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Immigration Measure Approved By South Carolina House

May 26, 2011 by  

Immigration measure approved by South Carolina HouseSouth Carolina’s House of Representatives has approved a bill that would allow law enforcement officials to check an individual’s immigration status during routine traffic stops.

According to The Post and Courier, the chamber passed the measure 69-43 on May 24. The State Senate approved the Arizona-style immigration legislation last March, and Governor Nikki Haley, a Republican, is expected to sign it into law.

The National Conference of State Legislatures reports that approximately 30 States have considered stricter policies against illegal immigration, most of which center around law enforcement and employment verification. In 2008, South Carolina adopted a law that requires businesses to verify that their staff members are legal citizens.

State Representative Chris Murphy (R-Summerville) said that tougher immigration policies make “good financial sense” for the Palmetto State.

“I think when you look at the problems that we have with illegal immigration, the financial cost that the state has to bear, we need to encourage more legal immigration,” said Murphy, quoted by news source.

Meanwhile, a GOP lawmaker in Wisconsin introduced a bill that mirrors the South Carolina traffic-stop law on May 24, The Associated Press reported. If the legislation is passed, individuals who fail to provide proof of citizenship can be detained for up to 48 hours until they can prove their legal status.

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  • s c

    Good for South Carolina. Good for Arizona. Good for any state where common sense isn’t looked at as a [political or economic] liability.
    Washington (puppet masters, Congress and the White House), in an attempt to be somewhat polite, UP YOURS!
    Did any of you retards ever read and understand Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution? Based on what’s been going on since ole Ted dared to make ‘immigration reform’ a priority (HA!), our elected neanderthals have found many ways to be irresponsible (and still get paid). Losers.

    • nax777

      Not even a speed bump, officer discretion.

      The US reached a zero population growth in the mid 80’s our leaders increased their yearly appetite for immigration. The legal yearly immigration rate went from 100,000 to 1,000,000. From the years 2000 to 2010 our leader’s yearly appetite for legal immigration grew to 3,000,000. At present levels the US population will swell another 130 million to 442 million by 2040! This is a very conservative estimate. US immigration rate is the sole reason for overpopulation in the US today and tomorrow!

      It is irrational to think that any single payer social program will work best. It is irrational to think that nations can tax its way out of poverty. It is irrational to believe that a power convinced that you have nowhere else to go will do your biding.

      A true Conservative and a true Liberal agree on one thing though for different reasons. Any single payer social program is a nutty idea! Now each believes that it’s not so nutty as long as their side is managing it.

      We can destroy the power by replacing them with citizens that can be immediately removed by citizens should they grow a greedy bone and never serve for a life time. We must take control ourselves. Please join with us at you might be able to click on my name. This will take you to my link page that links to, and

      P.S. Have you heard of “you cut” @

      • independant thinker

        Put a sock in it nax.

      • http://naver sook young

        Sorry nax, but deals with stopping abortions, NARAL, and Planned Parenthood, so what do they have to do with the subject? Illegals aren’t wanted here. Let them do what I did and go through the system and earn their citizenship. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

    • Dan az

      I would like to see if karolyn post here on this,since she felt that we where racist because of it.The only thing that will happen is that obummer will step in and demand they stop making laws to protect their citizens and bring their state to solvency,How dare they do that with out consulting him first.For shame!

      • s c

        Dan az, I have no idea if she’ll respond to this topic. If she’s the one I think she is, she has a Pell Grant (to get edyoucayted), so she may already have an entitlement bias (no, that’s a military slam).
        K tends to write and think like a wannabe progressive, so that’s why I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a response (even if she stoops to respond to mere conservatives). Good luck.

        • Joyce from Loris

          She also complained about having her food stamps cut in half on a blog one time. I called her on it, and told her she was just another free loader, because she said that she worked. AND she also told me she had a pell grant, so she is a double free loader.

      • Joyce from Loris

        Dan, I am from SC as well. Karolyn is NOT from SC, she is a transplant from NJ. She just lives here now. So many people from the north have moved south, and work very hard to turn our state into the despicable replica of what they left. If they love those ways so much, we SOUTHERN people can’t understand why they moved down here to start with. We were just fine without them.

        • Thor

          “we SOUTHERN people can’t understand why they moved down here to start with…” Joyce, it’s called the “Sell-a-dump in New Jersey, buy a Mansion in Charleston” syndrome. It’s all about stretching your dollar in a more sensible place. You can sell a 900 sq. ft. flat in NY and use the proceeds to buy a 3,000 sq. ft. house in Charleston and put money in the bank. The tendency to want to transmogrify the place you move to…well, that’s in the progressive DNA. Rats will build a nest, you know?

        • libertytrain

          Joyce, while I am a transplant, I promise you I work the other way, changing me to the Southern ways and yes, oh, yes, the Northerners come here “loving it” except needing it to be just like the North they left behind and tirelessly work to change it to the North. Very bogus, have seen it for years.

