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Illegal Immigrant Health Coverage Unintentional, Democrats Say

December 8, 2009 by  

Illegal immigrant health coverage unintentional, Democrats sayUnder the terms of the recently proposed healthcare legislation, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants could receive health benefits from their employers, The Washington Times reports.

Although its supporters say that illegal immigrants will not benefit from healthcare reform, the House and Senate bills do not contain any exemptions to screen out illegal workers who obtain jobs using false identities. Hence, Democrats admit that illegal immigrants may be able to obtain coverage if they mislead their employer about their status.

Some Republicans feel that this loophole will allow any illegal immigrant access to health insurance if they choose to cheat the system.

"This is a complete cover-all-the-gaps federal health insurance for illegals, whether it be under Medicaid, the refundable tax credit or whether it be under their employers who would not be able to verify their employees," Iowa Republican Representative Steve King said, quoted by the news source.

However, Nadeam Elshami, spokesman for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said that "it’s possible an employee could deceive an employer with a fraudulent document…to gain employment, just as it’s possible for all sorts of criminal activity to occur."

The Federation for American Immigration Reform, which advocates restricted immigration, estimates that taxpayers currently contribute $11 billion a year to healthcare for illegal immigrants and that costs will rise to $30 billion if they are offered the same insurance coverage as citizens, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

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  • Disgusted

    Unintentional….Bull(word removed)!

    • Cribster


      I’m very tired of being railroaded. Every day brings a new outrage from this disaterous, deceitful administration.

      Impeach the usurper!

      • John

        Exactly, I’ve been saying that you need to keep a journal too keep up with his BS. Everyday brings something new and deceitful from this disgrace.

    • AZ Rifleman

      It’s never “unintentional” that just the word they use when they get caught…

      • Joe H.

        AZ Rifleman,
        this reminds me of a ten year old saying “Gee I didn’t mean for it to happen it just did!!”


      Alabama is losing companies left and right.Obama acts like things are getting better.He is looking at something that is not there.It is kind of like the federal government told so many lies about vietnam and we lost many many great soldiers due the stupidity of the feds.Health care is going to destroy our country if we let the feds take over.The Illegals do not need any federal help.If they want to become a citizen the go down the right path all of the other people from other countries did.I have many friends who have came here and did the right thing and learn how to speak or language without complaining.

    • Sharon

      Of course the Healthcare Reform Act covers illegals. It would be unconstitutional on its face if it excluded them. They are here, therefore, they are entitled under the equal protection clause to all benefits of citizens. They don’t need to have phony Social Security cards. Makes you wonder what is so precious about your own US citizenship doesn’t it?

      • Lisa

        U.S Citizenship is well on its way to becoming meaningless. It’s very sad.

  • Robert

    Nothing surprises me anymore. Did anyone think that either party has America’s best interest in mind while they debate (cut deals) the Health Care Deform Bill? And to all you young people who currently have no health insurance, get ready to be fined and jailed for your criminal activities. So says the word of Obama as written in our constitution (once he has the supreme court change it to his likings).

  • Barbara Holmes

    There will be no healthcare for Illegals when amnesty has given them citizenship. Illegals will immediately be able to speak English, adopt a culture, (there is little evidence of any Mexican culture), stop murdering each other, requiring their children to get a real education, etc. I can’t wait!!

  • DiverDan

    No Amnesty, No Engish, No Health Care.
    I ran a business in Texas, and I am sure that not one of my employees were actually legal, even though they could show me a SS Number that they bought at the flea market. If I had o ay medical bennefits for them,, We would have gone broke very soon,
    Every one on the payroll was ” MARRIED WITH 10 Kids” ( No taxes taken out)
    Unintentional? Thats a laugh, new immigrants will vote Dem, especially once a Dem gives them free everything.
    We already pay to have their babies, pay for their medical on welfare,pay for their education,thru grade 12, and watch them kill each other in school on the news, and now , you need to be Bi-Lingual to get jobs across the USA, ( Mostly in FL & TX, and Govt positions)
    I heard a statement the other day ” If you think Healthcare is expensive now, WAIT UNTIL IT’S FREE”
    because there is no free for americans who work, if their job is not taken by an illegal, or eliminated because of the additional government costs added on to payroll.
    I am a little tired of walking in department stores, supermarkets etc, and only hearing Spanish, going to resturants and having the waiter ask me for my order in Spanish.
    My grandparents learned English, and never spoke their native language at home with the grandkids,
    They want our money and jobs, and send a lot of the money to their country, that sure does not help our economy much
    No Medical for illegals,,,,
    No Education for illegals,
    NO FREE RIDE please!

    • Vivian Bross

      How about if they begin by keeping the illegals out. That would be a start.

      • Joe H.

        And lose all those liberal votes?!?!?!?!? Surely you jest!!!

    • Joe H.

      Diver Dan,
      If you “knew” they were illegal then why did you hire them? You are just as guilty as they are or worse!!!

