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If You Can’t Stand The Fat, Get Out Of My Kitchen

May 10, 2012 by  

If You Can’t Stand The Fat, Get Out Of My Kitchen
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicts 42 percent of Americans will be obese by 2030.

According to the Federal government, I am fat. Specifically, I’m “overweight.” At 6’1” and a shade under 220 pounds, my body mass index is 29, which the government claims is something like “extra-poor with lettuce and cheese.” But the BMI is a terrible indicator of actual fitness. Some guys — like me — are built a little bit bigger. Hell, according to BMI measurements, Tim Tebow (BMI: 29.4) is borderline obese. Tebow doesn’t read defenses particularly well; but, according to most of the women I know, he is decidedly not obese.

And I’m a pretty fit guy. According to my doctor, my blood pressure is normal, my resting pulse is in the low 60s, my cholesterol is excellent and I generally seem pretty chipper. I work out at least five times per week, following a program designed by a friend of mine who happens to be a champion natural bodybuilder (BMI: 27.5 – “overweight”). I play in a weekend flag football league against kids half my age. My knees would probably prefer I didn’t, but I play competitively. Like President Barack Obama (BMI: “pencil neck”), I smoke. But unlike Obama, I don’t hypocritically hide the habit. Like the first lady (BMI: A gentleman never asks; a lady never tells), I eat pretty much whatever the hell I want. But unlike the first lady, I don’t bark at my fellow citizens to shape up in between 5-star, multi-course gourmet meals with Oprah Winfrey (BMI: Deep Dish Pizza).

I’m no Tebow, but I’m no Michael Moore (BMI: The Planet Uranus) either. Actually, that’s a ridiculous simile. Moore is one Ho Ho from needing the Army Corps of Engineers to knock out a wall and drag him onto a C-130. I certainly don’t require the government’s assistance in trying to be more Tebow than Moore (a good idea no matter what the circumstances).

That’s why I abhor government interventions like those being proposed of late. At the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s “Weight of the Nation” confab this week, the discussion centered on the supposed obesity epidemic raging unchecked across the Nation. According to the rhetoric, 42 percent of Americans will be more like Moore than me by 2030. The enormously influential Institute of Medicine and the enormously annoying Center for Science in the Public Interest have joined other nabobs of nannyism in calling for government requirements that:

  • Fast food restaurants offer “healthier choices.”
  • “Employers … provide access to healthy foods at work and offer opportunities for physical activity.”
  • And, of course, taxes be levied on the stuff at the root of our supposed national obesity “epidemic.”

Since Fatty McBlubberston can’t resist filling his gullet with double-baco-greaseburgers, I have to cough up more for mine. Moreover, Greaseburgerville has to offer more stuff in which both Fatty and and I are disinterested. They’ll have to spend more time and money offering “healthy foods” instead of, say, making more double-baco-greaseburgers (hence: Greaseburgerville as opposed to Tofuville or something equally unappetizing).

We are heavier than previous Americans. We’re also taller, faster and stronger and we live longer — by a wide margin. We certainly aren’t smarter, but that’s another column entirely.  The government is basing a potential intervention into our lives, our refrigerators and even our wallets on a supremely flawed device — the BMI — and the subsequent presumption that Americans are a bunch of fat, lazy couch potatoes who require the government to watch their waistlines.

Some people will suggest that those on welfare need the government to make dietary choices, lest they become a burden on the system. I would respond: They’re on welfare. They’re already a burden on the system. Indeed, as the American population and our average lifespan continue to grow at a nearly exponential rate, we are all a burden on the system.

Even if Americans are a bunch of fat and lazy couch potatoes, it still isn’t the government’s job to take away our double-baco-greaseburgers. Of course there are people who look like Moore. But the people who look like Tebow and me (all right, more Tebow than me) shouldn’t have to suffer for it. My own decision-making process might include the occasional double-baco-greaseburger (last time, I promise); but I eat vegetables, drink plenty of water (in addition to the ice cubes in my scotch) and — most importantly — require neither assistance nor threats from the government to do so.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • GiveMeLiberty

    As always, spot-on, knee-slapping commentary! Thank you Ben.

    After 25 years in the military, I can assure you the government can’t spell BMI let alone tell you what it stands for. They struggled for decades trying to define and manage BMI in the service. Just wait until our ‘assigned government health care provider’ straight out of public school starts prescribing us modified diets. All in our ‘interest’ and for the ‘common good’, right?!

    Good times…NOT!

