiracy theorists of the nut-job kind,’ when you yourself have nothing of value to add.

      Do us all a favor, and sit on your hands. We don’t need more negativity from the sheep…we’re all far too busy trying to save your dumb-a$$ from a tyrannical government.

      Why don’t YOU start with some light-reading…

      The Constitution of the United States
      The Declaration of Independence
      A Foreign Policy of Freedom
      A Nation of Sheep
      The Revolution: A Manifesto
      The 5,000 Year Leap
      The Creature from Jeckyll Island

      You may also want to consult a dictionary every once in a while, too. It makes your insults a little more credible when you spell them correctly.

      • ROD OH

        AndereaB …that is what happens when you type too fast and do not take enough time to spot and spell check. As for the “reading” you suggested, I would prefer to stay away from the “past” and from the “extreme cult” so I can make my political decisions in a positive and progressive fashion. The current philosophy of Liberterians, conservatives and Republicans is grounded in too much fear, pessimism, and negativity for me. This is the 21st century and we cannot keep thinking and living in the past; expecting to find the answers for a complicated “present” and an even more complicated “future”.

        • http://Yahoo Dee D

          Rod – If we don’t pay attention to our past mistakes how can we avoid making the same mistakes over and over again?

  • Rod

    We real Americans are supposed to be stupid and not know what the
    radical left have planned for us, but everyday more and more people
    are realizing what the (so called) o-BUM-a, palosi, reid healthcare
    plan is really designed to do. So, why should we not believe they
    are not involved in the “underwear” bomber conspiracy?
    Even the people who voted for this (pretend) President are now seeing
    through his lies and those of palosi and reid.

    • http://Yahoo Dee D

      Thanks Rod – I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the sharpest tack in the box but I’ll give you credit for realizing that we are guilty of dumbing down our citizens. NCLB was the start of this, starting with our future leaders (??). We can’t allow voters to think for themselves. That would defeat all our representatives main goals and cost them elections.

    • denniso

      Your comment makes the case very well for stupid Americans…get real!!!

    • JC

      Rod, notice how quickly they had a whole new level of security ready to go? Now we can be bombarded with radioactive isotopes just to go visit Grandma in Baltimore. Nice.
      The whole thing is an exercise in obedience training anyway. To these people in government we won’t be secure until we are gagged and handcuffed. Obama is just one more in a long line of Presidents pushing us towards a world government and global serfdom. And like his predecessors, I’m sure he’s being very well rewarded.
      There is no integrity left in DC…none.

  • Raggs

    I think trust is the biggest issue here on this topic…..

    1st of all who can trust our government? Not many I’m sure.
    Underhanded backdoor sceems, bribes and the lack of ears for the public sure makes for a sour stomach… No wonder when anything happens in this country “We the people” are looking for ways to tie it to the government simply because there is no way to trust them.
    Thier agenda of controlling ever aspect of our lives even further deepens ones thougths.

  • MF

    Hey Rod,

    What’s your opinion on 911? PNAC? Hey Robert…Bush held hands, literally, with the Saudis, it’s quite the photo. Where have you been the past 8 years when we only had a “free Speech” zone, were wire tapped, the rich got richer and screw the middle class…oh and the supreme court appointed Bush and then the electronic voting fraud in Ohio that GAVE that war criminal another 4 years for the ultimate power grab. The list of those scum bags is endless

    • Robert

      Hey MF! What’s the MF stand for? Never mind, I think I know the answer.

      • MF

        Wow, your so mature. Go educate yourself

        • denniso

          Good comment above…isn’t it amazing how childish and absurd some people can be???

      • Michael J.

        Robert, I think in his case MF stands for, Mega Flagelance

    • JC

      MF…Agreed, Bush was as great as bastard as the rest. But Obama’s just one more in a long line of the same. The whole system is rotten to the core.

  • Gisela

    I do believe everything that has been written here and it is scarey so what can the ordinary citizen do? when we vote the once we know about out of office more of the same will replace them and the big guys from the Bilderberg and the likes finance and dictate.

  • steve

    I am reading a lot of posts here that seem to imply that a blasting cap was not used. I watched the nbc special and one of the passengers said he heard what he said sounded like gun fire. This would imply that the “crotch bomber” wasn’t just lighting the explosives with a lighter or something.

    • Raggs

      That would be called a fart.

