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I’m Confused

January 25, 2012 by  

I’m confused. In order to get on an airplane, open a bank account, withdraw money, cash  checks, pick up movie or concert tickets, enter  a Federal building, apply for Food Stamps, or buy alcohol or prescription drugs, you often need a photo ID.

Democrats charge that requiring photo IDs (to prevent voter fraud) is racist, and meant to simply disenfranchise voters and suppress minority voting. So, I wonder, how have minorities done the above-mentioned without IDs?

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has asked the United Nations to intervene to block State voter ID laws. The United Nations? In the United States? Wake up, America!

Last year, there were investigations, indictments and convictions for vote fraud in California, Texas, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Georgia, North Carolina and Maryland. In all but one case, the alleged fraudsters were Democrats. At least 55 employees of the Association for Community Organizations for Reform (ACORN) have been convicted of registration fraud in 11 States.

Texas passed a bill requiring voters to show ID, and Democrats said it was designed to erect hurdles for the poor and minority voters — even though the State’s ID cards are issued for free.

The Administration of President Barack Obama has gone so far as to issue an order halting South Carolina’s new photo ID law. On Dec. 23, Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez sent a letter ordering South Carolina to stop enforcing its photo ID law.

In 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Indiana’s 2005 photo ID law, which the Democratic Party and several special interest groups challenged as “a severe burden.”

In Chicago, a Federal investigation of the 1982 gubernatorial election estimated that at least 100,000 illegal votes were cast and that voter fraud had been routine for years.

The average American favors requiring photo ID to vote. He wants to believe that his voting system is at least as safe as renting a movie from Blockbuster.

U.S. Attorney General Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder called South Carolina’s voter ID law “racially discriminatory.” How is this a racial issue? Are blacks less capable than Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics or poor whites of obtaining a photo ID, issued free by States? A recent Gallup poll indicates why Holder is trying so hard to gut ballot security measures: Obama trails in all swing States. Democrats fear they can’t win unless they cheat.

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) is leading a group of Democrats in opposing voter ID laws that require individuals to present photo identification at the polls. With the economy in the ditch, the Democrats’ only hope of stemming the conservative tide might be to rig the returns, especially where political machines still prevail.

Without voter ID there is nothing to stop anyone from going to the voting location and saying “I’m John Smith from 1345 Anyplace Street, and I’m here to vote.” When the real John Smith from 1345 Anyplace Street shows up, he is denied because records show that he already voted.  The result is that the fraudulent voter voted twice (his and Smith’s), while denying Smith of the opportunity to cast his ballot.


Recent video documentation by an investigative reporter shows dead people voting in New Hampshire, where ID is not required. Neither is it wanted or even checked when offered as seen in this video.

Having said all the above, why is it that the Department of Homeland Security is insisting that everyone have a national ID card? The DHS national ID card was officially rolled out this month in Tennessee. From Jan. 1, ID cards are no longer optional; they are the law.

It’s really pretty clever. The ID card is rolled out under the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security. Rather than looking like a Federal DHS project, this police-state measure effectively delivers a federally mechanized ID card scheme under the perceived banner of a State mandate.

The Obama Administration has instituted a de facto amnesty by halting the deportation of 300,000 Illegal aliens and offering work permits. Look at all those undocumented Democrats! Imagine what happens when Homeland Security ID cards are used by the illegal aliens. The flood gates would open, giving them access to everything. Why are these ID cards not racist?

For any country to have a successful police state, the one thing it must have is a national ID card. In order to control the people, it is necessary to identify the people. “Show me ze papers, please!”

–Frank Grochowski

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  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Having to present an ID card for voting purposes should be mandatory in all states. I have to produce an ID to buy alcohol, prescription drugs, and to cash a check. And the state of Indiana where I live I have to have it to vote. I am grateful that it is mandatory! I work in a school. Any visitors who come in have to show an ID before they are given a visitors pass. Why is needing an ID to vote even an issue!? I think they really have overplayed the race card on this one!

