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Indoctrinating The Ignorant

April 13, 2012 by  

Indoctrinating The Ignorant
First lady Michelle Obama greets students from Nancy Moseley Elementary School during an event at Kleberg Rylie Recreation Center in Dallas.

Dictators, tyrants, communists and cult leaders all have one thing in common: successful indoctrination. Indoctrination is the process by which long-held beliefs are slowly chipped away using a chisel of fear and falsehoods. The Obama family is attempting to indoctrinate every generation of Americans. Don’t be fooled. It is not a mere campaigning strategy; it is a calculated tactic to lead America away from her foundational principles.

At every stage of life, one is bombarded with liberal propaganda. The inundation is enough to make one lose his mind. And that’s the whole point. It’s simple psychology. If you are exposed to something enough, you will become more and more accepting of it — no matter how far afield you originally thought it was.

Fresh Out Of The Womb

It starts as soon as baby arrives. Barack Obama wants you to beautify your newborn with an Obama bib. What better time to start? The child is a blank slate. Nothing has to be erased. It is practically a dictator’s dream. Imagine Adolf Hitler’s delight if all the babies in Germany could have donned Hitler apparel while drinking the milk of their oppressed mothers.

Truthfully, I have considered buying one of these. It would work well as a burp cloth. From a young age, a child can learn the correlation between the need to vomit and the name “Obama.”

No Longer With Mommy, Now With Michelle

Once the bib comes off and it’s time for school, the indoctrination only increases. Who knows? Your child may get to eat lunch with the first lady. If your child’s school isn’t fortunate enough to have her visit in person, he can still watch her on TV or perhaps attend a live event.

It’s hard to say “no” to a grandchild. Yet another reason the kids are targeted. While speaking in San Francisco, Michelle Obama said:

I mean, I can’t tell you in the last election how many grandparents I ran into who said, “I wasn’t going to vote for Barack Obama until my grandson talked to me, until my great-grandson talked to me, and talked about the future he wanted for this country.”

You can get out there with your parents. You guys can knock on doors. I had one young lady who brought me a petition — she’s already working. You can convince wrong people. Sometimes we don’t listen to ourselves, but we will listen to our children.

Indoctrinate U

When it’s time for the bib wearer-turned-campaigner to go off to college, don’t be surprised if the indoctrination escalates. A recent study investigated the University of California system, which consists of nine colleges. They found that the academies were using the classroom to advance a political agenda. And only one side of the issues was being presented. The study revealed that literature that expressed conservative philosophies, the beliefs of the Founding Fathers and the history of Western thought was not discussed.

This is largely due to hiring practices. At the University of California-Berkeley, conservative professors are a rare commodity. It was found that there are 17 Democratic sociology professors and 0 Republicans, 28 Democratic political science professors and 2 Republicans, 29 Democratic English professors and 1 Republican, and 31 Democratic history professors and 1 Republican.

Welfare Is Easy, Work Is Exhausting

After this child who has been exposed to only one viewpoint starts trying to earn a serious living, he will discover that it is much easier to just sit back in the recliner and wait for his paycheck to come in the mail. Why work? His income will be taken away to support those frequenting food stamp Friday.

The people living off the government are the ones living the high life. Why work hard and drive a used car when you can ride in a limo to pick up food stamps? By allowing those using government assistance programs to live it up, the liberals have been encouraging young people to become totally dependent on the government for survival. An intentional ploy? I think so.

From Welfare To Wheelchair

The bib-wearing/campaigning/welfare-living individual will eventually grow old. Obama has gone to great lengths to make sure we all know that life is scary in old age — especially if you support conservatives. Last year, when talks of the debt ceiling swirled, Obama remarked in an interview with CBS News: “I cannot guarantee that those [Social Security] checks go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it.”

You can be confident of this: When it is about time for you to go to a coffin, Obama will talk about what’s lacking in the coffers. The elderly are society’s most vulnerable. Those who are scared can easily be persuaded.

The liberal regime has a great offense. We must defend our Constitutional rights. We can either be ignorant and indoctrinated or know the facts and fight for freedom.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Nottakenyan

    The price America continues to pay for slavery is astronomical and growing greater everyday!!!

    • GALT

      “For every subtle and complicated question there is a perfectly simple and straightforward answer which is WRONG!” H.L. Mencken

      Yes, Mr Nash brainwashing and ignorance are epidemic, and it obviously pays well and no doubt in your mind, allows you to delude yourself and others of like mind, that this should be equated with hard work for productive purpose?

      How marvelously patriotic your message is in it’s choice of defending our constitutional rights and offering a clear choice of either “ignorance and indoctrination” or your “facts and freedom”? Clearly you have the cause from the evidence you have stated and have identified the date when all this took place as Jan 20, 2009?

      Unfortunately the FACTS here are that as long as the choices available are between a democrat or republican, who have already been bought and paid for, ( pre- approved ) where the influence to decide is based on propaganda like yours, and who might hurt them less, there is no choice. They will still be victims…..and from the looks of most of the responses below this one, you will still have a job.

      What is particularly ironic about your article? is that you have been clearly brainwashed and are ignorant, or you are willfully engaged in maintaining the continued ignorance of the FACT that, the constitution and any “rights” it might have contained, has anything to do with the government that controls our existance……..this is an illusion and clearly the battle that IS taking place, is one whose success depends on maintaining it …………which either makes you an ignorant pawn, or a willing participant in this deception? ( for a paycheck )

      But I suppose that it might be possible that YOU can be brought to the realisation that you are ignorant and are part of the “problem”……and that you really do want to be part of the solution? You see, Bryan, you like everyone else in this country, have voluntarilly given up your constitutional rights in exchange for benefits and privileges, and so despite what the constitution may appear to say, you have no legitimate claim to anything, that the government chooses not to allow you to have…….and ironically again, since the constitution is quite clear in mant areas, yet government actions continually indicate that this is clearly no impediment to anything it might wish to do, the best we have gotten from the play for pay patriots is the over use of the word, unconstitutional……when the focus should be on, How is any of this possible, if the constitution is the source of legitimate government and the supreme law of the land?

      For anyone who would actually like to KNOW the answer, and begin to dispell the “ignorance” that continues, one needs only to pursue the answer to a single question:

      Where are the common law and equity courts?

      WARNING the answer to this question may be hazardous to your current programed brainwashed condition and threaten the bliss of your current state willfull ignorance. ( and paycheck )

      • DaveH

        It seems odd to me that you will criticize others for what they believe, Galt, but then link to an article that makes many historical claims, but has absolutely no references. Yet, you take the article as Gospel.

      • GALT

        There is only one question posed by me DAVID!!!!!

        Where are the common law and equity courts?

        When you can answer it you will know, all the good journalistic questions that Mr Bryan Nash, and every other writer on this site doesn’t ….featured writer…….not you…..
        you are just content to waste your time……in continued ignorance….endlessly.

        Adam Smith proposed the following progression…barter to money to credit…as a natural economic progression….was he right?

      • DaveH

        I haven’t been impressed at all with your comments. It is well-known that people who do have real knowledge don’t need to belittle others.
        I certainly wouldn’t take monetary advice from you. And I would pit my education and my cognitive skills against yours any day of the week.
        You could really learn something by reading this book, but then you have to want to learn, and I doubt that you meet that criteria:

      • GALT

        Dear, David………as much is it might pain you, how what I write makes YOU feel. is something that originates in YOU… posts are directed at the author……and this continuing mindless call to……..absolutely nothing…….with a lot of emotional rhetoric to
        restore the “constitution”……failing to understand how it was lost….and inciting those who
        agree with the ”supposed solution”…….to further incitation to useless rhetoric…..which from what I can can, you are a willing participant and agitator,……..

        To ME, you are irrelevant…….and equally ignorant… while, you may continue to make all these claims…….regarding your education and cognitive skills….and fail to deliver…
        well….you do manage useless rhetoric and links to ideas which you can neither explain nor express on your own…….the fact that you feel “inferior” is certainly understandable.

        The question is: Where are the common law and equity courts? The links contain clues
        to the answer to that question……after all, if the goal is returning us to constitutional government…….( a process which began in 1933, and for which legislation began in 1935,
        ending common law in 1939, and completing the final steps in the 1950′s, ) then the solution to restoring constitutional government, would seem to be understanding how it was done, so it can be reversed?

        You are worried about things the government is doing……but these are the effects, of what was done………and none of this is unconstitutional…….because YOU volunteered,
        and it doesn’t matter if you are ignorant of how, or choose to remain ignorant of how,
        the legal consequences remain.

        Now failing to know the answer to the question is to choose ignorance, failing to understand the connection, is to failing to understand the problem, so anyone claiming that the government is unconstitutional… equally ignorant and essentially a distraction
        from the SOLUTION required to restore it………

        This the only path to restoring constitutional government as it was intended and written,
        and people complaining about “government” and want to represent themselves as a promise or path to the return……would by necessity focus on this issue and those things connected to it. This would eliminate anyone in government at any level, everyone in media, everyone in any political party, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Judge Nepolitano, etc.

        It is such a simple question too……..don’t have a link or and answer for it?

        That’s okay David……but it also makes you irrelevant to me……because obviously, restoration of constitutional government is not one of your goals…..

      • mea’

        The Marxists took over the D and R parties by consistently showing up for the meetings and voting the most socialist candidates into power – office that they could find… a function supported by their fellow travelers. The result is a single party state with no factions – just individual collectivists and groups of collectivists striving to be the one who is in power to oversee the destruction of America.
        Since none of the voting public will do the one political thing that works… your best bet is to try to vote in the least Marxist candidate you can find and try to work the communist takeover backwards toward Constitutional meanings…
        As to suto-Galt, or as called by his Marxist masters, agent provocateur Galt… his job is to spread and re-enforce defeatism = encourages you to believe there is nothing you or anyone can do with the political system as we find it; however, he knows full well that his Marxist masters took the system as they found it and worked their way into control of both parties and then the government. So, suto-Galt and his Marxist maters only win if you continue to agree that he is right… nothing can be done by you.
        There are after all, at least 180,000,000 of us vs about 15,000 of the Bill Ayers style Marxists with their lead puppet Obee, Marxist Toady, and Gault, agent provocateur.

        political bumper stickers 4 Change Vote 4 Someone Else and t shirts

        4 Change
        Vote 4

        Someone Else

    • GALT

      There is a post preceding this one, which is currently awaiting moderation: How this will turn out will be interesting, especially since it contains two links which have already appeared on this site…….with my usual questioning of the motivation of the article as well as the exposure of the continued distraction employed by those who claim concern for the constitution, yet are clearly ignorant or complicit, in failing to identify the actual source of the PROBLEM or the SOLUTION to it?

      • GALT

        Just a slight delay, today……although it does make one wonder what actually triggers the
        “your comment is awaiting moderation” warning?

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear GALT,

        Multiple links.

        Best wishes,

      • GALT

        Merci, danke, and mille graci, Bob, thank you…..

    • Wyatt

      What Slavery do you speak of ? That which was ended during the Civil War ? Might I take this oppertunity to inform you , the first slave owner in what is now the United States was a blackman . And also the slavers selling african blacks to the slave traders were themselves black . I am totally disgusted by this blame laid on America for black problems .
      Like Obama , they refuse to take blame for anything that goes wrong , to even accept that their own race was the cause of their problem . America isn’t easy , you really have to want it . You see , there is no guarentee with America except Freedom . Freedom to be a sucess or , Freedom to fail . It is your choice simple as that . If you choose the 1st you must put in the work , no one will give it to you . If you choose the latter , well thats sad because no one should be obligated to keep you .

      If people are offended by that , they should leave . The Black Race in America has been GIVEN every oppertunity to become sucessful . Many have , but then many find it to easy to sit on the sofa , watch Oprah and complain all the while collecting welfare and living off of others . And it isn’t just confined to the Black Race ,to many people find it to easy to just sit back and sponge off of America .

