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Huntsman Leaving Beijing For Possible White House Bid

February 7, 2011 by  

Huntsman leaving Beijing for possible White House bidJon Huntsman's decision to resign from his Chinese ambassadorship has fueled rumors that the former Governor of Utah is gearing up for a presidential bid in 2012.

Huntsman, a Republican, stated earlier this week that he will leave Beijing on April 30. Although he has not confirmed his intentions to run for president, many pundits believe that the charismatic Huntsman will throw his hat in an already crowded field of potential candidates. Huntsman is the second Mormon to be rumored for the 2012 race, along with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

In 2009, Obama designated Huntsman as the United States Ambassador to China. Many political analysts believe that his appointment was part of an effort by the President to delay Huntsman's White House bid until 2016. Some people have speculated that Huntsman's ties to the Obama administration could hurt his candidacy.

The President recently joked about it, as well.

"I'm sure that him having worked so well with me will be a great asset in any Republican primary," Obama said about the prospect of Huntsman running in 2012.

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  • WayneT

    I don’t know Jon Huntsman, so therefore I will make any comments about him. I will be watching.

  • WayneT

    I don’t know Jon Huntsman, so therefore I will not make any comments about him. I will be watching.

    • TaxWiz

      You would be doing yourself a real favor if you get to know him — he is the inventor of many items that you use every day of your life, not to mention being a *REAL* man of his word or that he’s a philanthropist who has given several fortunes away (to form a cancer research & treatment facility! Make a point of getting to know about this man….

  • bob wire

    “From 1987 to 1988, Huntsman and his family lived and worked in Taipei. After college, Huntsman worked as a White House staff assistant in the Reagan Administration, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Ambassador to Singapore in the administration of President George H. W. Bush, and a Deputy United States Trade Representative in the George W. Bush Administration.

    In addition to his public service, Huntsman served as an executive for the Huntsman Corporation, the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, and CEO of Huntsman Family Holdings Company. Other organizations he has served include the Utah Opera, Envision Utah, the Coalition for Utah’s Future, and KSL-TV’s Family Now campaign.

    In November 2004, Huntsman was elected Governor of Utah with 57% of the vote, He was re-elected in November 2008 with 77.7% of the vote,

    During his tenure as governor, Utah was named the best managed state by the Pew Center on the States.[10]

    At the 2008 Republican National Convention, Huntsman delivered a nominating speech for Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the party’s nominee for Vice President.[11] John Heilemann of New York magazine called the speech “jarringly clumsy.”[11]

    President Barack Obama nominated Jon Huntsman to serve as the United States Ambassador to China on May 16, 2009, noting his experience in the region and proficiency in Mandarin Chinese. ”,_Jr.

    Well, ~ aside from not completing his last two tenure obligations for better deals, he appears worthy consideration.

    • Dick Gazinia

      This is an intellect and background I can respect. Let’s move the mental lightweights that are media darlings out of the way and make room for genuine, competent conservative leadership.

      Palin, Bachmann, Cantor, Jindal, and Boehner should move to the sidelines and let those with 3-digit IQs take the lead. I am sooooo tired of “conservative” leaders who are nothing more than spouters of rhetoric they hardly understand.

      • http://none Alex

        There are no conservatives with triple-digit IQs.

        • Lastmanstanding

          And even less liberals.

          • libertytrain

            :) :)

          • http://?? Joe H.

            you seen the news about China building a bunch of cities with nobody living in them?? One is in the middle of a desert! has something about it as well as I don’t know what it’s all about, but it’s kinda freaky!!! Wonder if kate8 has seen anything about it??

          • libertytrain

            No I haven’t Joe, but it certainly sounds interesting. Hmmm.

          • Cawmun Cents

            The reason the Chinese do the city with nobody in it thing is so they can keep their slave populace under control.Instead of emminent domain like here in the good ol’ U.S.A.,they just come and move you elsewhere to a place which already has all the acoutrements of the company store.Kind of like it was here in the late 19th century.Except there will be no workers rights,now,or in the future.Yes if they can keep you guessing thhen younever have that shield of safety that we have here.You know the one I am talking about.You live in the same home no matter what work you do,or where your job is.The Chinese dont have that comfort.They are told where to work and live.And if you dont like it we have a labor camp you can and will be transferred to.There are people who may come and say,”Its really not like that in China…I was there and nobody said anything like that happened to me.”Enjoy your home.There are folks out there thinking of your best interests right here in America.Who knows?One day maybe you can have your very own company store?

  • Deep River Rat

    The last thing we need is a another socialist walking in the footsteps of Obummer. Thats why I like Herman Cain. A true businessman,unlike the community organizer,can run a country.And he does’t need a Teleprompter!

