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IAEA: Iran Arming Up

November 10, 2011 by  

IAEA: Iran Arming Up

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report released on Tuesday said that Iran has begun activities focused solely on the creation of nuclear weapons.

According to The Telegraph, the 25-page report evidences extensive research done by the Iranian government into the use of enriched uranium in the creation of an explosive core for ballistic-tipped missiles.

The report also indicates that the country has researched the process involved in creating a sophisticated detonation device that would likely be used in a bomb similar to the Fat Man and Little Boy bombs used by the United States against the Japanese in 1945.

The report also detailed the existence of a nuclear research facility near Tehran.

Prior to the release of the report, atomic inspectors had voiced concerns publicly only about the “possible existence” of weapons work in Iran. The new analysis will most likely heighten international pressure on the country.

Reports from the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) indicate that Iran is denying any allegations of nuclear malfeasance, saying that its nuclear program is focused on energy development.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that the IAEA report is simply another effort by the Western world to inhibit growth and development in Iran. He said that it is hard to justify the report coming from “certain countries” that like to “wage wars, occupy territories, massacre people, commit crimes and plunder resources of nations for the sake of the Zionist criminals.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • robert


    lets blow the face of more children in lybia
    lets find another country like iraq WHERE WE CAN KILL A HALF MILLION CHILDREN

    • Jackie

      Shut up, Robert, you douche. If it wasn’t for the efforts of the fighting American soldier, your babied little ass wouldn’t be sitting in front of your computer FREELY expressing your selfish and unthankful opinion, now, would you? Thank a Vet this weekend instead, you moron.

      • Richr

        Jackie, you were being way too nice!

      • Mark Dabney

        You wrongly assume that the wars we’ve had were about the STATED goals of the Satanic counterfeit of Judaism that the Holy Bible calls “The Synagogue of Satan” [Rev 2:9 & 3:9]- rather it is about the UNSTATED goal of creating a tyrannical one world government.

        You claim to “support the troops” – well here is a nudge in the right direction if you have the moral courage to go there. The day before 9/11 Rumsfeld announced 2.3T$ MISSING- of what turned out to be career military pension funds – care to guess where the records were stored IN THE PENTAGON? Not only did they not engage the surface to air missile batteries on whatever actually hit the Pentagon – neither did they even sound the air raid siren. EVEN IF, EVEN IF again, EVEN IF your official government sponsored, ZioNazi lamestream media approved conspiracy theory were actually true – there is a treasonous criminal element within our government that believes itself to be above the law -

        Want to persist in blindly believe what you wish at the expense of actually examining the veracity of what is asserted without substance – go on, I do not care about the opinions of the willfully ignorant – should you chose to persist in being among them it applies to you as well.

        However, should you decide to not go along with the self-righteous lemmings that hold to the unspoken premise that truth is a democracy – then you are in my prayers.

        Will future generations look back at the choices you made in disgust or inspiration? That choice is now yours! The Creator is watching.

        • B. Hill

          Mark…I was with you up to where you made the point about the $ 2.3 Trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon Fund…then you went spiral.

          What do you mean, whatever hit the pentagon?

        • B. Hill

          Yes, OR ending one before it gets started..

      • jay Lindberg

        Blow it out your sanctimonious ass Jackie. I use to write the crap you are espousing and I did it for money. I never really expected anyone to actually believe it.

      • eddie47d

        Those like Jackie keep using the troops as an excuse to continue these maddening wars. We are losing our Liberties because of these misadventures and the trillions that are spent keeping them in motion. When will we as a civilized nation withdraw the needle out of our arm and this addiction to war? I don’t speak for all veterans but many of us are sick of what government can do to it’s citizens. The Military Industrial Complex has wagged the dog long enough. True patriotism is losing it’s meaning because of all these false flag operations which gives America a black eye. Supporting the troops goes far beyond the wars. They do deserve all the respect we can give them during the operations and long after the fighting is done. The bigger question is why Congress and Corporations allow these wars to flourish which put these troops in danger.

    • Robert Bolino

      Hay Robert,
      Tell them what a good party member you were, when they put you in the camp.
      That’s right those are showers!! BoB.

    • mark

      The United States never killed a half a million children in Libya. This is a total and vicious, unbalanced fabrication.

