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In His Own Words

August 31, 2011 by  

In His Own Words

Fox News’ Chris Wallace is finally treating Representative Ron Paul with the respect he deserves. Rather than try to paint him as a kook and hitting him with “gotcha” questions, Wallace gives an honest interview and allows Paul to answer his questions.

Wallace also points out a fact the mainstream media are trying to ignore: Paul has passed last month’s top flavor Michele Bachmann in the polls, is gaining ground in the GOP field and is in a dead heat with President Barack Obama.

If you say you believe in the Constitution and want a government that follows it but you don’t support Paul, I encourage you to watch this interview with an open mind. If you think you believe in the Constitution and freedom but still can’t support Paul after watching this interview, go back and reread (if you’ve ever actually read it) the document, because you certainly didn’t understand it the last time.

After watching the interview, if you still can’t support Paul, I’d like to know why. But please, don’t say it’s because he’s an isolationist, as Paul shoots down that notion in the interview. Non-interventionist is not isolationist.

This may be the most fruitful 14 minutes you spend vetting a candidate for the Republican nomination.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • DaveH

    Good for Fox Business Network for giving Ron Paul the air time that the MSM is denying him. Thank you, FBN.

    • Bruce

      Dave, I watch the Business news on FOX its part of my job to understand the market. I am still not sold on FOX as being {fair nore balanced,}
      Dave I know, you know that the Youtube feed that Christian posted the other day {Season of Treason} is the very answer to whats truly wrong with our nation and saddly until it’s fixed nothing will make any differance.

      • Lee Baldwin

        You can still VOTE, Dave! It does no good to simply hide your head in the sand. Better still, START CAMPAIGNING FOR AMERICA! start talking to the folks you know voted for the current admin so they learn to not do that again!

        • Lee Baldwin

          Oh crap! I meant, Bruce!

          • Bruce

            Hi Lee, Not a problem – all of us here where I work have been working to get Dr. Ron Paul elected.

    • Truthseeker

      Still not quite the same treatment that the other mainstream media approved canidates recieve, but now forced to give Dr. Ron Paul some coverage. I don’t equate this interview the same as what the other Non-Patriot candidates recieve. The Against-the-People candidates get the soft ball questions. When they are asked the questions, it is done in a fashion that helps direct them into the correct, almost, totally predictable answers. Ron Paul didn’t get any special treatment in this interview. His own wit and wisdom is all the help he recieved. Don’t expect any help from the networks until after the nominations. Then, they will begin respecting him because he may be the next Pres and they might want to have an interview with him in the future to further thier carreers and such.

      • Christin


        No, I agree, there was not any soft questions or special treatment, but that is good as he can hold his own on the tough questions.

        I thought Dr.Ron Paul did a great job in the interview… he makes so much SENSE. He KNOWS how to ‘fix’ our County’s woes.

        A worthy Presidential Candidate for 2012… Ron Paul

        • Truthseeker

          A worthy President for 2012!

        • skip

          Ask Ron about the 24 year old father who lost is job, couldn’t afford the cost of antibiotic for an infected tooth, had no access to health insurance, and died of the brain infection which resulted, leaving a 6 year old fatherless. What sort of civilization can allow this to happen? The guy should have known better, shouldn’t he. Check this sad story out on Google – he lives in Kasich’s Ohio. Chalk up another one, guys!

          • Andrea B

            That’s a sad story. It’s too bad he couldn’t have borrowed $4 from his neighbor or a family member. Antibiotics are only $4 at Wal-Mart.

            Also, because of the way our healthcare system is set up, he could’ve gone to an emergency room and received treatment and antibiotics.

            Please tell me, though, how this tragic scenario is Ron Paul’s fault?

            Ron Paul 2012

      • sharpy

        Intersting responses here. I believe without a doubt that if Dr. Paul is not our next president,this country is FINISHED !

  • Stan Smith

    Maybe FOX is getting the message when Jerry Doyle was slamming FOX, I hope FOX is getting back to fair and balance and go after both sides D’s & R’s and stop acting goofy like the Left no news what?? media! FOX needs to stop being a cheerleader for the Repubes party! Just weed out the bad apples D & R!

    • Bruce

      Stan, Saddly to weed out the good and the bad, you would have to take away 98%, then a {total rebuild} of the system from the ground up. Stranger things have happened. But on that note with less than 1% of the American citizens who even have a minor clue, keep in mind that 1% of 300 Million is a very small amount.
      Let alone less than .001% that really know whats going on, thats an even smaller number. Then you have to see that this is a real up hill battle in thick mud with a heavy rain.
      How sad is it that Americans would rather watch football or go to the mall than deal with the nations ills. As I am sure you understand there comes a point when the odds are so great there is no return. The Jews in Germany in the 1930′s figured that out around 1938 and that was just too late.
      The question is now, will even 5% of Americans ever figure it out?

      • http://personalliberty fableraye

        You are correct, Hitler blamed the Jews for the bad economy, he promised jobs, etc, sound familiar?

        • moonbeam

          Very chilling. Almost saw my life pass before my eyes. Just reading that sent chills straight down my back. Good grief, the trouble we are in.

