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Immigration bill by year’s end, Obama says

August 11, 2009 by  

Immigration bill by year's end, Obama says At the end of the summit of North American leaders, President Obama vowed to have an immigration bill proposal ready by the end of 2009.

Speaking in Guadalajara, Mexico, yesterday Obama also said the reform will be challenging and he expected "demagogues" to try to prevent a legalization of those who are already in the U.S.

With that, he appeared to suggest he would push for an amnesty on those who have entered the country illegally, something groups like the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) oppose, fearing it will lead to even higher unemployment among Americans.

"We cannot keep our heads in the sand and ignore the impact illegal immigration has on wages and jobs," Dan Stein, president of the FAIR, said earlier this year.

"It is a fiscal necessity and moral imperative to protect the American worker," he added, citing figures suggesting the illegal alien population has grown to 1.7 million in Texas, a 16 percent increase since 2005, costing the state about $5.9 billion annually.

Others take a different view, however.

For example, Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, believes the public wants to see legalization so that aliens are also "paying their taxes and not being used by bad-acting employers to undercut honest employers."

The president said his officials had already begun meeting with lawmakers in order to come up with an immigration plan acceptable to both Democrats and Republicans.


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  • s c

    So b o has vowed to give us a proposal. Does he know the difference between a proposal and legislation? I doubt it. He frothed at the mouth about hitting the ground running before he was elected. Has he had a single idea of his own since moving into the White House? What does it take for him to have an idea of his own?
    Oh, I forgot. B O is a community organizer. He can work with some people, but ideas are beyond him. He’s trying to manipulate the polls in advance. He thinks vows and promises are the same as results. He thinks as long as something comes out of his mouth (or one of his czars), that somehow makes him a leader.
    He should have gone into the military before he went to Harvard.
    Then he could claim he had both feet in the real world – temporarily. He’s anything but a functional planner, and the idea that he’s technically the C-I-C disgusts me.
    What we’ve got here is far worse than a ‘failure to communicate.’ Folks, if you ever wondered what someone meant by the bottom of the barrel, now you know.

    • Sue

      Your comment is a piece of junk, and you should really work on your bigotry SC, then think ***America***, not Democrat, nor Republican. Between those two names, is a division, called a ***GULF***like that which divides HEAVEN from HELL, and if you want to stay suspened in mid-air, with your feet touching ****NOTHING****, and your hands holding on to ****NOTHING***between earth, and ***HEAVEN***, then you stay there! The whole of America does not consist of twits like you! We need to build a country, and President Obama is one of the few people, who has ever tried to build this nation. Everyone before that, created false situations, whereby, they were handed tax-payers monies to do whatever junk they wanted to do, including filling their pockets with our tax-payers’ monies. So hush your mouth twit, and let America move on progessively, for the better!

      Note: If you are on Welfare, you have made women into single mothers, and your children are eating welfare food, and they don’t know who their daddy is, and if you have blood, and murders on your hands, you are a loser, ***that is being at the bottom of the barrel***, and you are not qualified to speak!!!!!

      Your comments reflect jealousy, covetousness, mixed with utter stupidity! You hate the fact that he is a Blackman, but if God does not have a problem with his color, who the hell are you? Get a life!

      sc says:
      August 12, 2009 at 11:29 am
      So b o has vowed to give us a proposal. Does he know the difference between a proposal and legislation? I doubt it. He frothed at the mouth about hitting the ground running before he was elected. Has he had a single idea of his own since moving into the White House? What does it take for him to have an idea of his own?
      Oh, I forgot. B O is a community organizer. He can work with some people, but ideas are beyond him. He’s trying to manipulate the polls in advance. He thinks vows and promises are the same as results. He thinks as long as something comes out of his mouth (or one of his czars), that somehow makes him a leader.
      He should have gone into the military before he went to Harvard.
      Then he could claim he had both feet in the real world – temporarily. He’s anything but a functional planner, and the idea that he’s technically the C-I-C disgusts me.
      What we’ve got here is far worse than a ‘failure to communicate.’ Folks, if you ever wondered what someone meant by the bottom of the barrel, now you know.

      • Valerie

        Wow! How did you get from that comment to it being about race?

        I’m guessing since it turned into a race issue with you that you are probably black, right?

        And what exactly has Obama done to BUILD this country? All he’s done is rack up more debt than every other administration since the beginning of this country COMBINED. And so far, there’s nothing to show for it. Rampant government spending didn’t work in the 1930s, and it won’t work now. So, where is your loyalty coming from? OB doesn’t exactly have a stellar resume of actual accomplishments. He may be brilliant, or not, hard to tell, since he’s usually reading a teleprompter (and when he doesn’t he usually screws up). He is charismatic, but that doesn’t mean he’s taking this country in the right direction.

        • eyeswideopen

          You need to check your facts… here’s one,Medicare Advantage passed by Bush in 2003, it was supposed to cost not more than 400 BILLION,over a ten year period of time, in 2005 the White House Budget Committee stated it was increased to 1.2TRILLION over 10 years. See article in Washington Post 2-9-2005. That my dear, was the single largest increase in our history.Passed by the Republicans.Another fact for you, IBM is to be paid 400 million in subsidy from 2006 to 2012, to not eliminate private prescription coverage to retired workers.Oh joy we get to pay IBM and hundreds of other insurance companies a subsidy so that they will do the right thing and not cancel benifits to their retired work force…Yes the Republicans did this… amazing isn’t it??

          • Meteorlady

            Then if I read you you should be totally against Government run health care? The Prescription Drug benefit package was supposed to have price controls built in but that was removed in the “House” version and the Senate voted on it that way. You can blame Bush (again) but he just signed the thing because it was going to pass anyway via over-ride of a veto.

