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In Midterm Election Year, Joe The Plumber Bashes McCain, Praises Obama

February 23, 2010 by  

In midterm election year, Joe the Plumber bashes McCain, praises Obama  America’s most famous plumber was the talk of the 2008 presidential campaign, but it seems that two years later there is no love lost between Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, who came to symbolize the GOP’s popular appeal, and Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), who was the party’s presidential candidate.

During last weekend’s campaign rally in Pennsylvania for gubernatorial candidate Sam Rohrer, Wurzelbacher—commonly known as Joe the Plumber—said McCain is "no public servant" and a "career politician."

In a subsequent interview with Pennsylvania Public Radio, Wurzelbacher went on to claim that McCain tried to use him in the 2008 campaign and he "really screwed up my life."

"I don’t owe him s**t," he responded to the host’s suggestion that he is famous because of McCain.

Joe the Plumber also said he no longer supported Sarah Palin—McCain’s 2008 running mate—since she has endorsed the Arizona senator for reelection in November.

Surprisingly, the 36-year-old had kinder words for President Obama, reportedly saying that "his ideology is un-American, but he’s one of the more honest politicians. At least he told us what he wanted to do," according to media reports.

Since the 2008 presidential election, Wurzelbacher published a book about his experiences, and has appeared as a motivational speaker and commentator.

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  • Robert Beaty

    Joe the plumber must be after an Obama boondoggle when he calls him honest. The only thing honest about him is what he thinks today. He has a bad memory of past promises used to get elected. I am sad that he is the president of my country, and trying to become KING!

  • lou

    Hey joe glad your getting what you want we sure didnt!

  • Jack

    No more love for Joe the Plumber. I guess his fame has gone to his head. Perhaps Obama threatened him, or perhaps he has gone soft in the head. Obama – an honest politician? He is the most corrupt, dishonest politician ever. However, I do agree with him about McCain who is a liberal progressive hiding in republican clothing. I don’t know why anyone would vote to keep him in office.

  • Norm

    It’s the smartest thing that fool ever said. I guess even he realized how dishonest the neocons really are.

    • Joe H.

      And that is about the dumbest thing you have ever said! No wait there was the remark about handicapped children, that was the dumbest thing. No wait there was………….

      • Stephaan

        Ha Ha Ha Ha,
        Abnormally Norm sure gives us a lot of ammunition doesn’t he….

  • Robb

    Actually Joe is partially right! Obama’s policies are Un-American but he has NOT been honest about what he wants to do with this country. He is the least TRANSPARENT president we’ve had. He tells us one thing and does another. We DO know what he wants to do with the country via his actions and a translation of what he says vs. what he does, which is why so many people are against him. I think we can make it until the end of his term without too much damage; providing we have a fiscally conservative congress to stop him, like the did Bubba!

    • eyeswideopen

      Robb, you are expecting the same Republicans who have been in Congress since the 90′s to suddenly become fiscally responsible? LMAO

      • DaveH

        What’s your solution EyesWideShut?

        • Arthur Throckmorton

          The answer is VOTE THEM ALL OUT! If we can’t get term limits for Congress, it’s up to the electorate to actually do the job for a change. This includes McCain. I also do not support Sarah Palin’s endorsement of McCain, not just because of McCain’s politics but for the disrespect he showed her after losing the election. Bad decision on Sarah’s part.

          There is no reason in the world this country should have career politicians that never worked a regular job in their lives with the exception of military service. Hell we’ve got the original Ku-Klux-Klansman in 92 year old Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) the democrats wheel into the senate when they need his vote. Then we’ve got Strom Thurmond (R-SC), Daniel K. Inouye (D-HI) and Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) all have served or are serving over 46 years just in the United States Senate. Lets not forget Rep. John D. Dingell (D-MI) in office now for over 53 years just in the House of Representatives. It’s long overdue we clean house so to speak. None of these “icons” have done a thing to address the unfunded liabilities of Medicare or Medicaid having been initiated under their watch or been good stewards of the social security trust fund which does not exist except as IOU’s. VOTE THEM ALL OUT!

          • eyeswideopen

            Arthur, and you didn’t name all the Repubs who have been in office for longer than 8years why?

          • Joe H.

            He only mentioned the worst offenders! HAHA!!!

        • Claire

          DaveH–I suspect Joe the Plumber wanted to “ride” on McCain’s coattails and make some money and it didn’t happen. I think he finally realized McCain and Palin used him for what they could get out of him and then threw him away. It is literally nuts for politicians to grab onto someone and use him/her for their political gain. They should have realized Joe would become a turncoat once he didn’t get anywhere. Now Joe is upset and has changed course, he is ticked off because he had to go back to his old life. His little bit of fame is over. Now he is screaming like a banshee.