        • Jimbayala

          Fableraye: you forgot your hood, white robe and burning cross.

      • Christin


        Weeding out 98% is okay with me… just expose them and let the legal citizen voters decide.

        IF the Media would play clips of the Congress ‘acting’ and ‘talking’ when in session then many would be exposed for their rude, illegal, unconstitutional, and communist ideals and MAYBE some of the American folk would see them for what they are and NOT vote for them.

        As for why so many Americans still snooze…

        I viewed this web site this week from another poster on that very topic: nine-veils/

        Peeling the layers of the onion [truth] back to expose, and SEE and HEAR what is going on.

        “He who has ears, let him hear.”
        Matthew 13:9
        “He who has an ear, let him hear.”
        Revelation 13:9
        (interesting… same chapter, same verse number)


    I like Ron Paul’s Constitutional positions. But I don’t think America can be TOTALLY ISOLATIONIST as he seems to suggest.

    See his positions on the issues @

    I will not elaborate, but his positions on things such as same sex marriaes seem to shy away from the moral issue of the sin that such marriages are before God. Read for yourself.

    • Bob C.

      The federal government should not regulate marriage,
      that has always been, and still is Ron Paul’s stand on it. he may have personal believes (as we all do) but stands with the constitution
      10th amendment;if it’s not in the constitution, then it’s up to the states and the people.
      his other stand on marriage is it’s a religious institution the government in this country has taken over.
      this is a really good place for the government to start following the REAL separation of church and state.

      • FlaJim

        Many of our Founders stated that without a solid Christian foundation, our republic wouldn’t survive. Without morality, there’s really no basis for any of the laws on the books — federal, state, or local.

        Paul is very good on fiscal policy. On nearly everything else, he’s a nut. Foreign deployment of our servicemen, for example, is necessary to protect our shipping and distract wild enemies from attacking us right at the border or from within. Pretending there’s no threat until someone smashes in the window is naive.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear FlaJim,

          You are correct. Liberty and freedom is a nutty idea. Expecting our government and the elected elites to abide by the Constitution is a nutty idea. Returning more power to the States, as the Founders intended, is a nutty idea. Reducing our involvement in the affairs of nations around the globe is a nutty idea. In fact, our Founding Fathers were all NUTS.

          The last 100 years—and most especially the last 20—have been wonderful. It’s great that our government is bombing Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq and Yemen. It’s time we start on Syria and Iran. It’s wonderful that the Federal Reserve is debasing our currency and stealing our wealth at a pace never before seen in this country. That hyperinflation thing is going to work out just great. I’m looking forward to it. So let’s just elect a President that will maintain the status quo, or just re-elect Obama (which is the same difference).

          Best wishes,

          • Truthseeker

            I totally agree with you Bob Livingston! These wars are totally outrageous! And now the most recent attack on Lybia. Lybia with the highest standard of living of any country in all of the continent of Africa. Because of the media brainwashing even some conservatives believe because they think Gadafi is a bad person that he got what he deserved! And so what, none of our military got hurt. Blind! No idea of what happened, who made it happen, who financed the weapons and organized the whole takeover. Blind and shackled! Then the talking heads say on tv that it will be easier to rebuild Lybia because they have better infrastructer than that of Iraq. Yea, no kidding! Who do you suppose put in the good infrastructer? Really folks, this whole take over of the country wasn’t those so-called Lybian rebels who want to be free like in Amerika. Every country has people within who are wanting to take over their own country. Lybia could only be taken over when the USA and others attacked it! Even if it were true. That the whole reason we went in was to save the poor people from Gadaffi’s tyranny. Now what? Are the people there going to become like us? Are they now going to be kind hearted towards us and be our alli? Are they now going to form a government for the people and of the people? We just spent Thousands of Millions of dollars ( BILLIONS ) of debt to do all this. Will they repay us for all of the money we spent to free them? Would they volunteer to give us just a few billion dollars a month to help recover what this all cost us taxpayers? Who will now control the 2.75 million barrels of oil produced in Lybia? Who will benifit from the BILLIONS of dollars of Lybian money frozen in foreign accounts? In a country of less than 6 million people, will each person receive $1,000.00 each from the 50 to 60 Billion frozen in banks? Who will decide the outcome of the new government? I predict the outcome of all this will in no way benifit the taxpayers and regular working people here in the USA. That we again will be forced to pay for all this. I also predict that the standard of living will become much lower for those living in Lybia. And, they will not be any more inclined towards us in any way. Nor will the people of Lybia have much say so at all when the puppets are put in place of the new government. The oil will flow however!

          • moonbeam

            You git ‘em, Bob. You know how to throw it right back at ‘em the nice nasty way. Love it!

            I am voting for Ron Paul. I have been to his website, read all of his stances on the issues, did my due diligence. He is who I am voting for in November 2012.

            All of the other candidates, democrat and republican alike, don’t hold a candle to this man.

            obama: The greatest Liar and usurper of the law there ever was.