    • Mike in MI

      GML – Must be the AMA went begging for another primary profit center to make sure they can protect the diagnosis code for Phatosis gigantensiosus. Too many “unscientific” therapies out there in the health care hustings making successful inroads into what they consider “THEIR” turf – the human body, mind, soul and life continuum.
      NUH, NUh, Nuh, can’t have that. Too many people might find out about and become independently healthy. That’s like “independently wealthy” …and the two are inseparable. Like love and marriage, horse and carriage, medical visits and poverty.

  • MAP

    Can anyone honestly doubt that this will be the ultimate outcome of any takeover of our healthcare system? Those wannabe Stalins in Washington will then be in a position to micromanage our lives, ostensibly for our own good, because we’re too stupid to know how to protect our own health, but really to cater to those industries that pay the most in bribes and other perks. Am I suggesting corruption? Am I implying that those gods in Washington would lie, cheat and steal? Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, we are told. Affix your attention to the incredible image projected before your eyes. But I believe the wizard is only a man and this takeover of healthcare is trusted only by fools, dreamers, and slaves.

    • GALT

      Very mysterious…….so who is the wizard here?

      1.) The takeover of “health care”? I am completely unaware of any “health care” system
      that exists in the U.S. although some have said that it represents 1/3 of the economy.
      Unfortunately it also is the leading cause of death, killing between 700,000 to 900,000
      people a year.

      2.) There are a number of components involved, doctors, nurses, medical schools, hospitals, drug companies, lawyers, insurance providers, medical device manufacturers, pharmacists, etc. and of course the government admin components, FDA, Medicare, Medicaid. the VA……and then the legislators and lobbyists……

      3.) All of these entities are heavily invested in a medical approach called
      Germ Theory……..whose daddy was Louis Pasteur, who had moderate success
      demonstrating that there was a certain validity to the correlations of “germs” and
      disease……and being a gregarious self promoter, managed to overshadow a competing
      theory, by Bechamps, who favored an “immune system” approach.

      4.) It is a tendency of human beings to defend, that which they have made a commitment to………..the greater the investment, the more vigorous the “denial” and no amount of
      evidence to the contrary seems to be able to counteract, this “commitment” even when
      any evidence “for it” can not be demonstrated. ( consider the reluctance of the Catholic Church, to admit it’s error regarding the Ptolomy’s earth centric system, vs the heliocentric system of Copernicous and it’s confirmation by Galileo…..for which it finally apologized
      in 1996. )

      5.) Ole Louis, finally did admit the error of his approach…….on his death bed…..”The terrain is everything.” but having manipulated the “press” who had assisted him in his “self promotion”…….the admission was ignored……and Western medicine has been committed to Germ Theory ever since.

      6.) As a result, all of the components listed above are also “committed”, as well as “invested” in it……….so our fearless feature writer today……creates a completely false argument….. being either ignorant of the truth, or being committed to babbling for it’s own sake ( his self promotion ) and you are distracted from the real problem, while be directed toward a solution which not only assures the continuation of the status quo, but seeks to
      remove the only potential check against making it far worse. ( btw you as a patient with any kind of so called health insurance, are also committed ( invested ) in this system, since you can not choose any other approaches or treatments, as they are not covered.)

      7.) The medical facts for obesity are clear…..with the greatest risk being diabetes which leads to all sorts of other complications…….which will force you into the “healthcare” system whether you want to be or not……….

      8.) The solution to a “corrupted government” is NOT ending the “government”!

      9.) The level of complexity here is beyond anything these daily rants are capable of grasping……whatever Mr. Crystal’s actual agenda IS? As one third of the “economy”
      with multiple players, for profit………..which is based on a completely false approach which has nothing to do with “health”……….this admission ( the actual solution )…….would
      completely eliminate 5 trillion dollars of GDP……….and the raison detre of all the people
      involved in this fraudulent mechanism which currently requires the deaths of 1 million people a year, directly……..and the eventual “health problems” of everyone subjected to it
      in the long term……….” end the government”? Cui bono?

      • USAF VET

        Well, GALT, it took a little while to get through your rant, but when I got to #7 I was sure you weren’t sure what you were yapping about. Diabetis is NOT what you claim it to be. Stroke and Heart Attack are the #1 major health threats to us or any other person on earth. Some areas more so than others. There are many of us, myself included who do not carry the diabetis gene, nor has it ever been present anywhere in our ancestors. Stroke and Heart Attack cause more deaths anywhere than most any other health condition. It can strike anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Go back to the library and study before making such statements. I seriously doubt that you have ever worked in the healthcare industry and got all you “FATCT” from some liberal book that started and ended with and adgenda instead of the truth.

