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In Moscow, Obama pledges to reduce nuclear arsenal

July 7, 2009 by  

In Moscow, Obama pledges to reduce nuclear arsenalPresident Obama has reportedly obtained Russian commitment to pursue a mutual reduction of both countries’ nuclear stockpiles, in a move that could have far-reaching effects for America’s security.

"This is an urgent issue, and one in which the U.S. and Russia have to take leadership," Obama said during a visit to Russia.

"It is very difficult for us to exert that leadership unless we are showing ourselves willing to deal with our own nuclear stockpiles in a more rational way," he added.

The planned replacement to the START I nuclear arms reduction treaty, which expires on December 5, calls for each side to reduce strategic warheads to a range of 1,500 to 1,675, and strategic delivery vehicles to a range of 500 to 1,100. Current limits allow a maximum of 2,200 warheads and 1,600 launch vehicles.

The new treaty would run for 10 years, and each side would have seven years to reach reduction goals.

However, it remains unclear how this could be achieved given that his Russian counterpart, Dmitri Medvedev, remains opposed to the proposed American missile defense shield in Central Europe, which the U.S. claims is designed to protect the homeland from the threat of Iranian nuclear missiles.

Commentators say a resolution of this issue is crucial to any nuclear reduction deal.

On Wednesday, Obama heads to Italy, for the start of the G8 summit.

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  • http://PersonalLiberty David

    Obama has sol us out again. He went to Russia to brush up on his Marxist/Socialistic skills & knowledge. All for selling some beef. America must rid ourselves of this cancer. He also needs to take the Capitol Hill bunch with him. Especially that lying POS, Pelosi. She must be delusional. We are losing our freedom & what made America the greatest country in the world more every day these people are in power.

    • Jon in CA

      David, I absolutely. We are all screwed. There is so little we can do to stop this Behemoth once all these socialist plans arte in place. Obama has had a hidden agenda throughout. I saw through it but America is full of Sheeple that follow the mainstream media and are uneducated in politics. I don’t know how we will make out to the end of the O term.

      If this keeps up much longer, I will be leaving this once great country. There is a point of no return.

      • veronique

        Jon, i am with you we are planning to leave this country too but where are we going ?? this is our Home and our Land and this is best of the world to be. This is going to be another attack for the US , it is going tobe URGLY .

    • veronique

      you know what the only thing we can do now to support our contry and our Freedom is to go to Washington DC in front of the White house , if 1000 people show up than he will get the picture.

      • Brian Rawls

        Wow just a 1000? Just think, what if that 1000 people each had some poo on a stick. Now thats a force to be reckoned with.

  • Gary Heimerle

    What is an “Oath of Office”? Correct me if I am wrong! I distinctly remember the President and Madam Secretary swearing (on a bible)to God and Country to protect the Constitution of the United States of America, which the Amendments are an instrument to, there-of, now trying to putt a FAR LEFT Supreme Court Judge nominee on the panel just doesn’t seem to me to follow that idea. God help this nation!

  • Robin, Arcadia, IN

    It’s going to be a rough 4 years. Getting this group out of office is not going to solve the problem. The aftermath of everything that is happening will be horrible. There will be so much damage control and clean up that it will take years to undo what is being done. I find it incredible that they have caused so many issues and are involved in so many aspects of our lives. They plan on taxing us to infinity, messing with our health care, our defense is going to see changes that are not going to be helpful if we are ever attacked again, and the list goes on. And we still don’t have proof that he is an American!

    • Brian Rawls

      Lets say we are able to get them all out. Will any no good Republican reverse and undo what has been done? Will they give back all the liberty that has been lost? I dont think so Robin. The next sorry scum bag will take advantage of it all and probably play off of it. Think about it for a while.

      • JanO

        What all people need to do is their research before voting. If it means giving up time on more enjoyable pursuits or giving up sleep, then so be it. I did not vote for OB. I did try to be fair & listen to him, but he was so obviously the snake oil salesman that I just couldn’t stand it. The info was out there, but people just shoo shooed it away. They had stars in their eyes. The blacks just wanted to have one of their kind in office just as they have made Michael Jackson into some kind of hero. No other reason, just their own kind. Too bad they are not going to benefit any more than the rest of us. With the exception of welfare & just what does that do for them? Maybe continue their slavery? Then we have the mexicans that have to come here to make a living but are all for making us all slaves.Why not, that is what they are used to.

        • Brian Rawls

          I dont think we will have that kind of person to vote for JANO. I dont see it being in the cards.

