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Illegal Aliens Can’t Be Deported Under New Policy

June 18, 2012 by  

Illegal Aliens Can’t Be Deported Under New Policy
Young, law-abiding illegals will be immune to deportation.

Thanks to the regime of President Barack Obama, 800,000 illegal aliens can now relax and put down roots. Under a new policy, if an alien came to the United States as a child and has lived a law-abiding life, he has no fear of deportation.

The announcement comes one week before Obama plans to speak to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials in Orlando, Fla. The Hispanic vote will be crucial in some swing States come November. Obama has been falling out of favor recently with the Hispanic population.

Under the plan, illegal aliens cannot be deported if they came to the United States before they turned 16 and are younger than 30, have been in the country for at least five consecutive years, have no criminal history, graduated from a U.S. high school or earned a GED, or served in the military.

Illegal aliens who meet the criteria can apply for a work permit which can be renewed every two years.

“Many of these young people have already contributed to our country in significant ways. Prosecutorial discretion, which is used in so many other areas, is especially justified here,” wrote Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

Young illegal aliens will not be allowed to apply for a work permit until they turn 16, but officials have said that illegal aliens younger than 16 will not be deported.


Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • roger gunderson

    We might as well send our legislators home. Obama will make all our laws.

    • eddie47d

      It’s about time we stopped punishing people who did no wrong as children and are now productive ambitious young adults. Their willingness in supporting this country is an appropriate step forward using their skills to forge a better America. Anything less would be counter productive.

      • Gracie

        Maybe the children did no wrong. What about the parents who brought them here. American Tax Payers paid for their children’s education, etc. The parent’s commented a crime and they should have to pay back American tax payers for taking care of them and their children. Where have you been?

      • Vigilant

        eddie says, “It’s about time we stopped punishing people who did no wrong as children and are now productive ambitious young adults.”

        One of the distinguishing differences between leftists and Conservatives is that the left has no respect for the rule of law. Get this, eddie et. al., every time a unilateral action is taken by a president, czar, regulatory agency or activist judge that is not IAW the Constitution, the closer we come to a dictatorship.

        And understand this: it’s about time we stopped punishing American citizens with taxation to support the costs for illegal immigration. There are hundreds of thousands of “productive ambitious young adults” who are waiting in line to enter this country LEGALLY who have been pushed to the end of the line because of the criminals who cross our borders every day.

        When the chief executive selectively enforces federal laws for purely political reasons, that’s basis for impeachment.

      • pweiters9

        6/19/12, This is not only a shrewd move on the part of BO&Co.,it sets bad precedent by opening the floodgates to, not just Latins, but all aliens from wherever they come; something we could do without in this post-9/11 world.

    • Robert Smith

      It was a small minority of vocal right wing republicans who sank the dream act.

      Most folks understand that the sins of the father should not be visited upon the kids.

      Or is that something peculur to your brand of christanity?


      • Rocky Night

        Wow Rob?!?! Where do you make all this stuff up? Why do you hate Christians so much?

        Let me guess your a gay Latino now? You change what you are and what you do for a living with each article so its difficult to keep your stories straight?

        If you hate ALL these articles so much then why read them? Do you get paid for this?

        Take your hate rhetoric some where else.

      • RivahMitch

        Nonsense. By giving illegal invaders the reward of a free pass for their kids, you’ve just made it good family policy for more of them to violate our borders.

        Self (and national) preservation are rational concerns. Your reference to peoples religion really has no relevance to the issue. However, FYI, the Old testament speaks the sins of the parents being visited on the children “even unto the 10th generation” and the New Testament requires “repentance’ as a prerequisite for forgiveness. Perhaps forgiveness of their invasion gives you closure but allowing home invaders kids a place at our dinner table is unacceptable to many of us.

      • slapjack

        You better keep looking over your shoulder Bobbie Smith!!!!!!!!!You never know when the BOOGIE Man will catch up with you. Sleep tight Bobbie Smith and don’t let the BEDBUGS bite your worthless ass.

