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Hunters Threaten Boycott While Gun Grabbers Run Colorado

March 28, 2013 by  

Hunters Threaten Boycott While Gun Grabbers Run Colorado

Following last week’s passage of three pieces of legislation making Colorado a pretty unfriendly place for guns owners and the exercise of 2nd Amendment powers, some hunters are uniting to deny the State something very empowering indeed: revenue.

Websites where gun and hunting enthusiasts share ideas have now become bulletin boards where word of the boycott has begun gaining momentum, according to a Gazette story Wednesday.

Outfitters have also begun reporting cancelled trips from out-of-State hunters, though not in devastating numbers — so far. One hunting guide said it’s likely the trend will grow.

“There’s a united front of sportsmen that are tired of having their freedoms and liberties and fundamental rights taken away from them,” said Chris Jurney, who offers support and guidance for hunters in the State’s northwest corner. “That kind of unity among sportsmen is going to be big, and unfortunately for those of us who live here, we’re going to suffer the consequences of this misguided legislation.”

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, a Democrat, signed the three pieces of controversial gun control legislation into law on March 20. The laws limit the size of ammo magazines to 15 rounds, require universal background checks for gun transactions and force customers to pay for the background checks.

You already know about Magpul, the Erie-based business who’s in the process of moving its operations out of the State in response to the ban. The Outdoor Channel’s Michael Bane is following suit, declining to film his hunting programs in Colorado while the State’s new gun laws remain.

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • JimH

    The elk herds in Colorado give a sigh of relief. Wyoming may have to lend Colorado some of their wolves to keep the elk herds under control.

  • http://YAHOO JOHN


    • http://NA Kurt Hanssen

      Just courious, is there any way that the general public can baycott the guverment, sanktions against the IRS. ?? Anything at all that we can do to make them understand that we the people are pised off. What happend to the land of the free??

      • http://PersonalLiberty Teri

        I checked into how many dependants I can claim on my W-2. HR says up to 9 before they have to immediately report to IRS. This would greatly reduce my taxes coming out of each paycheck, but it would create a very large bill at the end of the year. If enough people did this, then maybe we could shut down DC for oat least a few weeks before they freak out and pass legislation demanding that our employers not give us that option any more. But it would definately send a loud and clear message!

      • ranger09

        The politicians are in control of our tax money, And they spend it on themselves and their friends. Biden $1,000,000,00 for a nite in Paris,For SS people that amounts to how many for a year 1000. Could open the peoples house for 135 weeks,etc. People thats the problem They have no respect for the people or our hard earned money. 200 million extra for Jordan, Millions more for Israel, not counting all the Billions we spent to support all these Dictators around the world. These politicians are out of control and need to answer to the people. All these other small problems keep the people from seeing the real picture, without all our tax money they would have to rethink their way of doing things, But it would take millions of Americans to stick together and make the differance, But only Blacks And mexicans protest, The Americans do nothing but TALK. And in a few months we will have another 11 million illegals on their side. Real Americans are becoming very few these days.

        • independent thinker

          Correction, it was about 550,000 for the night in Paris and about 450,000 for a night in London for a total of $1,000,000.

    • Dick Caruthers

      The gun “control” laws just passed are the culmination of many years of Cal democrats
      moving to Colo for the scenery, bringing left
      Ideas with them. It will not change anytime
      soon. I join the hunters who will not hunt & spend $$ there til it changes. There you have it!

      • Don 2

        New Yorkers should also refuse to buy state hunting licenses, hitting the state government and Gov. Cuomo(Communist-NY) in the pocketbook. Hunting in New York is an $8 billion recreational sport.

        • Michael Shreve

          Gun owners should BOYCOTT every inimical state.

        • Wellarmed

          Everyone, not all Californians are Socialist/Communists/Marxists but they do happen to now be a non vocal minority in the state. Those who had the sense have left long ago, and others are too interdependant due to family obligations and work to just up and leave. In New mexico we are also innundated with these Communists/Socialists, and many have come from left coast states such as Califronia, Oregon, Wasgington, New York, New Jersey etc……

          I do my best to let them know by carrying my cannon openly even though I have a CCW and can carry concealed if I so wish. It is to set an example to those who wish to infringe upon my second ammendment rights that I will not submit, and I strongly suggest to all of you who do carry, to do the same.

          We faced HB 405 in the NM legislature this year which was restrictive to the point that it would have banned posibly 70% of all firearms held by citizens in the state. It was meant to be inclusive and now I know where my state legislator stands on the second amendment which is on the wrong side of history. He ran unapposed in the last election, and I may throw my hat into the ring as a Libertarian in the next election if this happens again.

