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If You Can't Say Something Nice…

July 13, 2010 by  

If You Can't Say Something Nice…

The Clown Prince of Washington and his merry band of sideshow freaks didn’t take over the executive and legislative branches by acclaim alone.  They had help. 

Obama’s campaign was an exercise in duplicity (It’ll be a GOOD CHANGE—HONEST!), mendacity (I hardly know vicious racist Jeremiah Wright and unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers) and obfuscation (why do you care what Change really means?  Don’t you worry about ACORN.)  The corporate media was a willing participant in the sham, and MSNBC led the parade.

Normally, pointing out the talent and information black hole which is MSNBC’s primetime lineup is weather-forecast-for-the-Sahara rote.  Outside the Asylum, we’re faced with a President and a “ruling” party who combine colossal ineptitude with an almost predatory regard for personal liberty.  The promises of Hope and Change have produced Hope for Change—this fall and in 2012.  But don’t you dare let the fake media inquisitors catch you questioning their messiah (Obama, not the actual Messiah).

Putting aside the usual baseless charges of racism, hate-speech and fear-mongering from the vapid wingnuts who populate the Democrat National Committee (DNC) demographic, I thought I might give us all an opportunity to examine some recent offerings from the hypocrite huddle currently stomping the sandbox.

Last week, crackpot king of MSNBC Keith Olbermann used his nightly hate-filled rant “The Worst Person in the World’ to again excoriate Rush Limbaugh.  Olbermann employed an audio montage to demonstrate Limbaugh’s racist tendencies.  No doubt, thousands (well…it IS MSNBC… dozens…OK—a couple) of liberal drones came away from Olbermann’s latest raging screed reassured that of course, Limbaugh is pure evil.

Both the hysterical host and MSNBC’s staff neglected to mention the audio clip was heavily doctored.  In fact, one of the comments Olbermann attributed to Limbaugh was itself a quote of shrieking liberal harpy Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  Tucker, an infamously furious leftist, had claimed GOP Chairman Michael Steele “never would have been voted in as chairman of the Republican Party were he not black.” 

Just imagine Tucker’s response if someone suggested she’d be fact-checking obits from the Mayberry Mudslinger if she was more putty-complected.  For that matter, imagine where Olbermann would be if he had actual talent.  He might still be sitting next to Dan Patrick at ESPN—which fired Limbaugh for comments about Donovan McNabb which were far less offensive (although I disagreed with him—McNabb was awesome) than the crap spewed by Tucker, who remains un-fired by the AJC as of this morning. 

Most folk with IQs higher than houseflies are already aware that Olbermann is a hack who likely despises Limbaugh, Beck et al because they have something he’ll never sniff: ratings.  (Not to mention talent.)  Likewise, most of us with crania above shot-glass capacity are aware that Olbermann may be the current high priest of histrionic hypocrisy, but he’s not the only media mouth-breather in the mash.  War profiteer and multi-millionaire Michael Moore appeared on Radio Pacifica last weekend to express his feelings that Americans will be excluded from Heaven because their taxes fund the War on Terror.  Moore vomited up spiritual drivel for the far-left radio network:

“Did you pay your taxes?  …well, then you helped fund this, didn’t you…OK, well, you know, turn around. You’re not coming in the Gates.

The corpulent fake-umentarian neglected to mention what eternity held in store for the actual terrorists; he also left out the fact that Radio Pacifica is partially funded by the same taxes he believes have consigned the rest of us to the Lake of Fire, or at least “Sicko” on infinite loop. 

These are but recent exemplars of the endless march of mendacity which dominates the MSM.  Here’s my problem:  the right isn’t stepping up to the plate.  The left is far guiltier of the charges they level with such glee; but more often than not the right simply offers denials and explanations.  They should be setting the terms of the debate, not living by them.

I am not suggesting imitating the wingnut media’s “I know you are, but what am I?” tactics; nor do I believe matching their dishonesty lie-for-lie.  But maybe—just maybe—It’s time to point at some of these blathering buffoons and… call a spade a spade.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • JeffH

    Ben Crystal, thanks for the nice reminder. I can’t watch much more than a minute or two of MSNBC before I get nauseous.. KO, RM and that leg humping(thanks BW for this one)Chris Mathews couldn’t shine the shoes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Megan Kelly, Bret Bier, Cavuto, Stossal or anyone on FOX for that matter. You gotta sort out everything you see and hear but you’ll hear more truth and fact in one day than you’ll get in a moth from MSNBC. If you want to participate on a mean spirited, nasty liberal blog, try MSNBC’s Newsvine. Makes this one seem like a walk in the park. I lasted less than a week before I was kicked off and I didn’t start the crap.
    Michael Moore is so full of himself, hate capitalism but will gladly take the millions of dollars…just another hypocrite.

    I look forward to November! It’s up to the good American majority to stop this train before it gets to its destination. Do your research and seek the truth…then cast your votes wisely. Write or call your represntatives and tell them what you think and wheter they are worthy of your vote…the time for playing patty cake is over.

    • Milton

      I am a retired Army Chaplain (LTC) and I pray for our commander-in-chief. I am proud to be an American and proud that I voted for President Obama. While I disagree with some of his administrations policies as I did with previous presidents, I beleive we must be careful in our attacks because of the message it sends to enemies of America. We have the freedom of speech and the power of the ballot. President Obama is not a messiah nor is he a king, he is representing his party. Civility is an American tradition.

      • Vicki

        Which explains why we politely said NO to King George a while ago. :)

        • roberta willette

          hahahahaha, gotta love that. We are under the control of a power mad dictator who is turning this country into exactly what he wants it to be, overrun by foreigners who will (he hopes) vote for him and the clueless liberals. this is not our land anymore, and we have some nerve trying to give our opinion to people who dont want it, and cant really hear us anyway

          • Angela


      • Jeep

        Sir, I must disagree with you. It is because we can vehemently disagree with each other that American’s are set apart from the rest of the world. While I think name calling is in poor taste, it is an American tradition that dates back to the original Constitutional Convention. The difference between us and everyone else on this blue sphere, is that we will eventually find our way and “profit” from the exercise of the First Amendment.

      • http://google Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

        I don’t care what message it sends to other nations, we are not going to stand by while this country is turned over to some other third world country to be leveled to the level of that third world country, by a bunch of people that has no respect for themselves nor our people nor our country.It is your kind of thoughts that make it possible for this administration to get as for as it has in the destruction of our country. Glad I don’t have to serve under your command.You don’t have to be smart to see we are on the road to be silenced, and every move we make to keep this country from being destroyed will be criminalized. That is change alright. Change the true American people will not stand for. This country has been sucker punched.

      • Jerry D

        Civility seems to be only for Conservatives, though not all of the time, I’ll admit. On the other hand, civility is something exceedingly few progressives (i.e., liberals, communists, socialists) seem to know anything about.

        • Kinetic1

          Jerry D,
          Perhaps you do not listen to Rush or Hannity. They pretend, on occasion to be above the fray, but they can only last so long before the mean spirited rhetoric starts to fly. On the conservative air waves, no one sinks lower than Mark Levin. He can’t complete one subject, one thought without digging into someone. I don’t think I have ever heard him mention a liberals name without giving it a derogatory twist.

          Then there’s print/the Web. I’d say that Mr. Crystal here is working hard to fall to Levin’s level. I’ve never had the chance to hear him on the air (seems he was booted off before I could get to Georgia) but from what I have read here and in other of his posts, the name of the article might be good advise for him to heed. I tried to learn more about him, but aside from a run for congress in 2008 where he described himself as a Professional A*#Hole” and a carrier stopping suit for defamation in 2006, there doesn’t seem to be much. Is this why he lashes out at Olbermann’s success?

          But back to you, Jerry. To comment on the lack of civility among progressives on a site like this, well that’s a fine display of hubris. Why there is nothing quite like the civility displayed by Mike in MI “is that a foreign idea to you because you are so covered with your own semen?” or that quaint display of overt racism so often seen on this site, but used in this post by Shoot when referring to President “obammy”. Very classy. Yes, many of you seem to take great pride in name calling and presumptive put downs, veiled (and not so veiled) threats and vile comparisons when responding to the thoughts of others, and if this isn’t a great show of civility, I don’t know what is.

          • Dugger

            Hi, Kinetic,


            You must be a Harvard Guy. Why is it that Most, if not all Liberals tend not to present formidible ideas and concepts such as Rush,Hannity,Levin, etc., that the public enjoys – according to their knowledge and acceptance. I try to balance, but most Liberals and Progressives have departed. I no longer listen or watch TV, except for Sunday News. If that is a balance. Talk Radio is stimulating.

            I only wish for people of your intelligence and understanding could enlighten the Country with better concepts of how to get us out of the mess we are in, or are you typical of the Left to only criticize what our President inherited from Bush? In 2012, will He then apologize for not being able to correct the mess he was handed?

      • JeffH

        Milton, I have to disagree with you. You say: ” I beleive we must be careful in our attacks because of the message it sends to enemies of America.” As I accurately recall, Obama went on an international appology tour and exposed his weakness for all of the world to see and hear and he hasn’t looked back since. His whole presidency is filled with weakness and coutries such as Iran, N.Korea, Russia and China are exploiting those weaknesses. Critisizm comes in all shapes and sizes from his worldy counterparts, former US generals and now from his own party. Our freedoms and strength as a nation cannot be maintained under a Marxist/communist/socialist form of government, yet this is where Obama and the liberal Democrats are leading us. The voice of the people is totally ignored by Congress, Obama and his administration.
        I’m sure you are intelligent enough to realize that now is the time for all good men to come fight tyranny and fight for a free United States of America. The only way this can be done is by the people and for the people. Vote wisley and communicate with your “neighbors” because it is your country as well as mine whose freedoms are under attack from within our own government.

        • eddie47d

          You love the “strength” of Bush and his revengeful war follies and all the death and “glory” that goes with it.I’ll take Obamas “apology” tour anyday over the previous administration. It’s unfortunate that Obama has to correct all the ill will that Bush left behind.Wars do not equal patriotism so you just might be on the wrong side in the eyes of God.

          • 45caliber

            War is the payment for a failed diplomacy. And we are seeing plenty of those from our present president, aren’t we? At least with Bush (whom I disagreed with a LOT) our diplomacy opponents knew that there was a limit to what they could do to us.

          • roberta willette

            Its true that bush did a lot of damage to this country, and our men and women have been paying for it with their lives and limbs. Not to mention the economy going south cause we have sent billions over to the country we brought down, to build it back up again. what??? and they have our money, probably using it for more terrorism. BUT Obama is trying to rule America, and take control of everything. That is not a change for the better. Of course, when Obama said “a change we can believe in”. he never did say it would be better, now did he? and it isnt

          • JeffH

            Gee fast eddie, how does your shoe leather taste, again?…sorry pal, like the good little liberal you are with your home spun assumptions, I don’t recall throwing my support behind Bush or behind the war. I throw my support behind a free republic known as the USA…I don’t support a Marxist/communist/socialist prez in his quest for “hope & change” and his “transformation” of America to 3rd world status. Jump on board and try to save the US instead of contributing to it’s demise…forgot you’d have to think for yourself and that’s an improbability for you.

      • Mike In MI

        Thanks for your service and thanks for being faithful to the country and the oath to support your Commander-in-Chief. However,

        Not because I like it (because of his stand for the Islamics and other enemies) but because the Bible tells me to do it, I will continue to pray for Obama and his wellbeing. I do it because the last part of that verse says “…that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty (dignified seriousness)”.
        That is what keeps me doing it so God can do His wonders to keep us free, protected, safe and quiet. Man, has He got His hands full.

      • Rob

        Being a man of the cloth you understand perhaps more than the average person that all Christians are obliged to denounce evil when we encounter it. Liberals call Conservatives haters for doing this, labeling us as judgmental haters, even hypocrites, for casting the first stone. But doesn’t God charge us in Proverbs with acquiring wisdom to discern good from evil? Are we not compelled to use this gift to denounce prevaricators and deceivers such as Obama for his associations with a self-professed Communist named Van Jones, a blatantly racist preacher named Wright, a committed terrorist named Ayers (and his wife) who are unapologetic advocates of a bloody race war to overthrow our government, which, contrary to secular liberal propaganda, was founded on Judeo-Christian principles?
        Perhaps your military background and your inherent respect for authority make it difficult for you to criticize the Commander-In-Chief. But I believe we are at a critical crossroad where our obligation to a higher moral authority trumps our obligations to the UCMJ.

        • kate8

          He did not say he was Christian. Or did I miss something?

          The military has chaplains of all religions.

          • Jana

            Kate 8,
            I thought the same thing. Another little hint is Milton voted for him too. Remember Rev. Wright? The uhhhh Rev. radical rev. that Obama sat under for 22 years? He also comes from Islamic roots.

        • eddie47d

          There is nothing moral about the war in Iraq. You bowed down to the traitors that pushed us into that fiasco. You soaked up torture even though it’s fobidden in God’s eyes. You allowed corporations to sink America and turned a blind eye to their greed. There is no race war unless you are trying to provoke one.

          • sheilah

            Eddie47d, you are so out there and apparently have not done your homework on your remark about corporate America. If it were not for the wealthy that own businesses, people would not be hired. Ever work for a “poor” person, I didn’t think so. You need to learn about the Cloward-Piven strategy, then you will understand how our economy was destroyed. It ain’t by the wealthy or corporations, it’s about the man himself. Look it up, then spout off about corporations. Giving loans to people that can’t afford a house, given by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are perfect examples. Who started it? ACORN by bullying the banks and telling them that everyone should own a house, therefore, foreclosures galore. Do your homework.

          • Shoot

            I’ll ask this was kennedy’s involvment in Vietnam any differant? No Not only no but hell no, look it up in the history books how many wars did the Republicans start, not nearly as many as most of you think and also as long as everyone seems to be throwing the word rascist around look up the party that freed the slaves the demorats would have been perfectly happy to keep black Americans in chains, this intranet is one of the best way to find things out go look, one reason obammy is trying to take it over so he can shut it down around election time calling a threat to America, obammy is the biggest racist of all! and I can say this cause I am a half breed and damn proud of it also a conservative Republican

          • Mike In MI

            God? eddie47d, you talk about God? What do you know about the subject…or, even, which god(s). You scum!!! Whose scripture do you consult, what banal organization or sewer rat reverend…Jeremiah Wright? Whose ordination papers are in evidence? What proof has your seer of ANY representation by ANY god? A real God produces proof or is that a foreign idea to you because you are so covered with your own semen?

      • Lindaspy

        BEN CRYSTAL, A lot of people have a degree hanging on the wall but that does not make them decent human beings.

        Enough Said!

      • kate8

        I don’t care if you are a retired chaplain, if you voted for Obama and support him, then you are obviously aligned with his ideology. That, sir, makes you part of the problem.

        BTW, you didn’t mention what type of chaplain you were. Muslim?

        • eddie47d

          Chaplins are not Muslims so go away with your insulting shots!

          • JeffH

            Fast eddie, can’t you get anything right…do some research once in awhile and you could save yourself from so much grief! I actually feel sorry for your contiued stupidity. Fact check yourself once in awhile, you’d be amazed what you can learn.

            Chaplain Maj. Dawud Agbere is one of the 10 Muslim chaplains employed by the U.S. military. Others are Imam Yahya Hendi, the Muslim chaplain at the National Naval Medical Center and Georgetown University, former Army Capt. James Yee was a Muslim chaplain. The first Muslim Chaplain-General, Abdelkader Arbi, was commissioned in 2006. Muslim chaplaincies are relatively new additions to the armed forces in Europe and North America.

        • Jana

          I think you are right on. He may not be Muslim, but he sure is part of the problem and part of the ideology of Obama, and he difinitely doesn’t comprehend all of God’s Word or he could not possible vote for someone as bad for this country as Obama.

      • 45caliber

        Milton: I do pray for Oblama to see the light. And I sincerly hope he does. But being a Christian does NOT blind me to what is going on. It is the Christian hope to found a better world – a world where all are free and are able to worship God. But that doesn’t mean that we should reduce ourselves to the poverty of the lowest person to do what we can for God. It means that we should do what we can for God with what we have.

        We all know that there are many on Welfare, for instance, who do no deserve to be there. Yet it is the apparent belief of the liberal that we should be happy to give all we have to be able to aid those who need to be on welfare and ignore those who receive that shouldn’t be there. I prefer to see that only those who need it can get it.

      • Pathfinder

        The person you voted for is NOT the president. He is NOT qualified to hold the office. Kenya show us a birth certificate (NOT A COLB)? Huh, Kenya ?

    • Angel-Wanna-Be

      GOOD POST JEFFH, I always have to wonder as well, where in the hell these anti-capitalist’s, would be WITHOUT our capitalist system? It is this very system, that causes the Michale Moores of the world, to put food on their table, pay their bills, throw around they’re millions, and COUPLED WITH OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH, also allows idiots like him, to loudly eat, where he craps!

    • mike morel


      • Pathfinder

        Same # of days as any other mispelled month. (Good illustration of how well the tax funded education system is working.)

    • Baron

      Faux News is not real news any more that MSNBC is real news. The far right is just as corrupt as the far left. There is no difference. They each play the role that they were assigned when they took their oath to The Skull and Bones. None of them believe in this country. The two party system is designed to distract and divide the country. You can spout all your love (and ass kissing) to the far right but you’re no different than those you resent (Olbermann, Madow, etc.)

      So how do you feel about Rush mocking a disabled persons disease? And you call that talent. Shame on you. Reach down between your legs, grab yourself by the shoulders and yank really hard. Maybe your head will pop out of your arse.

  • s c

    An old saying says if you can’t say something good about someone, then be silent. Most of the time, that’s good advice.
    However, when America is in peril [IT IS, brother], the country is being run by people who make criminals seem like pillars of the community, and the nation’s “attorney general” acts like he bought his law degree from a mail order catalog, something is far worse than wrong.
    So Michael Moore believes in God, eh? Is that the same God who was driven out of schools by people like Moore and Pelousy and Reid?
    The sleazoids who line up to apologize for this aberration of a prez will make pepto the darling of the stock market. They might even HIRE people (still a meaningless concept to what’s-his-name).
    It will make for MANY books. I’ll take a chance on reading some of the books, but I refuse to watch the movie. Most likely, whoever’s selling popcorn at the movie will be a former member of this scumbag administration.
    If there’s any SOCIAL JUSTICE left in the world then, it will be Herr Obummer. I wonder if he can run a cash register and make CHANGE.

    • William

      SC you are spot on,

      • J.M.R.


        • kate8

          This is just what I’ve been saying for awhile now: we need to stop operating on the defensive and get in the face of the opposition.

          We need to be coming at them as fast and furious as they keep coming at us.

          Of course, with the left, it helps to have the national media working for you.

          But we do need to stop allowing them to intimidate us with cries of “hate” and “racist”, meant only to keep us intimidated and constantly backing down. We need to get spines and keep on marching forward no matter what they hurl at us.

