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I Told You So…The Romney Landslide Begins

October 4, 2012 by  

I Told You So…The Romney Landslide Begins
The first Presidential debate took place Wednesday.

I made a bold prediction four months ago here at Personal Liberty Digest™ — that Mitt Romney was on his way to a landslide victory over Barack Obama. I called it a repeat of Ronald Reagan’s landslide over incumbent President Jimmy Carter. Don’t look now, but that prediction just became reality.

Romney schooled Obama in the debate last night. He made Obama look weak, small and childlike. Obama was listless and uninspiring, could not look Romney in the eyes and, worst of all, could not muster the confidence or energy to defend his own record. The whole Nation saw it: The emperor has no clothes.

Where’s a teleprompter when you really need it?

It all ended for Obama on Wednesday night. Romney is not only the smartest guy in the room (by far), but he proved it on that Presidential debate stage.

Romney was at ease. He was smiling. He was willing to look Obama right in the eye, debunk his lies and take the fight to him. Romney stayed on message. It was as if Romney’s debate coach were James Carville; the message was, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

It’s easy to lie when you are speaking to journalists who are gushing fans of your ultra-liberal policies. But it isn’t so easy to lie on that stage, with the Nation watching and with your opponent staring at you. Obama’s lies, myths and misrepresentations about Romney’s tax and budget plans were all debunked on that stage Wednesday night.

Of course, the great zinger that exposed Obama’s lies was when Romney said that raising five boys had prepared him for hearing things that aren’t true, and then hearing the lie repeated over and over again to try to make it appear true.

Every parent in America was smiling and nodding.

Romney won the debate by looking Presidential and staying focused on distinct targeted messages.

First, that he will cut taxes without adding to the deficit, and will never raise taxes on the middle class. Ever.

Second, that what matters above all else now is jobs. That is Romney’s priority. And you can create jobs only by growing the economy. And you can grow the economy only by keeping taxes low, cutting regulations and reducing the size of the government.

Third, that Obama is the one hurting seniors by cutting more than $700 billion from Medicare. Romney will protect Medicare and change nothing for current recipients. Obama is endangering it. Suddenly every senior in America was reassured this is not a man with a radical plan, nor should they ever fear losing their Medicare or Social Security.

Fourth, that Obama promised to cut the debt in half, but instead he doubled it. Romney called it immoral to keep spending more than we take in. Did you see the look on Obama’s face? Did you see his body language? He looked like a defeated man. He looked like he wanted to be anywhere but on that stage defending his record. Of course, that’s because his record on debt and spending is in fact indefensible.

Fifth, Romney pointed out that Obamacare will cost $2,500 more per family, and that it will kill jobs. Obamacare will make it less likely that small businesses will hire people. Romney used something that befuddles Obama: facts. He pointed out that the Congressional Budget Office predicts that 20 million Americans will lose their current insurance under Obamacare.

You could almost hear millions of Americans who are happy with their current insurance standing and cheering for Romney.

Then Romney went for the kill. He pointed out that Obama wasted his first two years on Obamacare — something the majority of Americans didn’t even want — in the middle of an economic tragedy, when jobs should have been his priority. He squandered his two years when he should have been fighting for jobs for the American people.

You could feel the life ebb out of Obama. He looked so small, he almost disappeared.

But the line of the night that completely emasculated Obama was: “Yes, Mr. President your spending does show your priorities. You spent $90 billion on green energy tax breaks. That’s like 50 years of tax breaks to oil companies. You gave $90 billion to companies like Solyndra. You could have hired 2 million teachers with that money.”


Romney looked and sounded like a President. He showcased his CEO leadership skills. Obama was depressed, befuddled, stumbling, bumbling and fumbling throughout the night. He wasn’t Presidential, even though he’s the President. He was a man out of his league. Obama looked like a scared young grad student debating his economics professor. I almost felt bad for him.


In the end, Jim Lehrer had the best line of the night when he tried to stop Obama from going over his allotted time. He said, “Mr. President, your time is up.”

How prophetic.

–Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • Travis

    I almost felt bad for Obama too but then again I am in the middle class and want someone in the office that will not force my employers hand into dropping my insurance. It’s nice to have a job and I don’t want to lose it!

    • FreedomFighter

      But the line of the night that completely emasculated Obama was: “Yes, Mr. President your spending does show your priorities. You spent $90 billion on green energy tax breaks. That’s like 50 years of tax breaks to oil companies. You gave $90 billion to companies like Solyndra. You could have hired 2 million teachers with that money.”


      I really am not sure about Mr Romney, but I am sure about Obama the liar, thats why I will vote for Romney against Obama the Lawless One.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Congress Works For Us

        Yep. Romney has a chance to be another Reagan (the scenario is, after all, very similar to that which Reagan inherited).

        What made Reagan a success and Obama a failure though was very simple: Reagan never once pointed fingers of blame; he simply got to work and fixed the problems. And Obama? Well…

      • Country Gal

        I almost (that being the key word) felt sorry for Obama. He stood there looking like he’d rather be anywhere but standing behind that podium. His facial features really gave him away. I never saw such a sour look. There’s no way he could counter what Romney was saying and after running all those ads which were vicious lies, had difficulty looking at Romney. He was like a deer in the headlights. He is the most dangerous man we’ve ever had in; office. It’s almost laughable that he blathers on about terrorist activity when the biggest terrorist is living in our White House, using our Jet, our house and our money. If you don’t believe me, get hold of his Executive Order 13603 and carefully read it. It is so damning I can’t even begin to fathom what we have in store. Someone needs to publish it where people will have to see it. He should be arrested and tried for treason and executed by a firing squad.

        • Ruth

          Good to see there are people out there with their eyes open.Very good read.We need to get out there and vote and get this man out of office and try to re-bulid our christian nation before it is to late.

      • budman

        I know you are not that sure about Romney and the reason may be that Romney is more Moderate than Conservative and in reality what is required if you are going to get anything done with a divided Congress. The wrong way to get things done is by executive order which Obama has used often and in doing so has made the Democrats happy but the Republicans furious at him. If you recall, both Clinton and Bush moved to the middle in order to get anything done and had cooperation for the most part.

        If the author of this article had chosen to throw his name into the campaign as a Republican, he might have been the one who won the nomination. He not only knows Obama very well but was a classmate of his. He is also highly intelligent and has the answers to turn this economy around like Romney, He would also, like Romney have Obama on the ropes in a debate

        Since the Democratic Party has been taken over by the Socialist Democrat and now have a far left platform, look for a third party to emerge before the next election and Wayne Root just may be the nominee for that party.

      • SJJolly

        Budman: If Romney wins, best he faces a divided Congress. One controlled by Tea Party Republicans would try to drag his adminstration off the far-right end of the American political spectrum.

      • Ted Apelt

        “Romney used the number “$90 billion” five times in the first presidential debate, claiming, “In one year, (Obama) provided $90 billion in breaks to the green energy world … into solar and wind, to Solyndra and Fisker and Tesla and Ener1.”

        That is incorrect in several ways. That $90 billion, as described in a report provided by the Romney campaign, wasn’t provided in one year, wasn’t distributed primarily via tax breaks, wasn’t primarily provided directly to companies, wasn’t primarily spent on solar and wind, and wasn’t spent at all on Fisker or Tesla.

        In reality, more than 60 percent of it was directed to state and local governments and utility companies for energy efficiency, transportation and electrical infrastructure .

        We rate his claim False.”

      • Steve Lohrstorfer

        your the blind one. Every fact checking agencies have shown that most of what romney said was a lie but you will vote for him anyway

    • Doug Berry

      When i first realized Obama was going to fail at everything was the day he agreed to pay all those (FAILURES) of CEO’s of Goldman sachs and rest of the Wallstreet crooks 20 million dollar bonus’s Only in America does the governement pay crooked CEO’s with taxpayer money who were failures and their companys were bankrupt. Obama exausted our countrys only cash reserves to save a bunch of rich crooked wallstreet execs from losing their money. All that money could have been used to create jobs for middleclass but instead went to a hand full of rich people. Obama has been a complete failure the worst being Obamacare. All Obamacare accomplished was to force existing health insurance companys to insure people they would not have in past but now they are allowed to raise rates as much as they want to compensate themeselves for insuring people with pre-existing conditions. Obama spent billions getting Obamacare passed and it was (IS) a complete failure. Everyone I know has lost their insurance either because they can no longer afford the higher rates or the small business’s they work for can no longer afford the higher rates for their employees. I have nothing but respect for Britain, Canada, France and every other cililized country that takes care of their people from the day the are born to the day they die. Don’t believe me maybe you should go watch Michael Moore’s movie “Sicko”

      • JuanC

        That is so tru Doug. And to cap it off, Obama is trying to make Romney look like he is for the affluent people, by giving them higher tax breaks than the middle class. And here he is giving them $20 million in bonuses. Now, who is for the rich?? The proof is in the pudding. Obama comes out the winner, (or loser come Nov 2012).

      • kryptisha

        I have family in Canada who comes to the US for medical care because Canada refuses to treat them due to their age. My Grandmother was only 77 and living completely on her own. Canada said she was too old for a hip replacement and not worth the expense to the country. Why would you have respect for a country who refuses to treat its citizens based upon their age?! Do you want the US to refuse your hip replacement at age 65 because you are too old? Luckily, my Grandmother was able to come to the states to get her hip replacement. I have worked in the medical billing field for over 12 years and I can tell you from experience that Medicare already denies enough procedures for age, type of infection, etc. In fact, Medicare adds new types of infections, procedures, and diseases that it no longer covers to its “Non-covered Charges” list every 30 days.

    • Ron

      I was wondering if anyone realizes that the President is just a mouthpiece and that he can only suggest laws, but CONGRESS implements them and has the FINAL say even over the President’s Veto. With that being said, NO president can do anything the people want unless Congress agrees to it! Now our Congress owes over a billion dollars in tax money, get pension plans that are in short, amazing! They have health care plans that are similar to the ones they have labelled “Socialist” but refuse to assist the rest of us in getting ahead. They also are in the percent that can find loopholes to avoid even the taxes they would be paying IF they paid taxes!

      Now as far as Obama goes, yes his performance in the debate was beyond pathetic; however, I am uncertain about his abilities to reach across to Congress when the Republicans’ main goal was to block EVERYTHING he did, verses helping us , the American people. As far as Mitt goes, he sways to what he thinks the American people may wish to hear at any given moment! Romney has already offended Foreign Countries by his arrogance, and if another country decides to declare war, It will be because of this blatant arrogance. Then what will we do?

      I believe Obama was elected into office because those with $$ knew the world would trust a “black” man in office long enough to secure some semblance of contractual agreements and the 1% could benefit financially. When Obama really tried to implement what America bought into from his campaign, both the Democrats and Republicans said “hold up black man, you have forgotten your place….you were not here to “change” anything, just get America from being so well hated until we could secure our financial relationships!”

      Now Mitt and Ryan, honestly if it were any other two people running, maybe even Trump at this moment I would probably vote for him, but these two, Clownmney and RLyin are backing the antiquated belief of women being barefoot and pregnant, elite white males continuing to invest in these other countries (scenarios listed above) and leaving America without educational means to best compete and crush our competition by keeping and bringing jobs back here where we, the American people can work, and have health insurance we can afford to be able to work and make a change!

      • Nan

        For the first 2 years of his Presidency, Obama had a Democratic House AND Senate. Therefore, the Republicans didn’t have the power to block anything he did. In addition, he simply goes over the Republicans’ heads and issues executive orders. Romney for President.

      • Chief

        Ron; Not real sure what world you belong to but your comments are beyound understanding it is without a doubt you are a Democrat with a closed mind.Just one simple question if you please Are you better off today than you were 4years ago? I sure am not interest on savings down to nothing 401Ks in the drink no jobs to be had just to name a few.Not to mention gas, food,utilities all going out of sight sorry but you and I see things a lot differently.

      • combatvet

        Hey Ron, put down the crack pipe. It’s ill informed knuckleheads like you that have served to place our nation on the precipice. Your boyfriend in the White House has a Communist controlled Senate lead by a traitorous sycophant who currently sits on 30 House jobs bills and refuses to let them be reviewed. To those sick demented liberal America haters posting their mindless, baseless comments here, we are not the Communist nation you long for…move to China. To talk about Romney lying when the biggest most incompetent liar in American history continues to soil our White House, destroy our way of life and kill our national security. Your boy Barry is the greatest criminal our nation has ever seen and you talk about Romney a real successful businessman and governor who loves this nation and wants to turn our fall from grace around. I could list at least 100 felonies and criminal acts including treason and sedition committed by the fraudulent CNC but you mind numb single digit IQ lemmings wouldn’t believe anything that unmasks the sick, demented puppet that is killing America. My dog would be a better President than that sociopathic homosexual narcissist anti-American teleprompter in chief. He doesn’t give a damn about you kool-aid drinkers as he spends 1.4 billion a year on his opulent lifestyle, taxpayer dollars and can’t believe how stupid you lemmings are. He has never lived in poverty. He attended a very expensive private school in Hawaii, Columbia and Harvard, so he claims. Very expensive exclusive institutions and exactly how did he pay for those? He has lied and cheated his way through life, Fake social security number that fails e-verify among a number of other fake social security numbers he’s used. A forged birth certificate, a forged selective service registration, felony perjury on his bar application forcing the surrender of his law license and a life surrounded terrorists, communists and virulent America haters.

        It’s not about party, it’s about our dying nation and the disease that has infected us, promulgated by the virulent organism that has infected our nation………Husseinisitis hateamericus!

      • rosalyn

        All Romney did was practice his lies or should I say his twisting of facts. He is good at that. I think if people put Romney in you are going to see how poor the middle class will become. I don’t know what happened to Obama debate night but I’m hoping he acts like Romney did next debate and lets Romney have it. Romney will not help anyone but his rich buddies. I am one of the 47 per cent Romney doesn’t care about. If Romney gets in, the per centage will go up for the entitled people that he believes shouldn’t get what we paid into. Obama did what he could and he did try to get the parties to compromise but with the Republcans it’s their way or no way. Obama said he’d get Bin Laden and he did. He said he’d push through health care and he did. Obama did alot of things he said he would and guess what? That’s why he got elected. Do people forget what they wanted. He also said it would take a long time to get better. Those are things people tend to forget. He needs four more years to fix what Bush created.

      • splink

        Lord Almighty !! You are so misguided that reasoning with you is out of the question. I will pray that you are an exception.

      • ChuckL

        You identified many of Obama’s falsehoods and massive errors, but you still complain that it was the Republicans who prevented his massive socialist programs from being implemented. You give your blessings to the socialist heathcare programs that proliferate throughout Europe and praise the care provided, while ignoring the long waiting periods to even see a doctor, periods in which many die without care. Many Canadians have come to the United States for care that was either not available under their socialist system or for which they had a waiting period so long that they also would have died.

        Then you did mention that the President is only authorized to suggest laws, and that congress must actually write them. Please identify the date, if any, that that has happened since Jan 20, 2009.

        And, if you will read the first sentence following the Preamble to the Constitution, you will find that the only government department that is authorized to make law is the Congress. The Congress has created many agencies upon which they have conferred power to have their regulations enforced as if they are law. There is NO authorization in the Constitution for the Congress to do this. Almost all of these agencies themselves are unconstitutional because they are exercising powers that have been reserved to the States or to the People. The advantage that congress gets from this is separation from the bad results of these “regulations” as the congress did not write them.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

        HAVE U COMPLETELY LOST YOUR MIND? Obama has thrown the American people under the bus and U cannot see that and if not you are just as dumb as he is.

      • Trenton Spears

        Where did you dig up all this trash. It takes 2/3 of any Congress or Senate to overide a Presidential veto. The choice is Romney or Obama. The choice is more of the same getting worse with Obama or a choice of real leadership and someone who really loves America the way it use to be Mitt Romney. Trenton Spears

      • Joe_ks

        Good grief. My achin’ heart. You actually think after almost 4 years of Obama, that it’s Romney arrogance we need to worry about? I don’t know if I should laugh at a comment like that because it is so absurd, or cry because there are so many people who will be voting in the election who will accept, embrace and spread around something that ignorant .

      • mary

        You surely have lost your mind and need medical attention. Get the help while you can before long your beloved President will decided who gets what. I honestly feel sorry for you!

    • Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

      Let’s not count old Bull Winkle out yet. It’s not over until the last vote is counted.There are too many nutcases out there that do not understand how anything works, let alone the Government and would vote for Big Bird rather than a Republican. I am sure by now you saw that nincompoop that was shouting she was going to vote for the fraud because he gave them free phones and said that Romney sucks. These are the scumbags that are living off the tax payers and wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • don

      how can anyone almost feel sorry for obama? he has almost destoryed the U>S>A>an it can still fall just from the 4 years he has been in control. flokes this ain’t over even if mitt. wins., obama has carryed us to depths that me might not recover from.

  • Gregg

    Great article ! Spot on !

    • Doug Berry

      Well said Gregg “spot on” Obama knows his last 4 years have been a complete failure and whats worse I had my wife vote for him. Sorry i quit voting when George Bush had his brother Jed fix the election against Gore in Florida. Only In Amerca can someone lose the presidency by receiving more votes from the people

      • Doug Berry

        “Jeb” sorry

      • http://yahoo john martin

        The better man won.

      • ChuckL

        Dear Doug,
        There were 7 recall counts in Florida, Gore lost all of them.
        4 were official Florida recounts and three were done by newspapers using the “fredom of Information Act to get the official ballots.

        Facts do not back your claim of a stolen election.

      • Joe_ks

        Funny how people remember things differently. What I remember about Bush vs Gore is that democrats doing everything in their power to steal the election and then accusing Bush of that and getting away with it. I remember things like recount, recount, recount because we want every vote to count, accept of course the absentee military votes that the democrats tried to block while chanting dangling chad, dimpled chad, chad laying on the floor, all righteous people know every one of those is a vote for Gore. The truth is, that election probably was close enough that if Ralph Nader had stayed out of it, Gore might have won. But he didn’t. That election was not stolen. Want a good example of a stolen election? Take a good, hard, honest look at how Barack Obama became president. Of course, you’ll have to take off the leftist blinders before you look.

      • budman

        Doug: Like a few others that commented about your implying Jeb Bush stole the election for his brother, I would like to add my own.
        I live in Florida, was present when all of this was going on and what all of here in Florida saw was seven recounts only in those counties where the Democrats held the majority of registered voters, hanging chads and where the ballot was punched for both candidates went to Gore and the incredible effort by Gore to stop the overseas ballots of our military from being counted by going to court over this, then finally going all the way to the Supreme Court where Gore lost his case.
        What happened in the recount in those counties and the count of the overseas ballots actually widened the number of votes for Bush where before, he won by a very small margin. The overseas ballots were overwhelming in favor of Bush.
        During this process, they also discovered that the Democrats had used felons, some still in prison, two counties that committed election fraud in favor of the Democrats.
        The people in Florida know the facts about this and know that Bush won fairly where Gore tried his best to win unfairly.

    • Liberty Lover

      And 67 million people witnessed the meltdown with three times that number hearing about it on the news. Romney established credibility with the masses and that’s all he should need competing against an affirmative-action dilettante who’s been an abysmal failure and whose depth of understanding of major issues doesn’t go much beyond Democratic talking point. If Obama had been given the choice, I think he’d have chosen being water-boarded over sharing the stage with Mitt Wednesday night.

      • pawdna

        I saw no place to reply to Rosalyn so am doing it on this reply. Sorry—but can Rosalyn not see that Obama has been setting up her 47% since he got in office by buying their votes for 2012 so he could insure getting his 2nd term? Hey, Rosalyn, why don’t u take care of yourself instead of having Obama pull the $$$ out of the rest of the country’s pockets? Obviously you want to be in the 47% for the free handouts. What if the $$$ came out of your pocket (if you had some) & you had to give it to others who don’t/won/t work? I guess then you would see things a little differently. Personally, I’m tired of the govt legally putting their hand in MY pocket & giving it to the 47% who just wait by their mailboxes for the check. I do realize some of that 47% have tried to find jobs but most of the 47% have not. When you have no $$$ there’s no job beneath you……You take whatever you work you can get. But some of that 47% think their too good to take a menial job & at least try to help themselves. A lot of us supporting the 47% would be in your group (making the percentage even higher) if we had accepted doing nothing for ourselves & taking freebie $$$ from those who did help themselves. We do NOT appreciate it in the least! Where would you get your free $$$ if all of us decided to become part of your group? I do understand some people are unable to work or contribute to society, but it’s not 47%. The few who are unable are the ones who should get the help. But you can’t tell me that 47% of the people in this country are unable to work or do anything for themselves.

  • Doris

    Bravo Wayne! Bravo Mitt! Bravo America!

    • Art Burgos

      Amen,Doris.We need a Leader.not a Fallower.

      • eddie47d

        Then Mitt is your man. He follows his money from one bank account to another and from one country to another. You can’t make $92 million off of a failed company that has no assets. That is virtually impossible but he did it. He played our economic system like a fiddle . So please feel free to vote in this newest member of the Elite NWO crowd.

      • ChuckL

        This is in response to Eddie 47d’s comment.