  • Brittancus

    Next year Americans had better be on their guard against fraudulent voter registrations and the possibility of illegal immigrants voting in the 2010 Senate elections. Sen.Harry Reid (D-NV) comes up for re-election and if you didn’t know already, the great state of Nevada is overwhelmed by foreign nationals of the illegal kind. Be aware that under current voting law, a–UTILITY BILL– is officially identified as a legal document as identification in Nevada. In states that are heavily involved with illegal immigrants and the product of welfare fraud, Nevada and California specifically should be under the eye of the election authorities. After the ACORN controversy these two Western states have very large apportionment’s of political illegal immigrant sympathizers and–MUST–be removed from their career seats. Sen.Harry can be attributed to the near destruction of E-Verify, the federal verification program that a growing number of nationwide employers are beginning to use. As a pro-illegal immigrant incumbent he must be ejected from his Senatorial seat, because he is directly involved in the 2010 Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill.These are the worst of the worst with a grading of ( F ) – as according to NUMBERSUSA. They have been adamant conspirators against any immigration enforcement and readily agreeable with another BLANKET AMNESTY. WE NEED TO MAKE EXAMPLES OF THEM AND THROW THE IDIOTS OUT OF OFFICE NEXT YEAR? These individuals are just part of the political conspirators who don’t mind illegal aliens settling in our nation and stealing AMERICAN JOBS.
    Bennet, Michael F. – (D – CO) ,Bennett, Robert F. – (R – UT),Dodd, Christopher J. – (D – CT),Feingold, Russell D. – (D – WI),Gillibrand, Kirsten E. – (D – NY),Inouye, Daniel K. – (D – HI),Leahy, Patrick J. – (D – VT),Lincoln, Blanche L. – (D – AR), Mikulski, Barbara A. – (D – MD), Murray, Patty – (D – WA), Reid, Harry – (D – NV), Schumer, Charles E. – (D – NY), (R – AL),Wyden, Ron – (D – OR),

    Statement from Gov. Jim Gibbons “Our voting system is very simply the greatest in the world and is the basis of what makes this country great. The allegation that an organization that’s main purpose is to register new voters was doing so fraudulently is very troubling. I believe that requiring a photo ID to vote is a very reasonable protection for our voting system and should be enacted as law by the 2009 Legislature.”

    Those who believe in America’s survival, without OVERPOPULATION as stated by the US Census bureau better read facts at NUMBERSUSA not the lies spawned by open border entities. Those who want details of corruption in WASHINGTON and state government go to JUDICIAL WATCH. Overpopulation, traffic hell should go to CAPSWEB. Other sites of interest on Immigration enforcement is ALIPAC and AMERICAN PATROL. We the people have the ultimate power to throw out anti-sovereignty incumbent politicians. Call and command these do-nothings to–STOP–this facade at 202-224-3121.


    Unintentional my butt, the damn law is twisted and used to allow the illegals to get SS, medical care and now will gain the benfits of whatever health care this crooked scheme will allow if it passes. Accordsing to the USSC a social program is for anyone within the boundries of the US and it’s laws, that is how ridiculous and fraught with gutless thinking the court is. The Jackass Party has known this all along and when BOzo was called a liar in the senate, it was a fact, he was lying thru his teeth and still is.

    How about this one….In jannuary the majority Jackass party will push for universal voter registration. This will allow them to registar anyone and everyone with or without their permission and I am telling you that illegals, dead people and non citizens will qualify. It is just as crooked as ACORN and sister organization SEIU is gearing up to put millions of dollars into getting this voter scheme passed.

    Keep your powder dry and your knife sharp..your going to need it come voting time.

  • Julie B

    In a nutshell

    This vountry needs to implement e-Verify nantionwide!If we imose huge fines on businesses that hire illegal they will be forced to make sure their workers are legal.

    • Joe H.

      Julie B.,
      We already have it nationwide, it just isn’t enforced!!! It was just extended for, I believe, five years to appease the conservatives that wanted to make it permanent!!! Call, Write, E-mail your Reps. I did again last nite and will again next week!!I do so weekly so they don’t forget!!

  • Gomer

    My 2-bits worth in this debate is that we need to shut down the welfare magnet that is sucking the illegals across the border in the first place.

    • Lisa

      Amen, Gomer!

  • s c

    Anybody who believes that has anything to do with congressional leadership is in dire need of a BRAIN TRANSPLANT. HOW can AMERICANS be SO STUPID?
    They do what they do INTENTIONALLY. They rely on STUPID people to ‘go along’ in the name of “we’re all on the same side.” Oh, DUHHHHH!
    This is what to expect when career criminals [politicians] are allowed to stay in Washington. They get midnight pay raises, regardless of the FACT that what they do deserves MINIMUM WAGE.
    Throw them out! ALL of them. NOW!

  • not impressed

    I think not! This is an amnesty ploy for the democrat platform to insure more votes for themselves in upcoming elections. Every Hispanic that I know is extremely left leaning because of the entitlement programs.
    I know several that own several homes for rent houses (which they only accept cash rents) and each one is listed in the names of other family members so it doesn’t affect their welfare benefits. And I can’t even afford decent housing for my family because I don’t rape the system.
    Screw you democrats!

  • http://none gary

    Like Pilosi said “you will have to pass it in order to read it”. So those that passed it into law can now say they had no idea how bad it would be since they did not even read it.
    They are using same excuse to fight Arizona by saying they have not read the Arizona law. Yeah fight something that you have not even read. Just makes an out excuse for them to say well I was just going by what I had heard. Such a bucket of crapola.


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