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Intelligence Gathering For Personal Safety

April 2, 2012 by  

Intelligence Gathering For Personal Safety
One of the most common threats right now is that of the violent youth street gang, whether that gang has its origins in the black, Latino, Southeast Asian or white communities.

My dictionary defines “intelligence” as follows:

1. Capacity for understanding and for other forms of adaptive behavior; aptitude for grasping truths, facts, meanings; 2. Good mental capacity; 3. The faculty of understanding; 4. The gathering or distribution of information, especially secret information; 5. A staff of persons engaged in obtaining such information.

The selected definitions listed above accurately reflect what we mean when we refer to gathering personal intelligence. Make no mistake, the law-abiding populace of this country is at war with the criminal subculture. The gathering of accurate intelligence on the enemy’s identity, location and strength is a vital part of planning your overall defensive strategy. Unless you are aware of the threat, how can you plan to counter it?

In this article we will examine some of the facets of personal intelligence gathering and processing to assist you in a realistic threat assessment of your environment, and to provide forewarning in street encounters with likely threat sources. While this will not be an exhaustive examination of every threat, it will at least expose you to the main elements of some of the more common criminal types with which you will likely deal.

The purpose of this endeavor is to allow you to recognize subtle danger signs that will be present prior to an assault. By recognizing these cues, you can place yourself on alert, and be thinking about a planned response. As we discussed previously, being aware of a threat and having a plan in mind to deal with it greatly decreases reaction time and helps overcome the mental inertia that slows down our response.

When interacting with strangers, these subtle cues, once learned, can assist you in evaluating the proper degree of vigilance and readiness to act.

Be alert for these signs as you go through your daily routine. Forewarned is forearmed.

Street Gangs

One of the most common threats right now is that of the violent youth street gang, whether that gang has its origins in the black, Latino, Southeast Asian or white communities. Street gangs, once confined largely to places like Chicago and Los Angeles, have now spread throughout the United States, driven largely by the lucrative market in illicit drugs — particularly cocaine and crack.

Street gangs become surrogate families of sorts for many members, providing the companionship, support, affirmation and respect missing from their home life. This mutual bond among gang members is the source of one cause of violence against non-members. “Dissing” a gang member (showing disrespect to him or his associates) causes him to lose face in the eyes of his peers unless redeemed by violence against the person showing the real or imagined disrespect. Since there are usually multiple members present, you are faced with an attack by all of them (fight one, fight them all).

Other attacks are motivated by desire for your money, and carjacking is a common crime among youthful offenders, who take a new vehicle each night to use in the “cruising,” robberies and drive-by shootings they have planned for the evening’s entertainment. In some organizations, gang members must commit a serious crime, such as shooting a stranger (you) in the presence of a senior gang member in order to move up in the social order. Regardless of the intent, these are dangerous individuals, and they must be taken seriously as a threat.

Gang graffiti is not just vandalism; it is a form of advertising and communication. Gangsters use graffiti to mark territory and to establish dominance, just as a predator might urinate on the tree trunks around the perimeter of his home range. Gang graffiti must be taken seriously as a red flag; its appearance around your place of business means that you must be on the lookout for gang members and activity.

Black street gangs in this country are typically affiliated with one of several major national groups. The best known of these are the Crips and the Bloods, which originated in Los Angeles, and The Folk Nation and The People Nation, which originated in Chicago. All of these groups have sent recruiters throughout the United States, and there is now no area of the country completely free from their influence.

Bear in mind that graffiti is not the only form of expression in which gang symbols are used. The same images often appear as tattoos, and these provide a ready means of identification. In the past, gang members usually sported “colors,” readily identifiable pieces of clothing, which made identification easier for both friend and foe.

Examples included red or blue bandannas, and “dressing right or left” which means cap brim turned in a certain direction, or one pants leg rolled up and the other not. In most areas these practices have been abandoned, as they lead to attention from law enforcement officers on patrol. Now, tattoos are probably your best means of identifying gang members.

Among the major Latino gangs are the Mexican Mafia and Nuestra Familia, which originated in Southwestern U.S. prisons, and the Latin Kings, a common street gang. Tattoos are a prevalent form of communication among these gangsters, with often ornate, colorful and extensive coverage. The Mexican national emblem, the eagle and snake, are common, as well as stylized initials like eMe (the pronunciation of “M” in Spanish, for the Mexican Mafia), and a crown in Latin Kings tattoos.

Among the most dangerous of the white gang types is the Skinhead, a white, neo-Nazi type who specializes in personal brutality, particularly violence directed toward Jews, blacks, homosexuals and others they consider to be “inferior.” Skinheads got their name from the practice of shaving their heads, but again, this has been largely abandoned to prevent harassment (oops, I meant monitoring) by police.

Heavy boots, suspenders (braces), muscle shirts and black leather jackets or military style jackets are the principal mode of dress. Again, tattoos are your best indicator. The Celtic cross, Nordic or Viking artwork, and Christian religious symbols are the most common form of tattoos.

The other predominately white threat group is the biker gang or outlaw bikers. Bikers live in a culture all their own, in a world dominated by their motorcycle, degradation of women, drugs and violence. Bikers seldom work in the traditional sense, but make their living from prostituting their “old ladies,” selling drugs and working as enforcers for other criminal enterprises. Bikers tend to be extremely violence prone, especially if they perceive weakness in a victim or opponent, and they tend to be both well armed and, often, better skilled than most other gang types. This makes them formidable adversaries.

Obviously, the most common indicator is the biker’s motorcycle, but this is not always present. Bikers often travel in other vehicles, and a group of bikers traveling on “business” will often be accompanied by a van containing backup members, heavy weapons (including automatic weapons), and extra ammunition.

The primary indicator is the biker’s colors: a vest adorned with the symbols of his gang and of his personal achievements. A biker wears his life story on his vest, with his status within the gang, his rank, his past deeds and other information proudly displayed, although somewhat encoded. A biker will usually die before he will surrender or risk loss of his colors. The same markings found on his colors will often be found in tattoos, which are quite common among bikers.

Drug Abusers

According to many authorities in law enforcement, as much as 80 percent of the crime in the United States is driven by the use of illegal drugs. From turf wars among drug dealers, to robberies to get money to buy dope, drug abusers are your single largest threat group.

According to a recent detailed study by the FBI, 80 percent of the offenders studied who had killed police officers were under the influence of drugs, alcohol or drugs and alcohol at the time of the fatal assault. Many types of drugs lower social inhibitions (this is why alcohol is so important to so many people at social functions). Unfortunately, these social inhibitions include the inhibition to kill a fellow human being.

The most commonly abused drugs in this country include: cocaine, crack, amphetamines, methamphetamines and other nervous system stimulants; PCP, LSD, MDMA and other hallucinogens; marijuana; anabolic steroids; and, of course, alcohol.

Different types of drugs can cause different physical symptoms, of which you need to be aware. In addition, certain drugs can cause psychological effects on the offender for which you must be prepared. Remember that different people can have different reactions to drugs. A complete discussion of these drug types and their effects is outside the scope of this brief article, but the information is readily available.

Mental Cases

In any major urban area, street contacts with mentally or emotionally disturbed persons are practically unavoidable. According to the American Psychiatric Association, one of every three Americans will suffer some form of serious mental or emotional illness at some point in their life. I’m OK, but frankly, I’ve been a bit worried about you.

