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Illegal Immigrant With Long Rap Sheet Crashes Car, Kills Nun

August 10, 2010 by  

Illegal immigrant with long rap sheet crashes car, kills nun A 23-year-old illegal immigrant has been charged with drunken driving and involuntary manslaughter after a car crash in Virginia’s Prince William County that killed a nun and critically injured two others.

Immigration officials are being heavily criticized because Bolivian-born Carlos Martinelly Montano has an extensive criminal record and has been awaiting a deportation hearing for nearly two years.

However, after both of his previous arrests—including one for a DUI in 2008—the suspect was released on his own recognizance and ordered to stand trial in front of an immigration judge. As of the most recent incident, no deportation hearing had been scheduled.

Corey Stewart, the chairman of Prince William County’s Board of Supervisors, told The Associated Press (AP) that the tragedy shines a spotlight on the need for comprehensive immigration reform. He also expressed his frustration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)—the Federal agency that failed to deport Montano even though it was made aware of at least one of his previous arrests.

"We handed him over to the Feds assuming he would be deported, but instead Federal authorities released him back into the neighborhood and he killed a nun," Stewart said. "We feel like we are beating our heads against the wall."

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, whose agency oversees the ICE, said that she will continue to investigate the incident.

"Why is it that this individual was still out driving?" she asked. "He was in removal proceedings. Why were the removal proceedings taking so long?"

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  • s c

    My condolences to the family and frinds of the nun who was killed. As for the perp, this would seem to put another nail in the coffin of government agencies that cater to the whims of illegals – maybe. At what point does the best government that money can buy do its frickin’ JOB?
    Did this event raise any eyebrows in the White House? Does Holder the Avenger have plans to put some leverage on ICE? We can only hope that the perp’s defense attorney thinks about using racial profiling as a way to get social justice for his client.
    Let’s see. What would happen if someone like Montano plowed through a group of Girl Scouts? Would it make any difference? Does this administration give a damn about JUSTICE?
    For now, I’ll bet on the defendant. As illogical as it sounds, when illegals can thumb their noses at Americano justice and get away with it, something is a great deal worse than merely ‘wrong.’

    • Earl

      It wouldn’t surprise me to see, at some time in the future, if the “authorities” don’t take action on issues such as this, that there will inevitably be a rise in vigilante-ism, i.e. taking the perp out of circulation for good. Not a pretty prospect, but I predict it will happen at some point. this guy is obviously a menace to society. It is Government’s job to arrest and remove the aforementioned. They are guilty of dereliction of duty. In the military, you can be prosecuted and imprisoned for that offense (UCMJ), but civilians seem not to be too important to the I.C.E… When it starts and people start showing up dead, I suppose the will attribute it to gang violence………

      • 45caliber

        Most likely it will be attributed to “domestic terrorism”.

      • BAF

        Earl, I think you are absolutely correct. The American public has “had it up to here” with repeat criminals who aren’t even citizens. Since this countries “so called” government won’t uphold the laws, the the private citizen will start to do so. We are tired of paying for the damage that these Illegals cause to this country’s people not to mention the costs for public service. The law makers sit in their Washington plush offices taking bribes all day long and pass laws that don’t affect them. They spend our money that they don’t have and then don’t enforce the laws that they impose on us. Here is a question for them…. “Are they stoned or stupid?” This is a sad day for the families and for those injured because of this “so-called human being! This was completely preventable.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      Yes this administration believes in justice……”JUST US”.

      • 45caliber

        I agree – and I like your comment.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Yeah they believe in the letter of the law, too. But only if you are a citizen! If you are an illegal you can get away with murder!!! This guy will probably get probation and free citizenship!!!

    • Bobby

      Secure Communities is ICE’s comprehensive strategy to improve and modernize the identification and removal of criminal aliens from the United States. It helps ICE transform criminal alien immigration enforcement agency wide, while satisfying a congressional mandate to increase information sharing between federal agencies.
      Strategic Goals

      * Identify aliens in law enforcement custody, through modernized technology, continual data analysis and timely information sharing;
      * Prioritize enforcement action to apprehend and remove criminal aliens who pose the greatest threat to public safety; and
      * Transform criminal alien immigration enforcement to efficiently identify, process and remove criminal aliens from the United States.

    • joe casa

      YOU ARE right now illegal immigrants can live here, in arizona they want to do something but the judge and white house say no come on whats going on in our counrty they told me we have to many people living in our country and more are coming.

    • Dennis

      Now that he has killed the government will do there job, They will send this illegal scum bag killer home just so he can return and do the same or worse. And then dare any WHITE MAN to say or do anything about it, of course this does not include any of Obamas bought and paid for white trash judges.

    • BAF

      Maybe they should change a law in the justice system. Any judge or lawyer who lets a habitual criminal or violent criminal out on bail or out for any reason, should be allowed to be personally sued by the victims families. That would make them think twice, knowing that they could be held responsible for the damage that the criminals cause!

  • JeffH

    Oh well, they’ll just have to make some new traffic laws because they surly won’t make it illegal for illegals to drive drunk. That would be called hate mongering.

    • Claire

      The officials/law enforcement in Prince William County were not doing their job. This is how our justice system works—have you ever heard “a computer is only as good as its’ operator?” Compare this sentence to the way officials (the people that are in “charge” of this type of situation) run their departments. These people that were supposed to be in charge dropped the ball. Now this nun has been killed. This creep should have been deported a long time ago. Why didn’t they do their job correctly and deport him? Why do they keep these illegal criminals here? They could have gotten rid of him, why didn’t they? Too lazy? Any time an illegal commits a crime, they should pay for that crime, but they should be deported ASAP.

      • Al Sieber

        Claire, when they catch a illegal they give them a choice, deportation or take it to court. this happens all the time, this time it cost this women her life. theres a website that keeps track of crimes by illegals, but I can’t find it at the moment, I’ll keep looking.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Al Sieber,
 has it listed as 25 deaths per day by illegals! Thats just over 9000 deaths per year!!! If this was a force threatening the government, you could bet your azz they would be doing something about it!!!

