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Humanitarians To The Syrian People: “Drop Dead”

April 27, 2011 by  

Humanitarians To The Syrian People: “Drop Dead”

Where are the humanitarians where Syria is concerned?

The United States, France and Great Britain asked for and received permission from the U.N. to bomb cities loyal to Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, ostensibly to stop the killing of rebels whose military action against the government was being decisively thwarted by Libya’s regular army. Apparently, it’s a humanitarian act to kill some to prevent the killing of others.

For some reason, that doesn’t seem to hold true in Syria, where hundreds of protestors have been slaughtered by the military and untold numbers of others have simply disappeared. It seems that since Syrian President Bashar Assad is a “reformer” (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s words), he gets a pass to kill his own people without the military-industrial complex going into hyperdrive to obliterate his country.

Or could there be another reason Western powers are interested in Libya, but not Syria?

Could it be that Libya was capable of producing more than 1.6 million barrels of oil per day before the rebellion began, but Syria is a minor leaguer in oil production at 386,000 barrels per day?

Now, we know what lives are worth to the U.N.: about 1.2 million barrels of oil a day.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Anthony

    This is fairly simple -

    While PL’s website may attempt a grab at a headline or two, the MSM crowd are not going to highlight any discussions by peoplpe on the street for any of the conflicts or uprisings that might occur around the globe.

    It’s just not gonna happen unless, you read about it on the Wild Web.

    The MSM crowd only post information as they are told…

    So, get used to it.

    • Eddie47d

      Bob’s title was dubious “Humanitarians to Syria drop dead”. Who are the humanitarians and why is Bob trying to poke and prod us into another war. I think both sides are plain sick of these Middle Eastern adventures and Assad isn’t worth anything dead or alive.The same thing could be said about Libya(Qaddafi) but that may be too late to stop.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Eddie47d,

        You should know better than that. I’m merely pointing out the hypocrisy of the elites. Why do you think Rwanda was ignored? Why do you think Yemen and Sudan are being ignored?

        They are not essential in the plans of the NWO.

        BTW: In case you have somehow missed my position, I don’t believe the U.S. should be mucking around in any other country’s politics. Our military should be used for defensive purposes only; not nation building, not democracy spreading, not preemptive war.

        Best wishes,

        • Bob from Calif.

          I think that Libya was hit because the Chinese were making their way into Africa to quickly for the NWO’s liking. China was getting oil from Libya. Syria is still a possibility on the the NWO’s hit list, because of Russian bases and involvement in that country. They didn’t like it when Putin threw out their elitest bankers.

        • Eddie47d

          Thanks Bob L. I knew you weren’t for these foreign adventures so your title seemed odd. Nice of you to clarify.

    • EddieW

      We went into Libya because the “rebels” the CIA’s alQuada were getting their asses kicked!! So to protect CIA/alQuada we bomb them!!
      We spending 100 BILLION per month on wars, and then they want to cut “entitlements”? YES..BUT…NOT the retired at full pay after 1 term Senators entitlements!! plus even the retirees get the annual 3,000 dollar raise!!

      • 45caliber


        The last I heard, the Senators and Congressmen (and the President) gets 90% of pay upon leaving office. Then it goes up the full cost of living + 1% a year. The 1% is supposed to be for covering their “loss” as the cost of living increases during the year but they pay doesn’t.

        Generally within a couple of years they are back at full pay.

        One ex-Congressman (can’t remember who) lived to be over a hundred before he died. He was making almost $1.5 million a year in “retirement”.

      • Anthony

        Look Bob … Eddie’s defending the use of the CIA.

        Eddie – in case you haven’t read much lately, the CIA now has permission to shoot American Citizens, right here inside our own borders… ANY TIME THEY SO WISH.

        YOU got squat to say about ….

        Apparently, you figure sucking up, might save your…… bacon?

      • Lewis Munn

        What $3000 raise? 3 years they missed me!

  • Vigilant

    I’m afraid I have to treat with skepticism any reductionist equation of oil with human lives, for a number of reasons:

    (1) If oil had been the sole interest in invading Iraq, as many anti-capitalists would have you believe, then why is the Iraqi output still lower than it was before the Iran-Iraq war?

    (2) If oil is the sole, or most important interest in Libya, then the Western powers would have been wiser to support Gadhafi, wouldn’t they? After all, it’s obvious that he is better equipped than the rebels to maintain stability. Prolongation of conflict simply guarantees more instability, a killer of business.