        • eyeswideopen

          DaveH, I know this might be beyond your grasp, but I will vote for individuals who have an open mind and who don’t vote a straight party ticket. I want someone who will analyze each issue and decide to do what is best for the majority and not just the party that they belong too. I like some things the Repubs represent and some things the Dem’s represent. Neither of them have all the answers and to support someone who just votes a straight party line is insane, narrow minded and proves the point that we need a third party. Heck, you can’t even get a husband and wife to agree all the time on everything. Yet, they say that they agree with their party 100% of the time. Absurd.

          • Joe H.

            All I can say to that is Bullshite!!! You have never said anything about voting for a republican that votes conservative orany politician that is conservative so I would say you are the closed minded person on this site!!!!

          • eyeswideopen

            JoeH, it’s a throw back to my Republican days of last year, when I was one. Yep, there are some I would vote for, if they aren’t radical right wingers. I will never vote for a rt wing nut case. I love my freedoms too much to help them take them away. Still hoping something will be done on the Patriot Act/ like repealing it. Funny, that the repubs just gave up that privacy right so easily.

  • Kris

    Actually I’m kinda sick of Joe the Plumer! Someone made the claim that the tea party movement was started because of Joe The Plumber. Well the tea party movement was stared by Rick Santelli making his impassioned statement on msnbc of all places. But I thank him for speaking out, one of the first to do so on national tv! Joe changes his alligence like i change my babies diapers, every day, 6 times a day! He’s had his 15 minutes of fame, time to go back to pluming Joe, lets start with you running off at the mouth, surely there’s a plumbing trick to fix that problem!

  • Victor L Barney

    As Obama, McCain is a “New World Order” guy and a Progressive! America must VOTE-OUT “ALL” known or even possible PROGRESSIVES IN NOVEMBER, 2010 and thereafter, if America is to economically and spiritually survive! Joe the Plumber is still an unknown, but sounding a little progressive to me in this article!

    • Harold Olsen

      “New World Order.” Where did that start? I think the first president whom I heard use that term as his goal was George H. W. Bush. I didn’t like the sound of it then and I don’t like it now.

  • michael

    NO America must vote out the NEO-CONs They are an embarrassment and a disgrace tour our country. Do not bother to reply as I do not read uneducated comments from Ideological midgets like conservatives.

    • s c

      This is not a direct reply, Mikey. I would not want to make you feel as though you got too close to a conservative. Recently, I came across a Mark Twain quote that seems to fit your situation to a tee. He said “If you don’t read a newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you DO read a newspaper, you’re misinformed.”
      I sure would like to know how many newspapers you read daily.
      To guess, I’d say you start your daily routine with the Washington Post and you end your day with the collected writings of Karl Marx.
      Pretty close, eh?

      • Joe H.

        right after the post is the slimes!!!

    • TIME

      Just what is a neo con? Is that some knee jerking reaction / sound bite Ga Gaa you got from say kiki UberMan?
      Or Chris, I need more make up and lip stick, Mathews?
      Perhaps Ralp MadCow, really angry person at large?

  • TIME

    Ok so we have Joe da Plumer with a whopping 100 IQ, YET he can see that both are were 100% wrong.
    Its also known to be easy to trick someone with a 100 IQ.
    Think “a sucker is born every day.”

    Thats why we have the mess we face today. Lets let the Joe the plummers rhetoric die the death it should have a long time ago.

    It was fluff to make you feel good, as in the politicians really care about YOU the American public.
    Its all a BIG show. Give a speach that has no value at all as its lies one after the other, Kiss a few babys, wave at the folks, shake a few hands, then reach in your pocket and steel you blind!

    People take off the blinders so your eyes are wide open.

    Its TIME to see that Barry is little more than a shell that dances the dance he is told to, think “New World Order, One World Order,” or how ever you wish to grasp it, its all the same.

    Barry is the sharpe point of the speer that cuts both way’s, MacCaine could not have had that effect. Thus he was not elected to do the dirty work that needs to be done now.

    Again its; “Socialist light MacCaine, or Heavy Barry O.”

    We need real leaders that are for AMERICA not what we have now.

    • Harold Olsen

      Joe has an IQ of 100? Are you sure it’s that high??

  • Jana

    Sounds to me like Joe the Plumber got disillusioned by politics. That is very easy to do. Most politicians of ALL parties talk out of both sides of their mouths. That is because they want to make a career out of politics, and a lucrative career it is too.

