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I Am The Face Of The Obama IRS Attacks

May 16, 2013 by  


We are dealing with a modern-day Richard Nixon. Except in this case, it’s a radical Marxist Nixon who hates his own country, capitalism and American values and who wants to obliterate his political opposition.

The Internal Revenue Service admitted last week to targeting and intimidating conservative and Tea Party groups. But why? The answer: The IRS thought a quick apology and throwing a few low-level employees under the bus could nip it in the bud and make it all go away.

The IRS is wrong. This will be one of the biggest scandals in U.S. political history — if the media do their job.

This IRS scandal is a threat to everything America stands for. It’s why we fought a revolution against King George. It’s one of the main ways the left brought down Nixon; they accused Nixon of targeting political opponents with IRS attacks to intimidate and silence them. These attacks were prominently included in Nixon’s articles of impeachment and should be in Obama’s, too — if the media does their job.

How do I know?

Because I am the face of Obama’s IRS attacks. I am proof of how bad it is, when it started, that it was directed at individuals as well as groups, and that it did not involve only low-level IRS employees.

No, it did not involve only low-level IRS employees. It goes to the top of the IRS, it started early in Obama’s Presidency, and you can bet your last dollar that it was all conducted upon direct orders of the Obama White House. It did not happen in only one year (2012). It does not involve one office in Cincinnati. It was a widespread attack. (My IRS attack emanated from the Las Vegas IRS office.)

Most importantly, I’m living proof it was directed at individuals — with the intent of ruining our lives. It almost ruined mine. This is important because the American public needs to see the faces of the targets. I have a wife and four children. I didn’t deserve this.

Here is my personal story. I’m a small businessman, but also a national media personality with a megaphone. I’m an outspoken critic of Obama. My views are seen by millions on FOX News Channel and read at websites like TheBlaze and And in almost every media appearance, it’s pointed out that I’m Obama’s Columbia class of ’83 classmate. You don’t think Obama noticed?

The result? In January 2011, an unprecedented IRS attack was launched against me. My personal story of IRS attack was covered extensively by conservative media.

In 30 years of doing business, I’ve had a spotless tax record. And I had never heard a peep from the IRS. The attack was so overzealous and out of bounds, I was forced to hire one of this Nation’s top tax attorneys, who took my case to court, where we won a 100 percent victory.

My relief at being vindicated lasted five days. Then, the IRS announced a new tax audit against me. My attorney had never heard of such a thing and, before me, assumed it wasn’t possible. The many legal and accounting experts who drained my savings all agreed this could happen only if I was on Obama’s enemies list.

The attack was chilling and intimidating, affecting every aspect of my life. It was meant to bleed me dry and to teach me a lesson: If you dare to criticize Obama, get ready to lose everything. If you think it was just me or a few Tea Party groups targeted, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

This IRS scandal gets bigger by the day. The latest developments are that top IRS officials and lawyers were, in fact, aware of this scandal since 2011 (the very year I was targeted by the IRS). What a surprise; Wayne is right.

And it was not just in Cincinnati; IRS offices in California and Washington, D.C., were involved. What a surprise; Wayne is right. Add Las Vegas to the list and, I’m betting, every other IRS office in this country.

Business leaders may have been targeted by the IRS, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Department of Labor. What a surprise; Wayne was right. I’m betting many other business leaders just like me were attacked for speaking out.

It gets worse. The IRS was targeting pro-Constitution groups. Pro-Constitution? In Obamageddon, if you support the Constitution, you’re an enemy of the state. What state is that? Mother Russia? Cuba? Folks, we are dealing with Marxists in the White House.

I told you so. I tried to warn everyone in my new book, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide, that we are dealing with a Marxist idealogue who hates capitalism, hates and resents businessmen, despises American and Judeo-Christian values, and wants to shred the U.S. Constitution. Why do you think Obama became a Constitutional lawyer? He studied the Constitution so he could learn how to destroy it.

But it gets even worse. It turns out the IRS was targeting pro-Israel Jewish groups. It’s now gone from political targeting to racism, anti-Semitism and religious intolerance.

