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If You Need Evidence Republicans Are Idiots…

May 18, 2012 by  

If You Need Evidence Republicans Are Idiots…
A Republican Congressional aide took a swipe at Lew Rockwell, an icon of the liberty movement.

Look no further than Republican Congressional aide Benjamin Rothenberg. On his Facebook page, Rothenberg took a gratuitous — and grammatically incorrect — swipe at an icon of the liberty movement, Lew Rockwell.

“Hi Lew, your (sic) an idiot just like your Paulitard and OWS friends. Have a nice day and remember, nobody gives a damn what you have to say.”

Rothenberg has 2,887 “friends” on Facebook. Lew Rockwell’s Facebook page has 26,569 “likes.” And Rockwell has thousands of subscribers who receive daily emails from him, so apparently there are quite a number of people who care about what Rockwell has to say.

Rothenberg is listed as director of New Media and press aide for Representative Thaddeus McCotter, whose campaign for the Republican nomination lasted about 10 minutes. What does it say about McCotter that he’s employed an illiterate and incredibly stupid man for a press aide?

This shows how the elites in the Republican Party loathe and despise Ron Paul and his followers. But the GOP needs to tread carefully where Ron Paul supporters are concerned. Mitt Romney may think he has the GOP nomination in his pocket, but he’ll never win in the general election if the GOP alienates Paul supporters.

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Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • cawmun cents

    I have been alienated by republican stupidity for years now.They might as well put Moabama right back in the drivers seat come november.When Boehner decided to cave over the debt limit,my tenure with the repulicRATS ended.I am completely disgusted with both parties,but the DemocRATS have an excuse,they are progresive liberals.I associate that with a brain malfunction.
    .But the GOP has no such pass.It would seem to me that they have dived into the “worlders
    gambit headlong and have no shame in their conscription.
    They are no different than their progressive democrat counterparts.
    Frankly,if they lose in the election,it will lead to their demise as a political organization.Nothing is more worthless than someone who didnt even try to address the conditions,but rather ran a”pretty face”for their leader.Take the example of your political opponents you GOP fops!Yeah,thats the ticket,as Jon Lovitz would say.
    Add me to the list of people who would rather punch a politician in the gut as look at them.
    I raise a toast to Independents(and independence),and Libertarians(liberties)everywhere!

    • wandamurline

      It will also be the last of the Republic…maybe some of the Republicans (RINOS) are no different from the socialist/marxist Demorats… them all out and put in constitutional conservatives. If you believe for one minute that allowing Obama four more years is better than having mickey and minnie mouse in the white house, you could not be farther from the facts. If you want the government to run your entire life, pleeeze move to Russia, China, Venzeula or Cuba….

      • Rhonda Reichel

        YOU SAID A MOUTHFUL… ALL the traitors out….it’s the only way

        Here is something to consider ….a perfect example of traitorous behavior….watch the video

      • vikingtwin5

        So, how many Constitutionalists got voted in? Actually we got rid of quite a few of the worst Teanderthals (Allen West, Joe Walsh and more). We’ll be coming for the rest in two years. See you then.

    • John DiCenzo

      My hat is off to Ron Paul and his supporters. But voting for ‘Bummer’ is a BAD option. We need to get rid of him and his buddies, who don’t care about any legality to governing. THEN, with courageous leaders like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and the other Tea Party supported candidates we can show Washington we are going to take our gov’t back!!!
      AND maybe we can get congress and senate leadership to show the country who makes the laws, NOT some renegade President.!!!!!

      • kpelaccio

        I totally agree with you. I’m not crazy about Romney either, but if he loses and we get stuck with another 4 years of Obama we all lose! (We might not have our constitution any more either or at least not the one that we have)
        That thought really scares me! Remember ” A house divided against it’s self cannot stand!”

      • GALT

        For “cawmun cents”: continued from yesterday, due to the fast and furious nature of this site………and somewhat connected to this topic: as in the “illiterate” referred to above would clearly have a “degree” from somewhere…….? but mostly because I’m curious as to what your “reaction” will be?

        What you do or do not know is not relevant……nor does it change the “slight correction” that was presented to you, to increase your knowledge base…… that regardless of what you actually DO KNOW,…….today you KNOW a little bit MORE.

        Rather than accept this “new knowledge”… continue to defend your ignorance, and claim that Darwin was wrong by not including “survival of the fittest”…….and that it somehow bears on the rest of your rhetoric regarding schools……….unfortunately, your attempt does not stand up to scrutiny……….since you fail to understand “survival” in the context of nature or civilization……….

        In nature, survival of the individual is of no importance, and natural selection through genetic mutation is one which affects the continuation of species…….with the key one being reproduction……….so that all things being equal, sheer numbers will be sufficient to insure continuation……..and based on where one is on the food chain, the lower on the chain, the greater this number will be.

        Spencer’s, Social Darwinism, the so called survival of the fittest, had another purpose, which resulted in the “eugenics movement”, which attempted to improve the “species”, by various methods…….the boy scout movement, selective breeding, forced sterilization, culling by extermination, etc. and you may have some familiarity with the most notorious application: that attempted by Adolf Hitler.

        Now it does not appear to me that homo sapiens sapiens are under any threat as a species, although it may at present be in the process of “self extermination”……so it becomes difficult to understand…….what you mean by the terms: survival or fitness and in what sense schools have a role in this? You seem to be talking about “success” as an individual talking monkey, maybe with a bit of patriotic nationalism thrown in? Clearly the best way to insure this, is to be born to rich parents…….

        Whatever you are attempting to address, it has nothing to do with Darwin’s Theory of Evolution………

      • Brian

        Voting for Obama is no option at all, this country is way off the correct path and four more years will not help. At least with Romney the correct path will come into view so now is the time to get rid of the dead wood in both houses.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Isn’t Rubio for the DREAM ACT

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Romney is the equivalent of an unacceptible blind date who you would refuse to give your number to

        His problem is he has a record so we won’t be dancing with him this November….I’m going to dance with the one that brung me….RON PAUL

      • Sarah R.

        You’re going to find out that Romney is no better than Obama. George Soros told you so and you weren’t listening. Romney will continue Obama’s policies. Sorry folks, you picked the wrong one again.

      • Vigilant

        “Whatever you are attempting to address, it has nothing to do with Darwin’s Theory of Evolution………”

        GALT’s predictable “stream of consciousness” nonsense once again fails to address the topic. Instead, he fancies himself a Virginia Woolf or James Joyce, both who pretended to be cutting edge luminaries by writing impossible to follow flights of fancy.

        News for you, GALT: the original poster mentioned nothing about evolution. OF COURSE it has nothing to do with Darwin’s Theory of Evolution; nor was it intended to draw a link. It had nothing to do with common law courts or entropy either, as you so gratuitously insert at every inopportune moment.

        You would do well to seek out a mental health professional.

      • Justin Rogers

        @ kpelaccio – 4 more years of Obama, hmmm? Worse than 8 years of Romney, followed by 8 years of Hillary? I don’t think so; and those are your choices, if not Paul.

      • Justin Rogers

        Marco Rubio courageous? Are you insane? He’s just another big government wolf in tea-party clothing; ran as a tea-partier, then immediately turned his back on them.

      • Alan

        @Justin Rogers – hear, hear! Rubio has turned out to be a real disappointment! Rubio has voted for the big government policies (tax and spend) and the police state. Rubio is neither a fiscal conservative or a civil libertarian. Worse than Mike Pence and his Social conservative, big government, police state mentality.

    • JudyannJ

      Pease forgive the somewhat crass expression but, it’s all about balls or lack there of.Long before the term, RINO was coined, some 12 yrs ago, so disenfranchised by “moderate” repubs falling all over themselves attempting to prove who was most liberal, as THEY abandoned ME, I reregistered myself as Independent. While the Left plays every down and dirty trick in the book, Republicans still cower in corners…with the only possible exceptions of the Reps WeThePeople sent to Washington in 2010. Of course, many thought the Tea Party just an arm of the GOP…nothing could be farther from the truth. WTP are determined to take back OUR country and the GOP can either get on board or get out of the way. Yes, the GOP will continue to shoot themselves in the foot and while they are still boot licking and holding onto the good ole boys network with every limb, WTP just keep plugging away, pecking off one by one each and every eunuch in Washington.

      • Thomas Gunn

        Well Said…. VERY well said. GOP—- Get On Board….or Get Out of the Way…. I Love It.

        Ron Paul – 2012 — (The Real) Navy Seal Team Six Supports Ron Paul !

      • Rhonda Reichel

        exactly how I feel JudyannJ

    • Rhonda Reichel

      You are absolutely right….I’m not voting for Obamney either

      The GOP can go away as far as I’m concerned.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        The political parties never go away. In particular time periods they do ideological shifts. Neocons and the RINO are the shifts of the immaturity of the baby boomers and their offspring. I would call what they do “overcorrecting” for bad decisions and bad choices.

    • http://Comcast JimBob

      Right you are. If the GOP has any questions about why people refuse to donate anymore, they need only look in their stable. We need to get rid of maobama, but as long as this kind of infighting stupidity makes headlines, we’re handing him a second term. Time to drain the GOP swamp of idiots.

    • Hank, MO

      I think you’re a little too full of yourself, cawmun cents. I read your post and thought I’d missed a chapter of The Great Gadsby.

    • James Andrews

      I’m disgusted with both major parties these days. I prefer the repubs just a little more, but they STILL scare me almost as much as the idiot leftist-leaning sect of the Dems. I lean more towards the Libertarian/Tea Party views on issues. I love my country, but our government HAS gotten out of control (from us, for sure), and has grown too large. And, not only have they already bankrupted this nation(in the hole for many trillions of dollars, as well as the continued overprinting/of our dollar by the Fed Reserve), but they are slowly endangering our freedoms, and damaging and NOT adhering to our Bill of RIghts. That is terrifying to me, and Americans better WAKE UP, before it’s too late!

  • Doc

    I did not care for Mitt any more than any Paulie does. Having said that, if you do not vote for WHOM EVER is the nominee, then you are voting for Obummer and you can not say otherwise.