        Eddie, please explain to me and the rest who may be interested how you take 92 Million dollars from a company with no assets.

        The only way that I have seen is to get the Obama administration to back a half trillion dollar loan and then go bankrupt after paying yourself huge bonuses. If Solyndra comes to mind, it should.

      • eddie47d

        No one received “huge bonuses” from those Solyndra loans.Few made any money if you are trying to get at something in your second question. Solyandra was created and was functioning but closed down immediately because of Chinese competition. (1st question) Now if you take from a company on life support and that company goes out of business and closes down yet you make $92 million as an individual then you are making those dollars off of a company without any assets. Romney wasn’t the only one at Bain to take millions for themselves. If they were honest deals the company would have been revived or at least a new business started with that kind of money. They created nothing but took plenty.

      • APN

        Eddie47S said: So please feel free to vote in this newest member of the Elite NWO crowd.

        OK eddiedumbo,, I WILL COME NOV. 6TH!!!!!!!

      • Joe_ks

        Eddie47S said: So please feel free to vote in this newest member of the Elite NWO crowd. Eddie, right now, I’d vote for Mickey Mouse quicker than I’d vote for Barack Obama. How do you like that apple? LOL

      • http://msn linda

        mitt romney all the way. i am a senior. and i am sick of seniors suffering all the time. obama is a liar. i just hope people vote for the good of our country, not just the color of someones skin. this man has done nothing. and he gets mad if asked about what he has done in four years..

    • darrell allen tansy

      amen its about time…

  • Tim Kosiorek

    I think you were watching a different debate,Romney did nothing but what he is good at”Lying”

    • GRusling

      Your remarks really don’t deserve a reply when when even “Bill Maher” admitted Romney took Obama to SCHOOL and spanked him like a freshman! You really need to get some new talking points from your handler…

      • Smilee

        It only proved that Romney is a great debater but it does not negate Tim’s comment which is true, what remains to be seen is if the people believe him which he has had a terrible problem with and if this was game changer that has yet to be determined.

      • Paul Wells

        I see “kool-aid” is still the preferred beverage of choice with the blind, loyal followers of failed socialism.

    • APN

      …and I guess Obama is an honest most trustworthy person, correct? LMAO!

      • Netterella

        Enlighten me, please! Just what is it that Romney was lying about?

      • TML

        Netterella says, “Enlighten me, please! Just what is it that Romney was lying about?”

        I think it’s well known that Romney flip flops very often, saying things he believes people want to hear, and really no different than Obama in the first place.

        I think Romney’s most blatant lie was in his response to the role of government when he immediately tried to wrap himself in the constitution saying the role of government was to protect such document, despite the fact that he openly said we would have signed the NDAA inti law, the same as Obama did.

        I find it funny that here, Wayne actually seems to be so happy about Romney winning, since he is clearly part of the “any one but Obama” crowd, which is as hypocritical a position as the two habitual liars on the stage.

        Wayne, while blindly supporting Romney, says “And you can grow the economy only by keeping taxes low, cutting regulations and reducing the size of the government.”… even though reducing the size of government isn’t Romney’s concern.

      • eddie47d

        Here we go again! On Romneys fibs!The debt reduction issue! Obamacare is responsible for increased healthcare costs. It could be but not yet. That baby still falls in the lap of private insurers. Gas permits on Federal lands! The Dodds/Frank bill (Republicans screwed that one up)! 20 million will lose their healthcare under Obama. Not a chance! Phonied up the unemployment numbers in the debates. (false assumption and not a fact) ! Then there is the Medicare issue! If you think Obama lied so be it but don’t run around proclaiming that Romney didn’t.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

        At least he earned his money the good ole way and I can say honestly the only reason anyone is saying Romney is lying is because they must be on food stamps, and government subs.

      • TML

        Mary Taylor says, “the only reason anyone is saying Romney is lying is because they must be on food stamps, and government subs.”

        uh, not on food stamps or government subs of any kind. The reason I say he is lying is because he has a record of doing so as I just pointed out above.

      • http://msn linda

        obama is a disgrace.!!

    • MO

      You can’t be serious. Obama has lied for almost four years and you are backing him? Shows how smart you are. You support someone with failed buyouts, over-spending, Fast and Furious, and leaving illegals in the U.S. for us to pay for? Oh I forgot, he took 716 billion out of medicare. You must be loaded to be able to pay for the illegals. You are not the answer, you are the problem along with Obama. Have a great night and enjoy Mitt’s first four year term. And yes, he beat Obama like a rented mule Wednesday night, and that is a true fact!

      • Dave Elfers

        Look, you have two liars debating and one did remarkably better than the other. Romney ripped him to pieces…but I repeat that I think Mitt is a liar. He campaigned to the left of Ted Kennedy in that Senate race. He governed farther left than most Democrat governors. Since when did he become a conservative?

        His rhetoric is spot on for defeating a flaming liberal president in a debate. His integrity? No evidence whatsoever that he can be trusted.

      • Art Burgos

        Thank you MO,you hit it right on the money.This Obama supporters hate knowing the true about how bad this president is doing.for me he is a disgraced to our country.We need to fire his ass.and send him back to Kenya,hehehe.!

      • eddie47d

        Obama definitely got a one two punch in the debate right off the bat and he had a difficult time recovering. Let’s remember Mitch McConnell’s infamous comment almost 4 years ago. The Republicans “will do everything in their power to make him a one term President” and “We will block everything he proposes even if it hurts our nation”. Atta boy Republicans are you happy with your efforts in taking not only Obama down but the nation with it? No wonder that Congress only has an 8% approval rating while the President is still up in the high 40′s. Obama has had his share of screw ups but as we all well know he inherited a terrible economy from a Republican and then those same Republicans deliberately stopped the clock on moving this nation forward. The Republicans know this and deserve even less respect than the Democrats.

      • uvuvuv

        it takes a lot of nerve for obama to say that an imposter was standing in for romney when there’s all kinds of questions concerning just who this obama himself is. there are all these frank marshall davis rumors floating around, which i don’t buy myself because ann dunham at age 17 would never have even known him, but my observation is that his childhood photos don’t look remotely like who he is now. also in a high school or college era close-up photo of him wearing a fedora hat he doesn’t have that distinctive nose feature. he won’t release his scholastic records but there’s no skullduggery here, it’s just that he took all his courses pass/fail. this is the dodge used by lazy, wealthy or indifferent students everywhere, so that isn’t suspicious, at all.

      • Ralph

        To all you Obama KOOL AID drinkers. You all say Obama is high IQ and so smart.. OH I guess the 5000 feet changed that.

      • eddie47d

        UVUVUV; Obama never said Romney was an “Impostor” . What he said was not in that context and more of an admission Romney had the best of him.

      • pawdna

        Right on!!! How can a person call Romney a liar when they don’t even know this good upstanding man who made his on his own. They really have nothing else to pick apart on Romney so they resort to calling him a liar. He’s been pretty upfront about everything, but some people can’t see the nose on their face & choose not to believe him. How in the world can they then believe Obama????? Where’s the logic??

        • http://PersonalLiberty Duane Williams

          Upfront? What a joke. Where are his tax returns and what is he hiding? He’s changed positions more times than anyone can count. He’s a serial liar.

      • http://msn linda

        i have never believed that obama is a legal citizen. the government is a pack of liars. you really think they care about the middle class. hahaha. they just want votes. people wake up. but i sure dont want obama in there again. he has done nothing for us. he never did belong in the white house. he doesnt have enough experience with war time. he has done nothing but bow to our enemies. and his wife has done nothing but tell people what to eat.!! she better take a look at her self.

        • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

          I do not know you, but you are on point all the way. I happen to be a Registered Nurse and we are being told how much care we can give and how to give it. That is Obamacare at its best. Doctors are pulling out of Medicare & Medicaid because of Obamacare. Soon it will be cash or die if this LYING, CHEATING, NO GOOD FROM KENYA, GETS HIS WAY.

    • Ricksmom

      If Romney was lying Obama had the perfect opportunity to confront the ‘lies’ on the spot. Instead he was like a silly little grade school child waiting until the next day out of reach of his opponent and then screaming ‘liar, liar, pants on fire’. The real Obama was exposed and he couldn’t wait to get off that stage and start calling his troops on how to counter the truth as put forth by Romney.

      Obama is a failure. He needs to stick with golf, basketball and vacationing and give the Country to get back to it’s roots.

      Yes Obama, move forward as far away as possible and let Romney fix the economy, get people working, and uniting the Country which you have tried to tear down since you first ran for the Senate. Enough already!

    • Ruth

      Tim you must be a democrate no matter what.You trully can not believe the Mr. Obama has made our nation better these past four years.Our nation is falling deep into socalism under this president and the downfall of our once great nation.Our nation was built on strong Godly christian morals and people brave enough to stand for our God given rights for freedom,and we do not have our rights under socialism control.We live in a greedly self-centered world has saddly removed God from our homes,schools and our government to are to blind to see we are headed for a one world government.Us people in america needs to wake up an trully see the evil taking place.I for one stands with Jesus Christ as the sovern leader over HIS world and not face the demise of evil that is spreading over our nation.When we remove God and morals from our nation we will fall to distruction.I stand on the side of freedom and power through Jesus Christ.God forbid those that turn their backs on God,for that nation will fall.

      • Art Burgos

        Amen Ruth,Thank you for putting some sence on this Blinded people.I Believe NOT the solution,GOD is !

        • Ruth

          Praise God Art for your stand with me and our christian right to freedom of worship and freedom to stand for our moral liberies that are being striped away from us.Now is the time for all born again christian to stand for our LORD and fight for our rights as HIS children.This world is not our home,but until we are called home we must defend our moral christian duties and stand for freedom of speach and honor to our God.God bless you.

      • kathie

        Good for you Ruth. I thought Obama showed his true colors at the convention when he removed God from the platform. Then to appease the country because of the uproar, he put it back in. But again I was wrong–these people are hard-core. They want our country to go down. They are not Godly, and they won’t stand up for him. I think our country is doomed if this child-like man gets reelected.

        • Ruth

          Kathie God bless your response to my message.We as christians trully need to stand strong together and fight for te moral decay that is spreading over our nation.We know a christians this world is not our home but we need to stand together and fight for our freedom of speech and defend our God.We must pray and maybe our God will see fix to heal our land.Satin is working hard because we are entering our final days upon this earth.If we are christians then let us stand strong and proud for the name of Jesus Christ who died for the evil of this world.God bless you all.

      • Eddie G.

        Amen Ruth. If you haven’t read “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn,then do so. The book is everything you’re saying about this nation falling away from God which our Founders could never fathom to do. This is a nation built on the belief of an Almighty Creator who endowed us with certain inalienable rights. The life,liberty,and pursuit of happiness,can hardly ever exist when all reference to God has been banned because of so called “separation of church and state” which is nowhere in the Constitution. It’s a trumped up myth consecrated by sheer liberal folly to justify their rejection of a Supreme Being. Those idiots can hide behind words,gestures,lies,or behind a big rock,and God will find them and smite them out of existence. Those of us who continue to believe will be the survivors for Jesus Christ Himself said,”whosoever believeth in me shall have everlasting life”. That sure beats any belief in Obama and his evil works such as sacrificing the blood of innocents on the altars of Planned Parenthood.

        • Ruth

          God bless you Eddie,It is awesome to stand with another brother in Christ.Praise God nothing will seperate us from the power of God.This election will not take our God by surprize.May we as christian stand together and pray,because God hears the prrayers of the faithful and all will work for the good of those that love the LORD.May we be strong and courageous.Love you you christian in your faith,may we form a bound of brotherly love to shine unto a sinful world.God will hear our prayers and may the will of our God take place.One day Jesus will call our name and we will be forever ready to meet HIM in the sky.Praise God.

      • pawdna

        Yes, it wa a national disgrace at the Democratic Convention how many people cheered to NOT have God in the agenda. I was totally appalled & in total disbelief. But the Bible says that very thing would come to pass. I didn’t think it would be in my lifetime. Those people have some real reckoning to deal with.

    • Ron

      why do you think he is a liar,you don’t even know him you are just hoodwinked bye the socialists.

    • vietnamvet1971

      Now Tim, you must open your Eyes & Ears and not your Big Mouth!

    • ArkansasRebel

      I’m totally stunned! That anyone could have watched that debate & come away with the reaction you have, just illustrates that the liberal left, those intractable libs, would not ever acknowledge the truth & certainly cannot tell when their man is lying. You, obviously will believe anything he says, while even the LSM acknowledged that Obama was the greater liar.

      • pawdna

        Yes, at Obama’s rallies, he gets up & yells & accuses like Hitler. But he really says nothing. He tries to make jokes to put the people at ease w/him by making them laugh. But it only makes him look ignorant. What he thinks is a joke is not very funny either. Those liberals ride on his coat tails like he’s the messiah & he’s definitely proven he’s not. Do that many people want socialism in this country?? I just don’t know how they think or if they do!
        You didn’t see Obama yelling & screaming at the debate & giving us a view up his nose. i think it’s because he was ashamed in front of the country when Romney publicly exposed him. But the very next day he was out yelling & screaming & saying nothing. That tells me he’s a coward because he sure wouldn’t do it to Romney’s face!!

    • George

      PROVE IT ; since when is stating ‘ facts ; lieing ?

    • Mike Wood

      Obumer sounded like another one of his campaing speeches up there, He had NOTHING for Romney.

    • Deerinwater

      Root say; “Romney won the debate by looking Presidential and staying focused on distinct targeted messages.”

      and don’t forget the “Fuzzy math” Mr. Root. It is very important that you remember that when it come time to be disappointed with any future progress that Mitt might offer.

      It was the GOP that told us that lower taxes would equate to more jobs. That this has failed to actually happen after 8 years of lower taxes suggest to me that someone has a very short memory.

      So I would be around and help reminded you about Mitt Romney fuzzy math, just in case you forget.

      • ChuckL


        Lower taxes mean nothing when the administration implements multiple regulations that increase costs of products and also causes a massive increase in the price of energy to make anything, or deliver anything.

        Then there is your false assumption that failure to implement increases in income taxes equates to “NO NEW TAXES”. It does not.

    • ChuckL

      Dear Tim,

      We must have been watching different programs last Wednesday night.
      The one I was watching had a man who is famous for his comment about “Only those with something to hide, refuse to present the truth.”
      This was the one who presented a computer generated copy of his birth certificate which had several different typefaces on a single typewritten document.
      This was the one who promised to cut the “deficit” in half in his first term; and then tripled it.
      This was the one who promised that anyone making less than $250,000.00 per year would see no new taxes. he has already created so many new business taxes that the taxes we pay, yes I said that we pay, have taken another $2000.00 or more from each family in the country. Just in case you still do not understand, I shall explain it to you. Businesses DO NOT pay taxes. Taxes are a cost of doing business.The MUST be treated as a cost of business and added to the purchase price of the product that is manufactured or purchased for resale. This means that the tax is marked up along with the rest of the product.
      The increased taxes on fuel is added t the cost of the product both when the raw material is delivered to the manufacturer and also when the product is delivered to the wholesaler, who marks it up again when he sells the product to the retailer.
      The only business that actually pays taxes is the one that fails. The rest just mark the taxes up and pass them on to you, and the rest of us.

      That’s the way it works, Tim. REALLY

  • Doc Sarvis

    President Obama was plagued with details and realities while Romney provided no details and picked his position from a variety of positions he’s held to best suit the situation.

    • stan

      Bunch of Liberal Idiots that can’t even conceed a win that was clear and convincing. No details? Just because your God said so, what did you expect someone to do in 2 mins give every detail of a plan to take this crap economy to a prosperous economy? Exactly what did Obama detai. We can expect more of the same of wastefull spending to his political allies. When Romney called Obama out on his giving 90 billion to his political contributors, did he even deny that was the motivation? NO, because you can not lie your way out of an accusation that is a FACT and a matter of public record. You people are sickening and to think that you actually have the right to vote even though you don’t have a single independant thought in your little pea brains. Disgusting!

      • Doc Sarvis
      • Kinetic1

        No one expected Romney to give all the details of his “deficit neutral” tax cuts, but even one detail would be more than he or Ryan have offered, ever! And why won’t they give us details? You seem to know the answer. You, Stan seem to be plugged into the campaign’s talking points. As you said, “what did you expect someone to do in 2 mins…” It’s all about time. They never have the time! Even with Chris Wallace, even on FOX News where Republicans can do or say whatever they want, how does Ryan respond to questions about the details?
        “Ryan: No, but you…well, I don’t have the time. It would take me too long to go through all of the math.”
        Trust us, we have a plan! But they don’t have the time to explain how you can give everyone a 20% tax cut without affecting the budget. They don’t have time to explain where the money will come from. They don’t have time for the truth. And I don’t have time for Romney/Ryan.

      • Paul Wells

        Doc Sarvis, YOUR spin is nauseating! Keep in denial all you want, your failed socialist got put in his place, and your blind stupid obedience to the left wing line is just foolish. You’d do better to keep your mouth closed and have people wonder, than open it, and expose yourself for the fool you are.

    • Vigilant

      Let’s look at Sarvis’ sentence in two parts:

      “President Obama was plagued with details and realities while Romney provided no details…”

      Romney provided details, facts and figures in spades regarding the abject failure of this administration to reverse ANYTHING Obama inherited from Bush. That was all Romney needed to do to defeat Obama, and he succeeded.

      “…and picked his position from a variety of positions he’s held to best suit the situation.”

      That’s just what a president is supposed to do, unlike Obama who disregarded all economic realities in favor of blindly pushing his political agenda. Where Obama has been tone deaf, Romney will pin the tail on the donkey, to mix a couple of metaphors.

      Note to stan: “Liberal idiots” is redundant.

      • Smilee

        You always talk a lot about liberal idiots when your are a bigger idiot weather your conservative or liberal, you remind me of a dog chasing its tail, round and round never really knowing where you are at or what you are doing

      • Vigilant

        “You always talk a lot about liberal idiots when your [sic] are a bigger idiot weather [sic] your [sic] conservative or liberal, [sic] you remind me of a dog chasing its tail, round and round never really knowing where you are at or what you are doing.”

        Still feeling “sic” today? Hint: if you’re going to level ad hominem charges at someone, at least use proper English.

      • JeffH

        Vigilant, although I hadn’t intended to, I watched a good portion of the “debate” last night and then tuned in to MSNBC to watch Obama’s hacks try to spin something positive out of Obama’s performance. They, Schmultzi & Madcow were as befuddled as Obama was. They actually didn’t know how to spin it other than ridiculing Lehrer. Then there was the Rev. Sharpton spinning wildly out of control while doing his best Don King imitation…doublespeak. I’m pretty sure Chrissy Matthews wet his bed last night not knowing that the latest tingle he felt down his leg was also caused by Obama. O’man’s failure to defend his negative policies and cronyism to someone other than his protectors in the media.

        Obama looked and acted like the “community organizer” he is, a beaten man bereft of any plausible deniability in a face to face with an opponent that can and did call him out on many of the mistruths and half lies that the MSM continues to ignore.

        No teleprompter and no one to hold your hand Mr. President…Clint was on to something…the empty seat in the White House.

        disclaimer: I do not support either candidate…my comments represent my own opinion on the debate of 10/03/2012

      • Vigilant

        Good words, Jeff, we find ourselves in raging agreement. I only caught the last 30 minutes or so of the debate, as I didn’t expect anything new. Tuned in out of boredom.

        Obama’s in Denver giving campaign speeches today, and it’s obvious that the spinmeisters have been at work. His (telepromptered) speech now claims he won the debate because Romney lied, lied, lied.

        Of course, Obama forgets that he had ample opportunity to call out Romney in the debate if this were so.

    • momo

      Doc Sarvis says:

      “President Obama was plagued with details and realities”

      Gee, that’s just stuff a president has to deal with everyday. Obama looked like he was having root canal, totally off his game, if he had one. I guess when you live in a bubble and are surrounded by fawning sychophants all day, you become detatched from reality.

      • Vigilant

        You’re right, momo, and Sarvis would rather have a root canal than admit that the “details and realities” with which Obama is plagued are of his own doing. Romney made this clear.

    • APN

      The doc said: President Obama was plagued with details and realities while Romney provided no details and picked his position from a variety of positions he’s held to best suit the situation.

      The only thing ODUMBO was plagued with was a hangover. Not sure if it booze or drugs. Heck, I’m sure ODUMBO never has done any drugs, correct? Especially while he was hanging out with his commie “Friends” or terrorist “friends”.

      Doc, people like you never cease to amaze me. How is it possible for someone with an IQ over a 100 to defend this childish clown? He has been and will continue to be a t-total disaster.

    • uvuvuv

      let me guess, you are a doctor of thinkology. when do you start?

    • pawdna

      Hey Doc–You’re seriously sick & need to treat yourself. You are unreal!!