      • GALT

        Don’t worry about it….since you clearly STILL have NO IDEA what I was talking about.

        No such claim is made about diabetes, and the major cause of death in the US is
        the so called HEALTH CARE system, as indicated. The term you would look for is
        iatrogenic and the studies available about it.

        Next time, read more slowly, take notes……I’ll add some letters under the numbers to attempt to break up the salient points into smaller bites for you…….okay?

      • GALT

        Who Gets Type 2 Diabetes?

        Anyone can get type 2 diabetes. However, those at highest risk for the disease are those who are obese or overweight, women who have had gestational diabetes, people with family members who have type 2 diabetes and people who have metabolic syndrome (a cluster of problems that include high cholesterol, high triglycerides, low good ‘HDL’ cholesterol and a high bad ‘LDL’ cholesterol, and high blood pressure). In addition, older people are more susceptible to developing the disease since aging makes the body less tolerant of sugars.

        In addition, people who smoke, have inactive lifestyles, or have certain dietary patterns have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

        Understanding THIS requires that YOU ( usaf vet ) actually understand the meaning of

  • Frank G

    Ben: Continue eating like you are eating now, and I will see you in about 25 years in a hospital after your first heart atack. Then and only then you will realize that you have been putting garbage in your mouth all your life.

    • Howard

      I think Ben makes it pretty clear he realizes that he has been putting garbage in his mouth all his life. His point is that it is his choice, not the government overlords, to decide what he chews on.
      Does it give you a “thrill up your leg” to tell others how to live their lives? I think MAP’s point about the corruption, bribes and perks associated with control of our food, carbon output, fuel production and all the other forms of control is really more to the point.

    • Brad

      Frank G I think Moochelle is calling you man, she needs help working off her cottage cheese thighs. oooooouuu!! Moochelle!!!

    • Mike in MI

      Frank – I am convinced you guys have long ago learned the primary Law of the Universe that what one believes frontloads what one receives.
      Call it the placebo effect/nocebo effect, believing, goal setting, self-fulfilling prophecies, or any name you want to hang on the phenomenon. It’s a God derived law of life and you guys have learned how to frontload lots of people’s minds in such a way that they believe they NEED you’ns and your potions or there’s nothing they can do to avoid the horrors outside the sterile bubble they have set up to live in.
      If they only knew how many of their symptoms are “doctor caused”. (But…sh-sh-sh-sh…your secret is safe with me.) (They can’t hear it anyway…don’t want to.)

    • vicki

      Lets look at the results of that “garbage”

      I see noticeably longer life spans in in the 21st century over the 20th century.

      • Frank G

        Of course life expectancy is getting better, we are learning. You will not see someone who eats everything in the menu to be part of this list, it is only the ones who know by now how to take care of their bodies and are getting the best of them.

        Being thin does not mean you are healthy You can be heavy ahd healthy. The body frame has nothing to do with your health, what you eat or do not eat does.

      • Pat

        Yes, life expectancy was increasing. Now (2010) it started to decrease. Obesity is not only a health care crisis, it is an increasing financial burden on the health care system. It is not just a matter of lifestyle, it is an issue of food pollution – food additives that are addictive. It is known that US manufacturers put more salt in their products for sale in the US than for those sold in the UK, Australia and elsewhere. Look also to soda, especially diet sodas for a major part of the problem. Then there is lack of PE in schools and at home; not enough expercise for all ages.

      • Vicki

        Frank G and Pat have made a lot of claims about health but provided no links nor other credible evidence of connection. Absent this evidence I have to go with the obvious. Our diet is not new. Additives are not new. Salt in our diet is not new. We are living longer. Ergo, absent some credible evidence to the contrary, it looks to me like Frank G’s “garbage” meal isn’t.

        • Frank G

          check out this web site you may have some good answers there. This guy has been in business since the 70′s

  • Karolyn

    Well, then, don’t complain about the mess the healthcare system is in. However, I think education is the answer. Obviously, since American is the most obese country in the world, we DO have a problem that needs to be addressed.

    • CJ

      We crave jobs where we spend most of our time on our butt, rush for a quick lunch at McD’s, order pizza for dinner, hire someone else to mow our yards (IF we have a yard), spend most of our non-work time looking for mind-numbing ‘entertainment’ instead of increasing our knowledge, drink coffee all day, take the crap from the MSM as ‘factual news,’ stress over why our lives are in a mess, then demand the government give free health care to compensate for all our poor decisions…… and we wonder why we’re over weight??

