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Huckabee Says Obama Will Be Tough To Beat In 2012

December 1, 2010 by  

Huckabee says Obama will be tough to beat in 2012During a recent appearance on ABC's "The View," former Arkansas governor and rumored presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said that a divided Congress may help President Barack Obama's re-election bid in 2012.

Huckabee, a Republican who hosts his own show on FOX News, said that when the legislative and executive branches disagree on issues, the President and his administration usually win public support. He was making reference to the congressional changes set to take place in January, when Republicans gain majority in the House of Representatives and add several seats in the Senate.

Huckabee is rumored to be one of the GOP candidates to challenge Obama in 2012, along with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. According to the news provider, a new Quinnipiac University poll reveals that Americans would favor Obama over Huckabee, but they would prefer Romney over the current commander-in-chief.

“I think it’s going to be harder to beat Barack Obama than a lot of Republicans are thinking because he is the President, he’s going to have a billion dollars starting out in his war chest, there is an extraordinary advantage of an incumbent,” Huckabee said on "The View".

According to a recent Harris Poll, approximately 43 percent of Americans surveyed believe that it is good for the United States to have a President and the majority in Congress belonging to different parties. About 20 percent said that a divided government is bad for the U.S., while roughly 36 percent said they were not sure if it was good or bad. 

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  • skponggol

    The 2012 race has not begun and Huckabee has already surrendered claiming that Obama is hard to beat. With this kind of loser mentality, Huckabee better stays home and don’t compete. This demoralised loser would be a total embarassment to the GOP whining and moaning at Obama’s invincibility.

    What happen if Huckabee miraculously become President ? What is he going to whine? “Al-Qaeda would hard to beat”; “Osama would be hard to catch”; “US companies would be hard to compete with China”. Why don’t America close shop and go home to sleep.

  • http://none Mike

    Huckabee is stateing what he thinks is a fact. Its a shame I thought he might be a good canidate. But with this mentality allready creeping in he must not be concidering a serious run. Mike L.

    • http://Alaska Wild Bill

      I tend to agree with you that Huckabee is making this statement more to prevent complacency among conservatives than a hard held belief.I also think that by the 2012 elections Obama and his policies will be so detested by the general electorate that no matter the make up of the house and senate he would even lose to Pee Wee Herman.
      Wild Bill

      • http://none Mike

        Bill, I would have been more comfortable with a harder line stance to the statement though.It seemes to me to be a little weak when its taken at face value. And allows alot of room for the media to play with and twist his statement for the benifit of Obama. Mike L.

      • Flying Eagle

        Wild Bill, I tend to agree with your assessment, complacency is an enemy conservatives has to avoid, my guess is Huckabee is warning the GOP to stand in guard, not to let it down, he is a patriot a christian man, a decent person. God forbid Obama is reelected again, his arrongant and Mussolini like dictatorial attitude will make him believe he has a mandate to continue pushing his communist agenda, which he is at the present doing together with his commies henchmen, who are ignoring the voice of the american people, they don’t care about us. Watch what the communist czar of the FCC Frank Lloyd is trying to do, he wants to impose the Fairness Doctrine to regulate the Internet ignoring Congress, which is becoming irrelevant. We should complain to our Senator or Congress man/woman to stop that nonsense and let Obama’s henchmen know they (Congress)have a mandate from the american people.

        tend to agree with you that Huckabee is making this statement more to prevent complacency among conservatives than a hard held belief.I also think that by the 2012 elections Obama and his policies will be so detested by the general electorate that no matter the make up of the house and senate he would even lose to Pee Wee Herman.
        Wild Bill

      • Flying Eagle

        Wild Bill, I tend to agree with your assessment, complacency is an enemy conservatives has to avoid, my guess is Huckabee is warning the GOP to stand in guard, not to let it down, he is a patriot a christian man, a decent person. God forbid Obama is reelected again, his arrongant and Mussolini like dictatorial attitude will make him believe he has a mandate to continue pushing his communist agenda, which he is at the present doing together with his commies henchmen, who are ignoring the voice of the american people, they don’t care about us. Watch what the communist czar of the FCC Frank Lloyd is trying to do, he wants to impose the Fairness Doctrine to regulate the Internet ignoring Congress, which is becoming irrelevant. We should complain to our Senator or Congress man/woman to stop that nonsense and let Obama’s henchmen know they (Congress)have a mandate from the american people.

