I Am The Face Of The Obama IRS Attacks



We are dealing with a modern-day Richard Nixon. Except in this case, it’s a radical Marxist Nixon who hates his own country, capitalism and American values and who wants to obliterate his political opposition.

The Internal Revenue Service admitted last week to targeting and intimidating conservative and Tea Party groups. But why? The answer: The IRS thought a quick apology and throwing a few low-level employees under the bus could nip it in the bud and make it all go away.

The IRS is wrong. This will be one of the biggest scandals in U.S. political history — if the media do their job.

This IRS scandal is a threat to everything America stands for. It’s why we fought a revolution against King George. It’s one of the main ways the left brought down Nixon; they accused Nixon of targeting political opponents with IRS attacks to intimidate and silence them. These attacks were prominently included in Nixon’s articles of impeachment and should be in Obama’s, too — if the media does their job.

How do I know?

Because I am the face of Obama’s IRS attacks. I am proof of how bad it is, when it started, that it was directed at individuals as well as groups, and that it did not involve only low-level IRS employees.

No, it did not involve only low-level IRS employees. It goes to the top of the IRS, it started early in Obama’s Presidency, and you can bet your last dollar that it was all conducted upon direct orders of the Obama White House. It did not happen in only one year (2012). It does not involve one office in Cincinnati. It was a widespread attack. (My IRS attack emanated from the Las Vegas IRS office.)

Most importantly, I’m living proof it was directed at individuals — with the intent of ruining our lives. It almost ruined mine. This is important because the American public needs to see the faces of the targets. I have a wife and four children. I didn’t deserve this.

Here is my personal story. I’m a small businessman, but also a national media personality with a megaphone. I’m an outspoken critic of Obama. My views are seen by millions on FOX News Channel and read at websites like TheBlaze and FoxNews.com. And in almost every media appearance, it’s pointed out that I’m Obama’s Columbia class of ’83 classmate. You don’t think Obama noticed?

The result? In January 2011, an unprecedented IRS attack was launched against me. My personal story of IRS attack was covered extensively by conservative media.

In 30 years of doing business, I’ve had a spotless tax record. And I had never heard a peep from the IRS. The attack was so overzealous and out of bounds, I was forced to hire one of this Nation’s top tax attorneys, who took my case to court, where we won a 100 percent victory.

My relief at being vindicated lasted five days. Then, the IRS announced a new tax audit against me. My attorney had never heard of such a thing and, before me, assumed it wasn’t possible. The many legal and accounting experts who drained my savings all agreed this could happen only if I was on Obama’s enemies list.

The attack was chilling and intimidating, affecting every aspect of my life. It was meant to bleed me dry and to teach me a lesson: If you dare to criticize Obama, get ready to lose everything. If you think it was just me or a few Tea Party groups targeted, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

This IRS scandal gets bigger by the day. The latest developments are that top IRS officials and lawyers were, in fact, aware of this scandal since 2011 (the very year I was targeted by the IRS). What a surprise; Wayne is right.

And it was not just in Cincinnati; IRS offices in California and Washington, D.C., were involved. What a surprise; Wayne is right. Add Las Vegas to the list and, I’m betting, every other IRS office in this country.

Business leaders may have been targeted by the IRS, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Department of Labor. What a surprise; Wayne was right. I’m betting many other business leaders just like me were attacked for speaking out.

It gets worse. The IRS was targeting pro-Constitution groups. Pro-Constitution? In Obamageddon, if you support the Constitution, you’re an enemy of the state. What state is that? Mother Russia? Cuba? Folks, we are dealing with Marxists in the White House.

I told you so. I tried to warn everyone in my new book, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide, that we are dealing with a Marxist idealogue who hates capitalism, hates and resents businessmen, despises American and Judeo-Christian values, and wants to shred the U.S. Constitution. Why do you think Obama became a Constitutional lawyer? He studied the Constitution so he could learn how to destroy it.

But it gets even worse. It turns out the IRS was targeting pro-Israel Jewish groups. It’s now gone from political targeting to racism, anti-Semitism and religious intolerance.

This scandal is widespread. It is deep within the IRS. But I don’t blame the IRS. These career bureaucrats were ordered to attack Obama’s opponents. They felt their careers and pensions were at risk if they didn’t listen to direct orders from the President. Or do you believe IRS agents and their bosses took it upon themselves to target the President’s opponents or to target specific religions? How absurd. These are Obama’s orders.

This is all part of a pattern of Chicago-thug politics. See what Obama and Hillary Clinton have done to the whistle-blowers and members of the CIA and military who know what truly happened in Benghazi, Libya. See Gen. David Petraeus and his affair. Given his continued silence, I can only imagine what other threats Obama is holding over his head.

Or take the rating agencies who downgraded the credit of America. Both were indicted by the Federal government soon after daring to confirm America’s economic decline under Obama.

Enough is enough. Nixon was threatened with impeachment and forced out of office for covering up a third-rate burglary. President Bill Clinton faced impeachment for a third-rate sexual affair. Obama has committed first-rate crimes. Benghazi is Watergate with four dead American heroes.

And this brazen IRS attack makes Nixon look like a nice guy. Can you imagine if Nixon would’ve dared target Jewish pro-Israel groups? The media would have burned him at the stake. Can you imagine if George W. Bush would’ve dared to target African-American activists?

It’s time our representatives in Congress find the courage to face up to Obama’s culture of lies, cover-ups and intimidation. They must take the action that Obama deserves for the Benghazi cover-up and these horrific unConstitutional IRS attacks meant to silence his critics.


Oh, and one more thing that needs to be pointed out: I wrote my new national best-seller The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide while being intimidated by the IRS. Sorry, Mr. Obama, but your plans backfired. You can’t stop a conservative patriot who loves God, country and family. Don’t even bother trying.

Will we survive Obama’s second term? I think we can. And I’ve explained how in my new, 450-page blockbuster national best-seller, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide. I wrote it to show patriotic Americans how to survive, thrive and actually prosper from every move Obama makes for the next four years. Don’t get mad, that does nothing for you. Get even!

You can find my best-selling book, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide, online at Amazon.com or at Costco, Barnes & Noble, Sam’s Club, Books-A-Million or any fine bookstore. Or you can buy it in e-book form to read on your favorite e-reader. You can find more information in the box right under this article. Just look for the bright yellow book cover of The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide to order your very own copy.

I’m Wayne Root for PersonalLiberty.com. See you next week. Same time, same place. God bless.

Personal Liberty

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle ClassWayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site: www.ROOTforAmerica.com

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  • Harold Olsen

    Oppose Obama and his Nazi policies and you get audited. During the 2012 election someone on WND posted that he had three times donated to the Romney campaign. Each time he did, the IRS audited him. He commented that he had just made a fourth donation to the Romney campaign and was again notified that he was being audited. Each time he was audited, they found something and he had to pay back taxes. A few weeks after I read this, I got audited. I had become quite vocal in my opposition to Obama here and on other forums, including Twitter. The IRS determined that in 2007 I had underpaid my taxes by $700. The fact that as of November 8 of that year I had been unemployed for 2-1/2 years and had absolutely no income, made not difference to them. They told me I could appeal it but I’d lose and would just end up paying additional interest on what I owed. It would seem that when Obama orders that someone be audited, they order the IRS to find something, real or not.

    • Flashy

      Harold…if i were to guess, I’d say with the amount you state…you didn’t pay taxes on your unemployment and that’s what the underpayment was about. Would that be correct? in that case, your beef is with the GOP controlled Congress which refused to exempt unemployment from taxation. That was back in the days of Bush II and the GOP Congress. And the Dems fought tooth and nail to prevent that change. Oh…and you should note…that same tax package that the GOP passed over the Dems objections? gave the wealthy a nice tax deduction for oil exploration and changing a few depreciation schedules favoring the wealthy. Nice of the GOP conservatives to look out for the little guy isn’t it?

      • hippybiker

        Flashy, actually, it was Ronald Reagan who did that misdeed to the working people, not GW. But, you knew that, didn’t you.

        • Flashy

          Actually, i didn’t. Thanks Doesnt surprise me as reagan began the war on the Middle Class and began what has turned out to be the largest redistribution of wealth in the history of Man…that from the Middle Class to the upper wealthy 5%.

          I had my source from a paper I used as an indexed source which studied the effects of consumer spending, economic impact, and the wealth of the Middle Class versus the wealth of the upper 5%. it cited to 2006 tax package as nailing the wage earners hard…and showed the decline of consumer spending from that class of income to be dramatic.

          • http://www.facebook.com/CapitalistAtBirth Greg Murphy

            I will continue to ignore your posts for lack of factual and intellectual content. My standard of living started to decline in 1993. Who was President then? It improved slightly in 1997. Who was in control of Congress, holding our Draft Dodging Presidents feet to the fire. Then it began to decline again in 2002 when the effects of Clinton’s actions in 1998-99 began to have their negative effects on the housing market.

          • Bob666

            Continuing to post that you will ignore his post really is not ignoring his post at all, but most of us do find it to be amusing.