    • grossyi

      Do not confuse voting against someone as voting for someone else. I voted against Kerry, I got the Patriot Act, the TSA, and bailouts. A wise decision??? If my only choices are tyranny and tyranny light, I’ll vote with my feet.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Yep…Romney is all for the NDAA and federal reserve

        I see no difference between him and Obama

        If Paul doesn’t run 3rd party I’m voting the CONSTITUTION PARTY again

      • Vigilant

        Rhonda, you would be wise to adjust your priorities, for the following reasons:

        (1) Dr. Paul will not become the Republican nominee for president.

        (2) His continued presence and philosophies will be invaluable in changing the direction of the GOP. That is to be his vital function, and I wish him Godspeed in effecting the changes needed to restore our nation to some semblance of what the Founders envisioned for us.

        (3) Romney, for all his faults, is very clearly NOT the same as Obama, and any contention to that effect is a position not based on facts.

        (4) If nothing else, Romney would have the chance to replace as many as two Supreme Court justices. This could change the 4-4-1 composition of the court to a 6-2-1 majority in favor of strict interpretation of the Constitution. Even a 5-3-1 mix would do that.

        This nation simply cannot afford Obama the opportunity to appoint replacement justices to the highest court in the land. A Constitution-respecting court is absolutely crucial to our survival. In no way can I imagine Romney appointing activist judges to the bench.

        (5) I’m not prepared to say whether votes for Dr. Paul (either as an independent party run or as a write-in) would siphon more popular votes from Romney than they would Obama. But the real possibility exists that votes for Dr. Paul could tip the electoral vote in favor of Obama in the swing states, This is not, in Shakespeare’s words, “a consummation devoutly to be wished.”

    • Red Diver

      Doc, That’s the same load of horse Mc-crap they sold us in 2008, and I’m not buying it again! The Liberty folks here in Maine are taking over the GOP, one town and one county at a time, you should read the Platform we just passed (for the second time!). Do you really think policy will change just by replacing Obama with Obammy-Lite? Hah! More welfare at home, more warfare abroad, what’s the difference between BO and MR? None. Both will have us at war in the Middle East forever. I vote Liberty from now on, and all others be damned. I’ll vote Ron Paul if I have to scrawl his name on my ballot in blood.

      And John DiCenzo: Congress could take back every bit of power that has been illegally seized or given away with simple majority votes. Clearly the fops and quislings whom we’ve sent there have no intention of doing so, why, they might get knocked off the “A” list for the hot parties if they take a Constitutional stand, Oh Horrors!. Time to sack the lot of them and send in some good men and women, with steel in their spines. We’re doing it here in Maine; One candidate for the Senate seat long held by RINO Olympia Snowe, polled so good against her that she dropped out of the race right after the caucuses rather than be embarrassed all summer by a relatively unknown upstart beginner, Mr. Scott D’Amboise. He’s a true Consitutionalist and a Patriot, and I’m proud to support him. We’re running Blaine Richardson, Capt, USN (ret.), for the House seat too long (and ineffectually) held by Mike Michaud. We’re making a stand here in Maine, and I encourage the rest of the country to stand with us!

      • Congress Works For Us

        Continue to make your stand as we’re doing in my State too. In the meantime, we need to elect the candidates whose policies wont stop us from making that stand… until we can replace them with better candidates!

        This isn’t rocket science people!

      • Rhonda Reichel

        BRAVO !!! well done Maine

      • Rhonda Reichel

        ha ha….Mc Crap

      • midnightdstroyer

        And that’s the way to take back our government from the self-proclaimed “elite” that unlawfully declare everything & everyone belongs to themselves…State by State, District by District. This is a nation built upon the Union of States & is still Constitutionally confirmed in the 10th Amendment; Federal power is specified & limited in scope & jurisdiction, while the States’ power is broad & diverse. The Union is far more capable & competent than a Singularity ever could be & that’s is why our “melting pot” nation was so successful in our history. It’s far past time that We the People actually work with each other to secure our natural birthright as Human Beings.

        Make no mistake that our Constitution was written with the Laws of Nature being set firmly in the minds of the Founding Fathers of this nation. The Bill of Rights is only a representation of Human Rights that have existed “Pre-Constitution” & even specifies that even the whole Bill of Rights itself was incomplete in its listing (via the 9th Amendment). But it was specifically included to remind our Employee-Officers in Government of what they were expected to uphold. History is only repeating as it has time & again all over the world when oppressed people stand up against those who deny these Human Rights.

      • Hank, MO

        You’re a little late don’t you think, Red Diver? Your senator was instrumental in passing Obama’s agenda and, now, you’d have us believe that everybody in Maine has turned over a new leaf and is leading us forward in a grand charge against tyranny when we all know that splitting the vote is the only way Obama can win in November. Paul doesn’t have a prayer of gaining the nomination and wouldn’t win if he did. We have one choice– Romney or Obama. It’s time to quit quibbling about that no matter what you think of Romney or the sorry leadership of the GOP which installed him as the candidate. We’re stuck with him at this point, and all we really know is that he couldn’t be worse than Flop-Ears. At least he knows what a business is. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll turn out to be a great president despite his scared puppy appearance.

    • grossyi

      Obama fails to understand that in order to share the wealth it first has to be created. Romney at least understands this, but make no mistake the goal is the same.

    • Pete0097

      I voted for Ron Paul in 08 as I lived in Maryland, home of the 1 party state. It didn’t matter who you voted for, obama would win MD. Therefore, a vote for Paul would be a message to the Rep party that some of us were unhappy with the party choice.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Correct….the GOP needs another whipping

      • Vigilant

        Pete, I’m glad there are some out there like you with a head on their shoulders. I’ll vote for Dr. Paul as well, because I live in NY and the electoral vote will not at be affected by my “protest.”

        According to this is how it plays out:

        Most Dem States

        1. D.C.
        2. Maryland
        3. Massachusetts
        4. Vermont
        5. Hawaii
        6. Rhode Island
        7. New York
        8. Delaware
        9. Connecticut
        10. California

        Most Republican States

        1. Wyoming
        2. Utah
        3. Idaho
        4. Alaska
        5. Kansas
        6. Montana
        7. Nebraska
        8. South Dakota
        9. New Hampshire
        10. Alabama

        Folks in these states can safely vote for Dr. Paul to register their dissatisfaction with the GOP. Folks in the remaining middle states should vote for Romney at all costs because “siphoned off” write-ins may give Obama the advantage he needs.

        It might be more than coincidence that Ross Perot and Ron Paul have the same initials.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Paul takes votes away from Obama….not Romney….Romney will do even worse with Paul out of it

      You can’t make me hold my nose and vote for a Massachusetts LIBERAL

      no damned difference between the 2 of them

      • Hank, MO

        You’re wrong, Rhonda. I despise the ‘slickness’ of Romney, but I detest everything about blowhard Obama. Beyond that, however, the one thing that is totally different about these two is that I would never have to wonder about whether Romney’s intentions toward this nation are good. I am convinced that Obama’s intentions are NOT good. That by itself is enough to persuade me that our only choice is to throw Flop-Ears out even if it means that the alternative is not the apple of our eyes.

      • Vigilant

        “Paul takes votes away from Obama….not Romney.”

        Rhonda, perhaps you’d care to substantiate that claim with a link to a reputable survey or poll. If not, it’s just wishful thinking on your part.

        Moreover, you imply that Dr. Paul is more of a liberal than a conservative, if he would grab leftist votes. Care to comment?

    • Jay

      The Doc says: I did not care for Mitt any more than any Paulie does. Having said that, if you do not vote for WHOM EVER is the nominee, then you are voting for Obummer and you can not say otherwise.

      Your verbosity Doc, is exceeded only by your stupidity.

    • James Andrews

      I tend to agree with you Doc-I love Ron Paul, and have more faith in both himand his son, than all of the other politicians in Washington COMBINED! But I am afraid that we all could loes this to Owebama, if the viote is split between Romney and Paul.

    • Marten The Canadian Libertarian

      Your Verbal-Self deceives you every day…suffering from Rectoscopy Characters???

  • Chester

    CC, I am so glad all of YOUR income is locked up where uncle can’t touch it if the country does go bust. We both know that, for all the bluster about gold and silver being the only resources worth holding, they won’t buy a loaf of bread or a glass of milk if the country does go belly up. What will get those will be an equivalent in labor, or a barter where you have something the other side needs, and soft metals sure don’t fit that description. As things stand now, if Mr. Boehner does what YOU want, the US will drop from a solid double A plus rating to a junk bond status, nearly that quickly. Remember how quick one ratings service dropped us from triple A to double A over a minor disagreement about the debt limit last time? This time it will be all the ratings services, and they won’t stop with a single stage drop.

    • randall

      what do you mean, if goes bust, USA currently has to borrow 40 cents of every dollar it spends. with the baby boomers retiring for the next 10 years the USA has over 700 trillion unfunded liabilites (thats promises to pay) with medicad, ss, etc. neither party has proposed a true cut in budget and nothing close to the 50% cut that would be needed to even come close to digging ourselves out of debt. my suggestion is to become self-relient, grow some food, learn what plants grow around you that are edible (weeds) and quite depending on some bankrupt institutions to take care of you. Currently we have govt’s that do not serve, schools that do not educate, hospitals that do not heal and religons that do not teach spirituality and soon paper money that will be worthless.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Ron Paul proposed an excellent budget….the IDIOT GOP didn’t have the sense to vote for it

    • RivahMitch

      Irrespective of the “ratings’, the bonds are junk… they’ll never be repaid (except, possibly in the context of massive inflation which will mean that the repayment has no value.) That’s what our kids are looking at. The federal debt will destroy our childrens and grandchildrens future but… that’s Ok with you, I guess as long as the banksters and the Chinese will continue to let “us” borrow even more that will never be paid back. That drop you fear and the loss of “reserve currency” status of the dollar is going to come anyway. Delay only makes the problem bigger.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        We need to do exactly what ICELAND did….default and change leadership

        In fact that’s what Ron Paul said for a long time now

    • Ladyhawke

      What is your credit score? How many maxed out credit cards do you have? Why don’t you just call the banks and TELL THEM you are raising the credit limit on the cards? Yeah, right. WE are the “bank” for the fed gov and they tell us they are raising their credit limit so we have to pay more (taxes).
      Credit scores, bond ratings. Same stupid idiocy. To have a “good” credit score, you have to have debt which is dumb. To have a good bond rating, the country has to spend itself into oblivion. Again, dumb.