  • Pete Burlington

    This Motherless Fu*k obama is no more than a SOCIALIST COMMUNIST PUKE that should be immediately removed from office however, the idiots that fell for his snake oil salesman’s pitch were tricked into voting for this little bitch and we are stuck with him for 3 more years. Here is man who never worked an honest day in his entire radical life telling us to give more. SCREW HIM. It is time for the AMERICAN people to take back our country.

    • Brian Rawls

      Pete with talk like that you will end up in a fema camp before to long. LOL

      • Brian Rawls

        The slate must be wipped clean. Everyone needs to be held accountable for their action. Voting someone out is not good enough anymore. They keep doing these things because nothing happens to them.

  • James Corbin

    Why can’t people see this dude for what he is. He is destroying us. Does he really think our allies will tell us all their secrets. This man is CRAZY !!!!! This country had better wake up!!!!

  • Terry

    Pres. Reagan used a perfect phrase for this situation.”Trust but verify.” I would be very hesitant to trust the Mafia run Russian Government, but our brilliant community organizer will bend over backwards to get a deal signed with Russia, simply for his legacy and seemingly regardless of the long term consequences.
    It appears all comments here are form a small handful of like minded folks, but if you are not contacting your congressmen and women, it is all hot air. You must empower them to speak up, with the confidence of our backing. Otherwise, Pres Obama will continue on his socialist path, and noone will have the stones to say a word until it is too late.

    • Brian Rawls

      Terry I see America losing its liberty. I dont think there is enough like minded people like us. I can tell you what else I see, a group similar to the IRA running wild in this country.

  • James Corbin

    Has anybody heard—-The group “American for Freedom of Information” Realeased copies of Obama’s college transcript from Occidental College. The transcript indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign studentfrom Indonesia, as an undergraduate at the college. The transcript shows that Obama (Soetoro) applied for finicial aid and was awarded a fellowship for foreign students.

  • outspoken2

    B.O. (barak) sounds like a salesman on a car lot, trying to sell you a car you don’t want nor can you afford to pay for it.

    • Brian Rawls

      He sounds like someone the police would arrest for running an Iranian cat-house. lol lol

  • http://none James

    Article 2 Section 2 of the Constitution states that the president shall have the authority to enter into “treaties” however he must first discuss this with the
    senate and have a two thirds (2/3) approval of the senate before these treaties may be made.

    Once again, Hussein Obama has taken it upon himself to NOT defend the Constitution of the United States of America, as he swore to do at his inauguration.

    Hussein Obama is a muslin and a marxist/communist who has again taken more steps to weaken our defenses. Hussein Obama is Jimmy Carter the second only much worse and more of a power grabber. Let’s face it, he is a DICTATOR and must be removed from office. He and his cohorts in Washington, D.C. (D-estroyers of C-onservatism) want to totally control the masses, make them dependant upon the government and are a danger to the future of our nation.

    They own the auto industry, the banks, the insurance companies, and they want to own the health care system and even every aspect of our lives. They are liars and thieves.

    Hussein Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Shumer, Dodd, Rangel, Governors Corzine and Patterson and the like ALL must be put out of office and soon.

    But,as I have stated in a previous blog in response to the article about queen Pelosi, Hussein Obama and his cohorts are GOD’s curse on the United States of America for its collective sins. If we keep murdering babies through abortion, if we keep committing sexual sins such as homosexuality, lesbianism, adultery, lying, stealing, cheating, murdering and the like, if we keep passing laws in state after state to allow men to marry men and women to marry women, which is abnormal and against the laws of GOD (YAHWEH is The Father’s proper name) we will never be blessed by GOD. We ARE under a CURSE. Open your eyes United States!!!!!!!

    We are all sinners and in need of a TRUE Savior, the Messiah, YAHSHUA, which is his proper name (known to some as JESUS CHRIST). We do not need Hussein Obama, who is nothing more than a FALSE messiah, or at least he thinks he is some kind of messiah who can convince even the evil terrorist and the terrorists nations like Iran to change their terrorist ways. How naive is this fraud?

    May the people of the U.S. repent and turn to GOD so that HE will once again bless this nation and heal us.

    • Brian Rawls

      Praise the lord and pass the ammunition James. Its time to rock and roll. Its time to cleanse this nation. But I was wondering all the democrats and liberals say its bad to have guns. Because so many kids get killed by them. Im thinking we should use swords or knifes. They seem to think aborting kids by the knife is ok. Hold on im confused. Knifes? guns? Im going to have to get back with you I cant figure this one out just yet.