      • CJ

        Oh, forgot to add we soothe our ailments by downing a quart of ice cream after the pizza and a daily dose of popping chocolate to give us a ‘boost’ of sugar-rush energy to get through it all.

      • Mike in MI

        CJ – B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O and “Bingo” was his name, oh.
        But, don’t overlook how much the medics stir into the stew with their bad advice, “medical” (as opposed to “real”) science, avoidance of natural therapies and hygenic principles, refusal to investigate the tons of data behind “anecdotal” results – except to set up “elegant” frontloaded experiments that preclude any result they don’t want to see (or simply supress studies that don’t match their expectations). Ohmy! thy have so many options available – even Executive Orders signed by Brak to get what they want: control and $$$$$$$$$$$, power, laws, statutes, legal remedies more than health remedies and $$$$$$. Oh, did I mention $$$$$$$. Peer pressure, social stigmata, crushed enemies (real healers and healthful methods, instead of toxic potions) and $$$$$$$.

    • isBubba

      Firstly, “American” is not a country (unless you speak illegal alien). Secondly, part of Ben’s point is that measuring Americans’ obesity by BMI is folly.

      And finally, another point Ben is making is that it is not the Federal Government’s business to be in ours either before we hurt ourselves or after we hurt ourselves … we’re all big boys and girls (or not).

      • Pat

        Wrong! If your poor health habits, resulting in increased health care costs, causes my health insurance rates to go up, your problem becomes my problem – and everyone else who pays for health insurance.

      • My 2¢ Worth

        Pat, the choice of pigging out or eating like a bird has nothing what so ever to do with the increase in health care costs.. Their gonna do this regardless and as always, once they hit a certain ceiling they will not lower that ceiling, rather they find other antiquated propaganda to raise it. What a person eats has a direct link to those who criticize that choice, using parroted medical jargon to release themselves of being uber arrogant and personally controlling. Who says heart failure has to do with diet (solely or partially) who say if you eat a carrot rather than a pie will prevent that attack? Obviously those who have never experienced this problem. My dad throughout his life would not cruise around smokers, never drank, did drugs or created situations that would jeopardize his health and he demanded his family follow suit, then one day he had a seizure and within a week died.. His doctor told us it was heart failure THEN he added, “I’ve never seen such a man in so good a condition”. In other words, he died from too much health (yuk! yuk!) from that moment, real food was introduced to the family and we found friends who smoked and at 92 my mom is still with the program and we’re right behind her. People who think they know better are the problem makers because they get their pioused information from the very same profiteers who don’t care whether we live or die, only that we contribute to their livelihood.

      • Vicki

        Pat says:
        Wrong! If your poor health habits, resulting in increased health care costs, causes my health insurance rates to go up, your problem becomes my problem – and everyone else who pays for health insurance.

        Your solution is imbedded in your statement. It is only a problem for those who pay for health insurance. Funny. The insurance companies, being a LOT smarter than government bureaucrats, solved that problem YEARS ago. They charge a premium for risky behavior. Thus you see, your problem becomes naught.

        I can hear the liberals whine already about the unfairness of it. How dare the insurance company charge extra for behaviors like drinking, drugs, smoking.

    • eddie47d

      We don’t have to laugh at the fat old Russian ladies anymore because we have become them.

    • daniel

      We do have a problem! Get off yer arse! We spend too much time watching the tube or playing games. We like food that has been too highly processed with empty calories and that includes the so called “healthy” meals in your grocers’ freezer. We have all but outlawed playtime for our kids at school and at home;(examples are lack of swings, no dodgeball etc.). Kind of all bad habits especially when combined with each other.
      I would bet a lot could be cured by common sense and by not being so reactionary. But then I guess there are too many people that do not want to be responswible for themselves.

  • sean murry

    I have been taking care of myself for years no one is going to tell what to eat or how to live.

    • rsh

      As you read and see sean, the political elitist will continue to be the nanny and want everyone to suckle at governments Tet. Moderation is a good policy but you don’t have to preach it to me or others who take responsibility for their own lives and lifestyles.

    • eddie47d

      Pay now or pay later in taking care of our health. Plain and simple. No one will be healthy unless an example is set.Plain and simple. Even athletes are not always healthy and die from over doing it so it is up to the individual in what they can live with but also in trying to avoid an early death. An anorexic model is a big turn off to me and they are setting themselves up for later troubles also.

  • Warrior

    Obviously there aren’t enough taxes on “things” that are bad for us. Take the gubmint for example.

