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I Am On Obama’s Enemies List

October 25, 2012 by  


Hello. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Before I even begin my video commentary today, I’d like to read you a major part of the Articles of Impeachment that Congress leveled at President Richard Nixon:

He (Nixon) has, acting personally and through his subordinates and agents, endeavored to obtain from the Internal Revenue Service, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, confidential information contained in income tax returns for purposes not authorized by law, and to cause, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.

My commentary this week is a personal story. It’s as personal as you can get. You see, I am on Barack Obama’s enemies list. I believe Obama is employing the same tactics as President Nixon. If so, he should meet the same fate: Congress should investigate and, if proven true, impeach Barack Obama for violating the Constitutional rights of American citizens.

Here’s my personal story. I’ve gone through an almost two-year ordeal with the IRS which, I believe, was triggered by my vocal criticism of the Obama Administration. Americans need to hear this story of a small-business owner — not a billionaire — with an unblemished tax record for 30 years suddenly facing this kind of harassment, persecution and intimidation.

If a President of the United States can go after me personally because he doesn’t like my political beliefs, then no one is safe. Today, it’s me; tomorrow it could be you. It doesn’t matter if the President is Republican or Democrat. This cannot be allowed to happen to anyone, regardless of his party or his beliefs.

But it is happening. I’ve done my own personal investigation, and I’ve found a pattern of abuse. This is happening all across America. Our Commander in Chief is a bully. Just like in the old Soviet Union, he’s using the power of the IRS and other government agencies to punish his political opposition and to try to intimidate and silence his critics.

It’s time for Congress to get involved. It’s time for Congressional hearings to determine if this is a widespread pattern of abuse. If this is a pattern of Obama using government to destroy his opposition, to destroy people’s lives, whether it is billionaires or small-business owners like me, Obama and his henchmen must be held accountable. The government of the United States has no right to persecute its citizens for political purposes.

This all started in 2008 when I became the Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee and was campaigning across America. I informed audiences that I was Obama’s college classmate, class of ’83 at Columbia University. I told audiences what I thought Obama’s goal would be as President. I predicted he’d follow the strategy taught by two former Columbia professors, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven.

I predicted that Obama would promote policies that would damage the economy and bankrupt the business community, so as to cause doubts about capitalism — to shake our faith in the current system. I predicted that he’d accomplish all that by overwhelming the system with spending, addicting a record number of Americans to entitlements, exploding the debt, demonizing business owners and then trying to convince the masses to redistribute wealth (with massive tax increases). 

Sound familiar? It’s all happened exactly according to plan. My prediction was on the money (excuse the pun).

Over the past four years, my opinions critical of the Obama Administration appeared in newspapers across the country and many of the Internet’s most popular conservative websites (like Personal Liberty and FOX News), reaching tens of millions of Americans. I made frequent television appearances on networks like Fox News and CNBC and thousands of appearances on talk radio — always criticizing Obama and his anti-business, anti-capitalist policies.

Obviously, this caught the attention of Obama and his socialist cabal that was hell-bent on destroying capitalism — and anyone who got in the way. Obviously, Obama’s dirty tricks Chicago hit squad decided to intimidate and distract me, in the form of an unsettling call from the IRS.

In January of 2011, an IRS agent called my home and left a message. Without waiting for a response, he immediately called my accountant. We were both shocked at how eager and excited he sounded to get started. My accountant told the IRS agent that he had my “power of attorney” and he was to speak only with the accountant from this point forward.

Guess what this overzealous IRS agent did next? He immediately called me again.

My accountant remarked that in 30 years of dealing with IRS audits, he’d never heard of an IRS agent starting an investigation with a phone call to the taxpayer, then the taxpayer’s accountant and then the taxpayer again. The IRS always sends a letter asking the taxpayer to call them. That was the tipoff something was out of the ordinary. My conversation with the IRS agent seemed odd as well.

The agent let me know that he understood that my accountant had the power of attorney and he was not allowed to speak to me. But he said he just wanted to speak with me once because he was “my biggest fan.” He just had to tell me that he read all of my political columns and often listened to me on the radio. Then, he said he supported my politics and agreed with most everything I said. He said that he personally requested to be my auditor and it was a great “honor” to be auditing me.

I hung up the phone and felt a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. This was an unsettling conversation. It was clear to me that the IRS agent was trying to imitate “Columbo” (the detective from the 1970’s hit TV show). He was playing a game, trying to win my confidence, let my guard down, to hide a more sinister motive. I immediately thought to myself, “This agent is telling a story to try to throw me off the scent of what’s really happening — an attempt to persecute and intimidate a critic of President Obama, ordered by the Obama administration.”

Soon, my gut instinct was verified. My accountant called to say he’d had several conversations with the IRS agent and something seemed very different from any IRS audit he’d ever handled. This agent clearly had an agenda. He was unreasonable. He disregarded facts. He simply disallowed virtually all of my legal deductions. There was even a debate over my mortgage deduction. Soon, he was auditing a second year. It got worse with each conversation.

My accountant called and said, “Wayne, it is so clear that this IRS agent is out to badly damage you. You must hire a top tax lawyer. This is like nothing I’ve ever dealt with. This is not an ordinary IRS audit. You need legal representation right now.”

Please keep in mind, I’m no billionaire or big shot politician. I’m a small-business owner, home-schooling dad and citizen politician. With my many businesses and careers all struggling in this Obama economy, I was now facing a massive IRS attack, an unaffordable tax bill and huge legal fees to fight it.

Soon thereafter I found out that my accountant of 25 years — one of the finest, nicest, men I’ve ever met in my life — had also just received an IRS audit notice for himself only weeks after mine. Coincidence?

I got the message: This was an attack based on my political views. I researched tax attorneys and found the best one in the country. He agreed to handle my case. He looked over my tax records and assured me that he felt the IRS agent was 100 percent incorrect in his belief that any taxes were due. My attorney was also concerned that a review of the audit revealed a highly and unusually aggressive IRS position.

As such, my attorney immediately changed venue to Los Angeles (where he is based) and appealed the case to U.S. Tax Court in California. After almost 18 months of sleepless nights, lawyer bills I could not afford, accounting bills I could not afford, damage to my marriage and who knows how many years of my life reduced by stress, this past July we won a full and complete victory. Not a dime was owed. All of the IRS agent’s unreasonable and overzealous assertions were thrown out. Case closed. 100 percent vindication. Complete victory.

Except the story isn’t over. It gets far worse. I had five days to celebrate. Five days to feel like my life was mine again, with no cloud hanging over me. Five days to hug my wife, with both of us exhaling and repeating out loud: “No more IRS. No more cloud over our heads. No more legal fees!”

And then the unimaginable happened. My tax attorney called to say: “Are you sitting down? I have bad news. I don’t know what to say, but the IRS just contacted me. You’re being audited again.” 

We had just won a complete victory for the years 2007 and 2008 five days before. And now I was being audited again (for the 2009 and 2010 tax years) five days later. In all his many years of practicing tax law, my tax attorney has never heard of such a situation. Ever.

And the new IRS agent treated my attorney the same way: with disdain. He disallowed every legal deduction. It was the same treatment all over again.

Here’s some important personal history you need to know. I have a perfect tax history. Not a single blemish. Thirty years of filing taxes without a problem. I was chosen at random for two audits in my life and came out of both owing nothing — not one dollar. I’ve never been late with a tax bill in my life. I’ve never owed money on a payment plan to the IRS. Nothing. I’m a model citizen and taxpayer.

The odds of this being some random occurrence are zero. People with perfect tax records for 30 years don’t suddenly become an IRS tax target. And certainly not after winning a complete 100 percent victory in U.S. Tax Court only five days before. There is no such thing ever.

And I’m not a billionaire. I’m not wealthy at all. There’s nothing big to go after. This is not just a witch hunt, but a ridiculous waste of taxpayer money. Why would the IRS be persecuting a small-business owner (twice) who happens to be a vocal critic of President Obama?

There’s the answer. The answer is my media megaphone.

That’s why this story is so chilling. If this is allowed to stand, then anyone who has an opinion that government or a politician doesn’t like is at risk of being persecuted, harassed, intimidated and ruined. Free speech is at risk. Today, it’s me; tomorrow it could be you — even if you’re just a small-business owner.

Remember the famous lesson of the Holocaust?

“In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

I’m one of several who have come forward to call attention to this dangerous pattern of political persecution going on under Obama, but I’m betting that this is happening all across America to Republican and conservative critics and donors.

We know from media reports that virtually every Tea Party in the country is under IRS attack — not just simple harassment. The IRS is asking frightening questions, such as demanding the names of all members, donors and even speakers at Tea Party events. Are all of these critics of Obama being targeted for IRS persecution because of their ideological beliefs? And what are they doing with the names of Tea Party speakers? Let me give you two guesses: attacking them with IRS audits or attacking them with IRS audits?

We know Sheldon Adelson, the biggest GOP donor in America, is suddenly under Justice Department investigation. Coincidence? He calls it a “smear campaign” orchestrated by the Obama Administration.

Steve Wynn is another outspoken critic of Obama and a major GOP donor. He has been quoted as calling Obama the most anti-business President of his lifetime. Wynn says every business owner he knows is frightened by Obama. Days ago, it was disclosed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Wynn, too, is under Federal investigation. Coincidence? 

I’m sure the lawyers of billionaire CEOs like Adelson and Wynn have told their clients to no longer criticize Obama publicly. This is how Obama plays the game — like the Mafia. He learned it from politicians in Chicago. This is how you silence your critics.

I have had numerous conversations with high-profile friends who contribute to the GOP or are GOP bundlers, and they are also being audited by the IRS. One of my neighbors is a big GOP fundraiser and bundler, and he’s being attacked by the IRS. Several friends of mine know wealthy donors who received an IRS audit notice only weeks after making major contributions to Romney. One such donor has even gone public. His name is Frank VanderSloot. Just a few weeks after giving $1 million to Romney, he came under attack from both the IRS and the Labor Department. Coincidence?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell even recently accused Obama of using “Nixonian” tactics to target and silence Republican donors.

How many more victims of this Obama witch hunt are out there? I’m betting after my story comes out, thousands of GOP politicians, donors, Obama critics and conservative talk hosts come out of the woodwork to say that they, too, are under IRS attack. This is no coincidence. This can’t be an isolated incident. This is a pattern of abuse. It’s happening right now, right here in America under Obama.

It’s time for all of us to speak up now, before Obama is re-elected and we lose the right to speak out. Free speech and political expression are endangered in Obama’s second term. It is time for Congressional investigations. It is also time for Congress to pass a law that no Administration has the right to order the IRS to attack critics. It is time to reign in our government. It is time to demand an end to government witch hunts ordered by powerful politicians. It is time to shine the light of day on government attempts to intimidate and silence political opponents.

When President Nixon was found to be playing dirty tricks and targeting political opponents, the media screamed loudly about oppression, persecution and political intimidation and cried out for criminal investigations. Where is the media this time? It is time for the media to get outraged and demand Obama be held accountable, just as they did with Nixon.

Let me state this clearly. The IRS isn’t the problem. The IRS is filled with mostly good people, trying to do their jobs. They are just like you and me. But when they get a call from high above, from the office of the President of the United States or a close friend of the President, then they are fearful for their jobs. My outrage is toward President Obama and his henchmen. This is so wrong on so many levels.

But the bad news for Obama and his political mobsters is that they picked on the wrong guy. Not only have I never had a problem with the IRS in my life, I’m willing to do everything in my power to call out this political attack for what it really is. It is time for you to join me in asking questions about the harassment being aimed at critics of the Obama White House. It’s time for Congressional investigations.

I am on Obama’s enemies list. Next, it could be any one of us. It could be you. This cannot be allowed to go on in the United States of America.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. I pray that none of you ever have to go through what I’ve been through for the past 22 months. No matter what your political party. No matter what your beliefs. Not in America. This cannot stand.

See you next week. Same time, same place. God Bless.

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • DaveH

    For once in your lives, do the right thing:

    • Randy W

      I voted Gary Johnson-Jim Gray yesterday at my state’s early voting site. I wish I were in a battleground state but alas, no, a consistently red state surely in the bag for Romney.

      One of the few methods we have to return our country to the people’s control is to refuse to vote the “lesser of two evils.” It’s still EVIL, be it the Republithug or Demoncrap candidates we’ve been presented.

      Why is it so hard to figure out the illegal acts of the IRS Root speaks of is symptomatic of the greater evil being perpetrated by our elected representatives and their unelected minions?

      To any of you who wish to proclaim my vote is a vote for Obama, don’t waste your time! My vote can just a easily be one for Romney based upon the polls but most importantly, my vote is MY VOTE, one of which as an American citizen I am free to give to whomever I feel is most qualified.


      • DaveH

        Kudos, Randy.

      • JeffH

        Randy, I just mailed in my votes today…also voted Gary Johnson.

      • Jayson

        Well well well, 5 posters, myself included, have voted for Gary Johnson. I guess this means 5 LESS VOTES for Obama!

      • Carol J

        No, it means 5 less votes for Romney. Those who intend to re-elect Obama will be extremely happy to hear this. The more people who don’t vote for Romney means the greater chance that Obama will be re-elected. I don’t particularly want Romney, but I definitely don’t want Obama.

      • STEVE Thompson

        I respect your right to vote for whomever you wish, but a vote for anyone other than Romney or Obama is a vote for Obama. In Las Vegas there was even a case where a voter selected Romey, and the check mark showed up under Obama….three times in a row. After alerting an offical at the voter’s precinct, it finally accepted Romney. At this point nobody but Romney or Obama are going to be elected. Do you want to live under communism/socialism? I think not. Vote Republican folks. It’s all we can do to dislodge the worse president in the history of the U.S.A.

      • Deerinwater

        sombody says; ” At this point nobody but Romney or Obama are going to be elected. Do you want to live under communism/socialism? I think not. Vote Republican folks. ”

        I say ~ bullhocky , vote your vote, vote your conviction and only the have you been true.

    • mark

      I agree Dave. Please, everyone, vote for Gary Johnson.

      • DaveH

        Thank you for your support, mark.
        In 2 out of 3 States that did such polling, Gary Johnson took more votes from Obama than from Romney.

      • noel

        Wrong, a vote for Johnson is a vote for OBONGO!!! You folks learned nothing from Ross Perot!!!

      • JeffH

        noel, and you have?

        Bush, Clinton, Bush II, Obama…get the picture?

        Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
        Albert Einstein

      • DaveH

        Noel says — “Wrong, a vote for Johnson is a vote for OBONGO!!!”.
        And your proof for that is where?
        Actually in the 2 out of 3 states where such polling has been done, Gary Johnson takes more votes from Obama.

      • Baf

        It’s in the math folks!. Only Romney or Obama will win. Get the picture now? If you vote for anyone, other than these two, you are voting for the opposite candidate. If you want a conservative, you vote for the one who is the LIKELY to win. Johnson is NOT going to win… period! Two professors in CO (political science) have an article that you can check out. They have been predicting the outcome of elections for years and they are right-on-the-money every time. Mathematically it is by percentages that causes a conservative vote or a liberal vote when a third party candidate is given a small percentage of votes. IN OTHER WORDS, IF YOU VOTED FOR GARY JOHNSON (a conservative) YOU ACTUALLY (mathematically) VOTED FOR OBAMA. If you are conservative, you are expected to have a higher IQ, so figure this out for yourself and quit being stupid by throwing your vote away. This country is NOT going to vote in a third party for may years to come.

        • Deerinwater

          So you believe that winning the moment while losing the day serving your long term goals? Willard is being offered to us by the same forces that offered us GW Bush and you see that as a win that we will live with for 8 years?

      • Shane

        DaveH says:

        October 25, 2012 at 9:10 am

        Thank you for your support, mark.
        In 2 out of 3 States that did such polling, Gary Johnson took more votes from Obama than from Romney.


        So you saying DaveH, that if Gary Johnson withdrew, you would be voting for Obama. Along with RandyW and JeffH.

        Let’s get real. In this election, your vote for Gary Johnson, is a vote to continue the Obama adminstrations. Along with the continued abuses as mentioned in this article. You did read the article did you not, DaveH?

        DaveH, you’re an imposter. Masquerading as a conservative. Now, I’ll agree that some that are still supporting Johnson with what is on the line are just fools. But I’ll give you your due. You are not stupid, which makes you a conservative fraud.

        • Deerinwater

          Shane, Willard Romney is the conservative fraud and it appears that you are willing to support the fraud. David is a uncompromising Conservative which more or less makes you the fraud. ~ I happen to be a moderate conservative as well ~ while Gary Johnson is the only valid Conservative running. Vote your conscience , ~ I accept that you don’t have one.

    • noel

      If he were a viable candidate, perhaps. As it is, you wasted your time and likely aided our POS president to a second term. Feeling good about yourself??? Go butt a stump sir(s)!!!

      • DaveH
      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        Noel says — “Feeling good about yourself?”.
        Yes I am, Noel. I am voting for the only Presidential Candidate who will forgo his own Power and Fortune to bring Freedom back to the People. He probably won’t get elected this time because there are too many ignoramuses that have swallowed the Progressive Kool-Aid and their “lesser of two evils scam”. But the more votes Gary gets, the more people will investigate his message of Freedom. Once people catch onto the concepts of Freedom, they won’t easily let go. We can only Gain by voting for Gary Johnson.
        Meanwhile we have people like you, Noel, who will vote for Candidates they don’t really want just to keep somebody else from possibly winning. So we will get more growth of wasteful big-spending Big Government until the country finally collapses.
        Thanks a lot, Noel. Do you feel good about yourself? If so, I can’t imagine why.

      • Hank, MO

        I agree with Noel. It may make you feel righteous to throw your vote away on somebody who doesn’t stand a chance of being elected, but all you’re really doing is guaranteeing another four years for Obama to impose his communist policies and disasters on the nation. It’s great to be principled, but there comes a time when you must also be practical. Another four years of Obama will mean the destruction of this nation and its system of constitutional law. This president and his goons have no respect for the Constitution; they simply ignore it when it suits their purposes. Already the Supreme Court (as well as most of the other federal courts) leans much too far to the left. At least two more Supreme Court justices will be appointed during the next four years. If they are liberal and biased as Sotomayor and Kagan, how can you possibly expect the Court to issue a fair decision? You can’t, and you won’t get one, either.

        There are two real candidates in this election– Obama and Romney. Those who throw away their vote on Johnson or anybody else may claim they are doing so for some high principle, but in fact, they do so because they can’t make a rational choice between the only two real options. Though I work with one of them, it astounds me that that could be the case. Based on this article alone, any reasonable person should be able to make that decision in two seconds, and there are literally thousands more incidents which have occurred during Obama’s reign upon which anyone with a sound mind could easily see that this man is detrimental to our nation, our economy and our way of life. I thank God that, at least, we have a decent man with which to replace the bozo now in charge. Romney may not be all you desire, but he is nothing like the clown we have allowed to run roughshod over this nation for the past four years. You don’t have to even like him– just help us rid ourselves of the plague that is Obama. Vote Romney and vote for any Republican running for the Senate in your state. We MUST break the hold Obama and Reid have on the throat of this country.

        • Deerinwater

          “I agree with Noel. It may make you feel righteous to throw your vote away on somebody who doesn’t stand a chance of being elected, but all you’re really doing is guaranteeing another four years for Obama to impose his communist policies and disasters on the nation. ”

          It not a matter of righteous but standing up for what you believe in and documenting your opinion regardless of out come. ~ while you seem to believe it is better to win a battle but lose a war.

          You are being solicited for an opinion, ~ give it! ~ it’s not really complicated. ~ Winning an any cost could well be our greatest loss.

    • Browning

      Going through the same thing right now. I live and work in China and am trying to survive a bad economy and an IRS audit that seems very strange. They have asked for such detailed records that I have had great difficulty obtaining them, many are disallowed such as cancelled checks for some items.. The agent called and apologized, said he was just doing his job. It appears that they are trying to claim my taxes paid to China are not correct, even though I have official stamped Chinese receipts for them. All items on the deductibles list are being questioned and even the whereabouts of my daughter during this time is being questioned. Very strange but not in the light of your article.

  • DaveH

    Income Tax. One of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto:

    • mark

      The Income Tax was also one of the 1890 Ocala Demands of the Populists – small and family farmers being slaughtered by the big banks, railroads, mining and timber corporations.

      • DaveH

        You mean the Crony Capitalists who enlisted the bully help of Big Government to stifle their Competitors who were producing cheaper products and services for the consumers?

      • DaveH

        The Poor should worship you Liberal Progressives, mark, for protecting them from the good life.

    • Hank, MO

      You talk a good line, DaveH, but as shown in previous posts, you can’t bring yourself to make a rational decision. Your stated intent to vote for Johnson while knowing he doesn’t stand a chance of winning indicates that you’re only concerned about being able to say that you can’t be blamed for the results because you didn’t vote for him– whoever ‘him’ refers to after the election. All you really want is to claim you were right– by voting for someone who can’t possibly win, you guarantee that your candidate won’t be the one responsible for whatever the results may be in the next four years. I don’t call that stance principled; I call it cowardly. The old ’60′s era mantra– ‘If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.’– comes into play, and you are certainly not part of the solution. If you don’t have guts enough to make a choice between the only two viable candidates, you might as well stay home on election day and ignore politics altogether in the future. I know you can’t do that, however, because you think your remarks are far too valuable to refrain from spewing them forth at every opportunity. In fact, I doubt if they are of any import at all.

      • Deerinwater

        Well Sir.? If you can’t vote your convictions at a time when you are asked too, when can you?

      • kkflash

        Hank, MO:
        If we can agree that neither the Republican nor Democratic parties have shown an inkling that they are part of the solution, and not the problem, then how is voting for either expected to improve our situation? And if we can’t vote for a third party candidate this election for fear of “throwing away our vote”, then when? How do we bring about real change, restore our liberties, and shrink government to a proper size and scope if we’re afraid to exercise the one political power we still have?

      • zba

        I admire your intelligence. Voting for people who have no hope to win is insane. I agree with you they only wasted their vote. It’s better for them if they just stayed home. They are only displaying their very, very low IQ in posting here. Intelligent vote is Romney’s vote. If they have a little bit brain they could have observed what this country is experiencing now.

  • Harold Olsen

    I imagine all of us who criticize and oppose Obama’s Nazi policies are on his enemies list. Last year, particularly when I was on Twitter, I became extremely vocal in my criticism of him. Guess what? I got audited. Their findings: In 2005 I underpaid my income taxes by $700. I protested because in 2005, I was unemployed, not on welfare or drawing unemployment nor did I have any other income, until November of that year when I decided it was time to return to work after taking two and a half years off. They told me I could fight it but I’d lose and have to pay further interest after things were settled. On another forum, someone commented that he had donated 3 times to Romney’s campaign and each time he got audited and each time they found something. He said he had just donated a 4th time and was informed he was again going to be audited. It seems that when Obama orders the IRS to audit someone, he also orders them to find something — real or manufactured.

    • Richard

      I guess that is why the O’Vomit regime hired an additional 18,000 IRS agents!!

    • Pete

      This is why they hired a lot of new IRS agents recently-To harass the current administrations opponents. It is unlikely that this commie rat Obama will ever be impeached for his treasonous and criminal deeds as long as the Democrats retain control of the senate. As some of the comments on this blog reveal, it is amazing how stupid many of the people are.There is a growing trend that people are leaving the country, and renouncing their US citizenship. This is no longer the land of freedom and opportunity, and it probably will take another civil war to change that. Our government has degenerated to point that it is nothing more than a criminal enterprise.

      • Hank, MO

        I agree, Pete, particularly with the part concerning control of the Senate. As long as the Democrats control the Senate, Obama operates without constraint. The Supreme Court has already shown that it will not censure him, and impeachment proceedings emanating from the House must be tried in the Senate. To initiate them with Harry Reid and the Democrats in control in the Senate would simply be a waste of time and would only result in the Republicans making fools of themselves. If we want ANY control of our government, we must elect a new president or, at the very least, turn over the majority in the Senate to the Republicans so that some measure of restraint can be exercised on the president and his thugs in the next four years. November 6th is the most important election in your lifetime– PLEASE, use your vote to help wrest power from the hands of Obama, Reid and Pelosi– vote Republican even if you have never before done so.

  • Tom Cook

    We all know that Barry Sotero is a scumbag bully. The Republicans in Congress are cowardly pudknockers for not going after this guy: there is enough evidence of his criminality to indict and execute him for treason, much less impeach his little queer, muslim, communist, foreign-born ass.

    • DaveH

      They would, but for one big problem — They want what he wants.

      • Hank, MO

        You’re showing your ignorance again, DaveH.

    • Hank, MO

      Tom, please stop with that crap about the Republicans not going after this clown. There is nothing they can do. I know you think that all they have to do is bring impeachment charges and throw Obama out, but that simply is not the case. Impeachment charges are brought in the House of Representatives, but they are TRIED in the Senate. With Harry Reid and the Democrats controlling the Senate, the Republicans’ bringing impeachment charges in the House is a futile exercise that would yield only one result– the Republicans would look like fools. They may not be the brightest bunch you’ll ever encounter, but thank God they haven’t been stupid enough to do that for it would have allowed the present administration to take this election in a landslide victory. If you care at all about the future of this country, surely you can see that we cannot allow them to claim that we have reelected them and handed them a mandate to impose their commie crap on us. By making statements such as the one above, you unintentionally shift blame to the Republicans who are powerless instead of leaving it on the shoulders of the Democrats controlling the Senate.

      • SJJolly

        Who wins the presidency might be less critical than whether Tea Party Republicans take control of both houses of Congress. If they do, an impeachment attempt against Obama is near certain. As is an impeachment of Romney if he proves not enough “severely conservative.”

    • deerinwater

      Tom Cook says:
      October 25, 2012 at 7:10 am
      “We all know that Barry Sotero is a scumbag bully.”

      No, ~ we don’t know that and you don’t either, ~ you choose to believe that and you want me to believe it as well.

      While I do know that Willard is a practicing Mormon, a faith that has augmented scripture that I do not recognize. I know that Willard has engaged in business practices that created clear “LOSERS”, where whole communities not only lost their jobs but pensions as well. I know that money is missing and no crime has been committed is the wake that Willard Romney leaves behind.