  • Patriot from Indiana

    Another example of govt. corruption can be found in Lindsey Williams’ book “The Energy Non Crisis”. Even better is his new DVD “Secret Agenda 2012″ which is available from The Prophecy Club at 785-266-1112 or online at He describes how a number of HUGE gas & oil fields have been capped by the government, never to be used.
    Also, do you think the underwear-bomber could have been under hypnosis?
    Here is something else for you to consider: Do a search for Senate Report #93-549, where the Senate confirmed that our Constitution has been suspended since March 9, 1933 thanks to FDR. Maybe this explains the arrogant attitude of the currrent bunch is Washington.

    • Rusty

      Patriot from Indiana. You have to realize if you dont, that people will not ever considered our government to cause things to happen to get something else done. What has to be done will be covered by emotion & never really looked into through any evidence brought fourth. The statements you will hear ” your crazy” “how dare you”. Until enough people realize that their government or any other government in this world will do what they do for an out come. Its very old maybe you have heard of its called problem reaction solution. Even some of the comments here go down that road of were all crazy like ROD OH. IF ANYONE goes outside of the stream lined thought process we are evil. This so called Underwear bomber was a set up of course he was. Everyone who was suppose to know did, and what was done nothing, nothing at all. What happened on the our side tighter security. Why is that, just think about. This is not about stopping anything, its about tighter control on the people or this would have been stopped before hand. Who am I to question those in charge, well thats just it, we are suppose to question & not just to sit back and ITS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY to do that. That thought is for those that do not want to realize it just might be true.

      • ROD OH

        Rusty…I think the better words to use instead of “crazy” are ones like “naivette, disenchanted, disaffected, distrustful and narrow outlooks”. And they take advantage of that with these conspiracy theories. Why? Well, if they have a “willing” buyer, it is probably just pure economic. If it is for control of your mind then it must be political and economic. So I am not going to call you “crazy” but you are misinformed and being misled.

        • Raggs

          Rod thats bat poo!!!!
          Target anyone that thinks for themselves,,,,, Oh please..

          • ROD OH

            Raggs…I hate to be the one that reveals this to you but “conspiracy theories” are not the same as “thinking for yourselves”. All it is is “cult thinking” that is way out of the realm of reality. It is a “cottage industry” that has proved profitable to those that have no conscience and spread that garbage. And people like people on this blog fall for it. How pathetic. This type of “mentality” is not a whole lot different than you see in the uneducated muslim countries that successfully recruit jihadists.

  • Claire

    Have any of you read the writings of Nostradamus? The History channel has aired documentaries about him. They are very interesting. I have watched them and it is rather chilling to say the least. It makes me wonder if there is a connection with his writings and the events of today. While I do not believe in “palm readers” it is just that he has predicted events that certainly corresponds with the past and the future.

    • Claire

      I see I received no replies to this one. It is just that this guy’s writings are in sequence with the world events of yesterday, today and possibly tomorrow.

  • RC

    Everyone should look into Kurt Haskell who saw a well-dressed man allow Abdulmutallab on the plan without a passport.

  • Harv

    The writer is incorrect. The PETN amount had it been properly mixed could have been fatal to the aircraft. and a simple fuse lit with a match can set it off. Evidently, it was improperly mixed.

    But the fact that an Indian-looking fellow videoed the entire caper clearly means that the explosive material was rigged to fail. Otherwise, what would have been the point of another agent being there AND doing the video. Admittedly, some facts don’t make good sense about this case. The truth is buried very deeply and more than likely, we will never hear the true details especially when some of our “allies” may be deeply involved.

  • hopeforamerica

    Okay Bob… time to take your medication. You are Way, way too paranoid. BTW, you sound like a person who is literally looking over his shoulder thinking someone one is following you. Get a Grip!!
    Your tactics of spreading paranoia is ridiculous. Stop the Bull, or go get real help!

    • denniso

      I seriously think that some of these clearly looney people here are in asylums of some, I’m not’s the only rational explanation for most of this idiocy…

  • thzt

    you are the reason there is no hope for amerika

  • harley93

    I wish I would see more things like this being looked into. The trade center bombings took a lot of inocent peoples lifes. Yes, bombing. The two buildings were imploded. I worked on building these type of buildings for 19 years. Fact, fuel, or nothing in the buildings could get hot enough to cause them to colapse and pancake like they did. The powers that be needed another Pearl Harbor to pass the garbage they are pushing down the Americans throuts. And most of the people still want to beleive in this so called government. I remember many years ago that there was a provision in our constution where we could throw the whole bunch out. But I am sure it has been hidden from everones view now.

