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In The Past Four Years

June 15, 2012 by  

In The Past Four Years
In 2008, Barack Obama promised change.

In 2008, Presidential candidate Barack Obama boasted of hope and change. Progressive liberals were convinced their savior had arrived. With Obama in office, there would be no reason to worry. The “Magic Negro” represented peace of mind in otherwise turbulent times.

But  the median net worth of households has declined, falling from $126,400 in 2007 to $77,300 in 2010.

In the past four years, 4.6 million jobs have been lost.

And State spending has increased by 14 percent.

Obama promised change. Things changed.



Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Vigilant

    Talk about editing out-of-context comments! When Obama said, “Jesus Christ would not vote for Barack Obama.” he was quoting Alan the 2004 race.

    That ranks up there with NBC editing the 911 comments to make George Zimmerman look like a racist.

    • Mystery

      Vigiant… Really? That’s all you got outta the whole THING? … Holy Pluck a Duck! Dude! You’ve gotta get to the doctor quick! Oh wait! You can’t afford it.. let alone the ‘aids’ you’d need help you get to the true VIGILANT state you should be in. Poor Darlin’
      … Bless your sweet lil soul …. Ima prayin’ for ya

      • Vigilant

        No, Mystery, I got a lot more out of it, but it should be no Mystery to you that there are some here who care about presentation of half-truths.

        It’s also no Mystery to anyone who frequents this site how I feel about Obama. Nor is it a mystery that I’m a stickler for truth. I’ve often called out the contributors to PLD when I perceive a “doctoring” of the news. It goes without saying that the left thrives on lies and propaganda; I’ve always felt that more damage is done to the conservative cause when they employ the same tactics. It’s simply unworthy of us to do so.

        Hope this clears up the Mystery of your thought process. Pray for me as much as you like.

        P.S. “Dude?” Shall I call you “sonny?”

      • speedle

        Vigilant is correct here. Let’s base our presentation on facts, not bulls–t. If people perceive a writer taking er..”poetic license” or stretching the truth, they may well assume the same cynicism about the basic factual message.

    • Erik

      Alan Keyes would have made a great President!

    • Mamamia

      Wow. This is one edited video. It’s soooo obvious. Not to mention I saw most of those speeches. LOL.

  • sean murry

    This SOB is the worst we ever had for you libs he fooled you.

    • MAP

      Sean, whoever it was that said ‘you can’t fool a fool’ was wrong.

      • Average Joe

        A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.

        Douglas Adams

    • Tim L.

      Sean, I guess you were asleep or on another planet from 2001 to 2009.

      • mt

        You can’t blame it on Bush forever. He’s had almost 4 years to keep at least one of his promises. The rich will vote for him and those who only see the color of his skin. I want a president with integrity. Is anyone out there qualified?

      • Vigilant

        And Tim L. has been in a coma from January 2009 to date.

      • stopspending4

        The country and the economy were doing pretty good until 2006 when Dems took over congress. They brought us the “it is everyone’s right to own a home” and all the other BS policies to help the poor and more likely to either reward their donors or their own pockets. Bush should have “just say NO” but the Dems took us down that path.

    • Warrior

      Little barry may go down in history as the “best community organizer president” this country has ever had. In fact, it may be more likely he could become the one and only “community organizer” to attain the position. Is it just me or does it appear some of the “herd” is wandering?

      • Mamamia

        I find it very interesting that republicans refer to Obama as a “community organizer” instead of a Harvard Law Professor. Just a little ironic, that’s all.

  • roger gunderson

    It only took 3/4 months in office to see how deceitful Obama was. What a let down. Him and his Chicago cronies need to go.

  • Rasta

    The “Magic Negro” is so much better than that “Magic White Man” we had in the four years before! That “Magic White Man” left this country in a deep deep hole, but let’s just forget about that right?

    • Donald Plunkett

      In my opinion the reason we the People are in this kind of mess today is because we Voted along party lines instead of getting involved in the voting process for the last 50 years. We just trusted that, that Party would do whats best for the American People. From this point on we [Each Voter] have to evaluate each elected official running for office and we have to decide who the best Candidate is for the American People. We need to start with Term Limits for everyone not just for the President and I for one think the limits should be longer and they should be One Term for a every single office[Senators, Congressmen, and President] alike.

      • Patriot

        Complete Agreement! No Compromise! We need statesmen with integrity & virtue, no substitute.

      • ernest

        Donald if people voted the way you said ( you wouldn’t need term-limits )

      • Michael Beglin

        I agree completely. Term limits are an absolute necessity. There should be no such job description as “career politician”. Career politicians are the very same people that have driven this country to the brink of failure; of course, they were helped by voter apathy.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Ernest, even a most honorable man knows his own proclivity for evil.

    • Vigilant

      No, Rasta, while we don’t forget the wholly liberal excesses of Bush, we look beyond that to solve the problem. Hint: this is the Year of Our Lord 2012. Mr. Bush is no longer president, and we can’t look to him for resolution of the problems we face. We are looking at the failure of the current administration to tackle our financial problems in the manner best suited to allay them.

      Obama has taken the deep hole and continued to drill that hole deeper instead of filling it in. His socialist policies, in 3 1/2 years, have already increased the national debt to a greater amount than it took Bush 8 years to accumulate. More permanent job losses have taken place than have been created, median family net worth has decreased by 49%, the Fed continues to devalue the dollar by accelerated printing of fiat money, record high numbers of Americvans on food stamps, the Patriot Act was renewed with vigor, the military adventurism has not ceased, the world spurns Obama worse than it did Bush, our DOJ not only fails to enforce federal laws but sues states that try to do so, Obama has wasted taxpayer dollars on bogus and failed alternative energy development while stifling traditional energy development on federal lands, etc., etc., etc.

