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If You Can Read This…

May 12, 2011 by  

If You Can Read This…

So the economy is not exactly hitting on all cylinders of late. Unemployment hovers around the double-digit mark (the Department of Labor says 9 percent; it’s likely higher). The dollar is showing signs of losing its position in the currency market’s starting rotation (even currencies named AFTER ours — the Canadian dollar is one example — are ahead of our dollar in the batting order). And close to 15 percent of our fellow Americans receive government aid of one sort or another.

But it could be worse. In my Tuesday column “Want Fries with That?,” I mused on the tragedy of a Democratic Party that has delivered such a beating to the economy it now touts as proof of some mythic recovery the very same McJobs it once reviled.

Imagine if close to half of the work-eligible population was so ignorant that a McJob was as much a pipe dream as a winning McLottery ticket. Imagine if even the simplest tasks — especially filling out a job application — were beyond the scope of possibility for nearly half of the adult population. From the standpoint of civilization, a place saddled with a populace so helpless would be an absolute wasteland. There would be little chance of President Barack Obama’s “Hope and Change.” Indeed, Hope would have pulled up stakes and hightailed it for the hinterlands long ago, while Change would consist of little more than whatever one might find on the sidewalk.

Welcome to Detroit. The Motor City’s population is 714,000. The literacy rate among adults is 53 percent. That last figure is doubtless one of the more important reasons why Detroit’s population is less than half of what it was during the heyday of (read: pre-union-thug destruction of) the American automobile industry.

I would like to believe that even among the greedy, union-thug-backed Democrats, someone would at least hesitate before employing a workforce that is incapable of real work. After all, we are discussing neither senior citizens beset by the jackbooted Service Employees International Union nor other senior citizens pleading for their lives in front of Obamacare death panels.

Much like the victims of liberal programming in New Orleans, Louisiana and Washington, D.C., the citizens of Detroit may not have made their bed, but they certainly helped fluff the pillows. Detroit, like NOLA and D.C., has long been a Democratic Party stronghold. A 2005 study by the Bay Area Center for Voter Research indicated Detroit is the most liberal large city in America.

In the past decade, despite the virtually epic decimation-from-within of their city, the goodly folks of Detroit elected the repulsive criminal Kwame Kilpatrick mayor – twice. Their school system, which is so atrocious that the entire board was once ousted by the Michigan State Legislature, recently posted the worst test scores ever reported by the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Close to three-fourths of fourth graders in Detroit have “below-basic” academic skills. The numbers get progressively worse as students approach and enter high school.

The whole world watched in 2005 as vast numbers of New Orleans residents, left not only indigent but incapable by decades of nanny-state government, ignored warnings as Hurricane Katrina approached. Then, abandoned by their Democratic providers, they fell either upon the ground outside the Superdome or predatorily upon each other.

The residents of Detroit, similarly enslaved by the callous greed and inhuman ineptitude of liberalism, have lost not only the ability to care for themselves, but the ability to care at all.

A major urban center in the heart of the greatest Nation in history has become a graveyard of progress, littered with the broken headstones which mark nearly every place which falls victim to Democratic Party hegemony. Whether a village or a metropolis, a place in which nearly half of the adult population cannot read simply cannot survive.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • JeffH

    I’ve not been to Detroit nor do I want to. The leftist policies of Detroit’s politicians bear a striking resemblance to this administration and unfortunately is rapidly becoming the fate of a lot of America. Nearly 30% unemployment, homes and neighborhoods in shambles, overrun with vermin, high crime rates. Detroit used to be a great city, the home to America’s mighty UAW auto industry and if memory serves me right, a very strong textile industry…until NAFTA. Detroit has become filled with that super modern, “progressive” industry of ENTITLEMENTS. With government(taxpayers)entitlements supporting almost everyone and everything, Detroit hasn’t a chance to succeed. Where is the incentive to succeed? Entitlements, that is exactly what this administration, the Democrats and the bleeding heart liberals are promoting. No need to become exceptional when you can feed at the trough for free, or so they think.

    This is a pretty graphic video of Detroit. Your city could be next!

    • Vigilant


      A very powerful (and depressing) video. It should be required viewing for any liberal who intends to post on this site. Of course, they would try to distort the message into finding fault with capitalism.

      Libs, you are on notice. Detroit is the end result of the socialist utopia you expect to get by bankrupting the entrepreneurs in this country.

      • Jovianus

        Vigilant…I have to thank you for your osts alone are becoming responsible for the fertilization of the wheat and corn fields of Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa.

        Detriot has been a problem city for decades. I agree mismanagement and corruption is a major problem causing a significant portion of the ails of that city. However…it is also the result of flight from urban centers, flight of capital, and changing geographical economics. Detriot is an old industrial city and the cycle came and went.

        Programs such as “projects’ were tried, and failed. It doesn’t mean the goal, intent and focus was wrong and unattainable.

        I your twisted narrow mindset, it’s all the cause of social programs. In reality, it’s the result of a lifecycle of the American city built pre automobile and clashing with post automobile era. With few exceptions, when i travel east, the cities are eerily similar … decayed inner city cores with suburbia flight patterns.

        The major factor in the decay of the urban city is bad land use planning and unregulated market forces which placed immediate profit over long term viability and income. Before you go off on an ill advised sudden rant…look at the State of Oregon’s state wide land use laws as well as Portland, Oregon. There’s a reason that state and that city are ranked high in the livability and vibrancy rankings.

        Have a nice day …

        • azwayne

          ANUS< you can paint and type all the answers you can imagine, Detroit does result because of liberal stupidness, Detroit is home to largest number of muslims in any city in America, it also has the largest percentage of blacks of any where in America, It has one of the largest consolidations of illegals in America, You need any other explanation. The unsustainable leaches on the government teat, will result in same , everywhere it6 is done. Nothing more complicated. Please invite them to your home and do what needs to be done.

          • Jovianus

            As…Detriot is Detroit for a multitude of factors. None of which you listed. You listed factors based on fear, hate, ignorance. I stated that there were policies in the past which, being expreiemtnal, failed. Centralized Projects being one…an unforeseen side effect was concentration of poverty and crime which fed on itself and expanded outward. Notice there are few public Projects today. If you used portland oregon as an opposite example…they used land use statewide, and created the environemnt in development which halted urban sprawl dead in its tracks and spread out the poor, the lower educated, and the challenged…resulting in those segments rose above the line of welfare and poverty.

            There are many areas in the decaying cities of the east and south which i would not go at night…no one with half a brain would. Yet…when in Portland, there is not an area I would be afraid or hesitiant to go after dark.

            Take Texas for example. Jeesh…please take Texas. It’s a train wreck which will collapse upon itself in the near future. No planning, no programs in place to assist in bringing the lower income and educational levels up, and is built solely with the gasoline engine in mind.

            In a few more decades, there will be cities in Texas which will make Detroit look like an oasis as the policies they are introducing today perpetuate and expand the ills which Detrroit is now suffering from. Low educated workforce, schools that have no funding to raise the levels of education higher, urban sprawl resulting in dying central cores, and a citizenry which will slow in consumer spending as they need to salvage what spare cash they have for the fuel to drive the long distances from home to work.

            I would guess then the TPers and wacked Right will enjoy the results of the policies they demanded.

            Speaking of Texas…how about theose yells to secede because of federal government issues…now they are whining because they aren’t getting any asistance from the feds because of Texas ignoring it’s own disaster response teams. Ya get what ya asked for…and texas is wishing what it asked for in the past wasn’t heard

          • Cawmun Cents

            For one it has had only Democrats for mayors for the last 50 years.