  • Brad

    yep you are correct Earrior and I want my money back. Was there any guaranty given??? possibly a warranty with a Lemon Law adendum???

  • dan

    Don’t worry Ben…the Designer made us to take multiple fuels .The skinny actuarial geeks
    can continue their estrogen diets… make mine a steak and give me a side of fries slathered with cheese and an adult beverage….I don’t intend to get to the Pearly Gates looking like something the cat dragged in to vote for the Metrosexual pResident.

  • Deerinwater

    Hmm? The nature of government it seems. If the premise can be made that Nation health is a Federal concern this just one of many examples of where it leads.

    And Americans, by and large are greatly over weight , over sized and over feed.

    • Vicki

      Prosperity does that. Obama is hard at work “changing” us to be leaner.

  • Mary Ann Valentinetti

    I am off to have a good breakfast with home fries and a bagel with cream cheese…then a Wendy’s for lunch with a chocolate frosty….then fried chicken for dinner with potato salad and a dinner roll, and the a piece of apple streudel with ice cream and tea for 8 p.m. snack…howz that Moochelle?

    • Brad

      Hey Maty ann you need a date? You sound like my kind of gal. Mooochelle My Cow……

  • Brad

    :) :0 :0 LMFAO!!!!

  • Pete0097

    Well, of course they want to catagorize all of us as overweight (6’4, 240 lbs) that way when the death panels come out big time, they can say to us “Oh, you are overweight, no medical help for you”. That way they can kill you off and it is your fault as you were overweight AND they get to keep your social security.

    • Brad

      I would bet on that, you are 100% correct Pete

  • Nancy in Nebraska

    I don’t think the issue is just how much we eat. I’d like someone to look at what they are putting in our food. Is there a link between GMO’s and obesity? What about all the additives and preservatives? When you read the list of ingredients on anything it sounds like a bunch of chemicals and you ignore it. But when you find out what some of those things are, it’s shocking. I think that the crap they put in our food causes our bodies to not function as they should and obesity is only one result of that. We are all lacking in vital nutrients because most of our food is processed and even the fresh veggies are not nutrient rich due to what has become standard farming practices. How many herbicides and pesticides are we putting in our bodies? What about the radiation that’s falling on our growing food from Fukishima? That problem is not getting better, it’s getting worse. Even on the issue of over eating, I think that our bodies are telling us we’re hungry because we’re not getting the nutrients we need.

    • eddie47d

      You are correct Nancy. There is a good LDL bacteria that has disappeared from the human body within the last 100 years which helped in proper digestion.That loss in turn causes the body to absorb more bad HDL bacteria and thus obesity. Too many antibotics was the main culprit in bringing that about.

    • Renée

      Nancy, you have it the proverbial nail right on the head. People didn’t get fat over night, this is an issue that has been in progress since Monsanto decided to create plastic to put on our toast instead of butter and YES, of course all of these GMO plants, chemicals, etc. are killing us. If you put an animal next to a stalk of Real corn and a GMO stalk, the animal will know the difference and eat the real one. Why is it that the US is the only country that encourages this crap. Germany and several other countries won’t even allow those badturds into their countries. Non fat foods are worse for people than full fat foods but will the gov tell you the truth. Sugar free…killing us! All the chemicals are what is causing most of the problems, over eating is a side effect. If we went back to organic veggies, raw milk, meat that isn’t injected with all sorts of horrible things and let those poor animals roam like they used to, all the things that we grew up on, well at least I grew up on, this countries weight would fall off. However, the greatest diet we could go on is to chop the fat out of the gov. That would be at least 5 millions pounds of ugly fat! What I would love to see is everything the gov wants to shove down our throats, let them take the first step and set the example.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Organic won’t be around for long. The pollen from the gmo’s is being transferred by bees and the wind and is corrupting the organic crops. Soon we will have no choice but to eat their poison. We have little choice now.

        • Frank G

          Nancy: I read yesterday that they grow a hybrid soy bean that rejects any GMO polen, therefore the beans will remain organic. that is what I buy – laurassoybeans.

      • Vigilant

        Frank, you better get smart on soy. Studies have shown it can have some pretty deleterious effects on your health.

    • ChristyK

      One example is NutraSweet (aspartame). In the US it is a non-caloric sweetner. In Europe, they use it to fatten cattle & pigs because it increases their appetite. Of course the FDA says it’s great and safe. Don’t ingest any of the artificial sweetners.

  • flajim

    Ben, your going to be sorry in another 15 years if you keep annoying your knees like that. Trust me. Thought I was indestructible at your age, too.