      • Jeff

        Wyatt, I agree with you. Most of the leaders and/or generals of the CSA either didn’t own slaves or they treated them humanely (in fact so humanely that when they was freed by Lincoln most slaves stayed right where they was at, cause they didn’t want to go and take a chance on not being able to find another place to work at and take a chance on the conditions being worse). Also, the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t free all the slaves just the ones in the states that seceded cause Lincoln used it as punishment for secession from the Union and made slavery the focus of the War of Northern Aggression. Lincoln said that “If I could prevent war by not freeing one single slave then I would do it. If I could prevent war by freeing all the slaves then I would do it.”. As a matter of fact, Lincoln’s in-laws had slaves in the border states that was not affected by the Emancipation Proclamation.

      • boyscout

        America engenders fat, lazy, and stupid people of all races.

      • GALT

        Yes, Wyatt you are FREE to believe whatever MYTHOLOGY you choose, and usually you will choose the one that reflects your perception of the reality you have experienced and the suitable propaganda that supports what you haven’t, but is required by the former…and this view will not change until something that you experience is significant enough to force you to accept, that which you would not otherwise.

        Ronald Reagen said: “Hard work never killed anyone but why take the chance?”

        And he meant it!

      • DaveH

        As are you, Galt. But here you will have to impress us with some actual logic and evidence, not just your lip-service.

      • GALT

        Ah, DavidH……just couldn’t resist, huh? Well, when you can produce a myth and assign it to me, then you will have made a point… for Wyatt he asked a question, and then provided his own answer……I guess the URGE to respond is just too great for patriots with all that stored ammo and no one to shoot? ( the latter is total assumption on my part, as I have no evidence that Wyatt owns a gun, and couldn’t care less if he did….the right of the people to bare, etc. )

        So where are the common law and equity courts?

        What I find absolutely hilarious is, having given up any claim to the rights you would have had under it, if you manage to get it back, would you actually accept the fact that those rights apply to everyone? Know your enemy David, it is not me.

      • DaveH

        To the contrary, Galt, people like you are my enemy. I tend to avoid pompous, self-appointed intellectuals like yourself, whose modus operandi is mental bullying (that isn’t a complement).

      • Robert Smith

        You can certainly point out: “Might I take this oppertunity to inform you , the first slave owner in what is now the United States was a blackman . And also the slavers selling african blacks to the slave traders were themselves black .”

        But, simply because blacks were involved in the slave trade doesn’t mean that they caused it.

        The root cause of slavery in America was economic and the economy was run by white guys who at that time were that generation’s 1%.

        To blame blacks for slavery is yet another attempt to blame the victims. It just isn’t a nice thing to do. Besides, it’s a lie.


      • GALT

        How can a simple question make such a claimed superior intellect such as yours, feel like you are being bullied, David? Why not answer it? Of course, there is a threat here, isn’t there…….because the implications are simply a thread which when pulled unravels the tapestry of ignorance that most have wrapped themselves in…….

        I understand the reluctance you might have to confront the fact that you have voluntarilly contributed to your own victimization, and that even if done in ignorance, this will be a painful admission…..simply because you failed to make the connection for all this time.

        But to choose to remain in ignorance, simply empowers those abusing everyone else, to continue to do so, and makes a mockery of all the time you spent here……missing the point.

        “Today is the first day of the REST of your life!”

        So let me make an attempt to appeal to that claimed intellect…..what has taken place is essentially a fraud which required you in “volunteer” ignorance. It was not compelled by force……but it has relied on the illusion of it, and your ignorance…to sustain itself…..
        and it seems to be working rather well……because your choice here is to make ME your enemy, rather than the confront the government which is the cause of your problems.

        The message here is this: what required a voluntary act performed in ignorance to do,
        can be simply undone by acquiring the knowledge to unvolunteer.

        There is a catch however……you must do this alone, and you must stand alone and lead the way……because you will be surrounded by others, who are just as ignorant as you
        ……..and will resist…..both the knowledge and the results……so it will take courage and integrity…….you will not be the first….and you will not be alone…..but you will have to stand alone……and face that fear, unsure of the out come…..but you will succeed and it will become easier, for you….and unlike waiting for FEMA…….armed and ready….this is not life and death and you can pick your spots and strategies that work for your situation.

        But you must choose……

    • feason

      Magnificent goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you are just too fantastic. I really like what you have acquired here, certainly like what you’re stating and the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you still care for to keep it smart. I can’t wait to read much more from you. This is actually a great website.

  • Karolyn

    So what is being said here is that parents have no influence on their children? Generally, kids emulate their parents’ political views, at least to start. If those parents do a good job indoctrinating their kids, why should they worry about them going “astray” when they get older and go away to school? Wouldn’t conservative kids go to conservative schools? Using Berkeley as an example is ridiculous, since it is probably the most well-known liberal school. It’s good to start kids early regarding politics. Mr. Nash does kids a disservice, intimating that they are totally clueless. When I was 15, I emulated my parents’ wanting a Democrat Catholic in the White House. We lived in the country, and my friends and I would go down to the main road and shout out to cars going by “Vote for Kennedy.” I voted for the first time for RFK in the Democratic Primary and was devastated to wake hearing of his murder. I really think it has more to do with upbringing than anything politicians can do.

    Some of the initiatives Mrs. Obama is behind have substantial worth, such as childhood obesity.

    • cawmun cents

      I live in the Peoples Democratic Republic of Kaleefohnya,and though I am conservative,I cannot afford to fly my children to another state to get a conservative education Karolyn.
      So what praytell is your next suggestion?
      Yes well since the divorce court told me that my kids are to stay in this state,or the child support payments(you know…the ones I have never received from my illustriously drug crazed ex-wife)will not be guaranteed,I cannot necessarily move out of the state which I love.Top that off with my childrens reluctance to leave the state which they were born in and my solutions grow smaller.
      But better luck next time.right?
      Nope….yep,their indoctrination is complete.They love their home state of Kaleefohnya.
      The fight or flight instinct is strong in them.Be it tittanic effort,or waste of time,they(like their dear old dad)have opted to stay and fight at the Alamo of conservatives known as Kaleefohnya.The “green”and”red”of the Mexifornian Gubment,dose not disuade us from our conservative crusade.
      I tend to think of California as the Calamo.
      Especially when it comes to indoctrination or bust.
      I always chose the bust part….bet you cant guess why.
      I like busts.Unlike many radical Kaleefohnyans.
      God bless me,or God help me,I wont give up the fight!

      • Combat seabee

        Show them a picture of nancy pelosi and tell them that this is what california does to you.

      • cawmun cents

        Yep…shes(Pelosi)alot like Phyllis Diller without the good sense of humor,but lets face it Phyllis didnt have to pass the (expletive deleted/offensive word removed)to know whats in it.
        Boxer looks like she went toe to toe with Tyson….only he is better looking,and broke all his toofs out when he tried to chew her stone face off..
        Feinstein….Frankenstein….need I draw a comparison?
        Where is Van Helsing when you need him?
        These monsters are only a small reflection of the progressive disease known as Liberalitis Californicatia.
        The condition is spreading to the rest of the world and is no longer seen only in gay bath houses in the Gay Area,or the Hallowed Halls of Whorelywood.
        It seems as if the liberals are mad at people who can make money appear where it wasnt before,without help from the Federal Reserve.These token evil people are known by them as the”rich”.The idea that folks can work hard for their money,(and desire to keep it)is alien to them.They consider those who make laws entitling others to steal money,from those who worked hard for it their heroes.All of this is done tonuge in cheek,to bring parity(which never comes)to the huddled masses which they have promised and pledged to protect and coddle.Interestingly enough,their pet projects seem to get done,while the huddled masses stay in their own projects,and wallow in self deprecation.
        Then in an effort to look as if they are actually doing what they said they would do,they pass 2700 page boondoggle laws,which make it a fine to not exercise what they term a”right”,causing the majority of folks to ask if it is Constitutional.
        Of course those who make their heroes out to be those who pass laws entitling them to steal from those who worked hard for their money,think that something”free”is fine by them as long as those who worked hard for their money,pay for it.
        Ah….the subtle and gentile workings of California politcs.
        Those in the state capitol,are proud of the launching of their New Party progressive legacy.
        Just ask em’.
        They are not socialists.Just kind folks with good ideas,right?
        As long as they keep the poor children playing with the toys their puppet masters(those are some of the rich evil guys)invent for them,they can use these monies which they create laws to steal(because they arent talented or focused enough to make their own money)to force feed their agenda on the unsuspecting toy laden populace.
        A genius plan.
        That isnt evil,right?
        Then they use trained attack dogs(media/academia)to coax the unwilling into subjugation…er uh….submission.Thats the definition of Islam…..submission,isnt that what we have been told?
        Yep….that just couldnt be evil,right?
        But what do I know?
        Apparently very little…..

      • Robert Smith

        Yes,”liberal” Hollywood…. Like John Wayne and “Pry it from my cold dead hands,” Charlton Heston.

        Fact is that “liberal” stars like Humphrey Bogart paid as much as 90% taxes on what they made and they still lived in a grand style.

        Bogart was also in the USN when he was young.


    • dan

      …and I campaigned for McGovern…because silly wars for profit are immoral.
      A vote for Obama is a Vote for war and fascism. A vote for Romney is more of the same.
      If stopping stupid war for empire isn’t enough ,how about we just stop killing babies.
      I stand with Ron Paul … he’s voted for what he believes for thirty years…look it up.

      • http://Reply Norman E. Duquette Lt Colonel USAF Ret EX-POW of Communists in Korea

        There bad people with out there in the World both here and abroad who would “do us in at the drop of a hat” if we did not maintain a strong standing Military force. We have fought Wars in defense of the freedoms which tyrants have intended to take from us. Listen closely to the chipping away at our Constitution by Socialist/Communist Liberals. If they have their way, we will all be working for a Communist Regime. Communist States with everyone working for the Government have been tried throughout the World and it has been proven over and over that Communism does not work. An unarmed Communist State is where Obama, the Obama Tsars, the Liberal media, and our Liberal Academics are taking us in a rapidly accelerated manner like sheep to the slaughter. Stand up America before it is too late. Our Bill of Rights protects our needs for freedom of religious belief, and freedom to bear arms. These basic rights are under attack now and are on the active list as the first to go. Slow and steady is their pace.

      • Karolyn

        Norman – We cannot afford any more war or loss of life! All of our military need to be brought home where they belong. They are being sacrificed for nothing!

    • Robert Smith

      From Karolyn: ” I emulated my parents’ wanting a Democrat Catholic in the White House.”

      That worked until the right wing Republican Southern strategy was put in place to use the abortion issue to separate the religious folks from common sense to vote “it’s a baby.”

      Sheesh… Talk about indoctrination. And the mantra for the extreme right is…. [drum role] “It’s a baby.”


      • oh oh

        And why are we supposed to say it’s not a baby? Because robert has made a philosophical leap and says so? The founders recognized that one of the few legitimate purposes of government was to protect inalienable rights, including the right to life. Just because two people philosophically disagree on when life begins doesn’t mean that either is politically illogical or irrational once he’s made his own philosophical choice (and claiming it’s science doesn’t help because the science is unsettled and ultimately comes down to the same philosophical question). Two people can simply hold irreconcilable beliefs from which two logical and rational views stem. But for one to insult the other as somehow deficient is the epitome of elitist arrogance.

      • Robert Smith

        oh oh…

        It’s YOU folks who sold your votes to the extreme right against many fundimental beliefs.

        Again, for example, the catholic church has set up a great health care system at minimal cost to thise in need as a fine example of how universal health care can work.

        Yet they continue to sacrifice themselves to make sure the extreme right stays in power just because the extreme righ squeaks, “it’s a baby.”

        It’s THEIR plan and you’ve been duped.