    • Michael

      Quite elementary – fraud is easier without a photo ID. On the other hand, control is enhanced with photo ID’s, so the feds will force that one down our throats and the Negroes and Hispanics will just have to suck it up.

    • eddie47d

      The whole video was a set up by James O’Keefe and we know what a deceitful person he is.( broke into Mary Landrieu’s Democrat office in an attempt to steal information). There are several reasons why person’s don’t have picture ID’s but it’s usually because they are older and no longer drive or can’t get out of the house. Yet can still do mail in ballots or have someone drive them to the polls. My granddaughter (only 16) has the same problem because getting an ID is an all day event (budget cuts and long lines) Her mother works and she is in school and can’t fit into the hours of motor vehicle. (has to be with a parent). In the New Hampshire situation most of the deaths occurred within 3 days of the voting and would have been hard to catch by the poll workers. So there was no fault on their part and the video tried to make them look like they were incompetent. A picture ID wouldn’t bother me but it will leave alot of good decent voters out of the booths. This excuse for picture ID could be just as easily be used in the Fast and Furious debacle. It could be used as an excuse for registering all gun owners and be willing to show a picture ID with any purchase and anytime stopped by police. Since this video was planted as a scheme and is okay to prove a point then Fast and Furious set up should also be okay to prove a point.I would say both accomplished there mission so let’s bring on ID’s for all.

  • M L

    We have to present identification for so many things. And any intelligent person understands this. YET, ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT…TO PROVE WHO YOU ARE AND TO PROVE THAT YOU ARE A CITIZEN OF THE USA AND THEREFORE QUALIFIED TO VOTE…and these idiots deny its importance and demand that this is unfair? UNFAIR? ONLY UNFAIR TO ILLEGALS THAT ARE/WERE REGISTERED TO VOTE BY PEOPLE THAT SHOULD BE TRIED AND CONVICTED OF FRAUD. WE NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY BEFORE IT REALLY IS TOO LATE (Translation: Obama gets re-elected).

  • http://personallibertydigest Dana PA

    The reason they are playing the race card on this is they believe they only way to win the election is to do it with illegals, the dead, and the unable. They did it last election and want a repeat.

  • http://na. Robert Bradfield

    Hi, its that South African again,

    Well this is an eye opener, I thought that it is only African countries that needed to have their election process monitorred. Now it seem that you also have to do that.

    We have a black majority government in South Africa but we all need to have a valid identity document before we can vote, other than that our voters rolls close about two months before the election and then is checked before publishing the voter’s roll. Everyone have to proove that they are who they are and can only vote in the voting district where they are registerred. We can not just walk into a voting station and give a name and then be allowed to vote and nobody considers that racist.

    I can only repeat what my grand mother said when she was surprised about something: “That is the limit!”

    • libertytrain

      It boggles most of our minds as well – the whole voter ID is racist is beyond understanding and foolish. We do have our idiots running the government – and being Politically Correct has gone so overboard as to be downright stupid. I don’t like that word stupid, but it is appropriate with this subject.

    • JimH

      Robert, Since whites are the minority in South Africa, would it be considered racist for a white to present photo ID to vote?

      • http://na. Robert Bradfield

        Hi, its that South African again.

        JimH, we do not consider it racist because everyone has to produce an identity document before being allowed to vote. What we do find is that the process is very efficient so we never have long lines waiting to vote or a stampede to vote. Our voting districts are reasonably small about 20 thousand voters in a district and there is usually more than sufficient time to vote (from about 7 in the morning to about 7 at night). We are not complaining at all. There are, however, people that will try to buck the system but thusfar we have had very little problems in our voting system.

  • CP

    Well, believe it or not, there are natural born American citizens who can not legally buy alcohol or board an airplane, or do anything else requiring a state issued ID card because they can NOT produce the mandated birth certificate to obtain one. Granted, most of these people are in their sixties or older, but the case does exist where someone was born and no official record was ever created.