          • http://www.facebook.com/CapitalistAtBirth Greg Murphy

            Your posts as well, should be ignored by one and all for lack of factual or intellectual content.

          • Bob666

            Gee Greg,

            I am curious, do you stomp your Feet into the ground like a small child throwing a temper- tantrum while you write these post:

            “Your posts as well, should be ignored by one and all for lack of factual or intellectual content”.

            You seem to be pretty threatened by the “Flash Man” to keep making these post regarding a guy that you look down on. Can we get you a Binki?

          • Jeff

            So, some Democrat is always responsible for your misery? Regardless who is President, you can point to Clinton, to Carter, even to FDR. And every time the market goes up, it’s due to Reagan. What color is the sky in your world?

          • Jeff

            I completely agree, but I think the recipients of the Reagan Redistribution number fewer than 5%.

        • WTS/JAY

          High marginal tax rates discourage work effort, saving, and investment, and promote tax avoidance and tax evasion. A reduction in high marginal tax rates would boost long term economic growth, and reduce the attractiveness of tax shelters and other forms of tax avoidance.

          The economic benefits of ERTA were summarized by President Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers in 1994: “It is undeniable that the sharp reduction in taxes in the early 1980s was a strong impetus to economic growth.” Unfortunately, the Council could not bring itself to acknowledge the counterproductive effects high marginal tax rates can have upon taxpayer behavior and tax avoidance activities.

          Since 1984 the JEC has provided factual information about the impact of the tax cuts of the 1980s.

          For example, for many years the JEC has published IRS data on federal tax payments of the top 1 percent, top 5 percent, top 10 percent, and other taxpayers.

          These data show that after the high marginal tax rates of 1981 were cut, tax payments and the share of the tax burden borne by the top 1 percent climbed sharply. For example, in 1981 the top 1 percent paid 17.6 percent of all personal income taxes, but by 1988 their share had jumped to 27.5 percent, a 10 percentage point increase.

          The share of the income tax burden borne by the top 10 percent of taxpayers increased from 48.0 percent in 1981 to 57.2 percent in 1988. Meanwhile, the share of income taxes paid by the bottom 50 percent of taxpayers dropped from 7.5 percent in 1981 to 5.7 percent in 1988.

          A middle class of taxpayers can be defined as those between the 50th percentile and the 95th percentile (those earning between $18,367 and $72,735 in 1988).

          Between 1981 and 1988, the income tax burden of the middle class declined from 57.5 percent in 1981 to 48.7 percent in 1988. This 8.8 percentage point decline in middle class tax burden is entirely accounted for by the increase borne by the top one percent.

          Several conclusions follow from these data.

          First of all, reduction in high marginal tax rates can induce taxpayers to lessen their reliance on tax shelters and tax avoidance, and expose more of their income to taxation. The result in this case was a 51 percent increase in real tax payments by the top one percent. Meanwhile, the tax rate reduction reduced the tax payments of middle class and poor taxpayers.

          The net effect was a marked shift in the tax burden toward the top 1 percent amounting to about 10 percentage points. Lower top marginal tax rates had encouraged these taxpayers to generate more taxable income.

          The 1993 Clinton tax increase appeared to be having the opposite effect on the willingness of wealthy taxpayers to expose income to taxation.

          According to IRS data, the income generated by the top one percent of income earners actually declined in 1993. This decline is especially significant since the retroactivity of the Clinton tax increase in that year limited the ability of taxpayers to deploy tax avoidance strategies, temporarily resulting in an increase in their tax burden.

          Moreover, according to the FY 1997 Clinton budget submission, individual income tax revenues as a share of GDP will be lower during the first four years of the Clinton tax increase, which include the effects of the 1990 tax increase, than under the last four years of the Reagan tax changes (FY 1986-89).

          Furthermore, according to a study published by the National Bureau for Economic Research, the Clinton tax hike is failing to collect over 40 percent of the projected revenue increases.

          Incidentally, the claim that unrealistic supply side Reagan Administration revenue projections caused large budget deficits during the 1980s is false.

          Nonetheless, this false allegation is often used against current tax reform proposals.

          The official Reagan revenue projections immediately following enactment of ERTA did not assume huge revenue increases, and were actually quite close to the CBO revenue projections.

          Even the Democrat-controlled CBO projected that deficits would fall after the enactment of the Reagan tax cuts. The real problem was a recession that neither CBO nor OMB could foresee.

          Even so, individual income tax revenues rose from $244 billion in 1980 to $446 billion in 1989.


          The Reagan tax cuts, like similar measures enacted in the 1920s and 1960s, showed that reducing excessive tax rates stimulates growth, reduces tax avoidance, and can increase the amount and share of tax payments generated by the rich. High top tax rates can induce counterproductive behavior and suppress revenues, factors that are usually missed or understated in government static revenue analysis.

          Furthermore, the key assumption of static revenue analysis that economic growth is not affected by tax changes is disproved by the experience of previous tax reduction programs.

          There is little reason to expect static revenue analysis to evaluate the economic or distributional effects of current tax reform proposals much better than it evaluated the Reagan tax program 15 years ago.


      • dan

        Thankyou….that’s more info than I could get out of the iRS when they “recalculated ” my taxes and I had to shell out $500 . I, too ,had
        the audacity to be laid off and collected unemployment….

      • Concerned

        Nice try Flashy or should we say flashy sheister. Harold was “unemployed” did not say “on unemployment” with no “income.” I did not read the part about collecting “unemployment compenation.” You can spread your propaganda, do not expect to be called on your bent version.

        • Flashy

          Concerned…I stated i was guessing what occurred given the amount and what he said. I wasn’t slamming him in any way. I know a few who got caught in that trap. Not much you can do if you are eeking out a living trying to find a job and very dollar counts.

          • JeffH

            Duh! Falsy is always guessing.
            Who cares what you have to say in the first place…the fact that you have no credibility, nada, zero, zilch pretty much answers that question…and no guessing involved.

      • http://www.facebook.com/CapitalistAtBirth Greg Murphy

        And, who would take the chance on risky oil exploration without the deductions? How many would buy a home without the mortgage interest deduction? As always it is best to ignore your posts due to lack of factual and intellectual content.

        • Flashy

          So you bought your home based primarily on the mortgage deduction. uh huh …sure you did. And i never said no deductions…just pointing out there are more than a few which have no overall national economic benefit and benefit only the wealthy.

          • http://www.facebook.com/CapitalistAtBirth Greg Murphy

            The cost to the Treasury of the home mortgage deduction is far greater than the $ 3.5 billion for oil exploration. Yes it is a factor in the affordability of owning a home. For you to dispute that is total ignorance on your part. Which would not surprise me in the least. Again your posts should be ignored by one an all for lack of factual or intellectual content.

          • Flashy

            Pardon me for not being in the know..having been involved at the bank management level of home and commerical lending for over 10 years before moving to another industry. But i know of very very vry few…in fact none, who based a decision on buying a home on the once a year tax deduction. Same with the approval for the loan by the bank and FNMA/Freddie/ FHA/USDA/VA guarantors not being based or having the mortgage deduction calculated in the mix. Most i know were approved, and most loan were applied for..based on how much one earned per month and what the debt to income ratio was.

            When I bought my home, and when i picked up the vacation cabin…at no time did the deductions enter the equation.

            Now what does enter the equation is the three year span to flip the gains from selling a home into another home to keep in passive non taxable gain. Take that out, and it would have a definite impact on home buying

            But then, you being an expert in finance, you knew that…

            Keerist … give me a break. Come back when you graduate to second grade ….

      • speedle

        Uh…..You mean it is all Bush’s fault? Well I’ll be darn, there it is. Flashy, why did you hold this vital information back? We could have been blaming all of Obama’s misfires on Bus………….Wait…..I seem to remember hearing this someplace before. Nah, I know you are an original thinker Flashman, and you would never resort to slogan talking points.

    • nc

      Harold, what discovered the criminality of the Watergate group, Ollie North, Scooter Libby, the S&L scandal, Limbaugh and Tom Delay?


      Nothing screams “government targeting” like the name VALERIE PLAME!

      Was anyone impeached even though a principal inside cheney’s office was convicted of criminal conduct???

      • Txblackjack

        better add George Soros. He owns 30% of the media and contributes large sums to other liberal causes. Rumor has it the IRS furnished one of his political groups Romney’s info.

        • NC

          Txblackjack, you are in “rumor has it” heaven. The land of the 100 year conspiracies and unproven “false flags, FEMA CAMPS, AND FEDERAL TROOPS ON THE WAY TO YOUR DOOR!

          • FreedomFighter

            FEMA camps exist, and are a good idea in case of some calamity, yet you must ask yourself:
            If they are to help, why does the barbed wire face in an not out…why do they need guard towers similar to those used in German NAZI death camps and POW camps? Many more questions of “real use intended” come to mind, but that should get you started on your way to the truth of the matter.
            Laus DeoSemper FI

          • Flashy

            just out of curiosity..since these camps are ‘secret’…where are they? Anyone ever see one? Oh wait…they’re secret, so we just ‘;know’ they’re there…uh huh…hokayyyyy

          • Bob666

            Yo Flash,
            in French Fries Backyard-his secret place

          • WTS/JAY

            Really? Your Democratic sweet-heart, Rachel Maddow, clearly disagrees with you, and no doubt would consider you a “fool” for your blatant-denial despite the “evidence”!

