Imagining Obama

Turkish PM Erdogan and U.S. President Obama Have Joint Press Conference

Imagine a world in which President Barack Obama is actually competent and his cronies are honest and dedicated public servants, as opposed to wire-pulling cretins who think the public exists to serve them. Of course, I’m not a Democrat; and I’m not trying to cover a monstrous scandal with a fig leaf’s worth of excuses. I am noting that what some people call an “Administration” more closely resembles a crime syndicate. And since the myriad scandals that now define Obama’s tenure supposedly unfolded undetected by any senior Administration officials, it’s difficult to imagine how any administrating occurred. Quite the contrary: With all the messes they’ve created, it’s difficult to imagine how they’ll ever clean up, much less explain how they screwed up that badly to begin with.

I won’t belabor you with a recounting of the missteps, misdemeanors and murders that Obama and his henchmen have thrown at America the way Al Sharpton throws feces at teenage girls. You dear denizens of Personal Liberty Digest can doubtless recite the litany of Obama’s abuses without prompting from me. Also, we’d need more bandwidth than the Defense Department to read the whole menu of mendacity.

What isn’t in doubt is that the scandals — Operation Fast and Furious; Obamacare; Benghazi, Libya; separate wars on the 1st and 2nd Amendments; and the transforming of the Internal Revenue Service into Obama’s goon squad — all obviously happened and reached much farther into the bowels of the Presidency than the Democrats originally claimed. What is in doubt is who knew what and when. And if press secretary Jay Carney’s daily disinformation sessions are any kind of barometer, gaining an accurate assessment of Obama’s assaults on freedom is going to be tougher than listening to a Democratic Senator blaming the Oklahoma tornado on Al Gore’s imagination.

Monday afternoon, Carney tried in vain to swim to relative safety, jokingly asking: “Are you going to ask me about Myanmar?” The press corps, perhaps tired of carrying Obama’s water in return for secret wiretaps and paper-thin allegations against their colleagues, would have nothing to do with it. Instead, they hurled questions about the extent of the IRS cover-up. They harangued him about the government’s surreptitious surveillance of the AP, FOX reporter James Rosen and others. Clearly, there was neither honor nor mercy between these liberals. At one point, Carney responded to a question about Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ likely illegal fundraising by spitting back: “You know, we could go down the list of questions — we could say, what about the president’s birth certificate? Was that legitimate?”

Actually, the mere fact that Carney doesn’t think so makes me think it’s worth examination.

Lies upon lies upon lies upon lies. And not only do the lies grow larger and more complicated with every passing moment, but the complete lack of regard for the Nation’s collective patience grows at an even more exponential rate. It’s hard enough for me to swallow the bitter pill of Obama’s re-election. I can’t imagine how anyone can swallow the idea of an Obama Administration that operates with all the transparency of a New Jersey waste management firm.

I need you to suspend disbelief for a moment. I don’t mean: “Pretend Santa Claus is real so you can enjoy one more Christmas before your kids turn into snotty teenagers.” I mean: “Pretend President Barack Obama looks cool in his ‘mom jeans.’” Just think of yourself as someone with a sense of humor and an IQ higher than Vice President Joe Biden’s hair plugs. Now ask yourself a question: In the real world, could you possibly accept such brazen profligacy; moreover, would you?

–Ben Crystal

Personal Liberty

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • independent thinker

    Excellent Ben.

  • peter

    Apparently there are and always will be folks who accept such profligacy Ben. That is exactly why the guy was re-elected. The strange thing is that IF he were allowed to run again, he would win again! What is the US of A coming to? He and Holder are two of the same kind. If the right hand don’t get you, the left one will, so: “careful what you say and do,because
    these thugs are surely watching you.”

    • skippy

      Well, thank the cool heads at one time that made it a point a Prez can only serve TWO terms………..whew!!! :)

      • Aaron

        Unless its a state of National Emergency. How much do you wanna bet?

        • skippy

          OHHHHHHHHHHH Aaron….please don’t say that!!! I’ve heard that from my son wayyyyyyyyy too many times!!