          We could learn a thing or two from them, clean it up, and sling it right back at them. It is far more powerful when it has the truth behind it. Sooner or later, lies always backfire.

          • JeffH

            kate8, absolutely right. Be aggressive with your facts and your voice and the liberal left ends up on the defensive and keep it that way. We see it every day now, the name calling and ridicule is a weak weapon most often used by the liberal left when they are exposed.
            Keep exposing them and stay on them like a pitbull and don’t let up.
            They are crying like stuck pigs these days and in true Yogi Berra fashion…”it ain’t over til it’s over”.

          • eddie47d

            Then stop you endless ridicule and name calling.

        • CJ

          I see it as the left keeps the right on the defensive. The right, with good intentions, tries to correct the statements of the left instead of quickly saying “wrong” then getting back to their point. Watch them. The left always puts out a statement that the right immediately feels they have to correct, always making them on the defensive. The left has done this for so long, it’s habbit with them. When they are put on the defensive, they change the subject, and the right usually follows along instead of keeping them on track. Everyone on the right needs to learn to lead a conversation, and not allow others to manipulate them with it.

          • Mike In MI


          • kate8

            It’s not just a habit with the left, it’s a tactic. It’s intentional, to keep the right marginalized.

            We need to see through it, and stop playing their game by their rules. We need to make our own rules! Take the game back!

            You can never gain ground being on the defensive. That’s why the left uses it.

          • J.Michael

            I’m always hearing “what I really meant was….” from both parties. What is up with people who always have to reply to their replies. They say something and they don’t know what they are saying? Then they come back to “explain” what they really meant. Bull,they come back to spin-doctor.

          • Vicki

            Mother always taught me to “Say what I mean and mean what I say”.

          • MainStreet

            You are right on target CJ. A shining example is the oil spill. Dems don’t want to talk about the botched cleanup efforts, so they rejuvenate the cap & tax. Many conservatives have fallen for this and have taken much of the cleanup failure off the headline news.

          • Jana

            The reason they always have to clarify is because the left and the media seem to take great delight in twisting their words and distorting what they say. Just like the leftist on this do to us. They are like little gnats swarming around trying to irritate us with what they think are brilliant tactics. In reality we all see it for what it is, mockery, distortion and lies.


    Ben Crystal is a total right wing hack. Rush is stupid and evil and his evil stupidity gave birth to Becks more evil stupidity. Neither one of them checks their facts and have no problem spewing either misquotes or outright lies.
    Example: Both of them ranted about the new Black Panther movement and how Obama pushed to not prosecute the black, racist screaming meemie calling to kill crackers and their babies but the facts have shown all of that took place under dummy Ws watch weeks and months before Obama took office.

    Turn off this site and go read something based on reality.

    If anyone on this site would ever stop reading this crap that is fulfilling only to their own harbored biases a lot less people would still be hanging out here.

    • Anthony

      Thanks, s.c. – as usual, right on top of things.

      Between JeffH and LORROL, one wonders where one should turn. Either it’s pro Hannity, or it’s not. At least, JeffH puts some concrete reasoning to his post. LORROL, however, just slams certain people, with no real proof to his narrowly directed comments.

      Tell us, LORROL, what was it, specifically, that RUSH said. And, then post a link to where you can prove he didn’t check his facts. ALL OF US might then be impressed with your “opinion”(?)

      Bottom Line – the Writer, Ben, is correct; as is [s.c.] If you can’t find something positive to say, you are seriously better off in how you carry your “family name” in public by holding your tongue. After all, when you leave the privacy of your own homes, you are a representative of your Family. Whether you think someone you hang around at work will ever end up meeting those you have at home, is something no one has real control over. Heck, they could run into each other at TARGET, or WAL-MART. Things get said, things happen, whatchya gonna do….

      Besides, what happens if you find out their political opinion is (?) EXTREME? In this day and age of what I call Fascism-Lite, alot of people have this habit of anointing themselves as Chiefs when actually their just indians who won’t admit it. And, they spend a huge amouint of time talking about “how others” should be living their lives. And, they are the ones who will never watch what they say, UNLESS (like terrorists) they run into someone of sufficient size that they ….tend to run (or look) for their spider-hole. It’s actually quite good entertainment when you can…catch it.

      I prefer to remember one thing – in the coming future, with what we now know and see with our own eyes, it’s gonna get a lot rougher out there before it gets better. And, remembering how one makes friends will be a lot more beneficial than spouting off from your piehole creating a few pearl harbor type pretenders who will come back to haunt you …whenever.

      If you test your patriotic opinion in public, you might find it’s still about 50/50 on what side someone might take. A lot of people are STILL walking thru life, quite asleep. And, you know how grouchy some people are when ya tries wakin’ them up. Eh?

      Be the Adult, not the scared ‘back-o’-da-bus wannabee….
      Spoutin’ off is usualy just cover for internal fear. Why admit that in public?

      • LORROL

        I do not have to quote Rush or Glenn. Watch their shows and check their facts. I gave you one example with the ridiculous accusation surrounding the New Black Panther wanna be and the Obama administration. Or did you not read what I wrote. As for, “If you do not have anything nice say stay quiet.” If the writer of this article had done that the article would have been 2 sentences. If everyone on this blog did that there would be no blog. Stop worshipping the Gods of stupidity and check their facts.

        • Jazzmyn

          Wow! That says does a lot for your credibility or lack of, rather. LOL

    • TIME

      I really think you should start taking some of your own product.

      Also you may wish to take a page from Tommy you know the song written by Pete Townsend, shove a cork in your ears, mouth and cover your eyes so as not to have to hear the TRUTHS that cause you such discomfort. So that you not to see anything thats truly evil, and not to be able to speak of what is true evil.

      That is unless your just plain stupid, or a Marxist?
      So what is its, as in what one are you, stupid, or a marxist?

      And yes you can be both, thats normal with buffoons that have IQ’s that are equal to their shoe size.

      Don’t answer ~ I think I see your number hanging just above your mindless little pointy head, it looks like a dangling chad.

      Now go get that tin foil cap and keep what little you have left of gray matter from being exposed to UV rays.
      My God the last thing you want is to burn out what little gray matter you have left with anything bright, like truth or fact.

      • Mike In MI

        TIME – I swear, I’m getting so I go through here looking for your entries (and a few others) cause it gets me up ‘n yukkin’. Kinda clears my head and empties my sinuses. Anyway -

        Gerital, (or should we say Genital – of certain ovarian design that lives life backing down and negotiating, giving in and shrinking from any principle that ought to be in application) has a problem: the condition called “anencephally” leaves the basic bodily functions intact while leaving cognition at about the level of a worm. But, does not quite rise to that level. See, even a worm will recognize and escape when its existence is threatened. Poor Genital, it perceives a principle as, not wisdom but, a biased personal attack. Then, like a pet hamster when it is being fed, rises up and thrusts it forepaws into the air and squeals like holy hell.

      • LORROL

        Toothless TIME. speaking of pointy heads the dunce cap will fit you perfect and if not for your pointy head you would not have a point. Here you are giving me crap saying I do not do the research and the only thing came from your finger tips was pure dribble. If you cannot serve up some meat to chew on stop trying to feed me your crap.

        • libertytrain

          I thought your big thing was playing nice – is only what you expect of others – not yourself? Typical leftist thinking.

          • LORROL

            I never said I would play nice. Just pointed out that the other fellow is a hypocrite.

    • William

      lorrol it is so obvious from your rantings you are just as STUPID as your hero obummer and erick holder’ none of whom are qualified to shine Rush Limbaugh nor Glenn Becks for that matter anyone on Fox news includung the camera mans shoes,

      • LORROL

        Write down all the great points you get from Rush or Glenn and go check the facts. You will find nearly 1/2 are misquoets and 1/2 of what is left are out-right lies. Leaving about 1/4 as true but it is only about meaningless dribble like toothless TIMEs comments. Go ahead I dare you take a critical look.

    • David T

      Michael Savage said Liberalism is a mental disorder. Now I know what he means.

      • tg7357

        And he is absolutely right: liberals don’t think like normal people.
        If a truck is speeding down the street out of control, a normal person gets out of it’s way then wonders what happened. A liberal sees a truck speeding towards them out of control, and they want to conveine a seminar and decide if the truck’s rights will be violated if someone doesn’t get out of its way in time. It had an unhappy time on the assembly line, and isn’t responsible for its actions because its misunderstood. And as a misunderstood minority of motor vehicles, it should be entitled to a government hand-out and not required to run anymore.

        • kate8

          The left uses emotion to cloud the issues. When you can’t deal with the facts, the truth, you can’t debate or resolve anything effectively.

          • TIME

            Kate and others, “The basic Liberal is not a bad thing,” its the distortions that the {{“quasi liberals”}} who are really just plain old Marxist want you all to think.
            They like them selfs to others who have a near parallel thought patterns to be open to new changes new adventures etc.. Yet the Marxist hates the “true liberal” as much as they do anyone who’s not a true marxist.

            To be liberal is a good thing in its {pure format,} thus you allow extra room.

            Saddly as I noted the term Liberal is only a smoke cover to the real marxist game being played right now by Barry Soetoro and his gang of thugs.

            The media is as bent as a hocky stick and thats giving them more credit than they should have, as in its an insult to the hocky stick.

            To Conserve is also good, as that in its {true text} is to not over use, to hold back. Thus when one is a consertive we hold back and when playing the game with a Marxist the playing feild then is not level, as they do know the root meanings as well just how to play a crowd.

            With all things its a game of selling your case, we do it daily, you find a product that really works and you tell others about it in turn they do the same.

            Yet when one employs truth and facts there is little that a Marxist can do other than to {undermine} whats been said or just pass it like nothing was said. The second act is called “Passive agressive.”

            You have met thousands many are Government workers, you also call them Petty tyrants.
            Note the root of the words that your sub level gets, Tyrant, a nasty person, and the word ANT, something small and drives you crazy.

            This is where the Art of War comes in handy, to know your foe is to better understand the actions they will use. They know every hot button to press and they also know when to press them, there are few buffoons we have here who are just clueless but being used as tools and they have yet to figure that out. There is HOPE for some of them to CHANGE.

            To the Marxist its all a us or them game right now. Note one of them used this statment last week, {“you hurt our {cause} when you say things like that.”}

            *Thats a marxist who knows good and well what he is doing. The single word {Cause} gives them away.

            They don’t grasp the fact that when the hammer comes down; they will be the first to go.
            A Stalin’s quote; A traitor can never be trusted, thus use them unitl they have no value then remove them so they can never be a threat.
            This has been used the world over by every marxist governmet that has come and gone.

          • kate8

            TIME, I understand the true meaning of liberal, but that has little to do with what we are dealing with today. It is an interesting academic exercise, but that is all.

          • 45caliber

            Kate and Time:

            The original political “liberals” were persons who preferred to change the status quo in Washington while the original political “conservatives” wanted everything to remain the same forever.

            Back when I was young, lo, these many years ago, the South was liberal and the North was conservative. We didn’t even have someone from the GOP running for nearly all offices. If you didn’t vote in the primary election for Democrats you basically couldn’t vote for anything since all positions were filled then. The Democrats represented the blue collar workers while the North represented the white collar workers.

            But then the Democrats under Johnson discovered that they could get the blacks to vote in blocks rather than as individuals. All they needed to do was convince the few black leaders such as King and Jackson that they were going to help and the blacks were theirs even though it was the GOP who were able to get the blacks the legal right to vote. The changes then became far too much for the majority of the South to enjoy as the Democrats, assuming that the blue collar workers were theirs forever, turned their attention to all minority groups. Of course the money came primarily from the blue collar workers since the wealthy could enjoy the aid of good accountants to find them all the loopholes. And with nice donations to the Democrats who were in power, they could assure that there were plenty of loopholes for the rich. The blue collar workers in the South saw much of where their money was going and switched to conservative – keep things as they were.

            The Democrats, thanks partly to the unions who still followed them, continued to believe that all blue collar workers were behind their efforts to buy block votes from minorities. I suspect many still do today despite losing the South. With Florida becoming more a retirement state for people who worked all their lives in the North and who are tired of the cold, it is basically split between the retired Northern Democrats and the home grown Southern conservatives.

            (Please note that I show the South as conservative, not GOP. They generally vote GOP now simply because it is the only partially conservative group with a chance of beating the Democrats. On a local political level, many still vote Democrat since the southern democrats are generally old style conservative.)

            The problem is that “liberal” has changed. Where before it meant “trying to progress beyond keeping the rich as the rich”, now it means “change for the sake of change – as long as the minority blocks continue to be paid off.”

            Since the main controlling people for BOTH parties are in the Northeast, neither group seems to have realized just what is going on. As a result, the GOP leaders who assumes things are close to what they were, has tried to move more to the “center” – which means more to the liberal side – in an effort to buy blocks of minority votes for themselves while the Democrats – no longer held back by the Southern conservatives – have slipped far to the left. The union people in the North (not too many here in the South) continue to vote Democrat because the union leaders keep telling them to do it.

        • Vicki

          Having recently looked up the definition of Liberalism I think we might ought to take back that name and call the left what they are. Either call them “left” or “democrat” or “Socialist” etc.

          Liberal is what WE are.
          1 : the quality or state of being liberal
          2 a often capitalized : a movement in modern Protestantism emphasizing intellectual liberty and the spiritual and ethical content of Christianity b : a theory in economics emphasizing individual freedom from restraint and usually based on free competition, the self-regulating market, and the gold standard c : a political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties; specifically : such a philosophy that considers government as a crucial instrument for amelioration of social inequities (as those involving race, gender, or class) d capitalized : the principles and policies of a Liberal party

          Those currently in power CLAIM to be liberal as do their followers but their actions and votes do NOT match the definition.

          • LocalYokel

            Now you must research the words patriot and traitor and understand why all the others have replaced them.

          • 45caliber

            See my comments about liberalism and conservativism to Kate above.

          • kate8

            Liberals/progressives/socialists/Marxists, whatever, like to hijack words and names to try to deceive people about who they are. This is a given.

            All we can do is work with the common understanding of the day for clarity’s sake.

            I don’t necessarily agree that conservatives don’t want to change ANYTHING, but we do like to keep what works. Unless everyone plays by the same rules, and those rules are equal across the board, what you get is what we have today. The rule of law must be unwavering, not subject to the emotion of the moment.

      • Mike In MI

        It’s funny how it works out but that’s Biblically accurate, too.
        Timothy 1:7 – “For God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound (Greek: ‘hugiano’ – healthy) mind.”

        Anybody who has decided to become a child of God (done Romans 10:9-10) has been given God’s spirit (pneuma hagion) created inside, alongside the soul (psuche’) spirit. Everybody’s born with psuche’, nothing special. Few liberals believe God’s Word; so they are unlikely to have it (or its characteristics of power and love). Without the God-given “pneuma” it is impossible to have “sound (healthy) mind”. If you don’t got sound-mindedness you’ve got sick-mindedness.
        Simply put – As far as God is concerned: …unbelieving liberal – unsound, sick minded, …principled believer – potential for a sound, healthy mind.
        That’s why there is such contention between “us” and “them”. The carnal mind and the mind with “pneuma” will inevitably be at enmity. Thus, also, if they rule us there will be rancor, disharmony and no ability to achieve viable solutions or practical results. We abandon Christianity at everyone’s peril.

        • kate8

          How about this one: “A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left,
          Yea also, when he that is a fool walketh by the way, his wisdom faileth him, and he saith to everyone that he is a fool. ECC 10:2,3.

          • Mike In MI

            K88 – that says it very succinctly. Looks like even God agrees, left vs. right.
            Is that why libby-leftos hate the Bible and believers? It reproves them from a position above their megalomaniacal selves? …That and their carnal minds are at enmity with God, because they think they deserve some loftier2 status? Like their god (Lucifer) who said he wanted to sit in the throne of the One who IS God?

    • Marilyn

      Get Real! You don’t have to read this kind of information to draw your own conclusions about what is happening to this country. We are living it with all of the “changes” promised. Open up your eyes and look around you. How many For Sale signs do you see? How many people are depending on unemployment checks to get them through before they find a job that has not been taken by illegals? The United States has spent more money on illegals than they have on the war in Iraq. Check it out. Where have you been hiding? Now, and this is REAL, Amnesty for “good” illegals. Arizona being sued for protecting their citizens when the Federal Government has intentionally been neglecting the mass intrusion on the southern border, big fat bail outs to the big boys who have pocketed big bucks, play money printed for stimulus… There is much more. Wake up and realize that this country is headed for Socialism if not worse. Tax payers foot the bill for welfare, free medical exams, food pantries…Use your own brain. It’s not that difficult to SEE what is happening.

      • Mike In MI

        Marilyn – We’re not just “headed for SOCIALISM” but for the garbage heap of history. Take a lesson from current events. When we get to the point to which Greece has sunk the union members, liberals, welfare babies and illegals will all rise up in unison, violently demanding their right to acquire whatever they feel they “need”, have a “right to” or “want for”, extracted from someone else’s endeavors.
        Until now, countries have had others to prop them up and let them down e-e-eas-s-sy. We won’t have any “easy”.
        They’ll take it with guns, knives and hammer handles. Presently there are about three of us to every two Obamaphiles.

        • TIME

          I think there numbers may be quite a bit less, I figure from a round about method of gaining insight, its 2.5 out of 10 that are Barry Soetoro lovers to 7.5 who don’t want his form of change. That why he is playing the Illegal card.

          We have mass amounts of disgruntled people in the USA now, this can not and will not end well.
          The true UE#’s alone would drop most people jaws to the floor.
          As the real numbers as of today are more along the lines of 22% and growing daily.

          The 9.7% being touted is way low, keep in mind anyone who is longer than 18 months out is not counted.
          Thats part of the scam of extending UE benifits the real numbers will have to come out some time.

          So knowing that the government clains 25,000 jobs per month are lost, yet simple math shows the following that’s 300,000 jobs lost per year.
          Yet we know that in 12 months 5 Million Jobs were lost, and we are working on yet 5 millon more for the next 12 months of Barry Soetoro’s time in office.

          His plans have all failed to restart anything.

          So his plan is tax more, who’s going to be taxed?

          That would be the “middle class working people,” as the poor who get Government aid pay nothing, the wealthy according to Barry Soetoro know how to hide their money, so who’s left? YOU & ME!

          • Mike In MI

            You know what, TIME?
            I like yer thinkin’ when yer bein’ funny… BUT, dog gone ya – I LIKE YA JUST AS WELL WHEN YER SERIOUS.

      • 45caliber


        You are right; it isn’t difficult to see where we are going … if you stop to look.

        The conservatives see the cliff edge coming up. The liberals see the vision of utopia beyond it where everyone walks among the clouds as pure equals and never have to work (unless they want to, of course) and can have the best of everything. And you can’t get them to drop their gaze.