    (3) The cost of war, as we are daily reminded, is one of the factors crippling our economy. We could never hope to achieve a favorable balance sheet, as the cost of war has far exceeded any possible gains from securing the flow of oil.

    (4) Libya’s output affects the European economies to a greater extent than our own. Libya’s effect on the oil market overall is not of a percentage sufficient to account for the recent meteoric rise in oil prices.

    To my way of thinking, the foray of the US into Libyan affairs has been a misguided venture, prompted by a fickle and feckless administration’s buckling to the pressure from Europe and the UN. We need to stay out of the affairs of these M.E. nations, with the sole exceptions of (a) preventing rogue nations from obtaining nuclear weapons, and (b) protecting Israel’s right to exist.

    BTW, a recent poll in Egypt has revealed that the majority of Egyptians believe the 1979 peace agreement with Israel should be voided. So much for the love of “democracy” in Muslim Egypt.

    • 45caliber


      If oil was the reason we invaded Iraq why is it that we aren’t getting all of it? In fact, why aren’t we even getting some of it? It all basically goes to France, Germany, and Russia.

      • JC

        Just another case of Americans kids dying in the name of doing the dirty work for the Globalists. Disgusting.

      • Cawmun Cents

        One word will tell the tale.”Appeasement”.Learn it.Love it.It is the reason why we are experiencing these current events.

        • Lewis Munn

          All too true, tho also it appears to be deliberately working for the ruin of the USA, but not sure who gets the pieces, other than it looks like Islam gets a big share.

    • Kevin

      On November 19, 1919 Senator Borah made his famous speech in opposition to the United States becoming a member of the League of Nations. He said those that wanted us to join the League were seeking to bring all the World under an “internaitonal tribunal,” and that the whole scheme was “World control.” He said that we would be fighting endless wars in the name of peace against people defending their sovereignty from world control, “stripped of our principles and shorn of our ideals.” The multi-national corporations that own our United States government want control of resources, and reduction and control over the World’s population. UN Agenda 21, which is an extension of their goals, has been guiding United States policy since 1992.

  • Vigilant

    Mr. Livingston asls, “Where are the humanitarians where Syria is concerned?”

    The same question could be asked with regard to Yemen, or to the Saudi incursion into Bahrain.

    He’s right, and it points out the usual propagandist cover stories provided by this government when it decides to engage in shenanigans, foreign or domestic.

    Uniformity of policy would require that Uncle Sam come to the aid of every M.E. and N. African nation in turmoil, but you can bet your bottom dollar that won’t happen. And it shouldn’t.

    The leftists who fawn over Obama will never see the inconsistency in focusing on Libya while the rest of the M.E. burns.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Vigilant… Both your comments were so good. I believe that if a Republican president were in office, all the liberals would be screaming that it is just for the oil that we have become involved. We need to drill here and drill now! We do not need to be dependent on the Middle East.

      • Vigilant

        Robin, I wholeheartedly agree.

      • Bob from Calif.

        Drill here and drill now, Heck ya! And lets get started on that American ingenuity that I know still exists. Lets explore all types of energy. Cold fusion, Zero point energy. Wind and solar have their place but will not be a major force in energy production in the near future, unless some major advances in that technology are achieved.

        • 45caliber

          I agree that we SHOULD. But from what I’ve heard and guess, China is now the proud owner of all US oil – at least. And therefore the government can’t afford to give someone else the right to drill for it except in isolated instances. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if they haven’t promised ALL undeveloped raw materials to China in return for them not cashing in all the treasury notes they have on us. They don’t want to allow anyone to develop any new sites of anything – it all belongs to the government.

          • Lewis Munn

            Sounds like a more logical reason for not using our own resources than any I have heard so far.

  • Michael J.

    In a nutshell, middle east dictators are being targeted because they refuse to march in lockstep with the NWO plan of world domination which would require them to turn over sovereignty, natural resources and people that they think they own. The elected officials that would replace them do not share that sense of ownership and are more easily persuaded via monetary compensation. Saddam Hussein paid the ultimate price for noncompliance with the NWO. Iran is their apex prize and will be taken with the American blood and treasure war machine whenever the grand wizard gives Barry the nod.

    • Vigilant

      “Iran…will be taken with the American blood and treasure war machine whenever the grand wizard gives Barry the nod.”