      I know that Willard has an elevator for his automobiles, ~ what I don’t know is where this elevator goes ~ from his bedroom to the Bat Cave I suppose.

  • Dean bartlett

    Welcome to the new socialist states of America. Sorry this is happening to anyone but remember we voted this administration in and if we dont vote them out nothing is going to change.

    • TIME

      Dear Dean,

      We have been there for a very long TIME, ~~ everyone needed a good solid wake up call and thats what was given in 2000 ~~~ it came loud and clear, ~~ yes I agree ~ a lot of damage was done from 1840 – 2000 ~~ and I will admit ; that the damage done was so slow as to not rock the boat much, > but it was done non the less. We must face this fact in order to move forward ~~ If not we are sure to fall by mid 2013 ~ if not by December 2012.

      If you would be so kind as to please google this video I strongly believe it will clear up a lot for you and anyone who DARE to watch it.( Russell Means ~ We are all on the Reservation now.) I also believe its still on Prison lower rights hand side at the bottom.
      *** ~~ Once you watch this beautiful presentation ~~ you will understand far better whats been done to all of us. This is not NEW, nor is it being done any differantly than every TIME before.

      Peace and Love be with you all.

      > May the Dream Visions of YAH come to you all, Open your hearts ~ Open your MINDS ~ Then OPEN YOUR EYES ~~ we can still change this road we are on, it will not be easy, nor will its be fun, ~~ there will be much suffering, much loss ~ no matter what the American People do, ~ If you do nothing than you all have no one to blame but yourself.
      This ~ Betrayal of Humanity has been long standing, Thus ~ we all are guilty in some way.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        IT IS WRITTEN!!! Yet you think we can change it? I hope you are right but I don’t think so. I pray!

      • TIME

        Dear Nancy,

        YAH , gave us the ability to reason, as well think, ~ he also gave us all 360 Senses, yet we now use only 5 of these, ~ but we some how think we are advanced ~ when in fact many have fallen backward.

        When we open our Hearts ~ that being the very {gate way} to our Soul ~ thus then open to the “Wholy Sprit” ~ who will bring us ~ “Dream Visions” ~ Only ~ then we can see all that is ~ all that will be ~ let alone all that was, ~ thus we then start to change..

        These writtings are based on “change” if we act with, { PURE ~ LOVE as well hold PEACE as our Standard Banner.} Then the ~ Beautiful Yahshua, ~ will reward his true followers with the Grace and Beauty ~ that only he can bestow on us ~ thus in fact ~ YES ~ we can Change the Road we are on.

        We as an individual can Change, thus ~ perhaps more SOULS can learn that this form of Change is still open to them if they so wish to walk this road.
        What I would ike to add is this ~ anyone who will surrender their Heart & Soul to Yahshua ~ will be Blessed in ways that one just can not understand yet.

        Thats the Change within the Road I am speaking of. I hope that I have cleared this up.

        Peace and Love be with you, May, Yahshua’s light shine within your heart and keep you.

  • http://msn John Wayne

    the commey kenyen imposter must be overthrown this Nov. hes the devil, the great divider,a racist from Jerimiah Wrights church, a murderer of americans in Bengazi Libya, left to die as The Mesiah boarded a plane to go campain, this brown clown should be in leg irons!!!!!!!!!!

    • nc

      John, how many Americans did Reagan kill in the three embassy attacks while he was president? 20 PLUS?? NOT TO MENTION THE 241
      I wish I was as improtant as Wayne Root thinks he is, don’t you??He tops my “Who gives a [expletive deleted] list!
      While I am at it, could you tell me when Obama is going to stop the elections and declare himself “dictator”! I have been away fishing but when I was last on this site the crazies were predicting he would most certainly do it! It was part of some conspiracy hatched in 1913 when it was decided(?) he would be President someday and when they drew up the plans for the FEMA camps! I believe I have this straight!! These conspiracies all seem to run together and even the preppers can’t agree what they are prepping for! Maybe you could tell me what the dates are!!

      • DaveH

        NC is back! And with him, his nonsensical YELLING.

      • Hank, MO

        I have yet to read an account of Reagan (or any other president, for that matter) twiddling his thumbs while watching a live-feed video of his people being killed without taking any measures to assist them. That’s not a conspiracy theory, nc– that’s the reality of it, and the fact that you seem willing to accept such a dereliction of duty without criticizm, even, is a sure indication of your lack of judgement. Obama’s lack of action in this case is purely and simply indefensible.

      • SJJolly

        NC: What, you don’t believe, (1) the sky is falling! And, (2) it’s an Obama plot! ? Or various variations on that theme?

    • eddie47d

      So true NC and that John Wayne is no John Wayne or else he would have known about those Reagan years. The Democrats can be dangerous but the Republicans can be double dangerous in what they say or what they forget.

      • JC

        Are you suggesting that the Reagan administration was aware of the attack in Lebanon before it happened…the way the Obama administration not only knew about the Benghazi attack before it happened, but Obama himself canceled the order from Hillary to provide additional security. Are you saying that Reagan was complicit the way Obama was?
        Obama’s administration is guilty of murder in more than a few case my communist little friend…several in the fast and furious / gunwalker scandal alone. Toss in Benghazi for good measure and we have a pretty strong case for a speedy trial followed by a first class…

        • tlgeer

          “Obama himself canceled the order from Hillary to provide additional security”

          When I do a search for this all I can find are blogs and crackpot sites. Do you have any credible news sites to look at?

      • eddie47d

        The barracks in Lebanon had lax security so is that the fault of the Marines or Reagan JC. Your double standards stick out like a sore thumb!

      • Hank, MO

        I’ve read your posts many times before, eddie47d– always the same blind devotion to the fool, Obama. Everyone knows that the incident during the Reagan administration was due to a lack of discipline and security by the marines stationed there, and although the president is always the commander-in-chief and ultimately responsible as such, the real fault in that case lies with the on-site commander who had grown lax. At that time, however, we had not awoke to the fact that we were at war with the Islamic extremists throughout the world. Even so, Reagan was not receiving real-time reports of an action against our troops, and it is certain that, if he had, he would have taken immediate action to support them with every measure at his disposal. That is the difference– one man would have taken action and the other simply left them to their fate while he went campaigning. There is no comparison. One was a LEADER, and the other can never be.

  • Warrior

    The real quote should have been “We’re doing everything in our power to make sure “YOU DON’T BUILD THAT”. Progressives must go. Sorry Mr Stevens, we’re throwing you under the bus. FORWARD!

    • KG

      If you paid your taxes, then you should have nothing to worry about. If you didn’t, or was underpaying them, then, yes be afraid. But, remember, it is YOU who is making a “federal case” out of this.

      • pete0097

        If they want to find something wrong they will whether it is real or imagined. If it is imagined, they threaten you with court, if you go to court, you still lose because you have to pay your attorney. It is no different than leaving an inspector at a job site with nothing to do, he/she will find something -trust me, I was the inspector.

      • Ginger

        Are you kidding??? It is YOU who who don’t get it, wonder how you would react if it were you.

      • http://personalliberty Barbara

        Hey man, your left out the B in the KG.

      • Don

        Unless you have walked in Wayne Allyn Root’s shoes, you have no idea what you’re talking about. From the sounds of it, you’re nothing more than a socialist shill.

      • twistingyarn

        You are being naive. If you pay your taxes then they will lose your paperwork and fine you for not filing that on time even though they received the check and cashed that. Their trick is to go after you for paperwork that was filed a few years ago (checked cashed on time!) and say they did not get the paperwork then fine you $1000 plus interest for those years on the penalty(only on the penalty as they already cashed the check for the on-time payment). The clincher is the payment was applied correctly, so how did they know how to apply the payment without the paperwork?!!! Don’t tell me they don’t do this because I am going through this crap right now.

      • DaveH

        Are you really so naive, KG, as to not know the costs, both financial and physical, of an extensive IRS audit, whether Wayne is innocent or guilty?

      • Steve E

        KG, I got some land on the Moon I will sell you at a bargain.

      • Patriot

        KG, you have probably never paid taxes. This is not an isolated incident, there are many examples of this type of harassment, look into the Gibson Guitar Company. What do you think all the regulations that this administration put in place are for? Harassment pure and simple. Sometimes I feel that many of you people that believe this President can do no wrong, will never get it, it is almost like the battered person that keeps going back to the drunk that beats them and then makes excuses for that same person. Critical thinking is our only salvation, please wake up before you enslave us all!

      • eddie47d

        Like any collection agency the IRS can be a foe you don’t want to get tangled up with. Penalties and Interests alone then added with lawyers fees can can make it all self defeating. That said, the wealthy are finding new and sneakier ways to avoid paying taxes and the IRS are finding new ways to bring the hammer down. The trick is to know which side is being more dishonest.

    • Robert Smith

      “Progressives must go”

      And America goes into reverse again.


      • kkflash

        As if we haven’t been in reverse for nearly 4 years.

  • pete0097

    Congratulations on being on obama’s enemies list. It shows that you are on the right track and should continue until he is gone from office.

  • jerome ennis

    This story is true, and if it does not frighten you, it should. The Obama Regime is using our own Tax Payer Funded Agencies and Employees to Silence any Opposition to the Obama Regime. That, my friends is the very definition of FASCISM and TOTALITARIANISM!!!!!!!!!!! Wake Up America, Obama is not Your Grand Pappy’s Democrat, Obama is a damned FASCIST with Marxist and Jihadist Ideologies, and he is using our Tax Dollars and Public Servants to Harrass and Intimidate his critics, and I can assure you, some have even been silenced forever.

    • Alex

      Man, is it ever working, too!

      President Obama has taken Fox News off the air, and as you read this, drug-addicted
      pedophile Flush Limpjaw is being removed from his booth at KRAP by the Jaws-of-Life….

      • Johnny

        OMG say it isnt so, my comedy relief channel went away because the communist marxist socialist president, comrade obama shut them down, say it isnt so……

      • JC

        You two twittering fruits need to get a room…you’re embarrassing yourselves.

      • DaveH

        Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch and two other Freedom-promoting programs were indeed shut down due to pressure from the Obama Administration.

      • Karolyn

        And they’re all being put into FEMA Camps!

      • Flashy

        And there’s so much proof..well…it can’t even be listed here ! Dang Karolyn….when ya think those FEMA Camps are going to start up??????? Before or after president Obama declares martial law, takes away all guns, institutes a NWO government, cedes away all American sovereignty, bans free market enterprise and changes the Constitution?

        • tony newbill

          All Obama needs is a Currency crisis … and thats Coming very soon .

      • DaveH

        And the Jews thought they were going on a nice train ride.
        How ignorant is ridiculing peoples’ fears, when you are a Liberal Progressive who plays on peoples’ fears every step of the way to get your dishonest agendas passed?

    • eddie47d

      Jerome: We have heard these types of stories about the IRS for many decades. They happen under every President yet you lay it all at the feet of Obama. It may all be true yet there are several false cases exposed so are you concerned about those who get caught with their hands in the cookie jar and then cry foul. There are groups like Sovereign Nation who deliberately refuse to pay taxes yet act like they are Martyrs.There are also militia groups who set up false operations (bank accounts ,companies,etc) and bilk customers and the IRS. They all claim they are being pick on when in reality they are nothing more than thieves and criminals.

      • http://hotmail Elsie

        My Question for everyone, why not order the movie “2016″ and sit down with your friends and watch it ???????????????????

      • eddie47d

        Yes Elsie and watch them gasp when they find out that Obama was born in Hawaii. That has got to T the Republicans off!

      • Hank, MO

        Same old crap, eddie47d. Always you come with a justification for the bad behavior of this administration and try to distract by pointing to something else and belittling those who have raised legitimate points. It doesn’t matter if somebody else got away with something or cried foul when there was no foul. What matters is what is happening in the present. If you cannot look at the present situation and make a fair judgement of the matter, then your opinion is without value. Sure you can overlook one or two or three incidents… but thousands of them as has been the case under this administration? I don’t think so. Yet, you have defended the actions of this administration at every turn regardless of the facts. For that, I hold your opinion and words in no regard and find your judgement to be totally without value. Blind devotion is not an asset. One must be able to discern, at least occasionally, that which is right from that which is not. Evidently, you do not have that ability.

  • Flashy

    We had the Clinton Death List/hit List…and ow to continue the conspiracy, we have an Obama hit list. An article written two weeks before an election. The subject matter cannot be confirmed, cannot be verified, etc etc, Oh..and from someone who’s past writings cannot be said to be fair and unbiased…


    Sure…if you want it to be. Same as FEMA Camps and aliens from outer space being in actual control …

    Jeesh …

    • hipshotpercusion

      Flashy, be careful you might get your nose broken if Ohomo stops to soon! Bwahaaaaaa!

    • eddie47d

      Root says he is near and dear to Obama (college classmate) yet he and others insist that no one knows anything about Obama. (college records,etc) Will the real truth please stand up!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        eddie47d, back to your lies again?!? Give me one SHRED of evidence that Root EVER said he was near and dear to obumass!!!!! You can’t!!! Because he has NEVER said that!!! I challenge you to post ANYTHING to back up what you said!!! If you don’t, EVERYBODY will know that you are a dishonest person!!! A LIAR!!! And you just MAKE UP CRAP!!! Have you NO integrity?!?

      • JeffH

        Nancy, you well know that eddie is a “proven” pathalogical liar, has never backed up anything he says with anything more than “I stand behind what I said” and it has been long been established that eddie is a “liberal parrot” that has zero credibility.

        There once was an informal poll taken on this website where eddie’s believability,credibility and honesty against another commentor’s same. Not one person. liberal or otherwise stepped up in support of eddie, not one…the final tally ended up 20-0, thats twenty to nothing…not one vote for eddie’s honesty or credibility.

        Nuff said! Polly want a cracker? baaarrraaaccckkkkk!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        eddie47d, doesn’t it bother you that you are seen as a man with NO integrity?!? You can remedy this anytime by stopping the LIES!!! Seek the truth, even if it doesn’t fit with what you always thought was true!!! Be the man that you were MEANT to be!!!

        • tlgeer

          I thought it was a valid question.

          If Wayne Allen Root went to the same College that Obama did (and WAR talks about it frequently) how can the supposition that nobody remembers Obama from his College years?

      • JeffH

        Nancy :). eddies won’t get his responding comments posted until they have been passed through moderation which usuall takes a few hours. In case you weren’t aware, eddie’s comments have been permanently moderated here…the result of continued violation of PLD’s Comment Policy.

        ***In particular…we will not tolerate racism, profanity or “SLANDEROUS COMMENT TOWARDS THE AUTHOR(s)” or comment participants…

      • eddie47d

        I never make racist comments Jeff so that make you the rabid liar who should be moderated! [comment has been edited] When the authors “fib” I will say so which is something you have continually been cowardly about!

      • eddie47d

        Where’s the lie Nancy? If you were someones “classmate” and bragged about it in being knowledgeable about that person then I told the truth . No need for your accusations! Another thing is Jeff H has also been making those accusations about me for over 3 years so I can’t believe you’ve fallen for his tactics . He lost his Integrity quite some time ago and I thought you were a better person??

      • JeffH

        eddie, having a real problem expressing yourself this afternoon?

        Read the part in CAPITAL LETTERS…DUH!

      • eddie47d

        Still can’t tell the truth Jeff H? One thing for sure you can’t stand up to any false information put forth by those authors. You are the 100% propagandist and you eat up any thing by them that is dished out. I guess that make thinking easier for you,right?

      • JeffH

        eddie, being the board dunce is just one of your many atributes. Your thick-witted parroting from your perch along with your daft thoughts and verbalizations are utterly sophmoric as well as your penchant for dishonesty and slander.

        That’s quite a resume anybody wouldn’t be proud of…except you.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        eddie47d, PROVE IT!!! Post a link, any link where Root has said that is is/was near and dear to obumass!!! Put up or shut up!!! If not, you ARE A LIAR!!!

      • Robert Smith

        Hey Jeff: “Not one person. liberal or otherwise stepped up in support of eddie, not one…”

        I’m pretty active around here for the last couple of years and I didn’t see your “poll.”

        I would have immediately stood up for Eddie.

        My guess is you are simply making another right wing horse exhaust claim.


      • kkflash

        Here is the link to the Wayne Allan Root article, viewed more than 214,000 times, that explains his Columbia connection to Obama.
        His point is that he was there at the same time, majored in the same discipline, and yet Obama was unknown to him. So where was Obama hiding? WAR’s suspicions about Obama’s college years engender even more curiosity in light of Donald Trump’s offer to pay handsomely for Obama’s records. So we now know that it’s worth more than $5 million dollars to Obama to keep his records secret.

    • Dave Elfers

      Flashy, be careful with your terms. I hate to get semantic on people, but it’s important.

      W.A.R. is writing COMMENTARY and readers of this site (mostly) know that when they see it. Whether you agree with his opinions or not can be discussed in the forums.

      This is not to be taken as an UNBIASED NEWS ARTICLE. You might find those in other places on this site, but not here.

      • eddie47d

        Oh Please Dave are you serious?

      • Flashy

        Dave…I am well aware “unbiased’ with TPers is as rare as “reality and common sense”

      • DaveH

        Everybody is biased. But only a relatively few people are willing to lie to promote their bias.
        Yes, Flashman, I’m looking at you.

    • Hank, MO

      Flashy, are you Eddie47d’s brother or what? I’m thinking you are twins, maybe.

  • Nobody’s Fool

    Mr. Root would do well to remember what happened to Andrew Breitbart….unexpected “heart attack” at age 43, no prior heart problems. And then the man who did his autopsy died suddenly of an unexpected “heart attack” the same day he was set to release the autopsy results… We live in scary times, and it will only get worse. oBlamer MUST be defeated, then he MUST be impeached for crimes too numerous to list here. I’ll just mention his most current crime, that of preparing to go on a fundraising tour at the very time Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were being sodomized and savagely murdered in Benghazi.

    • Jim

      “[h]e MUST be impeached for crimes too numerous to list here”? If we started down that path with our presidents and politicians, we wouldn’t have time for anything else! The entirety of Crime, Inc. starting with the shareholders of the Federal Reserve, the CFR, Tri Lat Comm, must go! The president is a mere puppet for these puppeteers.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I AGREE!!!

      • DaveH

        The Politicians are the ones to whom we have stupidly granted the Power of Force. The Buck stops with the Politicians.

    • Alex

      Nobody’s Fool? You’re MY fool….

      • Barbara A.

        Obama’s parents were all Marxists. Obama, Sr., Anne Dunham, and Frank Marshall Davis.
        Unclear which of mom’s sperm donors was Barry’s “daddy dearest”.

    • eddie47d

      Gotta love these self grandizing conspiracies. Is this the pick of the week?

      • Flashy

        Eddie…and to think, the day is still young and the week hasn’t ended. i figure to be thoroughly entertained as the election grows nearer and the desperation of the TPers grows…..the “dangers’ and “secrets exposed” emails will grow more and more. I’m wondering if Root is laying any odds on whether there will be a serious warning to all that Pres. Obama secretly fathered a child with a space alien mother…and the FEMA Camps are set up for those who will not welcome aliens from another star ….

      • JeffH

        Well isn’t this the cat’s meow. The two with the least amount of credibility on this board teaming up for self back pats.

        Falsy, there was a time when you completely ignored eddie…You know, like avoided him. Now that most everyone here laughs at you and your status here has been reudced to passing comments and inuendos…eddie’s suddenly made your radar.

        I can only imagine the pay cut you had to take to keep your job and continue posting here.

      • Flashy

        JeffH…you have a Mises link supporting those comments?

      • DaveH

        Talk about a one-trick pony, Flashman. It’s just driving you crazy that you can’t BS the readers on PL, isn’t it? Maybe if you just concentrated on one personality, you could be more focused and coherent?

        And JeffH — Nice Slam Dunk!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I agree with Nobody’s Fool! Wayne, you’ve been VERY vocal! I think you need to worry about more than a tax audit! Especially since that didn’t shut you up! What happened to Breitbart AND the coroner was very brazen. This has been the MO of our governments for many years! I suggest that you be VERY cautious! It takes a brave man to expose corruption because it puts you in danger. Be aware! My prayers go with you!

    • JeffH

      Not that long ago(2011)the Feds raided Gibson Guitar for the second time. They came in with weapons, they seized a half-million dollars worth of property, they shut the factory down and no charges against Gibson have ever been filed. The first wood confiscation raid happened in 2009 and at that time the Feds told CEO Henry Juszkiewicz that some of his problems “would go away” if the company used Madagascar labor.

      Three things must be mentioned here. Gibson Guitar is a non-union company and the CEO is a Republican donor. CF Martin guitar’s CEO is a Democrat donor and imports and uses some of the exact same wood from the same suppliers as Gibson and has never experienced a visit from the Feds.

      The raid served no legitimate purpose. Gibson was not even accused of violating any American law.

      Due process under the law and assumed innocence before being proven guilty are two concepts that are apparently no longer applicable in the United States of America, at least as far as the federal government is concerned.

      The bigger government gets, the more inevitable this sort of tyranny becomes.

      • JeffH

        Need to mention that these raids on Gibson Guitar have cost Gibson an estimated $2-$3 million dollars, not to mention the taxpayer dollars it took to implement and carry out the raids.

      • Flashy

        From the WSJ…seems you played a bot fast and loose with the facts there Jeffy…

        ” Gibson Guitar Corp. has agreed to pay a $300,000 penalty under a criminal enforcement agreement with the U.S. arising from allegations that the company illegally purchased and imported ebony wood from Madagascar and rosewood and ebony from India.

        The case was brought under the Lacey Act, originally passed in 1900 to regulate trade in bird feathers used for hats but amended in 2008 to cover wood and other plant products. The act requires companies to make detailed disclosures about wood imports and bars the purchase of goods exported in violation of a foreign country’s laws.

        “As a result of this investigation and criminal enforcement agreement, Gibson has acknowledged that it failed to act on information that the Madagascar ebony it was purchasing may have violated laws intended to limit overharvesting and conserve valuable wood species from Madagascar, a country which has been severely impacted by deforestation,” said Ignacia S. Moreno, assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division.”

      • JeffH

        Falsy, again, Gibson was never formally charged by the DOJ.

        Regardless of the merits of the case on either side, it would have cost more than that by far to pursue it,”said Nashville guitar shop owner George Gruhn. “Even if they thought they conceivably they could win, it would have probably cost more than $1 million to do it

        Gibson Guitars essentially did a plea bargain with the feds that amounted to $600,000 in fines and arbitrary levies in order to end litigation for what amounted to selective prosecution by th Obama Administration.

        “We felt compelled to settle as the costs of proving our case at trial would have cost millions of dollars and taken a very long time to resolve,” CEO Henry Juszkiewicz said in a statement late Monday night.

        “This allows us to get back to the business of making guitars,” he said, noting that the settlement would allow them to continue sourcing rosewood and ebony from India as it has for decades.

        “We feel that Gibson was inappropriately targeted, and a matter that could have been addressed with a simple contact from a caring human being representing the government,” he said in his statement. “Instead, the Government used violent and hostile means with the full force of the US Government and several armed law enforcement agencies costing the tax payer millions of dollars and putting a job creating US manufacture at risk and at a competitive disadvantage.”

      • JeffH

        One more point…Gibson never acknowledged or admitted to any wrongdoing on their part. Seems we have conflicting reports…one from the Feds and another from Gibson.

        I know the Feds can’t be trusted! Do you?

      • DaveH

        And we know that Flashman can’t be trusted. Here is just one of many Flashman lies:

    • erinsgram

      I’m glad to hear I’m not alone in having my doubts about Ambassador Stevens and the other three Americans, one who was in charge of classified documents which apparently were taken in that raid.

      Why were they left there? Why were their requests for extra security denied? Why were those drones there simply taking videos of what was occurring? Why did they spend a month lying to us and covering up? Why was a stupid u-tube video blamed?

      What did they know that could be damaging to the image Obama was trying to portray about being a great National Security President “Bin Laden’s dead, GM is alive”. They surely wanted to ride on that roller coaster.

      All in authority were notified in time for our forces to move in and rescue them but they ignored the e-mails and tweets and went about their normal routine. Obama was there but he shrugged and felt, oh my another ‘bump in the road’. See ya’all I have to keep my plans and get on with campaigning, hopping with celebrities and appearing on frivilous TV shows.

      We are being snowballed with this cover-up and if Obama is re-elected this will just go down as more lives are lost & just be considered collateral damage. No wonder Obama & his minions are acting so desperate.

      Strange how Obama now is telling people ‘you know you can TRUST me, I do what I say and mean what I say”. One look at the past four years and all the damage this Administration has done to prove this a total falsehood.

      • tony newbill

        It looks more and More Like a Muslim Brotherhood Administration running foreign policy in the Middle East than a Obama Administration ……

      • tlgeer

        What raid? Please provide a link to proof of this.

        According to the LAPD:

        “The problem with the “suspicious” Cormier-Breitbart link, law-enforcement officials told The Daily Beast, is that Cormier “had nothing to do with the autopsy … and wasn’t in the same room.”

        “It had nothing to do with that,” LAPD homicide supervisor Det. Rich Wheeler said. “He had nothing to do with the autopsy or anything to do with the case … That story is based on rumor and innuendo.””

        I don’t always trust the law, either, but in this case I do. The brother and sister of Cormier, after 5 months (in Sep), have been told that it was arsenic poisoning, but not who did it.

        From what I know of that kind of poisoning, it is usually done by someone close to them.

    • Robert Smith

      Fool got into Breibart’s death and claimed that the Coroner died too. The information about Breibart was released so what good would have come from the Corner’s death?

      As if there aren’t enough bogus theories going about: “Medical examiners in Los Angeles are investigating the possible poisoning death of one of their own officials who may have worked on the case of Andrew Breitbart, the conservative firebrand who died March 1, the same day Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced probable cause for forgery in President Obama’s birth certificate.”

      May have worked on the case… Sheesh.

      Oh, here is the official announcement: “On April 20, the same day Cormier died, the coroner’s office released its findings into the death of Breitbart, stating the 43-year-old conservative media powerhouse died of natural causes, listing cause of death as heart failure.”