    • marvin

      LORROL if you do not like it here leave, what you think, sorry regurgitate has no place here,you are a equal opportunity hater if anyone get in the way of your handout check from the king of bling obama you mouth off and spout your hate, the daily kos will welcome you by,by and don,t let the door hit you in the ass

    • kate8

      LORROL, it was Odumbo who let them off AFTER they had a conviction.

      Wake up, hon, it’s morning.

      • JeffH

        kate8, LORRAL is this weeks paid hack…

    • CJ

      Lorral, you must REALLY feel like your loosing (with good right). Do you really think you can come on here and sling your false accusations, with that attitude, and make friends or change anybody’s mind? You might need to consider counseling with all that hate you have pent up. Or maybe take some of your own advice and open your mind to reality.

    • refuse2lose

      Well,I think we all know who LORROL watches at night. I suppose you can back up your usual liberal rhetoric with some FACTS???? Oh wait,liberals don’t need facts,they just accuse the opposition of doing exactly what they are doing. Nice try moron,but the conservatives here are on to your tired games. Please do yourself a favor and turn off MSNBC and Captain Tingles.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      LORROL… Sweetie… Are you a functioning adult? Do you live in the real world, or in your parent’s basement? If you are alive and breathing and live in the United States, you cannot claim to not see what is happening before you! Honey…. You really need to get out more. Your isolation is causing you to become blurred and you are unable to deal with reality. Just keep on this site. In time you will see…. You will wonder how you ever became so confused in the first place!

    • libertytrain

      Lorrol – and you are reading this site, why? And posting, why? You don’t have to like it but it’s certainly not your prerogative to tell others that they shouldn’t like it because you don’t like it. – How self-righteous of you – oh, that’s right, you’re from the left…..

    • Commonsense

      Must be a “bama” boy. The truth probably does sound evil to you. Beck backs all of his points with facts that you or anyone else can look up. I know it is easier sometimes to ignore the truth because it is scary, but our country is at stake here, so wake up and smell the deception that our current president and all the crew up on the hill are trying to slide by with. If you don’t, you are going to wish you had, but, then again, most liberals I know like telling lies to cover lies and pointing fingers instead realizing their inequity.Their moto has always been centered around control no matter what the cost.This also goes along with this “climate change” B.S. You can tell an elitist liberal is heading this ponzie scheme. It was global warming until the temps started cooling and then they jump to a new term since the old one was a bust. Lets call it climate change, so either way it goes we’re covered. If that doesn’t sound like the typical crap scam from the liberal side! What’s sad is there are lackies out in this country that believe it. They’re the ones allowing the crooks who know its a scam to get away with it. And if you don’t think China isn’t planning to drill off our shores in the next 10 to 15 years, you’re even dumber than you let on. They don’t want our country, but the would love our resources. And all that money that was loaned, was not loaned without proper equity. China isn’t helping us because they like us. So I will finish with a few simple words to you lorrol,”Wake-Up-Dumbass, before the liberties that let you and I say what we want to on this blog disappear!!

    • Steve

      LORROL…”I hate white people” is a racist statement…period. The term “cracker” used to indicate white people is a racist term..period. Wanting to kill babies, whether white or black or…makes no difference what color they are because killing anybody except in self-defense is wrong…period.

      Since you brought up the New Black Panthers group, what about the 2008 video showing the same black panther member, who made the racist statements a few years earlier, standing with another black panther outside a polling place carrying a baton…or a club…or…I’ll just say it…a weapon of intimidation. Under “dummy Ws watch,” these two ‘pillars of society’ were found to be in fact violating voters rights with voter intimidation. But…the upstanding DOJ under ‘do nothing’ Eric Holder and ‘arrogant’ Barak Obama simply drop it and ignore it. This act by the Chicago-style Obama administration is unquestionably against the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

      ‘We the people of the United States of America’ want equal justice under the law, that was provided by this nation’s Founding Fathers and taught and preached by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and not social justice, which is racist and promotes bigotry and hatred and division.

    • eddie47d

      Lorrol I figure that the Black Panther farce (the bogeyman part) happened in 2008 and under Bush’s watch. Yet the complaint didn’t happen until recently. I guess we just have to let these Christian dirt diggers make alittle noise before they implode.

    • Angel-Wanna-Be


    • Pathfinder

      What total BS. Bush is not the one who gave the order to drop any punishment for these black racists. Just remember who it is that throw oreo cookies at black conservatives. And ask yourself why black members of the tea party movement are carefully edited out of news coverage photos. And which political party actually supported slavery. And why it was OK for DEMOCRAT senator Byrd to be a grand Kleagle in the KKK. You haven’t fooled me. I know who the real racists are.

  • Dawn Marie

    Lorrol-i didn’t think it was possible for anyone to sound more ignorant than our present day government, check YOUR facts before you sling crap like that!

  • Dennis

    The thing that “gets” me about MSNBC is they say that they are a “NEWS” channel. I watch it just to see which way the spin goes. Every one of the anchors has a left slant(OK, more than a slant) and act like its reporting but I have never seen a real debate on an issue, just the Progressive talking points. They need to get outside some time and see what real working people have to say.

    • TIME

      You see thats the problem they don’t get out in the real world, that just may get their shoes dirty or messup thier hair.

      Most of the news anchors you see like Kaite Q has been a part of the meat head squad for ever it seems.
      She found an old wealthy guy who was a few steps from death – who by the way also got her a job on TV, WOW how strange is that?
      Then he dies and leaves her a pile of cash, and she has little really going on other than being a box of rocks with a face, but she can tell you how to live and think and what to wear to LOOK GOOD what hair styles are in etc, as thats all the power trip.

      That Uberman, my God he even looks like a bloody nazi, talks like a nazi, and then rants on like a nazi.

      Ever been to dinner with a fruit cake like these? Here is a quick story that should clear up any questions you may have.

      Dinner with anchor person, they tell us all about how they can’t eat garlic as it makes them sick, keep in mind we are having Italian food!
      It orders shrimp in garlic sauce with pasta. Strange, I know.
      The meal comes; all three of the others are just about to eat as we are all starved afterall we just listened to the rantings of this lunitic for two hours plus about how special they are and why IT should get $13.5 Million per year in pay, Plus perks as everyone knows who they are.
      Mind you it also lets everyone within 100 yards know they are there too!

      Well low and behold ~ IT looks at Its dinner and says, I smell Garlic! Send this back what are you doing I can’t eat GARLIC!

      We all wait, our food is cold when IT gets its dinner but IT is so special think “Royal pains in the Butt.”
      Now can you see why most have the value of waste material.

      Yea thats the rocket scientest you watch on the nightly news, zero humility, zero humanity, zero value other than a face / rating / $$$$ for the network.

      As far as being brain trust, well thats not going to happen, thus they do as they are told and then toss in some snotty remark just to seal the deal, you all know thats called being a BROWN NOSE.
      There you have it.

      Now I hope when you watch TV news it helps you better understand the who, the why, and the how.

      • LocalYokel

        Just boycott all items advertised with their diatribe. That’s the only thing they wont hide. You’ll need the practice when the new News Corp TV channel agenda is aired. It’s a brainchild of a part owner Saudi making it’s primary agenda mandatory and paid for by oil revenues and interest on US treasury bonds collected from the deals cut with Henry Kissinger. If you have a plan better than a boycott, load it.

      • Pathfinder

        BIG MISTAKE !! Do not wait and let your dinner grow cold just because the idiot can’t order properly. Eat your own food and enjoy it. Let the primadonna sit and watch.
        Under no circumstances should you allow your own sense of “good manners” be used to make yourself put up with stupidity.
        One of the biggest problems faced by conservatives is that we continue to behave in a civil manner while uncouth, barbaric louts force their ill mannered temper tantrums on us. It is time to stop putting up with such things.

    • 45caliber


      There are a couple of things here that are a problem. In the old news days, a person had to work their way up from a cub reporter (or maybe even lower) by going out to find news and then write it up. And if you weren’t perfectly honest in what you reported, you didn’t last long.

      In today’s world, the colleges are mostly liberal as liberals who were laughed at in the real world go back to the colleges to teach their nonsence. There is a saying: “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” The graduates come out with a liberal slant.

      The real problem is that with television, they want the news AND they want the pretty people to report it. And you can’t get some pretty person out there hunting the news without them becoming no longer pretty. The older reporters who worked their way up to and finally becoming editors aren’t pretty enough to put into “show business”. And reporting the news is “show business”, not journalism.

      As a result you suddenly get a lot of liberals, right out of college basically, put in as the main news reporters. And they are never truly exposed to real life so they can learn what is real and what isn’t. As they get older, THEY are the ones who move into editor positions since they don’t consider going to the field as a promotion.

      Notice when a story is reported on the television. Any story. The talking head will say something like: “Hurricane Kelly just totally destroyed all the East Coast. Millions are dead due to a lack of preparation. Here is the field reporter, whats-his-name, to give you details.” The reporter, who got the story by seeing the dead, among other things, then simply says something similar since the talking head stole his story. And his story is edited by the talking head. After all, the head doesn’t want you to believe that he/she isn’t on top of everything and isn’t the best reporter to give you the story.

      So you get only the sound bite that the head has time to come up with and nothing else. Further, since the head it liberal, the story will come with a liberal slant and all the “who, what, where, when, how, and why” goes away. If they take flack from the real reporters, the liberals who teach will be happy to assure them that they are the real reporters since the heads are the only ones the people really sees – and besides, they are pushing the liberal slant their teachers wanted in the first place.

  • TDG

    MSNBC…what’s that?

    • Pathfinder

      To answer your question: MSNBC is a left wing propaganda broadcasting system. Nuff said ?

  • james shelton

    LORROL the new black panthers no different than the old ones and like the old p-stone nation they’re just a bunch of punks. The Obamanation in the Whitehouse was associated with them when he suposedly was an organizer.OB hung around the fring and like each of them they are cowards when alone.But then I suppose if you didn’t live in Chicago it would be hard to believe just how corrupt a city can be- OH WAIT just look at DC

    • Mike In MI

      james -
      Back up a second. Bobby seale was on some show the other night and clearly defined the huge difference between the older, Original Black Panthers and the new, unmentionables who should get their own name and not trade on the reputation of a far more worthy group. Check out Bobby Seale and the Black Panthers. You may find out they’re for real…if you are.

      • 45caliber

        The old black panthers were willing to steal and kill – as long as they had the numbers and you didn’t have guns. But they had people who actually believed they might be doing some good.

        The new black panthers are the people the old ones would ignore or sneer at. But the new ones want to feel good about themselves – so they try to steal the thunder of someone else. You can see that all the time in most groups.

        • kate8

          45, What I heard coming from the guy railing about killing crackers sounds way too much like the old BP’s to me.

          Back in the ’70s I knew a young lady, pregnant at the time, who lived in San Francisco, where Black Panthers ran rampant. Her husband was murdered by a band of BP’s while he was unloading groceries from the trunk of their car, as she watched helplessly from the upstairs window, for no other reason than he was white.

          Is this what we call moving forward?

          • Mike In MI

            I STAND CORRECTED. I forgot about those scenes, lo those many years ago.

    • Pathfinder

      I do not find it hard to believe how corrupt Chicago is. I grew up in Philadelphia, PA; another corrupt, democrat controlled city. (Does anyone else begin to see a pattern here?)

  • CJM

    When Obama was running for President, I went onto the Democrats for President blog site and asked the following: 1) what needs to be changed? 2) why does it need changing? and 3) how is this change to be accomplished? I was banned from the site because it didn’t say anything nice about the candidate. I was told my questions were inappropriate!! Well, guess I was right in my thinking–and changed my Democratic standing to Republican (I prefer Independent, but some States do not recognize this category for voter registration). Now that this pretender to the throne is in office, people are finally beginning to understand what Obama’s “change” is all about–transforming the United States into a marxist country sans any human rights except those that the administration feels we can have. You will no longer be able to speak out as we do at this time if this idiot savant is allowed to remain in office. If you think about it, Obama wants to be the last elected president and become the first dictator for the United States. Is this the change we really want?

    • dennis W



    • 45caliber

      CJM: unfortunately, I think you are right on the mark. I asked about the “change” too and finally realized that whatever it was, it wasn’t something that they intended to let us know about. And since they didn’t want us to know, I voted the other way too.

      • Pathfinder

        Please remember that there are more than two choices. When the republicans nominate a RINO then it is time to VOTE LIBERTARIAN !!

  • Bob Wire

    If you can’t say nice things it’s because you are not thinking nice thoughts.

    If you are not thinking nice thoughts you are not thinking in a positive manner.

    If you are not thinking in a positive manner, you are miserable and unhappy.

    If you are miserable and unhappy, you want “everyone” to know why! and very angry that they can’t see you pain, see your suffering.

    If you are angry, you want to share it! You want other’s to be angry, miserable and unhappy, just like yourself.

    Misery does truly ~ “LOVE” company.

    90% of what we worry about will not happen,

    5% there nothing you can do about anyway

    Leaving 5% of your worries justified.

    Don’t let, the “media” dominate 5% of your worries.

    But they want too! ~ That’s how “they” earn a living, put clothes on their back and food in their mouths, make the mortgage payments!

    They must “SELL SOMETHING”

    Are you in the market for some more “Unhappy” today?

    well, enjoy yourself, they offer an endless supply for your “hurts so good” pleasure.

    Where did “the little train that could” go?

    • kate8

      BW, generally in life, what you say is good practice.

      When it comes to living in a self-governing society, maybe not so much.

      Are you aware that “positive thinking” has been used as a means to keep people from seeing the truth? Just keep smiling and saying nice things and don’t pay attention to politics – oh, just too nasty for my taste. If I just ignore such “negativity” it won’t affect me….

      Well, the problem is that we’ve ignored it for too long, and now it’s at our doorstep. They are definitely NOT ignoring us.

      • Jeep

        I think Bob was make some very apt commentary on the liberal mindset. I do not believe he was saying we should bury our heads in the sand and sing Kumbaya.

        • kate8

          Jeep, you may be right.

          I have liberal friends, though, and they actually do believe that if you don’t look at negative things, they won’t be real. You know, the you-create-your-own-reality thing.

          While I do understand this principle, I also believe that we need to first acknowledge what is not in alignment with good, and then invoke help from God to correct it. Refusing to see something is only denial.

          The left uses this to keep us away from the truth.

          • Vicki

            Who was it that said centuries ago “Just because you don’t take an interest in politics does NOT mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”

          • eddie47d

            The mean ol’ left doesn’t do anything. You do it to yourself.

          • 45caliber

            eddie: Really? And I suppose it was the right who passed Oblamacare?

    • Mike In MI

      Hey Bob, when the Bolsheviks started accross Russia how much good did it do or would it have done the peasant who got in the way, the bourgoisie who were their enemies or the elites in Moscow and the cities to think nice, sweet, calm, peaceful, oom-m-mnambulistic, zen-thoughts?
      I was in a place called Phu Bai during the Tet offensive of ’67 during the Viet Nam thing. When the V.C. had been driven out it was discovered they killed every man, woman, child, Catholic, Bhuddist, dog and swamp rat that couldn’t prove they were communist through and through. What makes you think these animals in Gucci are any less capable?

      • eddie47d

        When early immigrants and pioneers and governments soldiers came to America we slaughtered Indians and families. Now what makes you think our Christian nation is so pure and not capable of the same thing. Well we did it again in Vietnam. Thanks for your service but I won’t justify anyones atrocities.

        • 45caliber

          Reread history. Yes, there were Indian tribes wiped out. One of my ancestors came from one of them. But why were they wiped out? I’m sure it didn’t have anything to do with the fact that they saw the white man as an easy victim since they tended to build their cabins and live in very small numbers. And after they had killed a lot of white people, the remainder sent an army to make sure they didn’t keep doing it. Of course, it didn’t help that the French paid them for the scalps of most of the English white settlers too. Not all the Indians were good people. Geronimo, for instance, – now considered an Apache chief and a fighter for freedom – was never a chief and was actually outlawed for theft and murder by his own tribe. Most of his followers were Mexican banditos.

          Your comments are ridiculous. But they can be good for laughs.

        • 45caliber

          eddie, I forgot your comments about Nam. First, almost ALL atrocities happened only in the minds of the liberal people here who were too frightened to join the war. I’m not even sure if the Mailai Massecree actually happened considering who testified. Second, you are tarring the hundreds of thousands who did serve responsibly with the few. Isn’t that what you inside the conservatives are doing to you poor undeserving liberals?

          • eddie47d

            I wish you hadn’t gone there with your comment but too much denial is happening in your mind. I know other countries hide and lie about their atrocities so maybe you think it’s okay to do it. 542 mostly women and children were killed at My Lai and you do a diservice to those who served honorably. By denying crimes you justify these crimes. As a matter of fact just a day earlier there was another massacre by Americans 10 miles away but in the same district. This “liberal” served with the 52nd Artillery 4th Div.

          • Bob Wire

            45 ~ That’s an mightily big bucket of manure to dig though for the nuggets of truth . ~

            “It’s a good thing war is so awful, otherwise man might enjoy it.” Robert E. Lee

      • Bob Wire

        >>I was in a place called Phu Bai during the Tet offensive of ’67 during the Viet Nam thing. When the V.C. had been driven out it was discovered they killed every man, woman, child, Catholic, Bhuddist, dog and swamp rat that couldn’t prove they were communist through and through. What makes you think these animals in Gucci are any less capable?<<

        I've heard of such a place and time, rough neighborhood Phi Bai, pronounce "Phew by" ~ I made it into country in 68 and everyone was still excited with the previous Tet, Was with the 25th infantry out of Cu Chi. ~ You must have beat them all up! they rarely showed their heads! LOL!

        yet I see it, heads on pole lining the roads in to villages, nice neighborhoods. Body parts here and there and everyone's in a big "chill"

        This is still going on somewhere soldier, but it's not here! And I'm here to see it stays that way if I've got any say in the matter. ~ War twists people, some of us seen and did more then others. we are all carrying around a little of it with us everyday. Survivors guilt. You've got your way of protecting your village and I got mine, are we straight?

        Thanks to Nixon, we did get to make the push up into Cambodia that many always thought necessary but wasn't within the rules of engagement. We found concrete sidewalk and a swimming pool inside 105 range of the border. They left in a big hurry offering light resistance, Ak's, some worn out Chicom machine guns and RPG's, no big guns? ~ Lots of mines though. It was necessary to clear the border out as we stated to scale down, turning fire support to RVN's and pulling-out. It took 5 years. Shame about Kent State, they just didn't know and didn't understand.

        Glad you made it home soldier, ~ still got all your parts?

  • Doc Sarvis

    It is always a good strategy to start an article with name calling – NOT. Actually, it lends the discerning reader to doubt what comes afterward. A good message for many on this site.

    • Jeep

      Apparently you missed the intended message of the writer?

