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Human Breast Milk… From A Cow?!

June 13, 2011 by  

Human Breast Milk… From A Cow?!

Research shows that human breast milk has many health benefits, including immune-boosting and antibacterial qualities. In theory, mass-producing human breast milk sounds like a good thing.

A group of Chinese scientists wants to test that theory. They genetically modified dairy cows to produce human breast milk.

“The transgenic herd of 300 was bred by inserting human genes into cloned cow embryos which were then implanted into surrogate cows,” read an article on “The milk produced by the transgenic cows is identical to the human variety… scientists at China’s Agricultural University in Beijing said.”

The milk is not yet for sale, as it is still undergoing government health tests. However, the scientists are confident that it will be available for purchase in supermarkets in as little as three years.

“There are 1.5 billion people in the world who don’t get enough to eat,” said Professor Li Ning, the director of the research project. “It’s our duty to develop science and technology, not to hold it back. We need to feed people first, before we consider ideals and convictions.”

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  • Disgusted

    Are you kidding me? This is an abomination. Genetically altered the cows? That is definitely an abomination! This is disgusting.
    According to this article we need to disregard ideals and convictions? What is wrong with humanity today? This is beyond belief. I just hope they are forced to label the milk as human breast milk produced by cows genetically modified. As of now the FDA doesn’t require any GE/GM labeling.
    I am disgusted!

    • nonyabusiness

      hun this is ONLY THE BEGINNING of what these sick pricks are up to, PLEASE look on you tube for a video called the Future of food and see what MONSANTO is really up to!!! also look for another video called “What in the world are they spraying” this crap will blow your mind!! you can also google the BS “food safety” bill, S510 I think it it that was just pass in Feb of 2011 to see how in time its going to be illegal for ANY ONE to grow home grown veggies!! and if you get caught doing it you can have EVERYTHING you own confiscated!! America seriously needs to WAKE UP!!

      • TIME

        Non, Great post.

  • Harlan Bloom

    I cannot believe the first post. Of course, the cows milk would be labled for the kids benefit. It wouldn’t surprise me if the one that wrote the article would condemn a woman who is caught breast feeding in public. What do people think they are for?

    • nonyabusiness

      no hun your DEAD WRONG!! do you know how many GMO Food are in the grocery store now?!?! more then you realize and NONE of them have to be labeled telling you that your eating FRANKENFOOD!!!! Not in the USA…..Thank the FDA for that one!! want something to really get up set over……. Look on you tube for a video called “The Future of Food” If your not infuriated after watching it….. nothing will make you angry!! I no longer buy ANYTHING from the grocery store, farm fresh or from the farmers market or nothing!

      • TIME


        Your dead on target!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Harlan Bloom,

      You wrote: “It wouldn’t surprise me if the one that wrote the article would condemn a woman who is caught breast feeding in public. What do people think they are for?”

      That is quite an irrational leap you just took.

      Best wishes,

      • coal miner

        Leave a Reply to Bob Livingston:

        Is this Haran bloom for real?
        What do they think women’s breast are for?I can think of a couple things besides breast feeding.Ha ha ha

        Breast Milk From a Cow? Not So Fast… : Discovery News

        5 Apr 2011 … Cows are engineered to make milk enhanced with a healthy human protein. But it’s still a stretch from human milk.

        I think they should do a little more research.Remember anabolic steroids? It was the fountain of youth,later we found out differntly.This could come home to haunt us.

  • Elevenarrows

    Are these the same people that tried to convince all of us that formula was better than breast milk? Then they tried to convince us that soy formula was even better than regular formula. Then they wanted us to keep buying their products even when tainted with all kinds of things. Thanks, but no thanks. I fed all my kids the way God intended and I don’t think I want to hook them up to a cow…bottled or otherwise! At some point, consumers have to demand better from food manufacturers. It is basic economics: supply and demand. If the public refuses to buy “breast milk from cows” then I promise you, the weirdos will quit making it. Same thing with high fructose corn syrup, MSG and all the other garbage that passes for “food”.