    • http://none sean moor


      • s c

        Sean, Huckabee does seem to reke of that miserable, Washingtonian “I owe my political arse” stench. IF the RNC can control its in-house RINOS and double agents, and IF the Obamamonster continues to demand that he get his infantile way, we have a good chance to correct some of this administration’s insanity.
        As far as I’m concerned, Huckabee should defect so he can see himself as yet another quasi-enlightened progressive. How is it that some people want to see him as someone who can make a difference? I don’t see much difference between Huckabee and Gingrich.

  • Howard Wolf

    It seems to me that the president got a political kick in the teeth on November 2nd. It was assuredly a referendum on his policies. Perhaps Governor Huckabee feels that it’s best to not become too complacent; I hope that’s the case.

    How much bad luck can one president have? If it holds, I think almost anyone could beat him.

    • skippy

      well, we CAN sure hope that is the case!!!

    • Joan Green/Utah

      Doesn’t look like he cares what others say about he does while he is in the White House…he intends to steamroll right over the public outrage and do whatever is necessary to accomplish his end results.

  • Jessica

    I wish Mike Huckabee would just go away. I doupt if he’s even serious about wanting to be president. As in the last election, his main goal is to torpedo Mitt Romney’s chances by siphoning off the votes of gullible Christians. He’s annoying, banal, and the religious overtones are just getting old. If you’re going to stick a bible-thumper in the White House, you may as well elect Glenn Beck. At least he’s clever and has some balls.

  • Doc Sarvis

    If Huckabee had said President Obama would be easy to beat in 2012 many of you would be complaining that he was overconfident. I think what he said is a prudent statement that really does not mean anything at this point.

  • Rosco1776

    If we end up with the same old rino’s of the last race, minus Ron Paul, he was the only good one, then no he won’t be defeated and this country will be in extreme turmoil before then anyway. The Sheeple are too stupid to see the forest for the trees and the sun is setting on the empire.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Mike Huckabee is a very knowledgeable and good Christian man. I think he is being cautious in his statement and doesn’t want the GOP to become overconfident after such a large mid-election win. He would be a great diplomat with all his abilities. I think it is a little early to be picking those who will run in 2012.

    • Cliffystones

      I also think that Mike is a good, honest man. My problem with him as Pres, is that he’s too nice.

      We need someone who’s “as mad as hell” and “isn’t going to take it anymore”, to paraphrase the movie line.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Oh good, vote for a lunatic.

        • JLC

          Uh-Oh!! Somebody left the gate open!

          • Doc Sarvis

            I shut it; your’re welcome.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Not soon enough you didn’t!!!

  • Bill

    Better listen to Huckabee. Make sure we have all bases covered.

  • J.M.R.

    huck has a point remember we still have dummies that think the dick-tater can do no wrong, then theres the voter fraud which the libs condon philly comes to mind to start with

  • Norm

    Huckabee’s a lot smarter than I gave him credit for.
    If employment picks up a few notches and when the Republicans show their stupidity and greed (now that they have the House), Obama will be a shoo in.
    Right now the slate of potential GOP presidential candidates is rather lacking, to say the least.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      If employment picks up, I would give the Repubs the credit as that is the only thing that has changed!!! Nobummer sure as hell hasn’t done anything worth crap!!!

  • rosina


  • http://yahoo rob

    I don’t care how much money Obama has in his warchest for re-election. If the people cast their votes to re-elect this so-called prez, then it will show that the American people have lost their way. All talk NO action….Be prepared for one of the “GREATEST” dog and pony shows from Obama over the next 2 years…Truly asked yourself, will the American voter be “DUPED” twice?