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

      Deep River Rat:

      I have been 100% behind Herman Cain for almost one year. I read an interview with him, I think, last June. If the GOP passes him over, it will be 2008 all over again.

      Mr. Cain is the only one I will vote for in the GOP. If he is not at the top of the ticket, I will be voting Libertarian.

    • Dr. Mabuse

      A former chairman (1995-96) and deputy chairman (1992-94) of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.
      Now where do you think his real loyalties lie?

      A mis statement in reference to the Gold standard:
      “We should have never gotten off the gold standard because when we got off the gold standard, that then allowed “CONGRESS” to inflate our currency whenever they overspent.”
      So the Fed had no part in the inflation process?

      While running for the senate in ’04 Cain stated:
      That he was a true conservative, noting that he opposed the legality of abortion even in cases of rape and incest.
      Are you kidding me?

      To be fair, Cain has his good points, but he’ll never get my vote for the Oval Office.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

        He seems to be a problem solver and basically has a good resume. Much more solid than Barry.

        I would love to see him run and watch the media go appaplectic. We have elected a half black as president, so why not a black as president?

        He is a strong Baptist Deacon with strong Christian roots. Ah ha! Therein lies the rub! The media would practically self-destruct!

  • WayneT

    After doing some checking, I now realize who this Jon Huntsman is. I have seen his Dad on TV on a few occassions. From what I have heard, and seen on TV, I admire the elder Jon Huntsman. He seems to be a man of good character, and principles. If he is anything like his farther, and carries his fathers traits, then he would make a good president.

  • Arpad

    Romney for Pres and Huntsman for VP
    Change we CAN believe in
    Both these guys served two years as LDS missionaries sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    They are honest and love this Nation and its Constitution..
    They would set back the progressives to no end.

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      The socialist, anti-God (and anti-U.S.A.) media in this country would have an absolute field day with two Mormons heading up the ticket. You would see an anal exame like never before.

      I would say Herman Cain at he top and Huntsman as Veep.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Old Henry,
        Check out Duncan Hunter!!!

    • Dagney

      Romney will not be able to overcome his “Romneycare” debacle in Massachusetts. Please no more losers or RHINO’s nominated in the Republican Party!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        If romney is anything like his old man was with Michigan, WE DON’T NEED HIM!!!!!!!

    • Wim Vonk

      This is all we need. More religion mixed with politics. Can you not see what havoc it is causing and has caused in the Middle East. Leave religion out of politics. They will only push for the things they believe in and therefore not represent all the non religious people in the US. Church and State should be separate. All progressive countries are that way

      • Earle

        For heavens sake, I would rather have someone as president with some moral religious background than the disrespectful charlatan we have now.
        Take a look at your money and read the inscription.

      • Dick Gazinia

        Thomas Jefferson’s proudest achievement: separation of church and state. No theocracy’s, please. Our founding fathers would frown on it.

        All theocracies are dangerous.

        • Cawmun Cents

          What goes in you?Just because a man beieves in something is no reason to suspect them of trying to “insert”(thought you’d like that)their religion into their politics.Unless of course like the Muslim-types you talk of doing such a thing publicly. We are at a crossroads where we could use a little honesty from our leaders.Not that I;m saying we will have complete disclosure,(had to laugh a bit at that)but any type of straight-forwardness would be appreciated after the current administrations foibles.The President we have now seems to have a publisist doing his oratories.Look,I dont necessarily think that because someone is religious that they are honest to a fault.But if we keep electing people who call for one thing and do another right in front of us,we might begin to get to a state of unrest.Not the blogging about kind,the flogging about kind.

    • Pat R

      I wouldn’t call Romney honest! Ask him how he ended up with over a Billion dollars from the money belonging to “We the People” that Leo Wanta got from the downfall of Russia. No, I’m afraid Mitt Romney is nothing but a thief! Along with LBJ, GHW Bush GW Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton. They all have Accounts overseas that right now have been frozen. I say CLEAN THEM OUT! AND PROSICUTE.

    • GenEarly

      Romney is a Progressive getting support from the Bushie Camp of RINO Progressives! Remember who ran as a “Rockefeller Republican” against Reagan in that presidential primary? And what did Bush I do to the Reagan Revolution once he became president? And who spent more money on domestic socialist programs since Reagan? Clinton or Bush II? Please get a grip!

    • http://none Alex

      As someone brought up in the Mormon church, I can assure you that the entire religion is a FAKE.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Shiela M.

        So what sins are you trying to hide? Anyone who makes such a pathetic statement is always trying to hide his guilt.

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Shiela M.

          Alex, I think your last name is Huggins.

  • tomshup

    I think many people are confusing the son woth his father. The elder Huntsman is a true conservative, good businessman and philanthropist….not so sure about the younger.