          I generally take a different approach to this dilema than most of my friends. The open firearm(s) [WELLARMED] often are a conversation starter and I elect to take a somewhat unusual course of action by inviting these socialist out to shoot. The vast majority have never fired or even handled a gun in their lives and I find that many of their decisions regarding firearms are formulated out of fear. I have changed the minds of a few (at the expense of a few bricks of ammuntion), and have even gotten some to obtain their CCW. And I have been considering the starting of a gun and archery association to draw more into the fray. I have no illusions that I can open their minds to other view points, but the fact that I have been able to open some doors in regards to firearms does give me some hope that all is not lost. Just remember folks even most lefties do enjoy shooting once given the chance, and if beating your head against the wall over and over again is not working, then I suggest that you take a different tact.

          • Chief Boring

            A wise course of action, Sir. Inviting the low information voters to become shooters will actually change some closed minds, if they are closed out of ignorance and not indoctrination.

        • ColoradoCowboy

          My family roots run deep in Colorado. My Great Great Grandad came out here from Pennsylvania in 1872 on a covered wagon. We were not a state till 1876! The settled in Northern Colorado in what would be the Loveland-Windsor-Greeley areas today. They fought Indians, a brutal climate, crop failures, livestock losses, a depression, and the losses of sons to WW1, WW2 and Korea. All the time they raised families that prayed to God for the Blessings He had given them. They never touched a handout and lived within their means. And if there was anything left over they gladly gave to their neighbor who was experiencing hardships. We were raised to take care of ourselves and firearms and outdoor survival skills were the norm. I had my first BB gun at age 5 and was hunting small game at 8. We slept out under the stars, no tents or sleeping bags in those days, just a bedroll and your saddle. Our parents didn’t worry about us hunting or camping in our early ages because they had been brought up the same with a strong dose of respect of others and Dad’s belt if you strayed too far. We carried our guns to High School in the windows of our pickup trucks so we could get out duck hunting as soon as classes ended. And it never entered our minds to turn them on our fellow classmates nor did anyone fear them in the parking lot. This was not so long ago folks, I graduated in 1979!
          I look at Colorado today and don’t recognize it anymore. The influx of West Coast liberals/communists in the 90′s has resulted in a Californication of my beloved state. The lifestyle I have lived has and is being demonized be a group of people who hate America and the fabric of morality that has held it together. Our state caved in to this mindset by allowing these folks to relocate here. In doing so, we have allowed this cancer to kill us. My plea to other Western states is to not allow this cancer to invade you. Say NO to these folks when they “come a courting” with their liberal poisen and grand schemes. If you sell your souls to these folks hell is sure to follow.
          As for my family, we are probably heading North to Wyoming where our 2nd Ammendment rights are still protected and our lifestyle isn’t considered a terrorist activity. As for boycotting all things Colorado, this will hurt a lot of good folks in Colorado. But, once you have cancer you must cut it out with a sharp knife. Country folks will survive.
          God Bless all who love Liberty and desire to live as Free Men!

          • http://PersonalLiberty Teri

            Amen Brother. My prayers goes out to you and your family to find a place you feel at peace to call home. I am a nurse and a Christian and I feel confident in stating that there is no cure for stupid and the only cure for evil is God!

    • TSRE

      I’m taking it one step further. No more Coors Light. I know, a small insignificant step as one
      person and it may be effecting the pro gun person that works for Coors, but it enough people stopped buying the product it may underline the seriousness of these libtards
      stomping on the Second Amendment. More people in that state would get involved to
      vote out the idiots and put in more conservative pro gun officials.

      • http://NA Kurt Hanssen

        Let’s spread the words, for starter’s, and absolutly no re elections of those who suport the gungrabers. And what else we can come up with.

    • John Reif

      Way to go Colorado gun owners and hunters. We elect not to go to Chicago, buy from Chicago,or have anything to do with Chicago. They rule Illinois and put down state Illinois gun lovers, hunters, and collectors in their grasp. Good luck and keep up the “GREAT” work. Get back your rights.

      John Reif
      Carrollton, Illinois

      • Jeanette

        Colorado is now Eastern California.

        John Reif: My husband had a record of over 40 consecutive years of going to a big dental convention in Chicago. While there, we always spent a considerable amount of money. We quit going when Obama was elected. I understand that the convention has had to move its headquarters out of the famous Drake Hotel now. They should move it out of Chicago altogether; they might get some of their old timers who actually have standards to return.

