Hypocrisy On The Left: “Progressive” Christian Site Rejects LGBT Ad


A coalition of “progressive” Christians is apparently unfamiliar with the Left’s stance on homosexuality.

Sojourners, a Christian group that supports liberal political goals and claims to celebrate diversity, recently rejected an ad that asks Protestant leaders to welcome lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgendered (LGBT) people into the church.

Believe Out Loud, a project of multi-faith social justice organization Intersections International produced the ad. Reverend Robert Chase, the founding director of Intersections International, in an editorial for ReligionDispatches.org, condemns Sojourners’ decision.

“We have asked ourselves why Sojourners, a preeminent voice for justice in the religious community, rejected our ad buy. Does the organization not really believe in welcome for ‘everyone’ in our churches or do they believe everyone is welcome, but they are afraid to ‘believe out loud’ for fear of alienating some constituents?” Chase said.

A Diversity Statement on the website for Sojourners says that the group commits to “intentionally seek partners, participants and contributors to our programs, events and publications that mirror the diversity of our churches and society, with special efforts to welcome those who are underrepresented.”

Sojourners is headed by Jim Wallis, who has been described as a “spiritual advisor” to President Barack Obama.

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