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‘I Didn’t Want To Shoot Him, But I Had To,’ Says 81-Year-Old Thug Target

March 13, 2013 by  

‘I Didn’t Want To Shoot Him, But I Had To,’ Says 81-Year-Old Thug Target
Lonnie Lorenza Hollingsworth Jr.

An elderly Florida man was carrying his legal .38 caliber revolver in his vehicle Sunday evening when a robber with a criminal past decided he’d make an easy target.

But James Stevens of Ocala wasn’t an easy target, because he had the means to defend himself.

“I didn’t want to shoot him, but I had to. I shot him,” Stevens told Marion County Sheriff’s deputies after being confronted by his alleged would-be attacker, 28-year-old Lonnie Lorenza Hollingsworth Jr.

According to deputies’ reports, Stevens said the alleged perp tailed him for about 20 minutes in a vehicle as Stevens drove toward his home. Not wanting to lead someone with possible evil intent directly to his house, Stevens said he instead chose to pull over in a field and see if, just maybe, he was letting his suspicion get the better of him. Maybe it was just coincidence that a 2010 Kia had been tailing him for nearly half an hour.

It wasn’t coincidence. When Stevens pulled over, the Kia pulled over, too. A man, Hollingsworth, allegedly got out. Stevens told the cops that Hollingsworth demanded “everything you got.”

Well, he got it. Deputies discovered four of the gun’s chambers had been emptied. Hollingsworth was shot once in the abdomen. Residents nearby called the shooting in under the presumption that Hollingsworth, now lying motionless in the same field where he’d evidently hoped to take advantage of an old man, had already died. He was instead taken to an Ocala hospital where he was listed in critical condition.

Although unarmed during the alleged robbery attempt, local reports reveal Hollingsworth to have had numerous prior encounters with law enforcement, including a 2008 conviction for altering the serial number on a firearm.

Stevens was not charged in the self-defense shooting. No word on how Hollingsworth’s hospital bill will be paid.

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • John R. Howell

    Serves the robber right! I find that at age 83, I am beginning to be a target. In one encounter, 4 thugs attacked me in the street. I used my skill as a 4th degree karate black belt to break the leg of the one nearest me by stomping his knee. He went down on the street screaming, and the other 3 backed off. In another encounter, some thug tried to rob me in a parking lot, but ran away when he found himself looking down the barrel of my .38 pistol. The best defense is a pepper spray, because you can carry it in your hand on the way to your car from a store. Pepper spray to the face will slow down the thug long enough for you to draw your pistol. John R. Howell

    • Buck Dude

      Go John!

    • Mike Austin

      You are a great example for the rest of us. Keep it up.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      good thinking…Pepper spray to slow down the attacker to get time to draw your gun…This should be posted so every woman out there can get this important info…That colorado idiot congresswoman can’t argue this one trying to say the woman would be over powered and disarmed…

      • Native Blood

        Let us all hope that this will not turn out to be another Trayvon Martin case with the usual raice baiters in tow!

      • Bev

        I was thinking that perhaps the CO congresswoman should someday be the victim of rape and know what it fees like, and then I saw a picture of her. The woman is ugly on the inside as well as the out.

    • Bill

      Go for it, John

    • Jim Hall

      Roger, A short story about a man and his wife Both in their 70s Walking from the Grocery store to where they had cashed their SS checks and a few groceries that evening, they were attacked by four Blacks in their leens, they not only took the money but they beat the man and his wife, The man spent 3 months and his wife spent 6 months in the hospital, none of the teens were caught. How i came across this man and his wife I was driving down the st i spotted him carrying a paper bag wrapped around something that just did not seem right to me, I pulled over to the curb and approched them asked him about the bag and he said he had a sawed off shotgun in the bag, And with the ages of these people i was bothered about Why,Thats when he then told me the story, And he said it would never happen again as long as he lived. I checked on his story and it was correct. As i looked at the man and his wife and i knew the area they lived. I just walked away, the first time in my Life.LA CA

      • ROGER,Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

        Nice story BUT your point is??? If you are trying to contradict MY point ,then like so many here ( and i am not surprised based on an AMERICAN article about the (in)ability of Americans to read), you have not read properly nor understood me one iota.

      • http://aol CommonSense4America

        Roger: I guess that just means that you don’t communicate very well.