            Bachmann: she lost me when she celebrated Elvis’s birthday on the date of his death. I refuse to ignore these types of inexcusable mistakes. She looked like an utter fool whose best bet is to sit down and shut the hell up. Used to like her, but she has foot-in-mouth disease, doesn’t think before she speaks.

            Perry: Strong ties to the Muslim Community (here comes shariah law to a courtroom near you),


            forced parents to get Gardasil injections for girls too young for sex. Another cowboy from Texas. Been there, done that and here we are. The gays say he is gay and they should know. lol!

            Romney: whut? Failed healthcare initiative he forced on the people of his state, refuses to own up to his responsibility about it. The people are pissed. He reminds me of a department store mannequin. Stiff. Bought and sold like the rest of them.

            Cain: Sorry, dude, but obama ruined it for you and any other black man to be president. Deny it if you must, but you know it’s true.

            Gingrich: whut? He can’t even manage his own finances, let alone our country’s money. His wife will be running things behind the scenes. Hell to the no!

            And that goes for whoever else is running, though I must say I do like Trump. He’s hot to put his hands around China’s throat (financially speaking) to stop the shenanigans they’re pulling at the table.

            Ron Paul is my man for 2012. As far as I can see, RP is above reproach. You don’t hear about sexual exploits and other stuff others have been caught doing. That’s why he can walk in the room with his head held high. This is a man of integrity, which is something we’re not used to and practically unheard of in a government rife with corruption, liars, whores and thieves.

            PLUS, he’s a natural born and raised citizen and patriot of the US constitution who can produce a REAL and legal birth certificate in a New York minute if asked to do so. He won’t flash a fake COLB in your face and think you’re stupid enough to believe it’s real (like someone else we know).

            Yep, Ron Paul it is!

        • Capitalist at Birth

          Naive and just plain stupid.

          • mrcave

            I have yet to see a candidate, other than Ron Paul, who is anything different from the same old “politicians” we’ve had. By all means, keep the status quo. Naive and stupid indeed.

          • Truthseeker

            Everything Ron Paul says seems to make very good sense! Reduce the size of government. Abolish the IRS. Abolish the federal reserve. Let congress coin money and regulate the value of it. Reduce our dependency on foriegn oil by drilling here at home. Reduce the myriads of regulations strangling the businesses and industries in this country. Allow states and local citizens to make more of the choices that DC is now forcing us into against our will. Bringing our troops home from all of the wars and putting many on our southern borders to keep America safe. And most of all, Talking about and upholding the real Constitution of The United States! The one that was originally written! Not the one usurped during the war of 1812 and not the one that Lincoln imposed upon us that enslaved us into a corporate state of being. Ron Paul makes perfect sense to real american patriots who want to be free, but not to those paralyzed on the government entitlement system. Free independant thinkers side with Ron Paul and his convictions. Those of us who live within our means. Those of us who actually work for a living and produce something of value. People who want to travel without being X-Rayed by politically correct thugs. Kids who would like to be able to set up a lemonade stand without being arrested. People like us, like guys like Ron Paul.

        • Dan az

          What gives us the right to interfere with other countries civil wars?If we weren’t there starting them to get the ones we wanted in I doubt they would have a problem.We spend a trillion dollars a year on bases that our military control in other countries and you think that’s not a problem?We have been protecting other countries borders at great expense to us and we can’t even build a fence let alone guard our own.We send billions of dollars to other countries for what?So they will like us?Give me a break.

          • Christin

            Well said Dan az,

            The unstable Middle East and the ‘fake’ wars we are involved in only help to remove the powerful dictator so that the Muslim Brotherhood and other NWO globalists can come in and take over the people and the resources and the land.
            I believe that is why ‘they’ are ousting all the evil dictators right now in the M East, because they can not control the people and the resources until they get the dictator out.

            Why do we send billions of dollars to foreign countries with evil dictators… no, not to like us, BUT to give us favors… ie. sell us oil; and allow us to move about in their waters and the Suez Canal; and fly over their air space; or have a base on their soil.

        • Karolyn

          A Christian foundation is not necessary for morality! There are numerous religions other than Christianity and then their are atheists and agnostics, and they do not preclude morality. Christianity does not have a corner of the market for morality!

          • Andrea B

            Thank you, Karolyn, for saying that!

            I understand the concept of what the original commenter was saying, but I don’t believe our Founding Fathers wanted a govt based on religion. They wanted righteous leaders, people with a strong religious background that would be willing to put what THEY want aside in order to lead the people. They wanted honest leaders.

            I like Ron Paul for the presidency because he will follow the Constitution.

            Ron Paul 2012

        • Justin Rogers

          RE: “Foreign deployment of our servicemen, for example, is necessary to protect our shipping…”

          This is part of the problem. Look back at our history. Prior to the Barbary “wars”, we didn’t do this. Propping up the idea that our citizens (including businesses) can go wherever they want whenever they want, and that we will save them if they get into trouble is one of the things that, well, got us into trouble.

          Life has risks. Individuals need to calculate those risks on an individual basis. It’s not my responsibility to assure that a Massachusetts rum runner flying under the American flag can do so with the protection of my children, and/or my tax dollars bailing him out when he gets into trouble.