      • 45caliber

        To the liberals, anyone who wishes to join the military MUST be a prospective murderer who wants a license to kill. And once they get in, they kill only those who can’t resist them.

        As a result, they hate anyone who might go in the military and don’t trust them. Yet I have personally seen NO cases where women were raped and NO cases of babies killed EXCEPT by accident. But you will never convince them of it. Yet they depend upon the military to keep them safe and to punish anyone they dislike.

        It reminds me of many of them who have body guards. They were anti-gun, insisting that no one has the right or the need for guns – but their body guards have them. And if the body guards kill someone, they are not responsible. It is like the man who orders someone to kill and then insists that because he personally did not pull the trigger he can’t be tried for murder.

        • eddie47d

          My Lai comes to mind where babies were killed and thrown on the pile and yes if you read up on it women were raped the same day. That may be a few rouge soldiers but let’s not deny the facts.

          • http://naver samurai

            Let us also not deny the facts that another group of soldiers put themselves between the “rogue” soldiers and the civilians. Ergo, there are still real soldiers in the ranks. I’ll give you a score of 50% on this test Ed. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • eddie47d

            I answered the question correctly that was asked or would you rather someone would lie about what really happened. I’ll give you 10% for trying to hide the truth and another 5% for being a smart azz. Lt. Calley did not apologize until August 24,2009. 41 years later and to little remorse and too late. How many deaths are okay with you Samurai to condemn this man or wasn’t 542 enough? I know about those good soldiers who stopped this massacre. He was Hugh Thompson and 2 of his helicopter crew.If you ever read the book about Hugh(who died in 2009) by Trent Angers you will find my name. An another things a 4 year old boy crawled out from under all the bodies and started running and Calley had him shot. That incident also wasn’t either the heat of war but murder. It also wasn’t for GOD and Country!

    • James

      Robert, what a load of BS !! if you are so simpathetic towards Iran and all the rest of the crap that comes with it, convert to Islam and go and live there !! If it weren’t for the US vets, along with the Brits, Canadians, Australians and Kiwis, you wouldn’t have the freedom to spout so much rubbish !! If you have nothing constructive to say, do us a favour and just shut up !

      • James

        Again, I am not the ‘James’ who wrote this.

    • Gringo Infidel

      You are foolishly misguided, Robert. Instead of forming an opinion on blogs and innuendo, perhaps you should look beyond your ‘feelings.’

    • http://naver samurai

      Way too much kool aid. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Gary

      Typical liberal response. What does it takre to educate you morons to think beyond your tree hugging nose?

  • Tazio2013

    Since Israel is the primary agent war-mongering against Iran, you more open-minded PLD readers may be interested in this:

    Who is behind Israeli government websites’ crash?

    Anonymous sends viral warning to Israeli government about future attack, however State officials deny internet hacking group is behind crash; claim it is a server malfunction
    Ehud Kenan
    Published: 11.06.11, 19:23 / Israel News

    Who crashed the official IDF, Mossad and Shin Bet websites? The Anonymous internet hacking group issued an online statement on Friday warning they intend to attack once again. However State officials deny on Sunday that the group was behind the attack, instead claiming it was a server malfunction.
    A Youtube video uploaded on Friday was signed by Anonymous as an open letter to the government of Israel claiming the Israeli navy blocked the Canadian-Irish flotilla attempting to reach the Gaza Strip.
    “We do not tolerate this kind of repeated offensive behavior against unarmed civilians… If you continue blocking humanitarian vessels to Gaza… then you will leave us no choice but to strike back again and again until you stop,” said a computerized voice in the video.

    The Anonymous group have recently canceled their November 5 plan to reveal the identities of the people cooperating with Zetas, the most violent drug cartel in Mexico.
    Deputy Director of the government’s Information Technology Unit Ziv Slater claimed a serious technological malfunction on one of the servers caused some of the government websites to crash.
    “It has nothing to do with an attack, no threat and no hacking. It’s just a systems malfunction,” said Slater. “Our best minds are working to fix the problem. They were not hacked.”
    The following websites have been taken off line: Shin Bet, Mossad, IDF, IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, Health Ministry, Justice Ministry, Construction and Housing Ministry, Science and Sport’s Ministry, the President’s Residence, Immigration Authority, the Israel Land Administration and Israel Atomic Energy
    Jonathan Silber contributed to this report

  • waveform144

    In modern times, there is but one country that has used nuclear weapons against humanity. That country also holds the dubius honor of having invaded more sovereign nations than any other with armed forces, of having toppled more governments by covert subversive activity, of having invested more wealth in war materials, including conventional, nuclear, chemical, biological, robotic, and radiologic weapons of mass distruction than all other nations of the world combined. Of having squandered more natural resources, propagated more deception…of having bankrupted nations by issuance and control of fiat currency…all in a relitively short period of history…
    Iran has a very long history. Can you make a list of nations it has invaded…of weapons of mass distruction it has developed…and used?