  • TheTruthHurts

    “No word on how Hollingsworth’s hospital bill will be paid”… Ummm if not by insurance then by the hospital itself which will be distributed amongst other consumers of hospital care (read: other insurance companies) in the form over $9 tylenols… Then onto the tax payer supported slammer

    • Buck Dude

      Exactly. And the poor taxpayer’s will be forced to feed and coddle him the rest of his life.

  • Dinh c Dao

    Great job, not bad for a 81 years old men. You must love a live target!

  • ibcamn

    The old guy knew he was being followed,that means either he’s quit good and very abservant or the criminal is really ,really bad at following his target!isn’t it two car lengths back and one over??!!
    Kudos to stevens!should go to the range once in a while!(1 out of 4)hits….25% is really not that good!

  • Jim K

    Perhaps his bill can be paid by organ donations.

    • BillT

      I’m sure it will be paid by all of us – at least the ones that pay taxes.

  • FreedomFighter

    Every American has the right of self-defense against such animals.

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

    • old hillbilly

      Old farts (like me) really need to visit the range more often, improve accuracy, & know where to point the gun. The head is where the poison starts – twixt the eyes – you can see what’s a comming there & you can tell when it’s time to let them either back off & surrender or send them off to hell for good.

  • richard r.

    An absolute necessary evil in this world that we live in. Can you imagine the results of the encounter if the gun was not available.Hoodlums need to get what they are asking for. God help us support the 2nd Amendment.

  • Bill

    There is an old saying that you should not push an old man into a corner, because they might kill you.

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    Since Hollingsworth was UNARMED would not the proper procedure have been to point your weapon at the offender and tell him he is under a citizens arrest? I am 72 and that is what I would have done and then IF he resisted ( other than running away) I would shoot him. Most of the commenters seem to be pretty bloodthirsty and follow the American code of -Shoot first and ask questions later. Too bad but it may explain why your cops are so corrupt.They obviously come from the same melting pot with the attitude, of “I have power( gun) so why not use it.”…and should the rednecks decide to comment on the fact I am Canadian ( I am also Irish), Canadians are the THIRD largest armed society in this world but we don’t have near as many gun incidents. even taking population proportion into consideration… DIFFERENT ATTITUDE towards guns and their use maybe???…and by the WAYy I believe, as states the 2nd Amendment, we all have the right to bear arms, but at the same time it gives us a responsibility to be mature about the use of arms. I just think James Stevens “jumped the gun” and was a little “trigger happy”, so -to-speak. Maybe his motive was not what he says….just thinking.

    • Brad n TX

      Maybe the perpetrator should of not been on the prowl to do bad things to good people. He would be feeling much better today I bet! Lol!!!

    • concerned citizen

      No Roger…. If you draw a loaded weapon and point it at someone… it should ONLY to be to shoot them. You don’t give anyone notice of what you are going to do when the other is potentially faster than you are. If you hesitate, you could lose big. We are not talking about hollywood here… this is real life.
      The situation could be that you use a weapon to deter crime by brandishing it and showing aggression. That is not what a firearm should be used for. To truly deter crime, everyone needs to know that if the gun comes out, it gets used…. end of story.

      Scare tactics would be a learned response by some criminals that they could decide to not pay attention to… then grab a legal gun and turn it into a crime tool either on the scene or for later use.

      I say go to the range if you have a gun… get good with it, and if you shoot somebody, please kill them with the first shot… Otherwise you will find the Hollingsworths of this world suing the shooter for damages and bankrupting good folks who don’t like bending to the desires of criminals.

      I’d kind of rather have a taser for the vigilante works… but if all you can afford is a nice .38… so be it.

      Criminals are going to have to learn that there are consequences for their actions that don’t always involve a nice cushy jail cell with free cable and 3 squares a day…

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “The situation could be that you use a weapon to deter crime by brandishing it and showing aggression.”

        Where brandishing the weapon to deter crime works is when you pull your gun with the intent to shoot and stop the POS trying to mug you and at the first sight of the weapon he turns tail and runs. If that is not the way it goes down you then carry through with your original intent and shoot to stop him.

      • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

        Thanks for PROVING ALL which I just wrote about, especially the American attitude-Blind,Deaf and Dumb

    • CJ

      Roger, with that attitude, you’re just another victim waiting to happen. If it reaches the point you must pull a weapon, the next step is to immediately use it. Otherwise you will find yourself on the business end of it. May I suggest a course on the responsibility that goes with carrying.

      • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

        Ditto-Thanks for PROVING ALL which I just wrote about, especially the American attitude-Blind,Deaf and Dumb

    • larry ryan

      A gun is not a magic wand. If you’re not going to use it, better not even to have it. It’s only in the movies that merely pointing a gun insures compliance. 81 and 28. Shoot immediately or get it taken away and used on you. Those were his choices.

    • Dan Mancuso

      I wish you would stop using ‘Canadian’ in your name, it gives Canadians a bad name and it embarasses the hell out of Canadians like me who don’t cater to your lefty liberal, anti-gun, hug-a-thug mentality.
      You call law abiding, responsible firearms owners, who are courageous and patriotic enough to stand up against the slathering criminal predators by taking direct action, “bloodthirsty”!
      I am a Canadian and if someone – like a cowardly, sniveling lefty/liberal – calls me a redneck for being a law abiding, responsible firearms owner, who is courageous and patriotic enough to stand up against the slathering criminal predators and put one in the chest and one in the head, I would proudly wear that label of redneck…oh wait, I live in Canada, we don’t have any gun rights or a 2nd Amendment, in fact any body shoots one of those criminal predators, the citizen goes to jail.
      That melting pot idea you so self righteously put down, is a far saner and correct system than the multicultural model we have had forced on us in Canada, which has been directly responsible for the destruction of Canadian soveriegnty, moral agency and the Christian moral principals our country was founded on. I’d mention the destruction of Canadian culture as well, but even some of Canada’s most cherished writers have never been able to define Canadian culture!
      The reason we “…don’t have near as many gun incidents…” in Canada, is because of demographics. Except for Toronto with it’s huge Jamaican population, there are very few blacks that live in Canada compared to the US and hardly any outside of urban areas. If you were to take a ‘politically incorrect’ look at FBI statistics, it would clearly show which racial segment perpetrate most of the crime in the US, per capita. The problem with “gun crime” in Canada, as the term the lefty liberal media like to beat us up with, is not guns, it’s immigration!
      If you lived or worked in an area that teemed with gansters and like trash, it would be wise to have yourself a Conceal Carry permit. But it’s easy for someone like you to be so selfrighteously judgemental and in ignorance about the plight of someone else because the reality doesn’t fit your limited tunnel vision perspective of what you think things should be like.
      You sir, don’t appear to me to be “just thinking” at all. You are also old enough to know better, you should be ashamed of yourself!

      • ROGER,Irish-Canadian LI

        Well Dan Mancuso, thank you .NOW a Candian PROVING, he is one of the deficient ones, and that I am right and your ignorance of me and my polititics shows that: BLIND- to the Truth and reality of life;DEAF-incapable of listening to others; DUMB- Too stupid to understand anything I have said is not limited to Americans. but just to help you here is an article BY AN AMERICAN with AMERICAN Facts and Stats, that is IF you can read and understand and desire to actually think beyond your dumbed-down fantasy world of Hollywood and mainstream media

      • Alan

        Thanks for knocking Roger off of his high-horse Dan. From his reaction it appears the fall must have bruised his ego a bit…! You are so right! Reality isn’t anything like what’s portrayed by Hollywood. Having been a gunshot victim myself I fully understand just how fast things can get out of hand in such situations.

    • meteorlady

      So we are all supposed to wait to see if they have a weapon? I am not able to defend from serious attackers, as I’m 5’7″ and weight 135 lbs., plus I’m older and a woman. Have had to defend myself but didn’t shoot only because they turned and ran as soon as they saw the gun.

      However, with that said, if they had move toward me I would have shot most definitely. if you carry a loaded gun for protection then you better use it for protection. I don’t care if they are armed or unarmed. Attack is attack and if they are unarmed, I would still defend myself in the same manner as this guy did. You don’t wait to ask if they have a weapon, or actually have to see one. All you have to do is reasonably fear for your life and security.

    • meteorlady

      Oh my aren’t we just superior! Redneck? I live in the south, have a Masters in Economics and a minor in history. I conceal carry and have a permit to do so. I shoot skeet and trap and love to do that. I have had to defend myself, but did not have to shoot because they ran immediately; however, I would most definitely would have shot had they moved toward me.

      Your country is not overrun with illegals who bring their gang and drug peddling mentality with them. Nor does your country have large inner cities populated with entitlement people that have nothing better to do than what this guy did.

      That is not the fault of the American people on the whole, it’s the fault of the liberals that created this mess for us via give-away programs and the fostering of “I’m not responsible because I’m a minority” mentality.

      We don’t have cities that we can go out at night and walk around and free safe like you do because we have imported uneducated immigrations, illegals and have made entire neighborhoods entitlement parks where people shoot their own, sell drugs to their own and commit crimes in gangs.