  • RoadrunnerMike

    Great job Bob, Im glad someone cares enough to dig deep into all the crap that is going on with Our Govt. the problem is We still will never know the whole truth and nothing but the truth about anything that has happened since 911 and everything leading up to it, including that whole attack, and who really knew about what, Thanks Bob


  • rwnut

    535 members of Congress:
    They make laws to keep us in line:
    In the last year:
    36 were accused of spousal abuse.
    7 were arrested for fraud.
    19 were accused of writing bad checks.
    117 directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses.
    3 have done time for assault.
    71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit.
    14 arrested on drug related charges.
    8 arrested for shoplifting.
    21 are currently defendants in lawsuits.
    84 have been arrested for drunk driving.
    Don’t worry, Be happy. You’re in good hands.
    Dissent, and vote’em out!
    How easy it is to abuse truth and language, when men, by habitual wickedness, have learned to set justice at defiance.

    • trust no one

      well put

  • Tinwarble

    First Duff is wrong about the PETN when he says that it “couldn’t have blown up his own seat. Even if full power, it wouldn’t have worked.”

    See this video:

    • Tinwarble

      Also, it appears that Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, from reading his writings, is a nut. It appears he has a conspiracy theory for everything and although it says that he is a “Republican National Committee Member” he seems to be no more of a Republican than Nancy Pelosi. Perhaps if Mr. Livingston had done actual research instead of quoting someone, who as a Vet, I wouldn’t let walk my dog, this story might be a little more credible.

  • CommonSense

    Come on ladies and gents. This event is nothing more that a complete (word removed for offensive content) in the name of political correstness and inept civil servents.

    While I believe there are conspiracies, not EVERYTHING is one.

    Have you seen the picture of the Pentagon’s gaping hole that someone believes was by a missile and doesn’t believe and airplae hit the building? There is a huge jet engine in the picture!

    • JC

      A jet engine yes…but not large enough for the plane that supposedly hit. And why did the FBI confiscate all the video from all the other cameras in the area? Why do we get the same video every time? And why is there no plane in that video? Just asking that’s all…

  • http://n/a Mark

    One individual said “what can the ordinary person do”?, the first thing is start voting these idiots out. Always be aware and never trust this gov’t. FBI is nothing more than the federal bureau of ignorance and intimidation. filthy rich people rule and I, making less than 20K, get asked for donations for haiti. I feel bad for those folks, but if I can afford a donation I help our own Americans and I make dang sure that illegals are not included. Let idiots like pelosi with her millions help people, let these high dollar athletes help people. let worthless billionaires like soros help these other countries. Yea, it is all a scam, just keep your finger on the trigger because you never want to be caught off guard.

  • marty

    Mark says to vote them out. Voteing does no good as they have the ” electoral college ” where they place their goons in a position to decide who wins totally ignoreing the vote count.

    Also I am sick of hearing about our dependency on foreign oil as there is a gigantic oil deposit in Montana and South Dakota that needs to be developed.

  • D Richards

    I am not an American citizen, but I ask, if rwnut’s assertations can be verified, why is this information not widely splashed over the front page of EVERY newspaper and the subject of a major TV inquiry in order that the Government of the United States of America can claim credibility.
    Does anyone know of a similar charge against members of the British Government?

  • Thomas D Dittmer

    You are now NOT free to move about the country…in the air or othewrwise!

  • pfwag

    I recently saw a report that the jihadists are recruiting females into the “blow up the infidels” movement. Evidently they can get through security screening easier, although given how easy the under ware bomber got through I don’t know why that would be a problem. In any case, couple that with the still-to-be-perfected ass bomb and I predict we will soon see vagina bombers.

    BTW, if the public thinks airport security is lax, they would be horrified if they knew how little security there is for the millions of cargo containers that arrive in the US every year.

  • John P

    Since receiving a Total Knee Replacement in October, 2005 I have made 137 Departures from many airports including Albuquerque NM, Baltimore MC, Dayton OH, Washington Reagan, Duluth MN, Washington Dulles, Los Angeles, Lihue HA, Orlando FL, Melbourne FL, Minneapolis MN, Phoenix AZ, Providence RI and Salt Lake City UT. I have alarmed at every metal scanner and been subjected to the “orifice check”. During all of the “pat downs” I can assure you from personal experience that NONE of the post-alarm searches would have found a condom filled with PETN sewed into my underwear. The TSA folks are very concerned with “personal privacy” almost to a fault.

    Without the use of body scanners, such concealment will be successful, even now that the method is known. The “pornographic pictures” are only in the mind of those who oppose the use of the scanners. There is no imaging of skin anymore than thermal imaging through clothes sees your “family jewels”. We tie the hands of the TSA with politically correct constraints of no profiling, no questioning, no scanning and aversion to any form of accidential incorrect touch.

