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Illegal Workers Protected By Several Labor Department Agreements

September 5, 2011 by  

Kent went on to describe how the measures that were enacted by Solis would be a slap in the face to immigrants who try and go through the proper legal channels in the naturalization process.The Department of Labor has overseen several agreements that have been struck between U.S. agencies and foreign officials that protect migrant workers who may be illegal aliens, according to Fox News.

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis has given these workers the full protections of U.S. workplace laws, regardless of the legal status of the individuals, and has put the full backing of her department behind this move, reported the news outlet.

“Obviously everyone wants workers protected in the workplace, that’s not the issue,” Phil Kent, national spokesman for Americans for Immigration Control, said in a response to the measures. “The problem is the bending over backwards to help and promote black market labor.”

Kent went on to describe how the measures that were enacted by Solis would be a slap in the face to immigrants who try to go through the proper legal channels in the naturalization process, according to Fox News.

This news came as the California State Senate gave the okay for part of the California Dream Act, a measure that would allow illegal immigrants to receive public financial aid, The Los Angeles Times reported.

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  • s c

    Well, that’s just about enough to make you wonder why our so-called ‘leaders’ aren’t being forced to take certain drugs every day. If the DoL has taken it upon itself to do what it has openly done, then it’s time to declare the next election a pre-planned fraud. If we have no practical way to know who’s legal and who’s illegal, then there’s no way to know if the votes counted in the next election will be valid. No controls equals election by fraud.
    By the way, since Uncle Scam is so deeply interested in catering to illegals, it might not be a bad idea to make sure that resident aliens are paying a 30% tax on the income that they claim (or can they live here on nothing but love?).
    Good old Uncle Scam has the most interesting ways of proving that he cares about us.

    • eddie47d

      Happy Labor Day to all who work or are seeking employment. Happy Labor Day to all those who are retired and put in years of service to various companies. Happy Labor Day to union and non-union workers alike who helped build America. Happy Labor Day to business owners who created jobs and treated their workers with respect and fairness.Happy Labor Day to all the mothers who labored to bring us children and grandchildren and worked hard as homemakers. Happy Labor Day to all who pull their weight in making America a productive nation. Respect all workers who labor or those yearning for a job for we are a good nation. Pray that our anxieties will pass and our economy will rebound for all who seek employment.

      • crystal

        …and Happy Labor Day to you Eddie.

      • nax777

        Without works yours prayers will be on your sleeves as you just demonstrated that your compassion is also on your sleeve.

        Ten million, 20 million, 30 million, 40 million… Hello Sharia flag, for English please press 2!
        P.S. Did you vote this week at “you cut”?

    • http://facebook richard flynn

      who determined that the mayflower passengers were legal? are you serious

  • Jack

    Illegal is Illegal no matter how we look at it Why don’t they get it ?? I L L E G A L can’t spell it out any clearer ! Put the Damn criminals in prison and let them work on chain gangs for 5 years then deport the Illegals with the understanding if they come back they get 20 years of hard labor on chain gangs ! Not benefits from the tax payers of this country. Damn !! Doesn’t anybody have any backbone in this country ? Also “NO” Votes if you don’t have American citizen proof of residence. If you don’t belong here ,get out ! or go to prison. And speaking of Illegals ,take that illegal Barry Obutthead with them out of my country and put him in prison where he belongs too !!! Then send him back to Kenya or wherever the SOB is from ???

    • Bob

      WOW that sounds like what they would do to me in Mexico.

  • Billy

    I agree with the above statements, but really feel you should let them run for office as well and replace the politicians that are heading this just to see where they stand when its their taxes and jobs being given away by them.

  • eddie47d

    Good morning to you too Jack! I see you have your version of the Gulag Archipelago ready and put in place in order to appease the howling mob mentality. If you can’t control the corporations and the small businesses they relies on hiring “illegals” then you have lost your battle. They are the ones who put pressure on Washington to keep this labor force in place. That is how these businesses make profits and as they say this allows these businesses to remain in America.If they have to pay higher wages they will leave this country or close down. Companies have to depend on a steady flow of labor for many of the jobs that immigrants do which means Americans have to be willing and ready to work these jobs and that is slow in coming.

  • http://Verizon Bud G.

    eddie47d: While I agree with your assessment, this could be viewed another way and that is the cost of illegal immigrants on a States economy. Florida, where I live spent 5.6 billion dollars in 2010 to support the illegal immigrants in welfare, health care and schooling.
    What they received back was only one fifth of this. It is a burden on the state and should not stand under the present circumstances.