      Highly unlikely, I think. We cannot win a war with Iran, and military leaders know it. It’s many times the size of Iraq, has different (and difficult) terrain features, and the US military apparatus is not up to the task.

      Surgical strikes by Israel is a more likely scenario. They’ve done it in Iraq and Syria.

      • Michael J.

        If Israel were to launch a preemptive strike on Iran, they would need to do it quickly while the instability that now surrounds them in Arab/Muslim countries would delay a quick response. Either way the area is now such a powder keg that even a camel fart could spark armageddon.

        • Vigilant


      • Marten

        But you forgot just a little thing….What about China??? Do you really think there just gonna watch the SHOW????

      • Cawmun Cents

        Apparently you dont realize that Saddam Hussein nearly kicked Irans ass.They cant fight with us militarily.No one can.But you have rules in place which dont pertain to war,keeping our troops from fighting full force.That makes us look like we are struggling when in fact we could easily defeat our ememies wherever they are if congress and the public scrutiny were taken from the equasion.Get rid of the media and watch the wars get won in a hurry.I harken back to the days when media was the newspaper back in the home country.Articles printed against the war effort were seen as seditious.If we had kept it that way and not let the left take over our press,we could easily win any war.The weasels in the media in cooperation with idiot legislators have made any fighting we do a three ring circus.

    • Eddie47d

      I agree with Michael’s assessment on Iran. Republicans and Democrats alike have been poking and prodding that country for decades looking for a reaction. Trying to get them to make one small mistake as an excuse to invade. We’ve done the same thing with Cuba for 60 years so we can be ready to pounce.

    • Dan az

      Your right on spot.The NWO gang is calling the shots not the noname muslim in the WH.Their goal is to control the minerals and if they have to use a neutron bomb they will.The UN is trying to pass laws on every continent by way of giving the earth rights against the people of the world.The UN will control the seas and lands when they are done.The only thing stopping them here is that silly little paper called the constitution but we know where that is going don’t we?

      • Michael J.

        Dan az,
        Minerals are the key. Precious metals is what they have been after all along. Fort Knox is empty, contents of which having been confiscated years ago by the Fed as collateral against interest owed to the Fed. They’ve stolen our gold and now laugh at our worthless paper money. With most of the mineral wealth already in their possession, they now focus on power and control. They know we are on to them as a result of the great awakening afforded the public via the internet and is why things are happening at a quickened pace over the last few years. Start wearing your goggles because the fit is about to hit the shan.

        • Carlucci

          I agree. Have you ever seen the gold markets (souks) in the middle east? I don’t think there is any shortage of gold there.

        • 45caliber

          Fort Knox was emptied by the government (who owned it anyway) and sold so the politicians could have more money to spend. Trying to get enough gold back to support our dollars is impossible – there isn’t enough gold in the world to do that. So I don’t see it.

          Land is supposed to be the new item to support the various cash of the world. It’s a NWO thing. The idea is that we pay off our loans with land – and so does everyone else. Then it would end up with every country owning part of every other country so there would be no real way to establish borders – which the NWO wants. And, of course, the land would all belong to the government – none would belong to the people. I think that is the original idea for “property tax”. The government owns it all and you pay a yearly rent – or are kicked out.

          • JC

            God help them if they ever seriously try and take the land from us.
            80+ million armed Americans just might have something to say about that.

    • 45caliber

      Michael J.

      “The elected officials that would replace them do not share that sense of ownership and are more easily persuaded via monetary compensation.”

      More commonly called “bribes”.


    First, I would tell the UN to take a hike. Secondly, we should have never gotten in bed with dictators. Thirdly, we can never police the world. Fourth, vote Obama and his Marxist cronnies out in 2012.

    • 45caliber

      Sounds like a good plan to me …

  • Doc Sarvis

    Get off oil, it is killing people all over the world. The demand grows while the resource shrinks. This is an equation for destruction all over the world.

    So far, not much more than lip service has been paid to alternatives and energy conservation/efficient use of the energy we have (yes, including my computer).

    • Vigilant

      “So far, not much more than lip service has been paid to alternatives and energy conservation/efficient use of the energy we have (yes, including my computer).”

      And in China and India, they don’t even give it lip service.

      Alternatives will become de rigueur when they become cost efficient. The market is designed to handle such things.