The most common group of mentally disturbed persons you will encounter is the street person, typically a homeless drifter or bum, usually shabbily dressed, unkempt, bearded and dirty. A lot of people will try to tell you that these people are helpless, harmless victims of the failed mental health care system. This is not typically true.

It is now extremely difficult in this country to involuntarily commit someone for a mental illness — even a serious one. Even disturbed persons who kill are typically stabilized with medication and released back into the public, with the frail hope that they will continue to faithfully take their medication without supervision. Most mentally ill street people have been placed in care homes or mental institutions at some point, but since they cannot be held there against their will, they left and went back on the street.

In my experience, many of these persons prefer uncertain life on the street to the structured and confining life in an institution. Of course, once on the street and broke, they have no access to medications, and no one to evaluate their progress or deterioration.

In my area, for instance, I used to patrol a residential area which was a short distance from the main concentration of hospitals, including mental health facilities. We would arrest these “disturbed persons” for theft, burglary or assault so many times we knew them all by name. Some were not violent; some were. In court, the judges recognized them as persistent offenders but understood that they were seriously mentally ill, so they were reluctant to put them in jail. In jail, true criminals horribly victimized these typically unhealthy people. The judges were powerless to commit these individuals to mental institutions for any length of time, as the admitting psychiatrists would judge them not to be “an imminent threat to their own safety or that of others.” Back on the street they went in 24 hours.

One night, one of these “repeat customers” of ours, a 50-ish female of slight build, knocked a man down, sat astride his chest and cut out his heart with a steak knife. Sometimes, three or four of us would have to “pile up” on one of these offenders to get him into custody without having to kill him. Harmless? Hardly. In fact, almost all of these people have an extensive criminal record, and a surprising number of them are registered sex offenders. They also tend to carry such diseases as HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis.

A large percentage of these street people are armed, usually with crude weapons such as knives, screwdrivers, straight razors or improvised weapons. They are often very territorial about “their home,” which may be a cozy spot behind your office’s dumpster. They also tend to be very touchy about personal space, and inadvertently getting too close to one may be interpreted as the worst sort of aggressive attack against him, resulting in a furious assault against the intruder: you.

Aside from the obvious bum, be on the lookout for behavior such as a shuffling, uncoordinated gait; a vacant, thousand-yard stare; incoherent mumbling; talking to himself or unseen associates; and other bizarre behavior. With anyone you suspect to be mentally disturbed, try these tips to avoid or de-escalate a contact:

  • Remember his personal space, and don’t invade it.
  • Do not try to touch him, unless you are prepared to fight him.
  • Do not make sudden, rapid or startling movements.
  • Speak quietly and slowly. Do not shout.
  • Try to increase distance and get an obstacle (parked car, fence, etc.) between you both, because if he is armed it is probably with an edged weapon.

Just Plain Criminals

Criminals must go through certain specific stages of activity before they can assault, rob, abduct, rape, etc. These stages will differ slightly in different types of crimes, but will generally fall into the following categories:

1. Selection: The criminal views you as a prospective victim. He looks at your “victim potential” on two separate bases. First, do you have the type of car he wants, are you wearing expensive watches and jewelry, have you flashed a roll of cash, do you fit his rape victim profile? We think of this as: “Do you have what I want?” If the answer is, “Yes,” he moves to the next question.

He then evaluates you as a threat to him. First and foremost, are you paying attention to your surroundings? Are you aware of his presence? Do you look like you might be a physical problem? Do you look like you might be armed? I assure you, he goes through these questions. We think of this as, “Can I get what I want from you, safely?”

If the answer to either question, “Do you have what I want, and can I get it from you, safely?” is “No,” then off he goes, in search of easier prey. Thugs are not looking for a fight. What they’re looking for is the easy mark. Someone they can get to, get what they want from and get away from, without being hurt and without being caught.

There were some fascinating studies done in which incarcerated career criminals were shown video of people walking down the street and asked to pick out the ones they would victimize and the ones they would pass. Although interviewed separately, the thugs almost always chose the same people to victimize. The “victims” walked with a less purposeful stride than the non-victims and often had their heads down, unaware of their surroundings. People who walked with a confident stride and their heads up were not selected routinely by the criminals.

There are signs that a potential attacker is evaluating you. They include:

Anyone who appears to be watching you. If every time you look up, the same guy is looking at you, ask yourself, “Why?”

Anyone who is inactive until you approach, then tries to look busy.

Anyone whose activity is geared to yours. You speed up, and then he speeds up, etc.

2. Positioning: Once a criminal selects a victim, he must move into a position from which an attack is possible. Always remember that to assault, rob or rape you, he must be close enough to talk to you. He will attempt to maneuver into this position by stealth (which is defeated by being alert) or by ruse. He may ask you for the time, for change, for directions, anything to distract you and preferably cause you to look away from him. When you look away, here comes the blow!

The best course of action is to politely refuse any request, no matter what it is. Keep your eye on him and say, “No.” Anything you agree to is the springboard for the next request, which then escalates to demands. Just say, “No.”

Positioning prior to the assault is vital to him, as he relies almost totally on surprise for success. If you avoid his attempts to properly position himself, you forestall the attack. Be alert and watchful for these cues:

Anyone who falls in behind you after you walk by.

Two or more people who are together, but split up as you approach.

Anyone staying in one place, observing, but begins to move toward you.

Two or more people lined up along a wall or fence.

Anyone who moves to block an exit after you enter a confined space.

If you see one of these cues, cross the street, change direction, turn a corner. If he alters his course to match yours, he has tipped his hand. Get mentally prepared and start planning an escape or response.

3. The Attack: The attack phase can only come after the evaluation phase and the positioning phase. It is simply not possible to attack you until these first two stages have been completed. The very best defense, therefore, is to circumvent the attack by not allowing the evaluation phase and the positioning phase to be fruitfully completed.

Every single attack you avoid is a battle won. In every attack you fail to prevent, you are at enormous risk. A one-eyed, three-fingered jackass can miss you by 10 feet with a handgun and ricochet a round off the pavement and into your femoral artery. Although you are “accidentally” dead, you’re still dead. Be alert and use your head and you won’t have to use your pistol nearly as often.

4. Behavioral Cues To Impending Aggression

With the exception of the true sociopath (more on him later), there will normally be cues, principally body language, which will assist you in forecasting aggressive activity by an individual you are observing. Being aware of these cues is vital to your accurate threat assessment.

Of course, verbalization by the offender is a critical cue. Someone cursing, shouting epithets and generally being verbally aggressive is a likely candidate for physical aggression. Bear in mind, however, that 80 percent of human communication is non-verbal, and you must be aware of, and watchful for, these sometimes-subtle indicators.

One of the most reliable indicators of an impending assault occurs when you are in a position of authority and the offender fails to comply with or contemptuously ignores your commands. If, for instance, you encounter an intruder in your home and he does not immediately comply with your commands, you are in for a fight.

Other definitive indicators can include these, alone or in combination:

  • Hands on hips.
  • Cocked head.
  • Arms folded across the chest.
  • Fists clenched or clenched and flexed alternately.
  • Jaw clenched.
  • Spitting.
  • Deliberate avoidance of eye contact.
  • Continuously looking around.
  • Sustained verbal rationalizations.
  • Continuous yawning and stretching.
  • Target glancing.

