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Improvised Weapons And Targeting For Survival

March 28, 2011 by  

Improvised Weapons And Targeting For Survival

I’ve been traveling a lot lately. One segment of a recent trip was a half-day ride on Amtrak where I couldn’t have “anything that could be used as a weapon.”

I’m used to traveling to Washington, D.C., where I can’t carry my firearm or a decent knife, but in order to avoid any problems if I got picked for random screening, I had to cache knives, multi-tools, scissors, pepper spray and even my scalpel blade from my mini-med/survival kit before getting on the train.

Ironically, after being so careful to take all of my “weapons” out of my luggage, I ended up sitting across the aisle from a lady who was knitting for most of the four-hour train ride with nice long pointy aluminum knitting needles. That was almost enough to make me want to start knitting… or at least carrying knitting supplies.

So, today we’re going to cover specific items that you can use to defend yourself, regardless of whether you’re at home when a home invasion happens, in a hotel or just out-and-about.

I’ve written about the fundamental concepts of improvised weapons in the past, and what you’re looking for is a way to focus your strikes, add mass and speed to your impact tool and/or extend your reach if you find yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself from a violent attack without a firearm or a fighting knife.

With that in mind, here are 14 items that are very common that make effective weapons. You’ll probably see, if not touch, all of them within the next 24 hours. I’ve also included the particular style of strike you’ll want to use with each item.

  1. Shower curtain rod—puncture: Use it like a spear to focus your strike and extend your reach. If you’re lucky, it will break with the first strike and you’ll get a pointy end to focus your next strike even more. Don’t swing it… most shower curtain rods and clothes rods are fairly flimsy.
  2. Clothes rod—puncture: Use it like a spear… hopefully it breaks on the first use and you get a point.
  3. Sliding glass door stop—puncture: Use it like a spear.
  4. Towel with soap or a soap holder—impact: Take the towel, put the heavy object in the middle, fold the towel in half one way, fold it in half the other way and get ready to swing. You can play with your folding methods to secure the heavy object better.
  5. Sock with soap, soap holder, battery—impact: Same as the towel/soap combination. You’re essentially making an improvised sap (lead-filled, leather-covered impact weapon common to law enforcement until about the 1990s—when they were banned by most departments because of their effectiveness—and sometimes called a blackjack) that will make your strike faster, more focused and give you additional reach.
  6. Pillowcase (or bed sheet, shirt, etc.) with soap, soap holder, battery—impact.
  7. Ceramic toilet tank lid—puncture. Break at an angle and use as a puncture weapon. Hold it with both hands, thrust the pointy end at your attacker, and put your entire body behind the strikes.
  8. Fire extinguisher. Spray them with the white stuff and hit them with the red thing. I’m not sure who thought this up first, but the most colorful proponent of it is Clint Smith. In short, fire extinguishers are great weapons… especially if you have the element of surprise. I’m talking about the red metal ones… not the newer little plastic ones. The red metal ones are heavy and strong enough to swing at a head and the bottom edge helps to focus strikes nicely.
  9. Floor lamp—use it as a spear. Sooner or later the lamp part will break off leaving you with a more focused impact point or it will stick in your attacker. Lamps are kind of awkward because of the cord. In training with them, I’ve had the lamp part break off, but still be connected by the cord. The biggest problem with this is surprise—if you’re surprised when it happens, your attacker will gain an advantage. If you just go with it and keep thrusting it at your attacker, you will gain an advantage.
  10. Butcher block. Pointy knives for stabbing, serrated knives for slashing. Got a knife that’s pointy AND serrated? Stab with it. In a restaurant or hotel, even a butter knife will help focus your strikes more tightly, increasing your penetration and chances of causing internal damage.
  11. Break off a wooden chair leg—puncture. Don’t be surprised if you get slivers… possibly nasty slivers.
  12. Run at someone with all four legs of a chair aimed at them (should look like a diamond rather than a square). Or, just thrust it at them with your arms and body weight. You want the top leg aimed at their head and you really don’t care if they block or avoid it because the bottom leg will hit them in the gut and you have a shot at hitting their solar plexus or bladder. The important thing is to pile on additional aimed strikes after the first one until your attacker is non-functional.
  13. Lamp cord disconnected from lamp, stripped so you have bare wires, and plugged into a power source—electrocution.
  14. Have a little bit of time… or coffee already made? Hot water in the face can distract your opponent enough to be able to completely take them out of the fight.

Have any other common, everyday items that can quickly be used as weapons? Share them by commenting below.

I will share one that I don’t like: Punching with keys. The reason has to do with basic physics. Your hand is going to absorb the same force that your target does, and the base of most keys just isn’t that much bigger than the point.

One notable exception is “switchblade” style keys that flip out of a FOB. If you have any question about how well it would REALLY work to punch with your keys, simply try putting them in your hands and punching a board *LIGHTLY*. I’ve really torn up my hands testing different techniques and I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to punch lightly. Increase your force slowly to see how effective your keys really are.

Scratching/slashing the face with keys is a different matter and will generally give you a much better return for your effort. Don’t count on it finishing a determined attacker unless you hit the eyes, so be prepared to follow-up with additional strikes.

It’s important to remember that whether you have a firearm, another weapon or just your body, you want to focus as much force as possible on the weakest parts of your attacker’s body.

Don’t punch someone in the gut when you can hit them in the solar plexus or the bladder.

Don’t punch an attacker on the hard bones of their face when you can simply crush their windpipe, strike their vagus nerve on the side of the neck, scratch their eyeball, or rupture their eardrum. Aiming can be the difference between just making someone mad and taking your attacker out of the fight.

With the impact weapons I mentioned, targeting is vital. Most people can take a few good strikes from a hard, fast-moving object to the butt, legs, or arms, but not to the neck and head. If your life depends on the effectiveness of your strikes, aim for places on the body where your attacker is vulnerable.

Cutting weapons are the same… targeting is key.

As a note on stabbing versus cutting, Roman Legions conquered the world by being willing to take cuts and give stabs. Why? Because the body is able to survive multiple HORRIBLE, vicious slashes across the body, but there are more than a dozen easy targets where a two-inch stab will quickly take an attacker out of the fight.

If you’re squeamish you might want to skip the following few paragraphs, as they are a little disturbing to some people.

What are some of the easiest stabbing locations to remember? Directly below the ribcage pointed upwards. You’ve got a ring of great targets all around the body at the bottom of the ribcage, like the spleen, pancreas, liver and kidneys. If you’ve got something long and it goes through those first organs, you’ve got even better targets, like the lungs and heart.

This topic IS gruesome, and many people don’t like to think or talk about it. Even if you’re a vegan pacifist who wouldn’t swat a mosquito, I believe it’s important to know how to respond to a violent attacker coming after you or a loved one. If you are unarmed and NEED to make an attacker non-functional as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible, it’s important to know a handful of specific targets to strike.

Along with specific targets, it’s important to know the best ways to transfer as much force as possible through as small of a contact point as possible so that you can end the confrontation quickly… before it turns into an endurance event where you’re trading blows and taking damage.

I’d like to have your thoughts on good or bad improvised weapons. Please share them by commenting below.

–David Morris

Dr. David Eifrig Jr.

is the editor of two of Stansberry's best advisory services. One of his advisories, Retirement Millionaire, is a monthly letter showing readers how to live a millionaire lifestyle on less than you'd imagine possible. He travels around the U.S. looking for bargains, deals and great investment ideas. Already his average reader has saved $2,793 since 2008 (documented in each Retirement Millionaire issue). He also writes Retirement Trader, a bi-monthly advisory that explains simple techniques to make large, but very safe, gains in the stock and bond markets. This is a pure finance play and the reason Porter Stansberry loves having "Doc" on the team. Doc holds an MBA from Kellogg and has worked in arbitrage and trading groups with major Wall Street investment banks (Goldman Sachs). In 1995, he retired from the "Street," went to UNC-Chapel Hill for medical school and became an ophthalmologist. Now, in his latest "retirement," he joined Stansberry & Associates full-time to share with readers his experiences and ideas.

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  • Jim

    “our” government must stop disarming us. Because good citizens don’t want to risk our reputations and have responsibilities to our families, we comply with the “no weapons” laws and make ourselves and our families vulnerable to attackers who don’t obey the laws. Attackers are at greater risk when good citizens are armed. No amount of police can protect us in a timely fashion: only the victims and good Sumerians can who are armed with equalizers. If more good citizens were armed at these shooting rampage tragedies, and used their guns to stop the crazies, there would be fewer tragedies. Passing laws to keep mentally ill from buying guns only lets the government decide who is sane and may be a back door to disarming America. And, even mentally ill person understand risk and are less likely to misbehave with a firearm if there is a possibility of being disciplined by any number of near-by good guys and gals carrying concealed equlizers.

    • Lib Johnson

      I’ve read that the elbow is very strong and useful.
      I heartily agree with Don regarding government’s sttempts to control guns.

      • Lib Johnson

        Meant to say Jim’s remarks regarding gov. control of guns. etc.

        • FreedomFighter

          Very sorry,

          I will not disclose my improvised weapon, fearing confiscation, that I do not fear at this time. It is of course duel purpose, and very common, only it is slightly modified to be more effective.

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

          • Vigilant

            Filed off the retainer pin, eh?

    • jovianus

      Wow Jim…your solution to a “highly improbable’ meet up with a crazed shooter is to have a whle bunch of crazed shooters out there? I would never feel safe if I knew there were gun nuts packing … and i’d be more likely to shoot if I knew there were people around who were just itching to show that they’re the modern day Wyatt Earp. And how’d you like to be a cop knowing that at any time, anywhere, you’re facing someone armed with a gun and not having the “nerve’ it takes to properly have one on your person in a public arena?

      And don’t go waving the 2nd Amendment in anyone’s face….the 2nd does not give you a right to create fear, nor does it give you a right to pack a gun around just so you have a testorone rush

      As for the TSA issue above…welcome to what you all supported. And with the knee jerk over reaction on this Board..and the insistence y’all have for “law and order’ to keep yer sorry as*es safe … I’ve no doubt everyone here (with few exceptions) supported that unPatriotic Act when it was first pushed through Congress.

      • soldier

        I own an AR-15 and a 9mm glock pistol. Do you know how many people I have murdered? tortured? Raped? 0. I and millions of other law abiding Americans own some decent firepower and we have never committed crimes with our arsenls of death. If you ban guns, guess who still finds a way to get a hold of guns and other weapons? Thats right, the criminal scum who have no respect for the law anyway. The second Amendment gives us good folk a fighting chance against the scum out there.

        • Bitter Libertarian

          I agree 100%

        • 45caliber

          You are correct. Despite liberal beliefs, most people who own a gun are not homicidal. Those are the ones who generally will help if they have one.

          • Kate8

            45, We all know that the efforts to ban guns, and any other weapons we might use, as well, has nothing to do with OUR safety. The elites are wanting to protect themselves from an increasingly outraged populace.

            I really think that all these threats of “terrorism” are just the build-up to taking guns. If we are willing to hand over every sharp thing at airports and other selected arenas, eventually we’ll get used to turn them over altogether. The object to to completely disarm us. Elites aren’t concerned with the criminals, because they only find them useful to their own ends.

            A little here, and a little there. Incremental disarming. We’re being prepared for terrorism, to the point where the PC crowd will be screaming for all weapons to be taken. The useful idiots will, as usual, be the ones who bring us down.

          • 45caliber


            I think the criminals have even a better purpose to the elites. They can use them to insure that we don’t have any weapons to use for defense but they can also use them to establish a police state. As one professor told my class many years ago – “The government can solve the criminal problem completely if they wish – and if we let them. If they institute a police state where you are constantly watched and arrested for the slightest infraction, they can eliminate crime. But that means you are constantly watched.”

            In England and most other European countries, they have cameras everywhere in commercial areas. They watch everything and generally can not only catch crimes on camera but also follow the criminals to their homes by using them. They still have criminals because they havent’ conditioned the citizens to a police state – but they are getting there rapidly.

          • Kate8

            45 – You are right.

            Also, we have cameras many places in America now. Just look at all the things which are caught on video, when people had no idea they were being watched (and I’m not talking about cell-phone cameras).

            We are so close to already being a police state.

          • 45caliber

            Kate: Yeah. In fact, I was amused at Houston recently. They have a number of cameras on red lights. They SAY they are there to reduce accidents; actually they are there to generate more money for the city.

            The city voted to remove them. The city did shut them down. However, they also insisted that this is going to be expensive ($10 mill lost revenue and pay off the contractor). Now they have decided to put up 300 MORE cameras to catch criminals in the act. And – guess where they are going to put them! At intersections on lights.

            Glad I don’t live there.

          • JeffH

            In my lifetime I’ve probably owned 15+ shotguns, 1/2 dozen or so handguns, another 6 or 7 rifles of various calibers and 20+ knives of all sizes yet I’ve not once pointed at or had the thought of killing someone with a gun. I’ve never purchased any weapon purely for self defense. Even my self built AR-15 was built for “varmints” and target shooting. That’s 46+ years of no thoughts of violence with a weapon other than those I was blessed with at birth.

            But, if push comes to shove, I’ll defend myself and mine with a vengeance against any and all threats, foreign and domestic.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            don’t forget all those poor, poor targets that you killed!!! Targets have feelings too, you know!!! dumb a$$ed libbie gun controlers!!

          • independant thinker

            I do not have a problem with the privately owned and controled security such as those in banks, mini-marts, large dept stores, etc. However, I do not like the growing number of government owned/controlled cameras.

          • JC

            I’ve always wondered what impact a .22 stinger would have on a camera lens…if anyone ever finds out, let me know please. I’m curious, but not curious enough to try it.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I’ve got a 1200 FPS pellet rifle that will go right through a 1×4. Think about what that would do to a camera!!! Those lead free pellets are great!!! I hunt squirrels with it and one shot puts em’ down for the count!!

        • coal miner


          • Gordon

            JeffH is so right I feel exactly the same and would do the same

      • soldier

        I should also point out, probably much to your sheer amazement, that I went to a tea party rally last year where like half the crowd open carried pistols and rifles. Do you how many shots were fired by us “liberal decried red neck hellions”? 0. I probably felt more safe at that tea party rally where half the people had guns than at any other time and place in my life.

        • Eddie47d

          I’m sure you are correct in your assessment but what were all those Tea Party people protecting themselves from? If that many people had the need to carry a weapon then fear is stronger in America than I ever would have figured. I’ve been to a few rallies,political gatherings and a couple of demonstrations and never saw anyone with a weapon and never felt fearful. Now there were an occasional police officer milling around at the rallies and they had weapons.That is normal at most gatherings. Now once again were the Tea Party folks afraid of the police and If someone in the crowd got rowdy and the police stepped in would you defend your fellow patriot and shoot the cop?

          • 45caliber


            You are one of the liberals I mentioned who believe everyone is dangerous if they have a gun.

            Trust me, some one carrying a gun is safe unless they are criminal. And if the criminal knows others have a gun there is no way they are going to start a problem. They know the dangers.

            Besides, if someone does start monkeying around, it is quite easy to walk over and ask them to quit. If others who are more responsible have a gun too, the person will quit and/or leave. Cops are not the threat you seem to think.

          • Josh D


            Your statement and questions are dumb. Most of those people were openly carrying as a statement about their freedoms than for actual protection at that moment. Obviously a criminal would be REALLY dumb to try anything in that environment – but that is part of why the populace should arm itself, it deters criminals!

            The Tea Partiers were not trying shoot police – to say that is dumb – cite one instance in which tea partiers attacked police please.

            Now cite police needlessly utilizing violence – the instances are numerous.

          • Larry

            Eddie, those are some of the dumbest comments I’ve read or heard since I retired from working with a bunch of whiny liberals 12 years ago. Being armed and prepared for the possibility of an attack or assault is like being prepared for a flat tire by having a spare tire with your vehicle. If you choose to not be armed or prepared to do something besides whine and cry in case you’re attacked or assaulted expect about as much help as you should if in driving down the road you have a flat tire and no spare, no jack, no lug wrench or any knowledge of how to change the tire.