      I challenge you to come up with JUST ONE aspect of this administration in which the “Magic Negro” is so much better than that “Magic White Man.” If you have the intelligence and the mettle to do so, we’ll wait for your answer.

      • Mirage

        [offensive and threatening statement removed]

        To answer your question on what this president, the “M.N.” has done better than the “M.W.M.”… he challenged the status quo in his FAILEDS attempt to reform health care.
        Yeah, he failed, but at least he tried to do SOMETHING, rather than just go along with the U.S. INSURANCE INDUSTRY SYSTEM.
        America spends twice what several western European nations spend per capita (yeah I know, “socialism”)…. AND ALL THEIR PEOPLE ARE COVERE, and yet in the American model where we spend double per capita, 50 million people go without coverage.

        As for ending the wars, Obama cannot end them without saving face, because those on the Right like you, would lambaste him even more so than you do, and the political consequences would be a loss in 2012 … so he has to stay the course for America to save face.
        Initially, if you google pre-anti-Iraq war political footage, you’ll find Barack Obama as one of the VERY FEW politicians speaking out against the Iraq War … HE CALLED IT A STUPID WAR!

        Lastly, Obama like all politicians, is at least partially bought and paid for, and without OWS/TEA PARTY type social movements, and perhaps some violence, Main Street is probably not going to make it.
        Later Douche …

      • speedle

        Mirage, I am afraid you don’t know what you are talking about, especially with regard to healthcare. You are listening to biased crap to get your “facts”. The U.S. healthcare system is not twice as expensive as others when you factor in what you are paying for and the easy access to medical care. That’s like bragging about paying less for your scooter than your neighbor payed for his Ferrari. Apples and Oranges

      • michaeljbeglinjr

        MIRAGE: There are way too many inaccuracies in your post to even begin to address them all. The simple fact is that Obama is nothing but a liar. He and his administration have done nothing but ignore our Constitution and the will of the people. He insists on cramming illegal laws down our throats. He will not end the wars (another broken promise) because what would he do with all of the unemployed soldiers? Get ready for the President you seem to love to start a MAJOR war in the Middle East. Obama is a liar, and a disgrace to everything this country stands for. There is a guaranteed way to tell if Obama is lying. If his lips are moving, and he is speaking in public, then he is lying. I’m not even going to begin pointing out how many domestic laws he has broken. Let us also remember that just last week, Obama said that he will institute Obamacare regardless of the Supreme Court decision. That should prove that he has nothing but contempt for our Constitution.

    • slapjack

      Rastus, you remember four terrorist controlled American airplanes crashing into buildings and killing thousands of Americns?????????? Was Prez Bush supposed to say thank you very much send me four more. You Libtard SOB’s make me sick cause you run around with youir head up your asses while you talk and it effects your one way thinking. The Magic Negro hasn’t done a damn thing to help this country but you slobber all over this scumbag. Liberalism is a mental illness and it is ruining this country.

      • Tim L.

        Hey Slappy, take a pill!

      • Karolyn

        Your thinking is just as “one-way” as anybody else’s.

      • nc

        Slapjack, we were very fortunate that the 9/11 terrorist plan was to commandeer only 4 planes instead of commandeering a dozen or we would have lost 10 0r 11 buildings with no better national defense than bush had in place on that day! There wanted four planes and they got four planes and only brave passengers and not bush saved us a national treasure!! bush later took action and guess what?? That was wrong too! Every decision he and cheney made for 8 years was wrong! You can spin ignorance!!
        I take that back! You can spin ignorace to others more ignorant! See Faux Noise!!

    • Mirage

      Exactly Rasta; that “Magic Whiteman”, George W. Bush, left Obama a country in shambles to the tune of something like 13 trillion dollars of DAMAGE by the time you add up two unnecessary wars, government/growth spending, and TOTAL ANNIHILATION of housing/middle class equity, etc.!
      Getting out of 13 Trillion dollars of debt would take a country years, if ever, it could extricate itself, so to expect Obama to right the ship in 4 years is a joke,
      particularly when he’s dealing with a party who has publically said their NUMBER 1 PRIORITY IS TO MAKE PRESIDENT OBAMA A 1 TERM PRESIDENT!

      When a party puts its country last to it’s own agenda, not much can be accomplished.

      And you are correct; THE RIGHT wants to forget all about that and insists that Obama can no longer blame George W. Bush: BULLSH*T.

      As long as the two wars go on, as long as housing is upside down, Obama can STILL lay claim that George W. Bush’s policies are still holding America hostage.
      And now the Right is on the Romney/Gecko band wagon, for a return to the same political “RIDE” that got America into the biggest mess since the Great Depression.

      And, a fair amount of people on the Right, simply cannot get over a black man in the White House, which would explain the out of this world venomous hatred you’ll read on sites like this.
      For example of this, look no farther than this site’s founder, Bob Livingston’s reference to “MAGIC NEGRO”.

      These things said; Obama seems a decent enough guy, but he’s in over his head because Republicans won’t work with him, and I believe, his job cannot be effectively run by any one man, because WASHINGTON IS BROKEN.

      The only way out I see for the middle class is total rejection of all 3 parties, along with embracing movements like OWS, some rioting, and probably some violence.

      Without challenging government authority, Main Street will continue to shrink steady as she-goes in a downward spiral, just like it has for the last 35 years, regardless of which party controlled politics.

      • Vigilant

        “As long as the two wars go on, as long as housing is upside down, Obama can STILL lay claim that George W. Bush’s policies are still holding America hostage.”

        The history book being read by Mirage is certainly a mirage.

        The housing crisis is SQUARELY laid at the feet of the Democrats. Facts are indeed inconvenient, aren’t they?