      • leon

        yes I thank thay should be deported, thay dont whont to go back to Mexco send them over to where iraq is or to Cuba and let them Be there I thay live then thay can go home . That whay are boys will be lest.


        I read that he was turned over to ICE and released by them not the local police.

        • Sandy


    • http://yoal chick


  • RussR

    But isn’t it his “basic human right” to ignore our laws? Give him the chair!

    • http://yoal chick


      • Guy

        I bet he had his Koran

  • TIME

    This is all to common place and as I see it these issues will only get much worse as time goes by.
    When I lived in Tucson Arizona this was very common, perhaps not this aspects of the drunken Illegals killing other drivers, but for sure hit and runs, car theft, breaking into folks homes etc..

    One night after leaving a local place I used to eat at, I came out to find three “Illegals” who could not speak but one word in English, they were trying take my car without asking me.
    I kid you not, one was sticking a slim jim down the door while the other two were acting as watchers.

    That was not their lucky day, my 911 is mine and not thier’s.
    It was a good day and a bad day for them, as that was the day all three of them found God. As I recall that was what they were all crying after I showed them the light.

    Then I again helped them with the local police who aided them in a better understanding of how cages work.
    As I recall in court they were not happy with how that day changed their lifes, even after finding GOD.

    I also still recall one of them telling me that very soon I was going to be a dead man, odd as far as I can tell I still am alive.
    But hey, a bright side to this story he learned a lot of English very fast.

    • Al Sieber

      Time, you should of shot them ( sorry, that would be politically incorrect for some of the more sensitive readers). Ariz. used to have the highest auto theft rate, once it’s across the border you’ll never get it back. just like murder, rape etc. they just run across the border where we can’t touch them.

      • TIME

        I have never been a gun guy, I can tell you from the beating they all took, they will live with issues from that beating forever.
        Kind of like a reminder of what happens to bad people.

    • http://yoal chick

      Bad news.. they will forget it just a fast

    • Lari

      I would have shot them and left their bodies lying there on the ground. I have watched them move into neighborhoods and destroy them, block the doors to stores and intimidate the Caucasians. If you so happened to be of any other color than white, they let you pass without a hassle. The businesses closed down and pretty soon they were occupied by wetbacks selling all their crap. At 0300 when I would pass through this area on my way to work, there would be huge SVU’s filled with wetbacks sitting in the parking lots of the 7-11′s. The 7-11′s were now owned by Pakistanis and they allowed the wetbacks to do their drug deals in the parking lot. Where were the police…no idea, never saw one. Virginia is not for lovers any longer, it’s for all the illegals.

      • 45caliber

        They do a lot more. My wife inherited a house in another state. We placed it on the market for sale below the appraised value. But the only offers we received were for half that price. After a year I finally got the realtor to admit that it had been taken over by illegals. They had over twenty people living there! I asked to get them removed. She told me that if she had the police make them move that they would come back and ruin the place. In fact, the realtors would leave the front doors unlocked on vacant houses to prevent them from knocking down the doors!

        So we lost half the price of the place, selling it at less than half the original value, just to get rid of it. And we couldn’t get any rent or anything else.

        Is that what we need here?

      • TIME


        The big mouthed one with no teeth now is going to have a really hard time picking up girls, the one who started to run away who now has a limp is never going to have a day in his life with out pain, the one with the broken arm in four places is never going to hold a knife in his hands again.

        I am not Bruce Lee, but man I would sure hate to face myself off in a street fight.

        So I guess what I am saying is that some times being dead is not the answer, its when you awake with pain every day from some stupid act that really makes you think about why you shouldn’t do some things.

    • 45caliber

      What I find is really sad about many of our own people as well as the illgals is that they are normally good church-going people. But during the week they see nothing wrong with robbing someone or something else like drug dealing. And when they do get caught, they can’t understand why they can’t get leniency because they are such good Christians.

  • Big Ugly

    This IS NOT involuntary manslaughter!

    When you drive drunk – you don’t just ‘suddenly’ become intoxicated, do you? You set out to drink, knowing that you are going to be driving. It is, thus, willful and pre-meditated.
    Clearly, this is an act of willful pre-meditation, and since it involves a death, it IS willful, pre-meditated murder, especially since it occurs during the commission of another crime – that of illegal immigration.
    This murdering illegal immigrant should be executed for his many crimes and all those who have assisted him in the commission of his crimes should, likewise, be held accountable. If they had done their jobs, he would have been deported long ago, thus, unable to have committed his act of willful pre-meditated murder. Everyone involved is guilty of aiding in the commission of multiple crimes, accessory to murder, breach of their respective oaths, and aiding an illegal immigrant in the commission of crimes. Life in prison is not enough for these ‘officials’ who are not doing what they swore to do.

    • 45caliber

      It is only fair to fine or jail the bartender he got his drinks from; it CAN’T be the fault of any federal employee! That wouldn’t be fair!

      Some years ago at Ruby Ridge, a federal sniper shot and killed a woman holding a baby. No threat at all. He said it was an accident but any sniper who would make a mistake that badly at two hundred yards would never work as a sniper. The state wanted to try him for murder. The feds insisted that no state had the right to try any federal employee for any crime unless they gave permission. The state still has an outstanding murder warrant for the man.

      • independant thinker

        I remember it well. Maybe he will retire forget and go into the state and get caught.

  • Colli

    Careful now. You don’t want to step on their right to be here illegally!

    • http://yoal chick

      tell that to the goverment.. yo Obummer,, stop this madness of people crossing the border……. darn he did’nt hear again

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      I do not understand how people who are not here legally, not born in this country, have the same rights as I do. I doubt other countries as so fair with their criminals!