      For details go to:


  • sailor

    Not to worry this monkey’s day will also come! for every pig has its Saturday

  • Alex

    Wow, W.A.R., could you maybe have mentioned four or three more times that you are
    “not a billionaire”? While I realize that so many of the PLD readers have a terribly difficult time processing information, you pretty much hammered that bit home…

    Who knows why the IRS is onto you—my bet is that you reside in the same town as two other “victims” you mention: Steve Wynn and Grand Teapimp Sheldon Adelson. Listen, if you want to lay golden eggs by staking your future in the world of gaming and prostitution you have to expect a little more IRS scrutiny than if you were a haberdasher in Fresno.

    Your whine is a familiar one—as a child I remember the IRS and its agents being among the quotidian whipping boys of television comics. In your case, however,your constant
    references to your successes—Columbia University, authorship and seminars, business
    hawker, even dropping your name quite awkwardly with Elvis and Dean Martin (!!)—make your whimpering about life’s injustices fall flat. You’re a big boy, W.A.R.—be tough. Don’t
    make your little crisis something those of us with mortgage problems, unemployment,
    handgun issues, or bad health have to worry about (also, if your marriage was
    damaged by this it is already shaky…).

    To top things of, W.A.R., you really sap any credibility when you have to resort to quoting Mitch McConnell. McConnell flatly told all Americans that bringing our troops home from two wars was NOT important. Helping struggling American families was NOT important. Dealing with our energy crisis was NOT important. Fixing our flattened economy was NOT important.

    No, NONE of these things was important to Mitch and the rest of the Reich Wing—the ONLY thing that was important—FOR FOUR YEARS—was limiting President Obama to a single term, nation be damned!

    Maybe this further investigation by the IRS will be like the other one, and you can stop playing your readers for sympathy at a time when stronger mind are needed.

    • Bruce

      Alex – I see by your use of the phrase “Reich Wing” that you stupidly believe that the NAZIs were right wingers. In fact, NAZI stands for the German Nationalist Socialist Workers Party.” Fascism, like its close cousins communism and socialism, is a LEFT wing ideology. You have revealed yourself to be another self-righteous libtard with lots of opinions but no knowledge.

      • Alex

        You know, Bruce, when I was as wet behind the ears as you appear to be I too was thrown
        by the use of term “Socialist” in NSDAP. As I matured I began to actually look into the terminology being used by various groups and individuals. You will be surprised how much you can learn by reading, Bruce—switch off the set once in awhile and read, not just those books that serve to add bulwark to your narrow thoughts, but books by people you see in an adversarial light.

        There was nothing “Socialist” about the Nazis—just a word they used to gain traction in the failing Weimar Republic. It’s like labeling pro-choice people as being anti-life. The
        NRA is not just about rifles, son. I’ll bet you take “Fair and Balanced” at face value, as well…

      • eddie47d

        Is Bruce trying to rewrite history again! Communism : Left! / Nazism: Right!

        • Deerinwater

          They been attempting to rewrite history for many years ~ today even the novice want a shot at it. ~ They had me believing it for a while.

          The problem is, ~ they don’t have enough boxes to label and put everything in. While only two boxes ~ a right and a left box keeps things “simple” . ~ 6 boxes causes far too work and too many decisions must be made. The process of understanding is laborious and usually very dry work and not much fun so why bother if you are convinced that you understand anyway?

          When we couple this over simplification with the deliberate mislabeling that political parties do to disguised their true intentions the two box person reaches overload very fast. This upsets them when you bring it to their attention. ~ Just remember, ~~ Right and Left !

          Like right and wrong or black and white or good and bad. ~ The world for Dummies made easy.

      • JC

        eddie47d says:
        October 25, 2012 at 4:57 pm
        Is Bruce trying to rewrite history again! Communism : Left! / Nazism: Right!

        NAZI = National socialist workers party = Left wing

        Which also explains your flat feet eddie…all that goose stepping around in your basement.

    • John

      Gee, Alex, you seem to be implying that “of course” if you associate with someone who is audited (why should Adelson and Wynn be audited…because they are rich?) then of course YOU should also expect to be audited. As the IRS tells it, audits are simply a product of random choice. Well, you and Mr. Root’s experience seem to put the lie to that…of course, if you are critical of the President and have money you should expect to be given the trial of a lifetime by an IRS audit…

      That was the original point, which you apparently missed. By the way, when did Nevada suddenly become a “tax haven,” any more than any other state of the Union. You make it sould as if living in Nevada should also lead one to expect an IRS audit…

  • Peter Barney

    I might be on Obama’s hit list?

  • http://Yahoo Peter Barney

    I’m probably on Oblama’s hit list?

  • Shirley

    You know what, I must didn’t know what I was doing when I signed up for this newsletter. There has not been one good thing said about President Obama, since I have been reading this newslettet.
    There is no way that I believe President Obama and the IRS is going after you.
    I will no longer read your newsletter.
    I will “unsuscribe”, now.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You could have unsubscribed and we wouldn’t have known how stupid a woman you are. So now that you had your hissy fit you are welcome not to come back.

      • Robert Smith

        From the story: “I believe Obama is…”

        Belief doesn’t make it so.

        Except that you’ve been audited (and I can imagine what you were saying to the agents about your “freedom.” Sheesh, if I had to listen to that from you I’d set up 2009 and 2010 myself without any encourage from Obama) what proof do you have?


      • Johnny

        Your hatred is obvious because talking to her like that is not necessary. The problem I have is that for some reason, people here can NEVER say a good word about anything the president or his administration ever does. I signed up just so I can see where are all the right wing nuts get their information from because I dont see any of what you people talk about. I want my news from a news SOURCE, not from some blogger who doesnt have valid sources that cant be verified and everything is just hearsay. I dont disbelieve what you people say but I find it fascinating how comrade obama has his thumb on all of your lives but not mine.

      • JC

        Johnny says:

        October 25, 2012 at 9:10 am

        Your hatred is obvious because talking to her like that is not necessary. The problem I have is that for some reason, people here can NEVER say a good word about anything the president or his administration ever does

        Well DUH!
        Just what is it patriotic Americans are supposed to say “good” about an imposter and a marxist hell bent on destroying the nation?
        What is it about the affirmative action “President” who never had a real job until now are we supposed to applaud?

        get real….

      • Shirley

        Well, I know what side you are on. And it does no good to call me names, we are all voicing our opinion.
        Thank you!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Why haven’t you left yet, Shirley?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Shirley,

      As Obama is part of the political class and therefore an enemy of personal liberty, I don’t know why you would expect “one good thing” to be said about him on this site. And by the way, you made almost the exact same comment on Sept. 25. On that day you wrote: “I am going to “unsuscribe” (sic) to this newsletter, because nothing good is ever said about President Obama. Goodbye, Mr. Livingston.” What made you think we’d change in one month?

      Best wishes,

      • Mike

        Bob, Deep down she knows there is something fundamentally wrong with obama. That is whyshe stays and reads these newsletters. I believe obama is going after businesses. He did the same to TV stations that asked him real questions in 2008. He blackballed them. Look how that turned out. No one asks him hard questions. It may not be him personally, but it is his adminstration. I may not agree with everything written on your site but I do weigh it against what I see. Thank you for your continued vigilance.

      • JON

        Saying that Obama is an enemy of personal liberty [freedom] is total crap!

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear JON,

          You write: “Saying that Obama is an enemy of personal liberty [freedom] is total crap!” Thank you for yet another cogent rebuttal. The debate team you captained must have been dynamite.

          Best wishes,

      • Johnny

        would that have also made GW and mitt romney enemies of personal liberty too, since they are also part of the political class??? or will you be out of business if comrade obama is not re-elected and herr mitt becomes pres. ???

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Johnny,

          You write: “would that have also made GW and mitt romney enemies of personal liberty too, since they are also part of the political class?” Yes.

          You write: ” or will you be out of business if comrade obama is not re-elected and herr mitt becomes pres.?” I have been in business since 1969. What do you think?

          Best wishes,

      • DaveH

        Big Government is Force, JON. Force is the enemy of Personal Freedom.
        It’s funny how you Liberal Progressives will whine about the Big Bad Corporations (who have no Power of Force) taking advantage of you, but then support Big Government who does have the Power to Force us to do things we don’t want to do.
        Consistency is not the strong point for Progressives of any stripe (Liberal or NeoConservative).

      • DaveH

        You’ve been around here long enough, Johnny, to know the answer to your question. Bob doesn’t support any Freedom-robbing Politicians.

      • JC

        JON says:

        October 25, 2012 at 8:37 am

        Saying that Obama is an enemy of personal liberty [freedom] is total crap!

        Buck Ofama is an enemy of everything you can think of that is fundamentally American….is that better?

        • tony newbill

          Obama and his Environmentalist Marxist supports Earths Liberty and Freedom from Humanity …. and that is the wrong Policy !!!

          • Duncan McFarlane

            If Obama’s so environmentalist why has he approved so many new drilling orders onland, including in the Arctic Refuge in Alaska. He’s not. You’re seeing huge differences between the two candidates that don’t exist in reality.

          • tony newbill

            Duncan you are spinning the truth about how Obama gets Political cover so he can keep his little Environmental Marxist happy , by Hiding behind his minions , don’t be a Fool !!!! , What this Tells you is we need a New President and senate that can over rule the Extreme fringes of our society that are Suffocating our self reliance !!!! Romney Ryan will break this Log Jam that these environmentalists extremists have on our lives !!!!!

      • DaveH

        Duncan says — “If Obama’s so environmentalist why has he approved so many new drilling orders onland, including in the Arctic Refuge in Alaska. He’s not.”.
        You’ve drunk the Kool-Aid, Duncan.
        Environmentalism isn’t about the Environment at all. The cleanest countries in the World are the Richest countries and vice-versa. “Environmentalism” is about Force and Power and Building Government, all for the benefit of the Political Class.

        • tony newbill

          AMEN Brother DaveH , God Help the Miss informed about what Environmentalism is really all about !!!!!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        JON, maybe it is simply that you have no idea what Personal Liberty is?

      • eddie47d

        Capitalism is about force Dave H. Allow them to drill any place and any time is their motto no matter how much environmental damages they do. Your about as blind as a turnip still in the ground!

      • JC

        eddie47d says:

        October 25, 2012 at 4:39 pm

        Capitalism is about force Dave H. Allow them to drill any place and any time is their motto no matter how much environmental damages they do. Your about as blind as a turnip still in the ground!

        Oh my GOD! Those wicked evil Capitalists are destroying the Planet! They probably drive Cadillacs with baby seal skin seat covers and run over little bunnies on their way to pouring oil all over the place, leaving a trail of cash blowing out of the pile in the back seat and throwing their cigar butts at homeless children….we “must DO SOMETHING” about these evil evil people….that have totally cleaned up their act (ongoing) and provide us with fuel to heat our homes power our vehicles, buses and air planes…these people must be STOPPED. Back to the caves everybody…Eddie is on to something here. ;-)

    • twistingyarn

      Keep drinking the Koolaid. Your exactly what they were hoping to create, dumbed down masses willing to believe whatever mass media throws at them submissive and loyal to the bureaucracy. Take off your blinders, you can’t make this crap up, truth is stranger than fiction..

      • tony newbill

        Shirley You want to talk about who to Trust Romney Or OBAMA then talk about Obamas CZARS and what they Stand for and if we want them running things for 4 more years when they talk like this ????? His CZARS ALL SUBSCRIBE TO THIS IDEOLOGY !!!!

      • eddie47d

        Paul Ehrlich is right and the time is past. I’ll support the candidate that supports family planning and birth control for a better world for all. Maybe you’ll enjoy that cubicle home crammed into a corner of a building because you are too stubborn to realize the dangers of over population. Higher fuel costs and fewer jobs will make that happen sooner than later.Maybe you are one of those waiting for a China policy to be initiated instead of being wise today.

        • tony newbill

          OK Everyone , EDDIE47d just showed you the path we are on and that with a Divide and Conquer Political Strategy we have seen Obama using in this campaign it will come down to How We are Divided and How the Idea that YOU are Causing My Earth to Die will Lead us to a Civil war in the Near Future . Eddie is Not smart enough to Look at the fertility Charts and see that the USA is already a sustainable society IF we Enforce our Illegal Immigration rules and so Eddie if we are a good model for Sustainable Population Growth then why do we have to give up our Liberties to the Globalists plan for control of our way of Life ????

      • DaveH

        Eddie says — “I’ll support the candidate that supports family planning and birth control for a better world for all”.
        I would gladly contribute money to your mother for a retroactive abortion, Eddie.

      • DaveH

        Eddie says — “Maybe you’ll enjoy that cubicle home crammed into a corner of a building because you are too stubborn to realize the dangers of over population”.
        Actually, it’s the Liberals who are trying to force us out of the suburbs and into city high rises. Talk to Al Gore.
        And it amazes me how hopelessly ignorant the Liberals really are. Most of the real Producers, being responsible people, have limited the number of children to that which they can afford (both monetarily and mentally). By socializing peoples’ mistakes, e.g., paying for their mistaken pregnancies with other peoples’ money, the Liberal Progressives are actually encouraging population growth.

        • tony newbill

          DaveH is right , All you Suckers that are on the Obama subsidy payment plan whatever program that is better get ready for a rude rude awakening when all those freebies dry up next year and he says well it looks like the Work program you guys will have now that we need to supply housing for you all and the only supply to build these with is from an agreement with the foreign suppliers who said they will only help us with our most important needs now that we have totally collapsed from them Not excepting the dollar any longer under the free market concept , will supply us with our needs now IF we Build the kind of Housing that they think we need … ENTER Camp FEMA !!!!!

          And that Civilian Security Force that Obama talked about in 2008 that he said needed to just as well funded and armed , well recall all the Ammo we been reading about over the past 2-3 months , and consider the OPEN Boarders Policy , I betcha he has his civilian force standing in the shadows at the ready in the USA right now whatcha bet ??? Hezbollah training Mexican Cartels and all , whatcha think there Obama supporters ???

        • tony newbill


      • DaveH

        For instance:
        In North Korea (Socialist) the birth rate is 15 per thousand people.
        In South Korea (much more Economic Freedom) the birth rate is 10 per thousand people.

      • JeffH

        eddie, why don’t you say what you really mean…you believe in and support the idea of “eugenics”.

      • eddie47d

        Your “Globalists” Dave H are more concerned about world wide over population and I never said anything in particular about the USA. Wrong assumptions again Dave H and Company! I’m well aware of birth rates in the USA!

      • eddie47d

        I see Jeff H is the main lying troll today. Do you want an award or a medal for your continuous lying! I have never supported eugenics you sick Tasmanian Devil. Now listen closely for I have said it several times before. I support family planning and better usage of birth control. Do you now have a clue or do you still have that double head of yours up that posterior!

      • JeffH

        “lying troll” eddie? Those two words absolutley identify you to a tee eddie…the shoe fits you perfectly…you are a proven liar and a proven troll, thus you are what you are…oh, and a slanderous lying troll to boot.

        POLLY WANT A CRACKER? baaarrraaaccckkkkk!

      • eddie47d

        Jeff = Borrrrrrring! You are like a little kid you lies and then lies some more!

    • Anna Onativia

      Shirley, it seems you don’t read or keep up with the news. There are many small businesses, and military people who have soken out against the Obama administration because of the harm they did to them and others. I read about it in the different major news papers every week. Someone, a company, a farm owner or a military person either speaks the truth of what the Obama Government has done to them and then these harmless USA people are attacked because of what they believe in. Yes Mr Obama and his crowd are bullies and the are very dangerous. If Americans don’t see the harm he is doing to the USA then they are very blind. Let’s see if there will be a United States of America in a few years. May God help us to change our ways. We have really gone down the drain. Our country, the American people better wake up. We have really lowered ourselves in our values and morals. To be a super power we are a bad roll model other countries. And yes this president now has attacked our beliefs, our churches, and our way of life. He destroys families and causes division among every many groups and people. All he cares about is his beliefs and destroying the United States and her foundations that she was built on.

      • eddie47d

        Once again Anna I have heard those same stories under the leadership of every President. The sky is always falling every year and it happened under Reagan with the Farm Crises. It happened under Nixon/Carter with the “old” oil crises. It happened under G Bush with the Banking and Housing meltdown. Were all these past Presidents “bullies” since people had those same feelings back then? There are plenty of military personnel who love and respect Obama but will we hear that side from you? There were also military people that either loved or hated President Johnson over the Vietnam War. So are you being fair,biased or extremely opinionated?

      • DaveH

        Listen to Eddie, the King of Conjecture.

      • eddie47d

        Listen to Dave H ! King of of lower body fluids!

    • Steve E

      See ya!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Shirley, if you’re NOT interested in personal liberty, just GO already!!! Quit saying you’re gonna and just DO it!!!

      • eddie47d

        It no longer has anything to do with personal liberty but which commentor can out con the other commentor. aka: LIARS! She has every right to expose those on the right as other have the right to expose those on the left.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        This from the king of all liars, eddie47d?!?

  • sb36695

    This small business owner is also being harassed.

    • twistingyarn

      Ditto, I’m getting hit with Penalties and interest on penalties for thousands of dollars, yet I owe no actual money as that check was cashed on time?! The fines are for missing paperwork which was sent in with the check that was cashed on time but they claim they did not receive that?! Strange, without that I would not know how much to send and the accountant hands me the form with the envelope and I merely p[lace the check inside with the form already there every time.

      • sb36695

        It’s truly a scary time. If Obama is reelected, I am closing.

      • JC

        Which is symptomatic of a truly psychopathic, unnaccountable and irresponsible tax system run by foreigners and designed to destroy American initiative.Take them to court every time. It’s a war of attrition and we need them to exhaust their resources.

      • DaveH

        As long as they have the Federal Reserve, JC, their resources are infinite.

      • JC

        Exactly Dave. It’s like playing Monopoly against a banker who has an infinite supply of money. Eventually the banker will own everything…

        • tony newbill

          All the bankers are doing is either going broke or helping Obama consolidate all the private wealth away from the free market , they are Bleeding us dry with all the various tactics …. The Home Mortgage crash was done on Purpose with the LIBOR rate Fixing Scandal ( Obamas Treasury Secretary Tim Giegtner is right in the middle of this , don’t let them get away with it ) to consolidate the private market into the hands of the Government to make us dependent on them , just like all the other consolidations that have taken place …. Its all part of the plan to control the rate of consumption to save earths eco system and depopulate the earth with the reduction of quality of life , all while they tell you they are redistributing wealth for your own good , HA what a Joke , because redistributing the same supply without expanding it is the next Crash coming and that one brings on Concentration camps just like in the past socialist and communist experiments world history has recorded !!!! All you have to do is ask How did the Dow Jones Price rise back to levels that we saw in 2005-6 when GDP was almost 5 % and today we only have 1.3 % GDP ????

  • Johnny

    If you are being audtied by the IRS, then I am sorry and I feel for you, however, the problem is this side of the aisle always tries to link bad things that happen either to themselves or the country to Obama. I find it amazing that you can link every single bad thing to Obama somehow, no matter how miniscule the evidence you have. But hey, no good conspiracy theory is good without someone believing it right? I could swear that I saw video of Paul Ryan touting the benefits of stimulus during the Bush recession and encouraging congress to vote for a 700 billion dollar stimulus bill and then during Obama’s request for stimulus say how it doesnt work. I dont see how you people can be such blatant hypocrites. When the Bush tax cuts were enacted they were set to expire in Dec 2010 and were supposed to be done to stimulate the economy after 911, all it did was stimulate rich people’s bank accounts. What Obama is asking is that people who make 200k if they are single and 250K if they are married to pay what they paid under Clinton, when the economy did well. I dont see that as a tax increase. The problem with tax cuts is you never want to give that money back. All the money that that money used to be spent on by the govt is now having to be borrowed. So it makes me laugh when republicans say we dont have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. The problem is, BUSH started two wars and gave a tax cut…TWICE….put the wars off budget and in supplemental funding, put the wars, the tax cuts and the prescription drug program all on a credit card in order to distort the picture when it came to the budget. Obama took those out of supplemental funding and added them to the deficit which is where they belong and it makes HIS books look bad. All of you say that Obama is hurting the economy but if that is the case then why has the stock market doubled and corporations (are people my friend) are sitting on the sidelines with 3 trillion in cash??? They are not hiring because people who whatever they sell dont have the money to spend like they used to. Do you people ever talk about the jobs in Ohio that are being shipped to China in december and that Bain is a 51% owner of this company??? No you dont. You see things through the prism that supports whatever beliefs you have and facts be damned.

    • reelman1946

      It is amazing how the arrogant apostle of utopian socialism has such blind sheeple! They simply live in an alternate reality explained by excuses/demons/bold lies and distractions…OzBama will be sent home by WeThePeople but (supporter) Fidel is so proud…Barack tried hard.

      • Johnny

        you are using romney speak… facts….I didnt see you dispute a word I said

    • eddie47d

      Did you notice that his tax years audited included 2007-08. ( Bush) Hmmm! Yet he turned it into an anti-Obama “love fest”. Seems like his “problem” goes back much further and the commenter’s follow like sheep in doing the daily Obama bashing routine.

      • DaveH

        You really are clueless, aren’t you?
        What part of — “In January of 2011, an IRS agent called my home and left a message” — did you not understand?

      • momo

        Nice try eddie, WAR received the IRS call in January, 2011.

      • eddie47d

        I said tax years INCLUDED ! Still Having comprehending problems Dave H or Mr Sheeple. I would say he set himself up long before 2011 MOMO!

      • DaveH

        Who cares what tax years were included, Eddie? He’s talking about who harassed him. I think you fall under the category of — It’s better to keep quiet and let people think you’re ignorant, than to speak and remove all doubt.

      • eddie47d

        There’s no doubt about you Dave H. Will duct tape work on those lips to keep you from inserting foot again?

    • DaveH

      You’re right about one thing, Johnny — It’s NOT just Obama. Both major parties are just different sides of the same Progressive Coin. Both sides have their Crony Capitalists, and many of them are the same Crony Capitalists.
      People who want to get a clue (unlike Johnny), please read this book and see how both major Political Parties are playing you for fools:

    • JC

      It’s human nature to generally blame things on the obvious source of a great many obvious problems.When the election goes overwhelmingly Republican in a few weeks, people will blame Romney who will blame the Kenyan, who blames Bush, who blames Clinton…

      None of them ever take any responsibilty and we the people are sick of it.

      SO! Blame Obama, Blame the White House, Blame Congress, Blame the Senate, Blame the House Judiciary Committee, Blame the Federal Reserve and it’s gangster collection wing…or any combination thereof…and you will still be right.

  • tony newbill

    The Obama enemy list is HUGE !!!! His CZARS ALL SUBSCRIBE TO THIS IDEOLOGY !!!!

  • William May

    Wanye, I am not surprised

    • tony newbill


  • Right Brain Thinker

    So the subsection of the Nixon Articles of Impeachment that you quoted is a “MAJOR part” of the Articles? That one paragraph doesn’t quite rise to the level of being a “major part” of a document that is over four pages long and has 14 subsections, of which the misuse of the IRS is only one. How about the things addressed in the other four pages? The lying, withholding of info, inciting others to lie, interfering with investigators, bribing witnesses, misusing the CIA, leaking info, and generally “covering up” that seem to be the truly “major part” of why Nixon was impeached.

    It’s also a bit disingenuous to portray yourself as a “small businessman”. You say you’re not wealthy?. In the eyes of the average American, you are a tycoon with your finger in many wealth-producing pies. And, as KG pointed out earlier, if you pay your taxes, you have nothing to worry about. Perhaps you engage in some of the “perfectly legal” ways to avoid paying your fair share? Perhaps you overcooked your efforts to maximize your gain at the expense of everyone else and the IRS is questioning that? Good for them—that’s what we pay them to do.

    Show us your tax returns, Wayne, so that we can see for ourselves. Be more honest than Romney has been (or maybe you too have many “perfectly legal” but very embarrassing things to hide, just as he does).

    And thanks for working in that “In Germany they came for the communists…” bit again. Haven’t seen that for a while. Throwing red meat to the left-brainers is always a good tactic when you’re trying to stir them up two weeks before the election..

    • http://yahoo Larry

      Right brain is more like no brain if you think the goverment agencies should be used to intimidate wayne or anyone else. Probably one of the takers that want everyone’s wealth taken and redistributed by whatever means necessary. Just as long as it’s your guy doing the taking, When it is you being harassed it won’t be as much fun.

      • Johnny

        I hate to say this Larry, but the tax rates were what they were. When GW, ( I am the greatest president ever) bush, said Oh my, you have been taxed too much so since I am the greatest president ever, I am going to give you a refund of this surplus and then on top of that cut taxes …twice …..without offsetting the loss in revenue it made the treaury short on what was being paid….now for 10 years the treasury has been shorted all of the revenue that it WOULD have received and the money that was already tagged to be spent somewhere had to be borrowed. I am of the opinion that they should end the tax cuts for EVERYONE as was intended when they were set to expire at the end of 2010. I dont think Comrade Obama is raising taxes but just letting what was set to expire do so.

      • DaveH

        Yes Johnny,
        We should tax all of those creepy peoples’ money away. After all, they only invest it in capital equipment and human capital so they can make money by providing the consumers with cheaper and better goods and services. The Progressives (like yourself) can make much better use of that money — buying votes, feathering their own nests, and hiring more people to interfere with the Producers in Society.
        Gotta love you Socialists. Not.

      • DaveH

        For those who have been Propagandized into Ignorance. Who really pays the Income Taxes? Hint, it’s not the poor:

      • Gordon

        Grandpa often said. “Never argue with an idiot, someone watching might not be able to tell the difference.”

    • DaveH

      Thinker (yeah right) says — “Show us your tax returns, Wayne, so that we can see for ourselves”.
      Show us yours, Thinker.
      And, by the way, how about some references to back up your accusations?

      • Johnny

        and my point is that a LOT of these rich people are the ones who employ the POOR….and there will always be poor because you can say johnny, get an education and better yourself to get out of that low paying job, the point is this…..if this was me, then I would get replaced with someone else who will have the same problem. A low paying job that you cant support yourself or raise a family with. Now, I am not poor nor am I saying that, but the point is there will always be poor and there has to be some safety net in order to help these people out. The money has to come from somewhere. The Waltons are rich people, worth billions yet they employ mostly part time people so they dont have to spend extra money on benefits, medical or otherwise….why should they NOT pay a little more in taxes instead of getting millions of dollars in tax breaks???