        As for two wars, Obama has extended those both by 3 1/2 years when he could have called the troops back any time he so pleased. And Libya is apparently not even on your radar. Gitmo closed yet? Patriot Act wasn’t renewed?

        Mirage, you are the worst of apologists for this socialist president, and like him, you are a liar and propagandist of Herculean proportions. Despicable, truly despicable.

      • michaeljbeglinjr

        Ah. You are one of those that believe the president is the King of America. It was a democrat controlled Congress that let Bush do all of these things. The President is just one-third of our power structure, and not a very important one at that. The progressive elements of both parties are the ones screwing this nation. The more you want to blame Bush and praise Obama, the more ignorant of reality you appear. Take a good hard grip, pull your head out, look around, and see what is really going on.

    • Irish56

      How about we stop blaming the past and actually DO something? Everyone always blames the problems on past administrations. But instead of fixing the problems, they add to them, and then just blame everything on the previous POTUS. Obama SAID that he was going to change things. The only thing he failed to mention was that he intended to change them for the worst.

      • RichE

        Irish56 asked, “Why can’t we unite the Bigots, Birthers, and Boneheads into the beatitudes and solve these problems?” The mound was silent. Waiting for a miracle, waiting for the buzzing gnats to light so they could be slapped into the other world.

      • tlgeer

        Not exactly. What Obama said was that he could, with the help of US citizens, change the way that business was done in Washington, D.C. And he stated, quite clearly, that NOTHING could be done without the cooperation of the rest of the country. He never said that he wanted to change the US itself. Never.

        And what he said has turned out to be true. Because of the lack of cooperation from both parties, not one damn thing is changing. IMO, that needs to stop.

      • Vigilant

        tlgeer says, “He never said that he wanted to change the US itself. Never.”

        That is a baldfaced lie. Just before the election he stated “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United Strates of America.”

        What planet were you on when he made that famous (and often repeated) statement?

    • Hank, MO

      No, Rasta, let’s not forget about that, but let’s not forget about the cheerleading Obama was doing all during the fall of ’08 to scare the hell out of everybody and make them afraid to do anything, thus producing the “we were losing 750,000 jobs a month” mantra that they trot out at every sign of criticism. His talk of gloom and doom and the “worst crisis since the Great Depression”, in my opinion, cost most of those people their jobs unnecessarily. And, why would he do such a thing? For the very reason that is obvious in his current campaign– by frightening businessmen and investors, layoffs increased dramatically and the stock market dropped precipitously, making future comparisons much easier. Just this past week, I heard Axelrod or some other of his cronies brag about the stock market being 40% higher than it was when he took office– as if he could take credit for doing something to cause that. He didn’t. Within four months, investors realized that the doom and gloom had driven the market down far too much so, sensing a bargain opportunity, they piled back into it and drove stock prices back up. But, notice that it hasn’t broken through its high in 2008. It is now where it likely would have made a bottom if big-mouthed Obama had just kept shut and let it do a normal correction. MOST of the misery from this recession, I believe, is due to government fostered fear– either from those fools who met with Bush in August, ’08 and came out talking about being scared to death or from big-mouthed OblameO cheerleading FOR a recession and then not having the first clue as to what to do to correct the situation. Obviously, he and his thugs haven’t learned anything about the economy even now except how to pile on more regulations, taxes and business-killing policies without taking responsibility for ANY of the MISERY he’s creating. You like being unemployed, having the Constitution stomped on, and Big Brother watching your every move and dictating every aspect of your life? Well, just keep on voting for OblameO, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Durbin, Leahy, McCaskill and all the other creeps that make up the modern Democrat / Communist Party.

  • lovingamerica2012

    People that are going to vote for Obama,are people that PROFIT from his corrupted government, Blacks that vote for Obama, ONLY, because he is black (what a poor judgment), LOW IQ people (no intelligence), JERKS, that always buy Obama LIES, and
    FALSE PROMISES, GAYS (Obama gave his support to them ONLY to get their money, WHAT A SHAME!)

    • RivahMitch

      You missed “those who hate the U.S.A.” who will surely vote for the Kenyan Marxist.

      • Vigilant

        Plus all the tender minds programmed for a couple of generations by public so-called “education” to adore socialism and condemn Capitalism…

    • Karolyn

      You are so wrong. What about people who can’t stomach Romney? Either they don’t vote, or they vote for Obama. This fascination with believing that only people with their hands out vote for Obama is BS.

      • mn1013

        If they vote for Obama then they would have voted for him anyway.

      • Hank, MO

        You can’t stomach Romney but you can stomach a colossal liar who rules by dictate, stomps on the Constitution, viciously seeks retribution for any perceived wrong and refuses to take ANY responsibility for his actions and policies and their effect on the people of this nation? You CAN stomach an administration which intentionally runs guns illegally into the hands of known criminals in a backdoor attempt to subvert our Second Amendment rights and then REFUSES to take any responsibility for the death of one of our border patrol agents by those weapons or even to provide information to the Congressional oversight committee investigating that operation? Your stomach doesn’t roll when you see your president bow down to a foreign leader or apologize all over the world for this nation? It sits well with your stomach to see 50% of this nation NOT WORKING, now? our deficits skyrocketing and our national debt increased by 50% in less than four years? our national sovereignty being ceded to some unknown ‘World Order’ in agreements made behind closed doors without participation of the Congress? None of that turns your stomach, eh, Karolyn? But Romney does, huh? He must have done something really awful– you mind telling me what that was?

        This is just a very SHORT list of the abuses this fool has perpetrated on this nation, but any one of them should be enough to turn the stomach of anyone who isn’t, likewise, a fool or an outright enemy of our government and way of life. So, which category do you fit in, Karolyn? From the tone of your comment, I’m guessing you are a one issue type citizen– fail on that issue and nothing else matters, right? And, I’m guessing that one issue has to do with one of two things: race or abortion / birth control. Right?