      • 45caliber

        Actually, when an American commits a crime in another country, in most cases they release him back to the US or they serve a very light sentence. If they do keep them, as they do for murder, drugs, etc. they go to the same jails their own people go to. The US complains, of course, because the jails generally are NOT something you’d even want to visit, much less be stuck in.

        In some countries, the prisoner isn’t fed unless the government is paid by his/her family. In most third world countries, death in prison is common. Mexico, for instance, has no death penalty but if you are sentenced to 20 years in the pen there, even if you are young, it is unlikely you will live to finish out your sentence. Many countries are the same.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          In the panama canal Zone, there is a prison they call the Casa Modelo, or model house. It is anything BUT model unless you modeled it after all the dungeon movies you see! I spent 3 days there in 1974 for buying a walkie-talkie in town and using it! Now we bought it in Panama City and didn’t know it was illegal to own them. Now didn’t the store owner “own” them??? The Army liason team came down and bargained our way out. There were concrete “benches” to sleep on and you could buy a piece of cardboard if you had 50 cents to buy it with, but they took all of your belongings when you were arrested! I should feel lucky I wasn’t a political prisoner as they get sent out to an Island where one prisoner there got 25 years for having a holster from the former regiem!! I never want to even see that place on TV again!!!

  • bob

    another prime example of the obama administration takeing the rights to be illeagal over the rights of the legal! what a country!

  • Deanna Z

    I am outraged with the media over this story, not because of the coverage of the Nun being killed, that is outrageous but in doing the story they mention the two women killed in Colorado who were killed by an illegal with a record worse than the man who killed the nun.
    Now to what is outrageous about the coverage of the Colorado story is the cover-up for what Obama said in his speech about the Arizona law.
    If you remember he talked about someone just sitting in an ice cream shop buying their child a treat and some one could demand to know if th

  • leon

    So we start with the top of the lest on how do’s not whon’t to stop the Illeagal . thay should all be sent to Irack!

  • Deanna Z

    For some reason my computer submitted my comment before I finished.
    I am outraged with the media over this story, not because of the coverage of the Nun being killed, that is outrageous but in doing the story they mention the two women killed in Colorado who were killed by an illegal with a record worse than the man who killed the nun.
    Now to what is outrageous about the coverage of the Colorado story is the cover-up for what Obama said in his speech about the Arizona law.
    If you remember he talked about someone just sitting in an ice cream shop buying their child a treat and some one could demand to know if they were legal.
    Well the Part the media leave out of that story is that a man had taken his little three year old son to the ice cream shop on the corner of that intersection for an ice cream cone treat and that little boy was sitting there enjoying his ice cream cone when that drunk illegals vechicle crashed into the shop and killed him.
    Keeping that part of the story has only one purpose and that bringing it into the story would make what Obama said look even more stupid and outrageous. Covering for Obama has become a national media program.

    • eddie47d

      It’s always a tragedy when anyone is killed;especially by a drunk driver with previous arrests. Your story on Colorado is only partially true.I can’t fathom why you brought up Obama when that incident happened in September 2008. George Bush was President during that time. The little boy who died was 2 years old and he was with his mother. The illegal did not cause the accident for a lady (ms. Guntharp) made an illegal u-turn and hit the Guatemalan and his vehicle slammed into the ice cream shop. He was going over the speed limit and was partially to blame. He had been ticketed for speeding more than once before but not for drunk driving in this case. He did spend time in jail and he was to be deported.

      • fredom

        even if the lady made an illegal u turn, if the illegal immigrant hadn’t been here in the U.S. and ddriving the accident would never have happened. Here in the state of TN if you are commiing a crime of driving your vehicle illgally then all resulting accidents or incidents are your faultas well, even if the other person would have been blamed for the accident. The way they see it here is if you were not breaking te law by driving illegally then the accident would not have tace because you would not hae been on the road in the first place.

      • fredom

        Let me try this again.

        Even if the lady made an illegal u-turn, if the illegal immigrant hadn’t been here in the U.S. and driving, the accident would never have happened. Here in the state of TN if you are commiing a crime of driving your vehicle illgally then all resulting accidents or incidents are your fault as well, even if the other person would have been blamed for the accident. The way they see it here is if you were not breaking te law by driving illegally then the accident would not have happened because you would not have been on the road in the first place.

      • JoMama

        So – was he (the Guatemalan driver that killed the kid) illegal???
        Nobody mentioned that part.


    Enforce the immigration laws we have now!!!!! Put the Troops neccessary on the border now!!! Put all the employers in jail fro knowingly hiring illegals!! Deport all illegals immediately, or detain them until they are deported!! Set up motion detectors on the border with automatic weapons that will fire upon detection!!! We do not need Comprehensive Immigration Reform!! That is code for Amnesty. What is wrong with the immigration laws we have now? Can anyone enlighten me?

    • http://yoal chick

      the thing wrong with them now, is the goverment is getting their share of the kick back money. company’s get paid buy the gov, to hire these people.. kid you not.. reverse discrimation is at hand,and you can bet that corprate america will enjoy it.

    • Charlie

      Pay your taxes so we can do that.

      It isn’t free.

    • leon

      Thay are to hard on them , thay dont get there way

      • JoMama

        Leon – please go back to school. Nobody will take you seriously.

    • s c

      Conservative, it’s not a matter of not having ‘enough’ laws. It’s a matter of career criminals and anarchists REFUSING to enforce those laws. Most likely, they want to see how much we can stand before the situation gets out of hand. You can call me a pessimist, but as far as I’m concerned, I can handle the thought of a politician getting run over by an illegal. Then, some retards in Washington might get the idea that losing one or more of their own might serve as an example they don’t like.
      And that’s when the American people should step in and tell them that they shouldn’t be in a hurry to convict someone of a “VICTIMLESS CRIME.” You might hurt their feelings. You might be guilty of racial profiling. You might violate their rights. ET TU is exactly what they deserve, conservative.