    • Greg Murphy

      And why is that?

      • BarBert

        It is because this “president” will stop at nothing to gain control over this nation. Why would he let a simple two-term limit stop him from staying in the WH? He will, by the end of his term, find a way to keep from giving up this “plum” of a deal.

    • Vigilant

      Ignorance is fixable; stupidity is FOREVER.

      • Vigilant

        See a mental health specialist.

    • Barack Embalmer

      That makes your IQ about equal to a jar of mayonaise.

      • samurai

        Care to cite a source to back up that kool aid based lie? My family has had more money under Bush then we ever had under Obama bin Laden. My wife didn’t have to make it through 2 cuts in staff reductions, nurses, under Bush, but she barely made it under Obama bin Laden. Here is a funny video where Jay Leno unloads on Obama bin Laden.
        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!
        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves Mike out.
        “Reputation is what men and women think of us; character is what God and the angels know of us.”
        Thomas Paine

  • Warrior

    Welcome to “cult fiction”.

  • By George

    Short Takes: Organized Crime

    The Obama administration is often viewed in the light of “Chicago Politics”. Well, just what are Chicago Politics? We hear about it; we know it when we see it, but we can’t quite put our finger on it. Political Chicago was formed in the crucible of organized crime, a la the Mafia, with such figures like Al Capone calling the shots.

    With all the Mafia style criminal fall out now swamping us, the ethos of Obama’s administration is becoming clear. Look at Obama as the “Capo de tutti capi”, the Boss of all boss’s. He lives like a prince, takes publicly visible vacations, plays golf frequently, attends dinners where he shakes down the guests, dispense‘s funds to the needy, like green energy companies and unions, and pretends to be outraged because the Republican’s are trying to thwart him, yet his fingerprints are to be found on nothing. That’s for his underlings. Under the Capo de tutti capi is the Commission. For Obama that’s his cabinet and no successful ‘family’ is without its “Consiglieri”. For this administration, that would be Valerie Jarrett and her deputy, until his elevation to the CIA, was the muslim convert, John Brennan. The CIA, under David Patreaus was, for awhile, outside the family. It is not now, at least in its leadership.

    The organizational structure of Mafia has always been a top down, loosely run syndicate with a top boss, a Capo de tutti capi, just like our Federal Government. His crime families are arrayed around him in descending order of importance and size, each family with its own “Capo”. Hillary Clinton, now John Kerry, for the State, Eric Holder for Justice (that’s an oxymoron), Kathleen Sebilius for HHC, Janet Napolitano at Homeland Security, Leon Panetta, now Hagel at Defense, Tim Geitner, now Jack Lew, at Treasury and so on down the line. Every agency of the Federal Government works, like Mafia crime families, independently and at their own pace and focused toward their own goals, but all directed to the enrichment of the administration, the retention of absolute power and the destruction of conservatism and the US Constitution.

    We, as Americans, are now faced with scandal after scandal like the Associate Press wire tapping incident, the bugging of the House Cloak Room, unanswered questions about some of the characters in the Boston Marathon bombing, the blooming IRS scandal, the Benghazi tragedy and, let’s not forget Fast and Furious, the US Governments gun running scheme to supply Mexican drug cartels with fire power to discredit the 2nd amendment. Not to be ignored is the cash give-aways of tax payer money to slimy, green energy companies that make the Enron incident pale in comparison.

    What we are now seeing is this loosely tied knot of “crime families”, who have taken their lead from Obama, slowly coming untied. In the real Mafia world there would be a lot of bodies lying in the street bleeding into the gutters, for all to see and understand. Unlike some movies, the government doesn’t quite go that far; they just sic the enforcement arm of the IRS onto folks breaking them into compliance by being forced into penury to defend themselves or prison, whichever comes first. And, within the “Family” not all is rosy. Hillary wants to be the top Capo. So does John Kerry. Start looking for more disasters to surface, maybe even the odd body or two bleeding into the gutters. Nothing is beyond this bunch.