      • Bus

        As long as Article 4 is in the constitution then the marriage issue, dealt with at the statle level, is a federal issue.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear MASON,

      Even better, go here: for Paul’s exact stand on the issues in his own words rather than through a filter.

      Best wishes,

      • mrcave

        I would suggest, no, plead with anyone concerned about the direction this country has taken to read Dr. Paul’s book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, and American Empire Before The Fall, by Bruce Fein.

        These are two short, easy to read books, that can be bought for ten dollars, or less. Buy them, read them, pass them around to your friends, family, and co-workers.

    • Alex

      Congress has no authority in matters of religion. Same sex marriage, as you say, is a sin before God, and that’s out of Ron Paul’s domain as a politician.

      That’s the point of the separation between the church and the state. If you want to fight against same sex marriage, do so from a moral and ethical platform on the basis of your religion. Don’t push it politically, because you are technically forcing your religion on someone else when you do that.

    • Stunned at sunset

      MASON: I understand your reservations but Ron Paul isn’t an “Isolationist;” he’s a “noninterventionist.” He thinks that our foreign policy should be crafted in ways that protect America and our National Security. If leaving a dictator alone protects our interests and National Security, then we shouldn’t intervene.

      Some people assume that this is an immoral position. It really isn’t. That dictator lives under the same sun as do we all. I’m not going to get religious but we shouldn’t be telling other people how they should live. Whenever the American people have felt themselves disenfranchised by our government, we took issue.

      To site examples, there’s the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and even the 60′s hippie revolt changed the way we looked at things. The point is that we took up our own banner and were willing to suffer the consequences of our own actions. We shouldn’t spoon-feed “democracy” and freedom to the rest of the world. We can set an example but, as our forefathers taught and as Edmund Burke cautioned, we should avoid foreign entanglements.

      • Dan az

        I agree and I don’t believe that we should be pushing democracy on anyone!I would think they would rather have a republic of their own choosing.

  • NancyJ

    Cris looked to me like he was hit right between the eyes. He looked stunned! He really has something to think about now, doesn’t he?

    Maybe he will change his ideas now. I hope so.

    I still believe that Von Mises is the answer. Not the Austrian method.

    Also believe that the only problem is that Ron Paul is too old for the job. There is nothing wrong with his ideas or mind, but we need someone younger.

    • NancyJ

      This is silly. I am replying to myself.

      Perhaps Mr. Paul could be well placed in the White House to develop policy. He surely is qualified for that.

      • Andrea B


        Austrian Economic Theory is what the von Mises Institute teaches, my dear.

        Andrea ;)

        Ron Paul 2012

    • Randy Huffey

      Ron Paul is not too old for the young people! I was at the Iowa straw poll and his camp (crowd) was by and large much younger than the Bachmann crowd. Ron Paul’s camp was energized and friendly. When I heard Ron Paul actually speak, his policy positions made perfect sense to me (I’m 57 and consider myself politically informed). I rode one of the many Bachmann busses and accepted one of the thousands of free $30.00 voting tickets she gave away. I voted for Bachmann, but after hearing Ron Paul speak, I wished I could have changed my vote! Many others felt the same way. If only 70 or so Bachmann voters had switched (like I would have) Ron Paul would have won the Iowa straw poll.
      Ron Paul is very “electable”. If people would listen to Ron Paul instead of listen to what is said about Ron Paul, he would be the frontrunner!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Ron Paul will not get the nomination, nor will he be elected President of the United States. Get over it and find a new candidate.

        • http://Personalliberty Tony

          To Capitalist at Birth:
          Unfortunately, you’re correct. The problem is the other candidates are so lame and pathetic that it will be no competition for the incumbent president. Thanks!!

        • Dan az

          That’s funny I said the same thing about obumer!And look what happened!

        • libertybound

          What candidate might that be? How about Rick Perry who the media is craming down our throat, and believe me there is a reason. Rick Perry is a Big Pharma guy, he is known as the guy on the make, he’ll push anything if it will make a buck, like enforcing the gardasil vaccine on young girls at a certain age to prevent ovarian cancer in which several hundred girls died, and still enforced it after these girls died. How about that for freedom, a govenor forcing to do something whether you want to or not. What about the freedom from being groped at the airport, Rick Perry made it so that anti-groping bill would not pass in his state, while actually Ron Paul created a Federally anti-groping bill in the congress, let us pray that it will succeed, because now they have pedofiles doing the groping on our children at the airport. Mitt Romney along with Rick Perry are Builderbergers who do you think they are going to please, let me give a guess, its not us. Michelle Bachmann would not have won in Iowa if she had not bought those votes so actually Ron Paul won by a landslide. So let me get this straight here is a man that eats and breathes the constitution and freedom and liberty and you want someone else?

      • moonbeam

        You are correct, Randy, but people would rather hear the sugar coated BS they hear from from the likes of obama, perry, romney, etc, neither of whom are good for this country. Obama has already shown the devastation he can inflict and wants another 4 years to inflict even more.