  • DaveH

    So Romney said — “First, that he will cut taxes without adding to the deficit, and will never raise taxes on the middle class. Ever”?
    Never raise taxes on the middle class? What a joke. Every tax, Every Government Expenditure, comes from the peoples’ pockets eventually, through higher product prices or lost jobs. The only way to keep such a promise is to Cut Government Spending — Not just slow the Growth of Government Spending. And it must be cut dramatically. Somehow the Federal Government got by with spending only $1 Trillion in 1988. You know, Reagan’s last year. The guy who the Liberal Progressives always accuse of dramatically raising the deficit. Now the Federal Government spends $3.6 Trillion. I was a young man in the 80s and things were just fine (better than now for sure), except for things Big Government was causing like the useless Drug Wars. So why do we need almost 4 times bigger Federal Government?
    And Romney said — “that Obama is the one hurting seniors by cutting more than $700 billion from Medicare. Romney will protect Medicare and change nothing for current recipients”.
    Sounds to me like Romney is trying to Out-Socialist the Socialist.

    Break the mold. Vote for a man with Principles. Vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Candidate for President. Whether Gary wins or loses, the citizens will win because, unlike last night’s exclusionary debates, the more votes he gets the more exposure there will be that both the Democrat Leaders and the Republican Leaders serve themselves and their Crony Capitalists, NOT the People.

    • DaveH

      You’ve heard the Crony Politicians speak.
      Please give a listen to Gary:

    • APN

      DaveH said “Break the mold. Vote for a man with Principles. Vote for Gary Johnson”

      Don’t ask me to waste my vote in this critical election, DaveH. My vote IS principled based upon a VERY methodical move back to the RIGHT and it don’t include legalizing DOPE, which seems to be your most important issue and Gary Johnson’s.

      We are working diligently DaveH on a DAILY BASIS to restore our freedoms and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with legalizing POT! This move back to FREEDOM will not happen in one or two election cycles because it took the Communist-PROGS about a CENTURY to get us to this point.

      2010 was the BEGINNING of a MASSIVE MOVE back to the right, and I think King ODUMBO said it best when he stated ” We took a shellacking!” Well, get ready ODUMBO, you ain’t seen nothing yet!!!

      SMOKED come November!


      • DaveH

        I’m not asking you to waste your vote, APN. You’re doing that all by yourself, because you will never get the Freedom you apparently want by voting for a Big Government advocate.
        And you may not smoke dope, but it sure sounds like you are. The Neocon Progressives and the Liberal Progressives are just two sides of the same coin, and you’ve been falling for their “lesser of two evils” “good cop, bad cop” routines for far too long.

      • Vicki

        APN says:
        “We are working diligently DaveH on a DAILY BASIS to restore our freedoms and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with legalizing POT!”

        Actually it has EVERYTHING to do with pot. If you grant government the power to tell you what you can NOT have, how do you expect them to not also assume you granted them the power to tell you what you MUST have. Like insurance (auto/health/whatever).

        If you grant government the power to tell you what you can NOT consume, why are you surprised when a mayor tells you that you can’t consume things (Salt, sugar, 20 oz drinks.)

        Consider this. If you are truly free why (and be very precise) would the possession of anything that you grew on your own land or created with your own hard work be illegal?

      • APN

        Dave and Vicki,

        You can have your dope my friends because nobody cares about your childish habits. It is not a political issue with me. It’s YOUR issue not mine!! In fact, you can smoke that crap until your brains run out your ears, I DON’T CARE!!!!! Just keep your dope habits to yourself and ALL will be fine!

        My issue requires a sober mind with a clear understanding of how we got to where we are today! It will not be fixed by voting for Gary Johnson. It will improve once Romney becomes President and then we will continue to improve from there. Get it?

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear APN,

          You write: “It will improve once Romney becomes President and then we will continue to improve from there.” Please provide one Romney policy that will “improve” anything.

          Best wishes,

      • APN

        Did you watch the debate Bob? I think he spelled it our in a simple 5 step plan.

        Next question?

      • DaveH

        I am a teetotaler. I rarely even drink a beer (maybe once a year), but unlike you, I don’t believe in taking actions of Aggression against people who are doing me no harm.

      • Vicki

        DaveH says:
        I am a teetotaler. I rarely even drink a beer (maybe once a year), but unlike you, I don’t believe in taking actions of Aggression against people who are doing me no harm.”

        And that would be real physical harm, not mental anguish. You are in full control of your emotions and so can not be harmed by mere words.

        Amusing side note. I do not drink nor smoke pot, nor smoke tobacco etc. I DO believe that, like APN claims but clearly does not support, it is none of my business if someone smokes pot.

      • APN

        daveH said: APN,
        I am a teetotaler. I rarely even drink a beer (maybe once a year), but unlike you, I don’t believe in taking actions of Aggression against people who are doing me no harm.

        Good for you DaveH. Do you smoke pot? Just curious?

        Now, what acts of aggression? List them out for me. Do you consider an adult straight forward honest conversation to be acts of aggression? If so, maybe you should list out YOUR acts of aggression.

        You’re a little sensitive today aren’t you DaveH?

      • http://none Claire

        Bob Livingston– A huge round of applause for you! For what it is worth, I agree with you totally.

    • Maryland Freestater

      @DaveH: I don’t always agree with you but I believe you to be right on the money today! I would have loved to seen Gary Johnson in action – and I think he would’ve had BurritObama fighting mad, crying like a ninny or both.. I’m holding my nose (again!) and voting for Romney even though I’m Libertarian (although I’m voting straight Libertarian in all our local elections, we have enough candidates this cycle).

      Libertarians need to act like Sikhs – Sikhs were hardcore pacifists until some other theological group killed a lot of them, and they did a ’180′ and today, mess with a Sikh at your own peril. Libertarians need to do things in stages – first, purge the leftist rot that has ruined our nation – in fact, if it wasn’t patently anti-Libertarian, I’d ban in perpetuity any sort of leftism politics in America – Kemp would be the farthest allowed. That people can’t see leftism is the root of many evils, well, tough for them. Libertarians can then take on Republicans and conservatism once the ‘Red Scare’ has been neutralized.

      Understood properly, Libertarianism is a great way of living, but it requires proper educatuion and a cultural background in which it can thrive.

      • DaveH

        For those who have heard the myths, but do not know what Libertarians really are:

      • DaveH

        This is the definitive book on Libertarianism by the Father of Libertarianism:

      • DaveH

        If you spot anything in my comments, Freestater, that you don’t think is Libertarian, feel free to point it out. I am hardcore Libertarian and I haven’t read any Libertarian literature yet that I can’t agree with. And I think it would be a huge mistake for Libertarians to compromise their Principles just to get elected. Eventually people will wake up to the logic and goodness of our policies without us watering them down.

      • Vicki

        As many of you may have noticed I also am hard core libertarian. On the diamond test I am at the point of the diamond that is 100% libertarian :)

        None the less I sometimes find myself at odds with the philosophy till I sit down and look at what bothers me. I usually find evidence of government school brainwashing. One of the most useful tools I have used to help break up the brainwashing is to ask myself if what I am at odds with is consent. Do all directly involved parties consent. If they do then it is none of my business no matter what I might have been brainwashed into thinking.

      • APN

        Maryland said: Understood properly, Libertarianism is a great way of living, but it requires proper educatuion and a cultural background in which it can thrive.

        Libertarianism is a euphoric mindset, nothing more and nothing less. It is not even remotely applicable in modern day America. That IS the problem with this concept and IS the reason that your numbers never GROW in the realms of political power. In fact, libertarianism is mutually exclusive to any form of governance. Given that, how does this concept work and how do we get it implemented?

        I am a conservative, you are a libertarian, and I bet you that neither of us had anything to do with this DEPENDENT mindset that is destroying the republic. We have conservative leaders that call themselves conservative, like GB, but their actions speak volumes about who they really are. Is Romney any different, I doubt it but at least he has the ability to be a CEO and understands basis economics (101) which obviously ODUMBO does not. He got schooled on that fact last night.

        Romney will in fact unite the country and get basic economics 101 working again which will result in a massive increase in tax revenues and significant reduction in the current 15-20% unemployment rate. That in itself will be a significant improvement over the current socialist puke path we are currently on. Will we have more FREEDOMS, well sure, doing away with ODUMBOCARE will be a great beginning and we can then discuss how to get more of our FREEDOMS back after that.

        I have a slight tendency towards this concept but understand that the concept cannot and will not apply to modern times. You have a nation of dependent FOOLS that thinks that you and I owe them a living. Some even call themselves Libertarians and do not have a clue what the concept means. They think it means they can do whatever the hell they want to regardless of the consequences to their fellow man.

        If I had any advice to give to the libertarian mindset it would be; get off of the legalizing DOPE message and start talking more about personal responsibility. Then and only then will a LARGE number of people begin to follow. You continue down this path of legalization and you will do it at your own peril. Ron Paul found that out the HARD way!

        Bottom line, the libertarian concept of fixing this mess by voting for Gary Johnson makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever at this point in our Nation’s History. Romney is the only choice that makes any sense at this given time and that is the reality of he situation.


      • DaveH

        APN says — “I am a conservative”.
        No APN, you are a NeoConservative. True Conservatives follow the Constitution. And nowhere in the Constitution is the Federal Government given the Power to control what people choose to put into their bodies.

      • DaveH

        APN says — “That IS the problem with this concept [Libertarianism] and IS the reason that your numbers never GROW in the realms of political power.
        There are several reasons our numbers haven’t grown:
        1) Lack of public awareness of what our Principles are and how excellently they would work if applied.
        2) Purposeful Propaganda from people like yourself who know little about our Principles.
        3) Lack of the kind of intelligence that is required to grasp the beauty and simple effectiveness of our Principles.
        APN would think that those who test in the 95th percentile must be wrong because 95% of the population doesn’t agree that they have the correct answers.

      • Vicki

        APN says:
        “I am a conservative, you are a libertarian, ”

        The problem with being a conservative.
        2a : disposition in politics to preserve what is established
        b : a political philosophy based on tradition and social stability, stressing established institutions, and preferring gradual development to abrupt change….

        3: the tendency to prefer an existing or traditional situation to change.

        The definition is based on current conditions rather than sound principles. Thus is a key difference between (neo)conservatives and Libertarians. Conservatives, for instance in the late 1700′s would have been called “torys” for they remained loyal to a king who seemed to have no trouble abusing them for his amusement.

        In the 1940′s in Germany they would be called NAZI’s (or their sympathizers.)

        Conservatives tend not to have a good grasp of the principles of individual sovereignty and individual freedom. Thus they wish to conserve what they grew up in. When they do accept change it is very slowly.

        Now if you happened to be a Constitutionalists (one who supports the Constitution AS WRITTEN) you would have a set of sound principals to build on. Principles that to this day are the envy of the people of the world. Not so much for those who want to control everyone, but the rest of us like them.

        Even so the founders knew that they could not anticipate everything so did provide a way to amend the constitution. To keep the amendments from being light and trivial causes that 50%+1 might be talked into they did make amendments very difficult to pass.

      • APN

        Vicki and DaveH,

        APN would think that those who test in the 95th percentile must be wrong because 95% of the population doesn’t agree that they have the correct answers.


        I think both of you just did a great job of verifying the validity of my statements concerning your philosophy.

        DaveH, you said it the best, I guess only a small fraction of people are intellectually capable of grasping your concepts. That in itself would imply a self-defeating concept in modern day America. Thank you for making my point. Once again, that may be the reason your political power never grows or expands.

        Now, to the both of you, you can call me all the little nasty names you want, neo-this, neo-that, nazi-this and nazi-that but the fact is, I really don’t care what you think.
        I am a conservative not a “neo-something” or whatever your next progressive name labeling may be. I say progressive name calling because those labels you use come directly from the progressive playbook.

        I believe t-totally in self-reliance, individual choices and personal responsibility. I believe that I have no right whatsoever to bring physical harm to another human being unless they try to bring harm to me or my family. And if they do, regardless of WHAT LAW some foolish person in Washington may pass, I will defend myself and my family, lethally.

        I believe each and every one of us should have the FREEDOM to make choices as long as it does not impinge on the freedoms of others. Now, when you get about 50,000,000 freeloaders off the government dole then your concept may be applicable in modern day America, and that was my point concerning your concepts. You are trying to reverse about 100 years of social engineering in ONE election cycle.

        Logic would dictate that moving in a more conservative-libertarian direction should be a goal for all of us but voting for a candidate that CANNOT win this election is absolutely t-totally illogical to me. As I have stated before, I am not a big Romney fan and he was not my first choice however he IS the best choice to unseat this self anointed naive child-king we currently have in the WH.

        In closing Vicki, you Libertarians are not the only people on this planet that believe and UNDERSTAND the principles of our constitution and the FREEDOMS it gives us.

      • jopa

        APN;The five steps that Romney outlined were exactly the same steps from Bush play book.Did you see where that brought us.The real only differance was an even larger tax cut for him and higher taxes for the middle class that he calls closing loopholes.No more earned income credits, mortgage deductions, charity,medical deductions and the end of Big Bird.

      • TML

        “I’d ban in perpetuity any sort of leftism politics in America”

        I’d call that kind of thinking, ‘authoritarian’… not Libertarian.

        As for the rest of the discussion, I’d classify Libertarians as ‘strict constitutional conservatives’.

      • Vicki

        APN writes:
        “I believe each and every one of us should have the FREEDOM to make choices as long as it does not impinge on the freedoms of others. Now, when you get about 50,000,000 freeloaders off the government dole then your concept may be applicable in modern day America, and that was my point concerning your concepts.”

        WE (neither you nor I nor DaveH) didn’t put them there. Voting over and over again for the people who DID put them there will fix the situation exactly how?

        APN: “You are trying to reverse about 100 years of social engineering in ONE election cycle.”

        Running short on time.

        APN: “Logic would dictate that moving in a more conservative-libertarian direction should be a goal for all of us but voting for a candidate that CANNOT win this election is absolutely t-totally illogical to me.”

        So voting for a candidate what will not move in a more libertarian direction will help this exactly how?

        Notice I left off “conservative” as I already explained is not the proper use of the word. You would need some adjective in front like “constitutional conservative” or it just means keeping things as they are.

        APN: “As I have stated before, I am not a big Romney fan and he was not my first choice however he IS the best choice to unseat this self anointed naive child-king we currently have in the WH.”

        If all the people who CLAIM that Ron Paul can’t win would join us, he would easily win. And he even fits the description of ABO (Anybody but obama). But tell me, for many years I was told (and believed) to vote for the lessor of 2 evils. All I got for my trouble was more evil. What did you get?

        How is it that voting for obama or obama spelled with an R is going to have any affect on the course of this nation beyond the speed by which we head to socialism?

        APN: “In closing Vicki, you Libertarians are not the only people on this planet that believe and UNDERSTAND the principles of our constitution and the FREEDOMS it gives us.”

        If the freedoms were given to us by our Constitution then those freedoms could be taken away merely by changing the Constitution.

        We know the critical difference between giving and protecting. Our platform is one of the few that clearly supports the Constitution and its job of PROTECTING freedom for ALL.
        Even rich people, homosexuals, Muslims, Christians and atheists.

      • APN

        Vicki Said: If all the people who CLAIM that Ron Paul can’t win would join us, he would easily win. And he even fits the description of ABO (Anybody but obama). But tell me, for many years I was told (and believed) to vote for the lessor of 2 evils. All I got for my trouble was more evil. What did you get?

        Why is the hell would I want to join you Ron Paul idiots? I mean, I know your see him as you GREAT Savior, I don’t!!!!! It’s the DOPE stupid!!!!

        The only difference between your VERY foolish libertarian philosophy and the “Progressive” philosophy is WHO PAYS THE DAMN BILL for FOOLISH PEOPLES BEHAVIOR!!!! Bottom line, working people!!!!!

        Get it!!!! Or maybe you have such an extremely HI IQ, like DaveH, you can explain it to us?

      • TML

        APN says, “…voting for a candidate that CANNOT win this election is absolutely t-totally illogical to me.”

        Vicki says, “If all the people who CLAIM that Ron Paul can’t win would join us, he would easily win.”

        APN says, “Why is the hell would I want to join you Ron Paul idiots?

        I think Vicki is trying to point out that there is no logic in your statement. A candidate wins an election by gaining the majority of votes; therefore to say “voting for a candidate that cannot win this election…” is… circular logic, or circular reasoning.

        While you admitted that logic dictates the goal should be a more ‘republican’-libertarian direction, you go on to say the only difference between the “very foolish” libertarian philosophy and progressive philosophy is ‘who pays the bill (working people) for peoples foolish behavior’.

        This doesn’t make any sense because while you admit that Romney is not the best choice (while also saying he is the best choice to unseat Obama – mutually exclusive reasoning) you then go on to imply that the primary reason you would not vote for Ron Paul is his stance on the drug war. Not only does prohibition not work, as we see historically with alcohol prohibition, and not only is such prohibition mutually exclusive to the principles of the Constitution regarding personal liberty, it also costs the working people (tax payers) a great deal of money to fund the war on drugs including prisons full of non-violent drug offenders, it creates violent crime by establishing black markets, not to mention the innocent lives and liberties lost as a result of that war. Thus being anti-drug war is a constitutionally conservative position, whereas your position would be considered more progressive in comparison.

        I think we can sum up your argument as cognitive dissonance.

    • JeffH

      APN, Gary Johnson is the only honest candidate in the race…and he’s been denied access by the two party cabal and the media since day one.

      • APN

        I don’t buy it JeffH, Johnson is just another politician with a different ideology and constituency. Some of the things he says makes sense to me but most do not. Just a difference of opinion and I definitely do not believe that he is the ONLY honest man running for the Presidency. That’s your judgement, not mine.

        I do however agree with you on the two party system locking him out. That is not right and must be changed. However, not voting for a republican because of that is not right either. Just totally illogical to me. Our country is within inches of t-total disaster and Romney CAN FIX THIS MESS. I personally do not like him but unlike these dumb progressives, liking someone has nothing to do with anything when it comes to the Presidency! Only childish FOOLS would make such a comment.

        Bottom line, I’ve listened to this nonsense about voting for the lessor of two evils is still just plain evil for months. Well, maybe, but the fact is, those who make those comments should take a good long look in the mirror. King Obama is a MASTER of this very thing!

        I followed your post for a long while JeffH and I don not think you are suggesting that Johnson is T-totally honest, are you? As is, Honest Abe or what?

      • DaveH

        APN says — “Some of the things he [Gary Johnson] says makes sense to me but most do not”.
        Why does that not surprise me?

      • DaveH

        APN says — “I followed your post for a long while JeffH and I don not think you are suggesting that Johnson is T-totally honest, are you? As is, Honest Abe or what?”.
        Is that a trick question, APN? Given your comments — probably not.
        Abraham Lincoln was a former railroad lawyer who suspended Habeas Corpus, imprisoned thousands of political opponents, and provoked the South, who wanted merely to govern themselves, into a War which cost over 600,000 lives, just so he could keep his Constitution-Trampling Union alive.
        Lincoln was anything BUT “honest”.
        For those who have more mental capacity than APN:

      • APN

        DaveH said: APN says —
        Is that a trick question, APN? Given your comments — probably not.

        I think the mental capacity deficiency lies with you Daveh. Please don’t be offended but you should change your name to Captain URL HTTP:// link master or a/k/a the linkman to some dumb web source.

        You assert yourself DaveH as some superior intellect with a superior ideology called libertarianism however you then seem to have very little regard for someone else’s opinion. I only have an IQ between 160-170, so I’m sure I cannot comprehend your concepts on how we simpletons should act, think, do, etc etc

        It seems to me that the only folks that could possibly understand this concept would be the folks that fall in the very top tier of Mensa.

        Now, with that said, once again, good luck increasing your numbers. The last time I checked about 50% of our children never graduate Highschool and over 50% of them are raised in a broken family environment…..not to mention the epidemic level of DRUG/POT heads or the t-total absence of GOD in their lives.

        Fact is DaveH, your concepts will not work in a society that lacks a moral compass(GOD). It don’t work and will not work in a country that has been socially engineered for generations to be dependent on the “free” stuff without any concern to the consequences it may place on their fellow human being or the generations that follow.

        I know you have trouble with logic but that is just the SIMPLE facts of the situation.

  • The Raging Libertarian

    While it was pleasing to see Romney wipe the floor with Obama, the absence of Gary Johnson was sickening. Both of them will continue stirring the pot that is taxation and inflation.

    • Mark

      I completely agree. It is disgusting at how easily the Democrat and Republican parties will censor out any voice other than their own “Approved Message” bearers. It would almost make one believe that they are afraid of allowing another voice in. Two crazy people arguing, not wanting the sane man in the room to be heard, just in case the audience suddenly realizes just how crazy they really are.

  • Kinetic1

    I won’t argue, Obama did not do the job last night. It wasn’t because his message was flawed, or that it was filled with lies (I believe the fact checkers will fill your claims with holes, Wayne) but that he failed to pin down Romney on one lie after another evasion.

    “Romney won the debate by looking Presidential and staying focused on distinct targeted messages.”
    Yes, he stayed on his targeted message of “I didn’t say that!”

    “First, that he will cut taxes without adding to the deficit, and will never raise taxes on the middle class. Ever.”
    And just how will he work this magic? Romney, and his partner Ryan continue to tell us that their plan to cut taxes is deficit neutral, but they can’t find “the time” to share any details.
    “”Virtually everything he just said about my tax plan is inaccurate,”
    Really? How so? Of course this is nothing new. Romney seems to have pulled his play book from 1929. Here is a bit of FDR’s speech at the Democratic convention of that year.