          • Cawmun Cents

            No city in Texas is as screwed up educationally as Detroit.In fact no other city in the nation is.Democrat mayors for 50 years….is it soaking through your pea yet?

          • Aix Sponsa

            Study history of countries. Every country that has a high minority population has become a 3rd world country when self-rule becomes the government. That’s history, plain and simple. Can’t argue with facts.

        • Pete


          Detroit wasn’t able to expediently upgrade their manufacturing/industrial technology. That’s why the citizenry have suffered so much. The businesses were run by “bean counters” instead of engineers.

          It could come back as an industrial powerhouse, but you need capital to upgrade their industry – and also the flexible innovation of mechatronics .

          Hey, look at the bright side ! House prices are down in and around Detroit ! You could make a killing in flipping houses !

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            From watiching video I would say that most of the houses, if not the whole city, has been “flipped”. HA!

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

          Yep Jovi, Socialism is GREAT – until you run ot of OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY.

          The flight of capital was mainly due to the cancer in Detroit known as the Democrat Party, Socialism and Unionism.

        • Cawmun Cents

          Begging the question sir,But what parties politicians have actively controlled the policies of the Motor City during its historic decline?

          • Cawmun Cents

            1961-present,all mayors have been Democrats.There is your answer!

          • Cawmun Cents

            Have you seen the political shame that the Dtroit Public Schools have become?Have you noted that Democrats were in office during this historical slide in education?But arent you the same democrats who want to bring the folks up out of the ghettos?Have you seen what kind of ghetto the city of Detroit has become under democratic control?I notice that you havent talked much about these shameful things that the democrats are complicit in…….

    • Richard

      You hit it – free trade. Free trade is the most expensive element of our economy. People like this writer that make it on othing but negativity against Dems and Unions but refuse to own the Republican responsibility of economic destruction through free trade are a joke. Not that Obama hasn’t proven himself to be the same authoritarian, free trading, big government, big spending Republican as Bush was. I’ve studied the actual dollars and cents of union labor and hey absolutely did not make anyone unprofitable. A fact I see way too often overlooked is that union contracts were agreed to. Agreements would never had happened if they insured failure and the unions had expert accountants that set a figure for agreement that would keep the union and company in business. Business left because we quit protecting our markets. Entitlements need reigned in but can you really see it happening? There are a lot of economists backing them as necessary when jobs are exported. I realize economists are worth less than a knot on a log, but politicians listen to them.

      • GRusling

        I direct your attention to General Motors and Chrysler Corporation. How about our “Public Education System” in many States where you MUST pay “Union Dues” whether you’d like it to represent you or not?

        There was a time when “Unions” served the purpose of workers. That time vanished in a cloud of dust YEARS AGO to be replaced by the criminal conspiracy they are today. If you live in such a State, it’s time to move on to a better place.

        Welcome to “TEXAS” or “FLORIDA” where such crass criminals have no power over you. We also have no State Income Tax, and our ECONOMY is doing pretty good while the rest of America crashes and burns to the north of us…

        • Mick


          I am with you.
          Too bad the President and his crooked administration reenforced by the rest of the democrat thugs will somehow manage with the help of the idiots voting for them to destroy States like Texas, florida and Arizona. it’s well on its way………….

        • Richard

          If you don’t want to pay union dues then you simply don’t have to take a union job. I’m against people taking my tax money without working for it. People collecting a union wage that cost a lot of money to negotiate and was completely funded by dues is the same exact thing. If they don’t want to pay union dues then let them take the lower paying job with less benefits instead of acting like an entitlement baby.
          There is corruption in every aspect of life, corporate, government, unions, even churches. Fighting any corruption is good.
          When a company organizes it is called incorporation. That takes the legal burdens off the owners (stockholders) – the company worries about lawyers and the company is then responsible for liabilities and not the owners.
          When labor organizes it is called unionizing, and that takes the legal burden of negotiating wages, benefits, and rule agreements off the worker.
          To say that companies don’t use lawyers and legal terminology and loopholes in contracts with labor that presents the need for labor to organize is foolhardy.
          What attention do you direct to General Motors and Chrysler? I was a bond holder of GM and obviously you don’t know that it was their idiotic venture into banking that hurt them and not the union.
          Whether people to choose to be union or not is their own business – it is not government business
          to allow “entitlement babies” to eat the fruit of union negotiations without supporting it with their fair and measly share.

          • Mick

            Richard ..

            You seem to forget that people need to eat in order to survive and it’s hard for many to find a job especially when the unions have the monopoly of those say jobs.
            Unions SHOULD NOT have the right to be able to stop someone from getting a job simply because they do not want to join their crooked organization….It’s UnAmerican.

          • Richard

            Mick, please name these jobs unions monopolize.
            There is a whole lot more nonunion jobs than union ones.
            Unions don’t have the right to stop anyone from getting a job. They do have the right to collect dues for negotiating the (much higher and better benefited) wages. Any one wanting to eat the fruit of union negotiations without paying their measly dues is an entitlement baby minded individual no different than an individual sucking the welfare tit.

          • Bob G

            Iron workers, boiler makers, electricians, plumbers, equipment operators, carpenters, bartenders, etc., etc., etc. Sure, there are non unions jobs to be had but not for the same wages and benefits. If you want a good job in this area of the country you must pay for it via union dues. What is it called again when you must pay money to survive? Oh yea, extortion. Kind of like being in the MOB.

          • Mick

            Richard says:
            May 12, 2011 at 9:26 am
            Mick, please name these jobs unions monopolize.
            There is a whole lot more nonunion jobs than union ones.
            Unions don’t have the right to stop anyone from getting a job. They do have the right to collect dues for negotiating the (much higher and better benefited) wages. Any one wanting to eat the fruit of union negotiations without paying their measly dues is an entitlement baby minded individual no different than an individual sucking the welfare tit.
            Richard,,you may say the unions don’t have the right to stop anyone from getting a job but go to one of their shops and see how this so called right works….They take the Right pure and simple…happened to me and many others that I know…….

          • Richard

            Well then just admit it Mick – you want union wages and benefits that cost a lot money to negotiate and obtain but somehow you are entitled to it without paying your measly share? No, let others pay for the negotiations.
            Bob G, you hit the point – nonunion jobs don’t have the wages and benefits you want. Do you really think it is free for unions to get those? It certainly isn’t. See reply to mick right above this reply to you.

          • Mick

            Richard says:
            May 12, 2011 at 9:59 am
            Well then just admit it Mick – you want union wages and benefits that cost a lot money to negotiate and obtain but somehow you are entitled to it without paying your measly share? No, let others pay for the negotiations.
            Bob G, you hit the point – nonunion jobs don’t have the wages and benefits you want. Do you really think it is free for unions to get those? It certainly isn’t. See reply to mick right above this reply to you.
            Sorry richard , no admission on this end…
            This is supposed to be a free country with the right to work,the unions are using extortion agaisnt the populace and we have other jobs paying just as much without having the thumb of the unions on our back but the choice should still be there.
            Liberty equals = the right to have a job and the right to join or not…….

          • Richard

            Mick, I got a chuckle but you didn’t quite score as a full fledged comedian. If nonunion jobs were as good – we very simply wouldn’t be having this conversation. The choice is absolutely there. You can freely choose not to work on an organized labor force. People organizing and pooling their money for negotiations and representation doesn’t extort anyone. Saying “I’m nonunion but I will work on a union job.” is as stupid and the same as some low-life saying “I’m fit to work that job I turned down but will suck the welfare tit.”
            You have absolutely no right to take advantage of other people that do pay their dues in their organized labor force. And you are 100% free to choose not to work there.