    Americans have a fundamental right to travel freely. If they want to drive their car, they can have all the privacy they want. Americans do not have the fundamental right to endanger other Americans while they travel. If you have a misplaced presumption that you can board an airplane filled with other people with total privacy, you are mistaken. Total privacy endangers other travelers from the malfarious schemes of the terrorist. So you must make a trade off between total privacy in your own car or the shared safety in an aircraft. The trade is driven NOT by the highest common denominator of the most private, but the lowest common denominator of finding the worst threat to safety.

    Freedom is NOT license. Your freedom to swing your fist stops at my nose and your right to privacy ends when my safety is becomes endangered. It is the tension between “rights”. Safety trumps privacy in the public forum. Privacy trumps safety inside your own home within some limits (building codes and zoning). When you walk out the door, there is no presumption of the right to anonymity and your total privacy diminishes the further you go into the public arena where shared safety takes hold. We gave up personal responsibility for safety when we disarmed ourselves and gave the police and the governnment that responsibility. Government now sets the threshold of the privacy you get to keep when you (or someone else) might want to threaten the safety of others.

    • ecb

      I agree with most of what you have said.I have the freedom to do almost anything I wish as long as it does not harm or negatively affect another. My privacy does diminish when I am in public to an extent, you still can not record my voice without my consent.
      You stated “There is no imaging of skin anymore than thermal imaging through clothes sees your “family jewels”. You have proof? The foreign celebrity who autographed his printed out scans was exaggerating or being untruthful? I do not fly have no reason to. For those that do this process could be a hazard.
      The underwear bomber got through security with all the bells and whistles going off, someone got him on the plane some how. The scanners will not stop some one with help.
      Politically incorrect but profiling works, sad to say we put our nation at risk because someone says we are picking on them.
      Building codes and zoning have nothing to do with privacy, they concern safety and city planning.
      You said “We gave up personal responsibility for safety when we disarmed ourselves and gave the police and the government that responsibility. Government now sets the threshold of the privacy you get to keep when you (or someone else) might want to threaten the safety of others.” Sorry I never disarmed myself or gave that responsibility to the police or Gov. If they were responsible for our safety they would be libel, they will not accept the responsibility do some research. As far as you agreeing the Gov. sets the level of privacy we are allowed. I guess you do not believe in the 4th amendment.
      Someone said those who give up their freedoms for safety and security deserve neither.


  • boredofbaloney

    just look at the MO maaaaaan….

    gotta be the same people doing the same thing, if you can’t see it you must be blind and you need to open your eyes = and quick!

  • USPatriot

    I have thought that from the beginning that this was “false flag terror.”

  • Mitzy

    So let me get this straight by summarizing a little: the Jews and the Muslims are behind a socialist global plot to enslave Christians via a military-industrial takeover that Democrat and Republican presidents and the CIA and the FBI are all participating in by staging false flag events. Is that what everyone is saying here? Because if it is, and if it’s true, I think it’s time to bring back the camps and crematoria if we’re to save Christianity.

    • zane

      do you think it is posable

  • American Citizen

    The world we live in now is so totally different than the world I grew up in. I have not problem with whatever it takes to keep us safe. Until those who wish us evil have a brain transplant, our freedoms are in danger. All this conspiracy talk sound like something the Clintons came up with. I don’t trust the government to take over my life, but I also don’t think they really wish us harm. For the most part, it’s misguided thinking such as the Health Care Bill, Stimulus, etc., that is, do gooders that are bad for us.

  • scanthis

    ..and then the aliens beamed me up to la la land… I can not believe that anyone in his/her right mind would believe this was a CIA plot… Some folks are so ready to blame US and excuse away the real enemies. Sad.

  • http://none Tim Perdue

    This reads like a some kind of goofy sci-fi channel movie plot… It’s too ridiculous for a spy novel. Both the story and some of the posts discribing what’s behind it all. However, given what I’ve seen out of our government in just my lifetime, let alone the rather sordid history of the schemes the U.S. government has pulled in the past that are documented to one degree or another??… Unfortunately this crazy notion that the government might run some kind of false flag terrorist scam on a plane, whether they planned for it to work or fail? And all designed to remind us all of the boogiemen out to get us so some gub-mint flunky or agency could gain tighter control over our personal privacy in general?? Yea… Entirely pluasible… Do I believe this is what’s going on.. No, not really, but it’s possible.

