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In The Absence Of Left-Right Paradigm Is Ron Paul Mainstream?

February 6, 2012 by  

In The Absence Of Left-Right Paradigm Is Ron Paul Mainstream?

By now, if Americans hear someone talking about that “kooky old guy with the bad foreign policy ideas” who is running for President, they immediately know that Republican candidate Ron Paul is the topic of discussion.

Though it is easy to write Paul off as a fringe candidate, given the establishment’s disdain for him and his zealous base of support, the philosophies he has abided by and encouraged for three decades are quickly and quietly becoming mainstream.

Fiat Money And The Federal Reserve

In 2009, End The Fed made its debut at No. 6 on The New York Times Bestseller List. Though Paul had been discussing the problems of fiat money and the Federal Reserve’s reckless economic policies for decades, his book brought the average American to the roundtable. In simple terms, Paul had broken down what the Fed does and why it is wrong. After the book was published, many people began to ask questions about the Federal Reserve; the political pressure has led to much progress in the way of increasing Fed transparency.

Last year, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) was able to carry out the first-ever audit of the Federal Reserve due to an amendment added to the Dodd-Frank bill by Paul and Representative Alan Grayson (R-Fla.).

The audit was vehemently opposed by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and the other banksters at the central bank. They lied and said that Fed transparency would devastate financial markets. Americans soon found out why Bernanke and his Fed counterparts so opposed the transparency: They had issued $16 trillion in secret bailouts since 2008 as the dollar continued to lose buying power.

Those who have followed Paul in recent years have undoubtedly seen videos of his harsh exchanges with Bernanke during House Financial Services Committee meetings. Paul was, it seems, the only Fed critic in the room back then. Bernanke, often schooled by Paul, usually sat, nodded, sometimes agreed and never seemed very worried.

But now, Paul is no longer the sole critic. Many other lawmakers are asking questions. Last week, Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), chairman of the House Budget Committee, took Bernanke to task over the central bank’s failure to do anything but hurt the American people.

Support for a House bill calling for a more comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve (HR 459) has drummed up 199 co-sponsors, according to Campaign For Liberty.

Foreign Paul-icy

In a Nation of people desensitized by the fact that their Nobel Peace Prize-winning President repeatedly used drones to kill targets (sometimes American citizens) in foreign lands where the country is not at war, converted the once-covert SEAL Team Six into his own lethal public relations firm and declared his homeland a warzone by authorizing the detention of American citizens, it is no surprise that Paul’s foreign policy seems unorthodox. At some point, the idea that the President’s first and foremost foreign policy duty was diplomacy was lost (i.e., “Speak softly and carry a big stick”). It seems that for the past several decades the United States has taken to shouting while hurling twigs and stones at enemies abroad.

Paul’s foreign policy plan embodies a new (old) way of thinking: Work with countries until it becomes evident beyond the shadow of a doubt that they pose a real military threat to the United States, and then work with Congress and military officials to create the most effective plan of action.

An article by Pat Buchannan in The American Conservative sums up why any foreign policy plan but Paul’s may lead to the undoing of the United States:

Begin with South Korea. At last report, the United States had 28,000 troops on the peninsula. But why, when South Korea has twice the population of the North, an economy 40 times as large, and access to U.S. weapons, the most effective in the world, should any U.S. troops be on the DMZ? Or in South Korea?

… U.S. forces there are too few to mount an invasion of the North, as Gen. MacArthur did in the 1950s. And any such invasion might be the one thing to convince Pyongyang to fire its nuclear weapons to save the hermit kingdom.

But if not needed to defend the South, and a U.S. invasion could risk nuclear reprisal, what are U.S. troops still doing there?

When top brass military officials announced the new “military model” for the United States last month, they emphasized the need to ensure that the country is capable of fighting two wars at once. Recent developments, as Iran continues to kick sand and North Korea adjusts to its new leadership, do not look good for a nuclear superpower like the United States intent on hurling twigs and stones while shouting, even as other nuclear superpowers like China and Russia warn of implications.

The Supporters

Paul’s supporters are generally Americans worried about the future of their country. The candidate’s supporters are young, old, wealthy, poor, left, right or sideways.

The “Paulbots” who scan the Internet for stories about the candidate and liberty-threatening issues, commenting on forums and leading discussions about the dire state of the Nation are one type, probably those most responsible for the 76-year-old’s massive Internet presence.

Another group of supporters are the Constitutionalists, the group that can be taken as a whole or broken into subsets. Some of these people are vehement defenders of the 2nd Amendment, some are States’ rights activists and some just want to live in peace, knowing that the Federal government does not have the authority to tell them how to behave or how to care for themselves.

And still, there are some Paul supporters who are just coming around, possibly out of self-preservation. Speaking on CNBC, Pacific Investment Management (PIMCO) co-founder Bill Gross said that Federal Reserve policy has affected his thinking in a peculiar way: He has become “a little Ron Paulish.”

“Both parties basically have followed a policy that hasn’t promoted long-term investment in the United States and I think ultimately we need to produce things as opposed to paper,” he said, before continuing that policy change is very important no matter who is elected.

Paul may have no chance of winning the nomination, but for his supporters it may be enough to know that the debate has changed around his ideas. And it’s possible Paul will find himself in or near the White House even if he does not secure the nomination. A recent report by The Washington Post indicates that he and favored-candidate Mitt Romney may be willing to work together if either of them secures the Nation’s highest office. Only time will tell what long-term impact Paul’s ideas, or the absence of his ideas, in American politics will mean for the Nation.




Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Alan

    Excellent article! A Ron Paul VP will be the only way this Paleo will bring himself to vote for Willard Romney! Someone would have to be placed in the adninistration that the people would trust. A stalwart like Ron Paul would possibly unite the Constitutionalist crowd with the independents to place Romney in the WH. Albeit, we would have to work very hard to keep Romney in line! But then again, the overtime needed to keep our current POTUS in line would cease and I might have more free time! :) The time has come for us to stop trading our Liberties for THEIR perceived security, then maybe we can get back to leading OUR lives the way WE see fit!

    • DaveH

      Ron Paul would surely not lower himself to being on the same ticket with Romney.

  • s c

    When bubble-headed whiz ants complain about “isolation,” what they mean is ‘we reserve the right to get America involved in more and more unending foreign wars.’ Perpetual war for perpetual peace is a polite way to look at it – and its jockstrappers.
    It lets a utopian puppet like the current prez get away with dividing his time between gutting our freedoms and letting some of his jockstrappers think he’s a part-time ‘hawk.’
    Re-start the draft. STOP career criminals from having consecutive terms. ABORT the Fed. Make Uncle Scam JUSTIFY his never-ending THEFT of America’s wealth. FORCE wannabe ‘public servants’ to find gainful employment AWAY FROM government.
    And at long last, take those programmed speeches about ‘isolationism’ and JAM them wherever it feels best (“choice” is a wonderful concept). So what’s your favorite orifice, comrade?

    • Old Henry

      Perpetual war for peace is like screwing for virginity.

      • s c

        That’s exactly right, Old Henry. For what it’s worth, there are MANY ways to define a utopian, and you’ve just described one of those many ways. Only a mind-rotted utopian could see screwing others as a world-class, lofty goal.

  • Mary

    That will never happen the different between Mitt and Ron Paul is huge. Ron Paul won’t accept to be part of the lie. He’s not going to ruin his good name at the end of his life. We know Romney will be the GOP candidate and that means four more years of Obama.

    • eddie47d

      You are so correct Mary since Ron Paul has too much integrity and conviction to play second fiddle to Romney. I’m with Paul on his non-interventionist policies and have been for many years. I’ve learned more about the dangers of the Federal Reserves from Ron Paul and Bob Livingston than any other candidate or news source. So there is hope for this part time liberal and even Ron Paul is on target with some social issues. Win or lose Paul will be an icon for Liberty.

    • cawmun cents

      I agree with your sentiments Mary.
      The Federal Reserve Robber Barons could care less what supportes of Ron Paul think.That is why(like stated above in the article)they do not look at their detractors as credible.So you get another progressive candidate who does as told.For those of us who are Fed up,there is no relief.
      Someone is going hog wild producing caviat fundage,and saying that I owe them for it.Like a slave,I have no say in the matter.
      Anyone who doesnt find that objectionable needs their head examined.
      Yet many posting here argue on behalf of this condition.
      The sickness spreads like the plague,and supporters of Robber Baron mentality wring their hands with excitement over Moot Obomneys candidacy as if it were heavenly.Fox News is complicit,and there is no such thing as”fair and balanced”in their progressive world.
      They(Fox News)say what the weakminded want to hear,and work behind the scenes with pretty faces,and empty hearts to foment false hope in those too dim too see the light of reason.Watching them is a study in how to use black science to evade truth and justice.Their sole purpose like all other forms of media is to perpetuate the machine of progressive idealism.
      I gotta hand it to ‘em though,they do an outstanding job of it.

      • AngryPickle

        ONLY because there are that many weak minded dolts standing behind them.

      • JJM

        I also, cannot see Ron serving under Mitt. He is too Consistantly Constitutionalist and defender of our Liberty and Freedom. Luckily the other candidates are beginning to speak his beliefs, but political promises can be expected to be broken.
        Fox lost any respect when Greta stated she believes the Birth Certificate was the real thing. Investigative Reporting? I think more of threat or buy-out. My only interest anymore is Judge Napolitano.
        Think about the Unemployment Lie and advise others of the numbers:
        How many new jobs required every month just to keep the rate constant? I had read >125,000 were required to place new job seekers in employment; however, when looking at the US Census change from 1990 to 2000, our population increased by 32,712,033, averaged monthly = 272,600. So unless we have had a large die-off in the past 12 years, to keep the unemployment rate steady, we need at least a quarter million new jobs every month and a third of a million each month for the # to decrease.

        • DaveH

          Don’t forget John Stossel, another staunch defender of Freedom.

    • Bill Taylor

      I believe Mary you are right. When Romney wins a caucus by 35% everyone thinks he is headed for the WH. They don’t realize that 60% voted against him, and that is only the Republicans.

      • Joe H.

        Bill Taylor,
        This is exactly why I hope Ron Paul holds out to the bitter end!! I want to see who that 60% votes for! I will take my opinion of the voters from THAT! If ron Paul is still there for the general election and the people don’t vote him in, then they will get who they deserve!! Remember that, people! If you don’t vote for Ron Paul, then don’t complain about the jerk you DO vote in!!!

    • Old Henry
  • Catfish

    Well, it looks like the mindless voters are at it again. I guess they didn’t learn a thing in the last election. The media seems determand to make romney our president, if we want him or not. That seems to be all they can talk about.

    Let the revelution begin.

  • Lomax

    Ron Paul would be great if it weren’t for his stupid approach to foreign policy. His idea that we should just pull all our people home from arund the world and end our presence in the world beyod our own borders is pure stupidity. That is what is killing him in this election. He would be far and away ahead if it weren’t for that idiotic view. The softheaded idea that we shouldn’t be concerned about all our enemies getting nuclear weapons just totally puts him out of the game. He had about as well just go home because he is going nowhere, and he shouldn’t.