    • ArkansasRebel

      Karolyn I don’t know how old you are but if you voted for RFK you, like me, are no spring chicken. Today schools are filled with teachers who graduated from those liberal colleges. And, though Berkley stands as one of the most liberal, it is not the only liberal school. They all seem to be. Our children sit at their feet and are lead to believe that they could not be wrong. As parents we have so little influence on our kids compared to the influence of the schools. Why do you think the communist agenda was to take over the educational process in the U.S.? They have been successful to the detriment of our children & our nation. Why do you think God was taken out of our schools? Not because it was unconstitutional, because the constitution does not include the phrase “separation of Church & State”. The constitution states that we shall make no laws abridging the “free exercise” of religion. All this was & is a liberal communilst lie that has been foisted upon our children. Just ask our children if the constitution uses the phrase “separation of Church & State” & you’ll find the lie.

      • Robert Smith

        From Arkansas: “Why do you think the communist agenda was to take over the educational process in the U.S.? ”

        Actually you have it backwards.

        In an article by Mariah Blake “Revisionaries, How a group of Texas conservatives is rewriting your kids’ textbooks.” she explains in detail how the extreme right is working to take over our schools.

        Details can be found at:

        Further, they are sometimes really caught at it as in the case of the case at Dover, PA, school that they LOST.


    • Maryland Freestater

      Karolyn said,

      “So what is being said here is that parents have no influence on their children? Generally, kids emulate their parents’ political views, at least to start.”

      God, Bozhie Moi, I HOPE my kids turn out LIBERTARIAN!!! My kids are ‘sick up and fed’ (thanks, Cheech Marin!) of my politics, but- i KNOW they’ll probably not grow up liberal.

      I am constantly questioning my younger son (11th grade) about leftist bias in school and despite it being a public school, it isn’t overly biased – perhaps too many military dependent kids there, since we live next to Ft. Meade/NSA.

      My older son, college boy, brought home a sociology text his freshman year and as I looked thru it, it might as well been Lenin’s handbook, it was so full of leftist drivel and untruths about anything tilting away from port. So i told him, you realize this is all a bunch of leftie BS and he sais, yeah, even the TA said so.

      If something isn’t done soon, our nation will be in a helluva LOT more trouble than it already is. That’s whi I’m vaccinating my brood against leftie crap and nonsense.

      • Bud Tugly

        We need to be vigilant about extremist views from both sides being taught in schools as fact. Both the extreme left and the extreme right are eager to rewrite history and whitewash what they would like to gloss over. The lunacy of the left is plain to see, but the far right is far from guiltless (note the efforts of the Texas school board to teach creationism as fact, teach that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery, and diminish the stature of Thomas Jefferson because his religious views were not in line with their Taliban-like fundamentalism).

        We need to keep schools politically neutral. The US is now 49th in education and slipping behind nations we compete with. Innovation, which used to be a hallmark of America, is dwindling because of underfunding, poor teacher training, and dogmatic dolts pushing extremist agendas rather than raising responsible citizens who can think analytically and contribute to our country’s future.

      • DaveH

        The fact is Bud, that the War of the States was launched against the south because Lincoln wanted to force them to be part of the Union which they didn’t want to be part of. The issue of Slavery was used as a war measure only, by a Lawyer who barely won a 3-way election for President, and had done extensive work for the politically connected railroads. Lincoln was anything but honest.

      • Robert Smith

        Well, Maryland, can you give us a few examples: “brought home a sociology text his freshman year and as I looked thru it, it might as well been Lenin’s handbook,”

        I’ve heard plenty of talk, but exactly ZERO examples from anyone complaining.

        BTW, the old BW Parakway between the Baltimore and Washington beltways is one of the most beautiful drives in the world. I used to commute to NPC from Greenspring Ave.

        Later when I lived in VA I used to make the trek up to Ft. Mead to do a match every so often. Nice range.


    • DaveH

      Karolyn says — “So what is being said here is that parents have no influence on their children? Generally, kids emulate their parents’ political views, at least to start. If those parents do a good job indoctrinating their kids, why should they worry about them going “astray” when they get older and go away to school?”.
      Surely you jest, Karolyn? I haven’t known a kid yet who wasn’t convinced their parents were dumber than dirt, and their teachers were not. I went to college with my son’s science teacher, who was a mediocre student in college, and my son thought he walked on water and me in the sewer until I asked him one simple question — “Have you ever heard your teachers complain about their pay?”. He said “yes”. So I asked “If they’re unhappy with their compensation, why don’t they get a higher paying job with all that knowledge and intelligence, like mine?”.

      • Robert Smith

        About two thirds of the teachers I had growing up were in teaching because they loved teaching. My shop teacher was friends with my father. Mr. Bitzer was a master printer and my father worked for A&M, a press manufacturer. I could run a 1250 when I was 8.

        My marketing teacher worked for a teacher’s pay and fought to keep his job. They had to get rid of him because he didn’t have enough college credits. He went tack to McCory’s for almost 5 times what he was making as a teacher.

        Your view of most teachers is pretty lame.


  • bigjeff1

    This cannot possibly be a serious article. Really, really indicative of either chronic paranoia or, perhaps, just a way to feed the beast.

    • Ted Crawford

      Really bigjeff1? If one was tasked with the responsibility to poison an entire village, how would one decide the easiest method? To try and slip poison into each families meals would be very labor intensive and rife with the possibilitys of being discovered. The simplest, quickest, and surest method would be to simply poison the water supply! The education of our youth is in effect the water supply to our long term future!

      • susieqconservative

        A further fact to prove this article is the fact they are “changing history” by rewriting the history books. Leaving out facts and distorting others to the left wing agenda is enough proof for me of the slow indoctrination of our youth. Hitler was right ..give me the youth and I’ll have the nation. Fortunately we have sharp eyes watching the printing of the books presented to our school children. Whether or not they can stop them being purchased is another story. You are ignorant or blinded to believe this indoctrination is not going on from schools to Hollywood. Look at the change at the garbage we are fed on the screen from Ozzie and Harriet to sex and dark violence, vampire movies. Now I can hear you hooting with laughter ! We can progress with a bit of sophistication from Ozzie and their type but do we have to have T&A in every movie or blood and guts falling out on the floor? It is all there to slowly desensitize so the public is morally corrupted and vulnerable pulling them down from their higher level of moral fiber. Ever so slowly so they do not realize how they are being corrupted. We cannot blame Obama for this; he is just the icing on the progressive’s cake. It has been going on for years and exists even in the republican party ie:John McCain.

    • Jim in NY

      Has there ever been a serious article on this nut job site? WOuld do you expect from an article with the word “indoctrinate” in the title?

      • Andy

        Congratulations, Jim–you just labeled yourself a “nut job”. Saved me the trouble.

      • anonymous

        jim in NY is a part of it, that is why he is denouncing it

      • DaveH

        Do you have any specific issues that you would like to rebut, Jim? Or, is name-calling and ridicule the best you have to offer?

  • skippy

    Great article Bryan, thank you. Yes brainwashing and indoctrination are alive and at work in this election year, and have been for the past 3 1/2 years….if not longer. An adult that would let a CHILD talk them into voting for someone should NOT be allowed to vote period!!

    • eddie47d

      This article in itself is complete indoctrination in skewing the facts and telling everyone how to think. This may be a Conservative site telling Conservatives how to think,who to like and not like so is that educating or indoctrinating? . The same names are brought up on a daily basis in whom to hate and if you don’t agree you are called a commie traitor or other cherished names. I personally would not buy a bib for my grandchild with Obama’s picture on it or Bush or Paul for that matter. Who cares! That is just another PETTY excuse to slam the President with frivolity.

  • Steve E

    Yes, Brainwashing is running rampant in this country. I see it happening all the time. It’s too bad the brainwashed people don’t know that they are brainwashed.

    • Karolyn

      I think everybody is brainwashed by something. Christians are brainwashed by the Bible. Muslims are brainwashed by the Koran. Etc.

      • dan

        simple minds are easily manipulated ….those who do not think for themselves will have their thinking done for them. ….ahem.

        Nice article but a reference to the amount of time spent in the school/ factory being indocrinated (along with all the extra-curricular activities and transportation/bussing
        as well as TV/computer time) aopposed to time being spent learning from parents or interacting with the extended family

      • StupidShouldHurt

        Karolyn, when you get to an edge….please do us all a favor, JUMP!

      • Mamamia

        That’s right Karolyn. I would say: believing that you must have the latest Ipad is a lot more detrimental than going to college. Talk about brainwashing…. gadgets gadgets gadgets. Kids don’t have time to learn because they are too busy playing with all their electronic toys.

      • Steve E

        And Liberals are brainwashed by the Obama Administration.

      • http://Boblivingston(PersonalLibertyDigest) Sharon Jones

        I am brainwashed by the Bible,and I love it. The more brainwashed I get, the better I know,and feel.

      • DaveH

        At least the Christian “brainwashing”, Karolyn, provides some Principles to live by. You should try that, Karolyn. You know, like “Thou shalt not steal”? And notice, it wasn’t qualified by “unless you vote for somebody else to do it for you”.
        Karolyn’s seen this before, but I’m not sure it sunk in:

  • Sunshine

    For all of you who don’t see the light of day, I suggest that you (1st), read The Constitution of the United States of America; (2nd) Read a copy of The Communist Manifesto. Now, compare the two to life in America today, and then come back on here and tell me about freedom today under the Obama regime! You’ll find that over the years, through indoctrination, we have literally destroyed The Constitution and have adopted almost 100% of the tenets of The Communist Manifesto!!..and Obama is “finishing off” The Constitution with the gusto of a houndog and loving it! How it is that liberals cannot see that they are effectively destroying their OWN lives as they destroy Consertives and others is totally beyond my comprehension! Oh…yes, I forgot……

    • Warrior

      And this is “exactly” why obummercare is such a “big F-n deal” to the progressives. Edumacation has been totally taken over by the “rats” and the healthcare industry will become another huge gubmint run scam. Enjoy your unionized doctors and nurses. with their liberal arts degrees.

    • Robert Smith

      Joe McCarthy….. oops, no it’s Sunshine says: “we have literally destroyed The Constitution and have adopted almost 100% of the tenets of The Communist Manifesto!!..”

      Really? And a dirty commy behind every parking meter controlling your life.



      • Steve E

        Any idiot can see we are moving away from the Constitution. That’s a gimme.

      • DaveH

        That leaves out Robert.

      • Carl Casino

        I went to school with a Robert Smith , couldn’t be you though, my Robt. was intelligent.

    • susieqconservative

      Amen to that Sunshine. Do they think they will have a place at the table of the “RULING CLASS’ when the Republic finally falls and we are finally a ruled government? It is very narrow at the top folks and there will be very few leading…LIKE ONE!!! KIng OBAMA will not be looking out for many more than his cronies and that won’t be you pathetic bloggers who have supported his agenda. Catch a clue.

  • Sunshine

    excuse me…Conservitives (my typo)

    • skippy

      one more time………..CONSERVATIVES!!

  • Nelson

    Perhaps we should focus on teaching our children to think critically in order to see through the indoctrination. Religion has been indoctrinating children for thousands of years, teaching them to believe what authority tells them. I think its time to show them how to think for themselves.

    • Karolyn


    • dan

      Religion , indocrination and even the Constitution mean NOTHING if we do not lead by example….isn’t that what ron Paul was saying when he suggested we might do well to live by the Golden Rule ?

    • RichE

      Nelson, “critical thinking” Not for me, I look forward to the creative thinkers on this site.

    • Mamamia

      Yay Nelson….. imagine that. It doesn’t have to be one way or another. Let them do their own thinking on both sides.

    • DaveH

      Why single out religion, Nelson?

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    THe first [offensive word removed] wants a nanny state.

    • Ted Crawford

      Come on sean!! that is uncalled for and offensive! Karolyn is an honest and self admitted creation of the ’60′s radical movement, much like the occupy crowd of today! Even though I believe that group were indirectly responsible in the deaths of many of my friends in Viet Nam, I still believe that the fact that they can express themselves openly and without fear of punishment is a big part of what I, and every other soldier fought for!
      I disagree very strongly with nearly everything she says, but I will continue to defend her right to speak her mind!
      Censorship is and should forever remain only a tenant of the Progressive mindset!