    • Wumingren

      That’s a weak excuse. If you are such a person, you would do well to avail yourself of legal remedies to establish your bona-fides. You may obtain a U.S. passport without possessing a birth certificate, and after that, you can obtain any state ID card. To obtain a U.S. passport, here’s what you do:

      1. Obtain a Letter of No Record

      Issued by the State including your name, date of birth, which years were searched for a birth record, and (the fact) that there is no birth certificate on file for you.

      Call the government of the state in which you were born — an online search of that state’s website will give you the telephone number for the Department of Vital Records.

      2. Submit as many of the following as possible:

      Baptismal certificate
      Hospital birth certificate
      Census record
      Early school record
      Family bible record
      Doctor’s record of post-natal care

      These documents must be early public records showing the date and place of your birth, preferably created within the first five years of your life.

      You may also submit a Birth Affidavit (Department of State form DS-10) from an older blood relative, i.e., a parent, aunt, uncle or sibling who has personal knowledge of your birth. It must be notarized or show the seal and signature of the acceptance agent.

      There are also procedures available for those who were born abroad to U.S. parents.

      I suppose the novelty of being “undocumented” appeals to some people, but they cannot complain if they do not avail themselves of their legal remedies.

      • Michael

        Its easier to go online and get a fake one as countless teenagers and underage college students do so that they can buy alchol wile underage.

  • FreedomFighter

    If they are poor give them a ID.

    If they made it to 60 without official ID, give them an ID.

    NO ID is a bad thing, its is cheaters wanting to cheat. Voting is a serious event that decides who leads, ID should be MANDATORY.

    Laus Deo

  • box-bb-car

    A more obvious and weekly requirement for id for many is the act of buying alcohol, cigarettes, or now days, using one’s credit or debit card! Heck, I have to provide documentation to sell scrap!

    If we really want to get serious about preventing voter fraud, go to a biometric identification. The technology is there now where you can wave you hand over a reader (no contact)and it will identify you by the pattern of blood vessels in you hand. It is currently in use in some schools in Florida. My personal preference was for fingerprints, though some have issues with this. With fingerprints, illegals and others breaking the law would be very hessitant about trying to register to vote.
    The biometrics are coming, and will be forced by the credit card companies and banks. The time frame I am seeing is around 3-5 years

  • Ted Crawford

    This administration has trampled the Tenth Amendment rights of so many states, and in the case of the United Nations Small Arms Treaty the entire Nation, it’s not surprizing that the NAACP would feel justified in this approch! I find it humorous that an organization racist by its very title, would lable anything racist!

  • s c

    Forcing people to have a valid ID is an example of racism, BUT it’s REVERSE RACISM. It’s galloping utopianism for minds that don’t think. Should we expect anything less from haters who want to enslave every nation and do it in the name of compassion, freedom and hope and change?
    Great minds may think alike, but utopians don’t think at all. THEY “FEEL,” and that makes them dangerous.

  • smilee

    I love the title of this thread, it so accurately describes this whole site

    • s c

      smirk jerk, your arrogance betrays you. This is more hypocrisy from poster brat for the First Church of the Consummate Hypocrite.
      If this website upsets you so much, then take your act elsewhere, comrade.
      Do your parents know what you do for a ‘living,’ and do they know that you get paid per word to prove how stupid you can be on any given day? I’m tempted to ask if your parents had any kids who lived – but I won’t.

  • Lostwages

    Blindness and/or stupidity is the only words that come to mind after watching this video. How anyone can hold to the idea that the vote is fair and correct without picture ID being required is beyond me. As for playing the race card, that’s all the Dem’s do when they can’t think of a real reason for something they do or don’t like. Don’t you have to show ID to get state and federal help for low income families, food stamps, money for dependent children…etc.? Wouldn’t that take in the poor and under privileged? Or do we hand out tax payer money to anyone that walks in the door, like some states do their voting?