            Liberals seem to believe that criminals are experts with their weapons, and some might be, while law abiding armed citizens are some sort of dangerous, maniacal gaggle that are just looking for someone to kill. The idea that armed citizens can or do prevent or stop crimes every day, or defend and protect themselves and others every day seems to not matter to you. It’s all an, “Oh My God that wicked person has a gun so they’re going to run amok and kill us all,” whine.

            As others have said none of my guns have ever killed anyone, nor have I with or without a gun. If I’m forced to however, I’m prepared.

            Stay at home in Chicago where the criminals and Chicago PD are protected from the disarmed citizenry to do whatever they want to you and yours. If you’re not in Chicago you may want to consider moving there.

          • Kate8

            eddie – Truly dumb remark, which could only come from a liberal.

            I agree with all the replies to your nonsense. People were making a statement of their Constitutional rights.

            However, I would also add that it was a great deterrent to any progressive infiltrators at the rally, who might just be thinking of starting something to further their agenda to discredit those who still believe in our Constitution. If any ‘crazed lone shooters’ were going to try to pull something, the sight of all those armed folks would, surely, make them think twice.

          • Eddie47d

            Kate 8 and company; Sounds like the Tea Partiers were only carrying to impress themselves and their comrades in arms. I have never been to an event where I saw a need to be packing.Your answer is as simplistic as the Phelps family of Kansas. Just because you can is hardly a reason to do it.Neither situation seems necessary but more provoking than needed. To reverse the situation I believe you would approve of those 100,000 protesters in Wisconsin carrying weapons and being able to confront those conservative infiltrators.You know,just in case!

          • Thamera

            Eddie I know you are smarter than this. Were the tea party crowds violent? Were they instigating disorder and chaos with their shouts of epitaphs and indignation? Were they even being confrontational? No, but you can’t say the same thing about the crowds in Wisconsin now can you. but that is all beside the point. The point being that criminals will ALWAYS find way to circumvent the law; hence why they are criminals. More laws and regulations will do nothing to deter the criminally minded especially since the laws that we have now are seldom reinforced as it is.

          • Eddie47d

            Thamera; You can read whatever you want into what I said. Now should those demonstrators have been armed or not? No fair ducking.Is it ,”what is good for the goose is good for the gander”?

          • Kate8

            eddie – People with criminal intent do not carry weapons where others can see them.

            People who carry them in full view are just showing that they can, and will, take action if necessary.

            I know you can’t be as ignorant as you seem.

            With your messiah intending to abolish our right bear arms, these folks are just making a statement that they WILL NOT tolerate such action by the government.

            At least they are up front about it. That’s a whole lot better than the twisted manipulations by your crowd.

          • JC

            eddie, they carry because they can. This is America, not some communist banana republic as you liberal sheep would have us be.

          • 45caliber


            As to whether those demonstators in Wisconsin should be allowed to carry. That doesn’t matter to me at all. If they want to, it is fine with me. If they pull them out to use, that demonstrates the instability of liberals vs. conservatives, doesn’t it?

          • JeffH


          • http://?? Joe H.

            only you could be so dumb as to not get the real reason! Open carry and concealed carry are both rights!!! rights are like muscles in that if you don’t exercise them from time to time, they get weak or non exhistant!!

          • Vicki

            Eddie47d says:
            “…Should those (liberal) demonstrators (in Wisconsin) have been armed or not? No fair ducking.

            No they should not be allowed to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. They demonstrated by their hostile actions that they are not mature enough to be allowed to exercise the rights of a free people. (including free speech and freedom to assemble)

            Regrettably the 1st and 2nd Amendment do not have an “age” or “maturity” clause in it so though I think all liberals should be forced to turn in their guns due to their immature thought processes I can not ask our government to violate the Constitution.

            The situation does bring up the obvious fact of projection in jovanus, eddie and other liberals. They are so violent that their “peaceful” demonstrations constantly break out into overt violence. Since that is all they know the mere concept of the tea party and its truly peaceful nature is alien to them and they fear such people being armed.

          • Eddie47d

            Vickie and Caliber; So Tea Party people are all Pollyanna’s and worker rights protesters are dangerous? So you want to play, my side is better than your side game. That really says alot about you Vickie and you are the un-American one. Classless and clueless.

          • Vicki

            Eddie47d demonstrates his world renown debate skills:
            “That really says alot about you Vickie and you are the un-American one. Classless and clueless.”

            Thank you. I need only consider the source of the projection. :)

          • Vicki

            Eddie47d writes:
            “So Tea Party people are all Pollyanna’s and worker rights protesters are dangerous?”

            Judging by their actions the Tea party people are realists and the workers “rights” protesters are demonstrably dangerous.

            Now the pollyannas are the liberal who believes that if guns are outlawed only the police and military will have guns.

            Why liberals hate the military and many times hate the police but still want only those people to have guns is a mystery but is good evidence that liberalism is a mental disorder.

      • Bitter Libertarian

        You can rest assured I didnt. I cant speak for all Libertarians, but not one that I know of supports the Patriot Act. You are right..the knee jerk reaction to the 9/11 mess was the biggest bamboozle ever. Its created this police state now where those that supported the Patriot Act are now harassed by the patriot act if they protes the govt in a manner that doesnt fit the Patriot acts allowable limits! Talk about shooting oneself in the foot! All in the Name of FEAR & ANGER!

        I was able to make some minor progress with a conservative warmongering, muslim hating person (strange set of words to use together no?) when I showed him an article regarding the current state of Poppy production our soldiers are guarding today & for the last 10 years. The logic behind saving the production of 500metric tons of heroin actually opened his eyes a little. :)

        • independant thinker

          While I cannot call all my friends and aquaintances Liberterian I can think of maybe two out of the many that supported the unpatriotic act and they had reservations about it.

      • 2WarAbnVet


        “Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence.” -
        George Washington.

        Conversely, your epithet, “gun nuts” immediately discounts the possibility of any serious commentary on your part.

        • jovianus

          Would you feel “safer” if you knew I was packing iron? The political rallies where folks packed around are a political statement…and protected. But I ask you, where in the Constitution does it say (or can be read to give the Right to) anyone has the right to pack around guns outside their homes ?

          C’mon Sparky…answer up. It doesn’t. That’s why you’re left sputtering and trying to read into the Right something that isn’t ther. The 2nd does not deal with protecting yourself from some other gun packing lunatic. It provides that th citizenry has every right to be armed…for purposes of a militia. Owning and practicing falls within that baliwick…but packing n the streets because it makes you feel like a man? Give me a break.

          Now, there is a potential Right to do such elsewhere in the Bill of Rights..but it ain’t the 2nd.

          Criminey…there is no Right allowing folks that have a screw loose updatirs to go packing around iron putting myself and mu family in danger. And that’s is exactly what allowing everyone to pack iron does…creates fear. So you’d rather sit and have a heated argument with a car lot attenant..and knowing both you and he have firearms. Now if he reaches wrong (or you think he does) or you reach wrong…where does that leave you? Whre does that leave me, who may just be walking along the sdewalk when I observe two yahoos argung then both reaching….

          And where does that leave a cop when he pulls someone over…or sees an argument between two people?

          Welcome to Beirut … ’cause that’s where you advocate we go.

          • Bitter Libertarian

            Interesting question, and a good point. Outside your property the only “real property” you are in possesion of is your self. Granted the second Amendment does not specifically say you can carry a gun on your person in public. But the 4th amendment DOES protect/ensure your RIGHT to be SECURE. So as I have stated before many of the RIGHTS in the Bill of Rights work together and complement each other in order to function as a Unit. The 2nd amendment has been noted by many Constitutional scholars as the “right of self defence” be that defending your country in a malitia from invaders, or gangs of criminals or from a single criminal who wishes to violate your basic rights to life.

            One point I’m sure you’ve heard is deterrence. Advertised deterrence is an excellent method of lowering crime. People recommend simply placing an “ADT” Security sign & stickers on your home has deterred burgulary. Similar situations to avoide as a criminal is a bar in PA during Hunting season! Upstate towns are nearly crime free during deer
            To that point CT does not have a high crime rate EXCEPT in the areas where getting a concealed & carry permit is DIFFICULT. Other areas where permits are issued in due cource, enjoy relative violence free peace. We have a process and it costs some $$ but past the initial fee, its worked well.

          • MNIce

            “…where in the Constitution does it say (or can be read to give the Right to) anyone has the right to pack around guns outside their homes ?”

            It’s the fifth word in the Second Amendment.

            BTW, you employ a common misconstruction of the militia in the context of the Second Amendment. The people (as a whole) are the militia. This was even codified in Federal law: US Code, Title 10, Section 311 reads: “Every American male between the ages of 17 and 45 is a member of the national militia.”

            I suggest a different approach to the transportation security problem: NO ADULT is allowed on public transportation without carrying a can of pepper spray or other disabling agent. “An armed society is a polite society,” i.e., “well-regulated.” This will put a stop to airliners having to land to remove unruly passengers. The vast majority of passengers just want to arrive safely at their destinations. Any wacko who has other ideas will know very quickly that those ideas are miserable failures.

          • MNIce

            The sixth word in “… the right to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged.”

          • 45caliber

            If you were packing iron, I could care less. I have no fear of anyone “packing iron”. Why should I? Are you planning to try to attack people with your gun? If you are, are you willing to take the consequences if others are also packing?

          • JIBBS

            You would never make it in Missouri, just about everyone is armed, and we enjoy a low crime rate (except STL) What a sissy and easy target for criminals.

          • jovianus

            BL…that’s how I read it. The right to pack around in public forums would fall within the rights enumerated in the 4th.

            Now if you live or travel to a high crme neighbrhood…OK, I’ll give you that there is a good argument for carrying. But a public libary, a public park, a school, a shopping mall…you’d have to come up with some very inventive reasons why you need to pack around in those areas because you are insecure for your safety. No reasonable person would say they are not safe in those arenas…unless it was because there are a bunch of gun totin’ lunatics around who want to show feed their minimal machismo because they can’t otherwise feel like a man.

          • Bitter Libertarian

            jovianus dont forget that rights not exercised are rights not needed. Freedom of speech, freedom to protest, freedom from harassement, etc..if we as citizens dont exercise these freedoms then they can be construed by some (You know who I mean) that they are not needed. The patriot act is a CLASSIC example of citizens surrendering, not exercising their rights in the name of FEAR.
            While I understand and respect your concern for “who is carrying” I can assure you that 99.9% of all crimes committed are committed by a Nation as large as ours thats a microscopic percentage point and NOT worthy of much concern beyond its actual threat. I know of no legally carrying citizen who has committed a crime with their gun in CT…I could be wrong, but if there was you know the news would be all over it. I dont believe you need to be as concerned as you are..the numbers dont support it IMHO.

          • barbm

            perhaps you should go talk to that young woman whose parents were both killed by a maniac who killed many people at a mcdonald’s here in texas. she had a hand gun – in her car. if she’d had it on her, she might’ve saved many people that day including her parents. you might also remember what the japanese said about attacking our mainland. “Japan would never invade the United States. We would find a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Isoroku Yamamoto

          • Average Joe Patriot

            Is anyone here suggesting the right to “keep and bear arms” was meant to apply only within one’s home? People were being allowed to walk around ONLY in their living rooms with a shouldered musket or a flintlock pistol in their breeches?

            Or should we suppose the framers were using the verb “to bear” as in “to give birth to.”

            They laid down the First Amendment, then immediately backed it up with the Second. And they did it in the context of, not citizenry IN the militia, but citizenry in defense of their rights in the face of an armed militia. Certainly there were not a lot of armed gangs roaming about pillaging the countryside, and on the eastern seaboard native Americans were no longer raiding cabins with tomahawks. With the Continental Army essentially disbanded, the only remaining armed force which could violate citizens’ rights WAS the militia.

          • Cawmun Cents

            I remember when it was safe to go and eat at a fast food restaurant,then some nut went bonkers in one and started shooting people indiscriminately.Recently a dirtbag shot up one of our congress people outside a supermarket.If those in favor of not carrying were to understand that a person with a firearm could possibly expedite the stopping of such a terrible thing,they might feel differently.However they see people who desire to keep the public safe as necessarily being officers of the law.But police are actually just a force to arrest a perpetrator after the crime has been commited.In no way can a policeman who isnt present at the exact moment a crime is being committed protect you.You may see them(law enforcement)as a deterrent,but you would be deluding yourself.The name(law enforcement)implies making sure that criminals are detained and the laws regarding their crimes,can therefore be enforced.If they were called(crime deterrence)instead of(law enforcement)Mr.Jovianus might have an argument.But since there is no such thing as(crime deterrence),he doesnt really have a leg to stand on.The concept that the people who founded this nation knew was that there would never be any enforcement capable of deterrence.If another military or perhaps a militia bent on destruction,enters your sphere of environment,the founders made sure that the average citizen could defend his life,and property.This is of course discretionary,like every right should be.In other words it shouldnt be like Healthcare,where you are apparently fined if you do not enlist.Take care of yourselves my fellow Americans,because chances are that the(law enforcement)and the Government,and folks like ol’ Jovianus(patricular notice given to the last four letters of the title he has given himself)will not.I am out.-CC

          • Yankee Will

            Never mind Jovianus…you just don’t get it, and probably never will. Till it’s too late, anyway.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            since the constitution was meant to be limits, show me where it specifically says you are LIMITED IN ANY WAY!

          • Vicki

            jovianus writes:
            “Granted the second Amendment does not specifically say you can carry a gun on your person in public.”

            Since the 2nd amendment is a restriction on government, not a granter of privilege to citizens, there is no reason for it to say where. The fact that it does NOT say where means that the government (at ANY LEVEL) is NOT allowed to tell me or you not to keep and BEAR arms. That word “bear” just happens to mean carry.

            Therefore the right to keep arms in private or public space shall not be infringed (by the government at any level). The right to carry arms in private or public shall not be infringed (by the government at any level).

            Since the 2nd is a limitation on government there is nothing there that says HOW we shall carry. Openly or concealed. That is something WE choose.

            Side note for the children. The owner of private property does have the right to ask us not to carry on his/her property. We have the right to NOT go there.

          • Vicki

            Jovianus writes:
            “Wow Jim…your solution to a “highly improbable’ meet up with a crazed shooter is to have a whle bunch of crazed shooters out there?

            No. He said the solution is to have a whole bunch of sane people out there. That you should even try to say otherwise shows a serious case of projection on your part.

            Jovianus: “I would never feel safe if I knew there were gun nuts packing…”

            There are neighborhoods you should stay out of but for the most part there are no gun nuts packing so you can feel safe. Tea party rallies are a good place to feel safe. They have few to no “gun nuts” packing.

            Jovianus: “… and i’d be more likely to shoot if I knew there were people around who were just itching to show that they’re the modern day Wyatt Earp”

            How could you possibly know which, if any were “just itching to show..”? Are you projecting again?

          • JC

            jovianus writes:
            “Granted the second Amendment does not specifically say you can carry a gun on your person in public.”


            Samuel Adams quotes:
            “And that the said Constitution be never construed to authorize Congress to infringe the just liberty of the press, or the rights of conscience; or to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens, from keeping their own arms; or to raise standing armies, unless necessary for the defense of the United States, or of some one or more of them; or to prevent the people from petitioning, in a peaceable and orderly manner, the federal legislature, for a redress of grievances; or to subject the people to unreasonable searches and seizures of their persons, papers or possessions.”

            Samuel Adams quotes:
            “The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men.”

            Samuel Adams quotes:
            “Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: first, a right to life; secondly, to liberty; thirdly to property; together with the right to support and defend them in the best manner they can.”

            Samuel Adams quotes:
            “The said constitution shall never be construed to authorize Congress to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.”

            This isn’t a debate Jovi.
            You’re retarded liberal “non” morality has no place in this country.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            do me a big favor, come to Ohio, where I have a CCW and sue me for assault for just carrying a concealed weapon when I have a permit. In the state of Ohio, assault may not need contact, but it does require intent to harm!! Since I am by history and record a peaceful person, and I made no attempt nor had any intent to harm you I would do my best to own your car, home, and anything else you may own!!! I DO, by the way, have a very good lawyer and am in contact with him lately about a contractor that screwed my house paint very bad!!! A little more work for him would be very welcome!!!