  • WTF

    the dumbass in chief taking to the mass of dumbasses.

  • Barb Patton

    Please please children – he said he would give us “hope” and “change” and he did exactly that!! so why complain? He hoped that there would be more wide spread poverty and he changed the economy from a once thriving one to a desperate bankrupt economy. AMERICA you voted for this white/black person now you are stuck with it.. I for one HOPE that you will vote him out of office because I for one need a CHANGE of government thaqt is less corrupt and more honest. GOD HELP AMERICA

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    All of you out there remember our Congress (Both Sides) have passed the majority of Obaminations Bills with little done to stop him, including not Removing an Illegal Kenyan Born Sunni Muslim Communist Half Breed NOT BLACK for you Moron Black voters from Office. We have a true Manchurian Candidate Dope Smoking Moron in the Semi White House that says Capitalism dosen’t work but Radical Socialism, Facism and Communism does. You blacks must like Slavery because Communism is Slavery and you better get your chains out because this Half wanna be Negro hates your guts or haven’t you noticed your unemployment is 8% higher than when Bush was in office. He took your Hope and didn’t leave any change, so vote for Slavery you dumb Bastards. P.S. this is for you Idiots that think Romney is Better, he is Big Business Big Government and Big Spending and he won’t “by his own words” balance the budget adding another $4.2 Trillion to our National Debt the FLIM FLAM IS ALREADY FLIP FLOPPING ON AMNESTY FOR 40 MILLION ILLEGAL’S THAT MY FRIENDS IS COSTING AMERICANS 12-14 MILLION AMERICAN JOBS.

  • Denise Storer

    i need to say something , When I first knew Obama was going to run for president ,i did not want him but figured he was the less of two evils. then he did have a few ideas that i liked, well since then I have repeated over over a president can really do only what he is allowed to do and that has been a struggle all the way. so now in the last few months he has changed his original platform, on same sex marriage,on so many other things his slogan should be no “NO WE MAY NOT” instead of “YES WE CAN”, but in case anyone thinks it will be any different with Romney it won’t, and it will be for the same reasons you cannot do what you are not backed up to do. as i have said before fire everybody and start over and if you want to star with Mr. Bill Clinton bw fine with be

    • Hank, MO

      Some folks just never learn, Denise. Your statement is prima facie evidence of that fact. This president has done anything and everything he has wanted to do and doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about what Congress or the American people think about it. He has no regard for the Constitution nor any respect for our laws. And why is he allowed to continue in this manner? Because Democrats control the Senate, that’s why. If dimwits like you had used their brains in 2010, we would have thrown Reid and other Democrat reprobates like him out of the Senate, and Obama would have been impeached and thrown from office by now. Instead, we suffer a grid-locked Congress that can get nothing done while this imbecile rules by dictate and fools continue to wistfully dream of the good old days when Clinton was riding high on the tech bubble and sowing the seeds for the housing crisis in between sexual frolics in the White House and wondering about what the definition of ‘is’ is!

      Yeah, you’ve come a long way, baby, as the old advertising slogan used to say– cigarette advertisement, that is. Shake your head vigorously, Denise– sometimes that helps to clear your vision which, apparently, is very clouded at present.

  • joanio57

    While I believe that Obama is a Socialist/Marxist and that his policies have/are driving us over the cliff, I hold Congress responsible for our economic woes. Congress holds, or should hold, the purse strings. The government cannot/should not be spending money that Congress does not allot. People who complain about how the economy was sinking under Bush need to look more closely. Bush was bringing us out of the 9/11 crash until the Liberals took over Congress. THAT is when we started quickly sinking. Bush should have vetoed the excess spending of that Liberal Congress and he did not. In that, he is responsible. But Congress has given Obama too much of what he has asked them for and they have sat on their hands and done nothing when he goes around them. Congress should be ashamed, but until we get people up there who are statesmen/women rather than politicians, I doubt things will change. Ultimately we are responsible because we believe the lies the politicians tell us and re-elect them year after year. The system is failing us because we allow it to.

    • Bill

      Joanio57 – With all these ignorant post – Obamas the one, Romneywill be know different etc, etc. Yours is the only post I read that gives me hope that there are still some smart people that aren’t walk the line one party or the other. It all starts with the senate and the house. More people need to realize that concept.

      • Hank, MO

        Bill, I actually agree with you (except for your spelling and grammar). Joanio57 is one of the few making any sense. Her most important point, however, is that in the final analysis it is the collective fault of the people for continuing to vote for known idiots, thieves and outright creeps so long as they fall in their favored political party. We made a little progress in 2010 when we threw enough of them out that, at least, we don’t have to see that wrinkled hag, Pelosi, every evening on the news. But, through ignorance, voter fraud and corruption, we left Reid and his gang in charge of the Senate. If we had had sense enough to realize that ONLY an opposition party controlling Congress can rein in a renegade president, we could have controlled spending and many other facets of government. By now, we would have a president who was WORKING for the benefit of the nation, or we would have a different president and this one would have been thrown out in disgrace as he deserves. As it is, the House of Reps can pass all the bills it wants to, but none are going to pass Reid’s Democrat controlled Senate unless they serve to benefit the image of our “dear leader” or the Democrat party.