          • Mick

            As I said from the beginning,,,,pure monopoly……..
            let the union take over and Obviously everybody will have to pay to work, or can’t you see that far ?

          • Richard

            I’m just thinking over this whole thing, and I have no dog in this hunt, I simply have studied the real numbers which plainly show that unions never stopped companies from making money. And companies didn’t outsource and move offshore because of unions, they did it because they could – because Republicans gave them free trade and said the hell with protecting America’s markets. And now Democrats are following the same stupid path when unemployment is higher than ever.
            Pure globalists crap swallowed wholesale by the masses and perpetuated with completely thoughtless partisanship propaganda.
            Companies moved to take advantage of Canada’s free health care, Mexico’s very low wages, and China’s complete disregard for human life and health (lots of two headed animals and even two headed human babies being born there in their toxic cesspool) and other counties for the same types of reasons.
            So, we could eliminate labor’s right to organize, but then, we should also eliminate company’s right to organize and let stockholders (OWNERS) be liable for company actions, and make and require all things legal be understandable by anyone – that one is tough so lets say understandable at a kindergarten level.

          • Richard

            So Mick, which is it-
            Should people quit organizing to protect themselves because that better life requires they pool their money?
            Should people quit organizing to protect themselves because that better life requires they pool their money and you are jealous of them having a better life?
            Pay to have a job? No son, it’s pooling money for a better life.

          • Cawmun Cents

            Ignore the obvious if you wish,we are used to that from people who masquerade as something they are not.If the unions and the Democratic party are so great then why is Detroit in shambles?It has nothing to do with free trade by the way…there has been free trade for twenty years.

      • JR INDY

        Richard, you have a very short memory, or have been successfully programmed by the libs thru moveout.argh and Soros. NAFTA was passed by a dem senate, dem congress, and a dem pres. The resulting election in 1994 saw a wholesale slaughter of your party worse than 2010.

        Today, your controlled utopias are crumbling like they were bulit from sand- which you should have pounded up your arse instead of bulding your policies on. MI,IL, NJ, NY, CA, LA, MA and NV are just a few examples of liberal policies being exposed for what they are- total socialist power grabs gone wrong. Funny that the entire state of IL has to pay to entire city of Chicago from south of 40th St. Detroit is a joke- with a punchline that just keeps on giving.

        Liberals, do the US a favor- move out and take two of your entitlement class members with you. That will solve our country’s problems very fast.

        • Richard

          You must live in an alternate universe JR INDY
          because NAFTA was started by George Bush and created and passed by a Republican Congress.

          • Richard


            and the Senate vote on NAFTA
            Alabama: Heflin (D-AL), Nay Shelby (D-AL), Nay
            Alaska: Murkowski (R-AK), Yea Stevens (R-AK), Nay
            Arizona: DeConcini (D-AZ), Yea McCain (R-AZ), Yea
            Arkansas: Bumpers (D-AR), Yea Pryor (D-AR), Yea
            California: Boxer (D-CA), Nay Feinstein (D-CA), Nay
            Colorado: Brown (R-CO), Yea Campbell (D-CO), Nay
            Connecticut: Dodd (D-CT), Yea Lieberman (D-CT), Yea
            Delaware: Biden (D-DE), Yea Roth (R-DE), Yea
            Florida: Graham (D-FL), Yea Mack (R-FL), Yea
            Georgia: Coverdell (R-GA), Yea Nunn (D-GA), Yea
            Hawaii: Akaka (D-HI), Nay Inouye (D-HI), Nay
            Idaho: Craig (R-ID), Nay Kempthorne (R-ID), Nay
            Illinois: Moseley-Braun (D-IL), Yea Simon (D-IL), Yea
            Indiana: Coats (R-IN), Yea Lugar (R-IN), Yea
            Iowa: Grassley (R-IA), Yea Harkin (D-IA), Yea
            Kansas: Dole (R-KS), Yea Kassebaum (R-KS), Yea
            Kentucky: Ford (D-KY), Nay McConnell (R-KY), Yea
            Louisiana: Breaux (D-LA), Yea Johnston (D-LA), Yea
            Maine: Cohen (R-ME), Nay Mitchell (D-ME), Yea
            Maryland: Mikulski (D-MD), Nay Sarbanes (D-MD), Nay
            Massachusetts: Kennedy (D-MA), Yea Kerry (D-MA), Yea
            Michigan: Levin (D-MI), Nay Riegle (D-MI), Nay
            Minnesota: Durenberger (R-MN), Yea Wellstone (D-MN), Nay
            Mississippi: Cochran (R-MS), Yea Lott (R-MS), Yea
            Missouri: Bond (R-MO), Yea Danforth (R-MO), Yea
            Montana: Baucus (D-MT), Yea Burns (R-MT), Nay
            Nebraska: Exon (D-NE), Nay Kerrey (D-NE), Yea
            Nevada: Bryan (D-NV), Nay Reid (D-NV), Nay
            New Hampshire: Gregg (R-NH), Yea Smith (R-NH), Nay
            New Jersey: Bradley (D-NJ), Yea Lautenberg (D-NJ), Nay
            New Mexico: Bingaman (D-NM), Yea Domenici (R-NM), Yea
            New York: D’Amato (R-NY), Nay Moynihan (D-NY), Nay
            North Carolina: Faircloth (R-NC), Nay Helms (R-NC), Nay
            North Dakota: Conrad (D-ND), Nay Dorgan (D-ND), Not Voting
            Ohio: Glenn (D-OH), Nay Metzenbaum (D-OH), Nay
            Oklahoma: Boren (D-OK), Yea Nickles (R-OK), Yea
            Oregon: Hatfield (R-OR), Yea Packwood (R-OR), Yea
            Pennsylvania: Specter (R-PA), Yea Wofford (D-PA), Nay
            Rhode Island: Chafee (R-RI), Yea Pell (D-RI), Yea
            South Carolina: Hollings (D-SC), Nay Thurmond (R-SC), Nay
            South Dakota: Daschle (D-SD), Yea Pressler (R-SD), Yea
            Tennessee: Mathews (D-TN), Yea Sasser (D-TN), Nay
            Texas: Gramm (R-TX), Yea Hutchison (R-TX), Yea
            Utah: Bennett (R-UT), Yea Hatch (R-UT), Yea
            Vermont: Jeffords (R-VT), Yea Leahy (D-VT), Yea
            Virginia: Robb (D-VA), Yea Warner (R-VA), Yea
            Washington: Gorton (R-WA), Yea Murray (D-WA), Yea
            West Virginia: Byrd (D-WV), Nay Rockefeller (D-WV), Nay
            Wisconsin: Feingold (D-WI), Nay Kohl (D-WI), Nay
            Wyoming: Simpson (R-WY), Yea Wallop (R-WY), Yea

          • Mick

            Richard says:
            May 12, 2011 at 8:56 am
            You must live in an alternate universe JR INDY
            because NAFTA was started by George Bush and created and passed by a Republican Congress.’***************
            George Walker Bush didn’t not sign the Nafta argreement, bill clinton did and Bush the first was plagued with a Democratic congress..

            President George H.W. Bush (1989-1993) was a Republican
            1989-1993 – Democratic Congress…

            Check the majority in Congress here…

          • Richard

            Mick – that is Congress I just posted above you.
            Do you want me to count the votes by party for you?