  • Urban girl

    This is disgraceful. I recently found out on my local news(Coastal North Carolina) that a man who was jailed for his 5th DUI was going to serve 20-24 months in jail before being deported back to Mexico. Are you kidding me? Why in the world wasn’t he deported after his 1st DUI? Didn’t they discover then that he was illegal? Give me a break. Is this what it takes? Someone to get killed before there is anything done about the horrible illegal immigration issue in this country? Wake up people. More states than Arizona should be outraged & willing to stand up for the true American People’s rights. I’m ashamed to say that my state is one of the ones that does not support Arizona’s position on the illegal immigration issue. What do we expect when our own “El Presidente” admitted when he was running for Senate that he was born in Kenya, yet he is still elected. What is going on? Does no one watch & remember?

    • RPS

      Other sates DO have laws the same as SB-1070. Virginia and CALIFORNIA both have the same law. Virgina enforces theirs and CALIFORNIA chooses not to enforce theirs. An yet California is condemning Arizona for passing SB-1070. You never heard a word about them passing their laws. Also, Oklahoma is trying to get a simular law passed right now. Utah is watching Oklahoma because they want such a law. Sixty-five percent of Nevada voters say they want such a law also Texas and Florida want the same law. Why is Arizona under the spotlight? For those of you who are against Arizona and SB-1070 let me tell you this … Illegals DO NOT take only jobs that Americans do not want, they are working in construction and other fields where there are thousands of people out of work. Many employers are getting rich because they pay their illegal workers much less money and can underbid on jobs. Even in jobs such as fast foods, our teens can not find part time jobs because the illegals have taken them. How would you like to go to your local McDonalds and have to point at pictures to place your order because the cashier can not speak english? As SB-1070 came closer to becoming law we saw many illegals packing up and leaving Arizona, but only some were going back to Mexico most were going to other states that do not have such a law … YOUR STATE. Believe me … they know how to search the internet same as you. As they continue theit illegal migration your children will find it increasingly difficlut to find part-time and summer jobs. And one day your boss will come to you and tell you that he has to cut your pay … due to the ecconomy … and eventually you will either get tired of pay cuts and quit or your boss will let you go because he can hire an illegal and pay him half of what he is paying you. To those of you who are against Arizona let me say this … BE AFRAID … BE VERY AFRAID .. your state will be next!


    I am disgusted by all of the illegals who think they have any rights at all! I came to this country almost 41 years ago when the system worked. I came through the front door, did all of the legal paper work and took all of the physicals that were need, and all of the shots to bring me up to what was needed to enter the USA. These people that come through many places into this country, thinking that they can get a free pass makes me very angry! If they want to live here like an American citizen then come in the front doors, and we will welcome you like they used to when people of many nations were welcomed. Only thieves and murders come in the back door in the dark of night, what does that say about most illegals?………..

    • s c

      TEENIE, thanks for coming here via the ‘front door.’ When it comes to those who come here via a
      back door, they do so because they know America’s “elite” politicians are corrupt, worthless and are in need of long stretches behind bars – or worse.
      When I was in Arizona, it was not unusual to learn that an illegal killed someone and scooted across the border. It still happens. The heart of the issue is a system that was intentionally broken
      down by politicians. They did it for their own benefit. It has come to the point where either WE force our “leaders” to do their job, or we line them up for a quick pose in front of a firing squad. The second option sounds better and better every day.

      • RPS

        The problem is that we keep re-electing these crooked polititians. If you don’t like what you are seeing in this country then vote the bum’s out! Big business gets into the pockets of career polititians. Most that have condemned SB-1070 have never read it. Most do not even read the bills that they sponser. Big business writes the bills and tells them how to vote. Ben Franklin, as this country was being formed, stated … ” There should be no career polititians … they should serve for a time and then go back to their farms and business’s”.

        • 45caliber

          When you really get down to it, why does Congress need to be in session all year, every year? The Texas State Legislature convenes once every two years for three months unless there is an emergency. And they do enough harm! If we had them in session as long as Congress is, we’d be worse off than California! Let’s stop Congress from trying to pass all their silly laws just to show they have been doing something.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I think it was Sheriff Joes site that I saw a wanted list and on that list was an illegal that had been arrested for child molesting and released on recognizance TWICE and he skipped across the border both times. I pray both those little girls get justice one way or another, if you get my drift!!!

    • 45caliber

      First, thanks for being legal.

      Second, when legals come through, they must take a physical to insure they are healthy. We have growing epidemics of diseases like TB in our country now that were almost exterminated at one time due to the illegals.

      Third, I agree about those coming now just to get handouts. People try to insist they are poor out-of-work people seeking jobs. But if they were as poor as these people say, they couldn’t afford the thousands of dollars being charged by the coyotes who slip them in.

  • patrick

    Well folks, my daily warning that you better get off your lazy asses and vote out of office all these liberal democrats. Our time is running out. Do you realize how long it is gonna take to make everything right again once Obammy and his crew of crooks are voyed out of office wil take. Get busy we have lot’s of work to do. I would hope some of our politicans have some balls and start the impeachment process for Obammy, Holder, Kragan, Gibbs, Bernanske, Pelosi, Reid. Biden, etc etc.

  • Anquiro Semper Veritas

    Several years ago the Board of Supervisors in Prince William County, Va. passed a law that is very similar to the Arizona law that was gutted by the sitting Federal Judge last week. This is the County where the illegal killed the nun. Since the passage of this law the crime rates in Prince William County have dropped dramatically. Illegal aliens have left the County in droves. When local law enforcement find an illegal alien they turn them over to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) police. This is a Federal agency who release the illegals on their own recognisence pending a deportation hearing. County officials are doing their job, the Feds are not. Montano was released back into the community and had been waiting 2 YEARS for his deportation hearing when he wrecked and took the life of the Nun and severely injured 2 others who were in the vehicle. Montano’s drivers license was revoked also. WHY DID HE EVEN HAVE A DRIVERS LICENSE????? The laws are on the books……enforce them and remove this scourge from our Nation before it’s too late. As long as our career politicians equate “illegal alien” as “voter” this problem will not change and “We the People” will continue to reap the carnage from this illegal alien problem.

