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Insomnia may be treated with traditional Chinese medicine methods

May 22, 2009 by  

Insomnia may be treated with traditional Chinese medicine methodsWhile sleeping pills may have side effects and cause addiction, proven natural methods have been shown to relieve symptoms of insomnia and restlessness.

In particular, traditional Chinese medicine has been successfully treating insomnia for thousands of years.

According to, one of the most commonly used herbal supplements to treat the disorder is Suanzaorentang, a blend of five herbal extracts including sour jujube seed, Szechuan lovage root, poria, anemarrhena rhizome and licorice root.

It says the blend has been shown to have a sedative effect at higher doses and an anti-anxiety effect at lower doses. It is also believed to promote non-rapid eye movement sleep by stimulating serotonin receptors.

There is a growing awareness, even among Western medicine practitioners, that insomnia is not an isolated condition but is often related to physical and mental disorders, including stress and anxiety.

Hence Chinese health practitioners have also used acupuncture to treat insomnia, applying it to different parts of the body depending on the underlying condition.

Some of the most popular points include Yin-tang, which is located on the forehead between the eyebrows, as well as Shen-men, which is on the ear, according to Natural News.


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  • steven artus

    I have been doing alot of thinking recently, and it seems to me we dont seem to have a very effective group of people in Washington. We need new blood. Some one who is fired upand is willing to take on the establishment. For the most part we have old decrepit antiques like Robert Byrd who have been in office for seemingly forever. How old is this guy anyhow? 80-90 years old? He has never held down a real job in his entire life, and his only claim th fame is that when he was younger, he was in the KKK and his uniform was a sheet and a pillow case with eye holes.

    Well,he didn’t do to bad for himself, damned near everything in his state is named for him. Schools, post offices, fire stations police stations, airports,shopping centers, super markets, streets, highways, flag poles. street lights, fire hydrents, you name it and his name is on it. Thats what you get for bringing home the PORK. They should change the name of the state to ROBERT C. BYRD,USA. Pennsylvania could be changed to JOHN MURTHA,USA, and so many more. How about PELOSI USA for former California, they could have billboards all over the state with General Pelosi’s picture and a caption,”THEY NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT TORTURE”. How to turn 2 positives into a negative,”YEAH, RIGHT”.

    None of these people have ever held a paying job which required them to punch a time clock , and report to a supervisor. They ran for office, got elected, and there they sat. And they don’t plan on leaving. I guess old man Byrd expects to have some sort of memorial made out of his desk in the senate, with his name emblazoned on it. Maybe even turn his seat intoa mausliam. How fitting.Of course if he dies in office, maybe General Pelosi will see fit to auction off his seat to the highest bidder They tried it in Chicago.

    Many times I have thought about what I would do if I were the president, and Ihave always started with reducing the size of government, and to do that, I would enlist the aid of Dr. Ron Paul, Congressman from Texas. Why? Well for starters, he would love to shrink government down to a managable size, and he has even publicly stated which parts he would remove. I could not agree more. There are those who seem to have some problems with Dr. Paul, but I really love many of his ideas. Dr. Paul is not some liberal, left wing fringe lunitic, He is highly educated, and knows politics, which is more than can be said for most polititions.Dr. Paul has long maintained that the Department of Education be eliminated and I whole heartedly agree. Teachers and adminestrators earn pretty good money, and if you listen to them talk about, what they’ve done, are doing and will do, their words ring hollow. Why is it so important that children in grades K thru 12 know how to put a condum on a cucumber instead of learning to read, write,speak proper english, do math and forget about science.
    Children who have been raised by their parents who take the time to read and talk to their babies, who enter school are eager to learn,and our teachers are eager to dumb down those children, and they are very effective.

    Dr. pauls idea on correcting this shortfall, is to turn over the problem of education to govornors, and let them earn their money. My idea goes a step further. Produce results or lose federal funding. Get rid of adminestrators and teachers who cant produce, and get people who are dedicated to teaching. I have noticed there has been alarge increase in the time when schools are closed,ie, spring break, winter break summer break, christmas break, thanksgiving break, halloween break just for the hell-of-it-break and so many more. If students spend 6-8 months in school they are lucky. When I was a kid, we were of on all OFFICIAL HOLIDAYS ONLY. That meant for example, Thanksgiving ( whatever week day it fell on) thats the day we had off. If for some strange reason it fell on a weekend which it never did, tough luck, you got no day off. Christmas ALWAYS WAS AND SHOULD ALWAYS BE, form the 24th of December to 2 January and no more.