    • WayneT

      tomshup, your right, he is the son. After reading this website:,_Jr. I notice he is supporting the Obama “Cap & Trade” bill. That is one big negative against him as far as I am concerned. I believe I would rather have Mike Hucklebee as our president. Plus, I have had a longer period of time to get to know Hucklebee. Huntsman Jr., supports gay unions, and according to this article, has even supported Obama’s Stimulous package. I think he has too many progressive traits for me. If he had his father’s traits I am sure I would feel different. A lot of these younger folks that were born in the 50′s and 6o’s went to those Liberal colleges, and universities, and left their parents Conservative Values.

  • Bitter Libertarian

    **SIDE NOTE**

    Washington sources tell us that a Patriot Act renewal bill is scheduled for a vote in the House TOMORROW, Tuesday February 8.

    They will attempt to pass the bill, H.R.514, under “suspension of the rules,” which requires a two-thirds vote.

    Defeating this will only require 1/3 of Congress. That will buy us time, and time is what we need to educate Congress that the Patriot Act is unnecessary and dangerous


    Quote of the Day: “If Big Brother (of Orwell’s 1984) comes to America, he will not be a fearsome, foreboding figure with a heart-chilling, omnipresent glare as in 1984. He will come with a smile on his face, a quip on his lips, a wave to the crowd, and a press that (a) dutifully reports the suppressive measures he is taking to save the nation from internal chaos and foreign threat; and (b) gingerly questions whether he will be able to succeed.” — Michael Parenti, Source: “Inventing Reality” (1986)

  • Bus

    Huntsman may just be using the media buzz to set himself up to oust Orrin Hatch from the Senate, something I would whole heartedly agree with.

    • sb

      Uncle Orin has defintely over-stayed his welcome. Please don’t replace him with some equally liberal as Orin. Huntsman is no Conservative. He was popular as governor of Utah. He was as liberal as Mike Leavitt who pushed CHIPS on us in Utah. Don’t fall for him or his handsome brother Mitt. They aren’t the answer!

  • Concerned

    I have also been watching and listening to Herman Cain and I am very impressed with him and his level of experience in the private sector business building field. He stated in the last interview that I heard that, “it is important to have the right people around you”. If you look at the people Obama has chosen to be around him, it is very telling of what his true agenda is.

    My opinion of Obama is that he is a chameleon. He simply changes colors to match the environment he is in. He says what the people want to hear and then does exactly the opposite. The saying that, “Actions speak louder than words”, should be our ruling mantra when we consider Obama. Listen to his words, but then judge their truthfulness by what he does. He is absolutely not moving to the center. He is simply changing colors to charm people and campaigning for reelection in 2012.

    If Herman Cain gets on the ballot, I will vote for him. However, he needs to have a VP who is very knowledgeable in foreign policy so we can stop the radical islamists from carrying out their agenda of world domination. It is the same with them. They speak of non-violence and peace, but just look at their actions. TWC in 1993, TWC in 2001, and all of the other atrocities they are commiting in other nations. In other words, THEIR WORDS ARE LIES, JUST LIKE OBAMA’S!

    And Huntman, Jr. would just carry out Obama’s agenda, if he gets on the ballot. He voted for Cap & Trade, he supports gay unions, and was in favor of the stimulus package. He is way too progressive for my liking and why he calls himself a Republican, I have no idea.

  • PJHock

    I don’t know Jon Huntsman either. After the smiles, media flurry and support for an unknown and untried community planner, I would prefer to see some true conservative credentials before voting. There is a lesson in all this.

  • eddie47d

    That could be a reason the Republicans will loose in 2012.You are so rigid and unwilling to compromise on small issues no one will pass your litmus test.

    • Pat R

      The Democrats don’t have a “litmus” test; they just screw anyone they can!

      • eddie47d

        The Republicans have screwed us plenty.You must be a virgin.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Pat R.
        And don’t EVEN expect dinner and a drink!!!!

    • Cawmun Cents

      If Rebublicans lose,it will be because of the Hollywood stigmata associated with turning politicians into stars.Seems as if the Democrats want to put forth a pretty face with no substance behind it.Any real chance of getting someone worthwhile into office is being ass-canned in favor of having someone that will harken back to the 60′s era style of rhetoric.These people call themselves progressives,but they seem to be stuck in the 60′s for some reason.Their ideas stem from John Lennon.their idea of utopia is to represent the nation with a legendary figure that lacks depth of character.As long as the public loves the person,it doesnt matter what they are accomplishing as our leader.But this tactic only works when that leader instills fear in the people.You cant love someone who is soft and cuddly.They appear weak to everyone and resemble Jimmuh Carter after a while.Making the presidency like a reality tv show is undermining our ability to recover from whatever situation we find ourselves in.Yes the President and his charisma matters.But not the kind that makes school girls giddy.No…we need someone with testicular fortitude,not a Johnny-come-lately civil rights attorney,with a noce guy approach,and a shiny-happy smile.