Target glancing refers to brief, repeated shifting of the offender’s eyes to your chin, your nose or your weapon. Repeated target glances to your chin or nose means he is gauging the distance for a punch. Target glances at your weapon indicate a gun snatch may be imminent.

Always, when the pre-attack indicators are present, shift to the highest level of mental readiness and be geared up. If at all possible, extend the distance between the two of you. Have a plan and be ready to move quickly.

–Tom Givens

Tom Givens

is the owner of Rangemaster in Memphis, TN. For over 30 years Tom's duties have included firearms instruction. He is certified as an expert witness on firearms and firearms training, giving testimony in both state and federal courts. He serves as an adjunct instructor at the Memphis Police Department Training Academy, the largest in the state. Tom's training resume includes certification from the FBI Police Firearms Instructor School, NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Development School, NRA Law Enforcement Tactical Shooting Instructor School, Gunsite 499 under Jeff Cooper, and more. This article first appeared on US Concealed Carry’s website. To learn more, visit

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  • Robert Smith

    Always keep in mind that when seconds count the police can be there in minutes.

    I also have to ask in a free America: Why are recreational drugs like pot (where there is little danger) used to support organized crime with a prohibition? Didn’t we learn our lesson with alcohol?


    • Thor

      For once we agree, Rob. De-criminalize all drugs, allow people to divert their societal duty and attention via any recreational means they choose and then deal with the crimes they commit (while diverted) in a permanent way.

      • Thor

        Sage advice…every syllable, Tom. Some posting here seem to have missed the point. Whether you are armed or not, you need to pay attention to your surroundings and to other people. Anyone giving you undue attention for no apparent reason deserves your scrutiny. Most people get into the car and go to the mall or the grocery store without a care in the world because they think chance of becoming a victim is statistically remote. They get into the habit of assuming they are just one fish in the large ocean of fishes and the assumption is that if they can just bob and move with the school the shark won’t notice them. This is the very attitude criminals sense in their victims and take advantage of. They, too, read body language and gather intelligence and they can pick you out of a crowd of people who are more alert. One man’s paranoia is another man’s self discipline. You must take or leave the points made here on that basis. Exercising free will is, after all, what predation and victimization are all about.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Decriminalizing drugs won’t help. The addicts will still need to rob and steal to pay for their habit! There will just be more of them. Go after the REAL people behind the drug trade. Just try!

      • Robert Smith

        Nancy wants us to believe: “The addicts will still need to rob and steal to pay for their habit!”

        The price can be expected to be lower. Pot is not addictive. Habituating maybe, but not addictive. “Withdrawl” from pot is generally not an issue.

        “There will just be more of them.”

        Absolutely false. If pot is sold like alcohol there is absolutely zero incentive for a “pusher” to hook someone on a more addictive or potent drug.

        Remember, BEFORE the drug laws and “Reefer Madness” not everyone was an addict, even though much harder drugs were available.


      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Robert, you are only talking about pot? Thor said all drugs. Now, pot smokers may be able to work and live their life pretty well as normal. But you will never convince me that people on meth, cocaine, heroin etc… will somehow become productive citizens! They aren’t now, nor will they ever be (at least not for long). They do become more and more addicted and they do need more and more of it just to get by. Even if the price drops they will not work and will continue to steal from others to feed their habit. You will also have some law abiding citizens who will decide to try it since it is legal. Many of those will become addicted and will no longer work. All of these addicts will go on welfare and become thieves. They don’t take care of their children and those children end up in the foster care system. Those children also have many problems due to being exposed to these drugs in utero. I know, because I adopted one! Drugs are a scourge. Now if you want to classify pot in a category with alcohol and nicotine, I don’t care. But we’d all be better off without any of them. The drugs that destroy people’s live need to be illegal and they need to seriously go after the people who are selling them. No matter who it is or how high up on the food chain they are. I don’t think our government really wants to stop them because some of those in government are involved in the illegal drug trade.

      • 45caliber


        You are correct. In 1900 the drugs were all legal and found at any pharmacy without a prescription. The reason that they were made illegal was because they ruined so many families and caused so much crime. They broke it up by making the punishment so harsh for using and selling that no one wanted to do it. 20 years on the hard rock pile wasn’t a simple joke then; it was an epataph. Generally those people sentenced to that didn’t survive the 20 years.

      • 45caliber


        I’ve heard these comments about pot over and over. And every time I hear them, I remember a man I knew in the military. He was a heavy pot smoker. Whenever he was cut off – usually by sending him to the field where there were no dealers available – he would first start to have delusions. He became paranoid. Then he would simply break down into crying fits every time any stress was around at all.

        So … I suspect you might be right about an occasional pot user but not necessarily one who uses it all the time. And if it was legal, it would be used all the time.

        Besides, if it was legal, how would you stop someone from using it while driving? Or when operating some type of dangerous equipment? They can’t stop them now from using alcohol. And since this would drive up the accident rate (and the deaths) is it really worth making it legal? After all, most of the casualties in this “drug war” are those who use and sell it. As one police officer once told me, “If I knew they would only use them on each other, I’d give them the ammo.”

      • Robert Smith

        From Nancy: “Robert, you are only talking about pot?”

        Usually I am but I can apply the same reasoning to most druts. Heroin in a pharmiscital grade is less than the cost of the needle in many cases. The street price is purely because it is illegal capitalism at work.

        “Now, pot smokers may be able to work and live their life pretty well as normal.”

        That is absolutely true. There is little, if any, hangover from pot. One goes to work on Monday no matter how someone was on the weekend. Pot smokers usually go to sleep and wake up refreshed.

        “But you will never convince me that people on meth, cocaine, heroin etc… will somehow become productive citizens!”

        Fact is: Many prescription drugs are very much like those that are illegal now. You don’t “see” them because they aren’t impared when it is used properly.

        “They aren’t now, nor will they ever be (at least not for long).”

        Actually you rarely can pick out a druggy from the general population. Connon Doyle (Sherlock Holmes) was a known drug user, as have been many popular stars throughout history. Carl Sagan was a known user and strong advocate for the legalization of pot. I don’t think you could in any way call him “nonproductive”. Bela Lugosi got hooked on morphine and later bought methadone (it was legal then). Woody Harrison, Bill Maher, Willy Nelson… How long does the list need to be?

        “They don’t take care of their children and those children end up in the foster care system.”

        Sometimes, but in general you simply don’t know what you are talking about.

        “Now if you want to classify pot in a category with alcohol and nicotine, I don’t care.”

        There you go.

        “The drugs that destroy people’s live need to be illegal and they need to seriously go after the people who are selling them.”

        Admitted SOME folks are destroyed by drugs, including alcohol. If you were watching “60 Minutes” last night sugar should be treated like a drug for the damage it does.

        Prescription drugs are also a serious problem. Sheesh… Did you know that most of history was created by folks with a buzz on? Water was pretty much poison, particularly in urban environments. The Romans were an exception with a great water and sewer system, but we all know what happened when the christians took over.

        “I don’t think our government really wants to stop them because some of those in government are involved in the illegal drug trade.”

        Yes, they care called police, judges, jailers, probation officers, and a whole bunch of folks who would be out of work if people didn’t go to jail and got treatment if they were addicted.


      • Robert Smith

        From 45: “I’ve heard these comments about pot over and over.”