    People just go along with the same old same old and we need to stop. The only problem is we try to look at the candidates to see what they stand for and we don’t really know. We only have their word when they first come on the scene, but then we have their voting records after its almost too late. By then they have become a household name and people vote for someone they recognize, or the one that will “give me” the most.

    However Joe thinking that Obama is honest is a joke. He ran as a moderate and he is no more moderate than he is conservative. That was a lie. Obama lies so how does that possibly make him honest? It doesn’t.

  • Harold Olsen

    Joe had his fifteen minutes of fame and I guess he wants more.

  • s c

    Joe must be related to Specter. If he can change his political opinions this fast, then he never had any strong beliefs in the first place. Those wacked-out ultraliberal progressives can have him.
    I hope he learns to enjoy fence-sitting. And when he realizes that Comrade Obummer is anti-business and anti-American, Joe will get his ability to walk around bent over tested on a daily basis. Enjoy your new way of life, Joe. You have shown your true colors.

    • Joe H.

      Didn’t you know that his name is Joe Da Plumber,Spector??!??

  • Independent

    Actually, Obama was as honest as a Chicago politician can be about his intentions. He said he would change America. He just didn’t say what that change would be. If you want to know what the New World Order is all about, Google “Council on Foreign Relations”, “Trilateral Commission” and “Bilderbergers” and read a book by Taylor Caldwell called “Captains and the Kings”. It is fiction totally based on fact. Read-Read-Read. As my Grandmother always told me, “Don’t believe anything you hear or half of what you see”.

  • Dale

    “his ideology is un-American, but he’s one of the more honest politicians. At least he told us what he wanted to do,” according to media reports

    That is “Praise” . . . whoever writes the mastheads is NUTS . . . that is stating the obvious . . . Joe is saying that for those of us who were paying attention . . . the Bamster told us all during the campaign WHO HE WAS . . . anyone who didn’t figure it out before the election was language challenged!!!

  • http://gmail Lone Rider

    Well you should know that the beltway eleits get in, because most polititians and adminstrationare built pretty simple. They have only two working parts, their mouth and their exhaust vents, both ar inchangeable, liberal and progressives have velcrow or 100 mph tape”duct tape” so as to change positions faster, and won’t have toslow down with reatachment problems. Specter, McCain, Obbamee, and most other mud pied idoits!!!!

  • Bud Grounds

    Joe, the plumber was right when he said President Obama told you what he was about but the people were either too dazzled to comprehend his words. For the record, I vote the person, not party.

    Glen Beck (I am not of fan of his) provided a background of President Obama and the people in his life who had a great influence on what he believes. Unfortunately, his views are socialistic and the progressives/Liberals are among those who think as he does. He said during his campaign for President that he intended to “distribute the wealth” and that he wanted a”nationalized Health Care Plan”. Translation: Socialistic agenda. His classmates in college said he is a socialist and did not hide his beliefs in many discussions they had.
    Mr. Root of the Libertarian Party was a classmate of President Obama.

    His problem is the American people finally recognized the ploy and are fighting back. His lack of experience and allowing Congress and advisors to push the agenda blew up in his face. Why?; they were more incompetent than he is inexperienced. The final push on the Health Care Bill will be his Waterloo and also those in Congress who vote for passage. This administration and congress need to focus their attention on placing this economy back on its feet and stop playing games with Health Care and Cap and Trade which will only increase our deficit. If they don’t, the people will speak loudly this November. The way it looks now, we will be rid of all the deadbeats who have become so pompous that care less what we think.
    Term limits in Congress and not allowing a payment for life for having served in Congress would, I believe, draw better candidates.
    It seems many on Capitol Hill now are about ego or enhancing their financial portfolio. We have to put an end to this.

  • one old dog

    People are being played, by those, we elect so they and their buddies party on, on our hard earned dollars.and want to further regulate every aspect of our lives. By the time those who still trust “O” realize they have been had , it may be too late to pull it back beginning with the debt that has been incurred, and a host of other things I’ve seen in countries that “O” wants the U.S. to emulate. by keeping us divided, they win. Follow the money, and see how they raid the treasury to reward high placed friends, On both sides of the aisle!
    No more dynasties in D.C. throw them all out, or the country is going down. They wipe their feet on the constitution with every bill they enact. or just ignore it hoping no one will notice!

  • Raggs

    The media pushing an issue of no importants to distract “you” from the true meaning of thier agenda! Did I explain that clear enough?
    It’s ping-pong with your thought’s to distract you from the true meaning of what they do not want you to know. odumbo does this everday!