          • http://naver sook young

            I’ve lived in Louisiana and Georgia and I liked it. I always thought the people were friendly and easy to get along with. I wish it were the same way her sometimes. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

    • Randy G

      Funny that when Arizona approved it, they were bitched at, BUT now that others approve it they are good! WHEN is America going to wake up & realize it is an invasion Mexico is trying to steal our country???

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      sc Great post. I agree. If the Federal Government won’t do their job, let the states get it done!

    • Ellen

      30 state legislatures passed laws. That should tell Obama where Americans stand on illegals. Instead, he’s still pursuing amnesty.

    • http://naver sook young

      I agree with you s.c. and thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

  • Nadzieja Batki

    Good for South Carolina.Hopefullly they won’t give up.

  • Rafael Ramirez

    The void created when they all leave will be filled by doubling the price of our existence. Then we will beg for their return. WWJD?

    • http://naver samurai

      Are you here legally or did you sneak across the Rio Grande without being seen? Doubling the price of our existance? You mean they’ll have to pay Americans the going American rate of pay and not minimum wage? I hope the do. What part of illegal don’t you understand? You say WWJD? I don’t think Jesus would tell the people it is OK to come here illegally. I also don’t think he would say to hire these people at half the pay of an American. So what is your point? Ooops! I forgot that libs don’t have any points to make. No gray matter either. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Cribster

      If you factor in the cost of illegal immigration the price of a head of lettuce probably exceeds $30.

      • Cawmun Cents

        I dont think folks get that you are commenting on how expensive crop pickers are.They only see the tip of the iceberg.The rest of the issue which lays in wait under the scope of vision eludes them.They fail to see the burden they have taken upon themselves through progressive idealism.Many do not know just how expensive it is to print everything in two languages.The moneys saved on landscaping just cant make up for that.-CC.

      • hardcase

        30 BUCKS LOL love it you tellem

    • Nadzieja Batki

      What are you babbling?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Jesus didn’t give permission for any one to be a THIEF.

      • eddie47d

        What are YOU babbling?

        • Nadzieja Batki

          What do you think the illegals are doing when they cross over and participate in the taking of hard earned money?

          • eddie47d

            Why are the corporations that hire illegals still getting away with what they do? Would Jesus approve of how they treat these workers. The only question you need to ask yourself is how much are you willing to pay at the grocery store to hire American workers at a higher rate.

          • Jeff46

            To: Eddie47d…we already have a police state. We might as well make one that we can survive in. You made the ignorant comment about how much more we would be paying for food without these illegals labor and really we would be paying less since we would not be inflating the prices by having all these illegals sucking up entitlement money and raising our taxes. We need to bring back “Operation Wetback” that Eisenhower utilized in the 50′s. These law breakers need to go back to their own countries and try to help their own rather then bringing ours down to third world status.

          • http://naver sook young

            Eddie, I agree with you about the businesses that are doing these things and how they treat them. However, shouldn’t the Americans be given a chance at these jobs? By how bad the job market is these days, don’t you think they should fill these positions with hard working Americans? If they have to pay more for them, then so be it. If these businesses raise the price of their products because of it, I’m sure the people and the states may do something to keep that from happening. Another thing is to keep the unions out of the shops. They may offer good benefits and higher salaries, but they cost the business more money than they need to pay. This also helps bring prices up at the market. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

          • http://naver sook young

            News update Eddie, the Supreme Court upheld the Arizona law dealing with corporations that hire illegals. A victory for the patriots and all Americans. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

        • jibbs

          What price of freedom is too high? Sounds like you would rather pay an illegals substandard wages and give them free medical, schooling, and housing ect. ect. I would rather pay a legal citizen of the United States, pay now or pay later.

          • James

            Jibbs, There is NO FREE. The TAXPAYERS of that state and the Feds pay for the illegals welfare, medical, schools, while the money that the illegals earn is sent back to Mexico UNTAXED. We Americans lose on all counts.
            It is estimated that BILLIONS of dollars are sent back to Mexico every year, While we Americans pay for Billions more in welfare, medical, schooling, and let us not forget that 30% of the population in the prison’s are Illegals, there for committing VIOLENT crimes. Who do you think picks up the tab for the prison’s?
            There is no FREE, just more lost wages and higher taxes.

          • eddie47d

            The solution would be to get the corporate farmers to do E-verify and not to hire them in the first place.(those without green cards).

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

      Wow, if only we could get rid of all the illegal immigrants, I believe most Americans would gladly pay whatever increase it would cost us, then our jails would have 1/3 less population in them, are crime statistics would decline by 1/2,and our entitlemnet programs and educational programs costs would decrease by 2/3′s. What a small price to pay to make all this to happen, no better investment has ever been made by our government if they would just do their job and see that these things come about. And all it takes is enforcing our laws.