        And! You haven’t refuted any of them, except with the like of…

        “And every time I hear them, I remember a man I knew in the military. He was a heavy pot smoker. Whenever he was cut off – usually by sending him to the field where there were no dealers available – he would first start to have delusions. He became paranoid. Then he would simply break down into crying fits every time any stress was around at all.”

        For some people that’s not an unusual reaction to benig shot at. I’m glad he was able to get some relief through the pot. BTW, it is extremely rare for someone to have difficulty when there is no pot unless there is an underlying condition. Maybe he shouldn’t have been in combat. Some folks just can’t take it. I think it’s crewel that you think that pot was his problem.

        More from 45: “So … I suspect you might be right about an occasional pot user but not necessarily one who uses it all the time. And if it was legal, it would be used all the time.”

        Actually NOT SO. In states where folks can get it legally for medical reasons the usage hasn’t changed. In states where the fine is less than $100 it hasn’t changed. Heavy users can grow their own. Get a copy of “High Times” and see just how easy that is. With LED lights detection is very difficult.

        “Besides, if it was legal, how would you stop someone from using it while driving?”

        DUI is illegal for a wide range of drugs, not just alcohol. I’m sure a curbside test can be developed that isn’t much more invasive than blowing up a baloon. But the fact is that pot smokers don’t go on the road, speed, or otherwise become aggressive. Often they get attention because they are driving overly slow and careful (not a safe practice either, but not as dangerous).

        “Or when operating some type of dangerous equipment? They can’t stop them now from using alcohol.”

        Sure they can. Or, at least I’ve sent folks home from work who are too drunk, too tired, too sick, too medicated, or otherwise impared so’s not to get the job done. For a trucker or such the rules are the same… DUI is DUI.

        “And since this would drive up the accident rate (and the deaths) is it really worth making it legal?”

        You will have to prove that one.

        ” After all, most of the casualties in this “drug war” are those who use and sell it. As one police officer once told me, “If I knew they would only use them on each other, I’d give them the ammo.”

        Just like the prohibition on alcohol got us organized crime. See what happens when you try to make something that should be free illegal? You don’t seem to want to learn from that experience.


      • Robert Smith

        45 says: “The reason that they were made illegal was because they ruined so many families and caused so much crime.”

        In your dreams.

        It was simple racism. Check out:

        There is a whole book on it. Michelle Alexander is the author of “The New Jim Crow.”


      • Joe H

        Robert Smith,
        When I was in Viet Nam, we had a guy transfer from Bear Cat to our unit in Vihn Long. He had become hooked on Heroin and when he came to our unit, he lost all his contacts to purchace it. He would make a sickening mess out of any meal on the tray, he stank, and was a general screw-up. Well, he tried to ease the pain with barbituates and it didn’t work. I came in from guard duty, walked around the corner of the building, heard three or four shots on full auto. i ran into the barracks and there lying on the floor was the dude. He had put an M16 on full auto under his chin and pulled the trigger. In the split second it took to blow his brains out of his skull, he had jacked off three rounds into his head. After they took him away, I went to change clothes and a piece of his skull dropped off my clothes that had been laying on my bunk. Am I against drugs? Yup! you cetcha! Ask anyone that was in the 114th assault helicopter company in 1971 and they will tell you this story is FACT!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Robert, I suspect you are so burnt out on drugs that you’re not thinking clearly. You just want to justify your own drug abuse.
        You said: “heroin in a pharmisctal (sic) grade is less than the cost of a needle in many cases.”
        The cost is irrelevant. A heroin addict needs more and more to get high. It’s not long after they start shooting up that they can no longer hold a job. Where do you think the money will come from?
        You said: “Many prescription drugs are very much like those that are illegal now.”
        Yes, and there are lot of people who are hooked on oxy contin etc…who are stealing to support their habits. No difference, drug abuse is drug abuse.
        You said: “Actually you can rarely pick out a druggie from the general population.”
        Uhhh, actually it’s not as hard hard as you think. You’re just too stoned to realize that everyone else knows that you are.
        About the children, you said: ” Sometimes but in general you simply don’t know what you’re talking about.”
        You couldn’t be more wrong about that! My husband’s brother is a drug addict. He had five children with three different women, two of whom were also drug addicts. We adopted one of these children. My daughter was severely neglected as an infant and she suffers from Attachment Disorder. There is nothing worse! Educate yourself! The first women he had (not an addict) had one child. She took him and left. The next woman (my daughter’s biological mother, a drug addict) had three children. The first, a boy was born addicted and was taken away at birth and given up for adoption. My daughter was second. She has many problems. Their third child was born addicted but the state thought they could “treat” the mother and everything would be fine. There were multiple calls to Child Protective Services, but they did nothing. She was dead by the age of two. She was beaten to death by the mother’s “new boyfriend”, also an addict. My daughter in law also has a sister who is addicted to drugs and has had three children who were born addicted and were taken away and placed with a family member. All three of these children have severe and multiple problems. So when you say I don’t know what I’m talking about, you couldn’t be more wrong! I’m an expert on it! I live it, everyday! People like me have to pick up the pieces from people like you. Maybe if you weren’t so stoned you could actually see reality and stop deluding yourself!

      • Robert Smith

        From Nancy who goes from discussion to insult: “You’re just too stoned to realize that everyone else knows that you are.”

        ROFL… Except that you “judgement” is absolutely false.

        Why do you need to lie to make a “point?”


    • restorefreedom

      Did it ever cross your mind that the government is in the drug business so it behoves them to keep weed illegal and all other drugs and turn up the heat. Just another conspiracy against americans citizens.

    • Fr. Jim Rosselli

      Hi, Robert–

      I don’t know how old you are, so if you;re under forty I’ll have to ask you to take my word that I have been an accurate observer of the things I have lived through.

      Things don;t work as well, generally, as they did twenty years ago. We need pictures of things on cash registers, because many peoples’ minds do not work efficiently enougfh to cope with relating numbers to objects by themselves–or UPC does the work. Literacy has declined. Most of our younger people get little pleasure from recrewational reading, because they cannot read well.
      Disordered minds in the academic world forced us into Asian-style “picture” reading, when what we have is a phonetic language. The rsult was almost total functional illiteracy for three generations.

      The academics of whom I speak grew up in the Sixtgies and Seventies, loading LSD, marijuana,
      psilocybin, opiated hasish and mescaline (often methamphetamine falsely sold as mescaline) into their brains. Those brains deteriorated, and as any glance at today’s academia will tell you, it led to a near-universal dysfunctionality ibn terms of conceptual (particularly objective) thinking.

      The microcosm of this is the kid on the corner who momentarily can’t find his way home (on the
      next block), to the great amusement of all concerned.

      Pot is not harmless. It causes deteriortation in the memory function, whicgh impedes the reasoning process: a mind which cannot retain details cannot evaluate them. It also incapacitates
      the mind’s warning response, so everything–work, school, the oncoming truck–becomes “no big deal.” Potheads deny this, because their ability to perceive dangerous things as dangerous is
      inhibited. Their denials are honest, because–since their perceptions are compromised–they really do think they’re “okay.”

      Harder drugs do harder things. Cocaine weakens heart vessels and destroys nasal passages, as
      well as addicting you. Alcohol, being a depressant, leads to depresssion. Heroin turns you into a slobbering addict living in a box while stealing enough habit-support to enable a normal person to live on a luxury yacht–and the guy doesn’t care. All he can see is the next fix.