    Regardless, I eat what I want, when I want but never to excess. At 6’3″ and around 175, I’m hardly a candidate for the fat farm. My silhouette from the side may not be too flattering yet that’s expected when gravity has been taking its toll for nearly 60 years.

    All of the overweight people I know are fat because they constantly eat. That’s a mental problem, not a physical problem.

  • Hey You

    One might wonder why we put up with these people in Washington, DC. They seem to be typical of well paid people who have too much time on their hands.

    • Brad

      shorter term limits and 6 month work schedules. Rick Perry has it right. That was a great candidate that just fumbled on stage.

  • copakeman

    dear govt of the USA, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS !!!!!

  • Another Vet

    HFCS – High Fructose Corn Syrup – this is a MAJOR culprit in the obesity problem that the US is having…it’s in EVERYTHING!!!!
    Farmers feed their livestock CORN for food to make the herd GAIN weight —— WE are eating CORN in just abt. everything we eat….IT’S NO WONDER THAT WE ARE GAINING WEIGHT!!!!!
    And don’t believe the commercial abt. corn syrup being the same as sugar….maybe your body doesn’t feel a difference but your BRAIN does… and it’s like nicotine very addictive … the human body is so amazing but HFCS is used and processed in our bodies different than sugar…I’m not a scientist just saying how my spouse and I have seen HFCS & sugar compared in Our bodies…
    Aspertame is another bad substance …
    In the long run Sugar used with MODERATION is the BEST sweetner to use….

    • Brad

      Another Vey – it is called Candida. Google Candida Free and see the issues we are all having with this fungus amungus. I have been on Symbion for a year now and feel 100′s of times better and my hair is growing on my old bald head again. Quite a bit actually! Enjoy!!

    • Bob Livingston
      • Frank G

        My comment had nothing to do with that the government tells you what to or what not to eat. No. It goes back to personal . responsibility. If you do not listen to advise from your parents when they tell you to eat your greens, why should you listen to complete strangers tell you the same thing. No. Find an older person who has gone thru the hell already and he/she will tell you what you should do, After all, they have been there. I am not telling you what to eat,. I don’t care, but you should care at least if you have a family. Continue messing up your body (personal responsibility) and you will have diabetes in to time. Just remember all those autoimmunwe diseases are exacerbated by what you ingest. Do you know anyone who has multiplesclorosis? Cured with diet. Heart disease? Cure with diet.

      • Vicki

        Frank G writes
        If you do not listen to advise from your parents when they tell you to eat your greens, why should you listen to complete strangers tell you the same thing.

        Cause the complete strangers are government bureaucrats and plan to take over the health insurance industry. Unless we succeed in stopping RomneyC… oops I mean obamaCare.

  • captain mike

    How about using BMI to disqualify the obeses from getting food stamps?

    • Raggs

      Good point! drug teasting as well…

      • Raggs

        OPPS where did that “a” come from?

  • uvuvuv

    it’s not just food you have to worry about. this guy at work used to race motocross. scratch that from the list of approved activity. sky divers and bungee jumpers can seek their thrills watching the democratic presidential convention. even certain ski trails would be closed, because of too many trees or too steep. myself, i’m a very plodding skier and would enviously stare at anyone bashing by, flitting from mogul to mogul like some demented maniac. well envy no more, the ski patrols will jerk their tickets because they’re endangering themselves. in fact they might outlaw skiing altogether. also local racing will be prohibited, not that i care on that one, but this could lead to governing cars to go only 60 mph. bowling is very dangerous, you can drop the ball on your foot. sandlot baseball will be prohibited, those bats you know. this is what will happen with the govt running health care. bikes, too tippy, 2 wheels in back. roller blades, absolutely not allowed. on beaches or at pools they will blow their whistles on the hour, when everyone will have to put on more sun block. anyone not complying will be arrested. drones will catch the backyard sunbathers. this is what you obama voters voted for. it’s a brave new world.

    • eddie47d

      More anti-Obama nonsense! Stick to the facts instead of phony bluster. Trauma centers have been set up for numerous years to handle injuries and doctors do advocate for stronger safety regulations in protecting the human body. Every year in Colorado we have either search and rescue teams or emergency flights to pick up people who fall off of trails or slam into trees. I guess you could say they were using their heads. We all pay for their reckless behavior or dare deviling.