      • Bear

        Over 200 inmates are going to be released from prisons in California due to the overcrowded conditions and the complaints from the ACLU about those conditions plus the cost to the already bankrupt state to house these burdens on society. Yes, it’s true! These convicted criminals are going to be released back into society to prey upon the innocent once again and guess what nationality comprises 90% of those inmtes. You got it…….good old illegal Hispanics. Don’t you just love the Department of Justice’s catch and release system? Oh, and thank you ACLU for very valuable input into making this a much more dangerous place to live. Time for the reintroduction of vigilantes and other worthwhile criminal control groups. Someone has to do it.

        • 45caliber

          Let them move in with the ACLU members. They need a place to stay once they are out and the ACLU would be happy they are out. Everyone would be happy. Right?

        • Ellen

          There is another ridiculous factor to this – the prison guards in CA make far more $ than other prison guards. If they need to cut costs, instead of releasing violent criminals, why don’t they cut the salary and benefits of the over-paid prison workers. This is just another example of problems caused by unions.

    • vagabond

      are you kidding rafael? no. your name says it all,

      • hardcase

        thats right (no) to all those who are trying to take away our liberty’s. no to all those that are in this country illegally. americans just say (no) to all those who are trying to under mine and destroy our country by any and all means. NO NO NO !!!

    • hardcase

      you are here illegally, get out

    • jibbs

      Robot Troll, go hang with your friend santna. If you want to come here, do so the legal way. Idiot!

    • jibbs

      The penality for helping illegals in Mexico is up to six years in prison, we should do that here!

      • Dan az

        If they did that then Kalifornia would just need to buld a fence around the state and call it penal colony.

    • 45caliber

      Really? Actually, I believe that once they are gone the locals who are out of jobs will find jobs and no one will notice they are gone. WWJD? Encourage them to go home and find jobs there.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Rafael… You can’t be serious? People are desperate for employment. I have two college age kids that need summer jobs. I need a summer job! Someone who is here illegally should not be working jobs that me or my kids can do!

      • eddie47d

        Will you all be willing to work in the fields for 10 hours a day,6 days a week and $7-8 dollars an hour? If yes you can pass to Go.

    • Joyce from Loris

      Void??? You must mean the empty emergency rooms, which are currently filled with illegal aliens there for the free medical. Or the void that will be created in the food stamp office, where they are taking American taxpayer’s dollars to get free food, or the void in the welfare office, where they are doing the same thing as the food stamp office. Or, and let’s not forget the voids in the unemployment lines, because AMERICANS will finally be able to get jobs. Yes, you are right Rafael, there will be voids. THANK GOD! And we will NEVER MISS THEM OR YOU.

    • http://naver sook young

      Isn’t Rafael Ramirez a baseball player? Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

      • GRusling

        Possibly, but his is such a common name that no one can know…

    • Thor

      Rafael Ramirez, it warms one’s heart to see someone championing economic slavery.

      • eddie47d

        That’s odd because it is conservative farmers and poultry producers that hire foreign workers. Put the blame on those modern slavers.

        • http://naver sook young

          Since many of these farmers in question are in California, I don’t forsee them being conservative. Since everything in California is very liberal. Pay the people a fair wage and they’ll come to work. You get what you pay for Eddie. Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

    • maggie

      That’s a lie. We certainly will not be begging for lawbreakers return.
      Our citizens can have the jobs they should not have had in the first place. We won’t have to pay for their illegal families, the schools to educate them, the sesction 8 programs to help them with homes, the free medical and raping the taxpayers of SOUTH CAROLINA of tax monies.
      YOU HAVE NO PRIDE. LAWBREAKERS, You think this country owes you something and it does not. Mexico would not do this for AMERICANS and you should have no rights her.


    If the Illegals want to become citizens,that would be fine,but the majority want entitlements with no citizenship,Send them back to whatever country they came from.They cost taxpayers enough.Obama and his wonderful staff will find a way to stop South Carolina’s new law.Maybe Obama would like to become a citizen.

    • 45caliber

      What most are doing is signing onto all the entitlements they can get, living on those, and saving all the money they earn by working. Then in 7-10 years they can go home and retire.

      • GRusling

        I have a friend from Mexico who works here legally, with a Green card. All of what he does here is common labor, and he never makes more than $10 – #12 p/hr. His family in Mexico (wife and 4 children) are RICH and his is one of the finest houses in town. He also owns a dozen or so rent houses there, plus a shop of some sort that his wife and children run. He plans to retire at about age 50 and return home to live in comparative luxury on the income from what he now owns in that country…

  • Tom

    Now if we can get the Federal Government to stop giving away entitlements to illegals maybe we can get our budget in order without too much change to SS or Medicare. Illegal immigration is very good
    for the U.S.A. but free loading has to stop……..