    “Let me warn you and let me warn the Nation against the smooth evasion which says, “Of course we believe all these things; we believe in social security; we believe in work for the unemployed; we believe in saving homes. Cross our hearts and hope to die, we believe in all these things; but we do not like the way the present Administration is doing them. Just turn them over to us. We will do all of them- we will do more of them we will do them better; and, most important of all, the doing of them will not cost anybody anything.”

    Would you be surprised to hear these same words from the President today? Could this describe the evasive and empty claims of Gov. Romney any better? He’s a lier, simple as that. He can’t give us the details because, once exposed his “plans” will be shown as nothing but mist and mirrors.

    • The Christian American

      Did they ever see clips of Hitler speaking to the mobs. Romney was good iI guess, I didn’t watch. Romney will take us to hell one way and Obama another. What changed from when Romney was running against McCain? I’m almost convinced. Nothing good can out of the district of criminals.

    • Vigilant

      It would be amusing if it weren’t so pitiful to watch the leftist attempts to divert attention away from the FACT that Obama has had his shot and has miserably failed.

      The mantra of “blame Bush” is now being replaced with the diversionary tactic of “Romney’s not specific enough.” For all the caterwauling, nothing changes the cold historical record of Obama’s disastrous presidency.

      As for FDR, the cold historical record yields its own judgment: FDR’s socialist policies both lengthened and deepened the Depression. Using FDR as an example is particularly revealing, as it has been the implementation of the same kind of policies which has made Obama’s reign so disastrous for our nation.

      In the 1930s, the Congress and SCOTUS were still relatively concerned with upholding the Constitution. Most of FDR’s socialist programs were struck down by the Supreme Court. Today, activist judges populate the federal court system, and Congress has allowed itself to be emasculated by unconstitutional executive fiats without much more than a wimper.

      • Smilee

        You talk like a drunken sailor out of touch with reality and not knowing you are, your one confused and mixed up dude ho makes no sense.

      • Vigilant

        “You talk like a drunken sailor out of touch with reality and not knowing you are, your [sic] one confused and mixed up dude ho [sic] makes no sense.”

        Sonny, your vendetta is becoming boring. But have at it; every time you level those ad hominems at me, it merely displays your bitterness and inability to engage in debate on objective grounds.

        Smilee’s meltdown continues….

        Work on that English if you expect to be taken seriously, especially the “your/you’re.”

      • Vigilant

        Ad hominem is Smilee’s game,
        He does it with a relish,
        The problem is his English sucks,
        And that truth’s unembellished.

      • JeffH

        Vig, Smilee likes to take his/her lead from the Clinton playbook…”depends what the meaning of the word is is”.
        Smilee fancies him/her self as some sort of “legalist”.

      • Vigilant

        Jeff, Smilee lost to me BIG TIME on his screwy ideas about the Constitution and slavery, so now he’s on a tear. As usual, he can’t come up with substantive arguments to fact, so he resorts to pure ad hominem.

        Only time will tell if Smilee can cool down enough to depart from his vindictive nonsense to actually contribute something to the discussion. I’m not holding my breath.

      • JeffH

        Vig… :) …and you’re not the only one to put a “Friday Night Smackdown” on Smilee.

      • DaveH
      • Vicki

        Smilee says to vigilant:
        “You talk like a drunken sailor out of touch with reality and not knowing you are, your one confused and mixed up dude ho makes no sense.”

        Whereas your masterful use of the ad hominem makes you the master of your own (unpleasant) fate? It surly is of no use in a discussion/debate.

    • APN

      Kinetic1, Are you suggesting that FDR was somebody? As in a great President? Are you kidding me? Now, ODUMBO works hard to be as stupid as FDR but is not intellectually capable of doing so. PLEASE, do not put Romney’s name within this very DUMB category.

      • Kinetic1

        Whatever your feelings about FDR, he called the Republicans out for their lies. He exposed them and he beat them. Now, listen to Romney falling all over himself to agree with Obama on anything popular. “We’ll keep the best parts of Obama care, We’ll keep the best parts of Dodd-Frank, but we’ll do it all better and budget nutral!”. Could FDR’s words have been more appropriate then after the debate? Romney will do it all, but better!, He’ll keep all the best parts of Obama’s reforms, cut taxes, restore the economy and it won’t cost a dime! It’s the 1929 Republican platform all over again.

      • APN

        My thoughts on FDR were pretty clear. He is the FATHER of social engineering. Between him, WW, TR and a few others, is a direct result of the socialist nanny state we currently live in. ODUMBO has just expanded on what these people started generations ago.

        As far as Romney, well, at least he HAS a plan and the proof will be in the pudding after he has soundly defeated this idiot we have in the WH and takes control starting Jan. 20th, 2013. GOD help him is all I can say. I would not want to be the man burdened with cleaning up the gigantic mess ODUMBO and his commrades have made of this country!

      • Vigilant

        Kinetic1 says, “Whatever your feelings about FDR, he called the Republicans out for their lies. He exposed them and he beat them.”

        …and the Supreme Court called FDR out for his unconstitutional socialist programs. They exposed him and they beat him when he wanted to pack the court to skew decisions in his favor.

      • APN

        Kinetic said: …and the Supreme Court called FDR out for his unconstitutional socialist programs. They exposed him and they beat him when he wanted to pack the court to skew decisions in his favor.


        Really now! And just how is it that the “SUPREME COURT” struck down the “Unconstitutional Socialist” parts of ” Social” Security”?????????”

        You want to have an FDR “Fire-side” chat with me on this subject, Kinetic???


        PS> And in case you num-nuts haven’t figured all this out yet, well, it’s about the vagina my friend and who controls it. Just ask Kruschev, if he were still alive today, well, I’m sure he could explain it to you in detail!!!

      • Kinetic1

        Have you figured out yet that your last response was directed at the wrong person? Your quotes should have been credited to Vigilant.

      • Vigilant

        “The Supreme Court found six of Roosevelt’s eight major New Deal statutes unconstitutional, most often due to instances where Congress attempted to exercise the Interstate Commerce Clause in a manner not compatible with the Constitution.”

        Please see

        P.S. I made no comment concerning social security.

  • The Christian American

    Sounds to good. If Romney wins, what are the people going to do about it? Will this be a green light for the Zionist to invade Iran getting us into WW111 or Armaggedon”? Will Romney repeal all the things Bush and Obama layed on us re: The Patriot Act, TSA, Homeland insecurity ect. etc. Will Romney abolish the Federal Reserve? Will he treat our congress like it didn’t exist? He was a CEO. Will he treat us like we were his employees? Are we going to act like the good old days had returned or put the reigns on him and the rest of that monster called the federal government? First there was singing and dancing and the came the floods. Remember the Bush reign.

    • Vicki

      So you are saying you plan to join us in voting for Gary Johnson? Good. Welcome to a freer reign

    • APN

      Well my fellow Christian, don’t worry your little heart to much about Romney starting WWIII! ODUMBO and our Marxist self-appointed dictator by the name of Hillary Clinton is working on this project, DAILY!!!! Turkey is within inches of WAR with Syria. In fact, we may just get our WWIII before the election. When you place childish FOOLS in a position of power, well, this is what you GET!!!!

      In case you haven’t noticed, the middle east is currently ON FIRE my friend and nobody on this planet can blame George Bush, unless you have an IQ less than 100.

      In case you haven’t figured this out yet, we have a bunch of CHILDISH FOOLS at the VERY TOP of our leadership in America. If you combined their entire IQ and common sense factor, well, they couldn’t manage a two-kid kindergarten.

      GOD help us!

      • Vicki

        APN writes:
        “Turkey is within inches of WAR with Syria. In fact, we may just get our WWIII before the election.”

        October Surprise. :) And it looks like it might well be a false flag event at that.

        APN: “In case you haven’t noticed, the middle east is currently ON FIRE my friend and nobody on this planet can blame George Bush, unless you have an IQ less than 100.”

        You will still find some liberals willing to blame Bush. Though Al has settled for blaming High this week.

  • Gary

    After a few minutes I was actually embarrassed for Obama. In 50 years I have never seen a more inept performance. After thinking a bit I gave up on Obama and became embarrassed for the Amercan voters. To think this guy was actually elected and will probably be elected again. The shame!

    Romney is not my first choice as candidate but at least he can string two sentances together on the same topic.

    • Vigilant

      I think it can be safely said that Obama’s poor performance will change not ONE of the minds of the true believing minions who have been blind to realities. Like lemmings, they will follow their leader when he takes this nation over the cliff.

      Mr. Root has but weak cause to celebrate at this point. You can bet that Obama’s handlers are reading every critique of his performance, and will effect the adjustments necessary to make him look “presidential” in subsequent debates. Of course, shadow has been more important than substance to a vast number of voters for some time.

      Transcripts of the Nixon-Kennedy debates indicated a clear win for Nixon. It was the cold light of the TV studio that won the election for JFK. Americans vote for the slickly packaged glamour and not the positions on complex issues.

      It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.

      • hanna

        Vigilant..i fear you might be correct in obama voted in again. (i so hope i am wrong) Obama winning the WH clearly shows a depraved electorate that beleives in everything and anything EXCEPT what is decent and good and moral. They beleived in the fairytale Obama spun and not on realities.Had they read obama’s autobiography they would have learned who obama really is and what his agenda is. Obama stated in his book ‘if you want to know who i am and what i beleive look no further than those i gravitate to’.Obama gravitates to commuism(Bill Ayers;kill those American who refuse communsim)muslim brotherhood(kill infidels or submit to Islam)Black Panthers(kill the eldery whites,babies,white pregnant women)planned paretnhood(kill babies up to 9 mo.gestation)big Unions(molest and assault those who get in our way)Valarie Jarret(Iranian for the day in 2008(Iran threatens destruction of Isarel and the United States;she was also a slum lord)And don’t forget the very people who wrote your healthcare bill are those who HATE AMERICANS AND THEIR COUNTRY.Do you want a member of the muslim brotherhood or Black Panther or communist or the likes of Rev.Wright or a member of planned parenthood to decide what healthcare your very ill child needs or your pregnant wife?To vote for obama is a vote for the agenda of American hating radical groups.

    • Smilee

      Remember Hitler whom was a great orator and fast thinker and because people let themselves be led by that there was a horrible consequence to be lived for them, Romney is not a Hitler but he is just as skilled in oration and fast thinking but it does nothing to illuminate who he is. I will take a deep thinker over a fast thinking liar any day and only a fool would think he could deliver more 10% of what he promised, he is pulling your leg, BEWARE!!

      • Vigilant

        ” I will take a deep thinker over a fast thinking liar any day…”

        …and you still voted for Obama. Looks like we add schizophrenia to Smilee’s catalog of mental maladies.

      • momo

        Hey Smilee, have you ever wondered why the deranged loons of the left have the same mesmerized look when Obama speaks as the Nazi functionaries had when Hitler spoke?…Just saying

      • DaveH

        Are you implying that Obama is a deep thinker, Smilee?

      • APN

        Yea Smilee, we get it! You hit the nail right on the head except for one error. ODUMBO would better fit HILTER”s persona, not Romney.

  • APN

    Simple analysis from APN on last night’s debate: SPANKED/SCHOOLED/HUMILIATED

    Romney 1

    ODUMBO 0

    That simple! Next question?

    It will get worse for ODUMBO before the election. You are witnessing a man falling on his own sword. The GLASS HOUSE, provided by the elite media, was not there last night to hand feed him childish questions. Pretty sad dude, now go HOME and play with your S&L communist handbook and let we adults fix this mess, a VERY large one that you created.

    As Romney said, and VERY factual, ODUMBO spent the first two years of his Presidency cramming this communist HC BILL down our throats instead of focusing on JOB CREATION through FREE MARKETS!!!!!!!!! It’s the ECONOMY STUPID!!!!!

    By the way, I predicted as well, months ago, that ODUMBO will lose by 10% minimally.

    This guy makes Carter look like a genius!


    • http://yahoo wendell

      APN, very good comments concerning why we should vote for Ronmey and not Obama, Ron paul or Gary Johnson. I have been reading this post for a long time and you clearly took your case to DaveH, JeffH, Vicki, Bob Livingston and a few other libertarians. I haven’t seen too many people get the best of DaveH, but you did. Also a few other people make sense, like Warrior, Vigilant, Momo and concede that Romney is by far the best choice to get us out of this mess obama has created.

      • APN

        Thanks Wendell, greatly appreciated.

        The WAR of ideas are won one battle at a time, not in one election cycle, and the “Progressives” are a master at this type political warfare. In fact, it must first begin at the LOCAL level and then transcend into state and federal levels of government. This process began in 2010 with the TP movement and the Dems will have even a bigger loss this election cycle than last.

        Why would the pollsters use 2004, 06 and 08 as Models for this election?? Why did they skip over 2010, the most recent election cycle? Makes no sense to me whatsoever unless you are trying to FOOL the public that this election is basically over and ODUMBO will WIN!!, He’s got it in the BAG man! So why vote, why bother?

        I would think that the current polls are mathematically skewed toward the Dems by 10-15% with a median of about 13%. Bottom line, my math brain and logic smells a progressive skunk in this one. I Hope I’m right! However, regardless if I am or not, I will be at the polls at 6am waiting to cast my vote against the communist regime we currently have in power. I will vote for Romney even though he is not my first choice.

        Both libertarians and conservatives have set on their hands for generations and allowed the progressives to steal our Nation and our Freedoms over several DECADES that incorporates several election cycles. Given that, we must apply the same principles in regaining control and our FREEDOMS. The only other option is a total rebellion, civil war and numerous deaths. Not a good option in my mind. Better to do it in the arena of ideas, peacefully thus we save the REPUBLIC.

  • Shar

    This is a perfect recap of last nights debate! Go Romney!

  • Netterella

    For those of you that don’t like Romney, sorry to say something that you don’t like, but Romney hit it out of the ballpark last night! He was cool, calm and collected and acted very presidential. Some of you say that he lied over and over again. I didn’t hear anything new last night that I hadn’t heard before. I’ve listened to, and researched him, for the past several months and he has a strong plan for getting our country back on track.

    You don’t like the details Romney gave? Ronald Reagan did the same thing…he presented what he wanted to see happen. He didn’t give specifics before he was elected either…and he was a great president. I’ve been saying it for quite sometime and heard it from Romney last night…you cannot form specific details until you have a Congress to work with. It is congress that makes the rules and the Pres signs them. (Unless of course, you use executive orders like Obama has done…whatever he wants he gets).

    Furthermore, Romney DID give some details but apparently you weren’t listening. He has a great knowledge of how to build the economy. If you’d listen and do some research, you’ll find he’s absolutely right. And for all those with their heads in the sand…if you’ll research Obamacare, you’ll find that Romney is absolutely right again. I recently worked in a doctor’s office and have seen the effect Obamacare has already had…and it’s hardly even begun! It WILL raise taxes and help no one but the government bureaucrats. There’s so much red tape involved, it will be hard to even get in to see a doctor. Medicare is already seeing some drastic changes. Why should the government take from the seniors to help his plan that’s going to cost the average taxpayer anyway? Romney mentioned Intermountain Health Care in his debate. That is great insurance and it’s run on a state level.

    Don’t try to convince me that Obamacare is designed to help the middle class people. I am no longer working and am in the process of buying a single health insurance plan that will cost me $700 a month in premiums. But I have to have it, because if I don’t, I will be penalized (taxed) for not having insurance.

    Oh yes…Obama gave details alright. He said he’s going to keep on doing things the way he has done them for the last 4 years. Well, Mr. President…that hasn’t worked and obviously never will.

    • DaveH

      Ron Paul would have slam-dunked both of them.
      Neither of them could even stand up against Gary Johnson, which is why he didn’t get invited to the Dog and Pony Show.

      • APN


      • DaveH

        That’s what ignorant people do when presented with facts that they can’t comprehend.

      • http://none Claire

        DaveH–This is an issue that honks me off. All candidates that are seeking the presidency should have been included in the debate. Favoritism? You betcha.

      • http://none Claire

        DaveH–Of course I realize they are the “nominees.” But what about the “nominees” from the other parties or am I off base here?

    • APN

      Netterella , EXCELLENT POST!!!

      Nobody has a clue what is coming out of this progressive nightmare called “ODUMBOCARE”.

      Let me give you another TAX on the middle class that is coming Jan.1, 2013. Yep, next year my little dumb progressive friends, if you sale your home after Jan 1st, 2013, you get the express honor of paying 3.8% tax to go to ODUMBOCARE.


      100,000 home = $3,800 tax to the fed for the privilege of selling your home

      If you’re unlucky enough to own a $400,000 home well that equates to $15,200

      Yep, ODUMBO hasn’t raised tax on the middle class by ONE PENNY!

      The stupidity in America boggles the adult mind!

      Romney has a simple 5 point plan that will expand our GDP and reduce unemployment to 5% within one year after taking office.

      Put that in your liberal dope smoking pipe and suck on it for a while.

      • http://none Claire

        My husband died because of the ineptness of doctors. My husband wasn’t a patient, he was a victim of the so-called medical profession. Two botched surgeries and killing drugs that he never fully recovered from. Death panels? Hell, they have been here for a long time.

      • APN

        Claire, I’m sorry for your loss but malpractice has nothing to do with a group of unelected bureaucrats doing a thumbs up or thumbs down of OUR healthcare choices. Now, that is a DEATHPANEL and the other is malpractice.

      • http://none Claire

        APN–I know the difference between medical malpractice and death panels and I certainly understand what you are saying. However, another issue to consider–my son already had 3 stents inserted in the left main artery to his heart. These stents were clogged, His doctors told us they were having problems with the insurance. Health Alliance did not want to pay for the surgery. His insurance company did not want to pay for something that was “already fixed.” It took over a month of haggling and finally they agreed to pay for the surgery. My son ended up with 5 stents, 3 new ones were inserted inside the 3 old stents that were clogged and a new stent at both ends. This was a matter of fighting with the insurance company, but this is the point I want to make–between insurance companies, medical malpractice, and the elected political candidates that always want to “fix” Medicare–they have committed more harm than any good. Therein lies the problem of death panels. Insurance companies want their premium money but they don’t like to pay for anything. Some doctors conduct unnecessary procedures (duplication of tests, prescribing drugs with side effects that aide and abet the problem) to make more money. Doctors certainly keep the big pharmas in business. Elected officlals aide and abet their buddies—they need the campaign donations—all in the name of greed. Why is it that every time there is a presidential election, Medicare and health care reform is at the forefront? Social Security–both parties robbed this program and never replaced the money.They should be working on the economy. Sure, they spout their ideas but the hints that are given here and there does not cut the mustard with me. The total lack of sincerity and truthfulness is alarming, and it makes me angry. Nothing will change my beliefs on this issue. Until such time America elects trustworthy candidates instead of parties, things will not change. Both parties are cut from the same cloth, they have one goal in mind–to control. Their ideals are this–my way or the highway. The scary part is that both parties lean towards dictatorship. And the American public is paying for their stupidity. This has been going on for decades.

      • pawdna

        Ditto–well said!!!

  • Tim Kosiorek

    Quote from Rachel Maddow “Those inclined to “take [Romney] at his word” are living in a fantasy world where calculators don’t exist.”

    • momo

      We’ve been living in the fantasy world of hope and change for the last four years, it ain’t working.

      • Doc Sarvis

        No wonder the far Right is so angry, living in the fantasy world you describe. Most of us Americans, including President Obama have been dealing with reality.

        • Netterella

          Oh I’ve been dealing with the reality alright! And it isn’t pretty!! Obama’s failed policies are not working! If you think he can change anything following the same plan, you’re the one living in a fantasy world!

          First of all, he does not want to change anything. He wants the unemployment to keep going higher and higher. He wants the value of the dollar to go down to nothing. He wants America to become a third world country. THESE are just a few of the things that are in his plan! Is this what you want?

          Doesn’t it bother you that our own people are being killed by terrorists (and he has been warned to beef up security but ignores the warnings and covers it all up?) Doesn’t it bother you that gas is $4 a gallon and heading higher? Doesn’t it bother you that your taxes will be going up at the first of the year and continue to go higher with Obamacare? Doesn’t it bother you that your insurance premiums will skyrocket for receiving less care? Do you really even have any idea of what is in Obamacare? Doesn’t it bother you that he refuses to meet with the Prime Minister of a country that is our ally because he doesn’t have time…all the while he has time for The View, David Letterman, Beyonce, JayZ, and plenty of golf? Doesn’t it bother you that he tells the Russian leader to hold off on discussions until after the elections “when he has more flexibility” I could go on and on and on because….

          THAT, my friend, is reality!

      • APN

        Netterella…… All I can say is WHEW!!!!! Boy, you smoked ole dumb Doc about as bad as ROmney smoked ODUMBO!

        WOW! Great rebuttal, keep it up!

      • momo

        Doc, you and the O must be same planet, but its not earth!

      • Doc Sarvis


        He has changed things. When he took office our economy was in a free fall – he helped put a stop to that and helped to start slowly building our country’s economy back.

        I have seen NO proof of any of the claims you make throughout your second paragraph, and you probably have not either.