    • Alex

      Uuuuuum NancyJ, no desire to embarass you intended, but Mises was an Austrian economist. In fact, there is an institute dedicated to the teachings of Ludwig von Mises called The Ludwig von Mises Institute, with the motto, “Advancing the Scholarship of Liberty in the Tradition of the Austrian School.”

    • moonbeam

      Too old for the job? Guess you didn’t get the memo. With age comes WISDOM and Dr. Paul uses his quite well. And besides, you are talking age discrimination. That is against the law.

    • DaveH

      I think you’re a little confused (or at least your statement confuses me):

  • Bob C.

    yeah, sure, in the last minutes, the primaries are in less then a month.
    looks more like credibility saving.
    (I can just hear that A-hole Chris Wallace ‘yeah, we gave Paul a chance, he’s been on our show lots of times…’, yeah right)
    It won’t work, I and others are gone from fox news, and TV in general, forever.
    they have proven beyond any doubt that they are part of our big government power over us, using the very TV WE bought and pay to have piped into our homes every night to manipulate the minds our families, friends, and neighbors.

    in this country we are literally told who to vote for through fake poll #’s, timing of the release of “news”, talking points, and propaganda dressed up like ‘news stories’

    people need to shut the TV off, and start critical thinking, talk to real people about real problems.

    I do not understand how Americans can feel like they are on high moral ground while we bomb the crap out of little countries that have never attack us, then occupy them for decades…. then wonder why they hate us.
    If a country like Russia did this, we would say all kinds of bad things about them, but since it’s the good ol US of A government doing it, all we hear is crickets.

    Ron Paul 2012

    it’s about time

    • ChefM

      I understand the frustration, but if one cannot watch news and figure what’s worth listening to and what’s not, then it’s hard to imagine someone like that being able to make an informed or independent decision on their own. I watch all channels, and I do find FOX to be the most balanced, but I also know when they go over the line, and can tell the difference. If I have to shut the TV off because something might influence me, then I have more problems than imagined. I watch all the Sunday news shows, from Meet the Press, Face the Nation and FOX News Sunday, and find all can be right on or far off the mark, but I know the differences and don’t need to shut the TV off in fear I might be influenced. Listening and Watching the nonsense put out there, is just as important as the sense that’s put out there. It’s how we make decisions and how we learn who we can trust more to bring us the truth more often than not. MSNBC has lost all hope in my book, but I still tune in once in a while, to see what kind of propaganda they are trying to spread, so I can react appropriately.

      • moonbeam

        Excellent points, ChefM. Agree 110%.

    • Karolyn

      What? The primaries are in less than a month?

  • Bd

    The interview came across very positive. Still concern with his Foreign Policy. During the debate he blew off that Iran was any kind of threat to the US. My opinion is that this may be a misguided assumption.

    Would recommend a book by Reza Kahlili, A Time to Betray. Very insightful to Iran’s regime.

    One thing about Chris’s gotcha questions, it puts a person on the spot- isn’t that what we need to see, how a person on the spot stands up under that kind of pressure? How they handle that kind of situation? Do they fold, waffle or are they straight forward?

    • Alex

      If we mess with Iran under the guise of it being a threat, we’ll be looking at the Iraq mess all over again. And since we can’t credibly occupy both countries at once without spreading ourself thin, it’s just not a viable option.

      Korea is a bigger threat to us right now than Iran. Iran has no nukes yet. Korea not only has them, but has developed long range missile technology. And Kim Jong Il is a nutbag.

      But over and above all other things, the fact is, we can’t afford, financially speaking, to keep fighting wars. It’s bankrupting us.

      • moonbeam


        Well, see here’s the thing. We’ve got an illegal muslim in the white house whose real doctrine is to destroy America from within. What better way to do that than to spread us into multiple wars leaving no one at home to protect from enemies?

        If Obama can get us into several more conflicts, well we might as well take the roof off, open all the doors wide and just wait for them to come get us.

        This is the plan and has been all along. It is exactly as he has been taught to do.

  • skippy

    Well, one thing for sure~~~he would NOT surround himself with COMMIES!! :) I am so sick of what we have now………

  • Frank L

    Interesting that Wallace has opened up like this and let a condidate speak their mind. Clearly Wallace is a leftist living in conservative territories. Maybe the left is taking the strategy to help promote a conservative who they know can’t beat Obama. If they are really opening up to this type of interview lets see him do the same thing now with Herman Cain.

    • moonbeam

      Frank, no matter how good Herman Cain can be, he will never get the vote. I do like some of the things he is saying, but you can pretty much forget about him though. Look for him to drop out of the race before next spring, maybe by the end of this year.

  • Bill

    This is the firsst time I have heard Ron Paul elucidate his positions. I have to say, having some economics education myself, that he is right.

    This is sound fiscal policy. What remains to be heard from him is how
    he would bring about the changes we need to see.