    • ValDM

      I sincerely hope you didn’t mean to say “illegal immigration is good for America.” LEGAL immigration might be good, but certainly NOT illegal immigration.

  • Jov

    Cribster, Why don’t we give it a try? We can live without arugala for awhile, “Michelle”.We should allow law breaking just so we can have cheap lettuce? Get real!

  • Tom

    If I were to cross the border in to South America illegally would I get the social benifits that the U.S.A. gives illegals or would I be put in jail for who know when. Our President and the Dems should
    head south (sneak across border) and see how the laws work on the other side of the border and maybe they will get a clue why the majority of U.S. legal immigrants have a problem with how the government is ruining the country by giveing away social benifits and putting the country in debt that it can not pay.

    • Don

      Tom, that’s what odumbo wants, to destroy America, why do you think anything that is good for this country he is against, it’s the communist way !!

  • eddie47d

    Controlling illegal immigration is fine and dandy but not a one of you think on the other side of the coin. Everyday you all complain that your rights are being taken away from you and the gestapo is right around the corner. So don’t get too many goose bumps from these new laws. If you think the Patriot Act was bad you certainly won’t like what this South Carolina can do. Their law and ones to follow will surely guarantee a National ID system. You say you are against such a system but this will help bring it on. It will also bring on more illegal search and seizures and with the State of South Carolina approving them. Who will be next? The police state that you say you loath will now arrive much quicker.

    • Cawmun Cents

      If they only search and seize illegals,then I will be fine with that law.-CC.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Why do the laws have to be twisted like a corkscew?

    • vagabond

      eddie get off the koolaid. it has already warped your brain. (or were you born that way),

      • eddie47d

        What kind of police state are you hoping for Vagabond? With these kind of laws coming on board it won’t be long.

        • http://naver sook young

          I think we need to have E-verify put in place. This could help out a lot. Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

    • Bear

      eddie, We alrady have a national I.D. system. It’s called Social Security and if you registered, you have a card that carries your name and personal I.D. number on it. That card IS a National I.D. card and you must use it everytime you do anything that involves work, getting employment, obtaining a driver’s license, passport and many other things. Wake up! Illeagal immigration IS a problem that is bankrupting our Nation, State by State. We should do whatever is necessary to rid ourselves of these law breakers. They have no concern for you and me nor our rules and they never will. They come here to get our dollars and take advantage of all free benefits we can dole out. They are doing the same thing and taking advantage of the same services that other minorities have been doing for over four generations now. We don’t need more entitlists. We need more productive citizens willing to fight for their equality.

      • eddie47d

        I already knew that but most of what you said is still not an National ID. Most of your so called “illegals” have green cards and are authorized to be here. I see nothing wrong with sending those back that aren’t authorized.

    • http://naver sook young

      Didn’t the democrat controlled senate just vote to extend the Patriot Act? Just a thought about government control. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

      • eddie47d

        The Patriot Act was overwhelmingly voted for by Republicans including the re authorization of it. Nice try Sook.

        • http://naver sook young

          Sorry Eddie, but who controls the Senate, GOP or DEM? Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

  • Celeste

    It is so hard to teach our children to obey the laws, work hard, be responsible for yourself, pay your taxes…etc. when they look around at the ever increasing numbers of illegals in our community who are thumbing their noses at our law while the government and the police look the other way. We watch how they are rewarded for breaking our laws. They receive a $16,000 a year education (that we all pay part of in the community), free medical services, free social services and college scholarships. Seven years ago I asked the superintendent at a school budget meeting why every students’ US citizenship was not verified before they were given a costly education at our expense. He said that they were not allowed to ask and had to accept anyone who entered through the doors. Really??? But he expects the rest of us to pick up the tab. I have to show my license when I charge over a certain amount but they are not required to show any documentation. Unbelievable. The world has gone mad. I don’t recall our ancestors coming to this country illegally and with their hands out. They waited their turn, went through the proper channels, worked hard expecting nothing from anyone. They learned the language on their own without expecting the community to provide second language services. They also managed without the community having to pay millions to print everything in their language and english. Wow what a concept….you live here, learn the language. The illegals are like leeches, gaming the system and us and then our reward is that they spit in our faces. Wake up people.

  • Kathy

    THE SMELL OF DEFEATE… blocked apparently, cannot access that. Interesting in light of what you are talking about!!!

    • Personal Liberty Support

      What do you mean by blocked?

  • Dennis M. Ellis


    Click on the link to hear a private investigator explain that Obama is using a FAKE social security number from Connecticut.


    May 13, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    This is an article written by an ex IRS

    investigator..very interesting.

    Trump is correct, Barry Soetoro, AKA Obama is hiding something in his past that is very bad, and it may not be his citizenship. (Trump would not say this if he did not know something and he has the money to get the dirt.) As an IRS tax examiner, one of many former federal jobs, I have seen what it appears Barry Soetoro has done, mostly by illegal aliens, attempting to acquire a new identity in the U.S and/or criminals looking to acquire a new ID.