          • Richard

            NAFTA votes
            Democratic 102 YES, 156 NO
            Republican 132 YES, 43 NO

            Democratic 26 YES, 29 NO
            Republican 35 YES, 9 NO

            There were a few more Dems then Republicans in the House but the Senate was Republican and the Senate makes Laws.

          • Richard

            Okay, before these Republicans that want to pretend they don’t own NAFTA try to use my post to invalidate me – I meant for
            “There were a few more Dems then Republicans in the House but the Senate was Republican and the Senate makes Laws.”
            to be
            “There were a few more Dems then Republicans in the House but the Senate was Republican enough and the Senate makes Laws.”

          • Cawmun Cents

            Why does it escape you that a city like Detroit wwas destroyed by democrats?Now they have their sight set on the nation……

        • Richard

          And JR INDY, I have been a Republican but never a Democrat. The big problem is the fools that don’t see that they are the same exact thing. The issues go back and forth.
          Vietnam – Democrat war with Republicans against it.
          Iraq – Republican war with Democrats against it.
          Both – stupid wars we didn’t belong in.
          Both – characterized by blind partisanship.
          George Bush – trying to sell America away with privatization and free trade – Dems against. Makes us the world police.
          Bill Clinton – comes in in support of free trade to strart warming Dems up – holds slightly against privatization “in talk”. Continues with us as world police.
          Little George Bush – Stretches beyond world policing into preemptive war. Tries hard to privatize everything.
          Barak Obama – campaigns in factories saying he will curb free trade but admits to being a free trader. Campaigns against preemptive war and for only Congress approved military campaigns.
          Starts preemptive war in Lybia without Congress approving.
          Releases birth certificate to divert attention from destroying more American jobs with another free trade agreement. Never curbs NAFTA.
          Democrats and Republicans are the same thing. Those in government pursue the same things and those not in government play idiotic partisanship games.

          • azwayne

            Richard, I tried to follow, what I see you have a lot of HALF truths, last article, iraq war was republican with democrats opposed. Did you bother to check numbers or find any comments. There were more democrats than republican s approving, your insinuation of studying actual numbers of union job versus non union. “unions never effected profitability of corporation. Please enlighten us what happened to GM and CHRYSLER, do you understand what bankrupt means. Do you realize unions owned auto companies sent workers overseas and out of country, broke the largest companies in the country. Sorry that’s enough for me, and it’s not difficult, maybe sixth grader would comprehend, when wages are cheaper overseas, companies go there ,why are wages cheaper there, unions demand too much here, is that complicated?

          • Eddie47d

            azwayne; You seem to be the one with half truths and Richard has been fairly accurate. Some union members may be over paid somewhere but not without the approval of corporate executives. Those same executives paid themselves handsomely and became so top heavy they collapsed under their own weight. You give unions way too much credit for our economic woes when the downfall came from the top. Until the corporate elites are willing to make sacrifices for our economic recovery then this country will keep sliding into the toilet. Then it will be more than Detroit that will suffer.

        • Jovianus

          JR…you don’t like living here and blame the Progressive Movement for building this great Nation? You are seemingly intent on supporting building it instead to Third World status? Move. To demand Progressives move because you don’t like the forward progress they bring? Tough Sparky.

          • JeffH

            “Polly want another progressive cracker?” bbbaaarrraaaccckkk!

          • azwayne

            ANUS, next time will just skip, you offer absolutely NOTHING of value, but very typical liberal, when you run out of facts spew the harshest insult you can. JR is totally correct in comparison to you. Then you attempt later paragraph rancher sucking off federal government, are you this plain stupid? nothing you mentioned is federally owned or maintained or controlled, you really don’t know that? Power companies get federal entitlements, most are all user or investor owned, don’t let facts mess up your wishes have great day, but if anyone should leave what once was a great country, I’d gladly help JR send you and all like you. We definitely need test to vote.

          • Jovianus

            Nothing federally owned or maintained? Are you serious??

            Dams, electrical grids, irrigation systems, grazing land, crop subsidies, communications systems to the rural areas, farm subsidies for fuel … nothing federally owned or maintained eh? Ya think all those just…well…where do they come from then?

            It’s no wonder Arizona is becoming known as America’s Third World.

            Not federally maintained or owned…jeesh

          • Cawmun Cents

            Yeah this great union-backed society that gave us great cities like Detroit!Wow,those unions really took care of the educational system didnt they?Wow those progressive democrats really have that city rolling dont they?WHAT A SHAM!

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      I heard Sunday on NPR that Detroit is tearing down whole areas of old buildings for public food gardens. Of course, with the population leaving, dying off, or being killed in crimes, there are a lot of uninhabited areas now.

      Mo mention of the amount of lead in the soil around the old buildings!!
      May raise mentally-damaged children on the produce!

      It was being hailed as a triumph of modern social planning!!

      • Cawmun Cents

        Ah…the triumph of proressive social engineering!The utopian union inheritance…..haw!

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      Detroit is also full of Muslims who do nothing but contribute to the filth and poverty.

  • Anthony

    Good call, Jeff. Seriously. Well said.

    I have a copy of this music video – which also smacks of the same sentiment as what JEFFH has just shared .. and I do think it appropriate to advise everyone todownload their own copy as well.

    Video is from Pete Rivera, former drummer of RARE EARTH

    It’s time to stand up and fight back, people…!

    • TIME

      Jeff & Anthony,
      Anyone with any gray matter can see the TRUTH HURTS the mindless MONKEY TOOLS. Thats why you will never see the down side on the main stream media feeds.
      But as we all know the mindless MONKEYS will say it just aint so Joe.
      That this is all propaganda, oddly as they sit waiting on that FREE LUNCH plate special. How about that DREAM ACT folks are you ready?

      Just what this counrty needs more of the same old same old Bull Sh*t on a thin non waxed paper plate, Hey would you like that SUPER SIZED?

      For anyone who thinks your not being controlled get a outside Air temp unit, Note at differant times of the day both in the shade and direct sunlight.
      Then compare them with what your told by the media who gets their intel from the Government Meteorologist.
      I bet your numbers will be much differant that what they are telling you.
      NOW ~ just think if they are bending something this simple to figure out, Just what do you think they are doing to the intel they are feeding you?

      WAKE UP…

      • bob wire

        Monkey tools some more ~ I’m not sure if I know exactly what you are referring to Time. ~ but if you use the term long enough maybe I’ll get the jest of it someday.

        Does it have any association with Monkey Business?

        I envision a monkey with a pipe wrench in his hand and applying it to some delicate task.

        • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

          My watch used to be off all the time.

          Then a government monkey with a government monkey wrench came and fixed it for free! It now reads absolutely correctly twice a day.

          Amazing. Go Government!!

    • Eddie47d

      I hate to inform you Anthony but that video was as pro labor as you can get. It sure did show what corporate executives have done to this once great and prosperous city. Now as we all know Detroit is a shell of a sh*thole.Those executives ran the show and forced the workers to build crappy cars with low mileage. We had the technology to build sharper looking vehicles like we did in the 50-60′s but they choose instead to build Vega’s and still charged an arm and a leg for garbage.The Japanese cars took this country by storm and Detroit fell asleep.How could they not know that Americans were buying more foreign cars? Why weren’t there executive decisions made in the auto industry to recapture the styles of yesteryear’s or at least those of the Japanese. The CEOs had control of what got built but sat back and did nothing.They were too busy raking in millions in salaries (from what I don’t know). The writing was on the wall for a long time so it’s not like it snuck up on them. Nothing but piss poor management style and nobody to blame but themselves.