    • Firefight

      What you say about gold and silver is correct and common sense would tell any rational person that it is. There is, however, one soft metal that will get you whatever you need to survive and that soft metal is lead. Not just any lead now… must be incased in a brass container which has a propellant inside the brass case and it must have a primer cap. This is now a devise called a bullet. Many people are stockpiling ammunition right along with food supplies and water. Ammunition has two basic functions. The first is to kill animals for their meat. The second is to kill unwanted intruders who would steal your supplies and leave you dead or leave you to die. The newest function is a tool for barter based on the first two functions. Ammo could buy you pretty much anything from eggs to a winter jacket.

      This whole situation that we are witnessing unfold is pretty scarey and I’m praying to God that we can find another way to save our country and this planet, but, if things turn ugly, I will be preparred. One other thing, don’t let those who have no intention of being preparred call you paranoid. There is a vast difference between being paranoid and being preparred. When you were a Boy Scout, you were taught to “be preparred.” Nothing has changed and you best believe me. If you know what hits the fan, that person that called you paranoid will be trying to break down your door to get what you have. Anyhow, BUY BULLETS…….invest in lead.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Yes you are correct….I’m afraid of what will happen when civilization breaks down and peoople are hungry and desperate. One thing you should have mentioned is seeds and water purifier.

      • Army Grunt

        Correct you are Firefight, I, like you, believe in survival, ie humping the bush in Vietnam, and know how to repell aggressors and neutralize them. Ammo, MRE’s, trip wire, Water supply, and high ground! The politics are failing us, and too much mooching from the govt, useless people suckng the productive dry.

      • Firefight

        Rhonda and Army Grunt,
        Thanks for your replys. There is nothing more importandt to everything in life than preparedness. Whether you are going to grill bergers or fly a kite, fix a broken shoe lace or build a boat. Evrything requires some level of getting ready to do the job before you. Survival is nothing more than more of the same. In this case, it requires looking at the three basic needs for survival in determining what you need for the task. The first thing is air, clean air. Your body must have air to live. Normally after 3 minutes without air, you are dead. The next is water. Normally, your body requires water daily to maintain its functions. Three days without water is usually the limit for most humans before dehydration kills. The next is food. Pretty much anything edible can keep us going and we can run for several days without any at all. But, eventually, you will need something to eat or the body will begin to shut down.

        As for the seeds idea Rhonda, if they are not already in the ground, you might have to eat them. Many companies are selling what they call survival seeds. These grains produce a product that is nutricious and can grow under virtually any condition. They are a good idea if you have a place to plant them, nurture them and stand guard over the crop. Anything that requires being outdoors to maintain makes you a target. The longer you are out there, the greater the chance that you will be detected along with what you are doing. What I see as the better choice for the seeds idea is to have them to plant when the “all clear” is given and things begin to return to normal. Outside of that, I would recommend MRE’s and buying everything in your grocery store right now that will store for a long time. Canned goods, dry goods, power bars, snack bars, jerkey, powdered drinks……anything that is not perrishable or requires refrigeration, Many items such as pastas and powdered drinks, require water. Make sure you have at least 10 seven gallon water containers filled at all times and be sure to have a filtration system and water purification tablets on hand. Be thinking about alternate sources of water near to your location. If there are springs in the area, know where they are and how to get to them safely. At a point, filling your bath tub with water will make good sense too. Here’s a good plan for you right now. Go to right now. They have many different kins of water containers. some are collapsable and some are not. This is where you can order them on line right now if they are not available in a local store. Get some and fill them with potable water. Set one of them in a convenient location in your house and begin using the water from this container for your drinking water and cooking water. Make sure everyone in your home uses this water exclusively. Let everyone know to use the water sparingly with zero waste and zero spillage. You will quickly learn how long one of these containers of water will last you and your family. This will be your yardstick for how many containers you will need to sustain life in your home for whatever period of time you feel is good. This water is not to be used for washing dishes or anything other than cooking and drinking. The left over water from the cooking can be used to wash dishes or it an be filtered, treated and reused for cooking again.

        This is the tip of the iceberg, so to speak and I hope it helps.

      • cawmun cents

        Semper Paratus.-CC.

  • TIME

    There is no differance between a D or an R they are in fact one in the same, so it makes no differance at all after they enter the CITY STATE of DC.
    The only people who still think there is such a differance are the people on the people farm, – By The Way – Thats YOU!
    Even the people on the people farm are just starting to wake up to the fact that 1+1= 1.

    In order to FIX the Ills, first the People Farm must have more who understand when the flat tire started. They must also understand who is behind that flat tire, only then can the flat tire be fixed.
    STOP the maddness of voting for the ” lesser of TWO – EVILS.” Look at it this way,
    R = Good Cop, / D = Bad Cop. or what ever the point of the moment may be.

    GET – out side the BOX, – learn WHEN the FLAT TIRE started, so you know WHO your enemy is, WHY and WHAT they have gained from “YOU” the sleeping.

    Google these before you can’t anylonger.

    *( How can a country exist in two completely differant forms

    * ( Season of Treason 1 – 3

    *( John Taylor Gatto – after SOT 3 / this will help place it all together for you.
    This youtube feed is called: ( The Ultimate history lesson )

    *( Billy William Foust {all of his youtube feeds},

    Think of it this way, we have been placed in Billions of small box’s as in there is a box for everything, after YOU remove all the BOX’S – your eyes will open to a new way of thinking.
    Its called – FREEDOM!

    If you don’t know WHO your fighting or WHY, how can you ever hope to FIX anything?
    STOP being TOOLS for them.

    Peace and Love

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Wow…thanks for that informative post

    • Vigilant

      Well now, TIME, I think I and every august contributor to this site owe you a debt of gratitude. Thanks to your breakthrough methods, we now know that the “youtube feeds” are the be all, end all, unimpeachable sources for truth in this world.

      What a great gift you’ve given us. We no longer need to pore through those long and complicated source documents, nor do we need to rely on the historical record for our facts and figures. Researchers the world over can save many hours of time in verifying and cross referencing their work. They need only list in their bibliographies the URLs to the “youtube feeds.”

      This will certainly simplify conversations and shorten their duration when one conversant need only point to the “youtube feed” for substantiation. The hapless opponent can only say, “oh, you saw it on youtube? Well, I guess I have no argument then.”

      Brilliant work, TIME! You’ve effectively stifled all intelligent conversation regarding the DC Organic Act. No longer will I ask you to cite passages from the Act, since you’ve obviously lost the ability to read, and have never read the Act in the first place

  • BLH557

    It doesn’t take an astrophysicist (rocket science for you Harvard grads) to figure out that Ron Paul supporters are already alien…ated (another Elizabeth Warren joke). Most are so screwed on crooked they can’t see that re-electing the Obamao will only “take the pressure off” of him to allow the usurpation of even more freedoms we enjoy. Let’s not kid ourselves over this. We can write a large number of them off and only hope to counter with Indies who have seen the damage done by der Kolourful Kenyan in charge.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Boy are you skewed….Romney supports the NDAA, Patriot Act, TARP and unending wars….so tell me Einstein….what’s the difference?

      • kathy

        What is it with you Ron Paul supporterd??? Are you sure you are on the right?? Every one of the Ron Paul supportors are so determine to put everyone else down. My first choice wasn’t Romeney either, but he is the candidate and if we are going to beat Obama, get behind him and give your support so wecan win. We can’t go another 4 years with Obama,

  • elwood

    I think you guys must secretly love obama as he and the left go about destroying the country. Your blindly believing the Republicans are of the same cloth as him tells me you’ve got to be off your rocker. If you have such dislike of the party in general why does your hero insist on running as a Republican for President.? Maybe you do want the country ruined with the belief you will then be able to gain control…….just like the left wants total control. “peace and love” could come from any lefty…………..

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear elwood,

      You have exposed my secret plan to rule the world.

      Best wishes,

      • elwood


        Forgive me., but do keep your eye on those Islamic terrorist.


      • Jay

        deadwood says: Bob, Forgive me., but do keep your eye on those Islamic terrorist.

        You must have a low opinion of people if you think they’re your equals.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Because Ron Paul is a true republican….what we have in charge of the GOP now are RINOs

      He is your last chance to reform the party so since you reject him you must watch it go down the toilet

      • Hank, MO

        Going ga-ga for Ron Paul won’t do anything but split the vote. In the one-in-a-million chance that he did get elected, there would be little or no improvement. He’s not God; he’s a doctor / politician– that’s all. And not a very good one at that.

        There’s only one way to effect genuine change– elect conservatives from the bottom up and particularly this year to the Senate. Without control of the Senate, none of them can do much to save this nation. If the Democrats had lost the Senate in 2010, Obama would have been impeached, found guilty and be a footnote in history by now. As it is, we have fascism and an idiot leading us to financial ruin and civil chaos. Enough of this “they’re all alike, no difference between them” baloney. There IS a difference– a helluva difference. One believes in the capitalist system despite its faults, and one would lead us toward communism. Anyone who can’t see a difference there is simply too ignorant to have the right to vote.

    • Rhonda Reichel


      Obama has not brought us peace nor does he love the country
      Ron Paul has served the constitution for over 30 years….he’s earned his wings

      • Hank, MO

        Get real, Rhonda. He’s not even a serious candidate.

    • Jay

      deadwood says: I think you guys must secretly love obama as he and the left go about destroying the country. Your blindly believing the Republicans are of the same cloth as him tells me you’ve got to be off your rocker. If you have such dislike of the party in
      general why does your hero insist on running as a Republican for President.? Maybe you do want the country ruined with the belief you will then be able to gain control…….just like the left wants total control. “peace and love” could come from any lefty…………..

      Your parents told me you were a great asset. I told them they were off by two letters.