    There should be no seperate holiday for New Year.WHY? Why should there be a seperate holiday for Christmas AND New Year especially since the ACLU and all the rest of the anti-American and antiChristian communists want anything and everything related to Christmas and Christ removed from our history, language, money our Pledge and any thing else you can think of. These individuals are dangerous to our country and our way of life and should be removed from our society at all cost. They are the REAL TERRORISTS among us. If you put all of the legal holidays together, you come up with about 2 months of no school LEGALLY,and that doesnt include summer vacation, from June to 2 September ( day after Labor Day). The way they dumb down kids today, and as long as the TEACHERS AND ADMINESTRATORS NEEDE SO MUCH TIME OFF TO RECUPERATE FROM ALL THE STRESS THEY ENCOUNTER DURNG THE TIME THEY ARE IN SCHOOL, THE QUESTION I NEED ANSWERED IS ,”WHY HAVE SCHOOL AT ALL?” Children are not going to school long enough as it is , children are not learning enough as it is, the drop out rate of our high scools is stagering, and the drop out rate in our colleges is no better, so why bother with school?

    If I were the president, thay would be one of my primary objectives, and I would make it a personal commitment to eliminate the cursed teachers union. They suck the life blood out of our teachers by demanding extremely large contributions out of the teachers pay,(which ultimately goes to the Democratic Party,) to BUY THE FAVORS OF THE DEMOCRATS AND ASSIST THESE OVERWORKED TEACHERS AND ADMINISTRATORS TO PROVIDE MORE OUTRAGIOUS RULES AND LAWS TO LEAVE OUR CHILDREN EVEN MORE S-T-O-O-P-I-D THAN IT IS POSSIBLE TO BELIEVE.YES, DR. PAUL WANTS TO REMOVE THE BOARD OF EDUCATION, FROM OUR LANGUAGE AND I AGREE. It does nothing but cost taxpayers tons of much neede money that can be used in a better manor, for more useful things. During the time of FDR< he had a saying,”Put a chicken in every pot, my adminestration would have a simaler saying,”Put an upstanding, intelligent, productive student in every home”. Through hard work and honest efforts, they, the students could become upstanding, intelligent, productive citizens of this country, instead of the uneducated,do-nothing ,”ME” generation we now have to support. In an article I recently read, there are now more young people , ages 20 plus to over 30 STILL LIVING WITH THEIR PARENTS OR IN-LAWS. Why is this happening? Well, it seems to me the answer is quite simple, they never learned how to be self sufficient, and are unable to care for themselves. But the question remains, “What happens when their parents or in-laws die? Then who will take care of them?

    I seems that the biggest and most pressing problem today is the econemy, and what can be done about it. Well, for starters, this adminestration (BamBam the Massiah) and his tax and spend ethics dont seem to be working. Of course, he does have pretty words to explain how it will take time, and we must be patient. Well, it doesn’t need time, all it needs is a person with strong beliefs and the will to tell congress,
    “My way or the highway”. so far we dont have anyone to fit that bill. So ok, you say that it is easy for me to say I will lay down the law to congress but its another thing to do it. Well, it may never have been done in the US before, but dont you think it is possible to tell congress, “If I dont get what I want, I will disolve Congress”. Then what?
    Does the Constitution say the president CANNOT DISOLVE CONGRESS? And if he does, what will be his punishment, and who will adminester it? If the demands of the president are not excessive , why should congress object? What is so objectionable about trying to get jobs for the unemployed? And if the president has a way to do this ,and it is a bit far out and radical, so what?

    One of the best ways to do this is to remove ALL ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIENS FROM OUR COUNTRY,and yes I know everyone says it can’t be done, but it can, and as the president, I would do it……. in a heart beat. How? Simple. Eversince the time of the preditor-in-chief, Bill Clinton was in office, the Mexican military and police have been entering our country uninvitred and have been causing trouble, but no one wants to do anything about it. The Mexican government says , “It was a mistake, they missed the border, the border is very hard to define etc.etc.etc. ” and the BS goes on and everyone concedes that it was an INCURSION AND NOTHING MORE, SO FORGET IT ALREADY, but it wasn’t an incursion and it wasn’t any of the other excuses the Mexican comes up with. More than a month ago there was an incident, where individuals presumed to be Mexican military entered the Us, stopped a border patrol agent, IN UNIFORM,INA CLEARLY MARKED VEHICLE, HELD HIM AT GUN POINT, AND CHECKED HIM OUT. On whose authority, on whose orders and for what purpose This was an American agent, on American soil,this was not an incursion,IT WAS PLAINLY AN INVASION BY A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT ON THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, AND A BLATENT ACT OF WAR., and as the president, I would act accordingly, namely to declair war on Mexico send our fighters and fighter bombers into Mexico, destroy their enteire Army,Navy and Air Force, round up all illegal criminal aliens as prisoners of war let it be known that anyone attempting to enter the US through our southern borders would be rounded up as spies and summarely shot. No trial, no questions asked.Well, folks, I’ve been at this for some time and I ned a break. So I will call it a day and wait to hear your responces

    • http://windwalker Tim Hall

      Dear Sir,
      You are posing some interesting ideas most of which are extreme and unnecessary. Putting term limits on congress and the supreme court would solve or improve many problems. The reason most young people live at home longer is because it is almost impossible to live on one income in the U.S. today. If we remove the illegal aliens from America it would create jobs and we could eliminate many govt. positions just as Dr. Ron Paul suggests but that will not go far enough. We must create jobs in America. We have to make it just as economical for companies to produce in America as other countries. We must balance trade and stop companies from leaving America to add to there bottom line. If it is not made here how can we support Americans? Mexico is a problem in itself. If we stop the invasion of illegal immigrants at the border and remove them from America, Mexico will be crushed from the weight of itself and we would not need to invade nor interfere with another country. Close the border, Term limits, shrink govt., and support American Companies and America will again be the leader in the world and our generosity will be sought after rather than scorned in the world. May God bless America and may America become self-sufficient once again. Thank You.