    • Fred Van Liew

      Lomax, if you would actually read his policy on you would understand why he says we don’t need the HUNDREDS of bases all around the world. Insanity is that reality. He also makes it clear that if we go to war it should be Constitutionally legal, and we should go in to win and get out. NOW THERE’S A NOVEL IDEA! Protecting our borders and OUR security is not isolationist, it is common sense. When a missile can get virtually anywhere within minutes, it becomes more obvious how these bases are windfall profits for the elite and financial sinkholes for the taxpayer.

      • Joe H.

        The novel part of that is fighting to WIN!!! Also, those bases are costing us billions! There is not one country that pays 100% of what it costs to maintain those bases in country. In fact, some of them are actually charging a land lease to have them! with the lack of land in Japan, do you think the people WANT the US to be there taking up prime realestate??

        • AngryPickle

          “with the lack of land in Japan, do you think the people WANT the US to be there taking up prime real estate??”

          YES!!… for a price (that we really can’t afford). But go ahead, keep all the bases around the world filled with military readiness keeping our shores bare-boned for some third world country to slip in and make us all their hump buddies. Like the successful warmongers said, “Divide and Conquer”..

          • Joe H.

            No, pickle, the people don’t want them there, the government does! Big difference!!!

    • vic

      Lomax, its stupid idiots like YOU that enable the traitors to our country to enslave us cuz yr too stupid to think logically. Are you going to enlist? Do you want yr children to enlist? Then STFU! N. Korea, China, Russia, Pakistan and India have nukes, shouldn’t we kill them first? I don’t give a rat’s ass if Iran gets a nuke. When they attempt to use it against Israel, they’ll get multiple nukes in return, ensuring their own destruction. The US does NOT need to be involved. Meanwhile our own borders are porous and we’re protecting foreign borders. Why am I wasting my time with you? Yr too STUPID to think logically, useful idiot.

      • AngryPickle

        Don’t you mean ‘Useless”..?

        I agree with you on every aspect of the wandering dolts who have made up their mind that Bullies were created to intimidate the weak (Iran) but steer clear of the strong (China, India and yes, even north Korea).. Having more than three bases (for triangulation) in each Country (instead of hundreds) is simply over-kill. I can’t agree with you on the ” useful idiot” statement though.. That’s like saying, “Smart Dummy”.. Don’t you really mean, “USELESS idiot?” (I thought so).

    • TML

      “His idea that we should just pull all our people home from arund the world and end our presence in the world beyod our own borders is pure stupidity.”

      Can you articulate why, exactly, that such ideas are stupid? Needless military presence around the world is what seems stupid to me, especially considering the economic hardships that persist in America today, caused by funding endless undeclared wars through printing money out of thin air.

      “The softheaded idea that we shouldn’t be concerned about all our enemies getting nuclear weapons just totally puts him out of the game.”

      You obviously don’t listen to him very well… concerned yes, but preemptive military action to keep them from pursuing a SUSPECTED nuclear weapon is nothing short of imperialistic despotism, and not a model of a country built on freedom and independence. That is the foreign policy adhered to by tyrants. Iran is allowed to develop nuclear power, and there is NO evidence that they are enriching for nuclear armament (only rhetoric targeted at fear, just like they did with Iraq… hmm, interesting, we found NO WMD). You make yourself a puppet.

      It almost seems pointless to reason with someone who has already made up their mind merely out of fear, to support imperialist ideas, and thoughts of conquest, which have never been a part of what this country was founded on. Non-intervention is a foreign policy that made this nation great.

      • Old Henry

        Yes TML, how about we have China set up bases in – AZ, MT, MO, OH, GA. How about we then have Russia set up bases in – CA, CO, IA IN, AL ME. How about we then have Mexico set up bases in – TX, OR, WI, TN, FL, CT.

        We will then see what Lomax and his ilk think about a “presence in the world forign policy”…

      • Joe H.

        Can you not see the stupidity in protecting us overseas from what we have coming across our borders each and every day??? Who the hell knows WHAT is coming across the southern border when they are finding prayer rugs, drugs and all kinds of junk along the trails they use??
        As dirty Harry said the the punk crook, “Well punk, do you feel lucky”? I don’t as i feel our luck is running OUT!!

    • Mary

      It’s not your fault. I was like you just few years ago. My big problem was to believe that everebody was like me. That the “president” was looking after the American people INTERESTS and that the government was protecting us. It’s not True. After 9/11. I started my research and the painfull truth came to my eyes. THE WAR IS FOR THE CASPIAN OIL AND GAS. That was the US war drive against Irag. There is an array of former US cabinet members in that business. Cheney said: We go where the business is. This is the DEADLY PIPELINE WAR. There is so much to say but to little time. Jusst find out and I’m sure you’ll agree that wrong Paul has the best foreign policy because there is no personal interests. He’s not in the Oil Mafia.

      • AngryPickle

        Do you wanna know about this pipeline? Then follow the water, NOT the oil.. The oil is piped through 9/10′s of mid-America (from Canada to Texas) all along the way, it intercepts and follows the Nation’s main water supply.. YOU do the math on odds of the damn thing malfunctioning and if (when) it does leak, the devastation to the citizens of this Nation will produce even more profit for the 1% because then THEY will OWN the only drinking water left (as they are planning to monopolize on even as I type).

        • DaveH

          That is up to the local people whose lands will be traversed by the pipelines. Many people might prefer risk of leakage over starvation.
          At any rate, it’s nobody else’s business.

    • Old Henry

      No Lomax, what may be hurting Paul is people such as yourself who cannot think past the end of their nose and listen to the tripe parrotted by the LSM.

      We. Are. Broke. We Have No Business sticking our nose in everybody’s business.

      How much extra $ do you send in every year to support all of your foreign policy? What wouuld you say if China / Russia / India / et al began dictating to us?