    Barry, AKA Obama, was lawfully adopted by a foreign national, Lolo Soetoro, and Barry’s name was legally changed to “Barry Soetoro”. (Barry’s own admission) Barry Soetoro was also made an official legal Indonesian citizen. (again Barry’s own admission) The adoption would be noted in Barry’s vital statistics record in Hawaii on his original birth certificate.

    OR Lolo Soetoro may have always been Barry’s legal birth father. The public does not know for sure at this point who Barry’s father really was and Barry himself may not know. Barry was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia and attended a Catholic funded school that permitted all faiths to attend. Barry’s mother dropped him as a dependent for some reason, maybe even when Barry was adopted by Lolo Soetoro. His mother’s passport records dropped Barry as a dependent indicating Barry was no longer a legal dependent of his mothers. (The passport records of his mother have been produced showing Barry was no longer a dependent when Barry was permanently residing in Indonesia .)

    Barry went to Hawaii to live with his alleged grand parents after Lolo Soetoro and Barry’s mother divorced. A “certificate of live birth” can have names changed on it including a child’s birth name, and birth parent’s names. Even a modified date of birth can be on a “certificate of live birth”. This occurs frequently for adopted children where the birth parent does not want the child to know who they are.

    The public has no idea who Barry’s real birth father is or who Barry’s real birth mother is. (Barry could have been adopted by his mother) The original birth certificate is the only legal vital statistics record of a person’s birth parents, birth location, birth date, etc. I can get a “certificate of live birth” for a dead person; I cannot get a birth certificate of a dead person without “Deceased” on it. (I’ve tried)

    There is no evidence Barry Soetoro ever lawfully changed his name to “Barrack Hussein Obama”. There is no proof Barry Soetoro was born with the name “Barrack Hussein Obama”. I’m willing to bet the name”Barrack Hussein Obama” is not present on the real birth certificate as Barry’s birth name or as Barry’s birth father. I have pictures of me with my mother and Jimmy Buffet. that doesn’t make him my father even if I start using the name Jimmy Buffet.

    The public knows Barry Soetoro finished high school in Hawaii as Barry Soetoro and attended Occidental as Barry Soetoro where he did drugs and flunked out of school. After dropping out of Occidental, Barry showed up in New York , homeless and on drugs. (Barry’s own admission) Barry then hooked up with a Pakistani to live with and traveled back to Indonesia on his new boyfriend’s dime to renew his Indonesian passport and traveled to Pakistan with him.

    Ask any law enforcement officer in a large city or detective and they will tell you homeless young men on drugs in large cities usually end up as male prostitutes. Barry ended up as a world traveler with a degree. (Not likely) Barry Soetoro returned to New York from Pakistan and began using the fictitious name “Obama” for some reason. (again Barry Soetoro’s own admission) One could only suspect that a person addicted to drugs returning from Pakistan to New York , the main route for Afghan heroin into the U.S., maybe Barry had a reason to start using a new name.

    There are literally over 1 million open warrants on file in New York . maybe Barry is one of them?..

    After spending some time in New York allegedly working under the name “Obama”, It appears Barry used the fictitious name “Barrack Hussein Obama” for the first time to file his federal taxes in Connecticut at a Post Office Box for the purpose of evading paying taxes in New York and /or to establish a new identity. (This is a felony with no statute of limitation.)

    When the IRS received Barry Soetoro’s federal tax filing, the IRS could not attach the name Barrack Hussein Obama to the SSI number provided or the address provided. So the IRS assigned the fictitious name “Barrack Hussein Obama” a tax ID number for a person from Connecticut (Where Barry unlawfully filed a federal tax form using a false name). Barry Soetoro began using the tax ID number as his SSI number when using the fictitious name Barrack Obama. This is why Barry Soetoro has a Connecticut SSI number.

    When I worked for the IRS, I saw this occur more than once and yes, it is a felony to knowingly file a fraudulent federal tax forms. Most of the politicians that cheat on their taxes claim it was an accident. That is how they get away with their tax cheat crimes. Using a fake name is no accident.

    It appears Barry fled New York to Chicago using his new identity to get a job . He likely ordered a fake diploma to bolster his new identity as “Obama”. Fake Diploma’s were very big in the 80′s and diploma mills were even being used by federal workers to get promotions. There is evidence his alleged attendance at Columbia was faked (Barry never attended Columbia ) and Barry lied his way into Harvard (he had no transcripts to get in). Including telling the Saudi royal family he was fighting in Afghanistan with the Muslim Jihad against the Russians, so they would help him get into a law school.