    What about our side? At the moment, a useless conglomeration of divergent voices, without adult leadership, not understanding at all how the Liberal machine works and pretending that they are important actors in the play. Family soldiers like Chuckie Schumer, a master at the art of obfuscation, has played John McCain and Lindsay Graham, and others, like the fools they are. Mario Rubio just got his education from Schumer with the “comprehensive immigration bill”.

    We have an opportunity here folks. The Conservatives and Constitutionalists out here must step up the pressure while the IRS is in retreat. It’s the best opportunity to strike a death blow to the whole Obama apparatus. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Go get ‘em! (17 May 2013).

    • -joe


    • Deerinwater

      George I like this part best when you say “Boss of all boss’s. He lives like a prince, takes publicly visible vacations, plays golf frequently, attends dinners where he shakes down the guests, dispense‘s funds to the needy, like green energy companies and unions,”

      You just described every president that’s held the office in my lifetime.

      All President’s live in opulence and stately fashion. We would not wish they live in a chicken house, dressed in rags as they conducted the “peoples business” They do occupy the “1st Chair” and “are” indeed the Boss of Bosses. It comes with the job as well as all the long hours and the responsibility. Their day starts very early and ends late. They are on call 24/7 regardless where they are at.

      They have handlers to manage their day and all the many things that has been planed for each day attempts to get done, from security briefings, to meeting with heads of state , to heads of nations. ~ The whole world is at our Presidents door step every morning, requesting a minute of his time. (Irregardless of who this President maybe) They want money, they want help, they want consideration, they are all looking for a sympathetic ear from a person that can with a word, unlock doors and remove obstacles.

      Presidents kiss babies, pardon turkeys, give pep talks and offer words of hope and encouragement , They offer praise to those who’s commitments and efforts has distinguished themselves. ~They extend goodwill and friendship to our allies and strike fear and apprehension in the hearts and minds of our enemies.

      They visit the victims and survivors of disaster, they share the personal grief and sorrow of people they have never met before.

      They must decide who is to stand in “harms way” each hour of each day as they occupy the position and carry the title of President of these United States.

      They must live in a house of glass with few unguarded moments to call their very own. They come into office promising “transparency” only to find this “transparency” can and will be used against them at every opportunity by political opposition in the effort to debase and erode the American peoples confidence in their elected leadership.

      This orchestrated effort to unseat a Administration goes on 24/7 via TV and radio and printed media. ~ as the “opposition” wishes to install their people , if not today ~ the next opportunity as they feel their concerns best addressed by someone of their own choosing ~ having failed to muster the numbers to win the last General election.

      This is the environment that any President must contend with. ~ so they have all found it necessary to take small trips to decompress and re-calibrate the inner self. They have found that while transparency might be a goal ~ it is hard to maintain. ~ as even the most benign event or comment can and will be used against them is some “self-serving” fashion by opposition hell bent to regain the power that they lost the last election by any mean possible. ~ If the twisting of the truth will serve to that end ~ then the truth will be the first victim and be seen as only a small matter of opinion.

      • hungry4food

        Mr. Winkler …. you are definitely on the Bosses Payroll !!!!!

        • Deerinwater

          My comments are indicative of what “all Presidents” must contend with! ~ Your comments are indicative of the very process of polarized political fodder that I have highlighted.

          Let it be noted to all those that reads these comments, ~Finding themselves unable to find the ground to attack the message that I have framed and presented with mindful address , they have made a FEEBLE attempt to attack the messenger with some sort of a “nanny nanny poo on you” game ~ that comes as no great surprise to me.

          You have been bought and paid for with your self absorbed addiction to drink from a poisoned well. You love it! You want it! I must have it! ~ It gives you purpose and direction where you have none and you can’t win a national election ~ left to make in-roads only in in backwater USA. ~

          That you would ask me to drink from this same poison well and be as you , while you attempt to debase me, ~ another US citizen, decorated combat vet, tax payer, job creator, father, and voter in the same matter as you feel justified and inclined our current President ~ could only be logical to a twisted and demented mind. ~ Attempting to shame me ~ to be as you? ~ have you had any luck with this approach ? Is it working for you?