  • Bruce R Porter Sr

    I’m voting for Ron Paul. Every time some Gutless Old Party hack calls I tell them that. Had an interesting conversation with a fellow at the polls, he was hawking Romney, but told me in seclusion he had only sent money to Paul. The establishment has just so brainwashed the sheep that they don’t believe Paul can win. That being said, the prayer is that enough proof can be brought out about Obama’s illegality that we might be able to mount a 3d (actually 2d party since the Rs and Ds are one at the top) party run with Paul, I know, he has stated he wont run. However, let’s just put him in as a write-in.
    I am definitely writing him in. I refuse to vote for the “lesser of evils”. I’m voting my conscience as a patriot, combat wounded veteran, an as the last vestiges of a “free” man.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Nice to hear some people actually VOTE THEIR CONVICTIONS
      BRAVO BRUCE !!!!

    • albertmaslar

      Romney The Lesser Evil But Ron Paul Superior Good
      Is voting AGAINST Obama enough, or does the concept of the lesser of two evils prevail? It might be better to maintain the House majority, gain Senate majority, and impeach the anointed one.

      Meanwhile block ALL legislation Obama proposes, void Obama nominees, repeal ObamaCare, override vetoes, budget what can be afforded, force through only constitutional laws. Then open drilling on and off-shore, eliminate the HHS, NLRB, NEA Education Dept, EPA, NPR, PBS; stop contributions to Planned Parenthood, eliminate the corrupt Federal Reserve, and void all Obama executive orders.

      Besides having raised as much money in one night with Hollywood George Clooney type moguls as Romney raises in one month; despite Romney’s personal wealth that many voters will hold against him, Obama can outspend Romney 10 to 1.

      Obama has union goons. the new ACORN, Occupy protestors, and the muscle of the brazen New Black Panthers to disrupt the election process. All of those will work in unison with the immovable Obama Black community, the 48% who do not pay any income taxes but receive massive Obama sponsored benefits, along with the Liberal base to flood the polls with illegal votes to steal the election anyway. Winning the Senate is the only sure way to checkmate this KING.

      Ron Paul deserves the vote else when will an opposition opponent of the two-party—same-party system—ever be put out to permanent pasture? Ron Paul is the only candidate committed to stop all U.S. wars declared or not; reign in the Fed printing of money that ripped off $16 Trillion of illicit profits off the backs of the people, and the offsetting $16 Trillion National Debt.

      Getting it right is superior to getting even. Striving for the grater good is superior to settling for the lesser evil. Maybe Ron Paul will not be the nominee but by the same token, Romney may be the inevitable loser AGAIN. So who is the real loser? America is the loser having lost its soul with no GPS to find it again.

      Albert Maslar

    • Ronald C. Vendt

      Bruce: I don’t realy consider Barack Obama my President, sense he is not an american
      citizen and i think every day he opens his mouth he lies. I have supported Ron Paul all the way, i like his idea’s on less spending and small Federal Goverment. I don’t like romey he’s
      just as bad as Obama.

    • CWA

      I am tired of arrogant, ignorant snots calling people “sheep.” You are not proving that you are superior by throwing around a worn out insult.

      • David in MA


      • lady kroft

        Well, CWA. Sheep will follow the leader anywhere, even if it’s to their own demise. Democrats and easily fooled people (sorry, am I repeating myself?) will vote for obama again and will swallow the semen of deceit that he will feed them. THAT is why some people are referred to as “sheep”. Now, get a grip on yourself and do the right thing…switch party affiliations.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        Republican have plenty of their own sheep too. Why else do you think their congregations and followers are called “flocks”?

        Changing the system from within, never succeeds.

        Ya want change in this country? First thing’s first. Replace the system (dems/reps) with people from outside the system.

        Until people are intellectually capable of doing this? Then they deserve being called sheep.

        – Smoov

    • Merle Burbaugh Jr

      Then if we get Obama a second turn we can blame it on you and like people.

    • eric

      bruce ; wake up and smell the roses .

    • David in MA

      Write in is a good idea, but what is the proper format? In my town elections we have been told we need to write in a person’s name, street address, town, state & zip code or were told it will not be counted if lacking any of the info…so,
      what would be the proper information needed to write in Ron Paul’s name AND a V.P. name….( I would assume the V.P. name would be whomever Mr. Paul would pick)
      Another good thing about a write in mught be that the votes will have to be hand counted and that will require poll watchers and vote counter watchers…….with the hope the count will be honest.

    • Lawrence

      Wright in Ron Paul. Romney is anotherClinton, Carter, Obama.

    • kathy

      When, just win are the Ron Paul supporters going to get over it??? Romney is the candidate.So you say your going to write Pauls name on the ballot.Why even vote??? Its just another wasted vote. The idea is to get Obama out of office sir. Not keep him in.

      • Ladyhawke

        Romney the sheepman, is not the candidate yet. Yes, he is the one anointed by the Rep PTB, anointed to lose the race, just as McCain was. McCain was never meant to win. It was all a set up so that Obama, the Judas goat (look up the term), would win. I believe that the Rep party leaders will force Romney on the voters. I am so sick of voting the lesser of two evils. It is still a vote for evil.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        When you vote for anyone except who you think is the best man for the job? Instead, voting for someone because you think they’ll win, or because you’re voting against someone else?

        THAT’s when you’ve wasted your vote.

        We get nothing for voting for the winning team.

        Your vote is about who you think is the best man, period.

        If you think the best man is Mr. X, and you cast your vote for Mr. Y, just because you want Mr. Z out of office?

        You’ve wasted your vote, and so have all of the other sheep who have done the same exact thing, when if all of you who were stupid enough to do that, would have just voted for Mr. X like you wanted to do to begin with? Mr. X could have won.

        Why else do you think the media are ignoring Paul at any opportunity? Not covering his massive rallies, skipping over his name in polling and primary elections, saying over and over and over again that he can’t win?

        It isn’t that he can’t win, it is that they are trying very hard to get you to believe that he can’t win.

        Paul is a threat to the establishment’s power. If he wasn’t a threat, and if he really did have no chance of winning, you’d never hear them saying that, just like they did with the other candidates.

        You have to pay attention more, to what they’re doing, not just what they’re saying. Like, in one primary, I believe it was something like, Romney got 1st, Gingrich got 2nd, Paul got 3rd, and Santorum got 4th. Who did they mention? Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum. They didn’t even say Paul’s name or acknowledge he got 3rd place, except for putting his name on the screen with the tallies, out of “fairness”. Over and over and over again, the media is intentionally putting their blinders on when it comes to Paul, and trying to put blinders on their viewers too. This is what they are _doing_, and why I gave Paul a closer look.

        After all. What is it about Paul that they so badly don’t want you to look at? If someone is trying so damned hard to hide something from me, then, perhaps I had better take a good look at it.

        – Smoov

    • lady kroft

      How moronic to ‘write in’ Ron Paul…doing so re-elects obama…a third grader understands that.

    • d4texas

      We already have a 3rd party and they have numerous candidates in office right now – it’s called the progressive communist party disguised as a factionof the Democratioc party. They even have their own Progressive Caucus made up of 81 congress members and THEIR leader “occupies” the white house – just like the OWS’ers who destroy everyhing and everywhere they “occupy” and leave a mess behind for someone else to clean up.

    • Richard E. Hard

      Bruce, I agree with much of what you’ve said, but Ron Paul is part of the “conservative” political class and by writing in his name as presidential candidate, you will effectively split the “conservative” vote (although marginally), and thereby allow Obama to win another four years of dictatorship. Be a true patriot and vote against the greater of two evils. I don’t like Romney for theological reasons, but he’s not being hired as my pastor, just my president.

    • Mike G.

      While part of me admires your loyalty, I must disagree, due solely to the fact that Ron Paul cannot win as a write-in. Not even Ronald Reagan, nor George Washington, nor Lincoln could win today as “write-ins”. Unfortunately, a vote for any write-in, when you would otherwise vote for the Republican nominee who inevitably will be Romney, might as well be a vote for Obama! Obamunism is destroying our country and must be stopped at all costs, including voting for what you term as “the lesser of two evils”. We must vote Obama (and his left-wing-nuts) OUT OF OFFICE! And, if that means you have to be smarter about your vote, so be it. The only course we “Nobamaites” will have is to put more conservatives in office, and go with Romney while “holding his feet to the fire”, and keeping him as “conservative” as possible. Whether it is indeed possible remains to be seen, but one thing is certain, another four years of Obama will destroy the Republic.

    • Rick Maxfield

      I agree with your thinking of trying to make changes in their(R&D’s) perspective. I’m wondering if taking a different approach might serve us better.
      It seems to me that the major changes in our political setting have been made over many years of manipulating our education system.
      The last hope for any kind of change in direction for this country is becoming a dying breed. Retiring and dying off as we speak. I’m referring to the non higher educated voter. The working “stiff” that always has a job no matter what. He just wants to feed and house his family. Many of them are the T-Party supporters. If these Americans that truly believe in the Constitution of the United States were rallied to support and to put presser on Romney to select Ron Paul as he’s running mate. We might have a chance to put him in the White House in 2020.
      I think that writing Ron Paul in is the right thing to do, but I don’t think we would get enough voters in general to do the job.
      I just don’t want to waste even one vote that might allow President Obama’s re-election.
      I realize this is not a quick fix, but it might allow Ron Paul time to influence with he’s constitutional thinking and prepare for what I consider to be the most difficult job in this World.

    • steve stefanini

      Great Idea! Thanks…

    • Don GFD

      Bruce, I understand your frustration, but a vote for Paul is a vote for Obama because basically it won’t count. Remember Ross Perro. If you watched the tape of Obamma and then President of Russia in what Obummer thought his nic was off, I will have more flexability after the election!!!! I think the lesser is our only choice.

    • E. W.

      I wrote in Ron Paul last election..2008. I thought Obama was sleazy, and McCain caved to GOP idiocy.

    • Bobfacebook

      Can’t win to much out of maimstream

    • Grama M

      Unfortunately, a vote for anyone other than the presumptive conservative candidate is in truth a vote for the party now in power. To vote for Ron Paul, no matter how much you prefer him, not only does not make him in any way a viable candidate, but rather takes one away from the more conservative official candidate. The net result from such foolish thinking and action: four more years, not of the same, but much worse.