    • Only in America

      In the state of Virginia some counties have specific agreements with ICE.

      In that agreement they can sue ICE for failure to do their job.

  • http://none sean moor

    ONLY IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ECT.

  • virginia


    • 45caliber

      Congress is supporting Oblama for two reasons. First, he gives them whatever pork they ask for with no questions. If they vote for it, he’ll sign it – as long as they give him what he wants too. And then they can blame him for the spending.

      Second, they believe that, if he does take over, he will let them run things. I suspect they will believe that all the way up until he places them against a wall and shoots them.

  • Moe

    God’s Will.

  • Omega Files

    Why did any one sell him gas or booze.

    Did he have a fake ID.

    DUI in 2008 was W’s watch

    Like 9-11 W was drunk at the wheel.

    • s c

      Homey, thanks for showing us how a stereotypical progressive’s mind functions. Sentence for sentence, you proved that you and all of your icons need to be institutionalized. First, it’s not Big Bro’s job to monitor every ‘gas or booze sale.’
      Second, if Montano had a fake ID, that is for local law enforcement to determine (assuming that they care). Third, 2008 is utterly irrelevant. Like all progressives, you never know what day or what year it is. Fourth, this has nothing to do with ‘W.’
      Somewhere, someone may be proud of you. If you take a poll of regular readers on this website, some will be far more unimpressed and less kind than I am with your kindergarten rant. You’re surely out of diapersby now, but that milk product you guzzle must be laced with lsd or another nasty mind-melting substance.
      If, somehow, you’re allowed to vote in any state in America, that needs to be corrected immediately. Get help, homey. NOW. What’s left of you “mind” is melting and your ‘wrapper’ is not at all tight.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Amen! I think he is about one sandwich short of a picnic lunch!!!1

    • http://naver Samurai

      You sound very experienced with this subject. Do you have a legal ID card and do you drive drunk? Are you a drunk illegal trying to drive around town? If you are, please come up to my hometown. We’ll give you a nice room, free meals, air con, heat, etc, but the only problem id that the view would be marred by the iron bars on the windows.

    • independant thinker

      As far as I know you do not need an ID to purchase gas for a vehicle. Very few if any liquor retilers ask for ID from every single purcheser. They only ask if they think the purcheser MIGHT be underage.

  • Franco

    MANASSAS, Va. (AP) _ Officials at the Prince William County jail say new local policies that require residency checks of inmates suspected of being in the country illegally have pushed crowding at the jail to an all-time high.

    In recent letters to local officials and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, jail board Chairman Patrick Hurd said the new policies are straining jail employees and the jail is spending more than $220,000 per month to house prisoners elsewhere.

    Under a partnership with ICE that began in July, local law enforcement officers get training in processing suspected illegal immigrants. ICE agents are supposed to pick up the suspects within 72 hours. Hurd, however, says agents are taking weeks to pick up the suspects.

    ICE spokeswoman Ernestine Fobbs says the agency is pledging to step up its commitment

    • Franco

      That was from April 8 2008

      Again W’s watch.

      • http://naver Samurai

        Once again, local law enforcement’s job and not the presidents. I think you’ve been drinking just way too much kool ade!

      • http://naver Sook Young

        Franco? Isn’t that a hispanic name? Are you sure you are here legally? Please post your ID so we can tell if you are legal or not.

        • Sutekh

          Someone named “Sook” tells someone named “Franco” he has a foreign name. I would suggest that you get your papers in order yourself, or admit to a pseudonym.


    • RPS

      Please explain to me how they can step up that commitment when ICE only has about 6,000 agents to cover the entire United States? New York City alone, has over 35,000 police officers. Over 5 times a many officers … for a CITY … not a country.

      • s c

        RPS, first, CLOSE the borders. Second, FORCE Uncle Scam to his effin’ job. Either Uncle Scam does his effin’ job, or the border states will do it for Uncle Scam. Third, every retarded useful idiot who holds an office and every appointed retard and all of the others should be physically yanked out of their comfy offices and left to the whims of outraged citizens who will take no more.
        Uncle Scam IS the problem. When laws fail and the watchers REFUSE to watch, it is OUR right to remedy the situation. Americans are NOT obligated to endure insanity.

        • Paul

          Google “unfunded mandates”

          It is how the government doesn’t enforce rules.

      • Charlie Maze

        This was an isolated event. People are run over everyday.

        • 45caliber

          And too many times by drunks. But that doesn’t mean we should ignore it.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        when law enforcement is doing their job for them, how many do they need?!?!? There are too many illegals that are handed over to ICE and let go before the ink is dry on the arrest warrant!! Deport, Deport, Deport!!!!!

  • AZ Mom

    Well, by golly, people rose out of the ashes in an uproar and threw the hate at AZ when SB-1070 passed and called for a boycott. And now they are griping about illegals in their States? And all those who voted for that empty suit Obama should be pretty embarrassed by now. Like Lemmings …to the sea! This country is going downhill fast because the people we voted into office have higher agendas than our country … themselves. It’s disgusting!

    • 45caliber

      I saw some comments by a liberal on this the other day that I had to laugh at!

      In one place she said that the AZ laws were unConstitutional and illegal – that the state had no right to guard its border. In another place in the same thread, she said that people shouldn’t get excited about illegals as AZ has shown that by enforcing the law it would cause the illegals to move away.