        We will soon be asked to again increase the debt limit. The Republicans will resist it, and the Democrats will insist they MUST have more of our money to spend on Solyndra and other boondoggles that do nothing more than waste our tax dollars and promote the Democratic base. Endless hearings and closed-door sessions will eventually end in a compromise raising the debt limit and sinking the country even further instead of actually addressing any of the numerous serious problems looming over the nation. As we head into another lame duck session of Congress, Reid and his Democrat buddies will solemnly ponder the Law of the Sea Treaty and several other treaties designed to cede our sovereignty to the United Nations and the World Court. They will likely ratify some if not all of those treaties, forever subjecting us to the whims of those who hate us. Bob Beckel and Allen Colmes will then explain to us why we are so much better off being a small link in the One World Order chain instead of controlling our own destiny, and we will meekly fall in line and do as we are told by our ‘dear Leader’ and the Central Committee commissars. The women will continue to have fantasies of the good old days with Bill Clinton while the men blow off about taking their guns from their cold, dead fingers– and the nation will continue to spiral into the abyss. I think we are past the point of no return– we have surrendered our freedom to Nazi-loving George Soros and his liberal Progressives.

    • mn1013

      We just finished the primary elections in California and because of the stupidity (or fraud) by the electorate we get a choice of the TWO people who garnered the most votes we can vote for in November. In my case it is either R or D (neither one being anything to write home about). It could have been R and R or D and D (again nothing good). I actually only have a choice of the lesser of two evils. This is what type of stuff you get when you put politics ahead of common sense.

  • eddie47d

    Since Bob Livingston is on the horn. Why are all my comments censored for several hours. Once posted they are immediately deleted and not permanently brought back up until after 6 pm. If TV can censor out words in a millisecond PLD should be able to moderate simple comments within the same time frame or at least within a reasonable time. This is the second week this has been going on.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear eddie47d,

      You are well aware of the reason your comments are moderated. If you are unhappy with the pace at which your comments are being released, you have two choices:
      1. Abide by the comment policy for a reasonable period of time and you will be released from time out and your comments will go live immediately.
      2. Stop posting.

      I will tell you that your constant whining about being “censored” does not endear you to me or the moderator.

      Best wishes,

      • GALT

        Not to be picky here, Bob but in the interests of accuracy shouldn’t that be “almost a Magic Negro”? Disregard, if you are using the “one drop” theory?

  • Bill

    There is a lot of blame to go around however; the obamas did NOT lie when he was running for the office. The obamas stated very clearly their intentions for the US economy, gas prices, etc… They even clearly stated, his citizenship, Kenya. The Clintons, Congress and the democrats were fully aware of this and still look what we have in the office. The fault of our economy, status among other nations and political failure rests only on us, the voters. All liberals must go, from both the Republican and democratic parties if we are to regain our democracy.

    • MAP

      You are indeed correct, Bill. The silly dreams of the left has destroyed us as a country. It is a disease that affects both parties. The disease destroyed Russia and is in the process of destroying Europe and the US. Unfortunately, these delusional fools see total failure as success.

    • Karolyn

      NOBODY ever said he was born in Kenya other than those spreading misinformation!

      • MARIE.S.

        Lady, try to read what is happening in Alabama courts, Georgia and other states now. It is unbelievable how the Democrats violated the constitution in putting a candidate that do not meet the constitution’s provision for a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN=MUST HAVE BOTH PARENTS AS CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY WHEN CHILD WAS BORN, MUST BE BORN IN US SOIL. I DID NOT EVEN KNOW THAT THERE ARE 3 KINDS OF CITIZENSHIP:

        • RichE

          Wow! The framers were paranoid of foreign invading plant children. Maybe I will go see that new movie, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

      • eddie47d

        Marie: Washington,Jefferson.both Adams,Monroe,Jackson and Harrison were not even born in this country so should they be taken off the rolls as legitimate Presidents. Van Buren and Taylor weren’t either if you want to use the 1789 date as the beginning of our country. All their parents in all likely hood weren’t born here either.

      • Karolyn

        Well, I prefer to side with those who have strong facts to back their analysis. Of course, on any issue in dispute, you will find two sides who believe their info is solid. Eeny-meeny-miney-mo?

  • Sanders

    Dear Bob Livingston,

    This is a bit off topic, but I just read some literature from Conservative Contacts that outlined many Executive Orders from Obummer that gave him unprecedented powers to circumvent both houses of Congress. The list below is of particular interest to me and should be for the entire country regardless of party affilliation. You may have already written about these and if so, would you please provide us all some links? If not, would you please investigate and provide us your conclusions?

    If what I read is accurate, “We the People”, all of us, are in for a real eye opener prior to the general elections I’m sure.

    Executive Order #’s:
    10990, 10995, 10997, 10998, 11000, 11001, 11002, 11003, 11004, 11005, 11049, 11051, 11310 and 11921

    Thank you!

    • Sanders

      Dear Bob,

      Please forgive for I have been duped, once again, I nearly fell for more propaganda. I feel like I just ate a size 13. These orders were from long past presidents. Please excuse my ingnorance.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Sanders, other presidents have signed these orders in the past but they specified “in times of an emergency”. obummer’s orders state “in times of an emergency or non emergency”. It’s coming! Get ready!

        • RichE

          After he signs the Marijuana Executive order no one will care.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I tried to post a link to that but it won’t post. EVERYBODY needs to read these executive orders! It will show you what kind of change obummer has in mind for us!

  • AK Tom

    From “Hope” and “Change” to “Hopelessly Changed”.

  • uvuvuv

    this article seemed cut off or was it supposed to be the lead in for the video. i never watch videos because my computer is too slow to synchronize the voices and faces. since i bought it in 2004, i blame bush. everyone blames bush “for the mess we’re in now” but as 2008 progressed and an apparent recession loomed my thought was, well here we go again. it was looking like another routine slowdown based on inventory build-up, where factory workers are laid off until their companies started getting orders again. the whole nature of this recession changed though with the lehman collapse, just as the free fall in the dow in 1929 brought on the depression. in both cases the severity of the meltdowns that ensued would have been less severe if neither event happened. people blame bush for “well this is another fine mess we’re in” but the lehman situation was out of his hands unless someone can give proof he was on the board of directors.