    • Bonnie Gipson

      I have had the same conversation many times. I have stopped going to my local Tea Party meetings because they are all sheeple. I was told that to not vote for Romney would be voting for Obummer. I told her that they are one in the same and I will not hold my nose any longer and if I had to I would be writing in Paul.Nobody but RON PAUL

    • Lee Akers Sr.

      We have a growing third national party. The Libertarian Party, of which I am a proud, card carrying member. Dr. Paul believes in our platform, but must compete as a Republican because the media, liberal, and conservative, is controlled by the National political parties, which have their own agenda. Look up the Libertarian Party. Read our platform. I think you will find much more there with which to agree than not.

    • Rick in MN (USAF/ret)

      Your strategy to “write in” or vote for a third party is just the mentality Obama and his administration is counting on. Americans Elect (AE) is a fairly recently formed group that is fielding a so-called Republican candidate to run against Romney. What many people fail to realize is that AE is a Democrat originated and funded organization. It is obvious that what they are trying to do is to “split” the vote among the Republicans/Conservatives and conservative leaning independent vote. As much as I dislike Romney, Paul is worse only because of his naivitee’ on foreign matters (especially his views on Iran and other radical regimes pursuing nuclear weapons). But this is the most important election in the history of our nation and it is imperative we oust Obama from what has become the “Out” House under his reign because if we don’t then this election will very likely be the last election in this country. That all said, I am voting for Romney because he is clearly the best choice we have this time around. I’m not falling for old trick of splitting the vote like what happened between Perot and Bush Sr.

    • Marcia

      Must admit Ron Paul’s lumen hasn’t been fully lit for years! He hasn’t run a profitable business, hasn’t really accomplished anything of value while in Congress, etc. and they still seem to follow him. I consider him the non- traditional Pied Piper who has minions following him into the sea!

    • Ed

      If enough people vote for Ron Paul in states that are close it could very well tip the scales to the Democrat side which is exactly what they want. The reason Ron Paul will not run is he doesn’t want a repeat of the 1974 election when because of a solid third party candidate the vote was split in some key states and a Democrat was elected. We cannot afford a second term under this president it would make us the next Greece very very quickly. Put on your Big Boy pants and vote for Romney he isn’t the perfect candidate but he is better than the alternative.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Mary

      I,too, will be voting for Ron Paul as a write-in. The GOP elite are tone-deaf to any opinion except their own.

    • gloria weilandt

      right on brother! Let’s all do it!

    • turingschild

      Unfortunately, write-ins by law can’t get delegates. If Ron Paul doesn’t win in Tampa, our only remaining choice will be the Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson.

    • DreamerBob

      A vote for any third person is a vote for Obama. I would think all would understand that!

    • jeanne jones

      It scares me when people say they won’t vote for Romney. Yes, he’s definitely not my first choice but every vote away from Romney is another vote for the Moron in Chief we have now. I’d prefer Romney over obummer any day. I’m tired of losing my freedoms piece by piece. I don’t want socialism or communism to run this great country. I want democracy!

    • Anthony

      What is Obama or Romney going to do about high and going higher food prices? The answer? “NOTHING” Have you ever heard them talk about bring prices down. “NO” Will we wake up when a loaf of bread cost $50? That’s the road we are on and both of these clowns will not do anything to change it. WHY…because they are both puppets! Only Ron Paul speaks the truth about what needs to be done! Go ahead and vote for one of these two puppets. In truth it will not matter which one wins! The banksters are laughing all the way to the bank… how stupid the American people are!

    • Larry Reade

      Mr Porter,
      No one can stop you from voting how you want but, just like with Ross Perot 20 years ago, all Ron Paul will do is take votes away from Romney and that will help the little Marxist get another 4 years in power so he can complete the destruction of America. Perot got 19% of the vote & Slick Willie “won” the election with 43% of the vote. Without Perot in the picture, HW would have crushed Clinton.Instead, we got one of the most corrupt administrations in U.S. history.
      Third parties simply don’t work & without knowledge of history, we are destined to repeat our mistakes over & over again like trying to make Socialism/Marxism work.

    • Tom Lima

      A vote for any third party candidate in any district, no matter how large or small, is a vote for Obama. The only chance he has is to split the American vote much the same as Clinton did with Ross Perot running against G.H.W. Bush.

    • carboro

      While I agree in principle and supported several of Ron Paul’s philosophies, we must look at the historical perspective of 3rd parties. If you check any 3rd party efforts in the last 40 or so years it only kept the republicans from winning an election. It really didn’t matter whether the splinter group originated in the republican or democratic parties, the outcome was a loss for the republican party. So, while it makes a bold statement to say we need to vote away from either party and support Ron Paul the end result will only allow the re-election of one of the worst things that ever happened to this country to continue.

    • C J

      I too am a combat veteran (circa: Vietnam: 1968, U S Army Special Forces). I was not surprised that the Republican National Committee backed their “boy toy”, moderate Mitt Romny, as the RepubliCon candidate, while they cleverly threw Republican candidates: Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Bachmann, and Santorum under the bus. Mitt Romney is a known quantity, a ‘good ole boy” who will play ball with the RepubliCons. Sadly, in backing Mitt Romney, they have betrayed the American people, who desire to destroy Obamanations corrupt and Socialistic form of oppressive and tyrannical government! What these dumbed down educated idiots failed to realize is that there is very little difference between Romney and Obamanation. Or, perhaps they do realize that fact and did it anyway. Unfortunately, Romney is not strong enough to defeat the deeply entrenched godless POTUS who is now destroying this nation and our economy! Our true dilema is that if we “write-in” another candidate when we vote, the outcome will be oa guarantee that this godless man of deception (Obamanation) will most certainly gain re-election! This will almost guarantee a civil revolution, culminating in a violent conflict between the true patriots of this nation and the Socialist pigs who have gained control of this nation by fraud and deception!

    • Larry Diesel

      I wrote in Ron Paul on the last ballot in 2008 because voting for anyone already on the ticket was wasting my vote. How many millions of Americans wasted their votes on another puppet of the banksters?

    • Larry

      And u would be an idiot to do that also.Hell why not just vote for Obama? Both would prove your ignorance but equally effective for the democtatic party.

    • Lois

      Good for you Bruce, I too and going to write in Ron Paul’s name for President, and I only hope and pray that all his supporters write in his name also.

    • Mimi

      Mr, Porter,
      While Mr. Romney was not my choice, the alternative of having Mr. Obama for four more years is a solution beyond any defense you can offer. If you throw away your vote on Ron Paul, you are voting for Barack Obama, make no mistake, that’s what you will be responsible for. Noble schmoble! But perhaps, you know exactly what you are saying, perhaps you are the wolf in sheep’s clothing, who was going to vote for Obama in the first place. Yes, I think that’s more plausible. So, people, don’t be taken in by people that make this argument, they are the con artists for the Liberal Left.

    • AZ-Ike

      I, too, would choose Ron Paul over any other Presidential candidate. However, voting for him as a write-in candidate will not get him elected. It is the Presidential Electors of each state who actually vote for and elect the President. That is why there is often some discrepancy between the President elected and the ‘popular vote.’

      It is necessary to have some control in who is nominated as a Presidential Elector and to keep it out of the hands of the political parties. Alan Keyes wrote a series of articles discussing the Constitution and elections with Part III discussing the Presidential Electors. His articles are posted on his website It is a fairly long, but interesting, read.

      Even more important than electing a President, is electing new Congressional Representatives and Senators who will support the Constitution and stop the federal overreach that is destroying the rights and liberties of America’s sovereign People. Obama (and previous Presidents) could not have accomplished the transformation to socialism/progressivism without the complicity of Congress and the Judiciary. Although both the Executive and Judiciary branches have some control over Congress, it is Congress that can exercise ultimate control through the impeachment process. To do that, we need representatives who will restore the Constitution.

    • jim

      When you vote for a write in candidate you are giving obama a vote

    • http://none Rand A Martin

      The former New Mexico governor, Gary Johnson will be the Libertarian candidate. I voted for Dr. Paul in 88 when he ran as a Libertarian and I wrote him in in 2008. My vote didn’t show in the local paper. I will vote for him in the primary, but will go with Mr Johnson in the national.

    • Patti

      I too will only vote for Ron Paul even as a write in. I hope people learned from the Ross Perot time when they said “I would have voted for him but I didn’t think he would win”. If all those people HAD voted for Ross he would have won! Lets not make the same mistake again this time ~ vote for the person you want to win not who the media says will win!!!
      Ron Paul is our only answer to get us out of the mess all the R&D’s have created!!
      Go Ron Paul!!!

    • http://hotmail Larry

      I think Ron Paul is our only hope. I tell all my friends this but I know some of them don’t get it.

    • carlos

      U Rupaul guys r all nuts. A write-in vote 4 Rupaul is another vote for Obama. Hasnt he wrecked this nation enough n upset the balance between the 3 branches set forth in the constitution? This nation cant take another 4 years of this president. Rupaul is through. Hes out of money n will not get any delegates because of his insane foreign policy views.

    • hawkeye10

      Yeah Bruce, It’s always the lesser of two evils. Let’s just get someone that we want, that will actually do what is right for our country and the world. The NWO crowd is the most evil, corrupt bunch the world has ever seen. It’s already said that they have the voting machines fixed for who “they” want in. These (people?) are Greedy, Power-hungry, Control Freaks and “they” can’t do what is right. Let’s get everyone to vote for Ron Paul, if it won’t end up putting in Obama again. And we definitely don’t need Nazi Jeb Bush for Vice or any other office. The Bushes are all bad news, as they are the NWO crowd.

    • ToeTagTunny

      I understand your frustration Bruce.. The ‘lesser’ of two evils is still evil and neither are in anyway challenging that summation. But we’ve been hood winked, the powers that be chose for us somebody we don’t want and have been undermining respectable candidates in order to push us into wanting him.. and as most believe, he won’t be able to oust Obama even WITH all his millions but the parties don’t really care who get’s in, the agenda will be played out just the same.. Only differences will be the image looking back from the mirrors and whether or not scads of poor suddenly find themselves in a life or death situation.