      • JeffH

        47Stupid, can you be any dumber than you already are? Comprehend dummy, comprehend! Most days you’d be better off sleeping all day. Wait, that’s what you just did, slept through the whole meaning of this article and that video.

        1-to have a clear idea of
        2-to have a practical understanding of

        Phrases-pick up on

        • Eddie47d

          Go play your dumb as a box of rocks routine on someone else dummy. I got the video immediately in what our dumbed down capitalistic system has wrought upon us. Michael Moore was right about that movie “Roger and Me”. How the arrogant executive cannibalized the auto industry and they didn’t have a clue which is kinda like you.You’ll never understand greed from the top and you have proven that to us for a couple of years now. Give me a jingle when you find your way! or do YOU have to wake up first??

  • s c

    To paraphrase a recent ‘transformational’ leader [Adolf Hitler], if you lie long enough and hard enough people will believe it. And so it is with Herr Obummer’s administration. The economy is in the toilet. Jobs are NOT important to Herr Obummer. China can send our dollar tumbling whenever they get the urge. Those who bend over and smile for Uncle Scam get the bailout bucks quicker and in greater quantity.
    So, Mr. Prez, you still specialize in HIDING your real reason for being in the White House. You have taken the devil’s fine art of creating doctored polls to a new level, and the American people are expected to PAY for your incompetence.
    For a while, clueless would have been an appropraite way to describe your “talents.” Now, it should be obvious that you are a paid stooge and that you have NO plans to make America better, safer or stronger. You may be a great poser, but you’re not presidential material. You and your ilk are needed elsewhere (preferably on another planet).

    • Mick

      s c

      You nailed it, but I would push it even further than that, the democrats and this administration are hell bent on DESTROYING this country.
      They’re fighting everything connected to protect us, the Arizona introduced law about immigration while they let San-Francisco break every federal laws by harboring illegals and even release some illegal criminals into our street

      ( San Francisco Sheriff Michael Hennessey will start releasing low-level illegal-immigrant criminals from jail even if federal officials notified through a controversial fingerprint identification program request that they be held for a deportation hearing )

      Now they’re even thinking of letting Families members to Visit Guantanamo Detainees’
      Where in the hell will this all stop???
      It should be evident to any sane individual that the democrat party is on the side of criminal behavior and continuously punish the law abiding citizens,does our society consists of degenerates or honest responsible citizens ???
      I guess the next election will tell us a lot about what the character of our nation’s population has become .

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Sorry, but actually it will only tell us how effectively the Electrician’s Union can adjust the voting machines. As in this last election!

  • Harry Buttle

    I’m pretty sure the crash occurred on a GOP watch. In the 30 years prior to the Reagan era, middle class income, adjusted for inflation, rose 75%. In the Reagan era, 1981-2008, that figure was 1%. You guys are absolutely killing the economy. For 20 of the 28 years prior to the 2008 crach, Republicans controlled the White House. Reaganism is a sham, a scam and a fraud.

    • Mick

      Harry Buttle

      All I have to say is ” Wow” What observance…
      America is screwed……..

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      Regan ruled the US from 1981 through 2008? I did not know he lasted that long!

      Are your figures corrected for inflation and deflation? Or just raw?

      And it is indeed great to know that since Regan no longer ruled, it only took two years for gasoline to double in price, electricity also, taxes to rise rapidly, and global warming to happen and imperil our whole nation. And Unions to get huge raises (and still complain) while old folks’ Social Security has been frozen!

      Obama has personally produced such great results in so little time.

      Imagine what great and glorious pinnacles we can reach with 6 more years of the same!!

    • Cawmun Cents

      Detroit….the modern Democrat megacity….bow before its magnificence…shudder at its progressive wonderment…..haw!

  • bob wire

    Of Late? ~ No Sir, not of late.

    But since Corporate American was handed the keys to the Kingdom back in the mid 80′s and the long and slow bleed out of the middle class that followed and still very much happening today.

    Funny thing about rising water, it sneaks up on you. You might see “others” fighting to keep afloat but it’s not your problem until your feet start getting wet.

    I suppose that Corporate America will eventually win in the end. Until which time large noise crowds will gathers and storms the castle gates and breaches the wall and the ruling classes are dragged out and disposed of like garbage.

    And the we can start again.

    It seems that today we attempt to postpone the enviable end game solution.

    There is such a thing as a Win/Win solution. It’s the basic idea behind capitalism. Supply and demand. A days pay for a days work. You want it? I got it? Markets and market shares.

    It’s the controlling and capturing of markets where unfair advantage is taking place while all quite legal today.

    The consumer has all but lost control and been turned into simply a cash crop with fewer and fewer options or voice in matters of supply and demand.

    Make no mistake about it, the people behind this are very bright and have you and I already figured out.

  • Sheilah B.

    The economy is in the toilet because………..We are at WAR!
    War is not good for anyone’s economy. Now, we have two choices, buck up and hunker down till we win…and we need to win it for the economy to go up otherwise we just all come home with our tail between our proverbial legs and become depressed….or Face facts, bring our kids home, and get really very serious about becoming an isolationist nation. Tell the world to pay their debts to US…..currently we have well over 12 trillion out in loans to other nations. Tell EVERYBODY to pay their rightful taxes! That’s EVERYBODY! Over 1/2 the nation does no pay income tax! HELLO! WE all want services, but we gotta pay for them not rob the poor and old folks for it. And stop spending like there’s no tomorrow, put some of your paychecks in the bank in case something happens like your family moves back in with you, or some natural disaster happens your insurance company won’t pay for. If we pulled together more as a nation, things would get done, and we’d be sitting pretty. But it’s all this rancor we use against each other that’s really depressing US! FIGURE IT OUT…Corporate America will tell you you have to have a can do positive attitude at work….sure they will, all the time, but how about on the street and in your communities and homes? Do we as a people really have to have the world’s worst divorce rate? Highest College Tuitions? Private Schools? Lowest national production rates? Attitude as well as happiness, IS AN INSIDE JOB. Get a clue USA!

  • Wizzer

    Hello Harry Buttle,(offensive words removed)? That’s the dumbest thing I have read this morning. Check it out (offensive words removed)…. for every dollar of income brought in my Reagan’s tax cuts the democrat congress spent a $1.75 – do the math (offensive words removed).

  • Sheilah B.

    Hey wizzer, perhaps you’d like to use the bathroom before you jump on the computer? What you just wrote isn’t only inaccurate, but as crass as hades. You might want to do some bodily waste elimination and lose some of that Jack Daniels or Muzcal w/worms or whatever libation you had too much of last night.

  • SS McDonald

    “…And close to 15 percent of our fellow Americans receive government aid of one sort or another…” Your 15 percent is closer to 55 percent.

    • Jovianus

      SS…which you are a recipient of some. Like it or not.