    • Donaldray

      Everything you said about the corrective action for Mexico makes sense. There is truth in your facts about Mexico. The people with the power to correct the Mexican problem are the problem. It is not the Mexican voters that count. It is the people that count the Mexican votes that count. The people with the power to count the Mexican votes is why we have a problem with Mexico. There is nothing you or I can do to change the Mexican problem.

  • Joe Hooker

    After my X wife sneaked off & left with the creepiest scrawney little man I’ve ever met, I started having a whole lot of trouble sleeping. Then after AKA got elected president, I couldn’t ever sleep more than 2 hours a night.
    Recently & Cherokee friend of mine recommended I try using Valerion root.
    8 hours a night now, & I wake up refreshed & all ready to go!

  • Eric g

    As I read the guys above me , it easy to see we all have our share of troubles . Steven started with some good ideas but ended with some bad ones . Come to think of it Adolph Hitler , also had some good ideas and some bad ones . I think we could use moderen technology more in education and health care and probabley reduce expenses a lot . A lot of laws are passed for the publics protection , that turn out more for creating a monopoly for the providers .
    Money is the root of all evil seems to have a lot of truth in it . We have a lot of rules that give us a lot of over qualified profesionals , that dont want to do anything accept play golf and go to ball games . Maybe we could hire good high school graduates to teach first grade for the price of one gualified teacher . Maybe just visiting and befriending someone , helps the same as a high paid thyrapst or councilor . Oboma is right we need change and we can do better , but I doubt if more people working for the governenment ,or the government owning more buisnesses is the right answer . At least it

  • steven artus

    I am writing in reply to Eric G. who said I had some good ideas And some bad ideas.
    Well, Erci I want you to fil;l me in on my bad ideas, because I think you either missed the point, on missunderstood what I was talking about. I, as aretiree have a lot of time on my hands, probebly a lot more than you do, and so I spend a lot of time reading, and I’m msure that if you knew what I read, you will probebly think that I am one of those conservative “wingnuts” and should be ignored.Well, the truth is I read a lot of Conservative Literature, and I find it refreshing to read the different view points of different people who, although they are conservative they do not repeat party lines like the liberals. Their ideas and comments are clear, consice ,an right on the minute.

    One of the PAPERS I read is The Washington Times, followed by Human Events. You most likely wouldn’t want to read Human Events, because Ann Coulter is a contributing columnist, and I know exactly what most people (think Liberals) think about her. It is unfortunate, but they happen to be wrong.I also read The New American, which is put out by the John Birch Society, News Max and The Week. So I can say that I am getting a well rounded education. Since I retired from 21 years of active duty with the United States Military, I have found my niche and really love being involved in politics, and I’m sorry I didn’t start sooner. Of course having said that I retired from the US military I am sure that you are now copnvinced that I am a fringe lunitic, after all, who in his or her right mind wants to stay in the military for 20 – 30 years and retire? Well, for starters, folks like me, Patriotic, American,Christian, Heterosexual, Conservative Independent, Gun Lovers. And having said THAT, I know what you really think of me, and you don’t have to say it.

    I know that if I started involving myself in politics sooner, I most likely would have made a run for the White House before this. As it is I still would like to do that, because I know that I could make a difference. Of course, I wou;ld have to remove YOUR PRESIDENT from the White House, and that would be easy. The only problem, would be the Democratic Congress.For starters, although there are 44 members of congress who know and have known YOUR PRESIDENT is not a US citizen they are arunk with power as they have not had any for years, and they don’t want to lose it. They also know that if YOUR PRESIDENT is ever shown to be an imposter they will of course play the race card and accuse everyone of being racists because they want to oust the first black man to attain the presidency, which is an outright lie. The truth is, if YOUR PRESIDENT goes down the rat hole, 44 members of congress will follow starting with General Pelosi and Corporal Harry Reid. And with that many members of congress gone the Democratic party will vaporize. And on that note “We the People” will demand a new election ,and we will get it and a new Patriotic, American, Christian, Heterosexual, Conservative, Independent , Gun Lover in office and the US will once again be returned to it’s former glory Thank God for small favors. God Bless America and the American people……. even the RINO’S, the Liberal’s the Elitest”s and all the rest of the trash who by rights should give uo their citizenship and green cards and vacart the Us, who voted for YOUR PRESIDENT. I refuse to say his name, cause it will dirty my mouth. See ya later.

    they are drunk with power

  • Cameron

    Right on Steven !
    on you well composed comments

    Thank you for your service to our nation.

    (Fellow veteran–21 years Active and Reserve service)


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