      Drugs have done, and are doing, catastrophic harm to our society.

      As in all things, Christ is the answer. Our country has a God-shaped hole in its heart that has been growing since 1963. We eliminated prayer from schools. At that time, the worst offense in schools was smoking in the bathroom. Two years later, the beast began to devour our kids, and us. You’rfe “heard it before,” eh? Clue: that’s because it happened.

      No amount of law will help us, unless we turn around. That doesn;t mean we should toss out the laws: they’re the only moral compass some people have. It does mean that we need to begin preferring, as a nation,. a life of integrity, again.


      Fr, Jim +

      • rohig

        Are you people really that stupid? All these false comments on pot are plain stupid. You want to keep it illegal under false rumors. As most of you give your kids pharmy drugs which are so much worse than anything you can get on the street. Take this drug for this oh you have this side effect here take this pill. Some dumb azz said how would you keep people from driving on it. HELLO people are already driving on it why haven’t you heard well because no pot head has killed a family of 6 which happens every 10 seconds from a stupid drunk oh wait there went another family. You people keep alcohol legal. It isn’t making any since. They make more money keeping people in jail from minor violations like having a little bit of pot on them and potheads don’t resist like the boozers, meth heads easy money. Someone else said it makes you stupid and keeps brain cells from growing. ARE YOU A IDIOT? What do you think all those cigarettes are doing to people I have been a pot smoker for over 30 years and started in 11th grade oh did I mention I kept a 3.8 GPA its not the pot that is making people stupid it is the education system that is keeping American citizens stupid. Why do you think everyone is fat, stupid, and lazy. Educate yourselves people stop posting stupid comments about stuff you have no idea about. This wasn’t even a article on this and as always some dumbazz takes it somewhere else. Take that s**t to yahoo idiots!!!

  • RivahMitch

    Since the greatest threat to most of our safety and well-being comes from the government, the article is , perhaps useful but, by no means definitive.

  • Sirian

    Are not all of these indicators of the chaos that the anarchists have been striving for? Establish it as a cool fad while sublimely injecting much more into the minds of people, young and old, so they can be used effectively to create the chaos required to collapse our country? Oh but that “golden ring” prize they are after – full, total and complete control of everything and everyone, shore to shining shore. Look about you, it’s in progress, it’s in progress for sure.

  • Rev_Mike

    Good article, listing the various groups from which many violent crimes may be expected to be perpetrated.

    I did not see listed the “average” law-abiding citizen, who seeks to protect and defend him/herself and loved ones by concealed- (or open-) carry. Perhaps law enforcement at all levels would serve us all better by focusing much more on the groups listed, and less on law-abiding citizens who make a good-faith effort to carry responsibly and comply with reasonable regulations (if and when those regulations can be accurately discerned).

    I also did not see reference to the various militia groups. I suspect 95% of them are not only harmless, but in fact may be doing some good in the firearms training they offer, and in providing additional protection to their families and communities. That some may represent a dangerous fringe is possible, perhaps likely, but not to the extent of the criminal groups listed by the author in this article.

    • 45caliber


      If the average citizen was allowed to arm and defend himself, there would be fewer criminals. And fewer criminals would make it harder for lawyers to support themselves. Surely you don’t want to see starving lawyers, do you? So all police are required to do what they can to prevent those criminals from being shot or otherwise killed. That’s why they are so down on any average citizen who does defend himself. Right now it is very difficult for new lawyers to find enough clients to defend as it is. Now don’t you feel bad about wanting to help the citizens instead of those lawyers?

  • Charles Higgins

    There is a lot of paranoia in this missive. Half of all sex offenses are against members of the perpetrator’s own family. Thus they are incest. Violence in seldom used in sex crimes. I know because I am a sex offender. Manipulation and coercion are the most used methods in sex crimes. Violent force is so rare I never met a forcible rapist in any of my treatment groups. If an offender’s account differed from the victim’s account the offender was told to take a polygraph. This assured the truth was told in group.

    Most sex offenders are passive and wouldn’t force anyone. My sources for this are my own experience and Department of Justice documents available to the public on the web.

    • 45caliber

      I didn’t initially answer this because I don’t believe someone like you should be answered, but after thinking about it, I thought I would.

      First, I’m not certain you are a criminal vs. being a troll. You stated that you were beaten up by prisoners in jail for being a child molester. All prisoners are taught prior to entering the main-stream prison system to keep their mouths shut about what they did – particularly if they are a child molester. Most non-criminals don’t realize this and believe that the other prisoners will punish. There are a lot in prison who might claim to be a murderer or a robber but never a molester. Not even of women.

      However, I’m going to answer you as if you are one.

      First, you are definately a psychopath. I used that word deliberately since it means the exact same as a sociopath (the now acceptable term) and you are also a criminal. As a psychopath, everything is about you. Whatever you want to do, you do, as long as you don’t think there is any consequences for you that you don’t want. You show absoluetely no remorse for your act or sympathy for your victim. All your rant is about how terrible YOU are treated. Your only comment about your victim was that she now hopes to marry in a few years and you don’t believe she was harmed.

      Second, society is different from our legal system. (I use the term “legal system” because I don’t consider many of their actions as “justice”). Society doesn’t either. Therefore society punishes as well as the legal system does. Just be thankful you live now and not a hundred years ago. You would have been shot or hanged then – and most of society now including many of the criminals in prison believe that your rehensible and obsene act should justify that now as well. That includes me.

      You try to alibi your action by insisting that most child molestations are by relatives. As if molesting a relative is okay versus molesting someone else’s child. Further you insist that your treatment in prison was far beyond what you should have received. (another indication of being a psycho.) See my note about hanging above.

      Thirdly, you insist that society’s punishment now is wrong. You have to live in the country since you aren’t allowed around children. Poor boy. You can’t find a job. (not too many others can either right now.) Your name is on internet. No one will trust you. I wonder why.

      Your actions and comments are such that you are certainly a candidate for committing the same crime again. That is the one thing society doesn’t want to happen. I hope the next time you do this (and I’m almost certain that you will – unfortunately for your victim) that the father or other relative of the victim gets to you before the police does and blows you away – as you so richly deserve.

  • T. Jefferson

    Now you know why we need the second amendment now more than ever. uncle Barry can’t and wont put police in front of every house to prevent crime. It is up to you to defend yourself without having to retreat to the back wall of your home against these groups of human trash.

    • Robert Smith

      From T. Jefferson: “uncle Barry can’t and wont put police in front of every house to prevent crime.”

      Really? And can you explain how Bush or McCain, or even Palun, would do any more for putting a cop in front of every house?

      Sheesh… Anti-Obama sure is senseless sometimes.


      • 45caliber

        I don’t believe that T. stated that he expected any politician, must less a GOP one, to place a cop near every home. His comment was that it couldn’t be done – and that was why your defence depended upon you.

      • Robert Smith

        “uncle Barry can’t and wont put police in front of every house to prevent crime.”

        Looks pretty specific to me.

        Has Uncle Sam changed his name?


      • Michael Beglin

        Anti-Obama makes sense 99.99% of the time. The man is a proven liar. He lied about every single thing he promised to change during his campaign. You know how to tell when Obama is lying? He is talking.