      • Karolyn

        Thanks Ted, but I think he was talking abouto Michelle Obama.

      • Robert Smith

        “Even though I believe that group were indirectly responsible in the deaths of many of my friends in Viet Nam,”

        Really? How so? They wanted to be out of the war.

        How does “Bring out guys home” translate into them being killed?


    • eddie47d

      Apparently Ted you DO want to censor free speech and blame protesters with their eyes wide open for those losses. I hate to tell you pal it was those in political office who are responsible for each and every death in all wars.

      • Ted Crawford

        Hence the term ” Indirectly ” Eddie. The weak-need Progressive in the White House, in his terror of a group of oversexed, underachieving, irresponsible, drug fueled, petulant children, who, for the most part were not even able to vote yet, pulled out our support, the bombing of the North. At the same time creating new, and clearly idiotic, rules of engagement, were we ordered to call in for permission to even return fire!
        Those out there indulging themselfs in their long term orgy of sex, drugs and generally irresponsible behavior had little at stake while some of us had our lives on the table!

      • eddie47d

        None of that matters in the legality of the war. It still all comes back to the political leaders who sent you and me there. Saying “if only ” we had killed more of them we could have won is udder nonsense and still wouldn’t have made the war right. Politicians lied and troops died plain and simple. The same in Iraq and it could be the same if Iran is attacked.

      • DaveH

        Why were we involved in Vietnam in the first place, Ted?

      • Robert Smith

        “At the same time creating new, and clearly idiotic, rules of engagement, were we ordered to call in for permission to even return fire!”

        Do you mean like Bush missing out on Bin Laden?

        It isn’t working that way for Obama. He got ‘em and many others.


    • Jim in NY

      Nothing a wing nut hates more than a black woman (with Ivy League degrees) who is not scrubbing the kitchen and the bathroom.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Jim in NY,

        Is this the best you’ve got? Looking back over your eight comments this year, yeah, I guess it is.

        Best wishes,

      • Robert Smith

        Hey Bob, you ask: “Is this the best you’ve got?”

        Why didn’t you ask samurai that when he was goose stepping around here calling folks he didn’t agree with “moron?”


      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Robert Smith,

        As a matter of fact, I have warned samurai about this. I guess you missed it while you were busy redifining words to suit your purposes.

        Best wishes,

  • ConcernedVet

    Twenty years ago I was ranting to my sister about the ‘green’ projects that the local schools were forcing on the classes. It too was indoctrination, and has forced its views on the younger mindset. Ya gotta hand it to the ganggreens, they’ve been at it for quite awhile.
    Fortunately, my nephew has enough of a mind to question what he’s been taught, and now ththinks the greenies are full of it. But what of the others?

    • Sirian

      You plant a seed and it slowly grows large – very large. That is the method and the tactics that they have been using for many years. Their desired end result is getting closer, very close, day by day.

    • Ted Crawford

      You are very right about the persistance of the “Greenies” Concerned. I’m old enough to remember their, equally adament and comparativly documented and supported, by many of the same institutes and even Individules, John Holdren for example, panic stricken appeal for the same types of regulations, to stop the very emminant advance of the terrifying New Ice Age.
      They aren’t very consistant but they surly are persistant!

      • DaveH

        The one thing in common with the various environmental propaganda has been the Alternative Energies. The question is — Do the environmentalists know they are being used by Crony Capitalists for profit, or are they just ignorant of that fact?

    • eddie47d

      Since you slam greenies as uninformed apparently you accept pollution as healthy and wise. That chemicals dumped into our rivers and lakes are a good thing. That Superfund sites are no big deal. That mercury from coal and black lung are okey dokey. That recycling is a waste of time and endless trash will take care of itself. That our oceans can be fished to extinction and coral reefs destroyed.That oil spills are a normal process of a natural product going back to nature regardless of what it kills along the way. Those terrible lowlife greenies are the “enemy” and they must be stopped from exposing my desire to pollute as I wish and that is the God given right of those corporations to do so. You are the problem Ted not the solution.

    • Jeff

      ConcernedVet, first, thank you for your military service to help protect this country. Second, I agree with you. The environment goes in stages. What’s happening now has happened before (think time of the dinosaurs) and we’ll go through another ice age regardless of what we do or don’t do (think of the time period after the dinosaurs). The environment is just doing what it does naturally and there is nothing (stress NOTHING) that us humans can do about it.

      • Carl Casino

        Jeff, There you go again spouting off common sense.

  • willmart97

    Hmm. For your paranoid and delusional symptoms, I would recommend some of the newer medications out there,

  • Doc Sarvis

    Mr. Nash
    You should look up the definition of indoctrination. It is far from what you say in your first paragraph. Here is what is given from
    1. to instruct in a doctrine, principle, ideology, etc., especially to imbue with a specific partisan or biased belief or point of view.
    2. to teach or inculcate.
    3. to imbue with learning.
    Nothing about fear or falsehoods. I don’t deny that liberals try to indoctrinate (using the real definition) and any honest person would agree that conservatives do the same.

    At every stage of life, if one lives fully, a person is bombarded with all sorts of propaganda composed of the whole spectrum of thought. There is certainly no domination by liberal speak.

    Citing the party affilliations from just one college, University of California-Berkeley, and from just a small handful of specific departments is a Very weak way to support your argument.

    So children rarely get only one viewpoint and very rarely makes the choice to live off government assistance. You really had to go way back (in the MTV archives no less) to find a limo rider picking up food stamps. MTV, must have been in the early 1990′s – really! That falls under the category current research???

    This article built from the beginning definition to the final lame research and dated – false steriotypes is a total sham.

    • Ted Crawford

      Come on Doc! While this is an example from one school, our society is rife with examples from many others as well. Case-in-point; the current crop of Government officials in the administration from a bastion of higher education, Harvard! Yet another example, the current crop of ” Journalists (?)” from another, much lauded, institute of higher education Columbia?
      Remember the kindergarden children being taught to sing praises to Obama back in 2008? These kinds of actions appear on an almost daily basis anymore!

      • Doc Sarvis

        Ted Crawford, Please! The examples you point to are no departure from any other administration.

      • Ted Crawford

        It was never my intent to contrast this administration with any other, although it is a very easy task. I was only attempting to show that this type of indoctrination is very clearly not confined to only one institution or even one level within our education environment!

    • Doc Holladay

      So essentially this entire article would fit the desciption of “indoctrination”

      • Doc Sarvis

        the way Mr. Nash defines it which is not the definition.

    • susieqconservative

      Doc your very definition of indoctrination tells it al!! “especially to imbue with a specific partisan or biased belief or point of view.” Excuse me??? What about PARTISAN or BIASED BELIEF or point of view don’t you understand?
      Your entire piece falls apart from there! If our students are being instructed with partisan and biased points of view and the conservative light of day is never presented even worse historical fact cut form history books, distorted, re-written to reflect a different agenda what else can be afoot?
      Doc you are living on another planet if you are so blind you cannot see what is going on and I repeat, if you think you will receive some special treatment when the shoe drops and we are no longer a free republic you are sadly mistaken. You will be just another grunt who will give all that you own and all that you make to the “company boss” and instead of keeping 75% of your pay you will be lucky to keep 25% of your pay. King Obama will see to your paltry needs, which will be few in his eyes. Good Luck

    • anonymous

      i haven’t seen a limo picking up food stamps, but i have seen a ferrari, several mercedes and bmw’s there

    • Elia

      It is true that people – children & college students alike – learn from many sources, however, when they are taught in a captive audience setting where the student is tested on what he is being taught, the information which is taught is what is imprinted and remembered for the sake of passing the tests.

      When the student is bombarded with an “ideology…biased belief or point of view” about the subject being taught, and that information is presented as “evidence” (of the school or college course) or “truth” about the subject matter, it is very difficult for the student to dispute the matter. Such is also the case because young(er) minds see authority figures as more knowledgeable and expert in their field.

      Also, when people’s brain are overloaded with too much information, therefore the brain does not have time to evaluate another point of view especially if all the points of view are similar. When the brain is overwhelmed and overstressed, the brain goes on “cognitive miserliness” which keeps the person from giving up evaluating and simply accepting what he is being taught – to keep from overstressing the brain beyond its capacity to cope.
      Propagandists rely on this factor to brainwash overwhelmed people.

      Those who say that “the indoctrination of Democrats is similar to that of Republicans” fail to see the end result of the different information being “taught,” We need to see what is being taught by each group to determine if they are adding something positive and constructive to our country, or if the information is contributing to negative and unproductive ways of being, and how that is impacting on the country. We need to look at the end result to determine if the initial teaching was the right one.

      To understand a country, we have to look at the personal values, the thinking and actions of their leaders which invariably trickle down to the masses.

    • DaveH

      Doc says — “I don’t deny that liberals try to indoctrinate (using the real definition) and any honest person would agree that conservatives do the same”.
      And then later says — “Citing the party affilliations from just one college, University of California-Berkeley, and from just a small handful of specific departments is a Very weak way to support your argument”.
      So, Doc, what did you cite to support that “any honest person would agree that Conservatives do the same”?

  • DavidL

    As usual, good posts today Doc and Karolyn.

    • don

      there is one thing in this article which is very real. a lot of the time when i’m at the grocery store i see kids paying for food with their vision card that they get from the governent to pay for their food. i’ve always worked hard to pay for everything.its a hell of a deal how our children and grandchildren do this kind of things for a living. some probly have to because of obunholes promised change.

      • Ted Crawford

        Are you aware of the methods used by the Nazis to indocturnate their children in the 1930s Don? Here they come the pundits, to attempt to discredit me with cries that I’m comparing Obama to Hitler! Thats not my point, however…that’s for another time!
        In an attempt to destroy the childrens belief in God and reinforce their belief in Hitler, the teachers instructed the students to bow their heads and close their eyes and pray to God for an Orange. The students obeyed and when they opened their eyes there was, of course, no Orange. They were next told to again bow their heads and close their eyes and pray to Hitler for an Orange. This time when they opened their eyes each one had an Orange on their desks!
        The Progressives of have the advantage of the decisions of the Earl Warren Supreme Court, they can devote their indocturnation to the belief that Obama is their benevolent leader (in spite of the fact that the term “Obamas Leadership” is an oxymoron), these cards just replace that Orange!

      • eddie47d

        Obama better not get caught in some photo op handing out oranges to kids for Ted will be jumping on that one He’ll be faster than white on rice. LOL!

  • css

    Willmart, are you referring to psyche drugs? If so, that’s another thing that’s wrong with our youth. If a child can’t be indoctrinated, they’re put on mind altering drugs to make sure the indoctrination sinks in.

    People used to be much smarter than they are today and most of them didn’t even have an education. They taught themselves and since we’ve had the educational system implanted in modern society people have actually become more dumbed down to the point of not being able to think for themselves or make their own decisions.

    I watched a clip of chimpanzee’s vs. adult human’s intelligence. Believe it or not, the chimpanzees won. That just proves to me that the more ‘liberal’ education one receives, the dumber they get. Another thing that proves the educational system isn’t working is when an 18 year old cashier can’t give you the correct change and has to be told three times what change you should receive before they get it right.

  • Dad

    If I had a new baby, the Obama’s are the last two boobs that I would want him to see!

  • rendarsmith

    “Fight for freedom” What exactly are we average-joe’s supposed to do?

    • dan

      I urge you not to buy into the false narraitive of Dems and Pubs…the one party politaical system with two faces that only serve to divide and conquer. Look up the Constitutonal canidate that JUST MIGHT turn this train around before it runs off the rails. The media is less than objective and you have the key in your hands….the internet. You’re doing the right thing by seeking the truth….urge others to seek the light,also.

      • LarryG

        Either learn to spell and properly compose or don’t bother.