    Either way and scary x-ray machines that show the families jewels or generates cancer or some equally scary monster after so many exposures aside..all politics right left or center aside… all religous crusades now or in the past aside.. I’ll just drive the next time I want to travel far enough that a plane ride might have previously been in the mix for my planning… Screw the rest of it, flying has become nothing but a big pain in the ass since 9/11. (which was on GDUBS watch… so much for keeping us safe. Really wish his apoligist army would just can that crap, it ain’t flying for anyone who can remember further back than last week..)… And this latest crackdown by security, whether justified or not, has just made it even more of a pain in the ass…

  • de

    Read world history. The politics of today are mere reflections of the politics of the past. The names and places have changed but the human struggle for power and wealth is the same. No country or nation or people that ever existed escaped this struggle. We just happen to
    exist in the current one. Might makes right has always been the rule. Divide and conquer a proven method of power grab. Those in power today have the American people going at each others throats while they continue to feed off the public coffers. They and all who support them need to go. The politians and their hacks will continue to win as long as the people continue to play their game. The comments on this web site prove my point.

    • JC

      That’s a valid observation.

  • SiliconDoc

    They let about 2,000 go from Gitmo, and the article is ignorant enough to quote some enemy noob that ” the only reason they let those two go is because they are Mossad assets” – now – you have to be one STUPID fool to even speak that line, and even dumber to buy it.
    I guess the other 1,998 reasons they let the others go didn’t amount to “they are Mossad assets”, huh…
    So, the whole article is just as stupid.
    Yemen has been a binny boy stronghold since before the beginning, and so I’m supposed to take terror tiny’s muzz president’s word ? LOL Wether or not the bin laden crew had a knife to his throat at the time he said it doesn’t matter to me – I’ve got more sense than believing the very fool who is under deep suspicion of harboring Al Qaeda to save his own carcass or because he likes it.
    I’m just not STUPID enough to buy the lines in this article.
    Now is there some nefarious NWO plot in all this ? Well could be – but I find it would be a lot easier for the greedy self serving global money lords to pass out a few bin laden booster bucks directly to the little raging religious terrorists than to try to manipulate the entire CIA, NSA, Mossad, or any other giant government security agency. Those very agencies probably hire enemies under the “Politically correct” doctrine the left has jammed down the world’s throat, so if there are any leaks or plots, I’d expect an AYERS type collusion to be the problem that let’s the terror through.
    In fact – that set of terrorists, wouldn’t mind the government getting a bad name with crackdowns, as they figure that will foment their beloved R E V O L U T I O N – and I don’t mean Ron Paul’s style or people – I mean the new age COMMUNIST HIPPY RAGE variety we’ve seen in the USA in the 60′s and 70′s.

  • SiliconDoc

    BTW – Gordon Duff – that the article uses as a source, is a left wing lunatic Bush and Cheney hater – a master tinfoil conspiracist.
    Not that we shouldn’t allow those as such to speak their insane goofball ideations, but we should also know “from whence the source cometh”.
    A simple google search yielded the massive ten pounder tinfoil hat that Gordon Duff wears.
    I’m surprised there are so many westerners that have so little a grasp on any reality that they believe anything that is told to them.
    However, it is clear that is their main complaint against those who don’t buy their immense conspiracy theories.
    Well, after investigating their lines, and their soiled reasonings, one comes to a conclusion, and it isn’t in Gordon Duff’s favor.
    What we all need is a few conspiracists who haven’t given up their own common sense, and have a flavor that isn’t “pro raging bin laden”.
    I guess it’s difficult to find any fight the man against the establishment vietnam era lefttards that have a lick of common sense left. They apparently left most of it in the jungles of nam with the acid, hash, and other various mind altering chemicals that brought them to manhood – and plausible denial concerning insanity.
    What a JOKE we have for “sources” nowadays.

  • SiliconDoc

    Yes, at least there seems to be a tiny smidgen of truth one should pay attention to: ” sed his influence to convince airline and airport security personnel that Abdulmtullab was a bona fide Sudanese refuge.”

