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Indecent Disclosure…

June 29, 2010 by  

Indecent Disclosure…

At least Hank Johnson, the man who undoubtedly makes Georgia’s Fourth Congressional district proud, managed to keep pronouncements on the impending nautical doom faced by the residents of Guam out of his speech on the House floor last Thursday afternoon.

Johnson, speaking in defense of the DISCLOSE Act now headed for the Senate after passing the House, did manage to remind everyone Outside the Asylum why the average American holds Congress in only slightly lower esteem than dog fighting entrepreneurs. When Hank exalted the greatness of the abominable—and superbly monikered—Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light On who’s Spending in Elections, not only did he speak out against the 1st Amendment, he did so by noting BP (which bestowed greater financial largesse on Barack Obama than anyone else in the last two decades) and Goldman Sachs (which has shoveled twice the ducats to dems, and practically has a branch office in the OEOB, if not the White House.)

To be fair to our pal Hank, he is nowhere near as desperate for a Thorazine prescription as his predecessor, Cynthia McKinney. But when a Democrat Congressman rises in support of a bill which abrogates part of the Bill of Rights, and cites his OWN PARTY’S heavyweight swag-haulers as his inspiration, I’m allowed to roll my eyes a bit.

Had his staffers been on—or even near—the ball, they might have stopped him from serving up two of the DNC’s sugar daddies. They also might have noticed who’s exempt from the tenets of the bill, and what it really means.

Proponents of the DISCLOSE ACT claim that it introduces a new measure of decency to electoral politics. What it actually does, by way of lowering the reporting requirements for certain individual donors, is toe the liberal line to a “T.” It fits all the clichéd criteria. It “levels the playing field.” It brings “fairness” back to the table. It helps Democrats spout talking points: “blah blah… little guy… blah blah.”

But America is the land of opportunity, not the land of fairness. In this boy’s America, we have the right to TRY for the brass ring, not be handed the hardware free of charge. If life in the land of the free was all about fairness with a capital “F,” either you’d be driving a V-12 Aston Martin—or Warren Buffett would be tooling around Omaha in a ’98 Corolla. OR—you’d both be carpooling in a ’64 Trabant.

Big-time political donors already have to show their ID at the electoral door. What the DISCLOSE ACT commands is the disclosure by corporations, 527’s and non-profits of each individual donor within their folds who donate more than $600 to the cause. Under DISCLOSE—not only does BP or Goldman Sachs have to pony up their CEO’s name on the donor rolls, but they have to give up the fifth floor janitor.

That’s a violation of the 1st Amendment (not to mention the 5th, if we donate to Hank Johnson.) We have a right to speak our minds in this country. We should have a right to back up that speech with our dollars, if we choose; despite the best efforts of McCain/Feingold, DISCLOSE and the rest of the ever-increasing thought police arsenal. Nowhere is it written that we must open ourselves up to retribution.

DISCLOSE actually means activists—and worse—can hassle Buffett if they don’t like his candidate choices. Buffett can staff out the ugly phone calls, and the “activists” can’t breach his security perimeter. Your spinster aunt with the bad hip ALWAYS answers the phone, and her security perimeter is Tinkerbell, the 6-pound Pomeranian.

Left-wingnuts will point to the inclusion of labor unions amidst the throng of political players covered by the tenets of DISCLOSE. But the average labor union dues in the United States are $425—well under the DISCLOSE disclosure floor, meaning Big Labor catches a Big Break.

The Libs will also note the controversial exemption granted to the National Rifle Association (NRA). However, the Sierra Club and the AARP are among a host of left-leaning gangs who get to step through loopholes. Add Big Labor’s goons to the mix, and while the right gets Hector, the left gets the whole Greek army.

The truth is, if your spinster aunt wants to donate her life savings to Zippy the Pinhead, or even Hank Johnson, that’s her money to spend; her speech to make.

Yours as well—for now.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Anthony

    Ben -

    You should have included “audio” of this Article. It would have served you well on this report. Maybe you can add that, moving forward.