      • dan

        …so many languages,so many spellings…as for composition : is not the communication of an idea superior to the form ?

      • Dorian Douglas


        2 points.

        We are not a socialist nation, we are a fascist nation. Communist governments own everything, fascists governments control everything by intimidation, crony “capitalism”, regulation, taxes, etc. Fascism controls by intimidation, taxes, strangling regulations, “crony” capitalism, bribery, etc. Sound familiar????

        Capitalism can only survive when governments want the best for the people. We have not been a true capitalist nation in over a hundred years, because our government stopped caring about its people, and began moving us to fascism under Wilson. How??? They took Jefferson’s advice.

        He said something to the effect that democracy can succeed until over 1/2 have the people discover they can help themselves to the national treasury. So the progressives have been creating a dependent class ever since, by “buying” voters from the national treasury. And each year “the bought” (along with the sleeping & the ignorant & the brainwashed, thanks to the progressive take-over of our education system) keep electing leaders who take from capitalists, and give to dependents of government.

        The shock for the dependent class will come when over 1/2 of our population is dependent, and the government can become a dictatorship. Then government won’t need the dependent class anymore. OOPS!

        We’re nearly there.

      • Dorian Douglas


        Right on.

      • carol

        The Jews don’t win GOD WINS all this is in Gods prophecy if in fact you actually read the Bible Gods words, you will see how it plays out in Daniel and Revalation, so if your not a Christian you had better get ready for distruction…But if your a Christian then you have nothing to fear…GOD IS IN CONTROL…even of OBAMA…

      • http://None Norma

        Don’t be rediculos, No one will win in the comming days. We are all going to loose, No matter where we are. Freedom is going to be gone and so is your money. The whole world is going to hell in hand basket like it or not. We have passed the turning point. Don’t think it will get better that is the mormalcy bias. People keep saying it can’t get much worse so it should start getting better. Wish it were so but with everything happening all over the world it is too late.

      • http:/yahoo Bryan Richards

        Our (the workers) only hope is tariffs, 90% less imigration, clean up or close the stock market (dividends, not bonuses), ceiling prices on comodities that we all need to live, exile felons, and limit terms to one or two to limit corruption which appears rampent. I would hope the AFL/CIO and the VFW form a collation to save our country by forming a labor party and ousting these imitation patriots from office.

      • Bob Reynolds

        Dan: “Politaical” or politactical? Your message is well received. However, our views must be well presented. Haste diminishes credibility. The ignorant (or as Shelia Jackson Lee would say…ignant) are ignorant due to indoctrination. Educate with facts and then everyone has the opportunity to decide. Given the appropiate education; most people will excercise good judgement in their decisions. Most people will state that they want and seek the truth…until it clearly presents itself.

  • jopa

    There is always so much talk about brainwashing when there is a Romney on the ticket.That’s how George Romney was ridiculed from getting the presidency when he ran.He claimed to have been brainwashed about Vietnam.I agree ,good posts Doc and Karolyn.

    • DaveH

      The board Liberals patting each other on the back. How novel.

  • John Neyhart

    The people in this country better wake up. Obama wants to own you and everything you worked for.Remember the state farms in Russia, how did that work out !!! No more freebees , work or don’t eat and keep what you work for !!!

    Big Dog

    • Doc Sarvis

      We have NO state farms that I am aware of. All are either family farms or corporate farms.

      • Ted Crawford

        “We have no State Farms” YET, Doc, YET!! November 6, 2012 will determine if they are in our near future!

      • Doc Sarvis

        Always with the baseless fear statements. Conservatives were fearing how the country was doomed when President Obama was elected. Why some thought we would be flying a red flag with a cycle on it by this time. We are not and are better off than when he took office (with little to no help from most Republicans). I could say that if Romney or Paul or Santorum were elected this year that we would all be walking on our hands within the next four years and I would have about the same probablility of being right as your statement

      • DaveH

        Do you look both ways before you cross the street, Doc? If so, are you paranoid, or just being sensible?
        Anyway, most of us don’t care how reckless you want to be. Just don’t force your recklessness on the rest of us, using Government as your Bully Boys.

      • Dorian Douglas

        Doc Sarvis

        Obviously, you have not read the new directives of this administration that allows government to take over control of all agriculture, EVEN IN PEACE-TIME (it has been policy for invasion of the country since soon after WWII). Does anyone remember ever VOTING on this?

    • eddie47d

      That’s an odd thing to say when we have immigrants doing our work on our “state farms” and brought in by mega corporations. It just might be a good thing to put our welfare recipients out in those fields to do the work. Opps we can’t do that because that would be Soviet style indoctrination. What a dilemma for Conservatives. You want them to work but you just can’t bring yourself to allow the government to make them earn their paycheck.

  • Lawrence

    If the last 5 generations had not been thoroughly indoctrinated by our government and it’s schools, Obama could not have been elected.

    • Doc Sarvis

      The last five generations have elected Nixon twice, Carter, Reagan twice, Bush (1), Clinton twice, Bush (2) twice, and Obama.

      • DaveH

        And Government keeps on Growing, and Growing, and ….

  • Brad

    you liberals have lost your fricking minds!

    • http://Aol CommonSense4America

      I’ve often wondered if they really believe their B.S. or are they just messin with us?

      • RichE

        CommonSense4America, really? It won’t fly unless you can label it conservative or libeal.

      • Steve E

        If they are messing with us, that’s one thing. But if they believe their BS, then they are brainwashed. One can only guess.

      • DaveH

        Some of them are ignorant. Others are purposely trying to misinform people so as to gain advantage. Either way, they are annoying, but here at least they are exposing themselves for everybody to see, and it isn’t a pretty picture. And here we get a chance to wake people up to the reality of their Progressive Hopes and Dreams.

  • Justin

    Great information, our founding fathers would be Rolling in their graves if they knew what was happening to their country.

  • MAP

    I find it astonishing the ignorance that prevails among the majority. Our ancestors fought a seven year war for liberty. Patrick Henry said that liberty was more valuable to him than life itself. Yet, today people grovel before the central state with their hand out like beggars. They look to the central state to micro-manage their lives and solve all our problems, most of which are due to the central state itself. They trust the very and only entity that can deprive them of life, liberty and wealth. Like our colonial ancestors knew, what liberty we lose can never be regained, not without a war and rivers of blood. That is the price our ancestors paid for an object we carelessly and thoughtlessly relinquish.

  • Kathleen Dimick

    I don’t know where you get the idea that those on welfare “live it up”. You try to live it up on a single person’s income of $205 per month. That’s what I was receiving in PA. And a whopping $200 per month in food stamps. Ride in a limo? Yea, try again. More like wearing the treads on my Walmart sneakers to the nubs walking everywhere. And in case you are wondering, I was on temporary disability for a mental health condition. It is often the plight of those with mental health conditions to end up on the streets. Maybe there are welfare limo riders out there, but they are most certainly the very small exception.

    • Karolyn

      A few years ago when I had no appreciable income, t here was no assistance available for me, a 60 year old woman who had worked her whole life, other than $150 per month in Food Stamps.

      • DaveH

        Yep. Has it occurred to you that Government is simply buying votes, and that if they weren’t taking over 40% of our GDP, and using much of it to further hobble our business people with ridiculous regulations, that you might have no trouble at all finding a job?

    • jeepman1

      kathleen, you certainly miss the point. First, I do feel for your plight and hope that you are better. I sincerely mean this. Second, I am paying for your time at home. Whether it is $50 or $500 you receive from the govt, those funds are there because I got up this morning, left my home and family and went to work. Do not misconstrue my thought here. I am not saying the usual, “get a job”. But, your money is taken from my paycheck whether or not I agree. Most working Americans do have a sense of compassion and really only object to the issue of force. As I have told Karolyn, the fact that you receive any money means that my paycheck is lessened. Perhaps, I would like to take my wife and kids out to dinner more often, take a trip to Disneyworld or whatever…But, you are dipping into my wallet. Would you like to tell my kids that you are responsible for that? Of course not. Now, bring on the greed comments…I really don’t care. But, maybe you should use a little common sense and feel a little more appreciative that today I drove an hour to work, put in nine hours and drove an hour and half home so you could get your pittance. Again, I hope you are better and will be rejoining the workforce soon.

      • Karolyn

        But , jeep, what about all the taxes I’ve paid in since the age of 17?

      • Kathleen Dimick

        @jeepman1: How can you say I missed the point of the article? I commented on misrepresentation concerning people on welfare and made no other comment on the point or purpose of the essay. You say, “But, you are dipping into my wallet. Would you like to tell my kids that you are responsible for that? Of course not.” However, I would not hesitate to inform your children that in this country we step up to care for the weak and less fortunate. I worked many years, long and hard hours, and contributed a great many dollars from my pocket to aid those who were in need. I haven’t lived a life on the dole. I hit a hard patch and needed some help. You seem inclined to eschew that civic duty. And just what exactly to you mean when you say, “But, maybe you should use a little common sense and feel a little more appreciative…” Why is the questioning of my common sense in any way connected to the comment I made in response to the blatant misrepresentation of those on welfare. And how do you know whether or not I appreciate the help I have been given in my time of need. You seem very forward and impertinent in your assumptions of my character. Perhaps you simply feel that social welfare is not the purview of the government and should be handled by private organizations, okay, but please don’t try make me feel badly about accepting help when I needed it (“pittance” though it was).

      • DaveH

        Why should we have to foot your bill for the damage that Government did to you? You may have paid taxes all your life, but so did the rest of us, and most of us don’t get a ride on the Ponzi train. Many of us would be too principled to even take that ride if offered.
        And no, I’m not criticizing you for taking the money. But I do criticize you if you vote to continue the theft.

  • BigBadJohn

    “Indoctrination is the process by which long-held beliefs are slowly chipped away using a chisel of fear and falsehoods. ”

    And this whole article is what????
    Certainly sounds like indoctrination for the ignorant…….

    • Pat

      Bravo! For telling the truth about this article.

    • DaveH

      Read this book:
      If you don’t come away with a new found realization of all of our intensive indoctrination, then I guess there’s no hope for you.

  • RichE

    Why don’t you guys come up with Obama Pampers and indoctrinate them babies to do-do on anything they don’t like? Get the hate going early.

    • Steve E

      Make sure the baby would look just like Obama’s son or daughter (or like Travon).

    • DaveH

      Maybe because we have Principles, Rich?

  • http://Boblivingston(PersonalLibertyDigest) Sharon Jones

    God will eventually deal with all of the ones who have done such evil to this country. If you don’t believe in him,Do it soon!

    • RichE

      I think that belief is so wrong. Hopefully, at least you are shining your light, being an example, etc.

      • http://Boblivingston(PersonalLibertyDigest) Sharon Jones

        RichE Why do you think the Christain belief is so wrong? Yes, I do try to live a Christain life everyday. However, just because I am a Christains doesn’t make me perfect. I still sin sometimes,but I try harder not to. Jesus is there to take my sin away when I ask for forgivness. Without his help I couldn’t do it.

  • Howard R. Lowe

    How right you are. The indoctrination started in the 1930s with FDR’s administration, and slowly creeped forward. However, its pace has increased since the 2008 election. How easy it was – just lie, cheat, and bambozzle those who are FOLLOWERS.

    The FOLLOWERS never remember history – Goebbels repeated lies time and time again until the German on the street believed them. How about Lenin & Stalin? Lie after lie, distortion after distortion – too late the Followers learned the truth. How about Mussolini? Great said the FOLLOWERS – he got the trains running on time in Italy. His chin arrogantly jutted out, pleased with himself – EVER SEE OBAMA MIMIC HIM???

    At 88 years of age I am fearful that my grandchildren and great grandchildren will never experience the greatness of our country. I am Pessimistic – yes, after seeing the Americans elect a community organizer to the Presidence. What a disgrace he is? Worse yet, I am afraid he and his cronies will be re-elected. Ineptness, incompetence, and the repression and suberversion of democratic principles is their HALLMARK. They are messengers – not doers – the doers are behind the curtain instructing them.