      • Vicki

        What? The writer had a point? Bummer. I stopped reading after the 3rd ad hominem attack in the first sentence. Bad debate style. I moved on too.

  • Donald

    There’s a lot of rant and not much substance on either side of this debate

    • Vicki

      Skip the ranting and you will find a wealth of good ideas for a free people in this comment section and on this site.

  • Bob Wire

    CJM, I think it’s obvious you did more then just ask questions.

    So ~ is that your final comment on the matter or would you like to expand?

    For what you describe fails to make much sense as you present it.

    The very process of offering a candidate is a “out-reach” program in nature and most willing to accept questions, especially if they are germane to planks in a candidates platform stance.

    Are you sure you didn’t offer commentary along with your question?

    Are you trying to bull sh1t the bull sh1tter?

    • American Citizen

      You seem to forget what the Dems did to “Joe the Plumber” after he confronted Obama with a question during the campaign.

      • kate8

        I’d really like someone to bring to my attention some examples of “outreach” from the left.

        They always demand it so self-righteously of the right. I, for one, am tired of compromise from the right, only to get more run over by the left.

        • Jeep

          Oh, come on Kate, the left has plenty of “outreach”. Such as the outreach into our pockets, to Chavez and Castro, as well as “outreach” to the UN and Iran…etc.

          • kate8

            Jeep – Good one.

          • Bob Wire

            who’s been in your pocket that wasn’t in your pocket November 2008?

            What’s Fidel been given?

    • Vicki

      Isn’t Obama the one who has 1.5+ million in lawyers out there making sure that questions about birth are deemed “inappropriate”? Simple questions. No commentary.

      • Bob Wire

        Vicki, ~ whatever answer you are given won’t satisfy you. As this has became apparently clear, Obama has taken legal action to protect himself for what he perceives as an Attack.

        You can question his documents , you can question his motives from now till hell freezes over.

        Just like I could yours! or you could mine. I don’t like your documents! ~ I don’t believe you or your family. I don’t believe the state records. I don’t believe the newspapers. Prove to me you were born in America! Prove it! Prove to me you are a natural citizen.

        Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro was quite woman in many ways. Like her, don’t like her ~ It’s up to you. But she was an American woman that lived a free life and traveled many places in her lifetime. She had and raised 2 children as I understand it. One Barack Obama was born in the Hawaiian Islands after it became a state I suppose. Even the Rep Governor of the state says so and she’d really like for people to give it a rest.

        That you don’t agree or accept everything that’s been offered to you and people that choice to believe as you do ~~ does not require the rest of the world to stop and back up for you.

        If you wish to press this matter, please forgive us for ignoring you and Barack for seeking legal council as you look for information to support your “feelings”

        You are just One in a mob of many angry people, driven by feelings you can’t openly express. Sore losers not being one, but will work for now.

  • libra


    • tg7357

      Most people didn’t take into consideration that elections have consequences when they yanked the handle for Barko and the Marxist Brothers Regime. But before I eat a diet of rice and slave myself to China OR a socialist dictator, me and my stockpile of ammo will go find ourselves a leader who thinks the same way we do. Amen.

      • J.Michael

        You mean the war-monger Bush?

        • kate8

          Yada, yada, yada…Everything that happened for the entire past century was Bush’s fault.

          Odumbo has taken everything Bush did and made it bigger and meaner.

          He’s going to take his entire term, destroying what little is left of this country, crying “Bush! Bush! Bush!”

          This is how the left operates. Deny accountability, and blame, blame, blame.

          • eddie47d

            You should speak the truth about Bush as you do Obama and then you will be a fair and balanced person. Until then it’s just noise. Obama’s failures will be his and Bush’s belong to him. Unfortunetly we can’t correct anyone elses faults (whatever made that person do what they did). We may have two tarnished Presidents in a row and that would be a shame. Time will tell

          • Normal Guy


            You seem to think that the history of events has no bearing on the present. Bush and the multiple disasters that he unleashed on this nation continue to disrupt every element of our current financial and military position.

            You seem to believe that you can ignore past events and make the present time whatever you want. Kind of like the Captain of the Titanic running into the iceberg then giving command to the first mate and then saying that it is the mate’s fault that the ship went down.

            The reality is that we are in a really bad position because for eight years the country ran twin deficits of almost a trillion a year, we initiated two wars and kept all the expenses off the books, we deregulated the financial markets, overheated the real estate market with ridiculously low interest rates and then triggered a global financial meltdown with credit default swaps and derivatives. The greed of the financial institutions drove the sub-prime mess as they required new mortgages to feed the derivative debacle.

            Obama was handed a national and global disaster and dopes like you think that he is destroying the country. How can you possibly be so ignorant?

        • tg7357

          I’ll take 1000 George Bushs over 1 Barack Obama. Bush did things I didn’t agree with, but in retrospect, Obama hasn’t done ANYTHING I agree with. At least Bush didn’t dedicate himself to making America into another Stalinist Russia like Obama is.

          • kate8

            At least Bush was American.

            Obama has no loyalties to America.

          • eddie47d

            You have no clue what Stalin did for if you did there would never be such an ugly comparison. Bush may look like more Americans but he wasn’t always the brightest bulb in the box. Obama does trip on himself once in awhile and has a hard time catching up but he certainly means well. I haven’t seen or heard anyone on this site who could do better than either Bush or Obama. Way too many smart ass know it alls,myself included.

          • Mike In MI

            eddie47d says Barak “means well”. …? …??
            I fail to see how anyone can “mean well” when he has lied so regularly, so deviously, refuses to listen to the people he is supposed to be serving, refuses in the face of abject failure to change direction, promises and inflicts worse/more draconian programs, sees the effects of his errors and doubles down on the carnage, lets one crisis after another fester and develop sepisis in the body politic before he breaks off from his parties and golfing, initiates projects that melt the foundations of our culture, deflects blame from himself to previous administrations so he is not held responsible for the sickening mold in his own house, moves his legislation with bribes, coercion and slandering his opponents. These few things are just starters on the lists of his iniquities as a leader who “means well”.

        • Dave D

          Give War a Chance

          • Bob Wire

            be careful, peace may break out any time!

        • Mike In MI

          Who? The war-monger…? Yea, J.Michael, the same Bush who was put into that position because the Clinton sex-addiction hyper-irritation was so busy getting scratched no attention was paid to the terrorism attacks against our ships, consulates, interests and allies. That showwed the terrorists we were afraid to do anything back against them. So, they came and hit us on home turf at the Trade Center, right in the economic back pocket (a liberal’s main point of vulnerability)… only…Bush hit back. Contrary to a liberal’s primary rule of engagement: “NEVER RETALIATE, back down, give in, negotiate, compromise, grovel obsequiously, agree to live in subjugation quietly”.

          And… that’s what Obama expects of us as he continues the advance of the Mohammedan Hordes onward to Allah’s glorious goal of world domination…until Jesus takes it away from him. Then God will bequeath Christ Jesus the kingdom he earned and inherited by believing and sacrifice – himself.

          • Mike In MI

            Oh yea – Somebody tell Obama, “It wil not be a good idea to isolate Israel. It will lead to a battle of Israel against the rest of the world. Your God will think, “They can’t win.”
            But, they won’t lose.

          • eddie47d

            I love when you all put Jesus by your side when you talk about war and revenge. Jesus would tell you to buzz off and not follow as one of his disciples

          • eddie47d

            No one should put Jesus by their side when talking about war and revenge. Jesus would tell these people to buzz off for you are not one of my disciples

          • Mike In MI

            eddie47d – Your ignorance of the Bible is as well developed as your ignorance of most every other subject you discuss.

            Even a cursory reading of the Word of God shows that the first time Jesus Christ came his purpose was to make it possible for anyone -Hebrew, gentile or eddie47d – to be redeemed back to God and enjoy all the great blessings God offers for here and now, and on into the future.
            The second time he appears it will be as the conquering, warrior king who will take the kingdom God promised him a long time ago. It will be a brief, but decisive, battle to end battles during his thousand years’ reign.
            God is not stupid. He knows how people and His Enemies are and what we do and what He must do to deal with it. It will be done without compromising His lovingness, goodness and kindness, especially to those of us who want to do things His way and be part of what He Is.

            God is and deals in reality – YOU, on the otherhand,…

    • J.Michael

      Are you syre you’re not confusing this with the RNC? Because it sounds like what they have done.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        J. Michael…
        My father, a WW11 veteran is responsible for allowing you to run your idiot thoughts on a conservative blog. He fought in 4 theaters and saw the horrors of war. War isn’t pretty. I do not believe that any president wants to call the military into any type of conflict where lives are lost. Do you harbor the same feelings towards our present administration for our involvement in Afghanistan? Or is hatred only projected towards President Bush?

        • Bob Wire

          Run your idiot mouth? ~ If I remember correctly if your father paid , as did mine and myself, ~along with several buddies we failed to find all the pieces of, ~ affording all American citizen the right to speak without harassment from other American’s where they personally “gave as the office or not!”

          Is that not true? is that not clear?

          • Jeep

            No, its not clear…what are you trying to say?

          • Robin from Arcadia, IN

            Bob Wire….
            It wasn’t directed to you, but since you jumped right in there, I guess I need to be sure you understood my point. Without our fighting in the world and the loss of lives, we wouldn’t be free to say what we want, which our country is getting very close to. If I think Lorrol has idiot thoughts, that is my opinion. Without involvement with other countries, we wouldn’t be free. Does that help you understand?

          • Vicki

            Dear Bob.
            Last time I read the Constitution it said CONGRESS shall make no law……” There is nothing in there about what the people can say to each other including objecting and even using ad hominem attacks in debate. There is also nothing in there preventing this website from censoring ANYTHING the owner wants.

            Thank you and yours very much for your service to our country and the Constitution.

        • J.Michael

          My Grandfather is also a WW2 veteran and no I do not agree with Obama,since he did a 180 on his so-called Afghanistan stance. I agreed with “W’ about going after Al-Qeada,not Iran. And if you”re going to get all uppity then explain why we aren’t chasing Al-Qeada in Africa. If you mean “Idiot” like the ranting I read on hear alot,then I quess I fit right in. See you in INDY.

          • J.Michael

            Sorry,I meant IRAQ.

          • Jeep

            Michael, maybe you have not heard that AQIA (Al Qaeda in Africa) has been targeted for a while now? Where were you when AFRICOM was stood up last year? Our close allies Israel and Ethiopia have been engaged for a long time with AQIA with support from us.

          • Jeep

            The real question is, does Oman have what it takes to go after AQ in South America.

        • Angel-Wanna-Be


    • Anthony

      People – it’s not the Chinese…. let’s get past that, okay?

      • kate8

        And you know this…how, Anthony?

  • CAM

    No one wants the ‘change’ Obama is talking about, unless you live off the government anyway, then it doesn’t matter either way about his change policy. Obama is so far left and out there that his own administration (Dems) are now questioning him as well, & they’re worried about upcoming elections now since Obama just doesn’t listen to anyone (Dems, the People, etc). Dems should be worried since mostly all the states are close to bankrupt… and many already are and there are no jobs which should have been his first priority! Now he is trying to get Amnesty for all the illegal’s here so that he can get their vote since American’s are finally waking up & seeing him for what he truly is. Wish the country had checked their facts on him b/f voting him into office; now it may be too late since he is changing everything, including our Constitution, since he feels it no longer applies to us (too old fashioned, like he feels about the Boy Scouts of America). I too believe he wants to rid of the title of President and ‘change’ it to Dictator as well. Don’t listen to his words any longer, just watch what he does since it’s the complete opposite of what he says (many examples to back that up too). Wake up America and make ‘change’ in Nov’10!

    • Bob Wire

      That’s not exactly true. ~ We want the change, maybe just not it the order it’s being offered. ~ The hardest was addressed first and was a long term solution to a not so immediate problem to many Americans, but timely for others.

      That Special Interest opposes these changes and has spent many,many millions of dollars ~ on politicians and media blitz, ~ programing you to feel as you do, so you feelings comes as no surprise. Just like the politicians, you too have been bought and paid for.

      If FOX Media and the GOP/Tea Party has their way ~ we need to send BP a sympathy card and put them on our Christmas shopping list.

      You tell me, I embellish?

      • J.Michael

        Yeah, lets all feel sorry for BP,they employ 80,000 people in America and they just made a deal with LYBIA and they have their interests in Alaska up for sale. I wonder if Quean Sarah’s husband is worried about his job at BP? I wonder how he got that job,being a fisherman? Does he kill all the animals that get to close to the pipeline? Good eating.

      • CAM

        What order would you like to see then? What real change would you like? I’m open to all ideas & then will check the facts for myself to form my own opinion. We will all get to see the real change Obama meant starting 1-1-11, after Nov’10 elections. -If the Repub’s are back in power after Nov’10, that will just give Obama another reason to blame others for his own ideas or lack of experience to handle important matters wisely. I am not rich but Obama’s change will affect us all, no matter if we’re rich, middle class or poor. I’ve never lived off the ‘system’ but even if I did, that too will affect me. He will tax middle class & poor class the same too so don’t be fooled by what you hear. Heck, if you have a special need’s child, then you will start paying a ‘new’ tax for that child too. By the way, I don’t watch ABC, NBC, CBS OR FOX either. -They all support politician’s (check the facts) and today’s political person’s are not to be trusted since they only tell you what you want to hear to get your vote & then once in office, they do the complete opposite. Obama’s Healthcare Reform policy, we’ve still yet to hear what all is in it, yet he passed it anyway without us hearing anything about what is really written in it. Is everyone that trusting? He’s trying to grant Amnesty for all illegals here. Does he really think they are going to sign up to become citizens of the USA and then start being taxed to death? -No, he wants their votes only, & they do not want to become citizens or they would have already done so; like all the other legals whom were once here illegally! -Those whom once were illegal & now here legally are the ONLY ones whom want to be US citizens. If I got everything for free being illegal, then why would I want to become a citizen and then be forced to pay taxes on everything?

      • Jeep

        Bob, “We want the change”? What? Who is “we”? You may want to define that, I believe that the majority of American’s do not want the current “change” being offered.

        • Bob Wire

          How about the majority that put him office JEEP> ~ You knew that,

          could be anyone but you.

          • Jeep

            Sure, just like the “majority” that put Frankin in office. Hmmm… I have to wonder how many of those votes were…well, you know.

          • Jeep

            Besides, ole Bob, I believe that currently the majority see this charade for what it is, now. Look at any legit polls lately?

  • tg7357

    I don’t have to say anything nice about the current regime as I have found a better solution. When I see Obama, or Holder, or Pelosi or any other of the Nazi Demolib Party running (ruining) America these days on TV, I just change the channel. I’ve worn out 3 TV remotes since Nov 2008. I’ve blocked MSLSD, CNNDenial and ABC (APPROVED BROADCASTING CO)
    off my cable, and dumped my newspaper subscription, which is a demolib rag if there ever was one. Usually there is a rerun of ‘Gilligans Island’ or “The Beverly Hillbillies’ on at the same time as the leftist media newscasts, and if you really stop to think about it, the Skipper or Jed Clampitt is a whole lot easier to stomach than Barack Obama. You don’t have to think about nice things to say about people you don’t see. Easy enough.

    • kate8

      I’ve never been able to listen to Obama speak.

      Just for ducks, try watching him with the sound turned off. You’d be amazed at how much that tells you.

      • tg7357

        Sound on or sound off, if their lips are moving, they are STILL lying.
        That goes for Barky or any other political hack in our current government. We need to dump ALL of them and start over again.

      • Vicki

        I have listened to him speak recently and I do not see what all the claims by the left of how he is such a great orator. I feel kinda like the kid who asked where are his clothes? I just don’t see it these days. Maybe he was off his teleprompter.

    • CAM

      Love your idea. Simple enough. I no longer watch ABC, NBC or CBS due to their affiliation with Obama. -If no one believes that then do the research, & you’ll see/read for yourself how they’re affiliated.

      • Vicki

        I stopped watching “news” on those networks MANY years ago. Back when they first started getting “news” and “opinion” confused.

        • Bob Wire

          Good for you Vicky! I wish more felt that way. ~ I’ve slowed it down a lot myself, ~ If you can’t watch them equally and hate the time wasted watch or listening to sponsors ~ That’s just to much time to extract the news.

          and thanks for offering your link, ~ I’ve yet to pull it up ~ but eager to see what you offer in the matter of lower tax incentives and how they may have affected our economy. ~ You know such things are hard to figure ~ much like many wish to give Bush credit for what didn’t happen after what did happen. The argument much like a muddy pig you can’t get a grip on.

          Are we getting into a gray area where we determine that only 4 % of the people at a party eats 72% of the nuts? Like I say, thanks for the trail, i will follow it ~ because I don’t really know!

  • http://msn Kerri

    For the person who said Limbaugh and Beck speek lies and misinformation, I would like to see your evidence. Where are the links with your proof. Not just doctored tape and a small portion of an interview or talking point. Show me where the lies are. Show me where the mistakes are, or shut up.

    • Bob Wire

      No , we won’t shut up. ~ and we are not going to be lured into a argument as to which direction is down. Never fight with a pig, you only both get dirty and he likes it. “John MCCain”

      • CAM

        I didn’t vote to McCain or Obama. McCain too says the opposite of what he does, just like President Obama does now. I say clean house completely and let’s just start over from scratch since no one in Congress should be there forever anyway, & they sure as heck shouldn’t draw the same amt of $ the rest of their lives on us tax payers! Most company’s in America didn’t offer raises this yr or last yr yet Congress ‘again’ voted themselves another raise this year!! Too many problems in our country for them to all feel they are above the People of the country whom elected them into office. This is my reason why we need to get them out now b/f us or our kids or our grandkids never get the ‘chance’ in America that we’ve all had the opportunity to have; whether we took that chance or not.

        • Mike In MI

          Hm-m-m, Thanks CAM – I just realized something seems to be out of kilter in this nation. Our Governmentists (like terrorists except they’re our government) take over the auto industry, banking and finance, health care, they are trying to control energy and power utilization, voting activity (New Panther power) and next will be oxygen molecules used per day. They tell everybody how much money we can keep and some people are told what their income can be, too. The House and Senate are the only ones who get to vote themselves raises, unlimmited gifts, donations and all the graft, bribes and skimming they can manage. So, why would anyone want that job?

      • Angel-Wanna-Be

        BW, I’d rather fight with a pig, than an AZZ-h*le! :)

    • American Citizen

      It’s easy to take a sentence out of context and make it sound like the speaker means something he or she doesn’t. They did it to Newt when he was Speaker of the House and he ended up resigning.

  • Steve

    To JeffH & LORROL: Help us all out here by sharing with us just where Rush & Beck are wrong in their assessments along with sensible logical reasons (such as facts) to back up your seemingly asinine rants. And not only you but, the rest of your ilk as well who are eaten up with the dumbass. You would think that by this time, at least one of the other “geniuses” out there, either in the current administration or one of the many other useful idiots out there championing the same progressive agenda, would be able to honestly articulate a factual, truthful rebuttal to Rush or Beck. The simple realiality is that the abscence of any honest response backed by FACTS, is a stark indicator of just what the real truth is.