    • RichE

      It’s the, “Illusion of Credit” where elaborate props cause the redirection. Notable redirections are; Lehman, FANNIE MAE, Greece, and AIG.

  • RichE

    The “Magic Negro” vs. the “Magic Hispanic”, the illusions of American politics. Both promise to make jobs appear. Romney’s net zero cost trickle down illusion lowers taxes on the one percent and at the same time increases tariffs on Chinese imports. It’s a wicked balancing act. Obama will mystify us with his, “Money from Nowhere” illusion which makes lost jobs appear from China. Ahhh, the magic of politics. This year Obama will add fairy dust to all his illusions. Will Romney add hell fire and brimstone to his?

    • Hank, MO

      Having read several of your inane comments, RicheE, I have concluded that you have absolutely nothing of substance between your ears… just another fool trying to be funny and looking to get a bit of attention.

  • Alice

    We are living in the banana republic and anarchy. This is the dictatorship, people are losing the freedom of speech and the government tells to people what to eat or what to buy. Many people don’t understand that now we are living in the dangerous time.

  • FEDUP!

    Great Post Viet Nam. I agree with you and thank you for what you have done to defend our freedom.

    • CelticRN56

      Ditto there FEDUP. Yes, thank you Viet Nam for defending our freedom so that we can hopefully free ourselves from the tyranny that we find ourselves in today. Time to work together no matter which side of the fence that you find yourselves on to protect the freedom that Viet Nam and all others vets (current, past, deceased and especially those who gave their all for this country) provide for us. WELCOME HOME….

  • FEDUP!

    The Demoncraps are out of excuses and way to go Artur Davis. That took some B@lls.

  • uvuvuv

    latest on msnbc, obama goes for the hispanic vote by legalizing the illegals under 16. comment section shows overwhelming negative response.

    • Hank, MO

      What he did is not nearly as outrageous as HOW he did it. Are we ruled by a king, now? What happened to the Constitution? Isn’t it the Congress which enacts laws and the Executive who is SUPPOSED to enforce them? What gives OblameO the right to decide which laws he will enforce and which he will ignore? Is this the kind of government we want for the future– one which neuters Congress and the will of the people and simply mandates our laws by royal edict? I thought we fought wars to free ourselves from that sort of thing– was it really not important after all? If so, what do we say to those who gave their lives for their country in those wars or lived out their lives missing limbs and body parts? Oh, sorry, boys, we were just kidding– freedom was just an idea we were talking about and wasn’t really important to us after all.

  • uvuvuv

    i found out where barry soetoro went to college, it was the farmers union central kansas university.

  • http://yahoo Vilma

    As long as there are 20-30 mm people out of work,we will suffer. Now when you shut down the oil, gas, coal industries so clean energy can take over before you have it developed. I would call you just plain dumb or a muslim fanatic from Africa. When you pay billions of $ to the muslim nations for oil when you could develope your own resources and keep all that money in the US. That is really stupid. What in the hell is obozo thinking?

  • http://facebook David Hendrick Behrens

    Obama hobnobs with the 1% rich and famous and hollyweird crowds, in their lavish homes on the east coast and west coast, as they open their check books for him. Obama loves getting there vast amounts of money, so he doesn’t have to worrry at all and continues doing nothing, now for 3 1/2 years, about high un-employment, no jobs, median net worth dropping 40% in middle America, according to him, we are all doing good..

  • Deerinwater

    A slow day at the Ranch Mr. Livingston?

    I quote;
    “But the median net worth of households has declined, falling from $126,400 in 2007 to $77,300 in 2010.” ” And State spending has increased by 14 percent.” “In the past four years, 4.6 million jobs have been lost.”

    I’m not really sure about the “Magic Negro” but I feel inclined to agree, If Obama has control over falling property values or what states feel inclined to spent he might well be able to dance a jig on water and well deserving of some elevated title. ” Maybe Chrome plated Magic Negro”

    In as far as jobs lost, I’m rather certain this decline had been on-going for years prior to 08 and most helpful in our ability to enjoy an all volunteer military even with unpopular wars being waged in the worst crap holes of the world. Few Women, no Booze with plenty of Sun and Sand is generally not the diet of choice among warriors that are not afraid of anything.

    • MAP

      Deer, Bob is stating what is obvious to all but fanatic liberals: Obama’s economic policies have proven a disaster of epic proportions. Read what Ron Paul has to say on the subject:

      • Deerinwater

        Hmm? I’ve heard that name before, sound familiar OH! the guy that couldn’t convince his own party to support him in his bid for 1st chair. I remember now.

        Hmm? I don’t think it takes rocket surgery to know things are no well today,, yesterday, or the last 3 decades. ~ Obama maybe well have played his part but it was not he that got here in such a mess today. And there is not a republican or democrat out there today that can get us out of it in a single term of 4 years.

      • MAP

        As I said, all but fanatic liberals.

      • Deerinwater

        Ron Paul , much like his son as had to fall in line and slip back into lock step with the GOP and will do “whatever” their party bosses tells them to do without outright perjuring themselves,

        In much the same way, Mr Livingston has done with today’s thread topics, all directed at debasing the administration in hopes of a GOP victory even if it was Donald Duck they were running.

        The notion being that 8 years of Mitt Romney is somehow a better choice then just 4 more of Obama. That is the “pitch”.