      • Dennis48e

        ” …but allowing home invaders kids a place at our dinner table is unacceptable to many of us.”

        RS isn’t offering them a place at his dinner table only at yours and mine.

      • rendarsmith

        Typical Liberal Atheist. Nothing better to do than to bash Christians, because you know, despite centuries of theology, he knows so much more than they do…

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Rocky Night says: :: Hate The Christians? People are lead by FAITH.. CHURCH Desire to make heaven on Earth, as in their Arkaic Book (Bible) To Be Ruled By some Son of God 2000 Years ago… The Vatigan the Root!.

      • eddie47d

        The Bible teaches tolerance and acceptance. The Bible also says to accept strangers into your home and welcome them as your own. Tearing down the potential in children does nothing to enhance the betterment of a nation. Somethings do make Christians hypocritical and spiteful and go against decency. This is not a give away but something that has to be earned.

      • Vigilant

        RS says, “It was a small minority of vocal right wing republicans who sank the dream act.”

        How so, oh great Constitutional scholar? Last I checked, bills in Congress are passed by majorities. For whatever reason, the president has no authority to flout federal law to suit his own ploitical ends.

        Moreover, Obama stated in September 2011 that he has no authority to selectively sidestep portions of the law. Now what, other than crass political motivations, could have changed his mind?

    • bruce

      just thinking… What would happen if all of our LEGAL residents (natural born) declared they are here illegally from Mexico? They could all claim to be Jhuan from where ever, and get a new ID that says they are from where ever, get THEIR stamps (that they have a RIGHT to) . Then they could both work (under one SS number) and collect under a different number. How will our system stop this? Think hard, then reply. If we do not have a good answer to this problem, we should not allow anyone here illegally to stay one more minute. The Democrats said in the 80′s that this one amnesty will be the last and we will secure our borders afterwards. This is a quote from our famous Democrat, now dead, forgot his name…..
      But a lie is a lie, and the democrats do a lot of that.
      How can you tell if a Democrat is lying to the public? their lips are moving…

  • Warrior

    If these people are “illegal”, how did they get in the military or scrool? I often wonder, who recruits the best and brightest “illegals” and how do they do it? I’ve never seen the recruiting tools being used. Hmmm, I wonder if that kid from facebook paid the “schumer tax” upon his relinguishing his citizenship?

    • Vigilant

      Last I recall, that was called “fraudulent enlistment” when I was serving. And it was punishable by discharge under other than honorable conditions.

  • Sirian

    Rep. King of Iowa is planning to file a lawsuit against this policy. This move is so obvious as to why it was set in place now. Votes, nothing more than votes. It will be interesting to see if Rep. King actually carries through with what he has said he will do. I hope he does.

  • The Blue Collar Man

    So, let me get this straight. A “law abiding”, 30 year old “Illegal” can now plan on NOT being deported.
    What did that “Illegal” do about the previous 15 years of their life, assuming they had the intellect at 15 to understand they were here Illegally? They ignored their problem, as did their parents.
    If you rob a Bank, then ignore you did so, are you then innocent if you get caught later?
    This gets “fuzzy” real quick.
    What was being done about them before? I’ve never heard or seen anything on the subject.
    Having worked at a place where 95% were Mexicans, I can attest that they are hard workers, and good people, a small portion maybe undesireable.
    But, using this “fuzzy” logic, it would seem to open the flood gates to “forgiveness” for much larger problems. Someone didn’t think this through.

    • Marcoli

      Good call, should this thinking apply to everything. Should we open the gates of all the prisons that hold prisoners that only killed once. It’s easy for Blowbama to sit in his ivory tower high above the plight of the real world, and ignore the cries of the people of Arizona. Anyone who has done any reading about the wave of crime in Arizona that has enveloped the good law-abiding citizens of that wonderful state. Why should we allow people to pour over our border and sign up for free healthcare, food stamps, child-care, and every other possible type of assistance, while the middle class working folk have a hard time making ends meet. Only the liberal left would believe that that’s rational thinking. Of course, when you’re looking to buy votes, I guess that you can rationalize anything away in your own mind. If we all believed that way, then we could say that any illegal that hopped the border, came over and killed a dozen right wing tax-paying citizens, was justified, because they were supporting the cause. Wake up people, you can’t just bury your heads deeper in the sand and expect the problems of the world to cure themselves. If you aren’t contributing to society, then you’re a drain on society, learn the difference.