    The Saudi’s apparently loved Barry’s story of Jihad in Pakistan/Afghanistan and paid for Barry to attend Harvard under the name “Obama”. The Saudi family has admitted to paying for Obama to attend Harvard and gave Harvard a gift of $20 million dollars. Harvard in turn made their special attendee President of the law review a person that never wrote a single law review.. I guess that is what $20 million buys at Harvard.

    It is unlikely Barry was a Jihadist and was most likely a drug mule if anything, maybe even a CIA street hire to haul Afghan heroin back to New York, so the Afghans could buy U.S. made stinger missiles with U.S.dollars to shoot down Russian helicopters? I hired people over seas to do work below my pay grade all the time, even foreign nationals. I think this is the story Barry told the Saudi’s, but he was most likely really just a drug mule/dealer and probably still wanted on an outstanding warrant in New York.

    Barry’s selective service registration is not normal either. Click on the link for info on Barry’s Selective Service number.


    After I looked at Barry’s selective service filing I noticed it was most likely fraudulent too based on the name he used. Barry did not start using the name “Obama” until he returned from Pakistan (long after he flunked out of school in California ) His selective service record (maintained in Chicago coincidentally) shows he registered at a Hawaiian post office as “Obama” in Sept 1980.

    Problem, Barry was getting high in California at Occidental in Sept 1980 (Barry’s own admission) and was not using the fictitious name “Obama” at that time. Barry began using the fictitious name “Obama” only after he returned from Pakistan. The selective service filing is fraudulent. NEW NOTE – On the the Selective Service Registration, Barry did not have the Connecticut Tax ID number he used on the Registration until after he began using the name “Obama” in New York . More evidence his Selective Service filing is fraudulent.

    Barry returned to Chicago and attended a semi-christian radical black church with his first female love Michelle. Barry admits keeping in touch with Phil Boener, who traveled to New York from Occidental to be with Barry and was most likely Barry’s first love. Barry still could not get a real job, because he was still a fraud, even with his Harvard degree in hand he could lie and take the Bar exam, but he could not work as a lawyer for a major law firm without a back ground investigation and he would never pass one.

    So, Michelle got Barry a job at her law firm. Barry never filed a case alone and never filed a motion. He wrote lots of memos according to the law firm where Barry worked. (I think they knew Barry was a fraud and didn’t want to be sued by previous clients) Barry rescinded his law licenses, so as not to be disbarred for fraud. The Bar knows Barry lied on his application. Michelle also had to turn over her law license for her involvement in corruption with the Chicago mayors office.

    With time on his hands Barry, a well spoken black man, was able to get elected to a state office, oddly because he looked for fraud in his opponents voter registrations and got his opponent disqualified from running. Barry a well versed liar was a natural in state politics. He used his political influence to get himself a position as a lecturer at Chicago’s law school. Barry embellished this position as a “professor of law” which everyone knows is completely false. Barry was not a professor or even a specialist at anything but lying.

    On a whim Barry ran for United States Senate for the State of Illinois . Politicians do this all the time to make a name for themselves even if they can’t win. At the time the Republican Ryan was a shoe in for the Senate seat, so no real Democrat contenders entered the race, but Barry did.

    On a fluke after the primary Ryan’s wife Jeri Ryan (Seven of nine from Star Trek) went public that her husband was making her have sex with other people while he watched. Ryan dropped out and Alan Keys moved from Maryland to run against Barry Soetoro. The election got all kinds of press because there were no blacks in the U.S. Senate and one of these black men was going to be a Senator. Alan Keys did his best to warn everyone Barry was not who he claimed to be, but the public saw him as a carpet bagger.

    Barry kept the lie going and presented himself as a clean black man that talked like a white man. Illinois elected Barry to the U.S. Senate. The Democrats had already began scrubbing Barry’s back ground when Ryan dropped out. Phil, Barry’s boy friend from Occidental, was found working in California as a communications specialist (receptionist) for a dental hygienist school and given a diploma from Columbia and cover story.

    The rest of Barry’s drug friends were all given jobs or money by the Democrat machine to keep quiet Because Barry was such a news maker as the only Black in the Senate, and he could speak like a white man he was made key speaker for the Democrat convention.

    Barry then decided to run for President to keep the lie going. No one thought to question Barry’s back ground in the Democratic party. They helped cover up the ugly back ground. The only person jumping up and down warning Barry was not who he claimed to be was Alan Keys and he was discarded as just an angry loser.

    Now we have a complete fraud sitting in the Office of the President. Clearly the most corrupt, inexperienced, and ignorant President in the history of the United States who’s only quality is that he can lie with a straight face.

    Barry Soetoro is more of a fraud than Bernie Madoff and we can only hope his house of cards will one day fall down. This is what the main stream media is feeding to the American people as a fine up standing leader who deserves a second term as our President. This needs to be passed around all over the Internet.