            Straight from Rachel’s lips, Mr. Alinsky…

      • Jake Thomas

        Ms Plame wasn’t even active as an agent. this was nothing but a witch huint. Learn your facts instead of living your ignorant life.

        • nc

          Jake, do you know what her boss at the time said she was or JUST what “sweep” hannity said she was?

          Why would scooter libby lie and face going to prison about a nobody and why would the women of America get so upset AT A CHENEY BUTCHER JOB?? Do you live in this country??


          • JeffH

            Yeah, but unfortunately for you, stupidity is not treatable…it’s forever! That and constantly shifting blame by referencing the past is a clear indication of a severe mental disease – acute liberalism.

            Like Forrest Gump famously said: “Stupid is as stupid does”

          • Jeff

            When you attempt to ridicule your opponents for “stupidity,” it’s generally best to learn to spell the (for you) $50 word you’re attempting to use to impress. Take two cop killer bullets and call me in the morning.

          • JeffH

            Unhinged Jeff, when the only response you can make is to ridicule misspelled words…unhinged thought & another severe case of the acute liberalism disease comes to mind.

          • Bob666

            Now that was funny!

          • WTS/JAY

            Yes, funny for all involved, except for NC. Who still doesn’t get it.

          • Bob666

            I believe NC gets it more that you give him credit for.

          • WTS/JAY

            Notice JeffH, Jeff didn’t/couldn’t argue the central-point of your comment…? Safe to assume then, that he’s in total agreement with you. Very rare, when you can get a red-diaper-baby to agree with you on this site. Enjoy!

          • Jeff

            The post, like most authored by Mr. H, was idiotic. If referencing the past is the same as shifting blame, then why is it called History instead of Blame Shifting? To paraphrase Faulkner, the past isn’t dead; in fact, it isn’t even past.

          • http://www.facebook.com/CapitalistAtBirth Greg Murphy

            Libby did not lie. Valerie was exposed by Armitage an ally of the black dude who was Secretary of State at the time. Can’t seem to remember his name as he is not now nor never will be of any political consequence.

          • NC

            Greg,. if Liddy did nothing HIS Republican Defense Fund sure supplied him with a totally incompetent lawyer. He ended up convicted on four counts! I am surprised since incompetence was rampant among bush’s friends!! There was brownie, gonzo, rummy, and that idiot that said the war in Iraq would cost 60 billion! REMEMBER??
            btw, there are those including daddy’ boy bush in the White House at the time who would kill to have the respect that “black dude Secretary of State” enjoys with the general public here and the around the world today!!! LIVE WITH IT!!!!

        • Flashy

          Hmmm…her ID was secret at the time her cover was blown. She was in charge on monitoring WMD and nuclear activities of third world countries. She had to travel to embassies around the world to check up on things. Once her cover was blown…she was removed from her position (i’d say risking our nationals security since she was in charge of monitoring). Her contacts blown or exposed, and she was relegated to non-cover activities.

          But that’s OK…she wasn’t active as an agent so blowing her cover didn’t matter.


      • FreedomFighter

        They are all communist thugs, thieves, and liars, but at the top these scumbags are Luciferians working against GOD, country, and your freedom.>/p>
        Rebuke them and all their schemes, works, deeds, actions. and expose these Lucy tares and the useful idiots for rightful judgment

        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

  • KG

    When people who advocate not paying taxes get audited, it shouldn’t be such a surprise. As Captain Louis Renault would say “I’m shocked! Shocked to learn that tax evasion is going on!” And then he would say “…round up the usual suspects.” So….who are the “usual suspects?”

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Christensen/100000005327315 Paul Christensen

      Tax evasion, surely you jest. Oh, I forgot. What about Geitner. Is it not ironic where law abiding people are harassed and people like Geitner get a free ride.

      • Flashy

        Seems Geitner, as soon as notified by IRS…(which was discovered in his conformation background check) paid the arrears … no one has ever claimed it was deliberate

        • Don 2

          You actually mean, “As soon as caught, Geithner paid the arrears, after blaming it on his TurboTax program.” Too funny….. Nice try at spinning the truth Flashy, but like I told you before, you need to find work other than writing comical scripts for the amusement of Conservatives.

    • Vigilant

      “When people who advocate not paying taxes get audited, it shouldn’t be such a surprise.”

      So now freedom of speech is on your chopping block? Doesn’t surprise me.

      • Flashy

        Vig…it isn’t an attack on freedom of speech. it’s someone who says “don’t do it” shouldn’t be surprised in getting checked out. How is it an attack on freedom of speech? It’s merely a logical expectation …

        • Vigilant

          If you can’t recognize that as an attack upon freedom of speech, then you need to take a course on the Constitution.

          “Advocation” is different from “evading taxes.” The former is a right, the latter is a violation of law. Anyone who decries the Alien & Sedition Acts would understand that government coercion to either prevent someone from voicing an opinion, or to punish them after the fact for doing so, is Constitutionally prohibited.

          If one “shouldn’t be surprised” that political retribution is taken against them for voicing an opinion then they have accepted the sordid acts of the IRS meddling as business as usual.

          There’s a reason it’s called a scandal. It’s one of the reasons for which Richard Nixon would have been impeached.

          • http://www.facebook.com/CapitalistAtBirth Greg Murphy

            Why oh why do you respond to idiotic posts from people like flashy, etc., when they lack any factual or intellectual content?

          • ALHL

            True dat, Greg! Flashy is one of those puppets who is getting paid to post Marxist Obama propaganda.

          • WTS/JAY

            Vigilant: If you can’t recognize that as an attack upon freedom of speech, then you need to take a course on the Constitution.

            But Flashy claims to be an “expert” on “Rules for Radicals…er, i mean the Constitution”…?

      • KG

        Ya know, freedom isn’t free.

        • Native Blood

          No KG, freedom isn’t free. It is usually paid for by our kids in the way of service to country and our own involvement to preserve those freedoms by supporting the constitution. Freedom can’t be bought in the long term. It is earned and if you feel that it is paid for in taxes,
          then you may have the defense department to thank as they are the beneficiaries and deservedly so.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          Freedom is actually free.

    • Don 2

      You ask, “Who are the usual suspects?” Democrats, of course –
      Tax cheat Democrat Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner
      Former chairman of the House tax-writing committee disgraced Democrat Congressman Charlie Rangel.

      Any other questions KG?

      • NC

        Don2. I have a question about income tax evasion and tax cheats!As Sammy Davis would have asked” DO DA NAME SPIRO AGNEW, REPUBLICAN VICE PRESIDENT, RING A BELL???

        • Don 2

          Yes it does. He started his career as a liberal Democrat, and he has been dead for 16 years. Exactly what does Spiro Agnew have to do with current events, or are you just aimlessly running your mouth again?

    • WTS/JAY

      KG: So….who are the “usual suspects?”

      Illegal immigrants?

  • JD_Rockefeller

    So Why, Mr. Root, did they you let “legal and accounting experts” drain your “savings”? Besides, if “he” hated you so much – and was personally directing things – he would have started in Feb of 2009 to “direct” the IRS to tie your whiney hands?

    • Flashy

      Heck JD …. I’m wondering why Wayne didn’t explain just what deductions/deprecations were being challenged by the IRS. Matters not to Wayne the IRS scandal has nothing to do with audits. He wanted to claim to everyone he was soooo important that he was specifically targeted. Ya wonder why he didn’t give the case cite of his trial (pubic records y’know) ?

      BTW…I showed his pic and asked a Columbia grad co-worker if he had seen Wayne wandering around the Columbia campus during the undergrad days. he laughed.

      Wonder why no one remembers Wayne attending Columbia? Perhaps he should fork up the proof that he demands from the President?

      • http://www.facebook.com/CapitalistAtBirth Greg Murphy

        Both J.D. and Flashy’s posts should be ignored due to the lack of intellectual or factual content. They are nothing but Sh#@ disturbers, pure and simple.

      • Don 2

        Obama spending nearly $2 million in legal fees to hide his past records says it all. He’s an obvious fraud!

        • WTS/JAY

          “Going forward, anytime the American people want to know something that I or a former president wants to withhold, we will have to consult with the Attorney General and the white house counsel, whose business it is to ensure compliance with the rule of law. Information will not be withheld just because I say so; it will be withheld because a separate authority believes my request is well-grounded in the Constitution. Let me say it as simply as I can: transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency,” -Barack Obama

          If it is up to the “Attorney-General” and the White-House-Council to determine if Obama’s request to none-public-disclosure of his past is well-grounded in the Constitution, and have supposedly given approval; why then would Obama have to spend nearly $2 million dollars in legal-fees to hide his past-records?

