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Inflation specter spooks stock market

June 10, 2009 by  

Inflation specter spooks stock market Stock prices headed lower today as commodity prices spiked rising new inflation worries.

At 2:17 p.m. EDT, all major NYSE indices traded more than 1 percent lower, and oil prices hovered around $71 a barrel boosting the stocks of Dow components such as Exxon Mobile and Chevron.

"Over the last few days, the concern has been that the bond market is worried about inflation and the rise in commodity prices is adding to that," says John Wilson, chief technical strategist at Morgan Keegan, quoted by

"There’s a little bit of a worry that this will dampen what is hopefully the start of a recovery," he adds.

The downward trend continued despite today’s announcement of the alliance between Chrysler and Fiat that is expected to lead to the reopening of the recently closed Chrysler plants and production of fuel-efficient vehicles that meet the needs and today’s consumers.

Organizations such as the National Inflation Association have long warned about the dangers of hyperinflation and have encouraged Americans to invest in gold and other precious metals to insure their assets and wealth are protected.

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  • G. Dunn

    Would like to know if anyone knows of a Lupus treatment and COPD that is effective

    • s c

      I don’t have enough info on hand to help you directly. Get in touch with a good reference librarian at your local library. You can do a Google search for MDs who aren’t afraid to use alternative therapies. You do NOT have to rely on the AMA crowd.
      Good luck. There are people who can help – contrary to what our ‘scientific’ info controllers want us to think.

    • 13th Gen. American

      This is an odd place for this question but first you should see a doctor. Cant afford one? Well Im not a doctor however I have this great book”Natures Prescriptions” I found great stuff in there the doctor didnt tell me and it is true so for lupus.It says bascialy. Alfalfa can agrivate it and it is in a lot of stuff so you have to read lables. Then there is fish oil.The omega 3 is good for a lot of things. Pill is good . Food is best. Tuna salmon sardines trout. Cortizone through your doctor. These are the headings in the book.Pump up your protein, control your carbs,frown on fat, slow down on salt, pick up potassium concentrate on calcium. So it is the same for fighting cancer and a myriad of other things. Diet can help a lot with that.COPD however affects the lungs and you really should see someone. There are free clinics in most cities if you dont have medical. Even a crappy doctor is better than none and if it is just bothersome there might be some underlying reason. Good luck

  • Norman

    The government in Washington needs to get all of the lobbiest out of Washington as well as the state and local government for it’s because of them all that the price of gas is going higher than it should be and all of them needs to be ban from any office in Washington and else where or the citizens should start taking target practice at all of them.
    Since the kins of Arabia isn’t changing the production then tell me where our problem is if it isn’t in the damn Federal Government in Washington as well as all of the Washington morons that the people elected them to do a job and then they all turn around and steal and stab all of the American taxpayers in the back like they are doing.

  • s c

    Like it or not (and I don’t), inflation is coming. It is coming because Washington is infested with career politicians who hate truth, and will go to bed with ANYONE who will keep them in office. Inflation is inevitable because of the Fed’s consistently
    insane behavior. They specialize in printing money out of thin air. To make matters worse, our money is not backed up by anything other than ‘full faith and credit.’ That is one hell of a sick, twisted joke on the American people. The USS Titanic has no one
    steering it, and what happened with the original Titanic will happen here. When it happens, remember that unchecked, above-the-law “leadership” made it possible.

    • Scott Brown

      Whatever. This is interesting, but buys us no more than “I told you so” rights.

      When you know who actually controls the Fed, then you know who controls politicians. The Fed’s purposes are not the same as those of elected or appointed officials. While I love Ron Paul, this notion of auditing the Fed is little more than refreshingly naive. Auditing the Fed (not gonna happen in any meaningful sense) would undoubtedly tell us that, not “something,” rather EVERYTHING is rotten under that monstrous iceberg. Anyone who doesn’t know it without looking is partying in steerage with the doomed.

      The Titanic does, indeed, have someone steering it, but voting, protesting, auditing the Fed, none of these will tell us the real who. (And for the many armchair historians who actually know who*, this knowledge does them no more good than knowing who designed and built the ill-fated ship.)

      The simple answer to our dilemma is the scary answer: Get into a lifeboat NOW.

      Invest in storable water, food, trade commodities, defense, and defensible land for yourself, your family, your friends. Form or join an off-the-grid survival network.

      *Hint: Over two centuries ago, an extremely secretive and powerful person said, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” One year later, a newly-formed free nation a continent away had its first chartered central bank.

      A real historian doesn’t follow the leaders, he follows the money.

      • s c

        First, auditing the Fed makes as much sense as trying to whiz up a tree that’s 100 feet tall. I am against it. It is an attempt to revise history, and it will solve nothing. Second, Lord Rothchild is the source of that quote. He was right.
        Try and find as many as 5 people out of 100 who encountered that quote in a public school. I speak as an ex-teacher. Public education ‘works.’ It is a twisted form of social engineering. It has slowly destroyed America, and – God help us – WE paid for it.