      How about your next door neighbor telling you what to eat, how to mow your lawn, where to shop, where to send your kids to school?

      There is a HUGE difference between Non-Intervention foreign policy and Isolationist foreign policy. Study up.

    • DaveH

      Why would you think the insane policy of shoving our policies down the throats of other countries’ people at the point of a gun is the intelligent thing to do?
      What is “pure stupidity” is thinking our country can get away with meddling in the World’s affairs indefinitely. Eventually, our Leaders will have made enough enemies in the World to overwhelm us. Every Great Empire has met the same fate. There is absolutely no reason to believe we’re immune from that.
      You and the other war-mongers are just setting our country up for misery after we have been impoverished and have enemies around the world lusting to crush us.

    • Ron Harness

      Just about everybody I’ve talked to that isn’t for Ron Paul used the same excuse, his stupid forgein policy.I probably would have felt the same way had I just listened to what the media had to say about it. They have a way of taking everything out of context while slamming someone they fear. I took it upon myself to research a bit about what was behind Ron Paul’s theroy on foregien policy and found that I agree with everything he believes. I urge everyone to do a little research and not be lead by the media when making the all important decision about who to vote for. This directly relates to our liberty and freedom. Don’t get it wrong. Vote Ron Paul.

  • Karen

    Chris Christie….where r u?

    • OB1

      He’s pushing more unconstitutional gun control laws in New Jersey…that’s where he is.

      • Joe H.

        I think we should pass a law that states that before a politician or anybody, for that matter, can put forth an anti-gun law, they have to disarm all of their security, and any police that protect them! let them get a good taste of what they are putting us through! Can you imagine P-lousey, or dirty harry going around unprotected???

    • DaveH

      It’s amazing how the ABP Propagandists can create heros out of just about any politician, except of course those who would actually shrink the size of our Leviathan Government. I would think the blindered people, who don’t recognize that fact, would get a clue by the great effort made by the establishment to marginalize Paul. The Leaders are trying desperately to hang on to their Power and Perks, so Ron Paul is that last person they want in office.

  • http://personallibertydigest Frank J.

    I like Ron Paul especially his domestic points but again i abhor his foreign policy .I believe he believes in his point of view and i respect him for that . That said it does not make him right. IF he had the nomination i would support him because its ABO (anybody but obama).THe Paul people should do the same and stop hitting on the other candidates as well as this website.

    • Brian

      EVERYONE posting here – you are missing the point! TERM LIMITS of the House and Senate are what is required! Heck, the judiciary also! TERM LIMITS will change the type of people getting those ‘jobs’ and will change their behaviour once up there – the president already has term limits and there is a reason for that! No more will the offices be for careers – the offices will be staffed by people that want to serve the populace and then GO BACK HOME to make money. The effect of money in politics(lobbyists) will be muted because there will be somebody different ‘up there’…This is the number 1 thing we need to do – get these ‘jobs’ back to what the constitution intended – jobs for a short time!

      • Joe H.

        all term limits will do is speed up the time table of their attack on the constitution!!! The other effect it will have is get rid of every politician that truely follows the constitution!! When we get them, we need to KEEP them!!!

      • AngryPickle

        And while your at it Brian.. Make an amendment that their limit will NOT afford them a lifetime pension that is paid for by the citizen’s taxes once they go home.. THIS is the TRUE (legal) crime..

    • Bill Taylor

      Frank J. Jefferson said that “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.” This should be our policy. I believe that you and a lot of others have fallen victim to what I believe Ike warned us about when talking of the “Military Industrial Complex.

      • http://personallibertydigest Frank J.

        Bill… i hear your point but your not getting mine again this has nothing to do with Jefferson and the military industrial complex (of which we need a strong military more than ever before) its again ABO anybody but OBAMA!!!.

        • Joe H.

          Romney will be ABO, but there will be no real difference!!! They are one and the same!!! All Gingrich will do is get us involved in more long term WARS!!!

    • vic

      Frank, then you are a part of the problem. Who says the US should be the police of the world? We can’t even afford it! The dollar is being crashed by the MIC and perpetual war and by stupid idiotic reckless spending. Military spending has transformed into nation building BUT THE NATION’S BEING BUILT ISN’T THE US! Its amazing that short sighted people like you refuse to acknowledge that. What we have been doing ISN’T working, why not let Ron Paul try and fix it.

      • http://personallibertydigest Frank J.

        Vic YOU NEED THE MILITARY. And talking about being short sighted is like the phrase “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. what hasx to be looked at is all the entitlement programs, ways to be energy independent, the money in aid we are foolishly sending to oyher countries that hate us to name a few things .If we did that their would be plenty of money to keep theUSA defended. And again if it was Ron PAUL i would vote for him ABO but sorry to say alot of his supporters don’t feel that way so who is short sighted on this.

        • Average Joe

          Frank J.

          “so who is short sighted on this.” (psst….that is a question…not a statement). Answer: You are.

          “Vic YOU NEED THE MILITARY.”
          Wow, did someone say that we were getting rid of the military?…No?…Then where did that come from?
          No one has suggested that we don’t need our military…rather that we don’t need our military scattered throughout the world (occupying other soveriegn nations illegally) in order to have an effective miitary. Our military should be here…in this nation…defending our borders. As for worrying about other nations intentions…that’s why we have the CIA and other spy agencies…they gather the intel in order to stop attacks ahead of time….or at least that’s what they are supposed to do (911 shows that they aren’t very good at their jobs). Maybe, we should have studied up on “Letters of Marque and Reprisal”…before we comitted troops to either of our undeclared wars on “Terrorists” (an undefined enemy). No nation has declared war on us…yet we are illegally occupying (and bombing the crap of of innocent civilians in the process AKA MURDER) their sovereign nations…Illegally.
          I realize that critical thinking eludes many of you folks…but it’s really worth trying….though I’m not holding my breath believing that you will attempt the practice….brain explosions are messy after all.

