Hunter Takes Out Two Deer With One Shot


GRAND RAPIDS, Minn., Nov. 10 (UPI) — A Minnesota deer hunter said his bullet went right through a doe and lodged itself in her fawn, killing both deer.

Bob Schuder said he was hunting north of Grand Rapids with his nephew Sunday morning when he fired off a round at a doe standing about 90 yards from his stand, the Duluth News Tribune reported Thursday.

“I walked over there and saw that it was a fawn,” Schuder said. “I kind of questioned it. I was using a .30-06, and the bullet went in but didn’t come out. That didn’t make sense.”

“I have no idea why, but I looked into the woods and saw a white spot that didn’t look right,” he said.

Schuder said he went in for a closer look and discovered the doe he shot at. He said the bullet went straight through the animal, and it had run about 20 yards before dying.

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