          You see, Don 2, you have to understand “political-speak”…this is what Obama was really saying:

          “Information will not be withheld just because I say so; (but be assured,) it will be withheld”!

  • JD_Rockefeller

    “I told you so. I tried to warn everyone in my new book, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide, ” … ahhh … I see. You’re selling BOOKS … so this is all MARKETING … Sorry, my bad

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Is someone forcing you to buy the book? Simple that if you don’t want it or don’t need it don’t buy it. Didn’t anyone teach you to make choices? If you had kept your fingers off the send button we would not have known what an idiot you are.

      • JD_Rockefeller

        I am such an idiot. It took several paragraphs for Mr. Loony to write that he was really selling his book, and idiot me had to read those first several paragraphs.

        Thank YOU Mr. or Mrs. Batki for your cogency.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          Did W A R make you read the article? Did W A R make you come to this site and pull up his article to read?
          It is not that W A R is mentioning his book that bothers you but that he would dare make his comments about what the I R S was caught doing. Childish attempt at distraction.

          • JD_Rockefeller

            No, W A R did not make me “come to this site and pull up his article to read” … it was sited elsewhere as “the proof” to something. Clearly it offers nothing beyond rhetoric … and I’m being kind.

      • Flashy

        Nad..I believe it is a legitimate point. Root writes to the fears the audience believes it should have, gives them the red meat they so desperately desire. And as such, he tells them there is a danger (made up and fictional), they should be afraid (instead of working solutions), and that by buying the book…they’ll be given the answers.

        Typical snake oil sales technique. It’s the “hard sell” commonly used in car lots, door to door sales, etc …as opposed to the Socratic method of sales.

        it’s a technique not offering solutions or aid, but to separate the money from the pocketbook.

        • http://www.facebook.com/CapitalistAtBirth Greg Murphy

          You need to get a job. Your posts will continue to be ignored by me and any other intelligent human beings for lack of factual and intellectual content.

          • momo

            Who in their right mind would hire flasho?

          • Jeff

            You continue to “ignore” his posts by reading them and offering nonsensical replies. Good strategy.

          • big Richard

            You need a diaper change.

      • Average_Joe56


        While his “shilling” for his book may not “detract” from his points made, it does “distract” from the points that he is trying to make.

        I do not disagree with Mr. Root’s assertions, however, his constant referral to his book (and where “we” can get it), distracts greatly from the rest of his message. I believe that was the point being made by JD.
        A simple byline, with Mr. Root’s credentials, along with a link to his book would have sufficed. Mr. Root tends to over promote himself, which to many of us, comes off as a tacky used car salesman. Stick to the points. End the commercials. It turns off those who may otherwise listen.
        Just my take.

        • http://www.facebook.com/CapitalistAtBirth Greg Murphy

          Have you read the book? Can you say that buying his book would be a bad investment?

          • Average_Joe56

            No and No. Nor have I implied either.
            What does either question have to do with my post? Answer: nothing.
            Are you attempting to invalidate my post by posting irrelevant questions? That’s just silly.

          • NC

            Greg, Roots allegations have become so wild that he is now nothing more than the “SECOND COMING OF BEN CRYSTAL’!!!

          • WTS/JAY

            The same could be said of the “left”, you numbskull! As per usual, you only provide 1/2 of the truth.

          • Average_Joe56

            That should keep NC busy for a few days…trying to figure out which half was truth and how he managed to let it slip out. ;)

    • hippybiker

      Then again, its alright for your little “Tin Plated Dictator” Obama to sell his books and make money. Sounds a bit hypocritical to me.

      • JD_Rockefeller

        Not My Obama. Please know first to whom you’re taking.

      • Flashy

        I never heard President Obama pitch his book…have you?

        • http://www.facebook.com/CapitalistAtBirth Greg Murphy

          He has never written a book. They were ghost written. His books were loudly promoted by the MSM fromn 2006 on. Where have you been, under a rock. As usual it is best for all to ignore your posts for lack of factual and intellectual content.

        • Don 2

          Do you mean Obamas fictional autobiography, “Dreams From My Father” written by Bill Ayers?

        • ALHL

          That’s because Obama doesn’t have a book unless you’re talking about the one Bill Ayers actually wrote.

    • rendarsmith

      What? It’s against the law to write, sell, or promote a book? Can you show me this “law” that forbids it?

  • JD_Rockefeller

    “See Gen. David Petraeus and his affair.” … More Conspiracy?

  • Flashy

    Wayne ‘buy My Book” Root lambasts the IRS for targeting non-profit status applications from right wing extremist groups pretending to be social welfare non-profits. He uses his own experience of an audit as “proof”. Ummmm…Wayne, hate to be the one to point this out, but what you are saying you experienced isn’t what the IRS scandal is about.

    Now, since you say you went to tax trial on the dispute, the record should be public….right? No worries, I’m not going to do a public records search to verify or see what the dispute was…i’m not going to buy your book anyhows. As far as your follow up allegations of being subjected to yet another audit…you leave out some detail. Same companies? Same issues? Or was it something that discovery in the trial faze brought up and you were being questioned and knew the second audit was coming for a tax deal unrelated to what you fought?

    Just what was involved Mr. Root? Not that your past articles would bring askance to anything you’re alleging today

    My own personal experience involving an audit from the IRS was worse than a root canal . Everything was covered, no risque’ deductions taken, all on the up and up. it was more akin to taking the file cabinets…copying the records, and turning the paperwork over for examination. Nothing gut wrenching since all was covered. It resulted in a refund of overpaid taxes. But it was harrowing. Yet, i understand why it had to be. If one decides to play the tax code game, one must be prepared to face scrutiny.

    But the IRS scandal is not about audits, not about edgy deductions or tax games. It is about groups which applied for non-profit status to seek tax exempt status, take money from donors, and violate the terms of the non-profit status.

    I recently wrote the congressional delegation of my state about the IRS scandal. And I asked for a solution. A simple solution. Starting from the date of Citizens Unitd…examine each non-profit 501(c) group…and audit to see if the monies/donations were spent primarily on promoting social welfare and education…or whether they violated the exempt status, used the status as a shield from donors and paying taxes, and entered the realm of politics. Period. Left and Right…doesn’t matter. Examine all.

    Anyone want to take a guess at what groups will be outed ? Anyone care to guess the ratio of Right versus Left as far as those violating the status? Anyone care to come out and state what they would think of tax avoidance and having us bear more of the burden because they avoided taxes which otherwise should have been paid?

    Benghazi, the AP story, the IRS scandal…no matter how many wishes the radical extremists on the right have…none lead to the WH.

    • rendarsmith

      You don’t want him to sell his book? Write a better book, then you can promote it and people may buy yours instead of his. Don’t you just love capitalism?

      • Flashy

        I doubt Mr. Livingston would give me a forum to hawk my book. Perhaps i should ask ? Mr Livingston…?

        • Don 2

          I doubt anyone would buy your book, just like no one listens to liberal talk radio.

          • NC




          • Don 2

            Liberal Air America talk radio: Born March 2004; Died Jan. 2010; Filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy; Reason: Boring

            Conservative Rush Limbaugh talk radio: Born 1984; May 2013 – Alive and well as the most listened to talk show with 20 million listeners.

          • Bob666

            Bill Maher,

            Born 1956

            1993 – 2008 TV and 2008-2013 on HBO where you have to pay to see him.
            Boy, this is fun!

          • Don

            Yo Bob,

            We’re discussing talk “radio”

            What a piece of work. lol
            Glad you’re having fun!

          • NC




          • Don 2


            Please enlighten me. Who is this Wayne Hannity of whom you seem to think that you know so much about?

            You also appear to make a lot of stuff up in your own mind about what you think other people believe. Do you smoke a lot of weed by any chance?

          • NC


            Only in conservative math would “20,000 listeners” beat 69,000,000 voters!!!!

            Have all the “fun” you want listening to limpaw! It’s victories they’re counting!!! signed: ONE TERM OBAMA



          • Don 2

            Rush doesn’t need me to defend him so I won’t. Rest assured, “Rush lives in Obamas Head!”

            P.S. – Rush didn’t predict one term.

            P.S.S. – It’s 20,000,000, not 20,000

            The more you talk, the more you show us what you don’t know.

    • http://www.facebook.com/CapitalistAtBirth Greg Murphy

      This post and any other from people like flashy should be ignored due to lack of factual or intellectual content.

  • Name

    Mr Root, I know very well what the IRS has been doning. My brother was very active in the Republician Party and Tea Party. They have gone back to 2008 and rereviewed his taxes for each year objecting to many of his deductions. Although there have been repeated attempts to resolve the questions they will not come to meetings nor respond to the certified letters he sent.

    I have always sent my tax return in on hard copy only (not electronic) as they will have to convert it to electronic version to do a complete review.