    • kodster5

      There is PLENTY of oil in the world… in fact, it’s been proven that we have more oil under our own country than the entire OPEC, combined! It’s just that our own government refuses to allow us to drill for it, so that we can become independent from foreign oil. And it will take YEARS for us to build the facilities to refine it! All because of the stupid regulations that the government has put in place to stranglehold the companies that get it for us!

      • Vigilant

        No argument there.

      • Eddie47d

        Some of you/us must not get out much or don’t read much on business news.Take a look at the latest issue of National Geographic and you will see hundreds of wells in operation on the northern coast of Alaska.If you listen to conservative talking heads they will tell you it’s not happening. There are still working riggs in the Gulf and plenty pumping in Colorado and Wyoming. That mean old government you hate wouldn’t be so hard on oil and mining companies if they weren’t so reckless in the past. Some of us are tired of spending billions cleaning up their messes they leave behind.Even with regulations there is still “gold” in them there hills. The responsible companies will be the winners in the future and everyone will gain a piece of the pie.

        • JC

          Oh you think the Government is concerned about the environment do you?
          They aren’t. They’re concerned with control and they use environmental issues to implement that.

        • Dan az

          Shell has spent five years and nearly $4 billion dollars on plans to explore for oil in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas. The leases alone cost $2.2 billion. Shell Vice President Pete Slaiby says obtaining similar air permits for a drilling operation in the Gulf of Mexico would take about 45 days. He’s especially frustrated over the appeal board’s suggestion that the Arctic drill would somehow be hazardous for the people who live in the area. “We think the issues were really not major,” Slaiby said, “and clearly not impactful for the communities we work in.”

          The closest village to where Shell proposed to drill is Kaktovik, Alaska. It is one of the most remote places in the United States. According to the latest census, the population is 245 and nearly all of the residents are Alaska natives. The village, which is 1 square mile, sits right along the shores of the Beaufort Sea, 70 miles away from the proposed off-shore drill site.

          The EPA did not return repeated calls and e-mails. The Environmental Appeals Board has four members: Edward Reich, Charles Sheehan, Kathie Stein and Anna Wolgast. All are registered Democrats and Kathie Stein was an activist attorney for the Environmental Defense Fund. Members are appointed by the EPA administrator. Alaska’s Republican senator thinks it’s time to make some changes.

        • Cawmun Cents

          North Slope,not ANWAR……

      • Doc Sarvis

        There May be a lot of oil out there but is getting harder and harder to get which means more and more expensive.

        • Michael J.

          Doc Sarvis,
          Light sweet crude from the Bakken oil fields located mostly within the continental U.S. can be brought to market for and estimated $16 per barrel. Opec price today is around $107 per barrel.

          Before I forget, Bakken has an estimated 500 billion barrels of retreivable oil.

          And you were saying?

          • Doc Sarvis

            With our increasing consumption it will be gone in an instant (relatively). That is what I am saying.

          • 45caliber

            Not quite instantly. It will take a little longer than that. But it might stave off collapse until we CAN get away from oil.

            And what about that oil under the Gulf that BP was tapped into? It supposedly leaked at a rate that could handle an awful lot of our need.

          • JC

            Doc Sarvis says:

            April 27, 2011 at 12:09 pm

            With our increasing consumption it will be gone in an instant (relatively). That is what I am saying.
            And if the volcano under Yellowstone goes off we might all be gone in an instant…so what’s your point? We should just sit on our hands and depend on foreigners to supply us?

          • Dan az

            The oil that they tapped into in the gulf is one of the largest veins on record.It starts under Kentucky and stretches all the way down to Venezuela.The problem is they will not let them tap it as long as obummer is in charge.They figured it would last a century or two so no we don’t need foreign oil.What we need is get this muslim out of the white house.

          • Michael J.

            Doc Sarvis,
            Bullsnot, The Bakken alone could supply America’s oil needs for four decades! That’s enough time for the next Einstein to be born, have a Prius full of little liberal rug-rats like you and still come up with some briliant alternative fuel sources before the well runs dry.

    • 45caliber

      Nice idea, Doc. Let’s do it! But first – what are you going to replace it with? Remember, we have to have it available first – not ten years down the road as things can be build. NOW. What? Nothing now? Then I guess we’d better stay on oil until you can get things done …

    • Lewis Munn

      Even “lip service” impoverishes the average citizen, and transfers what money there is, and soon even what land there is, to government control!