  • hardcase

    put a 100.00 bounty on each illegal person turned in and watch what happens. think how much money we would save. the BP,ICE, and every other bs government sanction org. runs around burning up fuel in their fuel hog trucks, choppers and planes etc. did you know that we are still at war and according to the GENEVA CONVENTION that anyone caught in or entering that country in cilvilian clothing illegally can and will be shot as a spy and or a saboteur

    • Dan az

      Never heard that one before,could you provide some proof of what your saying?

      • 45caliber

        As far as I know, the Geneva Convention considers anyone who attacks you in civilian clothing a criminal and/or a terrorist. They can be treated in any manner you wish including shooting them. However, it does not say you can simply shoot anyone crossing a border.

  • i41

    .45, you want to give the PCed feely meely marxist/communist a clean house heart attack? If a released felon from Kalifornia gets stopped and is in the commission of a crime, give the puke 2 choices, staple and stump treatment or put a stick of dynimate between his lips and light the short fuse. No expensive trial or international bs, problem solved and no inmate coddling. Hopefully more States will keep on doing the same thing as AZ and SC, but all the muslim perverts should be added to the ship out list.

  • RoBoTech

    SCOTUS just fired a shot across the bow of the Open Border fools.
    The argument that won the E-Verify suit was that the Federal Immigration laws depend on local enforcement to be successful.
    This means there is NO limit on local enforcement that doesn’t come from local policy.
    Watch and see, SSB1070 will be ruled Constitutional by Scotus!

  • Dan az

    There you have it already done.
    WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court Thursday upheld an Arizona law that allows the state to shut down businesses that hire illegal immigrants, a ruling arising from the fierce national debate on immigration policy.

    The court’s majority opinion written by Chief Justice John Roberts rejected arguments by business and civil rights groups and by the Obama administration that the Arizona law conflicted with federal immigration law and must be struck down.

    The Supreme Court’s decision upholding the employer sanctions law could spur other states and cities to adopt their own tough anti-immigration measures.

  • chuckb

    california is looking at making some kind of deal with the illegal mexicans to register for citizenship. the administration is pushing for an amnesty bill. the goal is to register these people and give them an id card. when they have this card they can apply for a drivers license and at the same time be registered to vote (motor voter registration bill). they know the majority will bot seek citizenship, however, they will vote for barry and that’s all that counts.

  • DC/Tex

    What’s new, the government passes complicated laws that are hard to enforce, so they do not enforce them, not to mention the pay offs of our corrupt elected officials. It all about greed and power! It is real simple, first you secure all boards with the National Guard and Coast Guard with loaded weapons. Next stop ALL immigration that has been in the works for less than a year, to be reinstated once under control. Now probably the hardest is to send all illegals home, if stopped by the police for any reason and they look foreign and have a accent and poor English is probable cause to prove citizenship. If they go to the hospital they must prove citizenship at check in then at check out they are deported, and of coarse no more anchor baby’s and make that retroactive for the last twenty years. Once under control resume legal immigration and work permits. Pass the Fair Tax that way illegals and criminals pay taxes.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    If the feds won’t do their job the States have to or else vigilantism will occur. This country has enough cab drivers and convienence store asst. mgrs. End welfare and hunger will drive the native born loafers to go to work. I’m glad to see S.C. is stepping up to the plate. a few years ago I took a bike trip to Myrtle Beach and was surprized at all the Mexs working on State road crews. Oh, by the way my bank, Huntington, has a new language option on the Mac Machine; English, Spanish, or Somalian. What the hell is with that ?

    • Dan az

      So Gunny what make of bike do you ride?

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        I have a Harley Road King, which I was on that trip. Also have a 1948 Indian Chief, a Honda Silver Wing, and a Honda Reflex. I’ve been riding for about 35 yrs. now and have owned seveal bikes through the yrs. Started out on a Triumph Tiger Cub when I was 14. delievered papers yr. around on that machine; snow, rain, or sunshine.

    • Joyce from Loris

      Hey Gunner, I live about 35 miles from Myrtle Beach. Trust me, all over SC, all the road crews are mexicans. But I also travel 12 states, and the road crews EVERYWHERE are mexicans. Remember when the stimulus projects were put into play, with “shovel ready” projects? There is a video on you tube showing Chris Dodd and Barney Frank stating that NO white men would be hired with stimulus money, only blacks, mexicans and women. They apparently meant it, too, because I never see white men on the road crew.

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        I have a ggod friend who works for the US Forest Service in Col. After Katrina he was sent to La. to work with the Fema crews on cleanup. They also hired a lot of locals for the jobs. After a couple of months the Feds brought in crews of Mexs and layed all the local help off.

  • iam

    All of these so-called immigration bills are designed to do just one thing: prevent Democrat voters from entering the country illegally.