    • Andrew Wheeler

      It is clear to me that all we are being fed by both parties are lies. We are being fed false information by those who supposedly represent us in government, and by the media on both sides. The government has slowly been terrorizing us since 9/11, along with ruining our economy by starting wars based on intelligence we were not allowed to verify independently, killing hundreds of thousands of people abroad for the criminal acts of a bunch of brainwashed murderers. We need to return to isolationist policies, period. American people needs to worry about domestic terrorism, from our own government and the people within. All I see is chaos and thirst for blood from all sides. We need to truly become Christian again, and declare peace around the world, and do what Christ would do, which is not to act violently or with the state, but to love each other as neighbors and citizens, no matter what. That way, we are protected from the temptation to commit violent acts against each other, and we can stand together in the unconditional love which Christ professes. We need to forgive ourselves for trespassing on others, and deliver those who trespass against us, from evil. Violence creates violence, there is no two ways about it. The only thing that has changed over time, are the tools of violence. We have failed Christ, miserably. War has continued to rage since Christ. Very few, have followed Christ in turning the other cheek, and loving our enemies. When you stop unconditionally loving and forgiving, you lose Christ within yourselves. This government, does not represent any of us, and it hasn’t for quite some time, if it ever did. We’ve all been hoodwinked. People need to be seen as people, all over the world, separate from their countries of origin, who need unconditional love to survive.

  • mouse

    This country can not take 4 more years of what this thing (OB) has set out—Unless you want to start learning Chinese and live off of the few bread crumbs the government would throw to its peasants to eat —If you look at what is going on in Europe socialism does not work

    • Norm

      It’s not politics. It’s rich traitors that are destroying the US.
      GE just invested 2 billion in China and most major corps. are exporting jobs at this very moment.
      Cheap labor makes the bean counters and ignorant managers richer and …screw the rest.

  • Joseph C. Moore, USN Ret.

    The only reason that Obama would be difficult to beat is that nearly half the electorate is brainwashed by the liberal party into believing that he (Obama) is working to save the Republic. Far too many of the politicians of both parties are (and have been) working toward the goal of One World Government. Look at all the past and present leaders (of both parties). If they have an acronym such as “CFR” or others in their profile, they are World Government advocates and not supporters of sovereignty of our Republic. This has been going on for decades.

  • trp878

    No respect for Huckabee as he wouldn’t know about running, because he is a QUITTER. If he hadn’t run for President, he wouldn’t be in the position he is in now and would be just another preacher that doesn’t preach the scriptures. “NUTS to you huckabee.

    • Norm

      The last thing this country needs is a religious extremist for president.
      Presidents who pray for guidance are damn frightening. That’s kind of the Muslim way as well.

      • blv54

        well norm I rather have a president praying to God than have what we got now getting his directions from satan, and thats what are current leaders are doing, don’t believe that? then what are they doing at bohemian grove.

  • http://Google Betty

    I think Gov. Huckabee is a great man with wonderful values. I agree that we need a fighter and someone who is not afraid to get angry. Perhaps Glen Beck would be a good candidate. Afraid we need a man. We need someone who would get Democratic votes so I believe we may have to go middle of the road and hope for the best as long as he can win. No more Obama should be the slogan. This has been the worst disaster our country has EVER suffered in my lifetime. Fight for values, freedom from taxation that is a burden and religious freedom. Christians founded this country.

    • http://none Mike

      Betty, That is defeatist at its best. We tried the so called middle of the road and look what that got us. No we need someone with hard line conservitive values. Who has a mission statement ready to go once the campaining starts. Someone whos Ideas are freash and understandable to all the people not just democrats or republicans. Someone whoes values dont change when the wind blows another direction. I have had enough of windbag politics such as oneliner Obama’s Hope and Change. Hopefully someone like this emerges from the muck in 2012. But I am not holding my breath there. Mike L.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Sorry, Glen Beck cries WAY too much to be President.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Well, it doesn’t have to be. If the GOP would get its act together, it would rid the party of RINOs and (as Mark Levin says) RePUBICans. And what they need to do is nominate true conservatives who believe in limited constitutional government. In other words, nominate Reagan/Palin type outspoken candidates, not Mitt Romney types. If they’d all get behind Sarah Palin, she could overcome the bad publicity she gets from the Democraps and their cronies within the lamestream media. GET REAL!! BHO could’ve been defeated on 11/4/2008 if the GOP had its act together. Of course there were many stupid voters, but why did the GOP nominate such a poor candidate like John McLame?? As Rush Limbaugh said, he could’ve ended Obama’s campaign in the first debate alone. But no. Instead he was soft on BHO, but hot tempered and tough on the more conservative Republicans!! Many of us just reluctantly voted for McLame as a vote against ‘One Big Awful Mistake America’!! Until stupid voters wise up, we need to deal with this situation with common sense!!