    • Dick B

      I would love to see somebody running with the view of the “tea party”. Remember – the tea party is not a political party – it is a way of thinking. Lets get rid of the socialist this year and give the republicans one more chance – if they don’t take us back to our America, then i say lets start another “party”. But we have to get this “Hitler-wanna-be” out of our hair first and a third party this year, will give him the election (where he will have “more flexibility” to “deal” with our enemies).

    • Richard

      You’re obviously not a Republican (not even a RINO), and are hoping that enough people will do a write-in for Ron Paul, thus enabling your failed leader, Obama to once again sneak into the WH.

    • Linda Ann

      If people write in a person it just throws that vote away and means more for obama. Think about it before you actually do it. We need to get obama out of there!!! We can’t do it with votes that are written in for someone that is not going to win. The main goal is no 2nd term or the USA is doomed. Please think about what you are doing…

    • Alice Scofield

      Amen Brother! I totally agree. Plus Paul (says) he isn’t done yet! I intend to write in.

    • Cecilia Streit

      Ron Paul is still in the running and is doing well with his delegates. Check him out at He is the only person that can fixed this messed up country.

    • Cecilia Streit

      Ron Paul is still in the running and is doing well with his delegates. Check him out at He is the only person that can fix this messed up country.

    • taxlady

      That is EXACTLY wha the democratic party hopes for. Anyone who votes for any
      candidate other than than the republican opposing oba

    • stephen leach

      “A vote for Ron Paul is a vote FOR OBAMA” (not good) = I would, and did support Ron Paul for VP. But, I would not vote him for President. At this time in the election it appears Ron Paul has not endorsed the nominee. Is Ron P. going to be the dark horse and spoil things for Romney? Ron P. was the dark horse in the last election and Obama won! ( WTF-?) Same thing is happening right now and voting for Ron Paul means Obama will win, “A VOTE FOR RON PAUL IS A VOTE FOR OBAMA.”

    • stephen leach

      “After watching Obama try his best to have America “BELIEVE IN POLITICIANS” and bring down “The American Dream”…Romney has a different view. I realized how strong America is, and I now understand why Romney is saying “Believe in America”..It’s “We the People” (who have a dream of freedom), THAT MEANS US — NOT the politicians. And Romney SUPPORTS the people’s dream, NOT the gov’t control. Which is why Romney says “BELIEVE IN AMERICA”_ because he knows, it’s AMERICANS that make the difference NOT the politicians. So please- BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, and believe in America.”

    • Karl

      I can not in good conscience vote for Obama nor Romney. I will only vote for Ron Paul.
      It is Ron Paul or noone.

      • http://none Rand A Martin

        Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson is the presidential candidate for the Libertarian party. He would be better than none.

    • http://fox bob

      i sir admire and thank you for service to our country . and just like you but i think i had better vote for the lesser of two evils . obama must not win reelection and that is why we can not split the votes . we muxt get rid of the democrats and obama . as a former member of the armed service i plead wiyh you to not split tour vote.and pray to GOD ALMIGHTY we can get them as their reelection time rolls around. stay safe.

  • Dens

    The SDA, (Socialist Democrats of America) formerly the Democrat Party, is now almost totally comprised of outright enemies of our Country. The Republicans, out of fear, lack of character and greed, go along to get along and now more or less play the part of a backboard against which their opponents can score legislative “bank shots” with ease.

    While playing their phony game, both “parties” have inriched themselves, their families and friends at our expense all the while telling us how hard they and their “honorable and esteemed colleagues” are working on our behalf. The White House is presently inhabited by a very angry half Negro who is hell bent on revenge against Whites for offenses only known to deranged, severly warped minds.

    All these “leaders” have presided over our demise and ultimate destruction. They all need to be removed from office and tried for their criminal gutting of our Country. We need a new President and I don’t care if it’s Mitt Romney, Ron Paul or Thomas Sowell as long as they show support for our Constitution as written and do everything necessary to get us back on a successful, profitable, Capitalistic path to prosperity and well being for all.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Romney’s term as governor proves he’s unconstitutional

      You should care

      • Mimi

        Would you rather have Barack Obama for the next four years? Can you honestly say, that Mitt Romney is as anti-American as the president and his cabinet, and fellow liberal legislators?

    • Grama M

      The conservative option may not be the best or the one whom we individually may want to see win. However, If that is the only chance to win, and remember, there are only two candidates that are “officially” in the race, then we must get over our bickering and pettiness about who is the better person, and get behind the only candidate we have. America, as we once knew it, is being eroded away daily and to not support the man who is “officially” a candidate will traumatically accelerate that process and fulfill the promise of the “fundamental change in America” that was promised in the last election.

      • Mimi

        Grama M,

        I agree with you. Thanks for common sense.

  • elwood

    Now the republicans are evil too? That is a lot of Americans.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      SHEEP travel in herds

      but there are some patriots in both parties

      • kathy

        I don’t think you really understand what is at stake here. There are more Americans that don’t care for Ron Paul and you can’t seem to understand that. The goal no matter to make sure Obama is not re-elected. When you and others continue to say that your not going to vote or will write Paul’s name in on the ballot. How does this really help the real cause of this election?? To vote Obama out!!! Stop thinking with angery because Paul is not the candidate and start to use common sense.We have to stand behind Romney to win. We can’t survive another 4 years folks..

      • Ladyhawke

        No they don’t. Goats and cows travel in herds, sheep travel in flocks. But goats can be trained to lead both cattle and sheep to slaughter. It is called a Judas goat, and that is Obama. Our pastor preached a sermon back in 2008 at talked about the Judas goat and I immediately thought, “that is Obama” even though the sermon had nothing to do with politics and was about false prophets/preachers leading the followers to slaughter.

      • C J

        Every aspect of this current debate is about “WHO’ will have the Wealth, Power, and “Control of the masses”! The Republi-Cons or the Demonic-Rats? The Demonic-Rats sold their souls to the devil in 1972 and have been doing his bidding ever since! The so called Christian community has remained silent, for the most part, since that time! Many who profess that they are of Christ blindly support the “wolf in sheeps clothing”, commonly known as this godless man we now see occupy the “White House” (Obamanation). I don’t need another “messiah” to deliver me! I already serve the only Messiah”, the One true God, Jesus Christ. I do not need a usurper like Obamanation who claims to be the modern day messiah, who recently claimed that his first term in office was the “Old Testament”, inferring that his next term will be the “New Testament”. To those who are truely born again, we have rightly discerned that Obamanation serves his father Satan! If we, the American people will humble ourselves before God and pray for this nation, we will have a much greater chance of regaining the true values and Constitutional rulership of this nation than placing our faith in corrupt men who have made their livelihood by deceiving the American people, in exchange for wealth and power.

        The Apostle Paul declared that we war against powers and principalities of darkness in high places. Jesus declared that many will come to him in the day of judgment declaring their righteousness and he will say unto them, depart from me, ye workers of iniquity, I never knew you! (Matt 7: 21-23) Consider the present state of this nation and its’ people. We legitimize homosexuality in the name of “civil equality”; we sanction and fund the slaughter of the innocent in the name of Pro-Choice (56 Million dead by elective abortions); we re-elect the godless to rule over us because they increase our wealth while corrupting the hearts and minds of our children by their lawless deeds; we allow vile and corrupt judges to rule over us, who themselves are deserving of judgement; we reject God in our places of Government, outlaw prayer in our schools, destroy every vissage of Gods laws from every aspect of our courts of justice, our schools, our public places, while we quietly sit by while evolution is taught to our children uncontested; we idly sit by and remain silent while adulters, rapists, murderers, thieves, etc., receive no just recompense for their vile deeds! Then we have the audacity to ask how such a vile and godless creature like Obamanation became our POTUS! He is merely a reflection of the desires of the people of this nation. Gods wrath shall not slumber for long beloved! Repent! Repent NOW! For this generation shall see the wrath of God revealed against this nation and its’ people! Selah

      • Mimi

        Sheep travel in herds for protection. People have no such excuse. There are good people in both parties, but unfortunately, the radical left have taken over the party, and the only solution is to vote Republican, or we will continue to follow the way of Greece, Spain, etc.

  • s c

    It needs to be said that SOME responders have serious problems with definitions. A ‘Republican’ is someone who willingly associates with neocons and RINOs. A conservative is NOT a ‘Republican,’ and a ‘Republican’ is NOT a conservative. Can SOME of you PLEASE remember that?
    As for Rothenberg, he’s entitled to his childish, pimped-out, bought-and-paid-for opinions. He can also go _____ himself. In effect, a typical ‘Republican’ is someone who harbors thoughts of associating with utopians. Ergo, when Amerika no longer has any ‘Republican’s is the day Amerika will be a better, safer nation.
    Utopians are another matter.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Utopians? Is that another term for New World Order?

      They have already betrayed our sovereignty & constitution on both sides
      We need to get out of NATO and the UN as soon as possible

    • Mimi

      Your boorish and contemptuous manner, doesn’t help anyone, except yourself. Let’s not split hairs. Whether or not a Republican is not as conservative as we would like, is not the issue today. We have a clear choice. Vote for Obama, or not. Those who don’t vote based on Mitt Romney not being conservative enough, will simply be voting for Obama. Our vote is precious and we’d better make it count, or we are as much the problem, as the liberals.

  • elwood

    Hmmmm, isn’t Ron Paul running as a Republican? As was Sarah Palin and Herman Cain. Are Jim DeMint or Rep Ryan RINOs??? Keep your eye on the Islamic terrorist.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear elwood,

      You write: “Keep your eye on the Islamic terrorist.” I wrote a column about you on Monday. Please read it.

      Best wishes,

      • Rhonda Reichel

        I read it Bob….it was EXCELLENT !!