      • DaveH

        That safety net of which you speak costs Big Money. Without Big Government taking 40% of our GDP, there would be about $18000 more per year per person, or about $55,000 more per family to be distributed among private citizens in the economy. And that doesn’t even count the cost to our economy due to Politicians meddling with the Marketplaces (mostly to aid their Crony Capitalists) which slows down our productivity greatly.
        Government’s main (and almost sole) business should be to protect people from the Force of Others, and to punish Fraud (which really is a form of Force). Now, thanks to Progressive Leaders, Big Government has become the Forcers from whom we need protection.
        If you genuinely care about the Poor, Johnny, you should read this book, especially Chapter 7 “The Morality of Capitalism”, and overcome the Propagandized Stupor that Big Government has foisted on you:

      • Johnny

        so how does that extra 18k you say each of us would get get divvied up……you cant average things out like that and talk about how we would be doing so much better…corporations(are people my friend) are not gonna increase wages if they dont have to, the shareholders are getting rich by off shoring jobs to countries where people are paid a dollar an hour and then you say hey…if we were not getting taxed everyone would have an extra 18k, well you are WRONG, all of those 18Ks you speak of go to the top 1% of income earners. They are not hurting one little bit. For those of us who MAKE that much a year, you are living in a fantasy world if you think corporations are going to pay everyone more money if they are taxed less. It is just more money for their greedy shareholders and bottom line and management.

      • DaveH

        If we relegated Government to only protect us from Force and punish Fraud, anybody could do anything they wanted as long as they didn’t physically trespass on the bodies and property of others.
        Thus, Johnny, you could start the business of your choice, selling your products or services to anybody who was interested. Or work for the company of your choice, unfettered by the Force of Unionists or others who don’t understand the nature of Voluntary. In other words, Johnny, you could shine if you so chose. Or you could be a bum and starve — your choice.
        You didn’t even look at the book I linked to, did you Johnny? That tells me that you’re just a stubborn zealot who is only here to pester good people who want to learn about the Principles of Freedom.

    • Patriot

      This is exactly how stupid people like Thinker are, WAR has shown us (us is the IRS) his tax returns and all back up information for 2 years, who do you think has more $ to fight these false claims the governement or a private citizen, HELLO! The same stupid people like Thinker have never once asked why, where and how are all Obama’s records are sealed? And why he has multiple SS #’s and how he has made $10M more $’s while being presidnet and why his campaign finances are not audited, especially in light of the illegal donations that are coming for overseas or why cities are suing his campaign for not paying bills for the resources used in those places…….The list can go on & on. Why in the world would anyone vote for this guy? He could still get 40% of the vote, who are these 40%? Scary times!

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Patriot now arrives on the scene. (I wonder what drives one to choose such a screen name?) He says: “The same stupid people like Thinker have never once asked….The list can go on & on” and lays out more of the same old tired and meaningless talking points (long since proved to be untrue or irrelevant). We’re trying to focus on the point here, Patriot. That is Wayne’s alleged IRS plot against him and your tactic of trying to divert attention from that with more straw men is wasting our time.

        PS re: DaveH DaveH is now posting links. I am long retired and have time on my hands to engage in this stuff. I don’t know what DaveH’s situation is, but when I see someone start to move in certain directions and say certain things I get this right-brained feeling that they are really in the employ of Carl Rove and the Koch brothers—that they make a living by monitoring websites and blogs and polluting the discourse with propaganda.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Larry shows his left-brained way of thinking by jumping into “if you think the government agencies should be used to intimidate Wayne or anyone else” and setting up a straw man. Nothing I said would indicate I believe that. He then proves which side of his brain he lives in by bringing up the old “takers and redistribution” business. Nothing I said leads there either. He should give up on the same old tired talking points and join the discussion with real thoughts instead.

      DaveH shows that he needs to look up what the differences are between right-brain and left-brain thinking styles and how that is reflected in one’s politics—-might help him understand himself better and help him to fight his confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance. Why should I have to show my returns? (which are very interesting—I take the standard deduction). Unlike Wayne, I am not setting myself up as some all-knowing oracle and spreading propaganda in the guise of telling truth. And seeing “accusations” in anything I said is proof of DaveH’s confirmation bias—I merely asked a few rhetorical questions and there are no “references” needed for that. Wayne is the one who has made accusations and, as usual, backs them up with nothing more than “I said it so it’s true, trust me”. Kind of like what certain other folks are doing right now to trick the voters into voting for them.

      DaveH says:
      October 25, 2012 at 8:56 am

      Thinker (yeah right) says — “Show us your tax returns, Wayne, so that we can see for ourselves”.
      Show us yours, Thinker.
      And, by the way, how about some references to back up your accusations?

      • DaveH

        There were accusations in that comment, Thinker (Not)?

      • JeffH

        DaveH, do you get that eerie feeling of familiarity of non-thinkers posts and specific attack on you?

        An ignorant troll is an ignorant troll no matter what name they might choose for the day.

      • DaveH

        Yeah, I did get that feeling, Jeff. One good thing about the new system (if it comes) would be that it would make it more difficult for Flashman and his multiple personalities.

  • JON

    Wayne, you a just paranoid. If the IRS is auditing you, you must have done something to raise a red flag!

    • Gordon

      He did. Read the text slooooowly maybe you’ll get it the second reading.

    • JC

      Right Jon, if the government says you’re bad…then you must be bad.
      After all the government is entirely honest, noble and all knowing….right?
      You really are a moron.

  • Barbara A.

    Obama’s parents were all Marxists. Obama, Sr., Anne Dunham, and Frank Marshall Davis.
    Unclear which of mom’s sperm donors was Barry’s “daddy dearest”.

  • M. Chittenden

    We underwent a hellish IRS audit under George Bush Administration
    and of course, they found nothing; because we always pay our taxes.
    After a year of anguish and unnecessary expense, and five years later,
    they still have not given us an all clear statement.

  • Bob Spiller

    I am probaly on his list also. I once got in trouble with the Ca tax board over a woman that was a file clerk there and a resident of a mobilehome park I managed. Worked out great. I got a law change that helped many ex military guys. I think that OBama is trying to take us into dictatorship.

  • James Corbin

    Barbara A. Good one!!! If Obama,gets elected everybody will see that more of your freedom will be gone. He is for big government and control because he is for socialism. He wants to do away with capitalism. He is a muslim. People say Romney is a morman. They forget Harry Reid is one also.

  • Patriot

    Scary times and now they want to run our healthcare, what waste, fraud and abuse are waiting in the wings to further harass us?

  • C robi

    I wish I could say I didn’t believe this or had the clean slate with the iRS that this guy had but most people with businesses have horror stories from either lack of knowledge of thousands and thousands of regulations or desperation from business owners being made tax collectors for the government. The same situation of these regulations with its agents will be be enforcing our healthcare compliance! Those responding it could never happen have either not been business owners or they are business owners from the government teet. (they know somebody that writes the bids for government contracts and all of a sudden they are successful business owners). Before I owned a business I believed if you were doing something wrong was the only way the IRS was a problem. NOT TRUE! The proObama hacks that are on here are so missing the point that this is not a partisan problem. It is an American problem. There are reasons why we should always try to diminish the government strangleholds whoever represents that option. Our founders had already witnessed full blown buerocratic nightmare and that is why the government was to be limited. I truly think income tax would have been specifically outlawed but they probably never dreamed we would be stupid enough to vote it in after fighting to the death over taxes and freedom. The income tax allowed government to write difficult laws and hire people to enforce difficult laws etc etc etc. if you have worked for big companies with somebody checking somebody else’s work enforcing a policy take that times a thousand for government Equal. People love to regulate other people. Sit on any committee and watch the rules for a community building or church and you will witness human nature.
    Makes perfect sense that the founders realized they couldn’t write rules they had to limit government. All I can say is I’m prayin for America. God bless America

    • DaveH

      Once people realize that Government is just the Biggest Gang in the land, their actions become clear.

      • tony newbill

        If you want Gas Prices to SKYROCKET to mathematically stall growth to cause a further down grade of the US Credit system …… Arm and work with The radicals in the Middle East to destabilize the Free market world pricing system .
        ( Goal of the Obama Environmentalist Marxists Ideologues to collapse Capitalism and save Earth from Consumer driven free markets )

        Beck: ‘Something Is Very Very Wrong Here!’ Clare Lopez – Ex-CIA Officer

        Stocks slip after downgrade rumor
        h t t p : / /money. msn. c om/market-news/post.aspx?post=67e581d2-b8be-4de3-809e-955cb53f4c72

        The Coming Global Disorder
        About the Author
        Bret Stephens is the deputy editorial page editor of the Wall Street Journal and the author of the paper’s “Global View,” a weekly column.

        w w w. commentarymagazine. c om/article/the-coming-global-disorder/#

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    I disagreee with Wayne on many issues BUT , that never justifies Government harrassment and for those who blindly believe it is patriotoc to pay taxes…PURE B/S. Taxes were created at the same time as the Fed-coincidence? I think not.The taxes were simply created to pay for interest on Government borrowing money from the FED, a private banking consortium of THIEVES,MURDERERS and LIARS, so in fact you are being patriotic to the Rothschilds,The Rockefellers and Warburgs . Kudos to anyone who is able to use legal “loopholes” to avoid taxes, including Wayne.

    • The Christian American

      Until 1910 the only source of revenue to the federal government was excise taxes furnished by Customs. We went from our founding in 1784 to 1910 and became the greatest power on earth, without the IRS, income tax and a myriad of other federal taxes. Now we’re chapter 7 bankrupt. What happened?

      • DaveH

        Progressives Happened.

    • JC

      Exactly right Roger.

  • The Christian American

    Once there was a fellow who invented a widget. It took off and he built a business around it. In his community he was the largest employer. All the politicians flocked to him and gained tremendous influence with the people. There came along a young fellow who invented a better widget. He started his own business and it started to grow. The older fellow began to take notice. This guy was becoming an irritant so the older fellow used his influence with politicians who are always for sale to get some laws passed that would put him out of business. It worked. This guy didn’t have the money to keep going. All of a sudden a large company came to town and they in smoke filled rooms urged the politicians to remove this guy. The politicians said that’s easy, we’ve got the laws to do it. He recommended them to us.

    Today the big guy is our own government. The elected representatives have passed laws with our blessing that are coming back to bite us. When Bush was in power few spoke out against the patriot act, homeland security etc.When Obama came to power he’s using the very same laws that were praised when Bush was in. Now we might have Romney. I have not heard one word about the laws that are choking us from Romney. The conservatives got their laws and the liberals got their laws. Together they can mean the end of America, or at least strengthen the bond that bind us. The IRS is a tool to be used by the party that’s in power. Americans created it and American’s have to live with it, unless pick a Ron Paul to lead the country.

    • Ted

      Wind up a Wayne Allyn Root doll and it puffs itself up. He’s the greatest self-promoter since Muhammad Ali (except for Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Trump, Savage, Coulter, etc.)

      • Nadzieja Batki

        But your bunch of Dems/Progs/Leftists have not been doing that for all the generations of America’s existance? You just don’t like the fact that information flows between Conservatives and Lebertarians and Republicans and that they finally have a voice.

      • Alan

        And apparently you Ted…..

      • eddie47d

        The thing is Nadzieja so much of it is trash talk and misinformation. Which so many of you gobble up like M & M’s.

    • Joann Flanagan

      Can’t decide between Obama or Romney?
      Just ask yourself:Am I for religious persecution or against it?
      Then vote for Obama if you’re for religious persecution and vote for Romney if you’re against.
      Joann Flanagan

  • Carol

    So all of you posters here are just going to believe what anybody tells you and then fall right in line????? One of the most dangerous things in our country is the propaganda, hate, and fear that others like Root promote, and that divides. It is the fringe people like you who will be the decline of this country.

    • More Liberty

      He promotes liberty and freedom.

    • Sioux City Murf

      TIME for you to make that popping sound carol.

      up the hill

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So all Conservatives, Libertarians, Republicans should fall in line with your way of thinking and also with O.
      Why should they do that if their philosophy of government is opposite of you and O?
      What if the selfsame Conservatives, Libertarians, Republicans tell you to follow the philosophy of government that God gave the Founding Fathers would you follow them? You are giving us the answer by your comment.

    • jeromeennis

      Carol, you obviously live in a coccoon or you are just a blithering liberal idiot if you do not believe The Obama Regime is using the IRS, the FBI, and other government police powers to squelch and squash anybody who opposes them, especially if that Some Body has a large following. Wake up Carol, the Obama Regime is Ruthless and Criminal.

  • GALT

    Greeting’s Mr. Root:

    “Let me state this clearly. The IRS isn’t the problem. The IRS is filled with mostly good people, trying to do their jobs.”

    What country do you live in? For anyone who actually understands what government
    has become, the IRS has always BEEN THE PROBLEM, from its inception and the removal
    of “common law and equity” from the Constitution in 1938.

    The foolishness of your statement is rather easy to demonstrate by doing a little

    “Let me state this clearly. The UNION isn’t the problem. The UNION is filled with mostly good people, trying to do their jobs.”

    “Let me state this clearly. Law Enforcement isn’t the problem. Law Enforcement is filled with mostly good people, trying to do their jobs.”

    “Let me state this clearly. SWAT isn’t the problem.SWAT is filled with mostly good people, trying to do their jobs.”

    “Let me state this clearly. The DEA isn’t the problem. The DEA is filled with mostly good people, trying to do their jobs.”

    We also didn’t need to hear your whining……

    Americans need to hear this story of a small-business owner — not a billionaire — with an unblemished tax record for 30 years suddenly facing this kind of harassment, persecution and intimidation.

    Sometimes you just get lucky Wayne…….and while you may not be a billionaire, you are hardly average………..average tax payers do not have complicated tax returns, nor do they have “180-pound granite star in the Las Vegas Walk of Stars,” or are they small businessman, entrepreneur, CEO, home-schooler and citizen politician. Root is a talk-show host, bestselling author, business speaker and TV/radio commentator on business, economics, entrepreneurship and politics. He is a regular guest on Fox News, as well as on hundreds of radio shows across the United States. Root’s opinions reach tens of millions of Americans as a regular columnist and commentator for many of the most popular political and business websites, including He also writes regularly for The Washington Times. He is the bestselling author of seven books. Root serves as national spokesman for several companies, including Asset Strategies.

    Still if you want to share your pain, you can talk to all the other “celebrities” the IRS uses to intimidate “taxpayers” like clockwork every year like Willie Nelson, Wesley Snipes, etc. ( and you haven’t really achieved that status )

    Of course your real problem is a rather “common and average one” often expressed as
    “Ignorance of the LAW is NO EXCUSE.” and the mistake that compounds the ignorance, that tax accountants and tax lawyers or any lawyers for that matter, are any more knowledgeable than you……. regarding what the LAW actually is……….so if you want to
    blame someone…….blame them, because Title 26, states specifically those who are
    actually “required to file a tax return”, and you, like most others are NOT one of those people, unless you are an “elected official” or a government employee……of course,
    actually filing a return, makes you a “volunteer” and “subject” to a jurisdiction, which
    you and anyone else can easily avoid……….simply by knowing where you actually live,
    while remaining completely “ignorant” of what the Constitution actually says and means.
    ( although it can mean what you THINK it means once you understand why it does not and how you can take the steps required to insure that it does. )

    So having “volunteered”, stop whining and accept the responsibility of being a sheeple
    and for leading other sheeple to the same fate……….and start afresh.

    Today could be the first day of the rest of your life………but like most sheeple, it probably won’t be………

    • Sioux City Murf

      Sounds to me like you are one jealous puppy galty. All of Mr Roots success has you in a uproar and all you can do is attack him for speaking out about the loss of liberty that is happening in America. What a poor excuse for an American you have turned out to be galty. You need to grow up and mature so you can fit in with the rest of us adults.

      up the hill

      • GALT

        You may be a little confused……..I appreciate all the voluntary contributions of the
        “willfully ignorant”……….after all, since I am “not a volunteer”, whether you choose to continue is really of no concern nor is who gets elected to any office, since I am not required to pay for it……..I couldn’t care less…….

        As for Mr Roots business acumen, there is nothing to be jealous of……..he resides in
        a U.S. tax haven………yet has chosen to do business as a person, exposing himself to
        liability which could have been completely avoided……with far more ease than people who live elsewhere…….although any citizen could reduce their tax liability to 15% or less….and
        achieve what is known as “judgement proof” status……..

        Applied KNOWLEDGE is POWER…….and freedom…….

        Having that, why would I be jealous of anyone………government is not oppressing me and I am not paying for it…….so I do not spend my time complaining about it…..or expecting
        someone else to free me………because it’s not going to happen. ( and not required )

        So by all means……feel free to continue doing what you have always done….
        your ignorance will insure that you will continue to get what you have always gotten…
        or worse…….

        “The way out is through the door. Why is it that no one will use this method?”
        ― Confucius

      • TIME

        Dear Galt,

        You nailed it…. Saddly the utterly and totaly ignorant will do as they are told by their masters, ~ of whom they fear due to their very Ignorance of facts / truths, ~ thus it then becomes a vicious cycle of ignorance that begets more ignorance, ~ that over time it will grace them with their very own ~ crown of Stupid.

        How bloody sad it is to have so many wasted minds ~ who oddly ~ somehow think they know more than anyone who puts in the TIME to find the TRUTHS, ~ yet these same people have the total sum of gray matter that’s net value adds up to ~~ ZERO.

        { The mind is like a parachute, ~ it has to be open to work.}

        Peace and Love be with you.

      • GALT

        The best part of this particular TRUTH is that refusing not to know it can be very
        EXPENSIVE………at the very least, if they don’t have the courage to actually walk away, they can at least LEARN from the idiots who are billionaire’s and are the one’s who are actually victimizing them…….because you don’t need to be a billionaire to protect yourself and if you are paying taxes and need an accountant, you have the money to do so…..way more than you need………given the rules….as a person DEBT is eternal…… as a person your goal is CONTROL, not ownership……..corporations can be immortal, but
        sometimes it is not convenient…… they have another quality which people don’t have,
        re-incarnation……..yes, Virginia….somethings are truly MAGICAL…..

        Yo Wayne, I don’t have a star in vegas……..but I am in vegas whenever you are ready….

        How come nobody is calling me a socialist today? commie?

        It’s P.L.F……….always was…..

      • DaveH

        Galt says — “How come nobody is calling me a socialist today? commie?”.
        Could it be that most people don’t need to stoop to adolescent manipulative name-calling, ridicule, condescension, and various other such techniques that Galt uses often because he is lacking enough logic and fact to stand on their own?

      • DaveH

        And Galt. You are a Socialist. You know it. I know it. And anybody else, who has read enough of your Double-Speaking comments, knows it.
        You won’t admit it because, as I said earlier, You are intellectually dishonest.

      • GALT

        don’t need to stoop…. while stooping……..

        I may need to ponder on that….let me get back to you.

    • millie

      Galt you are a bum

      • GALT

        Thank you millie…….short, sweet, irrelevant and inconsequential… usual.

      • DaveH

        That beats long, boring, disjointed, grammatically poor, irrelevant, and inconsequential, any day, Galt.

      • GALT

        I would laugh harder,,,,,,,but

  • Dixie Suzan Davis

    Welcome to the hit list !!!! Now you seem to be appalled at Presidential power wielded as the President so wishes. This is nothing new. Tyrannys are like that. That is what tyrants do. Its their stock in trade so to speak. So far, Obama has not descended to the level of Honest Abe Lincoln. Obama is still in the early Adolf Hitler mode. The top of the bottom Presidents was Honest Abe. To understand that statement please peruse the following free scanned book.
    John A. Marshall 1871 – American Bastille; a history of the illegal arrests & imprisonment of American citizens during the late Civil War (8th edition)
    The folks arrested and imprisoned were all Northerners. That said or looked like they were thinking unapproved thoughts. They may have sadi something not praiseworthy of Honest Abe. They may not have said or done anything at all. They mayhave been decorated war vets with spotless records who said and did nothing. If it was suspected they were arrested. A good case in point and better known was the pre-war arrest of the entire Maryland legislature whose major members were registered Democrats. Arrest without warrant, without charge and imprisoned for 3 years on an order of the President or the Secretary of War. Thats all that was needed. All the Democratic members of the Maryland legislature ended up in Fort Lafayette in a makeshift prison setting.
    You may read about their destiny in the story of Captain H. L. Shields, of Bennington, Vermont, who found them there. (see page 165).
    The men who were willing to put their names, towns and States in this book stood a good chance of being assassinated. Few would risk it. Many remained silent all their lives. Fear is wonderful. It can produce silence for a lifetime. This is the 8th edition printed in 1871. The first edition is 1869. The extreme radicals were still in power in Congress. Virginia was not a State, it was the conquered territory of Virginia. Officially it was called Military District #1. The conquered territory of Virgina became a State by entering the Union in 1870.
    So be content with loosing you assets to an unjust levy by the IRS. You have not been seized at midnight by military troops bearing a Lettre de Cachet signed by Obama and whisked silently away to Gitmo to enjoy assorted experimental techniques of speech therapy. All is well, with a minor inconvenience IRS intrusion only into life.

    • DaveH

      Not yet, but you do know that there’s a first time for every event?

  • John Lilleburnes Ghost

    Well I havent been here looking at the comments of you the extreme right wing lunatics for a while. However I see nothing has changed very few are getting your meds and the tin foil hats arent working.

    Re: The taxes,two options

    1 – There is a criminal conspiracy requiring the complicity of 100′s to harrass Wayne because of his political views. However Wayne is pratically unknown to his fellow countrymen, and is views however sensible or extreme are totally irrelevant to any form of mainstream politcal debate.

    2- Wayne a man personally and politically opposed to paying taxes has tried to evade/avoid his taxes and has now got caught.

    Occams Razor applies (except on this website)

    • JDN

      Well thats a double edged razor my friend , or did you not read the article . Two years of audits and not one descrepancy. That would validate the other side of the arguement .

  • Duncan McFarlane

    Wayne Allen Root wrote “I predicted that Obama would promote policies that would damage the economy and bankrupt the business community, so as to cause doubts about capitalism — to shake our faith in the current system….

    Sound familiar? It’s all happened exactly according to plan. My prediction was on the money (excuse the pun).”

    right, so you’re claiming Obama deliberately sabotaged his own Presidency and reduced his own chances of a Second Term in order to damage peoples’ faith in capitalism. That is utterly ludicrous.

    Next you want us to believe the IRS singled you out for harsh treatment because you criticised the President. There’s a far simpler, more logical explanation. Most government tax authorities are harsh on small businesses and individuals, who can’t afford the accountants and use of tax havens that big firms, big banks and billionaires can – plus the latter three groups donate large amounts to the funds of the major parties – and that’s what this is about, nothing to do with whether a Democrat or a Republican is in the White House, still less the dreaded democratic “socialism” which might change it so the billionaires and big corporations and banks paid their share. It’s free market capitalism (i.e one rule for the majority, another for big banks, big firms and the super rich) which is shafting you.

    • DaveH

      You don’t have the slightest clue what Free Market Capitalism is, Duncan.
      Read this to get a clue:

      • DaveH

        And for those who want to deeply explore Socialism vs Capitalism (warning it’s a heavy read):

      • GALT

        Heavy read? Waste of time…… is economic’s………

        a brief excerpt from the book Econned.

        “In 1776, Adam Smith published The Wealth fof Nations. In it he argued that the uncoordinated actions of large numbers of individuals, each acting out of self interest, sometimes produced , as if by “an invisible hand,”results that were beneficial to broader society. Smith also pointed out that self interested actions frequently led to injustice or even ruin. He fiercely criticized both how employers colluded with each other to keep wages low, as well as the ” savage injustice ” that European mercantilist interests had “commited with impunity” in colonies in Asia and the Americas.

        Smith’s ideas were cherry picked and turned into a simplistic ideology that now dominates university economics departments. This theory proclaims that the “invisible hand” ensures that economic interest will always lead to the best outcomes imaginable. It follows that any restrictions on the profit seeking activities of individuals and corporations interfer with this invisible hand, and therefor are “inefficient” and nonsensical.

        According to this line of thinking, individuals have perfect knowledge both of what they want and everything happening in the world at large,and so they pass there lives making intelligent decisions. Prices may change in ways that appear random, but this randomness follows predictable and unchanging rules and is never violently chaotic. It is therefore possible for corporations to use clever techniques to reduce and even eliminate the risks associated with their business. The result is a stable productive economy that represents the apex of civilization.

        This heartwarming picture airbrushes out nearly all of the real business world.”

        If this particular description sounds familiar, it is because it’s naivite is constantly being spouted in one way or another by various individuals as well as “our host” while being challenged by various contemporary works offered in counter point to their “imaginary worlds” which are largely based on “imaginary history”……….Economics Unmasked, Debt; The First 5000 Years, Power, Inc and Extreme Money. The words “cherry picked” are quite apropos…….and this new volume offers further insight into a REALITY which continues to EXPOSE the “magical world” that has been constructed for those who are too intellectually inept to have actually considered the meaning of “enlightened self interest”.

      • DaveH

        The real waste of time is reading the Double-Speak that regularly comes out of the Galt’s mouth.

      • GALT

        Yup….except I am NOT paying my fair share or any share for that matter….thank you Dave…….you are NOT paying enough…….and I am just trying to HELP……….obviously
        the TRUTH requires you to experience more pain……….and I want you to know…..while this hurts me way more that it hurts you, ( intellectually ) in the end it’s for your own good……

        “Thank’s for all the fish” ( unattributed partial quote )

      • DaveH

        Please do read the books that Galt recommends, Folks, and read the books that I recommend. Then make up your own minds. If you read them with open-minds, I have no doubt which you will judge as BS, and which you will judge as realistic.

        • tlgeer

          Don’t just read the books, go to the references that are support what is in the books. Evaluate if the references actually support the arguments.

          Do that with mises, too.

      • DaveH

        Galt says — “According to this line of thinking, individuals have perfect knowledge both of what they want and everything happening in the world at large,and so they pass there lives making intelligent decisions”.
        Nobody has “perfect knowledge”, especially Galt. Yet he thinks he knows better what you want than you do. So you should let him and his Socialist Elites determine what you want. How’s that for an arrogant POS?