    God Help US if they a Democratic Congress is back in control, led by an ideolgue Obama.

    • susieqconservative

      Howard you are so “right on”, from Obama’s arrogant jutting out jaw to his CONSTANT LIES. We have an expression in our house, “If the lips move it’s a lie”. He has nothing but broken promises and half truths since he took office. The poor black population I feel the most sorry for. He has betrayed them the most asside from women. Women have lost more jobs than any other class of worker in the country bar none. The black population has been driven further into poverty by this administration dispite all the promises, and Obama has the nerve to ask for 4 more years to turn it around. He should be embarrased before them the most, as he has handed out the most food stamps in the history of this country. This is not a record to be proud of, it is a mantle of shame and a sign of deep failure. This is a sign that the black population has been kept in slavery to the big boss for the sake of a vote….vote for me and I will keep your free money flowing. This is what they think, it is free money from Obama and why should they work?!? This is the highest form of slavery, give a man a fish and he will have one meal, teach a man to fish and he will be able to feed himself. Obama wants these poor people to be dependent upon him forever for a VOTE. He is a beast and has no intention of helping them out of poverty.
      My fear is that after the election he will ignore them COMPLETELY because King Obama will not need them any more. The strong will make it but the weak will be hard pressed to survive. The black population needs to look elsewhere for their survival.

      • Pat

        The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition service gave month-by-month figures going back to January 2001. And they show that under President George W. Bush the number of recipients rose by

        nearly 14.7 million. Nothing before comes close to that.

        And under Obama, the increase so far has been 14.2 million. To be exact, the program has so far grown by 444,574 fewer recipients during Obama’s time in office than during Bush’s.

        But then, you will believe what you want to believe despite the facts.

        • susieqconservative

          I stand corrected Pat. However you have missed the point of my piece, but then You will believe what you want to believe….HMMMM????

        • susieqconservative

          Are you speaking about Bush’s 8 years compared to Obama’ 3 1/2 years?????

      • Pat

        I could have added that more white people received food stamps than black – but I prefer to address issues as affecting ALL people.

        It is ludicrous to imply that President Obama is responsible for the plight of black people.

      • jeepman1

        Pat you should review your facts before copying them from the huffington post. The real facts are a little less clear. In 2007, an average of 26.3 million people received food stamps every month, according to Agriculture Department figures. In 2011, that figure had climbed to 44.7 million, a nearly 70 percent increase. That is a fact, however oman opened food stamps up to more people with less stringent requirements as part of his failed stimulus plan. So, you are incorrect in your statement. There are more people on SNAP, and it started under a Democratic house, and now that we have a Republican house, those numbers HAVE started to decline with falling numbers in January and Febuary of this year.

      • jeepman1

        Again, Pat with the half-truths…Nearly 19% reported their race as “other”, so to make a definitive statement about which race receives more is…well, not really smart.

      • Pat

        To jeepman:

        My information did not come from the Huffington Post (I deliberately avoided that reference).

        Read about the latest Dept. of Agriculture report (NYT), especially the paragraph about food stamps and the recession.

        It appears that you, too, will believe what you want to believe.

      • jeepman1

        …the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition service for month-by-month figures going back to January 2001. And they show that under President George W. Bush the number of recipients rose by nearly 14.7 million. Nothing before comes close to that.

        And under Obama, the increase so far has been 14.2 million. To be exact, the program has so far grown by 444,574 fewer recipients during Obama’s time in office than during Bush’s.-, Jan 18, 2012

        The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition service gave month-by-month figures going back to January 2001. And they show that under President George W. Bush the number of recipients rose by

        nearly 14.7 million. Nothing before comes close to that.

        And under Obama, the increase so far has been 14.2 million. To be exact, the program has so far grown by 444,574 fewer recipients during Obama’s time in office than during Bush’s. – Pat, Apr 13, 2012

        Yeah, my bad…huffpost or factcheck all liberal, all slanted. Maybe you could learn to cut and paste better?

      • DaveH

        You failed to address susie’s comment about 8 years of Bush compared to 3 and 1/2 years of Obama. Why is that?

  • raw

    It’s the gods’ honest truth, & the solution is simple: DON’T HAVE KIDS!!! STOP GIVING THEM THE AMMO THEY NEED PULL THIS OFF!!!!!

    • RichE

      I like it! “The ultimate sacrifice for God, Country and Constitution, Conservatives conserve by not having kids”

  • Myra Zuckerman

    Please note as a teacher with the intense curriculum there is little time to have children learn to think for themselves, learn to be thoughtful, respectful of others opinions, know we are all human. President Obama is inspiring to me, a human being above all who clearly has deep compassion for others. It would be inspiring if you stick to the issues and realized that those who have different opinions from you love their children, live and die just like you, are on this planet for a short time, and do not deserve the hatred that often comes from the way you are are expressing your opinions. We are all Americans and those who differ from how you think will still remain here.

    • StupidShouldHurt

      Myra, who dictates that “intense curriculum”– you, the parents or the Government?

      And how did that kool-aid taste? That comment, “has deep compassion for others” nearly had me reaching for a glass myself. Then I remembered who you were talking about…..the great divider. I reckon, you missed the point of this article.

      As a teacher, can you tell us what the difference between Communism and a Republic is? And then, explain to me what is compassionate about each?

      • eddie47d

        Russia was also a Republic and communist. (USSR)

    • Jay

      Myra: Please note as a teacher with the intense curriculum there is little time to have children learn to think for themselves, learn to be thoughtful, respectful of others opinions, know we are all human. President Obama is inspiring to me, a human being above all who clearly has deep compassion for others. It would be inspiring if you stick to the issues and realized that those who have different opinions from you love their
      children, live and die just like you, are on this planet for a short time, and do not deserve the hatred that often comes from the way you are are expressing your opinions. We are all Americans and those who differ from how you think will still remain here.

      Myra, you are most likely a John Dewey disciple; whether you know it or not. Of course you are inspired by obama, as he is the by-product of progressive education; not to mention, he was grown in the petri dish of socialisism. Actually, he’s a high-brid; part socialist, part communist. Strange, social animal, to say the least.

    • Frank Vietnam Vet

      I have read, and not responded to any of the diverse opinions given on this blog. Many times it is difficult to seperate fanaticism from stupidity, so nobody should make that kind of distinction. Extremists on any issue are wrong. Thinking that Democrats are always right is wrong. Thinking that republicans are better than Democrats are wrong. Liberal government is WRONG. Blaming the economics on an administration is wrong. Now, I have stated a middle of the road eclectic set of wrongs. I personally believe (In My Opinion) that Obama is WRONG. We are all limited in our ability to form an opinion by the information given us by the media. I believe that both extreme sides of the media fail in giving us the true facts. I however have never seen any media propoganda that would support your admiration of Obama’s himanitarianism. I hope you can help me to understand your statement

  • Chisna

    This has to be one of the most ludicrous articles I’ve read yet from Personal Liberty Alerts. But as far as the fear that our children would be indoctrinated by this president.
    We should be so lucky that our children would begin to give a damn about some of the things this president and his administration care about. Like the environment, and what kind of world we leave for future generations Conserving the limited resources we do have rather than squandering them just so that we don’t have to make any sacrifices.
    And then there is caring about things like education, diet, and the health and welfare of our fellow man. We should be so lucky that our children would be indoctrinated to care about others….And not just about themselves.

    • MAP

      The more you talk, Chisna, the better and better homeschooling appears.

    • http://Aol CommonSense4America

      I guess that they are right. Schools have become indoctrination centers. Thank you Dear Leader. I feel sooo sorry for my grandchildren AND for America.

    • Jay

      Chisna:This has to be one of the most ludicrous articles I’ve read yet from Personal Liberty Alerts.

      You say that about all the articles posted on PLD, Chisna.

      Chisna: But as far as the fear that our children would be indoctrinated by this president.

      Yes, most unfortunate.

      Chisna: We should be so lucky that our children would begin to give a damn about some of the things this president and his administration care about. Like the environment, and what kind of world we leave for future generations

      The environment? The only ones that care about the environment are Al Gore and his billionare thugs, including obama, who made a fortune in the cap and trade scheme. People cared about the environment long before these fools came along. The only difference, unlike the above mentioned, they didn’t line their pockets through spreading fear and falsefying scientific data.

      Chisna: Conserving the limited resources we do have rather than squandering them just so that we don’t have to make any sacrifices.

      What limited resurces? Squandering? No chance of that, Chisna. Obama made sure of that, as America scarsely has an industrial base. The up-side? We have 45 million people on food stamps; but odly enough, the proponents of environmental legislations, are rich, fat-cats; go figure.

      Chisna: And then there is caring about things like education, diet, and the health and welfare of our fellow man.

      Really? Hmm, how do you propose we teach our children to care about anything, when we have thus far butchered 58 million un-born, and innocent babies? How would you clear that hurdle, Chisna? Has it ever occured to you, Chisna, that the younger generation looks at us, as hypocrites. How can we teach them to care about the health and welfare of our fellow man, while at the same time we are murdering our un-born, fellow man?

      Chisna: We should be so lucky that our children would be indoctrinated to care about others….And not just about themselves.

      I seriously doubt that will ever happen, as they will probably grow up to be the same self-absorbed, hypocrites that we are!

    • DaveH

      Yep, Chisna is right. This is just a figment of our imaginations:

  • RichE

    How about Mitt mittens for the kiddos with a picture of Romney on the right hand. Oooops! Better make both gloves right handed. Wouldn’t want anyone to think Mitt was a moderate or heaven forbid, anything left.

  • Jake

    Ugh. Super embarrassing that this guy is an MDiv student. I promise not all pastors are politically motivated, and not all of us are making silly conclusions that only the Obama administration has ever been involved in childhood education.

    • Jay

      Why shouldn’t pastors be politically involved? Not being politically involved, is simply irresponsible!

  • chuckb

    some of the people posting here are bonafide examples of having been indoctrinated, they are bolsheviks without realizing what the term means.most likely have grown up since the sixties and schooled by the public system. they were taught about the great
    leader “fdr” our first socialist president, you will note what made franklin so endearing was

    his social programs, the godfather of welfare as we know it, even some religions got into the act, the catholic church, united methodist and the church of christ are some of the more liberal outlets, not all of them, but, a lot.

    we have todays media, any one of the msm have a steady stream of propaganda flowing twenty four hous a day. abc for example, on our local station, they have news breaks every twenty minutes or so. do you really think we need to hear this crap that much? abc has trained propagandist, their voice is controlled variables, they emphasize certain words to work on your senses. goebbels if alive would envy them. listen sometimes, sheri preston, vic rattner and john shelton ann coulter.(sic) when they speak the name barry soetoro they melt over the air waves and kneel on their rugs.

  • Pat

    Ah yes, education of our young ones on how to eat right and avoid obesity – bad!

    How about making sure that our children get the “right” education at higher levels? The Koch brothers have donated millions to 150 universities. With the donations comes control over certain hires and course content. Good??

    Start at the university level to indoctrinate, the the Koch brothers spend millions to elect legislators that, with membership in ALEC can be given blueprint laws (anti-union, anti-environment, anti-female, anti-public education, liberal gun laws – including Stand Your Ground – to submit and pass. (Not so good). All in the interest of the Koch brothers and their corporate friends (include Big Oil, banks and Wall St. here).

    Now, who has the best interests of the people of this country and the future of America in mind? The Obamas or the Kochs and the rest of their ilk??

    • chuckb

      that’s easy, the koch bros, you are confused about the banks and big oil, they along with the wall street crowd have their man in the white house. oh, i forgot to add the unions, fed and state workers.
      the koch bros hold american values, can you say the same about george soros who backs the bolshevik party.

      • Pat

        Do American values include exploitation of public and private property for personal gain? (Keystone XL – and don’t tell me that this pipeline is good for America; crude tar sands oil from Canada is to be sent to refineries in TX and then overseas – nothing for the US while putting the US environment at risk).