    • carmar

      YEs, i was recently audited for 2010 and 2011 taxes, and now we had to set up a payment plan for the balance. My major problem is that they charged us a 60% penalty. We had proof of our small business deductions and apparently when we moved the box with those records disappeared. That is our fault for not keeping better track of it, however, because we could not supply the receipts they said basically that they believe we never had them and had filed a frudulant tax return, so we had to pay a 60% penalty on the balance. We have never had a problem before now and it was really upsetting to be accused of lieing. Anyway, i don’t have the money to fight them so i just settled. I kept wondering if i was targetted because i am a conservative. I thought i was just being paranoid, but now i wonder….

      • carmar

        Also, i always thougt when you get audited that you had to set up a meeting and go into their office with all your paperwork. This guy wanted to come to our house. My spouse and i discussed it and decided that we would not allow the agent to come to our home. It just felt like an invasion of our privacy.

        • Flashy

          All IRS audits begin with you being invited to their office to discuss the matter (and bring your records). I have never heard of any audit being a “home visit”.

          Now..if your eproted earning 420K, and were living the lifestyle of $200K…they may have a suspicion and done a drive by to check it out. But a “home visit” without a warrant or court order? uh uh ..

          • JeffH

            Sure Falsy, you’re the expert here right?
            Yeah, and pigs can fly!

  • Vigilant

    “President Bill Clinton faced impeachment for a third-rate sexual affair.”

    Mr. Root, when did you become a Democrat? The Dems have been promulgating that myth for over a decade.

    Clinton was impeached for PERJURY.

    • Deerinwater

      Yea, ~ lying to cover up a Knob Job. ~ What he should have done~ was refused to accept the question for it off color nature and had security clear the building and pulled anyone’s press pass that wanted a scoop. ~

      Grown gentlemen from the south traditionally are not that forth coming with this sort of information anymore them they might discuss a good bowel movement.

      So ~ Perjury ~ is nice.

      • Vigilant

        DW, there’s a clear shade of difference between lying and perjury. Didn’t matter whether it was a case of jaywalking or murder. Once he took the oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to a court of law, he relinquished his right to lie with impunity.

        If “grown gentlemen from the south traditionally are not that forth coming” under oath, then they are perjurers.

        Sexual peccadilloes and extramarital affairs are not covered by the Constitution; high crimes and misdemeanors are.

        • Flashy

          Vig…he was “indicted’ by the House. Clinton wasn’t “convicted”.

          The monica sandal was manna from heaven for herr Starr. Hundreds of millions spent investigating Clinton, and only at the last minute was Starr able to charge him with anything. And it had nothing to do what Starr’s original directive was about…Whitewater. now, if you want to talk about prosecutorial abuse and intimidation, one can do no beter than examine the methods, threats, and abuse of power Starr did during the Whitewater investigations…

          • Vigilant

            I repeat, once he took the oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to a court of law, he relinquished his right to lie with impunity.

            Talk all you want about “prosecutorial abuse and intimidation,” perjury is perjury. No one coerced Clinton into lying, and all your attempts to divert the subject away from that simple truth are a smoke screen.

            He was impeached by the House, not “indicted.”.

          • Flashy

            “No one coerced Clinton into lying” …

            i dunno…if my wife were standing next to me and i was asked about an affair…I’d say i was coerced

          • Vigilant

            More Alinsky-type diversion. The fact that you can in any way, shape or fashion excuse perjury by the chief executive of the US tells me a lot about your “objectivity,” Flashy.

          • Flashy

            vig…i don’t see it as perjury. he was never tried in court, only in the political arena.

          • Vigilant

            “Of the 11 possible grounds for impeachment cited by Starr, four were eventually approved by the House Judiciary Committee: grand jury perjury, civil suit perjury, obstruction of justice, and abuse of power.

            “On December 19, following much debate over the constitutionality of the proceedings and whether or not Clinton could be punished by censure rather than impeachment, the House of Representatives held its historic vote. Clinton was impeached on two counts, grand jury perjury (228–206) and obstruction of justice (221–212), with the votes split along party lines.”


          • Jeff

            You can say he lied, but you can’t say he committed perjury because that is a legal conclusion, not a fact. In most states, perjury requires that the lie be related to a material fact. I don’t believe anyone thought Clinton’s relationship with Paula Jones was material to the Whitewater investigation

          • Vigilant

            “On his final day in office, US President Bill Clinton admitted Friday for the first time that he made false statements in the Monica Lewinsky case and entered into a deal with independent counsel Robert Ray to avert an indictment after leaving office.

            “I tried to walk a fine line between acting lawfully and testifying falsely, but I now recognize that I did not fully accomplish that goal and that certain of my responses to questions about Ms. Lewinsky were false,” Clinton said in a statement read by White House spokesman Jake Siewert.

            “I hope my actions today will help bring closure and finality to these matters,” Clinton said.
            In return, independent counsel Robert Ray has concluded the Lewinsky case and dropped any plans to indict Clinton on criminal perjury charges after Clinton leaves office, Siewert said.

            As part of the deal, Clinton accepted a 5-year suspension of his license to practice law in Arkansas and paid a 25,000-U.S.- dollar fine.”


          • WTS/JAY

            Vigilant: As part of the deal, Clinton accepted a 5-year suspension of his license to practice law in Arkansas and paid a 25,000-U.S.- dollar fine.”

            Hmm…that sounds like a “conviction” to me. So yes, Clinton was found guilty of “perjury”! Needless to say, as the result of his “indiscretion” as his subsequent “perjury” conviction, Clinton became the laughing-stock and a deep-embarrassment for the country.

      • http://www.facebook.com/CapitalistAtBirth Greg Murphy

        He committed perjury in a court of law. Is that okay? It was about the accusations of raping someone not the Knob Job, or have you used to many drugs to remember the facts.. I will continue to ignore your posts for lack of factual and intellectual content.

        • Flashy

          he wasn’t in court. it was a deposition and it hung on the definition and use of the word ‘is”. Note that Newt Gingrich was silent during the entire Monica fiasco…because he was the first who said a BJ wasn’t sex (as he fiddled with various pages and staff on the Hill) …and Clinton took his cue from that.

          • Vigilant

            More Alinsky-type diversion. The fact that you can in any way, shape or fashion excuse perjury by the chief executive of the US tells me a lot about your “objectivity,” Flashy

          • WTS/JAY

            The reason that Flashy can excuse “perjury” by the chief-executive of the US is obvious. The chief-executive in question was a Democrat! At least Nixon had the moral-fortitude to come clean, and excuse himself from his post. Clinton possessed no such moral-fortitude, and still doesn’t!

          • Flashy

            I don’t believe Nixon committed perjury. I may be in error, but i believe he was going to be tried in the House on other charges..

          • Vigilant

            Lying under oath to a grand jury is perjury.

            “Perjury is considered a serious offense as it can be used to usurp the power of the courts, resulting in miscarriages of justice. In the United States, for example, the general perjury statute under Federal law classifies perjury as a felony and provides for a prison sentence of up to five years.”


          • Bob666

            Yes Flashy,
            Ken Star spent fifty million dollars and all he came up with was a hummer.
            Bottom line is; Clinton was wrong, but many other presidents have committed worse transgressions that we will never be aware of and they are both on the left and right.

          • Flashy

            Ya mean like…dealing with the enemy such as Iran? Gasp…but but Reagan didn’t transgress against the law did he? Gasp …

          • Bob666

            Yo Flash Man,

            Oh Yes-that little transaction selling weapons to terrorists with good old Olie North. and my favorite, when Regan was finally questioned he could actually say that he did not recall since is mind was already checking out.

          • WTS/JAY

            Bob666: Oh Yes-that little transaction selling weapons to terrorists with good old Olie North.

            Yeah, sounds a lot like; “Fast and Furious”.

          • Bob666

            Yea Jay,

            Automatic weapons to drug thugs vs +/- 70 shoulder mounted BGM-71 TOW anti-tank guided missiles to international terrorist in exchange for a hostage.

            There is a lot in common there Jay, how could we miss that?

          • WTS/JAY

            There certainly is, Bob! If there be a difference, it is only in the size and speciality of the “toys” exchanged for whatever may be the fancy of our corrupt-administration(s) on any given day. For all we know, Bob, “fast and furious” was a perfect cover for the country’s biggest “dope-deal” of the century…who knows what lurks in the mind of the sociopathic-politician?

          • JeffH

            666, 2 wrongs don’t make a right whether arming cartels or jihadists…how bout just outright giving terrorist groups guns?

            The Obama administration has been involved in providing weapons to Syrian rebels who have committed many atrocities across Syria. Why must Americans be disarmed and jihadists be given weapons? Americans are simply observing a right, while the Islamists want guns to force Syria into becoming a Sharia governed state.

            The United States is not sending arms directly to the Syrian opposition. Instead, it is providing intelligence and other support for shipments of secondhand light weapons like rifles and grenades into Syria, mainly orchestrated from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The reports indicate that the shipments organized from Qatar, in particular, are largely going to hard-line Islamists.

            The Obama administration uses a middle-man: Saudi Arabia, to receive American weapons and then transfer them to the hands of the jihadists.

            New York Times
            October 14, 2012

            “Most of the arms shipped at the behest of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to supply Syrian rebel groups fighting the government of Bashar al-Assad are going to hard-line Islamic jihadists, and not the more secular opposition groups that the West wants to bolster, according to American officials and Middle Eastern diplomats,” the Times reports.