      And we are rapidly becoming defenseless.

  • Bert Cundle

    People in one Government supporting the rebelious people to another Government is disrespct for government! Does Hillary think she will get the votes of the Libia Protesters? Se is going crazy on us! Pull her badge, before she hurts someone!

    • Lewis Munn

      Good idea. But maybe it is a forged badge and so pulling will make no difference?

  • ERIC

    The Story is slightly Interesting, but Specious.

    The trutth of the matter is, these peoplw, w their leftist good intentions ARE ALLOWING THE MIDDLE EAST TO BURN, destabilizing the world, eitheras some twisted vehile to advance their progressive Liberalism, or as a smoke screen to distract U.S. from the trashoing of the Constitution.

    They WANT $6 gas, they WANT conflict and Depression- so they can institute Their Liberal, Progresive Rule.

    Never mind, IT HAS FAILED WHENEVER TRIED, NEVER MIND MILLIONS WILL DIE, ‘They” don’t realize; this could, really be the END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT! It’s bigger than “They” realize.

    Can Food, gather Ammo, hunker down, the inmates are running the asylum.

    • Eddie47d

      Eric; You are full of it. Although the Democrats and Republicans have been fighting over the Middle East since the 1920′s the leftists are hardly pushing for turmoil. Except for the Palestinian cause that the left adheres to there isn’t any push for war in the Middle East.That is mostly for humanitarian reasons. The Right has propped up Saudi Arabia and even Saddam for decades.The left did want the fall of the Shah of Iran but were clueless of what was to follow.Not much different than Reagan building up Iraq’s army without a clue of what he was going to do with those weapons.We’ve been naive and ignorant on most aspects in the Middle East and keep paying for our follies. Our only policy seems to be taking oil and defending Israel.Our oil addiction has only propped up dictators over there without any concern of what these rulers were doing to their people.Israel is worth defending but we always forget that the land was stolen for the purpose of creating this new state. The Arabs and the West have failed miserably in bridging that gap.I noticed you used the typical talking points of the right in using the words progressive,liberal and leftist in the same breath. You are an extremist without an ounce of credibility Mr Eric and you are the one trying to start a fire.

      • kodster5

        The land was NOT “stolen” from the Arabs! It was returned to its rightful heirs, the Israelis! God promised Israel to His people, the Israelites, and now, through His Word, it’s been returned, and prophecy has been fulfilled!

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          kodster5… I couldn’t have said it better! Israel is claiming what is hers! We are watching prophecy unfold right in front of us!

          • Eddie47d

            My point is proven. You are using religion to keep the wars going in the Middle East. As I said I support Israel’s existence but the world can’t just take other peoples land without consequences. Some Arabs were fairly compensated and others weren’t.That left allot of embittered people and the battle still rages. We complain about eminent domain in this country over a parcel of land but could care less about a whole nation being devoured to make way for another. Some will defend it as a UN mandate then turn around and condemn that same UN. Hypocrisy abounds. Sure the Jews have just as much right to this land as the Arabs and both sides have controlled this land for about the same period of time. The Romans slaughtered the Jews in 79 AD and forced them to scatter. When Rome fell the Arabs took over these same lands and became the governing force. Maybe we should blame the Italians for this whole mess .

          • Michael J.

            The fact is that the land that joins Africa with Europe and Asia that we now refer to as Israel was once the center of the known universe. Since before written history or even cave drawings this land has been hottly contested. It was a highly valued center of trade to anyone who could obtain and hold it. Certainly King David was among the first that we know of at a time when he and his tribe were indestinguishable from now day Palestinians. If Neanderthals were still around, no doubt they would also be laying claim to the Holy Lands instead of making Geico commercials.

            The reality is that no one knows who has legitimate claim in this multi millenium struggle which is made that much more difficult with the addition of religious and political concerns. I can tell you that the whole mess may soon be settled in an afternoon by those who suddenly decide to cultivate giant radioactive mushrooms there.

      • Vigilant

        Eddie, a few things:

        “The Right has propped up Saudi Arabia and even Saddam for decades.”

        Get it right: the US Government has propped up many regimes, both left, right and middle.

        “Not much different than Reagan building up Iraq’s army without a clue of what he was going to do with those weapons.”