      • Dora

        Sue, you have your HEAD stuck in the sand if you can’t see that Obama is Socialist/Communist. He had 7 years under a communist mentor and 10 years in a Muslim school. It is not a matter of black or white but in where he is leading this nation. Please go to and read the article “Program of the Communist Party USA. Educate yourslef as to where this nation is headed and obama is certainly pushing it over edge. Build the country, my hind leg, he is DESTROYING it! The aim of the communist is to destroy the capitalist system in this nation – READ it for yourself. Obama also had two close communist friends when he was running for president but most people had their ears stuffed with cotton or something and REFUSED to LISTEN to what he was saying. Davis and Ayers were his friends and both of them are communist. My mother always told me “you are known by the company you keep”. I can guarantee you, that you won’t like living under a communist dictatorship which is what we are going to get unless people like you get your head out of the SAND and see TRUTH. Go to your search engine and type in 45 Long Term Communist Goals for America and see how many of them have already been FULFILLED. If the government gets control of our health care system, they can just about take control of everything else for when people are sick, they will do almost anything to get relief and the Socialist/Communist/Marxist in the halls of congress KNOW that.

      • Bill

        Wow! This is not a race issue. You do have nice writing skills though.

      • http://facebook tammy jo hammond

        Sue, your comment was the stupidest, most disrespectful, full of bigotry comment i have ever had the displeasure of reading..i agree with SC……

    • Smilee

      s c

      Putting yourself in judgment of a man that is intellectually far more superior than you has got to be the biggest JOKE of the day.

      • sue

        Thank you, Smilee. SC is just a self-centered, illiterate, twit!

      • eyeswideopen

        I think she thought he should rebuild America in just six months, doesn’t matter it took 12 years cause this holy mess. She must be young and impatient.

  • Ali

    This constant refrain of pro-amnesty types such as Mr. Sharry that legalized illegal aliens will “pay taxes” is a bunch of hogwash. Illegal aliens are illegal BECAUSE THEY’RE UNEDUCATED AND UNSKILLED. Legalization won’t change that. Instead, it would give them access to yet more benefits and welfare that is not now available including the earned income tax credit. As it is, California has the most welfare recipients in the country, and one-third of those households are headed by illegal aliens who receive welfare on behalf of their U.S.-born kids.

    • Sue

      Ali: Your comment is not smart. If there is no Immigration Reform, then you will continue to pay the bills, for the illegal immigrants. It is time for the Americans, and Alien Immigrants, whose back, bear the burdens of this nation, to enjoy some of what they have worked for, without paying for illegal immigrants, jail-birds, welfare thieves, senseless wars, and ****bail-outs****, especially for the witless wallstreet gang of thieves, and Detroit twits, who have enough monies to buy personal airplanes, and sunk their businesses! And, What about the huger, than huge****DEFICIT****The reality is stark, but if we think ****BUILD AMERICA****, and forget about all this Democrat/Republican nonsense, we can rise once again, to higher heights, and deeper depths in prosperity, and success. Ali, we can do it!

      • Valerie

        The huge deficit? You have got to be kidding? This administration has already spent more than EVERY OTHER ADMINISTRATION SINCE THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE UNITED STATES COMBINED!!!!!

        You’re obviously a naive liberal, with no real world experience. Yes, the US was built and grown by immigrants (obviously since we’re not all native americans), but they weren’t ILLEGAL immigrants. Big difference. And they didn’t come here to get welfare and free medical care, either. They came to work, and if you look at the sheer numbers of illegals on welfare, that obviously isn’t the case anymore.

        I agree that corporate welfare is borderline criminal — and we can thank the democratic congress for it. Keep in mind, congress can override the president, not the other way around.

        Personally I think all of congress needs to go. They’ve proven that they don’t intend to do the bidding of the citizens, which is what they were elected for.

  • Curtis

    The American people overwhelmingly oppose and reject “comprehensive immigration reform” which is a euphemism for amnesty for 12-20 million illegal aliens. How dare the pro-amnesty, anti-American worker elites such as Sharry push amnesty for millions of illegal foreign workers when nearly 15 million unemployed Americans are looking for work!! Besides, we already passed “comprehensive reform” in 1986 which failed and led to more illegal immigration. NO MORE!

    • txsuezq

      Until we elect a president with the courage to use the border as a border was intended, we’ll keep having to exhaust ourselves fighting these amnesty legistlation battles.

    • sue

      Hey Curtis!

      You are not a representative of all the American People! Some of them are very smart, and they would prefer to have those illegal aliens to work for them, than you, who have no real knowledge about the subject!

      Example: An Air Control Operator, was supposed to me monitoring the issues pertaining to his job, but he was on a personal phone call, and his supervisor was out, when he should have been on the job, and 9 people died in a recent NY Air Collision! They were both Americans!
      NY is going to suffer the consequences for that, when the Italian Law Suit comes in!!!!!

      Had it been a foreigner on that job, he would have been paying serious attention to that job, and his personal phone calls would have had to wait until he gets off the job! Got it? Foreigners are trained in a very different way from Americans. Their parents get married, get children, and take care of them, and they spend quality time, to cook, and clean for them, and to advise them on the do’s and don’ts of life, and the consequences for disobedience! Got it?