    • ranger09

      John, Most of the States will soon follow suit The politicians will soon have control over any and all Americans still in this Country, They have found out the Americans no longer have any fight left in them And they can do as they please with our Money and our lives. And soon there will be no real Americans left only Sheep following the bell.

      • JeffH

        These are the words of a quitter, a man who has already accepted defeat…following the Pied Piper into the river.

  • Don 2

    Too many left-coast Californians moved to Colorado to escape California taxes, bringing their liberal progressive crap with them, ruining this formerly conservative western state. No wonder the people of states like Wyoming and Texas can’t stand Californians.

    • Mikey

      Some of us Californians have decided to stay here and fight to try and get California back. Not all of us are socialist/Marxist/fascists.

      • Walt

        Excellent Mikey! Stand and fight! Don’t run away from the problem….draw a line in the sand and fight to change the situation! (No Pasaran! -You shall not pass!)

        Why should you leave? Californians, get off your asses, get active to reverse the damage that these parasites have done to your great state!

      • Jeanette

        I know that there are Californians who are not communists … but it seems to those of us outside California that they are seriously outnumbered.

        I’m one of the Texans having to deal with communist Californians who have left California because of its problems, and are now busily working to create exactly the same problems here.

        • machodog

          Hickenlooper has more money than sense so he won’t care if the state even files bankruptcy. He’ll just bide his time until 2014… he said that he isn’t worried about his re-election in 2014, so, either he’s confident that he would win again, or he isn’t planning on running again. Maybe Bloomberg told him not to worry that he would buy his re-election so he’s comfortable and confident with that.

      • JeffH

        Mikey, I agree. Being one Californian(Fresno)I fight for freedom everyday.

        FYI, we, through CalGuns, CAL-FFL, Gun Owners of California convinced So. San Francico City Council to withdraw their proposed ammo ban.

        There is a glimmer of hope…but it’s a long uphill battle to defeat the progressive state government’s continuous attacks on our Constitutional rights.

      • Vicki

        You do not fight alone Mikey. I too am living in California.

  • Ernie

    I would hope anyone in Colorados goverment that had anything to do with this can kiss their ass goodby to any chance of getting realected to anything in the future. for passing the three pieces of legislation

  • David

    My 6000.00 will not be going there. My only regret is the people it will hurt but they put these people in office and dis not do enough to stop it so I guess it is a bed they made.

  • http://NA Kurt Hanssen

    Baycott CORS BEER for starter’s.

    • Average Joe

      After reading these posts, it appears that folks are finally catching on…learning to vote with your wallets…BRAVO!!!

      The only thing these idiot politicians and corporations pushing “their” agendas understand is… power and money. Stop the flow of money and the power dissipates quickly.

      Cut off the funds…Starve the beast! (All levels of government and corporate elitists).
      If everyone in this country would fill out a new W-4 form and file Exempt…the money would stop flowing to DC…no cash flow…no credit…no credit…no unfunded…anything….
      As for the Corporations…stop buying their products…find alternatives whenever possible….no cash flow…no political influence.
      We have the means to change things….it’s in our wallets…use it responsibly. Hit them where it hurts the most…their wallets!


      • Wellarmed

        I agree with you Average Joe that it does take money for our Government to wage war against the people they are meant to serve. Boycotts are an effective tool and I agree with previous comments that one must notify the OWNER/SHAREHOLDERS of that business to make certain they understand what the consequences of their actions/decisions are. Emails are not as effective in getting the point across as a HAND written letter. They are such a rare occurance in this digital age that they will have far greater ability for the recipient to understand the severity of their actions.

        I do not feel that businesses that are privately owned should not be allowed to exempt the carrying of weapons onto their establishment, but as a CCW holder I do take the time to lock my weapon up in my truck and go back into the business so they are clear as to why I will not be utilizing their companys services or products. Even though it is their right to ban the carry of my weapon on their premises, so it is also my right to take my business elsewhere. I WILL NOT stay in a business that has soft target on display in the front window, as for dirt bags amongst us it is nothing more than shooting fish in a barrel.

        I do find one area of disagreement with you though, and that is in regards to the Federal Reserve. Even if Congress cut the purse strings towards every unconstitutional law that is now going into effect, it would matter naught due the the fiat currency that allows the Federal Government to operate full steam ahead irrespective of revenues.