  • Randy Huffey

    Bd, “Are you a flake”? That was Chris Wallace’s question to Michelle Bachmann. Is there any way a candidate can respond to that kind of attack and come off looking good? Thanks Chris Wallace for giving Ron Paul a chance to explain his policy positions and not ask him “Are you a “nut job”? Chris Wallace must have learned his lesson for attacking Michelle Bachmann.
    On Iran, we can’t afford to stop Iran from getting a nuke at this point unless you are willing to launch an invasion on the scale of the Iraq invasion. One other option would be for us to nuke them. You wanna push the “launch” button? Besides, WE are BROKE, the military IS spread TOO THIN. Even if we did invade to stop Iran, the financial cost could not be born now by us without just printing the money to fund it. Our currency is already in the tank from the FED policy of buying our own debt. Every commodity indicator tells us that our dollar is worth about or less than 1/2 of what it was just 3 years ago. Reality cannot be denied forever.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      He may have learned his lesson from Newt Gingrich, who by the way, is the most intelligent of all the candidates.

      • Truthseeker

        I believe Newt to be just another NWO good old boy! If he were the pres we would be shoveled the same old crap that we are so fed up with.

  • Polski

    I’m not for Ron Paul. He’s for ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!

    • scott

      At leaast he’s honest about it. How many of them do you trust that say they are not for illegal imagrations.

    • Alex

      If we disqualified a candidate over a single issue that we disagreed with, we’d never have one that is viable. His policies could put America back on track and restore our liberty. But over an issue like illegal aliens (which most of our ancestor were at some point), you would raise your fist to him?

      For someone else it’s abortion. For yet someone else it’s his stance on gold as currency. But there are problems with all the candidates. You aren’t going to readily find one that supports everything you agree with.

      As for me, he supports EVERYthing I support. It’s a rare thing. I’m behind him 110%.

      • KAB

        Once again, the words mean everything.

        My ancestors were LEGAL immigrants, not ILLEGAL aliens.

        We have provisions for entering this country legally (someone should tell Obama’s family) and to circumvent those provisions makes you ILLEGAL. Which brings us to the WH decision not to deport those without a criminal background…

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Polski,

      That is nonsense and poppycock!

      Best wishes,

      • r.p.

        —Stand Tall With Ron Paul—
        He’s about Liberty
        He’s about Freedom
        He’s about Fiscal Responsibility
        He’s about Sound Money
        He’s about The Constitution
        He’s about Time

    • moonbeam

      Polski, it is a serious problem when people don’t comprehend what they read. You are totally wrong about Ron Paul.

      • Truthseeker

        r.p. is totally correct in his/her assumptions about Ron Paul. Most people who don’t really think but get all of their ideas and “feelings” watching tv for all the latest info have no real knowledge of what is really happening in the world. I believe that the positions and values that Ron Paul presents is more aligned with the Constitution than that of any other candidate today. Freedom seeking individuals will migrate toward Ron Paul.

    • Loreal

      If you think he’s for illegals….think again. Illegals are extremely important to Globalists in charge of media, so candidates have to be careful what they say.

  • nick beck

    IM an independent and i do believe that Mr. Paul is the lone pol. that will do as he says. I dont think he is beholding to anyone or any group [ tri lateral or billderburg or fabian etc. ] correct me if im wrong. I also cant see in any way where we would go backwards with him as pres. I believe his stand on things would go a LONG way towards righting this sinking ship.

  • Randy Huffey

    Polski, It is obvious you have been listening to what is said about Ron Paul instead of what Ron Paul says (and does)! Here are Ron Pauls votes and positions on “Illegals”:
    Let churches provide services for immigrants, not state. (Jun 2011)
    If economy were good, there’d be no immigration problem. (Dec 2007)
    Amend Constitution to remove aliens’ birthright citizenship. (Dec 2007)
    Those who attack bilingualism are jealous & feel inferior. (Dec 2007)
    No amnesty, but impractical to round up 12 million illegals. (Sep 2007)
    Immigration problem is consequence of welfare state. (Sep 2007)
    No amnesty, but border fence isn’t so important. (Jun 2007)
    We subsidize illegal immigration, so we get more. (Jun 2007)
    Keep rule barring immigrants from running for president. (May 2007)
    End all incentives and amnesty for illegal immigrants. (Jan 2006)
    Voted YES on building a fence along the Mexican border. (Sep 2006)
    Voted YES on preventing tipping off Mexicans about Minuteman Project. (Jun 2006)
    Voted YES on reporting illegal aliens who receive hospital treatment. (May 2004)
    Voted YES on extending Immigrant Residency rules. (May 2001)
    Voted YES on more immigrant visas for skilled workers. (Sep 1998)
    Sponsored bill banning student visas from terrorist nations. (Jan 2003)
    Rated 100% by FAIR, indicating a voting record restricting immigration. (Dec 2003)
    Rated 83% by USBC, indicating a sealed-border stance. (Dec 2006)
    Government services in English only. (Mar 2008)
    Rated C by the ALI, indicating an acceptably anti-amnesty stance. (Nov 2010)
    Declare English as the official language of the US. (Feb 2007)
    These votes and statement posiitions are from:
    Check it out! I don’t know how you can read these votes and policy positions in total and come away with an opinion Ron Paul is “for ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    • r.p.

      Well put R.H.

  • scott

    I think Paul would make a fine president. But I think he might be in the right place at the wrong time.

    • mjs

      if not now, then when? … and why not now?
      insanity is attempting the same thing time after time and expecting different results – Ron Paul is the ONLY sane choice for POTUS at this time.