      • Dora

        Your name is SUE but I would like to know what country you are from. You are certainly NOT for America. Illegal aliens invading this nation is why our medical is in such a mess. That “chain” immigration that Ted Kennedy pushed through legislation in 1965 is one big reason our medical is in such a mess. The can bring their elderly over here and put them in our nursing homes and get care as long as they live and they have never paid in ONE RED CENT into the kitty. That is plain flat DUMB of America. Illegal aliens have been getting FREE medical, FREE schooling, welfare, food stamps, and reduced government housing for YEARS and I heard a report just yesterday that we are getting more and more of Mexico’s uneducated over here and although some of them DO PAY taxes instead of getting their money in cash and never reporting it, the welfare and other stuff the get that I mentioned above FAR exceeds what they pay in by $20,000 a year for EACH one that is over here. THAT is WHY this country is going bankrupt. The other reason is because we take in so many foreign goods and send American money to other nations and the imbalance of trade is TRILLIONS of dollars. No wonder we have to keep the printing press running. NAFTA and CAFTA have been GOOD for everybody EXCEPT America. We CANNOT keep giving amnesty and paying all those people all the freebies for as long as the feeding trough is out, who can blame them for coming over here and taking advantage of the freebies. A LOT of Americans would do the SAME thing and they do for many are just plain flat too lazy to get out and get a job and make their OWN living, they WANT the Government to take care of them. That is socialism – taking it from people with the GRIT and GUTS to WORK and giving it to those that are too darn lazy to work. Millions of our boys and girls have died fighting communism in other nations and yet it has got a FOOT hold here in our OAWN nation and MOST Americans are so DUMB they can’t see it.

    • Valerie

      Right on! Amnesty has already proven to be a dismal failure. Giving illegal immigrants “legal status” will serve one purpose — the make them eligible for Obamacare.

  • Delaware Bob

    With the economy as bad as it is, obama better get these illegal aliens out of this Country.

    Illegal aliens have made America the dumping ground for all their illegal alien children, then we have to school them and give them free medical care.

    I for one, am sick and tired of these ILLEGAL ALIENS snubbing their nose at our immigration laws and the many other laws of this Country. If our Federal Government can not ENFORCE our immigration laws, and get these ILLEGAL ALIENS out of this Country, then let the States do it! One way or another, an end has to come to this illegal immigration, and not with AMNESTY! Amnesty will only encourage more ILLEGAL ALIENS to invade our Country and reward those who broke our laws and raped the American taxpayer in many ways…depressing our wages, taking our jobs, overwhelming our schools with their ILLEGAL ALIEN children, driving without a license or car insurance, all the crime from stolen identities to rape, drugs and everything else.

    It’s time for ZERO TOLERENCE with these ILLEGAL ALIENS. It’s time for them get out of this Country and back in their own Country where they belong. When we get rid of the ILLEGAL ALIENS, we will get rid of all the problems that go with them. THAT IS A FACT!

    • Dora

      NO AMNESTY of ANY kind! Put Americans back to work. Vicinte Fox President of Mexico at that time said we had closer to 25 MILLION over here then. It is proably 30 MILLION now. I saw a video the other day place on just ONE crossing into the US and the video was there for 35 days and over 400 illegal aliens crossed into OUR borders at ONLY ONE CROSSING. Our government plays it down to about 12 million but that is a bald faced lie. if you watched ANY of those marches, they said they were here to take back this nation and they would do it by immigration and their love for babies. They had UGLY signs to the “gringo”. They had a sign that said to the gringo “Go back to England where you came from, this is OUR country, NOT yours”. Yet we don’t have the GUTS to send them back home and abide by our laws. We are also taking in 1 MILLION LEGAL aliens a year. We have also sent MILLIONS of American jobs overseas. We bring 165,000 a year over here to train to take American jobs and when they leave this nation, they take that job back with them. America has become WEAK in the PANTS and allows Mexico to dictate to us. The socialist/marxist/communist in the halls of Congress WANT them over here so they can always have the majority rule and then they can push their ideologies down our throats. At in the article Program of the Communist Party USA on page 52 it says To fulfill the role (destroying the capitalist system in America) the Communist Party needs the following characteristics, first in outlook, leading to actual leadership status among the working class and all working people. The Communist Party must be:
      1. a party of the working class, PART of the class but its MOST ADVANCED SEGMENT, (The GOVERNMENT in other words)
      2. a party of SOCIALISM,
      3. based on MARXISM-LENINISM,
      4. engaged in protetaria INTERNATIOALISM (THE UN IN CONTROL)
      5. organized on the principle of democratic CENTRALISM (GOVERNMENT OWNING EVERYTHING)
      Read it for yourself and get your EYES OPENED!

  • rick

    Lots of new and different types of immigrants entering the US today (not just hispanics, but middle easterners). If we want them to assimilate, it’s important to have a very identifiable culture to which they can adapt– the US cannot become like some european cities where there is no identifiable culture, but rather just a lot of different languages and different cultures not interacting with each other.

    This article talks about some disturbing affects of immigration, but is not xenophobic:

    • Ron


      I agree that immigrants should or must assimilate to the point to at least one generation if possible. First time citizens should have ingrained the willingness to protect their new country US in case of a War and not going back where they came from whe given the situation. Interestingly enough Switzerland’s citizenship requirements are one of the toughest in the planet. If a child is born from foreign nationals at their time of the interview they will ask questions related to how much they have been integrated if the answers are not of their satisfaction they will will not become citizens of Switzerland and will have to return 10 years later. However, we must understand the US is a big country and this will be a major challenge as to how our culture will evolve and the new social face will be the one ruling in the future……..something you and I and others will have no control over………..but to raise our children loving this land and being aware we are not alone in this planet……………….

  • Tim Hutson

    Just Don’t Pay! Lets stop paying the government!

  • Robin from Indiana

    Legalizing people who are in our country illegally and giving them amnesty is insane. Once they become ‘Americans’ there will be no end to the hand outs they expect and will feel entitled to. They are already draining this country by taking welfare benefits, schooling, filling up our prisons, and the list goes on! Only a fool who thinks that granting them amnesty will solve anything. What will solve the problem is armed guards on the boarder and fencing. Deporting all who are ‘caught’ would help, too. I think this administration better be thinking of correcting the things that are making life hard on those who are born Americans, legally. Lack of jobs and spending money on those who don’t contribute to our society is not helping our society. Any moron would know that!