        That is why there is no sense of urgency when it comes to repairing the U.S. economy, as the power brokers back in D.C. have not a care in the world for their constituants or their country so long as their paycheck is secure. It does not matter how much we have to borrow or print. The sign you will need to look for as an indicator that it is all coming apart for “them” is when the home sales in the D.C. area begin to decline as they are attempting to unload their property and convert it into gold for thier escape out of the country. Most of those vile slim in D.C. show their allegance every time they cast their vote, and I for one do not care about the number of bibles they set their hands on when accepting their oath of office, as it clearly means nothing to them as far as I can tell.

        • Average Joe


          I understand where you are coming from with regards to the Federal Reserve. However, as of now, many nations are attempting to get away from the US dollar as it’s reserve currency. China ( one our largest lenders) and Brazil just signed an agreement to steer away from it for a start. Many other nations are eyeing it as well. So, if we can’t borrow from other countries and the people stop funding them as well, their only option is to print more FRN’s… thereby devaluing it even further into oblivion…not a good prospect even for the Federal Reserve…Balance sheets don’t mean squat…if they have no value at all. If the Dollar becomes worthless, then they will have to find a new system…maybe even a Constitutional monetary system.


      • Rocketman

        Has anyone thought of doing some research on Colorado businesses that donate to the Democratic party and letting them know that because of the anti-gun politicians that they contribute to that you will no longer buy any of their products. Go on line and find a dozen or so decent size companies and publish it so more that a handful of pro-gun supporters do this.

    • independent thinker

      Unfortunately I cannot boycot Coors. I could never stand to drink it to begain with.

  • Josey Wales

    There is one thing left out of most posts here. Not buying from companies that support causes you do not is a good idea, but you MUST tell them you are doing so, and you MUST explain WHY! Also let them know you will continue to do so until their position changes.

    Have the courage of your convictions. Boycott those who support infringing upon your rights, and support those who support your rights.

    • rickmick1570

      Without hunters Colorado will be in a world of hurt. A lot of people make their living from hunters ” Hunting added $762,750,827 to the state’s economy and supported 8,355 jobs”.

      • STEVE E.

        Plus, they will lack in funds from hunting license purchases.

        • STEVE E.

          Can you smoke pot an hunt at the same time in CO now?

        • Mike

          For every action there will be a reaction if we give a damn for the USA.

    • Don 2

      Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?

      • Antonio

        Get rid of the constitution and put an end to the federal government, if any of you people really want to solve these problems…

        • http://http/google MarkOwen

          Get rid of the Constitution? Maybe I did not read that right! From what cave in what foreign country did you crawl out of. Go back there with the rest of your ilk. You’re another one who will be peering through the fence of a FEMA camp! You can deny they exist after they put you in there, see how far you get.

  • red neck

    For all of you patriots on this site….. Look up / Google… LITMUS test….

  • jannie

    It’s about time americans start to open their eyes. Stand up and fight for your rights.

  • Ted Whalen

    In the Obama care law they put into it a clause that says no one even the President could not touch our guns at all,this clause put in By Mr reed so NRA would not fight the Bill.,check it out.

    • Vicki

      28 thousand pages of law? How about you provide a link to the story or section involved.

    • JeffH

      I’m afraid you’ve been duped…like many of us into believing that…it’s not true.

      The language in Obamacare (section 2716) prohibits the use of the federal database for storing information about who has a gun (based on questions asked by a physician with respect to gun ownership).

      It does not prohibit the use of the database to determine who has a psychological “disorder” like ADHD or PTSD. And it does not prohibit the ATF from trolling the database for persons with ADHD and PTSD (independent of any issue of gun ownership) — and sending their names to the FBI’s database of prohibited persons because they are “mental defectives” (18 U.S.C. 922 (g)). HIPAA would not prohibit this “law enforcement function,” and ObamaCare may significantly broaden the list of people whose determination is an “official” determination similar to the VA psychiatrists who have disarmed 150,000 veterans.

  • J.

    And at the same time “barry the liar” the self proclaimed (At election time) gun rights advocate is at this moment grandstanding his “Gun (citizen) control agenda” on the graves of the Sandy Hook Victims. barry you have no shame !!

    • Dave

      The NRA strikes again today.

      The GOP senators in committe except Chuck Grassley voted against strengthening pentalties for straw

      Hatch, Cruz, Sessions, Flake… All bought and sold by the gun lobby so people buy guns and knowingly pass them to people who would fail background checks get less of a penalty.

      Way to go… We have a GOP that is the best gov the NRA can buy.