  • Linda

    As a “Negro”, I want people to know that not every Black American agrees with the “racist” stand on the issue of photo ID’s. Why should one be afraid to prove you are who you are, unless you have something to hide. It’s not racist, I know, I have lived with enough of it most of my life. America must stand for what is right not based on color or economic stature. Thanks for your newsletters. Its nice to be informed.

    • Raggs

      You see there you go… “Why should one be afraid to prove you are who you are, unless you have something to hide”. as you stated.
      Your statement is a lame ass bunch of BS as an obvious forced mandate on everyone regardless if you have something to hide or not. If you do not get it than maybe I can spell it out for you, but I would expect that you would have enough sence to look at why this is a big open door for your king oblama to mandate everything that I do.

  • Michael

    I live in Pennsylvania, here photo ID’s are not free, it costs $24 I do not drive so have no Drivers License and the nearest Photo ID Centre is 10 MI. away. I have voted at the same polling station since the Presidential Election of 1968, I had other I.D. including my Voter Registration Card, but no photo ID. I am 64 poor and disabled and and besides the cost of the card itself, I had to pay someone to drive me to the Photo ID Centre as any friend that might drive works the same hours that the Centre is open. I live in a small town and in all of my 64 years have gotten by just fine without a photo ID. Well now I have one and when I am 67 I will have to repeat the whole, for me and many other retirees, expensive and agrevating process again as the ID is only good for years. This country used to be a much kinder place. I am glad for those of you who are fortunate enough to have a photo ID in the form of a Drivers License or Passport etc. but to me and a lot of other retirees this is just another hurdle to our Constitional rights, another Big Government unfunded mandate.

    • Mary

      I also live in Pennsylvania but I’m pretty sure the photo id cost $12 not $24. Driver license is $24, unless you hold a CDL. ID is good for 4 years so thats $3 per year. Technically that breaks down to .25 per month. When I really stopped to look at it like that, it didn’t seem like a huge expense. I took my daughter for a photo ID because due to being visually impaired she will never be able to drive. Is it annoying? Perhaps but I don’t know that I could call the price excessive…

      • Michael

        The expense is relative to your income. You pay for a Drivers License and get the enormouse advantages That driving brings and it costs nothing extra to vote. I too have a visual handicap and dont drive, the Photo ID is an added expense. I am retired and living on slightly over $700 a month and there are many more like me out there, believe itn or not, with copays for multiple medications and Dr.s visits et all $24 extra taken out in a month, I cant make monthly payments of 25 cents a month on it, it is another hardship.

  • JimH

    The race card has been played so many times when it doesn’t even apply to the situation that people don;t care anymore. Now if a legitimate race issue comes up, no one will care, because it’s been overplayed.
    What is racist, if anyone still cares, is the assumption that minorities aren’r smart enough or competent enough to get an ID. I don’t expect them to do something that I haven’t already done.

  • Raggs

    Humm a “national ID” card mandated by the DHS…
    I’m sure that you wont be able to buy and sell without it.
    I’m going investigate this but I’m sure that it has a RFID chip in it that has a record of all personal ( health records ) and financial information ( bank account ). Well… There is NO-WAY in hell that they will ever make me accept this not even to the point of death.

    And so as far as the voter requirement ID, I agree with it.
    It is obviously plain that king oblama wants to keep his throne and that the only way for that to happen is for his party to cheat America.

  • jopa

    There are many senior citizens that will also lose their voting rights when they can no longer drive and don’t have a drivers license.I would be for an American ID card that everyone can get for a minimum fee or free and renewed every five years for free.May help for both voting and immigration.Everyone should be aware the elections are coming up and if you want to vote make an effort now to do so.

    • Raggs

      Screw you you idiot!

  • jopa

    This reminds me of the Iowa caucas when Santorum won in the end with 34 votes that still smelled of smoke three days after they were counted.He had to go to hell and back to get them, but thats the sure place to find the deceased of the Republican party.