This scandal is widespread. It is deep within the IRS. But I don’t blame the IRS. These career bureaucrats were ordered to attack Obama’s opponents. They felt their careers and pensions were at risk if they didn’t listen to direct orders from the President. Or do you believe IRS agents and their bosses took it upon themselves to target the President’s opponents or to target specific religions? How absurd. These are Obama’s orders.

This is all part of a pattern of Chicago-thug politics. See what Obama and Hillary Clinton have done to the whistle-blowers and members of the CIA and military who know what truly happened in Benghazi, Libya. See Gen. David Petraeus and his affair. Given his continued silence, I can only imagine what other threats Obama is holding over his head.

Or take the rating agencies who downgraded the credit of America. Both were indicted by the Federal government soon after daring to confirm America’s economic decline under Obama.

Enough is enough. Nixon was threatened with impeachment and forced out of office for covering up a third-rate burglary. President Bill Clinton faced impeachment for a third-rate sexual affair. Obama has committed first-rate crimes. Benghazi is Watergate with four dead American heroes.

And this brazen IRS attack makes Nixon look like a nice guy. Can you imagine if Nixon would’ve dared target Jewish pro-Israel groups? The media would have burned him at the stake. Can you imagine if George W. Bush would’ve dared to target African-American activists?

It’s time our representatives in Congress find the courage to face up to Obama’s culture of lies, cover-ups and intimidation. They must take the action that Obama deserves for the Benghazi cover-up and these horrific unConstitutional IRS attacks meant to silence his critics.


Oh, and one more thing that needs to be pointed out: I wrote my new national best-seller The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide while being intimidated by the IRS. Sorry, Mr. Obama, but your plans backfired. You can’t stop a conservative patriot who loves God, country and family. Don’t even bother trying.

Will we survive Obama’s second term? I think we can. And I’ve explained how in my new, 450-page blockbuster national best-seller, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide. I wrote it to show patriotic Americans how to survive, thrive and actually prosper from every move Obama makes for the next four years. Don’t get mad, that does nothing for you. Get even!

You can find my best-selling book, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide, online at or at Costco, Barnes & Noble, Sam’s Club, Books-A-Million or any fine bookstore. Or you can buy it in e-book form to read on your favorite e-reader. You can find more information in the box right under this article. Just look for the bright yellow book cover of The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide to order your very own copy.

I’m Wayne Root for See you next week. Same time, same place. God bless.

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • mark

    My question- who if anyone will go to jail? Most importantly the president and members of his staff need to be in jail for this type of intimidation. A independant coucil is needed to root out the perpetrators and bring them to justice. Obamas use of the treasury is a shame as they have no power to prosecute. The DOJ is useless as holder and that agency are in Obama’s pocket. Serious jail time is needed to prevent this from happening again.

  • linda garris

    Its pretty disgusting that obama and his thugs get away with everything. All monies used for atty fees by conservative groups should be paid by this gov’t.

  • Jeff Claflin

    Yes it is amazing that we, the american people, have stood by dumbstruck and can’t seem to do anything about this blatant ‘enemy of the state’ in the highest office in the land. I think we need to start seeing billboards calling for impeachment and let the rest of the world know we will not allow this to happen to us in our own country. I don’t know, how do you fight gangsters? We need you Wayne Allen Root, and more like you, with influence, to lead the way.

  • http://n/a vivian shannon

    I would like to thank you sir for your courage.

  • Ted

    I was targeted as well. Out of nowhere, our bank accounts were seized, as well as our childrens, by the IRS with no notification, audit, letters, nothing. The only reason they gave was 2009 tax returns, that were filed and paid. Yet, we find out the TurboTax record of the filing wiped clean. At the time, I thought is was due to a $50 donation to Herman Cain. Now, I believe my Facebook account was viewed that had photos of my wife and I at a Tea Party rally. I always knew this was a targeted action because if political views in my gut, but afraid to discuss with anyone. Now, I feel I am even taking a risk posting this. They seized all of our money on 2 occasions. Now tell me this is not tyranny!

