Immigration reform takes a back seat to energy initiatives


The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) recently published a report that questions the government’s commitment to overhauling the existing policies.

After the American Clean Energy and Security bill was passed last week, FAIR felt that eliminating greenhouse gases and promoting environmentally friendly living should have been less of a priority than controlling the country’s immigration rate.

FAIR’s report outlines how the current rate of immigration will not help stop pollution and improve the climate change. For example, president Dan Stein explains that "population growth caused by unchecked immigration has steadily increased our energy use and our carbon emissions," so the bill does not address the real problem.
He further stated, The role of immigration-generated population growth cannot be ignored as Congress and the Obama administration tackle these very difficult issues."

The new energy bill aims to reduce carbon emissions by 17 percent by 2020 and a further 83 percent by 2030 from the last reported figures from 2005.

FAIR cites figures that anticipate the U.S population will continue to grow by 3.4 million people each year, and doesn’t feel that the government’s goals are realistic, considering the energy these people will consume.

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