Illinois Lawmaker Welcomes Police State As Palliative To Murder In ‘Gun Free’ Chicago


An Illinois State Representative held a press conference at the State Capitol Tuesday calling on the governor muster the National Guard to quell inner city violence.

“I am requesting with this press conference that Governor Patrick Quinn order the Illinois National Guard [and] the Illinois State Police come to Chicago and work with our mayor Rahm Emanuel to provide safety for the children, especially,” said Rep. Monique Davis, a Democrat, at the press conference.

Using similar logic, Governor Quinn had attempted, on the same day, to legislate guns out of more people’s hands through a veto effort that would have gutted a State law freeing Illinois residents to apply for concealed carry licenses – but the State Legislature overruled him. He had not responded to Davis’ unlikely request as of late Wednesday.

More than 100 people have been shot in Chicago since July 1, with 12 murders occurring over the July 4th holiday period. Last year, more than 500 people were murdered – a Chicago record.

Davis oddly compared Chicago’s epidemic of largely black-on-black “gun” violence to genocide in remarks to the Chicago Sun Times.

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Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Douglas Morris

    This is how Fascist Governments take control after 40 years of Progressive policy.

  • Marine68

    Keep the Government out of it; the savings in Social Welfare programs, Medicaid and Prisons alone makes it worth it.


    You haven’t seen anything yet, this is just the start of things to come.

  • vikkiincolorado

    This is the only case where I see Marshall Law; so far, needed in Liberal land run and owned Chicago!! These ppl are way out of line!! This is what a gun free zone has done to certain parts of America!!! Maybe the politicians need to rethink 100 times over what gun free zones does to their states!!!

  • Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum

    WTF! They have tried this ridiculous gun-free zone for a while and it has never worked! There has been more deaths by gunfire in Chicago and their “gun-free zone” in the last 8 years than has been killed in the Afghanistan War in the last 10. Now, they don’t want the honest citizens to have a gun but its ok for the criminals to have them. Emanuel and the rest of them have stated time after time that they don’t want the gun violence. Well, I suggest that they allow the conceal-carry in Illinois without Governor Quinn’s changes and don’t make it so impossible for honest citizens to actually get them. And allow them in the city. When the conceal-carry was passed in Florida, violent crime dropped by some 35% the first year. Yes, it does have to be approached as to making sure that people that shouldn’t get them, don’t. Persons with a CC permit should have to qualify each year, just like we had to do in the military. Martial law is ridiculous and way to damned expensive. The city is hurting now, the state is hurting and this representative is wanting to call out the National Guard! Are you serious? Ma’am, are you going to pay for it? Do you have any idea of how much that will cost an already cash-strapped city and state. Because I sure as hell don’t want my tax dollars going for that crap. And I am not being cold or calloused. It is a crying shame that in America, in a big city like Chicago, that children have to sleep in their bathtubs as to not get shot in a drive by. Yes, it sucks and it’s terrible. But for most of these kids, it’s a fact of life. If they would allow CC permits in the city with properly trained individuals, I honestly believe that the homicide rate would drop. Everywhere else it was implemented, serious crime dropped. Sometimes, not as much at first, but it still dropped. We need representatives that use common sensed logic rather than letting your emotions take over. When in combat, you need to keep your cool as to be able to come through it alive and that’s the kind of people that we need in our halls of government, not just on a state level but federal as well.

  • Warrior

    And the black mothers and ministers will organize another march against violence in the black communities. Every year, year after year it’s the same. It’s not about guns. It’s all about lack of a family unit, lack of education beginning at home and the gubmint and “huckster’s” like oblama, perpetuating an entitlement mentality. I personally work with black American fathers who teach respectfulness of others and themselves. They do not understand the “underwear” display “thing” nor why if you tinks your being “dissed” you have to resort to violence.
    Enough of the race bating and time to start assuming “responsibility” for your individual actions.
    At a very young age, my mother always kept telling me, If you see trouble coming, go the other way.
    The “message” is taught at home and “reinforced” through education.

    • Vis Fac

      What education? There is no education in America anymore only liberal political indoctrination made up of ZT GLBT sensitivity and ceding Constitutionally guaranteed rights. The pledge of allegiance is no longer required or personal prayer. Cursive and communication skills are no longer taught neither are ethics and morality. What is taught are tips to get around parental discipline. CPS gets involved at a whisper or hint of duplicity. That’s what’s taught is the meaning of progressive? Not by any stretch of the imagination!