  • Common Name David

    Well said and true. Meanwhile, a day later, people here are still in a July 4 mood. A good friend of mine is thinking of joining the Army at age 41. To “fight for what America stands for.” America stood for no entanglement, at which it quickly failed as Monroe made clear. You can’t hide a good thing, but you can protect it. Currently, lobby runs Washington. It seems that even a country such as America (and those who have never been in it don’t know how beautiful it really is, how basically decent the people are) is not living up to its standards. We are in a down time right now. But America is a wonderful place where people of different stripes come together. The average American is poor right now–middle class is disappearing. But God help those who think these American people are going to go quietly when most of them have parents or relatives who fought on foreign soil for foreign people. They are celebrating not only their Independence but their positive attitude. Yesterday, a tough “biker” saw me going up and downstairs on crutches. A few hours later he started worrying if his son was making noise with his skateboard, and he yelled out in the courtyard, “Man? You need something, I’m here! You call me up there and I’m there! Anything you need!”

    That’s what Americans are. As Kennedy said, “Ich bin ein Berliner,” so they all can say, “Ich bin American.” The money manipulators are going to have a hard time manipulating that. Push to shove? American citizens shine. It’s deep inside their nature. What happens when the money manipulators find out “we don’t need your money, we have each other.” The great melting pot is a great collusive pot, easily tired of local arguments, putting down arms and sharing, picking them up again for common reason. Nothing will ever destroy it–it would be the most expensive war in history to rid the planet of America. The brightest, most affectionate minds from all over the world collect in America, because they remember what their parents did. It may seem childish but in America, wisdom and decency wins. Everyone is 1960 Berlin, America, etc. It has been amazing how kind the American people are even when they are being beaten down. “Yes we can and yes we will” has been their attitude. “The Peace Corps” was started by an American. Because, America isn’t one people. It’s everybody. Against that, the money manipulators cannot win. “Oh my god, what happens if they find out THEY are what is valuable?” Too late. They already know they are, they already know they will feed and clothe each other. John Kennedy didn’t talk about science and being first just to “beat the Russians.” And he didn’t do more than invoke what was in the hearts of Americans, everyone of them immigrant from various countries, and not least those who were in this land in the first place. American is in a slump–”a correction”–caused by a few. But Yes we can, and yes we will. God help those foolish enough to think otherwise.

  • Common Name David

    PS. Like your hint. It may have taken generations and centuries to disprove the masterminds who set up America. But they are going to eat their own game, and not well served. Auditing the Fed or anything like that…nice try–Dr. Paul is cool for it. But not necessary. “The People” will actually make the liars eat their own breakfasts. They made one mistake. They created America. A thing in and of itself. “I have created a useful Frankenstein.”

    Totally. But that very thing will turn around and say, “You gave me life. What did you think I would do with it. I thought. I grew.”

    And we are not even talking about the fact that, if you had a little girl amazed at life and trying to survive, clinging to your pantleg, trusting you every minute, what would you do? I know what you would do because you are probably a decent man. You would do anything to protect her survival.

    Mr. Cayce: “The leveling must come.” If you watch, it seems to be true. To say high hopes would be understatement. The super rich will fail because they failed in the most important way. Everyone admires a winner, nobody wants them to fail. They even feel it inside–what if this frankenstein is wrong?

    And then they will feed the children. Something as simple and pleasurable as that.

    The super rich super powerful will come to their senses because, after having it all, they realize they have very little compared to helping a child face the world and universe. There isn’t any kiss sweeter.

  • http://ordy@fedtel./net Eric g

    I liked the guy that wrote in america justice and right win . I’am not so sure that is true any more . And of course it was never true , but I do believe there was a time the majority of american strived to make justice and right win . Sometimes it took a long time ,
    maybe not even in one life time . But always under the christian faith
    a powerfull force pointing us to more justice and freedom continued to guide us. I think the last fifty yrs , while more of us enjoyed wealth and prosperity we never dreamed we would have . I believe this moral force has been replaced by political correctness , legal sculdugrey , no moral responsibility . Its not just our lower classes that abort or neglect to support their childran . Its our whole society , from CEOs that take millions in bonuses from companies that the stock holders have lost millions of dollars . Judges that prevent a bankrupt companies assets from going on the auction block there by defruading the bondholders of their rightfull values . The moral fabric of america’s foundation is rotting away fast. I believe the Christian religion was the cement that held this foundation together . The US government has worked hard to destroy this foundation under the pretense of seperation of church and state .
    America now recognizes no right or wrong way . When Putin steped down as the president of Russia . He thought it was difficult to run a country with no moral foundation . His last yr in Office Russia built thirty thousand christian churches . Russia wants to return to her historic judo christian values . Funny Russia spent 70 yrs destroying the countries moral values and now realises they cant progress as fast as they would like to without those values . United States has been doing evreything possible to destroy our Judo Christian values for a long time now . I think I can see a differance and it is not a improvement . I’am not blaming it all on Obama ,change of our values has been coming on us for more than forty yrs , but the groupe he works with think destroying these christian values means more freedom for them . If you have ever been in buisness with a crook you know there is no way to progress . You have to seperate from a thief .

  • Thomas G Kroger

    We will not have decent money again, nor will we be free of inflation, until we get rid of the Federal Reserve System. The Fed usurped the constitutional power of Congress to issue real, lawful money backed by gold or silver with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. Fewer people realize that its ugly twin, the fraudulent 16th Amendment, was never properly ratified by the states, and was sought by the financiers and bankers as a means to collect interest on the national debt that the Fed would cause by issuing paper money. This system is inherently evil and fraudulent. Our national currency is a lie, backed by nothing, consisting only of a promise to print yet more increasingly worthless “Federal Reserve Notes.” Even the name “Federal Reserve” is a lie – it is a consortium of private banks, and is NOT a branch of the Federal Government.

  • http://þÿ Wilford Hamel

    I have recently started a website, the info you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thanks for all of your time & work.


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