      • Jayson

        Galt, you spout “Left-Wing” childishness, nothing more.

      • GALT

        No dave, GALT didn’t say that……Yves Smith said that……

        Your bs is free….mine is only free in the PUBLIC library, non fiction adult section……

        I would thank you…..but this is a product of local taxation……..

        Mostly people use libraries for dvd’s……….or music cd’s…….

        It is rare that anyone is interested in knowledge……so much so that the library changed
        their renewal policy…… was three weeks max……now it is infinite…unless someone wants it………..

        the line for stephen king……..infinite……

        go figure……….when was the last time you read a real book?

    • tlgeer

      Plus, every year they audit at least one return at random.

      • GALT

        Could be two…….I heard that they do one EZ 1040…and throw in a 1040A to keep everybody honest…..but it’s only a rumor……..

  • Beverly

    Right On.I wish I were an American (my mother was always a loyal American but moved to Canada with her parents when young so lived in Canada but kept her US citizenship of which she was proud of) I wish I could help upset The OBAMA regime before it is too late.Your Government does affect us here greatly.

  • Conrad

    Good article Mr. Root, however at the very end you are VERY WRONG about one thing. THE IRS IS THE PROBLEM!!! They enforce the bad law, without them the law would be a stack of meaningless paper and those of us who work for a living could do so and keep the rewards of our labor.


    • DaveH

      What we need to do is abolish the Federal Reserve, the 16th Amendment, the 17th Amendment, and the UN. All were designed to feather the nests of Big Government Leaders at the rest of our expense.

      • GALT

        Who’s WE? The insistent “willfully ignorant”?

        ” A coward dies a thousand deaths.”

        Are you getting close?

      • DaveH

        No, Galt, I wasn’t including you in We.

      • GALT

        Good…..because I ain’t WE…….I ain’t paying…..

        That just NEVER, EVER gets OLDE!!!!!!!!!

      • Jayson

        Galt, the rebel without a clue…

      • GALT

        Nope….the “socialist, commie” rebel NOT PAYING,,,,,

        There could be a reward……be a patriot and try to collect it…..

        P.L.F.ism………knowing what every other living thing knows, except you.

  • alpha-lemming

    He (Nixon) has, acting personally and through his subordinates and agents, endeavored to obtain from the Internal Revenue Service, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, confidential information contained in income tax returns for purposes not authorized by law, and to cause, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.

    Somebody please explain to me, when hundreds of tax returns of “Clintons enemies list” citizens were found in no less than the living quarters of the White House, why no Democrat or MSM outrage??? If no double-standard…. which they’ll swear to ’til their terminal breath…. then what??? Picture in your mind Officer Bob Brady directing crowds saying… “Move along… nothing to thee here.. move along”. It’d be the equivalent of Woodward & Bernstein writing propaganda talking points excusing or covering up “Watergate”

    Quoth the Pigs (“Animal Farm”)!! “All animals are created equal….. but some are more equal than others”.

    • tlgeer

      “Somebody please explain to me, when hundreds of tax returns of “Clintons enemies list” citizens were found in no less than the living quarters of the White House, why no Democrat or MSM outrage???”

      It’s more than likely to be gossip and innuendo only. Do you have any proof that this is true?

  • dallas mccoy

    One statement gives credence to many of the things spoken about above. Whe I began to get answers to profound question over 25 years ago, one of the first things that came to me was without a question. Namely:THERE IS AN ELEMENT THAT HAS AS IT’S INTENT, THE ENSLAVEMENT OF ALL MANKIND. Some lady where I worked asked what was the nature of this Element? I answered that it would have to be of a supernatural nature. Later, I received a fuller answer. Someone asked, “Who is They?’ The answer was that They is a What not a who. What They is, is, is a force that is built from the minds of men when they conspire. This force can combine with other forces and this combination can be combined with other combinations. The nature of the force in deterined by the thought patterns that produce it, but it can be changed by being fed other thought patterns. The thought pattern that has become totally dominant is the MONEY-POWER pattern. Now, everything negative thing you see that comes from the money-government is a result of the Element for enslavement. Apply that to everything that was said above and you will see that they all fit.

    • SJJolly

      And covering your head with tin foil will block those forces?

      • dallas mccoy

        SJJolly, I’m not sure your comedy is good enough to have any effect, but you put your finger on one of the things that will help contend with the mind programming of the Element.

      • Jayson

        You stepped right into that one, SSJolly. You’re not particularly smart, are you? Duh…!

    • dallas mccoy

      For those tht think a supernatural force could be what is behind so much of the evil things that come from the ones in control, I could remind them of what the religious call God. In fact, mind programming that comes from this Element is what the religious worship as God. All part of the Enslavement Element. And it is also what they identify as Satan. To a lesser or a greater extent, everyone in this world is mind programmed by an Element in one way or another. Once total enslavement is complete, the only thing left is total destruction.

    • dallas mccoy

      Only a little examination will show that there are many things that are tools for enslavement, but I list three things that are primary. WAR, PRISONS, AND POVERTY. Very little that comes out of any government in this world but what expands on these three things. The USA in particular. What is happening to Root will give credence to what is employed to stop anything that would be a threat to the enslavement movement.

  • noel


  • tim

    So thats why obama hired those extra 40,000 IRS agents for. The only jobs he has created. More [expletive deleted] gov’t jobs, which is gonna be the downfall of this country!! I was talking to my mail lady the other day. She’s gonna vote for obama because she retires next year, from 2 different gov’t jobs. She says she wants to make sure she gets her retirement!!!! The ignorance of liberals is amazing!!!! She wasn’t smiling when I told her if obama wins we will probably cause an economic collapse with all the trillions he is spending!!!!! Obama is doing just that. Persecuting anyone who downgrades him. Especially if they have the power of the pen, voice of the radio or television. Look what he did to gibson guitar and several other businesses!!!!!!!!

    • http://google rose

      When she winds up with nothing to live on for retirement, she can pat herself on theback for that.

    • guest

      Tim, we will all be in the same boat, even ms. mailcarrier that thinks she is going to “skate” on other people’s money for the rest of her life. There won’t be any money for anyone by the time these Retros get finished.

      BTW, not only is omaumau creating more government jobs in the irs, but he has started creating and filling the 650,000 jobs it will take to make his new “Civilian Army!” I heard an interview of a newly graduated highschool student that has been recruited for omaumau’s civilian army. His is the first class to be recruited for this army. He stated that he didn’t know what he was going to be asked to do, but he was happy to join. He likes the new uniforms. It is real folks and the money stolen from Medicare is going to pay for that new army!

    • tlgeer

      If she has earned those retirement pensions, why shouldn’t she get them?

      • Frank Kahn

        Sometimes the word “EARNED” is used to defend something that is not really the issue.

        If I say that Romney EARNED the money he has, there are people who would say that his immoral business practices negate the validity of him EARNING it.

        The word DESERVE is also abused by many people. I read posts from Union workers that say they deserved to earn their grossly inflated wages because the union forced the company to pay them that much because they OWED them a living wage.

        All these statements are wrong for the same reasons. They assume that greed is a valid reason for something being EARNED or DESERVED in one case and that it is an invalid reason to EARN or DESERVE something.

        The retirement pensions for this government worker are not EARNED and DESERVED because they follow the second example. They are also supposedly EARNED and DESERVED because of the same practices that Romney is accused of.

        As a businessman Romney profited because of the suffering of others whose employers business was failing. He tried to bolster the business bottom line by reducing the work force and reducing the wages of employee’s. This took money from the hands of the laid off workers, and put into the business which he profited from. Many say that is bordering on criminal behavior. Well maybe it is, and maybe so is government pensions. I say that that idea is short sighted, if the business had continued without the cuts it would have gone bankrupt and all employees would have suffered,

        This is the same problem with government pensions. They are to high, our government (the taxpayers) cant afford to pay them. If the current pension policies continue there will come a time when the pensioners will not get any money, because there is none to pay. This is the same scenario as a business, you have to make the decision to save it by cutting the high cost of paying the employees (retiree’s) or let it go broke.

        Once again, it is greed that is the problem. Government employees THINK that they have EARNED and DESERVE these grossly inflated pensions. They are right in a sense that the current policy says that is their retirement compensation package. The problem is with the policy itself, those workers DO NOT DESERVE those high pension amounts.

        We (the tax payers) dont DESERVE to have to pay more of our money just to make government workers be able to live better lives than we can afford for ourselves.

  • gg

    WOW- I have heard about all these crack-pot, conspiracy theory, right wing nuts who will tell any kind of lie to denegrate Obama. Here is where you reside.
    I am a Democrat and glad for the difference! Whew…truly crazy

  • SJJolly

    Mr. Root: If you’re on President Obama’s enemies list (assuming that he has one), why aren’t you in Camp Delta, Guantanamo, deep into lnto learning Arabic and the Koran (not much else to do there, I hear) ?

    • GALT

      You can’t actually claim to KNOW the Q’uran unless you have read it in “classical arabic”.

      Most of Islam is illiterate……those who can read “classical or original arabic”, who can say.

      The problem with setting up a “niche marketing” site which pretends to be what it is
      not………is that the niche to which it is directed has to BUY what you are selling…….

      And when I say BUY…….I do NOT MEAN the “free exchange of ideas for the advancement
      of the common good or for the sharing of any kind of truth”…….

  • tlgeer


    “You see, I am on Barack Obama’s enemies list.”

    Personally, I don’t think that you are that important.

    • moonbeam

      Go away, tween. Weren’t you ever taught to not involve yourself when adults are speaking?

    • http://google rose

      Screw you tigeer, you don’t know.

      • GALT

        Wayne is a good sheeple….in fact he is an exceptional sheeple………huddle close….
        learn the lesson he is sharing…….even if you ARE are good sheeple…..sometimes
        you get picked anyway………

      • deerinwater

        For what it’s worth, ~ I don’t hate many things ~ but I have no use for IRS agents, ~ I had a cousin that was one ~ she might as well sold her soul to the devil as far as I’m concerned ~ that was 27 years ago ~ and my feeling toward her has not changed but only validated it’s self with the passage of time ~ the last I heard she was going to retire at 55 with a very hansom monthly income. Good for her! Our relationship is nonexistent.

        I wish you the best Root ~ but your Obama claim is bogus as I too fail to see you as important enough to cross the boundary line of criminal activity and the potential pain and suffering that could come from it. ~ Obama is making what ? $175,000 a year with perks and a great retirement plan in spite of anything that you do or say. And you think he might be dumb enough to risk all of that because you have been less then flattering to him? ~ Okay ! Then tell us ~ what have you really done! I think you might be holding out on us.

        You didn’t pee a message in the snow on the White House lawn in Michelle’s handwriting did you?

    • Sharon H

      I personally think you have a very pumped up opinion of yourself as an analyst. This man is and has been a very vocal and influential person in the public eye, and a lot of people DO listen to HIS opinion. Thus, it does hurt the democrats—–A LOT. Just look at what is being done to Allen West, a conservative who has been very vocal in his opinions against the present administration and the crookedness in the elections. The democrats are doing everything and anything they can to distroy him, and I presume the same happened in this case of Mr. Root. Don’t be so quick to dismiss what is quite obvious. This is a story many can expound upon from personal experience. Hope it never happens to you.

  • zimbo

    a vote for johnson is a vote for obama

    • LibertyNOW

      Interesting logic, What evidence do you have zimbo? Wouldn’t it matter if you are using a machine controlled by Diebold or Bain? Your vote for Johnson could just as well be a vote for Romney! We lose either way! Any hope Operation V will pan out?


    Mr. Root,

    I am hoping that people who have been harrassed by the IRS such as yourself for political belief will be exonerated in the near future by the abolishing of the progressive tax system, a derivative of communism used w/o discretion by the government in these times but originally used to finger the hoods and criminals in the 30′s for crimes to be investigated by the USAG under fed law. Another good lib intention gone astray.

    There is no doubt anymore that the IRS can and will be used as a tool to intimidate ordinary citizens in this day and age, the Clinton administration was known to have used this practice because Bubba and his merry band of political thieves could not bear the criticism and exposure they were constantly being bombarded with. So using the big dawg theory they used our tax money to extort, blackmail and proscute w/0 cause those who spoke out against them and these kind of politicians are still at large.

    The use of term limits, salary only, no retirements for all elected officials and appointees can and will bring some integrity back to holding office, if there is a national sales tax used in conjuction and the elimination of the IRS and the government unions, then a accountable yearly budget can be in place, this sales tax can be on the national ballot every ten years. We must bring accountabilty to this nations government fiscally, we have to control the spending and we have to put the civil back into public service. This Republics government exist by the concensus of the governed and if we do not repair and maintain it we will lose it…

    • GALT

      Mr Root’s crime is being stupid…….despite his own rather self inflated opinion as his bio cheerfully shares……..he is responsible for his “success”…..but not his failure…..NOW
      HE IS A VICTIM……..but not a common one…..a SPECIAL VICTIM……

      Both his accountant and lawyer agree…….this has NEVER, EVER happened to anyone ELSE….before……never…..ever….never….ever……

      And just because he was critical of the current President and posted it on line……

      But the truth is this…….given the stuff that is posted here regarding the President…..
      many of you should have received a visit from the “secret service”………. because it is a crime to suggest in any way a “physical threat” to a sitting president…….or anything even close……..ask me how I KNOW THIS….. ( you shouldn’t have to……)

      But the best part of this lack of “humility” is this……promoting capitalism while having absolutely no CLUE how to be one………and dropping all those names……of the real one’s………who couldn’t care less what the IRS does………

      Coincidence? Not really…..abuse of power is the rule…….it’s a trickle down thing…..
      the stronger always prey on the weaker…….

      Think of it as a teaching moment……..( so far, the lesson doesn’t seem to have sunk in )

      • Jayson

        I admire you most, when you say nothing at all!

      • GALT

        Wow you really must HATE me……..

        “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

        You are here…….you don’t have to stay…….not much point to it, when you don’t know where HERE is?

      • Jayson

        Hate you? Wherever do you get that idea? How can i hate someone who amuses me so…please continue.

      • GALT

        Dear clueless….the opposite of admire is…….

        You can ask for help…….but then you would have to KNOW you need it…..

      • Peter Sagi

        Wayne Root, if he wanted to actually do something with his video shpeels, could start discussing what I continually bring up on here … which is the truth about socialistic insecurity, use of socialist slavestate numbers, and the income tax, how they tie together. He is either as ignorant as a box of rocks, a bag of hammers, or a stack of used worn out car tires, or he has another agenda. Understanding the income tax, the real reason for it (not to raise revenue but to bleed buying power off of the public to control the effects of inflation, according to the author of the withholding system) and how liability is incurred for income tax was, at one time, “liberty 101.” That is, the people in the pro-liberty movement generally got there by questioning the income tax. As far as I can see, the income tax/socialistic insecurity/use of socialist slavestate numbers/the slave enumeration bureau etc. is still the root issue to go after … and that is inspite of the TSAhole grope artists, 9-11 as an inside job, the ever growing police/nanny/welfare/warfare state, etc. Nothing would cause the beast system to cave in faster than a large popular movement to opt out of socialistic insecurity and ceasing the use of socialist slavestate numbers.


  • ChuckS

    As part of the auto bailout, a lot of GM and Chrysler dealerships were shut down. I wonder if the dealerships shut down tended to be owned by republicans.

    • Capitalist at Brrht

      You will find that most of them were donors to Republicans.

  • Ron brown

    I have ben on the IRS hit list for no reason at all since 1990 when I was disabled and only earned $ 38 and my wife earned $ 9800. i alone took care of our 5 minor children while she in another state took care or her father who had 2 strokes then the IRS said we had made $110,000 and garnished us without even a hearing for $25.000.00 + and been harassing us for the last 20 years still garnishing her wages and ss I am no longer able to work so I suppose they will next take my ss as they already took my entire IRA.

    • Flashy

      Well Ron…if you didn’t have the money to fight the charge 9sounds like this was the case)…perhaps you should have filed a 13 or a 7 and the BK court would have settled the issue …

      Actually, thinking it through…you may be able to still do such and receive back any overages you paid. In BK, the IRS has to prove its debt …

      Not sure, check with a local atty. Legal Aid would be able to help…of course, if you vote against the President, you’d best hurry because that program will be in the front row of being hacked up. Y’all don’t count and the GOP will make sure you find that out.

  • 45caliber

    When Clinton was President, they tried to get Hillary’s health care program into law. There were two statements in it that directly counterdicted each other. If you did one, you broke the other. There was also a clause that allowed the government to confiscate everything you owned if you broke any part of this program “to pay for the administration of the program”. One of the Democrat Congressmen brought this to Clinton’s attention, rightly pointing out that every person in the US was be guilty of breaking this law. Clinton agreed … and insisted it was important since it allowed the government to silence anyone who caused them a problem. He boasted that without any possessions at all, the person would be forced to concentrate all their attention on getting the next meal rather than causing problems.

    This is simply an adaption of that.

    • guest

      And that is the point of everything that omaumau is doing! Break the backs of the American people until they are scrounging for bread crumbs! The government will own everything and the progressives (really RETROS) will have us back (not FORWARD) in the kingdom of serfdom!

    • Peter Sagi

      Hillarycare, which never passed, would have been, just like Obamacare that did pass, totally voluntary. The voluntary nature of the program would have been disguised, just like the voluntary nature of Obamacare is disguised … in that it is part of a larger package deal. There would have been no such thing as Hillarycare just as there is no such thing as Obamacare unless you are EMPLOYED as per the legal definition, which means use of a socialist slavestate number which is 100% voluntary by law and not required to live OR WORK in the US. It’s not that you couldn’t have dropped out of Hillarycare or can’t drop out of Obamacare … it’s just that you can’t avoid it unless you say “Ixnay” to the entire package, which means no participation in/paying into socialistic insecurity on the job or use of a socialist slavestate number.

      Bottom line … none of these socialistic programs could stand without the help of corporate Amerika forcing their workers into it via refusing to hire without employing, i.e., using a socialist slavestate number on the job. The solution to all of this is to pass laws at any level … local, state, etc… to require that any time anyone anywhere for any reason asks for an SSN a full disclosure in plain language must be provided.


    • tlgeer

      Please provide proof of this, not just hearsay.

  • Dale Smith

    Having been through three IRS Audits, and face to face with the IRS Auditor on the first one, I asked how this audit came about. “Oh, it is just a random matter.” I looked her right in the eyes at about 18 inches away, and said: “Please repeat this, tell me that this was just random. She could not continue to look at me, and mumbled something neither my Attorney or I could hear.”

    The truth is that these Audits were obtained by a member of Congress because of my open and fact laden critique of that member of Congress. If one elected member of Congress can make this happen, what kind of power does President Obama and his CZARS have over good citizens? The good Doctor

    • GALT

      first mistake……filing a W- 4 and not writing EXEMPT in the little box just before the end…
      yeah it it used to tell you the conditions for doing it… and ask questions with boxes to check off………..questions remained as conditions……no boxes… check….

      but the box to write EXEMPT should still be there…….do it.

      They will still deduct SS and FICA, but no “income tax”…….so you have no reason to
      file an “income tax return”…….unless the government owes YOU money…..

      Now they could send you a letter claiming that you do owe an tax on income……to which you confidently respond to this by asking……please show me the law which shows
      that I am liable for such a tax…………

      BTW that is a question……..and you asked it……all you have to do is WAIT for the answer………

      Poor Wayne, he paid an accountant and an attorney who didn’t know this…….

      • S.C.Murf

        At birth did the Dr. respond immediately when the nurse dropped you on your head or did they let your brain bleed for awhile? All your words and no common sense.

      • GALT

        “naive realism” has no value in specialized venues.

  • moonbeam

    Isn’t the IRS an illegal entity? From what I’ve read it’s not even a government agency…or maybe I’ve got that mixed up with some other gov’t cloak and dagger. But I’m sure I read somewhere that the IRS is not a legal government agency. DaveH help me out here.

    • GALT

      David can’t help you…….but he can tell you about “frisky fish” and “imaginary desert islands”…….where if you are really clever…….but have to spend twelve hours a day catching two fish…….when you only need one…….you can create a capital good by
      building a fish trap which will catch fifty fish a day which is 49 MORE than you need…..
      and if you keep doing it, taking more than you need……the fish will become extinct and you will DIE………which demonstrates that “capitalism” is pretty stupid……and that David is not, nor has ever BEEN, very intelligent…….but he does like to kvetch……..and share his ignorance…….and he is willing to do it for free……which is the correct value of what you are being offered……

      • DaveH

        Ah yes, Galt, the man who is a legend in his own mind. By necessity a very small legend.
        The man to go to if you want support for Socialism, a system that has been a proven failure throughout history.

      • Flashy

        DaveH..aside from your erroneous statement socialism has not been shown to be a success (and it does have failures)…care to educate folks on a proven success based upon Libertarian values?

        Just for educational purposes and all … maybe Mises would have a link you can shirk back to …

      • DaveH

        Oh? Because you say so, Flashman? But you have no credibility, so you will have to do more than just say so to convince anybody.

      • eddie47d

        Enough of your “no one has credibility” Dave H. That is getting really old when you think you are the only smart one in the house. Wrong! Now have a nice rest of the day.

      • DaveH

        No Eddie, I don’t think I’m the smartest person on the board. But you still have no credibility. You earned it. Wear it proudly.

      • Jayson

        Flashy, enough of your “maybe Mises would have a link you can shirk back to”. That is getting really old when you think you are the only one with legitimate sources in the house. Wrong! Now have a nice rest of the day.

      • eddie47d

        Just because you say so Dave doesn’t make it so! That is another tired old line you have been using! Yawn!

      • Flashy

        Jayson…DaveH touts his mental acumen as being better than all….touts an economic theory as being the best option of any, yet cannot give one instance where it has workd as a thriving stable economic policy. He also posts Mises link after link as ‘proof” or ‘education”, often never reading the article yet posting it because it has a nice sounding title. The most laughable is he will slam someone stating they do nothing but insult and denigrate…and ignores that such comprises the majority of his posts !

        He’s a silly minor toy to play with between posting discussion points and thoughts…

      • Jayson

        Flashy says:Jayson…DaveH touts his mental acumen as being better than all….

        DaveH shares, his mental acumen. For you to suggest that DaveH touts it as being better than all, may very well be your personal opinion, and that, born out of your resentment towards him.

        Flashy says: touts an economic theory as being the best option of any…

        I happen to agree with said economic theory/principles, as being the best option of any. It is by far superior to the Keynesian model!

        Flashy says: yet cannot give one instance where it has workd as a thriving stable economic policy.

        Are you toying with me, Flashy? I’m well aware of the socialists’ hatred and unceasing war towards Ludwig and his sound economic theories/principles. As for examples; it was Mises’s ideas, filtered through the work of Roepke and the statesmanship of Ludwig Erhard, that led to Germany’s postwar economic reforms and rebuilt the country.

        Flashy says: He also posts Mises link after link as ‘proof” or ‘education”, often never reading the article yet posting it because it has a nice sounding title.

        This is most disconcerting, Flashy, as this is your hatred talking. That being: your hatred towards Ludwig, or any other who hold up Ludwig’s economic principles! You are, after all, a socialist, and most certainly, a Keynesian at heart; yes?

        Flashy says: The most laughable is he will slam someone stating they do nothing but insult and denigrate…and ignores that such comprises the majority of his posts !

        Ah, you’re testing me for an answer the universal question; which came first, the chicken or the egg…?

        Flashy says: He’s a silly minor toy to play with between posting discussion points and thoughts…

        Perhaps Dave need not bother trying to insult you, you seem very skilled at bringing insults upon yourself, as your above statement clearly demonstrates.

    • DaveH

      Sorry Moonbeam, I don’t waste my mind on such things. We can argue until we’re blue in the face about its legality but the bottom line is that the Government (who says it is) will abuse us until we agree that it’s legal.
      I think it’s much more important to learn the concepts of Freedom and why Small Government is better for both our Freedom and our Prosperity. Once enough people have awakened, we can abolish the damn thing as well as most of the other useless, costly systems that have been foisted upon us by Big Government Progressives.

      • DaveH

        Read this, Moonbeam, if you want to get an idea of the Principles of Freedom:

      • GALT

        Yeah moonbeam……this is the fish stuff….. almost scary….until after you corner the market on the fish you don’t need……. Then other people “magically ” appear…… each with separate skills….all different………( what are the odds )

        In the fictional movie and book “The Carpetbagger’s” by Harold Robbins, Jonas Cord, a rather loose representation of Howard Hughes was asked a question.

        “Who would you most like to be stranded on a desert island with?”

        His reply: “The world’s best boat builder.”

        Right off you can tell he is way smarter than DAVE…..

      • DaveH

        I could beat you in any kind of mental contest, Galt, which was judged objectively, except those contests where intellectual dishonesty could win. I’m just not wired to Double-Speak, manipulate, and snow people like you are, Galt.

      • GALT

        You are playing a game of tic tac toe… have the first move… many different moves are available to you?

        Pretty objective. pretty simple…….go for it…..

        Oh the second question is physically prove your answer……..

        And all of you, don’t hold back….feel free to jump in…..

        I just ask one favor……..let DAVID respond first…….

      • GALT

        P.S. if you ever get to Vegas you can ask for me by name in the poker rooms….but to be safe……be easier if you let me know you were coming…..then we could set time and place…….. as weapons having already been determined…..

        • tlgeer

          Dealer or player? I’ve always preferred Black-Jack.

      • GALT

        Bring MONEY…….fiat is cool……you can convert your gold and silver

      • DaveH

        Wow. Such an intelligent reply. I’m in awe.

      • Jayson

        Have another drink, Galt. A few more will help you believe you’re the chump…err, i mean, champ.

      • GALT

        The mysteries of a mental question regarding the game of tic, tac, toe are too daunting for you? tell you what….forget the hard proof part……let’s do multiple choice….

        a.) 1 b.) 2 c.) 3 d.) 4 e.) 5 f.) 6 g.) h.) 8 i.) 9 j.) 10 k.) 0

        and I will give you a hint……it is not j. or k.

        poker not your game? fine…..chess, backgammon, stratego, go, go maku, billiards, pocket billiards………..practically anything you want….