    Well, gee, no kidding – one never for a minute thought it could have been anything else but some whining, crybaby, libtard Ted Kennedy agenda that let the gaping hole wide open.
    We all know what works – some sad lamer crybaby story about not being free enough to express oneself – oh dear GAWD the horror of “oppression” is the PERFECT excuse.
    Of COURSE that was the WHINE – the left wign politically correct crybaby whine that let’s EVERYONE and ANYONE into the USA – anyplace, anytime, at any border crossing.
    You’re a “heartless, demonic, soulless, right wing white power nazi” if you don’t cave into that whine. Yeah, sheesh – the left whines endlessly about the “crackdowns” but without their INSANE 60′s hippy “fairness and equality for all” doctrine we’d just CONCENTRATE ON THE OBVIOUS TERRORISTS AND PROFILE FOR THE WIN.
    But, that, of course, is now left wing illegal… LOL
    Yes, you’re a DEMONIC white devil if you do that.. ROFL
    Thanks so much lunatic hippy left wing fringe – err – no longer fringe – but total control power base – thanks so much for making it all utterly impossible, without harrassing everyday citizens and giving special consideration to “terror bombing islamo wackoes!” just because “if we discriminate” (left wing lunatic notion more commonly known as simple and correct criminal terrorist identification aka profiling), “we are as bad as our enemies”.
    Frankly the left has taken the world to an utterly INSANE position, and they of course rule the highest spots with their massive fomenting raging inner female activist lunatic spazzers – EVERYWHERE.
    Keep blaming all their enemies they raged against since the 60′s – the man, the establishment, the CIA – the targets of the left loonies HAVE NEVER CHANGED – and now as Bin Laden’s democratic stump speech showed all of us – they have new best buddies, Obama’s “we apologized to them” terrorist nations and bin laden common ME citizen crews.
    Just wonderful.
    Yeah, it sure seems like one would have to cook up some CIA and Mossad secret plot help to get anything done, I mean that endless RAGE created over decades Obama kept apologizing for just NEVER REALLY EXISTED – they loved us all along, even under Buhsie.. LOL
    It’s so INSANE, then left’s diatribes of tinfoil – layers upon layers – I suggest one do some SERIOUS mind altering drugs and eat a buck of liquid lead to get into the “mindset” required to “believe it”.
    Good golly.
    They let the craphead undie bomber on the plane because he was a whining “refugee” with a bigshot Daddy and a cash rich buddie whining in his defense – and it’s AMSTERDAM or LIBTARD DRUGS and SEX central guys – not the front door to NSA. DUHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  • SiliconDoc

    PS – EVEN IF the undie bomber was on some no-fly list – ALL WE’VE HEARD ABOUT THAT – from the same tinfoil hat wearing crybaby complainers is “it’s UNFAIR AND FILLED WITH ERRORS AND NAMES THAT TARGET AVERAGE JANES AND JOES!!!!”
    So, so much for the “no fly” list, huh. Those quoted as sources and obvious lunatic left conspiracist HATE the no fly list and denounce it every chance they get – not to mention the endless denunciation of Gitmo -
    They’re so twisted and crazy one can’t even mention all the deranged flip flop angles the leftists take – it’s impossible to mentally aquire a clear picture of their IMMENSE INSANITY – there is another diabolically stupid misfit and contradiction around EVERY CORNER that issues from their insane pieholes or fingertips.
    Yes, thanks to the author, I WILL INDEED MAKE UP MY OWN MIND, not hard to do !

  • Historyscoper

    The U.S. govt. may or may not have let the Xmas Bomber board, but Islam has been around way before there was a U.S., and the U.S. govt. didn’t create 1.5 billion Muslims. Study the real history of Islam’s rise and spread in the 7th cent. online free with the Historyscoper and arm your mind to understand modern events. To get started click the Website.