    All this stuff about the Illegal Problems ends up the same. What people should be concerned and troubled about, whatever the government problem, is it legal or illegal, whatever the concern is. In this case it definitely appears illegal. So the officials concerned, whether on the local level or higher echelons should be doing their jobs and upholding their oaths to the laws of this country. Those ignoring that law should be publicly disciplined and/or removed from their office for violating the law. Instead we have a “Chinese Menu” whereby these same officials get the choice whether to enforce or not enforce, whichever is most convenient to their personal/political interests, instead of the law. The Dems want those hispanic votes and the Rinos want to not appear as bad guys so they don’t do what the Law calls for them to do. If the law on the books is wrong, change it. . Until such time as it does get changed, DO YOUR JOB or face legal consequences, anything less is just hypocrisy …

    • 45caliber

      A “law” is a statement in writing that MUST be used for ALL defendants. If you pick and choose what to obey or who must obey it, then it is not a law. There is NO law. It is all chaos. You – and they – cannot decide to obey this law but not that one today but not tomorrow. Without established laws that ALL follow, there cannot be a civilization.

      And we are getting there fast.

  • Dr Wayne

    Government workers every where need to be laid off so that the budget can be balanced. So lay them off.

    • 45caliber

      I’ll vote for that!

  • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

    Hey ya’all in the USA, “La Reconquista” is right on schedule. Your ancestors did a job on our ancestors, it was call the Frontier Movement, and George Armstrong Custer Died for all Your SINS. Now get off your ARSES, quit your bitching and fight for your liberties, freedoms, and country or you will sure as hell lose it. You have the numbers yet, your own kind with the aid of their household negroes have betrayed you and laugh in your faces. Enough said!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      That statement is kinda null and void now. Do you realize how many people have Native American blood in their bodies??? I have it from BOTH sides of my family. My fathers grandmother was half blood Cherokee and my mothers grand father was a quarter Apache! I was proud of this even when it would get your hind end kicked to admit it!!

  • 45caliber

    I’m going to say, without reading the comments here yet, that this happens a lot in our country, whether the person driving is American or not.

    About 30 years ago, Alaska had a law I wish we did now all over the country. First offense, DWI, was a 10,000 fine and lose your license for a year. Second offense, DWI, was 1 year in jail and no license the rest of your life. DWI without a license was 10 years in jail.

    Almost no one drove drunk. Even completely plastered, they had the ability to call a cab. But when the Alaskan Pipeline was built, the unions involved insisted the law wasn’t fair since most of the workers from the US didn’t have those laws. So they changed them to match what we have here. And now you’ll see as many drunks there as here.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      As I said above, has it pegged at 25 deaths a day of US citizens at the hands of illegals this comes out to just over 9000 deaths a year!! This is unacceptable! We must find a way to make our government do their jobs!!! If you even suspect your rep is a progressive scum, VOTE HIM OUT!!!!

  • tracycolorado

    Crime does pay , only in america , Where the soup of the day is corruption

  • http://none Mark-223

    My Fellow Americans,does anyone know of a way,[freedom of info pobbibly]to find illegals whom have been arested,turned over to ICE and released.WE need names & addresses and then we’ll get the problem solved.Texas is my main concern personally but only for logstic reasons,we can only help so much.Don’t get me wrong the whole country needs to know & needs help but I/we can’t cover our own state effectivlly–for now ya’ll will have to organize by county/state & deal with it locally–Love to help but only have so many men&ammo,Upstanding,Patriotic,U.S. born, pissed off AMERICAN!!!!!

  • http://gmail i41

    One thing that people forget about,is the Catholic Church has been promoting giving sactuary to illegals and creating away for more illegals to get in here. All churches of different denominations give sactuary and want more unskilled people to come to our country.The NEA requires bills passed by marxist democrat to have a teacher fluent in what ever dialect and language to teach, instead of making the kids and parents learn English. We baby them along letting them speak their language and keep acting like they are back home. Our soft approach illegals is coming back to bite everyone in the butt. Catch an illegal
    put a chip in their necks like we do with dogs, muslims get it in each cheek, top and bottum. If they are here legal they don’t get chips but 25 years for vehiclur homicide, plain and simple.

    • Sutekh

      Every Roman Catholic church in the U.S. is an embassy of the Vatican, which is a sovereign state and a foreign country. These churches give aid and comfort to Roman Catholic invaders who come here illegally. Roman Catholics need to decide whether they are citizens of the Vatican or citizens of the U.S., just like Jews need to decide if they are Israelis or Americans, and hispanics need to decide if they are citizens of their country of origin, or Americans.

      Dual citizenship needs to be done away with. Every American born to U.S. parents in a foreign country who has dual citizenship should be forced on his 21st birthday to renounce either his American citizenship, or his foreign citizenship. No citizens of any foreign country should be allowed to keep their citizenship in foreign countries if they want to be naturalized as American citizens.

      Those with “dual citizenship” are potential traitors. The former mayor of Houston (a Marion Barry wannbe) appointed a Mexican national (whose political self-identification was marxist) with dual citizenship to a city position. No one even knew about her until she went bipolar on a Constable in his office and was charged with assault. She went running to the Mexican embassy and claimed that she was being persecuted as a foreign national. That’s the trouble with appointed offices. Many of us have never heard of these offices, and liberal politicians will apppoint any criminal marxist weirdo they please to these positions with little or no input from the public. That is why we should be extremely careful whom we vote for for president, and look at all the issues, and not vote for him because he is the same color as we are, or because he promises us more handouts than he will give people of another color.


  • Ray

    For a detailed report on what is happening on the roads and highways of the East Coast see the article Harvest of death on the Eastern Shore where it is reported that while 5% of the population in the area is Hispanic they are involved in 25% of the fatal traffic accidents, an astounding 5 times as much participation as representation. Given the fact that most members of the Hispanic community are law abiding and responsible citizens, that means that a large percentage of the illegal alien portion of the Hispanic community is even worse. How much worse nobody knows because NOBODY IS TRACKING IT.

    A review of State Police auto accident reports for 2002 through 2004 for that area of the Eastern Shore also revealed that of the 179 accidents involving Hispanic laborers:

    •75% of the drivers had no auto insurance.
    •Nearly all of the vehicles driven by migrants were registered to other drivers.
    •93% of the vehicles had false out-of-state tags.
    In 2003 and 2004, 128 of the 395 people, 32.4%, arrested on DUI charges were Hispanic, a rate six times greater than the Hispanic portion of the population.