      • RoBoTech

        I will wave the 2nd Amendment in your face, Socialist.
        There is NOTHING in the Constitution that says you have the right not to be scared of straw men.
        I will carry my firearms and I don’t need your permission.
        32 years and not one bullet fired. Mybe tomorrow, but I won’t lose a wink of sleep if it happens.
        You Sir, are a scared little puppy. I hope you stay that way. It must really sux to be you, and I, for one am glad. I laugh at useful idiots like you.
        And to give you something else to think about, fully 1/3 of the people you see on the street are armed. Just because your sissy friends don’t carry, doesn’t mean no one else will.
        98 Million CCW’s in America, and more all the time as the States pass laws to require issuance.
        About 180 Million own guns. You are an outlier when it comes to that.
        And it’s YOU I would be afraid of being armed. You haven’t a clue why being armed is important. Luckily, people like you end up shooting yourself. But, you would be a danger to innocent people in the meantime.
        So, just stay home if you are so scared!
        Simple as that.

        • jovianus

          Robotech. It’s not a straw man if you’re around. Then it is for real. There would be a lunatic hangin’ around armed and dangerous.

          Now…what’s going to occur if someone slaps a gun totin’ idiot like you with a lawsuit for assault? Best get out your checkbook bud if you’re around me…because that is exactly what would happen. And what are you gonna do about it when you do get slapped with such a lawsuit? Shoot me?

          • Kate8

            jo – You never know when you could find yourself in a situation where your life is threatened. Or the life of someone near you.

            It would only take one time, and the difference between having someone exercising their right to carry, closeby, or a few helpless onlookers, could just determine your future.

            Of course, if you were alone, you’d be just SOL.

            I’ll bet that would convert you in a hurry.

          • Kate8

            jo – I might add that we’d just be minus one more Progressive headache. No harm, no foul, I suppose.

          • jovianus

            Kate8…I agree. And i don’t know if the plane I’m ticketed on will crash to the ground. But I can say in 55 years I haven’t had the need for a gun to protect myself. And i’ve been in some fairly rough neighborhoods. But then, I don’t let fear override reason and sanity either.

            Let’s see…some guy has a gun pulled on me. I’m going to say “hold on for a sec. I need to draw my gun and we can then shoot at each other ….”


            Unless you want to cause fear in people…then there is no rational reason for packing around in a public forum. None.

          • independant thinker

            Three times I have been glad I had a handgun in my posession when confronted by someone. Once happened at home the other two happened in supposedly safe neighborhoods when visiting relatives. In all three cases the presence of my handgun and my obvious willingness to use it if need be quickly defused the situation and caused the agressor to leave. That non-violent outcome is quite common by the way studies have shown that there are over two million uses annualy of a firearm by a private citizen to stop a crime usualy with no shots fired.

          • 45caliber


            Then you are saying that ANYONE carrying a gun is mental and liable to go off at a moment’s notice unexpected?

            You have millions of people who can refute that.

            Actually, your belief is simply a symptom of a liberal’s addled mind.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            go and study law a little longer, you are saddly lacking! There is no assault unless one touches the person of another! Just legally carrying does not meet that requirement!!!

          • Vicki

            jovianus says:
            “Now…what’s going to occur if someone slaps a gun totin’ idiot like you with a lawsuit for assault? Best get out your checkbook bud if you’re around me…because that is exactly what would happen. And what are you gonna do about it? Shoot me?”

            Here we see the liberal violence projection problem first hand. Jovianus first misunderstands assault. Assault is a criminal offense and not a civil one. Jovianus then presumes that the “gun totin” person is criminally violent and will attack Jovianus (the “shoot me” comment). Jovianus is either pathologically paranoid or very internally violent.

            Should Jovianus actually try and sue someone because they carried a firearm in the vicinity of Jovianus, Jovianus should keep his checkbook at the ready since it will be he who will be paying.

            Joe H writes:
            “There is no assault unless one touches the person of another!

            Definitions vary from state to state however no definition of assault covers the mere presence of a person. The person must take some overt action to generate the offense of assault. Touching is not required.

            For California:
            “California law defines an “assault” under Penal Code 240 PC as an unlawful attempt… coupled with a present ability…to commit a violent injury upon another person.1

            Simply put, it means performing an act that is likely to result in the application of force to another person.”

            The act of carrying is not likely to result in the application of force to another person.

          • JC

            jovianus says:
            March 28, 2011 at 12:29 pm

            “But then, I don’t let fear override reason and sanity either. ”

            “Unless you want to cause fear in people…then there is no rational reason for packing around in a public forum. None.”

            Except for the absolute right to defend yourself in the face of violence? And you don’t let fear over ride….?
            Are you kidding? You’re entire philosophy on the subject is entirely rooted in fear…of yourself and having to make any life and death decisions. God help your family if they ever needed you…because you’ll be hiding in a closet in a puddle….

          • http://?? Joe H.

            while what you say might be true there IS one thing that has to be present in all states that I know of. that one thing is INTENT!!! If I am just standing there, armed LEGALLY, then there is no intent and if he tries to bring litigation against me I will counter sue and do my best to LEGALLY own everything he possesses!!! I will feel no pity on someone trying to usurp my God given rights that have been bscked up by both the constitution AND the supreme court!!!

        • jovianus

          One other thing…you can be allowed to pack a gun in public because you are scared of some bad guy who, by all statstics, will not be faced. In 32 years you haven’t faced that situation.

          Yet, you say that my fear you have no idea how to act with a gun and no idea of your anger levels…are inconsequential?

          Try again Sparky. The standard for Assault is reasonable fear of imminent danger. I’d say any reaonable san person is gonna have a level of fear if they see someone packing a gun…thus…hope you have a good attorney on retainer because you pack a gun around me and it’s visible…or you lt me know you have it? And it’s in a public place? You betchya I’m gonna sue your as* off.

          • independant thinker

            You better stay at home in your socialist haven then because if you tried to sue me in open carry states not only would you loose you would have to pay my defence lawyer and a heafty countersuit for harassment.

          • Thamera

            Jovi you truly miss the point on all occasions. You could implement law after law after law and reg after reg after reg and the criminal is still going to go packing. The criminal is not going to worry about the law because they have no respect for the law; hence, that is why they are criminals…and as far as “crazy” people having guns…that is why there are background checks, not perfect but they are in place, but again the point being that if someone is hel* bent on going out and doing damage, they will find a way to do it without any regard to the law. P.S. nice to know that you are in favor of frivolous law suits…

          • Bitter Libertarian

            Whoa! You would sue someone if you saw they had a gun and it made you scared? Please explain that…..Not taking it out of contex am I?? WTF?

          • jovianus

            Absolutely IT. If I were in a public forum, and saw someone pcking a gun, my first thought would be “uh oh…best call the cops”. Because no sane rasonable person would be armed and dangerous in a public forum. And i’d be leery of the person until the cops came.

            Now…that would place my situation in a place where I have a reasoable fear of being attacked. Thus, it meets the definition of assault. I don’t care if they were allowed by law…assault is common law and based upon a “reasonable person” test. (for you folks who want to rely on Common Law, you should not have a problem with this)

            I am not stating gun ownership should be restricted. Heck, I’d expand it. But I do state the ability to legally pack one around should be very restricted…for the safety and security of the public.

            And if someone is packing ina public forum and they are not a cop? You betchya there’s a reasonable fear.

          • voice of reason

            LMAO….. You think you’re going to “sue” someone who is LEGALLY open carrying in a constitutional carry state because you are intimidated? Go ahead….. I’m sure your attorney will laugh at you.

            If it’s a legal conceal carry state how are you going to know if someone is carrying or not? Are you going to feel everyone up first to check (which then they could sue YOU for assault?) You’re going to sue for what…… ha ha ha. Good luck winning any law suits against people posing you no threat and abiding by the state laws.

          • Kate8

            Thamera – You are exactly right. I don’t know why liberals always ignore this obvious fact.

            Another fact is that the PTB simply want us to be afraid. The more hapless and defenseless we are, the more fearful we are.

            If they get the legit guns, then only the criminals will have them. They will have nullified our right to defend ourselves, and will have thrown us to the wolves.

            I do hope most folks will refuse to comply to another act that violates the People’s Law of the Land.

          • 45caliber


            So you would have a fear of being attacked if you saw someone wearing a gun?

            LOL – you have a serious mental problem. Psychitrists are looking for people like you!

            I could have a fear of autos (I do actually) but that doesn’t mean I have the right to call the police every time I see someone driving one! You don’t have the same right to call if you see someone carrying a gun. In fact, some people have been told so after the police wasted their time showing up.

          • jovianus

            Please note; Just because it’s “legal” does not mean the perp is not liable for consequences. For is perfectly legal for me to swing at you and purposely miss. An “air swing’ for lack of a better word. Now that is absolutely legal.

            Yet, if a reasonable person was placed in fear…I could be held liable for damages under ‘civil assault’.

          • Thamera

            Good luck with that one Jovi. You’d be lucky if the officer’s didn’t laugh you right out of the station. Very little is done even when someone is physically assaulted.

          • jovianus

            Scared is not the same as fear. And yes, if I was in a public forum and saw someone packing a gun, I’d better very circumspect as only a person with a few loose screws would do such and think it was OK.

          • Dan az

            jovi anus
            Why dont you visit Arizona even the 80 yr old grandma carries a piece.Im sure you would probably cry and run to the police and tell them that she scares you. What a wuss.The reason that our crime is dropping like a rock is because every one packs and are not afraid to use it.Maybe your from San francisco do you need a hug?

          • Average Joe Patriot

            You’d SUE me, Trollianus? Well then, bring it on. I’ve packed on and off for 40 years, depending on what state I happened to be in, always legally. I carried in plain sight for years in Phoenix. Concealed in NM and surrounding states, and in MA. Weapon in locked case in trunk of car in CA, ammo carried separately (ridiculous, but I did it).

            Are you saying you would have sued me on sight just because you knew I was carrying in a public place? Why is it people are safer in their homes than in public places, Trollianus? Because they are more likely to have weapons in their homes. As others have pointed out, the least safe place to be would be in a “gun-free zone,” as witness the number of killings in schools, vs. the number of killings at gun shows. (Where we have an opportunity to actually SEE what wild and dangerous behavior gun nuts exhibit when they congregate.)

            Unlike some here, I HAVE been in life-threatening civilian situations (about a dozen) where a weapon either deterred the threat, or would have had I had one (where I had to just take my lumps, without a cop in sight). Granted, I worked in contract security for several years, but that does not account for all the situations in which I’ve needed a weapon. In the various situations where I was fortunately allowed to have one on my person (and I never go without one, a firearm if legally permitted, or something, at least), the threat of the weapon alone prevented violence. This does not mean brandishing wildly, I mean the simple display of capability. And no, I’ve never had to shoot anyone, not to say I haven’t had to discharge to convince (exactly twice), but I’ve never shot anyone. In 40 years.

            In places where one is not allowed to carry, by the way, here’s a thought (and yes, I’ve done this, and this is right in line with the main message of this article by David Morris–make it #15 on his list):

            Walk into any hardware store and pick up two large machine-threaded round-head carriage or stove bolts each about half the length of your closed fist. Select a large nut to join them together, each bolt half-thread into the nut. Hold the result in your fist. You want the large round steel heads to snug just outside the knuckles of your forefinger and your little finger (shop around the fastener’s section till you’ve got a combination which feels comfortable in your hand).

            That’s it.

            You’re now prepared to apply maximum force to any part of an attackers body (head, jaw, neck, collarbone, sternum, elbow, knee, spinal column, etc.) which you can strike with a closed fist hammer-blow (like a closed-hand karate chop, like pounding your fist on a door or desk). Now disconnect these three legal items and go pay a buck plus tax to the cashier. Reassemble your defensive device outside and put it in your purse or jacket pocket. You are now legally (potentially lethally) armed.

            Wooden versions of a similar defensive weapon have been variously called “kombos” and “yawara sticks” and have been used in the Orient for centuries, and many cops and civilians carry a knurled-handled version attached to a key-ring. I’m sure these are all effective, but I particulary wouldn’t want to encounter the steel version you can assemble at Ace Hardware. WARNING: DO NOT APPLY THIS MAKESHIFT SELF-DEFENSE WEAPON TO AN ASSAILANT’S SKULL OR SPINE UNLESS THE THREAT TO YOU OR OTHER VICTIMS IS LETHAL!


            This weapon, in almost any hands, applied in an effective and timely fashion, CAN cause permanent injury, or even death. The above description of how to construct this simple makeshift self-defense device is just that, a description. It is not an endorsement, nor is it a recommendation.

            (But, hey, Trollianus? Please don’t start a lawsuit against everyone you see lurking in the fasteners department of your local hardware store. Some of them are probably innocent sheeple, grooming themselves for the slaughter. Much like yourself.)

          • JC

            jovianus says:
            March 28, 2011 at 5:38 pm
            Please note; Just because it’s “legal” does not mean the perp is not liable for consequences. For is perfectly legal for me to swing at you and purposely miss. An “air swing’ for lack of a better word. Now that is absolutely legal.

            Yet, if a reasonable person was placed in fear…I could be held liable for damages under ‘civil assault’.
            Or in the real world…you might find yourself spitting chiclets all over the ground.
            You do come up with some bizarre crap. I’ll give you that….

          • Stan

            You so funny ha ha — sue away. Are you so ignorant as to believe you can sue someone for carrying legal?

          • Vicki

            jovianus demonstrates why he should not quit his day job and try to be a lawyer:
            “Now…that (seeing someone carrying a gun) would place my situation in a place where I have a reasonable fear of being attacked. Thus, it meets the definition of assault.”

            You mean “civil assault” which is a civil action not criminal one.

            First it has to be a reasonable man fear not a reasonable jovianus fear
            “About Assault and Battery

            A physical attack on another person is an assault, even if no physical contact was made. A person can be held liable or responsible for assault in civil court if:

            * He or she intended to cause a harmful or offensive contact with another person.
            * The victim believed he or she was about to be personally harmed.”

            Both statements must be true. Since people who legally carry guns do so with the intent to defend themselves and not cause harmful nor offensive contact with another person the first statement is false and the charge of “civil assault” is false.

            Since jovianus admitted that he only had a “jovianus fear” of being attacked he did not believe that he was about to be personally harmed the second statement is also false. Thus the charge of civil assault is found false on both tests though only 1 is required.

          • independant thinker

            “The standard for Assault is reasonable fear of imminent danger.”

            So you are saying if find your face scary and it makes me feel a reasonable fear of imminent danger I can sue you for a couple of million or more.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Hey jovi,
            you better hope you don’t run into any police detectives!!! they don’t always carry their ID in plain sight, but their gun is almost always in plain sight!!! GET ‘IM BOY! SUE!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! HOHOHOHO!! HEHEHEHEHEHE!!! LOL is just not enough!!!!!

      • armyvet

        Crime has decreased in high percentages in states that have enacted “Right to carry” laws. That should tell you something. It is not the idea that you will likely use the weapon, it is the opposite. No would be criminal would want to attack someone so easily if he/she thinks that the would be victim might be armed.

      • herman richardson

        I think that in reality very few, if they had the smarts of a pea wanted the so called Patriaticnutjob act. Those wanting it had other motives for it. STOP BEING A BUNCH OF BABIES AND TAKE OUT COUNTRY BACK if you cannot shut your [offensive word removed].

        • Average Joe Patriot

          (Just kidding but…) Jeepers, Herman. Bad word removed? Whatever happened to freedom of speech? I’ll say the bad word, then: @$$#ole. Usually the computer smell-checkers don’t catch that one. I’ve encountered many supposedly dangerous @$$#ole$ in my life, never had to damage one so far, despite that I weigh 150 and am reportedly considered cute by my girlfriends (when I’m smiling). I always made it clear in weapon situations I was ready to put someone down, and if I was smiling I’d hate to see that particular photo.

          This article is about personal and family defense when there are no cops around, anyone speaking otherwise shut the hell up. As elsewhere said, I’ll take a rolled up magazine in the absence of a .32 hollow point Kel-Tec…but, I’d rather have the concealable .32 semi-auto I’m not ever without, it’s like a keychain ornament to me: watch, wad, wallet, wireless, weapon–don’t leave home without the five W’s combo: time, cash, purse, cellphone, gun. A pocket knife (preferably a Leatherman) is good, too, couldn’t think of a nemonic W to go with it, just keep it next to my keys.