    The problem seems to be that Americans have become too soft to work in the fields so a system where those companies that hire illegals are made to declare them and take a portion of their wages to compensate for their care or illegals required to pay as they are able for their health care, welfare and schooling just like us. We are already giving many companies tax breaks so the issue of them leaving the state or country should not be an issue. It is known that millions of dollars are sent out of this country by those illegal immigrants to their families back home which means they are either making enough money to do this or they are using welfare as a gap for their income. I believe they should not be allowed to apply for welfare and they should be paying for their health care and schooling to the best of their ability but the law has to be changed in order to do this.
    Both political parties support illegal immigrants but for different reasons, the Republicans supporting businesses and the Democrats for their votes in those states who do not have a voter registration system.

    • AlleninReality

      BudG says:”I believe they should not be allowed to apply for welfare and they should be paying for their health care and schooling to the best of their ability but the law has to be changed in order to do this.”

      Bud, I believe that the enablers here are the employers of these so-called immigrant laborers. I also believe that those who hire illegals should be forced to give health insurance plans, pay union scale wages and house them properly as guest workers. Once the laws are clear that illegals are to be paid and treated as citizens, the employer would less likely to hire the illegals especially when they would have to take out the appropriate taxes for federal, state, social security, retirement 401k, and health insurance. The preference would be returned back to better educated citizens and the Mexicans would go back home after all welfare, tax fraud and jackpot baby claims are alleviated. Until that day comes (never) lawmakers and employers are still culpable in this oppressive means of impoverishment exacted against American citizens!

      • Don Honda

        Yes, there is a current movement for illegal aliens to be paid the same rate as a union worker/citizen in LA. I believe that if this ever gets some ground, that these same employers would then just hire legal workers both for public opinion and political expedience.

    • s c

      Bud G, I don’t disagree with you, but the great state of Florida is a state that grows various crops (and needs people to harvest those crops), you DO have a plentiful supply of teenagers who a) don’t want to be in school (think of it as ‘on-the-job’ training), b) illegals should be ‘persuaded’ to go somewhere else c) the idea that Americans aren’t willing to work may be somewhat true, but it’s NOT the straight skinny.
      Losers who support Obummer will parrot his lying crap whenever we let them – as a result, teenagers (who NEED to develop a work ethic), constitute an easy, available labor supply to make the illegal issue exactly what it is [KRAP].
      Remind your teenagers that if they don’t have a high school diploma or a GED, they don’t qualify to get a driver’s license. Give them REASONS to do their part. Otherwise, you can look forward to more entitlement losers and more easy votes for people like Obummer.

  • David in MA

    One more example of circumventing Congress in obscure agencies making agreements with foriegn countries or their agents….Whom ever is responsible for this must be removed from authority.
    WHAT IS CONGRESS DOING, WHEN WILL CONGRESS WAKE UP AND START HOLDING THE PEOPLE WHO DO THINGS WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL RESPONSIBLE, WHEN WILL CONGRESS GET RID OF OBOZO. Never mind the threatened race riots, there going to happen anyhow, that’s why obozo is encouraging the illegals to come to America..CONGRESS, START THE ARRESTS!!!! NOW!!!

  • AJ

    Congress will not do a thing!

  • Bill

    Immigrants here to enjoy the fruits of America, great! Do what my grandparents did, go through the legal system, become citizens, raise your families and contribute to the American way of life. Welcome! For the illegals, suck it up! You broke the law. Like any lawbreaker, you need to face the consequences. In your case, it means deportation. What is so hard to understand about that? Nothing! Walk back across the border, return legally. DUH!!! The problem is, the government, especially the current regime in Washington, wanting and needing votes to continue on the destructive path they are on to socialize the United States of America. Congress and the Senate, need to get off their butts, get some balls, and give us some “hope and change”. Not the kind that BHO promised either, but what our founding fathers intended.

    • Don Honda

      The problem with deportation is that it is a joke. We all know it. My landlady’s illegal “gardener” was deported, then back in two weeks–and this is all the way to Central California.

  • Don Honda

    Re: AB 131

    Here’s what we have to look forward to, with audio links, even:

    • eddie47d

      Most or all of those making those quotes are legal American citizens who are tired of being kicked around as second class citizens and seeing their brethren (legal and illegal)being treated poorly. Their anger and your anger have a common bond of being used and abused and neither side wants to take it anymore. No illegal should be allowed to be on welfare(if they are) and that rightfully angers some of you. These migrants who are working do serve a purpose and have been around for many generations so the problem is entrenched.Since the majority came across during the Clinton/Bush Presidencies they should already be on their way to citizenship or have applied. They need to be welcomed in America and those who haven’t applied and/or not working need to immediately head back to the country they came from and apply.Don’t we have diplomats at our embassies or PR people telling these countries that there are no more jobs in America for now so please stay home. Why are so many visas still handed out?