    • firefight

      waveform144, You start of with the words, “in modern times.” Good to qualify. Iran’s history of peace is non-existent. That country along with that part of this world has been at war with someone since before biblical times. Like our own native Americans, they did not develop technologically. Yet, they remained at war with their neighboring countries. Today, they along with many other Islamic countries and groups seek to expand their Muslim control of the world. The role of the United States in world affairs has been extensive and expensive. Both in lives and dollars, but has been, for the most part, necessary. There is no doubt that we have made moves that have corrupted and damaged other nations, but that will always happen with corrupt political leaders in all countries. I don’t approve all of our actions like you, but at the same time we are the only country on the planet that has gone in after every war, every catastrophic event and helped to rebuild those countries to make them better and safer. Right now, Iran is one of the biggest threats to all of the free world that exists today. You really need to see this and understand it.

      • Andre

        Did you mean to say “Right now, ISRAEL is one of the biggest threats to all of the free world that exists today. You really need to see this and understand it”?

        • Capitalist at Birth

          Are you an anti-semite? You sure sound like one.

          • eddie47d

            Israel whom I support has numerous Nuclear weapons and is willing to use them against Iran which I’m against. Iran doesn’t have any Nuclear weapons and you are basically saying they have no right to defend themselves from an attack from Israel. You live in an Orwellian world capitalist and there is nothing anti-Semitic about what Andre said.

          • 45caliber


            You might wish to make a correctiong. “Iran doesn’t have any nuclear weapons THAT I KNOW ABOUT”. Saying it doesn’t have them doesn’t make it so. Most countries that have nukes had them several years before they admitted it.

          • eddie47d

            Israel still says they don’t have Nukes but it is well known that they do. So your point is taken.

      • eddie47d

        Firefight says”I don’t approve of all of our actions like you do”. Where did Waveform say he supported any actions anywhere?

      • Earl


        Do you actually believe what you just said? Iran is far more modern than you imply. Their system of religion on the other hand is somewhat antiquated. It IS however, theirs, and none of our business. I have been following this issue for some time now, and have to date seen no concrete PROOF that Iran has a weapon.

        Conjecture from both sides proves nothing. The possibilities for an all-out nuclear war, if the wrong sides ally with each other is greater than most think, and this saber-rattling by both Israel and the US needs to stop.

        Both sides in this issue have a “religious conviction”, which to them and their belief system provides them with a presumed after-life. This belief, unfortunately, might just get a lot of other parties and countries either annihilated, or poisoned by radiation because two opposing factions can’t seem to settle their differences in a mature way.

        BTW, please don’t start with the “wipe ‘em of the map” talk. That statement was refuted long ago, and I have both the Farsi and the English translation on my computer hard drive to prove it…

        It’s about time the FAR right wing warmongers get real and quit with the chest-pounding and wasting US treasure on the pointless and dangerous military quests, just to support the Military-industrial complex. (Think 1 trillion already spent in Iraq and Af-Pak for what result-none so far. winning? I don’t think so!

        This will eventually result in the total collapse of the land called America as we knew it if it continues. Think this is a joke? NOT

        KEEP it, Y’ALL………

  • Ted Crawford

    WOW The Muslim Brotherhood is well represented here isn’t it?
    That’s perhaps in the first place they lacked the means and in the second they seem very adapt in getting other “useful idiots” to do their work for them! Funding and providing safe training areas for the terrorists is not non-involvement!

    • Mark Dabney

      So, you did not know that the Muslim Brotherhood was promoted by the criminal elements of the CIA to provocateur hostilities? Are you actually assuming that just because you see it on Faux News it must be true? The issue is not what they are telling us – but what they are actively avoiding telling us!