    Hank Johnson, aka: the misdemeanor kid, that is, is something equal to a red herring. You can tell he wants to go play with the big boys, but has no clue just how much of a pupppet he is for the CFR and the Trilateral – that’s where this DISCLOSE Act comes from. McCain/Feingold was of the same ilk… and McCain “knew it” … that’s why his “historical lineage” promotion during the elctionwas so tainted.

    Everything about McCain/Feingold, was eventually rejected by the Courts. None of it is left standing. They’re just coming at us from a different angle. No one ever said they would go and hide in a spider-hole for the rest of their lives. The people behind this are on a quest, even if those involved right now end up missing the boat ride…. they won’t stop.

    Folks – we need to make “vigilance” a permanent part of our daily lives … like it used to be, back in the 1770′s. England didn’t just hand us what we have here now. Real People fought for it and many who died at the beginning were forgotten almost immediately. This “ain’t” hollywood… nor should it be equated as such.

    Does Hank even know how much of a fool he is, to many of his own neighbors? I wonder….

  • American Citizen

    It’s not going to stop until we vote them all out. We can’t even count on the Supremes anymore. The confirmation of Elena will just be another judicial activist. If you listen to her, not once is the word, “Constitution” mentioned. Isn’t that the role of the Supreme Court, to see that all laws pass muster according to the Constitution?

    • independant thinker

      I saw a part of her hearing on the news and her body language, manner of speach, etc. said every word she spoke was a lie.

  • bob pa

    amen american citizen. as i say keep the powder dry. its a comming. will it be enough? let us pray.

  • marvin

    all you have to do is watch him on cspain,hank is a typical don,t have a clue stand up for what his masters tell him i don,t think he has brains enuf to think for himself like hasting and waters if pelosie said it it must be right

  • Mangrove Snapper

    Did Hank ever attend any type of formal schooling or just hang out on the corner somewhere..I don’t believe that I’ve heard of anyone so out of touch with the world he lives in besides Al Gore !!

  • TIME

    Hanks fourth District is mainly people on WF so what do you really expect from people that feel the rest of us all owe them money and a home, a car, and food, a phone, and electric, a computer, and well you all know the long list of what people on WF get now.

  • jopa

    Hank Johnson is the Sarah Palin of the Democratic party.The largest benefactor of big oil is Mississippi’s governor who is the go to guy for political fundraisers for the GOP.He tookin 1.7million last year from bp alone.As far as the janintor being on the disclosure list why not?If the the janitor does’nt have the courage as an American to back up there candidate sucks to be him or her.Not only that it keeps the man upstairs(janitors boss)from giving him money for his choice to keep him honest.

    • Carl

      It is stupid to lump Sara Palin in with the likes on this guy. She is pro-American and for our rights. Hank Johnson is totally opposite. JOPA, you owe Sarah and her supporters an apology.

    • DaveH

      It’s amazing how the Liberals take the podium and decry lack of transparency in campaign donors, and yet you hear nothing from them about the lack of transparency in the Obama administration.

    • DaveH

      The problem is, Jopa, that conservatives aren’t known for their bullying tactics, so Liberals are safe. Conservatives aren’t.
      Do you know why we have secret ballots? So, the unscrupulous can’t force their way on others.
      Liberals wouldn’t be unscrupulous, would they? Just because they are ready and willing to forcibly take the hard-earned money of others, are we to believe they don’t have morals? Don’t answer that.

      • eddie47d

        Dave; “your side is not known for bullying” Quite the contrary and it goes back a ways . Watergate comes to mind and that famous Willie Horton Ad. The Disclose act has nothing to do with the secret ballot so why did you bring it up? Even Ben says he doesn’t want fairness so that says alot about your goals. When it comes to honesty I think both sides have been fooling us for a long time.

    • WWTF

      Are you suggesting the Boss should be able to keep the employee from participating in the political process?