        The answer to your questions in your third paragraph are:
        Doesn’t it bother you that our own people are being killed by terrorists (and he has been warned to beef up security but ignores the warnings and covers it all up?) Yes, if that is what happened. Not as bad as when Bush ignored his PDB about the 9/11 attacks that killed thousands or when we got thrown into a useless war that killed thousands more brave Americans (and many thousands of other folks)
        Doesn’t it bother you that gas is $4 a gallon and heading higher? I don’t see $4 gas but he does not decide the price we pay for gas.
        Doesn’t it bother you that your taxes will be going up at the first of the year and continue to go higher with Obamacare? There is no evidence that will happen
        Doesn’t it bother you that your insurance premiums will skyrocket for receiving less care? There is no evidence that will happen
        Do you really even have any idea of what is in Obamacare? Yes.
        Doesn’t it bother you that he refuses to meet with the Prime Minister of a country that is our ally because he doesn’t have time… That is not the case.
        Doesn’t it bother you that he tells the Russian leader to hold off on discussions until after the elections “when he has more flexibility”… It is prudent to negotiate when you know what parameters upon which you can deliver.


      • uvuvuv

        doc “twilight zone” sarvis, the economy of 08 was stable and solid compared to early 09. all those massive lay-offs and the catastrophic drop in the dow and the last 20% drop in home values (for a total drop of 30%) came under obama’s watch. he might have stopped the lay-offs, as you ponder, but in reality the companies simply ran out of people to lay off. it’s like my squirrel feeder out there, once it’s empty it don’t get no emptier.

      • Doc Sarvis

        At the end or ’08 the economy had started its free fall. Due to that free fall employment rolls started thinning drastically in ’09. As a lagging indicator the lay offs came after the underpinnings of our economy dropped off the cliff. President Obama’s first duties included many measures to stop the out of control dive.

  • Tim Kosiorek

    “”What things would I cut from spending? Well, first of all, I will eliminate all programs by this test, if they don’t pass it: Is the program so critical it’s worth borrowing money from China to pay for it? And if not, I’ll get rid of it. Obamacare’s on my list.

    “I’m sorry, Jim, I’m going to stop the subsidy to PBS. I’m going to stop other things. I like PBS, I love Big Bird. Actually like you, too. But I’m not going to — I’m not going to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for.”

    For now, let’s put aside the fact that China only holds about 8% of the nation’s debt, and Romney’s suggestion to the contrary is dishonest. Instead, let’s consider the proposal at face value — Romney intends to lower the deficit, and here are two specific ways he intends to make that happen.

    First, he’ll destroy the Affordable Care Act. In terms of fiscal responsibility, this is insane — “Obamacare” cuts the deficit to the tune of about $109 billion over the next decade. It’s simply incoherent to say you’ll cut the deficit by eliminating a law, which would in turn increase the deficit. That’s like promising to put out a fire by using more kerosene.

    Second, he’ll cut off the Public Broadcasting System. How much does PBS get from Congress? In the most recent budget, $444 million. That’s “million” with an “m.” The deficit is $1.1 trillion with a “t.” PBS, in other words, is a fraction of a fraction of a percent of the federal budget.

    There’s a very strong case to be made it’s in the nation’s interest to keep PBS intact, but even if we overlook the merit of the system, claiming we can balance the budget this way is plainly ridiculous.”

    • DaveH

      If you think Obamacare will cut the deficit, you must also believe in the Tooth Fairy, Tim. Throwing meddling Government officials into the already over-regulated healthcare field can do nothing but cost us more. Their salaries are one cost, but their meddling and throwing up hurdles for healthcare providers to navigate are going to add even more costs to the mix.
      Initial estimates by Government agencies for the costs of Government programs have always proven to be on the low side, usually dramatically so.

    • Netterella

      Tim, you’d better do a little more research on Obamacare. It is NOT going to cut the deficit. It is only going to add to the problem. Higher taxes and higher health care costs along with LESS health care. Not to mention stealing from Medicare to fund it. Learn your facts, buddy!

  • JeffH

    One of the best “post debate” shows was the Frank Luntz focus group made up of undecided voters who predominantly voted for the O’man in 2008. At least half a dozen focus group members who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 now say they will vote for Romney. Virtually everyone, with 2 or 3 exceptions, in the group said that Romney won the debate and exceeded their expectations.

    Obama fans, don’t expect any miracle recovery for Obama…miracles are only reserved for good people with good hearts and good intentions.

    • APN

      Well said JeffH, I agree completely. What we all witnessed last night was the TRUE ODUMBO having to fend for himself for the first time in his adult life, if you can categorize him as an “adult”.

      He did not have his elite “friends” to bail him out with 3rd grade questions and answers last night and Romney schooled him like the child he is. Romney looked and performed like a President, ODUMBO looked and performed like a school kid not really sure where he was or what he should do.

      He actually looked lost, confused and did not want to be on that stage. Heck, maybe he should talk to Bill Clinton and have him step in for him on the next debate. He does continue to refer to Bill Clinton’s economy, correct? Well, I remember Bill Clinton’s economy and this ain’t it!

      I hear that the next debate ODUMBO is really going to turn up the heat on Romney!

      LMAO! Fact is, Romney was nice and let several opportunities go but when ODUMBO turns it up next debate, so will Romney, and the King Boy will not be able to handle it. Just wait and see.

      No wonder our enemies have ZERO respect/fear of us anymore and the attacks on us will only get worse as long as this child and his cronies are in office.

      He is however at his very best when addressing the weak minded daycare mentality progressive crowd(about 13 years aged on average going through puberty), not adults who understand that he totally INCOMPETENT nor has any clue as to what to do as President and his RECORD NOW proves that fact!

      Four more years of this incompetent clown will finish this country off. That’s the plan, the S&L plan that dates back to the dope smoking communist crowd of the 60′s but it is going to backfire on all of them before this is all said and done.

      But hey, for all you weak minds of mush(PROGRESSIVES),I know, he is still just sooooooooo likable and he takes care of you and won’t let the mean ole rich people take advantage of you. Boy, did you see him run down those steps on AF-1 or swing at that golf ball the other day!!!! OOOOHHHHH!!!!! Gosh, I just can’t wait to vote for him again…He’s going to give me mo free stuff and provide me with my “Safety net”!!!!!

      Foolish people do foolish things.

      Beam me up!


  • http://none Claire

    I watched “bits and pieces” of the debate. To me, there was no winner. I am more concerned with a complete description of their so-called “plans.” They were speaking what the public wants to hear. I am wary of what they say they will do if elected. Too much flip-flopping for me. A person either stands up for what they believe in and not change their minds just to please someone else. I want to hear the nitty gritty, down the the last detail of the so-called plans and promises.

    • JeffH

      Hey Claire, hope all is well for you and “the family” and hope Tim is fairing well also. Ant recent wins for your kids? Have you heard from libertytrain recently?

      • http://none Claire

        JeffH–Hey!!! My last shows were in July–Abbey took a 4-point major Best of Winners at the Illinois GSP Specialty on Saturday. My Vinnie took a 4-point major-Best of Winners the next day at the Fort Dearborn GSP Specialty. My “Tanner” kids did good!! Cool!! I really did the Happy Dance. It was one of the hottest weekends! My next shows are coming up the weekend of October 19th. Sure hope I get their championships on them. I am entering Tony, Tim’s dog. He is sooo cute!!! I have him entered 2 days–Vinnie on a different day. Don’t want to show them against each other.
        Tim is doing okay. He is still tired and I worry about him. It has been more than a month and a half since his surgery. Dear God, I hope he gets better.
        Libertytrain is doing fine. She has been traveling–I heard from her earlier this week. she is such a nice person. She is truly a friend to me and I appreciate her. I sure emailed her a lot when Bob died. Libertytrain heard all about my misery and grief and she was consolation for me.
        I have kept really busy this summer. The house, the dogs, the yard. The posters are going to get mad at me so I better keep on the topic at hand. Politics!!! Take care!!!

      • http://none Claire

        JeffH– Tell me, I heard grumbling at the office today and they said that Romney/Ryan were going to do away with the interest deduction on home loans. Do you know if this is true? If so, then people will not be able to claim their mortgage loans. I sure hope it isn’t true. My kids still have home mortgages.

      • JeffH

        Claire , I’m so happy for you… :) Please tell Libertytrain I said hi!

        On the Romney deal, this is what I’ve been able to find out:

        In an interview Monday night with Denver TV station KDVR, Romney said, “As an option you could say everybody’s going to get up to a $17,000 deduction. And you could use your charitable deduction, your home mortgage deduction, or others — your health care deduction, and you can fill that bucket, if you will, that $17,000 bucket that way. And higher income people might have a lower number.”

      • http://none Claire

        JeffH–Thanks for the info. On another note, I am sure going to watch the Biden/Ryan debate. That should be an eye-opener.

      • JeffH

        Claire, I’m sure that Ryan will bury Biden. That said, Biden will probably make a much better showing than O’man did last night.

  • http://none Claire

    Wish I could continue, but I am on my lunch hour. Have to get back to work–on time!

  • jozie jane

    19 yr old girl, a homemade sign that says “Dodd/Frank” a $300 budget= viral video Mitt Romney “America Street” (video)

  • Palin16

    Chris Matthews analysis was right…Obummer looked pathetic without his teleprompter. What the heck was the community organizer in chief thinking when he hired that loser John Kerry to be his practise debater? Barack Hussein Obama is nothing less than a deplorable “leader” attending a fund raiser in Las Vegas while the Ambassador to Libya is killed by terrorists. Then he has time for the View and Letterman but no time for the Israeli Prime MInister. We can’t afford four more years.

  • Karolyn

    I’m sorry; I just had to post this story. If this is representative of the GOP, we are in REAL serious trouble. Michelle Bachman is in fear of children eating felafel! Oh, the horror! Watch out for that hummus; it may turn you Muslim! And to think she wanted to be President! Curiouser and curiouser….

    • Karolyn

      Well, I guess this is satire. Sorry, but it is not a stretch to think that she would actually say something like this. Unfortunately, this is how rumors get started, and I don’t like being a part of that, so i am sorry.

      • APN

        You know Karolyn, experts say when you start talking with yourself, answering your own commentary, especially in public, well, you may need to seek help.

        By the way, what in the Xell does MB have to do with last night’s debate?



        PS> Maybe you should run for congress, I hear we have MILLIONS of PROGRESSIVES just like you so you should be able to win fairly easily. Then you can just open our borders and let all the Muslims come in an institute sharia law!!!! Wait a minute, you are a female, so under sharia law, I do not think you can run for office, in fact, I think a DOG has more rights than you would under Muslim rule. (:>

        Be careful what you ask for, well, in your case, ask yourself and maybe you will like the answer.

      • http://none Claire

        Karolyn–Personally I think Michelle Bachman is not playing with a full deck. To me, her ideas seem a bit off base, almost goofy. Whatever happened to logic and good old fashioned common sense?

    • Shelie

      Mr. Obama is the one who handed tax payers money over to the wealthy bankers. He is the socialist that robs the poor to bail out the crooked bankers. You bleeding heart liberals say you mistrust Mr. Romney because he earned his money the old fashioned way he earned it. Mr. Obama wants to redistribute the wealth, its true. We do not need his way. We prefer to work and spend our money our way. Our money says In God we trust. We prefer to keep him in our lives. We think Mr. Obama’s vacations and golf trips, while our American Ambassador is tortured and killed should come to an end. I am certainly not better off now than four years ago. My income was repeatedly cut and everything costs more. Milk and gasoline are both $4.40 a gallon. My Rent is $50.00 more every month.

  • Karolyn
  • Palin16

    Dennis Miller tweeted during the debate:
    “Romney keeps this up Obama’s gonna vote for him”

    and this:
    “Obama better hope a Kicked @ss is covered under Obamacare”

    I liked the part when Romney asked Obama if he would mind if he referred to the Affordable Care Act as Obamacare, and the Narcissist replied “Go right ahead, I actually like it.”

  • Mike Ryan

    Do you all remember the TV show “Branded” with Chuck Connors?
    That is my vision for BO… right before the deportation.

  • http://none Claire

    Obama looked like he just rolled over and gave up. If it had been me, I would have been scratching and clawing my way through that stupid debate. Exactly what did we learn? What did we learn about their so-called plans? HOW are they going to accomplish what they say they will do if elected? Continous gridlock? Continous filibusters? Why did these politicians vote AGAINST issues that they were FOR in earlier times? I have posted before, look up Obama’s list of accomplishments and look up Romney’s list of accomplishments.
    I am truly sick and tired of paying their salaries. If they don’t do their job, then they shouldn’t get paid. If they cannot agree on anything, kick their a$$es out. We elected them to do their job, not play politics. Enough is enough.

    • http://yahoo wendell

      Well, claire, if Romney wins the presidency, you won’t have to pay for his salary because, i believe, he has said he won’t take one. I know he didn’t take any thing for leading the winter olympics or being the Governor of Mass.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    1: Bush tried cutting taxes and it sent the deficit sky rocketing. Also during the debate Romney said he wished to lower the rate while getting rid of certain deductions and loop holes. And all the while he said he did not want to lower the revenue. Its like he is saying the tax rate will be lower but we still want the government to get the same amount of money from you. Kind of strange.

    2: From Regan to the Bush tax cuts we have tried lowering taxes, deregulating and getting government off the back of business. All that has gotten us is a ruined manufacturing system and an economic recession. Conditions in this country will never be good enough for big business. Labor and costs will always be cheaper in foreign markets. We need to put in sanctions on those that do business abroad instead of here and focus on controlling our deficit.

    3: Politifact said Romneys statement about Obama “cutting more than $700 billion from Medicare” was only half true. Saying that “The spending reductions were mainly aimed at insurance companies and hospitals, not beneficiaries.” -

    4: We need to get the deficit under control. But spending cuts alone do not do the job. Romney said repeatedly that he did not want to lower the revenues. However he said nothing about raising them. Simply spending less is not enough. To balance any check book we need more coming in then is going out. Simply cutting spending will not produce that effect.

    5: Romneys statement “that Obamacare will cost $2,500 more per family” was declared false by They said “The actual increase has been $1,700, most of which was absorbed by employers and only a small part of which is attributable to the health
    care law.” -

    6: Romneys statement “that 20 million Americans will lose their current insurance under Obamacare.” was given a rating of false by politifact mentioning his “Cherry-picking the CBO report”. They also point out that “Some who “lose” coverage will do so because they find better options”. -

    The truth is the truth. I believe Romney changed the facts in order to paint Obama as worse then he is and by association Romney appear better then he is. I believe Obama is a better candidate then Romney. That is why I am voting for him.

    • Tim Kosiorek

      Romney needs to buy a calculator and stop listening to his contributors to his campaign,he doesn’t seem stupid but what he says is lies fed to him from his Republican cronies.

      • APN

        WOW! You and Jeremy have convinced me to change my vote to ODUMBO!!!!!

        Let’s see here, 23 Million people out of work, 48 million on food stamps, 16 TRILLION in debt with a 1.2 TRILLION dollar ANNUAL deficit, and as of today, we have a 7.8% unemployment rate! WOW, It’s amazing to me that the rate magically fell below 8%, after 48 months of ODUMBO-ECONOMICS, just a few weeks before the election! SHAZZAM!!!!! LMAO!

        If any FOOL on this planet doesn’t understand the actual unemployment rate is somewhere between 15-20% and the actual deficit including un-funded liabilities is around 128 TRILLION, well, your just plain STUPID!!!! And, if you don;t understand the consequences of a “president” adding 5 TRILLION to our debt at the expense of future generations, well, you are going to get exactly what you deserve, “MISERY and then DEATH, at the hands of a brutal communist dictator.

        Yeppir!!!! ODUMBO is brilliant and will take this country to the stratosphere! Just ask Hillary!!!!

        HAIL to ODUMBO Commrades!!!!


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  • EducatedEducator

    How sad that the author sees a two-hour broadcast through his own wishful thinking. Romney hemmed and hawed, stumbled and stuttered for the first hour, where Obama did not. He got better. Obama did not get worse. Look him in the eye? They both did. They’re politicians. They know how.
    Let’s get to points. Romney slammed anything that Obama has done, for any reason he could find…right or wrong. Obama made glaring statements of what Mitt’s plan looks like, which Romney rebutted as erroneous. They love to talk more about what the other guy isn’t, can’t or won’t do than about what they ARE DOING. It’s called mud slinging.

    Barrack Obama’s biggest problem–he inherrited a gargantuan pile of crapola, and he knew it. And he’s made some mistakes along the way, fighting the republicans all the way. I wish we could do better. Some say we can.
    Mitt Romney has business experience that he doesn’t seem to want to use in politics. Business plan? I’m not seeing it. I’m seeing a smoke screen full of “I don’t really know’s”. He can’t give any details about what he wants to do.

    I think that we can do better than Obama–but it sure doesn’t look like Mitt Romney.

    • APN

      Well educate us!!!!! Who do you suggest we vote for???? RON Paul, Gary Johnson or the local drug dealer?

      Educated idiot maybe!

  • http://none Claire

    Like it or not, Romney is not the answer. He is not and will not be America’s salvation.

    • Tim Kosiorek


  • http://yahoo Roland

    to all the nay sayers, you are invited to watch mitt’s inauguration speech on fox network…..If My people……..that’s right God has america’s back……aloha from the great state of hawaii……

  • jopa

    I must say Obama had a poor performance and that gave Romney a one point bump in the polls.Somehow Obama got a two point bump and now he is rated at 54%, his highest rating yet.The following day when all of Romney’s lies were exposed were probably a major factor and his platform changing from day to day probably doesn’t help matters none either.All of the economists claim Romneys claim that his taking away the home mortgage deductions along with charity,medical and even Big Bird fall far short of his tax plan.I am sure next week he will have another story with fictitious numbers and some Fox viewers that actually believe him.It is a good thing the majority of Americans won’t fall for his crap.

    • APN

      Well Jopa, just exactly what “majority” do you speak of?? The DUMB DOPE smokers or people who have a brain larger than a Monkey’s??

  • Kevin

    I’m sorry but this articular is full of ****! I’m not trying to rain on everyone’s pride here, and I’m not an Obama fan by any means! In fact I don’t like either guy because Obama and Romney are the same bank puppet, so voting for either clown is a wasted vote because you will still get the same crap from either guy. Don’t be fooled by this land slide victory. This what the banks who own these two want you to think. This is more of a repeat from 2004. Remember when Kerry had his land slide victory against Bush, and who won that election? My point is Romney is in the same boat Kerry was in. To help get the president re-elected! That’s why the GOP wanted Romney to win so badly! So he can help get Obama re-elected. My prediction is Obama will still win this election come November, and if you truly want to defeat Obama than STOP VOTING FOR REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS!!!

    • APN

      Well Kevin, why don’t you explain the “math” in your last statement? Why don’t you explain to us just how it is that not voting DEM or GOP will magically fix all this?

      You think maybe the problem here has anything to do with HUMAN NATURE??


  • JON

    You told us so???…The Romney Landslide Begins???
    Just because YOU say it, doesn’t make it so!!!

  • Eli Jones

    I am looking forward to seeing President Romney taking his oath of office. The wanna be Hitler named Obama can go back to his Chicago political sewer or to his birthplace of Kenya. Who cares as long as he is gone, gone, gone.

    • JON

      What a dumb comment made by a very dumb person!

  • Jesse Fell

    Wayne, I’ll bet you $10,000 that Obama wins.

  • Rosco Revere

    Ok, so Romney saves us from Obama, who saves us from Romney?

  • Frank A

    This was predicted over a hundred years ago. In a book named, Encylopedia of the Latter Day Saints, Joseph Smith speaking said that this countries Constitution will be hanging by a thread and that it will be saved by one of God’s saints from the church. He never named him, but here is it, 2012 and yes, Romney is a Mormon, and whether many want to believe it or not, he will save the Constitution and we shall have rejoicing in the streets after Nov. 7th. God bless and a liar always is speechless when facing truth.
    Obama’s second debate will be better, but truth will always win out in the end. Go Romney and Ryan for president.

    • eddie47d

      First you have to tell the truth to be truthful. Romney lied about the Dodd/Franks bill in how the Republicans weakened it so it has little effect. He lied about healthcare in how many would be taken off the rolls (big lie) and who is responsible for those rising costs. Lied about the unemployment figures,both the old and the new figures. Lied about Medicare when the Ryan plan is equally full of holes. He also lied about those gas permits but what is a few lies among fellow Republicans. Obama was no messiah as the Republicans lamated about and Romney will not be the savior you want him to be.

  • mbiajc

    I don’t watch CNN, NBC, CBS or any other leftest news station, if they don’t care to report both sides fairly then they don’t get me to watch. As a matter of fact, I am going to keep a list of advertisers on those news broadcasts and stop patronizing them as well. That boycott has worked very well for a lot of businesses. Did any of you hear something about the fed government wanting to start interfering with our Ice cream now? And why is it always the left that starts the ball rolling with the campaign mud slinging. Obama is doing so much mud slinging that he seems never to get down to the policies.