  • CaptTurbo

    Now if we could get our gals to produce cow’s milk we might have something there!

    Take it easy, Just kidding. ;)

  • Elle

    Pepscico & other companies use cells from aborted babies to enhance flavors in their products.

  • Elle

    PepsiCo gets these enhancements for their products from aborted cell lines from a company called Senomyx.

    Human breast milk from cows or foods flavored from aborted babies?
    Hmm, a mother should breast feed her babies and not abort them. Uh, kinda confusing.

  • Elevenarrows

    I remember years ago, Ogilvie (sp?) hair products contained aborted baby parts. I want nice hair, but not at that cost! So relieved that I don’t buy any soft drink products. Based on the above-mentioned info, I’ll be checking into all Pepsi products and ingredients to make sure I am not giving any of my hard-earned money to those sickos. All of this is the result of a nation that chose to de-value life. We are reaping what we allowed to be sown.

  • Elevenarrows


    With just a little research, I was able to find out that Senomyx is indeed made from cloned (and otherwise) human embryonic kidney cells combined with human adeno-virus. YUCK!!! BTW, unfortunately, Cadbury, Campbells, Coco-Cola and Nestle are all on board. Thankfully, I don’t buy Campbells, Cadbury or Coca Cola, but I have purchased Nestle products. I try to use Ghiradelli usually b/c they use natural ingredients, but I’ll do so even more now. It seems the research is to eventually make MSG, corn syrup, salt and other flavor enhancers unnecessary. What??? Some of us avoid all that (except sea salt) anyway. Why do food manufacturers think consumers can’t live without faux food? They should be required to label what is really in the food and then maybe a few stomachs would churn and demand would drop.

    • granny mae


      Where are the food police when you really need them ?

    • Elle

      Elevenarrows, reported on these disgusting practises and disregard for all human life. This web site also had the names and addresses of the companies you mentioned to register your opinion and to boycott them.

  • Jay

    “There are 1.5 billion people in the world who don’t get enough to eat,” said Professor Li Ning, the director of the research project. “It’s our duty to develop science and technology, not to hold it back. We need to feed people first, before we consider ideals and convictions.”

    It appears that professor Li Ning advocates for the application of “Cart before the Horse”, or, science before ethics sentiment. Very disturbing! Speaking of ideals and convictions, as stated by Li Ning, I suspect the professor was alluding to morals and ethics. Strange that such considerations, no doubt, merely considered and always in the abstract, would be voiced by such as he, and he whom he represents, the greedy and mindless corporations mentioned. Further, and no doubt in the anticipation of such, to assuage our repulsion to the genetic research and the grotesque end result, and to nourish his argument for the legibility of said hideous research, he torpedoes us with the 1.5 billion people in the world who go hungry. Interesting strategy, after all, who would stand in the way of feeding 1.5 billion people with ” Human Breast Milk”, and that, via domesticated cows? Off course, no one in their right mind would question the professor’s and the corporation’s motivation as being purely humanitarian, and not, motivated by the almighty Dollar? Who would be that heartless?

    Jesus warned, “That the love of money is the root of all evil”! Truer words were never spoken, nor was the veracity of such words confirmed by the behaviour of man!!! Man will soon learn, and in no uncertain terms, the law of “cause and affect”!

    • granny mae

      Jay I agree.
      They already have the cows , and the cows already give milk and milk is good for starving people so why not feed them now! You don’t have to do disgusting things to cows that corrupt their lives and health in order to feed the starving people of this world ! There are some people in this world that are starving and they have their own tribal belief’s that would not allow them to use such milk anyway. This is simply an abomination for profit only !

  • celia

    I would not feed my dog with that garbage.Remember what the Chinese did with INFANT FORMULA – so many babies died. The latest is making HAIR BANDS from used CONDOMS – and these are sold in the U.S. Just to think that women sometimes hold these bands with their mouths while fixing their hair. ARE YOU SICK YET ?