  • ness

    O’Bama can’t control his own city and peopple re-elected him for a second term. There is alot of stupid liberals out there.

  • trugrits

    How about that? They scream people having guns to protect themselves will make things worse than they are now. They now want the National Guard to come in with more guns under martial law? Seems even they realize taking guns away isn’t the answer. What idiots. Do they ever really listen to what they think or say? No you can’t have guns. Wait you bring in more guns.

  • JimH

    Ah, life in a Democrat monopoly. It’s a paradise.

  • ChuckS123

    Black – on – black crime is genocide? Sui-genocide? I’d think genocide would be one race against the other.

  • me

    Just vote the Democratic owebunhole buttkissers out of office and let guns in. Like everywhere concealed carry has been brought in guncrime drops.

    • Vis Fac

      Just vote everyone out and start anew that is the ONLY way to restore order Start with TERM limits than no exclusions from programs and SSI etc. for politicos.

  • Motov

    I think their logic in dealing with crime is laughable, first they take your guns, crime rate soars! Their solution? get other people with guns to deal with it?
    Wouldn’t you achieve better results if you allowed the people to keep their guns? Why or how? you ask?

    Because other people don’t care if you get killed, they are after those who DO the killing! They want the operator of the gun, not the gun itself, again,….Guns do not kill people,….. PEOPLE kill People.
    Or does this make too much sense?

  • village idiot

    The black on black gun violence is obviously gang related and gangs are ALWAYS somehow involved with drugs which ALWAYS exacerbates violence. The police are not and never were able to deal with this problem, because many of them are also involved, so the only possible way to eliminate these gangsters is to bring in the FBI who are, at least theoretically, looking for the lords. The dealers and distributors are easily replaced, a dime a dozen, and the lords and masters need to be eliminated, so if the police are involved they need to be brought to book as well and not be put in charge of their own corruption activities.

    • Richard Gibbard

      Execute the addicts. No customers, no market. Problem solved.

      • Vis Fac

        The war on drugs was a sham it was a vehicle to put the spotlight on a perceived problem. There is no doubt in my mind that the “war on drugs” was in actuality a war on the people just as the “no child left behind” was an excuse for government intervention.
        As we can see government is not the answer but the problem. When government gets involved a million new treasury depleting positions are created having as many different ideas on how to screw things up. And they certainly have done a good job of doing that.
        There is a method to their madness though, People strung out on drugs and the functionally illiterate are easily controlled. You can tell them anything and they will believe you.
        T garner complete control you must enlist like minded people who will carry the legacy until those who have cognitive reasoning die off. This is occurring as we speak the pace will accelerate until the last of us can easily be crushed and those in power have complete control. Read the Bible it is written

  • Al Chemist

    If they riot in Chicago, there will be a lot of killing and theft (just criminals getting their fair share?), and a LOT of property destruction (just like in previous riots). This time, why not just leave it destroyed, and not rebuild at taxpayers expense? If they foul their nest, let them live in it!

  • Richard Gibbard

    This lawmaker probably passed a cinder block through his bowels when the concealed-carry law got passed.

  • Peggy

    “black on Black” violence? they care about nobody but themselves, a very selfish notion, if they wish to live like that, leave them to it, and the whole city for that matter. Anyone who wishes a better life, leave Chicago.

  • Alan

    How come everytime a democrap opens his or her mouth its ” for the children ” comes out of it ?

  • David169

    Unfortunately this is just another delusional democrat spouting the party line against private ownership of firearms. The FBI and CDC have kept records of every state that has gone “shall issue”. The democrats have openly stated that allowing permits would cause a “bloodbath” in almost every state that has allowed their residents to exercise their Constitutional Rights. However, in every state that has allowed the law abiding residents to carry a firearm for self protection the crime rate has drastically dropped. I live in California and here the applicants must demonstrate “good cause” to obtain a permit so almost no permits are issued. California has over 300,000 violent attacks annually. Our legislature knows that by changing the laws to make California a “shall issue” state would result in by year #3 a reduction of about 180,000 of these violent assaults. The reduction would save the state and the residents almost 5 billion dollars annually in police, courts, prisons and medical bills not to mention the preservation of many lives.
    The democrats don’t care, they want to pick up all the guns. When they remove or restrict the law abiding from protecting themselves they shift the balance of power to the criminals. That’s why Chicago and D.C. have such high crime rates.