    • eddie47d

      Oh Please Dizzy Miss Lizzy. You really believe that programs on the right are fair and balanced? You really believe that Republicans don’t throw mud. We have numerous Republican ads in our state that are proven false (fact check) yet they still run them. It goes both ways sweetie so wise up. It was nice that Romney has his own and real apology tour going on with that 47% remark. Yet that remark showed how shallow and dishonest the Republicans can be. You say you want Fair? I don’t think you are observing very well.

      • mbiajc

        I’m not your “Sweetie” And if you don’t like what I have to say you don’t have to be rude, just don’t read it. Freedom of speech is something we Americans seem to be running a little short on these days. Or uh should I say since OB took over. Don’t like it? then don’t read it.

      • eddie47d

        You can spin things all you want (free speech). Now if you want to comment then expect folks to read them and… oh my… actually give you a critique. That is also free speech and sorry if sweetie was too strong for you.

  • rb

    This debate is nothing new and improved numbers from the gubment can’t fix. Unemployment just dropped below 8% to it’s lowest point since 2009….See…unemployment is down….Oh wait….that’s just the number of people looking for work. However…yes…the economy has added 144,000 new jobs in the last month. My 23 year old son just got one of those jobs…at Taco Boy. All the retailers are getting ready for the holiday rush too. What the heck though….a job is a job isn’t it?

  • Andrew

    I am not an American but I was able to watch the debate on CNN over here in Europe. One thing that struck me was that at moments the way Mitt Romney spoke and moved his head reminded me of Ronald Reagan. It looks like MR is on he’s way to become RR2.

  • http://none Joe Justice

    It’s not over till it’s over! The lies will catch up to Romney and he will be a has been.

  • Corkey

    Maybe Mitt won the meaningless debate but so what. Don’t come back crying when he does a “heel turn” once in office and changes his mind (Again) This guy will say anything to get elected and that is his strategy. Obama is a terrible president for sure but replacing Curly with Shemp will not fix anything. Neither candidate addressed the problems facing this country. All the rest is wishful thinking.

    • Steve H

      And leaving Shemp in office would be better?

  • Cesar Fernandez-Stoll

    Haven’t we seen this movie many times over… that about the bully at school that is surrounded by all his ‘buddies’ who are scared to death not to see the wrong in their leader under the fear to be excluded?
    Maybe what is evident is, more than the fact that without the teleprompter this is a nothing trying to be something, that he was coached into using ‘we’ instead’ o ‘I’. That must have been frustrating for a guy that keeps showing what he accomplished while not acknowledging the sacrifices and efforts of others!
    The incompetent liar in chief has deflated, let’s hope that the American people vote him out and see the light on rebuilding the nation under God they all have been blessed on having.

    • elba schmitt

      Cesar, I agree with you. To think that the comande-in-chief needs a teleprompter to debate issues, is absurd. Romne is a Ceo iwth business experience, well spoken and not an argonizer from the streets of Chicago. How so many Americans voted for this man is just incredible. If, they had really listened instead of hearing, the would have known that he lack experience and integrety. This man sealed all his records, ask yourself why? e schitt

  • Victor

    Obama is the ” incredible Shrinking President.”

  • Do not Respond

    OH PLEASE….like millions of us, unfortunately our President could not hide his distaste and disgust for Romney. Amazing how Romney has suddenly did a 360 on his polices of the day before….President Obama will win this election and Romney has no solutions only people pleasing lies. PATHETIC. I want a president with a brain and original thoughts, not a muppet puppet…

    • Romney liar

      I agree with you there. Romney is not a person I would trust period. He won’t put out what he really stand for. What do we know about agenda. NOTHING. He and Ryan is keeping it a secret. He will say anything just to get elected. If he get in look for another war we can’t pay for like the administration before. He will keep the upper income the way it is and the middle class and poor will get step on. See the people will vote for a lair and Romney is a lair. I wish I was a fly on the wall when the job reports came out. Their celebration came to a stop. And now they say the job numbers was fake, they are scare. It blew Romney debate out of the water.

  • eddie47d

    Nothing like personal outside advertising for oneself. Again!

  • Tom Cook

    Mr. Root, let’s hope you are right. I am an atheist, but I am at the point of praying; the stupids will still vote for the petty tiny shallow Kenyan mus communist–black people are waking up, but hordes of gimme niggers will still vote for obongo, stupid Jews will still vote for obongo, stupid college jerk-offs will still vote for onbogo, and mexicans and all the other greedy little greasy “latinos” who swell our census but who are not Americans will vote for obongo.

    • Ruth

      Hay Tom I would like to say to you,bless your heart,we have a GOD that loves you and so do I.Please just pick up a Christ that you will never find in this world.God does not make mistakes because God made you and He loves you.I vote for change in your heart and you can experance change in this evil world.Love man.



    • Romney liar

      Hey Temisocles what rock did you crawl out of. And I don’t know what country you came from either.But Romney will not save the country, oh maybe for the rich buddies he has, Koch brother, Alderson, and the Big Oil companies. Romney has worked but to close business, move them over seas, Keeping his money in off shores accounts. Romney is not in tune with the middle class and poor.Obama had a bad debate big deal, Romney flip flop again on what he said a day or two before and he took over the debate. Heck he want to fired Big Bird. That is MO and always will be (Romney).

  • Brad Harris

    I was predicting the landslide win for Romney when he first got the nomination. The polls are all bogus. This is like a repeat of the Mondale-Reagan or Carter-Reagan elections. If the uninformed Americans with their hands out to the Federal Government stay home it will be more of a landslide than I have figured. The informed American people will not vote for a Marxist again.

    • eddie47d

      Capriles and Harris;Obama at his point in his life and for several years is not a Muslim.(That was his childhood). Whether you like him being a Christian or not is your personal choice but he is not a Muslim. He simply doesn’t have the hatred towards Muslims like some of you do. He takes a balanced approach to world problems and doesn’t think any one culture or religion should dominate another. He doesn’t think wars should be fought over religion like some of you do.There is a better way if any of you care to listen. I don’t put much faith in the Muslims who scream Christian infidels and I don’t put much faith in Christians who equally scream Muslim infidels. Obama is also not a Marxist but some of you keep peddling that swill. He may be a socialist but more of a crony capitalist. I don’t care for his Wall Street connections anymore than I like Romney’s connections to the Banksters. I don’t like either side buying political favors Yet that is the way our system works.

  • Bill

    I still will vote for President Obama, one debate does nothing to qualify Romney for the Presidency, if it does then why is he behind in his own home state?

  • SteveH

    I agree, Mitt should at least lay out his plan to help the economy like Obama did 4 years ago. Because I am still hoping for change. It will Nov 6.

  • kenneth Taylor

    Black people dont get burned , Obama never talks about black folks problems, he is worried about not offending people ashamed of his own race . dont feel pressured to vote for him just because he is black Dr Cornell West and Tavis Smiley suport these veiws. his performace was disgraceful inexcusable negligence , his time is up , black people should be embrassed he has left us choice but to to vote white. Yeah ! that right “White”.

    • eddie47d

      Yes a person should vote for the best person no matter what party or color. Yet to say that blacks should not vote for the Democrats is rather lame. There are Democrat programs that have failed blacks yet what in God’s name have Republicans done for any minority. They ignore them far worse than the Democrats and it is going to take more than telling them or us that government should get out of the way. It will take more than putting token Condoleezza Rice next to Romney to raise the ceiling for blacks. If Obama talks about black problems the right would accuse him of catering to those blacks and ignoring the whites. Heck they do that already!

      • JagWa

        W/re: Your earlier: “…what in God’s name have Republicans done for any minority…”

        This: Any discussion on the subject of the African-American vote has to begin with the Republican Party and its efforts on behalf of early civil rights. It is odd that a political organization founded to abolish slavery and combat inequality is now vilified as racist and elitist.

        The civil rights movement is generally believed to have begun during the 1950’s and ended sometime in the mid 1960’s, during which the Democratic Party claimed credit for killing southern Jim Crow laws. Again, nothing could be further from the truth. It was a Republican President who appointed a Republican ex-Governor Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who wrote the landmark civil rights decision in Brown v Board. It was a Republican effort in the United States Senate that gave the nation the first civil rights law since the end of the Civil War. As the 50’s made way to the 60’s the Democrats dug in their heels, and answered the Republican efforts on behalf of African Americans with a noxious document titled, “The Southern Manifesto.” The “Southern Manifesto,” called for massive resistance to civil rights for African Americans and proclaimed the supremacy of the white race; every one of the document signatories was a Democrat.

        Extracted from: “The Republican Party and the African-American Vote By Carl Tate”
        Full text available on line.

  • michael a. bimonte

    Right on the money, Wayne. As a conservative / libertarian, after this debate was the most I
    have been encouraged for our country in a long, long time. However, our work is far from done. Whatever we think of Barack Obama’s governing skills [and they are miniscule] this man, as everyone knows, is one highly skilled campaigner who is highly adept at hypnotizing the media and the masses. Rest assurred that David Axelrod and the rest of his handlers will learn from their mistakes in a hurry. Romney needs to, to paraphraze this administration, “keep his boot on his neck”, and just maybe, we can rid ourselves of the most dangerous and incompetent president since Woodrow Wilson.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Does anyone see the the problem if Obomacare is abolished?
    The Hospitals have Expanded there facilities & Staff to acomadate the increese of Cliants.
    Politicans have realy made a mess of our Country!!! ROMKNEE Will Multiply our Problems!


  • Kelli AndHeath Galloway

    My previous statuses and comments from last night, were based on comments from FB, news articles I have glanced at, and conversations from other people. So no, I did not watch the debate last night, but I was determined to watch it today and I have. For the first time in my life, I watched a Presidential Debate and I still stand behind my decision, more firmly now, not to vote for Obama. I have so
    many reasons, but here is a few that stood out to me: 1) You, Mr. Obama, spent 90 billion on green true…yes I do like “green stuff”, but I SCHOOLS need it more. My daughter and son’s schools still doesn’t have enough textbooks for all the students, which causes a lot of them to have lower grades because they can not do their work properly. College. You, Mr. Obama do not want our children to depend on parents for the money to send them there, but yet our schools are having to depend mostly on the parents, (eg. fundraisers out of the behind) to support them. 2) Military. You are cutting the money for our military who defend everyone in the great nation, you say you care so much about. How can we continue to have a military if you do that?? You will, if you haven’t already, seen enlistments drop. My son has a dream to fly planes when he gets older, to help defend our country you so say you love. Pray tell, will my son be able to do this if there is barely any military left when he graduates from high school? Not to mention, the military helps with college and he is depending on that to educate him, to make his dreams come true. And you sir, are making it hard for him to follow his dreams with your “plans”. 3) Obama care. Really?? I do not want nor need it. I want to be able to choose who controls mine and my family’s health…not you. Mr. Romney, I agree with you….more insurance companies should be made to accept clients with preexisting condition, so that way everyone will be covered, no matter what the ailments are. Drug and Alcohol test should be given before, and randomly for anyone on welfare, and there should be a “lifetime limit” on those for the ones who do not need it. Medicaid should have exemptions on the ones who desperately need it, as stated by you Mr. Obama…children who have autism, cancer, and debilitating disorders. Not for the ones whose parents rather be laying in bed than working. 3) Economy. You want to give a tax break to the companies who send our jobs overseas, while America’s unemployment rate is atrocious?? You would rather other countries, who have “child labor”, do the work and support our country other than the MILLIONS of Americans who desperately need jobs to not just support out families, but to survive?? How selfish of you Mr. Obama!! 4) Deficit. Can we really afford to keep borrowing money from China?? I mean come on, you are already giving them our jobs….why don’t we just become China II, because that is the route we are heading on, and you are leading the path straight to it. Romney, has what sounds like an excellent plan, and is going back to when Reagan lead this country….by far the best president has ever had. Maybe you should take notes Mr. Obama, you might just learn something. Yes, Bush is the one who started moving our jobs overseas, but you Mr. Obama have no right to criticize him when your intentions are to keep them there!! 5) Based on my observations from the debate, it wasn’t the president being respectful by remaining silent…..he looked and sounded utterly clueless and unprepared for Romney, who was well equipped, well aware of current situations and more than ever ready to jump in and start solving our, America’s problems, that you so dearly not only helped to create, but made worse.

    So in closing I would like to say this, You had 4 years to make a difference. 4 years to prove that you were the “Right choice for our President”, and you failed. You, Mr. Obama have started the beginning of a Great Depression for our nation. Lay aside skin color, and the Democratic/Republican thing, and listen…..LISTEN with open eyes, and open hearts, to what is being said and what is going on in our country. Our children’s futures are in jeopardy. Our medical needs are going to be dictated….I would rather my insurance pay for procedures that have saved not only my life, but my children’s lives, than doctor’s performance. Because if we have to base it on that, we will start having a shortage in doctors and medical staff. If I live long enough to become a senior citizen, I want to know that I will have SS and Medicare, you know the things WE pay for during our lifetime. I will not vote for you Mr. Obama, because unlike you, I have values and morals and a Lord Jesus Christ who will always be in mine and my family’s life, no matter how hard you try to break the spirits, hopes and dreams of all the American citizens of this great nation. If you vote for Obama, and you loose your jobs, your home, your family, and your healthcare, just remember that you did it to not only yourself, but your children, and theirs.

    ~~Kelli Galloway~~

    • http://facebook anthony

      You are obviously a die hard Repub and you either didn’t watch the debate, didn’t understand what was being said or you are just as big a liar as you’r savior Mittens. All the lies you attributed to Obama is an out right lie and can be truthfully be attributed to Mittens. I would go through you’r post line by line to point out you’r lies but, I’m sure you already know them.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    The tie colors are reversed!

  • uvuvuv

    but without voter id a new voter can register and vote, and then go to the end of the line and register again under another name and vote again. the dem poll workers will even give him coffee and donuts. if not, they still would be powerless to stop him if id isn’t required. this is why they are fighting voter id. in fact the dnc probably has a few million dollers set aside for “encouragement” purposes. what they already do is go out in vans scouting for likely voters, that is, drunks on the corner, and the drivers will vouch for them even though they never saw them before, and with their elitist love of humanity never want to see them again. funny how they want their votes but don’t want them in their homes. for romney to overcome this would take an avalanche.

  • Bjay59

    Have people in this country forgotten George W. Bush?. Romney will lead us down the same path. This country was a train wreck when ” Dubya ” left office and Romney will revisit that same train wreck. There’s no difference between ” Dubya” and Romney. If there are please show me .

    • uvuvuv

      the difference is romney is one of those despicable fetus lovers and obama who is far more enlightened gives the active modern woman her choice. isn’t that better? bigot romney isn’t 100% anti gay but he thinks there should be limits to the gay agenda. our dear leader would give our gay friends all the support and encouragement his future supreme court picks can give them. romney the hysterical right winger wants jobs for americans, but the visionary obama says illegals need jobs too and with his exec order has already opened our welcoming borders to them. if no jobs can be given to them, section 8 and food stamps will help them with their needs. the comfy well-off romney thinks poor people should be given a hand-up and a safety net, while the compassionate obama wants to give them a hand-out and a hammock. of course on november 6 he’s hoping they get up from those hammocks, but not to worry, vans are already scheduled.

      • Bjay59

        You don’t understand politics or you are incapable of understanding what has happened over the last 45 years or so. Illegals in this country was given the green light under Ronald Reagan and increased dramatically under “Dubya” Bush who looked the other way when he was in office so don’t even go there with Obama. The simple fact is this, you as a middle class American will always pay for illegals needs because the rich wants it that way. It’s very simple, the wealthy uses the cheap labor in their businesses to get richer and you as a middle class working “idiot”get to pay for their benefits. The rich, upper class, well-to-do makes you think that you will be better off if you ascribe to their political ideology of tax breaks for them and nothing for you the middle class…You are being played for a sucker. When are you going to wake up?.

    • uvuvuv

      oops bj i misread your comment and responded in error. there is no difference between romney and w, one had 4.6% unemployment while the other will get us there. oops, there goes your 99 weeks.

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  • louieC

    Obama has absolutely no business leading this Nation. He is completely and totally out of his league. May our citizens, on November 6th, send a clear message across the globe, this is NOT a socialist Nation and NEVER will be .. and give Romney a massive and sweeping victory over this man we have in the WH today.

  • Dutchman

    I lived in a socialistic country for 26 years. It doesn’t look like many people realize how bad it is. The quality will drop tremendously. I paid up to 60 % of taxes to support this social system in my old country. This country is build on hard and honest workers and a great and strong middle class. Its not based on ” I want everything for free”. I truly love this country, but Obama will destroy it. Taking GOD out is as bad as it gets too.

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      You have shaky Loyality … (CAN’T BE TRUSTED!) Real Good Advice, Leave Your God Behind!

  • peter

    Did Mitt tell you if you wrote this dumb story that he would let homo be on his cabinet?

  • Highsider

    Dems, Dems, Dems……. How many times must I tell you? Never deficate immediately before you pontificate! This will happen every time.

  • Retail


  • jopa

    Romney started a landslide alright and now he is sitting at the bottom of the hill in the mud trying figure out how to shrug off all the lies.His entire speech rested on the fact most Americans really don’t pay attention to what he said from week to week or day to day for that matter.His true agenda is just to be President for the prestige and when a person does that America is screwed.Then you have the likes of Rove and Cheney pulling the strings.The only thing Romney has been steadfast on from the beginning is he will give himself a bigger tax break in that he is a jobs maker.Ask anyone in Switzerland , Luxembourg the Cayman Island.When he was at Bain there were some minimum wage jobs created if that’s the kind of job you want vote for Mitt.The workers in his Chinese factories earn about a dollar a day and live in slum like conditions.That is his vision for the middle class in America.

  • JagWa

    In this case, better the devil your DON’T know than the devil you do know. Mitt wasn’t my first preference, but I would vote for ABO.

    However, it appears that Mitt does have our country, our economy and our children’s future foremost in his priorities. I will be very pleased to vote for him.

  • 4now

    Both selected candidates are part of a larger controlled debate. The REAL ISSUES are NEVER EVER addressed, global survival, the omnicide of life itself, rogue government, fake democracy, GMO, looting of the treasury, decay of collective wealth and health, massive growth of prison economy, suppression of any real social change, US at the heart of endless war, total lack of any real vision, etc. etc. I read some of the comments and they seem SO STUPID written by mind controlled fools. And why do we adhere to a medieval concept of a “great leader”. We have much more effective and truthful ways to share decision-making than a dictator.

    • wakeup

      The problem is that no matter which candidate wins, it will be the American people and all peoples who will be the losers.

      With either candidate, we are looking at more unpayable Federal debt; more illegal and immoral wars to prop up the petrodollar and Israel;, more obeisance to the Federal Reserve and Wall Street; more offshoring of jobs; more millionaire politicians, because of the inside business intel to which they are privy, and more misery for what is left of an ever-declining, dwindling middle class.

      And every single one of the corporate non-news pundits insists, with ever-increasing bellicosity, that we “have a choice” in this election?!?

      “Choice”, we have absolutely no flipping choice in this election whatsoever.

      Forgive my cynicism and frustration, but thinking people have to ask themselves; why do we keep voting, when absolutely nothing changes for the good of the American people as a result of our votes, which is precisely the outcome the American political system is engineered to create?

      • Whatthe

        The Global Gulag is the inevitable result from the design for a world – ruled by Elites – that lust for total domination and control. Both are agents! Let no one be mistaken, for no one can escape. The enemy of humanity has planned long and manipulated well. Their scheme for earthly society has the individual reduced to a slave on a plantation of global proportions. Their New World Order is no longer the butt of jokes or conspiracy ridicule. It is FACT! It exists and even the sheeple are coming to the realization that they are mere captives in a sick game of a universal realm.

        REALITY can’t be refuted with lies or denied with delusion. America has lost her last remnants of a Constitutional Republic. The Bill of Rights is in shambles. Coercion and force is the order of the day. Law has been discarded for contrived equity. Elites rule with impunity and are no longer accountable. The actuality of the NWO is paraded as the only order. Those who resist its reach are targets of its wrath and vengeance. Freedom fighters will be labeled terrorists. Ordinary citizens will be called criminals. And anyone who seeks to restore the principles of the 1776 Revolution will be hunted down as an “Enemy of the State”.

        This is the face of the future – a bleak and desolate dungeon – the Prison Planet . . .

        If you reject this vision and if you are willing to oppose these mad Mattoids’, you will find sustenance in this message. Together we may find the guts and wisdom, not only to defy this enemy, but to defeat the monster of all mankind and civilization. The beast of the New World Order is out to devour you, your children and the future of humankind. Are you up to the task to learn and combat this foe of Liberty? If so, welcome to BREAKING ALL THE RULES . . . Global Gulag is your ticket to become a marked man. A person of grit and a defender of the real American Nation. Welcome to the final conflict. No one can avoid this battle, but few will have the same courage of our Founding Fathers.

        Will you be one of the rare, the virtuous, and the bold? The jail in which you already reside is a penitentiary of fabricated fear and our mutual goal is to evade its reach by destroying its power. The voice of reason and common sense carries the message of HOPE. Now is the time to oppose evil. The New World Order is the embodiment of depravity, greed and arrogance. Together we can shine the light of Truth upon the fraud that this corrupt world community seeks to establish. You already are in chains – all you have to lose is your enslavement. The Global Gulag can be defeated. Join the struggle.