          I don’t think so ~ I don’t believe that You even know what you are doing anymore. ~ Your mind and heart has been tainted by the things that you have consumed. ~~ as you speak of “my” DUTY? ~ of a Tyrant? ~ of some Payroll? ~` What is it that you really know of such things?

          I would encourage you to consider a vacation yourself and back away from the TV set ~and perhaps the forums, ~ corrupted programming leads to no good end. For you have overdosed on something that you are having a problem with digesting and it’s damaged your thinking.

          and Hungry for food ~ what a “Handle!, I must say, ~ What pray tell , inspired that? ~ What group are you taking about? ~ I belong to no flocking “Group”!

          That notion might well please you to think of me~ yet it’s just not so ~nor would I expect that fact it to deter you.

          If anything, ~ you are identifying yourself with a group ~I am alone here ~ an American with one vote and one God and one woman. ( at a time) and one purpose ~ to expose the political demons that seems to take joy in tearing at the very fabric of our society with the money they have been allowed to acquire with the help of “enablers” ~ that are easily lead to drink from a poison well.

          Anyone that shines light on your behavior is subject to attack. ~ Like a roach when the light is turned on ~ you run and hide behind frivolous personal attacks void of substance. Unable to address the message.

          I’ve much to do ~ my time is done here this day ~ please carry on without me. ~` You are doing such a great job to discredit yourselves. The shame is yours ~ Attack away my brother. I’ll catch you another day.

          • hungry4food

            The shame of enabling the tyranny with support and excuse the Infringement of Liberty is yours Mr. Winkler and I am sorry for your ignorance .

          • Deerinwater

            If you have something beside this “ignorance” of ignorance to to throw out ~ now it the time to whip it out my brother. Dispense with the name calling and cut to the chase, ~ I’m busy here. ~ there is much to be done. Bring it!

          • hungry4food

            What would you be saying is Bush was Prez and his administration was caught up in these scandals , like targeting Liberals with the IRS ?????

          • Deerinwater

            I’d be looking for hard evidence that went to the top and be willing to accept that suspicion and hearsay alone is not enough to bring anyone to trial.

            Here is something that perhaps your have not considered.

            ~ Any “reformer” , ~ I do not care who they are ~ runs head long into “entrenched power” ~ powerful people that do not want reform. This entrenched power created these laws, rules and systems to serve them as it when about serving the people. ~ It affords them influence, power and with that ~ comes “money” ~and strange bedfellows.

            Entrenched power, ~ WILL NEVER set idly by and allow this power and influence to be taken from them. They will fight!

            They will fight with all the resources, power influence and money at their disposal to attack any and all notions of reform offered by a “reformer”

            What we see today, ~ is the magnitude of money, power and influence ENTRENCHED power has over Capital Hill and the nation as is reaches out across this great nation to solicits your support and one vote with rumors, half truths by planting seeds of contempt and suspicion for the “Reformer” in the hearts and minds of voters.

            So ? ~ who do you want to go with? ~ It’s a hard call if you are bright enough to see the truth in what I say about “entrenched power”.

            ~ How can entrenched power ever accept reform that fails to serve them as it has in the past? ~ What assurances can we offer them ~ they might be well served by reform? ~ We can’t! for they won’t! We are telling them we are planing to kicking their sand castle down and kick sand in their face and it’s best that they “like it”.

            So is Status Quo to reign supreme? Is reform really necessary? Will this reform really offer correction to that many see as a broken system? Or is it just another way to spread wealth to the undeserving?

            By their very nature a true “conservative” enjoys Staus Quo, ~ “no change” ~ That status quo might well not fit inside the ideology of being “Conservative” it not really relevant ~ Conservatives believe the best poker hand is played with knowledge of who get what cards. ~ And that sums up the way a Conservative likes to do business. ~ He is looking for that edge to tip the balance forever in his favor and has no interest in fair competition or luck or hard work. ~ Lying, cheating and stealing is work! Especially if it’s done well.