  • Raggs

    Judge Napolitano…. I believe would make a good one.

    But then again the black and hispanic will not vote for a white man..
    I’m not being racist… I’m just pointing out the truth…. As long as odumbo is on the ticket there is no chance that the GOP will have a shot… Afterall the votes he got from the blacks and hispanics were due to his color and not his qualifications…

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I don’t know about that. I talked to quite a few Blacks that have said they would have never voted for nor vote for nobummer in the future!!! Also asked a few hispanics that wouldn’t either!! Of the three Jewish families that I know, one has said they would never vote for him and another has said that he will never get their vote again. I’m working on the other!!


    First of all I think Huckabee was just giving a warning that it is possible for Obama to be re-elected. There are enough ignorant and decieved voters out there to do just that. Especially with a lapdog media that hides all of his faults with chills down their legs.

    I also agree with previous posts that Huckabee is probably too nice to get the job done. I also think that I would prefer to lose with a true constitutional conservative nominee than a Rino who would just do the progressive things a little slower, than the out of the closet progressives like Obama and friends.

    Having Obama win over Rino McCain has allowed the public to see the true intentions of the progressives, on hyperspeed, whereas had McCain won, we would be getting the blame for the same things the progressives want, done by our own Rino. The one good thing about Obama winning this last election is that it opened the eyes of those who have been sitting on the fence wondering who is destroying our country. Their masks are coming off and they are coming out of the closet, as if to give their final blow to have it all or fail drastically. I hope they fail with this socialist or progressive movement and we save what is right with our country.

    I say we vote for true Constitutional Conservatives, till there are enought votes for them to win, than for middle of the road candidates who are destroying the conservative label. STICK TO YOUR PRINCIPLES PEOPLE! God will weed out the rest!

    I am also hoping more states and Congress can pursue and pass the bill going around that will force all potential candidates to have to show proof of citizenship with a Long Form Birth Certificate before they can be nominated, which would mean Obama would have to come clean to run again. If it is found he was not eligible, then all he has passed before will be nullified. If he decides not to run again and that law became in effect, then we will know he was not eligible to begin with and does not want to be found out.

    God, yes, I said GOD, you are hereby invited back into our country, the country you gave to us and we ask again for your guidance and protection against the onslaught of all that is wrong from these people who are out to destroy any mention of you and who want to take you out of the country you gave to us, and to please get us back on the right track for the freedom and liberty you have set before us and given us a thirst for. Now that we have tasted it, we know we need to have it. “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH”!

  • Joan Green/Utah

    Please remember that the Presidential candidate is NOT chosen by the MAJORITY of “people” votes…it is by the “Electorial” votes…which of course can be bought and paid for by the candidate and his or her cohorts….. As for me I had hoped for Ron Paul!

    • eddie47d

      Huckabee is right. As disorganized as the Republicans are he could be a shoe in. Now if the Republicans change their name to the Tea Party and be more honest about the connection then they will have a better chance.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Will somebody close that freakin GATE?????

      • eddie47d

        Look at who replied,Mr dishonesty Joe.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          give it up toady you’ll never win!!!

  • Ron Bedell

    I read Mike Huckabee’s comment’s and many of the comments above.

    Mike Huckabee is not going to beat Barack Obama in 2012 and neither will Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney (with all his millions) or Newt Gingrich. They might have a shot at it in 2016 if we still have a country. That is, if Barack Obama and John “Bailout” Boehner and Harry Reed haven’t completely sold out our country to the New World Order. The reason why Huckabee, Palin, Romney, and Gingrich are not going to beat Obama is because in many ways they are carbon copies of Obama. Look where they stand on foreign policy; they’re almost identical. And even on many domestic policies there’s not much difference. For example, Palin supported the Bush bailout in 2008. In other words they’re all socialists and Internationalists but to different degrees. So, why would the American people want to replace Obama with any of the four above?

    If Barack Obama is to be replaced in 2012 it will take a candidate who is unique and the complete opposite of Obama. There’s only one candidate who fits that description, Ron Paul. Sure, Palin and the others will try to paint themselves as a conservative but there’s only one candidate who has the track record to prove that he is a conservative and a Constitutionalist, Ron Paul!