    • kate8

      It’s just how the left operates. Facts are irrelevant. Just deny, deny, deny.

      • Jeep

        And, make counter-accusations…

        • tennislady

          Your name, “Jeep,” fascinates me! When I was 3 yrs old my baby brother was born. We had a “funny paper” with a character named Jeep in it…So when my brother got big enoug to crawl, we nicknamed him “Jeep” just like this character in the funnies…I never called him anything but Jeep! People would call the house and ask for Ronnie and I would say noone lived there by that name! Funny how you can go back by hearing a name or wordW
          Sorry guys, didn’t mean to but in, but couldn’t resist!

          • JeffH

            tennislady, I believe it was a charachter from Popeye that would pop up out of nowhere…thus the name of the 4 wheel drive WWII vehicle that could drive in the ugliest of places became commonly known as the “jeep” and later was so aptley named so.

          • Jeep

            tennislady, I am certainly glad I could give you a smile and fond memory. I bought a 79 Jeep CJ7 in 1982 and finally traded her in for a 2003 YJ in the same year. I have a “Jeep Parking Only” sign on my driveway. I plan to keep this baby runnin’ for 20+ yrs too! Jeff is spot on with the history lesson, thanks!

      • Bob Wire

        You just said you can’t listen to Obama. ~ and now you speak of some facts as to suggest you know some.

        Fact! you don’t listen to Obama, yet he’s a bad guy! Question? How do you know that as a fact?

        • kate8

          BW, really. I’ve heard quite enough to know that he’s a snake and speaks with forked tongue.

          I don’t live in a vaccuum. I just can’t stand to hear the man’s fake voice inflections trying to make him sound like “a bruthuh”, and watch his head swivel from teleprompter to teleprompter.

          It’s quite apparant that the lefties hang on his every word.


          • Jana

            I know, I have listened to him enough to know that he thinks he is funny. In truth he is not funny at all but comes across as someone who is mocking us, thinking he is so much better than the rest of us. Then I see the gullible sheep behind him who think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
            Obama is a liar and anyone believing in those lies is gullible to say the least.

        • American Citizen

          I, too, can only stand to listen to a few sentences out of his mouth and have to turn him off. I know what lies he’s going to tell before he tells them or, depending on the subject, who to blame besides himself. The man is an incompetent as a President.

        • Vicki

          Maybe cause ACTIONS speak louder than words. We do not need to listen to Obama to see what his actions are. And we don’t like those actions.

    • J.Michael

      I’ve been looking over this site for a little while now and I am not impressed with most of the commentary,mostly name-calling,insults and blatant BS. It sounds just like what I hear from Rush Limbooger. Glen Beck needs serious mental help. Bush created the so-called Patriot Act- talk about Naziism. You can look back and see that this whole thing is a product of both political parties. There isn’t alot of real discussion,just degradation and not alot of it based on fact. I’ve listened to Michael Steele-that guy’s an idiot. You can’t wait for 2012 or the elections coming up,well,all I hear is get rid of Obama,fine,but I ask you “what do you got?”. All I hear is negative,just like “the party of NO”,or vague “let’s take our country back”,nothing constructive. Basically your just going to stick the same people back in office that have been screwing up this country for some time now. Gerrymandering should be stopped. Just like the state I live in,the politicians talk about ethics and reform,but it’s just a joke,they make a bill that’s supposed to do something,but if you read it you find they really didn’t change anything. The only thing they change is their districts border to keep themselves in power. Both parties are corrupt. I could go on,but I’m sure most of the peoples IQ’s wouldn’t be able to understand.

      • Jeep

        If that is all “you hear” then perhaps you should get your hearing checked. The Libertarian Party and the Republican Party have been offering solutions to everything from health care to the War on Terror to the current job crunch. But, if all you listen to is the MSM you will NEVER hear those solutions presented.

        Did you know that a major announcement was made by Oman’s council yesterday concerning the debt? Probably not. It was not carried by any of the MSM because it was negative and counter to the spend, spend and then spend some more policies of this administration.

        • Bob Wire

          Micheal, that’s the mentality here. They are serving it up and mistreating scrubs and bushes, a dancing up an alpha chimp dust cloud showing us their might power and rational thought process.

          Aren’t you intimidated or impressed in anyway? Ha! come on!

          Hey, think about it, ~ If they are willing to shot their own foot ~ just imagine what they be willing to do to yours!

          Warning, Warning, Danger! Danger! Will Robertson! Tree Huggers have bleached the southern protective anti-progressive force field shield!

          Don’t listen to them! Your brains will hurt with “thoughts and idea” you can’t accept! Instead, think, fear, failure, doom, gloom, cheats, liars, scammer, no working free loaders, baby killers, and in general. any nasty thoughts to block the message.

          • Jeep

            Bob, you are so funny! Wow…what an intelligent and well thought out response! When ya can’t beat ‘em just ignore ‘em! You have your opinions (Danger, Will Robinson!) as do I. Yours are in the process of being refuted. Does this make you angry? Reading, and trying to understand the incoherent rambling, of your response, I would have to say yes.

            BTW I will gladly take the mantle of “Alpha Chimp”. Hmmm…that would put me in charge, and then I could set about reducing the size of govt, eliminating govt handouts, closing the border, rounding up criminals (i.e. illegal aliens), winning the war in Afghanistan, stopping the slow bleeding of our jobs to foreign markets, returing to free market principles and returning Constitutional authority back to the states where it belongs. Cool. Where do you stand Bob? Higher taxes, more govt handouts, open borders, letting terrorists run rampant through the world, making the federal govt supreme over states rights, and making our ecomonmy a state run affair?

          • Bob Wire

            LOL! you got the mind and the time? ~ allow me to just offer, The system works “if” people are “armed” with the truth regardless how good or bad if they are active in the system.

            1. get lobbyist off capital hill grounds!

            2. address campaign reform ~ focusing on limiting special interest influence.

            3. Stiff penalizes for congressional misbehavior including falsifying data and information. Penalties along the lines of loss of vested retirement. Restore the value,honor and integrity of “truth”. Or to say, if you don’t really mean it. ~ you best not say it. Stand accountable for their words. Offering all American an example to aspire too. ~ This behavior starts at the top and goes to the very bottom of society.

            3. slowly bring our borders to a tight lock down, if it takes more labor so be it, hire and train them. But lock our country down. Not for ever! but for now.

            4. Address the downside of NAFTA and encourage growth in the private sector.

            5. And Drill! ~ like no tomorrow! Make oil flow while encouraging the industry to invest profits into developments of future fuels. Let them know, we are not wanting to put them out of business, but place them in front as world leaders of energy creation.

            6. Demand conservation for all segments of society

            7. Reenact the draft! ~ consider it as a right of passage ~ everyone serves at some point, at some level. ~ Make it fair to both rich and poor. It’s a civil duty and a honor.

            8. get to hell out of Iran and Afghanistan ~ as soon as possible.

            9. Restrict the flow of all immigration ~ until such time we can get today’s present situation under control.

            10. All Media outlet’s must provide a 3 to 5 second label, every 30 minutes identifying content and sponsor affiliations along with any disclaimers. ~ Just like a can of beans or anything else we consume.

            11. Make me King ! I promise you, you will hate me and and things will improve in spite of your hate.

          • Jeep

            Bob, you are an angry little man. Grow up some. Believe it, or not, your short list has merit. But, are you too angry to see that? BTW I don’t take all this blogging too seriously, as you must. My thoughts are just that, my thoughts. And, you are entitled to yours as well. So, stop taking such a defensive posture. Unless, of course that is you sole defense?

          • Jeep

            In fact, bob, I only disagree with a couple of your ideas:

            7. (Although it’s debatable) I think the all-volunteer force is working well, and a draft seems draconian in a “free society”.

            8. (We are not in Iran, I think you meant Iraq) Other than chasing Al-Qaeda in Afgh, did you know that much of the worlds rare earth metals are in Afgh? The Chinese have already made overtures to mine these metals (they already control 95% of the world market) and would benefit greatly from a US pullout. That, and other reasons are enough for me to stay.

            10. Media labels sounds good, but I’m more of a “buyer beware” kinda guy.

            See bob, no anger, just common ground. Hmmm…imagine that.

          • Bob Wire

            jeep I’m not angry, ~ I was angry 25 years ago. i was angry 6,7 and 8 ~9 years ago.

            Forgive me if I make you feel as if I’m angry ~ This is my game face I offer you. ~ Jeep, you are new to me ~ but I’m not here to be liked.

            But just the opposite. I want to be the turd in your punch bowl. The sand in your Ky, the fly in the ointment.

            I spur debate and hope something good comes of it. ~ This requires intensity, passion, some scope of history and the current political forest we attempt to pass through today. It is this process I present that you mistake for anger.

            I’m here to help ~ where you believe it or not, doesn’t matter to me.

            Did you ever notice you hated your best teachers?

          • Bob Wire

            sorry , i did mean IraQ, and yes I think most people know about Afghanistan mineral deposit by now. I know Mc Cain does.

            I’m not convinced an all volunteer service has worked well.

            I believe in career soldier, professional warriors . People need to be people exposed to the biting end of government to make that choice.

            People need to learn what it’s like to live under the uniform code of military justice. ~ people need to know ~ what it like to be only a part of something much bigger and take great pride it their efforts.

            Many of these “volunteers” are victims of a failing economy and not truly volunteers at all. ~ Plus this is a miss use of the state National Guard. ~ leaving opening in civil defense. ~ katrina was a perfect example, ~ state troop were thousand of mile away chasing down sand men when they were needed at home.

            We need them on the border now. ~

          • Bob Wire

            and my size is not germane to the topics we discuss, and beside ~ I look a lot large if you are looking up a 34 inch inseam. I hope to stay small in your eyes. Small is good!

      • American Citizen

        You need better news sources.

    • kate8

      Steve, ouch! Please don’t clump JeffH and LORROL in the same paragraph! That was painful!

      JeffH is no leftie. You can take that to the bank.

      • Vicki

        There is Jeff and there is JeffH. I think some folk are getting them confused.

    • JeffH

      Steve, where did you get the idea from my post that ” Rush & Beck are wrong in their assessments”? You might want to re-read it and make another response.

    • LORROL

      This is an easy exercise for you. Take notes when you listen to these idiots and then check the facts. Yes it is work but you will come away smarter and less crazy.

  • uponroof

    Morning Joe gets my attention only because it has become a reality show unto itself. Moderate Scarborough and his sidekick Buchanan against the constant onslaught of elitist who find themselves on good behavior lest Joe ask for reasoning. Not that Joe’s anything tough (LOL), but he does represent an opposing point of view on that imbecile network.

    The rest of the MSNBC drivel filled with back patting lesbos, fake nazis, and bi polar types satisfies me through lower order of intelligence confirmation. But its getting old. How much evidence do we need!? All that said its good entertainment bound to get better as the idiocy from their messiah increases their confused handwringing.

    • J.Michael

      I watch Morning Joe,I find it much more intelligent than anything I’ve seen on FOX. Weird,I used to hate Pat Buchanan when I was younger,but watching him on the show has changed my mind. Joe is great,Mika’s a bit of a prude,but I’ve always respected her father. But I digress,I think we should go back to what the country was like when our Forefathers were alive,women do not have the right to vote,bring back slavery,destroy the environment,tax whiskey,tax,tax tax.

      • Jeep

        Well, at least part of your wish will come true in 2011…Wait until you see your “taxes, taxes, taxes” then! Yee-Haw!

        • Bob Wire

          Taxes are as low as they’ve every been in history Jeep. ~

          With a two front war to pay for and soldiers in harms way to protect, I think it’s time we started paying for the folly. Don’t you? 43 made and left no plans to pay for it. ~ The price tag in money alone is around 4 trillion to date.

          or do you feel we already have somehow paid with tax cuts? ~ and if so, can you explain how that might work?

          • American Citizen

            Tax cuts bring in more money to the treasury as jobs go up. It’s not the war, it’s the total spending that’s the problem. Congress just can’t seem to get it right.

          • Jeep

            Geeeze Bob, you have not been listening (typical). All I said is that taxes will go up in January. It is funny that you should mention that taxes are currently low, but who will pay taxes when almost one out of ten American’s are out of work? Do you really think that the hidden taxes passed this year in several pieces of legislation that are targeted at businesses will create more jobs in 2011? But, I suppose we should get more from the rich. I have an idea! Let’s stop welfare payments and pork projects like renovating runways no one uses, and see if that won’t put a big dent in the cost of protecting America from islamic extermists intent on destrying us. Better yet, let’s stop paying for the education and health care for illegal aliens. There are plenty of “programs” that need to be eliminated that could right this problem.

          • CAM

            Taxes are low because Bush gave us a tax break. That expires which is the reason why Obama is raising taxes starting 1-1-11. Have you been following this fact? Oh, I wouldn’t use God, Jesus or mention the bible anymore either since this administration no longer likes that which is why all of it is being removed. Did you hear about the WWII monument? The words on it aren’t ‘exactly’ what was actually said since they removed the word ‘God’ which really upset those who remembered exactly what was said back then.

          • jbird

            “Taxes are as low as they’ve every been in history Jeep.” Well, NO! Prior to 1913 we had ZERO income taxes. In it’s first few years the bottom rate was only 1%. Bob Wire, history started prior to 1990 you know.

          • Bob Wire

            Oh ! I’ve been listen Jeep, ~ wrote a post on the resented tax provision just these morning in fact. ~

            There will be the shaking and shivering and showing of teeth from the Right, rest assured.

            making us feel so sorry from them. ~ Damn ! these goes mom’s Lexus this year and our family Christmas skiing trip! Thangs are getting tough all over! ~ damned ole mean a$$ liberals, they really know how to screw things up!

          • vicki

            Bob Wire writes:
            “do you feel we already have somehow paid with tax cuts? ~ and if so, can you explain how that might work?”

            We do not need to “feel” how tax cuts increase revenue. We have facts. (Darn things just won’t go away)

            google [tax cuts increase revenue] to see both pro and con arguments.

          • Jeep

            Again, bob, your anger is deafening. Calm down a little. Yeah, I deserve a new Lexus, because I worked very hard and earned it! That little fact angers the heck out of you, doesn’t it? Look, if you want to give your money to pay for your neighbors health care and extend paychecks to people out of work for more than 99 weeks (that’s 693 days!) go ahead. Personally I choose to work and support myself and any family I choose to bring along. Notice the word choose…Noone forced people to have children, or buy houses they can’t afford, etc. They made bad choices. I have made good choices, and therefore am quite comfortable and able to support myself, oh and I will be trading in my 2010 Tundra next year for a new one as I do every year, by choice.

          • alpha-lemming

            AND at nearly 3 trillion/yr they need to be lower!! FACT…. 1 out of 3 federal dollars is wasted. Numbers like that SCREAM for MAJOR chnages!! The generous statement would be that “Congress (both parties… but one DECIDEDLY worse) has proven themselves to be poor stewards of the peoples purse”. Observation, experience, and deduction has shown that the majority, in truth, goes to abuse, fraud, and plain ol’ theft. Besides what you see being taken on your pay stub (assuming you get a pay check), you’re also paying taxes (the poor too!!) on every gallon of gas, every loaf of bread, every pair of shoes for the kid…. NEARLY EVERYTHING (minus the black market and private transactions)!! The middle-class is effectively operating under a 55+% tax burden already!! And you want to raise taxes because???….???? abuse, fraud and theft just don’t pay like it used to????

    • Mike Smith

      Morning Joe is the only thing msnbc has going for them. It’s the only show on that channel I can watch for 5 minutes. Ed the talking horse (except the real Ed the horse made sence), is only somewhat less obnoxious than Olb. There’s a real piece of work—only msnbc in all their wisdom (?) would put someone like him in front of a camera. I can remember when (I’m old) Shake a leg Chris was somewhat honest. Today he just spits and talks over anyone not agreeing w/him.

      • American Citizen

        I, too, years ago, thought Chris Matthews was a good news person. When he changed, I don’t know, I only know I turned him on and was shocked to hear him. Must be a money thang.

        • Bob Wire

          Chris ~ needs a break, I want the old Chris back

  • Big Ugly

    So? Why doesn’t Moore keep $250.000 for himself and ‘re-distribute’ the rest of his wealth as an example to the rest of us ‘greedy’ conservative, right-wing, domestic terrorist types?

    Be the example!

    • kate8

      For those on the left, be it rich or be it poor, redistribution means from us…to them.

      • Bob Wire

        of course kate, ~ to them, to them to you to them and back to you ~ that the nature of free enterprise and the exchange of goods and services.

        Money moves from one hand to another, ~ the last 30 years it’s been favoring one direction. To the hands of the wealthy. ~ Now they take that money and beat us up with it. ~Buying media and Offering you commentary that makes you want to vote against you own self-interest.

        Is BP on your Christmas List yet? Well! they should be! For they are victims of the Obama administration ~ just like you! You and BP have ~ so much in common! Drill babe Drill!

        • kate8

          BW, how does anyone gain wealth except to get out and earn it? Unless they happen to be born wealthy, but then they end up being spoiled liberals who never had to lift a finger in honest toil. They just run for office.

          But I digress. One gains wealth by being good at earning it. The only other way to get money is to take it from someone who earns it, by stealing it oneself or through entitlements.

          One does not get wealth by resenting the rich. The real problem is that those who generate jobs have been forced, by design, to take those jobs out of America because of over-regulation, thus hurting the very people government claims to be looking out for. Now BigBro can swoop in and decide who gets what, and how much.

          How much square footage we live in or how many cars in our garage is not what makes life worth living. We are soon to learn this the hard way.

          • Bob Wire

            so ~? Liberals don’t work? don’t pay taxes? Federal, county ,city and state?

        • Jeep

          You know bob, I think you were in the military. So, perhaps you have travelled outside the US? I have been to poor, third world countries. What you consider poor here is the lap of luxury to them. Why don’t you factor that into your equation of “redistribution”?

          • Bob Wire

            well, Jeep redistribution has been going on every since women found out they have a built in atm machine.

            Money is like water, it flows , it can be controlled. ~ it can be diverted, damned and use as a water shed. ~ La city depend on water hundred of miles away ~ without it the city would die. ~ Really! ~ cease to exist. They got the water from a inland lake, where only a few people lived in comparison. It is now, the Lake people that live in a desert as the water has been diverted and their lands parched and their beautiful valley turned to dust. What did they do to deserve such a fate. ~ Are they lazy and stupid?

            Money is no different, ~ where you find it now ~ is rarely the source of it. ~ But a collecting point!

            We can make locations and people in them wealthy and fruitful or starve them out. ~ It all about who’s in the best potion to control the flow.