  • granny mae

    1.5 billion people with not enough to eat !? And just how is it that these cows are going to feed them? If they exist they can already feed them just naturally, with cows milk never mind breast milk. Breast milk is for babies not adults so don’t try to snow us with this excuse you are trying to use for such evil research ! These people are sick and what they are doing is going to make everyone sick. If people need more milk then raise more cows ! Not genetically engineered cows or milk ! Grose !

    • granny mae

      Also, human breast milk has anibacteriel properties because of the mothers immune system in fighting germs and diseases that have attacked her body, does the cow have the same properties attacking it’s immune system? Hoof and mouth disease, cow pox, and who knows what else ! Get out of Gods job before you create a monster and thousands of people suffer from it ! I don’t think those people are even human!

  • Ridge Runner

    does any one remember the tv show 6 million dollar man.what happens if they make a man with the brain of a piss ant. an elephant with the brain of a child molester.They modified tobacco plant with a gene from a fire fly and it glows in the dark.The whacko scientist have created all kinds of virises,germs and crosses and are still at it.It may have been a natural thing have you ever seen a bananna with seeds. this i think was done too long ago for any one to know. they now have grapes with no seeds,plants that makes it own pesticide(it may be killing our bees)they are making pesticides that is changing males to females,frogs that had 6 and 8 legs 2 heads.There has not been any study done that i have heard about to see what these chemicals were doing to the people that were consuming the food sprayed with these chemicals.Most doctors that know will trll you to stay away from all pesticides. These chemicals are oked by the fda and tha ada

  • Elle

    Yes, RidgeRunner changing male frogs into females. BirthControl pills are also in our drinking water and other land fills. Males getting all those hormones, all that estrogen. And we wonder where the real men are, hmm. Aborted babies are also filling our landfills. The blood of the innocents poured into the ground. As long as we continue to play God. we should also be ready to face the repercusions.

    • granny mae


      You and RidgeRunner, have said it right ! There was an article on the news here just yesterday about some pesticide being in our food even after we wash it and they said that apples were the worst. Grapes were mentioned and several other things. How mant of these fruits are coming from other countries that use chemicals that are banned here? We can’t use them but we can buy fruit they are used on drom other countries, because companies in this country don’t want to loose the money they can get from selling this poison ! These Chinese scientists say they have to feed starving people! What do they have to feed them? I know lets feed them food that will give them cancer so we can study it? No, maybe we should feed them food that will turn boys into girls and girls into boys , so we can study them ! It now seems the world is their science lab ! I’m telling you, start growing your own food and only buy from people you can trust ! The Dr.Frankenstein’s of this world will own your existance! How many companies will use these things they are coming up with and call it something you don’t know that sounds harmless and in the long run will help you die of cancer ? This is sick !

      • granny mae

        by the way. calcium propionate! How many people out there know what that is? I’ll tell you. It is plaster of paris and it is in every loaf of bread on the market ! Used as a preservative ! Some one needs to start up some om and pop bakeries again where we can go and buy bread without all this junk in them ! Where we can go and get a loaf or two of bread every other day and know it is good for you. If it doesn’t rot don’t eat it. My father in law had left a loaf of bread in his bread box at his home and came to our house to live in dec, Christmas, one year and we went back up to his place in June to start cleaning it out. I found the loaf of bread and it was as soft as the day it was bought ! Not a sign of mold anywhere ! SIX MONTHS OLD and no sign of spoilage ! I told a friend of mine and she said she had the same experience. It seems now that you can add store bought bread to your long term storage program ! Don’t eat it though!

  • Elle

    Yes, granny mae the only problem is not every one can grow thier own food. But, if more people know about this and register their objections to this via protesting and also not buying their products, they might begin to listen?

    • granny mae


      I pray every day that we can make a difference. I think if those of us that can grow food, do, and then share it with those who can’t we could help to make a difference. Every little bit helps ! I hate to say it but this is a sick world we live in today. Lord help us !


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