  • http://google Kerri

    Obama and the dems. and left want amnesty because they see 12 to 20 million more voters for their voting block. They don’t care about us, they only care about getting re-elected. America has made their views quite clear on this subject on more than one occasion. We have said no to amnesty, open borders, path to citizenship for illegals. Why then are they still pushing it? For Votes. You don’t get taxes from illiterate, uneducated, low skill or no skill people. They are on tax payer benefits for a reason. The ones that don’t have the good jobs have minimum wage jobs, hence pay no taxes. Just take from the system. They are illegal and demanding rights as if they were American Citizens. They are not in the shadows. They are marching in our streets and protesting on our capital steps. We have laws against entering our country illegally with penalties to go with the laws. Our gov. has a constituional duty to enforce the laws of our country. They are hanging the American people out to dry in favor of millions of illegals. If you talk about an invasion how many people would make an invasion. 12 to 20 million?

    • txsuezq

      Kerri it’s time for you to run for office!! You SO get the big picture!

    • Smilee


      Bush & McCain tried hard to get the type of immigration bill you describe but were unable to and they most certainly are not your typical liberals. Obama has not yet given us a plan but you are attacking it anyway. Sort of like goosing ghosts in the dark I guess.

    • Valerie

      I agree that the dems want support, but these illegals won’t be getting citizenship, just legal status, which won’t make them eligible to vote. Still, having the support is a valuable thing, if one considers Obamamania.

      Inasmuch as I want the illegals gone, I don’t think that deporting them is going to change the employment status of most of America’s unemployed. Too many of the jobs they are occupying are jobs that most Americans will turn their nose up at. I don’t know a single American who is going to go pick vegetables, gut chickens, etc. for minimum wage. Look at places like northwest Arkansas. The hillbillies in that area would rather be unemployed, leaching off their girlfriend and kids (on welfare) than get a job at the Tyson chicken plant.

      We also need to change the current citizenship law (retroactively) to state that children born in the USA of parents who are not in the country legally do not automatically gain citizenship. We can’t legally deport the mothers right now, because of their anchor babies. Deporting the only working person in the household isn’t exactly a great idea, so we need a way to be able to deport the whole family.

  • John Gray

    I am a veteran of the United States Air Force, I do not like where my Country that I got severely hurt defending. If B. O. makes it possible fo the UN-Americans to be here leally. I know the will be an uprising that would make North Korea Uprising look like a bunch of children playing in a play ground We nee this Muslem out of office and let the Democrates in the house and senate know tht they are commiting career suicide. Please yu can still be in the milatary and fight for america and you do not have to sign up to do it. Just Do all you can do by notifying you local Reps and Senators of what you want. Remember they work for you and if they are not doing a good job. GET THEM OUT OF OFFICE. ###1 America

  • Earlw

    What part of ILLEGAL don’t the pro immigration symps understand? This country CANNOT support another 20 million immigrants of ANY stripe! We have plenty of native-born people HERE out of work, whether “qualified” or not. What ever happened to training? OJT? What about all those who will end up on welfare because they were displaced by illegals? Either way we lose! Then there is the issue of La Raza and others stating that their goal is to overwhelm us with high birthrates and bury our culture with theirs. That is a declaration ow war!

    If all the illegals were to stay and fight it out in their country to change their government, there wouldn’t be any need to immigrate. Mexico, as an example, is a beautiful land with a rich culture. why give that up for a poor life here, when you could MAKE a better life there? Don’t tell me it cant be done! if 50 million Mexicans decide to do something, WHO could stop them. We are going to have to fight to keep ours in America. You do the same in Mexico!

    • txsuezq

      That’s exactly what I was thinking! If La Raza can do such a wonderful job organizing “it’s peeps” to take over OUR govt would’nt it be easier to take that battle south. Seems like the Mexican govt is prime for a takeover. Or maybe La Raza’s just tired of the hot weather.

  • EJB

    We have the laws, we have a constitution,,enforce both and we will not have a problem..Illegal means illegal. you don’t reward a criminal, you prosicute them…obama is a communist that is literally destroying the United States,,on purpose…We don’t want government control, we want our constitution adhered to. We want our laws inforced NOw. wE WANT ILLEGAL immigrant prosecuted, not rewarded…LISTEN, OBAMA, NO MORE GOVERNMENT CONTROL, GET YOUR DAMN NOSE OUT OF OUR BUSINESS…..

  • http://none Shirley Trieschman


  • Mack Bowman

    Why has Congress done nothing to stop illegal immigration? When they took the oath of office they swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States. By not living up to their oath is grounds for impeachment. We need to march on Washington and take back our Government from this do nothing Representatives. They were elected to serve us and they are only self-serving. It has been determined that there is a Latino born in this country every 30 seconds. With approximately 58 million (legal and illegal) already in the country, just how long will it take for the Latino’s to be in the majority?
    When this happens, will we be known as the United States of Mexico?
    I hope I do not live to see the Country that I and my brothers, father, uncles, cousins and nephews have fought and died to keep our America free and strong be handed over to people who have no right to be here.

  • Nanette Olson


    • Sue

      Nanette Olson says:
      August 14, 2009 at 6:56 pm

      Absolutely not! These illegal aliens were not caught, when they entered the country illegally, and I cannot believe how many benefits they get, when I don’t have a health insurance, since I don’t have a job, and I get no help! Now, we give them AMNESTY, and they start to work legally, they have to pay taxes, and that would ease our burdens.