  • Chester

    You list the mentally ill, then make the statement that they do not have to remain in a home for the mentally ill. The truth is, at most, unless found either guilty but mentally ill, or innocent by reason of insanity, there is seldom a long term facility available to place an individual in. It seems there is NO funding for such places after all the sanatoriums were closed in the fifties. Now the only mental facilities for the mentally ill are short term placement in the mental ward of some major hospital, and even there most times it will only be for a period of about ninety days max.

    • http://none Firefly

      Worse yet, according to government records between 2009 and 2011, over 8,000 rapists, murderers, and child molestors were released back into the population because their home countries would not take these illegal aliens back and our law says we couldn’t keep them in jail more than 90 days. Just a few weeks ago one of these from the Orient killed 5 people in San Francisco, a city that is a santuary city for illegal aliens.

    • Robert Smith

      Chester claims: ” It seems there is NO funding for such places after all the sanatoriums were closed in the fifties. ”

      Nope, it was Reagan.

      “The gutting of public mental health services began with Reagan, first in California where he closed state-funded mental health facilities. As president he cut aid for federally-funded community-run mental health programs. The result: thousands of more homeless people in California and nationwide and a spike in the prison population. ”

      The rest of the article is at:


      • JKlapper

        Yep. Grew up in Reagan California and remember it well. The record he run on into the White House was actually that of his successor’s, Jerry Brown…
        Which might have a lot to do with why Jerry Brown was re-elected again to deal with the mess left behind by yet another actor turned politician.

      • Frederick

        Rob, you are absolutlely correct. Our family was a victim of this change in mental health law in1969 in California. Prior, one could get a family member committed rather easily It was a good way to to rid of some family for any number of reasons. This ease of commitment became abused, and non-mentally ill people found themselves being locked up in the looney bin, and then having to fight to bet prove their sanity

        The new law remedied that situation but was flawed and the flaws never corrected
        The new law stated that a person could not be put in a mental hospital unless it could be shown and demonstrated, per the opinion of some social worker, that the person was in fact a “danger to himself or others” In other words, the socail worker would have to personally witness behavior by the subject person that proved the person was a danger to himself other others like attacking another person, setting fires,

        I had to lie to get my sick brother commited because every time the social worker came out, by brother would not demonstrate any bazarre behavior

        I finally got my brother commited, He was in fact stabalized on appropriate medicine a f a ter about 5 months at the hospital. The doctors used different medicines until they found a combination that really worked. When we visited my brother at the hospital just before his release he was behaving like before he became ill ( schizophrenia) , and he was talking about going back to law school He was an all “A” student in high school, and was a tennis champion like our father.

        And here is where the system breaks down that iin my mind is criminal and an outrage against common sense common and humanity!

        Upon release, we discovered that we, his family, had absolutely no control over him, Per the law, a mentally ill person had then, and does still today, have the “right” to be mentally ill. He, and he alone, was expected to make decisions that would result in his well being after his release. No oversight or moditoring by the family was or is provided by law

        As almost always happens, my brother felt so well that he quit taking his medicine, Soon he began dening that he even ever had a problem. His condtion deterioated quickly, He systems becamse worse, ie talking to the wall, hearing voices, writting bazarre letters to family members.

        He was staying with our mother at the time. I had gotten marriied and was not living in the house. His bebavior became so bazarre that mom took an overdoze of sleeping pills “just so she could get away from it all” She almost died

        After many arrests and trips to the hospital, fruitless court appearances, my brother commited suicide at age 40

        Had the law given us the power to oversee my brother and the power to re-commit him for his failurre to take his medicine, he would be alive today and, with the new medicines available today, probably leading a good life as top attorney.

      • 45caliber


        I agree with you. There used to be a place called the Colony in Conway, AR, many years ago. Those committed had their own small house, had medical aid present, had jobs on site, education was available, and most could go to town when they wished. The feds closed it – officially because it was “unfair” to the patients. The patients tried hard to keep it going. The real reason was finances. The feds wanted the money for other purposes.

      • Robert Smith

        From Frederick who came up with a tragic anecdotal story about his family: “Prior, one could get a family member committed rather easily It was a good way to to rid of some family for any number of reasons.”

        Yes, and sadly that was abused and then the pendalum went too far the other way. Such stories are sadly too common and sadly impact too many people who aren’t crazy.

        However, before when there were real “family values” and families used to live together, three, sometimes four, generations under one roof, for many it was handled differently.

        Before Corporate America started moving people around families stayed together, even when someone was successful. Remember when Mom didn’t have to work? That’s how I grew up. We had two cars, three TV sets, etc.

        Anyhow, around the neighborhoods there was always a family who had what I call an “Uncle George.” Someone who had some sort of mental illness. It was recognized and rarely denied. They had a room off the back porch or over the garage and they were still part of the family. They helped cut the grass for some in the neighborhood and shoveled snow for ciggarette money and maybe some booze. Families figured out how to take care of their own.

        Even little towns took care of their own as was demonstrated on the “Andy Griffith Show” in the form of Otis Campbell who slept off many a drunk in the jail. They didn’t even lock the door on him.

        Now folks figure it’s “society’s problem” and refuse to take a personal interest, even through tax money.

        Sheesh… Talk about caring for one’s brother. I don’t see any christanity there.


      • Joe H

        so it was better to have people that weren’t insane or mentally deficient locked up??? There were also a lot of elderly locked up and declared mentally unstable to get at their estates!! Later they were abandoned insolvent, and no noe to look after them as the family had gotten what they wanted and left!! The good ole days weren’t all that good, either!!!

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “so it was better to have people that weren’t insane or mentally deficient locked up???”

        NEVER said that. Quit lying about what I post.


  • Dave

    The best way to keep the bad guys at bay including the government bad guys is for everyone to own a gun. Protect yourself and the second amendment. You get respect from everyone when they know you keep and bare arms.

    • Charles Higgins

      Keep in mind that it only takes one felony to kill your right to bear arms for the rest of your life. If you want to know a group that is often the victim of crimes, it is the sex offenders. We are the most hated of all criminal groups. When i was in prison I was threatened, intimidated, beaten and generally harassed. Now that i’m out I’m exiled to the countryside where police response is a long delay if it comes at all. My address is publically displayed to any who are curious and want to get at me.

      Many of those who expressed their hatred of me were themselves victims of childhood sexual abuse. How many out here are the same way but I am not allowed access to a weapon.

      • Robert Smith

        Charles points out: “My address is publically displayed to any who are curious and want to get at me. ”

        And that’s a bad thing because??????

        Used to be a couple of hundred years ago that if the offender lived through being caught and punished that everyone in town knew what their status was. They could point out the dangerous person to their kids, sisters, wives, and girlfriends to warn them.

        Further, you live out in the sticks in fear… What about your victims? Do they ever get back to a normal life after being violated?


        • Charles Higgins

          I want to set the record straight. I have one victim. She told me at a temination of parental rights hearing that she planned to get married in about 5 years. She was 18 at that time so apparently she is going to try to get back to a normal life. I am not afraid. Just that I see rejection everywhere I go. I can’t get a job because companies are afraid I will reoffend and people will wonder why they hired me. If you want to know the truth then go to my web site a learn. If sex offenders are isolated, socially rejected, and idle they will become desparate and when they think they have nothing to lose they can re-offend. Not many do. That’s why these laws do more harm than good.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        The reason your “group” are the victims of many crimes is because you didn’t receive justice in the first place. if you had you would be safely behind bars forever! You should NEVER be allowed to be around innocent people ever again! Your victim will never be ok. The most she can hope for is to try and move forward. But she will never be ok!