      Amazing how I had a conversation with a cattle rancher a few months ago. He was “bragging’ how indepednetn he was and how the Dems were intent on everyone being on government assistance. He went on further to say he would succumb “over his dead body”

      Mind you…he got kinda twisted as I pointed out the roads he drove were government built, the communciations system he uses back in the toolies where he lives was the result of government forces, the water and electricity he used was from government water works programs, he gfrazed his cattle on subvsidized government land leases, the feed he grained the cattle with in the feedlot were costing less with Ag subsidies, and his crops were subsidized as well. Add in his subsidy for not growing a crop and his fuel was also costing less because of government aid programs…

      People think they can yell and scream about government being too free with the money…until it hits them. Just ask the governor of Texas :)

      • JeffH

        Jovi-commie just keeps singing the great “Guvment” song…Marxism, socialism, communism is the song he’s actually singing. First off, your story is probably just that, a story. Everybody, and I do mean everybody realizes there are reasons why we pay taxes to the Feds. Unfortunately, our infrastructure, you know the one the Feds are paid handsomly to maintain, don’t get the attention needed because our “Guvment” has decided to waste the money elswhere. You know what “Guvment” waste is don’t you? I’ll make it easy…Programs that should be devolved to state and local governments;
        Programs that could be better performed by the private sector;
        Mistargeted programs whose recipients should not be entitled to government benefits; Outdated and unnecessary programs;
        Duplicative programs; and Inefficiency, mismanagement, and fraud.

        You may want to educate yourself before you “rave” about the mighty “Guvment” and their usefullness.

        • JeffH


          The founding fathers established the Constitution to do just two things:
          1. Establish a federal government for the United States of America.
          2. Delegate to the federal government certain, limited (and enumerated) powers.

          The federal government created by the states, via the Constitution, exists to serve the states. It is important to recognize that the states are the “boss” of the federal government! The states “hired” the federal government and set forth the rules as to how it should operate. The Constitution is a list of those rules. Just as a manager is expected to enforce company rules to manage employees, it is the responsibility of the states to enforce the Constitution to manage the federal government.

          We the People created the government of the United States to serve us, not the other way around. Today it would be difficult for an outsider to determine that We the People don’t exist to serve the government.

          • Jovianus

            Jeff…when you cite ‘founding fathers”, who are you talking about? The Constitutional Convention? Those who were involved in ratifying the Declaration of Indepedence? the 1st Continental Congress? the Second? And of those…which persons are you citing within those groups as the ‘intent” of the “founding fathers” ?

            That’s one of the problems with the TPers and wacked…they toss around terms without knowing anything about them. They make them up!

          • JeffH

            Jovi-commie, you can attempt to use that tired, worn out Alinsky tactic and change the direction if you like but you’ll be going it alone ’cause I ain’t playin yer silly game. You know exactly what I mean!

          • Thamera

            Jovi, is the term “framers” more palatable for you? btw: you never did say what it is that YOU do.

        • Eddie47d

          Jeff the name caller; Should we call you Jeff fascist or just pull a name out of the hat like you always do? You say “our infrastructure doesn’t get the attention needed” Now it’s good to talk about government waste but at least be honest about the Republicans/Libertarians who consistently vote against such projects and maintenance.

          • JeffH

            47D commie or should I just call you stupid. Either one fits you quite well.

            Why do you always show up at a “gun fight” with stupid as your weapon of choice? Because you can’t fix stupid!

          • JeffH

            47Stupid says “the Republicans/Libertarians”…ROFLMAO!
            Make up your mind, mindless! A blithering idiot if there ever was one. You make i41 look brilliant some days.

          • Eddie47d

            What’s the difference they both talk out of the same end. You know it’s true that they vote against almost all infrastructure so why did you revert back to the name calling? The truth must sting like a scorpion!

      • Cawmun Cents

        Yeah just look at Detroit…..democratically governed since 1961!Wow the progressives are so great that now they want to do the same for the rest of the United States of America.No wonder why we owe them our allegiance,and our fealty.Just look at their proudest city of Detroit.Unions and progressive liberal politics really do work….haw!

  • RandyR

    We now live in a world that my grandparents wouldn’t recognize. Half the country lives off the other half – and contributes nothing. And we have grown this class of “sponges” so large that they can determine elections.
    When you add in the socialist elites at the top of the food chain, the rest of us are literally be farmed!
    We need to take a defensive posture in all our affairs: finances, education, and employment (that is, entrepreneurship!)

  • Norman F.

    Having been born in 1927, I was a child during the worst part of the depression. So I have seen the entire unfolding of the destruction of the US economy. At first the big factories ran everything off belts that snaked through the plant from a central power point. Many employees were killed or injured by them. When that happened the injured employee was simply fired.
    Not all companies were that way. Springs Mills was one of the best. They cared for their employees and never shut down a plant but built warehouses and stored the fabric they made. WWII came along and they made a huge profit from all that stored material.
    But the harsh treatment in other plants brought on the unions. At first they were great because they got justice for the workers. But in the late forties and fifties they began to see that a strike could have other values, such as changing the work environment in ways that benefited the workers but hurt the employers.
    I remember the auto unions concentrating their demands on one auto company, going on long strikes at one company while the other two (of the so-called big three) continued to work. When their excessive demands were met, they went to the other companies with the same demands which were quickly agreed to. That was the beginning of the end for manufacturing in this country. Now the unions own large blocks of stock in the American auto companies and make no complaints when a plant is moved overseas. I can see a time when the workers will rebel against the unions.
    Add to that a federal government (all three branches) which is more concerned with the well being of other countries than with their own people. Google “foreign aid” to see the extent of the damage they have done to our country beginning in 1947 with the Marshall Plan and continuing until today.
    The Tea Parties get a lot of garbage from both sides, but they have the right idea for this time in our history and I see them as the major force in our future.

    • GeorgeE

      Norman F,

      Thanks for your thoughts and wisdom.

    • Aix Sponsa

      Grandpa always said, “The next depression will make the 30s look like a church picknick.”

      Grandpa also said, “When the excrement strikes the rotating airfoil, the feculance is not equally distributed to all recipients.”

  • Nadzieja Batki

    I must disagree with you. Unions once established will fight with tooth and nail to preserve the status quo. The unions shouldn’t have been allowed to be established at their beginning. They had nothing to do with taking care of the workers and health issues but everything to do with power grab. If you get people to complain and not do any thinking you can turn them in any direction. Most of the workers problems should have been resolved long ago by the unions so why are we still reliving the same problems. That tells on the unions, that solving problems was not their intent.

    • bob wire

      I don’t believe that you are aware of the nature of these many problems or that lust and greed for power and money has no end but always ongoing my friend.

      Are you familiar with the nature of the Company Store or have any history of mining or steel mills or sweat shops? It doesn’t sound like it.

      That Walmart can buy 55% and controlling interest of a meat processing plant and overwhelm it’s customers demands for costumed processing while chocking out their competition at the supply level. Lay off senior employees and replace them with part time force and working in to the ground with lower pay and zero benefits.

      They have basically bought themselves a meat processing plant at 55 cents on the dollars and lower labor cost and chocked out their rivals all it one swoop ! and this is viewed as a good thing today.

      let’s all sing corporate America’s praises.

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Yes, Let’s sing until we are all chocked up!

      • Eddie47d

        Workers have to fight for everything they get and nothing was handed to them. Our defense industry hired good workers to manufacture electronic equipment and small motors for missiles and military vehicles. Now they are moving those jobs into Americas prisons. Instead of pay for good middle class jobs they pay prisoners $1.84 a day for doing the same work. That is slave labor and definitely a sign of the times. That takes us back about 100 years.

      • Aix Sponsa

        AMEN Brother. Wally has killed many manufacturers. They demand 100% of production then refuse to pay the production costs= bankrupt, out of business.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Detoit home of the largest union in the county….epic wonder of modern society….Thank you democrats for progressive social engineering….haw!