            The paper quotes one U.S. official as saying, “The opposition groups that are receiving the most of the lethal aid are exactly the ones we don’t want to have it,” adding that “officials, voicing frustration, say there is no central clearinghouse for the shipments, and no effective way of vetting the groups that ultimately receive them.”

        • Jeff

          No, it’s not O.K. You’re wrong. It was a deposition during the investigation over Whitewater. Perjury is not a fact but a legal conclusion no Court reached. There was no accusation of rape (except in the right wing media). BTW: ignoring something is not the same as taking issue with it.

          • Bob666

            Be carful Jeff, you would not want to be ignored by Mr. Control Freak.

          • JeffH

            FYI for the uneducated and unhinged Jeff. Clinton’s perjury charges had nothing to do with the Whitewater scandal.

            There are three general federal perjury laws. One, 18 U.S.C. 1621, outlaws presenting materialfalse statements under oath in federal official proceedings.

            A second, 18 U.S.C. 1623, bars presenting material false statements under oath before or ancillary to federal court or grand jury proceedings.

            A third, 18 U.S.C. 1622 (subornation of perjury), prohibits inducing or procuring another to commit perjury in violation of either Section 1621 or Section 1623.

            In a lame-duck session of Congress after the 1998 elections, the House voted to impeach Clinton, based on the results of the Lewinsky scandal.

            Impeachment proceedings were based on allegations that Clinton had lied about his relationship with 22-year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky in a sworn deposition in the Paula Jones lawsuit.

            While the House Judiciary Committee hearings ended in a straight party-line vote, there was lively debate on the House floor. The two charges passed in the House (largely with Republican support, but with a handful of Democratic votes as well) were for perjury and obstruction of justice. The perjury charge arose from Clinton’s testimony about his relationship to Lewinsky during a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones. The obstruction charge was based on his actions during the subsequent investigation of that testimony.

            Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice in a scandal involving a White House intern, but was acquitted by the U.S. Senate and served his complete term of office.

  • Al Chemist

    There’s only one way to stop this, and that is to fire and prosecute everyone involved in the illegal activities. That would involve not only the so-called managers, but the people involved in sending out the harassing paperwork. Everyone involved knew what they were doing. I would not “buy” the so-called “I was only following instructions from my manager” bull crap. Any person with half a brain would know that it was and is wrong. It sounds like this was done with great gusto!

    • Wizzardly

      Right. The “orders are orders” defense was dealt with at Nuremberg.

    • Flashy

      Ummmm….just what was it that was “illegal” ? The scandal isn’t it was illegal, it was the IRS used a test that highlighted certain words that became discriminatory based on political ideology.

      I’m not saying the IRS test was right..and i advocate firing anyone stupid eough to have formulated the test or implemented it. I am saying perhaps the 501(c)’s should all be examined to see if any crossed the line and made false statements in their applications…left and right.

      Any problem with that?

      • http://www.facebook.com/CapitalistAtBirth Greg Murphy

        Your posts should be ignored by one and all due to the lack of factual or intellectual content.

        • Big Richard

          Greg-you are such a cry Baby!

      • momo

        Is the IRS following the same procedure with liberal leaning 501(c)’s? I think not.

        • Flashy

          Momo…they should. As i have written…all 501s should be examined to see if they have breached the non profit intent they filed under.

          Now…ya think the ratio those who would get nailed would be equal? HA!

          • Al Chemist

            No, I would not. Almost all government positions (from top to bottom) are filled with liberals/commies. The Conservative Organizations would be expected to stand by and be quietly buggered.

          • Flashy

            Oh, I have no doubt the entire process would be open and very public. heck, the Left would be salivating as the news and information of abuses came forth. Betchya there’s a few churches who would be shakin’ in their boots as well

            That’s the point…The open look won’t be done, the Right won’t allow it.

      • Don 2

        Under existing law, it is a criminal offense for IRS supervisors to intentionally target Conservatives. The supervisors need to be prosecuted; not just letting the IRS Director go, when he was in fact leaving in June anyway. What a typical political farce by Obama.

        Any problem with that? Yes, the damage is already done, and affected the ability of Conservatives and Tea Party groups to obtain donations from anonymous individuals and run effective campaigns in the 2012 elections. More proof that Obamas re-election is a total fraud.

        • Flashy

          Ummm…care to point out the relevant law? you won’t be able to because there isn’t any. There is a law that states tax returns and audits must be objective…nothing about applications for non profit status.

          It is with the IRS internal guidelines, but that’s not ‘law”.

          All hel* is breaking loose on the IRS..from all sides, including the President. What more do you want ?

          • Don 2

            So, in your liberal perverted logic, specifically going after Conservatives, pro-life groups, and those in political opposition to Obama is what you consider being objective?

          • Flashy

            Nope. Just pointing out the facts. Now point to the law that was broken?

            i am not saying it was right, I’m saying i do not believe any law was broken.

            Look…one unit of the IRS created a test to , ala’ Willie Sutton in his rely to why he robbed banks …go where the action is. They were told to knock it off. They did, then went and did the very same thing. They were caught, slapped on the wrist, and went straight after being read the riot act.

            Now, were they correct? i’d say “no’. Did they violate the law? Not that i have read anywhere. Should the 501(c) non-profit program be re-examined and all 501s looked at for whether they kept to the restrictions or violated them/ Absolutely.

            Now…wanna bet the majority of those found not in keeping with the non-profit restrictions are conservative right wing? C’mon…wanna bet against a sure thing?

          • Don 2

            Senator Marco Rubio stated today that it is a violation of law for IRS Supervisors to intentionally target Conservatives and other groups because they do not politically agree with Obamas ideology.

            Ironically, John Boehner stated that he wants to know who is going to jail for the IRS scandal.

            Apparently, you’re the real expert on U.S. federal law. Who knew?

          • Don 2

            Flashy – So why is the F.B.I. launching an I.R.S. investigation for possible criminal violations?

          • Adolf Schmidt

            You will know when the president is upset over something, this wasn’t it. When he gives another speech like the one he gave after the gun bill was defeated. This was just for show, as was firing ( or having resign) the acting director that was leaving office anyway.

  • Wizzardly

    The comments that focus on the book sales pitch (it really was over-done, Wayne) are trying to obscure the facts of this administration’s Chicago-way approach to politics. Their beside-the-point attacks are a feeble attempt at Alinskyite marginalization of any opposition. It means they fear you, Wayne; please keep it up. This criminal administration’s true nature will reveal itself to all but the most enthralled kool-aid drinkers in time. It has already started. The Associated Press published this morning a severe criticism of the tyrant around the corner. It questioned his competence and barely stopped short of calling him a criminal Once the mask slips, it won’t go back into place. The caviling of Flashy, KG et al. will be a laughable, fading memory once impeachment proceedings begin. Keep at it, Wayne.

  • steve

    transforming america. hope and change has arrived.

  • Angel

    You don’t have to be well known, famous or be a member of a Tea Party to have been targeted, all you have to do is have a blog that opposes Obama and have family who used to work in the state, local and Federal GUV__ and your in, _which was our case!_
    We filed our tax in 2011 as usual, after two letters from Texas and I think one from Kansas, stating our files were being looked at, 8 months later we received our money__We thought we made a huge mistake and owed a lot of tax money, upon the return of the money, we found they had only taken out $400…. That same year, two guys came to a bar we were DJ-ing at, ( keep in mind we work 8 hours a week with no employee)s; one of the men struck up a conversation with me. He asked me if we worked here and here and here, I answered yes and no where applicable. and suddenly told me they were from the Fed, with NO BADGES, NO ID, NO NOTHING!!__ Later that night I asked my husband if we owed back taxes he said no. We never received anything from the IRS stating we owed anything additional, it was a shake down!___We are still being targeted and it’s still in the courts. I guess because I won’t shut up about this admin and I won’t, I’m going down with the ship!

    • Angel

      …and besides, theses are the same bastards that are going to be running our healthcare and tapping into our bank accounts, GOD HELP US___REPEAL OBAMA CARE NOW!

      • Jeff

        Your story sounds fishy to say the least. If there were any truth in what you say, you’d be paraded all over Faux News.

        • Angel

          COME LIVE IT!_- there is more I haven’t even said and won’t!

  • jim b

    BHO rushes in and fires the Temp and now it’s all better…. what the ….? Back in the day there would have been some head in a noose and it wouldn’t have been the Temp neither! Cum-on Man, you got to do much better than that. I bet the Temp walked away with full pension and all the other government entitlements to boot, and the King is still eating our cake!

    • Flashy

      Ummm..the “test” was formulated and implemented under the former IRA Commissioner…a Bush II appointee.

      • John Cherish

        Yes but he worked for Obama any appointee in government that retains his position that does not do what the president says is gone. Bush was gone in 2008 so your point is what this happened in 2011

      • vietnamvet1971

        Here we go, “The Blame Bush Game” come on you can do better or maybe you just shot your wad and that is it. Or “IS” There no “There” There. Billy Bob Clinton must have Coached O’Puke.