  • dale wood

    we have turned to look at the enemy and the enemy is a part of us. — the part that is lazy–the part that does not want to pay the price for rewards– the part that blames everybody else–that part that wants to charge debts forever–the part that condems others–that part that does not forgive–the part that does not love anyone but self.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    First I would point out that it was not just liberals or progressives who supported Obama.

    Second his election had nothing to with “Magic Negro”. It certainly had to do with thinking he would do magic and instantly save the economy but Magic Negro was not the idea.

    Finally the thing to remember in November is Obama came in with a devastated economy, two wars and little faith in government. He has made mistakes and showing off his less eloquent moments certainly makes him look like an idiot. I do not believe he is. I believe he has done a decent job albeit he can do much better. One thing I could not help but notice was towards the beginning of the video Obama was criticized for the recovery being slow. So evidently Obama’s policies are improving the economy they are just going slower then expected. I believe that is true. However I believe he deserves another chance. When compared with Mr. Romney I feel I will choose President Obama.

    • Hank, MO

      You really must be living in a fantasy world, Jeremy. I keep wondering what this fool could possibly do which would actually cause his blind followers to suddenly wake up and say, “This guy is destroying my country and is, therefore, its enemy.” The most he “deserves” is a fair trial which he probably wouldn’t get in most other countries.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        How is he destroying America Hank. Yes his National Defense Authorization Act is unecessarily paranoid and his drone strikes violate our counties ideals.But there is a difference between mistakes and will full destruction of ones own country. I am not a blind supporter of Obama. I know he has made mistakes. And there are certain decisions like the ones I mentioned where I strongly disagree with him. However I have thought long and hard about what I believe and analyzed the presidential candidates based on what I believe. If candidates like Jon Huntsmen or Buddy Roemer were running it would be a harder decision for me. But when I compare President Obama with Mr. Romney I find that I still tend to agree with President Obama.I want to vote. And I want to vote for the candidate who I think is the best one for the job among the candidates I have to choose from. As of now that is President Obama. Perhaps something will happen to change my mind before November but for now that is what I plan to do. President Obama has much left to do and could do a better job. But I would still prefer four more years of President Obama than four years of President Romney.

        • truesoy

          Jeremy Leochner;

          What is Hank, MO; talking about?,

          …I thought it was Bush who gave us the ‘Patriot Act’.
          Oh wait, that was the greatest piece of legislature ever proposed by any man. And if you don’t believe me, ask Hank, or any other ‘true’ conservative, and they’ll tell you so.
          But of course its Obama the one destroying our country and taking away our freedom.


      • Jeremy Leochner

        Truesoy I believe the Patriot Act was not necessary and violated our country’s values as much as anything Obama has done. He is not destroying our country or taking away our freedoms.

  • uvuvuv

    look at that guy holding up a sign asking for spare change. why not will work for food.

  • chuckb

    barry just circumvented the law again, now janet “napoleon” (napalitano) wuill start handing out work permits for illegal aliens who have resided in the country for a number of years. where’s congress? isn’t this a fracture of the law? do we now say all bank robbers who have quit their trade for five years are forgiven, anyone who breaks the law will be given amnesty after a few years, especially if you vote.

    • RichE

      The line will move quickly when they put you in charge of the Pearly Gates.

  • MARIE.S.

    Economics 101=YOU CANNOT CHOKE THE EMPLOYERS IF YOU WANT TO HAVE JOBS. All they’ll do is invest their monies overseas, free of capital gains tax and out of rich by government. Don’t you know that the economy & politics of the world is ran by the elitist group?Face it folks,we can’t win for losing. Don’t vote for party affiliation, RESEARCH THE BACKGROUND OF THE PERSON AND YOU WILL SEE WHO PULLS THEIR STRINGS….SHOCKING HA? WAKE UP IDIOTS!

    • michaeljbeglinjr

      Well said! You spoke nothing but the truth. I would like to point out though, that while you made an excellent point regarding job creation, most people will ignore anything you have to say if you resort to name-calling. I agree with your comment. I only want you to get more people to agree with you. They will not if you call them idiots, no matter how justified you may be. America now has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. It is no wonder nobody wants to start a new business here. The miracle to me is that we have not lost many more jobs here. Hopefully, our next round of “representatives” will figure this out, and act with common sense instead of class warfare a la Obama.

      • RichE

        Corporations don’t pay taxes; the cost is included in the price. To determine equity of tax divide summed taxes by happiness e.g. standard of living.

        P.S. Get a refresher course in common sense.

  • Average Joe
  • Morris D. Sons Ph,D

    I had just arrived in March, 2008 too the Philippines for volunteer work and everyone was calling Obama the New Messiah, I didn’t vote for Obama but I new he was not Jesus! I too remember all the promises that he made, I felt at the time “WOW” where did they get this guy! I still have family today that claim Obama has done what he said he was going to do! They all call me crazy, what a joke!

  • Jon

    Obama promised change, and I got it. My wallet’s empty, but I have 37 cents of CHANGE in my pocket!

  • truesoy

    Bob Livingston;

    Mr. Livingstone, never to be doubt for his consistancy, continues to be a ‘databank’ of misinformation, either by twisting the facts into a pretzel like version of the truth, or avoiding it altogether.
    The reason the median household net worth went down was because of the housing market, and Mr. Livingstone knows it as well as anyone else, but never to be understimated, he is fully aware that not every conservative out there is playing with a full deck. In other words, he knows can convert many of the people in this blog.
    And while it is true that in the last 4 years millions of job have been lost it is worthwhile to note that these jobs lost started during the last year of the Bush administration, and into the first year of the Obama administration; and therefore it is somewhat unethical to pretend those jobs were lost as a result of Obama’s policy. Again this is more evidence to Mr. Livingstone ability to turn facts into non-facts for the benefit of the ‘faithful conservative’.
    Instead, he, in the name of ‘honesty in trading’, probably should have mentioned the over 4 million jobs created in the private sector during the present administration.
    Fat chance of that ever happening.
    He knows full well that ‘conservatives believe in things they don’t understand’.