            If you want money, you much first find an avenue to it and develop this avenue. It done in countless ways, but they all require effort and work even for a 27 year old hot to trot gold digger, she will be required to do things that takes her outside her comfort zone.

            as far as third world countries goes, we have been most generous in this area and the work is and always will be endless. But we offer much more then just money, we offer hope, we offer them the tools to dig out.

            bUt I thinks anyone that’s chooses to ignore the lacking in his own backyard while attempting to direct a neighbor with his, has got a screw loose. Don’t you? I believe in taking care of what’s in front of me. My family, my neighbors, my state, my friends. ~ People that support “me” come first.

            ~ and that were we go astray in politics. ~ These elected officials have debts to pay and they know who should come first. ~ But it does have to be and it is not always. ~ That’s something that need to be addressed.

            Share the wealth or spread the wealthy was the single worst thing Obama has said to date. ~ which it pretty good compared to many other statesmen.

            ~ Never mind, special interest has turned the American people into cash cows ! We are allow our existence only so we can “consume” ~ If it wasn’t for that, they have no need of us and things would really be hard.

            You go ahead and defend this process of fleeing of American’s if it severs your immediate purpose.

            you can keep harping on this and I can keep reminding you about BUSH! How does that sound? ~ The GOP track record is awful ~ that’s their weak spot and they don’t want to hear about it, finding it more fun to attack the sitting administration.

            What if I just stay in the attack mode? ~ I hammer and hammer and hammer on the weak spots in your commentary. Be relentless, ~ get like minded people to do the same? Hammer the track record ~ Hammer the misspoken words, ~ Read my Lips! ~ thousand points of light! a calmer, gentler nation? ~ I’m comfortable in my own skin? ~ (well I certainly hope so!)

            So what do you want me to do? ~ Listen to you or argue with you?

            Do you know how many attacks I ignore? ~ don’t bother with? overlook?

            It’s up to you, I’ll go where you go! every step you make, I’ll be there.

        • Jeep

          BTW, voting for “self interest” is what is wrong with democracy. When a group realizes they can vote to take from others, it will happen. Maybe that’s why the founders chose a Republic?

          • Vicki

            Democracy is and always has been 2 wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. Just having a republic simply changes which wolves vote. A Constitutionally limited Republic (what the US was) gives the lamb specific protections from the wolves.

            Once those limitations are eliminated (ignored in our case) the resulting democracy will self destruct in the manner you describe.

  • tg7357

    The Obama Regime wants us to say something nice about them? OK. ‘Get out before we have to remove you ourselves’.
    That also goes for all politicians who think the Obama Regime is doing a stellar job. We have a Constitution for a reason, and it isn’t for hacks, liars and socialists to wipe their feet on.

    • Bob Wire

      No ! we just want you to accept the fact, that the GOP lost the election and the DNC installed a new president ~ America’s 44th to be exact and we was somehow hoping that over all these years you understood how the process works and accept it. To be willing to honor our system of process and help shoulder the burden of “today’s issues” and be a part of any solution rather then a burden, a wort on our a$$ and useless as hell with your sour grapes and whinny story about the glory days of Conservatism and how wonderful the whole world would be if “everyone just understood”

      You are the last person, We’d want speaking well of us. ~ That would only mean we were doing something terribly wrong!

      Obama didn’t start this ~ and he won’t finish it! where he’s there 4 or 8 years. Just know this , he was sent to Washington, a den of thieves, to shake things up and move somethings around, while working inside the boundaries of the Constitution and both criminal and civil Law.

      From the whimpering and whining I hear, he’s been very effective. So it’s for you to decide, ~ how you want to play this out. ~ You got something? Whip it out! Don’t threaten too! Do it! We are waiting.

      or you could just put a sock in it and deal with issues before us.

      It’s up to you, We expect little from you at this point your absence in the process no long missed.

  • tuntavern1775

    Dig in, send out re-con patrols, gather INTEL, clean your piece, pack extra ammo, some beenie weinies, and a clean pair of undies and socks. Get some sleep, Men. We are going to need to be ready to take the high ground up yonder in DC….. D-DAY is The second Tuesday in November.

    • Jeep

      Geeeze tuntavern, get it right! It’s FOUR pairs of socks!

      • tg7357

        actually its 6 pairs of socks and your wet weather gear.

        • Jeep

          You are sooo right! LOL

    • American Citizen

      Don’t you change your underwear and socks every day? Phew!

      • Jeep

        I thought the underwear change was just for Saturday after bath time?

  • Dennis Chapman


    • Jeep

      Easy now, just hold down CNTRL and ALT and DEL together, then select END PROGRAM…

    • American Citizen

      Why do you click on Bob Livingston when you get the e-mail? Don’t open it, just delete it. Methinks thou dost protest too much.

    • libertytrain

      I feel sorry for you – like just about every site I’ve been on, there is an “unsubscribe” place at the bottom of this page – that’s where I usually see them on sites and have since I’ve been on the Internet – nearly 20 years now —— you must be new at this —-

    • Personal Liberty Support

      We only send email to people that subscribe, you can unsubscribe at any time to be removed from our mailing list, by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom or top of the emails we send.

    • Rose and Robert

      I understand how you feel Dennis. Some of these people are frightening. They aren’t any different than a rabid dog.

  • Dwayne

    PMSnbc Who:
    I haven’t watched it or any other pathetic wanna be’s.Fox News is the only true news channell out there right now and I’m starting to worry about them.Rush,Glenn,Ann and the many more are our voice but we must all get involved.Change it back will only happen with “We the people”

    • American Citizen

      Dwayne, 5 stars.

    • Anthony

      Sorry, Dwayne – gotta disagree. Not even FOXNEWS has what it takes to grab my attention any more. They censor or suppress just as much news as any of the Mainstream Stations out there.

      The only real news source is the Wild Web, right here. You can check out not only the news headlines [ www-realclearpolitics-com ] from all over the world, AND you can also google up what ya read to verify it with backup information that clues you in on the inner details. THAT won’t happen on MSNBC nor FOXNEWS (especially with O’Reilly making it a point to constantly interrupt his guests, just like they do on the Lefty stations).

      If there were a real Political discussing type cable channel, it would have to be one that shows these slackers after they clock out of congress all having dinner together, where we can hear what they really think. Now, that, would interest me. ‘Course, it would rile them.. and damn good show, I say.

      • CAM

        Right on!! That IS exactly what I do to form my own opinion & it’s backed up by FACTS! Thanks for writing this. Too many believe the lies from polititions (all sides) but just do the research & then read the truth to form your own educated opinion.

  • Robin (Maggie)

    Robin []
    Tuesday, July 13, 2010 9:29 AM
    Demo’s hard left (social communism agenda) ideology
    If we (the democrats) can just smear others and make them look silly and stupid we can laugh or joke our way out of this abyss we have ourselves in (like
    obamaotrauma does.)
    Such ridiculous notions are like the examples here, “As I listened to the way in which “news or information is presented it occurred to me ‘” “What if” ran
    through my mind ,
    I believe Obamatrauma has prosthetic gonads because he represents no testies’ you know no b-’Is in his presidency, he’s always blaming others,
    Nancypretendcrybaby Pelosi had a frantallobotomy because she pretends to know squat (which is disingenuous and she knows it) and her hair supports a cover
    ![Q you know like a wig, Eric Holder is really justice clueless crusader “he stumbles through so much crap and not have the slightest idea …. the trail of idiocy left
    in his wake, and last but not least Harrythemerrytinklewrinkle Reid has been the product of zombie medicine because he really believes “we America” want our
    rights decided by the likes of him …. we need to let him stumble his way through the outback border of Arizona and meet some of medico’s other drug zombie
    cronies bleeding in.
    Now we know this cruel bedtime horror couldn’t be true because they … the Demo’Democrats, wouldn’t say anything like those nasty rumors circling about
    Sarah the heroine Palin her boob job, her sweet baby is really her daughters, and on and on no no no they wouldn’t want to besmirch or imply anything
    Va’ know ever since obamatrauma go into office civility, honesty, integrity, character, transparency, and support of the American People went to the way side
    and in its place the Muslim nation took center stage must be where his heart lie’s.
    Robin Doty

    • CAM

      Nice piece and it’s the truth, lady. Thanks. Whom do we vote for? The lessor of the two evils & so far, this administration is plan evil and corrupt as it’s ever been.

  • http://msn liz

    We have the power to change what has and is happening to our Beautiful Country!! We are going to throw the bums out!! This is a
    year of mid-term Elections!! You can keep up with what’s happening in your State at the “Tenth Ammendment Center “on your Commputer!!
    Also on this site

  • marvin

    we have a want to be king that said we give amnesty to the 12 million illegals[closer to 20 million]odubo amnisty plan,1st step come out of hiding and registure have back ground check,2nd pay fine[they have no money ]3rd pay back tax [they have no money] 4th go to back of immigration line[they are here and obama won,t deport them]so they have been put in the front of the immigration line, people that have been in line for 4/5 years doing the right thing ,so after obama get his 20 million more poor uneducated hispanic voter, then he will close the border, whats that obama said that the border is to big 1500 miles to close, what that you say obama first you say you can then you say you can,t,you said the arizona immigration law was misguided and would lead to profiling, but you have holder file suit[but the white house had nothing to do with it] aginst arizona for upsureing federal law that you said you could not enforce by closing the border and were not enforcing, my take close border, arresty and deport all illegals,fine all employers,stop the free schooling and feeding and housing,with no hand outs most will leave or starve,fact the illegals are leaving arizona now for other states,as for the liberal make news,abc cbs nbc msnbc cnn hln greatest thing ever invented was the remote tv control,news is what has or is happing not what the reporter want or thinks it should be

  • John Moutray

    Most of us looking at this or reading this know for a fact that we are far worse off than we were two years ago. What we do about it is up to us. We can sit on our lazy fat behinds and bitch and gripe about it or we can join an organization to fight it which is what I feel is the only answer. I’m not saying Republican nor am I saying Democratic. Go to a tea-party and see for yourself what you need to do. If you don’t like tea, try the corner pub and “mix” it up in there. After all, isn’t that what dulls the minds of the politicians and the (supposedly) news casters. Action, not words is what it will take to get us back even close to where we were when we had rights as well as responsibilities. We are responsibility for our own destination.

    • Rose and Robert

      We’re far worse off because the damage GW has done will continue for sometime. Of course, he got out just in tme; did the damage and ran. Too bad you lost money on Wall Street; stupid-ass, they raped you too.

  • Boanerges

    What’s wrong with a “Bush”? In the Old Testament, God used a burning bush to talk to Moses. Marx uses a Mad magazine and a copy of Mein Kampf to talk to Obummer.

    • Jeep

      Actually, I kinda like “Bush”…wink, wink…nod, nod!

    • Mike In MI

      Fu-un-nie,Bo. Spot on, dot the i, arrow in the apple humor is god…needed. More.

    • Bob Wire

      yea , it kinda makes me wish God might back to the burning “Bush” trick with any future correspondence!

      ~! sorry, I just could help myself, the door was open.

      I wish no Bush harm not even a little scrub !

  • Dave D

    Heard this last week
    We can overcome Obama, but we will never overcome the MORONS who voted for him.
    Kick out the Dems. in Nov, Kick out the Republicans in 2012!
    Ever consider the lame ass media is sucking up to Barry cause they are hoping for a bailout too?

    • tg7357

      Can I kick my next door neighbor, too? He voted democratic! I’ve already kicked my husband: he voted independent. LOL!!! :)

      • Rose and Robert

        That’s a typical Republican way of thinking. If someone doesn’t think like and look like you, something is wrong with them. Your Independent voting husband is probably looking for an Independent thinking woman. Instead of focusing on whom he voted for, you should be concerned if he is looking for another independent thinking who will stimulate him mentally and…maybe, it will be your neighbor…

        I won’t be surprised if I’m kicked off this site, because I think Independent of the Republican racism and hate mongering. As a Republican, you know that your people doesn’t accept anything or anyone, who differs from their flawed ideology. INDCEPENDENTS IN 2012!

        • vicki

          Rather than using ad hominem attacks on others how about you tell us of the platform of your “independence” so that we may judges the ideas you have. We may not agree with them but at least there will be something for us to debate.

        • tg7357

          Funny you should mention racism and hate about republicans. It wasn’t John MCCain who played the race card to get into the White House, now was it? Typical demolib mindset: Obama can do no wrong and everyone else is a hater and racist. You must have been sitting in the pew behind the Obamas at Rev Wright’s Church of The I Hate Whitey. Please don’t tell us all you buy into the ‘hope and change’ koolaid nonsense: I’d like to think SOMEONE on the left isn’t that far gone.
          As far as my independent voting husband? He can vote however he chooses as long as he votes for someone. Don’t you fret about him: he’s not so far gone as you two appear to be. Enjoy your part of the 56% of America’s biggest voting mistake, Sweetpeas. You get what you deserve and just because you pulled the handle for him doesn’t mean he won’t strip you of everything you own and earn like he’s going to do to the rest of us. You don’t get a pass with this one.

          • Mike In MI

            tg – It identified itself as “a” single individual up above. So, evidently it must be one individual but two personalities. It’s either one of those schizophranics or a frantic schizo. Maybe just a fungic schitzou.

  • sally W


  • Vicki

    Michael Moore appeared on Radio Pacifica last weekend to express his feelings that Americans will be excluded from Heaven because their taxes fund the War on Terror. Moore vomited up spiritual drivel for the far-left radio network:

    “Did you pay your taxes? …well, then you helped fund this, didn’t you…OK, well, you know, turn around. You’re not coming in the Gates.”

    Now there’s an interesting question? Did Michael Moore pay HIS taxes? Also last time I checked if you don’t voluntarily pay your “voluntary” taxes the gov will come and FORCE you to volunteer.

  • Dave D

    Illegal immigration is destroying America – look what it did to the White House

    • tg7357

      How right you are!! LOL!!! Good post!!!

    • Rose and Robert

      Dave – you certainly sound like a cracker with that comment. Or, are you talking about the descendants of the Mayflower who literally stole this country from the Native Americans. You obviously need a brief lesson and I an hopeful (but doubtful) that you are intelligent enough to understand. The Native Americans and Mexicans existed in this country before the Pilgrims sat down to dinner knowing all along that they were there to steal the land from the Natives. Doesn’t tha also make the Pilgrims descendants illegal immigrants. The African Americans/Blacks did not immigrant to this country illegally or voluntarily; they were stolen from their native country by the descendants of the Pilgrims who had through time, perfected the art of stealing. Based upon that accurate historical summary, do you realize who the oringial illegal aliens were…and still are? In case you’re wondering, I’m white, but I don’t tell myself lies. You should try it.

      • vicki

        Hmmm…. Where did the Mexicans come from? Were they not the decedents of the Spanish who “stole” the country from the Mayan and Aztec?

        • libertytrain

          vicki – I had the same thought -

        • Mike In MI

          HEY—WHO’D they, Mayans and Aztexs, get it from? Weren’t there Atlanteans in S. America? Didn’t they come from the Mediterranean and S. European areas? Somebody wrote an epic poem about Homer, I think. Yea, Him and his wife with big blue hair. Why, hell, We’re just taking back what was originally our forebears’ all over again. We got a right!!!

      • vicki

        “Doesn’t tha also make the Pilgrims descendants illegal immigrants.”
        Nope. Makes us natural born Americans. Same rule for the babies of illegal invaders today.

      • Dave D

        My ancestors did actually come to America on The Mayflower ( Probably to get away from A- holes like your ancestors ). And yes , they did actually conquer the natives. Thats what people have been doing for thousands of years and I don’t apoligize for it. As far as slavery in America, my ancestors fought to end it. King George wouldn’t allow the colonies to end slavery because he was making too much money from it. And it was the English and Spanish and French who traveled to Africa and BOUGHT these people from African tribel leaders to bring to America as slaves. And yet the clueless and the brain dead like you can ONLY blame America. It was wrong and now it’s over,except to self loathing ,politically correct white trash apoligists like you. The best part of you dripped down your mothers leg.

        A Cracker

        • Mike In MI

          Just a note, Dave D -
          Guess who were the ost prolific of the slave capturing traders out of Africa. It wasn’t the tribal leaders from what I’ve read…they were the Muslims. They first moved in and started lopping heads. Then they found they could capture them, take them to the coasts, signal the ships off-shore to come in and sell them. That way they made money and kept their swords sharp. If I know the Muslims their probably setting up to start some new kind of business here. Aliens?

  • American Citizen

    Rev. Milton, the Bible tells us that if we see our brother doing wrong, we are to call him on it.

    • Bob Wire

      It also says , to judge others as you might be willing to be judged. or in other words, Judge harshly? expect to be judged harshly.

      The bible says many things, ~ without condescending, In think we need to be careful about what can of worms we open here.

      • Mike In MI

        Bob – you are so full of crap, if anybody stepped on you they’d lose a leg. If you can show me that quoted, scripture and verse I’ll eat a Quran. On the other hand if you can’t you have to read the whole Bible.

        • Bob Wire

          Hmm? well I hope a Quran is really yummy! Is that a fruit or book in particular ? ~ I’ll do you a favor and ignore the rest of you commentary, it being even less inspired.

          >>”This was stated by Jesus at Matthew 7:1 & Luke 6:37. In the Matthew passage, Christ explains this statement as a matter of not being able to judge clearly or with the right frame of mind & heart, if one has critical problems worse than the one whom he judges. Christ says that this is a hypocrite’s way of judging. He says to clean up your own life before attempting to correct your brother’s.

          Yet Christ is not prohibiting judgment, but warning against hypocritical criticism. A few verses later, He says, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” v.15. One has to discern & use judgment to comprehend & be on guard against false teachers. <<

          ~ There's several take on it, and it worded several different ways depending on the bible and who published it. ~ but anyone that so much a dabbled ~ understands the meaning of the verse, ~ When I was a child I thought it meant we should not judge. but I was just a child and learning.

          • Mike In MI

            Gee, Bob,
            I only have a small issue with your ‘bilical’ reference above. Somehow it doesn’t quite read like what appears in the Bible’s statements about judging things. You make is sound ‘like’ things the real thing says…but…but,but,but you add a little, take out a little, change a meaning a bit don’t you? Isn’t that sort of what Eve did? Pretty soon she ended up confessing the opposite of what God originally told her and Adam.
            Of course, I realize that in today’s world God’s Word isn’t expected to have any accuracy, integrity or definitive statement about us or Him. It’s just “that old book”…make it say any old thig you want. Could it be that’s why people can’t get God to do what it says He’ll do for disciples?

            Start reading…again – without interpretation, interpolation or personal bias. Let it say what IT has to say.

        • Bob Wire

          It’ s referred to as “verbatim” Mike ~~

          Spoken the same , word for word. ~ The original; text was written in Hebrew ~ and later translated many times for “OUR” pleasure and understanding.