      • Gracie

        I live in Nevada. Illegals here are being treated special. I went to a department store awhile back and on the P.A. system, a Hispanic was making an announcement in Spanish. No message was given in English. I became very scared because my only language is English. It could have been a message to vacate the buliding because of fire or any other emergency. Why aren’t Hispanics who want to live here forced to speak English? Just wondering if the young Hispanic’s Parents that brought them here illegally are going to be deported, or are the America Tax Payers going to have to support them too?

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        GRACIE: was an an atack… Beacuse you can’t do anything about it without being Violent! Thay win without a shot!

        • Marcoli

          Tis true, if you want to buy votes, you have to appeal to them. What better way, than to say, if you vote for me, I’ll give you free s#*t. It doesn’t matter to those that are standing at the government trough, it’s not like they had to work for it anyway. The ones that should be pissed off, are the ones that struggle to stay afloat, all the while, the lazy slugs that soak off the system are living better than those of us that work for a living to support these, “entitled ones”.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Gracie, a couple of hers ago we went to the Nebraska State Fair. This was the first year that the fair had been in Grand Island instead of Lincoln. Over the loudspeaker, everything was in Spanish. There was “Spanish?” music being played over the PA. Everywhere we walked we only saw Mexicans until we went into the exhibition hall. It was very strange and uncomfortable. It felt like we had crossed the border into Mexico. Not knowing what people around you are saying is unnerving. If you traveled to a foreign country you would expect that but we didn’t even leave the state. I was amazed at the number of Mexicans(?). I won’t go back to the state fair anymore. It is no longer our state fair. We need to take back our country!!!

        • Gracie

          Nancy, yes we need to take our Country back. It is so sad. Schools in Texas are teaching our children the Alliance to Mexico. Our hard earned tax dollars are paying for this. What about rights for legal American Citizens?

  • Bill

    Don’t mind about it just gimme one pass eh?

  • Denise

    What are the border patrol suppose to do? They feel betrayed by their own President. They just shake their heads on this….

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      THAT IS RIGHT! Obummer Has No Respect for “Legal” CITIZENS! There are still some Legal Citizen Voters… as thoe votes matter!

    • Robert Smith

      Denise says: “What are the border patrol suppose to do? They feel betrayed by their own President. They just shake their heads on this….”

      Wasn’t it Reagan who began the amnisty thing?

      Guess it was OK for him to do it because he’s a hero of the right.


      • Vigilant

        “Wasn’t it Reagan who began the amnisty [sic] thing?

        “Guess it was OK for him to do it because he’s a hero of the right.”

        I think you need to clarify your position on this, son. If you are a proponent of amnesty, then you shouldn’t be dissing Reagan.

        Moreover, the Act entailed (2) border patrol enforcement and (2) employer sanctions. You want to blame Reagan for the failure of future administrations (including Obama) to enforce the law?