    What we have here is an example of Obama when his teleprompter broke at 1:20. And what’s this about who ” Jesus would vote for?”

    Dover, DE

  • Donald York

    The “magic Negro” has struck out.

  • Thinking About

    For those who want to blame the Democrats try doing some research to see who repealed the Stegall Glass and to help you some it was republican congress who voted to replace it with Phil Gramm bill “if you would just deregulate them everything will be just fine”. Look what happened, you don’t want to blame Bush then pay for the war he started in Iraq with lies and he also had a republican majority from 2001 to 2006. You want to blame the Democrats and Obama, it is boner and Can’ter who have refused to get the highway bills out and on purpose have held this economy at gunpoint. A do nothing House is responsible for our economy nit rebounding, they are useless.

  • Fairplay 2012

    That is a somewhat rude way of describing The President(Magic negro)Remember he is Half White.Or,are referring to only half of him,( the African,Black) side)Although I’m no way in hell votting for him,That comes across to me as a little racist !!!!Why don’t you keep the race issue out of the picture.! Even though this guy(o”bomb”a)is the worst President we ever had,,Still,I would think that you would at least show some respect for the office he holds.Just because i’m white,does that make me a Cracker,Spook,honkey?Get the hell real!!!!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Fairplay 2012,

      You write: “That is a somewhat rude way of describing The President(Magic negro)Remember he is Half White.Or,are referring to only half of him,( the African,Black) side)” The term comes from an op-ed written by David Ehrenstein in the Los Angeles Times, in which he referred to Obama as the Magic Negro.,0,3391015.story.

      Best wishes,

  • Hunter

    When you say in your article, Magic Negro, it shows contempt for anyone who is of a different race than white. What a prejudiced, ingnorant and intolerant arse you show yourslf to be. Maybe you should find a KKK enclave still living in the past, down south.

    • truesoy

      Although it is true they oppose many of Obama’s policies, the major factor/motivator is exactly that, that he is black (Though he is 1/2 white, but I think they hate that even more).


      • Bob Livingston

        Dear truesoy,

        You write: “Although it is true they oppose many of Obama’s policies, the major factor/motivator is exactly that, that he is black.” Who is this “they” you are referencing and how do you know with certainty what motivates them?

        Best wishes,

        • truesoy


          President Obama had not walked into the White House yet when the opposition was already in place, and running.

          Feb, 18, 2009, New York Post cartoon despicts shooting the ‘Obama Ape’. This marked an increased in the racial devide that was already brewing and was about to surface.
          It was evident things were going to be different this time. The T-Party orquestrated an opposition to move on several fronts. One was the Town Hall meetings. There the stragety was to control the argument and redirect it to a pre-determent position on the issues
          Well placed organizers/agitators (an old communist trick) throughout the meeting room made sure of that. They drowned everyone else with an opposing view.

          The ‘illega Kenyan’ argument developed a life of its own from these meetings. The allure to the president’s race was thinly veiled. Now the race card was at play.

          Who were ‘this they’?, you asked. Bob, this ‘they’ were many of the T-Party participants and their supporters, however, the ‘instigators’ that now were in the shadowes and barely made reference to it, were slowly coming into the light.

          People that had ‘issues’ saw the need to prove themselves not racist, thereby it is not uncommon to hear some of these people talk about their ‘black friends’.
          Now enters Newt into the republican primaries, and ‘who is this they’ starts to emerge out of the shadows.

          April 16, 2011, Marilyn Davenport sends an email despicting Obama as a chimp, she claims was born in Africa.

          Marilyn Davenport is a retired ‘christian’ books publisher, and an official with the Orange County California Republican Party.

          Jan. 06, 2012, Blacks should demand paychecks, not food stamps”. Newt.
          This is not a too subtle racial statement meant to put a wedge between the races in an attempt to knock off support from Obama’s white based support.

          May 08, 2012, Republican Party of Greene County, Virginia, ‘The Constitutional Conservative News Letter’ openly calls for ‘violently overthrowing the duly elected government of the United States if a democrat (Obama is re-elected) is in chage.

          Ps.: I’m always suspicious of things and/or organizations that call themselves ‘freedom fighter’ and/or the democratic republic of East Germany”, or conservative “constitutional”, and/or put the word liberty somewhere in their name. All that sounds so self-serving and empty of its true meaning, e.g., ‘conservative constitutional”, yet they threaten to overthrow the elected government. Go figure.

          Racism now was out of the closet, no more disguising it.
          Overnight Obama was made into ‘a christmas tree’ and they started hanging everything but the kitchen sink on him. That, his birth certificate is a ‘fake’ resurfaced one more time, he is an illegal alien from Kenya, he is a muslim, etc. Apparently they believe this last one is losting some traction, thus the ‘he is’a marxist/communist’ was added just for good measure. He is coming for ‘your’ guns (he is not of course, however, by the way these people express themselfs, maybe somebody should go for their guns, for their own safety).

          Bob, I could go on, and on, but I think you get the picture.

          The psychology of religion and race baiting was at work. People that never before gave race nor religion a second thought were now questioning the wisdom of the man in the Oval Office.

          An illusion of failure was created, while his many accomplishment were overlooked and ignored.


    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Hunter,

      You write: “When you say in your article, Magic Negro, it shows contempt for anyone who is of a different race than white.” No. It doesn’t. The term comes from an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, written by a black man, in which he referred to Obama as the Magic Negro.,0,3391015.story. As Ehrenstein is black, it cannot be “rascist.”

      Best wishes,


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