      • Robert Smith

        Charls says: “I want to set the record straight. I have one victim.”

        And then there is the rest of America who aren’t offenders. We have zero victims.


      • Michael Beglin

        If you are a rapist or child molester than you deserve everything you get. Rest assured if it had been my wife or daughter that you victimized, you would now have no worries whatsoever. I really hope you don’t expect anyone on here to feel sorry for you.

      • Robert Smith

        To Charles,

        I don’t think that a ex-conn should live without hope. I’m an advocate that IF one can go straight for a decade or two or three after they’ve done their time that in this society we should be able to consider a second chance and restore voting, gun rights, and lots of other things that have been taken away.

        But it is ONLY after a bunch of years have gone by without incident that it should be CONSIDERED without any guarantees that a first, second, or whatever application will be accepted.

        But, I hear that christians are supposed to be able to forgive and forget. I don’t know for sure because I ain’t one, but that’s what I hear.


      • Joe H

        There is a substantial group of psychologists that state that sex offenders are, as a whole, unable to be “cured”! I have daughters and neices that are safe from you when you are incarcerated and the only other time they are safe from you is if you have been terminated!! forgive and forget? NOT A CHANCE, BUD!! FEEL SORRY FOR YOU?? NEVER!!!

  • Big Jim

    The biggest enemy we have today is are goverment wake up America you are being played big time fema camps are up and running, but worry about who???????? This disformation is bull poop,,,are goverment wants us to beleive they are going to take care of you and the most scarey part is allot of people beleive this…..Remember some are sheep and some are hurdders which are you????GOD HELP AMERICA

  • ranger hall

    The People as an organized group, is the most feared of all. The bad groups fear not the Police or the Justice system, Just the People when they Fight back, The bad groups are allowed to servive because our Political system of Law Enforcement, And our Justice system needs them to justify their expansion.
    Ive worked around just about all the types of groups listed above,They Only gets bigger and Meaner, Our Justice System just is not working for the Good of the People.How sad.
    Drugs along do not commit crimes, People commit crimes. Let the People answer for their Crimes.
    The Govts fight on Drugs is and always has been a major Defeat, and the People Just keep on paying for it, Makes you wonder who gets the Profits.
    Power is with the People. If they would only use it.

    • 45caliber

      To a lawyer, we have teh best legal system in the world. A criminal commits a crime. He is generally arrested that day or at least that week. He has to get a lawyer, either hiring his own or having one appointed for him by a judge. The lawyer then gets paid a steady paycheck until he goes to court (one reason the lawyer keeps requesting an extension for trials). He’s out on bail during this time so there is also the possibility of other crimes, meaning more law fees. When he’s found guilty he goes to jail but that means the possibility of appeals. He serves his time and is usually out again on parole. Then it starts all over again.

      What a lawyer doesn’t want to see is that criminal shot by a victim or a police officer. That stops his paycheck and he has to find another client.

  • ranger hall

    Some people PAY for their crimes, Some dont, Some change, Some dont. Its the system we live under People, If you dont like it THEN get up and change it.
    A person steals Millions from the People, gets maybe 1-5 years, Gets out still has his money. a person sells small amount of coke gets 1-5 years Gets out has no money. WHO is the worst of the two.

    • Robert Smith

      The banksters need to be held accountable.


    • Joe H

      ranger hall,
      Crime is crime! The law see’s no difference in “levels” of crime, only that a crime has been committed! BOTH ARE GUILTY!

  • Rennie

    Good to know that listening to celtic or nordic music, wearing a cross because you are a Christian, or work boots and army surplus jacket when working on cars or out in the woods getting dirty planting trees, cutting firewood, etc. makes you fit the profile of a “skinhead”, not to mention going bald anyways. It’s also good to know a cross tatoo is not a symbol of faith but of race, curiously, that makes me think about Putin’s racism and embrace of the cross?

  • Stephanie Jewell

    Something I have learned is to just try and keep physical distance between myself and others at all times if possible, especially if they seem threatening! I always watch peoples hands or the way they are carrying themselves to decide whether they may be carrying a weapon. And I always am aware of my surroundings, and make sure I don’t look like a victim. I don’t walk around on my cell phone! I also am always armed myself.

    • 45caliber

      I agree. The easiest way to stay out of trouble is to not go where it exists.

  • Ed

    Its been my experience that the biggest most violent gang wears a easily recognizable uniform, varying in color , usually has a badge and name tag and drives vehicles with flashing lights on top….

    • Michael Beglin

      That’s pure Truth right there. That is the most corrupt gang I have ever seen.

    • Joe H

      Although it won’t be popular, I will go on the record and state I know a few good cops. I know one that gave the mayor of our town a ticket and refused to back down, even when threatened by the chief AND the mayor. The ticket stuck!! Another gave his own mother a speedig ticket. Seems he had warned her a couple of times and then wrote it out on her. He said he had a duty to apply the law EQUALLY to ALL. I also know one that took three rounds in the body to save a seven year old kid!! good cops, ALL!

  • 45caliber

    He didn’t mention MS-13. This is a gang found throughout the South-West. It was – I think – originally organized in Nicarogua. They LOVE machetes and use them whenever prossible to discipline their own people or terrorize opponents. There is also Aryian Nation, which is all white. Tatoos are important for both groups. So is scarring since tatoos can be removed and scars can’t as easily.

  • ChristyK

    The listing for a biker gang member makes it sound like anyone on a bike with black leather and tatoos is a dangerous gang member that is going to immediately do you harm. This is untrue. There are dangerous gang members, but most bikers are nice people. Our city even has a Christian biker gang (that rides, wears black leather, and are covered with tatoos), but they use the “cool” look to reach others for Christ. Most bikers just think that it is fun to look “bad”. Many are bankers, lawyers, doctors etc. You have to look much deeper than externals to see who the bad bikers are. Most are just average citizens, looking for a little excitement in their otherwise ordinary lives.

    • Smithkowitz

      Sounds like you are implying one cannot have excitement in their life, without looking like a gang affiliated biker (if you are a biker)? People who use drugs, rape, murder, burglarize, get drunk beyond sanity are all looking for excitement too. Can we assume a religious biker gang is safe? How about a biker gang of police officers? It doesn’t take much to set off a person amongst almost any group of people, if you desire to do so. Every person alive is capable of doing things they could regret or ask forgiveness for.

      • ChristyK

        My point is that most bikers are not dangerous and do not do anything illegal. They just like to ride. It’s kind of like adult dress-up. The bad biker gangs are a miniscule percentage (<1%) of the bikers. It is unreasonable to paint them all as the same. I am not a biker, but I am a motorcycle dealer so I deal with bikers on a daily basis.

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “My point is that most bikers are not dangerous and do not do anything illegal.”

        Correct. For two years my Indian 80 was the only transportation I owned. Back in the 60′s it was simply an old bike that I bought cheap, rather than he legend that it has become.