          So ~ you are not going to get what you want to hear coming for me or anyone else that has any knowledge at all on the matter. ~

          I spend time with you on this matter, because it’s important you know and understand it. ~ and worth my time to try.

          So Unless you speak and understand Hebrew ~ you’re “stuck like chuck” with your losing argument Mike. but please understand ~ it’s not important that I win ~ but that you do.

          ‘Bon Appetit

  • Mickey B

    to: Ben Crystal – Great article. Refreshing. Cleansing. Honest.

    to: LORROL – You must not be watching Beck on TV where you would routinely see and hear Czars and other Obama minions spewing out their hatred of America and our way of life and how they call for revolution, socialism, even Marxism. You must be fairly young to not know the rudiments and dangers of those ‘collectivisms.’ I wonder if your state of denial will see you through the encroaching loss of freedom — of speech, religion, association, right to work, free press, etc. What will it take to awaken you to truth?

    to: Milton, the retired Army Chaplain – Thank you for your service. You, too, must wake up to the danger and evil of secular socialism and atheisitc Marxism. It is close at hand. You took an oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies — foreign AND domestic. Well, sir, the Consitution is under siege by many in his government, media, and academia. Some of us, eg. tea party folks and 9/12ers, and many others are doing what we can to save this blessed land.

    Our Lord did not ask the ‘money changers’ in a ‘civil’ manner to please move their enterprise elswhere. The Church Militant is at war with the forces of darkness which come in many guises. I hope you decide to join with the Archangel, Michael, in doing combat against evil.

    • Mike In MI

      Hey Mickey B. -
      What will it take to awaken LORROL to the potential loss of those freedoms? Probably, their loss, nothing less. Just like the Bolsheviks in Russia in 1915-17 had the peasants all convinced they were fighting for the good of the peasants and their welfare. That’s what the peasants think now…only they think welfare (checks).

  • Dan

    Our country is going down the tubes. The believers that change is needed,screwed up. They looked at a radical cracker ( no pun intended )and voted for this CLOWN and his administration. We need to take back our country

  • http://???? Nate

    I`m dumbfounded,,as to why we have NOT removed him (OsamabinObama) from Office..He has admitted 3 times that I have seen…He was NOT born in Hawaii,Nor was he even born in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA,,He said I was born in KENYA….???AND you people STILL?? call him OUR “PRESIDENT”!!!!!!???????

    • vicki

      Do you have a link to where Obama says he was born in Kenya? It could be useful.

    • Rose and Robert

      Nate, you need to let that you. It has been proven that Obama is a citizen of this country. You’re stuck – move on.

      • JC

        Proven? Oh you mean the “Cerificate of live birth” that can be obtained by Japanese tourists who happen to deliver in Hawaii?
        Any child of any nation born on US soil can get one of those. It isn’t “proof” of anything.
        There are so many questions the kenyan won’t answer honestly, and that is because he can’t. Period.

      • vicki

        What proof do you offer that he is a citizen? What proof do you offer that he is a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution?

        Why is he spending millions to hide his past? Why was McCain required to show proof of natural born status but Obama was not? Why does he have more than one SSN? So many questions.

        What is he hiding?

  • http://google Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

    When any one start putting religion into politics,you know what they are saying is worthless. Your heaven or hell is while you live, when you are dead you are dun.You can stand by and be kicked around if you want, because some preacher tells you, you are going to a better place. This is the place, it is up to people living to make it one way or the other. We are in such sad shape now in part, because of religion. Believe what you want, but I don’t remember anyone coming back and tellig us about heaven.Believe, but do, as if you are going to be here for eternity.

    • Mike In MI

      Lenny Giddens Jr. -
      So you don’t like it when people bring the Bible or religion into political discourse? Well, a higher authority than you indicates, “According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.” II Peter 1:3. If politics and government are part of life then God and His Word have something important to say about it.
      Izzat why you don’t like it? You and Bob Wire ought to get together and see if you can get God to change it to please you.

  • Steve

    RE: To JeffH. I am so sorry about that. I am here at work and was in way to big of a hurry. I’m back now for lunch and amd able to take a breath. Please except my apologies for that. I will make sure to take it slower next time. I did get caught up in the moment.

    Back to original subject; After reading some more replies I am just so amazed that supposedly educated people can be so wrong headed. Unlike Beck and Rush who use logical facts based on actual current events and history, the other side continues with only perverted distortions, personal attacks, and just blatant lies. Again, I say that this really does tell you all you need to know about who is really being honest and who is seeking to damage this country from within. And,FOX news may not be perfect but, at least you can depend on them for honest journalism which can NOT be said for any of the others.

    • JeffH

      …not a problem…

    • kate8

      It’s not so much how much education one has. It’s how one was educated. Er, indoctrinated.

      • Bob Wire

        kate8, the process of education is learning “how” to think and not “what” to think. There a big difference and it explains your confession and many of your posting.

        It’s so easy to get the tail wagging the dog ~ all is needing, is to ignore you are thinking in such a manner.

        You and many of the others seem to be working on pure predisposed intuition. ~ Vegas loves such people! For you are indeed the lucky ones! Willing to comp your airfare ~ just come on in and have a ball on us!

    • eddie47d

      Another gullible slave to FOX. I have watched them and MSNBC numerous times and find nothing to convince me that FOX is any better any quite often worse. Each network has it’s good shows but most news shows throw in to much drama and not enough substance.

      • JeffH

        I’m beginning to think you might come from the same gene pool as ole king coal miner.

        • eddie47d

          Alot of old people repeat themselves for you have already said that two days ago.

  • Rose and Robert

    As an Independent, I don’t understand why it’s ok to hate Obama and not ok to hate Limbaugh? If the Limbaugh haters have minds smaller than a housefly, what size mind do Obama haters have? Is that doubld standard of plain racism or both? Moreover, we don’t understand how anyone would want to protect a hypocritical, impotent drug addict.

    It will be so exciting in 2012, when the Democrats and the Republicans learn that rational Americans have listened to both and have decided to think INDEPENDENT or the racist rethoric spewed by the Republicans and the empty promises made by the Democrats. The playground antics of both parties show that there is certainly time for a change Independet of the non-progressive parties who are hopelessly mired in their asinine positions. While both of the rabid parties are busy throwing sand in each others’ eyes, the world (including the USA) is falling apart. Personally, we’d’d rather have a party in the White House who is truly by the people and for the people and that is certainly not the Republicans and Democrats who are so busy trying to out piss each other. The hatemongering, manipulative, and racism of the Republicans leaves most Americans discussed, dismayed and intent on eliminating the cracker mentality of the Republicans. And the docile, hand wring Democrats makes them determine to have a strong leader. GW’s War has resulted in worldwide terrorism because it forced countries to “choose sides” and many of them hate the USA so who do you think will end up with the majority of comrades while our elected officials continue to shit on each other and in their diapers? And because of GW’s so-called two-term leadership and unprovoked war abecause he greedily wanted all the oil, Americans are losing sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, brother and sisters – don’t you think we’ve finally decided that neither of you are competent and we must move (and vote) Independent of the established clowns. Both parties need to grow-up. The Democrats need to be responsible and effective leaders and the Republicans should suck on a pacifier until they have grown weary of throwing infantile tantrums. INDEPENDENTS IS 2012!

    • vicki

      Rose and Robert write:
      “As an Independent, I don’t understand why it’s ok to hate Obama and not ok to hate Limbaugh?”

      If you read carefully you will find that we do not hate Obama. We may dislike or hate his actions and his lies but not him. Judging from the ad hominem attacks on Rush, Glen and others we have to conclude that those people (always claiming or sounding like “the left”) hate the man rather than the idea.

      • Rose and Robert

        Oh yes, there is much hatred towards Obama, at least the Black part of him. This is the reason so many Americans are voting Independet in 2012. Most Americans who are rational, fair, open minded and more concern with the state of our country…and the world (around 65%) have become weary of the unreasonable tantrums and racism that this half Black and half Whit man has caused. You’re in denial because the Republican party is certainly perceived as racist and their words, actions, and belittling reference to the President supports it.

        We, as independents absolutely hate the racism that has reared its ungly head during this presidency. While all the world is falling apart around us, the Republicans have a fixation on one thing…that the President isn’t white. Shame on all Republicans for using the race card and hatemongering instead of focusing on helping the President clean up the mess created by the two terms of GW’s administration. If Obama had quickly fixed the mess caused by two-terms of Republicans, I wonder what they would have to say. Their hatemongering couldn’t be justified…in their little bitty minds. Democrats and Republicans are just too docile and rabid (respectively) for us Independents to continue to run this country in the ground. INDEPENDENTS in 2012!

        • vicki

          You seem fixated on race. Are you a racist? Most of the folk here who are not obviously left (or democrat) seem by their writing to be colorblind.

          Almost every post that even mentions race seems to start from a person claiming to be “liberal” or claiming that we are racist.

          You of course being one of the exceptions as you claim you are “independent”

          • JeffH

            vicki, independent must have a new meaning?

        • Rogaff

          Obama will be happy to see Rose in a Burka.

      • Mike In MI

        vicki – The problem is that there is no communication going on. The MSM, liberal re-definition and utilization of words is creating havoc.
        Between the PC dictionary, liberal democrat politico-financial dictionary, redefinition of History dictionary, Ebonics for Whiteys dictionary and texting utilization dictionary it is getting so no one knows or understands what anybody means.
        As I pry apart your discussion with R&R I seem to discern a difference in how both posts use different words. No wonder we can’t seem to make sense between certain individuals that comment on this site. Progressive education on parade.
        Maybe Bob ought to declare a certain dictionary to be used in common so we all can understand each other.

        • Bob Wire

          Hmm? ~ A directory of approved terms?

          Yes that would help for sure, Mr. Livingston has to assume the people who shows up here has both the background and some command of the language.

          We know this is not so in many cases.

      • Bob Wire

        I hate what Rush does and could easily hate the man himself. Walking the world as a practicing Christian is a very hard thing to do. I often fail miserably!

    • JeffH

      Rose and Robert, quit hiding behind the racial barriers and the “Independent” label. You’re no more of an Independent than I am, but you are a racist, somethig that I’m proud to say that I’m not!

    • tg7357

      I think you two need to check your voter cards. You don’t sound like independents to me: more like liberals.

    • Mike In MI

      “Moreover, we don’t understand how anyone would want to protect a hypocritical, impotent, drug addict.”

      Who? Obama with his cigs and weed? That’s about the worst drugs liberals honk on.

  • Steve

    Isn’t it just as “racist” to vote on someone because they ARE black?

  • Steve

    No “rational” person would have ever voted on Obama. Being Independent shouldn’t mean being stupid. We have enough of that with dems and rinos.

  • marvin

    Calif. Penal Code Sec. 834b
    Click the above link to look the code section up for yourself

    834b. (a) Every law enforcement agency in California shall fully cooperate with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service regarding any person who is arrested if he or she is suspected of being present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws.

    (b) With respect to any such person who is arrested, and suspected of being present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws, every law enforcement agency shall do the following:

    (1) Attempt to verify the legal status of such person as a citizen of the United States, an alien lawfully admitted as a permanent resident, an alien lawfully admitted for a temporary period of time or as an alien who is present in the United States in violation of immigration laws. The verification process may include, but shall not be limited to, questioning the person regarding his or her date and place of birth, and entry into the United States, and demanding documentation to indicate his or her legal status.

    (2) Notify the person of his or her apparent status as an alien who is present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws and inform him or her that, apart from any criminal justice proceedings, he or she must either obtain legal status or leave the United States.

    (3) Notify the Attorney General of California and the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service of the apparent illegal status and provide any additional information that may be requested by any other public entity.

    (c) Any legislative, administrative, or other action by a city, county, or other legally authorized local governmental entity with jurisdictional boundaries, or by a law enforcement agency, to prevent or limit the cooperation required by subdivision (a) is expressly prohibited.

  • Bob Wire

    and you are rational? so you know what rational is?

    So how do you explain Viagra once being covered by insurance policies for congress members but failed to address women’s reproductive issues?

    So how do you explain federal help offered with Prenatal care yet discourage it with postnatal care? or the fight required to see small school children have something in their belly’s as we spend money in an attempting to educate them.

    What is it about venture capitalism and Christianity that contradict and conflict? ~ Are they at all compatible as absolutes?

    Why is there parking lots for beer joints if your not suppose to drive after drinking?

    Why is there even such a thing as an illegal alien? and why so many?

    Why does FOCUS a Conservative Christian group founded over 10 years ago in Colorado known for promoting family values ~ yet the area enjoys on of the highest divorce rates in the nation?

    work on these issues with some Rational skills and let me know what you think.

  • Steve

    What I think is that I certainly know how irrational someone like you sounds with such mindless drivel. Since those things seem to worry the hell out you so much, why don’t you work on them for a while. Oh, and be sure to add something important to your list such as is it rational for dems and rinos to continue spending America into oblivion in the name of fixing our economy”. It would be “rational” to recognize that.

  • marvin


  • mavis


  • JeffH

    If ever one would want to verify truth in media there are several websites that are pretty honest and can verify what the validity that the media puts out. I would really recommend Andrew Brietbart’s websites:

    There are several others out there too.

  • tg7357

    Better 1000 John McCains or George Bushs than 1 Barack Obama.

    • eddie47d

      Your mad or dillusional!

      • succinct1

        He is both.

  • Steve

    RE: Bob Wire “and you are rational? so you know what rational is?”

    Well, I was rational enough not to have voted on Obama. And I am rational enough not to support the democratic party in any way. And I am rational enough to know that being so simple minded as to continue to blame all of America’s ills on Bush / Repubs / and “evil” capitalism is proof positive of one’s absolute ignorance and / or dishonesty. How about you, Bob? Oh, sorry. It’s quite evident which category you fall into.

    • tg7357

      Bob Wire–0

      • Bob Wire

        Steve everything you offered me is founded in intuition and not rational thought.

        >>Rationality is a central principle in artificial intelligence, where a rational agent is specifically defined as an agent which always chooses the action which maximises its expected performance, given all of the knowledge it currently possesses. Whether or not people are capable of rational thought is a key question in the psychology of reasoning<<

        you employ a lot of intuition and wish to refer to it as rational.

        Both are very important in the assimilation of "ideas" ~

        "may the force be with you".

    • Bob Wire

      That’s part of the problem, things “appear” evident to you.

      So you didn’t vote and have no b1tching rights

      or you lost and Voted for Mc Same.

      And I take it, you enjoyed “things” just as they were?

      hate any notion of any change, believing in Traditional values with the notion that unfettered capitalism and the Christian faith work hand in hand?

      That it’s failed in application in both personal and public live does not deter you from thinking it still rational?

      Double standard and contradiction the norm?

      Okay? I was just checking to make sure I got it right.

      • alpha-lemming

        Sorry….. wrong on multiple counts there Hawking!! Yep, we want change, just not your change. The Reproglicans (Bushes, Dole, McCain etc.) are taking us to hell on a freight train…. problem being that the Commucrats are taking there on an SST. And don’t look now but we haven’t had “unfettered” capitalism (ie. BP “wanted” to drill a mile down because it’d be fun?? would increase profit margins?? just don’t like shellfish or people??) in this country for almost a century. Your problem with Christianity????? Enlighten me to the virtues and boon to the country offered by anti-Christianity.

        • Bob Wire

          Hmm Alpha ? ~ I’m inclined to think BP drilled where they knew the chances of finding it were good! I’d say the evidence to this, lines our southern coastline. ~ So are you suggesting they should have drilling in shallow water, and bored their way to it? ~ But couldn’t because the Fed wouldn’t permit it?

          I don’t think that argument going to hold up. If not mistaken Rush started that notion some week back defending BP and it’s been circling like a country fly ever since. ~ But I’m open to the possibility if something of substance can come froward.

          And no, We don’t have unfettered capitalism, haven’t since the later 1800′s. As an absolute, like all other “ism” it doesn’t serve us well.

          We enjoy a blend ~ today we argue about the quality and quantity that constitutes what we envision, a democratic republic ~ of sorts.

        • Bob Wire

          “Your problem with Christianity????? Enlighten me to the virtues and boon to the country offered by anti-Christianity.”

          no I don’t and I don’t think it possible.

          That I question, you seem to assume my position. I’m looking for good answers, you got any? beside what you have offered. This administration was coming to grips with the fact, we must drill ~ This change of position pleased me a lot for many reasons.

          The BP incident comes as a huge disappointment to us all. But why attack the administration for it? For the most part the oil industry was working under Bush/Chaney rules,reg’s and protocol that had yet to be revamped by the current administration.

          • alpha-lemming

            Nicely argued… You’re a gentleman and scholar. I only cite BP as a “current” event. ANWaR or nuke plants would’ve equally sufficed. Other examples might be the dot com bust where the government tried to take over the internet, or the “Community Reinvestment Act” at the heart of the housing bust, or minimum wage laws, CAFE stds, or every anti-Constitutional intrusion utilizing the “Commerce Clause” to allow the proverbial “camels nose in the tent”….. the list is TRUELY ENDLESS. Christianity….. I’ve found to be the MOST TRUELY altruistic belief system out there… PROVIDED people have enough disposable income FOR charity. 10% (tithe) was good enough for Jesus… it should be MORE than enough for Uncle Sam.

  • Veteran Woodland Man

    Yes I’m a white male who believes in the Bible, want my gun rights protected, to protect myself from the Government and others that threaten my family, as I did in the Army in 1967-69. I’m not a literary not a and not a blogger,and I’m not good with words, but I know what I believe in, take responsibility for my decisions, and I know right from wrong. What the government is doing to this country is WRONG !. Obama is a born Muslim, always a Muslim. He more than any other politician wants this country destroyed at all costs. This cannot be stopped. It’s in the Bible. All you can do is hold on for the ride. God is one thing that no one can take away from me as much as they doig to many. I guess that makes me a wacko to many, but I’m right!!!.

    • Bob Wire

      what does your skin color have to do with anything?

      How does that fit in with your ideas of rational thought?

      Throw us a bone here!

  • Jim Cumber

    Mr Crystal,

    There are SOME of us who REJECT the whole “Left-Right” paradigm: we are “iron rod Constitutionalists” from the Constitution Party! We ARE speaking up, LOUDLY and OFTEN: however, we do NOT have, nor can we afford a “bully pulpit” from which to speak! On top of that, the “lame stream media” is intent upon making sure that the general public does NOT even know we exist, nor what we believe. Some of us are former Republicans who realized that the CFR controlled, National GOP Leadership LEFT US, DECADES ago, so we observed the idiot clown show of the two “Major Political Parties” and, like the mortally wounded Mercutio from “Romeo and Juliet” have declared, “A POX on BOTH your houses!” and joined a “Third Party”! We believe that MOST of the office holders from BOTH parties should be IMPEACHED for violating their Oath of Office to “…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic…” (only Ron Paul, Congressman from Texas has a clear, 100% record, going back 20 years, of support for the Constitution!): after all, false swearing amounts to PERJURY, which is one of the impeachable “…high Crimes and Misdemeanors…” under Article II, Section 4 of the US Constitution. SOME of what the DC Clowns are doing rises to the level of Article III, Section 3, “…Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them [the States], or in adhering to their [the States'] Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort…” I believe they either hang or shoot you for that…

    • JeffH

      Jim Cumber, a good organization as well.