      • Brian Rawls

        GUNS? OR KNIFES JAMES? We were talking about revolution correct? lol

  • http://pliberty Dan Denman

    I spose he is bowing to the russians too, huh? I see he bows to everybody else, even the pope. Boy did you liberals ever elect a loser this time- the only way America could have done any worse is to have elected the devil! or did you?

    • Brian Rawls

      Lol, He cant be the devil amigo. The devil is a better liar than he is. lol

      • Brian Rawls

        I figured this all out. If the political heads dont want to do the right thing. We can rub some poo on a stick and wave it around. That will get them straightned out.

        • 13th Gen. American

          Brian, Put the poo stick down and take a deep breath. Remember, They lock up the crazy people for flinging poo. Nice thought but I dont think it will catch on.

        • rodin

          Waving poo on a stick will just cause it to fall on your heads. LMFAO

  • C. Rice

    There will be a march on D.C ,Sept 12. ,sponsored by Grassfire, ResistNet and Tea Party Patriots. contact Patriotic Resistance @ , One Step Promotions and Incentives are helping as travel co-ordinators and finding hotels.
    Charlotte Rice Conway S.C.

  • Anita Eitmann

    I keep hearing how intelligent this president is suppose to be. What level of intelligence is the media comparing him to; a retarded gorilla. He sold us out again. Russia has lost nothing in this exchange of reducing nuclear weapons. All of their weapons are obsolete and worthless. The DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO REPLENISH THEIR WEAPONS. Again the so called highly intelligent did it again to the American People. I’ve come to this conclusion regarding this idiot; either he is very, very stupid or he is out to deliberately destroy Americans and our beloved America. There is no other answer to this.

    • rodin

      Or you are incredibly stupid and have no idea what you are talking about.

  • James Corbin

    Brian, you are so right!


    I think I would love to play poker with this guy, of course he would have to get a loan from Red China to back his hand…..Razz Putin must being laughing out loud.

    The Black Knight gave up some of our dual purpose missle systems, it’s something the Russkies have wanted for years but couldn’t afford. Being a third world nation has disadvantages and B.O. is going to make sure we are going to be just like them.

    • rodin

      So your understanding of world politics is wrapped up in four words – dual purpose missile systems” – lord save us all from the stupid armchair quarterbacks.

      • ONTIME

        And your expertise is where?

        That was just one of the things he gave away and all of them are about the security of the country…..Please expound, I always want to see real expertise.

  • http://msn Wild Will

    Good Bye Democracy but I will fight before excepting this Socialist idiot… I didn’t vote for him and I think we need to start planning for the next couple of years, now. Every other group of people have marched on D.C. why can’t we do the same thing. This guy has spent more money on taking his family to London and New York then I’ve made in my entire life.

    Lets band together and start thinking now and find a good leader to help direct us to save our beloved country, it may already be to late but we can go down fighting.

    • rodin


      President’s travel to other countries – ITS WHAT THEY DO!!!!

      Now if you ever want to climb out of your socioeconomic malaise and do something valuable with your life, perhaps you and your family could go to London too.

  • 13th Gen. American

    Does any one else get a little sick at the stomach realizing what all is going on? Its like we are all in a bad dream and we cant wake up.

    • rodin

      What makes me really sick to my stomach is the realization there are so many brainless followers of simplistic political ideologies that are willing to sell their souls for blind rhetoric. The nightmare is over now that Bush is gone. There’s barely a day that goes by I’m not reading the paper and thinking what a pragmatic leader we finally have. Has he made a few mistakes… sure…. have the optics of a few of his decisions looked a little off…. maybe. But on the whole, the balance of what he has so far accomplished far outweighs any negatives. America is so far much better off economically and politically than it ever could have been under the ideologically blinded Bush, or what might have been a completely disastrous Palin/McCain administration. At least we have somebody with a brain and using it.