  • Raggs
  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest John Paine

    I believe that anyone who doesn’t want a valid personal ID is just plain lazy. If your a veteran you get a free ID. Anyone who get’s any goverment assistence get’s one for free also. This just proves that the majority of people who don’t think they need an ID is just plain lazy. They are given away for all different reason’s. If you can’t manage to get an ID to vote but can manage to get a bank account or even a blockbuster card it proves that you are one of the many who just want’s to screw the rest of us who do thing’s the right way. I’m sick and tired of people who are voting for 5 to 10 years after being DEAD. When are the people in this country going to wise up and do the simple and easy thing and get a ID so the rest of us in the USA don’t get screwed by the few who just want to disenfrancise the reat of the people in the country. All I can say in simple form guite being lazy and grow-up. My vote count’s and I want it to count, not because someone is to lazy to spend 5-10 minutes filling out a registration form to be legal.

    • Raggs

      John.. I was born here and I do not believe that I have to have a RFID chip implanted in me to prove it. You all stupid idiots are using the “illegal immigrant” as a tool to limit more of my personal freedom by giving into the government program that turns all of us into sheep.

    • Michael

      John you are wrong I get government assistance and my Photo ID wasnt free. It is nice to see that so many think that it obviously should be that they assume that it is so.

    • jpiston

      If everyone were in your shoes, I’m guessing you have a means of income, a method of transportation and probably live in suburbia…
      Think about this: No or very low income, no transportation and the only place you can apply for a voter ID has just been relocated out of your district to a new rural location. But if you manage to find this location you’re given the run around, about the type of info you need to have to qualify for the ID (information not available until you finally reach the new location) And you can’t use your Blockbuster ID… Maybe you can, but they can’t.
      The Problem is Everyone don’t have your mobility or your finances or your able-body… all three required to trace after the only place you can apply for a voter ID… too assume they do, is not very bright.

      Don’t know where you’re getting your information from, fact is within the last 15 years there have been less than one quarter of one percent valid voter fraud cases convicted… google it.
      Perhaps if we’d use our intelligents and efforts and apply it to something more substantial, for instance; Energy Independence.. Revamping our Educational System so that it benefits all Americans; revamp the Tax Structure in a way that it’s fair for everyone.
      Unfortunately your attitude, ‘If I can do it, anyone can do it’ doesn’t work for all American.. Voting is an American Citizen’s Right; it should be made easy for an American to exercise that right. No American should be made to jump thru hoops regardless, to exercise that right to vote.

  • wigkid

    Quick watching television and read the constitution!!!!!!

    24th Amendment
    1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax.
    2. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

    Poll Tax
    A poll tax has had two historical meanings. The older is that of a fee that had to be paid to satisfy taxpayer requirements in voting laws. In some places, only people who could demonstrate a financial tie to a community were permitted to vote in that community. For those who did not otherwise own property or pay taxes, this sort of poll tax was sufficient to allow voting. More recently, however, a poll tax is a tax that must be paid by anyone wishing to cast a vote. Poll taxes of this sort were generally low, perhaps a dollar or two, but high enough to make voting uneconomical for poor people. The 24th Amendment bars both of these types of poll tax

    24th Amendment History
    One of the last legal vestiges of segregation was the effort to keep the black population from participating in the vote. With most methods for keeping the black vote to a minimum declared unconstitutional, several Southern states found an answer — the poll tax. The poll tax has a long history, and was often used in Europe to raise funds. With a poll tax, in order to vote, a certain tax must be paid. The tax is the same for all, which allowed the generally more affluent white population access to the polls with a minimum of pain, while the generally poorer black population would have trouble justifying trading food on the table for a vote in the ballot box. Worse, different kinds of poll taxes were implemented, some accumulating even if no attempt was made to vote, meaning increasingly higher back-taxes to be paid to gain the vote.
    In 1939, Congress began to try to get rid of the poll tax, but history was not behind them. After all, in colonial times and when the Constitution first came into effect, land ownership was often a requirement for suffrage. Though only five states still had a poll tax by the time the amendment passed Congress, Supreme Court rulings made it doubtful that mere legislation would eliminate the tax altogether. Proposed by Congress on August 27, 1962, the 24th Amendment was ratified within a year and a half, on January 23, 1964 (514 days).