          Ron Paul/ Andrew Napolitano 2012!

          The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.
          John F. Kennedy

        • Mark B.

          You have a valid point about all of the “entitlement programs”… however… they aren’t even a drop in the bucket compared to the expense of having a military presence in over a hundred countries across the globe. The reckless monetary policies of the government to hand out billions of *borrowed* American dollars to foreign countries such as Israel is also unfounded. There is no justification that you can give to me that will cover the sorry excuse that the government uses – to take the US citizen’s rights away in order to ‘keep us safe’, while millions have crossed our own borders illegally, and we are halfway around the world trying to impose ‘Democracy’ to people who don’t want it and have been fighting for thousands of years. Waste of time and *my* tax dollars. That’s akin to the mentality that if you and I owned a business and we had knowledge that someone wanted to rob it, that we decide to go downtown looking for the perpetrators and leave the front door wide open! Wake the **** up!!!!!

    • TML

      “i abhor his foreign policy”


      • Linda Irby

        Does that person even know what his policy is? I doubt it.

    • Mary

      People is tired of voting for one of the less evils. Today my English is not very good. 75% of my friends speaks Spanish and they have been calling me to let me know that they are not going to vote for Romney. We are all worry about the future of the country and the future of our children. They want Ron Paul to go independent me too but I think he won’t do it because of the political future of his son. The corrupt Republicans will blend him of taking votes out of the GOP candidate and make Obama win. We all know that will be another big lie but the masses believe anything. Where is the light in the tunnel? Maybe is the winter afecting me. My husband asked me to stay away from this site for a week. He believes Ron Paul will win if he goes independent. I’d learned a lot from you decent people. Continue educating each other. I hope for the best but I’m ready for the worst.

      • Joe H.

        Thank you for your perspective and your husband was wrong to tell you to stay away. Be safe & God Bless!

      • Adollarsworkapeenyspay

        Mary, he could and probably will go IND. as I think this was his philosophy to begin with. Knowing the Pubs would let him stand at the door but never go through it, he used them as they used him (as a test tube candidate) by receiving more exposure than any other third party candidate in history, Ron Paul will carry a formidable voting percentage regardless of which party he eventually chooses. And yes, he will be able to win (simply because of this strategy). He’ll receive the majority of IND. votes, a very big chunk of DEM votes and even a minority of GOP voters (the disenchanted).. That’s not counting any minority group. Buckle up!

    • DaveH

      Do you think due process is a good thing, Frank? Why is it somehow okay to suspend that when we are meddling in other countries’ affairs?
      Do you think “thou shalt not kill” was qualified on Moses tablets by the phrase ‘but it’s okay if you just call it war or a military action’?
      There is only one excuse for killing people and that’s in self-defense.
      We are defending the United States in NONE of those countries where our troops are currently killing people.
      We need to become a Principled Nation once again. We need to quit allowing Government to break moral codes that we ourselves are expected to obey.
      We have become a Society of Criminals:

  • David Platter

    I could support a Ron Paul Romney ticket and it would scare the hell out of Obama and Biden.

    • Deerinwater

      No , it wouldn’t frighten them at all. They would be pleased by such “worthy opposition”.

      There is no shame in being beaten by your Master. They are Man enough to appreciate “worthy opposition”.

      But, I think that you need to understand, “the best man does not always win”, it’s called “LIFE” & and the Luck of the Draw.

      But anyone would hate to be beaten by a “worm” and that too happens sometimes.

      • DaveH

        Are you referring to Obama?

    • 2¢ worth…

      Obama? possibly, but you can’t tweak the brain dead.

    • Joe H.

      for ron Pauls sake, I hope that ticket never happens!! Pauls life wouldn’t be worth a plugged nickle!!! The proga would just look at it as if something happens to Paul, then it’s business as usual!!

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    I hope whoever is nominated that they will seriously consider Ron Paul as a running mate. His presence on the ticket may be a deal breaker when the election rolls around.

    • KCTed

      If people are looking so hard to simply change from a Democrat to a Republican for a president, then what good would it be to have someone with an R beside their name, if they are simply more of the same?

      If Romney was Paul’s running mate, that would be different. Ron Paul will never accept Biden’s slack chair and watch from the sidelines. He’s put in the time and far more experienced in government, foreign policy, economics and common sense than any of the rest of the candidates including Obama.

      I fail to understand how people are so blind to the difference between isolationism and non-interventionism. Canada is non-interventionism, yet no one calls them isolationists. 98% of the nations of the world are non-interventionists. Why should we be the global military occupiers?

      We are trying to raise the debt ceiling to borrow more money from China (we once use to consider them an enemy) so we can start a couple more wars and maintain the global military presence. When no one will loan us anymore money, we will have to pull them all back anyway. Along with a lot of other catastrophic changes…

      Why wait for total breakdown? That’s crisis management and business as usual. Ron Paul’s foreign policy is tops. Back off on the offense, shore up the defense. We have National Guardsmen in Afghanistan in their 40′s, boots on the ground. What’s that say about how deep we are digging for soldiers right now?

      We don’t have the soldiers in the mid-east to fight more wars, much less defend our own borders. They are spread out all over creation at a cost we can no longer afford. I won’t even get into the currency crisis we are looking at (think post-revolution Continentals and post Civil war Confederate dollars). We print without end, causing the value to plummet.

      But since some fail to grasp the logic of sound foreign policy, why even attempt to go into economics?