  • jim

    All this is, is a ploy by Obozo to pander for the his and her spanic vote. You know as soon as the elections are over and Obozo(please GOD no)is reinstated that amnesty will be the order of the day. GOP no guts to speak out, so we will reward the illegal law breaking illegals further. Amnesty did not work the last time and has only led to the problems that we are facing today with the illegals. No guts from either party to initiate Operation Wet Back again like Truman and Eisenhower did.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    As an Independant voter I cannot express myself enough that we as Americans must vote all of the Present CONGRESS out of Office they are just as responsible for what Obamination has done to this Country as Obamination. We must take back our Country and we must get rid of Liberals ,Communists, Muslims and any idiot that thinks that keeping 40 Million Illegal’s in this Country at the working Tax payers expense is OK. If you know what the true cost to Americans is, well here it is. Since 9/11 over 11,000 Americans have been Murdered by Illegal’s that they know of, since our National Health department started tracking new diseases comming from the third world Illegal’s crossing our borders since 2010 20,000 Americans died in 2010 alone can you imagine how many have died since 9/11 and diseases that we eliminated 55 years ago are making a come back like Polio, T.B. and now we are getting parasites that kill that we have never had. How about Unemployment, Illegal’s have destroued hundreds od thousands of American businesses Mine included, holding 13-15 Million jobs that Americans could be working but Congress and the Last 4 Presidents have allowed them to stay at our expense. Illegal’s have closed over 200 Hospitals in this Country, over burdened our Schools, disrespected our Flag and Laws, they better pray I am not around when they walk on our flag or set in on fire, I will wrap them in it. Congress mainly the New Communist Party have given Illegal’s Social Security (my money I paid into for 55 years) State Aid, Food Stamps (food stamps have doubled under Obamination) Welfare and now a College education at our expense and our Childrens expense. Obamination says we owe it to them to be here Illegally so they can get on with their lives at again our expense and our JOBS, 800,000 graduating and finding jobs at a lower pay scale lowering our standard of living and taking 800,000 American Jobs. This Congress and Obamination are Traitors and need to be removed from this Country sent to somewhere they allow stealing from the productive people in their society and giving it to the non productive. Right Now we have a 51% non productive to 49% productive, we also have a true Unemployment rate od 22% if you count everyone unemployed or under employed and a National Debt that cannot be repaid under this administration or Congress or Romney who said he will not balance our budget for 7 years, did anyone tell him he is only elected for 4 years or is he like Al Gorey who asked who the busts od Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Jackson, George Washington and all the other President were, they are that stupid and out of touch. When will Americans get (expletive deleted) and tell all these (expletive deleted) in D.C. try another Country you are no longer wanted here in the United States. P.S. When the U.N. is in session I hope the building Collapses on all of them.

    • Pamela33168

      Wow, and who says that the Right Wingers aren’t full of hate and disinformation. You seriously need help!!!

      • Sirian

        It’s only a matter of growing frustration, an irritation to no end, not hate!! Obviously you have had no personal experience as VNV67-68 has. Once you have had to deal with it on the business side of life, then and only then will you perhaps understand why this frustration and deeply embedded irritation is truly growing more and more and more. Everything has a limit and with this, Obummers new vote seeking policy, yes, that limit has been reached.

      • Pamela33168


        No personal experience? I am a construction project manager here in Florida and we cannot find enough people to fill our positions. I do have personal experience and I believe that Farmers in Arizona have put there open positions in the newspapers and no one has come but the illegal immigrants to fill them. Besides that this spew of hate I was commenting on. Is just that illegals are to blame for everything. Really? Closing hospitals? I thought was because more and more Americans don’t have healthcare and the emergency room is the place of last resort Killing 5000 Americans a year? That’s over 15 a day but of course the news media must cover less that 1% of them. They are unproductive useless people. Wow, guess because I work beside them everyday I see it differently. FYI white Catholic girl rsed in Minnesota!!!

        • Marcoli

          Part of the reason for the hospital closures is because the hospitals can’t turn away illegals even though they have no insurance. It doesn’t take long for a hospital to start running in the red, when you’re in an area with a large illegal population. The thought that the right are a bunch of close-minded hate mongers is totally bogus. The truth is, that the right-leaning public has a firm grasp on reality. You can’t constantly take from the have’s and give to the have-nots, eventually you’ve just depleted your tax-paying base. In the old days, you didn’t have the enablers giving B.S. excuses as to why you don’t have a house with a white picket fence and a new Studebaker sitting in the driveway. If you jumped in a time machine and went back 50 years ago, you’d notice that people had work ethic, if they wanted something, they got it from the sweat of their brow, not by standing with their hand out waiting for someone to give it to them. And as far as the comment about the jobs being there without people to fill them, that has a lot to do with the left wing nutjobs that don’t expect people to work for a living. Why would you take a job where you actually have to drag your carcass out of bed each morning and put forth an effort, when the left is always promising people the American dream without the hassle of working for it. I’ve been in numerous plants in the predominately hispanic southwest, where 10 years ago, they had jobs that were filled with Americans, but the companies realized at some point, that they could fill those positions with illegals for 1/10th the cost. Instead of enforcing the law to protect jobs, they’ve allowed hundreds of thousands of workers to have their collective heads placed on the chopping block and let this happen. We need to get back to the days of “Rosie the riveter”. If you want all of the creature comforts of life, get out and earn it. If you go through life without, it’s because you are a lazy slug that hasn’t earned what the neighbor next door has. Stop crying, put your work boots on and create a better life for yourself.