      • Don 2

        So, 4.5 years into President-Just-Passing-By, Not-Really-My-Fault, Watching-From-The-Sidelines, It’s-Those-Other-Guys…..it is still Bush’s fault?

        • Jeff

          Why is stating a fact “blaming Bush”? If the Director under whom this stuff happened was a Republican appointed by Bush, that makes it a little less likely the activity was directed from the top. It doesn’t mean Bush was at fault.

          And what exactly happened? Some right wing political groups were delayed in receiving tax-exempt status they shouldn’t have gotten at all? Most of these 501(c)(4) groups are purely political masquerading as “social welfare” organizations. Since when do Repugs do anything for social welfare? The organizations on the left shouldn’t be tax exempt either. As I understand it, some on the left were actually denied while nobody on the right was.

          • Don 2

            So, what you are trying to make us believe is that after the Obama administration took over, and during the 4.5 years that he has been in power, Obama could not appoint his own man/woman to run the IRS? If he does not appoint his own man/woman, then by default, the Bush appointee, is also Obamas appointee.

            Delayed, you say? You call 18 months a delay? Intentionally targeting Tea Party, pro-life, pro-religion, and Conservatives, prior to a national election, and preventing them from being able to receive anonymous donations like the Democrats did, and then forwarding these names to pro-Obama media outlets, specifically so that they can write negative articles about and harass those who donate to Republican candidates, affected the 2012 elections.
            If you want to talk about tax-exempt status they shouldn’t have, you better start with George Soros funded, Democrat and White House mouthpiece, Democratic partisan, Media Matters, or just plain shut up.

        • nc

          Don2, you left out stopping the loss of 600,000 jobs a month, doubling the Dow and ending a bad war in Iraq!

          PS: PLUS taking out Osama bin what’s his name and a large truck load of his helpers!

          Selective memory,Don??????

          • Don 2

            How exactly does this relate to the I.R.S. scandal? Try to keep up nc. Get out of bed once in awhile…..see if you can get a job.

      • ALHL

        Not true Flashy, better do a little research before going off half cocked.

    • Wellarmed

      Agreed! Just like Fast and Furious, it will be a lateral transfer only unless they face the hangmans knot.

      I keep wondering what in Gods Name will it take for the American People to finally give a dam about what is going on in DC!

  • Steve E

    This is a good time to set an example and give those involved in the IRS scandal a maximum prison sentence. Tyranny will not be tolerated.

  • John Cherish

    To use the IRS to suppress organizations is CRIMINAL. The director of
    the IRS Obama said he fired him but guess what the Director was going to
    retire in JUNE anyway so having the resignation of him is a NON-EVENT
    done just for show…by Obama “See I did something about it” Just
    another lie from the Liar in Chief. What needs to happen is JAIL time
    for the perpetrators. Do you want to bet the IRS Director got an added
    bonus or favors for jumping under the bus for Obama. This was not some
    isolated event in Cincinnati but is more of Policy of the Obama
    administration to suppress the opposition using the IRS for political
    purposes. This is an abuse of power, It is Oppression, this is what
    tyrants do. It is an Impeachable offense

    • Jeff

      No one was suppressed, and there is zero evidence (exactly the amount needed for “established fact” in the right wing blogosphere) of any Obama policy. What happened is the IRS, in attempting to discern which 501(c)(4) groups were political and therefore undeserving of tax-exempt status, used improper shortcuts involving the groups’ names. Most of those groups given the status didn’t deserve it as their activities were largely political. Running against Obamacare instead of Obama is still political.

      • Hawk!

        Not political just VERY expensive. I don’t want Big Brother deciding what I can afford. Socialism is not welcome here. Liberal groups were ushered in to 501 ((c)(4) status while conservative ower delayed for years and harassed.

      • Wellarmed

        Jeff it has come to my attention that Timothy Geitner knew first hand that this policy was being implemented as he was informed by the treasury department over 6 months ago. Are you telling me that he knew this policy was occurring and that he made no mention to his superior (President Obama) that this was happening under his watch? Please sir, the only person you are attempting to fool is yourself.

        If President Obama ordered this policy or even knew about it before the press release, then he should immediately tender his resignation or impeachment will be the least of his worries.

        • Flashy

          And this came from where?

    • Deerinwater

      “To use the IRS to suppress organizations is CRIMINAL.”

      Even organized crime? ~ or to enforce our taxing authorities laws.?

      To enforce laws is criminal?

      Maybe you would like to rephrase that?

      • Wellarmed

        Am I correct in your interpretation Mr. Winkler that in order to enforce the law we must also break the law?

        Stooping to the level of the mob means that WE have a government that can no longer be recognized as legitimate.

        If the actions of these IRS agents goes to the top, and Obama is not impeached and prosecuted then WE will be at war weather you agree with it or not Mr. Winkler.

    • Flashy

      Ummm..what suppression of groups? It was denying them non-profit status if they couldn’t come up with proof they would stay within the non profit restrictions…

  • Angel

    Vote down button doesn’t work….

  • Karolyn

    Thus far, there is no evidence that Obama was in on this, so why not concentrate on the culprits and not use it as a tool against Obama. However, I do understand that many believe that Obama is singlehandedly responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in this country. It’s amazing he has time to sleep, given all the information he has to process and commands e has to dictate every day. And please do not identify me as an Obamaphile. I neither love nor hate the man. I just see him as a man, not an all-encompassing evil force.

    • hungry4food

      Does it require Breaking Laws and committing Treason to defend the US Dollar as the World Trade Currency by the POTUS ?????

      Regarding the IRS Scandal , Did the IRS give Special
      Treatment to the Multi Nationals so that their Trading practices be an enabling
      fundamental in how the Federal Reserve is continually Printing and distributing
      Dollars that are being used by these traders to flood the International markets
      in hopes to inspire Greed for the dollar over any other currency in an
      attempt to hang on to the World Trade Currency Status ?????

      This video seems to suggest such a Benefit to the
      Multi National sector and is a Threat to the Free Market Structure of the Small
      Business sector , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiIaPhvHa-w&feature=player_embedded
      , and here , http://economyincrisis.org/content/american-trade-policies-are-killing-the-america-economy
      And this story tells of the struggle taking place with the
      dollar trying to sustain trade currency status, http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Articles/2013/04/23/The-Coming-Challenge-to-US-Economic-Dominance.aspx#page1

    • Hawk!

      This is the process of ferreting out the culprits and most roads are leading to the White House. When you take up the reins of power you must be prepared to wield that power…… wisely. What Mr. Obama is doing is and was doing doesn’t have the signature of wisdom on it. Power & fear mongering seem to be prevailing & it has to come to a hard stop for the sake of our future.

  • Deerinwater

    If there is any “factual truth” to this story , it would be concerning to anyone that pays their share in taxes. ~ I pay mine and I’d like other people to pay theirs.

    It was instill in me as a young child that paying your taxes was a noble thing to do. As I watched my aging grandparent harvest pecans until their backs bent and their hands stained black to pay their school taxes, this made a huge impression on me as I helped them harvest. That we each, as citizens have a responsibility and obligation to our community. ~ We contribute not only with the fruits of our labor but the fruit of the womb.

    That my grandparents children were grown and stationed in Germany and themselves had no education.of their own was not a factor offered consideration as to taxation.

    I admit, I found this somewhat strange, that such a demand was being places on them and somehow it seemed as grossly unfair. But what impress me most of all about this whole affair was the honor in which my grandparents went about this efforts and considered the paying of their taxes as “Nobel” and the pleasure they found in honoring their commitment to Country and Community. They accepted it as a honored duty.

    Today, ~ we see fairer minded minds have removed this tax demand placed on our seniors as any “homesteaded” property is now exempt from taxation.

    Peasants? ~ Yes! Sure! They were salt of the earth, black dirt sharecroppers that worked on the thirds most of their life. ~ That’s a 66% tax on every horse, calf, pig and every bail of cotton, every bushel of corn . ~The only production immure from this 66% tax was chickens, eggs and a patch garden.

    That the extreme right has taken the position to champion tax dodgers, going so far as to offer us a tax dodger with off shore account for President. It would seem only natural to me ~ if I was being paid a good salary to look for Tax dodgers ~ I can’t help but believe that I’d be neglectful in my job if I refused to focus on anyone that celebrated the practice of avoiding paying taxes.

    This desire to want to call one’s self a “conservative” is a noble thought to consider. ~ While I can assure you ~ anyone that has lived a life paying 66% are conservatives in practice and deed. ~ Irregardless of what you personally wish to call them today.

    If I was Chief Fireman, ~ I would not employ any person that could not associate the smell of smoke with Fire. To blame a fireman for being quick on the scene of a fire might fit well with your thinking ~ but not with mine.

    The US spends 5 times more on military matters per year then any other nation on this earth. ~ To invest this disproportional amount and not use it ~ makes little good sense. ~ So clearly ~ the USA is the “Hawk” nation among nations. We need to accept this as a cold hard fact. ~ It’s not required that you approve or like it.