  • Sue

    One thing to use the usual divisive crap with your backers and another to face America in a debate!!! Obama cannot do anything w/out Valerie Jarret’s say-so!

    Mitt was the shining STAR! Go gettem Mitt!! Keep them on the run!!

  • http://facebook anthony

    That article is so full of sh_ _ its laughable. Romney is the biggest liar and flip-flopper in the history of American politics. Romney didn’t win that debate because he put on a good performance he won only because Obama, did not. Obama, Axlerod and, Ploulfe are very smart regarding political matters therefore, logic and common sense clearly shows that Obama’s conduct in that debate was designed as part of strategy that will reveal itself in the coming weeks and debates. Everyone knows that Romney’s plan is to give the 1% a 5 Trillion dollar Tax brake and make the rest of the nation pay for it. Everyone knows that Romney will go back to the failed Bush policies that put the country in a recession in the first place

    • Alicia Alvarado

      I agree with you Anthony, I believe Obama will have a comeback in the nex two debates!!! All this crap about Mitt being the saviour of our country is outrageous!! He is not good for our country at all. You nailed it correctly!!

    • Alex Frazier

      Obama did poorly because he didn’t have any realistic defense for his actions in office. It was not a strategy. He was verbally smacked.

  • God of earth,air,fire and water

    Root-READ and Remember: Only 2 comments that reveal -Paul Ryan now says that President Obama’s foreign policy has ‘blown up in his face’ and it’s time to go back to the Republican foreign policy. Well, let’s see, Obama kept Guantanamo Bay open, the troops are still overseas, and the Middle East hates us. Isn’t that the Republican foreign policy?

    There are 40 days left until the election. A lot can happen in 40 days — Obama can make a gaffe, Mitt could win the debates, God can send a flood to destroy all mankind. So, there’s hope. Interesting most of the articles you pass off as news happens to be one sided,short of real journalistic Rhetoric. Remove the gorse blinders and get in touch with reality and stop trying to lead a dying party to the promise land, your not MOSES, or GOD and history shows what happens to false profits, Hitler,Napoleon,Stalin,Capone, which all GOP politicians are about, Corruption, STEAL from the POOR and give to the Rich, and the only comments or articles you write are bigoted and biased because you dont like pigmentation of a human. Geez US when are you and the rest of the crew of bigotry going to change.. You have it all wrong, Obama trying to bring back the economy and your gop dumb asses sitting in Washington asre DOING NOTHING but attempting to stalwart the President efforts. Does not matter who wins, whoever the schmuck wins in November, your GOP clan of insanity will do the same thing.. Take the knot out of your panties and look at what you write.. Whatever happened to peace obn Eath kgood will ktoward man.. GONE,,,, just like water flowing down hill.. SHAME on the Whole who follow your Rhetoric as GOSPEL, only one GOD and when he has had enough,, well lets just say all will be standing tall before the man, and the MAN is NOT ROMNEY….

  • http://PLD FRENCHIE


  • jopa

    Romney has stated at differant times that his faith as a Mormon would never interfere with his duties as a President.Sounds to me like another flip flop in that his first encounter with the US government he claimed to be a conscientious objector to the Vietnam war and even though there is tape of him marching for the war and the draft the chicken [expletive deleted] ran off to France until the war ended.How could anyone possibly be a Commander in Chief of our troops if he thinks he is too good to be one of them or even make a sound judgment pertaining to war.Wars kill and people are crippled for life and he just thinks it’s good business.He is just totally wrong for America.

  • phy

    I fell no sympathy for Obama then or now

  • Jeronimo Chavez

    Mr. President, the training wheels are off. You can not fake it anymore. Just let an adult clear the disaster you are leaving behind…

    • Alicia Alvarado

      I cannot believe you said that Jeronimo Chavez!!

  • NoteToSelf

    You should say “Landslide Victory” in your title. When I read the word landslide alone I thought it meant he was self destructing – it’s usually a negative thing if you live near the California coastline.

  • US Vet

    First, I thought the guide lines stated “no name calling”, but it seems to have been allowed for Romney supporters.
    Second, OK, Romney did better than Obama in this first debate. Can anyone deny traveling makes a person tired.
    Third, Do all of you think this debate as won Romney the election?
    This is just one debate. And as for a “land slide” for Romney, even if he gets the full 53%, is that a land slide? He dismissed 43% already.
    Fourth, Also, Romney had lots of time to practice, get ready for the debate. Obama did not.
    If Romney wins, he wins. A lot can come out on the next debates, so it does not make any sense to celebrate yet, for both sides.
    “It ain’t over til the fat lady sings”.
    GOT THAT!!!

    • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

      The US Vet is on point. As far as the ones that cannot see beyond their food stamps, Welfare and Medicaid, they had best wake up and smell the coffee.

  • Andrew Jackson

    You just thing because Romney gets more votes he is going to win. Chavez’ Diebold eletronic Venezelan voting machines will be counting votes, and so will Soros’ Spanish corporation SCYTL in Greece.
    Stalin “it doen’t matter who votes only who counts the votes.”

  • http://MSN minnie

    Lets get some important issues straight. When Mitt Romney was governor of Mass., he did not take or want a pay check. Yes, he has money, but he worked for it. He gave all his money his father left him to charity along with Ann’s inheritance. It is wrong to put someone down that has worked hard and earned the money. That is the American Dream. By the way, Obama is worth millions and will have more when he leaves office. So who will be the millionaire? Obama got his schooling from grants from the government, as he was a foreign student, and to this day I do not believe he has a US citizen ship. He can go to prison for such an act, and I hope it catches up with him. People talk about lies, he is the biggest liar and has lied to the American people for 4 years and is still doing it. He is a smooth talker and a good politician, but a horrible. lay back, unconcerned president that this country has ever had. We all need to work together and get him out of our White house, including Biden. He flies all over in Air Force One campaigning that costs $1 MIL every time he takes it up. Does he pay for it? NO, we do the American people. Now for Michelle, she has spent 45 MIL on clothes alone. We pay for it. Obama is in Love with being president, and loves being in the White House. Please VOTE and get this liar out and send him back to Chicago.

    • http://PersonalLiberty Duane Williams

      It is nowhere near a million every time Air Force One takes off. It costs between 60 to 70 thousand per hour. Strictly political? The cost is paid back by the campaign committee. 1/2 political and1/2 official, the committee pays half. You are either very ill-informed or letting your hatred for Obama to allow you to become a liar. You’ll have to decide which you are.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

        I for one, would like for you to get your facts straight. His campaign funds does not pay one penny for the President to fly in the AirForce One that he had the American Flag removed. Who has paid for the 32 aides that Michelle has or the Millions she has spent on clothes since they have been in the white house?

    • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

      Minnie, I do not know you but I could not have said it any better. Let’s not forget how much Michelle’s 32 aides cost or her lavish vacations.

  • shearwater

    Obama lost the first debate. But what was more interesting was his lies about medicare and dissing of Mitt Romney after the debate. Psychologists call it sour grapes. I call it hate mongering. The lies he has told, first to get into office and then by ignoring the constitution and not appreciatng our form of government checks and balances accentuates and underscores his desire to be a dictator rather than a president. Obama is a dangerous man with a lot of power . . . and one who will do just about anything to retain that power and wield it against people on his enemies list. You did know that he maintains an enemies list, didn’t you?.

  • mr_bad_example

    it was awesome… i’ll be in Vegas tomorrow, Wayne, where is your star? can I buy you a drink while i’m there?

  • louieC

    Obama is a load. The guy is clueless. You saw it with your own eyes. Bye Bye Obama

    • mr_bad_example

      you got that right, hold your nose and FLUSH!

  • http://PersonalLiberty Duane Williams

    How long will the lie about Obama cutting $700 billion from Medicare continue? No services will be cut, the money comes from lowered payments to providers and insurance companies. Romney’s numbers don’t come close to adding up, at least not without putting a much larger burden on the middle class. All he can offer are some vague statements about closing loopholes and ending some exemptions, but won’t name any. Here’s a hint, kiss your mortgage interest deduction goodbye. Company provide some health insurance? You’ll see that taxed as income. The non-partison Tax Policy Institute concluded earlier this year that Romney’s tax proposals are mathematically impossible for Romney to cut rates as he has said he would without favoring the wealthy or increasing the Fed. deficit. Anyone that votes for Romney is a fool and is cutting their own throat.

    • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

      Duane, you are apparently an Obama supporter, which within itself STUPID, BLINDED BY THE lies that Obama tells, He is the one that stole $716M dollars from Medicare to go to Obamacare. Romney wants to put people back to work and that spells JOBS which you are apparently allergic to. Truth hurts don’t it?

  • kenneth Taylor

    WAKE YOUR ASS TRAY UP HERE IS THE REAL DEAL I GOT OFF THE NET: “Listening to the debate you wouldn’t know that 6 million families have lost their homes, 10 million more are scheduled to lose their homes, and tens of thousands of homeowners are just sitting tight in limbo waiting for the show to drop, some of them without having paid anything toward rent or mortgage payments for many years.

    We have a shadow banking system where over $700 Trillion in nominal value cash equivalent securities are being either booked or traded which largely have no value but which are treated as real because the party line that both candidates subscribe to is that if you pretend long enough it will become real. And hardly any of those transactions were taxed. Instead the Federal reserve has debased the currency and the existing taxpayers are shouldering the burden for generations to come.

    Our economy is a sham, caused in large part by the hundreds of trillions of dollars of fake instruments that were issued — far in excess of any real fiat money issued. These candidates were rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. We already hit the iceberg and they are trying to keep the news from the passengers.

    The article below articulates my thoughts better than I have done. It deserves careful reading and and study. It also deserves some attention from all the politicians and agencies that are going along with this sham program of foreclosures, minor modifications and short-sales.

    Wall Street botched the loan closings so they could trade on loans that actually belonged to the investor lenders. They diverted the money, they diverted the documentation and the banks were the winners while the rest of us — as taxpayers, homeowners, renters, and consumers are traveling at 90 miles an hour into a brick wall.”

  • F. Stevens

    Obama did not perform as best as he could, I am told because of the
    mile high altitude, but he was right on defending what he has done. It did not matter that Romney had a stellar presentation even though most of what he said was the OPPOSITE of what he’s been saying for the past 18 or so months.

    Look at how you personally will benefit from the policies, and remember, the devil is in the details.

    • mr_bad_example

      excuse me! i’ve been to denver many times and my brain didn’t shut down, i did have double quarter pounders with cheese each time, but i never got STUPID!

    • chuckb

      stevens, tell me when barry performed better without his never happened, what you heard during the debate is the best he can do, if you want to call it that. the guy is a complete fraud.

  • Strighttothepoint 2012

    Mitt Won The Debate!!!Vote MITT 2012

  • jopa

    One of the main retractions from the debate is that the health care Mitt is proposing is there is no insurance for pre existing conditions in his plan.Also there will be no Wall street reform but Big Bird will probably have to go so he can put a second car elevator on the north side of his house and a new dance floor for his horse in the basement.The lies by Romney in that debate alone should disqualify him for taking advantage of some ill informed Americans.

    • eddyjames1952

      Romney doesn’t need to “Kill” Big Bird to be able to build a second elevator. Romney has worked all his adult life, as in had a “J-J-J-Job”. He should kill Big Bird so one day maybe you could afford to build a garage to put your Chevy Volt in if you went to w-w-w-w-work.

      • jopa

        eddy1492;Romney hasn’t worked in the last six years.He has been campaigning for President in all that time.I have worked from the age of sixteen up to my retirement four years ago.How long have you been on guv assistance now?

  • chuckb

    krugman of the seattle times, you know, your kind of guy, has an article on this and if you read it thru the bs, pre existing coverage is a joke, nothing more than welfare. nobody in this country goes without medical care, all you have to do is go to any hospital emergency room, just wander down to one and see what’s happening there, most places are packed with illegals and whatever, they expect free treatment and receive it. so don’t give me that old bolshevik lie about people losing their previous illness coverage. you won’t be turned away, if you can’t pay they have medicaid ask most minorities they are well versed in this matter. barry needs the tax from the healthcare legislation he isn’t worried abouit your health.

    you bolsheviks are turned upside down because your balloon of hot air was blown up and exposed for what he is. do you really think this guy is qualified to run a dog kennel, he was exposed for exactly what he has always been, nothing more than a mouth piece for a bunch of communist jews running this country.

    you read too much union garbage.

    • jopa

      chuckb;You are just as clueless as Romney.By these people going to the ER is the most expensive way to receive medical treatment.That is what’s driving healthcare costs through the roof.An ER will do a quick triage and patch up with a huge price tag and if further medical needs are required in most cases the patient will receive.These costs would all be avoided if they had a primary physician and were treated before things got out of hand.Somehow one of the most important aspects of this argument went zoom over both of your heads or are you waiting for that popping sound to see the light again?

    • Jay Tea

      the hosptial ER will not remove kidney stones. they will just give you a script for some pain killers and send you home…..

  • Eddy James

    I believe there is a name for Obama’s problems ” The Peter Principle” it does something like this. Sooner or later everyone will be promoted to a position where they haven’t got a clue as to how to fill that position.

  • L.J.G

    When public television accepts government money they then become a mouthpiece for liberal government. If the 170 million people who watch PBS were to donate $1 each to PBS would that not be sufficient to continue public television (including their big donors).
    Keep public television safe by NOT accepting government funds.
    What’s more important saving America or Big Bird. PLEASE!!!!
    John Kerry has an elevator in his garage not Romney.
    Liberals are always squawking about the riches of Republicans and yet their own Dixiecrats are filthy rich – Nancy Pelosi =35.20 mil.
    Dianne Feinstien= 45.39 mil.
    Richard Blumenthal=52.93 mil.
    Frank Lautenberg=55.07 mil.
    Jared Polis=65.91mil.
    Mark Warner=76.30 mil.
    Jay Rockefeller=81.63 mil.
    John Kerry=$$$$$$ 193.07 MILLION
    And that is just the tip of the iceberg./ I don’t knock these people for being rich,I’m just sick of Liberals who constantly bring up Republican “riches”.
    Isn’t it funny that Kerry is over twice as rich as ROCKEFELLER!!!!!

    • http://PersonalLiberty Duane Williams

      Dixiecrats? Now I know you are totally clueless. Kerry’s wife is, moron. PBS gets .01% of the federal budget. Romney doesn’t have an elevator? You are an ignorant liar and that is being generous.

      • L.J.G

        Dixiecrat is a state of mind in my comment,not a state of being!
        Romney DOESN’T have a elevator in his garage, he’s only had the plans drawn-up !
        Kerry has an elevator in his Beacon Hill house, only it’s not in his garage(foul=adverb)!

        Vicious name calling (foul=verb)
        You,my friend, are just as uninformed as I. (foul=noun)

  • Tex

    Another item of interest which needs to be brought to foreground. Our voting machines may have been compromised. Some states (12) decided to farm out to a third party company to oversee the election count. Once you cast your electronic vote, there is no checks and balances to fall back on like the old paper ballot. Check out your state to demand accountability before it’s to late.

  • chuckb

    tex, i think it’s too late, the supreme court should have ruled on this. this will be the most corrupt election in anybody’s life time. we have the most corrupt administration in our history, of course we have roberts on the court so that gives the bolsheviks more leverage.
    another thing why i think it is too late, tijauna wouldn’t have enough time to produce that many fraudulent voter id’s.
    it’s too bad we can’t clear up the judicial system and get rid of people like roberts, kagan ginsberg and sotomayer. we don’t need bleeding hearts legislating from the bench.

    • http://PersonalLiberty Duane Williams

      Making decisions based on the Constitution is not legislating. Your side lost, get over it. It’s too bad we can’t clear up the judicial system and get rid of that worthless right wing hack Scalia and that waste of oxygen Thomas. Citizens United was legislating. Corporations are people? Give me a break.

  • dad101

    1) PBS receives only 12% of its annual budget from the Feds. The rest, comes from Private donations from Non-For-Profit Organizations, or from “Viewers Like You”.

    2) If and/or when Obamacare is installed in 2014, It is only to protect those who cannot afford health insurance at the current outragous prices. If you wish to keep your current provider or shop for a private provider, there is nothing to stop you; nothing will change for you, except your child can stay insured under your plan, till they are 26, if they like. If you are too poor to pay the minimum rate for the insurance, there are several economic hardship clauses that will allow you to present your case and be exempt from the program. Meaning, you will not have to pay for the health insurance, and you will not be covered under the insurance plan, because you do not pay into it.

    3) Read this! –

  • Robin Garza

    Are u on Drugs?????? if you are I want what ur having!!!!!! Not only is RomneywannbeBush is compulsive liar I think hes convinced himself hes tellin the truth!!!! You are really to much!! Repubspoon fed Tax evaders is what I call you all!!!!! Get a real job and see how its like to live from paycheck to paycheck!!!!!!!! Guess what stupid obama is sooooo watching RomneywannabeBush hang himself with his lies and trust me he will come back fully loaded on u tax evaders!!!!!!!!

  • Gloria

    I can’t believe some of you people. Didn’t you ever hear nothing is worth having if you don’t work for it. Today is a generation of welfare beget welfare and that is all they know. I worked for the government in subsidized projects and I would see grandmothers,daughters, grandkids, aunts, cousins all living in the same complex, does anyone see a problem with this. A lot of people want Obama because he gives free stuff and doesn’t expect you to work for it. I see a lot of you standing in the lines and one guy when asked what he was applying for he said don’t know, whatever they got inside. I want some of that Obama stuff. Really. I have worked in a hamburber place, school cafeteria, department store stocking shelves, factory 2nd shift, and deliver phone books among others, to help support my kids and put food on the table even stretching hamburber helper to feed 6 people. At one point we had to swallow our pride and get some medical help for our kids because of serious illness, but, I kept trying with a little more education and political and bookwise I got a good job to be proud of because I did not want to be one of those 47% who just wanted to sit there on their butt, not work, and have everything handed to them just like their parents. My parents were never on welfare, worked hard and raised 6 kids and proud of that. Both my husband and myself are Veterans and also proud of that.Get some pride in yourselves for once wherever it comes from!!!

    • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

      Aman to that sister.

    • jopa

      Gloria;I don’t know how to break it to you but Romney classifies you as one of the 47%.You not only worked for the government but you are now or may some day be on Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.You claimed to have received some assistance in the past for medical so he would definitely call you a moocher.In his golden child world even our men and women in uniform on the battlefield and in VA hospitals are the moochers in his eyes when he talks to his multi millionaire buddies.However you can hold your head up high with pride today in that most of us don’t think that way.

      • Gloria

        Jopa: Hate to break it to you , but I am not, nor ever been a moocher. When I did work for the government I worked 10 to 12 hours and only paid for 8 because I had a job to do and and felt the responsibility to do it well serving the people who needed me. So, I never took anything I did not earn. That medical I received was for birth defects my son was born with 35 years ago and I was not able to work. Since you know all about moochers you must be there! Apparently you never served your country which you should be ashamed of and how dare you talk about those brave men and women that gave their lives and bodies for their country never batting an eye. I just retired and am on SSI and Medicare which is money I put into the system all the years I have worked (over 50 years). How many years have you worked and paid into the system. SSI and Medicare are not entitlements, that is money I paid into the system. So there is a difference between receiving benefits you paid for and “getting the free stuff”

        • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

          I agree wth you. We all need toband together and get that Muslim out of office and back to Kenya, where his wife said is his home.

  • Dan

    I invite Libertarians, Independents, and disgruntled Democrats to join us in a FREEDOM MOVEMENT!!!!!

    . Romney and Ryan will bring us back the AMERICA we once had and need AGAIN!!!!!

    • Gloria

      I agree with all that you have said and more. We need to save this nation from becoming a 3rd world country and if Obama has his way that is where it is going.

      • jopa

        Gloria; I myself know you are not a moocher, however mister Romney is the one that paints you to be a moocher for your service to America, the fact your son needed help at one time and now you are on Social Security.Those are the statements he made before the group of millionaires he was talking to in Florida on the secretly released tape showing his true agenda and feelings.I actually would salute you for all you have done with your life and wish you the best in the future.


    Ok forget parties and lets look at the individuals. Obama has created more government jobs prob more than any other president in history, he has went beyond the authority given him by the constitution numerous times and implemented executive orders, he has shown or stated his disgust for our Constitution, it is in his plans to give the UN control of our gun laws, he shows disdain for our allies while bowing to our enemies, he has helped America achieve the highest unemployment rate we have had in years, he doubled the national debt that he promised to cut in half, he hasnt come close to balancing a budget, he has took it upon himself to let the world know that America is no longer a christian nation, he wants to punish motivated businessmen who has the knowledge, drive, ambition and courage to step out and take a chance with higher taxes sure to kill the private sector, he is destroying the poor by giving them a handout…keep your handout and give them a JOB, gas was under two dollars a gallon when he took office, he has made comments against our God and the Bible so folks lets just look at it like it is the direction obama is taking this country is not favorable. On the other hand Mr Romney has promised the opposite of all the above mentioned; will he keep the promises? I dont know but he deserves the chance to perform. Mr Obama got his chance to turn America around and his policies have seemingly failed. Give Romney the same thing you gave Obama…A CHANCE AT HOPE AND CHANGE! :-)

  • Jay Tea

    I think you are way off. I am a libertarian and will be voting for Gary Johnson.. Wanted Ron Paul but he got cheated. I don’t think Romney has a snow balls chance in hell at beating Obama…. There are just too many republicans that hate Romney for the way he cheated during the primaries for Romney to win…. Obama is going to beat him like a red headed step child……. Mitt Romney is no Ronald Reagan , Not even close.