      • DaveH

        The last person Paul would want as vice-president would be Mitt Romney.

  • Rex Boise

    Our FREEDOM is what we are loosing. We may be able to hold on to that longer with Ron Paul in WASHINGTON.
    The NWO doesn’t want us to have any freedom, look up on Google “The Speech That Got JFK Killed”
    Find out all you can about the group known as ILLUMINATI.
    If you don’t see it you are not LOOKING.

  • John Millican

    Before any of you “RUBES” out there comment on the tripe being forcefed into your heads by the “confidence game” the elitists are playing, using the “BOOB TUBE” airheads on CNN, FOX and MSNBC to play you for fools about RON PAUL; get an information packet from the PAUL campaign, and read the truth. Get the others’ info packets too; and rightly compare them for yourself. DO NOT BELIEVE THE TALKING HEADS.

  • David Platter

    Ron Paul is the smartest guy in the game. Just watch a few of the videos provided herein. Why people think candidates who are supported by special interests are a better choice the one who won’t even take money from lobbyists and has been consistent for 30 years, baffles me. Ron Paul will draw support across all party lines. If you want more of the same vote for someone else but don’t complain when the house of cards falls down and everything you have been warned about comes to pass. Vote smart and vote for Ron Paul.

  • Rhondar

    Ha ha ha ha


  • Rhondar


    I love you guys !

  • BH

    The primary purpose of the VP in modern times is to keep the President alive. A VP needs to be seen by those most likely to to violence to the President as an even worse choice. From this perspective, Ron Paul would be a perfect VP for any of the other Republican candidates. Even if a VP isn’t crazy, the press is encouraged to paint him as such. Think about it — Biden, Cheney, Gore, Quayle, Ford, Agnew — all seen (at least by their opposite end of the political spectrum) as crazy or dumb or dangerous or all three.



    • Antonio

      Over 40 years ago?? Dude, The evil NWO all started 5000 years ago with NIMROD. 40 years ago the nwo and police state was already here…

      • NC

        Antonio, how much do you spend a year getting ready to fight off the nwo and the police state or do you plan to just surrender to them? Would it not be cheaper just to take counseling for your parnoia?

        • Antonio

          I spend a lot I guess cause .50 cals and bmg ammo are not cheap.
          The word “surrender” cannot be found in my dictionary and therefor am unable to comprehend its meaning. Its not “paranoia”. Its just being awake, alert and aware of whats really going on.
          You might want to do yourself a favor and snap the hell out of your daze and take a look around…
          Good luck to you.

          • Deerinwater

            Right, like you’ve done a lot of “printing” with a 50cal.

            We mounted one on a 551 “Ford” 4×4 Jeep type and it would make steering next to impossible when we light it up, limited to 3 round burst, which was deadly and very intimidating but never considered a substantiated shooting platform.

            50 cal. black power, smooth bore perhaps?

          • Joe H.

            youm are way behind the times. there are 50 cal rifled weapons out there, single shot, and DAMN accurate. Saw one the other night on Sons of Guns!! Very high tech, and LEAGLE to own!!

          • Antonio

            Deerinwater, What I buy is barrett .50 cal rifles. You might want to get yourself updated on life; so that you know about these things. If you get one I hope you can hang cause there ain’t mounting a barrett on top of some old ford like little sissy’s. Remember one shot 3 kills. Down with the UN!!

          • cawmun cents

            Sorry Antonio,but for realistic reasons,I have to back DiW on this account.Barrets are cumbersome,and the ammuniton is way too expensive.Not to mention weight.If I am engaging in a running firefight in a very tight area(most places)I dont want a goliath stick to have to haul around.I’ll stick with an SKS or something which shoots cheap easily found ammunition.Not to mention the fact that for any enemy sporting what is usually an AK,I can rob his dead body for more ammunition.
            Barrets look great if you enjoy the Hollywood crowds lack of ability to see greatness in simplicity.But give me simplicity over the biggest loudest every time.Just my humble opine.

          • cawmun cents

            Vasiliy Zaitsev,and Carlos Hathcock,wouldnt touch a Barret with a ten foot pole.
            Go light and deadly.

  • vic

    Ron Paul is being colluded against by the GOP AND the LameStreamMedia. This is going to force Dr. Paul to run as an independent and that will draw from BOTH parties. This is the only way he can win. If we can get a vote count that isn’t fixed by either the GOP or Obumma supporters, Paul CAN WIN. This will happen after Romney is given the nomination by the hopelessly corrupt GOP but by then the damage will have been done. Paul’s message will be out there and people will either vote for continued enslavement and the final destruction of America or for Ron Paul. Either way we get what we deserve.

    • Joe H.

      don’t bet the farm on that “accurate” vote count!!! I doubt it will happen. That’s why I always laugh when the US has advisors in foreign countries overseeing the votes, making sure all is on the up and up!!! YEAH, RIGHT!!!

  • Pepper

    Conservatives and “tea party” people have been screaming for years that they want a candidate who will cut spending. They want a candidate who will cut taxes and regulations. They want a candidate who will balance the budget. They want a candidate who will shrink the size of government. They want a candidate who will restore the rule of law. They want a candidate who respects the Constitution.

    Well guess what? You’ve got a candidate who will do all those things. And what do you do? Deride and berate him. Call him a lunatic. Call him “unelectable” and “fringe.”

    Now you have changed the definitions of the words. Conservative now means “perpetual war and fear, until our grandchildren are in chains and bankrupt.” We true patriots, who heard Ron Paul’s message and still believe in the Founders’ vision of America, want no part of what you are calling “conservative.” Good luck ever getting elected again without us.