  • eddie47d

    Ben Crystal: Please keep your day job. Where and when did MSNBC endorse Jerimiah Wright? This man was a nobody until the media hyped him up. You folks give alot of people the fame and attention they don’t deserve. Now he is a legend in your minds and the same with Bill Ayers. Acorn was denounced by both parties and kicked in the pants. I wonder if you will denounce The Chamber of Commerece for all their lies and wicked political ads and they have been doing it for years. We no longer have to assume whether your a political hack for the Right. You got it Man hands down. Ben Crystal you are the fear momger you talk about. You are the race baiter you say you aren’t. Hate speech abounds on this Livingston site and you are the Court Jester. You really think Michael Steele wasn’t elected to counter balance Obama. Don’t be so naive! He’s another loose cannon that has out Bidened the gaffs of Biden. Limbaugh is a loose lipped waste of humanity who seldom is civil but that’s your hero. I hope you’re not trying to be like him for there are many rich losers in America. These buffoons say they stand up for America but never serve and only ask for more. I strongly believe that some people who support wars will never go to heaven. Especially those who drag others into these world messes. Many soldiers who kill in war will go to heaven faster than a train load of politicians. Some politicians are on equal par with the 9/11 bombers as far as going to hesven goes.

    • vicki

      eddie47d writes
      “You folks give alot of people the fame and attention they don’t deserve. ”

      Funny I was just thinking the same thing about Obama. Prior to the primaries in 2008 Obama was a nobody senator from Illinois. I suppose to someone from Chicago he might have been known but to the rest of the country he was an un heard of nobody.

      • eddie47d

        Kind of like Mitt Romney,Huckelbee,John Edwards,and many other candidates.

        • Bob Wire

          Hey! don’t forget pretty Ms. Moose Meat! ~That we haven’t ever heard of someone is no indictment they found unworthy. ~ Lot of people never heard of Gingus Kong until he dropped in to offer them his warm regards.

          I like it like that! ~ new blood engaging the system. A Lot of people never heard of Al Gore either. That he was tootled and groomed for the first chair position for many years before the rest of America knew of him, of little importance at this point in time. he came close! came down to an administration decision, but you know the rest of the story.

  • Normal Guy

    Ben Crystal

    As with most right wing mouthpieces you seem incapable of doing any real research on the issues you rail about. You last piece about the Black Panthers – BUSH AND COMPANY DROPPED THE SUIT, not Obama, check the dates it was prior to Obama being sworn in. SO all the indignity regarding the Obama administration is not germane in this case so a “BOY” like yourself should try and get your facts before you spew your drivel, that is certainly at the heart of dividing this country along with your hero’s Limp, Insanitty, Beck and Coulter – Your statement “This boy’s America is as more divided than ever(might want to work on the grammar here); despite the promises of the President. I’m not denying the existence of racism on the Right. I am tired of hearing denials of the same from the Left.” Is a clear indication of your prejudice, boy.
    The suggestion that Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Coulter etc are anything but right wing clowns shearing their flock with NEWSertainment is funny. It’s not hard to get ratings when you take extreme viewpoints and pander to an extreme minority at the lowest possible level. Who needs facts, just weak-minded talking points. You have the credentials to excel here, extreme indignation with narrow talking points and a completely un probing mind, just parrot it up with the rest of the flock, you could be a big fat mouthpiece with the bum Rush.

    • vicki

      Perhaps you live in a different timeline from us. May 15 2009 would be both under Obama’s administration. The suit was filed against the New Black Panthers in Jan 2009 before GWBush left office and dropped on May 15th.

      So please explain again without the ad hominem attacks how it is that dropping the suit is GWBushes fault.

      • Bob Wire

        I’ve heard about this ` it sound like Political hay making in progress while raise racial tensions. ~ The guys a nut, regardless what all the hay making is about ~ or who’s court it’s landing in.

        why focus on a nut case?

      • Kinetic1

        The Bush administration decided not to press CRIMINAL charges, but instead went forward with CIVIL charges. Under the Obama administration a career official of the DOJ, one who had worked under both parties decided that the evidence was not strong enough to move forward. It seems the suit was based on a claim that the NBPP was going to place 300 members at polling places. Since there was no evidence that this occurred, there was only this one incident, and due to the fact that not ONE voter filed a complaint against the two men for intimidation, they had little reason to move forward.

        There’s more, including a Republican official who said this was a waste of time, but I think this sums it up well enough.

  • Claire

    The moment Obama stepped into office, the Republicans decided they were NOT going to work with this administration. And the Democrats no doubt felt the same way. The Republicans became the party of NO and the Democrats floundered around trying to push through their so-called agendas. The Republicans want the Democrats to fail and the Democrats want the Republicans to fail. This entire ordeal has turned into a nightmare. The way I see it, BOTH PARTIES HAVE FAILED. And to top it all off, THEY HAVE FAILED AMERICA. Both parties spewed hateful drivel at each other. The propaganda is unbelievable and it comes from both parties. The hate comes from the radio talk show hosts (parasites) the half-assed news media and the political wannabes that stump around giving their pathetic little speeches, accomplishing nothing but more hate. They are all driven by hate and half-truths. They twist and turn every sentence that is spoken. When I see them on TV doing all their screeching, it makes me sick. I do not have any respect for any of them. I wouldn’t vote for any of them if they were the last persons on earth. I am fed up with the shenanigans of these blabbering idiots. I am sick of the lying, the cheating, the lack of decency and ethics. They all talk out of both sides of their mouth. Their brain is running in third gear, and their tongue is in overdrive. Where in the hell is common sense? What in the hell do these pathetic little politicians think they are doing? They are only making themselves look like fools and the sad fact is they think they are really helping themselves to “look good.” Barf and gag. I would rather vote for one of my neighbors, my son, my husband, at least they have common sense and honesty. At least they would shut their mouths and get to work on the devastating issues at hand instead of flinging garbage. At least they would be honest. I have lost all respect for these political idiots. I’m done, I’m finished with all of them.

    • Bob Wire

      Well Claire~ don’t give up hope.

      here a biggy for you! We need this! let’s hide and watch and see who’s on the side of American worker!

      Democratic Lawmaker Leads Bipartisan Effort to Repeal NAFTA

      By Pat Summers

      Published March 04, 2010


      A Democratic congressman from Mississippi introduced bipartisan legislation Thursday that would provide for the withdrawal of the United States from the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA.

      Rep. Gene Taylor, who also serves on the House Armed Services Committee, called the 29 percent loss of jobs in US manufacturing since 1993 a matter of national defense and pointed to a number of companies who have moved their production to Mexico as cause for concern.

      The agreement was signed by the governments of the United States, Canada and Mexico and implemented in 1994, and was designed to promote free trade between the three North American countries.

      Twenty-six members of Congress have already signed onto the plan to abandon NAFTA, including Michigan Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak.

      “The trade deficit with Mexico and Canada has quadrupled since NAFTA went into effect,” he said.

      Indeed, lawmakers came armed with numbers to support their argument — figures that showed the U.S. enjoyed a $1.7 billion dollar trade surplus with Mexico in 1993, before NAFTA, compared to a $47.5 billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico in 2009.

      President Obama criticized NAFTA during the 2008 presidential election, insisting, “trade policies are not sustainable if they favor the few, rather than the many.”

      But the administration has so far been reluctant to follow through on any threats to withdraw from the agreement.

      Asked why the legislation was introduced now after similar efforts have failed in the past, Taylor said, “At a time when 10 to 12 percent of the American people are unemployed, I think Congress has an obligation to put people back to work.”

  • eddie47d

    Most talking heads get paid big bucks to confuse us. Whether in print(editorials),TV,or radio. The more hype the higher the ratings. The truth be damned. The more outrageous the more we come back out of curiosity or to prove someone wrong. We all do it on this site and many times there are some black hole issues. The editors know this and bring out baited questions which produce deceitful answers. Ben Crystals editorial was one big sucker punch inflaming both sides and getting alot of knee-jerk reactions. He already knows how to play the game and we’ll be back to get more.

  • Claire

    Bob Wire–I stand behind my post. Give up hope? How can anyone have any hope for the future of America when a bunch of imbeciles are in office?

    • Bob Wire

      Well? I do and it’s easy. ~ First I don’t see our heads of state in the same light as you. ~ I don’t believe everything I hear. ~ I “read” the news from many sources and without opinions. ~ I’m seen as an attack dog here with a opinions. But my opinions here are based on the notion regardless what the Tea Party says they stand for, ~ they are a proxy of the GOP and serves the GOP.

      ~ They say and do things the GOP can not do for it’s self in the naked light of day. The GOP has no liabilities to this movement. ~ This is something the GOP is really very good at. Deferring liability, not standing in account. the tea Party is attempting to change the face of the GOP. ~ but it’s not the face that’s causing problems.

      Much like their position on immigration reform. ~ They really don’t want it! But that’s the last thing you’ll ever hear them say. They like things as they are, ~ It keeps labor cost down while not supplying the DNC with potential voters. So any of their initiatives on the matter will not be in good faith but only a ruse, to pretend they address reform while attempting to blaming the democrats for it’s failure to pass. ~ That’s what they’d like to see happen.

      Maybe this is harder to see ~ but if you look hard ~ I think you’ll see signs of this as well. ~ or maybe not.

      I do however believe there’s a lot of Tea Party actives that are sincere and caught up in the belief, they are changing the direction of the party ~ and they are. But they are still being used by the GOP. And the machine behind the GOP calling the shots is as it always been.

  • russell

    quit bitch’en and start pitch’en

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    I have to admit that I can be a hothead, but my thoughts are legitimate. Given what the leftwing Democrap regime is doing to our country and its economy, people on our side need to be more aggressive!! I.e., I’ve heard it said that John McCain has been hot-tempered even with people on our side. But – why wasn’t he more aggressive during the 2008 campaign?? As Rush Limbaugh pointed out, McCain’s entire campaign 2 years ago was like a concession speech. McCain could’ve ended BHO’s campaign in the first debate alone!! Likewise, I don’t see why Sharon Angle has retracted some of her recent statements. Of course we want her to defeat Dingy Harry Reid this November!!…..Let’s face it – the leftwing Democraps, and their allies in the lame stream media, are constantly telling lies about conservatives, Republicans, talk radio hosts, et al, on our side. So why should we be gentle in refuting their lies?? As for Rush Limbaugh, he is right 99% of the time. However, he should be a little less entertaining, and more aggressive in refuting his foes within government and the liberal media. My favorite talk radio host is The Great One – Mark Levin. And IMO, everyone on our side should emulate the Great One – with his bold speech against the democraps/leftwing statists. It doesn’t pay to be nice to the leftists. We need to be firm, more aggressive, and defeat these leftwing Democraps in 2010, 2012, and beyond!!!!!

    • Bob Wire

      Hmm? ~well maybe Rush is your wisest candidate choice. Personally I’d enjoy seeing him run for something and no just his mouth.

      There’s nothing wrong with people that go to church. The problems arise when they attempt to address complex issues with “The bible says so” as some kind of argument for their position demanding you too share a leap of faith in their interpretation of scripture while they completely ignore the 9th commandment in a prior paragraph.

      You speak of what the democratic’s are “doing to the country” as do many other’s here. ~ This spoken often and a lot ! I ask you, “what they are doing to the country?” ~ there is never a statement that describes what that might be or entail! I find that strange ! Which one of you is going to jump out and tell the rest of us exactly what that “might BE” and offer a little support rooted in “factual information” would be nice.

      The democrats are trying to get us back on the highway and on track again. The GOP is trying to block all efforts and wants us to stay in the ditch. Maybe you enjoy the present state of affairs, I don’t. Partisan politics is grid-locking government, making recovery much slower then necessary as many American’s struggle to keep families together, roofs over their heads and food on the table.

      If the “Grand Old Party” wanted to lead ~they need to quit their high five’ing and partying, and should have been more forthcoming with their ideas of leadership when they were in power and in the position to do so. That the democratic congress gave the prior administration everything thing they asked for ~ to lead, should be noted and taken into consideration as you ponder our present state of affairs.

      So tell me, ” What do you think they are doing” that’s you claim is destroying the nation?

  • Tony

    What I said was…. “I’d like to see all these church-goers who think they’re good people because they pay thier taxes try and get back home after it was THEIR money that helped to fund abortions” Michael moore is such a fat loud mouthed talentless hack… his movies are snippets of people’s thoughts and conversations that he snatched in his own mind and put some ignorant “look at me… some boddy love me” spin on it.

    Take it for what it is… yeah I said it, Yeah it’s me…. WHAT!?
    Let’s fight

  • eddie47d

    Mike of Michigan , Someone who knowingly lies,cheats,steals,declares war without provocation,commits adultery and a slew of other misdeeds will certainly not enter Heaven. That could include a heck of a lot of people and many politicians. So if you have anything to ask forgiveness for do it early and do it often before the Rapture comes.

  • thinking about

    I was wondering what cheese Crystal desires to eat while “whining”. I grew ever so tired of “Dick”tater and KGB (Karl and George Bush) but knew their time would be over one day. If you are a true patriot, what is best for the USA will be what we UNITE together in order to have a wonderful nation to live in.

    • Jazzmyn

      Well, Thinking about it, name calling is certainly a great way to begin “uniting”

  • Bob Wire

    Well it seems BP got a well head on their leak ! and it’s holding !

    WOW! what an ordeal this has became. I hope we all takes this lesson to heart! ~

    There’s a fine line between a hero and a zero.

    There is just something things, there no tolerances for mistakes. We can’t be just a little wrong but mostly right.

    We will all be stronger and wiser for this experience.

    And must continue to drill ! and we shall.

    I don’t this sound bad to say ~ and maybe I shouldn’t but the Louisiana coastline has never been “pretty” or humanly friendly, unlike some of our coastline shores. But she is home to a lot of critters, they don’t call Louisiana a “Sportsman’s Paradise” for nothing. The last time i drove down to Vincent Jump Basin, I run over a 4ft gator that was laying in the gravel road on a dark night.

    Louisiana is a very important state to the rest of the nation ~ she’s rugged she’s rough and home to some of the most fun loving people in the world that’s equally tough.

    We’ll clean things up ~ and move forward from here, all the wiser.

  • Dennis

    Thursday, June 24, 2010
    Obama Seeks Leftist Media Bailout; Internet Power Grab Coming?

    Something else to think about.

    While the talk of forcing radio stations to air unpopular left-wing content under the auspices of “fairness” has abated (for now), the Obama administration is now acting to prop up liberal newspapers and other print publications.
    A newly proposed bailout of newspapers like the New York Times could eventually lead to a scenario not unlike the automotive industry, where the federal government calls many of the shots. (This is starting to sound like the old Soviet Union, where Pravda was the official organ of the Central Committee of the governing Communist Party between 1912 and 1991.)
    Obamaites’ New Scheme to Bail Out
    and Control the National News Media
    Jon Leibowitz, the Obama appointee who chairs the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), is quietly exploring an emerging Administration scheme to bail out failing newspapers. Under the Leibowitz scheme, a federal subsidy would be established for news organizations. Details follow:
    •Governmental competitive advantages would be bestowed upon the Washington Establishment’s favored media outlets, including special tax treatment, exemption from antitrust laws, and favorable changes in copyright guidelines.
    •A May 24 “working paper” on “reinventing” the media proposes that the feds tax successful independent websites such as the Drudge Report that link to electronic reading devices (Kindles, iPads, and laptops). Those monies would be redistributed to “struggling news organizations which are suffering from a collapse in advertising revenues as the Internet upends their centuries-old business model.”
    •Leibowitz, who made red-faced denials when details of his “study” to change “the way the industry is regulated” were revealed, is (for now) distancing himself from the study he ordered.
    Stay tuned, this scheme could well resurface in a massive “must-pass” bill that no one but a few Capitol insiders will ever see (that is, until it’s too late).
    New Law May Give Obama Administration
    More Control of the Internet
    The creation of the Internet in our lifetime is on a par with the invention of the printing press. When print communications were invented centuries ago, all-powerful governments with a great deal to hide from the populace were rarely more intrusive or menacing as the American central authorities are today.
    Here’s what we know about a new bill working its way through Congress being championed by Senator Joe Lieberman(I-CT), Chairman of the powerful Homeland Security Committee…
    As I warned when George W. Bush created the Department of Homeland Security, this agency is emerging as a major new player with a vested interest in advancing statist government control over our lives. Lieberman’s bill, formally titled the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act (PCNAA), gives federal bureaucrats the power to enforce broad but vague emergency decrees issued by the Department of Homeland Security.
    Under PCNAA, any company on a list designated by the Department of Homeland Security that relies on the Internet, telephone system, or other component of the national information infrastructure would be subject to the command of a soon-to-be-created “National Center for Cybersecurity and Communications (NCCC)” under the umbrella of the Homeland Security Department.
    Under this PCNAA scheme, selected private Internet service providers and software companies would be required to engage in “information-sharing” with the feds. The NCCC would be granted the power to monitor the “security status” of private service providers. Under this plan:
    1.The feds would have the clout and the authority to put private encryption software makers either out of business or force them to create “back-doors” into the “security software” they sell to unsuspecting customers.
    2.With approximately 88% of all computers using Microsoft Corporation’s vulnerable and rickety programs (including their operating systems), it is just a matter of time before companies that provide services and data over the internet are successfully penetrated and crashed by hackers and/or viruses. If hackers ever do succeed in significantly disrupting those Internet services, it will be a perfect opportunity for the Obama Administration and the federal bureaucracy to “get involved” in micromanaging the Internet itself.
    The creation of the PCNAA and NCCC would be highly controversial if an honest debate were ever to occur in Congress. Unfortunately, we can expect OBAMA’s allies in Congress to try to sneak these provisions into enactment, probably hidden inside a must-pass intelligence authorization bill.
    The bottom line is this: the Internet and the free flow of information are a dire threat to Big Government forces and tyrants everywhere. Don’t expect them to go down without a fight!
    Independent Living will keep you posted on these and other threats to your freedom to obtain information without it being filtered by federal authorities.

  • Jonathan Ashley

    Has Michael Moore publicly admitted that he doubts he will be going through the Pearly Gates or that he does not pay taxes?

  • Bibi Rotondo

    Most important: 11 men lost their lives when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded on April 20. This is a tribute by Steve Joynt to the 11 men who died on the Deepwater Horizon, “Oil spill Day 100: The 11 men who died on the Deepwater Horizon” We can never lose sight of the human cost of BP’s and others’ malfeasance.

  • billigste ipad

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