          As for guns, better still the .357. That’s an impresser, I keep that in the car with a speed-loader. Too bulky-looking on my small frame except in winter with an overcoat. I’d get idiots like Trollianus calling the police on me, otherwise (it’s happened).

          But, again in keeping with the point of the article, I don’t dine out without mentally locating the nearest half-full ketchup bottle and closely examining the cutlery as potential weaponry. Okay, I just notice this sort of thing, not paranoid, simply aware.

          Whatever is wrong with me? I keep being ready for stuff which only occasionally ever happens, like snowstorms or power outages or hurricanes or tornados, ridiculous never-happen stuff like that. Crazy people with guns (they’re simply not allowed, you know) in restaurants, supermarkets, Post Offices, city streets…gun-free zones…

          Should it occur, I would hope a legally licensed owner would stand and deliver. Should our freedoms be challenged, I’d hope for the same. Be it Concord, Lexington, or in front of the Arizona supermarket where they shot an upstanding Congresswoman who’s helped defend our 2nd Amendment rights, stood up for all of our Constitutional rights. Her then attending constituents should’ve paid closer attention to her words. The federal government has us so scared of gun-ownership that no one there had a weapon to defend her life (despite them all being allowed by the local laws state to carry).

          How weird is that? Civilian shows up one minute later, armed, to help pin the perp down till the cops arrive…five…minutes…later. After a congress woman and two of her people, several constituants, and a federal court judge are all shot.

          Do you feel safe in a Safeway parking lot, now? After all, you pay your taxes for police protection, you and your neighbors are being disarmed for your own good. Please surrender your weapon, ma’am. So we don’t have to end up reading about you in the papers.

          “Okay, sir.”

      • JC

        jovianus says:
        March 28, 2011 at 8:07 am
        Wow Jim…your solution to a “highly improbable’ meet up with a crazed shooter is to have a whle bunch of crazed shooters out there? I would never feel safe if I knew there were gun nuts packing … and i’d be more likely to shoot if I knew there were people around who were just itching to show that they’re the modern day Wyatt Earp.

        Just another Hysterical Liberal Idiot demonstrating how completely spineless Hysterical Liberal idiots really are.
        Thanks Jovi, If I told people that Liberals are really that stupid, no one would believe me. But I can always refer them to you for proof.
        Much Appreciated. :)

        • JeffH

          JC…nuff said!

        • Average Joe Patriot

          Nice point, JC. Perhaps, to make this simple, since most 2nd Amendment naysayers don’t trust average citizens (that is, themselves, in fact) to carry guns, we should make it illegal for 2nd Amendment naysayers to carry guns. They clearly cannot be trusted not to turn on the rest of us, they don’t even trust themselves. Would any sane person want to hoist a shot and a beer with an armed person who was himself afraid of what he might do with the gun in his briefcase? (Damn, don’t bring up politics, religion, or offstreet parking issues with this dude. Disarm THIS powder keg, ASAP.)

          The rest of us (fake, weapon-crazy, secretly armed) American citizens will continue to avoid getting sued by continuing, as per usual, to surreptitiously carry concealed weapons like space-aliens infiltrating the human race, unbeknownst to the innocent, oblivious sheeple. (Whom perhaps we are secretly planning to farm, shoot with semi-automatics, and ship back to our home planet in freezer ships.)

          Sorry. I know they’re coming to take me awaaaayyy.

          Maybe that’s why I’m not a 2nd Amendment naysayer. I’m a lifelong gun-crazy nut who likes to hang out in public parks and fantasize about shooting fuzzy squirrels when the wide-eyed children’s parents aren’t looking.

          Or, maybe I’m just a law abiding American who owns a variety of potentially dangerous tools, including a car and truck, chainsaw and kitchen knives, lawn mower and weed-eater, axe and hatchet, a rifle and pistol, rope and baling wire, and an extension cord and toaster I could drop into some unsuspecting person’s bath water some crazed night when the evil voices start yammering in my head that they won’t go away till I kill someone with an ice pick or force them to drink a cocktail of toxic cleaning solutions I have stashed under my kitchen sink. I also possess a corkscrew and numerous lengths of steel pipe and cordwood, but anyone could kill anyone with a sharpened #2 pencil.

          But, please, take my guns away. I might go crazy and figure out a way to attack some poor innocent if I possessed a license to carry a God-forbid actual “firearm.” (Hey, I’ve got socks in a drawer and rocks on my property, let’s outlaw socks and rocks. Oops, insuffient, gotta outlaw all breakable glass and dinnerware, large wrenches and crowbars, and nailfiles longer than two inches, and fingernails longer than one inch.)

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Average Joe Patriot,
            Dam man, you have a chainsaw????? NOW I’m SCARED!!!! LOL!

          • Vicki

            “Oops, insuffient, gotta outlaw all breakable glass and dinnerware, large wrenches and crowbars, and nailfiles longer than two inches, and fingernails longer than one inch.)”

            2 inches is enough penetration to kill. One inch will do too.

          • JC

            Funny. :)
            I think you’ve identified the pussified liberal mindset.

      • Thamera

        You would be wrong as usual jovi

        • Eddie47d

          Hang in there Jovianus. I’m sure you have realized that when you are on a “conservative” site you have to take the lumps with those mashed potatoes.

          • Bitter Libertarian

            Ed – Do you support this disposition?

            Jo said: “I’d say any reaonable san person is gonna have a level of fear if they see someone packing a gun…thus…hope you have a good attorney on retainer because you pack a gun around me and it’s visible…or you lt me know you have it? And it’s in a public place? You betchya I’m gonna sue your as* off.”

            Are you gonna sue someone if you saw they had a gun? What would you do?

          • Average Joe Patriot

            Ed: Any “reasonably sane person” would run for cover if they saw either you or Trollianus with a gun. Chances are we’d either get accidentally shot, or spattered when either of you accidentally shot yourselves or each other.

            To All: Don’t trust either of these people around can-openers or scissors either, and if you go to dinner with them, ask the waitress to give them the round-ended “kiddie” steak knives, preferably in flexible plastic. Better still, cut their food up for them and give them each a plastic spoon.

            Can’t be too careful when lives are at steak…I mean…stake.

          • Eddie47d

            Actually there are a few scenarios where you don’t want to be around anyone packing. Get a grip!

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        (offensive comment removed)

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

        Jovi you spend too much time panting at the screen watching the girlie-mon with the tinkle running down his leg.

        Police DO worry every day about meeting a crazed gun carrier. They are better kown as CRIMINALS not law-abicing citizens.

      • Bob

        Yep you would be the 1st one to ask or yell for help if needed and hope some one with a weapon to help

      • Thor

        Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable at the Huffington Post? Let them protect you.

      • joel

        I respectfully suggest that you think deeply into what you really mean by “gun nut.” Is it one who is insane and has a gun, or a pillar of the community who likes or owns a gun? Or is it something in between? I also suggest you look at some statistics about how guns have saved many innocents from criminals and dangerous “nuts.”

        If you don’t, then you may be thinking with your ‘anus’, jovi. Unfortunate screen name.

      • http://n/a leadsled

        To Jovianus: WHO AND WHAT gives you the right to say the reason we (The Lawful Defenders)of our Lives and Liberties are just “Concealed Carrying” because we want some sort of Stupid Cowboy Rush ??? Are You Kidding Me? If we all carried Openly then the Scum of this world would know Which One of “Us” to “take out First” Before going about their Murderous Agenda! EVERY BIT OF EVIDENCE obtained on the subject PROVES Crime Rates are LOWER where GOOD people Defend their Rights with Authority and Training (the permit part of carrying concealed) You my NAME Calling individual Have Tasted Fear and Don’t Like it,and so strike out verbally at the only people that have enough intelligence and want to discuss such matters… The FEAR is Strong in you Still…PERHAPS You should Retire from Law Enforcement for Your Good Days are Past

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      The liberals attempt at disarming the citizenry is a plan. They know they cannot enforce their totalitarian will on us as long as we are armed. Once the weapons are “gone” they can rein unfettered.

      They do not care in the least that unarmed citizens are subject to criminals. “That is simply collateral damage to their ultimate goal.

      The government is SUPPOSED to be deathly afraid of the citizens. That is exactly how good government is obtained.

      Free men own guns, slaves do not.

      • Eddie47d

        I hear what you are saying Old Henry and you are mostly correct. On the other hand Afghanistan is an excellent example especially 10 years ago. The Taliban had all the weapons and they were the citizenry. They were also the governing force(militias) and used their weapons to subjugate anyone who didn’t agree with them.Having weapons doesn’t make one free and hardly gives anyone the right to dominate over another.

        • Thamera

          Are you comparing the Taliban to American citizens that own guns? Please correct me, if I am wrong but Afghanistan is hardly a good comparison for gun ownership or the 2nd Amendment for that matter. History has proven time after time that when the citizenry is armed and can defend themselves that is exactly how they KEEP their freedom! Know anything about Switzerland Eddie??? good grief!

          • Thamera

            btw the Taliban are and were not the “citizenry” anymore than the mob or mafia represent our citizenry. They are a group of heavily armed, organized, religious fanatics. If the common “citizenry” of Afghanistan had been armed, they could of defeated the Taliban!!!! Perhaps you should read The Kiterunner, for starters.

          • Eddie47d

            I have read the Kiterunner and the Taliban did represent the majority of the citizens as militias.There are numerous other countries where those holding the guns hold the power.

        • Average Joe Patriot

          Eddie47d (is that your cup size?), since that country manufactures nothing but opium, you have to ask yourself a question. Who gave them those weapons, why?

          “We” (our unilateral Presidential voice at the time) did not go into Afghanistan after the Taliban, who’d done our country no harm and posed no announced or direct threat to us. Supposedly we were after Al Qaida, because 19 Arabs used Walmart box cutters to take down a big chunk of our financial system, our Air Force, NORAD, and a fifth of the Pentagon one fall morning, a “day of infamy.” So we attacked, of course, Afghanistan! And who armed the both of them, Al Qaida and the Taliban? I’m sure it would be too much to ask if you could spell CIA.

          Would it be too much to ask if I were to wonder how it is you compare a bunch of historically warring hill tribes (intertribal warfare dating back to Alexander the Great and beyond), selling opium for arms to any and all comers (including Britain and the CIA)…how you compare these disparate hill tribes to the United States of America?

          In what way does this (once free) republic resemble Afghanistan?

          Surely you can do better than this in defense of your vision of the US as a “gun-free zone.” Or, you could move to England. They’ve already made it a gun-free zone. Now they are trying to make it a knife-free zone. People keep killing each other with whatever they can get their hands on, tsk, tsk. Next it will be a cricket-bat-free zone.

          Same in Japan. Not so much in China, however. There the government took away all the citizens’ guns and now they just keep the murder rate up themselves, by shooting the people who get uppity.

          Couldn’t happen here. Americans would never stand for it. By God (to paraphrase Supreme Admiral Yamamoto, arguing against Japanese invasion of the US during WWII), there would be a knitting needle and a curtain rod behind every blade of grass.

        • Vicki

          Eddie47d writes:
          “The Taliban had all the weapons and they were the citizenry.”

          Well yes they were citizens. They were armed. They were THE RULERS. The rest of the citizens were NOT armed and were their slaves/subjects. Eddie you prove each and every day the old adage about being silent and thought a fool.

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


          “The Taliban had all the weapons and they were the citizenry”

          That means no one else had weapons, and they then became “subjects” of the Taliban. Prior to the Taliban obviously nobody had weapons which allowed them to be controlled by the Taliban who were probably armed by the Sauds.

          • Eddie47d

            We have our KKK,neo-Nazi’s,American Patriot movements and other assorted militias who do want to control by the force of a weapon. All gun owners on the right aren’t so innocent.

          • Vicki

            Eddie47d writes:
            “We have our KKK,neo-Nazi’s,American Patriot movements and other assorted militias who do want to control by the force of a weapon. All gun owners on the right aren’t so innocent.”

            Eddie do you ever have a point or do you always try to smear those with whom you disagree?

      • http://n/a leadsled


  • Don

    Try a rolled up magazine. Use it like a stabbing instrument. Aim w/ all your strength & speed for the area just below the ribcage, angled upward toward the heart.

    Can do a lot of damage.

    For women: try the heel on a pair of high-heeled shoes. Must be swung like an ax, but it concentrates a lot of force onto a very small area. Aim for the temple or an eye. Best weapon is a stiletto heel.

    A can of 22 foot hornet & wasp spray, aimed into the face will blind & keep you at better than arm length.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      That stiletto heel is better left on the foot! Brought down on the instep it can do a whole lot of damage to the perp!

  • Susan

    At a truck stop, I recently discovered “tire checkers.” The look like short wooden bats. They are short enough to fit in a tote bag or slip under a car seat. Some of thick and heavy. Others are thinner but have the last few inches covered with fairly thick metal. I doubt you could get them on public transportation, especially the metal tipped ones, but for home, car, or walking, they can extend your reach for striking at vulnerable body parts.

    • JIBBS

      While you are trying to get those out of you handbag or from under the front seat, my wife will have stopped the attacker for her .45 or .32.

  • sean murrey

    how about a bowie knife i have one.

    • 45caliber

      Only if you know how to use it. Otherwise you are liable to anger your attacker and he will use it on you.

  • Dwight Mann

    An 18′ length of schedule 80 iron pipe(3/4″ i think) will break a skull or a knee with minimum strength of force. Very innocuous looking also.

    • Dwight Mann

      that is 18″ and not 18 ‘ length. . . sorry can not edit comment

    • Jeff

      One doesn’t need a stick or pipe to break legs. All one needs is a functional leg with foot. A quick hard kick into any person’s knee cap, preferably just below the knee cap, can bring severe pain to an attacker if not bring them to the ground. Then all you need to do is RUN AWAY to the nearest place to call Police. If you don’t he or she will make the call. He or she who makes the call first more than likely will have the Police on their side later.

      • FITZY

        Very true! Also, if they’re a little closer than kicking distance you can fold your hand flat at the 2nd and 3rd knuckles so its flat and punch them square in the throat…even someone with minimal strength can put a grown man on his knees with this. If you’re a little closer than that cup your hands slightly and “clap” both their ears as hard as possible!

        One of my personal favorites for anyone with good hand strength is to “flex” my pointer and middle fingers and “punch” right below where the rib cage seperates. I put a guy my size (6′ 185) half way across a pool table (short side) one night! Don’t try this one unless your hands are really strong though.

        As far as weapons go, the only thing I’ve ever been able to think of that couldn’t be used as some sort of a weapon is jello :)

      • JIBBS

        And while you try that, that assh0&l scum might shoot you.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Ah yes…but can you immediately assume there is only one attacker?What if his brother or three of his cousins show up?Yes…run away,like from a rattlesnake right?Can anyone out there tell me why it is never good to run from a rattlesnake?Because there may be another one laying in wait nearby.That is where your theory meets its Alamo.You see…daring liberal,accomplished martial artists often have the foresight to see the fact that there may be more than just one attacker.An accomplished martial artist never denies himself that which will give him victory.For in a fight for your life,you either survive or you do not.If carrying a handgun will help you achieve victory,then why deny yourself that particular scenario?Many will say that you are less manly for having a gun,but those same folks will not live to run away,and fight again another day will they?The imperative in any life endangering situation,is to be as prepared as possible for any threat.If you deny yourself that luxury because of some egotistical issue then you deserve to get killed.In a life or death struggle there is no such thing as fair play.You have to do what it takes to win.If you do not then you die.Its not as if you can tell someone,”Hey,this isnt fair”.It is a do or die situation.For someone to think that there is a code of conduct in defending ones life,assumes that the other party in the scuffle will also adhere to the rules of engagement.This is why many of our servicemen have died in the middle east.The”rules of engagement”prohibit from direct offensive maneuvering,unless specific orders have been issued.That is not the way to win in a conflict.Poor decisions will always be made in a life or death combat scenario.But to handcuff our soldiers is madness.Let them fight as well as they can,and keep politics out of it.If the nation we are fighting in doesnt like it,we can pack up and leave.No negotiation necessary.Just…yeah…okay…we will just go home…you folks fight it out with your own badguys.Then leave.Simple.What is necessary is to fight with the intention of winning.Whether on the street,or in the war-torn mountains of Afghanistan…do it exactly the same and tell the politicians to go to hell.