  • bob wire

    “The Tea Parties get a lot of garbage from both sides, but they have the right idea for this time in our history and I see them as the major force in our future.”

    agreed, ~ now if they can avoid the hyjacking that is taking place. Which they don’t seem to be able to recognize in their fever to oppose any and all opposition.

    it’s the man standing beside them saying YES! YES! purely for positional play.

    • Norman F.

      You are right, of course. The Tea Party I belong to takes care to show those folks the door. There are at least six Tea Parties (maybe as many as ten) within fifty miles of my home, ranging in size from 100 to 600. Each one is independent but co-operates for large gatherings. The size is not as important as it might seem for each group has a wide influence far exceeding it’s membership.
      Scot Brown of Mass is a good example of “the man standing beside”. Many Tea Party groups worked phone banks from their own state to get hin elected, and he turned out to be a RINO. We understand that such things may happen and it is unfortunate, but we will get him next time

  • Sheilah B.

    15% of people on govt. issue income doesn’t cut it SS McDonald is exaggerating quite a bit too unless they’re counting the military, Fed. and State workers, not counting military public facilities contractors too, who more often than not are stealing us blind.
    But the real figures, all total probably doesn’t come to more than 30% including welfare recipients. Don’t know why there’s such emphasis and erroneous SLANDER going on regarding our Countrymen and women. That’s Shameful!

    First off over 12.5% are over 65 and a drawing their SSI, THAT THEY EARNED BTW, which doesn’t need monkeying with either GOP!!! Leave the old folks’ money ALONE! It is NOT failing it AIN’T broke, so NO don’t be giving greedy WALL STREET any access to their money! That wasn’t in the contract when we gave it to the Feds! THAT’s BULL-PUCKEY!
    Another 12% is facing some hard times people, but they earned their unemployment too! Which falls short of the jacked up cost of living thanks to the gouging Corporatists!

    Most SSI recipients that are on the dole prematurely are victims of JOB/Work related injuries…UH HUH…so they earned theirs too, the HARD way and those that didn’t would be turned down from employment by everyone on this forum. Like you want chronically ill people and the insane on your work place….NOT. Sad thing is many of them might get better if they could (have) afford proper health care early enough.

    It ticks me off to no end that even our Christian sector have been brainwashed into a no tolerance for those less fortunate in this nation….and they’re voting for those who would enslave US all every time they vote Republican…Tea Partiers are kissing up too. Sadder still is many whom we have to chose from as leaders too often get in as the lesser of the evils. Small businesses keep getting killed because there’s too much support for the MEGA Corps in this nation. Got news for ya, Chains like Walmart are getting our subsidies, just like the energy companies. Based on the fact they hire people, gotta hand it to them for their logic! But 1/2 our nation keeps voting in the very jerks who enable this all. If we didn’t look up to the Greediest in this nation, we’d get somewhere.

  • FreedomFighter

    Listen up – I think we miss the real reason:

    The Marxist/Socialist-maskedLiberal infestation of the Democratic party and partial infiltration of Rebublican party by said scum – RINO.

    Its about power and control, even at the expense of the entire population. Look at history, who voted what…you will be able to trace the entire history of corruption resulting in:

    Over regulated, taxed, failing business climate.

    They use the resulting entitlement need to buy votes to maintain power and exert more control. This eventually will collapse the system resulting in a coop.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • sylviam

      FreedomFighter—I aree 100% wake up people this argueing back and forth is EXACTLY what they want. ITS not A DEM.-REPUB. PROBLEM, ITS OUR problem, THE PEOPLE’S, PROBLEM. We can win this fight but only if we can Stop name calling by doing it as a WHOLE PEOPLE. IT IS OUR NATION not THEIRS!!! We all have to suck it up and GROW A SET OF BALLS and get OUR COUNTRY BACK.

      • Aix Sponsa

        It is a shell game. Like a pick pocket diverting your attention: Birth certificte, school transcripts, foreign wars, expensive junkets, border fence, playing the race card, etc, etc….. just a way to keep us busy so we won’t notice the major advances which are bringing the USA to socialism.

  • Richard

    Mick, I got a chuckle but you didn’t quite score as a full fledged comedian. If nonunion jobs were as good – we very simply wouldn’t be having this conversation. The choice is absolutely there. You can freely choose not to work on an organized labor force. People organizing and pooling their money for negotiations and representation doesn’t extort anyone. Saying “I’m nonunion but I will work on a union job.” is as stupid and the same as some low-life saying “I’m fit to work that job I turned down but will suck the welfare tit.”
    You have absolutely no right to take advantage of other people that do pay their dues in their organized labor force. And you are 100% free to choose not to work there.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      When any employee is Working at a place of employment that brings a Union in by a narrow margin, there are employees who are FORCED to Join or leave.

      That process is ANTI Liberty…why? lets see what the definition of Liberty is:
      –noun, plural -ties.
      1. freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control.
      2. freedom from external or foreign rule; independence.
      3. freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc.; power or right of doing, thinking, speaking, etc., according to choice.

      Hmmmmmmmmm… exactly can a Union preserve an individuals rights while shackeling their Liberty?

      • Richard

        You can’t be FORCED to join or leave – it is a simple choice. And this “narrow margin” stuff wins you the comedy award.
        Liberty is absolutely not infringed upon by a majority vote to organize. Unlike our type of government, organizing by majority vote actually is democracy. There is a simple choice for anyone that doesn’t wish to be organized – accept the better life or leave, having that choice is Liberty.

        • Bitter Libertarian

          “There is a simple choice for anyone that doesn’t wish to be organized – accept the better life or leave, having that choice is Liberty.”
          You sir are clueless. The concept of Liberty is Obvious: freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc.; power or right of doing, thinking, speaking, etc., according to choice.

          Any Time you wish to continue working and a Union is Brought in, regardless of % of vote, you are FORCED to leave if you do not wish to Join. Perhaps a lesson in word comprehension is in order. :) FORCE is ANTI Liberty..unless of course you wish to re-define Liberty and then you only need to call it communism. ;)

          • Eddie47d

            Okay then have an open shop. Since it’s the union members who fight for better pay,sick leave and other benefits they should get payed more. If a worker doesn’t want those benefits or isn’t willing to fight for them then pay them less. They can keep there job but won’t have the ability to use sick leave they didn’t earn. They would get leave without pay. The same with vacation time or any other benefit. Too many times non-union workers take the benefits which they never would have gotten without the union. I worked in such a shop where the unions negotiated the benefits and the non-union employees got the same rewards. They were good at taking something they didn’t earn and off of my union dues. Now we all got along but for some of you to say the unions are corrupt take a look at those who aren’t willing to pay dues.

          • Thamera

            Eddie: You sure are a bitter man. What you and Richard are missing is that everyone, everyone, everyone and everyone HAS A CHOICE in their own life!!! End of story. I will contend Eddie and Richard that if you really wanted to be a high paying CEO or have wealth in your life, you could. IT all comes back to the individual. How do you account for your time? What kind of education did you undertake? What kind of choices did you make in your personal relationships? Etc. Etc. Etc. The constant whining is enough to make a person insane.

          • Thamera

            and btw Eddie what you were just describing about non-union workers taking from the union workers that had paid their dues is no different then those on welfare taking from the people that pay their taxes!!!! I thought you were all for redistribution of wealth but you complain because non-union workers had the same benefits as you! It’s the very same concept!