      • 13th Gen. American

        Thank you!!! It took me a good 5 minutes to collect myself after that good laugh. And were the ones that mindlessly follow someone. Never in all the people I know have they talked so lovingly and with such dedication to Bush as you have for Obama. Do you get all misty eyed and have a warm fuzzy feeling inside when you think of him? Im sure drones like you are so easily manipulated that you will be the first in line when they pour the coolaide. Possibly you are of the generation that has been fed it little by little. I have said it before but people like you remind me of independence day movie. Ya know when all the sane people were running away and trying to kill the evil that came to the world. Then there are you wackjobs holding up your signs “take me take me” Then there is that moment. And someday you will have it when your butt puckers so you dont shit yourself when you realize just what monster you have invited. Maybe you are so far gone but there are several people who voted for him that have already told me how disappointed they are. He is a total fake. liar. con artist, anti american, power hungry ego manic bent on destroying everything good in America and turning it into a commie country. Kiss ass to our enemies, weak willed,bombastic, snob. He cant even talk without a prompter.” AAAHH UMMM daaaa.” without it. He is only good at reading and has a nice smile. Thats it.No name calling. All fact. I do feel for you that there are people so easily fooled but then God said there would be. Its just so sad to see it. And see just how far into the dark side you have gone. May God have mercy on your soul.

        • rodin

          I can’t believe you can string so many words together while saying NOTHING. Again the putdowns, the crazy talk the blather, but not a single argument. Did you go to school or do you just put God into every blurb to show your Sunday schoolin.

          FACT – OBAMA immediately day one reversed stem cell research ban, bringing billions of dollars into NY and LA- I know you don’t care cause them are dem states, but the fact is we were losing research to Toronto, the far east and Europe.

          FACT – OBAMA shifted direction in the war from IRAQ to Afghanistan where your idol spent the better part of a trillion dollars and thousands of American lives wasted for NOTHING.

          FACT – OBAMA is restoring the rights and freedoms we lost under the Patriot Act. Now maybe you like the ability of the gov’t to wiretap you and to torture your kids and to send your next door neigbor to a foreign country for their brand of torture…. but the FACT is that this is being reformed and in my mind that’s a good thing.

          Now where’s your FACTS Mr 13 full of rhetoric.

        • 13th Gen. American

          Love your “FACTS” Roden. You prove my point again and again how stupid you are. Im not going to waste my time repeating what others have said and what I know you have read before. The only fact you know is believing what you are told by the libs and whatever brainwashed bull you have been told. You and your facts are a joke and you just dont get it. You never will. You are seriously a sad individual with maybe multiple personalities because the very things you say are what you accuse others of doing. I guess they are not talking to each other and they make you look like a fool. Id like to think you really cant help yourself. I have grown fond of you but seriously. Obama giving us more freedom?????Thats the biggest joke you have come up with yet. Unless you are an illegal alien that is.

      • ONTIME

        You know if you have to drool on the key board when you blather, take your meds before you tune in.

        • rodin

          Dude, don’t play with the big boys unless you got the balls. For starters you might want to get a degree.

  • http://SustainableNowTechnologies Algae ARTIST

    This discussion is startling…people have said again and again they feel like they are in a dream. I think they are…Has anyone taken into account that we, as the United States, the sole survivor of nuclear super power race has 6X the nuclear stockpile than that of all the other developed nations combined. We have the military capability to end life on this planet several times over…no other society even wants to tout this type of destructive might. And the uninformed public ranting on this website believe we are bending over backward if we show the terrorist world (who we fear will nuke us with ONE renegade sole explosion or wide spread biological weapon) that we are willing to assess our MASSIVE military stockpile. We ARE the weapons dealer to the world and we always have been. It doesn’t send a good message to tout that Iran and others should abandon nuclear power when we continue to build our capabilities. It would be nice to show the rest of the world we intend to be a LEADER once again, and not the mini-war king. Has anyone ranting on this website seen another culture nuke their adversary other than US?

    • 13th Gen. American

      Hello!!!!It was used as a defense. As I recall they flew their kamikazee asses over here and dragged us into a war. Thousands were killed. More when we went to war. The war ended with them when the bombs dropped.The other countries want to use theirs to kill all of us. Even the people like you that live in la la land thinking if we got rid of ours they would play nice and get rid of theres. Not happening. They never play nice. We have to have more to keep them from trying to send their nukes over here. And if anyone thinks that that is a joke remember 9-11. They attack when we least expect it. Stab you in the back. Strap a bomb on a kid, Walk into a school and start shooting. Fly a plain into a building on a beautful day.Ya all them are reasonable people that we can just have a nice chat with and ask them to play nice. Now whos dreaming…..

      • rodin

        13…. What a pleasure to hear your bombastic musings again. However, again you seem to miss the point completely and argue for a completely insane point of view. The issue was whether we extend the START treaty and all I’vfe heard on this forum is a bunch of Obama bashing with not a single argument addressing the issue. (Whoops sorry there was one ill informed idiot saying that Russia doesn’t have the economic ability to replace its warheads – since when did trailer trash conservatives have economics degrees).