  • Bitter Libertarian

    Wasp & Hornet Spray..Not as concentrated as pepper spray, but it will work at a good distance.
    Penny rolls (or any rolled coins) clenched in the fist add a little punch.
    A DVD/CD is a unique weapon too..intact the officials think nothing of it, quickly snap it in half and you have a fairly sharp weapon if you have a hankie you can wrap 1/2 of it to hold & slash with the other. 2 or 3 together is even better.

    One of the oldest weapons is your shoe. Take it off and hold it and strike with it on edge. Some shoes are better then others, but on edge does have serious effect. Boots are too bulky.

    • soldier

      I love the CD idea. In fact I am shuddering now of a vision of a sliced neck artery from a cracked CD…. Taking off your shoes in a fight would be difficult I think. I think it would be too much risk and not worth the reward to take the time to take off your shoes when you could kick with them on.

      • Bitter Libertarian

        The shoe idea came from the leather soled shoe days of years ago..many business men travel wearing high dollar leather soled shoes. In a Pinch, when you got nothing else to help equalize the situation….your shoe, sock wrapped around a broken in 2 CD/DVD…you can do some damage.

    • 45caliber

      Wasp Spray is nasty in the eyes as it freezes as it evaporates. That is really what kills the wasps. And it will mess up eyes permanently.


    A dinner plate or a cake plate makes a good weapon when thrown like a frisby. It is heavy enough and with a thin edge it will multiply the force and make an attacker think twice.

  • soldier

    Always wear steel toed boots or shoes instead of flip flops. You might not be the life of the party but flip flops won’t do crap against an attacker, but steel toe boots… Sure your feet will sweat, but just think. Every step is a better workout because of your heavier steel toed shoes / boots! A side benefit!

  • Jim

    Most people have a claw hammer in their tool box for hanging pictures. Mine is a 22 oz. Eastwing framing hammer. A formidable weapon.

    • JimH

      Jim, A phillips head screw driver would go good with that hammer in the “tool kit”.

      • Eddie47d

        There are plenty of rocks in my yard,tools in my garage,pictures on the walls inside the house. Those frames could be busted quickly and produce a Sharp edge and maybe the glass also.

        • Thamera

          None of those items mentioned can stop a bullet or are quicker than a gun. If you find yourself having to defend yourself against a criminal (who again, has NO RESPECT FOR THE LAW) I doubt your “sharp edges” will do much for you.

          • Eddie47d

            Since the issue is about defending oneself without a gun then I will assume you are being facetious or maybe mocking.

          • Thamera

            No, just stating a fact. It is going to be hard to defend yourself without a gun when criminals are usually packing and have no problem getting them regardless of all the rules and regs and laws that we have in place. Who else are you worried about protecting yourself from, if not a criminal?

          • Average Joe Patriot

            Hey, Thamera. Most of the criminals I’ve dealt with (not all) are usually NOT packing. They more often rely on a knife or a club (bat or steel pipe) or their size and number, which is why a .357 (or at least a .32 hollow-point, my usual concealable street companion) is my preferred deterrent.

            Yes, a bar of soap in a silk stocking can be a weapon in the event of need, but if two huge thugs come at me with their fists and boots (or half a dozen Hispanic gang bangers, or a stoop-full of drugged out hoodlums in dreads and cornrows, all of which has happened), I’ll choose the .357 hands down. I’m not a large nor a young man, and can’t recall the last time I wore a stocking. I can easily recall the last time a .357 (un-pulled) cooled a potential assailant’s jets.

            The beauty of a handgun in your belt or a shoulder holster is, you probably won’t need to pull it. A dead-eyed look and a casual flash usually ends the encounter. If it escalates from there, at least you won’t be shooting blanks or waving a sock full of spare change.

            They say: “Don’t pull it unless you intend to use it, and then, shoot to kill.” I say bullshit. When not attacked with a lethal weapon, you would be ill-advised to shoot to kill, legally speaking. Putting one past their ears (bearing in mind the backdrop) or between their feet should give a couple of 200 pound bullies pause, if you promise them the next one will be between someone’s eyes. If that doesn’t work (mind you, even unarmed they might easily kill you, however it might appear later in a court of law with them dressed up by their lawyer in their go-to-church suits), cap them in the knee (or foot, or thigh). Non-lethal, if possible. If that doesn’t work, do what you gotta do.

            One man’s advice, not legal counsel. But better to have to appear in court than attend your own funeral or wind up a paraplegic.

          • Vicki

            “They say: “Don’t pull it unless you intend to use it, and then, shoot to kill.” ”

            I don’t know who would say that but in California you NEVER NEVER say anything other than “I shot to stop.” Well obviously to the police you say ” I want to see my lawyer ” :)

            In California the “shoot to kill” statement will be used to prove intent to kill which is to say murder.

            If you do draw your weapon shoot to center of mass. That shows intent to stop. Shooting the ground etc just shows that you did not really think you were in serious danger.

            All the above is NOT legal advice. It is however reasonably good advice for California at least.

      • 45caliber

        A flat head screwdriver is just as good! Perhaps better.

    • independant thinker

      Don’t think I would use a framing hammer for hanging pictures if I had a smaller hammer but the framinh hammer certainly would make a good weapon. Actualy any hammer would but the best one for most people would probably a 16 oz one because they could handle it better but it still has enough heft to do major damage.

      • 45caliber

        A ten ounce hammer is plenty enough, trust me!

  • O’Fudge

    Sending this to my daughters, Sure hpoe they read it! thanks

  • Raggs

    I think the question is what can be used as a weapon that you may carry with you everyday that is not considered a weapon,

    A credit card…. sharpen the long edge.
    keys… another good one, can be used to impact an eye.
    Shoe strings… as a single string or tie both of them together for a longer string.
    A belt… Lord knows my dad had plenty of practice with one.

    • Jeff


      Yes, a belt can be used to harass or thwart an attacker, but don’t forget the BUCKLE! The heavier and/or bigger the better.

    • Dan az

      Something that you have with you every day that is a weapon is your finger.It may gross you out but if used to take the eyes out it makes for an easy take down.Did you know that it only takes 7 pounds of force to send an attacker to his knees with a forward kick to the knee?If he cant walk with a dislocated knee then you can just walk away or not.A open palm to the nose will kill by shoving the bone of the nose through the brain.Just my take on it!

  • Richard

    A ball point pen or pencil with the blunt end in the meat of your hand makes a good weapon.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      funny you should mention that. I have a niece that had a pen with a big eraser on it that she put into a guys gut when he tried to assault her on her way home from class!! he damn near kicked as she punctured his gut with it!! she said it hurt her hand like crazy, but it did put him in another frame of mind!!! he cops didn’t have any problem finding him, he was the one staggering down the street holding his gut!! Too bad it didn’t kill him!!! I got no pity for those types!!

  • Charlie Tall

    The most obvious improvised weapon is the one that the passengers overlooked on 9/11/2011: pens and pencils. A cheap Bic pen is equivalent to an ice pick if used to stab the eyes, solar plexus, or groin.

    Defense against a knife can include your coat, handbag, shopping bag, whatever you have ready. Use it like a shield.

    Women: your high heels are potential weapons, and you don’t have to take them off, just stamp your foot real hard. A 100-lb woman wearing stiletto heels can put 1600 pounds per square inch on the ground just taking a step. If she stamps her foot, she can increase that by a factor of ten: 16,000 psi. That’s enough to go plumb through any man’s shoe and his foot, too.

    Larger heels are less effective, but they will slow an attacker and probably make him/her turn loose of you. The best place to put that heel is high on the instep where it can break or separate the major foot bones.

    For the Marines here, any long tool like a shovel or rake makes a dandy pugil stick…without the padding. Use it like a bayoneted rifle. I actually had to resort to this one time, and it surprised the living crap out of the two men who thought they could mug me in my front yard. The side of a shovel cuts like a blunt axe, and it’s dirty, too! Heh, heh.

    BTW, I’m 66 years old (USMC 6 Jun 63 – 12 Aug 66).

    Any aerosol – deodorant, hair spray, oven cleaner, windex, WD40 – in the eyes is a real turn-off, and it gives you enough time to switch to a more effective weapon like a table lamp, candle stick, or chair.

    • 45caliber

      Agreed. I’ve seen a pencil that went six inches into a man’s chest (in a prison). And if you wrap that coat, shawl, etc. about your arm, a knife won’t easily slash through it.

  • Phil

    A simple, ordinary walking cane. Who thinks anything of seeing someone with a cane? It can be use to ‘stab’ at an attacker; the hardwood ones can also be used as a club. Be sure to keep hold of the curved end

    • JIBBS

      Yes, a walking with a two shot .22, or a short sword inside it.

    • 45caliber

      I agree. Don’t bother with a sword cane; they are illegal and cops are trained to watch for them. But there are a lot of very good canes out there. One is even made like a war hammer. I have a fake blackthorn cane (great mace!) and a cudgel as well. And I have an ex-swordcane (I removed the blade so it would be legal) with a cast wolf head. All nasty weapons. They are even better if you are trained to use them both as a weapon and as a defense. Try some SCA group (in all larger cities). They would be glad to give you training. See

    • JeffH

      Methods for Killing With Your Bare Hands

      1. TEMPLE – A very susceptibile vital spot. If struck with sufficient force, may cause unconsciousness or death.

      2. NASION – This is the summit of the nose. If struck with sufficient force may cause death.

      3. PHILTRUM – This is the area between the upper lip and the bottom of the nose. Attack to this area may also cause unconsciousness or death.

      4. HOOK TO JAW – A powerful hook punch to the front side of jaw may snap an enemy’s neck. Fatal.

      5. ADAM’S APPLE – A sharp blow here may cause enemy to asphyxiate.

      6. SMALL OF BACK – A very strong blow to the small of the back can cause the backbone to break.

      7. TESTICLES – The strong, focused pain of a vicious low blow may cause shock, resulting in death.

      8. BASE OF CEREBELLUM – A powerful blow to the nape of the neck, causing mortal damage.

      9. COCCYX – A powerful blow to the tail bone. Fatal.

      10. FULL NELSON – Stand behind the enemy, put your arms under his, and lock your hands behind his head. Bending the neck forward may either break neck, asphyxiate enemy, or cut of supply of spinal fluid to brain, causing brain damage or death.

      11. HALF NELSON – Again, standing behind enemy, but one arm is used to pin one of enemy’s arms.

      12. BRAIN BUSTER – Bend enemy over towards you, placing him in a headlock. Grab the back of his belt, and haul him into the air, vertical, upside-down. Allow yourself to fall backward, landing on your enemy’s head, which will absorb your combined weight. Most effective on concrete or gravel.

      13. RUSSIAN OMELET – Cross enemy’s legs. Fold enemy by pinning his shoulders to ground upside-down and placing his legs above him. Sit on his legs, folding the bass of the spine. Fatal.

      14. HEART PUNCH – A strongman’s attack, it is simply a powerful blow to the heart. (Many years ago, the wrestler Ox killed an opposing wrestler with this attack.)

      15. UPPERCUT – An upward strike to the bottom of the jaw with the heel of the hand, causing the enemy’s head to snap backward. May shatter vertabrae. Fatal.

      16. ABDOMEN – A substantial blow to this area may rupture a vital organ, causing death.

      17. RIB CAGE – A vicious shattering of the rib cage may cause grave internal bleeding.

      18. HEAD-TO-WALL PUNCH – A swift, hard, cold-cock punch to an enemy’s face while he is standing near a wall may drive his head into it, causing the back of the skull to shatter fatally.

      19. PINNED DROP KICK – Standing behind enemy, holding his arms straight back. A drop kick to the back without releasing arms may severe spine, causing death.

      20. HEAD WRENCH – Grabbing an enemy’s head by the mouth and the back of the skull, then twisting with a sudden, violent jerk to rend vertabrae, may easily cause death.

      21. CHOKE HOLD – Once a favorite of law enforcement officials, has often proved deadly. The right arm goes over the enemy’s right shoulder, and grips the back of the head. The left arm comes over his left shoulder, reaches across neck, and grabs own right forearm. With enough pressure applied, causes brain damage or death.

      22. HEAD YANK – Bend enemy forward, grab head, and pull back with convincing force. May seperate delicate vertebrae, causing death.

      23. EARS – Coming up from behind an enemy and cupping the hands in a clapping motion over the victims ears can kill him immediately. The vibrations caused from the clapping motion will burst his eardrums, and cause internal bleeding in the brain.

      24. KIDNEYS – A large nerve that branches off to the spinal cord comes very close to the skin at the kidneys. A direct blow with the knife edge of your hand can cause death.

      25. EYES – Use your fingers in a V-shape and attack in gouging motion

      Attacking is a primary factor. A fight was never won by defensive action. Attack with all of your strength. At any point or any situation, some vulnerable point on your enemies body will be open for attack. Do this while screaming as screaming has two purposes:

      1. To frighten and confuse your enemy, and

      2. To allow you to take a deep breath which, in turn, will put more oxygen in your blood stream. Your balance and balance of your enemy are two important factors; since, if you succeed in making your enemy lose his balance, the chances are nine to one that you can kill him in your next move.

  • Charlie Tall

    About government prohibitions on carrying weapons as in a school “safe zone,” does anyone, even the most progressive liberal vegan pacifist really believe that the threat of a misdemeanor charge of carrying a weapon is going to stop someone intent on commiting murder?

    How many examples of homicidal attackers who end their sprees with suicide do we need before we figure out that these people are like rabid dogs? They just don’t give a damn what happens; they are out to kill.

    Background checks? Give me a break! This past weekend I answered an ad in the local shopper and had me a nice, almost-new, Ruger pistol in less than an hour, with a partial box of ammo thrown in free, and paid somewhat less than I would have in a gun shop. What a bargain!

    So much for gun laws, let’s talk reality.

    The most effective law enforcement method is the armed citizen. Prompt, effective, low cost to society, and no expensive appeal involved.

    • independant thinker

      “threat of a misdemeanor charge of carrying a weapon”

      I think the charge would be a felony not a misdemeanor but your point is still valid because the person intent on creating mayhem would not care.

      • Average Joe Patriot

        Depends on the state, Thinker. And the local constabulary. I once had to fire a warning shot through the ceiling of the men’s room in a bad bar a friend shouldn’t have invited me to, just to convince two complete strangers who promised me “We’re gonna tear your face off!” that I was not going to let them do so, even after they chipped one of my teeth and drew first blood. (Drunken tent-rigger carnies over from Texas, celebrating their last night in town, big ugly suckers.)

        They ran like rats, but when the cops later showed up at my door (having caught the perps and heard the story, wanted a positive ID, I gave it to them), I was informed I’d committed a misdemeanor, carrying a concealed weapon into a bar. I calmly told them if I hadn’t we’d be having a very one-sided conversation. They laughed, told me to leave my gun at home next time I went bar-hopping, virtually thanked me for my public service and ran the carload of bastards out of town. They wanted me to press charges, I said no, these clowns had probably learned a lifetime lesson about attacking innocuous strangers in a strange town, without additional legal complications.

        There may still be towns like that (nowadays I wouldn’t bet on it, but there still may be).

        • independant thinker

          Guess I wasn’t clear. I was refering specificaly to carrying in a school.

    • 45caliber

      They not only don’t care, in many cases they intend to commit suicide before capture. And it’s hard to punish someone who is dead.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        the majority commit suicide by cop!!!

  • Ann

    I have a 100,000 stun gun and metal doors — zap the door from inside while they are touching it from outside (ouch!) followed by a fire extinguisher should they come in through a window, and tuna fileting knife in the same location. The other door sports a machete and a can of hornet spray. Of course my carry gun is on me should I be bothered inside or outside. The only thing I can’t deal with is a SWAT team; an AK-47, a few grenades, tanks, and mines would be helpful with that but those would certainly invite the SWAT team.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      I love it..You should add a warning sign…”This is a Ruger Motel, Criminals may come in standing up but they leave lying down in plastic”

    • 45caliber

      I belong to the Society for Creative Anachronisms”. It is a medieval club that teaches how to use the older weapons like swords, axes, and maces. I have some on the walls as display all over the house. They come off easily. And I can use all of them. I’m known locally for my collection – I have over fifty swords alone.