      Technically speaking, ***It is not Illegal Aliens*** that has caused this country to hit the pit! It is covetousness, greed, the occult practices, and the male female sophisticated prostition, which has increased the ****ILLEGAL CHILDREN****, by the millions, who are on WELFARE FOOD! They get to screw around like cockroaches, and just drop dozens of children, per generation, and come out to eat free! It costs monies to feed all those folks, that should have never been born, and what about all the other stuff, with which they us the taxpayers! If we don’t give them, AMNESTY, then we get to pay **ALL** the bills. Do you want that? I don’t!

  • Deb A.

    Aren’t the illegals here working and making money? It’s the Americans who are out of work. If the illegals are working and making money then why can’t they pay for their health insurance like the rest of us?

    • txsuezq

      Amen Deb A!!!

      Why are we forced to educate their children in our public schools if they do not plan to get in line and become citizens LEGALLY?

  • http://constitution Melody

    How about immigrants pay back the taxpayers a penalty. For every year they were in this country using the government to provide everything from education, to grants, to free health care, they must pay all that money back, or they can go back to the country they came from. Their choice, work for your freedom, or get the hell out and don’t come back.

  • http://constitution Melody

    Okay, give them amnesty, but they must all learn english, speakable english, and pass a basic test of intelligence, and criminal background check. English is the language period. Learn to speak it or go back to your country and don’t come back.

    • Ron


      You can be sure in some shape or form what you said it is the way it will happen if Comprenhensive Immigration Reform happens.

    • Meteorlady

      You might want to add that they are not eligible for any government services – they must work to pay their own way. Plus they must pay back everything they have taken from us as taxpayers – free education, free medical, subsidized housing, food stamps – oh heck, you get the message.

  • http://personalliberty Lisa Lomeli

    Hose, We do not mind if you and your family are here LEGALLY! When you come here and expect to be taken care of by the American tax payer, it is wrong! You say you can’t get a job in your own country so you have a right to be here. This to is wrong. Do you pay taxes? Are you able to take care of yourself without taking benefits from the government (this includes medical care)? Do you have a legal drivers license? Are you on food stamps? Are you able to pay for your own living expenses (rent, utilities etc.)? What makes you think you have the right to come and live off of other peoples money? You obviously do not know the history of the United States and what it takes to be an American citizen. So, until you can take care of your own family without the help of the government, go home!!!!

    • txsuezq


      Why not go back home and run for office (politician is a job) and make Mexico a better place for Mexicans?

  • Tactical111

    One small fact overlooked here is that once an illegal is given U.S. Citizenship he can then sponsor up to 200 family members from Mexico to become USC’s. And good point about the 1986 “amnesty”. The only thing you get when you reward bad behavior is more bad behavior. Also blame the elites and Global Corps. and gov. shills ( Dems and Repubs) who push for “free trade” which is really just a free ticket for Global Corps to exploit third world people and their environments in pursuit of the Almighty Dollar. NAFTA flooded Mexico with cheap Monster Agro Co. corn and put the small Mexican farmers out of business so they headed north for work. The Gov. and world is being taken over by the Global Banksters, Multinational Corps. who now control the currency, the Gov, the food ( Codex Alimentarius coming), the so called “media”, Big Pharma, Hollywood, Newspapers, Diseasecare,( manditory vaccines that create customers), etc. A start to take it back would be to back Ron Paul’s push to audit the “Fed” and expose the Criminal Network in charge of our currency.

  • Ron

    Bob Livinsgton,

    Check this out,

    I put my comment in Dan Stein the same as the above and to mask the fact he would not publish my comments he erased all of them instead………I thought Dan Stein was a man or principles where he accepts feedback but it appears he cannot handle the facts of the truth

  • Ron

    ALL and especially Dan Stein,

    The Lawmakers will decide eventually what they will, regardless of your or my opinion. Immigration Reform goes beyond illegal aliens and border security which should be included in the bill BUT National Security and acquisition of brain power!!! for a competitive country in the future…..!! Senator Schumer and Graham will do a great job based on this. I think Dan Stein has good ponts on immigration but gets too polarized on the illegal aliens issue! I am talking about the ones that have families and no criminal record and most likely some of them have higher education than Dan Stein myself and others…………………

    Dan where is your sense of intelect, compassion, and to solve the problem in a constructive manner. As per your last name I would guess you only have family here maybe from the 1950′s unless your mother side goes all the way back. We have a problem was not addressed until after 9/11 this strongly which we should deal with smartly. Africans Americans were brought to America illegaly to be slaves, the indians were killed and taken away from their land by our ancestors………now individuals came here illegaly but as a comparison to the above the do have rights and established a way of life here. So we have as a nation been in this situation already however sahpe or form. You can’t blame them if americans offered them jobs and they stayed and further there was no law enforcement. You and FAIR should be going towards the main critical path of he issue that is americans enforcing the law not only the government. It is a situation where we are all responsible for it.

    As a responsible Nation and as americans we should deal and fix this constructively. Learn and grow from it to handle it in a better way in the future.

    • eyeswideopen

      OMG a rational person!!!!….Hey have you seen any cost associated with deporting 12-20 million people from this country? What about the children born on US soil… legally they are citizens regardless of how they got here..any ideas on what legal impact in the courts?? The cost of the lawsuits, when you try to seperate parents from child would be a couple of billion don’t you think?? If you have any cost info I would really appreciate knowing. Thx in advance.