          • Bitter Libertarian

            Eddie you are wrong, and NOT in theory either. I run a NON Union School Bus company. We have Town Hall Meetings if the employee’s are upset over wages, conditions, or benefits, really anything. Some things get changed, some dont. The slice of the Pie for the employee is not always as easy to increas as you present. If an item has a Market value of 100.00 dollars…that 100.00 is divided by production/service costs, wages, and profit. You can only increase the wage slice to a certain point and then one of the other 2 must shrink. Shrink profit too much and a business is forced to either give up, or relocate if possible. If they can reduce operating costs great, but most of those budget lines are razor thin as it is! Just understand that in your view you can raise the price to gice employees more wages, but in reality when competing against a competator who’s wages are lower you will lose. thats why a Free Market flourishes where a forced or riged market suffers and ultimately fails.
            Business have left the USA to Raise their profits because the wages and operating costs are lower outside the USA…both of those factors were influenced by Govt regulations, and wages.
            When a Toll collector in Mass makes more annually then an Engineer with a PHD in China Things are going to CORRECT themselves because everyone want to be “Global”…well…welcome to the new Global world of wage reducton!

          • Eddie47d

            Thamera; Sure is funny when you whine and I’ll make sure I let you know next time. As I said all the workers got along in our shop and the equal benefits were accepted. That is how a Democracy works but it certainly doesn’t take away my right to see the inequities in it. Just like you like to complain about welfare. Society determined decades ago it’s better to help people out instead of having beggars on the street. The system is surely abused and needs to be tightened up but it’s better than having millions on the street looking for a handout. That would be wanting a 3rd world nation. We hopefully are better than that.

      • Jovianus

        Perhaps you should reflect on this BL when you “shellack’ American Muslims who want to build a house of worship in NYC, or when a womans right of choice is interfered with, or when union busting methods are legislated rather than a choice given 9ala’ Wisconsin), or when a GOP legislature pushes through statutes which can, with only a givernor’s approval, discard elections and eliminate city councils en masse, or when you support laws whereby police can demand proof of citizenship with no crime committed, and so forth.

        That’s the problem with the wacked and the TPers…they whine about freedoms being taken away…yet insist they have the right to take the rights of others who don’t have their mores or ideological basis.

        Ya think?

        • Bitter Libertarian

          I Think that you NEVER read a single post of Mine….and that you KNOW NOTHING of what Libertarians stand for. A couple of “points” you brought up…the Mosque…I actaully defended their right to Build it if its on PRIVATE property!

          If you ever read any posts I have wrung out BOTH sides ESPECIALLY the Conservatives because I believe they are (in ways) hypoocritical for exactly what you said!

          Allow me to make a friendly suggestion and really learn what a Libertarian stands for, and I DO NOT just mean the US Libertarian Party, BUT the Libertarians world wide. :)

        • Bitter Libertarian

          For the Record I do not oppose any Union, what I Oppose is a Process that crushes the rights of those who vote no and are FORCED to Join or else. If you look at that Inversely I am sure that those who want it would be equally pi$$ed and rightfully so if they want it!
          Eddie says thats a democracy, but I challange him to show me where in OUR founding documents it says what kind of Goverment we operate under. Look Hard and you’ll find NO MENTION od a Democracy…the only Mention is under Article 4 sec 4; ” The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union a republican Form of Goverment..”
          That “Republican has NOTHING to do with a Political party either…!

        • Cawmun Cents

          Perhaps you should reflect on this.When the tp’ers(as you have chosen to call them)see the desperate poverty the democratic party has left the inner cities in,(despite the fact that you claim to be championing them)especially in a city like Detroit,they (tp’ers)dont want their cities to resemble the ones democrats have completely devastated.Perhaps if you were to look at it from their perspective,you might be more enlightened as to why they feel the need to protest.

  • http://com i41

    The comment, that unions keep the wages and benefits high is not always the true. I have workered in Colo. and in Wyo., all private owned companies who paid better wages to all workers, after the unions were kicked out. All unions do is protect worthless smucks and make it impossible to get rid of lazy pukes. Unions create one function idoits, who need seniority as a means to protect their lazy rumps, insteasd of skills employees bring to the job.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      We may always agree, but on this matter I agree with you 100%. :)

    • Mick


      You couldn’t have done better with your description of what the unions are all about….I am 100% with you……

  • http://google tom

    Divided we fall United we stand Lets Throw the B——- Out. If they have been in power for more than 4 years. Bye Bye

  • http://com i41

    I supposed all the slobbering Onumnutt smucks were wishing to attend the poetry reading. This just shows what a worthless bastard is in the WH and who he play footsy with. The same sorry puke just shows how(offensive word removed)a marxist muslim puke he is. See the jailed muslim puke who killed a cop, needs to feed to the hogs! Just a waste of taxpayer money keeping ahorant freaks in confinement is what America has gooton from this pusified attitude. The beleif in finding a peaceable muslim, is about are rare as finding a black, albino, jewish, faggot, eating pork rinds in Detroit.

  • RWT001

    I hold many of the same negative views of the Obama administration and the current Congress, but that seems to me to be a different topic

    As I recall, in the late 1960s, Ford & GM were engaged in modernization and expansion of their automobile production in the USA. I remember the Ford Michigan Casting Center and the Engine Plant and Foundry near Cleveland. Their were union workers in all of these facilities, who earned enough to have a basic middle class life. I would say that they did a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.

    As we know, since those days, nationalism has been replaced by internationalism. Now, it can’t be reversed.

  • http://com i41

    the BS of moderizing anything in the USA, is the result of regulation over loads. When the envior dumb bastards whine about we aren’t creating enough bio grade fuel. The Washington smucks in EPA, placed several impedements on the already operating plant, to the tune of a million dollars in just drying equipment in the early 90′s. Which was also imposed on breweries. No silage (the used grains left) had to be dried down and pelleted. You can not haul the wet feed to feed any type of livestock. Even though all research coming from colleges and animal experts shows wet feed given to any livestock increase feed effiency and gainablity. Which the beltway bastards don’t understand facts and never have. This little BS created EPA program raises the fuel prodiction costs another $150 a ton, because the end product can not be sold, unless it is processed, which raises the cost by % cents to say nothing aboutthe more equipment that is needed. All thisd worth crap was put in place by the dumbocrats and Whorehound was the Prez at the time.

  • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


    The part of Little Barry’s Hope ‘n Change is that he HOPES nobody notices the CHANGE.

    Ever see any of the farmers and hard working folks in IA, IL, MO, TN, sittin’ on their roof during all the floods awaitin’ fer da guvmentman to cum hep em? Most of those hard working folks are GENERALL of what political persuation and what color?

  • Aix Sponsa

    I have the unemployment solution. When my unemp insurance checks stopped, I continued to call in every Monday. Four months later I was instructed to contact the unemp office. I was told that I could not call in anymore, that my account was blocked, that since I was not getting an unemployment check that I was not unemployed. SOLUTION: All we have to do to stop unemployment and make the rate come to zero is to stop issuing unemployment checks. That will work. I have it on good authority directly from the state.

    • Cawmun Cents

      what!You mean they are working the numbers?You are trying to tell me that they arent exactly being honest?(imagine McCauley Kulkin’s face in the Home Alone movie poster….thats how I am looking right now)I cant imagine why they would tend to lie about these numbers….unless an election was looming in the future…..haw!

  • David

    I recently wrote an article about the interconnection of the election period and a certain recovery of some industries in Canada. According to Joe Biden’s latest statements the automobile industry in the US has started to recover right now. So maybe the presidential campaing will also contribute to some positive changes in the US, too.


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