      • Pamela33168

        Are you serious you believe that Hospitals went out of business because of all the illegals. Don’t you think that it could be because 25% of Americans have no health insurance and so many more are under-insured. When do you think that everybody is asking for a handout? Work ethic, really??? Sorry I didn’t reply to this sooner as I had to drive home from my JOB! Health care is a hand out that is why every industrialized Nation in the World has universal heathcare besides the US even Israel. Which is where ALOT of your so called handouts is going in the last 50 years how about 3 BILLION a year. No one asking for anything besides a people that realize and live in reality where you can’t be in WARTIME have our President on vacation more than he is working while cutting taxes. Sure thing our economy will certainly grow now. Plants in the Southwest huh? Guess that must be due to McCain’s deregulation!!! I as a WOMAN am very happy that I live today and not in the 50′s. When the GI’s came home didn’t “Rosie the Riveter” lose her job? Oh, and it must be all the company’s trying to squeeze more profits for those 1%er’s that are hiring the illegals.

        • Marcoli

          It appears that you have a lot of hatred. Though if you have a JOB as you said, then you should be just as upset as I am, about the benefits that are given to illegals. And so YOU know, not only am I gainfully employed, I’m also a veteran that will spend the rest of his life in constant pain because of the service that I gave to my country. I’m not complaining, but it is what it is, I chose to go fight for my country. Though, the blood, sweat and tears that I spilled for my country, was for those who have helped to build this country into the greatest country in the world, not for those who carry out an illegal act to get here, then are rewarded for the illegal act. What I was saying about the illegals being the reason for the downfall of some of our hospitals, is not entirely because of illegals. But, is it fair that people have lived their entire life in this country, worked for a living, and yet are not eligible for benefits that lawbreakers (those who cross our border illegally). That my friend is a load of bunk, we should be taking care of our own. Let me give you an example. My best friend’s uncle served honorably in Vietnam, but as a result of his service, he has a number of health issues. His immune system is unable to fight off any virus that comes down the pike. Also, he has no use of his lower extremities, as they were blown off by the VC, and what does he receive in return for his service, $480 a month. Meanwhile, there is a family of illegal migrant workers that lives less than 2 miles from him, that receive the bridge card, free child care, their kids get free lunches at school, and they have full healthcare benefits. Maybe it’s just me, but this whole situation just chaps my a$$. In case you didn’t plug in the numbers, my buddies uncle gets $480 a month, plus he is finally eligible for social security benefits, to which they had to fight tooth and nail to get, which brings the total that he receives to $1680 a month. Yet, the illegals are living much better than he is, and the only thing that they did to get it was to carry out an illegal act……hmmm, I’m not sure, but this seems like a very skewed picture to me…….do you disagree?