    • http://none Mike

      Ron, If he decids to run he would most likely get my vote. I almost think he would have to run as an independent or Libratarian though. The political machine that is the Rino parties conservitive death chamber was on parade in this last election. People like him are far to intellegent for the comfort of the conformist in the republican party now. Maby he could get Miltion Freedman for a running mate that should scare the pants off of both parties. :)Mike L.

      • Ron Bedell


        If Mike Huckabee is that intellegent then why does he support the sellout of American independence, sovereignty and freedoms? Huckabee is a big supporter of the New World Order. In order for the International World Bankers to implement their New World Order they must first destroy the old world order and the Declaration of Independence that the Founders fought and died to give us. Mike Huckabee is nothing but a neo-con Republican as is Sarah Palin. Please read the book “The Shadows of Power,” by James Perlof. International World Bankers (Rockefeller’s, etc) have complete control of the foreign and domestic policies of the United States, not the President or Congress! U.S. troops are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and are stationed in more than 100 countries around the world, illegally and immorally. Where was the Declaration of War (U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8) from Congress authorizing Bush or any other U.S. President to send U.S. troops over there??? I ask you, WHERE? The last Declaration of War that was given by Congress to a U.S. President was on December 8, 1941 (FDR)! Today, U.S. troops are stationed and fighting in more than 130 foreign countries illegally and immorally. And they are not fighting terrorism as the Establishment would lead us to believe but rather they are doing the will of the Bankers; they are preparing the world for a one world government and a one world dictator. And at the same time our money system is being destroyed. These are Bankers wars; they are not Americas wars. I am a Christian; I’m am born-again. And I am really surprised that the Christian right wing can’t see through the Establishments maze. 9/11 was well planned by the Internationalists.

        I disagree. Ron Paul is the most intelligent and patriotic and honest candidate for President in 2012. Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, etc all play the Establishments foolish games.

  • nationAP

    Reelecting Obama will be a disaster, a death sentence to America as we know it, or it will send it back for 10 years to repair the damage. He doesn’t behave as a dictator after November election but he will if he wins in 2012. Forget free market, democracy, freedom. Government, unions, Islamization, dictatorship, socialism is a CHANGE. Republicans have a chance to save us if they come up with somebody new.
    Sarah Palin is a joke – yesterday she quit her elected position to make money with her books, tomorrow she will “dance with the stars” instead of her daughter, and will go to see Russia in person, not from her backyard in the middle of her term; she can try to get a part in tv show “Desperate Housewives” or some reality show, she is kind of funny, inhabitants would like her. Romney is just stupid (have you watched the debates when he changed his “principle” positions back and force several times answering ONE question?)
    Huckabee is smart and decent (as much as politician can be), but he is too religious for our secular society. It would be shameful if we can’t find a right person to lead our great country.

    • gslvusa

      The feelings are mutual however, in fairness to Sarah Palin re. your negative comments about her, she’s real just like you and me. Strong and firm in her convictions: family, freedom, service, faith, and her profound love for America.

  • chuckb

    running romney or huckabee in 2012 will guarantee barry a second term.
    there’s no one out there that can beat palin, maybe christie, she is the best hope to really change things in the republican party and washington, why do think karl rove keeps bad mouthing her. we need to get rid of boehner, mcconnell and karl rove for starters, enough of the old republican guard. “mainly get rid of barry soetoro” if the voter registration fraud is not stopped, there’s no use in worrying about the election, the conservatives will lose. the demo’s will have millions of illegals registered to vote in 2012 and barry will win.

    • 45caliber

      You can simply look at many of the elections in November and tell there is serious illegal voting. Reid, for instance, was caught with voting machines that only recorded one vote out of four for his opponent. He was getting the rest, regardless of how the voter voted. It was stopped and he was then way behind – until the very last hour of voting. Then he pulled ahead as three of four voters voted for him. Sounds as if the compters were changed back again. And since the unions are the ones to adjust the voting machine computers ….

      Further, Nancy got 80% of the vote and some other Dems got up to 90% or so. I seriously doubt if you can have that many Dems in any district. Houston had problems with Sheila Jackson Lee’s district. They tried to get poll watchers in to make sure the dead didn’t come shuffling in and she had a fit. It also seems that she “forgot” that she wasn’t supposed to try to get votes at the polling site. She was meeting the voters AFTER they had signed up to vote and were going to the voting machines to tell them to be sure to vote for her. The election officials on site didn’t say a word about any of it.