    • TrvlSEA

      It is the wrong time… We have continued to let our policy makers go down the wrong path for far to long. This makes it absolutely the right time for him.

      If you believe in what he stands for, vote for him. He is in a dead heat with Obama in the polls. He would be way ahead of him if people weren’t concerned with only voting for who they think will win.

      • Alex

        Amen to that. Nothing is aggravating more with voters right now than those who constantly spout how Ron Paul can’t win. His name is on every tongue lately. Even blackballed by the media, he is still high in the polls, and beating out Bachman.

        I don’t believe he can’t win. I believe he would win by a landslide if the media would shine a spotlight on him. Heck, Perry was leading the polls within a week of coming onto the scene. It’s not because of his policies. It’s because he’s the media darling.

  • Carol

    I trust NOTHING that any of these people because what they are saying are mostly lies.

    • chim fiben bolger

      Except strangely enough, Paul may be the only politician NOT bought off by special interests. He is know in Washington as “Dr. No” because he will not compromise his principles to make a deal. He has also sent donations back from special interests because he said it would be an influence on him if he accepted it, and he could not do his proper job if he did. He does not belong to any of the ‘power’ groups some people worry about. He has ALWAYS voted what he said he stood for and not played the ‘scratch my back I’ll scratch yours’ vote switch games. Honor AND integrator in a proven politician…a once in a lifetime deal.

      His problem is – he’s just too smart and cerebral, He can’t sum up his concepts in one sentence and use smoke and mirrors. This lets the media pick one sentence out of something he says and broadcast it that makes him look like a nut. But if you look a what he says from all angles, he makes a LOT of sense. But he does not pander to the sheeple ‘feel good’ sound bite campaign tactics, the people don’t understand him and the media hate him. Having the media hate you is a pretty d*mm fine recommendation in my book.

    • Vern Holford

      Carol, that’s just the point. Verify Ron Paul. You will find he doesn’t lie. He has a 20 year rocord in Congress. Voting Constitutionally is what he does. He earned the title Dr. No. We need him for president now. He is in the right place and the time could not be more right.

  • DizziNY

    Ron Paul 2012 baby!

  • coal miner

    Obama is losing in the polls.
    I am as today dropping my support for Ron Paul. I hope Hillary Clinton runs.She’s got my support.

    • moonbeam

      No, Hillary’s time has come and gone. You’re not facing the issues here, California dreamin’ instead. Get out much?

  • Mel Blum

    Ron Paul unfortunately doesn’t present as well as do some of the other candidates. His son Rand Paul however does.
    Ron might come across better if his voice was deeper
    He might however make a good choice as VP for Mitt Romney.
    The others should at least heed his wisdom and that of other libertarians.
    M. Blum

    • Randy Huffey

      Mel, How frikin’ shallow are you? You choose presentation over substance? That is the reason we are where we are as a nation. It is time to vote concience, principals and conviction!

    • r.p.

      You’r right! Ron Paul doesn’t present himself well, but he presents the issues VERY WELL. Let’s see; Obama has a deep voice, presents himself well and presents Sound bytes very well. How’s that working fer ya?

  • George

    You’d like to know why? Try support for the legalization of pernicious drugs and “hide your head in the sand and it’ll go away” isolationism. Economic policy is pretty good, but on the really important matter of defense, he gets an “F.”

    • s c

      G, welcome to the website. Now, on what planet is Obummer’s economic policy good? Where are the JOBS? What did the BAILOUTS do for America? Does Obummer know anything about fractional reserve banking? Does Obummer know the difference between Keynesian ecomincs and REAL capitalism? Does Obummer think QE is the name of a frickin’ SHIP? Do you?
      G, you rate an absolute F. Bye.

      • George

        Did I indicate that I support B. O. Plenty? The fact is that I would support an orange juice can against him — even RP (with gritted teeth). I like Perry, Bachmann, Palin, Cain and tolerate Romney (sort of).

  • Rachel Henderson

    This video needs to go viral!!!!! Lets all help get Ron Paul’s face and voice out there to everyone who hasn’t a clue what a treasure they have in him. Share this in your emails, on your Facebook page, on your personal website,…..Who cares about what media is doing or not doing. We need to take this country back and the time is NOW!!!!!!

    • moonbeam

      Count me in, but I’m way ahead of you. Went to RP’s site yesterday and tweeted every ever lovin’ thing on it.

  • coal miner

    The voice of the hard right has taken flight in Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) who is calling for a plan to eliminate Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. The object is to draw a line in the sand at age 60 and cut off the popular government programs to future Americans.

    Bachmann sited cost as the primary reason to end Social Security, calling the entitlements, “unfunded liabilities.” According to Bachman, the people “already in the system” would keep their benefits, and added, “Basically what we have to do is wean everybody else off.”

    Republicans have long been opposed to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as a government entitlement programs. “During the Bush II years, privatizing Social Security, which would funnel literally trillions of dollars into the open arms of Wall Street investment firms, was floated, and quickly killed, by the president and his allies in Congress,” according to The Reid Report.