        A bit history-challenged, are we? Reagan sold arms to Iran, not Iraq.
        The Iraqi military machine was furnished by the Soviets and France.

        “Israel is worth defending but we always forget that the land was stolen for the purpose of creating this new state.”

        The land was granted by United Nations mandate.

        • Eddie47d

          Vigilant; You need to read up on the Reagan/Iraq connection.You must be thinking of Iran/Contra. The Russians also sold weapons to Iran and almost were the best of buds. Since I have you on the line I see you still believe there wasn’t any war for oil in Iraq. That’s a mighty big pair of blinders you have on there.Most of the Middle East is about oil and Israel.When the War started we forgot to go in and cap the wells or guard them. The Opposition did it for us by blowing them up. It has taken years to get them back on line and productive. There also wasn’t any money left from us or for the Iraqi government because the war cost so much and dragged on. It’s hard to rev up production when there is a war going on. (It still isn’t over)

          • Vigilant

            Eddie says, “Vigilant; You need to read up on the Reagan/Iraq connection.You must be thinking of Iran/Contra.”

            You bet I am. To refresh your memory, Reagan was president from 1981-89, and the Iran-Iraq War was from 1980-88.

            I’ll repeat what I said before: the costs of the second Gulf war far outweighed any economic advantage we could have obtained in oil production.

            Moreover, if you want to continue with the claim that the first and second Gulf Wars were about oil, you bet your booty they were! Bush I reversed Hussein’s plans to take over the Saudi fields after he was done with Kuwait. He would have controlled over 20% of the world’s oil supply. Not quite the same as saying it was done to give Bush’s oil buddies and Halliburton a boost, which is the usual implication.

            Gulf II was a big mistake, pure and simple. It was unnecessary, badly handled and extremely costly. Never should have happened, and the result was unbalancing the counterpower to Iran. But if it was about oil, the most expedient, and certainly the cheapest way would have been to let Hussein continue in power.

            The Iran-Iraq War pitted two countries against each other whose military infrastructures and major weapons largely determined the source of their support, i.e., Iran’s armaments were mostly US-made, a carryover from the days of the Shah. The USSR sold or gave more military equipment and supplies to Iraq than did any other country.

            Small amounts of military aid were provided to both Iran and Iraq by the US, but never to the extent you are implying. Contrary to your assertion, Reagan did NOT “[build] up Iraq’s army without a clue of what he was going to do with those weapons.”

          • Eddie47d

            Vigilant; In 1953 our CIA overthrew Mossadegh of Iran. The only Democratically elected government in the Middle East at that time. So we have been shaping Middle East wars for a very long time. In 1983 Donald Rumsfield supplied Iraq with WMD’s knowing they would be used against Iran. In Dec. 1982 we sold Iraq 60 Defender Helicopters and in Oct 1983 we sold them Howitzers,bombs and Huey Helicopters.Jan. 1984 Armoured Ambulances and Armoured trucks. In July of that year our CIA trains the Iraqi’s to use mustard gas against Iran.In Mar. of 1986 we were the only nation in the UN Security Council to vote against blocking Iraq’s use of chemicals. Even though it was already against the Geneva Convention. We aren’t always on the side of right and even start these fires in the Middle East. Between May 1985-1989 we sent 70 shipments of chemical weapons to Iraq. Some of that was Anthrax and was authorized for medical use.In 1986 we sent them more shipments of Botulin poison. Those chemicals together caused over 1 million deaths during the Iran-Iraq War.In 1987 the Iraq Air Force bombed the Kurds with those same chemicals. Again in 1988 over 100,000 Kurds were killed by Saddam with chemicals. Later in the year Congress approved more sales of chemical weapons to Saddam. So who is the greater threat Saddam or the US. It’s like a junkie who can’t get out of rehab because the dealer is right there selling them more. Reagan was indeed in charge when all this was happening. Other countries like France and Russia also supplied Iraq with chemicals and weapons. I guess that would be a coalition of the insane!In 1991 G.Herbert Bush agreed to help the Kurds during the Gulf War to overthrow Saddam. Then he withdrew support and left them hanging. I believe that was because of our alliance with Turkey who didn’t like the Kurds. Now when G. Walker Bush was elected he wanted to get Saddam and used 9/11 to get his plans in gear. In early 2003 he signed up Haliburton to cover the future oil contracts that would come out of Iraq even though he promised no nation building. Well the war dragged on and his plans went to hell in a hand basket. I’m sure most are glad that Saddam is gone but what a price to pay to achieve that goal. Why weren’t there any WMD’s found in our latest war; because they were all used up in prior years.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            show me proof that Rumsfield supplied Iran with WMDs!! I’m not going to accept your blather as truth!! SHOW ME DA PROOF!!!!