  • http://N/A Cinti.CB

    So often, when something negative happens to a person of color (usually as a result of their own actions-or lack of) they claim racism! The NAACP WAS much needed YEARS AGO when there, truly was, rampant racism.
    Currently, the main thing that the NAACP is doing is keeping ‘their people’ down!!! Instead of ALWAYS helping them prove that they ‘be’s da victim’ the NAACP should help them get out of that mindset by showing/helping them be civilized and productive. They are, now, the victims of their own behavior including the treatment (abuse +/o neglect) from the parents who popped them out for ‘mo Welfare moneys’ and then, generally, discarded them.
    We just had a little boy in Cincinnati be murdered by mommas’ boyfriend. The autopsy showed numerous old injuries to internal organs and untreated broken bones. ‘Hey, mines’ kid already did his purpose-mines Welfare moneys, so why do he matter now?’ OMG, that unfortunate little guy is lucky that he died-will avoid more years of abuse, only to grow up and become a psycological danger to society and end up in prison!! The Welfare mommas’ response was quite disheartening and disgusting. The custody of her numerous other Welfare poppies (momma=popper, offspring=poppie) was quetioned and she was interviewed. Her response was NOT that she’d be sad about losing her children or sad about her son who was murdered. Her response was, “If I lose custody I won’t get my check!” Maybe the NAACP can help her prove that she ‘be’s da victim’.

    • Raggs

      I’m sure that poopin momma has a harem of sugar daddies to replace her welfare status needs.

      • James

        Raggs are you really that stupid. the comments your are making is like saying all Catholics are molesters and we know that is not the truth wake you stupid A** up!

        • Raggs


        • Raggs

          Well I didn’t miss the bullseye by much and I suppose I hit a nerve instead?

        • Raggs

          Black people were stupid enough to vote for king oblama in 08 so I dont expect much more in 12… Am I wrong?

  • http://google Leonard W. Giddens

    To hell with the NAACP. Let them go to the UN, they don’t have time for that stupid crap. I hope. Are these people that stupid or are they just too smart for the American people? It is clear they are not Americans.

  • Bob Marshall

    ‘It is not who cast the votes that matter, it is who count the votes.” Joseph Stalin.

    • JimH

      Bob, I thought that was Mayor Daley.
      Maybe he learned it fron Stalin.

  • jopa

    Iowa was proof that the retardicans don’t know how to count votes.

  • Raggs

    I would say that I’m surprized but then…
    It’s a wonder how so many sheeple are willing to give up their freedoms and their liberties for the sake of a false security.

  • ranger hall

    New World order says There will be a FED ID card for Citizens.
    The Feds want to eliminate CASH, Wages and any money earned or money from sales or purchases will have to be done by credit cards. Monkey do, FEDS SEE. They have already started by doing SOC.SEC. Soon all will have to be deposited into Checking ACCT, or Credit Card. They also want all Govt workers to go onto this Plan. BIG BROTHER Has been busy.

  • jpiston

    Mr. Confused….. let me ask U this, was voter fraud an issue when we elected The Bush & Reagan or the majority, in the House of Representative??
    Evidents show that there was less than one quarter of one percent voter fraud in the pass 15 years… Fact.
    Evidents also show that some of these new voter laws not only required the new voter ID, but made it difficult to obtain it; they relocate all of the Urban Registration Offices to distant subburban or Rural areas. Under the guise of Down sizing cost save. But an obvious intent to suppress voting rights of specific American Citizens in specific geographical locations.