    • Average Joe Patriot

      Ann, I absolutely love it. I want to forward this…no, I WILL forward this…to my sisters and their daughters. And a few others as well. Thanks.

  • Santi

    I personaly saw an old man use his cane on a person, needless to say it was very effective. It left the man on the ground long enough for the old man to limp away.

    • 45caliber

      I had a friend (64) who carries a cane. He was attacked by three young men with knives. He laid out all three of them – but he has a cane selected that won’t break easily. They tried to charge him with assault – after they were arrested. The judge looked at them, at him, and then started laughing. He said, “Case dismissed!” and walked out still laughing.

  • Jeff

    I often play possible scenarios in my mind for “What if”, while shopping in a supermarket,while pumping gas or many other places I frequent throughout the day. What if I was shopping at a grocery store and just as I begin to leave one isle for another, notice a man or woman, standing over the clerk at a checkout stand pointing a gun and demanding money? The first thing I should do, if the robber did not notice me, is slowly step backward toward the inside of the isle. Once I believe I am free to move unnoticed, turn and warn others within the isle to stay back. Then call 911. Then slowly return to the head of the isle to see what the robber is doing. In a glance, I should be able to size up the situation. In that glance, I am looking at what actions are being taken by the robber and the clerk. What is the description of the robber? Hopefully, the clerk will give the robber everything demanded and the robber runs out. But, suppose the robber starts shooting at the clerk, things and other people in the store? I have three options: Run back down the isle I’m in and push everyone with me to the back of the store, draw a concealed weapon and confront the robber, if I had one on OR grab items off of the shelves and began throwng as fast and as hard as possible, those item at the robber. By God’s grace, I’d be throwing canned food. Outcome? You decide.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      I carry..personally any thieve wanting money/goods..let them have them. Stuff is replacable.
      They threaten life, or shoot someone…gloves are off.

      • 45caliber

        Exactly. If someone pulled a knife and demanded my money, I’d give it to him. If he tried to cut me or someone else, then I’d do my best to convince him it was a bad idea.

  • Donald

    The level of paranoia and distrust of one’s fellow man is interesting, to say the least.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      par·a·noi·a   /ˌpærəˈnɔɪə/ Show Spelled
      1. Psychiatry . a mental disorder characterized by systematized delusions and the projection of personal conflicts, which are ascribed to the supposed hostility of others, sometimes progressing to disturbances of consciousness and aggressive acts believed to be performed in self-defense or as a mission.
      2. baseless or excessive suspicion of the motives of others.

      I would say that being prepared doesnt qualify as paranoia…these arent agressive acts, they arent baseless, and no one here is talking about the motives of the attackers. This is in RESPONCE to agression by an attacker, etc..being prepared..boy/girl scout style.

      As far as distrusting fellow man…perhaps…but lets face it there are 1000 reasons to be “guarded” these days.

      When people lose their jobs, their homes, their marriage falls apart; when people lose it ALL they LOSE IT. There are already signs of increased petty crime these days..even here in CT..thievery is on the rise. Now I wouldnt advocate killing anyone over a wallet, car, or other replacable property…but lets face turn to crime…you are UNPREDICTABLE. The ability to defend one self is a Creator given right, and common sence allows us the ability to be creative as necessary.

      • TIME

        DITTO 100%!

      • 45caliber

        It makes you a lot more self assured in business and life as well.

        • Thamera

          ditto, ditto & ditto ^_^

    • Raggs

      That’s because this government has built a society of freeloaders that get very angry when they their welfare check is late.

    • D. K.

      It is not paranoia if someone really is out to get you. In just the last six months 1) I had a flasher come up behind me as I loaded my groceries, 2) my best friend had a man pull a gun on her while she was walking to try to force her in a car where another man was waiting, and 3) another friend had all her Christmas presents stolen from her car when she went into a quick stop. We all live in a nice suburban area that most would not consider dangerous. I am a petite woman in my early 40s and it is not paranoia to realize I have little chance without a weapon. I now have my CCL and both friends are getting theirs. (Of course in situations 1 and 3, we would not be likely to shoot, but we could protect ourselves if needed.)

      • 45caliber

        Don’t say you would have little chance without a weapon due to your size. I saw a woman not any bigger than you say you are take down a trained instructor at a correctional officer training school. She was determined she was going to do it and wasn’t afraid of being hurt. She impressed all of them. And another woman with some training broke a hold by another simply and every effectively to their surprise as well. I would recommend training – and not something like kung fu. That is meant more for tournaments and not for protection now. Your police should be able to tell you where to go.

    • Charlie Tall

      I learned artifical respiration when I was a Boy Scout. I took first aid courses in the military. I learned to administer CPR at a Red Cross class. I give blood regularly. I practice with my pistols regularly. I started wearing seatbelts in 1966.

      Which one of those makes me paranoid?

    • JR

      Why to these freaking leftists always have to troll these sites? Does really have all that money to pay these people???

      As a matter of fact, conservatives are massively more likely to help the suffering, and – e.g. – if leftists even gave blood as often as conservatives, WE WOULD HAVE TWICE THE BLOOD SUPPLY IN OUR HOSPITAL SYSTEM. As evidenced by John Kerry’s $7 mm dollar yacht that he docked out of state to save $500k in taxes, as evidenced by Mikey Moore’s mansion on Torch Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world per National Geographic, as evidence by Al Gore, the world’s first carbon billionaire, as evidenced by all the zillion room Hollywood limousine liberal mansions that NEVER have poor people housed in them, as evidenced by the charitable donations by Obama and Biden BEFORE they ran for office. LEFTISTS, STATISTICALLY SPEAKING, DO **ZILCH***.

      Paranoia? Join me, Mr. Lefty, and I’ll drop you off in downtown Detroit tonight and you can walk home. Join me with in a police cruiser for a Friday evening. Go with me to the Methodist Hospital in Gary Indiana where I worked for two years, and let’s hang out in the ER room, OK?

      Nah, didn’t think you had the intellectual honesty. The reality is that we must show compassion the the week, the hurting, the elderly, which is what I do on a regular basis, with my own AFTER TAX dollars (miniumum of 10% is given every month… what do YOU give???) Then, I give massive amounts of time, that I really don’t have. However, when it comes to self-defense, unless you are utterly ignorant of rape statistics, home invasion statistics, then one had darn well know how to defend oneself. This is even MORE important when you see all the death threats from the leftists in Wisconsin against Gov. Walker and the senators.

      Hard to know if you are ignorant, foolish, or a shill for George Soros. Maybe all of the above.

      • Thamera

        No kidding. Detroit is like taking a left turn out of civilization and into a 3rd world ghetto armed to the teeth!

    • Average Joe Patriot

      “The level of paranoia and distrust of one’s fellow man is interesting, to say the least.”

      No kidding, Donald? Read all the stories, here. Daniel Boone and Kit Carson never went anyplace unarmed. Neither do most police. People who’ve seriously studied martial arts are, in actuality, always armed. And, of course, the same can be said for upwards of perhaps 1/4 of all Americans (depending on State) who own firearms.

      Damn, the level of paranoia must finally be going down in this country. Time was, nearly everyone owned one. Now it’s just a handful of gun nuts, thank God.

      Of course, in Switzerland, where home gun-ownership is a requirement and they have virtually no violent crime, they’re all in psychotherapy for the national mental disease of…well, you guessed. Paranoia.

      On the other hand, would you rather burglarize a home in Boston, or Berne?

  • Karol

    I have found that carrying a cricket bat (to and from practice and/or matches) proved to be a primo deterrent when walking through Newark, NJ, my former home town. Never had to use it, but it is a very effective cudgel. Also, an ordinary full-sized umbrella or cane can be an effective thrusting weapon. I have never carried a firearm, since being a civilian with a firearm in NJ is virtually a capital offense even if one is eminently respectable and law-abiding. Our firearms laws would warm the heart of Heinrich Himmler et al. The only element in society not disarmed in NJ are the violent criminals.

  • http://none mike duff

    Caution: If you do not know how to use your improvised weapon or do not have the state of mind to use it you may place yourself in a worse situation. So, find a good instructor and learn. Let me suggest full contact Martial Arts as a good start. This will give you the mind set that will save the day.

    1st Dan

    • Thamera

      Very important point Mike. My dad was teaching me to shoot by the time I was 8 years old. We all went through hunter safety too. Aside from shooting for fun, I have never had to use a gun. God willing, I will never have to, but I am very glad to know how to use and a handel a gun should I ever need to.

  • WayneT

    We have got to reach everyone folks, so I am posting this message here too.

    Check out the wsbtv website below, and see what Obama is doing for the Muslims Friends in foreign countries. The government has not given any increases in social security for the last 2 years, but they have enough money to refurbish Muslim Mosques in foreign countries. In fact our Muslim President has allowed $770,000,000 dollars for this crap. Doesn’t this irritate you as much as me? We need to spreed the word on this. Email this website to all your friends. We have around 40,000,000 folks social security. Hopefully, this will be 40,000,000 (million) votes he will not get from those sane folks drawing social security.


    • TIME

      Great post…..

      • Jeff


        Thanks for the post. I encourge all us old timers to email a congress-person about this. Maybe only a staffer will get it, but at least another tick mark on a list adds to the total number for someone’s statistical chart. The squeeky wheel gets the grease.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          So send it about 3 or 4 times. maybe the same staffer won’t get it! Maybe the rep will be presented the notice. Maybe you will happen to send it on a day he/she happens to be in that office!!! Never say never or give up!!!!

    • 45caliber

      Not a surprise at all.

  • Everett Good

    I have not personally tried it, but have heard that the aerosol can, designed to knock down wasp nests, is the most effective… AIM FOR THE EYES! it can be used from a farther distance, and is supposed to blind the attacker until recieving medical attention.. ALSO, most home invasion robbery occurs where people are sitting at home with their door unlocked. I installed a heavy security screen door, and religiously lock both the deadbolt and knob.
    I am a 73 year old submarine veteran. I had to qualify with a model 1911 Colt to stand a security watch, topside while in port.
    Shame on me, if a home invasion occurs, and the coroner has to dig out less than 8 hollow point .45 caliber slugs

    • Jeff

      Hey Everett,

      A man after my own heart. I too have a .45 handgun and carry it in my home until after the dogs come in for the night. Since I live in a rural area, it is my reponsibility to protect my family and home from home invasion. It would take a deputy 15 minutes to reach me if I call one. I’ll have everything bagged and tagged by the time he or she gets there.

      • WayneT

        I don’t have one as large as you do, but I do have a weapon handy at all times to keep the wolves at bay. I personally feel that every law abiding citizen should be trained in the use of firearms and and hopefully will have tdhe courage to use it should it become necessary.

      • Bud Tugly

        My Colt 1911 Gold Cup is my favorite… accurate, reliable and made in USA.

        • bob wire

          I have enjoyed my Gold Cup as well, a solid, hard shooter.

          I also have a “clean” no paper trail, throw-down, 5 round 38 Rossi revolver for the Oh Dear me! moments, and a 2″ 357 S&W I tote for everyday work.

          I’m parcel to a wheel gun since Nam, not planing to start a war while maintain the illusion of simply an armed citizen attempting to mind my own business.

          • 45caliber

            I learned to shoot from an old Western gunfighter. (He was 90.) He taught his greatgrandson and I some just before he died.

            A few comments by him: “Never use two hands on a one-handed gun. It presents the entire front of your body as a target – and you can’t hide behind anything.” (He would start laughing the moment someone on TV started trying to use both hands.)

            “Always cock the gun before firing. If you try to pull the hammer back with the trigger it will throw off your shot.” (One reason I prefer autos. They cock themselves after the first shot.)

            “Always POINT the gun. Sights are used only for long distance. All guns – pistol, rifle, and shotgun – should be pointed at shorter ranges.” (We learned to pull the trigger with our middle fingers while pointing with our index finger until we got used to pointing.)

            “Never argue with an armed hysterical woman. She instictively points and is one of the most accurate shots as a result.” (Sounded like experience talking to us but he’d never admit it.)

            “When you shoot at a man, don’t stop until you run out of bullets. Don’t shoot and then see if you hit him.”

          • bob wire

            sounds like a wise old man, 45

            I never was big with that two handed grip myself for instinct shots and why offer large targets? If you need two hands , you over are over-gunned for close quarters combat. Some men have huge hands, I don’t. That 357 with tactical grips is a perfect fit for me and as much gun as I can hang on too. We are like rice and beans.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I’m kinda partial to my little 9MM sccy at home. Made in Fla. and a decent little gun!!! 25yards and I do alright for an old man!!

        • http://n/a leadsled

          umm 45? I too carry the best and largest auto-pistol with accessible ammunition (the PT-809-45 w/second strike & green laser on under rail)(2nd strike is auto hammer reset once if primer misfires) But everything I read says to stay out of jail as a result of a fire-fight you should have put only two slugs in the perps chest! IT`S ALL ABOUT EXCESSIVE USE OF FORCE ! I know we all will probably empty our clips but this is what the Legal boys say…Small caliber gets two/three in the head depending how small the cartridge used…Did you know ?

    • 45caliber

      I agree. But I taught my wife to shoot for the widest part.

      And ALWAYS shoot until the gun goes emply. Then reload and check to see if you need to shoot again.

    • 45caliber

      Wasp Stopper is great – but it can cause permanent damage to the eyes. Not that I care about the eyes of an attacker. But he might sue later.

      • http://n/a leadsled

        GOOD CALL 45 … I suggest wasp spray to everyone I know that does not or is afraid to carry an Equalizer (pepper spray being ILLEGAL in most Cities)…tough shit on a bad guys eyes…I consider them LUCKY if that’s all they get for Accosting Good People///

  • David J. Carrier

    The Government don’t want to control guns, they want to disarm us. They clearly know that 80% of homes in America have guns. It’s our culture, I couldn’t imagine not being able to own guns. The 2nd Amendment was made to allow US Citizens to protect themselves from all enemies both foreign and “domestic”. Guns have been a vital tool for most of America through the hard times of “Depression”, Recession or even Inflation. A man can take a gun and go kill food for his family without the Government directing him. I have lived through those times, I grew up with a gun in my hands. I was able to “at 8 years old” take a 12ga. Shotgun with #6 bird shot and kill cottontail rabbits, skin them, clean them and cut them up and soak them in salt water overnight to help preserve the meat. They can be fried, grilled, boiled as in Dumplings. Same with Pheasant and other small game. When your family is hungry you make adjustments and Guns have always been at the top of the list for survival. We let the Government take our guns, we will be at their “Mercy” to survive.

    • 45caliber

      I agree. In fact, if you notice, most gun laws are designed to allow the rich to own one but not the poor. How many remember the “Saturday night specials”? they were cheap. The government had them banned because they were unsafe. Actually they just insured that the poor couldn’t afford to buy the higher priced guns.

    • http://n/a leadsled

      DAVE …LET ME ALSO Shake your hand for the reality check some might gain from your experiences and sharing of….Those that would not concur will feel the hunger pangs first or dine on Mr Riley down the street when the Super Markets Close….

  • Silverfox2

    If you have a moment to suprise your attacker, a swift kick in the groin will incapacitate him long enough for you to get away. If you can’t get away for whatever reason the kick will give you enough time to get something more worthy to ward-off your attacker. I don’t know what the reasoning was for not presenting this before now, the defense of ourselves and loved ones, certainly is more important than the safety of an attacker.

    • 45caliber

      Only “so far” here. In England where they have already passed the laws our Congress wants to pass, it is illegal to harm your attacker. A 280 lb man broke in on a 120 lb woman and tried to rape her. She sprayed him in the face with pepper spray. He got one year in jail for attempted rape. She got two years for “using undo force to subdue an unarmed man.” Expect it here in the US soon…

      • Thamera

        Those stories are becoming all too common as well. The perps are being protected while the victim aka law abiding citizen, are losing their rights. That is the back door approach to gun control. If they can’t outlaw gun ownership outright they are going to try to keep it out of reach through higher taxation or harsh penalties for people who do defend themselves.