        So you would argue against a well informed opinion on the global nuclear capabilities and reductions therefrom to spew rhetoric about the deaths of a couple of thousand Americans in 9-11. Shake your head… the analogy is not even remotely related. At least try to use some logic in your discourse. Sadly you’re probably one of the few that Bush had fooled for years about the necessity of obliterating our civil rights in the name of public safety. A few thousand die and nation gets a 7 year case of collective stupidity.

        IF people on this forum are going to bash Obama – at least argue against some of his policies and actions…. otherwise you’re just a bunch of schoolyard bullies calling names.

        If I’m going to bash Bush or Cheney, I’m not going to say that Bush was addicted to cocaine or that Cheney can’t handle a gun without shooting somebody…. I’m going to go to 8 years of policy and talk about the destruction of personal freedoms under the terms of the Patriot Act, I’m going to talk about an ill-advised tax policy where we robbed from our future to erase the largest economic surplus in our history, I’m going to say that Cheney acted illegally by telling the CIA to keep certain things secret from our elected government. Try talking specifics…. it will give you a little more credibility. At least algae ARTIST provided some specific rationale for an plausible argument. People here can stop the mindless and rhetorical Obama bashing and maybe even start using their brains.

        • 13th Gen. American

          The reason I dont have to waste my time typing details is most of the people here are well informed enough to know them already and the likes of you are so far up Obamas ass you cant rationalize any thing other than your own scewed warped reality. I dont agree with everything But I also know your conspiracy theorys are just as ridiculous as your rants on gay issues. You give all of the middle ground people reason to jump ship and come to the conservative side. When the dems see your assinine post it sickens them to see what the left really thinks and they move further right. I know this to be true because Ive forward alot of your hate filled spew to several friends who are dems and the replies are priceless. If you doubt me look it up yourself. More and more people are aligning themselves as independant or conservative and the biggest group moving over are dems. I do appreciate youre efforts in trying to pretend to be well informed but they lack any sence or reality that you have become but a joke. Most people here dont waste their time going on lib blogs because we have better things to do and it is also scary to know there are so many anti- american syco coolaide drinkers like yourself. But please continue to visit. You have done more for our side to motivated people into action than any of our talking could ever do. You personally are responsible for me donating to several conservative causes and going to 9-11 meetings and Im going to DC on the 12th. I also bring you and your rants up at these meetings. I always get a great response. So altho I do feel for you I have to thank you for all your contribution to the conservative agenda. And as always. You might be touched and need some therapy but Jesus does love you.

        • rodin

          13 – Always a pleasure to hear your lengthy attempts at name-calling. This time you have 23 lines of rhetoric without a single fact. I think that’s a record even for you. You continue to amaze me that you cannot discuss any issue which you consider important. Far better to simply rely on calling names and ranting. Oh… and conspiracy theories? – I don’t think I’ve ever espoused a single one… Enlighten me oh wise one -

          Far as I can tell, the majority of writers on this blog are a fringe group of wackos without much in the way of higher education. And as for being American, I think your attitudes are a lot further away from concepts of freedom than my own. I’d be happy to debate politics, economics or philosophy if you ever want to get away from your rhetoric but sadly I believe that’s the only place you feel comfortable.

        • 13th Gen. American

          The majority of people here know the facts and have no need of me repeating them. I have no need or desire to try to educate you. Small minded libs do not debate facts. Just their own warped idea of reality so you are not worth the effort. I also have better things to do than count the times you have called names. But from what I do know of you based on your spewes hypocrite should be listed as one of the names. So make that about 30 lines if your keeping count. I will let others be the judge of your idiotic blablabla. So if we are what you say why do you waste your time or are you one of the paid minions who just troll around and talk stupid shit on conservative blogs? But please continue. As I have said before your serve our side more than your own.

        • rodin

          Yes thirteen, you continue to amaze me with your lack of ability to think. Even with a direct challenge you can’t muster an argument. BLah Blah Blah. You sound like a bitter old fart that’s too set in your ways to learn anything and rely solely upon what you’re told by experts like Cheney and Palin. Some call that sycophancy. You being so far up their butts, you can’t even see the light anymore. And facts that “everyone” seems to know!! They must be part of the secret handshake because they’re certainly not covered in the daily news even by FOX.

        • 13th Gen. American

          I have come to realize roden is like one of those little yapping dogs. They bark alot but say nothing and everyone just laughs at them. Or like that fly that just was eating shit and then lands on you. No matter how you flick at then they just keep coming back. No real value in the world just there to annoy people. Roden says alot of words but the the fly its just shit its carrying arround.