  • Thor

    In principle, being in another country is very much like the ‘fruit of the forbidden tree principle’ in the rules of evidence–one dot or twiddle out of place and every scrap of evidence thereafter is illegal and inadmissible. If you are here in the US illegally, everything you do thereafter is illegal until that small detail is cleared up. If there were no means by which someone could enter legally, that would perhaps mitigate to some extent. But because there is a legal process and some do not want to use it, those who come here illegally do it knowingly, willingly and with the further intent to commit further crimes…yep! Misdemeanors are crimes, too!

  • Brittanicus


    Will businesses pay for the education of illegal alien children and the health care for illegal migrant and immigrant households??

    The only incentive Utah will reap from a Guest worker program if permitted by the Department of Justice, will be equal to California and Nevada’s massive deficits. Rep. Stephen Sandstrom version of Arizona’s law is somewhat weak regarding hiring foreigners with no legal status? The federal E-Verify plan its continually being updated and although the Obama’s Czars in Washington won’t admit, it works.

    South Carolina is hopeful in bypassing the Obama DOJ blockade of most laws to stop jobs being taken by foreign nationals. South Carolina already has laws to restrict illegal voting in elections and have given companies the opportunity to use E-Verify. By pushing Obama out in 2012, the Tea Party will become the predominant power within the Republican Party, to serve the American people and not businesses. As promised E-Verify and Secure Communities will not be a whim of all businesses, but a mandated law that must be installed on every computer.

    This deterrent has grown in popularity, that only greedy business owners take the risk of hiring cheap labor. Only suspending a business owner’s business license for two weeks, is not substantially going to stop companies hiring. Suspension of business license for six months is more appropriate and hurt monetarily, and everyone on the payroll should be audited; not just new job seekers? It is my personal judgment that all Drivers license databases, should be hooked-up national wide to ICE.

    Millions of people are out of work in California, with low income Blacks, Hispanics, Whites and other persons plagued from the gigantic influx of illegal aliens. Reflect were all those taxes to subsidize illegal immigrants today could be highly beneficial, if it was spent on our own population; our Senior citizens, sick and mentally impaired. Education, for instance is forced on us, by a federal court that we must pay the schooling for every child of illegal immigrants. Then medical care that the courts say, that anybody who breaks the law to come here, is entitled to free treatment. Can any American citizen or green card holder envisage what this country was like thirty years ago, before the illegal immigrant invasion? How many hundreds of billions of dollars, perhaps even a Trillion in three decades could have been added to the US treasury? Fewer illegal aliens are inescapable to fewer taxes that support the huge mechanism that we have today?

    The paradigm is California, that would have less congested cities and towns, rising crime activity, where there was room to breathe? Additional states will now follow the example of Arizona and those who don’t, will be in the forefront of mass exodus from these rigid policing states. The Sanctuary State of California as with Nevada and Utah will become a place of refuge, where public service will expand.

    The American populations lastly have their interests recognized, by the Supreme Court, asserting that Arizona’s federal mandatory E-Verify were upheld. Today it’s a major achievement for the American workers and a mortal stroke to the US Chamber of Commerce and an challenge by the Department of Justice to shield illegal aliens in the workplace. This will strengthen ATTRITION BY ENFORCEMENT in every business and control penalties with businesses that don’t conform. Has this been a premeditated failure of every administration to secure our borders or enact laws that would obstruct foreign national at the border, or a tracking system to expatriate visa overstays. E-Verify will eliminate this quandary of the issuance of a Secure Communities law, to enforce that every police department fingerprint and send those scans to ICE.


    This illegal immigration triumph in the Supreme Court is a great launching platform, but it’s far from the end of this simmering problem. It is predictable that Arizona’s SB 170 police law will be heard by the high court hopefully soon. Illegal immigration has been abandoned for so long by both political parties, we now have barely any recourse. Democrats are imploring for votes and up to now, Republican hard liners seeking cheap foreign labor for the job market. But this somber recession has displayed, with the accumulation loss of American jobs, the bailouts and corruption including Wikileaks disclosing a prime document of secret talks to merge commercially, unite currency with Canada, Mexico and United States. In conclusion the American public has finally arisen, to this overwhelming financial pandemic.

    Another topic that many states see as a major threat to our constitutional rights is illegal aliens using the absentee ballot system to vote in elections. New York, Colorado, New Jersey, Texas is being investigated by state Attorney General commissions. Acorn is still a chief player and although dissolved on paper, is still implicated in the registration racket. There are occurrences in California and Nevada of exploitation of voter rolls.

    From both parties are hundreds of thousands, tens of millions finding that the TEA PARTY, doesn’t discriminate against race or religion. That these associates are dispirited by the Liberals, democrats and Republicans, that are not doing enough to stop the in-sourcing of illegal immigrants or outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries.

    If you want less government, a fair Tax system, individual responsibility and returning federal excessive power to the states, join the Tea Party in your local area. Tell your Federal, State or local lawmaker; unless they join the TEA PARTY, they will be out of office in 2012.

    Contact them at Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121.


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