      • JeffH

        Gee Dave, tell the whole story, the truth, not the one you believe but the real one…Feinsteins “assault weapons” ban, the “high capacity magazine” ban and “universal background checks” were also a part of that Senate Judiciary Commitee’s vote to move those proposals forwrd.

  • JeffH

    The power actually is with the people…when we all band together with a common goal.

    Remember the cancellation of the great Eastern Sport and Outdoor Show(Reed Exhibitions)in Pennsylvania when…after the Newtown shooting they decided to ban “assault rifles/modern sporting rifles” from the show “in order to preserve the event’s historical focus on the hunting and fishing traditions enjoyed by American families”…pure BS and the exhibitors, starting with the show’s primary sponsor Cabelas, started withdrawing from the show. The estimated loss in revenue to the show, local buisness and the state was estimated to be upwards of $44 million dollars…no paltry sum.


      Gun owners in Colorado ought to obey democratically elected officials and the will of the people. The safeguards being put in place regarding heavy weaponry are meant to protect people and hunters will still be allowed to get out there and blow away animals at will. It’s not a big deal to have to reload after pumping 15 shells in to a deer.

  • Chief Boring

    It’s about time hunters joined the fight. I suggest they also join the NRA. There are about 14 million hunters, who should all belong to the NRA. It would at least double the membership.

  • http://GOOGLES FRED


  • Dad

    If you no longer have hunters, then you don’t need the anti-Christian federal union park rangers. I say fire them all and begin a program, run by the state to staff the positions with volunteers… retired folks can do a better job… they’re better educated and not as lazy.

    • http://http/google MarkOwen

      Why isn’t anything being done about the court jester in the oval office? We all know he wasn’t born in this country, he has been found out to be using the ssn of two dead people, one a woman, the other a man from Connecticut , and yet nothing is being done.He has this country on the verge of disaster, and the rest of the politicians stand around shuffling their feet looking down at the ground, oh gee we don’t know how to approach this problem. I’m not a politician but I do know this isn’t the America when I was born. People were proud , We the People meant something! It’s not too late is it?

      • R. Fine

        For you it is a bit too late because We The People have chosen our President and we have even re-elected him. He was born in America as verified by all officials in his home state – even the Republican governor – over and over again. Even Donald Trump has given up on that nonsense. And what’s this about the country going down? It was going down under the previous admin. and is now very much on the rise. You have to wake up buddy.

        • jeff

          @R. Fine yeah, we see the wonderful things that have been
          done under this administration, a stimulus package and trillions more debt. Lets not forget the defense being dwindled down, good thing we have no war hungry enemies.


            Jeff: You need to start getting your information from reality based news sources. Fact is that the economy was saved from a total meltdown by the stimulus measures. A worldwide depression was diverted by the last minute measures put in by Bush and continued by Obama. As far as defence spending is concerned you should realize that the U.S & A. spends more on the military than the next 26 countries COMBINED and those countries are our allies anyway!

        • http://http/google MarkOwen

          Yes his home state of KENYA, wake up and smell the coffee if you can still afford it.Trump gave up because there is such a cover up even he could not get through it. Very much on the rise, what fantasy world are you living in? Say that again when you’re looking through the fence of a FEMA camp! Worshipping false idols is against my religion! You must be on the government dole like the rest of the parasites.


            I rather doubt that a REPUBLICAN governor and and a whole host of Republican state officials were part of some conspiracy. And if Trump actually had any real info I’m sure he would have released it. Trump for the longest time was claiming that his team of investigators in Hawaii was coming up with all sorts of information on Obama but funnily enough he never actually gave us one shred of evidence. Maybe that clown is in on the conspiracy too. Folks like you will believe anything I suppose if it is negative about the President. Look, you simply have to get over the fact that your President is different than you are and what you are used to. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. And they have spoken TWICE having opted for a real President and not a clown like the fools presented by the GOP. And, by the way, it sure looks like the next President will either be Hillary or Biden.

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  • csaaphill

    Yep good deal All who are doing this should write the Gov telling him so as well.

  • James D Fawcett

    The idiots living in this country have elected the idiots ruining it. Until people wise up and vote smart this whole country is going down the tube. It seems like a lot of people went to school and ate the pages out of the books instead of studying and you know what the pages turned into.

  • ranger09

    AND do you really think these politicians give a dam about what you think or what you write,they know we have become Talkers and not doers. Sheep just following the bell. Welcome to the next thirld world Country.

  • JeffH

    Speak for yourself “defeated mentally” ranger.

  • tim

    What you have to do first is push voter ID, how can so many states have more votes than there are voters!!!!!!!!VOTER ID NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


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