  • Ray

    In 2003 and 2004, 128 of the 395 people, 32.4%, arrested on DUI charges were Hispanic, a rate six times greater than the Hispanic portion of the population.

    The article goes on, “When crashes occur, it is not uncommon for Hispanic drivers – often intoxicated and unlicensed – to flee before troopers arrive. According to State Police records, about a third of accidents involving migrant workers are hit-and-run. State Trooper Koushel said migrants often cannot be conclusively identified when they’re stopped for a violation or involved in an accident.” “Many”, he said, “are illegal aliens who carry fake or invalid driver’s licenses”. “Because of that”, he said, “many fail to show up in court. It’s almost like writing a ticket to a ghost.”

  • Ray

    How isolated is this accident? Well you decide! Many more where this comes from.
    Min Soon Chang, a freshman from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, was killed by drunk driving illegal alien Jorge Humberto Hernandez-Soto, who hit him while going 100 MPH the wrong way on the highway. Hernadez-Sot had been previously deported to his native Mexico 17 times. That is not a typo.

    Cheryl Ceran, 47, and two of her children, 15-year-old Ian and 7-year-old Julianna were killed on Christmas Eve by drunk driving illegal alien Carlos Rodolfo Prieto, 24, who ran a red light and slammed into their car. Also injured in the crash were Cheryl Ceran’s husband, Gary Ceran, 45, their daughter, Clarissa, 19, and a son, Caleb, 12. Prieto had at least two other drunken driving arrests and did not have a license.

    Kelly Bergen, 25, a teacher, was crushed between two potato trucks, an accident caused by an illegal alien driving without a license or insurance.

    Deputy Loren Lilly, an 18 year veteran of the Cobb County, GA, police department was killed Christmas Eve morning on his way to work when an illegal alien swerved into his lane. The driver, Joel Camacho Perea, faces charges of hit and run, failure to maintain lane and driving without a license.

    Marine Corporal Brian Mathews, 21, and his girlfriend Jennifer Bower, 24, were killed by a drunk illegal alien Eduardo Raul Morales-Soriano who slammed into their car when it was stopped at a traffic light. Corporal Mathews was on leave, after just returning from duty in Iraq. Morales-Soriano had a blood-alcohol level that was four times the legal limit.

    20 year old Natalie Housand was killed when illegal alien Jesus Garcia Lopez hit her car while going 100 MPH, driving drunk. Amazingly, after the head-on collision, Lopez fled the scene.

    Donna and Sean Wilson of Juliet Tennessee, were killed by illegal alien Gustavo Reyes Garcia who had been, arrested 14 times in the previous five years prior to when he ran into and killed them, again driving while intoxicated. Garcia had previously been arrested 5 times on DUIs.

    Tricia Ann Taylor, 17, lost both her legs above the knees when she was pinned against a wall by a drunken illegal alien with seventeen prior violations who hit her while drag racing.
    Ryan Ostendorf, a 28 year old paramedic, who was also a Kansas University student and who dreamed of becoming a doctor, was killed by illegal alien Victor Anzua-Torresa who had ignored an order to receive treatment after his previous drunken-driving conviction. Anzua-Torresa had also been previously deported in 2000 and been arrested for several other offenses, including possession of drug paraphernalia.

    5-year-old Felix Leon was killed in a hit and run accident by illegal alien Carlos Jaramillo.
    James F. Rogers Jr., 18, of North Jackson, TN was killed by Luis Oscar Garcia, a Mexican who had been living in the U.S. without a green card for three years. Garcia ran a red light. In addition to the vehicular homicide and DUI charges, Garcia faces counts of driving without a license, registration or proof of insurance. When police did a check on his license plate, it did not come back under his name.

    Joshua Morrow, 4, and his uncle, Ronald Bishop were killed by an illegal alien who left the scene of the accident.

    Christopher Shackleford, 19, Julieanne Pascoe, 18, and Kelli Bourgeois, 18, were all killed in Marietta, Georgia, by an illegal alien drunk driver. He did not have a valid driver’s license or insurance but did have a blood alcohol level at twice the legal limit.

    Brandon Haley, 31, was killed while riding his bicycle in a hit and run by illegal alien Lazardo Lobaton.

    The Marti family, pictured here during a happy moment that no longer exists. Sean, just 24 years old, and his daughter Sage, 5 months old, were killed by a drunk illegal alien who was driving the wrong way on Highway 84 in Idaho. Natalie Marti was in a coma for two weeks after the head-on crash, spent two months in the hospital, and has suffered brain damage from a traumatic head wound.
    Chicago Police Officer Michael Gordon lost his life to a drunken illegal alien driver. Officer Gordon was in the driver’s seat of his squad car when it was struck by Luis Calle, a Guatemalan, whose blood alcohol level was 0.177, twice the legal limit.

    Helen Hughes, 22, Jennifer Carter, 18, and Hughes’ stepbrother, 16-year-old Ben Leonard were all killed by an illegal alien, who allegedly was driving drunk, and already had a long record of crime in the United States.

    22-year-old Amy Kortlang was killed by an illegal alien driving without a license and while drunk. The illegal alien driver had been previously deported, barely six months prior to causing the accident.
    Oakland Police Officer Will Seuis was killed on his ride home by an illegal alien. A sixteen-year veteran of the Police Department, Officer Seuis was remembered at his funeral as a hard-working cop who had received 33 letters of appreciation from citizens, including one from a motorist he had ticketed. The illegal alien had a long history of traffic convictions.

    Peggy Keller, dean of distance education at Yakima Valley Community College, was killed by a twice deported illegal alien who was driving under the influence of methamphetamines.

    19 year old Travis Smith was killed when he was struck head-on by a vehicle driven by an illegal alien who was transporting four other illegal aliens to Pennsylvania.