        Being a P.L.F. means the highest standard of morality……the real kind…..which means I do not seek to profit from the “ignorance” of other’s……….but I have no problem with testing people who profess to a level of proficiency regarding any skill…….especially
        when they seem reluctant to back it up…..or can’t……

        These types are easily identified…..when they lose…..they diminish your skill by saying..
        “It’s only a game”………….

        and it really looks like…..YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE……..DAVE!

        of course, not all of these types are cowards…..some actually believe their own B.S.

        and this is the sweetest profit ever……..smells like JUSTICE

      • GALT

        wow…the whole concept of “mental contest” and objective…..seems to be elusive…..

        searching for an answer……Try the Great Tic Tac Toe I.Q. test……

        like P.L.F. it is MINE also…….but you might get lucky and find it…….

        for anyone with intelligence……this is quite obvious……..

        questions 5 and 6… that would be impressive…..

        and question seven……that is one purely for capitalists……….

      • GALT

        Okay…….the first question of the Great Tic Tac Toe I.Q. test with multiple choice answers ( and hints ) has stumped DAVE………

        So thank you for waiting… may all have at if you want……..

      • GALT

        Just so we are clear Dave…… see my name….you RUN away…..because THIS has all been copied……..with the time stamps…..

        GALT SAYS: DaveH is an idiot…….Q.E.D.

        Tic, Tac Toe……simple to play…..but beyond understanding…..pretty amazing for a
        zero sun game which any child can play…….and MASTER….

        Of course being an “unknown, known” even Donald Rumsfeld would have messed up…
        not to bright in any case….don’t feel bad……

      • Jayson

        The only thing worse than your logic is your manners. Your attempt at constructing a creative flame was pitiful. I mean, really, stringing together a bunch of insults among a load of babbling was hardly effective…Galt!

      • GALT

        You are playing a game of tic, tac, toe…..

        so devious……you might say “flaming simplicity”….

        well maybe “not you”?

      • Jayson

        You are weary, stale, flat and un-profitable…You claim you are not an idiot, yet you put a great deal of effort in simulating one. It would be greatly appreciated were you to edit your writing of unnecessary material before attempting to impress us with your impaired-logic. The evidence that you are a numbskull will still be evident to the readers, of course, but at least they will be able to access it more rapidly…

      • GALT

        multiple choice brain…..all you have to do is pick a letter and then explain why you picked that letter…….most two year olds know how to play tic, tac toe

        seems none of you here can equal that level of intelligence….

        probably best to be quiet……

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        My answer is 18! There are 9 spaces available and I could play an X or an O in any of them!

      • Jayson

        Tic tack toe…? I think you much prefer playing peek-a-boo, Galt.

        • Frank Kahn

          the tic tac toe answer is actually none of the above, it is 18 but there are only 2 that are winning first moves

      • GALT

        The question asked how many different moves are available, so the key is location, whether you choose x or o or a cute triangle or square is irrelevant, the position would be occupied and unavailable to the next player, or in calculating the response to the next question… since this is not a trick question, your answers translate to 9……..also no one asked for winning moves, although strictly speaking there are only potentially winning moves, which can be negated with proper play, which is why it is a zero sum game…..on the other hand, by applying the proper play standard, there are definite losing moves which can not be negated with proper play.

        Which brings us to the final point of observation regarding available moves…..reduced to
        9 … state there a two potentially winning moves would make the second answer, logically inconsistent with the first.

        How would you physically prove your answer of 9?

        Question Two, Part a.)……an x has been placed in the center square, how many different
        moves are available in response? Part b.) How would you physically prove your answer?

        Question Three, Part a.) an x has been placed in the center square, an o has been placed in the upper right hand corner, how many different moves are available in response? Part b.) How would you physically prove your answer?

        Bonus question…..someone comes to you seeking funds to produce a three dimensional
        tic, tac toe game…..a 27 square clear plastic cube, with black and white marbles for playing pieces……..would this be a good investment idea? Why or why not?

        • Frank Kahn

          Semantics there on winning move, there is only one winning move is correct in substance since, if you dont make it the first move the opponent can do it putting you on the defensive for the remainder of the game. Yes, played properly it is a no win game. However to quote the computer in War Games, the only winning move is not to play the game, meaning there are actually 10 initial moves 9 squares to chose from and the move to simply not play.

          In your question on how to physically prove the answers, it depends on your definition of physical proof. It can be physically demonstrated with no room for intelligent rebuttal but proof is in the eyes of the viewer, so that might not convince the person you are trying to prove it to. Also the demonstration would have to be in the form of a physically verifiable form so that a person could see it by touching it to satisfy a blind person.

          The second and third parts of move placements are identical in answer for remaining available options for your next move. It does not matter if you are playing it correctly to stalemate or not you still have the same 7 remaining squares to choose from.

          The bonus question is a matter of philosophy, to make a 3D version of tic tac toe will be a good investment if you simply go by the theory that people will buy it. In our culture, many people will buy this new game because it is a new challenge to tackle. It would probably be a flash in the pan sensation which would burnout in a very short span of years, but by then you would have made back your investment and some profit. If you take the high road (and PLF is still meaningless without definition), then it is not a good idea because it is just a tool to get peoples money without giving them anything of substance. It does nothing to advance the human condition or provide a value to those who purchase it, other than the pleasure of conquering it.

        • Frank Kahn

          sorry I misread part of it, the second answer was 8 remaining available squares.

          And there is one other reason that a 3D version as you described is a bad idea. I can see no possible way to place a marble in the center square. And, by center I mean the internal center of the cube

      • GALT

        Well Dave, so much for your claim of intellect……but now that other’s have ventured forth
        and I have responded to them…….you should have no problems completing the test…..since there is sufficient evidence as well as the point of the exercise….
        demonstrating the concept of “known unknowns”…….

        and the bonus question should quite easy for you……

      • GALT

        For tiger……both, but only as a player in poker, the dealing was mostly craps although depending on the “shift requirements” I also dealt blackjack and a little roulette… a
        player, poker represents the highest ROI with no house advantage to overcome, just a fixed rake whose impact can be reduced by playing in higher stakes games…….

        for Frank…….while I admire your caution, this is a straight forward exercise, based on
        objective observation, game theory and logical reasoning…………which obviously requires
        that the game be played……..therefor the number zero should not have been included as a choice,,,,,,,,my apologies…… ( this exercise was directed at Dave, based on his claim/challenge……one which he didn’t expect to be presented so quickly or easily….as indicated by his response to a direct physical confrontation…..and as with everything else,
        his tactic is to persist and/or repeat arguments and logical fallacies with total disregard to
        any evidence that demonstrates that he is wrong……..and keep doing it…..)

        Your answers of 9, 8, and 7 are logically consistent, the physical proofs for these are also
        straight forward….so think visual……convincing a blind person is not required, although
        not particularly difficult if it were actually necessary……….

        for the 3d game, there is no physical restriction to the center square…..the design consists of three clear plastic plates, divided into the nine square game format, with
        indentations to place the marbles………with struts at each corner…… there is
        no hindrance to access to any square on any board…….so you may re-evaluate
        your answers accordingly.

        Finally, with regard to this test and our previous discussions regarding the meaning of
        P.L.F. I under stand your frustration………but these exercises have been constructed
        with and for specific reasons and targeted to a specific mindset which is prevalent here
        and has similar correlations on other boards of this type…..depending on the designated
        targeted audience……..

        I have no objection to sharing this with you, but to do it publicly would undermine the long range strategy that is intended for the close minded and rather primitive intellects which are in the majority here……..who have extremely short attention spans and minimal comprehension skills…….which require constant provocation and torment…..

        If you agree to keep these “answers” confidential and provide me with a means to contact you directly………I will be happy to satisfy your curiousity regarding definitions and the available answers to this test as well as any further discussion you may wish to pursue that lead from that but that is up to you……… may have reasons for not doing so, in which case things will simply continue as they have been……

        • tlgeer

          “For tiger……both, but only as a player in poker, the dealing was mostly craps although depending on the “shift requirements” I also dealt blackjack and a little roulette… a player, poker represents the highest ROI with no house advantage to overcome, just a fixed rake whose impact can be reduced by playing in higher stakes games.”

          Part of the reason that I asked is that I like Black-jack. And, if I’m remembering correctly, someone mentioned being in a casino and drinking. Which a serious player does not do while playing, and would get them fired if dealing.

          I have a cousin that deals in LV. I kind of like telling people that my cousin is a dealer (just to get a good reaction lol) and then tell them that it’s cards at casino.

          I grew up going to Tahoe and Reno. I’ve only been to LV once, for my cousin’s wedding. My Dad taught us Black-Jack and when we were younger (when we didn’t live so far away) we could usually at least get a room comped and some meals. Which meant that we played more. We were taught, also, to never go into the casino with more money than you were willing to lose. And if things are going great and you think it will go on for a long time, take your winnings and leave, because they won’t and that’s what gets most players to lose a lot.

  • Karolyn

    Well, then, why aren’t all vocal critics of Obama facing the same thing. How convenient to have a built-in story to suit your agenda.

  • tony newbill

    Mr. ROOT Considering With the Libya demise plus everything else we see in the Middle east that is in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power in the Middle east with the help of Obama It looks more and More Like a Muslim Brotherhood Administration running US foreign policy in the Middle East than a Obama Administration ……so that means this Enemies List is actually the Muslim Brotherhoods List , God help us because we know they have been installed in our Whitehouse over these past 3almost 4years !!!

  • Neil Swan

    Obama believes in treating people like people.
    Most conservatives believe in themselves being treated better than anyone else.


    • Jim Cooke

      Neil, that is a terribly broad and prejudiced statement. First, do you even know any conservatives? Second, in what areas of their life are they conservative? Third, how do you define conservative? Or is it just a smear word for you? And lastly, if that is an invalid and improper standard, then it is one we are all guilty of, at one time or another. If this is indeed a problem, do you have a solution? Don’t complain if you don’t have a way, and the will, to change the situation.

      • Neil Swan

        The Tea Party, and Religious Right are typical conservatives.
        And those who call themselves patriots who have never
        been in the milatary.


      • deerinwater

        Hmm? ~ I cannot agree with you on that Neil but that depends on our understanding of a typical conservative. The tea party represents the cream of the highly offended. They are greatly agitated and lashing out at everyone that fails to go along with their views or even so much as questions their judgement or reasoning.

        They make claims of being Constructionist’s that want to amend the Constitution. Some of them make claims as to harboring strong Christian value while refusing to exercise them. They are all making the charge that their personal liberties are being trampled on while they support and defend legislation that limits and restricts personal liberties. They claim to want smaller government as they attempt to use the powers of government to serve their own ambitions and aspirations if it mean encroaching boundaries that separates church & state.

        TThe Tea Party activist carrys a victims mentality, they are being victimized by everyone that refused to believe and think as they do. They are being stolen from by the rest of us by having to pay taxes that we too are required to pay. That they are required to share the bounty of their efforts, public space and air with the rest of AMERICANS offends them.

        Basically tea party supporters seem to have been born with a galled bottom by an old mamma lion on a one way street, owing nobody nothing and while it has annoyed and greatly offended them to be “born” to such conditions , rather then moving or get over it, they insist that we should live that way as well, so that we too can share the same view of the world with them.

        All Conservatives do not share this dysfunction Neil.

    • Bimbam

      Romney & Ryan treat people like people.
      Most liberals believe in themselves being treated better than anyone else.

      See, I can say that too. Both statements will be true, depending on your prejudice views. However, if we eliminate the prejudice views you will see that mine is the truth and yours is the lie, based on phenomena.

      Remember, you MUST remove the prejudice blindfold to see the phenomena. The blindfold was placed on you by liberals, then they told you you can see now.

      • deerinwater

        Or you could just as easily be confused with who place the blindfold over your eyes and have your perception inverted as to who is actually doing what as you enjoy employ this right/left parody.

      • Bimbam

        Did you take your valium pill but forgot to put in your mouth with the words facing forward? Important you know.

    • JeffH

      Blind ignorance misleads us thus and delights with the results of lascivious joys. Because it does not know the true light. Because it does not know what is the true light. Vain splendour takes from us the power of being…. behold! for its vain splendour we go into the fire, thus blind ignorance does mislead us. That is, blind ignorance so misleads us that… O! wretched mortals, open your eyes.
      – Leonardo da Vinci

      • eddie47d

        Oh Yes Jeff H please do! You put Rip Van Winkle to shame! Eyes Wide Shut? Helen Keller sees more light than you ever dreamed of!

      • JeffH

        …and you have Helen Keller eyes…

    • Justin57

      Obama only treats his masters of the power elite like people. I guess that’s why he’s established his ‘disposition matrix’ to make the war on terror permanent as well as his desperate insistence to preserve his indefinite detention for Americas.

  • http://n/a Arlen

    To Chuck S – Yes, I believe your theory is correct regarding which auto dealers were shut down by Obama’s Car Czars. The wife of one of them had access to Obama’s list of presidential campaign contributors.

    If you can believe the Washington Post, it claimed that in the case of Chrysler dealers, all 800 plus dealerships that were shut down (except for one) had not donated any campaign funds to Obama. The one exception was a dealership that donated more to Hillary Clinton’s campaign fund than to Obama’s. This one dealer for sure was democratic but I’ll bet that the great majority of the rest of the 800 were leaning toward the republican side or independent.

    • ChuckS

      Thank you. It was probably easy for Obama’s people to get a list of his donors. So apparently, they may not have known who contributed to republicans, but they apparently just punished anybody who didn’t contribute to him.

      I think one way communists and fascists (and liberals) control people is by owning or at least controlling their businesses/employers. If the government doesn’t like you, they can make sure you don’t get a job, or at least not a good one. Or other things. I heard that in the former USSR, there was someone out of favor. The government had his mother moved to the 4th floor of an apartment without an elevator, making her somewhat of a prisoner.

  • Bimbam

    This is what happens when the righteous are ruled by the unrighteous.

    We are being ruled by women (Hillary, Sotamayor, Kagan, Neopolitano, Abedin, etc.) and children (Barry Saetoro, Joe Biden, etc.)

    This is what happens when a nation rejects God and sins! He gives U.S. the above rulers.

    • GALT

      You are allowing yourselves to be ruled by idiots……most of who profess belief in GOD…

      So many gods, so many fantasies……so little intelligence…….

      And belief in the ONE TRUE GOD, ( that of abraham ) has so many variants and still does NOT REPRESENT 50% of the possible fantasies available……

      Wouldn’t it make more sense to make the best of where you ARE, with those you are with,
      and what you KNOW to be true, than live a life based on the fact that it will end….and you find this somewhat disturbing because you really don’t know what happens next?

      I’m just saying…..?

      • Bimbam

        I’m glad you confess to believe in YOUR god, which is you. The same problem liberals, dicktators and tyrants have all over the world.

        Please, keep preaching, but no one is listening. We have the same problem with Christianity. LOL!

      • Jayson

        Galt, the all-knowing twit…knows so much about nothing in particular.

      • GALT

        here is a thought which you should take very seriously……if what was said to you doesn’t
        make any sense…….and if you do not act accordingly……..or agree……

        then I believe that you believe…….and if you want I will do my BEST to help you get to that BETTER PLACE……as soon as possible….are we cool?….are we clear?

        All you gotta do is ask…….

      • JeffH

        A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance.
        = Saul Bellow

      • Bimbam

        Like all people FED UP with the illegal Mooslim weren’t not asking anymore, we’er TELLING.

        To get off the stage or be arrested as an illegal sitting US president. We’re nice enuf to have been led by this racist and allowing 4 years to turn America into Chicago on the outside and Detroit on the inside with AFRICKAN written all over it!

        We knew it wouldn’t work, but see how nice we are??? NOW oBAMA BEAT IT! And take that ungrateful wife with you.

        Reminds me of the abolishnist Sarah Hicks Williams who said after help freeing slaves, “that blacks were ‘ungrateful’ and made her want to be ‘tight and stingy with them”

        • tlgeer

          “To get off the stage or be arrested as an illegal sitting US president.”

          Since our President is a US Citizen, and has been all of his life, just how do you propose doing this?

      • phideaux

        “Galt, the all-knowing twit…knows so much about nothing in particular.”

        And he uses far too many words proving it.

      • tlgeer


        “illegal sitting US president”

        Except that he is legal. As all the documentation and shown. And shown. And shown

        Why are you not accepting verified facts? Is it that you truly do not know what a fact is? What verification is? What documentation is?

      • Bimbam

        Do you know what the definition of “Illegal” is? Most liberals do not understand this term. That is why we also have an illegal immigration problem, case you didn’t notice.

        • tlgeer

          “Do you know what the definition of “Illegal” is? ”

          Do you know what the definition of documentation is? How about proof?

          Obama was born in Hawaii. Which makes him legal. This has been confirmed time after time after time. Why do you prefer to believe propaganda and gossip instead of confirmed documentation?

          • Frank Kahn

            He was not born in Hawaii, and even if he was and the LFBC was not a fake, the father is listed as an African (which he was Kenyan citizen). If Obamas father was not a citizen (he was a foreign student at the time) then Obama is not a natural born citizen and not qualified for the position of president.

            That last part is FACT and documentation is available to prove it. Actually there is an extensive government file on Obama’s father, which states he is a foreign student brought to Hawaii to be educated in our schools.

        • Deerinwater

          “Do you know what the definition of “Illegal” is? Most liberals do not understand this term. That is why we also have an illegal immigration problem, case you didn’t notice.”

          What? ~~ Mr. Livingston! Help! Where has these people came from of late! The conversation wanes so badly there no place to jump in.

          Bimbam Boom, ~ In two sentences you have introduced five items and said nothing but only smirked at opposition. Focus my friend.

      • Bimbam

        Do you know what the term “sucker” means? It’s related to the word “documents” and the word “proof”.

    • Karolyn

      I kind of guessed you had something against women, Bimbam. Would you like to take away our right to vote too and keep us home, barefoot and pregant?

      • Bimbam

        Secretly all woman want to be kept barefoot and pregnant and when they can’t they become mean liberal women like Sotamayor, Kagan, Hillaryous Clinton, and Neopolitano.

        Dangereous and out of control women! Arogant, ignorant women that will help start WW3, and the road to our barefeet, er defeat!

        If I recall my mom seemed very happy being pregnant, in fact I never seen her more content or happy as I grew up. My father loved her too, of course.

        • Deerinwater

          Bimbam says; ” Secretly all woman want to be kept barefoot and pregnant and when they can’t they become mean liberal women like Sotamayor, Kagan, Hillaryous Clinton, and Neopolitano. Dangereous and out of control women! Arogant, ignorant women that will help start WW3, and the road to our barefeet, er defeat! ”

          Oh! so you met my ex-wife?

          LOL! but really, ~ There is few things that you can accuse all “women of”. Wanting to be the “object of deep desire” being one perhaps, while much the same could be said about men.

          Every man enjoys womanly attention. While women are much like grapes, they come in bunches, ~ you have too many and are hiding from them or you can’t find one. It’s either~ or and no end between. To make this different requires great effort and requires learning your woman in fine detail, something that most men are not very good at, due to the lack of trying. But this scarcity or abundance say more about the man then it does woman.

          “My mojoe is working, it’s just not working on you” seems to be the best way to explain such things.

          I’ll tell you something that women don’t do ~ they don’t fall on their own sword like a man will. Women are born survivors and willing to fight till the bitter end ~ her end anyway ~ and then she is done.

          It’s my belief that men have done a capital job of screwing up the world and I have a hard time seeing how women could possible do any worse.

          You may find a bright man with a stupid women but you will not find a bright woman with a stupid man.

          We need more senior women’s input in our government in the worst way today. While men will do everything conceivable to stop them. And that is just the way it is. ~ Women have to get tough and when the do ~ there is more then enough men to put them down for even attempting to compete tooth and nail.

        • tlgeer

          My Mom had morning sickness with each of us (4) for the whole nine months. A total of 4 years and two weeks.

          Everybody is different.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Bimbam and Deerinwater, NEITHER of you have a clue of what women are or want! It’s obvious why NEITHER of you HAVE a woman!!! It’s also obvious that NEITHER of you will EVER have a woman!!! You could never begin to understand! Crawl back into your cave!!!

        • Deerinwater

          LOL! ~~ hehe ~ To not be the twinkle in someones eye ~ has certain ramification that manifest, turning once lovely ladies and a father’s pride and joy into hell b1tches and wise to give them a wide berth. At least that’s what I do. There just too many to fret and worry with one that bites and kicks.

      • Deerinwater

        You are a sick person Nancy and I will cut you some slack~ this time. I hope you are done. You need to be.

      • tlgeer


        You have no idea what women want. Every woman is different. Just as every man is different. The fact is that a great number of women are not “homemakers” and don’t want to be. There are two couples that I know that the woman is the main source of income and the man is the homemaker. They have no ego to deny what they are best at.

    • GALT

      Wouldn’t it make more sense to make the best of where you ARE, with those you are with,
      and what you KNOW to be true, than live a life based on the fact that it will end….and you find this somewhat disturbing because you really don’t know what happens next?

      I can repeat this QUESTION as often as you like………

      You can choose to answer it or not……it remains a question…..

      • Frank Kahn

        to whom are you asking the question? I have an elaborate answer if you wish to hear it, but I will not participate if it is another one of your open ended rantings without answering questions.

      • deerinwater

        Considering the quality of each persons life is predicated on how we choose to react to it, I would think so Galt. And so to will it be with Mr. Roots IRS problems. Having elected to feel he has been singled out for an IRS audit on the belief he is being persecuted for offering up something more then just strong opposition to a sitting president while exercising his rights to free speech. If that is to be the case, the IRS is working overtime these days.

        Who’s to say that he is wrong nor can Mr. Root prove that he is correct while never the less, it makes for a good write up and stirs the pot in the demonizing of Obama only easier. ~ So Mr. Root’s material has now became personal and could be viewed on as a professional windfall of sorts.

        “Appeals of other IRS actions. In addition to audits, many other IRS decisions may be appealed, as discussed throughout this book.
        The Odds of Winning an Appeal
        Most auditors privately refer to the appeals office as the IRS’s gift shop. There is even an IRS in-joke that appeals officers work on the 50% rule—they like to cut auditors’ adjustments by half.
        IRS statistics show that the auditors are exaggerating—but not by much. The average appeal results in a 40% decrease in taxes, penalties, and interest imposed by the auditor. So, even the IRS confirms that it pays to appeal. The only mystery is why more audit victims don’t.
        According to the IRS, in a recent year, over 100,000 appeals were taken by taxpayers and over 80% were resolved in a manner acceptable to both sides.
        Pros and Cons of Appealing an Audit
        There are three solid reasons for appealing an audit and two relatively insignificant reasons not to.
        Appealing is simple and costs nothing unless you use a tax professional, which is not usually necessary for success.
        Appealing, in the majority of cases, results in some savings, although rarely a total victory.
        Appealing delays your audit tax bill for months, buying you time to consider payment options.
        The appeals officer can raise issues the auditor missed—but this almost never happens. Nevertheless, if you are afraid that a missed item will be discovered and you’ll owe a lot more in taxes, you can skip the appeal altogether. In this case, you can go directly to tax court, where new issues can’t be raised. (See Chapter 5.)
        Interest (and sometimes penalties) on the tax bill continue to run while you are appealing. This is typically a small item as compared with the likely tax savings resulting from most appeals.
        How to Appeal an Audit”

      • GALT

        Frank a long elaborate answer is not required since the conditions limit the choices
        to either yes or no……and the question is essentially a rhetorical one, but if you feel the need, choose one and elaborate all you like.

        I’ll take your word for it Deerinwater, not allowing them to with hold taxes and not filing
        has allowed me to avoid that experience……hard to audit a non existent tax return….
        but as with all things……everything is subject to negotiation……..since Mr Root, did not prepare his taxes, he probably does not understand them……..and he seems to rely on so called “experts” so that and his paranoia has produced some bad decisions…….although
        the accountant and lawyer did get PAID……..but I would have thought, that since he did
        use a preparer ( signature required on form )…..that it would have been the preparer’s job to defend the return…..and any actual costs for this should have been pre-disclosed…..
        since there is a clear conflict of “interest”……….which is why the nicest guy in the world
        maybe hyped the need for a lawyer? ( with maybe a little kick back )

        • Frank Kahn

          NO, GALT, with you a simple yes or no is never sufficient. To do that reduces the person answering to a simpleton with no intelligent reasoning behind the answer. On the other side of the coin, to explain the answer gives you the (self proclaimed) right to insult, through insinuation, the person because you personally disagree with his/her answer. This is also a philosophical question, so the correct answer depends on your personal philosophy. Yours is flawed, due to your thinking that you have all the correct answers. This situation makes you extremely close minded and prejudicial.

          The correct answer in my philosophy is NO.

          There is a question that is central to all advancements in human history. That question is WHAT IF. This question is instrumental in beginning any NEW endeavor. It gave us farming, irrigation, science, math, weapons and civilization. It has lead to many great things, and to many bad things so one cannot dismiss it as either good or evil.

          Your ENVIRONMENTALIST ideology is also driven by the what if question. You want us to change into a more ecological friendly economy to make our system more sustainable. Are you just accepting what is and enjoying it?

          This same question is what drives the belief in God, what if there is a higher authority.

          You believe that we would be happier if we were more MORAL (by your definition) in our economic practices, they think you would be happier if you believe in God.

          You believe they are delusional for believing in some kind of magical being.

          I believe that the world (planet earth) has its own mechanisms in place to balance the damage done to it by us.

          The planet might kill us off to eliminate the problem, but then God might do the same thing.

      • tlgeer

        Also, you do not have to pay the whole thing. If you are married. Even the IRS says that if you are married you are not responsible for the whole thing.

        When my sister and her husband sold their business and got a divorce, they found out that they had been misfiling their income taxes for years. She got the IRS to state, in a letter, that the debt to the IRS was split in have. My sister owed for half, and my BIL owed for half. My sister paid hers off long before my BIL did. But she got it in writing from the IRS (she also did all the negotiating for both of them). Getting it in writing is critical.

      • GALT

        yes, Frank that was a very elaborate answer……….not to the question asked or in the context it was intended……..if it were……..NO would be a very foolish response……..