    I’m assuming that most of these Post are written by concern Millionairs and Billionairs.
    The current & new GOP Politicians have a bold agenda that does not include us Middle Class Cerservative Americans; other than to convince us to vote for them, beyond that they have no use for any Middle Class regardless of Political Affiliations.
    The New GOP Agenda includes first and for most the concerns of Millionairs & Billionairs only, who already pay less than a favorable share of U.S. Taxes. These guys are pouring millions into the campaigns of these radical GOP Politicians, primarily to convince us to vote the GOP Ticket and for favorable legistration (such Bush Tax Cuts; Deregulation; Union busting….).
    Think about this agenda:
    - Smaller Government;
    - Weaken and or Privatization of our Social Nets;
    - Increase Taxes on the Middle Class, Seniors and the Poor.
    - More Tax reductions for the Millionairs & Billionaires.
    - Support outsourcing U.S. manufacturing Overseas.
    - Support ‘Right to Work Policies’ for the entire country (also known as ‘Right to Work’ for lower wages; a direct attack on the wages of the Middle Class.
    - Repeal New Health Care Policies (with no replacement to speak of);
    - Repeal New Wall Street regulations (back to the future);
    - Wage another Middle Eastern War (Millitary consist largely of middle class and poor families)… Iran!
    - Repeal Regulations for the water we drink, the air we breath, the food we eat. All to generate more revenue for CEO bonuses; raises and or desposits in Overseas Banks.
    - Reduce wages, health care benefits and work environment condiditons of the middle class; to generate more revenue for bonuses and raises for the wealthy.

    This is the New GOP agenda.. their policies are all about cutting spending within the U.S. while generating more revenue for the Millionaires who want to be Billionaires and Billionaires who want to be at the Top of the Top Ten Billionaire’s list and named, ‘The wealthiest Man in the World List’.
    The problem is our Ecomony is based on comsumption.. Millionaires & Billionaires don’t consume or add revenue to the Economy, the take revenue out of the Economy. Stashing their funds in Overseas Banks to dodge U.S. Taxes on money they generated in the U.S. or by relocating U.S. manufacturing overseas. Thus removing more revenue from our economy… Current Economic weakness due to… too much money being removed from a ‘Consumption Economy’…
    There are those who argue that they have a right to their selfish behavior; it lacks Patriotism..
    Think about that..

    There are those who have 6 figure salaries and feel that they belong to the 1 or 2 percent… Wrong… sorry to say, you guys belong to the 99′er too. You 6 figure conservatives are being misled.. I’ve seen 6 figure Conservatives have the rug pulled from underneath them. Not to knock their Conservative Principles, but guys don’t be mis-led by the New GOP agenda. Your interest aren’t being served as you may think.
    Unless you belong to the elite Millionaire/Billionaire Clan, your 6 figure upper middle class income is at risk…
    Think about this.. eliminating your 6 figure incomes can equates to big CEO bonuses… It can happen; I’ve seen it happen, and it’s happening now.. Traditional Conservatives Principles are not being represented by this new group of radical GOP Politians… Fact!!

    • Michael

      You hit it right on the button jpiston, Thank God that there are still rational Conservatives left in this world. I was becoming concerned that these raving maniacs would ruin the Republican brand.

  • http://personallibertydigest george

    As soon as i found Ron Paul was running in the republican primary i went down to my local voter registars office to change party affliliation, my grand father advised me that if i ever planned on working in southern md goverment that i should register as a democrat but to vote for the man on his actions, i filled out the registration form and signed it and showed the lady my drivers license, she said thats ok but you can put it away because its not required to change or sign up for voter registration, i asked her are you serious, she said no id required. Good or Bad? there it is.