          • Pamela33168

            Well. can say that I do work. I am a Project Manager for a General Contractor here in Florida. I work and work hard along side undocumented workers. Without them at my jobsites I would have no one there. The work is hard during the “shell” grade beams, tying rebar, laying block, roofing, landscaping ect. This is work that we have advertised in the paper for paying $12 an hour to start. Americans come and work a short time. Show late, complain call in sick alot,want to leave early, fake injuries to disability. Alot of problems for these type of back breaking positions Americans seem to have. Not a high paying job but certainly more than minimum wage. We know that the Social Security numbers and ID’s that these undocumented workers provide are not correct. We take taxes out of there wages for social security and medicaid. I know that they will never collect these benefits. In fact they pay $7 billion a year into the Social Security and Medicaid taxes. Their children go to our schools and yes they receive free lunch there, do you really want uneducated starving children in our country? . My problem is that I do not believe that we are overburdened with them being on any welfare programs, only if one of the children was born here can they get any type of assistance. I personally know these families. It is obvious when the youngest child has Medical from the State but the older child does not that they are illegally here. What kills me is that a child being raised here going to US schools coming so young to this country that they do not remember where they were born will never have a true future here. They see that the younger sibling gets to be a have while they will always be a have not. They will be denied the dream of ever even having something so simple as a Driver’s License. I could see if they were taken our higher paying jobs but they are not they are taking the work of unskilled workers. Please let me be another person to thank you for the service you gave to our country and your friend but don’t blame illegals for the way that our Government takes care of their Vets. We are not making the parents that brought them here legal they chose to live a life in the shadows but they also unfortunately made that choice for an innocent child. That child could be the next Henry Kissinger – immigrant or Madeline Albright who was also an immigrant. How do you know that the family living 2 miles from your friend are illegals? Is it because they have brown skin and speak spanish they must be illegal receiving welfare benefits?

          • Gracie

            I hear the phrase all the time, “illegals are only taking jobs no one else will take”, I don’t believe that for one minute. I know there are many people out of work that would be glad to take some of those jobs that the illegals have. I have lived in The United States of America all my life. This is the only Country I know and English is the only language I know. Why is it so important not to hurt a illegal’s feelings because this is the only Country they know. I am a legal American Tax Payer and it is wrong to treat criminals special. My insurance premiums are $500.00 a month because of all the illegals getting free medical care while my benefits are being cut. Why can’t our Government treat legal tax paying Americans as well and special as they treat illegals? Mexicans in my state are living a lot better than I live. Maybe that is because I pay my bills and don’t freeload off the tax payers.

          • Pamela33168

            Gracie, Oh please give me a break. I am too an US Citizen born in Minnesota, my Parents were legal my Grandparents legal as well. I am just saying what do you do for a living? Is is a job that an illegal worker will be taking from you anytime soon? So your Nephew Joey that dropped out of High School will have to complete with these workers, maybe Joey should have at least finished High School. I am annoyed that you believe that they are raising your Health Insurance rates. Couldn’t be that Health Insurance company’s are at this time making record profits?? Nope it’s those darn illegals that go to the hospital when they are seriously injured or sick. I am just saying I am thankful that when Ellis Island allowed everyone that came here entry. Hard earned tax money going to Illegals huh?? There have been some isolated cases of issues but please drink the Tea Party brew much better than the Kool-Aid. I also have a question for you. What do you call a person that speaks 3 languages? Trilingual A person that speaks 2 languages? Bilingual A person that speaks 1 language AMERICAN…….. Was a foreign language not a requirement for you people in High School or did you just take it because you had too.

          • Gracie

            Where have you been? Obama just cut Medicare benefits by ten billion dollars. Maybe you can speak many languages, that doesn’t make you smart. I didn’t take a foreign language in high school because I had to quit school because I was living in poverty and my parents couldn’t afford to send me there. After going to work at 16 years old I got my GED. I know all about being poor, but my parents did not live off the tax payers. They worked for a living. It’s just it was hard to raise 11 children. They were legal Americans as were my Grandparents and their parents before them. This country is broken and it is because of all the illegals that are living here. These children that were brought here by their parents are now old enough to vote. Why feel sorry for them now? You need to get educated.

          • Pamela33168

            Gracie, Please know that they are cutting Medicare benefits so much that only illegals can get them? What are you saying? I realize that you are certainly undereducated that seems to be why you believe all the crazy rants of Steve King. Seems you parents could afford birth control or is it that they didn’t believe in birth control. Was it not the President that you show such distaste for also born into poverty? Was he not raised by a single mother? Did his Mother also have issues with getting the proper medical treatment. I would be worried about my job being sent overseas by Romney than I would by having an illegal take it from me. Compassion, love and understanding they are children. I’m not worried about hurting their feelings I am worried about them not having a chance in life. Can you imagine growing up with no hope for a better future?