    • Brad

      Dont worry after Ofagman’s stunt yesterday the old world will not be too brave for them after November. How many democratic Christians picked up their tent after same sex marriage and the abortion fiasco. If he really thinks their are more fags than christians he will need all the help he can get. Now if Flashduesche and Deerinpiss dont drive the busses full of degenerates to the voting booth along with all those dead folks we will have clear sailing from here.

  • D. Kline

    The government keeps saying the only solution to healthcare is a mandate so all the healthy people pay for the sick people. If they would just change the law to say that no one will receive treatment who will not pay for it (immediately or over time), then people would save and buy insurance (at least hospitalization) on their own. They would also be more likely to have healthy behaviors if they knew they would be responsible for the consequences of their choices. That’s how it worked for my grandparents. Government intervention always skews behavior, usually causing a need for more government intervention. So now my thin, type-1 diabetic, self-employed husband is paying tens of thousands in taxes for health care for many over-weight, non-working (often illegal immigrant) people; while we can barely afford hospitalization for him and pay cash for all his medical needs. On a more minor note, my skinny teenagers can’t find anything with many calories to eat at school because the lunches and vending machines are filled with low-cal food for the fat kids. My husband had low blood sugar while visiting our high school and the only thing we could find for him to eat was a granola bar!

  • Leo

    Its corperate america filling the food with high fructose, chemicals and processing!! All to make a buck at OUR expense. Then they send the lobbiests to bribe (offer an honorary board position when their term is up) to change the names or prevent truthful labeling !! We the people need to take back our government and reel in these corperate terrorists ourselfs!! Oh thats right wer all to lazy & fat to do anything!

  • Raggs

    If king oblama-care is allowed to be a “LAW”… food will not be the ONLY that the government comes into your house for…. Your guns are next!

  • Raggs

    And the number 1 reason America is overweight….


    America no longer has to work because the government will take care of you…

    • Deerinwater

      no Raggs, they eat too much and move about too little.

    • Deerinwater

      If you the sort that enjoyed Ayn Rand style of writing. You might consider Suzanne Collins Saga “Hunger Games” of three novels. Don’t waste your money to see the movie , read the novels. It’s human drama and heavy politics , much too large to place in a movie or three movies for that matter, I think that is their plan, to make two more movies.

      But the first movie lacked much in the way of development on any level. The charters much too pretty to appear having lived a life of hunger. Much like “Dune” a 1965 science fiction novel by Frank Herbert, too grand for Cinema.

      The tribute for the sake of atonement and to acknowledge dominion, many kept hungry, while some enjoying plenty.

      We live is strange times, people drive to the poor house and weigh 265lbs claiming that they are hungry. I’m sure that they are! They look like someone that could be hungry at any given time!

      • Raggs

        I guess that I expected people to read between the lines of my comment.

        • Deerinwater

          That’s easy to do Raggs, ~ we are all guilty of poor development, not wishing to spend the time and effort to develop a train of thought that supports our statements. Somehow hoping to connect with the reader on some shared “common ground” , if nothing else by osmosis!

          It doesn’t make for a strong paper. While at the same time, there is this notion that “less is more” and it’s a good thing to make some effort to be brief.(something I’m not particularly noted for)

          Writing is such great fun, I believe some of us love it more then others.

          I watched Rocky 1 for the 50th time this weekend, I love the story and to think Stallone wrote the novel and starred in it, with l , ll, lll, lV and V to follow , I’m just blown away.

      • Raggs

        Yup.. Eat too much and do too little… I wonder why that is?
        I know why and I’m just making a point about it….

  • jake

    When the powers that be finally gets things so the only activity one is free to do is run around in circles, only eat dried grass clippings, and have sex with whatever turns one on, I wonder what major crisis will be invented to increase their control then??

    The same people that are so eager to tell other people how to live are the ones that scream the longest and loudest when they, themselves, become the object of control.

    OOOOPS, I keep forgetting that this is a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ country. Name any subject and there is some group or organization poised to get laws passed to force the population into living as they see fit and oh, by the way, give us your money so that we can profit while telling you how to live.

    Every time the government says ‘we are only here to help you’, another freedom has just went down the drain. When the government taxes you to ‘help’ you, the government takes the ‘right’ to tell you what you can and cannot do, after all, it is now the governments money and money talks louder than anything else….

    • Raggs

      Jake… You on the other hand did in fact read between the lines!… :)

  • steve in AZ

    Dr. Robert C.Atkins had a long and distinguished career, helping thousands of people to lose fat and maintain a healthy weight by eating a diet low in simple carbohydrates and a minimum of refined sugar, and proved that if his regimen were adhered to, dietary fat is not a problem, rather a great source of energy and an appetite satisfier.