    • Ted

      Re-read my own post. Must clarify, they did not seize our children! The seized my childrens bank accounts because our names were attached to the accounts. Even in these sad times I don’t think they will go to the extent of kidnapping!

  • Don miller

    I agree with John bohener who’s going to jail over this the example this president and his administration are setting is if publi officials and politicians don’t have to fear jail or the law then why should the American people be held accountable for crimes committed I thought the law applied to everyone not just a few select the average citizen would have already been locked up and the key thrown away and to say that you know nothing about it doesn’t fly with me it’s their job to know so what we have another blatant example of defoliation of duty in the military you get discharged for that these people in high power have no fear of the law or anything to me that’s not a lawful society nor is it a fair and just society so which rules are to be applied

    • Ron r

      If John Bohener can climb off his bar stool he may get himself arrested for public drunkeness. It’s getting boring seeing him drunk on news interviews. Where was this out cry from the right when the Bush IRS did the very same thing to left leaning groups??oh, my bad they don’t count because they don’t think like we reich wingers.

  • Theresa

    With all these scandals breaking, it’s no wonder why, on the 4th of July there will be an armed second amendment march in Washington D.C. That march is being organized by Adam Kokesh.
    These scandals are a direct attack on the American people.

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  • Maria

    Yes ,Obama should be out of office. This great oh try needs real lidership, values and valor to fight against this tipe of people who wants to destroy America.
    Where are we the people? We gave the power in our hands.

    • Theresa

      We the people are going to attend a peaceful armed protest in Washington D.C. on July 4th regardless of the police chiefs threat to arrest protestors! Over 3,000 people have rsvp’d for this in less than two days!
      I hope to see a million people there!

      • Ron r

        Lets just hope you idiots have enough small arms ammo to stop. Tanks,planes,and a host of other little gadgets. Lets hope the police don’t use the stand your ground law you guys are so fond of. What a hoot.

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  • Ron r

    Dear Mr. Root, you poor thang. Never knew you for anything other than tooting your own horn and getting publicity because you knew Obama in s hoop but never knew or saw him ,but oh yeah you know his every move an nf intent. Sounds like you got rich off Obama. Anyway you cut it you ar just a long list of new celebrities riding the presidents coat tail to line your pockets. Chair borne rangers who only push their love of country at the expense of some young Americans trigger finger. Never been down range and will never venture there. Like Dick Cheney you have no problem putting others out front as long as you and yours are safe at home. No one is after you Mr . Root, but the fact you can put yourself in the line on sight ( reich wing) you can promote yourself at the expense of some on this and other reich wing blogs. You are not known out side of those outlets and Fox/Fixed news. So full of yourself,so unamerican.

    • Theresa

      Well, real patriots like myself are willing to die for even foolish idiots like yourself, you’re so afraid of the army, you are so afraid of drones, you are so afraid of the governments many “gadgets,” that you yourself cannot stand. You are a coward consumed with fear. We true Americans are not!
      You see dear Ron, freedom is only experienced, grasped and lived when you actually stand and fight for it!
      You are a weak minded, consumed with fear, though discontent in your own submission and slavery you would in arrogance ask the educated to follow in your path! Such foolishness is baffling!

      • Ron r

        And you sir are a fake patriot who may have never fired a shot in defense of this great nation, or have never put yourself in harms way. So keep up the front ,and remain a chair borne warrior/ patriot/ reich wing unamerican who world is limited to this site and others like it. BTW Abraham Lincoln did not shoot John Wilkes Booth, and your ideal of a patriot is code for reich wing terrorist. You are lucky both J.Edgar & Ronnie Reagan are no longer with us.

    • theodora

      Are you illiterate? Your writing is very poor.

  • phiroc

    What is good for the goose is good for the gender. We prosecuted the right wing administration during the Nixon years and therefore I see no difference with this left wing presidency. I hope to God that the IRS issue gets investigated to the full extent of the law and that the ones responsible get jail time and burn in hell for undermining the Constitution!



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