    • Antonio

      Pepper, I agree with you all the way!! I got a phone call a while back from the tea party wanting donations to help “restore our constitution” I told them that if they really wanted to restore the constitution then they had better start supporting RON PAUL, and until they do start supporting RON PAUL they should not be expecting donations from me.

      • Mary

        Viva Ron Paul Tito.

  • Lawrence

    It would be interesting tosee that niether of the chosen ones get enough delegates to be nominated and hav to bargain with Ron Paul.

  • Les

    The game is rigged and Ron Paul is not the chosen one. He can’t be controlled like every president has been for years. This game was set into play way before our time and will continue to play out until the end, which by the way, I believe is coming real soon. It doesn’t matter who is running as far as I’m concerned because I believe the outcome is already decided by the power brokers.

    I want to see one more box added to every ballot from this day forward and it should read “NONE OF THE ABOVE”. I’ll bet you will see the biggest voter turn out ever in this country if that were added. I am personally fed up with stepping into a voting both and having to make a selection between Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck if I want to have my vote counted. I want them to know just how pissed off we are at them. There are 300 million people in this country and only a small percentage of the voting age population voted in the last election. Winning with 59 million votes is not an election by the majority, it is mobocracy at it’s finest.

  • http://BenCrystal Gottaplenty

    Ron Paul’s forien policy is touted constantly by Gop s as a bad act Why is it so important we have troops stationed around the world . I for one saw all the war I ever want to see, and I do not want to see any of my family shuffeled off to foriegn countries to get killed or crippled for life for some political whim of a jerk like we have pulling the strings now. If we have to go geter done and get right back home ,here is where we should be.Protecting our borders is much more important than intervening in other countries affairs. If you want to be involved in that other countries affairs ,select who you want to side with and go enlist in their army.That will get you some action to talk about and leave our kids alone .Make them border guards would be more useful..

    • steve in AZ

      Thank you, gottaplenty for telling it as it is. When will you neocon dummies get what this man just said so perfectly?Only when YOUR a$$ is the one getting shot at?

      Thank you again,sir!!

    • Joe H.

      Well said, and welcome home, Brother. All these neocons think war is exciting and it is!! TILL YOU’RE IN IT ACTIVELY!! no thanks, been there, done that and got the t-shirt!!

  • Lynne

    All that needs to happen when Ron Paul doesn’t win the GOP spot is for him to run an Independent campaign. Picture three-way debates between him and the other two status-quo establishment Replublicrats. Mainstream America will vote for Ron Paul as our next president. Count on it.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Emmett Smith

    There is no left right in politics.There are 2parties but they are the same. Ron Paul is the only choice to make the changes that we now need. Everyone else is the same. If you want the country to survive, vote Ron Paul.

    • Deerinwater

      Well, not so but I admire your zeal and over simplification in the effort to make the point, Ron Paul is like no other of recent memory.

  • ol goat

    i am with almost all of you people on here and i am glad to see so many people back Ron Paul. I for one support him all the way as should everyone else. These idiots have been programed by the media and the so called teachers in school. They are having kids teaching kids now a days that were taught by the same. There are no old timers out there teaching anything i want my kids to learn. Hell , look at California, they are so liberal its sickening. They live in a dream world with too much sports, acting and reality shows. The media quit doing their real job long ago. I am sick and tired of all this crap i constantly hear. I do know one thing….Romney and Newt are NO GOOD FOR THIS COUNTRY! Ron Paul is the only man with any intelligence at all out there and the moron populace will not vote for him because of his foreign policy….hum…I think his policy is better than any i have heard in the last 40 plus years…..RON PAUL 2012

    • Joe H.

      Ol goat,
      Ron Paul is the first politician I have donated to since Reagan!!! I have gone to all my friends, my senior center, and my coin clubs as well talking him up! If people are tired of hearing it, TOUGH!!!

      • Douglas

        Amen, Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Martin

    I’m just not buying the “UNELECTABLE” MEDIA psychology.I have watched the MEDIA at work long enough to know that if your hearing the same thing repeated by ALL COMMON OWNED news stations you can be sure they’re giving you your opinion.
    Now ask yourself ,what purpose does this serve?…I WOULD BET that some ANTI-AMERICAN THINK_TANK discussed this shrewed psychological PLOY as a means of swaying the vote and with the ENTIRE NEWS MEDIA in their pocket IT IS VERY FEASABLE.The sad thing is how unaware people repeat it and perpetuate A PLOY designed to get anyone elected EXCEPT RON PAUL.Who you vote for is not important BUT MAKING SURE IT ISN’T RON PAUL is VITAL.He’s a STRICT CONSTITUTIONALIST wich scares the HELL out of ALL of AMERICAS ENEMIES.

  • John Acord

    The Paul organization is already putting into place the organization required to get Paul on all 50 states ballets as the alternative to Hussein and Mitt.

  • R.L.

    The nomination is already fixed. Mitt will win the nomination because the RNC has place fraud upon this primary.Either Newt or Santorum must get at least 65% of the remaining delegates to ascertain the nomination. This is impossible due to Mitt’s supporters. As of two weeks ago Mitt had 89 of the 115 delegate votes from Ia., N.H., S.C. and Fl. That added with the 294 electoral delegates that Newt and Santorum can’t get because they are not even on the ballot in these 5 states.(Tn.-58, Mo,-52, Oh.-66, Il.-69,and Va.-49)Then let’s say that Ron Paul get 20% of the delegates, that’s another 457 delegates. Add these up and we have 840 delegates spoken for. Subtract that from the total number of delegates(2286) and we have 1446 available delegates. Now in order to get on the ballot they must get 1144 delegates, this means Santorum must get over 79% of the remaining delegates or Newt must get 77% of the remaining delegates.
    Ask yourself why the RNC still allows these 2 to stay in the race? Are they afraid of a head to head debate between Romney and Paul? Could this senerio put them out of business as usual mode?
    As far as Paul’s foreign policy, put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you woke up tomorrow and found Soviet, Chinese, Iranian or North Korean military bases in our country. How long would you stand for that? Or, how about you go get a high paying job and send me 35% of your income to support my family instead of giving it to your less fortunate family members. Make any sense yet? No matter what you believe could happen, Paul’s policy covers it.