          • Gracie

            Cuts had to be made to Medicare because Obama had to find a way to pay for the illegals who seek medical care and then say they can’t afford to pay. Is it right that a illegal woman waits until her 9th month of pregnancy and then illegally crosses the border to the USA to have her baby so her baby will be born an American and get benefits paid by the tax payers. It sounds to me that you are not telling the truth. Are you on welfare, foodstamps, section 8 housing, etc. You don’t sound to me like you are paying your fair share of taxes. If you are paying your fair share of taxes why do you want your tax money going to people other than United States legal citizens? I don’t understand where you are coming from. Figure out the Children’s ages now. You are the dumb one.

          • Marcoli

            It is my point to say the reason why you can’t get good workers for $12.00/hr is because we have people with a lack of work ethic. Our government has made it too easy to sit back and collect a check, instead of getting off their rear and putting in an honest day’s work. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate immigrants, my great grandparents on both sides were immigrants. But, when my great grandparents came over from Ireland and Germany, they didn’t expect anybody to cater to them. If you want to come here, take the legal route, after all, if it was good enough for our forefathers to make their way to this country, (via Ellis Island), then why should we expect less from the latino, hispanic community. Do a little research about the amount of illegals that are doing time in american prisons. The last figure that I saw, (which is probably a conservative figure by now), is that it costs $42,000 a year to keep a person incarcerated in prison. If you take that figure and multiply it by the number of illegals that are in our prisons, it becomes a VERY large figure. All I’m saying is that if people want to come to this country with the vision of making a better life for themselves, then take the legal route. After all, this country is a country of immigrants, a giant melting pot of different cultures. When my ancestors came over on the boat, they embraced everything about America, and learned the language and customs of the region they lived in, they didn’t expect the country to bend to them, after all, they were the ones that opted to come here. I’m not opposed to people coming to this country, but when we are in the middle of a recession, maybe we need to take care of our own, before we accept any more burden. The other thing is, maybe in Florida they have a hard time getting people to accept jobs that they believe are beneath them, but that isn’t the case everywhere. I live in Michigan, and I know plenty of people that would be glad to have the opportunity to get a job making $12.00/hr, but we don’t even have those jobs. It is my hope that we would have enough jobs for everyone, but that’s simply not the case, so it’s hard to see illegals getting jobs because they are willing to work for $5.00/hr, under the table. If you look deep enough, you can find information about how much illegal aliens cost the american taxpayer every year, it’s mindboggling! If we were to take the money that is spent each year on illegals for assistance (food stamps, child care, healthcare, the prison system, etc…). If you took all of that money and used it toward helping the average (taxpaying) American family you would see a serious influx of cash into the economy. There are a lot of families that have had to tighten their belts for so long, that If you gave them a check, or cut their taxes, they would finally have some disposable income that they could use for the things that they’ve cut out of their budget.

            As far as the comment about me not knowing whether the family that lives near my buddy’s uncle are illegals. I know they are, because the father works for a local farmer, that pays them $4.60/hr under the table, so that neither of them get in trouble for their activities.

          • Gracie

            I agree with you 100%. Over a million immigrates are waiting in line to become American Citizens. Why should people who enter this Country illegally be put in front of them. “NO LINE JUMPING PLEASE”. I don’t understand why they want to lie, cheat, steal,commit crimes, etc. to become an American. That is not the American way. PLeeeeeZ

  • roger gunderson

    I can”t think of any problem that the US has got, that wasn’t caused by our legislators.

    • duane

      Stupid and greedy employers who hire the illegals in the first place.

      • Vicki

        The employers wouldn’t hire them if the government would keep them out of the country.

  • Big Woody

    Now who is going to file an age discrimination suit that will in effect make it mandatory that nobody will be deported based on age?

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      LAWS: The will of the strongers Power… YET; The Law is no stronger than the Inforcement there of!

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    He is just taking care of his own!

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    The elegals are on the same path the Blacks took to get Control!