  • http://N/A Cinti.CB

    As far as the wealthy not paying enough-you, obviously, are basing your ‘knowledge’ of this situation on what you’re hearing from the ‘class warfare’ BS that is currently occuring.
    My father worked VERY hard and sacrificed FOR YEARS to become successful. NO ONE HANDED HIM ANYHING!!! He pays over $300,00.00 (1/3 million!!!) per year in taxes!!! This IS a ‘fair share’. Hell, he pays more in taxes IN ONE YEAR than most of you ‘woe is me’ whiners will EVER earn in your pitiful pathetic lifetimes!!!

    • AnneOnymous

      That all sounds fine and good Cinti.CB, very fair BUT! Just how much did he profit during that year of big tax return? You can whine all day, call us names because we can’t touch that amount even on a life time basis because of the greed our employers set before us with the old, “If you don’t like it, there are hundreds out there who will” attitude and since we MUST feed our family then yes, we are as you said, “‘woe is me’ whiners”. But YOU must follow through by telling us how much he actually brought in to your home.. THEN we’ll stop whining (at least in this instance).

  • WickedPickle

    BUT WAIT A MINUTE!! I was under the belief that physical voter registration cards dictated the vote and it was to be used one time (in each voting instance during a specific time). Once you vote you can’t hand your registration to another because the number has been recorded and subsequently locked out. So if you have Joe Blow vote in you’re stance then it’s one vote (per number card) and YOU lose your right at that point in that particular race.. Also requiring photo ID is nothing more than manipulation by our authorities. One registration card, ONE VOTE.. Period!!

  • http://N/A Cinti.CB

    To AnneOnymous,
    I don’t really understand your question/comment. He NEVER gets a tax return. He ALWAYS pays. As far as evil employers, he is NOT one. In the times when business slowed down his MAIN CONCERN was his employees. Rather than lay off, HE took the loss, saying that they (workers) have families depending on them. Granted, he is VERY unique. There was even a situation where a temporary employee over billed and under billed some clients/customers. Dad, being the totally classy (real class-don’t mean financial class) person that he is, refunded ALL of the over charges (thousands of dollars) and did not push for the money from the under charges. None of these customers ever would have even known about the mistake-imagine their surprise when they got the check in the mail!
    Again, I don’t understand your question about how much he brought into the home. He used all of it on/for his family-brought ALL of it into the home.
    I’m sorry that you feel so insulted (not my intention). My reason for the part about more than most will make in their entire life is the ‘pay their fair share’ thing always being said, now. My point was that he ABSOLUTELY pays his fair share!!! I get angry when people act like/believe that the earnings from the incredibly hard work (through DECADES} simply fell into his lap because he’s just lucky or something.
    Many of these ‘terrible’ rich people have money because they worked off their butts for it! Hell, I remember quite a few times, while growing up, my parents being worried about affording milk, oil for the oil tank (rural setting), a car for transportation-including a truck for their budding business, ETC!!!
    I, truly, didn’t mean to offend or think less of those who make very little. I just get so ‘fed up’ with all of this ‘fair share’ BS-OMG does he pay a fair share!!! Nor does he have off-shore accounts or unethical tax ‘write offs’. He’s VERY fair, honest, and ethical(unfortunetly a dying breed) which is, probably, the main reason that he’s so successful-customers notice this kind of thing and pass it on (many customers from word of mouth).
    I have known alot of people with no money and a lot people with much money. There are people in BOTH groups who have a lot of class and those who have no class!
    Please take no offense at my previous entry-it was NOT intended. Dad has worked too hard for too long to be labelled as ‘bad’ because he persevered and ‘made it’. He is the finest peson I’ve ever encountered!!! EVERYONE should be as lucky to have him as a father and teacher (by example).

  • Kevin Beck

    About the chance of someone illegally voting using another person’s name: I remember in 2008 when radio host Neal Boortz went to vote, he was doing a live phone call to his affiliate in my city. He announced to the local radio guy that when he got to the head of the line, he was told that he had already voted! Even though he had just gone in to the polling place. Obviously, someone else voted using his name, in a place where they didn’t check for any identification.


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