        Yours is flawed, due to your thinking that you have all the correct answers. This situation makes you extremely close minded and prejudicial.

        Since my philosophy is based on THE CORRECT ANSWER, and is information that has not been shared with you…….you have no way of knowing whether my thinking is flawed…..

        It is clear, that your philosophy does not provide this answer and that it at the moment
        you do not believe that such an answer is possible……….so your response by necessity
        must seek to cover all the possibilities………this is logically consistent and reasonable
        when one proceeds from an agnostic foundation.

        Unfortunately your answer is not restricted to the boundaries of your philosophy but
        also a reactive assumption to “my philosophy” for which you have limited evidence
        which is insufficient to reach a conclusion………yet you can not resist the compulsion
        to do so……..

        Despite your claim……what was presented here was in fact a question…….and you
        will find that much of what I offer here…… of a similar nature……….posing questions…….since an element of my philosophy is that if one is seeking the correct answer…… is useful to begin by insuring that one is asking the correct questions.

        This question:

        Wouldn’t it make more sense to make the best of where you ARE, with those you are with,
        and what you KNOW to be true, than live a life based on the fact that it will end….and you find this somewhat disturbing because you really don’t know what happens next?

        and the answer to it………provides the basis for further discussion ………but the point
        of the exercise is extremely subtle………..and lurking just out of reach………which is
        why most do not respond……….

        You have gone to the other extreme……..and then become angry, when your answer
        does not receive the response you expected……..yet it is no more relavent to the question
        than those who seek to denigrate that I had the audacity to ask it in the first place, and the fact that you put more effort into it, does not make it any more relevant…….

        As stated, the scope of this question is limited to choosing the reality you know
        or a fantasy you can not know………and the answer leads to other questions……

        Your answer here is NO, but contains no relevant explanation as to why, but
        states a bunch of unclear events or circumstances which appear self canceling…
        and a bunch of what if’s…….which are assumptions of my philosophy which you can not know……..irrelevant to the question and short circuiting the process and it’s intent….

        Why would you say no, to a reality you do know, if favor of a reality which your
        philosophy seems to indicate that you can not know………that is not logically consistent
        and the fact you believe that I can not know it either, does not make it logically consistent.

        • Frank Kahn

          I have not even begun to talk about what I THINK you are and what you believe. I understand that you give only hints at EVERYTHING. I also know that my answer was none of what you said.

          Context, and intent are two very different things, I can know the context by what is said in your post, but I can only guess at your intent.

          I can provide quotes from your postings that lead a person to believe you are an advocate of sustainable economics. I can provide proof that you CLAIM to have worked in casinos in Las Vegas. You even implied that you can still be found there. Your posts play devils advocate on the subject of theism, which may or may not indicate that you are either agnostic (in the religious sense) or an atheist. You made a statement that was implying that you somehow OBVIOUSLY know certain aspects of the LAW. Since you refuse to tell us who or what you are, we can only speculate about what you do and know.

          Calling me agnostic, in relation to your idea of a solution, is incorrect due to the fact that you have not one time given a solution with which to disagree, or to doubt.

          Saying that I am ANGRY is a conclusion by you which was also reached without sufficient knowledge of my current mental state.

          Calling what you do a discussion is FALSE by definition.

          Calling yourself a PLF is meaningless because there is no definition available to support it.

          Back to context, maybe I answered the wrong post from you, for context to be questioned. You made similar posts with the same question, one of them has a large amount of religious references to things like the true God (of Abraham) and something about it not even covering half the possible Gods and religions available. You used the word magic or magical several times in the post. If I did not respond to that post then you might say I took your question out of context. If God / religion had nothing to do with the question then you are guilty of misdirection and or deception as to the intent of your question.

          It was that post that prompted me to answer your question in a philosophical manner. Since I do understand that you were possibly using a metaphorical substitution for the real question, I covered more points than just the religious one.

          There was nothing in my post that can reasonably be called contradictory to itself. And the question of WHAT IF is congruent with the question, whether it be by context or intent.

          For you to state that the answer NO would be somehow wrong is presupposing that I knew what the hell you are talking about.

          To state empirically that you are using the CORRECT INFORMATION is invalid for two reasons. You are not omniscient and you have not even attempted to put forth an answer. Nor, have you made any statement about the source of INFORMATION which you are using. You want me to even begin to believe that you have any information (about whatever you are talking about) that is more accurate than the information I use to support my views, then you will have to provide me with some form of background information on you. Once again, I can not and will not commit myself to a stance on the subject until I know what I am talking about.

          Most on the site dont attempt to answer you because they KNOW that talking to you is an exercise in futility because of your obvious inability to participate in a discussion. I, on the other hand, am a die hard debater, I believe that almost all people will at some point start to participate in the exchange of facts and ideas if they are given enough time and effort.

          Now, even without knowing your INTENT, my answer is NO, IT IS NOT BETTER TO BURY YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND AND BE HAPPY WITH WHAT IS AS OPPOSED TO WHAT MIGHT BE. Yes, it is better to know what will be and not have to worry about what might be but, it is never better to accept what is over what can be.

          NOW, for any hope of this being a discussion, you need to respond to my answer directly with facts and or information that would make the response invalid.

      • GALT

        “Why would you say no, to a reality you do know, if favor of a reality which your
        philosophy seems to indicate that you can not know…….”

        This is the original question, simplified for you…..and consistent with your implied, maybe,
        kinda sort, suggested comprehension of the question……

        Your opinion regarding the nature of the reality you exist in does not matter and is
        therefor irrelevant to the question, and whatever you believe my understanding of the nature of this reality is, is also irrelevant to the question…….

        The fact is you exist…….and unless you are going to argue that you do not……you
        have not answered the question…….and no other discussion on any other subject
        that has taken place between us……is relevant to this question.

        Your last claimed answer was…….

        NO, IT IS NOT BETTER TO BURY YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND AND BE HAPPY WITH WHAT IS AS OPPOSED TO WHAT MIGHT BE. Yes, it is better to know what will be and not have to worry about what might be but, it is never better to accept what is over what can be.

        Unfortunately it does not answer the question here….or the original question…..

        Wouldn’t it make more sense to make the best of where you ARE, with those you are with,
        and what you KNOW to be true, than live a life based on the fact that it will END….and you find this somewhat disturbing because you really don’t know what happens next?

        So far, your responses indicate…….that

        1.) You do not understand the question, or
        2.) You refuse to restrict yourself to the limits imposed by the question.
        3.) You do not understand that there are limits imposed by the question.

        and you were warned before you tried to answer it……

        “Frank a long elaborate answer is not required since the conditions limit the choices
        to either yes or no……and the question is essentially a rhetorical one, but if you feel the need, choose one and elaborate all you like.”

        Your first response was….The correct answer in my philosophy is NO.

        Really? So if we plug your no into the question we get…..

        No it wouldn’t make more sense to make the best of where you ARE, with those you are with, and what you KNOW to be true,

        It would be better to live a life based on the fact that it will END….and you find this somewhat disturbing because you really don’t know what happens next?

        AS for knowing what happens next…….You either know, or you do not…….if you do not know what happens……….when life ends…….you would be an “agnostic”……

        That’s it………..there is no more…..perceptions of reality are irrelevant……only what makes “more sense” regarding The FACT that you exist and the knowledge that at some point
        you will not……….

        So do you understand the question and what it is limited to?
        Are you going to answer the question within the parameters of the limits imposed?

        Unlike “Star Fleet Academy” you do not gets points for attempting to change the conditions of the the test………nor will you get a award for “creative thinking”…

        You flunk for “failing to comprehend” or “refusing to comprehend”……..comprende?

        • Frank Kahn

          GALT, I understand the question quite well. I also understand the question “are you still an alcoholic, or have you stopped drinking?”.

          Your question is a two part question that places it in the same category as this question. A simple yes or no is neither mandated nor is it possible to give truthfully.

          I have given my response to the first part of your question, the rest of your question is nonsense in that it forces a definition of KNOW which I am sure neither of us will agree on.

          make the best of where you ARE, with those you are with, and what you KNOW to be true(torturing those you love), It would be better to live a life based on the fact that it will END (either they leave or you are arrested for it, so you stop torturing them)

          Regardless of your opinion about what is right and / or best for you, the question posed is not valid in all situations.

          Either you have a point for this question or you dont. At this juncture, you dont have one so the question is moot.

          WE, are not playing a game here, you are. You play it according to your rules, which makes it impossible for anyone else to participate in the game.



          And, I hope you have great stamina in this because I will never bow to your flawed perception of what is TRUE and CORRECT. I also will never sit idly by and let you pretend you are somehow a more knowledgeable or moral person that me. I will keep knocking on the close door to your mind until you wake up and open the door to welcome some form of intelligent discourse. In a class teaching arguing you will receive an F for failure to participate.

          Have any facts you want to share with us? Have any answers to reasonable questions that you want to give? WHAT DOES PLF MEAN? And dont say “I own it”, that makes no sense either as a claim or an answer. I am an EIGTCDYIARCYWTC, I just made that up so I own it, and yes the letters all mean something but the aggregate only has meaning to me because you do not now nor ever will know what they mean. Playing the GALT game on my own turf here.

        • Frank Kahn

          PS not knowing something is not a definition of agnostic

      • GALT

        ag·nos·tic   [ag-nos-tik] Show IPA

        1.) a person who holds that the existence of the ultimate cause, as God, and the essential nature of things are unknown and unknowable, or that human knowledge is limited to experience. Synonyms: disbeliever, nonbeliever, unbeliever; doubter, skeptic, secularist, empiricist; heathen, heretic, infidel, pagan.

        2.) a person who denies or doubts the possibility of ultimate knowledge in some area of study.

        3.)a person who holds neither of two opposing positions on a topic: Socrates was an agnostic on the subject of immortality.

        4.) of or pertaining to agnostics or agnosticism.

        5.) asserting the uncertainty of all claims to knowledge.

        6.) holding neither of two opposing positions: If you take an agnostic view of technology, then it becomes clear that your decisions to implement one solution or another should be driven by need.


        The only thing subject to change and relevant to this question is the END of your existence.

        You have failed to answer the question, refused to comprehend the conditions imposed
        or refused to comply with them, and foolishly have tried to defend your obvious stupidity or error……….if you are having a problem grasping why you have been dismissed as an intellectual light weight and ignored, there really is no mystery….

        BTW your answers to the tic, tac toe quiz, were simple obvious, logically consistent and
        wrong………..but you almost stumbled onto the right ones…….now you have another
        mystery…..the ” known, unknowns” to ponder……..

        “Don’t have a cow, man.” Bart Simpson ………… Bye now…

        • Frank Kahn

          NO, your thinking is wrong, my answers to the tic tac toe questions is imperical in nature and cannot be transmuted by you insipid logic.

          I answered you inane question as it was posed, if you have some hidden agenda then screw you you pathetic lying stupid a$$

          You are the intellectual equivalent of an amoeba compared to me and the people I associate with. You have no substance but to insult and degrade. You have no answer and probably dont even know the question.

          As for your definition of agnostic, it does not fit my thought patterns in any way shape or form. It is good that most of the people here simply ignore you insane postulating on nothing.

          When I was an instructor in college, if you had been one of my students I would have had you banned from class by the second day for moronic slavering.






          • Deerinwater

            Frank says; “You are the intellectual equivalent of an amoeba compared to me and the people I associate with. You have no substance but to insult and degrade. ”

            Well, hmmm? I would hope that one of you finds the intelligence to address something associated with Mr. Roots thread topic and quite attempting to hyjack the thread with superfluous commentary.

            Only association you might make is the calculation of probability and how Mr. Root is refusing to accept the fact he is being attacked by sharks even thou he is swimming with friends as a random occurrence.

            There are red flags that raise attention to the IRS and directs our tax returns to a specific desk for review. Poorly documented losses is but one.

            I have had many loses over the span of a year that is not in my best interest to claim. My book keeper discourages it while this amount often reaches 4 to 7 thousand dollar.

            A seasoned tax auditor can smell a rat, they are looking for specific things that , like a loose thread in a sweater, a thread that only needs to be pulled and the whole sweater comes apart. They are good at it, ~ and have no emotion invested in the job, detached from the tax payers misery much like a hangman might be ~ it’s just a days work to them. You piss them off, they have a government job remember ? with no time limits and unlimited resources at their disposal and willing to break it off in you quick ~ feel free to protest. They will go to lunch and plan their next vacation.

          • Frank Kahn

            I am sorry I accidentally pulled your chain with my post. I have been trying to get GALT to explain the relevance of his posts concerning the threads of the topic. He insinuates that his musings are pertinent to the countries economic situation. He also has alluded to it being relevant to the religious underpinnings of our nation and Barak Obama. In some posts he claims some superior knowledge of human actions concerning the treatment of others as relates to the attack on our consulate in Libya. Getting him to be less obtuse and making a point is the reason for my responses to him. Maybe they have no relevance to the subjects on this site, I dont know because he wont say.

      • GALT

        Frank, getting all emotional will not change the results, you still end up as a functional illiterate and wrong.

        You should have tried giving “empirical” answers……and using intelligence to derive them.

        Very easy to demonstrate..,……watch.

        “the tic tac toe answer is actually none of the above, it is 18 but there are only 2 that are winning first moves.

        As noted, the proper description is “potentially winning”, first moves……….one mistake, not semantics……..when put to the test, if you made those moves, you may produce a
        win………but you most likely will not……with an experienced two year old……never.

        But the second mistake is more useful for the purposes of your education……your answer
        18……….or the corrected answer 9, demonstrates the actual logical ability you are capable
        of…………that there are two potentially winning first moves is logically inconsistent with
        either 18 or 9…… is also why your answers are wrong…….

        You see Frank you can’t keep things straight in your own mind……..and you do not have
        the intelligence to see that or the integrity to admit that…… which is why you are dismissed so easily…….

        BTW the 3d game is pointless…….the first player to move, can force a win on his third
        move every time………

        But now you have a chance to show us once again just how stupid you really are,
        go ahead and try to explain how 2 is logically consistent with the logic you used
        to reach your “imperical” answers of 18 or 9……

        Since that is not possible, I strongly advise that you do not try… are dismissed.

        • Frank Kahn

          As Deer pointed out, your posts have no apparent relevance to the topics here.

          However, I must point out your mistakes since you delude yourself into thinking you are right. There are 18 possible moves if you consider that X and O are separate choices. This is reaching a little but it is an extension of the 9 possible squares. The same is true or the 2 possibly winning first moves. Actually, intellectually there are almost an unlimited possible choices for a first move since you dont have to use X or O.

          You are contradictory in this post because you say there is no winning move because even a 2 year old can counter it, then you say anyone can win the game with their third move. First of all, I have never met a 2 year old with the mental acumen to successfully stalemate tic tac toe. That is an exaggeration. Secondly, if there is no winning move then nobody can win with their third move.

          Empirical fact, all normal tic tac toe boards contain 9 positions for placing a mark. Given that there are 9 positions on the board, there are 9 possible locations for the first move. There is no flaw in the logic shown.



        • Frank Kahn

          ALSO, I keep all my posts clearly in my mind, I have no trouble remembering everything you or I have said. Your statement that I am functionally illiterate is wrong, since I can understand everything everyone else says and respond intelligently to them. Stupid might be attributed to me for my continuation of this insane attempt at eliciting an adult response from you.

      • GALT

        Frank thank you for proving your functional illiteracy again…….the forced win in three moves is for the 3D game…..a checkmate……the win takes place on the fourth….

        18 and 2 are not logically consistent answers, 18 and 10 would be.
        9 and 2 are not logically consistent answers, 9 and 5 would be.

        And your other answers are wrong……but now you have a glimpse of the “unknown, knowns “………

        My apologies Deer, this topic exists because of DavidH…….and Frank’s extremely flawed intellect……as for Mr. Root’s problems………he was never required to file or pay taxes,
        so that makes him not very smart………and not much of a libertarian either…….at a
        minimum, being in Vegas, or Nevada…….he should have been doing business as a
        corporation………by the way, he is known to me as Wayne Root……..and for a time I believe ran the the Mirage sports book……..but he was also involved with a guy named
        Jim Feist……..who ran a sports “advisory” service……….which is the a & b mail scam, which he took to new levels………Mr Root signed on with him, trying to actually pick winners,
        in the various betting sports…….football mainly………his results were not very impressive……..and given that this particular business is a SCAM and designed to prey on
        gambling addicts……his moral grounding is somewhat questionable…..because actual
        results were irrelevant……..the suckers were passed from one tout to the next……

        So, Mr Root’s problems are just that,,HIS, PROBLEMS…… will not solve the problem
        of the IRS here………..and if you are going to actually attempt to play the game in
        their arena………it pays to know what you are doing……..and that has already been addressed……sorry for wasting so much time with the “functional illiterate”……but
        he has been rather insistent……the poor boy needed to be made aware why I ignore
        most of his stuff…….it probably won’t sink in……but the evidence is clear…….and has been duly recorded……..

        • Frank Kahn

          Pure poppycock, prove your stupidity again did you? 9 and 5 have nothing to do with the tic tac toe question. Nor did I ever say 9 and 2, it was 9 and 1 which is correct no matter how much you pretend to know. You want to have physical proof, I will give you my address and you can come on over and I will let it sink into your head if I have to use a crowbar to open it up. Functionally what? You are functionally asocial. Anti intellectual. you have no knowledge of import and your answers are so f’n rediculous that even a psychiatrist would think he had hit the jackpot with you.

          As for the 3′d tic tac toe, you are also wrong there but then you always are. It does not matter what the second player does, the first player will always win no matter where he starts. Of course that is assuming a proper set of rules for the game that is consistent with normal 2d tic tac toe. But to make it more challenging and possible for the second player to win you should force the winner to make connections in two dimensions at the same time instead of just one.

          Functionally illiterate, you f’n A$$, in Nam people like you suffered lead poisoning from friendly fire.

          Keep your $hit mouth to yourself until you show even one speck of true intellect. Your posturing and pretend questions with fake answers dont impress anyone. And it is your insipid endless, pointless, go nowhere diatribes that started this not me. Dont blame me for your insane insistence that you are some kind of super omniscient being. You are just mud on the boots of the world. I said you are dismissed, now go away and let normal humans talk without your mindless meanderings.

          And yes, that was an invitation to a physical contest which is sometimes used to get the attention of a jackass (a male donkey) in order to teach him manners.

          But then I suppose a little girl like you aint got the stones to take on a real challenge.

      • GALT

        GALT says:
        October 29, 2012 at 8:11 am

        “BTW the 3d game is pointless…….the first player to move, can force a win on his third
        move every time………”

        The above is what was said…….and what you were responding to…….unfortunately being
        a functional illiterate……you confused the 2d game and children……with the statement regarding the 3d game…… your last post, you revise history……and also confirm
        the above statement to be correct……while attempting to take credit for it……..all you are doing is repeating what was already said to you, which is quoted above…..

        Now thank you for your clarification, 18 and 2 are logically consistent, as are 9 and 1,
        so I take back the conclusion that you might have stumbled on the correct answers by chance or that you might have illustrated what a “known, unknown” is……….you remain
        completely clueless as to both.

        As noted previously, the question regarding the “different available moves” involves
        the placement of the move…….choice of symbols are irrelevant and changes nothing,
        which brings us back to your original answers…….which are now just simple, obvious and wrong.

        Thank you for your final tantrum and your proposed solution to the exposure of your non existent intellect and your insistent “willfull ignorance”………you have nothing to offer that is productive but I am sure you will find that you will have many peers here who will be happy to waste time and energy with you……….as you have so much in common with them, with “functional illiteracy” being the primary characteristic………

        This was misposted below, Frank…….I didn’t want you to miss it, or the opportunity
        to display your rather childish temper………

        • Frank Kahn

          Who are you, and why are you using my name in a libelous manner?

  • jopa

    Here we go again.When the business is doing great “I built it” when he gets caught cheating on his taxes ,”Its Obama’s fault”.When will these people just admit they were trying to pull a fast one and got caught.You gotta be a Wall Streeter like Romney to get away with this stuff.

    • GALT

      Yup, it really sucks when you miss that part…..and the idiots think that ROMNEY is the answer…….all men are created equal…….says so right there……see?

      • Jayson

        Another failed attempt by Dumb and Dumber to construct a coherent statement. Keep trying…

      • Bimbam

        Can Romney or Ryan equal this?

        Barry Saetoro aka oBama was a hard-core drug user.
        It is alleged he had homosexual affairs.
        Murder and mayhem follow his career, not to mention crooks and deviants.
        He had no father like Bull Clinton who hates women, unless his pants is unzipped.
        He is a bonafide non-stop liar kicked from the gutters.
        He is a Muslim deep inside that hole of his.
        He has accomplished nothing worthy to be president. Hence he hides his record.
        He maybe a foreign born citizen and thus a usurper in office.
        He is lazy.
        He is a racist.

      • Kinetic1

        “He is lazy.
        He had no father like Bull Clinton who hates women, unless his pants is unzipped.
        He is a bonafide (sic) non-stop liar kicked from the gutters.
        He is a racist”

        You forgot to mention he like fried chicken and waddymelon!

        As for Romney and Ryan,
        Ryan lied about running a marathon in near record time.
        In 2010, Ryan asked for $20 million in stimulus money from Obama for companies in his district, then repeatedly denied requesting stimulus funds.
        Ryan (and Romney) continually claim Obama has ‘stolen’ $700 billion from medicare for Obamacare when in fact, these expense reductions do not cut Medicare benefits. Moreover, Romney and Ryan supported these reductions!
        Ryan blamed Obama for the US credit rating downgrade when it was caused by the Republican Congress’s threat not to raise the debt ceiling!

        As for Romney, I could just post the transcript of the last debate where the former governor seemed unable to do anything but claim to support the President’s decisions, but with a few caveats. I’m surprised that he didn’t get whiplash the way he was reversing his opinion.


      Apparently he didn’t get caught cheating on anything because his case was closed by a court owing nothing in taxes. So they figured if they couldn’t get him in yrs 07 and 08 then they will keep looking until they can find something. Considering they were even questioning his mortgage deductions would indicate they are stretching to try to find something and fabricate falsehoods which Obama and the left is so good at doing

      • WILDFIRE

        typical antics of the left doing the same thing with Romney, when they couldn’t find anything wrong with his tax returns, they demanded more returns figuring if they continue to look long enough eventually they will find something but as the left usually does, they failed so they fabricate stories all the while ignore the facts that their messiah has not submitted his education records, BC, or explained why he has used 5 different SS numbers or passports or his fabricated draft card just to name a few

        • tlgeer

          “they failed so they fabricate stories all the while ignore the facts that their messiah has not submitted his education records, BC, or explained why he has used 5 different SS numbers or passports or his fabricated draft card just to name a few”

          Wrong. Extremely wrong.

          Obama has produced his birth certificate, even when he did not have to (before the elections in 2008). The State of Hawaii has verified repeatedly that Obama was born in Hawaii. When the State of Arizona requested verification from the State of Hawaii that Obama was born there, they verified that he was. Arpaid sending people to Hawaii was grandstanding and nothing more than that.

          Educational records are not public and have not been since 1974. You don’t have a right to them. What is it that so many of you think that you will find in his transcripts? And what would it have to do with now? The fact that he graduated from Columbia with a degree in Political Science, and from Harvard with a Law Degree. Those are facts that anyone can, and has, verified online. You don’t even need to go to the colleges or year books.

          He hasn’t used 5 different SS#, and only someone ignorant of how the SSA works would believe such a crackpot idea.

          He has had one passport. His US passport. His step-father did not adopt him so why should he have had more than one? And don’t give me that crap about him using Soetoros’ last name in school in Indonesia. In that time period, in the US too, it was common practice to use the step-father’s name without being adopted by them.

          Do you have any proof, whatsoever, that Obama fabricated his draft card?

          Why are so many of you refusing to accept documented facts over rumor and innuendo?

          As for my Messiah, it is Jesus. So stop it.

          • Frank Kahn

            No matter how many times you keep repeating your lies, we will not believe them. Everyone of importance, even members of his administration admit that the long form BC is a phony. As for his educational records, yes it might be a matter of privacy for everyone else but, if the records do show that he attended as a foreign student on a grant or scholarship attained under that concept, then they are relevant to his current standing as president. As to the passport, if he has only ever had a US passport then he can produce it for verification that it is stamped with all his foreign travels to India and wherever else he has gone.

            I understand that YOU feel that we are being too nosy. I also understand that there are things in this life that make you subject to greater scrutiny. When I got a TS clearance in the military, there was nothing in my background that was off limits for investigation. That ;included all my education, clubs, associations, passport, SS information, employment and the personal activities of friends and relatives. They will even go so far as to check out your sexual background and history for possible blackmail opportunities. And that was all for someone who was just a private in the army. What makes you think that the President of the United States (commander in chief of the military) is exempt from equal or even greater scrutiny?

  • Bob Ballew

    In 2008 you voted for the current president to mprove you were not racial–vote dor
    someone else in 2012 to prove you are not an idiot.

    • tlgeer

      No, the majority of voters voted him into office because he was the better candidate. His skin color had nothing to do with it. Nor does it now.

      I voted for Obama because, despite all the hype about how he is the cause of our economic problems, I know that he helped stopped the fast slide into a depression that we were headed for.

      I had watched, for years, the missteps that our country has taken. Removing the laws that were put in place in the Great Depression so that the banking part never happened again.

      I watched while a projected was coming when Bush was elected was squandered by giving the top percentage tax payers the lowest tax rates since the Great Depression. That alone took us from a projected plus to a projected minus. Using common sense you do not lower your income when your debts stay the same, or increase.

      I watched while our President and Vice President got us into 2 wars without including those costs into the operating budget. That meant that their budget numbers were not just wrong but extremely wrong.

      I understood, and agreed, with the US and most of the rest of the world that we needed to go into Afghanistan. Bin Laden was there, and he was in charge of the 9-11 attacks that killed 3,000 people, including people from around the world.

      I did not understand, and protested against, invading Iraq. There was no valid reason to do so. In fact the UN inspectors that were there to make sure that there were no nuclear weapons, or material that could make them, were told to leave the country by our President because he was going to invade it. He did this despite being told, in no uncertain terms, that Iraq had no nuclear weapons, and no materials to make them. The White House agreed, years later, that they made up the information that they gave to Congress in order to get them to agree with the invasion.