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Well… When States won their independance, does that mean that the States CAN DEPORT, OUT TO ANOTHER STATE, Untill they are released to Texas… Where they are set Free.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.



    In sharp disagreement is Sheriff Joe Arpaio and several constitutional lawyers, they say the deportment will continue because the edict means nothing in the eyes of the law and instructing the ICE to follow the WH edict will incurr states rights showing the Feds are again in violation of the immigration laws the very laws the Exec office has sworn to enforce….this is nothing more than the enabling of illegals that will encourage more law breaking and was coarsely issued to gain a ethnic vote…..

  • Donald York

    Until the 14th admendment is changed these drop babies are legal american citizens. I am not for deporting them, through no fault of their own, but let’s get real here, Obama did it, at the time when he needed the hispanic vote the most. I would call that pandering by Obama.

  • Pamela33168

    Wow you all know that all Religions Are Man Made. Why would you want these children to be constantly looking over their shoulder their whole life? So that you continue to have cheap labor? Yes, I do read all these articles as like the saying goes. Keep your friends close but your enemies even closer. Subscribed to Bob Livingston just to see how FARRRR Right and scare tactic’s they are using now. Wait a second oh all of you are Native American that’s why your not here from an Immigrant some where in your past, or is it because they have darker skin than you?

    • Rick

      What part of illegal is so hard to ubnderstand? If you are here illegaly then you should be deported. end of story. if you don’t like go where you came from and enter this country legally not sneaking in like a theif in the night. What kind of country can not protect its own borbers from this many illegal aleins.Due process at a deportation hearinf should only take 2 minutes. Judge asks do you have paperwork to be in this country? if they answer yes demand they show it and verify it with the authroities. If not put them on the bus back where they came from. If they are not here legal then they have no right or business being here.

      • Vigilant

        Rick, it’s fruitless to talk rule of law to a leftist feminazi and probably paid shill to boot.

    • Pamela33168

      You know I had to look up shill to boot. You all are crazy if you want to worry about a group of legal immigrants you had better be worried about the Asians as they are coming in strong numbers and with education taking the high paying jobs in science, medicine and finance. Please I do swing to the left but I am at a shock that you are so stuck on the idea that they get welfare and free housing blah blah blah. How can you seriously believe what you are writing. I am thankful though that most of the people that rant about this are over 50 and have more yesterdays than you do tomorrows.

  • 45caliber

    One question. They cannot be deported now … but what about their parents and the remainder of their family? Or does immunity for one of a family grant immunity to the rest as well? Also, how many years do they have to be here to be immune? One? Ten? Twenty?

    • 45caliber

      Actually, it is more than one question …

      • Gracie

        I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of my hard earned tax money going to take care of all these illegals. They believe that the “Land of the Free” means they don’t pay. Enough is enough. Obama seems to forget that the American Tax Payers paid for these illegal’s children’s education.

      • 45caliber


        I live in Texas. They are saying that half the state population is now Mexican – and most are on welfare as well as working. That’s why they can afford to take lower pay – the taxpayers pay for their living expenses while they work to sock away money in a border bank so they can retire in less than ten years.

        • Gracie

          45caliber, it is really a shame that our Goverment has let us down. I live in Nevada and Harry Reid goes to casinos to get bus loads of illegals to take to the polls to vote on issues that should only be voted on by people who are here legally. Illegals should not be allowed to vote, but they are. Obama is trying to get the hispanic vote and he will be re-elected if America doesn’t put a stop to all the illegals. I commend Florida for trying to stop illegalls from voting in their state.

  • Pingback: There Is No Room In America For Illegal Immigrants (That Includes The Children) « The Neosecularist

  • sharion

    I am always amazed at the way people think. Do they not think that even those who are here illegally buy groceries, gasoline, cars, rent houses, pay for school lunches, support candidates who are running for office (even though they can’t vote). Everyone acts like these people come over and have a free ride and never have to buy anything. What a bunch of numb skulls. No wonder this country and every other country is in such a bad shape. Look at the way these people think.


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