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Unless you read this….you are in the dark
      You will learn things on this site you had no idea of before. It’s well worth the read….it will turn your world upside down to know the truth

      It’s the unsung intelligence agents who refused to be corrupted who we should salute….not the politicians

      • chuckb

        after reading the information you supplied, i can only say the author skirted his writing and video on half truth’s. the u.s. was pulled into ww2 by the communist who at that time infiltrated the fdr government, and fdr being a democrat had socialist leanings as it was.
        the communist movement in russia caused much of the troubles in germany which fostered adolph hitler, they drew us into ww2 and used this country to destroy germany.
        we have at this very moment people sitting in this administration who are descendants of the russian communist party..
        i do not believe any part of the conspiracy in reference to the arabs destroying the towers in new york. we are in between to factions the israeli’s and islam. the jews may have known more about the towers incident than they profess, this drew us in against their mortal enemy.

        your assertion about palin i believe is entirely wrong, you may be right about ryan

      • Rhonda Reichel

        chuckb….I have read about WWII pretty extensively and I disagree that we were pulled into it by the communist…in fact we were making a fortune supplying arms to Europe before we got in it and the majority of Americans at the time wanted nothing to do with another WW. FDR was already using our ships to bomb the German’s ships on the excuse that they were interferring with our trade….considering what that trade consisted of he had to get the American people mad enough to enter the war.

        Hence he let Pearl Harbor be bombed. 12 days before the strike they intercepted Japan’s intentions but said nothing to the commanders at Pearl Harbor….it was a false flag. Google that sometime and really dig deeper. It’s a well known fact.

        As far as communists infiltrating our govt, we elected one in FDR didn’t we? But I don’t think it was his true reason to enter the war.

        Military war profiteering is always the reason….for all these wars since especially.

        GHW Bush is on the board of the Carlyle Group (war profiteers) along with the bin Laden family…..strange bedfellows???

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Chuck….did I misrepresent Palin? Don’t think so. You can hear all that verified on Youtube in her own words.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Paul and Demint are not RINOs….but Palin and Ryan most certainly are

      Go to New American freedom index for Ryan

      Palin supports the Bush Policy of pre-emptive wars and also TARP & the Patriot Act
      She’s no constitutionalist

    • Jay

      deadwood says: Hmmmm, isn’t Ron Paul running as a Republican? As was Sarah Palin and Herman Cain. Are Jim DeMint or Rep Ryan RINOs??? Keep your eye on the Islamic terrorist.

      Oh dear, another uneducated lefty, beguiled by labels.

  • Elizabeth Sloot

    It is not a matter of Demacrat or Republican anymore, it is about saving this country. It is no longer about which party thinks they are right. What makes you think that some Republicans are not Communists? That is why it so important to seperate the Wheat from the Chaff. Let this be done at the National Republican Convention and let us all hope that Ron Paul can pull it off or we are doomed. I believe Mitt Romney can not hold his own against the Chicago Mob. That is what is running our Beloved Country now. Gangsters are at the Helm.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Darn straight Elizabeth….for those of you who might doubt her, google the Bush / Clinton CRIME FAMILY

      Almost nothing we are told on TV is the truth….and FOX spins things constantly….you have to do your research on the internet (while you still can)

    • Rhonda Reichel

      I agree….what’s more COMMUNIST than TARP? or the NDAA? or the Patriot act?

  • elwood

    Your a scary bunch…………a bit on the paranoid side too. Nevertheless, as this was my first visit to your camp I have found it enlighting. I may stop in again to see what new dangers abound in the American landscape. Bob, read your column on lies, you re-enforced my opinions. Rhondia, talk about sheep, you’ve got a flock here.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Yep I know….flocks need a shepard….Bob is a great one
      We just need to herd them into the corral of the constitution

    • Rhonda Reichel

      You might like Veterans Today….afterall vets have contacts and I’ve been learning a lot there. It does seem paranoid at first but after so much verification, and a little common sense…it all adds up. They sure have called a lot of the shots. Read it there and then it happens. I particularly like that Duff guy. He’s a little soft on Obama (still in the denial phase) but his military intelligence is spot on.

      • Average Joe

        “military intelligence ”
        How can you use those two words together…. in the same sentence?…..This is kown as an “oxymoron” (which is what I also call those idiots doing Oxycotin…Oxymorons)….the two words are mutually exclusive.

        ox·y·mo·ron[ òksee máw ròn ]ox·y·mo·ra Plural

        1. expression with contradictory words: a phrase in which two words of contradictory meaning are used together for special effect, e.g. “wise fool” or “legal murder”
        [ Mid-17th century. < Greek oxumōron, form of oxumōros < oxus "sharp" + mōros "foolish" ]

        Synonyms: inconsistency, absurdity, irony, contradiction, contradiction in terms, oxymoron, enigma, puzzle.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear elwood,

      You write: “I may stop in again to see what new dangers abound in the American landscape.” I hope you do. I can make you this promise: You’ll never be bored.

      Best wishes,

    • Hank, MO

      Elwood, I’ve read several of your posts and the responses to them. You appear to be the only one posting here who isn’t trying to push on a rope. Paul hasn’t got a prayer of being the nominee and that’s been the case for months (if not years) now. Even if he would be a fabulous candidate, what good would it be if he didn’t win the presidency? And there is no way that’s going to happen. So, assuming Rhonda and Bob and the others are all right in deifying him, what good will it do them to be right and lose the election? None. They get to sit in a corner somewhere saying, “We told you so. We were RIGHT.” Whoopee-dooo! They’re right but the country goes down in flames with Flop-Ears vacationing on our dime for another four years. That doesn’t seem like much of a victory to me. Like you, however, I’ve read about as much of this silly drivel as I can stand, so I’m off to find a site where at least a few of the posters appear to have some grasp on reality. Stay in the zone and keep your eye on the ball.

      • Army Grunt

        Hank, I’m hearing ya, I’m entertained by some soft lefties on here, LMAO Have a good day Brother.

    • Jay

      elwood says: Your a scary bunch…………a bit on the paranoid side too. Nevertheless, as this was my first visit to your camp I have found it enlighting. I may stop in again to see what new dangers abound in the American landscape. Bob, read your column on lies, you re-enforced my opinions. Rhondia, talk about sheep, you’ve got a flock here.

      Hmm, another little mouse with a pea-sized brain. You best run little mouse before we eat you for lunch!

  • Average Joe

    Notice to the GOP.
    The only reason that I am still a card carrying Republican…is because of Ron Paul. I am not alone in this reasoning….piss down our backs and see what happens to the GOP rolls…….Tread lightly…lest you get stuck in the mire of your own making….. and we will be happy to let you bury yourselves……A “shovel ready” job…made possible by the GOP (Greedy Old Profiteers)….all by themselves.

  • chuckb

    rhonda reichel,

    i was alive and well during ww2, in fact i was in the so. pacific in 1945. and i also have read much on the causes of this war and it all leads to moscow and the communist party.
    the communist were infiltrating this country in the 1920′s and were in fdr’s cabinent, they were instrumental in getting us involved in the war, i certainly agree on the pearl harbor theory, i believe roosevelt did allow our fleet to be hit as they were, in order to get the american people aggressive.

    hope this isn’t to scary for you elwood.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      I see your point…and certainly communists have always infiltrated our govt. even today….the Russians did have something to gain by our being their ally….but still I think GREED is the main motivation behind all wars. Had he not played that Pearl Harbor card he would never gotten the people behind him because we were capitalizing on it and otherwise had no dog in the hunt.

      What we have to worry more about than communist is the Israel lobby now.

      Smeadley Butler said it best….WAR IS A RACKET

      • Average Joe
      • Wildey

        The Russians under Gorbachev decided communism doesn’t work. Reagan was in touch with them when the walls came tumbling down. Gorbachev took a chance by laying prostrate to the world. Reagan was going to reciprocate by defunding NATO. What do we need NATO for if communism fell? Enter Bush Sr. He had other ideas. He proclaimed with his proclamation “A new world order”. What he didn’t say is he and his son, the shrub, planned to head the world’s single super power, America. Since then Russia has adopted policies of economic growth while pushed ourselves into bankruptcy. The Roman Empire fell because it couldn’t afford to maintain the empire, give aid to their vassal states. Sound familiar? The only thing new is the history you havn’t read yet.

      • Wildey

        The Zionist movement was started in the late 1800,s by Theodor Herzl, an Austrian Jew. If you study history HItler and others in Europe knew what the Zionist movement was all about. Hitler equated Jews and Israeli’s with it and this was dead wrong and lead to the holocaust. Zionism is political/religious in nature with the religious part completely false. In summary the Zionist plan on establishing their “kingdom” in Judea, Samaria (the west bank) Jerusalem and other parts of Palestine. The Zionist have America’s foreign policy by the nose thru AIPAC American, Israeli, political action committee, and other fronts ib America.

        This strictly my opinion but watch what the Zionist do and you can pretty much predict the end. An Zionist invasion of Iran will trigger it. Netanyahu, Barrack and other devout Zionist are pulling the strings and momentarially they will move. The Jews and Israeli’s are in the same boat as Americans. Many of them are sounding the alarm but they’re nothing but Ron Paul’s. Read It gives real news

    • Wildey

      When the Spanish war in 1898 was brewing because the Spanish were dragging their feet selling us Cuba, the newspaper magnate William Randolph Hurst sent the painter Frederick Remington to Cuba to “paint the battles”. When Remington got there he cabled to Hurst there wasn’t any battles. Hurst sent this infamous cable to Remington we all should be aware of…”You paint the battles. I’ll supply the war”. Sound familiar. Government always use tried and proven strategies as they shepard their people to do their biddling.

  • Rhonda Reichel

    to bad people have forgotten the words in George Washington’s farewell address….NO ENTANGLING ALLIANCES

  • Keith Cook

    The GOP is self destructing to try to keep the old party lines going..ain’t gonna happen..I can’t wait till Tampa and see Obomneys face when Dr. Paul takes the nomination by a landslide, and Obamney and the establishment GOP are left out in the cold. That view would be priceless. Ron Paul 2012!!

    • HKaufman

      Give dates and major anything Ron Paul WON by a landslide. When you reach 0,nada,nil,zip a de do dah …

    • Average Joe

      I live approx. 45 mi. North of Tampa. I and severals of my friends and neighbors are planning to attend the convention. This will be my first …I am looking forward to being a part of that voice in support for Dr. Paul.
      No longer will we set aside our principles and values to support a party that has obviously lost it’s way.
      No longer will we roll over for their “chosen one”, who will simply give us…”more of the same”.
      We will however…be heard …loud and clear…Nationally….and internationally at the Tampa Convention…the Nation…and the world….will hear us…..The REVOLUTION….will be TELEVISED!