        Pollution? (Koch brothers are among the biggest pollutions of both air and water – oil, paper mills).

      • cawmun cents

        Do American values include exploitation of …..yada,yada….and pollution….yada,yada…?

        Let us see.Hmmmm.Who controls 95% of the land west of the Rockies?
        Why that would be…..the Federal Government.
        Could that give way to exploitation?Having that much power over its inhabitants?
        Just think about it for a moment…..are your thought processes working yet?
        If a volcano explodes,it produces more(pollution….which ironically is very close to politician in the dictionary)greenhouse gasses than all of the world’s corporations combined.
        Have you noticed the amount of lawyers in the phonebook?
        I defy you to look in the yellow pages under attorneys,and find any portion of the working world which has more names listed,than lawyers.
        Your mistake is in not recognizing that the real pollution that we are dealing with every day,which bogs our economy and resources down the most,are laws.
        We have simply too many.They are stifling our way of life.You can say anything you want about business folks who work hard for their money.You can claim they are evil.You can say they pollute.You can use your marxist driven education to confuse and sow discord.
        But what you cant do is defend the need for so much regulation,that business is effectively nearly brought to a standstill over the need to rule and regulate so vastly.
        The real pollution here is law.
        Those proposed by legislators that are overwhelmingly good at spending other peoples money,yet not generating any of their own.If that is not a clear definititon ofpollution and exploitation,I dont know where you will find one.
        Yet I do not hear you complain of these simple conditions which we all know exist.
        Even the Red Chinese can see this and have commented on it,and their concerns over it.
        Yet to the leftist liberal,these stifling laws are for the greater good,much like taking a shower after you get off the cattlecar was in Europe,circa mid twentieth century.
        They are not concerned with things that are possible to deal with.They have this utilitarian utopia in mind that induces euphoric dreams of science fictional life which will never come to fruition.But as far as dealing with reality,they are hopelessly lost.
        So they need to invent a view of their nation which doesnt exist in order to create a condition which is impossible to achieve.Hence the making of laws which hinder growth and expansion to support their dark and confused idealism,which serve no one but the elite power hungey lawgivers who institute them.
        Can you say profiteering?
        I knew that you could.
        Notice that I have made my point without pointing fiingers at indidviduals.
        I blamed neither Bush or Obama.
        Look I know that Bush is responsible for every crime since the erosion of the pyramids.
        Just ask a liberal….they’ll tell you all about it.
        So when there is payback from the other side of the fence,they scream things like racism,wall street corruption,corporate piracy,fascism,unfair business practices,and the like.
        But when is the last time you heard them call the elitist Ivy League Lawyers into question?
        You know the ones…..
        They are great at creatiing chaos in the business and government world,and yet are held in high esteem by the liberal left.
        Why is that?
        Do they not see the level of corruption found in that particular institution?
        We are gubment and we are here to help you…..
        The most diabolical words ever spoken.Yet the left doesnt complain about them……
        I wonder what agenda which works behind the scenes could possibly be at play here?
        It couldnt be totalitarianism….total gubment control over life liberty and the pursuit of happiness could it?
        It sure looks that way to me…..and most likely many of the folks posting here.

    • StupidShouldHurt

      Whose “responsibility” is it to teach our children to eat right, and on that note whose responsibility is it to FEED our children? Surely you don’t say the school system or the government? Problem is the stupidification of parents that WERE public schooled don’t know the answer to either of those questions.

      The Koch brothers……..give me a break…….take it from a liberal who knows about the control earned through donations to point a finger. Millions of dollars to 150 universities? And how much have liberal donors donated and to how many schools……let’s shine the light on the whole story Pitter Pat.

      You said, “start at the university level to indoctrinate” yet the story indicates that it begins much sooner in the public school system and I will tell you, even through children’s programs, such as Sesame Street………who funds that? The Koch brothers? NOPE!

      Anti-union…….could it be that there are some of us that don’t need or want to be nannied by thugs…….that actually are aware that if we don’t like who we work for we can get another job or actually invest in a business of our own and don’t want union thuggary?

      Anti-environment – who is stupid enough to be anti-environment….we all have to live on this planet and the environment is important to us all………the problem is too many people making a killing financially with half truths feed to the sheeple that were indoctrinated.

      Anti-female……… who is more anti-female than your Muslim friends?

      Anti-public education……..when it drops from being a leader in the world to being 18th out of 36 industrial nations, one should raise question as to why. Why was it stronger than before Government got involved……..and add to that question, WHY did government get involved? This story answers that question for you.

      Liberal guns laws – are you referring to our constitutional rights granted to us by the second Amendment?

      All in the interest of …………. tell me whose friends were involved in Solyndra? Who’s friends are wrapped up in the global warming (or is it cooling now?) scam? Whose friends are still hanging on to “green”, after Europe has proven its failure? Who is still hanging on to “Multi-culturalism” after Europe has proven that to be a failure and catastrophe?

      • Pat

        Two issues to address:

        Anti-environment: Top 10 polluters (Koch Industries are #10)

        Koch brothers, and others, support legislation (ALEC blueprint laws) to restrict EPA regulation – too costly to corporations. Totally ignore the cost in health care and human lives – at least that is what my Republican Senator and Republican Representative tell me.

        Solyndra: This was George W. Bush’s project; tried to push it through before Obama was elected.

        Unfortunately for Obama, who strongly supports alternative energies, he listened to his advisors.

      • Deerinwater

        Ha! Ha! Good handle! Attempting to use guilt by association suggest you must be experiencing some pain yourself.

        ” Problem is the stupidification of parents that WERE public schooled don’t know the answer to either of those questions.” So? you are not a parent nor were you public school trained?

        It true, “stupid ” exist! But to attempt to narrow the search for it’s origin would be must like attempting to chasing down a fart and paint it red.

        The reasons and caused are many! Smart parents have dumb children. Smart children have dumb parents. Why? How can this be?

        How can it be that our prison systems house both some of the brightest minds and the most stupid as well? Yet there is still something absent in both.

        Where a reporter asked Clint Eastwood, who he thought the smartest, man or woman? He said, “Women of course!” “Why is that?”, he was asked.

        His reply was,” You will see a smart man with a dumb woman but rare will you find a smart woman with a dumb man.”

        I’ve been exposed to a lot of people and got to know them rather well in 63 years. Bright people truly amaze me with the things they do and say, some of them are dumber then a sack of hammers one minute yet still so gifted so talented.

        So people are extreme bright but have basic character flaws that prevent them from achieving anything much in the way of success.

        I believe in finding the right person for the task and position at hand. I don’t want a baptist pastor running our nation. I don’t want a plumber painting my house.

        I’ve a dear friend that is a surgical nurse, she’s a klutz , can’t chew gum and walk at the same time! It’s scary! She couldn’t hang a picture on the wall! But she can make nice curtains.

      • Jay

        Excellent post, SSH!

      • Jay

        deer, you should always keep tabs, and mark your trail as you begin your long, and painfull journey to trying to make a point. That way, when you loose your train of thought, as you usually do, you can find your way back.

        Here deer, try this next time…………………………………………………………..capish?

  • Pat

    I took time to read your comments and know exactly what you wrote.

    Try re-reading the data on food stamps; comparatively (same period of time), more people on food stamps during the Bush administration

    • jeepman1

      “Camparatively” is not really possible, that was my point. 14.7 million more during Bush’s eight years vs. 14.2 million more under oman means…what? Nothing. Bush faced a loosening of requirements from Clinton and oman has loosened requirements more. So what? Oh yeah…the ever present need to blame Bush…got it.

      • RichE

        Are you saying it was Clinton and Obama not Bush that lowered the requirements? Wow!

      • jeepman1

        Yes and no…Several policy restrictions were lifted under Clinton, and Bush adjusted the law to allow more people to feed at the trough. Oman has, by law, has allowed more to suckle, like Bush.

    • chuckb

      pat, i take it by your comments you are still in school so it will do no good to counteract your statements, however, bush is not the president, he’s been gone for over three years.

      apparently you are quoting a union blogg or a teachers bias, no matter they are both wrong. barry holds the record for the highest amount of people on food stamps.
      For the most recent month with available data — October 2011 — roughly 46.2 million people received SNAP benefits. That’s down slightly from September 2011, when 46.3 million people received benefits, but those two months were the highest in history. The
      trendline shows consistent increases in the numbers of Americans receiving SNAP benefits: 30.8 million in October 2008, 37.7 million in October 2009, and 43.2 million in October 2010.

      your environmental beliefs are misquided the pipe line you speak of would not damage the environment, this is pure un-adulterated baloney. your dear leader just gave his approval of the lower pipeline, so? it proves he and the enviros have no idesa what they believe is right oir wrong, just sheep following the goat.

      • RichE


        So Obama is solely responsible for 43.2 million people being on food stamps. Wow! Nobody else helped, there was no other factor, Obama rounded up 43.2 million people and put them on food stamps all by his self. Double wow!

      • Jay

        RichE: Wow! Nobody else helped, there was no other factor, Obama rounded up 43.2 million people and put them on food stamps all by his self.

        Oh no Rich, he had a lot of help. He ceirtanly didn’t start it, but he’s sure bound and determined to build on it, being the wall-street-whore that he is. But i’m glad you admitted to his complicity. You are one of the few progressive nematodes on this site that has the guts to admit it. Good for you Rich!

  • UWorlds1

    How did this board on freedom turn into talking about slavery? Why is this board so racist? And for the record…black people could not own property so no way could they own slaves. I thought this would be an intelligent board. I find it full of racist nuts. I believe in economic freedoms and personal freedoms. But you people want blacks back in slavery. All you do is talk about what blacks do or don’t do. Well I am an American and I am black and I am not going anywhere. For anyone to suggest that black people should not complain about police brutality and unfairness is UnAmerican. I will be here to call out every racist. And since we are on the subject of The First Lady..since taxpayers are paying for school lunches we should want nutritious meals for our children. That will help ALL Americans.

    No wonder other countries are ahead us…together we stand divided we fall. As a veteran the way Americans talk about other Americans is appalling.

    • Donald York

      Mister, you need to quit listening to race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson, they’re dragging you down with their rhetoric. Wait…that’s their plan.

  • Tom Tee

    What a simple mind you must have!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deerinwater

    Bryan Nash;s a staff writer for Personal Liberty. He has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master’s of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah’s Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine “Biblical Insights.”

    Sounds more like a man with a plan and a ax to grind to me.

    I got bad news for you Bryan, you and I are not to survive the Universe. Not a retain what you seem to hold most “dear”, that great big Ego of yours.

    “No wonder other countries are ahead us…together we stand divided we fall. As a veteran the way Americans talk about other Americans is appalling.” agree!

    You can draw a line that explains this as far back as you wish I suppose, but I stop at Lee Atwater, he’s the GOP political operative that made it Vogue to devalued the truth with contemptible lies and deceit.

    • Jay

      Speaking of axes to grind, and huge egos; we should start calling you Paul Bunyan.

    • chuckb

      what country is ahead of us? they may not hold the debt we do, however, our technology is the best in the world, barry is bound and determined to destroy our lead and make us a follower not a leader. look at any african nation and you can see what path our dear leader is taking us. he has the african culture mind. he is dismantling nasa and using it as a kindergarden for the muslims. he is building on the entitlement mentality, this may hold him in power for a short while, we have whites and blacks both falling into this pit, the only trouble is when the money runs completely out and the printing ink is dry what happens? revolution and he’s hoping he will havbe enough troops to finish the job. the republicans are helping him by running such a weak candidate as romney, they seem to be blinded by the power and money they are hoping for. even if romney should win, he will make matters worse by playing to the same crowd barry does, romney is a barry turned wrong side out.

  • Donald York

    What would be a good thing for any parent, grandparent, or teacher would teach their children about the Constitution of the USA and its importance. Our freedoms must be preserved. Get involved with your childs education. It’s that important!! We don’t want people like Michelle Obama brainwashing them, or, anyone else for that matter.