  • Smithkowitz

    We can AssUme all we want, but assumption is not fact. Not all pot smokers will use all the time if it were legal. Do all alcohol drinkers, drink everyday? Do they always get drunk? Legalization of MJ will not stop illegal drug pushing. The only thing that will stop it, is when the Federal Government (or the people) do what is necessary to stop it. Here’s a hint, we haven’t been doing the right thing. There unfortunately needs to be more people who are caught selling in large amounts, or to children who become sex slaves etc., removed from society; permanently, not just imprisoned for life. This war on drugs has been going on for over 100 years; sure hope the Iraq & Afghanistan skirmishes end sooner! Oh wait, they produce heroin in Afghanistan, hmmm . . . . . what’s really the purpose of being there?

  • boyscout

    Legalize pot and take it out of the war on drugs equation (yeah right its addictive to some -BS! those folks have deeper problems.) Napalm the damn poppy fields in Afghanistan and disenfranchise both the drug cartels and the terrorist organizations. If those “farmers” can’t subsist on food and grain crops (how about quinoa ?)too damn bad. Get the military out of the “oil business” and settle the affairs of Central America (damn near all failed states!) – use armor and infantry if necessary.

    • Michael Beglin

      Napalm the poppy fields? American soldiers are now guarding those poppy fields. How do you think the CIA can afford all of their operations? They are selling drugs to Americans, and have been for decades.

      • Joe H

        I seem to remember a group in RVN named “Air America”????

      • Robert Smith

        Weren’t drugs a part of Iran / Contra?


  • Michael Beglin

    Legalize drugs to take the profit motive away from the gangs. No more gangs. Decriminalize the use of drugs to keep non-violent people out of our overcrowded prisons. All of the idiots that overdose will solve the problem of too much drug use. I feel absolutely no remorse or pity for anyone that overdoses. It is their fault, and their fault only.

    It is a sorry fact that you can go to prison longer for selling drugs than you can for murder. Our prisons are for-profit companies, and our over-abundance of laws is a by-product of this. Prison should be for violent criminals only, not potheads and their ilk.

    Our local, state, and federal governments are making way too much money off of the system as it is now to change anything. I knew we were lost when the police could confiscate your property to sell (for their own profit) if you were caught using drugs.

    The police no longer protect and serve anyone but themselves.

    • Smithkowitz

      Since when are drug users not violent? If you are speaking of MJ then separate it from the word drug. After all, it really is an herb. There might be many laced and lab enhanced versions, but MJ is not the same as crack, meth, LSD, heroin etc.. I don’t want people doing those other things legally. We should be pulling out of Afghanistan unless they agree to plow under all the heroin fields immediately. This should have been a no brainer many years ago. Instead the heroin has proliferated since we’ve been there : (

      • Robert Smith

        ROFL… LSD was a safe therapudic drug until it was abused by the military and then it found its way to the streets.

        There is even a resurection in the world of therapy. You can check out some of the early research at:


  • sandy daniels

    Many of you say “legalize every drug” and give us a weapon to defend ourselves against them. Let me give you a few things to think about
    1) how many of you have killed another human before?
    2)owning a firearm does NOT make you any safer unless you know when and how you use it. I was 6 years in training and I still dont consider myself an expert.
    3) if you are untrained all you do is arm your attacker,
    4) how many of you will hesitate that split second that kills you
    5) can you determine who is running toward you for help from a rape gang and an attacker can you honestly say I will only kill those who need it?
    6) can you imagine the chaos from legalized drugs such as meth ? How many will you be able to kill before you make a mistake?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% for our original constitution INCLUDING THE SECOND AMENDMENT!!!!!
    Let me telll you from life experiance and the experiances of 100′s of men who hesitated in WAR. If you are sane you DON’T WANT TO KILL PEOPLE. None of us in uniform do either but it’s our duty. Please don’t assume when the time comes you will be able to shoot. Without training you may not shoot in time. If you turn drugs loose you empower the drug addict because they can claim all sorts of defences in todays laws that no longer have anything to do with right or wrong only what is legal through thousands of loopholes

    you will be the victim and you will be in prison for what? simply defending yourself.
    I’m sorry but unless our legal system is revamped to right and wrong again this is the way it is.

    • Joe H

      Sorry Sandy, I DON’T want to kill ANYBODY! After 18 months in vietnam, I found out I can, INDEED and will if required. most people, who say “I would never kill another human being” when faced with a “do or die” situation, WILL! All it takes is the right frame of mind. Yes, there are those that will freeze on the trigger, but there are many that will pull that trigger and keep pulling till it clicks a few times. Want to bet your life on which type you are facing?

      • FreedomFighter

        Click Click Click, new mag please.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

  • 2¢ worth…

    All this criminal “Intelligence Gathering” is fine and good.. I too am at war with the criminal subculture and overall defensive strategy sounds capable of succeeding the final objective… But what then? Fact is, once an entity gains strength in a particular ideology their not apt to just “Give It Up” once the directive has been eliminated, so.. What’s next? Since this is a ‘National’ endeavor one would have to conclude.. as they would not willingly give up the torch but at the same time deem it unproductive since the threat has been at least subdued, in order to justify their station it would then seem logical that they would have to ‘create’ opposition thus your marijuana tokers, your alcohol drinkers and cigarette smokers would (and will) be subject to the same restraints as hard core drugs and the criminal element that processes same, so I ask.. Once the criminal act is subdued.. What Next??? What looks (and feels) like a justifiable act can, because we’re trusting a certain power among human beings, become an unimaginable suppressor to every law abiding citizen. Once passed and implemented, it can now join the ranks of the NDAA and other national covert programs.Please think about that.

  • FreedomFighter

    Dont forget about the “poison the well” routine.

    Brain Eating Vaccines: The History and Facts

    Oh yea Floride in the water, now Lithium, and the chemical lobotomy coming your way.

    Its in the water.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • s c

    It’s not easy to protect yourself against hardcore criminals and elected filth. You’d think that Big Government could find functional ways to protect the public. However, Uncle Scam has found ways to ignore his job, and between their professional incompetence and career criminals (elected and otherwise), we’re basically on our own.
    I’d settle for a way to send any and all bills for invasion of privacy and identity theft to those who are paid to protect America – and seem to have ‘other’ things to do. It’s almost come to the point where we can get a better deal from an older, established firm [the Mafia]. With the mob, it’s business. With Uncle Scam, it’s absolute kontrol. By the way, do you really think it’s an accident that the mob has so much real-world experience in BUSINESS? You’ll NEVER be able to say that about Obummer.

  • http://baatman74@ baatman74

    Well, I think this whole thing is blown clear out of proportion and one thing to keep in mind is this fellow, Givens, is from Tennessee, the exact state which is RIGHT now in 2012 about to put into law a bill to allow religion to challenge evolution in their schoolS!
    Next, just to take two examples, from the article; grafetti;
    “Gang graffiti is not just vandalism; it is a form of advertising and communication. Gangsters use graffiti to mark territory and to establish dominance, just as a predator might urinate on the tree trunks around the perimeter of his home range. Gang graffiti must be taken seriously as a red flag; its appearance around your place of business means that you must be on the lookout for gang members and activity.”
    It goes on to name tatoos as the next sign of trouble. This man seems to say gangs are something new to smaller areas, BS, we had gangs in Cincinnati in 1962! Gangs have been around since the diciples, gangs are for ‘latch-key-kids, most of them are just an aggrevation. I think this Givens fellow uses this as an advertisment for his business, like some alligator wrestling shos scaring you to death making the docile alligaotr dangerous only for the sake of the show.

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