  • Raggs

    (comment removed for offensive content)

  • eddie47d

    S.C. (11:08am),Pro-business has become Anti-American. These folks have become greedy and selfish and are screwing us everyday. Even when they get caught they laugh and do it again.Maybe Americas’ best days are long gone no matter which side we choose.

    • Raggs

      Someone who get’s it…
      odumbo will collapse the US get ready for it!

  • Raggs

    (comment removed for offensive content)

  • Raggs

    Previous comment removed… I can respect that… Prehap’s I was not in the realm of obamanation.

  • http://BobLivingstonNewsletter Jim

    All I can say is:”There sure isz a lot of mispelled words in the replys by all the intelegencia”

  • Cel

    This is how “propaganda” gets started……

    This is …..a ….lie…..I watched …Joe the plumber on FOX and he

    did not ….”bash” …John McCain…..nor …praise …Obama.

    Notice …there were …NO…NAMES …ON …THE ABOVE ..propaganda??

    LIES…LIES…LIES…HE should take every penny the person who is responsible for lies has.


  • Cel

    Joe the plumber said on ….FOX…his life was h*** because of the people all over him when he first got on camera back in ’08.

    He said …Obama told us what he wanted to do…

    Now is that bashing McCain…????

    or praising Obama ???

    Someone was “desperate” to write something that wasent..


  • Tom

    I guess I read Joe’s comment a little different than most. The part about McCain is dead right on. I think ‘ol Joe was commenting on the fact that Barry said he was going to “fundamentally change America” and boy, has he. He lies openly and without hesitation, he has spent more time on the campaign trail since he took office (does he know that he is President yet). Transparent, I have to say he is totally transparent. He hates the United States of America and has lied about everything he says. All his promises, LIES, his running the country, LIES, bipartisan, LIES, etc. The one thing you can count on is that Barry and wife are having parties like it’s 1999 and living it up. He and his “friends” will stay in power just like Chavez in Venezuela. And isn’t the young child who replies with words like “neocon” showing his ignorance. Unless your drawing welfare young person, Barry isn’t going to help you.

    • TIME

      Tom, Fine observation.

  • Faithbeliever

    I agree with the fame is now gone and he will do anything to bring it back. So why not help the progressives. Shame on you Joe! I thought you were being truthful. Maybe you were just a prop for obama.

  • mark

    joe the plumber,obama,mccain are the 3 idiots. also, both parties are totally corrupt. time for the country to clean house. LMAO that joe the turd chaser is a motivational speaker. Will the insanity never end!!!

  • Joe

    Let’s start with the man of the hour Samuel J. Wurzelbacher aka Joe The Plumber.
    Prior to the election of Osama oops I mean Obama, Joe the plumber seemed happily and gainfully employed. If my memory serves me right George Bush (a republican) was president then and unemployment low. Now Joe’s unhappy and says his life is hell. Let’s see now, could his unhappiness and life of hell be because he is now a part of the 10% unemployed and that this Dictator oops I mean President is leading us into a socialist country which would be devestating for his and other’s businesses and don’t forget about the rest of us who don’t own businesses.
    Hey Benedict Arnold oops I mean Joe has all those years of cleaning out s*#t from toilets and sewer lines gone to your head and turned you into a “s*#t for brains” can’t you see why you’re so unhappy and your life’s a living hell. Well! it’s fixin to get worse if we allow Obama to have his way. Wake up and smell the coffee, Joe aim your anger and unhappiness at the ones who are causing it “Barrack Obama” and his accomplices Pelosi and Reid.
    The original “Three Stooges” MOE, LARRY and CURLY were created in 1925 but were not called by the name until a few years later at a time when unemployment was high, the economy in chaos and soup lines were the norm for the day. Sound Familier? it should, the only difference today is the soup lines, we don’t have them yet. The original Three Stooges entertained and made the Americans of that time laugh in bad times.
    Today’s Three Stooges are creating bad times to make us cry or make life hell for us as Joe the plumber says. Their sense of fairness is to make all of us citizens equilly poor while making those in government equilly rich. Maybe they’re trying to make us laugh just like the original Three Stooges did. If that’s so they have a horrible sense of humor.
    So Come on Joe and all you Joe the plumber types, run a roto rooter in your ear, pull out all the s*#t and re-install your real brains if you can remember where you left them.

  • Baxter

    check-out…..the best idea yet…that I have seen…lets take our country back…the few have had it long enough…we the people have the power…we can change the future…read the past to learn…all in congress are corrupt…vote them all out in nov…you the people have the real power…we can change the system if we all stick together…I am ready…ARE YOU????


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