  • Raggs

    Indoctrination… Good is Evil and Evill is good.
    Kinda sums it up for oblama doesn’t it….

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  • Bigmanuger

    Its hard to argue with the notion that the Ovomit Mrs. isnt part of the plan that is trying to create more usefull idiots. Look at what the schools are turning out? With enough Usefull Idiots,Ovomit Zombies whateeryou want to call them, his evil can be spread throughout the land.Uefull Idiots can vote , and they will vote for Ovomit becayuse they want their free stuff to keep coming. Pretty simple really.

  • Thinking About

    Interesting take on this article, pointing to all problems are the result of Obama being president. If you buy this idea then you are suffering from indoctrination, but if on the other hand you are a thinker like Karolyn then you just might be a free thinker. It is Cognitive Dissonance, you continue to read, think and breath a thought long enough you will begin to believe it. Wrong thoughts will continue to be wrong no matter how many times you spin them.

    • craftsman26

      The one thing that liberal Dems know more about than conservative Republicans is how to spin the truth to get it to work for them regardless of what it is.

  • Jay

    Obama’s Noelani Elementary School Kindergarten records, oddly missing from the State of Hawaii Department of Education — just one more coincidence in a series of “coincidences.”

    Kelli Abe Trifonovitch writes, “…the Department of Education has been unable to find his

    Although Obama has had a first-class education that spanned 25 years, there is only a single document that has ever been released, the application for entrance to the Franciscus Assisi Primary School — and that document was discovered by independent investigators.

    This is an important feature because Kindergarten records for original school entry would have contained the following:

    1. Obama’s REAL Birth Certificate.

    2. An application with the following:

    • His Legal name.
    • Parents or Legal Guardians’ names.
    • Date of Birth
    • Place of Birth
    • Vaccination Records (revealing a timeline to the place and DOB.)

    It also is important for two additional reasons:

    A. The Department of Education does not “lose” the records of one particular student. (So, who paid whom what sum to make this record disappear?)

    B. There would have been NO shameful low-test scores, NO embarrassing Equal Opportunity advancements, and NO trails of fraudulent funding to hide that could possibly “excuse” the quashing of public school Kindergarten entry records. For the rest of his life he attended very expensive private schools and has had his records legally sealed to deny the public his true life story.

    This is different. Hawaii should be able to verify he attended their school since he is featured in class photographs. State and federal tax dollars paid for his initial year of education. Why is there no documentation?

    This is the beginning of an intentionally erased life of a fraud and conman and it reeks of complicity by officials within the State of Hawaii’s Dept. of Health and Dept. of Education.

    Obama joked during the primary campaign that his opponent (Hillary) was even digging into his Kindergarten records. He knows what they would contain and why they must be kept unavailable.

  • chuckb

    jay, something tells me the father of barry soetoro is not the man most people think. they are hiding his records for a reason. his mother was a hippie so his father could be just about anyone. it’s possible his birth was never recorded. i don’t see any resemblance of barry in the man claimed to be his father, of course i haven’t seen many photo’s of him either
    there must be something very wrong they don’t want the public to know. after this amount of time they have hidden the records very well.

  • Reflection

    It’s amazing to me that on many blogs the authors of the many articles alway’s make assumptions and staments to talk about everyone and exclude themselves from the topic they write about. Firstly, everyone comes into this world as a child and that’s when the indoctrination begins. Doctrine/indoctrine is defined as something that is taught, teaching…So we should always remember that we are all indoctrinated is every facet of our lives, what you consider food, what you drink, what you wear, what your religion is, etc, etc. All of which comes under Culture which is defined as development of the mind through education and training. Before we look at others look at ourselves and understand that we are all still in the box just at different sections. We have to disect our selves based on Truth all that we know and believe, for our beliefs are from an indoctrinination process/a culture. What really is America’s foundationtional principles, even with good intentions it began with the destruction of the natives of this land, it continued with the enslavement of African peoples and continued with the American revolution now to the the enslavement of it’s own people. Many would say “its the chicken coming home to roost” or “what you sow you shall reap”…Let’s start with our selves and try looking at ourselves, the enemies have us right where they want us. Start by changing you and influencing others to change. The truth shall set you free but it must be observable, measurable and varifiable in you first then others.

  • simian pete

    I always enjoy reading the REPLIES here on Personal Liberty ! Some very intelligent high IQ people post here. I’m not one of them though. Envy ! HA HA !!!

    So you conservative brainiacs are overlooking the obvious ! You are losing. Your time is almost up. Ron Paul’s candidacy has been sabotaged by the Republicans. These are the same Republicans all of you are being MANIPULATED to vote for on Election day !!!

    So what is the solution ?

    If a Moral Law exist in Nature only “good” will be successful. Right ?

    So the big question is “Why is President Obama and the Power Elites (like the CFR, Bilderbergers, Trilats etc.) winning” . The second question is “Why are you CONSERVATIVES losing ?”

    This great experiment we are in right now, it seems the Moral Law in Nature is favoring the Socialist – like Mr. Obama – and the crony “capitalist” …. but I could be wrong ?

    Prove me wrong ! You advocates of Freedom are LOSING ….

    So is Socialism stronger than Capitalism ? It seems the answer is now “Yes” …

    • DaveH

      Nice try, Pete, but, as this ranking of countries based on their Economic Freedom demonstrates, Government grows in size inversely to the size of a country’s economy. The bigger their Governments are, the smaller their economies are:
      The reason that Big Government is the norm, Pete, has nothing to do with morality and everything to do with Immorality. It is natural for Leaders to thrive on the backs of the rest of their citizens. It is the primitive condition — Power attracts the Immoral elements of Society.
      If their way is the correct way, Pete, please explain to us why those countries with the Biggest Governments have crap economies? And please explain to us why the Progressives need to deprive the children of their reasoning abilities and instead replace them with Propaganda in the Public School system?
      We are in the Information age now, Pete, and it is just a matter of time before the vast majority of the people realize that they have been made fools of by the Politicians and their Crony Capitalists.

      • DaveH

        Read this book, Pete, and be the first Simian on your block to advance to Human:

      • simian pete


        Thanks for the book link. I’ll read it.

        Dave, the question I have is why is President Obama and the Socialist winning ? The true Capitalists should be prospering , and in power. The Moral Law in Nature is a “cause and effect” so to speak phenomena .

        I’m looking at the current reality as sort of a lab experiment. The hypothesis is the Moral Law in Nature should insure the triumph of the Capitalist. What I am observing right now is the opposite , the Socialist are winning and in power.

        DaveH, you have to agree, the Socialist have pretty much taken over. This is in contradiction to the belief that Capitalism is the moral choice. It seems the Socialist, at present, are the most moral because of their success …

        I’m just a passive observer. The Socialist are now the dominant power in our society , culture and economy., and will be in power after the 2012 elections.

        I propose that it seems Socialism is stronger than Capitalism…..

        You seem to have a misconception that Socialism does not work well, actually in Sweden it has worked quite well, and also in France as another example. The majority of the population in these Socialist Countries have a higher standard of living than the majority population here in the USA.

        The Moral Law in Nature seems to be rewarding President Obama and the one world Socialist. It seems they understand causality (Prez Obama etc) than the Cpaitalist ( example – Ron Paul).

        According to Reality (we can’t fake it !) President Obama and the Socialist are more moral than Ron Paul and the Capitalist. The former are winning.

        It seems you Humans who advocate Capitalism are less “evolved” than the other Humans who advocate Socialism. The Socialist are the more fit to survive …

        • StupidShouldHurt

          Pete, don’t be fooled by the illusion that socialism is winning, that is part of the point of the story….and you are proving its point and title. It is a wolf in sheep clothing. As Margaret Thatcher said (1976) and the current state of Europe represents, ” the problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money – Socialist Governments traditionally do make a financial mess. ” What your misconception includes is that The United States is “becoming” a socialist nation. Truth is it has been a socialist nation as far back as the birth of “Social” Security, welfare and unemployment compensation. The proof to this is evident in the current economic and “financial mess” we find ourselves in today…..more support to Margaret Thatcher statement….the crumbling state of Europe socialist policies, mixed in with their failed attempt at multi-culturalism provides enough vision to up rise (or at very least “wake up” and pay attention to history and the world around us) here in The United States and turn both trains around before we end up the way of the Roman Empire.

          Your comment that the capitalist are less evolved and that the socialist are more fit to survive also provides evidence of the accuracy of the stories title. The capitalist is freer, independent and much more evolved and fit to survive and grow in a society free of government constraints, such as a government of the people, by the people, for the people. The socialist is extremely dependant and relies heavily on assistance from “the pack” which is structured by class and prevents much in the way of advancement. It’s the gang type mentality……leaders and pawns. Humans that reflect the animal pack type are less evolved and are on the same level as their mirrored animal nature………it is popular only because of its simplicity and ease in replicating, yet always turns violent and eventually leads to turmoil and pack separation and casualties within its ranks due to resentment of some form. There are plenty of places (countries) for sheep to be ruled, coddled, and stripped of their wool seasonally. For those that wish to participate in that type of lifestyle, a capitalist would wonder why they would exert such energies to attempt to change a nation instead of just migrating there and joining that herd and leaving the nation of the capitalist to endure in their independence, freedoms and evolution.

      • simian pete


        Aren’t you just parroting Capitalist ideology/propaganda ?

        Empirically, the Capitalist pretty much have lost. It seems the majority of the “human race ” are choosing Socialist for leaders. In 2008, the American voters chose Obama. Now given a clear opportunity to elect a Capitalist leader – Ron Paul – they will probably choose once again Mr. Obama….

        That’s the “bottom line”. Do we have a “bunch” of “sore losers” here at Personal Liberty ? Who here has had massive Socialist confiscation ( other than taxes and inflation) since 2008 ? Probably quite a few of the Capitalist who post to this site ….

        The Socialist are now a political juggernaut – in both major political parties…

        It doesn’t take a high IQ to realize it – they pretty much have won.

        It’s time for the “Atlas Shrugged” solution ? But that only exists in a work of fiction….

        Here’s is another way of looking at what is happening. Could Neanderthal Man been more advance intellectually and genetically than Homo Sapien Man ? Let’s use a Creationist/Intelligent Design Model that does NOT exclude MICRO EVOLUTION. This is a conservative site, and many of you are probably closet Creationist of one sort or another .. HA HA HA !!!

        It seems by studying the Neanderthal Man remains they lived much longer than Homo Sapiens – so what killed off this species ? Even though they were more advance genetically, intellectually and physiologically they are now EXTINCT … The Capitalist seem to be gifted more so than the Socialist in Production -More Herculean – like the Neanderthal Man ..

        For some reason the weaker, dysgenical, and extremely mutated Homo Sapiens survived. We now have a very short life span (usually under 80 years) than these Neanderthals.

        I propose that more evolved Homo Sapiens are more gifted, genetically , in persuasion. Also Homo Sapiens seems to have an inclination to develop complex hierarchical societies. “Freedom” nor “Liberty” are not endowed in his genes …

        Could Neanderthal Man have been the last true self-reliant Capitalist ?

        Maybe this could explain why the majority of voters (Homo Sapiens) choose Socialism over Capitalism ?

        Capitalism , in the end, is just a beautiful myth …..

  • RAY


  • Ben W.

    I’ve read a lot of the dfferant comments made on this site,and a lot them I agree with,and of course there are some that I don’t.However,When I look back of the last Forty years ,and look at what this Country has done to itself,I’m not shocked ,to reailize its no wonder this Nation is as screwed up as bad as it is.Through this Country’s many hand out programs,ten year Wars (Vietnam,Middle East)H.D. television and Video Games,and over 51 million obortions,it seems to me,people have long lost heir sense of reality.May you all live long ,and be happy.

  • Chris P.

    I agree!!!!!

  • Eric Jones

    Mr Nash i have a challenge for you read this to a trained theripist and see what happens.


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