      • Dora

        To Eyeswideopen: The comments you made about it costing a lot to send them home is right and that is why we MUST hammer our representatives to abolish that “ANCHOR” baby debacle that is costing this nation a blue mint. On the average 330,000 pregnant ILLEGAL alien mothers hop across our borders EVERY year and have baby at tax-payer expense and that baby instantly become an American citizen eligible to EVERY handout this nation offers. Then when that illegal alien mother is CAUGHT and they want to send her home she yells “I HAVE AN AMERICAN BORN BABY – you can’t separate a family” That is a crock and that “anchor” baby bill has LONG outlived its usefulness and needs to be abolished. Let us all hammer DC to abolish that anchor baby debacle.

        • Ron


          Read this article and maybe you will come down………

        • Meteorlady

          They have those babies at our expense – increased health care costs to all of us. Figure out adding 330,000 births that are free – then add what a birth in a hospital costs – that is the cost to our health care system and we all pay for that. These people don’t want to stay home and fight for their own country so what do you think will happen with them in our country? More welfare, free healthcare, etc. Get a clue – they work for cash, don’t pay taxes, send their kids to our schools without English skills, they live in subsidized housing or rent a house and move 5 families in. They are decreasing the US wage scales and our standard of living. Now tell me again why I should support people breaking our laws and getting rewarded for it?

      • Ron


        It is hard to quantify the impact on ~ 6% of the population out of which we don’t exacly know all details ( paying taxes, family work etc etc) as people panic in making conclusions. I would say Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation and Steven Camarota from the Research Director from the Center for Immigration Studies do research and try to understand immigration from all angles.

      • Ron

        eyeswideoen I finally found an interesting article you might enjoy reading. there it goes

  • Ron

    Bob and Ali,

    I think now I know what your opinion is…………………there are many Illegals that have higher degrees than you and myself and pay their taxes just ask a cab driver or any person doing yard work especially if they are form Europe………… get it all wrong!!

    • Meteorlady

      If they are paying taxes whose identity are they using? Mine, yours?

  • Ron


    This is the last time I am at your articles website I see you also deleted my feedback and from what I can see the articles you left are anti-immigrant I can only conclude you think the same way. This is a dissapointment. Your writing style does not resemble your ideas. I though you were a fair journalist but I guess I was wrong. Definitely
    not worth while to have an intelectual exchange with you nor your readers…………..


  • DaveH

    Same thing happened to me Ron. And I noticed Jose’s comment got deleted. Wow. Censorship from a supposed conservative.

  • DaveH

    Obviously Bob doesn’t want limited government. My treatise to the other side of the immigration issue, and a reference to a Libertarian book online by Murray Rothbard (both in the same comment) got deleted. Apparently Big Government is good for Bob as long as it is right-wing. Better research the definition of “personal liberty” Bob.

  • http://yahoo A.L.

    What the heck is Mexico doing for its people? They should be held accountable! We need to stop giving them money and our business, and maybe they would take us serious. Our government doesn’t care about us, they want to “look good” to Mexico & Canada. They have these “deals” with them–who knows how much they’re getting to sell us our! I sick of this whole issue! I don’t blame the people–it’s the government!

    • eyeswideopen

      Blame our government for not having trade agreements with our closest ally. No, lets give China, all our money, help them build their country, and have all our computer technology in their hands..Brilliant, just Brilliant….If we would have given just a small percentage of what we have given to China, we wouldn’t have such a bad immigration and drug problem…What ever happened to common sense??? Oh, that’s right politics took it away.

  • txsuezq

    Well, at least this time they can’t claim that illegals are helping us by doing the jobs that Americans won’t do! There’s alot of Americans hungry for any job they can get!

    Can’t wait till we elect a conservative president…it would be nice to have govt work FOR the people instead of against.

    • Valerie

      It’s more congress than the president.

    • Meteorlady

      OMG – when was the last time you look around a construction site. They are doing roofing, siding, framing, tile work, rock work – all these jobs used to pay around $20-30 per hour for Americans. Now American are reduced to working for $10.00 per hour and have to pay taxes and insurance besides. The illegals just work for cash, pay no taxes or insurance and send money out of this country to help others come here illegally. That is brainwashing if you think they hold jobs we don’t want. In fact where I live some adult children are moving back home because they have lost their jobs – the only jobs they can now find here is landscaping, lawn maintenance (all the jobs we didn’t want to do before). Get a grip and see the real truth here. Illegals are bad for this country and the economy.

  • DaveH

    Mexico’s problem is the same as our coming problem, way too much government. They have a super-class of people (government) who extort their citizens and who aid their cohorts through subsidies, tariffs, and small-business-stifling regulations, all at the expense of the common citizen.
    I have had direct exposure to illegal workers several times in my life and they worked harder and for less than most of my fellow citizens. Think about this – if your neighbor helped you build a pool for free with no strings attached, that would be good for you, right? So when the Mexicans come north and work harder for less money than US citizens are willing, are they really hurting us or helping us? The argument that they are taking our jobs doesn’t wash. The number of jobs in the US economy is limited only by our imaginations and government interference in the free market.
    For sure, I think illegals should be punished or deported. But I also think that the red tape should be lessened considerably so they can come in as documented workers legally.
    It is a problem when their kids grow up in our country as many of them catch on to the ways of welfare rapidly. But welfare is the problem that needs to be treated. We need to get the government out of the business of charity. It’s not their money to give. If the government wasn’t spending our money wastefully and as fast as they can, then there would be a lot more money available for charities to help those that are truly needy.

    • Valerie

      Dave H, I totally agree with you. Every last word.

    • eyeswideopen

      sooooooooooooooo true!!!!!

  • DaveH

    If you truly want to have your eyes opened to reality, read this online book:

  • Mark

    It’s simple, 20 million illegals turning into voters, dependent on the government……… gee, who will they vote for? Those giving handouts from the tax payers, that’s who.