    • Andre

      Ted, Iran was doing pretty well before the US & UK decided to install another leader, because Iran nationalized it’s oil. After we kicked out their monarch and installed the Shah, there was 25 years of US funded oppression, followed by an uprising. The Iranian Revolution led to the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran. How has that worked out for us and them? It seems to me that sleepy sheeple are well represented here. Or willfully ignorant neocons. Here’s a link to educate yourself.'%C3%A9tat

      • Capitalist at Birth

        And, you are one of them.

        • eddie47d

          Andre is right again and we did set this Iranian situation in motion by the coup to install the Shah. What I hear from you Capitalist is that you enjoy a little to much the overthrow of governments.

          • Earl

            I don’t usually support Eddie, but in this case both He and Andre are 100% correct! This happened in 1953 to democratically elected Mohammed Mossadeqh, and the Shah, Reza Pahlevi was installed. His secret police, SAVAK was the provocation that motivated the student uprising in 1979 which brought back the ayatollahs…There ya have it.

        • Earl

          Capitalist at Birth is an oxymoron! How can you make an economic choice at birth?

          Having said that, why do you resort to ad hominem name calling??

  • Rennie

    Only someone stupid enough to be surprised by Iran’s nuclear weapons program will be surprised when Iran starts using those nuclear weapons. But they are not as great as the menace we face from the people within our own governments who know Iran intends to use them, and have done nothing other than pointless sanctions that fans anti-US sentiments and droll speeches to prevent a nuclear Iran which just puts everyone to sleep and sends the newsmedia looking for a sex scandal. Mushroom clouds on the horizon courtesy of Iran, and the little liberal propagandists will scurry about like rats chanting: “Blame Bush!”

    • eddie47d

      Considering it was Ronald Reagan who armed Iraq in order for them to attack Iran (one million dead) and it was George Bush who encouraged isolating Iran through blockades so I believe you need to rethink your comments since you left out the Republican propagandists. Nuclear war wouldn’t serve anybodies desire for world conquest. They would be as dead as their opponent so get off that bandstand. North Korea has Nukes and know they would be toast if they attacked anyone.

    • Earl

      Where’s you proof?

      Another presumption of guilt without evidence. I seem to remember a Marine Officer who was the UN weapons inspector at the time stating categorically that there was NO evidence of such activity. For that he was roundly demonized in the media and (get this) accused of child molestation, which later turned out to be unfounded and without evidence. If ya can’t prove ‘em wrong, then smear ‘em. sounds remarkably like recent times, except this was about 5 years ago…

  • Jay

    The present administration’s supposed preoccupation with Iran”s nuclear capabilities, is nothing more then a pretext to maintain the conflict in the middle-east at full capacity, and to justify the invasion, and destruction of Iran, with the ultimate purpose of installing, in Iran, a political system that will serve globalist’s/bankster’s interests! We should join together in resisting such madness!

  • Jay

    Attack on Iran: Hitlerian Act of Aggression

    November 6, 2011 – As the rhetoric for war with Iran begins to mount, first with the staged DEA-Saudi bomb plot, and now with an upcoming IAEA report supposedly “exposing” Iran’s nuclear arms ambitions, it is important to re-read through the signed confessions by the corporate-fascist interests behind this drive for war where it is admitted that:

    1. Iran poses no threat to US national security – even if they acquired nuclear arms- rather Iran threatens US interests throughout the Middle East, half-way across the planet.

    2. Iran desperately wants to avoid armed conflict with both Israel and the West and would use nuclear weapons merely as a defensive deterrence.

    3. The US and Israel are actively looking to provoke Iran into war with a combination of covert support for destabilization within Iran, supporting listed terrorist organizations, and limited unilateral military first strikes to provoke an Iranian response needed to justify a wider military confrontation.

    All of this is shockingly spelled out in extreme detail within the pages of the corporate-financier funded Brooking Institution report, “Which Path to Persia?” It is essential that every American, European, and Israeli read just how malicious, callus and eager the globalist elite are to trigger a catastrophic war with the Islamic Republic for the sole purpose of protecting Wall Street and London’s hegemony throughout the Middle East.