    Six year old Annie Cumpston was killed in a hit-and-run accident in downtown Baltimore by a truck driven by illegal alien Guillermo Diaz when it veered into the crosswalk as she and her family were leaving the circus. When Diaz was arrested, he did not have a driver’s license, the tags on the truck were expired and his blood-alcohol level was 0.07 percent. Diaz had been in the United States illegally for four years doing construction work. He received 10 years in prison but is eligible for parole in just two years. This is an example of a horrific crime where all the easy to find references are gone but you can find the story at archived at CRIME VICTIMS OF ILLEGAL ALIENS.

  • Ray

    Who pays for the carnage? American citizens, of course. As noted in When illegal immigrants crash, taxpayers usually foot the bill, “the only trauma center in Southern Arizona, Tucson’s University Medical Center … At the current run rate we’ll incur 5 – 6 million dollars in un-reimbursed costs for taking care of foreign nationals.” That is just the unpaid emergency medical costs for one hospital in one city. Since there is no such thing as a free lunch, the insured pay for treating the uninsured through higher medical costs and insurance premiums.

    How many Americans are being killed in traffic accidents by illegal aliens? As noted by a Media Matters article interview, Boyles guest acknowledges “no one really knows how many Americans per day are being killed by illegal aliens” as it is all a guess based on bits and pieces starting with the fact that nobody really knows how many illegal aliens are actually in the USA. Again, it comes back to nobody knows because NOBODY IS TRACKING IT.

  • Ray

    Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, whose agency oversees the ICE, said that she will continue to investigate the incident.
    If she does have him Leave or be deported, He will be back again to drink and Kill AGAIN. Who will it be this time You or your Family?
    Border Security is a Must, CLOSE THE BORDER!

    • JC

      ICE Agents Vote ‘No Confidence’ in Leaders, Say Amnesty Coming
      Monday, 09 Aug 2010 09:36 PM Article Font Size

      The union that represents rank-and-file field agents at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has unanimously passed a “vote of no confidence” for the agency’s leadership, saying ICE has “abandoned” its core mission of protecting the public to support a political agenda favoring amnesty.

      The National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council of the American Federation of Government Employees, which represents 7,000 ICE agents and employees, voted 259-0 for a resolution saying there was “growing dissatisfaction and concern” over the leadership of Assistant Secretary John Morton, who heads ICE, and Phyllis Coven, assistant director for the agency’s office of detention policy and planning.

      The resolution said ICE leadership had “abandoned the agency’s core mission of enforcing U.S. immigration laws and providing for public safety,” instead directing its attention “to campaigning for programs and policies related to amnesty and the creation of a special detention system for foreign nationals that exceeds the care and services provided to most U.S. citizens similarly incarcerated.

      “It is the desire of our union … to publicly separate ourselves from the actions of Director Morton and Assistant Director Coven and publicly state that ICE officers and employees do not support Morton or Coven or their misguided and reckless initiatives, which could ultimately put many in America at risk,” the union said.

      In a strongly worded statement, the union and its affiliated local councils said the integrity of the agency “as well as the public safety” would be “better provided for in the absence of Director Morton and Assistant Director Coven.”

      the rest of the article:

      • JeffH

        JC, good read. I had heard this last week too.

        • JC

          The front line people are losing faith in this administration….GOOD!

  • Philip In OC

    Just one of many reasons why we need to do away with this blind eye toward illegal immigration, and in particular, idiots like this donkey-driver who was allowed to remain in our country.

    CBS in Atlanta had two excellent stories not two long ago about how the ragheads are sneaking Hispanic-looking terrorists into South America, having them learn Spanish, then sending them to Mexico to sneak in with other donkey-drivers.

    The Border Patrol has even found prayer rugs and other Muslim artifacts in the desert along with drawings of the World Trade Center towers on fire.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda


  • Jimmy

    Check out this video and then you’ll know and understand why America is being captured from within by the “New World Order”. This is “a must see” video.
    Everyone,including families and friends should check it out.
    “The Obama Deception” HQ Full length version

  • giley1

    This kind of tragedy will continue as long as liberal judges exist. The bleeding soft hearts who condone softness for the criminal element should be held accountable for the lack of good judgement. First of all, the illegal should have been deported post haste. That is the problem, the system for deportation is too cumbersome and takes too long. In Mexico and most Latin countries, the give you a swift boot back to where you came from and if you return, it is jail time a a roach infested facility, that is how they discourage repeat offenders. Here we have good food, fancy shelter with tv, pool table and work out room and of course a lawyer. We’re trully fools!!!!!!!!!

  • Angie

    Why can’t we put an electric fence ALLLLLL the way down the border fence with barb wire at the top? This will stop them from “jumping over” and stop anchor babies from being born here to make illegals citizens “on the spot.” Before anyone says “that’s inhumane” let me remind you that we do this to our own prisoners in this country. Yes they are murderers, rapists, pedophiles, etc. but do you know what is jumping across the border? SAME THING!!!!! We don’t need anymore! ANNNNDDDDD we surely don’t need anymore drunk driving murders!

  • Barnie

    Bolivian Born? Was he a citizen then of Mexico? I forgot, there are no legal citizens of Mexico, they are all wanna-be US illegals. Oh my goodness, I am appalled by the whole action and questions of whose fault it is. So while the prima donas sit in their cozy offices to decide what to do with this guy, the family has no justice or closure. My friends from Germany came over here legally and lived here for 10 yrs. Someone in the American Gestapo decided they were not meeting the requirements of their visas by not spending 100s of 1000s of dollars here and were sent home, post haste. They are not allowed to even get citizenship and use the time spent here toward it. They would have to start from ground zero and they are already in their 70s. What a shame, they were contributing to the economy, obeyed the laws and loved this country. I have no use for the imbiciles (sp?) who are attempting to run this country. I’m done, now I am just rambling and it’s late, I’m tired both physically and emotionally. God help us all!


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