      • Ron Bedell

        To 45Caliber,

        Thanks for this information. I was wondering why Sharron Angle was at least three points ahead in the polls the day before the election and on election day she gets romped. This is obvious voter fraud. Why didn’t the Republican Party step in and do something about this?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      If he can get the national exposure, there is one. Duncan Hunter!!! We get him in, watch how fast the border gets sealed or the world will know who stopped him!! He has conservative values as well!! I would have voted for him in a heartbeat, but without the national exposure he just didn’t make the cut!!

    • Ron Bedell

      To Chuckb,

      I completely agree with everything you said except for one thing, Palin! Palin IS the old guard Republican. John McCain who is a socialist and an internationalist chose Palin for his running mate in 2008. There’s no way he would have picked her if she was not part of the Republican Party Establishment. The Republican Party Establishment is controlled by socialists and Internationalists. Plus, Palin has strong ties with Washington Insider, Henry Kissinger. Palin supported the Bush Bailout in the fall of 2008. Palin supports all the international policies of the Democrat and Republican Parties. I am, definitely, going to support Ron Paul in the 2012 election even though he will be huge underdog. Palin and Huckabee are socialists and Internationalists and they don’t even support the Constitution. They give it lip service and that’s it! I agree. The Establishment will put Palin and Huckabee in the race to make sure Barry gets a second term in the White House.

  • Warrior

    I gotta say, Ron Paul would make an excellent choice. Don’t think he could gain the support of the rino’s though. I fear anyone else would just be status quo.

  • 45caliber

    I don’t like Romney or Huckabee. Both are Democrat Lights. Their voting records – and signing records – show they favor more things the Dems do than Conservatives do. To put it better, they are RINOs.

    What the real problem is the GOP is basically controlled by RINOs and they want to insure that RINOs are all that are run for office. They don’t want to lose their power in the GOP to some real conservatives.

  • John Wesley Nobles

    Governor Huckabee is a realist, with his head screwed on tight. There is no question what he stands for, an example would be his support of Fair Tax, HR 25. Governor Huckabee is rock solid. Based on that, he would get my vote.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      John Wesley,
      I have a problem with his tender hearted routene with convicted fellons and pardons. Like the guy that killed those cops. I respect him for saying the blame rests with him, but still there are three dead cops because he pardoned the wrong guy!

  • who cares

    They’re back the Grand Obostructionist party, the do nothing the blame those who accuses you. Huckabee is a want to be. was he want to be preacher? No money preaching lie’s But at fox news he could get you to believe the earth is flat and you are Gods chosen. your party want the Low income tax payer to pay for the millionire. Did you know that a millionaire are entitle to recieve SSI, medicare all the benefits. Better your save your pennies they need the help more than you. How do feel about your tax dollars going to build an Ark?

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      and why not, they pay into the system to. What, because your successful your not eligible to benefits you paid into all your working life?

  • http://com i41

    narionAP, you must be a member of National Marxist Communist Democrat Union Party or a just plain socialist. Onumnutts didn’t act like a dictator after the election, so you agree the purple lipped marxist muslim did before the election? Well he still doesn’t shut up with his do nothing campaign style, he is like a baby bird, all mouth and a$$. He said republicans had to compromise in 2009 cause he won, and now the jungle gymn idoit want the republican are supposed to compromise on spending, screw the duck, he lost. That is if the rinos have enough spines, and don’t fold. He sure acts like he still the lead dog, when he is a neutored weiner dog pup. Also the NaNMCDUP is back pushing socialism and more total government control over everything even what youeat and feed your kids.Onumnutts got a muclusion,with an elbow, I think all dumbocraps need to see if their faces can bruise a foot up side their heads or in their lard a socialist a$$es,

  • chuckb

    who cares

    your hero’s, the liberal democrats, want to and are giving benefits to all these illegals that cross our border and even enjoy their vote. at least the millionaires are paying more than their share of tax, how much do you pay? try venezuela or cuba, sounds like you might be happier there.