    • JagWa

      Yes, self righteous indignation before good of country. Is that what the Liberarians espouse? You might as well just vote for Obama, because votes not for Mitt are votes for Obama, no matter whose name is beside the box.

    • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

      I am sure you are an uneducated, low life, that wants to put down an honest hard working man. He made his money the hard way.

    • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

      And another thing, we all have our opinions, but voting for Obama is just down right STUPID

      • Gloria

        I totally agree with you Mary.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Voteing for any of the nominees, shows stupidity!

        • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

          Sorry Bert but you are wrong. We fought for the riight to vote. What is stupidity is your comment.

        • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

          Bert get off your cazoo and get a job and pay into the system so Obama will have more to spend on that Ugly wife of his.

        • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

          Oh and by the way Bert, if you are going to post, please use spell check. Voting is not spelled voteing.

    • Rosco Revere

      I’m with you Jay, looks like most of these folks have their partisan blinders on. Keeping the status quo will only get us more debt and more wars. We’ll be at war again very soon anyway no matter which one of these clowns gets in. Romney is pro war for sure, we keep swatting the nest and will be stung soon. Good luck folks because we’ll need it!

  • Gloria

    Bert, Just think about it for a minute. Not voting is the same as voting for Obama. It is your right and you need to exercise it before there comes a time when that right is taken away from you. You need to watch Fox News channel 54 because that is the only channel that will give you the truth about what is going on and then some. You will see things on there that other news agencies are not reporting if is shows Obama in a bad light. Do me a favor and watch ORielly, Hannity, and Greta a few times and see if that does not change your mind an open your eyes. If things don’t change the UN will have complete control of the internet, our right to carry arms given to us by the Constitution, free speach, and all kinds of taxes levied on us and that is just for starters. To top it off Obama goes to the UN and appologizes for the VIDEO that was made because it caused the riots and the death of our Embassador and his security people. What an embarrasement to this country.

  • Kiss my grits

    I think you lied about the poll and I can’t wait to see edd on your faces when he wins

  • Alicia Alvarado

    What is all the fuss about?

  • Pam Townsend Mayo

    I want to remind everyone here, conservative and liberal: It took only 5 years for Germany to go from a prosperous democratic country to communism, the holocaust and world war II under the leadership of Adolph Hitler. The people never saw it coming, they were indoctrinated systematically. This happened with the youngest among the people, the school children, even. Please wake up before it’s too late. These are scary times we are living in. This is not just another election. This is the most important life altering event that will happen in any of our lifetimes. We must get Obama out, he has terrible plans for our country. We are slowly losing our freedom. Be honest, I know you all can see this.

    • Alicia Alvarado

      Pam, I do not agree with. What you have stated is absolutely not true!!!

    • Gloria

      Pam, I agree with you. There are too many similarities between Obama and Hitler. Hitler had a way of smoozing people, especially the women and young and they never did see it coming until it was done. He made promises of a good life and brainwashed them into believing. Obama is doing the same thing. He tells his little jokes when he cannot answer truthfully to cover up or shift the topic at hand and everyone laughs and it is ok. HE HAS AN AGENDA everyone, and all the ones getting the “free stuff” that they did not work for, can’t see it because he talks a good talk. Take a good look at his father and earlier years at who he has surrounded himself with to get where he is. Anyone can see where Obama is going if they choose to open their eyes and do something about it.. This whole thing is very frightning to me. Please open your eyes people before it is too late for all of us.

    • Matt B

      Hitler was a fascist, not a communist. There are actually no similarities between Obama and Hitler because their ideas are completely opposite of one another. Fascism is (kind of) extreme conservatism. Communism is (kind of) extreme liberalism. I say those things assuming that it is easier to understand on a continuum made up of conservatism and liberalism. That said, Karl Marx would have a hearty laugh at the US. To say Obama is a socialist is outrageous. To say he is a communist is out of this world. There is no such thing as communism, it’s unattainable. Romney and Obama have the same beliefs when it comes to the economy, except Romney wants to get there using a tax plan that mathematically makes no sense. He also operates under a strange assumption that every private dollar spent equals government prosperity. That’s fallacious. Our government, in its history has never operated the way he suggests and never will because then it will cease to exist.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

        Matt, You are trying to convince people that you are an intelligent person, when in reality, you have only proved that you are ignorant, stupid and a fool.

        • Gloria

          Tight on Mary. Matt needs to really check his history on Hitler. There are a LOT of similarities between those two. A lot of people died at his hands. He had people under his spell, especially women.

    • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

      Pam, you are so right. I am a Registered Nurse and working in a hospital that has started to refuse Medicare and Medicaid patients because of Obamacare. Most of the doctors in private practice are taking out ads in the local newspapers saying they will no longer accept Medicare and Medicad. GET OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE AND PUT ROMNEY IN AS HE DOES KNOW HOW TO MANAGE MONEY AND WILL REPEAL OBAMACARE. THAT IS GREAT………………MOST PEOPLE DO NOT REALIZE WHAT IT WILL COST THEM ON DOWN THE ROAD. I have decided that if Obama is put back in office, I will be better off on Food Stamps, Welfare and Medicaid.

  • kenneth Taylor

    it does not matter who is president , i live in summit county the courts are corrupt here, we have no more constitutional rights America is just not the same , people in my county are suffering i am a blackman , i have never seen so many white people broke, out work, on food stamps, a man approach me on the street told me he was crack addict just relased from jail his food stamp card had accumulated to 1200.00 while in jail he sold them to somebody for 200.00 to go get high. so many whites on welfare, in this county we have people in school just so they can get a refund check and student loan to live off of and the education is secondary benefit, most people will never pay these loans back, i ask a man were he was working he told going to school was his new job and he will never leave school you see people we are in a state of grab what you can from goverment before its all gone ,America has deteriorated so bad you can work and get food stamps, people are line up in hospitals emergency room for minor illneses , drug addicts are using drug programs to eat and sleep in beds in winter time and emerge from program in summer, counselors are selling drugs to addicts in the programs , its worse on the streets petty thief is killing stores profit, they now have resorted to stealing socks, batteries, energy drinks, toothpaste deooderant ,the economy is so bad bootleg movies sell for 1.00 good crystal clear copies. China’s fake knock offs are everywhere fake viagra fake baby milk, fake phones, fake gold jewlery obama has given people free phones most people have more that 3 appeice businessiness are just disappearing taxes to high, its so bad they are stealing for goodwill stores foreclosure of homes have devestated communities here people are behind in there mortgages almost everyone, people are living in homes for years without paying , the title and insurance industry is corrupt fake titles to these homes , fake notes , robo signed documents are allowed in court, titles are sold over and over your home you live in has change hands several times so you dont really know who your creditor is this bail out of banks is the real problem it has caused stagnation nobody in thier right mind is paying a mortgage for more than thier house is worth, you see thier will be no recovery ever until people get thier properties back that the banks have stolen housing is what fuels the econony it so here people are buying in good area for 15,000.00 a house who next door the people paid 80,000.00 for exact same home with 30 year mortgage so why pay the note and insurance , the houses are selling cheap because the goverment bail out and insurance paid of the fake lenders its so bad you can get a 70 year mortgage, you can buy cars here with o down, bad credit, and finance it for 7years niether Mitt or obama can get us out we must decide destroy america and start over or either jumpship now or go down with the titatic both canidates are shuffling the deck chairs on titanic, both cannot and will not mention housing recovery were the big five banks have taken all the money out of the economy, while they got you focus on who looks presidental . they just print more money when they need it remember monoply game it used this kind of money. remeber the principal the banker had it all. the banks make money when you default , here is example they have heavy insurance call default insurance and swap insurance when you default they get bail out by insurance company, and then again by the goverment they placed heavy bets you couldnt pay a mortgage they new you would fail, and banks they get 100% of thier money, now its house you live in that is paid in fulll along comes someone and claims ownership they make a phony title phony note and get copies of mortgage papers from public records and file lawsiut you dont answer the courts say you defaulted they get your home for free and sell it for third of the cost the new buyer has a fake title or it just sits thier empty for years. simple put if you new your wife was going to die in afew years wouldnt you get much insurance of her as the law would allow.99% of us are just getting buy you cant afford to put your kids in college , no grants for you, no tax break, for you, no food stamps for you, you will looking for a job soon, kids will need that bedroom back no more will a single person live good on one income they cant buy a house a furnish it in thier tax bracket check your saving account it does not even earn any real interest.

    • Kathy Linahan

      Wow…well said !!!!

  • Swami

    I see so much of the “I caught Romney/Obama in this lie/that lie” but it’s not important. They’re going to lie. They are politicians, it’s what they do.
    What is important now is understanding of the economy.
    Obama doesn’t get it. It’s so obvious Obama that even the Loyal Left ought to be face palming by now.

    Obama trumpets as great achievements his “saving” of the auto and finance industries with bailouts. At the same time, he and his minions have an “eat the rich” ethos not seen in a major Western leader since Caligula.

    Put it together, and here is the Obama view of the economy:

    1) Companies that are failing deserve to be supported, to save the jobs!

    2) Companies that are prospering are run by the Evil Rich and are not paying their fair share!

    Presumably, companies that are barely getting by, but don’t urgently need handouts yet are right where Obama thinks they should be. The objective of Obamanomics is therefore to get them there- just getting by, in constant fear of the next edition of the regulations or demand for “fair” tax payments.

    Obama is not only all about the punishment of success, but he covers the flip side; he considers it his duty to reward failure. The target is government mandated mediocrity.

    And the Left knows it. They know damn well what they do to the economy. Case in point: When California gas prices went berserk, Jerry Granola Brown understood that reining in a regulation could bring prices down. So he did it. Obama is probably baffled by this, unable to see the connection between lower prices and less stringent regulations. He really doesn’t get it.

    • Alicia Alvarado

      I do not what has been said!!!

  • Joseph

    That was the debate classic

  • Melinda

    Couldnt Look the governor in the eye? Where was so diligently looking when he called Romney out on his disgraceful accusation that the administration was deliberatly misleading in their disclosure of incoming news on Benghazi? Wasted his first two years on OBAMACARE? How many DECADES did the Repubs waste in AVOIDING affordable healthcare and the stemming of high healthcare costs from the American people. ROMNEY/RYAN IS DONE. WE WILL WIN….. IM SORRY YOU CANT DEAL WITH IT AND REACT BY PULLING THINGS OUT OF THE SKY…

    • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

      Melinda, I am sure you are a very nice person, however, somewhat confused about how the President has handled the past. I voted for Obama last time and now can see the light why don’t you open your eyes. Healthcare that Obama passed is a TAX and I am sure that you do not want more taxes. Even the SCOTUS said it is a tax. I do not think that most people want to be taxed anymore and WE DEFINITELY CANNOT AFFORD 4 MORE YEARS OF SPENDING MONEY THAT WE (THE TAXPAYERS) WILL BE PAYING FOR YEARS TO COME. Now, wake up and smell the coffee. He has increased the debt 6 TRILLION dollars. We can only look forward to the same in the next 4 years. I wonder how many people can get by with writing checks that the bank cannot cash, since no funds are available.

      • Gloria

        Very good Mary. I am so glad to see that people are starting to wake up and come out of the trance that Obama has over with them. Last night it showed hope with the group Frank Luntz had where Obama supporters and undecided made a decision to move to Romney.. The President looked the camera right in the eye and lied on a lot of statements. He is bold.

    • Gloria

      Melinda, Why do you think Obama could not look Romney in the eye? When someone is not truthful they are unable to look you in the eye. They always look away. Wake up Melinda and smell the roses/

  • drsheilahere

    At Nouveau Riche Status, the Hypocracy of Obama!

    Find Out Whom To Hate

    Obama obsessively assails Mitt Romney for being rich and ‘out of touch,’ as if this was a deficit in Mitt’s character, or a status that one should be ashamed of having achieved.

    Strangely, this is in juxtaposition to Obama’s own personal life. He surrounds himself with the vast uber- rich, from politicians to legacy millionaires. He easily spends millions of tax payer dollars for lavish vacations and partying like a rock star. He is comfortable taking credit for paying for friends on a European vacation. And, in his campaign life, he courts only the Hollywood rich who will underwrite his re-election, not the poor. All of this hyprocracy is unchallenged by our main stream media.

    Obama’s stash is a meager seven or eight million dollars. While he garnered this from the proceeds of books he didn’t write, about a composite of people who didn’t exist, about a time that never happened, it only matters that it catapulted him into the very quasi- millionaire status he demonizes. If rich was really wrong and a road to out-of-touch ville, he’d have given it to charity.

    While he can’t compare to a John Kerry, (D) worth$188.6 million dollars, or Rep.Jane Harman, (D) California, worth 152.3 million dollars (Huff.Post,Oct. 2012), Obama’s wealth does stack up to around the status of a truck at a sports car rally.

    What doesn’t make sense on Obama’s journey to climbing the ladder is his laziness. If being moneyed was important to him, why didn’t he work hard? We are told he was given superior academic opportunities for college and Harvard Law, yet, he never passed the Bar, so he worked as a law clerk, not a lawyer. He took an ill paying job as a rabble rouser. Then unqualified, he leapt into the Senate. With that background, being elected President was a fluke, due to the liberal press hiding who Obama really is. Clear in the recent hate video that surfaced from 2007, Obama came to the presidency hiding socialism, bigotry and a willingness to ‘God Damn This county.”

    On the other hand, Mitt Romney’s wealth was the result of an established path to success: a Harvard MBA and Law Degree, exercising hard work and intelligence to build his own fortune, served as Governor of Massachussets, and is now running for the Presidency, despite main stream media’s attempts to bury him on every issue from religion to likeability!

    Regardless, Obama will reach his financial goal despite his protests of the rich.

    Just like Bill Clinton, who left Arkansas with a $35,000 a year salary, Obama will eventually be richer for having fallen into politics. To this end, it is clear he is deliberately building his nest egg with favors to his cronies. This way, when he leaves the White House it will be as a major player in the National League of the Nouveau Riche.

    He is as enamored of being rich as every other social climber and his disdain for wealth, and enthusiasm for having his money redistributed to his followers, will wane!

    [commented edited: comment is too long and is a copy/paste. please provide a link]

    • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

      I think you should stay on it and you are so right. Even his wife stated that his home country was Kenya. If Michelle needs help packing just tell her to give me a call and I will personally drive my farm truck up to help her.

      • Alicia Alvarado

        You are just miserable people looking something to do. Get a life!

        • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

          Alicia, I do have a life without any handouts from the government. I hope you can truthfully say the same.

  • Shari McLaughlin

    Romney is the only person to even vaguely consider. He is excellent and would be a great leader. Whereas Obama, another story. Look at the last 4 years. :((
    As if our deficit wasn’t horrible enough, but now with Obama, he has added TRILLIONS, bringing this country right down the tubes and he doesn’t even have our men properly defended overseas and didn’t even know what when on in Libya!! Can’t even begin to imagine who would want someone with such poor leadership, like going to the View instead of meeting with world leaders here in NY…. :((( SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

      You are so right there. I never heard from him when my husband was killed. Just goes toshow you that if the media is not there, neither will he be. Just a low down lying President that we should all be ashamed of. I certainly am as are my children.

  • Gabriel

    You must of been watching the debate on a parallel universe

    • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

      Where are you living? must be another planet. I think Nov. 6th will show you and all the benefits, that I am sure you are receiving, go bye bye. Ask Obama if you can come and talk with him? I will assure you unless you are willing to open you check book and pen a million or so, his answer will be NO.

  • John

    “Romney is the only person to even vaguely consider. He is excellent and would be a great leader. Whereas Obama, another story. Look at the last 4 years. (
    As if our deficit wasn’t horrible enough, but now with Obama, he has added TRILLIONS, bringing this country right down the tubes and he doesn’t even have our men properly defended overseas and didn’t even know what when on in Libya!! Can’t even begin to imagine who would want someone with such poor leadership, like going to the View instead of meeting with world leaders here in NY…. (( SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Hahahaha. I love it!! This poster Romney is the only person to even vaguely consider, as if to suggest she is only picking him b/c there is no other choice. Then she follows up by referring to him as “excellent.” This is what happens when dummies are given an opportunity to talk.

    Keep moving granny! Clearly you are confused!

    • http://PersonalLiberty Mary Taylor

      John, I so agree with you. Keep up the good work

      • Gloria

        I totally agree with both of you, keep going and maybe the rest of those “undecided will come Mitts way as they should. Did you also see where Texas has spoken out and said if any of those UN “monitors ” show up on our poll areas “to monitor our election process to make sure it is fair ” they will be arrested. Hurray for Texas. This is the beginning of the UN trying to control the United States, which Obama is is favor of. What right has a bunch of UN ************************************ trying to control our guns, oil, constution, and election.

  • Drew G. Miller

    Let’s be honest: Gary Johnson would have destroyed both of those guys.

  • Sam

    Oops. Things are looking a little differently today than they did when this article was posted, aren’t they? Hubris kills. lol

  • scott

    If you people would actually pay attention to the third party candidates, I promise none of you would be able to look at either of these candidates again. These guys are both liars. They are both taking advantage of the fact that the media has everyone bought into the two-party system so much that you dont even bother looking up facts for yourselves. You are either hardcore Republican and won’t vote any other way, or you are the same type Democrat. “Voting for the lesser evil” has become too much of the social norm and that mind set has made us all ignorant of the fact that there are more than just two people running. In fact, there are six. But no one knows because the media only shows the debate against the “top two”… Unless they are unbelievably rich like Ross Perot. Everyone here needs to get their heads out of their fourth-point-of-contact and start paying attention to every candidate. Candidates that actually answer the questions, and not beat around them. Neither Romney or Obama has addressed the issues with real plans. All you people who believe in Romney or Obama who think you can have all these wars and our troops spread out all over the world in over 500 military bases accross the globe, and think its important to threaten Iran while not raising taxes or cutting programs:… You’re out of your mind….

  • Alicia Alvarado

    You are out of your mind. Face the facts!!

    • mary

      Alicia, are you an American Citizen, or do you need a green card to work? Sounds to me like you are so hooked up on Obama that you cannot see beyond the end of your nose.
      Wise up. All the freebies will soon end.

      • Alicia Alvarado

        Mary, if you really want to know. I am a true american citizen of this country from birth and God is the only one that I am hooked on to. Only time will tell and it is coming soon.

        • mary

          Aliciia if you are a God fearing woman, which you claim to be, then you will be voting for a christian and not a Muslim.

        • mary

          As you well now by now that Mitt Romney is going to win this election.

  • mary


    • Gloria

      Let’s hope we are right Mary. All the early voting shows Romney down a couple points or a tie. I hope and pray once Tuesday gets here all the Republicans get out there and put Obama in his “place” at the bottom where he blongs” When I hear him talk about the flood and “leaving no one behind” and helping everyone I want to slap someone. What does he think he did in Bengazi? He and the rest sat there watching in real time in the situation room and let those people die while they were begging for help. He refused reinforcing the Embassy when they asked (begged) three times, even as they were taking fire. One of the guys was painting the target waiting for a hit , and when no one resonded, that very rocket he painted fired and killed him. How could they sit there and watch our people get hammered “in real time for “over 7 hours” and not send some of our many assets that could have been there in 20 – 45 minutes to assist. Then he makes a speach recently about not leaving anyone behind. Chris Stevens sent messages to Hillary and others saying they could not stand an attack if hit and they needed reinforcements. All he did was take away security, which the Col requested to stay with his squad and was denied. Chris told them the compound had been infiltrated and help was needed, NOTHING! How does this man and the rest (Hillary) sleep . Even after the English were attacked and vacated, the Red Cross vacated, we stayed. The terrorist are not desimated and on the run, they are alive and multiplying all over fast. The thing is people are believing what he is saying. UNBELIEVABLE. He is not on the people’s side he is on his side and the side of destroying America as we know it. Get out there, open your eyes, and vote for Romney. Don’t blindly vote for Obama because he is a Democrat or cute or whatever, vote for yourselves , our future, and the future of our kids! It is not too late, after tomorrow it will be.

      • mary

        this morning Carl Rove said Romney WILL WIN. I pray every day that God will intervene and see that a Christian and not a Muslim will be put in the White House. It is all in his hands. I will be voting as will the rest of my family for ROMNEY AND RYAN

      • ableton

        This morning Karl Rove should be eating serious crow! Maybe the Republican machine will search for someone more competent than a Bob Dole think-alike! It is your fault that the Republicans lose because you insist that they have all the answers and now while waiting for that champion, the bee hive of evil has grown to it’s expected majority. The RNC is finished as we know it and for all you who still beleive there is still a moral compass anymore, it went away with 911 and the Bush’s.

  • Gloria

    I am right there with you Mary

  • ableton

    Ahem…ah you were saying?


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