            His plan is to rise to the top and stay there ~by any means that is available. Lie , cheating and stealing are little more then the ante to play the game.

            And today, ~ I fear that many democrats are doing the very same thing. Perhaps besting them at their own game. ~ must like Clinton was able to do ~ and they did hate him so for i

          • hungry4food

            Mr. Winkler this entrenched power started and has consolidated wealth and resource distribution into way to few of hands and certainly has placed us all at the mercy now of foreign suppliers with the Failed WTO FREE TRADE AGREEMENT that has Sucked all our Industry and self reliance away leaving us all to become or have become SERFS dependent on a Government bailout around every bubble .

            Lots of this has to do with Ideology and the idea that reform of any kind that can bring back a hope for independence is not the Plan of those you speak of who believe that Earth has Reached its Human Carrying capacity and the time has come to transform the economic sector into a ZERO Growth Model . This is what has everything screwed up .

      • paradisegary

        You’re making excuses for a tyrant!! Few in that office would
        have fit the definition of “tyrant”

        • Deerinwater

          Including the current one , while you make the “Charge” without so much as a thread of support. It is not self supporting or self evident that your “claim” is true. I suggest that it must be false. Much like all the other erroneous charges that has been made over a five year period by the extreme radical left that has failed to be found correct.

          It’s taken on the the aire of a “Caper” like the little boy that called out “Wolf” one too many times until his cry of “alarm” ignored completely.

          If you actually had something creditable charge to make today ~ Foxed News and their disciples of disinformation would be hard pressed to sell it outside their sphere of influence.

          This lack of creditably was created by a pattern of behavior and years in the making by Foxed New Media and it’s not something any opposition has done or failed to do. ~ it’s sad, ~ really ~ I found no joy in it. ~ no pleasure in being so divided. ~

          When this Tea Party movement finally goes down in flames, in embarrassing defeat once again. ~ I can’t help but ponder where is will resurface and what will it be called?

          What new title and new slogan will it hide behind as it attempts to distance it’s self for it’s many failures. ~

          Insanity ~ is not something that can come to a consensus inside it’s own sphere of insanity ~ much less the sane world. ~not without guns and prefatory killing like Muslim Taliban .

          Is that what you offer your fellow Americans? ~ I for one, ~ believe that it is.

          To say, ~ I take the Tea Party serious, ~ would be a gross understatement . For you have more of my attention then you might hope to want. As long as I might live ~ you have my attention irregardless of what you might call yourselves tomorrow.

      • hungry4food

        Mr. Winkler please FREE AMERICA AND FREE
        YOUR MIND – NEVER SURRENDER TO GROUP THINK in order to sustain Individual Liberty , its your duty as a US Citizen .

  • Alex

    Here in Canada we have a similar criminal government, that used Canada Revenue Agency to go after every small business and personal accounts. Come up with absurd conclusions and destroy your life finically. I know America is worst, I have a lot of family down south. But Canada is catching up with corruption, we have our share of political morons.

  • kevin

    Impeach this pos Obozo and lock up all the other crooks he has in his admin.

  • sk1951

    There are people (Christians) whose need to
    understand so out ways logic and reason that they are willing to accept
    imagination and mythology as fact. Consciousness does not require you to
    understand. You only need realize and accept what truly IS. The Truth concept
    is dangerous to those that choose to live in imagination understandings and
    they work endlessly to silence those that profess the Truth. All through
    history men women books and scrolls have been burned to silence Truth to
    perpetuate a fantasy of imagination. Why so many have this need to invent a
    faults imaginary understanding is beyond me. But they seem to be the vast
    majority of people. In this I will also never understand but have accepted it
    as Truth and Reality even though I will never condone it. I am forced to live
    in this fantasy land that man has created and it is very sad when such a wondrous
    true reality exists waiting for us to discover, realize and accept it.