    This disproportional spending must be funded with the created in revenue and this revenue must be collected ~ or the wheels will fall off our wagon and we really don’t have that many friends.

    Too attempt to change this position we have gotten ourselves in will take much time and be a long and drawn out affair, if it’s to be done safely.

    In the mean time ~ pay your damn taxes ~ and stop your childish complaining about being “Picked On” ~ as you send up flairs and say “Come and get me!”

    • Hawk!

      We already pay too many damn taxes and they’re being used to fund campaigns against the very folks that do the paying. This country was founded as a statement against taxation. Income tax was only implemented in 1913 as a temporary measure that became permanent and is fueling the tremendous growth of BIG government, aka BIG Brother. We are at the point now that only about 50% of tax payers support the rest. Is that fair? We have a system that’s awash in money with no ability to regulate themselves. How long has it been since we even had a national budget let alone a balanced one? Congress has little or no ability to prioritize what it works on. We have the supreme court ruling on things like gay marriage, everyone wants to argue over gun control when our finances are out of order, health care is eating us alive and now the government is performing illegal acts and neglecting its own people in favor of illegal immigrants and garnishing millions of $ for themselves. It’s time for a very painful change because the if we don’t it will become even more painful.

      • Deerinwater

        It is true Hawk, ~ there is much to be done.

        As for paying too much in taxes ~ some do pay too much and some pay too little.

        Currently, ~ as I see and understand it, ~ it is the labor earned dollar that seem to be federal taxed the hardest which seems to strike at the heart of largely the middle class.

        While I do know a few people of middle class that’s earning and investing years hit a perfect window in time and are doing very well for themselves today. ~ These people are an exception. ~ Timing and wise investing was no their side,

        The affluent do pay a lot in taxes ~ as the ability to pay is considered a factor in determining the taxing rate.

      • Charlie

        you just wasted X number of minutes on a brainwashed mind…that does not understand the WHOLE American money system is fraudulent ,,, yet, he thinks the IRS are ok guys,,. to prove the IRS is goofy , just check the spelling “””Style””” they use for your name… Hint ,,.what does a ALL CAPS spelling “””Style””” mean??? Now don’t come back with a personal opinion of what you “”Think””it means… Give “BOOK” info…

  • Jake Thomas

    Time for republicans to stand?? You got to be kidding. We don’t have Republicans, we have democrats and democrat light. It’s high time that the Tea Party breaks away from the republican party. It will take quite a few election cycles, but th Tea Party CAN become a force and maybe even get te Republican party back in line.

  • Kinetic1

    You want to hear about an IRS scandal? How about the number of 501-c4 organizations that were approved? Since Citizens United the IRS has approved dozens (if not hundreds) of 501-c4s like “Crossroads GPS” that are clearly organized for no other reason than opposing the Obama administration, even though the rules clearly prohibit such a group.

    “IRC 501(c)(4), (c)(5), and (c)(6) organizations may engage in political
    campaigns on behalf of or in opposition to candidates for public office provided that such intervention does not constitute the organization’s primary activity.”

    American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS spent over $100 million to oppose Obama and support Romney! Now, what is the real scandal? That the IRS targeted and rigorously reviewed applications for new groups using the name TEA Party and Patriot, groups that are clearly aimed at political campaigning, or allowing EVERY ONE OF THEM 501 c-4 status despite their open fund raising and political campaigning?

    Clearly, if the IRS has been targeting outspoken conservatives as many of you have described, then that is a scandal. No one should be treated that way for expressing their political opinion. But this artificial outrage from the right over the IRS doing their job screening 501-c4 applications is anything but. I wonder what you would say if Liberal groups had been given such leeway during a Republican administration?

    • Hawk!

      Don’t care which side of the aisle it came from, it’s not right. It’s clear that targeting was done and apologies have been made. But the crime is such that an apology isn’t enough. From studying organizational behavior you understand that an organization tends to take on the characteristics of it’s leadership. Those characteristics are taken on by everyone, it’s just easier if you’re sympathetic to or have something to gain from that leadership. Thinking this way explains why even some conservatives could get caught up that nonsense. However, that makes the crime even worse than it would seem at face value because it affects everybody in some way and the perpetrator knew it.. There’s no way out of this unless you use more of the same tactics. If that happens I”m pretty sure even Mr. Obamas liberal base will begin to melt away. Crime is crime no matter the color, persuation or location.

  • perry holmes

    what all of you people don’t understand is that the past is what Obama wants you to talk about.That is what he does best, that way you will not think about his crimes and snake like doings. while you talk of the past he gets away with more and more Obama is just a stealer for the american banks. how did he gain 10 million in o8?

  • hungry4food

    See this leads right to SOROS Money and his Bribing the IRS to Target Conservative Groups .

    The Liberal Union Behind the IRS


    Soros Gave $6.1 Million to Groups Linked to Pressure on IRS to Target
    Conservative Nonprofits


  • Deerinwater

    “We are dealing with a modern-day Richard Nixon. Except in this case, it’s a radical Marxist Nixon who hates his own country, capitalism and American values and who wants to obliterate his political opposition.”

    I’m finding myself deliberating if I should even respond to such a wild remark as I want to come to Nixon’s defense from such a asinine statement.

    Nixon “never” hated his own country. Nixon was a loyal patriot and enjoyed a rich, full life in Public service. While Nixon seen himself as an outsider even in his own party. He was not an Elitist and never got invited to any Reindeer Games. Nixon never fit in with the Princeton and Yale crowd. ~ and he resented the fact that he was never accepted. . Nixon was an exceptionally bright man and lesser people despised him for it. ~ Nixon was left to see himself as being alone and trusted few. Politics became much more then just a Job, it was a game of unbridled passion. It was this obsession and alienation inside his own party that lead to exposing a character flaw created by those around him and the life he found necessary to live.

    Your comparative & contrast analogy sort of sucks.

    I don’t know if Obama has an “enemy list” or not ~ but if he doesn’t , it’d be a good idea to start one

    • http://personalliberty.com/ Bob Livingston

      Dear Darwan Winkler,

      You write: ”

      I’m finding myself deliberating if I should even respond to such a wild remark as I want to come to Nixon’s defense from such a asinine statement. Nixon “never” hated his own country.” I believe you need to either listen again or re-read. I don’t believe Root said what you believe he said.

      Best wishes,

      • Deerinwater

        Thank You , Mr. Livingston, ~ I stand corrected.

  • CJ59

    This whole thing stinks to the highest heaven! This fits right in with what Obummer himself once said about ridding the USA of conservatives and Republicans! obummmer makes Nixon look like a toddler in a sandbox, as crooked as he is! he lies through his teeth every time he opens his filthy mouth! Obama and his minions don’t seem to know a lot about anything that goes on around them, Why the He– is he President then! Benghazi–“Dont know anything about what happpened there.” IRS scandal, “Don’t know anything about it either.” He is either stupid or ignorant, I’m guessing BOTH! This IRS garbage started at the top! And the guy they fired, was going to retire in a couple weeks anyway! Wanna bet he is getting his full retirement benefits, including health insurance anyway, not Obama care, which is what we get! T
    his worthless loser Obama should be impeached and now!

  • Mike b.

    Hussein Obama is a THUG!!!! I told all of you this before 2008 election. Musleem, Chicago, communist, terriosts=loving, usa hating, commun ity organizing, divide and conquer. THUG!! Just like all his minions in the state=run media, who probaly cause idiot anti-american libs and low info voters to elect him to a 3rd term. Hussein Obama IS, WAS AND WILL ALWAYS BE A STREET THUG FROM CHICAGO. THUG ADMINISTRATION. ALL YOU LIB IDIOTS ON HERE HAVE GOT TO BE TIRED OF PROTECTING THIS KENYA PRESDIDENT. YOU BETTER BEWARE THUG HUSSEIN MITE DO TO YOU WAT HE DID TO HIS MINIONS IN THE STATE-CONTED PRESS. HOPE AND CHANGE 2016, OBAMA 3RD TERM, HAHA LOL LMAO AT YOU IGNORANT NAIVE LIBS AND SO IS HUSSEIN OBAMA

  • Mike b.

    Iknow he be constitutionaly elected to a 3rd term, but when has the constitution mattered to the THUG ADMIN.

  • marylou

    If it happened to me, this IRS nightmare which controls your life, CAN AND WILL HAPPEN TO YOU! They don’t have to tell you why they audited you…but you know……..

    You get audited by the IRS for six consecutive years, costing you time and money….and they find NOTHING irregular in ALL of those years…Yet they continue to make you defend yourself year after year after year….You have no idea what it does to your life, your children’s college fund, your bank account, and your peace of mind on a daily basis.

    Why? Because the OBAMA administration doesn’t like the fact:

    that you are a patriotic conservative American,
    that you disagree with Obama,
    that you love your country,
    that you support the Constitution
    that you support conservative candidates,
    that you are Christian, religious, ie believe in God and believe you should have less government and more individual responsibility. That makes you an IRS target in the land of the free!