  • 2WarAbnVet

    “Migrant workers who may be illegal aliens” – may be?

  • CanCan

    Wow, I am so glad (insert sarcasm) that illegals have more rights than legal citizens in this country. Makes me wonder why I bother with keeping myself out of trouble with the law. I am sure glad this is America (more sarcasm), as if it were any other country, we would not have 30-40 million illegals, because they would have been shot trying to cross the border the first time around. Not humane? Look no further than California to see how great illegal immigration is. And since Obama is sliding in approval ratings, even amongst his own party members, granting amnesty to all those illegals would certainly help him keep his job in 2012.

  • paintbrushbright

    What good are laws when you have a government that has become so large and complicated that its right hand does not what its left hand is doing! On one hand you have laws and programs fighting against illegals and on the other hand you have new rules and mandates bypassing the same laws. On the hiring rules business are dam if they do and dam if they don’t. On the status of illegal’s staying in this country that by law should be deported, the Obama administration will now hire thousands of governments Spanish speaking interviewers to determine if individual illegal’s should stay in this country when hiring additional boarder agents goes on the wayside.

  • Heywood Jablomy

    Its not about business’s wanting cheap labor. Its not about people breaking the law. Its not about enforcing laws. Its not about people wanting to support their families, anchor babies or people clearly breaking laws and not being punished.

    None of that matters to the powers that be.

    Its about elections. Without illegals voting in this country a democratic president wont get voted in, period.

    Its as simple as that.

    All the rest of that stuff is manufactured, foggy talking points to get everyone off of the real subjects. Those who vote democrat in the presidential elections are offering up their “defacto” approval of criminals living, working, killing and raping our citizens and filling up our jails.

  • AlleninReality

    Heywood says “Its not about business’s wanting cheap labor. Its not about people breaking the law. Its not about enforcing laws. Its not about people wanting to support their families, anchor babies or people clearly breaking laws and not being punished.”

    Oh yes it is!

    Cheap labor makes for depressed wages and under the table untaxed wages.
    This keeps Americans unwilling to work for them because we have to pay
    bills and rent, groceries etc.

    Law enforcement on the other side when it comes to immigration is strictly enforced in Mexico and you as a citizen of the US could be imprisoned for the same charges a Mexican gets by with. Border security is a serious problem and gets worse every day.

    More Americans have died at the hands of Illegal Mexicans annually than all the US casualties in the middle eastern wars.

    Supporting families? Heck, Ethiopians want to support their families but the fact stands, we cannot afford to feed, shelter, clothe and medicate all the world’s impoverished and we are going broke fast because of this. (Billions lost every year to Mexican immigrants)

    Votes?…they don’t need legalized for that. They have voted every year for decades thanks to the liberal restriction on voter ID checks.
    (well, except for citizens…we have to show our life’s history in order to vote and if you didn’t get registered in time, tough!)


    Why would illegal workers have a right to protection? This is enabling a class of people that have broke our laws and could just as easily applied for work permitts, Visas and green cards for a path to citizenship and that leaves us with those who obey law and those who break law. Why do you protect a class that breaks the law?

    California is now discriminating against Americans by enabling and paying for illegals to attend higher learning institutes but ordinary citizens are told they can go pound salt when asking for college finance aid…Ca. does not have the money to spend on non citizens and will not spend what they have on American citizens….lawsuits are on the way.

  • Harry

    I think we need to show we are very angry with our congress. Why not everyone who posts comments on here and other blogs write their senators and congressmen and flat tel them that you are getting veery angry with their breaking our laws. Don’t stand still for it when you hear a reply like, “Our immigration laws are broken and need a major overhaul”. That is a cop out for sure. I have gotten that type of answer. ITehn rewrite them and tell them that you know the laws are being broken by their lack of upholding the lawws we already have and what are they planning to do about upholding the laws we have. I also tell them our immigraton laws might need some small tweeking but major overhaul no. Try that and see what happens. enough letters like that and maybe we take our country back. But then also vote the law breakers out of office if we can muster enough votes. Also get everyon on your mailing list educated for what is wrong with our congress. When senatoprs and congressman can avoid paying honestly due taxes and keep their office the it’s time to get the fox out of the hen house.

    • Bill

      That is what I am doing as we write. Letting my Congressman and Senators know, that there are an awful lot of angry Americans out here.

  • John Kramer

    Immigrants are good to have because they do all the jobs no one wants to do.

    • Bill

      Legal immigrants are fine to do those jobs John. It’s the illegals we have the problem with.