  • George

    Brian, amen to term limits! That cannot be said loud enough or long enough.
    The only problem is that the one occupying the White House now doesn’t plan on leaving. He was sent here to take over our country, and he intends to complete his mission. Our country is so polarized now that there will be rioting in the streets after the election, no matter who wins. He will declare martial law and suspend the Constitution. The Islamics will then come in and patrol the streets like they did during the race riots of the early ’70s. Most of you don’t know about that, but I was in Cleveland at the time and saw it.

    • Joe H.

      BULL$HIT!!! The islamics didn’t patrol $hit!!! I was taking riot training in 68 and 69 in the military for Detroit and Cleveland. the only islamics that patrolled were bonified cops or soldiers of the US military!!

      • George

        Joe, I didn’t mean to imply that they were armed patrols or that their presence was good.
        They were there for their for there for their own purposes, to make the people think that they were to help them, and that they supported them and would protect them from the rioting.
        They were there to “get an -in- with the people!

  • R.L.

    Forgot to mention that Paul would need 53% of the remaining delegates to be placed on the ballot.

  • Dave

    Ron Paul is very popular in Canada, actually probably more popular than he is in the US.

  • Deerinwater

    Well I seriously doubt if Ron Paul will get the nomination, the majority of republican voters are just not that bright. But if he were an option, I could see myself voting for him. I like his ideas, I like the man, I can relate to what he believes as he working so hard to expose,a predatory banking system that sucks on our bones, bleeding us dry like a battery that has exhausted it’s charge and left of no value.

    Challenge the FED, expose the FED for what it is and come forward with a government that is in control of it’s currency creation.

  • Libertarian58

    As far as the left-right paradigm is concerned, study the Hegelian Dialectic to understand why we have it and why the MSM work so hard to maintain it. ONLY Ron Paul is working outside the dialectic and FOR us. We have become a nation of ignorant sheep and it will cost us our liberty.

  • Bett

    Do you think we have another chance if we blow this election on candidates that are not aware we are on the titanic economically. We’re heading fast toward the iceberg that is going to sink us and our Sovereignty. How can you explain the wisdom of this man that his warnings to Congress 2002 all came true? Wisdom or a wild guess? Far from a flake or fool and Ron Paul is the modern day Noah! Don’t laugh, just get in the boat!!

  • Thinking About

    Ron Paul is just another big spender. He hides it in bills he knows will pass in the form of earmarks, his record speaks for itself. Think he will accomplish all the changes he talks about, not on your life. He will not have the cooperation of Congress just as he has failures in cooperating with this and past administrations. He has put forth 464 bills and got one passed. This is reality.

    • 2¢ worth…

      At least he put in an effort for us.. It was congress that turned against us, that blew good bills away for their own self interests.. And now, after electing a Democrat because we got a belly full of Republicans we’re ready to elect a Republican because we’ve had a belly full of Democrats.. Look in the past and you’ll discover a pattern, look in the future and the past repeats itself and whatta you think? We get a Pub in and everything will be magically cured? (that’s what we thought the LAST TIME!!) so, don’t bet you’re savings on it because it’s nothing more than a change of faces, not a change in corruption.. Only Ron Paul can break this chain but it looks a though too many sheeple wants to continue the lesser of two evils.. Well, I give up on you.. I’ll simply indoctrinate my own rules of isolation and answer my door with a double barrel.

    • Joe

      How is Guam defending America? it is just a place to stop and refuel in the middle of nowhere If we had a need to fight a war in the Philippians islands or retake Japan. we need to stop fighting WW2 stile that need forward supple bases everywhere it is wasting us as a nation.

      Lets be prepared for cyberwar and small boarder crossing Narcoterorists.
      Mexico is fighting a war for it’s sovereignty against Narco’s what if they don’t succeed? we would be left with a rogue nation at our boarder wheres our troops? Germany Japan south Korea anywhere near home Nope Months Away by boat and could only dribble in by plane.

      And we could be overrun with people just trying to get away from the crazy violence of their home nation what would we do if millions just walked across at the regular check points?

  • Douglas

    Ron Paul’s message is gathering meaning…like a snowball rolling down a mountain. It will not be stopped as it is reaching critical mass! Liberty! Repeal the “Patriot Act”, NDAA, Ron Paul for President!

    • George

      Amen to that. Too bad that the sheeple aren’t listening!

  • AZMarc

    I just mailed in my ballot… No hesitation, proudly marked Ron Paul!

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    He sounds anything but mainstream to me!! I still cannot understand, nor will I ever agree with, those of you who blindly support a nincompoop – crackpot like ‘MoRon’ Paul. He may be better than BHO or the RINO Mitt-nitwit Obam-ney on some issues. But he is a George McGovern on foreign policy, and it is said that he favors legalization of illegal mind-altering drugs. In fact, judging by his remarks about Osama Bin Laden, ‘Wrong’ Paul maybe even worse than Obama on foreign policy. I agree with libertarians on some issues, but overall they are simply too laisse-faire. We should NOT legalize mind-altering drugs!! We need to retain some good moral values. What we really need is a solid conservative, and MoRon ‘Wrong’ Paul is not one of them. In fact, MoRon Paul has supposedly badmouthed many conservatives.


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