      Ron Paul/ Andrew Napolitano 2012!

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Average Joe,

        Please do keep your head down.

        And I invite you to keep us updated. Email reports of the proceedings to and we’ll post them.

        Best wishes,

      • Average Joe

        Bob Livingston,
        Thanks for the link. I will definitely watch my P’s and Q’s while attending the event…big sticks, teargas and jail do not appeal to me….not even a little bit.

        I believe that this convention will be historical in this nation’s history… whether for the good or the bad.
        I will definitely keep folks informed as to what I witness while there…I believe there will be lots of circus clowns in the show to talk about….as well as a few sideshow attractions….and a couple of outrights “Freaks” to oggle at….typical Circus fare.

  • Carol Fryer

    So many of us have been saying this for a long time. The republican party has an idiot making decisions for it. They keep shoving globalist open borders candidates down our throats as though they really want to win. I say they really want to loose and thats what the meeting between Bone head Boehner and Obama was before that oh so important vote on the debt ceiling. He most likely promised Obummer he would help him be reelected and hes doing a darn good job of it. They refuse to look into the birth certificate issue and anything else that actually means anything. And when the dems pull a huge fiasco the republicans put one or two mouth pieces forward to object, then go eerily silent and let them have at it. They are the most pathetic bunch of idiots Ive seen . And thats pretty bad because the democratic leadership is pretty pathetic. And evil to boot. The only conclusion I can come to is they are working together against Americans.

  • Jane

    There seems to be a lot of bitter old folks against “Republicans” these days. I am a Republican and everything but an “idiot.” If you love the Democrats so much, why don’t you shut this silly site down and get in bed with the REAL idiots!!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Jane,

      You write: “If you love the Democrats so much, why don’t you shut this silly site down and get in bed with the REAL idiots!!” Please point out anywhere on this site where we have professed a love for Democrats. We are an equal opportunity party hater. The two parties are simply the tools the elites use to keep the American people divided while they devise more creative and devious ways to steal our wealth and trample on our liberties.

      Best wishes,

      • jopa

        I am a Democrat and I don’t hate Republicans.I have always told my kids not to use the word hate that it is too strong of a word and will only hurt another emotionally by it’s use.This is perhaps the only Hate site I visit in that the rest really go overboard.Rather than hate a Republican I try and inform them of their weaknesses and there misguidance in today’s world and elevate them to the status of a proud American where they can rise above the shame of their past beliefs and come into the light and support our views and become whole again.So many Republicans are walking around today with their heads hanging in disgust and shame due to the recklessness of their past leaders they have lost all hope and dignity.I try to comfort them, take them in and show them the truth and how to use their remote control to turn off Fox no news and explain to them how it is just American Al Qaeda propaganda.Fox has given more comfort to the enemy than one can imagine in it’s continual hostile action toward our President and our American principles.

      • Jay

        No, you’re not full of hate jopa, you’re just full of sh*t!

    • Ladyhawke

      Ronald Reagan said that he did not leave the democrat party, the democrat party left him. I say, I did not leave the republican party, the republican party has left me.
      I admire the fortitude of the Pauls and other like them who are trying to return the republican party back to where it belongs, however, I believe it is just peeing in the ocean. Not going to make a difference to a hill of beans.

  • chuckb

    jopa, do you turn your collar around when you leave your home?

    • jopa

      chuckb & jay; If I want any sh-t from you i will squeeze your heads.

  • http://openminds Paul LoSchiavo

    There’s just so much here to work with I don’t know where to begin. First, these labels of liberal, conservative, communist, socialist, democrat or republican are all designed to divide folks and keep them squabbling about who’s more patriotic and who is better informed. Let me put that concept to rest. There are none of us so called “common folk” that has enough information about the machinations going on behind the scenes of govt, banking, cia, FBI, the military-industrial conglomerate to evaluate where we are headed and whats going to happen when we get there. One thing is certain however, the greed and avarice that allows anyone to sell their souls in order to feed their lust for power and position at the expense of their fellow man is nothing less than pure unadulterated evil. Any one guilty of remaining silent while knowing of criminal acts being commited by politcians, businessmen or military personell should suffer the same fate as those callous and vicious perpetrators. I include all of the media, bureaucratic and law enforcement folks in this indictment as well. I pray that all Americans will see through the lies and deceptions being foisted upon us to keep us divided so that we will, when the time comes, be able to rise up as one people and refuse to accept the deconstruction of our republic.

  • Carl Manning

    If Romney and the GOP RINO Establishment nominate fellow Establishment Globalist Neocon RINO, Jeb Bush, or Neocon Globalist, GOP TEA Party plant, and ineligibile VP material, Marco Rubio, as his Veep, he’s toast. If Romney does not put a Libertarian Constitutionalist on the ticket, he’s toast. If he puts Rand Paul on the ticket, he possibly could sweep to victory in a landslide. That’s, of course, if we even have an election this year, which I seriously doubt. Far too many Americans severely cannot comprehend the evil these Communists are willing to bring about for their cause. All the chess pieces are in place; every vulnerability has been expolited to maximum benefit; and they have never come this far so fast in all of American history. They will not squander this opportunity. One of our greatest Achilles’ heels was that we were just stupid enough to allow the Presidency to control the Department of Justice in the first place. Our other stupidity was believing the Left-Right Paradigm, which can only be attributed to either ignorance or cognitive dissonance. So much of today’s GOP consist of disaffected former Democrats who left their party when it became dominated by Communists. As such, they still retain largely a socialist, big government ideology, which is manifested in how they vote in the District of Criminals. It also explains why they are incredibly stupid, gullible idiots when it comes to falling for the government lies and inside jobs of 911, TWA 800, the Oklahoma City FBI Murrah Bldg bombing, al Qaeda, the USS Liberty, Obama’s birth certificate, & Osama bin Laden’s assassination. It also explains why they subscribe to the same system of WHOREDOM as the DemoCommies.

  • Dottie Hanna

    If Romney has the GOP nimination after the convention, I’m writing in Ron Pail’s name if he’s no longer on the ballot. If That isn’t an option, Gary Jognson (Libertarian) gets my vote.

  • joev2v

    It is the actual idiots who split the Republican party just to make a point. Ron Paul has some good ideas but they are few and far apart. Ron Paul has never got more than 1% of the vote in a general presidential race. If you want to write in Ron Paul be my guest. He has never influenced a race and won’t start now. He is a weak loser of a candidate and thank God the majority of the GOP knows it. As a person there isn’t much not to like but Ron Paul is all over the place when it comes to policies and his political beliefs. If by some real real great great big miracle he was the candidate against Obama he would of course get my vote but not a chance of that happening.

    • Jay

      You possess a mind not merely twisted, but actually sprained.

  • Wildey

    What’s a Republican or Democrat? These titles have no statement of principles to identify them with, therefore they don’t exist. It’s like this, do you know the difference between a crowd and a mob? A thrown rock. Once they get a mindless mob in motion the predetermined leaders can stear them this way or that. A lot of bellicose noise is heard but nothing intelligent is said. They’ll pull a lever or throw a punch for anybody just to release their frustrations. Their dangerous to everybody, even themselves. They react the way they’re suppose to, never act with thought out reason.

    And guess what? They’re going to continue determining the direction the “In God We Trust” country, America goes. Personally I’m sick of people that say Ron Pauls the best and in the same breath say they’ll vote for Romney because Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance. Idiots, give him your vote and he will have chance.

  • Lucinda

    Sometimes I suspect Obama supporters are hiding behind Paul. Pretty sneaky.

    • kathy

      I know what you mean. I haven’t trusted Ron Paul from the beginning and have always had a bad feeling about him. The Ron Paul supporters are so different from the rest of the Rep party.I beginning to think are they part of the Socialist party?? Something is just not right. And why would any one waste their vote when he is not the candidate for the party and just give their vote for Obama. I read a lot about Paul, and just think that something is wrong here. What do you think?

  • Damn Buster 2012

    You have a good point !!(but would be hard to prove.).RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Damn Buster 2012

    You have a good point(but would be hard to prove)RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • …just amused

    While everyone is “showin’ the love” for Romney, I think it would be more positive to encourage him to be more conservative. The only thing about Romney that’s conservative is the way he dresses! If he’s even read the Constitution it was a long time ago.
    If he can govern by it remains to be seen. If we all the same congress we might as well give up now. It would be nice to go into the “voting booth” with both hands free instead of having to hold my nose while making my picks.

  • libertarian

    The republicans are like the democrats, they can/t change their perspective. If we were able to elect a Ron Paul maybe we could see a little light in Washington. However, no one is willing to try a non-traditional candidate. Romey is a reprint, another mold of the last one someone forgot to break. He is the supreme personality cultist that doesn’t stand for anything, even greater than President Obama on many occassions.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Of course the GOP establishment is made up of idiots – supporting RINOs and weak moderates when 1980 and 1984 proved that bold conservatives are the way to win. Those who support Mitt-nitwit Romney are idiots, but the same could be said about the delusional Ron Paul supporters who continue to support such an old kook and crackpot!!

    • decboss

      go ahead you dumn a** and give nobama another vote because your vote will be wasted. our votes must remove this crooked antigod pig. your thinking was how nobama got in in the first place, so if you want this thug to ruin my country just have the balls to vote for him and admit it. amd please stay in no york.

  • hoser

    Hey Earl, how’s that free card board box house working out for ya? That’s what you get with Obummer. Bush was an idiot too. Amerikans better wake-up to the left/right paradigm that is/has destroyed our Republic. I honestly don’t know what’s worse, 4 ymore years of Obummer or mittens in the WH? We could only be so lucky as to have a Dr Ron Paul presidency! In fact, you liberal and hardcore right retards should get down on your knees and pray to God every day that Ron Paul is elected president. One more thing, abolish the FED and the UN. That’s 95% of what’s wrong with this country and the world……

  • Taximan72

    How did your voice for Ron Paul turn out. I think most of you do not realize but you are on the fringes because you think moderation is a bad thing. You will never understand that the US hs been a great land because there was an understanding that the world changed, for the better or worse. You want to take gov’t back, which you never had to begin with.


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