  • Au Contrair

    Next time I hear someone accusing a group discussing the conspiratorial nature of a cover-up by the media and officials of government of acts that are obviously immoral illegal or worse. I shall remind them how ridiculous “they sound for making rational and informed individuals with a real stake in the outcome of their investigations out to be crack pots.
    I shall remind them that statistically more theories about U.S. involvement in wrongdoing that were chalked up to “Conspiracy Theories” have turned out to be true than not true and I suspect many more that are still theories in name only will follow.
    Moreover, being asked and to unquestionably swallow a string of Coincidences that by their very nature are statistically impossible is much more irrational than asking the pertinent and simple question “Who Benefits”?
    What rational people of conscience are up against is secrecy bordering on paranoia and ruthless, despotic behavior where trillions of dollars have been gained by the same, bought with the credulity of the American people and paid for with the blood of all humanity.
    Since coincidence has not been outlawed and being part of a Conspiracy has, it is obvious that those involved in wrongdoing have inadvertently owned up to the thought processes which are described as the “Malum in Se” state of mind required for the criminal act with guilty knowledge of it’s illegal and amoral nature.
    Furthermore the working model for all scientific research is based upon theory and theory alone until something has been proven or disproved by future events.
    Finally, it has been the purview of Totalitarian governments to reduce facts of Science and facts of History back to their theoretical states forcing mankind to labor in unconsciousness and enslavement by having to prove facts of science and relive the cycles of History over and over again.
    To those who would swallow what should be called coincidence theory
    I suppose you still think a magic bullet killed JFK instead of executive order 1110!
    In These excerpts from Glen Greenwald’s recent Op Ed article we get a short overview of what is involved
    Cass Sunstein has long been one of Barack Obama’s closest confidants. Often mentioned as a likely Obama nominee to the Supreme Court, Sunstein is currently Obama’s head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs where, among other things, he is responsible for “overseeing policies relating to privacy, information quality, and statistical programs.” In 2008, while at Harvard Law School, Sunstein co-wrote a truly pernicious paper proposing that the U.S. Government employ teams of covert agents and pseudo-”independent” advocates to “cognitively infiltrate” online groups and websites — as well as other activist groups — which advocate views that Sunstein deems “false conspiracy theories” about the Government. This would be designed to increase citizens’ faith in government officials and undermine the credibility of conspiracists.
    Obama confidant’s spine-chilling proposal: Glenn Greenwald
    While at Harvard Law School, Cass Sunstein co-wrote a truly pernicious paper proposing that the U.S. Government employ teams of covert agents and pseudo-”independent” advocates to “cognitively infiltrate” online groups and websites – as well as other activist groups – which advocate views that Sunstein deems “false conspiracy theories” about the Government. In his paper he outlines 4 scenarios whereby the government could act against these groups. That means us!
    The first would be to ban what we are doing right now altogether. The second would be fines for doing the same. The other two could be being done as we speak.
    So Sunstein isn’t calling right now for proposals (1) and (2) — having Government “ban conspiracy theorizing” or “impose some kind of tax on those who” do it — but he says “each will have a place under imaginable conditions.” I’d love to know the “conditions” under which the government-enforced banning of conspiracy theories or the imposition of taxes on those who advocate them will “have a place.” That would require, at a bare minimum, a repeal of the First Amendment. Anyone who believes this should, for that reason alone, be barred from any meaningful government position

    • denniso

      You guys are off the edge…please stop writing and take a walk or meditate on something else for a while…you’ve all lost it and sound like mental patients.

      • Michael J.

        Denniso, sounds like he’s got you pegged.

  • Michael J.

    The new wrinkle in all of this is that these Muslim terrorists used to wear their underwear on their head.

    • Claire

      Michael J—Good one!!!!

      • zane

        that is smart

  • Craig

    Of course it was a conspiracy. It nearly always is.

    Some of you people are living in la-la land. The body scanners have been in the works for some time. They need an excuse. Alas-we get the underwear bomber and a story that has been changed by the FBI 4 times since.

  • John B

    Why don’t they just use German Shepards everywhere security is needed in the world..Cheap, highly effective, accurate and reliable. WHY NOT?

  • JC

    For our Canadian friends:

    Now that Transport Canada is a division of the US Department of Homeland Security,

    the Canadian branch of the Global Government has issued a helpful video with a few training tips for travelers.

    You may find this useful if you ever intend to travel by plane again.

    Remember, you won’t be properly secure until you are fully trained.

  • zane

    can i see the video please

  • Mike E

    I suspected this was the case the first time I heard about the incident. I’m not a closet conspiracy theorist but when something looks like fish and smells like fish, I say it’s pretty fishy. This one definitely posted a lot of red flags for me.

  • Sue

    OK… so I only now found your blog, and consequently am a little late in commenting – but here goes anyway -

    Not only do I agree 100% with your assessment, as well as with the idea that we are well into (not moving toward, as some would wish) a full blown socialist dictatorship, but also with most of your conclusions.

    First – this is just one of many items on the “clean up the government” list – and we have a LOT of mopping to do. Most of our legislators should be jailed for what is currently working its way through the halls of Congress.

    I do take some issue with the idea that our Congress is as innocent as our public. Both are as guilty as those intimately involved, but for differing reasons.

    Congress has the ability to demand readable laws, constitutional reviews and revision of bills before they hit the floors of the Capitol Building. They have little incentive, however, because they are no longer required to divest themselves of clear conflicts of interest in the form of companies owned and stocks held prior to taking office.

    There are no formal background checks, there are no assurances of character or history of any kind. Given the debate over the President’s birth certificate – just think what we could have sitting there in Congress. After all – the President has a higher profile, is the single representative of our country to other nations, and has the most restrictions on who and what he must be to run.