  • hacimo

    On Labor Law and “harmless” Illegals.
    Our congress has passed laws intended to establish and maintain our national labor market and the president is expected to impartially enforce these laws so that businesses and workers in the united states can compete for profit and wages in a free and fair system. Illegal immigration represents and end-run that destabilizes and destroys the lawful labor market by introducing an uncontrolled supply of cheap labor. Any government which fails in its duty to prevent such anti-social rule violations harms the very people it represents and is ultimately reduced to a corrupt, toothless and ineffective sham. It has no writ or power and the people will not respect its laws, or pay for it, or fight to defend it in times of peril. Ultimately we need a president who understands that enforcing the rules on immigration is not just a matter of catching and deporting those illegals who are hardened criminals. We do not need immigration laws to punish such persons. Deportation of the so-called “harmless” violators of immigration law is the whole point of these laws. By failing to do this our president is seriously derelict in his duty.

    • s c

      hacimo, the proper way to describe the behavior of this prez is far worse than merely ‘seriously derelict.’ The IRS has recently released a report that deals with illegals and the taxes they pay. We are supposed to believe that illegals are completely responsible and work hard at paying taxes. According to the IRS, while revenues are ‘up,’ a huge chunk of illegals do NOT pay their taxes.
      Consequently, Mr. Obama can say what he wants, but his routine is pure shuck and jive. It’s third-rate entertainment designed for consumption by stupid people. It’s crap, and yet one more proof that this wunderkind prez is a political hack. He’s not in the W H to help America. He’s not here because he has character. He was “groomed” for the job.
      Wait until you read the IRS report. Then, you’ll see what I mean when I say that the IRS puts Mr. Obama’s behavior and words into PROPER perspective. This prez is a lying loser, hacimo. He’s may be high-grade material in Venezuela, but then anybody can do better than the current Venezuelan incompetent (with the possible exception of Obummer).

      • Raggs

        Mr. / President… DO NOT JIVE when speaking of the shi*brain.
        My respect for oblama was flushed three years ago so please reframe from giving him any non-afforded titles.

  • Raggs

    I cannot even for a minute think that America will allow a “N”- presidenta to open the flood gates on mexico for votes that ONLY benefits himself and his base of communist piggy’s.. Oh but wait it gets better this fool of a “N” presidenta will give us a speach to blame everyone but himself of HIS F-ups… This is nothing short of a very very SORRY excuse of a “N” presidenta.

    • http://facebook richard flynn

      why don’t you have the courage to post your real name “Raggs”? Did it ever occur to you that your ancesters were immigrants? Think about it!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        richard flynn,
        did your ancestors have any offspring that weren’t brain dead???

    • Thinking About

      If this administration was the first facing this problem you might have a valid point, it is not so you don’t know your history very well. Maybe you should take enough time out of your outrageous post time to know what you are talking about and then perhaps you could come up with a decent post and present yourself on the intelligent side.

  • http://facebook richard flynn

    Hey Raggs lets hope they don’t make immigration laws retroactive.

  • http://facebook richard flynn

    hey bob,the comment by raggs doesn’t meet your requirements for civility ! whats up?

  • Heywood Jablomy

    “richard flynn says:
    September 5, 2011 at 9:54 pm
    why don’t you have the courage to post your real name “Raggs”? Did it ever occur to you that your ancesters were immigrants? Think about it!”

    See, this is the brand of sheer stupidity thats breaking this country. Since our ancestors were born somewhere on this planet the constitution and all the laws of the USA should be broken.

    That just absolutely slays me, the absolute ignorance shown with that position/statement.

    So Richard Flynn, why dont YOU have the courage to post your address, your childrens names and your social security number?

    Gimme a freakin break, roflmfao…………

    • http://?? Joe H.

      If the guy got a labotomy he would be lots smarter!!

  • John Kramer

    It is time to grant an amnesty program or a guest worker program to grant illegal immigrants to become citizens.The illegal immigrants that should be allowed to stay in the country are the ones who are not committing crimes.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      John Kramer,
      BULL!! There are 30 to 35 million illegals here right now. When they become legal they will send for ALL their families as well! Do you honestly believe our economy can support another, say, 75 million people overnight?? If you do, you haven’t a single clue!! Remember, the August job report was ZERO jobs created! That hasn’t happened since the Great Depression!! I don’t know about you, but I DON’T want to see my family go through that kind of misery!!
      The answer is to mark off a strip about a mile wide the whole length of the border with no trespassing signs that say violators will be shot! AND DO IT!! won’t take long to convince them to stay home or come here legally!! Sorry, I value MY family over THEIRS!! don’t like it? TOUGH!!

  • Todd

    Ask John Boehner to start the impeachment process again Barack Obama.
    It’s the only reasonable thing to do.


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