    The gubmint still recommends a diet with minimal fat. Result? Fat people getting fatter from constant grazing of simple carbs – “look,ma – no fat!! I’m being real good!!” I’m reminded of a Simpson’s episode where Lisa gets “straightened out” by a chance meeting with Paul and Linda McCartney. When Lisa related her experience with Homer, his response was “Rock Stars… what DON’T they know ???”

    Problem with gubmint is, to borrow from Ronald Reagan, “so much of what they know, just ain’t so.”

    America has steadily grown larger and larger around the middle as decades of the phony FDA food pyramid – with an avoidance of dietary fat and the rare mention of refined sugar (an addictive poison) – have exacted their toll.

    If our gubmint is expert in diet, why are there so many two ton tessies waddling around, many of them pre-pubescent?

    Heaven forbid that they declare another phony War on Obesity.

    • Raggs

      One may expect that the government does what it was decribed to do,and nothing more however with a planet full of sheeple to control the government got bored with it’s true duties.. And now we have a governmet of hand-outs for free and at the same time they want to punish you for taking advantage of a free ride.. FAT AND HAPPY…

  • Raggs

    To clarify my point.

    The closer of work in the USA via our government.

  • Ghost

    How about cutting the government tit off. They have no business in my fridge, and they certainly have no business telling me how to live. They didn’t carry me inside their bellies for nine months, they didn’t breast feed me, nor raise me from infancy to adult hood. What makes them think I’m gonna suck poison from their deformed tits?

  • My 2¢ Worth

    Healthier my ass hairs! Eating fats and such NEVER bothered our ancestors because… They Worked For A Living!! You eat such things and NOT work it off, your asking for trouble so the g’ment provides you with ‘near’ food so those who laze about can continue to.. Laze About! and in conclusion create even more problems up to and including personal starvation and vitamin deficiency as man manufactured vitamins are next to placebo. In my opinion, this tactic is only a first step in preparing us for the various ‘soylent’s’ that their eventually going to make us eat once real food becomes obsolete or synthetic.

  • woodswytch1950

    Right now the doctors in our area would be screaming at my husband and I about his BMI. According to them at 5’6″, 200 lbs he is overweight! To them, maybe, but these quacks do not take into the equation that my husband swings chainsaw daily, lifts weights, and logs, 4-5′ long up to 18″ in diameter. His waist size is 34″ and when laying down I can almost put my hand under his rib cage! But because his weight is around 200 lbs he is obese. Don’t these idiots that call themselves doctors remember that muscle weighs more than fat!!!

  • dcjdavis

    Government picks some mighty nosy ways to rape our wallets. What are they going to say if the next president is a bit of a dough-bag? Oh, I forgot. He won’t be on odoomacare.

  • Jim Smith

    The government has already taken away your freedom to choose your food by allowing a monopoly of the food system by a handful of major corporations. The irony is is that all the food they produce is unhealthy if not toxic, but the FDA has to look like its doing its job by saying hamburgers are bad for you.
    The fox gaurding the henhouse…

    • Renée

      The other thing they don’t tell you is that the FDA is now run by former employess of Monsanto. Go figure they would tell you that all those things that are killing us are alright to eat.

  • Mary Ann Ludwig

    This is about freedom of choice and not really about health. What I eat, what activities I participate in (or not), what I wear, what friends I have, where I drive my car, what sort of a car I buy – these are all MY decisions to make. There are a certain FEW (thank God) enumerated powers of the Federal Govt. None of the above are among them. Nor are most of the programs the govt is currently thieving from the workers of this country to finance. Forget the discussions about health and greasy foods. This is all about freedom to live your life as you wish to do so as long as it brings harm to none. Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness. They’re not just words, they are RIGHTS.

  • Corey Mondello

    if u are fat and lazy and eat bad, then get sick, u have to pay for it. i dont want to pay for smokers lung cancer, new hearts for old men who have been having heart attacks since he was in his 30s, nor do i want to pay for health care or schooling for people with children nor religious institutions and churches…..none of these situations include me, and i dont want to live in a country when welfare is given only to a few, like those mentioned above.

    • daniel

      i kinda wonder who paid for your eddycashun? i pretty shur it wan’t yer parents all by themselves. besides read the northwest ordinances. it seems that they were used as a foundation for admittance into the union. the provision for public education was put in there for a reason and yes we are to pay for that although people still argue to what extent. as far as health care goes there is not one decent plan being supported by any party and that mainly is because of the constituencies.


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