    A society where the voters that don’t pay taxes permanently outnumber the taxpaying voters. They will vote themselves more and more and taxs to pay for it all will just go up and up, even more. Not a good future for those that produce, employ and generally take care of themselves. It us against them and us are losing.

    • Smilee


      It always amazes me that you people only talk about welfare for the poor etc but never complain about corporate welfare (welfare for the rich) which is a lot bigger an amount of money and the lions share of our total welfare costs, but then with you guys it is never really about the money is it?? It is about your hatred in denial!

      • DaveH

        I complain about both. Government bails both out basically to buy votes. Government needs to quit saving people and companies from their own mistakes. That money necessarily comes from the people and companies that are doing things correctly.

        • Smilee

          Corporations don’t vote Dave

      • eyeswideopen

        Smilee, you made me Smile.

  • Pete Burlington

    When was the last time that an occupying force of more than 20 MM people were allowed to stay in a country? NEVER, even during World War II there were not even that many troops in one country and yet the Illegal Aliens living and breeding in our country are an occupying force that could rise up against us at anytime. I want to thank every single politician regardless of party affiliation for this. It was my understanding that money was budgeted for a WALL on the southern border where is it? Now the SOCIALIST COMMUNIST PUKE obama wants to push for amnesty for these 20 MM. enough is enough. Close the borders and round up all illegal aliens and send them back to their birth country.

    • Ron

      Well!!……………if you take the percentage of that (20M/300M)*100 is about 6.67% I am sure at the end of things in the past the indians were almost wiped out……< 6.67% back then and if you do the math for african americans when they were brough as slaves against their will and illegaly is a lot higher BUT LOOK!! african americans SUCH BEAUTIFUL CULTURE!!! ans see how we benefit from it….they fought in the aerican revolution, Civil War to PRESERVE the union NOWADYAS HISPANICS DYING IN THE MIDDLE EAST FOR US????? HAVE YOU SERVE YOUR COUNTRY!!HAve you look at our President WE ELECTED…….African american and white descent…….where have you been Pete!!

      • Pete Burlington

        I did serve my country. Did you? Did your hero THE SOCIALIST COMMUNIST PUKE obama serve his, or did he serve himself like many of the so called liberals in congress today?

        • Ron

          Not only did I serve it! but also every one of my ancestors back to the colonial times,revolution, civil war WarI etc not only they fought but they put millions of dollars into it did YOURS!!!!!??? I answered your question.

          Regarding your language about president Obama, it only reflects your brain is even smaller than that of an elephant!! You want to be respected then do the same!

          • Pete Burlington

            Yes, ron my ancestors gave the most, they gave their precious lives, to allow SOCIALIST COIMMUNIST PUKES LIKE YOU AND YOUR HERO obama the right to destroy my country. And finally ron YOU EARN RESPECT.

        • Ron

          Last, if you don’t like this government you can either run for office so that you can make a differnce, have a business so that you are independent or just live someplace else!! After all if you made it here I assume you can make it someplace else right??

        • Ron

          No SIR!!respect starts at your home which obviously you don’t have by reading your comments which shows a retarded level of comprenhension of the english language if yo are not happy with you rlife deal with it!!

        • Ron


          I think you should go and see a doctor and take care of the
          mental diarrhea you have and make sure to let him/her know that
          you thinking process comes from your REAR END & HOPEFULLY THEY WILL FIX YOU UP!!!……at the end of this surgery I expect you to remain straight so that your ancestors still are proud ou you!!!!!!!!…if not health care can take of you!!!!! don’t expect anymore responses from me Bubba!!

        • Ron

          Pete Burlington you see Health Care Reform will pass… you will find yourself in the Hospital and you will thnak the or your president for the bill!

  • margaret kelly

    ‘NUT’ to OBAMA. It just may be possible that he will be charged with TREASON! ! !..after it’s proven that he IS NOT ‘AMERICAN BORN’!

    • Smilee

      Oh Margaret Kelly

      You are sooooooo angry, and so misinformed, keep an eye on your blood pressure!!

  • virgilk

    Illegal Immigration is the biggest threat to the U.S. If it isn’t stopped and it may already be too late. We will have an unsustainable population of over 500 Million by 2045. We do not have 12 million Illegals we have closer to 38 million. Even the legal Immigrants of 130,000 per month must be stopped. No Nation can sustain this unlimited immigration. Europe is in trouble already.

  • Jla

    Live in harmony with one another. Do not be haughty, but associated with lowly. Never be conceited. Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what it is honorable in sight of all. If possible live peacebly with all—Romans 12:16-18

    How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony.—Psalm 133:1

    For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love — Galatians 5:13

  • Rich

    Mr. Obama I wish you would quit putting your own country down so much and now your inviting more into her folds? I don’t get it, you go to places like Saudi Arabia putting those foolish Americans down but then we have an immigration problem? That makes no sense why would anyone in their right mind want to come to a country full of fools? Obviously we were fools we believed (well many of us did, I did not vote for you) you when you said that you stood for positive change. I am not saying don’t but the problem I have here is that in your infinite idiocy you have yet again added another financial burden to this country if you add the amnesty portion. Why , well quite simply you had a raise in the minimum wage passed through congress and senate, raising it to levels that are unsustainable in the short or long term without the prices of everything going up, putting yet again those of us in the middle class at a loss. Once these people are granted citizenship they will lose their jobs, as most of them do NOT make minimum wage, they make well below that. Causing us the working class to pay for yet more out of work people.

    • Jim E. Edwards

      I can agree with Rich except when he said Barack “Hussein” Obama was pulling down his own country. What country is that? We can tell which country the illegals us coming from, but we can’t tell which country Hussain is from. He won’t or can’t produce a Birth Cirtificate.
      Maybe THAT’S why he want amnesty for all illegals.