      • http://n/a leadsled

        45 ? IS IT TRUE, that after your Gov/ took the publics GUNS they now want to implement muslim Laws there?

        • http://n/a leadsled


  • TIME

    Ok a quick story you can all look into as it unfolded just days ago here in Athens GA.
    We had a young Black man shoot two police officers, one who passed on from the direct shot to the back of his head. The other shot in the face and chest, lived and will recover.

    The young man who shot them both has been out of JAIL now for about 1 year. Why did he go to jail?
    Robbing a Pizza guy for $3.00 in Cash, and then beating the Pizza guy.
    After this young man “Mr. HOOD” – and yes thats his name!
    Who also lives on Public aid, with his 6 brothers and at least 6 sisters all of whom it seems are all a story in and of themselfs.

    There was a $50,000.00 reward posted for Mr. Hood, {that was for any Intel that would lead to his capture.}
    Well guess how many takers there were in the HOOD?
    Can you all say {ZERO,}

    Ok so whats that say first off about how much money these folks on public aid get that $50K is an insult to them to help aid the local police in capturing this monster?

    What I also found rather telling is that Mr. Hood has now been linked the gun used in this last crime of killing one police officer and nearly killing an other, is that this special person also killed a Public worker in December 2010 right here in Athens GA again where not a single person stepped up to aid the local police.

    Also on Sunday afternoon 3/27/2011 when the Officer was to be laid to rest, a BOMB threat was called into the local Police, just one hour before the Officer was to be laid to rest.
    Where of all places was this threat at? Wallmart, a mega large store that would take countless hours and a total lock down on the east side of town taking countless Police away from Honoring their fallen Friend, a father of young children as well he himself still just a young man.

    All that aside, what do you think is going to happen when these “specail folks on Public aid” get thier aid funds cut?
    How many of you can grasp the ramifications of such an action?
    Please do keep in mind that as much as 43% of the US Population is on some form of Public Aid.

    Folks PLEASE take a class on the use of a gun if you don’t know how to use one.
    Take class’s on Combat Training and Survival. Learn how to make a weapon out of anything and how to use it with a solid effect.

    • WayneT

      This is caused by our Liberal Court, and the Liberal Probation folks who think you can change a killer. You don’t change a recidivist criminal. Anyone such as this low life that shot these two officers should be tried and put to death within a year in a case such as this. I am currently living near Tampa, Florida. Tampa had two officers killed last year, and St. Petersburg, Fl. has had 3 officers killed within a month. I am a retired police officer. I have seen both sides of the coin. These derelict judges has only seen one side of the coin, and cannot see the complete picture. We do need to get rid of these low life trash who will pull a triggef on anyone.

    • 45caliber

      Most welfare families are on their third, fourth, or even fifth generation. The only way they can get extra money without losing those benefits is crime so most such families (not all but most) consider crime as the family business. Every member from Granny down to the two year old are involved. It takes someone doing something really nasty to get any of them to turn in someone. Killing a police officer isn’t one of those things.

  • Starvin Larry


    “Most people have a claw hammer in their tool box for hanging pictures. Mine is a 22 oz. Eastwing framing hammer. A formidable weapon”

    A framing hammer (straight claw) makes for a better weapon than the more common curved claw hammers most people own. Also a drywall hammer-has a blade like a hatchet,or more like a tomahawk,doesn’t come sharp-but that’s easy to do.

    Take a close look at your “Eastwing” hammer-it’s Estwing,not Eastwing.
    Most people refuse to belive me on that subject until they actually read the name on the hammer-won a lot of money betting on that.

    • bob wire

      my preference is a 14 oz, wood handled Plumb finishing hammer. It’s much faster for the second blow in case the first missed it mark and another application required.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I’m a welder and I’ll go with my chipping hammer, which I made from a round file and a piece of 5/16 inch rod!! Has a chisle tip on one face and a pointed punch type face on the other!! Oh, and it has a leather loop on the handle!!!

    • 45caliber

      You can actually do more damage – and keep your hammer free for additional blows, if you use the face of it. The war hammers used in the Middle Ages had a spike on the back – but it was only used to give the final blow after he was basically harmless on the ground because it might get caught and be hard to get back out.

  • Lou

    A few commenter s have touched on what you can do with no weapons at all. I think there worth repeating since if your ever accosted you will likely be caught flatfooted with nothing useful in your hands. Your hands and feet can save you. Stomping on an attackers instep should be an effective first move. A kick to the knee from front or side might free up your hands for other moves such as a jab with your fingers straight out to the throat which should crush his wind pipe. A semi fist will also work without breaking your fingers. Straight fingers to the solar plexus is also effective. If your in fear of your life breaking your fingers may be a good trade off. If you can get to the attackers eyes use your thumbs to pop them out of their sockets. One other move is using the heel of your hand to hit the nose as hard as you can. Either the Throat, eyes or nose will end the struggle in your favor.

    • Jeff

      All those methods of using your body is very effective and perhaps if nothing comes to your mind, one can just spit in the face of the attacher and scream “Ha! I’ve got AIDS!” While the perp hesitates…RUN!

    • 45caliber

      It takes 15 lbs of force to break an elbow against the way it normally bends. It takes 25 lbs to break an knee. If you grab and jerk it takes 15 lbs to rip off the family jewels…


    WOW, you make yourself an open target, when things go wrong, the cops are around the corner waiting for your call.

    • http://n/a leadsled


  • Wess

    Car keys protruding from a closed fist for face, eye, and soft tissue damage.

    • 45caliber

      But it can hurt your hand too. It is worth it if you can get away but not always the best thing. If they are on a ring or on a short chain, you can slash them across a face without trouble…

  • bob wire

    It was during similar such times when the peasants were unarmed and Shogun’s and bad men seemed to have the upper hand that martial arts were conceived in the far East and many forms have developed over the years.

    a simple walking stick and hand full of finely ground black pepper administered to the face, hair, eyes, ears,teeth and gums could be very effective.

    The human body has many “weak points” learn them and how to administer overwhelming pain with easy.

    My advise to anyone is to learn six “take downs” and neutralize.

    The most common starts from a grab of your arm and a two handed chock to your throat or a grab of your collar.

    If your life style has you moving about the country, it’s good to be forearmed with such basic knowledge.

    You need not trouble yourself with “Belts” and colors ~ A black belt only means one has developed their skills and shown proficiency in a particular form to their “Master”

    The only secret is found in repetition and holding to form in lighting speed until no thinking is required, the body knows to do.

    Learn six.

    • 45caliber

      Good advice. Remember, there is no such thing as “fighting fair’ when you are attacked. ANYTHING can be done.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I forget who said it, but it went no such thing as a fair fight, only a fight to WIN!!!

  • 45caliber

    Look around your house. Or even the room you are in. You can throw many things, like telephones, remotes, books, etc. As someone already said, a rolled up newspaper or magazine can be used as a weapon. I heard once of a case where a man was almost killed when hit across the throat with one. A good book can be used as both a weapon or a shield. Chairs can be used to batter a person or be thrown. I defy anyone to stand there when a chair comes flying their way. Vases, beer bottles, lamps, etc. have all been used at one time or another as weapons, sometimes lethally. Swing a lamp or any other light appliance by its cord to make a dangerous weapon. The most dangerous knife has a short blade – 2″ is fine. Pencils and pens are dangerous. You can drive one through ribs. Any areosal can be sprayed into someone’s face and eyes. Many are blinding, sometimes permanently. The movie “Home Alone” was a comedy – but it didn’t mistake many of the weapons used in it. Even foods can be dangerous. A piece of pie or cake in the face can be blinding for long enough to run or acquire something else. Salt or pepper thrown in the face can be a problem. Look at each room carefully; what is near you that you can throw, use as a club or lance, etc? Nearly everything can be used.

    If you need to fight, use your forearm and lower leg like a pipe. Your fist should be used as much as a club or mace as a punch. Knees and elbows are hard and somewhat pointed. Don’t try kicking with your feet – it hurts you as much or more than your enemy – but stomping is fine. Go for joints when possible. A friend was attacked a couple of years ago – he grabbed the man’s arm, jerked it up, and hit the elbow with his other forearm. At the same time, he stomped on the man’s knee. Result – a broken arm and a broken leg. (The man went to jail via the hospital. All the way he kept asking, “How did he do that?”) Your forehead is hard but try to not hit something harder (like his forehead). His nose is a good target and certainly his throat. Sexual organs are also good targets. The heel of your palm is better for striking in more cases than your knuckles if you aren’t a trained boxer. Go for the eyes with your fingernails.

    Remember, if you give up, you are a victim automatically.

  • Herbert

    The TSA wont’s Lawabiding Setaseens without anny thing thay can use as a wapen . so thay can letthue the very pepel thay are thar to chace.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I’m sorry, but try as I might I can’t understand what you are saying.

  • gdriller

    I’ve read several comments about the 2nd ammendment. The 2nd ammendment was written by brilliant men who had “been through it” and wanted to ensure that the people that governed could not do to its Citizenry, what the British did to the Colonists. It gave us the right to bear arms in case our freedoms were infringed on by those who govern us. If we give up the right to bear arms then it will be a matter of time before we give up all of our freedoms. I can already hear the comments coming in that I’m advocating a rebellion against our government. I am not—–BUT—before anyone goes off on what I said, first answer this question and then go ahead and voice your opinion—-”At what point were our founders justified in rebelling against those who governed them?” And where would be today if they had not?
    It is my hope that we never have to use the 2nd ammendment for what it was intended (to protect ourselves and our families) and I hope and pray that our government and our so called leaders will get their heads screwed on straight and bring this country back to the greatness it once had.

    • 45caliber

      The battle at Lexington was over the British troops trying to confiscate weapons from the citizens.

  • Tim

    You have only what you have on or near you in a crisis. I know self defense fairly well and one of the best tricks is stomping the top of a foot arch as it prevents persuit. Instinctively people protect the face and the groin so they are limited effect targets. Going mal freaks an intruder but you have to ensure that they understand you are going to make yourself a difficult target and the easy option is for them to leave.

    I am a strong believer in avoidance, but when ambushed you need to react not think. Practice, practic, practice. Awareness has helped me a few times.

    When driving a car you are seat belted in and extremely limited, I had the unhappy occasion of an attempted carjack last month in South Africa and if not for a B@tknife clipped to my seat cover it would have gone very bad. The reality was a handgun was the best solution as these dudes were beginners in the area of South African Carjacking.

    • 45caliber

      Practice is certainly needed. But so is careful thought AHEAD OF TIME. Imagine yourself in some situation and then decide then what you would do if – say – someone came through the door while you are watching TV. Or if you are driving and someone pulls out in front of you. You can avoid accidents IF you already have it thought out what to do because you will act instead of think about it. The same with self defense in any situtaion. Plan it out ahead of time so you will act instantly.

  • JC

    Many good suggestions here.
    Now! As a good Liberal like Jovi would say…
    All the pens and pencils, fire extinguishers, spoons, knives and anything else pointy or pokey SHOULD BE REGISTERED & GOVERNMENT ISSUED …because after all…that will stop everyone from using them in a crime right? LOL ;)

    • Thamera

      Exactly JC. Criminals don’t care about the laws; ergo they wouldn’t be criminals. lol

    • 45caliber

      Exactly. In England, it is illegal to have ANYTHING on you that is pointed or has an edge. One man was arrested for carrying an unbrella with a rounded point on the top. Several have been arrested for carrying finger nail clippers because of the edge where you put your nails to cut. Knives are certainly out and so are sharpened pencils and pens. Kids are allowed to take only unsharpened pencils to school and then must leave them there. One man was arrested for using a cane that was strong enough to hit someone with – and he was in his nineties.

  • barbm

    i have cats. anybody ever had one scared to death that stuck its claws in and curved them under? try pulling it off quickly. you’ll lose a big old chunk of flesh in the process. if someone attacked me in my home or yard, one of those cats would make a great weapon thrown in somebody’s face. i love my cats, but if it’s me or the cat -just saying…

    • Thamera


    • 45caliber

      You are quite correct. I’ve thought the same thing. In fact, one of my plans if I’m at home and someone comes through the door is to do just that since I normally have a cat in my lap.

  • JR

    This is simple. Pepper spray dribbles out and you have to have the attacker right on you. Good solution, but not great. For firearms, while I own them, there is a natural reluctance to use lethal force. (and in our corrupt thugocracy of Illinois, the gov’t is planning to publish all the names of gun owners – yeah, this will work real well… if there are burglaries trying to get guns, there will either be MORE illegal guns out there, or there will be criminals – some of whom may be immature teenagers – getting shot and killed… but, leave idiocy up to the leftist govt. of Illinois). So, what I have is bear spray. Being non-lethal, I’m not hesitate to use it, and if someone gets into it, it’s also not going to kill them…. just give them a good lesson.

    Of course, in our idiotic, litigious society, a few legal caveats: only use as is legally permissible in you state; do not use bear spray cans as a step; do no attempt to eat the can, or attempt to take a bath with the bear spray. Do not attempt to use as a drain cleaner, wash your dished with, or use as hair spray.

    There! Got the legal caveats out of the way!

    So, if I ever think there is something trying to break into my house, I will just guess it is a bear. The cool thing about bear spray is it has **distance**, and it fogs a big area, so it doesn’t require lots of target practice. If you read Stephen Herrero, the world’s expert on bear attacks, bear spray will literally stop charging grizzlies ***in their tracks.*** (Dr. Herrero is based out of Univ. of Calgary, and his book is widely available; see also the Craigheads – I forget their first names – in the US).

    In sum, no bears had better attempt to get in my house. Or anything remotely resembling a bear, either.

    • 45caliber

      Actually, I believe that in most cases, they will either make SURE no one is home before they try to come in or they will burglarize someone’s house who isn’t on the list. That should make those who don’t like guns happy and you might like to point it out to any anti-gun people you know so THEY can argue against that law.

    • armyvet

      Thankfully, JR, (so far) the State Police have refused to release this information because of the obvious reasons. A.G. Madigan is from Chicago, which has high crime (because of?) very restrictive gun laws and has plans to do the same for down-state.

  • Phil

    When I was a kid we used rat tailed combs with the pointy end sharpened in a pencil sharpener.

  • Tim

    The one little piece of kit that is useful is a torch. The large Maglite is a potential baton and the Minimag is a kubaton. The Surefires (and other superbrights) dazzel an intruder and the more powerful torches strip intruders of their night sight and leave them very vunerable even if the house light come on.


    WELL I’LL BE….. In the event of a physical attack……….
    Get in, get close and focus the insertion fully, one on each side of the nose bridge.
    Your fingers may be left feeling gooy, but its over in a matter of seconds and you can wipe off your fingers

  • Dan

    When I travel, I always carry a laptop and several CDs or DVDs.
    Break one in half and see how sharp it can be.

    • Dan

      The CD/DVD’s, I mean. ;)

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Gee Dan, and here I thought you meant the lap top!!!

  • Raggs

    A few rotten bioled eggs and a beer seem to cut a wide path.. :)

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Only the day after!!!!

  • Bud Tugly

    I also have a nice old Remington Model 55 made in 1916. I understand that this was Gen. Patton’s favorite conceal carry weapon. Slim, beautifully ergonomic, it looks like a modern firearm. Browning was a genius of design and should be considered a national treasure.

  • Mary Kay Andrews

    My favorite weapon of choice is my golf club. It’s a nice 3 iron with a long grip. The best offense is a good defense, right? So, the best thing is to be prepared. Here in my state it is legal to carry a gun on your hip in a holder. We also have conceal/carry laws and getting a permit is actually quite easy. Since I don’t have a weapon, I certainly cannot carry one around with me. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no opportunities for self defense. My little old mother was walking to church one day. The church was about 6 blocks from home. A mugger thought she was an easy target; a small woman with a noticeable limp. He tried to grab her purse. She hit him with it and kicked him in the shins. He ran off and she kept her purse!

  • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


    How about screw drivers? Both straight blade and phillips. An ordinary claw hammer is easy to weild and can be deadly. I have a couple of fingers that can attest to that…

    How about a carpenter’s saw? It could be swung at the neck in a horizontal fasion and has a good grip to hold onto.