    “Which Path to Persia?” Brookings Institution 2009 .pdf

    Below are links to efforts to cover in detail the key aspects of this increasing war mongering, the key players behind it, including the corporations funding this agenda, as well as irrefutable evidence that illustrates these designs, laid out in 2009 have already begun to unfold.

    1. Brookings’ “Which Path to Persia?”: The war has already begun, total war is a possibility.

    2. Which Path to Persia?: Redux Syria, Libya, and beyond, Globalists prepare for second phase.

    3. US Policy Toward Iran One-Way Ticket to War Policy Wonk Plays Dumb Over Role in Iranian Escalation.

    4. Corporate-Fascists Clamor for Iran War Unelected corporate-funded policy makers constitute the greatest threat to US national security.

    5. Iran Links US-funded Terrorists to Saudi-DEA Bomb Plot Baseless US accusations countered with more likely Iranian allegations.

    6. Withdrawal of US Troops From Iraq Highly Suspect Think-tank designs for Iran leave only Israeli attack & coaxed provocation for total war on table.

    Upon reading this information, one will realize with horror how patiently persistent the corporate-financier interests on Wall Street and London have pursued this campaign towards war with Iran, and how absolutely deceitful they are willing to be in order to keep it moving forward. It is absolutely imperative that people understand not only just how contrived the treat of Iran is, but that those peddling the lies of such a threat have, behind closed doors, admitted as much.

  • Roger,Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    Thank you MARK DABNEY…we need more with your RATIONAL thinking process and I dont know how you feel about ANONYMOUS but ,so far, I agree very much with what they are doing and hope they are Libertarians because it does seem like libertarian-type actions they are taking…closing down authoritarian systems and organizations with technology and without violence.

    If they are breaking laws, just ask yourself who created and benefits from the laws!

    • Earl

      This is ALL part of the PROJECT FOR THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY plans for the control of the whole middle east, and Eastern Europe and beyond, including Russia and China. (Website now defunct)

      Google the book or its many commentaries titled THE GRAND CHESSBOARD by Zbiginew Brzezinski, and you will understand more-To some, this is old news!

      Glad to see at least some of us know the score-The dis-info specialists are very busy these days!!

    • Marten


  • Capitalist at Birth

    I do not understand any of the posts here today. How unfortunate that such imaginations are wasted on conspiracy theories.

    • Earl


  • Buck

    I look forward to a nuclear world war three , hopefully it will bring about armeggedon . Seven billion people in the world , what would be the percentage of the really free ? What would be the percentage enslaved by tyrants ,dictators , Islam , socialism . communism , fascism , etc: etc: etc: . In this day and age we are reversing civilization , regressing in equal justice , and the most corrupt organization in the world is the organization to improve all these things , the U.N. . And their biggest supporter , the United States .

    • James

      Buck, We weren’t the UN’s biggest supporter, but President Obama is trying too make US that. He donated $50 million to the UN Population Fund to help China pay for its forced abortion program; he approved a UN Declaration of “Gay Rights” which President George W. Bush had previously refused tosign; he overturned President Reagan’s “Mexico City Policy” which pervented US tax-dollars fromj financing abortions overseas; and he even supports a radical UN anti-family treaty allowing UN bureaucrats to monitor your parenting decisions and giving your children the freedom to buy birth control or get an abortion without your consent.

  • James

    So Iran has a big bomb, so what? Israel, reportedly, has around 200 nuclear warheads, no one seems concerned about that. All this ranting and raving about Iran getting the bomb is just a prelude to starting another war in the Middle East.

    • B. Hill

      Yes, OR ending a war before it gets started…

      • James

        B. Hill, are you referring to pre-emptive war? If enough people think Iran is refining Uranium to make a big bomb, rather than a nuclear power plant, then that justifies a pre-emptive attack?

        • James

          And this big bomb must be intended for use against the United States. That is, if Iran is not a threat to the United States, then Congress has no power to declare war. I’ve read somewhere that Russia has nuclear weapons and may use them on America, should we bomb them?

  • Marty S.

    Why all the fuss about nukes in Iran? We really should be concerned about the U.N. Small Arms Treaty which our fearless Suckertary of State Hillary Clinton is working so tirelessly to get passed. If it goes through hide our guns or be ready to use them cuz the NWO is coming to confiscate them.

    • Marten

      And dont forget Christina Romer, the most dangerous woman in America right now…….scaryyyyyyyy


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