      • Ron

        Jim E. Edwards,

        Which country are the illegals coming from?

      • Ron

        Jim E. Edwards,

        Obama is an american at birth…don’t you think if what you said were treu the Republican party would have used it against already!!!!!!

        • Valerie

          Actually there’s no proof either way. He claims to have a valid birth certificate, but he hasn’t produced it.

          Seems like a simple solution. If you have it, show it.

          But then maybe he’s just being difficult because he doesn’t think he should *have* to produce it.

          If he had two American parents, nobody would even ask. But the fact remains that it is entirely plausible that he wasn’t born on US soil, and given the age of his mother at the time, that would negate his citizenship.

          • Ron

            If he had two parents he still would have to have been born on america soil!!!!……unless there is a conspiracy which would be of great magnitude!!! CIA + DHS + FBI + CONGRESS BUT THINK!! I think he feels he does not have to show it!! and perhaps in the future he can use your especulation and the other people’s regarding this issue to use it on his behalf whenever he sees the opportunity to do it don’t you think!!??

  • Ron

    Bob Livingston,

    I must say you do resemble your writing style and I do appreciate your professionalism in accepting criticism and freedom of writing/speech by not censuring its contents and grow from it. You are a man of principles willing to listen and to change. We need more journalists such yourself that lives up to the profession itself! I will definitely come back to read your articles Thank you!



    • Smilee

      He certainly is no journalists, Journalists make an honest attempt to be objective or at least give all sides of an issue, this site is more of a oped page aside from this observation I tend to agree with you, and we have few real journalists today as opposed to commentators and entertainers who pass them self off as journalists.

      • eyeswideopen

        You are right, Did you know that 59% of Republicans watch Fox news, where they freely admit that they aren’t journalists, but commentators.In addition, they don’t check their facts, because they are “just commentators”. Now only in America, can a cable “news” station admit to lying and still people watch…Is there any hope for us?

      • Ron


        You should read his article again. He does give all sides of the issue. He even mentions FAIR and America’s voice two opposite views. He does nicely present all issues objectively and with quality without prejudgement…… Maybe he uses the word “amnesty” which would be no longer if a penalty and restrictions are part to legalizing these individuals. So unless it happens this way and he would still call it amnesty then you might perhaps have something to say about him. He right on the intellectual critical point. Last, other articles are biased and do tend to lean towards either side for immgration reform, his is a fair take with all info about it as per the latest news.

      • Ron


        last only experience gives you the ability to write at this level that is objective, short and to the point……….nicely done Bob!

  • Meteorlady

    Here’s what the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 did for our country:

    Employers that hired illegals were to face sanctions – didn’t happen and still is not happening;

    2.7 million received amnesty through fraud, that 1/4th of the total;

    Illegals that were given amnesty now had the right to bring in multiple family members, which has a hugh impact on the environment and social services;

    Based on a 10 year study the net fiscal deficit per household climbed to $6,800 per year;

    Here’s what is happening now:

    A 146% increase in the number of incarcerated immigrants in the census data. Yet the overall immigrant population, 2000 to 2007, grew only 22 percent;

    Under HR 3200 ) Health Care bill) if all uninsured illegal immigrants with incomes below 400 percent of poverty received the proposed credits, the estimated cost to the federal government would be $30.5 billion annually, plus Illegal immigrants could benefit from the expansion of Medicaid under HR 3200 they currently represent 15.6% of all uninsured in this country;

    If illegal aliens were given amnesty and began to pay taxes and then use services like households headed by legal immigrants with the same education levels, the estimated annual net fiscal deficit would increase from $2,700 per household to nearly $7,700, for a total net cost of $29 billion;

    So tell me again why we need to do this? It didn’t stop the flood of illegals in 1980′s and it certainly has increased the flood today. In the 1980′s they also flooded the borders and used fraud to get legal status. Today that is happening again. Please, we have enough people in this country to support, lets not add more and more and more to the social services and healthcare rolls. I also have a problem with people that don’t care enough to stay and fight for change in their own government and instead come here and suck up our services and cost the American taxpayer more and more money and decreased wages and healthcare services.

  • Meteorlady

    Once more thing – please take the time to go to the “Center for Immigration Studies” website and read their papers. They are not biased and present facts and figures without blinders. Sorry to take up so much space on this post, but as a ex-immigration official I know first hand the problems of illegal immigration in this country.

  • http://charter howe

    It’s mind numbing to me to see comments like SUE for example who immediately get defensive and play the race card when a citizen expresses his opinion about a President who has failed in just about every category of leadership to ease the recession, grow private sector jobs, and stop the frapping spending that will take us back into the stone age. President Obama has violated the Constitution by pushing the unconstitutional Obamacare that will invade our privacy and blow the hinges off the bank vault, invaded Lybia without the approval of Congress under the 1993 war powers act and has been the most devisive President in 240 years. Now if you want to call the objections to his many failed policies as being a racist then all I got to say is you need to be educated in what race relations and sensitivity training really mean. The NAACP for many years was an honorable organization who really cared about genuine discriminatory incidents, all of a sudden they have become a far left leaning political puppet organization with the likes of the radical Farrakhan and socialist democrat Rev Al Sharpton. Race discrimination is still alive and well and what can’t be trained out will have to die out with the passing of people who will never get it. Racism is a form of stupidity much like the notion that what Congress and the Whitehouse is doing to us is all good. Our country is getting ready to be downgraded to a banana republic, and the best talking point with some people is a person is racist if he/she does not like the Presidents economical plan, if he even has one. There is one other possibility, maybe some of the whiners can blame it all on Bush. The majority of Americans are conservatives or independents and I believe enough people have awakened with what the commies are trying to do and they will be out in force to vote these thugs out of office on 2 Nov 2012.


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