    How about a large crowbar? They are very stout and the hooked end cold be very usefull.

    How about a shovel or spade? YOu can lunge and hit just below the ribs, or swing them at the head area. A spade might work better as it has somewhat of a point.

    A wood chisel – 1/4″ to 1/2′ wide would also work well to stab. They have long straight shafts and substantial handles.

    A chain saw would work great, but only if you happen to be using it at the time! It would also facilitate disposing of the evidence.

    You mentioned hot water. How about drain cleaner in the face? Once blinded they could then be stabbed in the abdomen just below the ribs – repeatedly.

    How about a baseball bat? That would break an arm, ribs, skull. Repeated blows, say 10 to 15, would work wonders.

    How about breaking a glass bottle, say a beer bottle, and using it to slach the throat?

    Since we have the Second Ammendment as our permit to carry that is the ultimate defensive weapon.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Old Henry,
      One thing I haven’t seen mentioned here is the FACT that a screw driver can also be thrown just as accuratly as any knife!! We used to do this as kids with our dads!! got my a$$ beat by my old man once for using his brand new Craftsman 11′ flat tip!!!we used to hit a 3″ bull from about ten to fifteen feet away!

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        That brought back some forgotten memories from my youth. I never got caught, however. My dad was not very concerned about his tools as long as he could find them.

        Not sure ifn I could hit that target with a 12 gauge pump now…

  • Suzanne

    I have a Concealed Handgun License and I do carry. Anyone who has actually been through the CHL course and licensing procedure knows that it is designed to winnow out the mental defectives. The instructors do collect a lot of data and said that they will contact the state DPS office in charge of CHLs and tell them not to license a certain person and why. That said, I don’t go anywhere where I might be disarmed or searched.

    Secondly, some basic close-quarters techniques: any face strike, either eyes or nose will break off an attack. Boxing the ears, or any throat strike. Just a woman’s 3 fingers grabbing the trachea is enough to crush several tracheal rings and even kill an assailant. The pelvic strike doesn’t have to be hard to work… even a near-miss is enough to send a shockwave throughout the lower guts, but breaking that little pelvic bone ring will totally cripple the assailant.

  • Tsunami

    As a Canadian we are not allowed to own a hand gun and long guns must be registered and we have more laws on weapons than you can shake a stick at.

    Most every day we read of murders, stabbings etc. by the folks who don’t care what the law says (crooks). You can buy a hand gun on the street for about $300 – $400 dollars.

    As for the police (RCMP in Canada) there are too few of them and unless there are injuries (which is too late) they will not come.

    Laws will not make you safe nor protect society we are testimonry to that.

    Except where they have a gun give me an old fashined plastic comb.
    Draw that across the skin or throat and you will open them up like a can opener.

    • 45caliber

      Thanks for your observations of what it is like in a more restricted society.

    • JC

      Good points mostly Tsunami, however I would point out that you are indeed allowed to own handguns in Canada. It just takes an extensive background check to get one and there are rigid restriction on the transport of a handgun. But anyone without a criminal record can get one. Don’t believe Me? Head on down to the local gun shop or shooting range…they have handguns for sale…even in Canada.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        How do the criminals get guns and why are they allowed to have them when honest citizens are put thru hoops and charged a fortune in fees?

        And then if they violate some argitrary regulation THEY become criminals due to some miserable piece of human excrement politician who knows better than anyone else.


    • JC

      PS Tsunami,
      The rate of compliance to the long gun registry is a lot lower than the Government would have you believe.

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      “Most every day we read of murders, stabbings etc.”

      How many of those incidents involve politicians that have taken your guns away? None I’ll bet as they have tax payer funded body guards, who by the way carry guns.

      You folks in Canada can reverse your situation by voting in pro-gun politicians.

  • Trevis

    You overlooked the upward slash with the outside edge of the hand to the bottom of the nose. If it doesnt’ send a bone splinter into the brain it will still produce a beautiful and painful nose beleed. That usually takes the fight out of any but a professional trained fighter.

    Also the thrust with the heel of the hand gives more impact and protects your fingers from being broke.

  • http://com i41

    The only that worth a damn is one that is loaded, All the bs about kids and loaded guns in the house and accidental killings is crap. We raised 6 children and the 15 guns were always loaded and at least one in every room. Now all of my kids keep guns loaded in their houses and repeat what we always told them, these are not toys and don’t touch them or play with them. They shot snakes and skunks or coyotes if one was seen around the place. The youngest age one of my daughter who shot a rattle snake was 8 and her younger siblings never got huror killed. To many kids are raised the socially correcct way, sit and talk no stop after a sit down session for disobeying. I got the azz beating pls a talking to, same as my kids and my grandkids get. Only my grandkids are shooting with single shots at age 5 ud up. Several are in towns and cities and go to either target ranges or go out in their cousins places. My only son carried a 24″ alumiun pipe wrench with him and a can of starting fluid when he worked out in Caliphonia. It was light and if the jaws were open would really open up hide. The starting fluid burns like hell and since most pukes always have a butt hanging out their mouths usually fire took their minds off of problems, or as he said he could cauterize the torn hide to stop the bleeding.

  • TonyaLee

    Thank you for an excellent article! Many things I needed to know, some a good reminder of what I should remember.

    When ever we have a nation, county, city… that is disarmed, there is a part of the society that will always have weapons… the criminal factor– look at the 30,000+ innocent lives lost in Mexico since the good people lost their right to protect themselves!

    Our gov sells weapons to the Mexican criminals so that when innocent people are killed with that weapon, it is traced back to the US… and we can have our rights removed too….

    The ones that came up with that scheme should be prosecuted for the deaths of those innocents!

    Those who are against the Amendments are the very ones they meant to protect! The problem is … some people will only wake up when they realize what they have lost…

  • Raggs

    The government needs to outlaw dirt and rocks, mud and water, sticks and bones… Damm… my broom is dangerous I should turn that in too. Or maybe my shirt can be used to kill someone… To outlaw a weapon is to outlaw a people.

  • BigArch

    Papermate makes some nice metal writing pens that are almost as good as a knife for stabbing. One of these held in a fist is very effective in particular at the face and head. A pepper shaker without the lid is good for the eyes if this is a close up fight in an eating area. Shampoo is good for the eyes and to make it hard for the attacker to hold on to the victim. A broken drinking glass is good for stabbing and a beer bottle is good for striking. A fork is for stabbing around the eyes and head.

  • Wim Vonk

    Judging from most of these comments the US has become so fearful of everything that I am beginning to fear the future. In most countries people don’t talk about being attacked all the time even though it happens everywhere sporadically. But in the US most people believe they have to arm themselves because they fear most things around them. I just spent two weeks in Georgia and I did not fear anything. All this talk on blogs and in the media is revving up the ante uneccessarily

    • Raggs

      Stick around for another week of two… Most of the fear is that of government tranny… A single person deemed as a threat can be dealt with by some means, but an out of control obaba and his thugs is a different story.

    • 45caliber

      If there is nothing to fear (and for the most part there isn’t) why is the government so interested in controlling our rights to guns?

  • JDH

    A ball point pen or a mechancal pencil makes a satisfactory weapon when inserted upward below the sternum or into an eyeball or eardrum. Also, a childs wooden foot long ruler can also be used to deadly effect. All are tecniques and weapons used by Moussad among others. In other words, almost anything can be used as a weapon when the circumstances are rigt.

  • George or RolloverRiderPGR

    I had to laugh when the “list of unapproved items” was published and the TSA started to enforce it. I am still ROFLMFAO on one of the most deadly weapons on the list. Finger nail trimmers! I have got to admit that when I’m finished manicureing and pedicureing my target to death they’ll have a few nice looking nubs on whats left of their fingers!
    I would really love to know what MORON came up with the list for TSA to enforce along with the guards at all of our federal Buildings! Al Quada(?) is probably still laughing that one to death also!
    BUT these morons who write these policies didn’t ask a Navy Seal, Army Ranger or Marine what could be done with the ink pen I get to carry on or my belt with that nice buckle made out of metal! They never ask me what raining I might have had in my old Army days! TSA what a freaking laugh!

    • Raggs

      True.. and the TSA profiles… If you happen to be a white man you will get the full body massage by sticky fingers bubba… If your a muslim you get a pass.

      • 45caliber

        That’s because they want to be stiff – the idea that a man can relax is wrong in their religion.

        • bob wire

          anyone that feels it’s necessary to get on their hands and knees and butt up in the air several times a day to talk to God is toting some serious baggage.

          They might call it a religion but I tend to think otherwise.

  • Dan az

    David Morris
    It sounds like you started writing this post in your bathroom while sitting on the pot then went to your bedroom to your closet then started making coffee in the kitchen while finishing this article.What do you do carry a note pad around the house?Good article BTW.The thing that every one seems to forget is that at any time where ever you are you need to pay attention of your surroundings and if you are unarmed then you need to be aware that every thing in site is a probable weapon if your in need of one.Mind set is where you will win or lose and with out that you are just a victim.

    • David Morris (Survival Dave)

      LOL :) Hey Dan, the goal was to give examples of weapons that people would see over the next 24 hours to reinforce the idea that everyday items that can be used as improvised weapons are EVERYWHERE. I figured everyday household items would be the best way to drive home the point.

  • Injun Trouble

    My choice of weapon is WASP SPRAY ………..

    The stream of juice goes twenty feet and the stream is very

    concentrated. Aim for their eyes, because your victim ( right on

    mother *$#@%^& ) is going to have to go to the hospital to have

    the juice flushed out of his eyes. I carry the spray in my car,

    and there is a can at both front and rear doors of my house.

    It may be better than regular pepper spray.

    • bob wire

      Yes , wasp spray is very effective within 12 ft. It will stop a biting dog in his tracks has been my experience.

  • Tim

    Pepper spray is over sold and too often not upto the task with the risk of self infliction. We used to have some that was formulated with tear gas in as well until that was banned, that worked fairly well. I have had friends use a cheaper vs only to seriously piss off the intruder who promptly stopped robbing them for a moment in order to beat the shit out of them. It can be used in conjunction with other defense, but alone I am not confident.

    Bare in mind that an intruder coming in your home, hotel whilst you are in is not likely to be passive. They are coming to do you harm or at least are aware of you and thus considered and prepared for you to be a threat.

    • JC

      Two words…Bear Spray.

      • Tim

        Bear spray, neither bears or bear spray locally available. Got anything for lions and elephants?

        I am going to look for wasp spray next week in South Africa. Augmenting my selection of other kit.

        Mindset and awareness is 90% of the issue.

  • Thor

    As a cop, I have seen less-lethal devices deployed many times; and all too often they fail. It only takes once if you don’t have someone standing there backing you up with a firearm. Don’t waste time trying to arm yourself like the cops–with less-lethal stuff. The skill to turn ordinary items into a weapon is much more valuable…and you don’t have to remember to bring it with you. If you want to spend money, purchase a book on pressure points, nerve clusters and the vulnerable points of the human body. Self-defense is a mindset, not something you can purchase at Wal-Mart or the Army-Navy store. Practice going into a room and surveying it for potential weapons. Practice being aware of the kind of attention you are getting from potential attackers. When you see a situation dramatized on TV, think what you would have done. The key to self-defense is not getthing suprised. With a little imagination and practice in reaction time, you at least have a chance.

  • Richard2687

    Folks… a lot of good information. In summary, however, the ultimate in self defense is the firearm. No close quarters nastiness necessary. Samuel Colt did, indeed, even the odds!

    • JC

      “Colt” The original point and click interface! ;)

  • Awake-now

    I’ll take my belt off and clip my keys from my pocket to the belt buckle. I’d take this over a knife any day.

  • C.P.

    A great weapon to have that you can bring along on a train or just a walk in the park not to mention having handy inside your home or motel room is a large can of wasp spray.

    This is one thing that you do not to get into your eyes but in the eyes of a mugger or similar trouble maker it’s a good thing. It shoots an easy to control stream that is concentrated enough to really put the goblin in a hurt.

    It’s also great for killing wasps!

  • AustinAndy

    Liberals and their ideas of gun control;

    1. Take away all guns from law abiding citizens.

    2. Paint target on all the unarmed citizens.

    3. Invite all criminals to take advantage of their good fortune and massacre unarmed citizens.

    4. Provide government-funded chalk due to shortages for the police to make their outlines at the scenes of the crimes.

  • jopa

    The best weapon known to man is RESPECT.Then the guy next to you won’t have the urge to slap you up along side of the face.

  • Roger

    And now you know why I refuse to fly commercially or take the train. I do fly a 51 year old airplane that can beat the airliners out to Denver or Orlando non stop…no layovers unless a passenger needs a “pit stop” With two of us I can come close to matching the cost of coach too. With 4 seats full it’s a bargain, but along it gets kinda pricey due to the cost of gas. Unfortunately at my age, I probably won’t be flying many more years. Then it’ll be take the car of stay home.

    I came in late so didn’t read all of the submissions, but don’t forget pens, pencils, bottles (broken or whole)

    Take a self defense course and lean the pressure points, sensitive points, and weak points. eyes, throat, gonads, knees.

    Any insect spray around…works great. Kitchen cleaners. Just use your imagination.

  • Roger

    That should have said , “But alone it gets kinda pricey”

  • Roger

    This idiot system things correcting a sentence is a duplicate post. Well, at least you know I tried.

  • JT Pulley

    Here are 1 idea for something you probably carry in a purse or pocket and 1 reminder of how to be effective in its use

    A strong plastic or metal bodied ball point pen or mechanical pencil ( including a sharp, good ‘old’ No. 2 wood pencil) held between the 2 metal fingers with the opposite end from the ball point or pencil point butted in the palm of your hand. These can be used in less than arms length distances as a stabbing weapon. Sharply tab an eye, an ear, up under and into throat or vocal cords, or any vulnerable exposed skin location you mentioned.

    Yes, this is desperate. Survival is also desperate!

    One point you mention in the ‘Startle Response Article’ is important here also. Make your paper silhouette target just as if you are target practicing with a hand gun. Step in close and practice grabbing your improvised weapon and stabbing and slashing at your different vulnerable locations. Develop some muscle memory.

    Survival, as you say, is intentional!

    Thank you David for your desire to instruct the intentional survivor in ways to survive.

  • bj

    Back in the day, I used to think guns were too scary to be ok. Then I read a book on survival by Tappan. Turned my head around so hard I was almost sick. While the whole book is fabulous, the part that got to me most was a scenario about six to ten men coming up your driveway, maybe armed, but even with tire irons or baseball bats, what do you do? How long will the windows holdout? Think police are going to be around in riots or martial law? They will be with their families long gone to their bug out place. Even if they were there, how many would be needed to have one posted in every square mile? That is when I gave up the notion of a regular rifle in favor of a semi auto, and the need for a shotgun that won’t knock me over, 10 ga versus 12 ga. And plenty of shells. They are great for barter, and can always be used for hunting should the s never hit the fan.

  • bj

    One more thing that should be considered in the survivor weapons category, although not good for the purse on airplanes. I have a great hunting bow, with lots of arrows and extra wire. Add to that, a great hunting slingshot, uses BBs or rocks as ammo. Will kill small animals, or if you are a good shot, could do damage to the temple. In addition, a taser/stun gun can still be obtained in some locations, and is great for close contact.

  • DrSique

    80 million legal gun owners in the U.S. If we are so dangerous, why is there anyone left at all??? Ironically, I have seen abortion advocates wearing t-shirts that state, “If you don’t like abortion, don’t have one.” These are the same people who would like to come into my home and confiscate the guns that they don’t like. Not one baby has ever lost their life to me or my guns but abortion has killed millions. I suppose that I am trying to say that guns don’t kill people, liberals kill people.

  • MStoneManiac

    Funny how contradictory the liberals are who want to ban guns, yet every presidential assasinator has been a liberal, commie or muslim. How would they satisfy their leftist “political message” aspirations, like Jarrod Lee Loughner, without the use of firearms? Maybe, at the liberal core, they simply seek protection from themselves, knowing at some point in their wretched existence they will likely succumb to their own cancerous insanity and go on a killing spree, thus fullfilling the cycle of violence they so ardently villify?


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