    They have not been duped as the people have, they have a reason for spitting all this crap through at the speed of light.

    The people are just as much to blame, if not more so than Congress.

    We allow 540 people to sit in Washington DC (there are representatives for each of the five territories, making the House actually 440 rather than 435 members) waving their little pocket renditions of the Constitution every time the camera moves. They must all be blank books.

    How can we expect THEM to know, understand and vote in a Constitutional manner when we ourselves don’t know and understand our Constitution. We do not know our rights. We do not understand our responsibilities. We do not demand that our legislators do, either.

    What we DO demand is that they do what we WANT, rather than what is right.

    First of all – we are generally lazy and completely apathetic until things become a personal inconvenience. If it doesn’t hit us square in the face, it doesn’t seem to matter to most people.

    What happens when it does? At that point, we demand Congress move Heaven and Earth (Sun, Moon and Stars too, if necessary) to get us what we want, and get it NOW, no matter what the consequences or Constitutionality of the final effect.

    Secondly, we keep the same morons, thieves and degenerates in office term after term – no matter what they are or are not doing. Americans tend to vote by name, and by looks. If it looks good and the seat is vacant, then by all means. If its got a well-known name, give it a seat.

    Few bother to look at backgrounds, voting records, business associations, or even at what is actually said by a candidate on the issues at hand. The platform or plank doesn’t even have to “look good on paper” or make for a good sound bite.

    One of these days – and it will not be so awfully far off – we are going to get the proverbial smack in the head for our woefully self-absorbed priorities, and we’re going to wonder where it came from.

    From what we feed ourselves and our families, to the destruction of American farming and industry through WTO/UN agreements, to the government theft of our pensions, the loss of viable employment, confiscation of private land for a puddle, “premise ID,” etc – we have largely brought all this on ourselves.

    Has anyone noticed that we have, as of late, been deemed mere stakeholders – by the media, by the politicians, by the NGO’s? Does ANYONE here know the definition of a stakeholder?

    NO! It is NOT someone “having a stake” in something.

    The LEGAL definition of a stakeholder is “a disinterested third party holding property for its rightful owner.” It is a term normally reserved for discussions about gambling. It is NOT a term that should be used when speaking of a citizen of the United States (or any other country for that matter).

    SEMANTICS COUNT IN LAW. DEFINITIONS COUNT, too. Bills are being introduced, laws are being passed, and programs are being developed using this term to denote who? YOU AND ME.

    Since our government, media and not-for-profits ALL claim we have no interest nor ownership in ANYTHING – just who IS the owner – of our land, our homes, our bodies, our children, our pets, our livestock, our crops, our water, our food, our clothing, our vehicles?

    Answer me that.

    The worst part is – many still BEG for more!

    Good ole Ben warned us about giving up essential liberty for the illusion of safety – let those who accept this “stakeholder” ideology prove that Darwin was right. There will be that much more room for the rest of us once its all over.

  • ecb

    Things I do not know. How many of our elected officials are puppets or how long many have been, regardless of party.
    Things I know. Your local sheriff is the most powerful person you can elect that can protect you. Unfortunately he can not stop a tank, but he or she can tell the feds, you can not do that in my county. take the time to be sure you are electing good people to your city, county and state positions. Your governors and legislators are supposed to make sure the tenth amendment is adhered to. Only vote for those that will. Do NOT be a one issue or party voter, look at all the issues. Remember what your incumbents have done wrong and right. Start from the bottom up.
    Be critical of the media spin, once they reported the news, now they make it (none are excluded). While we have the web to do some research use it, but with caution, make sure what you come across is credible and verifiable.
    OK! I know this will take a lot of time and is a pain in your a–. Witch is more important seeing your (plug in your own TV program) or you and your children’s future. Speaking of children do your children, of an age that might, or should know about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, or The Pledge of Allegiance (with or without “under GOD” in it) ever been taught about them in school? If not! Why? Are the documents our country is founded on being taught to our children. When was the last time anyone said the pledge? Last time I heard it brought up, in the media, our elected officials and others laughed. In the end they went along with it.
    Labeling an idea a conspiracy theory now days could be a diversion to make the accuser sound like a nut case and some could be. If proved correct though it is a federal offense I believe.
    Making fun of things you are not willing to believe in without doing research is ignorant.

  • Save The Mosquito

    By the standards of this blog, the “Submit Comment” button I’m about to push should be deemed an act of subliminal manipulation.


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