          • Eddie47d

            Look it up yourself like I did you lazy ….or is that to much work for you? Reagan/Iraq connection.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I did eddie, ans unlike you I understood what I read. It said we supplied them with Components, not WMDS!!! I suggest a reading comprehension class!!!

    • 45caliber


      Those in the Middle East want to take over the world. Well, if you confine them to their own part of it, it seems that they will simply kill each other if you give them the means and leave them alone. I suspect a number of people are thinking, “Why not let them?”

  • kodster5

    Oh, don’t worry… Syria will get its due, and likely, soon. Isaiah 17 is about to be fulfilled. Damascus has never been obliterated from the face of the earth, so Isaiah has not been fulfilled as a prophecy from the Bible. However, with the unrest going on in the middle east, now, and Iran, in collaboration with Syria, is saber-rattling to attack Saudi Arabia, because of Saudi Arabia helping Jordan’s royal family to protect its kingdom, look for it to be fulfilled. The unrest in Syria now occurring will be an impetus for it.

  • http://com i41

    The oil shortage theory is just another b–l s–t ploy of the plan for a UN controll world. When the info was released last week for one day, that the USA has more oil and gas than all of the middle east put togther. The reason it was ashort news cycle is that alot of the crude and gas is in the worthless wilderness areas a,d parks, thT PRODUCE NOTHING and costs billions to maintain, the percentage of people that will visit or even look at is less than 1%. The envioru dumb bastards that spew the bildge of keeping it pristine for generations is jusy crap, since the nation has become a bunch of pusified dorks that need to be coddled and entertained by gizmos. Look where the marxist muslim monkey and his apettes go to vacation some foreing country or island. Does any body hear a mental moron dumbocrap whine about the price of fuel and what it is a hardship on the citizens, no a peep. Instead bs envioru green unproven crap is tossed around, electric vehicles are a joke when weather get cold and how in the hell are they going to be charges, we don’t have a power grid system in place, that alone will take 40 years to get thru the bs regs and permits, then where and how is the power going to be generated? The niggardly smarxist/communist dumbocraps don’t like nuke, coal, or anything cheap to create a steady power generating source. Solar only works is the sun shines and there are thousans of acres wasted on panels. Windmills are expensive and not a static sorce, and the noise is already bothering people which the envioros created the bs regs of not killing birds or ruining the tranquilaty. Spain has already spent trillion to go green and got its economy screwed into to dust for following the green crap plan. The whole middle east turmoil was the master plan peice by the muslim marxist and his lap b–ches dems, to follow the UN plan of a dictator run USA. For the last 2 yearts the union thugs have been in these countries follow the community agiation plan to help get the muslim brotherhood into power. Onumnutts and his clutch proved what a muslim s–t bird he was by going to some USA hating freak ” church. Most people wouldn’t associate Christainity with freaks like this, shades of “rev” Wrong the close friend of Cylso Louie Fkakong and real muslim nut job and a neighborhood pal of Onumnutts. Heck there has only been a few hundred shot, as well as a few hundred in all the muslim 3rd world dung heaps over there, when it gets over a million then we can gather the plane loads we are saddled with, and we then we send the pervert, goat abusers back to the sand boxes. Time to cut off sending anymore borrowed money to these goat abusing, women hating perverts, and let them fight it out.

  • s c

    Everybody down on your miserable knees. Sing praises to Hillary! According to her, the head twit in Syria is a reformer. Ergo, he is a borderline ‘god,’ and he is above all human law(s).
    As I recall, Hillary has no foreign policy experience (isn’t that typically the case with all progressives who defect to the State Department?). I doubt if she can boil water by herself, let alone pass for a responsible “leader.” She’s entitled to her opinion, but then so is every pariah who ever lived.
    Her concern tends to be misplaced. Most likely, she’s trying to earn brownie points with her handlers. Assuming that the world doesn’t blow up, Hillary will probably run for prez, and she’ll claim that since the worlds didn’t blow up, she can take credit for it. Blah. She belongs in Arkansas. She never learned to recognize her many limitations.