      So Redneck? What exactly does that term mean to you? It’s insulting and condescending to me and makes you bigoted and opinionated. BTW – if ever there is a collapse of society, I would bet on a real life “redneck: to survive. We know how to hunt, fish and grow our own food. You? Do you get yours from the local “market”?


    I say the shooter was racist…who’s with me? LOL!!!

  • cookinusa

    were you liberals there, do you really know what happened?
    hopefully next time it will be one of you liberals without a means of protectioin ans hopefully you live long enough enough to tell how he attacked he you and there was nothing you could do. ooops forgot he was black so the news wont report it and we wont hear your sob story oh well that the way the mop flops

    • alpha-lemming

      You may have opened a REALLY large can of worms. The really smart car-jackers are now going to exclusively target Prius owners with “Obama 2012″ bumper stickers. Probably a better than 85% chance this demographic will be un-armed…. good odds if this is your career choice.

  • jerm333

    I hate these frigging predators who go for whom they think are easy marks. I made sure my daughter knew Tae Kwon Do. Quite a few hulking asswipes got quite a surprise when they got their butts kicked by a delicate sweet-looking little Caucasian girl who looked like a walking bully target.

  • Jim Hall

    WE need to get our Justice System back in order, To much time and money spent on these thugs.And our system on the Death Penalty is nothing but short of a big joke,5-20 years on death row. BUT the Lawyers just keep on making the Bucks.We have turned our Justice System into a huge nitemare for our citizens.

  • meteorlady

    I have had to defend myself, but I didn’t have to fire a shot. I was accosted in a nice area of town while heading to my car in a Mall parking lot.

    4 people saw what was happening when three men walked up to me, one with a knife, and demanded that I drive them to the nearest ATM. That was after the took my purse. I reached in my pocket for my “car keys” and pulled out my gun.

    They ran like the cowards they were while the 4 people left the scene so they would not have to spend time talking to the police who showed up 17 minutes later. The men were never caught so far as I know and I suppose they are still doing the same thing in other areas of town.

    It’s comforting to know that you have some means of defense.

  • Medboy

    It’s a special sort of mental illness when you call the rest of the world stupid, citing the proof of this is that none of them agree with you- anyone know off hand what disorder that is? ….the rest of the world is all crazy….mumble mumble….

    • deerinwater

      Hmm? Nice question and fitting “Handle” for it, Medboy. ~ Deranged would be my answer.

  • Barbara

    It’s about time we protected ourselves. This jerk should have died a longtime ago because he keeps getting released by our Obummer liberals.


    Come on folks, go easy on the brutha, He’s black and clearly a product of affimative action. Quit trying to oppress a brutha, I’m sure Obama and Holder would agree that Hollingsworth Jr. was victimized by being shot by a elderly man.

    The brutha got tired of waiting for his daddy Obama to give him his “fair share”, so he circumvented the legal system because he felt he “couldn’t wait on congress to act”, and decided to target an elderly man for his “fair Share”.

    After all, he has been likely watching and learning from King Obama how its done. For example: Who are the first people Daddy Obama threatens when its time for him to cut or steal from Americans? Soldiers (active and inactive, those who have served their Country), Disabled and the elderly.

    He has further learned from Daddy Obama that when he wants something it is ok to circumvent the legal system and ignore laws to get what he wants.

    They both consider them self from the same group of people called “My People”. Plus will likely be exonerated from any charges with the help of Holder protecting him as he too belongs the same group known as “My People”.

    So you see, Lonnie Lorenza Hollingsworth Jr. has alot in common with Obama, in fact, I’ll bet that Obama would agree that if daddy Obama had a son he be just like Lonnie Lorenza Hollingsworth Jr.


      Other comparisons that his daddy Obama and him have in common are the “everything you got” mentality, and when things go bad claim to be the victim and blame someone else.

      Wait in the coming weeks to see his defense, I’ll bet he will claim he had no intention to threaten or harm the old man’s life and will counter sue for being shot and a liberal black judge will award him a few million dollar suit. I would not be surprised at all if that is the outcome with the ridiculous judicial system we have these days, nothing surprises me anymore from the judiciary.

  • Deerinwater

    shame it was just a 38. That is might be wad cutters or Supervels too much to hope for.

    I’m glad the older gent hit him ~ sounds like he need more range time

  • Chris

    Shame he didn’t kill the p.o.s.


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