      I watched while our President Bush kept telling people that our economy was sound. If you actually read the papers during his terms in office, especially the financial papers, you knew that was a lie. A flat out lie.

      During the 2008 debates I watched McCain say that he could get this country’s economy back on track in 1 year. Obama said that it would take about 10 years. And before you all get into a lather, he didn’t say that he would be in office for that long. But his estimation (which is all you can do – estimate) is proving to be correct.

  • innertrader

    I went through the exact SAME thing back in the early 90s, including my accountant(s), two of them! They didn’t get a dime out of me, but they destroyed my business, my marriage and my life! After it was over, I went into the IRS office (another story within itself) and asked the head IRS agent what they were trying to do to me and he said, with NO hesitation whatsoever, “PUT YOU IN PRISON”, period! I know of another Republican that this has happened to recently.
    This has been going on by Democratic politicians for over 20 years! This nation is in HUGE trouble!!!!

  • Linda Turner

    If you’re on the IRS hit list, it’s probably because you’re a tax cheat, and you know it. You flatter yourself to think that what you do is of interest to the president of the United States.

    • http://google rose

      Americans should not have to live under stress, because of a government agency. There are many people in this country who make a lot of money from illegal activity who never pay taxes. There are many people collecting disability checks and food stamps and get free health care, who still do jobs on the side for cash and don’t pay taxes. So there is your distribution of wealth. They are not putting into the pot, but they are taking from it. There are people collecting unemployment and doing jobs on the side for cash, and not paying taxes. Most people look for deduction when filing taxes. Why would anybody pay anymore than they have to.
      And on another note, why won’t Obama release his birth certificate, school records, and school applications, he could be giving 5 million dollars to his favorite charity. If he is really interested in helping the poor or less fortunate. But NO he is selfish and sneaky and would ratherr see others suffer.

      • Karolyn

        Why would the President of the US lower himself for that big mouth jerk Trump? Also, with all of Trump’s connections and money, he obviously hasn’t found anything worth mentioning about obama. Give it up!

      • http://google rose

        The president is NOT above anybody. And yes he should lower himself down to an ordinary American level. I would be willing to release my college transcripts, my birth certificate, my tax records, my hospital records, etc… if it would give 5 million dollars to the charity of my choice. Why should he be so darn sneaky and selfish and be above doing this.

      • Kinetic1

        President Obama may not be above any other American, but the office of the President is. Allowing anyone, let alone the Donald to embarrass or coerce the President into doing anything, even something as simple as releasing his transcripts is below the office. It is a cheep shot and an even cheeper publicity stunt. Those who support the President will not want him to lower himself to Trump’s level, even if it might shut up the TEA Party (though we all know they will just claim that the documents are forgeries.) Those who do support him are unlikely to believe anything that is released, because they don’t care about evidence unless it supports their beliefs. Why not just ask him if he still beats his wife?

      • tlgeer

        “There are many people collecting disability checks and food stamps and get free health care, who still do jobs on the side for cash and don’t pay taxes.”

        If you know who they are turn them in. If you don’t know who they are you are just guessing. The people that I know who are getting SSDI and Food Stamps, including myself, don’t work under the table because they can not work.

      • tlgeer

        “And on another note, why won’t Obama release his birth certificate, school records, and school applications, he could be giving 5 million dollars to his favorite charity. If he is really interested in helping the poor or less fortunate. But NO he is selfish and sneaky and would ratherr see others suffer.”

        He has released his birth certificate. He even went so far as to write the Head of the Department of Health to ask for a copy of his original record (the one that came from the hospital to the Department of Health), despite the fact that they do not do that, because of all of these calls for it. Remember, all of you people who said that if he did that, that they would accept it as valid. Well, he did and you people said that it was forged!

        The State of Hawaii has verified repeatedly that the birth certificate is real and that Obama was born in Hawaii. The State of Arizona, while Arpaio was grandstanding, sent a request through the national verification program to verify or deny that what was on Obama’s birth certificate was valid. The State of Hawaii sent to the State of Arizona the information that what they sent was valid. Because of all the different states, and all of the differing amount of years before a vital record becomes public, all you can get is verification or denial.

        I think that it is sneaky and selfish to withhold so much money from charities in order to get records that they have no right to.

        Trump is attempting to force our President into lowering himself to what amounts to a circus act. Trump, and the public, have no right AT ALL to anyone elses academic records other than their own. This has been a Federal Law since 1974.

        I am hoping that our President holds steady in this, and does not give into this circus.

        And if Trump really wants to help the poor why doesn’t he just do it instead of turning this into yet another circus. We have more important things going on to put up with this sideshow of asking for things we have no right to.

      • deerinwater

        Rose says; “I would be willing to release my college transcripts, my birth certificate, my tax records, my hospital records, etc… if it would give 5 million dollars to the charity of my choice. Why should he be so darn sneaky and selfish and be above doing this.”

        Well Rose, ~ you are not views as a threat to anyone, if you had the power and position of office to be viewed as a threat, you would require security for your personal safety. Limiting public information aids in security efforts.

    • JeffH

      The pleasures of ignorance are as great, in their way, as the pleasures of knowledge.
      - Aldous Huxley

      • GALT

        First person relative………when the latter is exposed to the former, pleasure ceases for the latter, which is quickly followed by the same result in the former.

    • Peter Sagi


      It is impossible to out lie, out cheat, or out steal the IRS. But the real culprit behind the income tax is NOT the IRS, it is corporate Amerika. Corporate Amerika by and large refuses to hire anyone without a socialist slavestate number. An SSN is NOT REQUIRED to work in the private sector in any of the fifty states at occupations of common right … that is, not some specific privileged activity. But use of an SSN converts mere hire and trading labor and/or intellectual property for remuneration into the taxable activity of “employment.” So the IRS has the private sector do their dirty work for them, turning most Americans into “taxpayers” when, by right, they shouldn’t be … unless they were given both a full disclosure as well as a choice. But almost nobody is given either. Therefore, any means of keeping your money out of their hands is legitimate, because you are dealing with a criminal, organized protection racket.


    • Frank Kahn

      Your unreasonable assumption that he is a tax cheat ( whatever that is) without evidence is uncalled for. I cannot support his contention since I have no information to prove one way or the other his claims. I do know that, if this happened as he stated, with the IRS agent calling him personally, that is extremely unusual from my personal experience. I have been audited twice, in both cases I received a certified letter informing me of the action and advising me of the reason as well as the time frame to expect to be interviewed. As he alluded to, there are two main reasons for getting audited, 1 is a random audit which might happen to 1 in several hundred thousand citizens. 2. is some mistake make on the forms like leaving out a name or not checking a box, or maybe claiming a deduction that requires an additional form you forgot to include. I dont know the cause of the audits but, what he describes if highly suspicious.

  • Deerinwater

    Paranoia can be brought on by many things, ~ feelings of guilt, ~ feelings of being picked on and singled out ~ anyone that going though an IRS body cavity search would qualify and display a degree of paranoia.

    No doubt ~ you have managed to draw attention to yourself ~ in some way ~ and the ways to do that are many. Calling out the President is but one. Clearly you feel guilty but still within your rights.

    May I assure you, ~ you are not alone. ~ I hold a certified letter from the IRS as of 2 days ago I have yet to open ~ My bookkeeper appears to have skipped town, the phone goes over to a Fax ring. ~ I’ve left notes on his office door ~ so far nothing! Not wishing to write a personal check for the final 350.00 due for last year. ~ I paid my book keeper $450.00 to take care of it. ~ When I manage to feel less upset about these event. ~ I plan to open this letter and thank goodness ~ the amount is small ~ or at least I hope it is.

    Clearly YOU ARE an Obama enemy where as, I am not. Whether or not you have been place on an enemy list for your conduct, remains to be proven, leaving you to make the charge and offering good material for a write up. But I really believe Obama is busy with other matters at the moment. ~ There are a hundred thousand Americans like yourself and your are not really that special or that effective Mr. Root.

    • FreedomFighter

      Stupid is Stupid Deerinheadlights

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • deerinwater

        Deerinwater. if you please. ~ or Longshanks Deerinwater or Mr. Deerinwater ~ or just Deer will work.

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      Same View as You! Deerinwater… Californias Franchize Tax Board, took my State Tax Return From Me, for a Delinkwent Vehicle Registration, on a Truck I Haven’t had on the streets for 3 Years!

  • Jayson

    If taxes were voluntary then governments wouldn’t automatically be immoral or criminal because they would be completely funded by donation only, thus their very existence limited by voluntarism.

    If governments actually did a good job and spent our money wisely, then people might willingly donate for social programs, roads, schools etc. but when taxes are compulsory and a huge percentage of them goes towards lining the pockets of politicians, I can’t help but think privatization of social programs, road construction, schools and everything else the government unsatisfactorily provides us would be better for society by letting the free market and small communities/neighborhoods decide instead of our immoral, criminal governments.

    Government is immoral because it violates two fundamental moral axioms that every civilized human being takes for granted.

    Number 1, the non-aggression principle, you do not initiate the use of force against your fellow man, woman or child.

    Number 2, property rights, we own ourselves, we own the effects of our actions. Government violates the non-aggression principle by creating a monopoly of force, a small group of people with all the guns on the planet who get to order everyone else around and people are always shocked that this concentrated, unlimited application of violence to the solution of complex social problems always goes wrong.

    “They steal, and they lie, and they are essentially a criminal organization, and attempting to manage, and control, and minimize a criminal organization doesn’t work. Minarchism, or the goal of minimizing government through political action is just another government program and it does exactly the same thing as all other government programs; it achieves the opposite of it’s intended goal which is why government keeps getting bigger and bigger the more we try to make it smaller and smaller”. -Stefan Molyneux

    • GALT

      Let me help boy…..

      Government is immoral because it violates two fundamental moral axioms that every civilized human being takes for granted.

      two, you say…….?

      Number 1, the non-aggression principle, you do not initiate the use of force against your fellow man, woman or child.

      Yuh think? because that strangely looks like something that is taught as HISTORY, but just to help out……that was the aspiration and inspiration of this claim…

      “governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed”

      that was fairly recent, was a lie…..even god doesn’t operate that way…..

      Number 2, property rights, we own ourselves,

      Yup that is true…….no need to continue until you know what it means……..

      “we” is a good beginning…….I’m just not seeing “we”…….

      when you can do WE……you have a chance at moral……..

      here’s a quote….

      “We the Living.”

      Run with that……see what comes of it.

      • Frank Kahn

        Are you suggesting that he read Ayn Rands book or is it sufficiently accurate to just watch the movie?

        And a personal question, are you wanting us to glean the immoral twists of the protagonist in her quest for righteousness, or is it more that we look to the machinations of the state?

        There are many deep thought provoking twists in this story, I wonder if you will share with us your take on the moral(s) of the story at a later time?

      • GALT

        It is sufficient to read the quote…….the inference is self contained within the relevant context of the exchange.

      • deerinwater

        No movie yet with “we the living” ~ something close ? “Head in the clouds” assume story line

    • Peter Sagi

      For Jayson and Wayne … The income tax IS voluntary. No, it is NOT voluntary for TAXPAYERS … but, whether or not you ARE a taxpayer IS voluntary. “Huh? I thought everybody has to pay their taxes or they go to jail!” is what you are thinking. That is true, exept, who’s taxes are they? According to the US Supreme Court in the earliest of decisions upholding the 16th ammendment as being within the bounds of the Constitution, the income tax is an excise tax, a tax on government granted privilege. It is only MEASURED by the income DERIVED FROM taxable privilege.

      If a treasury agent knocked on your door and said that you were remiss in not paying the stamp tax on the manufacture of cigarettes, what would you say? You would probably object on the grounds that you are not a manufacturer of cigarettes and have no need to buy his tax stamps. The manufacture of cigarettes is considered a privilege. But what about the income tax?

      The IRS counts on your believing that the tax is a direct tax on property, but that is not what the US Supreme Court has said. So what is the taxable privilege? For most people, the taxable privilege is “employment.” It is possible to work for a living without being “employed. The difference is participation in socialistic insecurity. The slave enumeration bureau, aka the Social Security Administration, will state plainly in writing, if asked, that “use of an SSN is 100% voluntary and not required to live OR WORK in the United States nor is it required to have just for the sake of having.” But most companies that hire insist upon one out of ignorance and/or fear, or some bad actors that deliberately seek to force everyone into the program.

      Use an SSN on the job and you are, in effect, going thru the federal govt. as if it was your temp agency. They insist, “on your behalf,” upon minimum wage laws, OSHA regs, overtime regs, equali opportunity “employment,” maternity leave, etc. Therein lies the taxable privilege. No SSN use and no liability is incurred for FICA, payroll tax, medicare tax, federal income tax, state income tax, local income tax, or Obamacare. In the event that the company that hires is a taxpayer and files a corporate income tax, the cost of your remuneration can be expensed out via the category of “OTHER” on a corporate tax form WITHOUT you providing an SSN or other individual taxpayer ID number, i.e., an ITIN. The exception would be for a non resident alien, i.e., here in the US for less than 181 days.

      And Wayne … considering who you are in the “movement” you should understand how the tax system works and should have known better than to be a “taxpayer.” The brutal and nasty truth is that as far as your problems with the IRS, you did it to yourself when you elected to participate in taxable privilege. And if you didn’t know any better, shame on you. But now that you have read this and at least have some questions, you owe it to yourself to find out a bit more. The Dave Champion websites are a good place to start.


      • GALT

        Yes it IS voluntary…….

        What is income?

        Voluntary? Try 26 CFR 31,3402 (p)

      • GALT

        Sorry Pete……..a bit discombobulated……me, that is…..good try…..and thanks for trying…..
        I get lost in this arid sea…….

  • steve

    Looks like a clear cut case for the “Fair Tax Proposal” to me. No more IRS to hassle anyone.

  • Toy
  • Logan

    Hahaha wow. This guy. “I’m no big shot politician, not a billionaire, not wealthy at all. I’m just a poor little guy, model citizen, homeschooling dad. Victim of a bullying president” Then a laundry list of grand standing achievements including libertarian presidential candidate, leader of multiple businesses, best selling author, fox news whore, etc. etc. Not that you’re bragging or anything..

    You must think pretty highly of yourself to assume that what YOU have to say (poor wittle ol’ you) about the president is SO powerful and influencing that he would take time out of his day as President of the United States of America to come after you personally. The president of the United States, we’re talking here. And you. C’mon, pal. Get off your schtick. The IRS came after you because you’ve got money, maybe not a BILLION dollars, but you’ve got money, oh great Capitalist Evangelist, and you’re probably hiding it in offshore accounts or using some financial wizardry (you know, all those loop holes Romney keeps talking about..that only he is so familiar with…for some reason). You obviously don’t like taxes, so you’ve got to be getting away with something. And they [expletive deleted] reamed you. Because that’s what an IRS audit is. It’s a reaming. That’s why the IRS has the reputation they have.

    But perhaps even more absurd is your attempt at demonizing hyperbole and some loose-ass story to make yourself sound like a personal victim of the President of the United States of America to give your farcical over-the-top rhetoric credibility. As if you were speaking SO MUCH TRUTH, the president had to bring the hammer of GOD down upon you like the liberal fascist he is. You, the little capitalist Robin Hood (how’s that for an oxymoron). Or maybe you’re more like David vs. Goliath (since you’re such a right wing evangelist). The irony being, that you are part of the conservative media attack machine (Fox News, bank-rolled Tea Party-ers, this blog, etc.) that keeps Goliath (big private enterprise) in power and sodomizing the general public (David). You want the really really really rich guy to get into power, the businessman out to make a buck. Because, you know, when business interests collude with government that’s a GOOD thing! As we saw with the multiple scandals of the Bush administration. Oh, and then there’s Wall Street. Yay for those guys!


    The neo-cons are the voice of corruption in this country pretending to be the voice of “freedom” and “liberty” as if they’re some revolutionary faction “for the people”. But what you really have here is a Robert Tilton of big industry.

    • Paul Wells

      So, what’s your claim to fame, Logan? Diarrhea of the mouth? You run it quite well, obviously. Why do you feel the overpowering need to tear down what someone else has accomplished? Do you and O’blamer hate the U.S. that much? This is still the land of opportunity (for a little while, until Oblamer signs an executive order outlawing THAT too) so far as I know. But your tired harping on what others have done to you, the evil neocons, and having no personal responsibility yourself, well that’s just deluded.

  • JON

    Wayne, I would think you’d be on a lot of people’s enemies list! It’s more than likely caused by you simply opening your mouth!

    • Paul Wells

      As opposed to you, Jon, who opens mouth and nothing of any substance comes out? What a maroon!

  • simian_pete


    This is what you should do ……

    You need to get a LAW DEGREE ! It’s time to go back to school and major in TAX LAW…. It will take you like 3 years ? With your new LAW DEGREE you can defend yourself at a much lower cost.

    You could also start a PAC to change the law in Washington. This PAC could change the IRS laws …

    Also – the IRS agent who is auditing you. Your attorney or you could get him/her to become a whistleblower… Have them join your PAC after they are fired (if they are fired) and pursue compensation for that person under the whistleblower laws …

    Just some suggestions …..

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Johnson Supporters:
    What PARTY is Johnson in? “If he won… How could he get anything done? 1 of 3 is out voted by 2 to 1… Politics is a FARCE!!! & A JOKE!!!

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Wayne: The TRUTH is… The Republicians under Little BUSH Cost this (Our Country Trillions of $’s in Debt,) Alowed Many of our Fathers & Sons to Die & get injured in a Bogus War Scheme. Bush’s can’t pay it back! So let his supporters!!! All of your $ isn’t enough…

  • D. K. Carvin

    Someone should expose the list of Obama’s Executive orders since he has been in office that take away our Constitutional Rights!

  • tomnchrist

    George bush was a Rino and only won his 2nd election by electoral vote. Republicans did not learn from the McCain fiasco. If you want the independent vote, put forth a conservative candidate, not just a lesser of two evils! Don’t blame independents for your losing ways.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Republicians are displaying a Desperation, in Nomenating a PREACHER!

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Wayne: I bet you think the Computer Solitare is Rigged… Beacuse you can’t get better than 49% wins!

    • Frank Kahn

      Solitaire is not rigged as far as I can determine, always have better than 75% on it. I do however know that the Hearts game is, or at least it violates every rule of statistical averages for predicting the probability of your hand possessing the Queen of spades. Through massive testing I have found that it is probable that you will eat the queen of spades in the first hand of the game more than 80% of the time. I have played many games that I was dealt the queen of spades in every single hand. Since I considered this to be somewhat suspect, and I am a computer programmer, I wrote my own hearts game with a normal randomized random number generator. My game has never given me more than 40% on receiving the queen of spades in a game. And being dealt the queen of spades on the very first hand occurs around 20% of the time. I cannot say for certain that Microsoft intentionally rigged the game but, I am certain that it defies the logic of statistical averages associated with random occurrences.

      • deerinwater

        Hmm? That’s interesting. I use to play a lot of Rook, ~ a Queen lead would be hoping your partner might catch it, you know it won’t catch a trick in early play.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Ya… But you arn’t blameing O’Bomba for rigging things, of chance…

        • Frank Kahn

          Tell me what CHANCE you are talking about and I will tell you A. if it was chance, B. if it was rigged, C. Is Obama responsible.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Frank Kahn: The CHANCE OF WINNING @ SOLITAIRE… 49% = Looser! 51% Winner @ WHAT ( With yourself Against Yourself … OR You Vs. GAME! )

        • Frank Kahn

          Your post makes no sense, I cannot understand either your statement or your question.

          If you are having difficulty understanding my post please tell me where you get confused.

          In playing solitaire there is no percentage that determines the winner of the game. If you win the game (reveal and use all the cards) then that is 1 win. If you fail to reveal and use all the cards you lose, that is 1 loss. If you win more games than you lose then you have a better than 50% winning average. If you dont, then you have a losing average. Neither situation makes you a WINNER or LOSER.

          In analyzing the comment about playing solitaire against a computer, I am assuming it is meant the card game using 52 cards.

          In this situation you are only playing against the computer if you consider it to be an opponent by some form of manipulation. That manipulation would need to be in the randomizing of the cards being dealt. If you believe that someone came up with an algorithm that could manipulate the order of the cards in a manner that would force you to lose most of the time then it is an opponent.

          If you are using actual playing cards instead of a computer, would you say you are playing against the cards or yourself?

          In both cases, you are actually playing on your own, hence the name solitaire (means alone).

          Now if the computer is not rigged and, assuming you cant stack the deck and dont cheat you are really playing against random chance.

          In that case you can win more games if you are a good and talented player, not making stupid mistakes. But in that case it comes back to playing against yourself. So maybe you are always playing against yourself with a handicap of random chance on the positioning of the cards in the deck.

          So I hope the last part answers you question of You VS ???

          I consider playing solitaire (in many forms of card games) to be an exercise in learning how to play it better and seeing if I can improve on my winning percentage. It is a competition of ONE.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Frank Kahn : See… You do understand!
        The basic point, was to Waynes Paranoia; He should realy put himself in check!

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        A Good look at his Republician party… May prove that it was instigated by them! to get more $ from him; FOR CONTRUBITIONS to Mit, in time for election! ( Being so close as it is reported.)

  • John Flynne

    Pity you do not live in a true democracy. Compulsory voting would change a lot of things and you wouldn’t waste $2 billion

  • tom

    The only thing I can’t stand about Obama is, he is EVIL !!!

  • tom

    Let me make myself clear, He is EVIL in every part of his life !!!

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      Understand the word “CLEAR”… You want to be invisible.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Invisible … Corrected to UN visible. ( NOT IN VISSION! )Proof of what we were tought in School was misleading!

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      1st. Definition of EVIL was: The Covering of Beauty! / Decisions made behind closed doors.

      • deerinwater

        Hmm? I wonder if this is a new “tom” or if this is the old “Tom” returning with a slightly improved attitude toward civil discourse ?

        Well, I suppose everyone has their own ideas about “evil” , but if Obama is “evil” to “tom” what would he call Godfrey Dommer? A hunger person?

        This misuse of words makes words have no meaning. How would you like to live in a world where the most basic communication was impossible?

        Back in 2008 , they were calling McCain a “hero” ~ so what do we call real “Hero’s” Dead GI’s?

  • Lori Gibson

    Wayne, Thank you for sharing your very unfair & distressful experience ! So sorry for you being put through that being targeted ! Isn’t there any way to trace the origin of the attack on you , and SUE Obama Admin . ???

  • ableton

    Mr Root Says: Hello. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. How can you represent Liberty of any kind while supporting a NEOCON? I doubt you are in any danger by Obama’s mafia as NEOCONS are pretty safe here in this country for now.

  • GALT

    “BTW the 3d game is pointless…….the first player to move, can force a win on his third
    move every time………”

    The above is what was said…….and what you were responding to…….unfortunately being
    a functional illiterate……you confused the 2d game and children……with the statement regarding the 3d game…… your last post, you revise history……and also confirm
    the above statement to be correct……while attempting to take credit for it……..all you are doing is repeating what was already said to you, which is quoted above…..

    Now thank you for your clarification, 18 and 2 are logically consistent, as are 9 and 1,
    so I take back the conclusion that you might have stumbled on the correct answers by chance or that you might have illustrated what a “known, unknown” is……….you remain
    completely clueless as to both.

    As noted previously, the question regarding the “different available moves” involves
    the placement of the move…….choice of symbols are irrelevant and changes nothing,
    which brings us back to your original answers…….which are now just simple, obvious and wrong.

    Thank you for your final tantrum and your proposed solution to the exposure of your non existent intellect and your insistent “willfull ignorance”………you have nothing to offer that is productive but I am sure you will find that you will have many peers here who will be happy to waste time and energy with you……….as you have so much in common with them, with “functional illiteracy” being the primary characteristic………

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    In re: Jeb Bush to Newsmax: Obama Campaigning Like ’10-Year-Old’

    Read more on Jeb Bush to Newsmax: Obama Campaigning Like ’10-Year-Old’
    Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!
    Jeb would make a Useable Diplomat, if he wern’t so loyal to the Republician Party!
    But ” He is a Bush” !

  • Marion Delgado

    Just out of curiosity, you mendacious poltroon, do you know this by the same “gut instinct” by which you claimed Obama went to Columbia as a foreign exchange student, in the face of all facts? It’s people like you that are giving “Personal Liberty” when capitalized, the aura of “paranoid schizophrenic current or future shut-in, and the amoral con-men who feed off them.”

    What put Obama on YOUR enemies list? Your defamation meets the “willful disregard of evidence provided to the defamer in contradiction of the defamatory claim” criterion for an “actual malice” suit.

    • Frank Kahn

      Possibly, however, the evidence must be secured and verified as true to prove that a lie was used in this matter before defamation can be proven. It is a false statement made with intent? Is it an opinion expressed from circumstantial evidence? Is it true?

      Actually, who cares what a lawyer thinks about it, many of them are just in it for the money anyway.

  • Newspooner

    We need to get rid of the communist income tax. And we need to get rid of the communist United Nations.

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      Both have Great Value… Corner Stones to the Foundation of Stability! ( Fairness & Unity.)
      Get rid of the SALES TAX! ” Rase the IMPORT TAX!” Make Income Tax @ 10% Everyone & All Businesses & Now Tax Exempt Freeloaders!

  • dan

    The IRS is nothing! Wait untii the FDA shows up!

  • jopa

    Mr. Root claims fame and is having visions of grandeur claiming he is on Obama’s hit list.President Obama probably never heard of Root and he is just not a factor in the political spotlight.I never heard of him before he came here.Many people make off the wall claims and suggestions just trying to grab some sort of spotlight.

    • coal miner 1

      More or less.

  • Lisa Smith

    I sure I’m on the list just because I subscribe to conservative sites and occasionally make a comment or two.

  • Larry Kellogg

    Look what happened to Dr. Dino., Kent Hovind. When they jailed this man of God around ten years ago for income tax evasion, the Lord told me “It has begun” He is always right.

  • Tonja

    This piece of writing will help the internet people for setting up new blog or even a
    blog from start to end.


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