  • Jeff

    What a boob. But, typical of people in Washington. None of them have a clue whats going on and none have a clue whats about to happen in our Republic. The only ones that are watching are the ones that hate our Republic. They are the ones that are on board with dictator obama and his marxist agenda. In the dictators own words( I saught out the most radical marxist professors I could find and surrounded myself with them) His parents were communist, his grandparents were communists. What do you think he is.

    Bill Ayres his friend is a communist and domestic terrorist, or as Bill says, I am a communist with a small c. Why is he at the white house.

    His entire group in the white house is nothing but marxist and progressive communists. Ron Bloom manufacturing czar said durring a speech (we kind of believe like Mao in that political power comes from the barrle of a gun. If you want a friend get a dog)He was giving a speech about the freemarket system. He said we get it that it’s a joke and doesn’t work.

    Mark Lloyd media/fcc czar says Hugo Chavez is doing a great thing with the free press. The free press is flurishing in Venezuela. Oh. Really Mark? Why did the great Hugo strip 200 privately owned radio stations of their license and take control of them? Mark thinks we should model our whole media structure like Hugos free press.

    Beware the fairness docturine and net neutrality. Things the dictator and Mark Lloyd think are a much needed changes for our freedom of speech and free press.

    Yes, pray and vote the commies out. Also pass a law requireing a person running for President to have in hand before he even speaks once their birth certificate. It must be validated and confirmed to be real. Not like the liar sitting in the white house now.

    Bad times are coming.

    • Jeep

      Although…it would be amusing for a moment to see the faces at CNN, MSNBC, et al. as the jack booted thugs came in to take over their offices and cameras. I can hear it now, “But, but…we supported you guys!”

  • chuck b


    in order to remove these type of people from our congress you will have to remove his constituents,they are of the same mentality or he wouldn’t be their congressman. this is a prime example of the trouble we are in. the electorate is ignorant and they are becoming the majority.
    don’t blame barry soetoro for the birth certificate problem, put the blame where it belongs, in the seat of the democratic party. they are nothing more than an offspring from the soviet communist party.

  • http://gmail i41

    jopa, Looks like onumnuts still doesn’t have enough over educated dumb bastards wasting money , at 13 million being whizzed away, a lot of oil could be cleaned up and I bet those worthless smuck will never lift a finger, since everyonefingers are up their rea and their heads up Omoron rear. Theories don’t do anything use ful or productive. I guess that is why jopa, a lib, normie, no motion1 love the socialist veiw and the muslim dick-taters all over the world. They are just like Gagan Kagan, dip s–ts and all simpletons, and probly ac/dcs. When I went to grade school, I had a history teacher, that taught George Washington would not bend on kmee, because he had lost so much to the king of England,But he always insisted on devine guidance in a prayer, at every gathering or before fighting. But fighting is something democraps abhore, prayer and fighting for personal rights even more so. You liberals should all get the hell out of here, and head down to some muslim country or any other screwed up dictatorship run country. By the comments, any liber mental moron makes on anything, they either must be really snot nosed brats, never paid attention durning classes or are older spoilt government raised brats. The idea of being under UN law it would just make Sharialaw pretty simple to be demanded, of cours Onumnut would be elated and it would be one world order.

  • Shelley

    I am so happy you have a outlet again, as I have missed you on the radio! Welcome back…. keep up the good fight!

  • eddie47d

    Where are conservative suggestions to improve our political system or is everything hunky dory? You found Acorn misbehaving and kicked them to the curb but inacted no laws to deal with voter fraud in the future. So maybe neither side is taking the issue very serious. Conservatives never want voter reform and even fight against it. They denounce the Disclose Act but say they want honesty in Government. The Chamber of Commerce has numerous ads on TV that are outright lies and the conservatives are silent. So you really don’t give a damn but you play up the self righteous act. So your harping on Democrates ring a little hollow. Both sides play their sleazy games in different ways and we end up with two losers to chose from .


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