    However, the idea of getting rid of Social Security has never really died among the Republican Party, which has opposed it, and Medicare, since their introduction in the 1960’s.

    Conservatives such as Rep. Paul Ryan, Glenn Beck, Ron Paul, Marco Rubio and Bill McCollum, have all been on record as supporters of privatization. The “every man for himself” philosophy is at the heart of the conservative platform, along with favoritism for the free reign of big business enterprises.

    However, the 2008 collapse of Wall Street and our financial system, would have spelled disaster for beneficiaries of Social Security, had it been privatized under the George W. Bush Administration plan.

    Affronts to Social Security have long been considered political suicide, as it is one of the most popular government programs, among the largest segment of the voting population. Yet, with the new push to the hard-right from populist movements like the Tea Party, what was once unthinkable in American politics, is suddenly being viewed by many as acceptable and even desirable.

    As Wall Street digs its roots deeper into American government, the social programs of the past may well become part of the corporate balance sheets of the future. Those tallies may soon include Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

  • chuckb

    the social security program should be turned over to private insurance companies, that would be audited and insured by the federal. it should be mandatory that every american be part of the program. this way the money collected would not be in reach of the liberal politicians. also only naturalized citizens residing in the u.s. for at least ten years could qualify. as it is now the liberals have been feeding off these funds since the days of lyndon johnson, they have used the money for everything pertaining to gaining votes from welfare constituents to illegals.

    the people trying to change this thievery are always called right wing intolerants, demonized by the bolsheviks to cover their tracks.

    • eddie47d

      Your are right that the SS fund has been raided by the Democrats more than once. Shame on them but I doubt if they did it to destroy SS and have done much to strengthen it. I certainly don’t want private money going into Wall Street being insured by our government. The Hedge Fund managers would really take our savings for a ride and pull a Johnson on us. There wouldn’t be much to stop those crooks from wiping us out and living high on the hog on some Swiss mountain top.

      • chuckb

        then eddie47, what do you do, the congress can’t keep their hands off of the ss funds. i agree the hedge fund managers most likely wouldn’t be a good bet. so let’s cancel ss as we know it and let people make their own decisions, we know a large share will not be responsible and there goes the roof off of welfare, shall we cancel that as well. somewhere along the line people are either going to take more responsibility or the country is gone. i would trust an account like a 401 more than any operated by the government. it would be better if people were forced to protect themselves rather than depend on the politicians. keep the money out of congress.

  • r.p.

    Coal Miner:
    Or should I say “Minor”. I’d like to say that most of you’r statements are false, but if what Michelle said is true, she has rang her own knell on her electability. Let me just say that Social Security and Medicare are not “Unfunded Liabilities”. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at your pay-stub under the FICA column. You will also note that the FICA (which your employer contributes half of), is equal to the total Federal tax that you pay. Not bad for “Unfunded” heh?

  • newspooner

    Some words of caution are called for here. As you read the above comments, I think you will agree that most people here have a good understanding of the situation and recognize that Ron Paul is the best (and possibly the only) answer. So here we are basically “preaching to the choir”. That is okay because every choir needs strengthening and encouragement. And this choir is clearly getting better as the weeks pass.

    But we must be cautious to not get unrealistic from the continuous positive vibes that we get here. It is just too easy to lose perspective and fool overselves into believing that a situation is better than it really is. For example — When I go to a gun show in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, or even Connecticut or western Massachusetts, I talk to many people about important issues. The results are very encouraging — I go home saying to myself, “Hotdamn! If only people who go to gun shows could vote, this country would be back on track in very short order”. But, after I go to a public school teachers’ convention, even in New Hampshire, I leave bewildered, discouraged, and feeling that all hope is lost.

    This comparison can be repeated over and over with different groups, and the same conclusion is reached: organizationally, we are still outnumbered. While most individual Americans are basically on our side, their collective expression is still largely under the control of the forces of evil.

    So the most important thing that the choir must do is get out into the rest of society, including the collecltions of misguided souls, twinkies, and selfish pragmatists, and educate these poor souls, building the foundation of liberty, one brick at a time.

  • Tryor

    Ron Paul has never governed. He’s never run a large organization. He’s a total unknown. He has some great ideas, and some crazy ideas. He’s too old. His voice is too flippant, and too shrill He’s inclined to speak off the cuff without thinking. He can say a lot of things as a congressman that he could never say as a president. He is basically a loose cannon. Give me someone with experience governing, who’s had to get along with others rather than preach to the accolades of his base.

    • r.p.

      It’s quite obvious that you haven’t a clue. It’s also apparent that you know nothing about this man. He has 30 years of excellent leadership experience. He might even tell you that he’s not here to rule (govern), but to lead. Take the time to do some research on him, then come back and join the conversation.

    • newspooner

      “Give me someone with experience governing….” “…too old…” “…speak off the cuff without thinking…”

      You certainly have bought the Establishment spoon-fed line.

      Who do you want for President? Clinton? Lenin? Mao? Pelosi? Chavez? Bloomberg? Hohenzollern? Qadaffi? Romney?

  • Mike

    give em hell Ron, we love you.


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