    • 45caliber


      Hillary is trying to earn some brownie points so she can insist she is ready for President. That was her big failing that Oblama used in the last one – she had no experience with foreign affairs. (Of course, he didn’t either, but that’s politics for you.) She wants to meet her next election with “see, I have the experience now.”

      As far as her comments being different than his, I suspect she is opening her mouth before she finds out what Oblama wants. To be fair, I suspect she is more right than he is – but then both are libs. What can you expect from people convinced that they need to get the world to like them even if they have to pay them to do it.

  • http://com i41

    Both her and Onumnutts are UN loving idoits and anti gun nuts. Elect any smuck democrap and we will be getting s–t birds to have total government control over everyone imcluding UN control.

  • Anthony

    Let’s ALL be very very clear here…. (You too, Bob L.)

    The reasons for going into LYBIA are multiple.
    1. LYBIA did not have a Central Bank controlled by the World Bank
    Remember? Lybia was one of 5 Countries, in 2003 that didn’t…??
    Can you remember the other 4, back in 2003 ??? Two of those are gone.
    2. LYBIA had a private Contract for the MAJORITY control over the oil business with AFRICA … if you read the papers much, you would know that it was Obama who sent in his CIA jokers and provided funding to setup a Rothschild Central Bank – this time, for the Rebels … meaning CIA joksters who go around shooting people for fun & and now profit. The routine is ever the same.
    3. Lybia is coastlined, yes? With the Mediterranean? A huge coastline, for development by the Money Masters (like they are still planning to do to CUBA, btw). Any of that desert sections hundreds of miles inland? Throw it away. (Course, if it was me, I’d build glass factories with all that sand)

    THIS LEAVES ONLY ONE NATION LEFT … WHICH DOES NOT HAVE A CENTRAL BANK and yet still has resources that are desired by those who control the wealth.

    Note: Sudan is being split in half, as we speak, remember? It’s already on the sacrificial altar… so, basically, it’s a wash.

    This issue is – the New World Order cannot press forward UNTIL ALL NATIONS are joined together thru the Panzi Scheme known as the World Bank.


    • Anthony

      That’s … “Ponzi” Scheme….btw

  • LiarsMustBeDefeated

    Obama and his elite friends think you are stupid. And that includes Trump. He released his certificate of live birth. Ha Ha Ha. And Trump believes it is a birth certificate. Liars, every one of them.

  • Rennie

    As I’ve said for the last four years, Obama/Biden are more likely to bomb Isreal than Iran, and Syria is Iran’s lap dog, this is all about extending a shia empire across the Middle East and Africa, at the expense of Jewish, Christian, sunni and other faiths. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain understand this, and Iran is threatening them, and in case everyone forgot, Pakistan has nukes.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      If he DID bomb Isriael, do you think that might finally stop the Jewish from voting liberal/progressive???? I still don’t understand that!!

  • http://com i41

    Onumnutt will not piss off the muslim in Syria, since the WMD from Iraq where sent therte and placed in the Bacca Valley. Since all muslims want to control the world with their pedophile pervert ideology, Assasd will soon quit wastig bullets and dig up the nerve gas for the roiters, then just start dozing deep holes. Muslims and all marxist/communist socialist democraps, all beleive in means justify the ends.

    • Michael J.

      Yes, Iraqi WMD are buried in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. Glad too see someone else is also paying attention.

  • Ted Birnbaum

    One reason we’re not in Syria.. because the protesters there haven’t been able to take any territory…they don’t have much of a chance when the Syrian military is loyal to Assad. And I think our knowledge of who the Syrian protesters are (friends of democracy or friends of Al Qaeda?) is much less certain than in Libya….plus we are spread too thin. Funny how some people on the right join those on the left to always impugn the motives of the US or the West…always about oil. You may oppose somebody’s policies…like most of here do, Obama….but then there is a tendency to go further and malign everything they do…couldn’t they just be stupid or wrongheaded…as Savage says Liberalism is a mental disorder. In fact the same thing was done to Bush the Moron by the Left. One other thing….let everyone here, know there are many American Jews that are conservative…indeed many of the orthodox are not liberal. I’m Jewish (and proud of it), not orthodox and I am a conservative libertarian. Michael Savage, Micheal Medved, Dennis Praeger are all Jews and conservatives too. See a practical libertarianism at:


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