  • who cares

    Why would any of you want to return to another Republican president Eight years of Bush is not enough?? The two wars Bush stared. You, me and the baby your planing to have she or he can tack on small amout of $35.000 plus their regular life long taxes. Republican (BUSH)borrwed money on the backs of the low income tax payers thats anyone who makes less than 100.000 But people who makes under $40.00 will pay even more. This depth Bush left us with guess what liberals and democrats or what ever name you call them are not the only ones that have to pay back, You republican like it or not are going to help pay back. But because of you support with the GOP millonare’s won have pay their share. If any of your right winger are collecting unemployment benefit your party just did you in.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      who cares,
      Is English your second language?? It took me twice as long to read your post as it’s taking to type a reply.
      Your hero Nobummer is also to blame for that massive debt that we are saddled with. In fact if left to his plans, we are gonna be stuck with about twice to three times what we have now! Cap and Trade, ever heard of that little ditty? Hope you can afford to pay about twice what you are paying for heat bills if it goes through! Alternate energy? About ten years down the line at best and costs three jobs for every job it creates. Solar isn’t gonna do you much good if you are up north during the snow months!! Use that thing between your shoulders for something more that keeping your ears apart!!

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda

      yo i would not care either if i was as stupid as you you make me want to puke

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda

    Heck I wish I was a dirty politican I would grab up on that money too, then on my deathbed I would confess my sins and go straight to heaven and leave my family millionares just like that creature that lives in the white house, he has tainted everything america is falling into a hole we may never get out of, give us some of that money obama and share the wealth with us you stingy so and so.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda

    BUSH was 100 times the man that dirtbag in power is, he at least gave me some money all obummer is doing is killing our country and giving muslims the go ahead i fear him he is evil incarnate

  • LyingDog

    President Obama will be hard to beat in 2012 because he has primed all the nipples that feed the government money suckers. There are a pile of them out there and they are hard to get off the titie.

    When does the shootin war start? I’m tired of all this politics and voting crap.

  • Bill

    If he rams amnesty through for millions of illegals, he will be next to impossible to beat in 2012. The numbers are all in his favor. Ther aren’t enough conservative voters to beat him. Government workers, unions, illegals, and blacks give him an unbeatable edge.

    • Andy

      Amnesty, of course he will ram it through. As we speak his czars are doing their dirty work to make sure he gets elected again. Why do you think he took control of car dealerships, banks, unions, etc.anything else…because now THEY owe him. That is the way this guy works; blackmail and threats. He seems to have always been handed everything,including the Illinois Senate, if you read about how he did it. He has been SELECTED, as Farakan stated, to do a job, with an agenda he is following from Soros/Inglinski. He hates US..appeases the Muslims…that’s evident. He plans to CAN the constitution and be president/ruler forever; get rid of guns; internet;our freedom. The Repubs/Tea Party/Independents better get together on this next election…because there won’t be another chance! I just imagine it will be fixed somehow anyway. If he can neutralize the internet, he can stop WIKILEAKS; unless he likes all the turmoil that too is causing. They will PUSH this amnesty thing through before the new Congress comes in…just like Obamacare…a disaster for all of us.

  • kwolf443

    Wow some of these republicans supporter’s of insane with their hating obama ( i.e blackman in office)with only two years in office to them he gotting us in the worst time in the history of this country LOL , Not only is the tea party the same as the republican party it is the republican party and with canidates like sarah palin obama has nothing to worry about for her , now rommney maybe the bad choices that they made in 2008 losted them the election , from 2000 to 2008 is another story that they would soon forget.

  • Debra

    Obama had better not be on the ballot in 2012, he shouldn’t have been on there to begin with. Don’t knock Mitt Romney, our country needs good, honest people like him – the opposite to the lying and decietfulness we’ve been watching! Mitt Romney really will turn this nation around and what a fantastic team he would be with someone like Rand Paul! They are both realists with the welfare of our country in their hearts, unlike the socialist Democratic regime that has proven itself to be for the total destruction of our country. The Bush administration did try to warn Congress in 2009 about the danger the economy was in, with Democrats doing everything in their power to mow over the top of it and cut it down, as usual. Looks like all Democrats like to stop all truth from being made known, and they have the longest track record to prove it. I have done my homework on Obama, have you?


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