        • rodin

          ROTFLMAO So 13, you still can’t do any better than to insult me. Not a single rational argument or hypothesis. Are you that uneducated you can’t formulate an idea, and attempt through discourse to prove or disprove? Very sad. Schoolyard bully style – don’t study, get a dead end job and be miserable all your life. Poor poor 13… maybe the generations won’t go to 14. Passing on your ignorance would be of no more benefit to future societies.

  • http://aol Ginger

    We have gotten so emotional about our country because most of us have never experienced anything like this, but the truth is the people we keep electing no matter what party have treated us like stupid children. When money was flowing they were wasting. For example we pay taxes on everything look at your paycheck and utility bills, etc. and then we to give to charities and our paychecks help pay for people with disabilities who are on SSD and if you collect your SS and have chilren under 18 they get half or sometimes more than half of your SS until 18 and it isn’t need based. If you go on disability and have young children they get money monthly also.We are not greedy we are generous people. Most Americans work hard long hours, some make a good hourly wage some don’t, but they keep plugging away to provide for ourselves or families. This country does not have to apologize to other countries like our President seems to be doing. Remember we need to get involved and have to have term limits in DC, throw the bums out who have made a cushy home for themselves and treated DC as there personal piggybank.

    • rodin

      Ginger, I have no idea what you are talking about. Obama did not “apologize” to Russia for anything. He merely negotiated a new START treaty because the old one was about to expire. He’s SUPPOSED TO DO THAT. At least we have a president now that can DEAL with the rest of the world instead of holing up in a bunker and pretending they don’t exist. Somebody is finally rational in Washington and will get some good things done. It’s time to finally put the last 8 years on insanity behind us.

      • Brian Rawls

        Rodin, I figured you to be a good laugh. But you are really a cry.

        • rodin

          OMG – an intelligent response – NOT. Go back to sipping the corn-mash. Your sister’s calling ya.

        • 13th Gen. American

          OH ya Roden the enlighten one who is so above us and calls on us for calling names. Ya I do believe if we looked up the word hypocrite the words liberal and roden would be there. But she is worth a good laugh aint she.

        • rodin

          OMFG – you are really slipping 13. Is your 13 year old daughter starting to write for you. Send her over… maybe I can teach her some real facts before she’s totally corrupted and lost.

      • Brian Rawls

        It seems you have never waved a poo stick around before.

        • rodin

          Can’t say as I’ve had the privilege. We liberals generally flush it.

      • Brian Rawls


        • Brian Rawls

          Im sorry Rodin, I didnt know you were suffering from liberalism. I cannot say what my political party is at the time. I do know that the whole go green stuff is more than I can stand. Everyone I know has been giving me their used motor oil. I will think of you when I pour it into the river. This way If the next disaster hits your buddy and actor friend Mr Penn will be swimming around in oily- sh** water to rescue people. God Bless.

        • rodin

          suffering???? If you ever decide to get an education, you might just be able to understand the word liberal…. our entire system of government is based upon liberal philosophies while our economic system is also “liberal”. Without liberals we’d be living under a British king with a mercantilist economy.

          As for being “green”, there will always be issues which capture the imagination of the masses…. whether they make sense or not as an absolute or whether these issues need to be introduced like a swinging pendulum…. i don’t care… the fact that you want to live your life in abject simplicity and simply call everything you don’t like as “liberal” befuddles my sensibility that in general intelligence will prevail. Obviously it’s going to take a little more time with you in the picture.

        • 13th Gen. American

          Actually the libs are usually talking shit so they are immune to the smell.

        • Brian Rawls

          Oh I didnt know rodin was a she-male. I will be extra sad when ( it ) comes down with a** cancer and dies.

        • 13th Gen. American

          You can tell by the shit that comes out of her mouth he already has ass cancer.

        • rodin

          You guys are so funny passing around the corn mash together. Is this what passes for intelligence in males. Potty training must have been the height of your intellectual development.

        • Brian Rawls

          Rodin, One of my neighbors a few houses over from me is a liberal. Every so often I take a poo in a plastic Wall-Mart bag and fling it in his back yard in the midnight hour. This Rodin has kept him baffled for months. I will fling one over into his yard tonight in your honor.

        • Brian Rawls

          Rodin despite you being rude. I would like to apologize for the things that I have said to you. I was only making crude humor and dont want you to take it personal.

  • Delmar Wixson

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