Influenza, Flu Shots And Vitamin D


A question posed to Dr. John Cannell of the Vitamin D Newsletter: “Will the Mexican flu come back again this year? Should I get a flu shot or just take vitamin D?”

His answer: “I don’t know and I don’t know. However, I am beginning to believe that vitamin D is at least as protective as flu shots, although such a head-to-head comparison has never been done.

“The reason I say that is two-fold:

  1. Several randomized controlled trials of vitamin D have suggested that the right dose of D may be as protective as most studies of the effectiveness of flu vaccines. (In other words, a comparison of studies showing the effectiveness of vitamin D and the effectiveness of the flu vaccine show similar results — Editor.)
  2. Mass vaccination of our elderly has failed to reduce the rate of influenza hospitalization or death rate among the elderly.

“However, I suspect that as flu vaccination rates in the elderly went up in the last 30 years, acquired immune deficiency syndrome due to vitamin D deficiency also went up and the two canceled each other out.” (End quote)

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