  • Carlucci

    I don’t want yet another career politician as prez. We need someone from the private sector who has run a successful business. I need to do some reading on Herman Cain, as I keep hearing more about him. I do know that he owned/owns the Godfather pizza chain.

  • chuckb

    palin stands above all, the democrats know, that’s why they constantly attack her. we don’t need anymore huckabees, romney or old party hacks.
    we need someone that will stand up and do the right thing for the country, palin can do that. she out draws them all so the public knows too!

    • Dick Gazinia

      The prospect of Palin in the White House is frightening to more than the Democrats. We REALLY don’t need another dimwit pretending to be intelligent by regurgitating memorized rhetoric. Palin is clever, I’ll grant that, but sorely lacking in the WISDOM required to do a great job in the highest office in the world. She’s cute, appealing, connects with a lot of people, and talks the talk, but that’s where it ends.

      Someone who does not know the difference between a caribou and a condom should not be the commander in chief of the most powerful military in the history of our planet. We need wise leadership, not spunky clever.

      Listening to Palin is like watching a not too bright, but good looking actress portray a genius o screen. Somehow, there is just not enough there to make it convincing. Remember Denise Richards prtraying a nuclear physicist in the Bond film, Golden Eye. Cute, but woefully not there.

      • Bruce D.

        Most of your post Dick attacked Sarah Palin personally. You are typical of what has become degenerate politics coming from the left.

      • chuckb

        dick gazinia

        you better check your boy out before criticizing palin. i doubt he knows what end of the rifle a bullet comes out and he truly is in charge of the greatest military on earth, does that run little chills up and down your leg? i know palin knows how to use a rifle and i don’t know what your reference to a condom has to do with anything.
        your man barry spent a year pushing the healthcare bill thru congress and when interviewed by oreilly on fox news couldn’t answer a simple question about it’s contents, does that give you confidence? and did you feel another chill run up your leg?. he can’t hold a candle to palin in intelligence or leadership.

        • Dick Gazinia

          Obama is NOT my man – I would like to see REAL conservative leadership in our country and skip the tabloid personalities. If you are serious about what’s right for our country, you will see the need for wise leadership.

          I see personal attacks on this site all the time… especially against Obama and anyone perceived to be “progressive”. When it urns back to anyone on the right it’s as if some great mortal sin has been performed.

          Sorry Palin fans, she would be better in a sit com than the White House. Conservative should not mean dimwit.

          • Bruce D.

            After reading all your posts Dick I would say that there is less than a 1% out of 100 that you are a real conservative as you claim.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          the condom was where he should have stayed!!!

      • s c

        Dickie, note that this article’s title concerns HUNTSMAN – not Palin. While you’re at it, explain to America how Obummer rates being called wise. He couldn’t buy wisdom at a WalMart fire sale.
        If he’s typical of what comes out of Chicago and/or Haavid, you can flush both both places down the nearest toitie. You must have a most interesting dictionary, Dickie.
        Dickie, if I was of the progressive persuasion, I’d view your comments in Palin’s direction as as pc and overtly SEXIST. Dickie, sit down, take a pill and chill out. You sound like a cheerleader for a third-rate shill.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Dick…(mind if I call you by your first name?)What is most frightening is what we have now.Anything is better than the farce we are currently undergoing.Not that I want to get off the subject,but Palin at least has testicular fortitude.That is something that should be coveted not made fun of.If any one of the current conservative crop had her zeal and determination and was a man,he would immediately be electable.Doesnt that kind of tell you what a state our nation is in?You can go along with the crowd that hates her,but if she ran…do you honestly believe she would be worse than what is currently being foisted on the nation?

  • s c

    So is Huntsman a ‘Republican’ or a conservative? Was he a rubber stamp for Obummer, or does he have a mind of his own?
    Does he know the difference between up and down, or is he a typical State Department loser? Can he think his way out of a wet paper sack? Someone out there may have some pertinent info, so let’s hear it.

  • barbm

    rest easy eddie, we’ll find somebody we can all agree on. no policitician can make all the people happy all the time, but there will be someone whom we can trust.

  • democratnomore

    Don’t know Huntsman, but from reading the article and comments I fear he maybe another rino “republican in name only”. If we are going to purge the communist regime out of washington we have to get the republican progressive out of office as well. The damage that pelosi, reid, and the chicago thug has done left us with a cleanup job to big for moderates to handle, we need people willing to send the foreign and domestic lobbyists packing and to put the federal government on a diet.


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