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Huckabee Says Obama Self-Destructed And Acted Amateurishly During Press Conference

December 15, 2010 by  

Huckabee says Obama self-destructed and acted amateurishly during press conferenceFormer Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee believes that President Barack Obama was "amateurish" during his press conference last week about the tax cut compromise he made with Republicans.

In an interview with National Journal, Huckabee, who is rumored to run against Obama in the 2012 presidential election, said the deal itself is the "best anyone can hope for at this point," but he was shocked to see how Obama handled himself at the podium. He said the nation's commander-in-chief self-destructed during the Dec. 7 press conference

"I was just stunned. I really couldn't believe that a man that was elected president was as amateurish as he was, and essentially launched from the podium at some of his own, taking aim and mowing down everybody in D.C. and walking away having not understood that he just lost a lot of people," Huckabee told the news provider.

Many lawmakers in the Democratic Party have condemned the agreement that Obama reached with Republicans. The House Democratic Caucus last week voted against the President's proposal. In response, Obama called on former President Bill Clinton in an effort to persuade liberals to back the tax package.

In an appearance at the White House on Dec. 10, Clinton said that both parties are going to have to "eat some things they don't like." He said the compromise between Obama and the GOP is the best available option.

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  • http://naver samurai

    Why did Obama bin Laden act that way? Maybe he didn’t use a teleprompter? It could well be that he, as we all already know, isn’t qualified for the job and doesn’t really know how to handle things. A good leader is required to know his situation at all times, but I don’t think the POTUS is up to the job. Let’s get him out in 2012 or try hard to push for impeachment before then. All I have to say is, that if Al Queda is out to destroy America they better hurry because Obama bin Laden is beating them to it. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • kandace

      All I hv 2 sat 2 tht is AMEN! I think “they” elected in a Pres tht hates ths country & wnts 2 destroy us jst as mch as al queda. Thts y he’s tking $ away frm a crucial defense program! This stuff w/ airport security is a cover-up. He KNEW it wouldn’t “fly!” Pardon the pun! Lol

      • Phil

        This isn’t twitter, please use proper spelling.

        • libertytrain

          Amen – thank you Phil.

    • dstk

      “All I have to say is, that if Al Queda is out to destroy America they better hurry because Obama bin Laden is beating them to it.

      What an absolutely insane and ridiculous statement to make, what side are you on… obviously not Americas

      and the telepromter, well Bush couldn’t even make a complete sentence, that made sense with one!!!

      • Gary

        Are you saying that I have to eat Obama’s garbage, and, if I don’t I’m un-American? You eat it! I will fight this idiot and all “progressives” every step of the way.

      • TXGranny

        You are totally wrong on that!

      • Glenn

        There is a reason that CPUSA (Commmunist Party of the United States) supports Obama. People need to wake up before its to late. The communists said after WW2 they would take this country over without firing a shot and they are doing under the flag of the Democrat Party. The symbol of the Democrat Party symbol is an “ass” for good reason.

      • Kate8

        dstk – Any true American MUST oppose Obama! He is the anti-American usurper, a foreign enemy agent. It is our sacred duty to oppose him.

        He is absolutely dedicated to destroying what is left of this country. Yes, he is inept, but it doesn’t really matter because the same people using him as their frontman have control of many of your simple, deluded minds.

        Whatever has made you think that Americans must support a (fraudulent) POTUS when he is acting contrary to our Constitution? It is ignorance like yours that has brought us to this brink of disaster. We’ll see if you still feel the same this time next year.

      • Shibamom

        What a load of crap! President Bush was and will always be a much better president than Obama. Bush is not a stupid man and neither is Obama for that matter. However, Obama IS immature, inexperienced, narcassitic, greedy, and out to totally destroy the USA to make it a liberal infested utopia…at any expense!! So those of you who have gulped down his koolaid, well, don’t come running to anyone crying because you lost your home, retirement, food, etc., because all the while your fellow citizens were trying to warn you but you drank way too much koolaid.

      • James

        Dstk, ‘telepromter’ has two ‘p’s in it.

    • Laura Ayala

      He is not beating them, he is working with him as far as I am concerned.

    • patriotpartisan

      You people sound like a bumper sticker with all the cliches…if all anti-Obama arguments are going to be just slander and catchy phrases with no substance, then we’ll never make credible head-way in convincing a nation of his uselessness or Constitutional sabotage; we are called “racist” everytime we speak out, let’s NOT give them any more fuel for their fires with inflamatory remarks that are not politically based. To dismiss our troubles as one man’s doing, is blind to the facts and counter-productive… everytime Congress and The White House fail to start our recovery, we must start over; a fresh beginning, NOT one or two politicians, but all!!

      • BOE

        How about this PP? He is a damned sorry ass mac-daddy! A long legged mac-daddy with no class.

    • dilligas

      We don’t have to worry about Al Qaeda or Islam destroying this country, that was handled in 1913 with the formation of the Federal Reserve–a privately owned and controlled central bank. At that time the gov’t mandated that at least 40% of the money being printed had to be against the gold standard then in 1971 the jackass Nixon took us completely off gold so the FR has been printing an endless supply of their useless notes. We are about to self destruct just like ancient Rome. We are following the exact same pattern they did before their fall with high taxation, high unemployment (near 22%–double what the biased and controlled media reports) outrageous military spending and expansion of democracy globally and other forms of gov’t spending etc that we middle class Americans have to pay for. We are so far in debt that it is impossible to pay back so if gov’t defaults on it’s debt we will collapse and the world is in crisis so gov’t keeps throwing good money after bad so to speak and will create hyperinflation which will result in total economic collapse as well. We are in a no win situation and it’s only a matter of time before the s**t hits the fan.

      • dhellew2

        Your information is only half correct. Johnson repealed the law that required the US to back our currency with gold. Nixon then ended the international gold standard. Both raided the gold and never paid it back.

    • Patricia

      Very, very well said… Congratuations…

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    What else can anybody really expect from someone with no political experience to speak of? Without his speech writers and teleprompter he is virtually clueless.

  • Louie

    That’s what I don’t like abut Huck…to think that this new tax “deal” is the best we can hope for at the moment…is also

    • Robert, Combat Seabee Vet. N.Y.

      This is not a new tax deal, It is a revamped version of the already existing tax rates, and some minor lowerings of rates, such as the estate tax. By the way, the estate tax just taxes again what’s been taxed all of it’s existance. Doble taxing the same wealth or money is actually illegal. Time for America to stand up aginst this taxation and keep our money.
      How amateurish of you. You got to be a liberal.

      • Bob Wire

        “You got to be a liberal”. ~~ what if you are right?

        Huckabbe and you would be best severed to keep your “labeling” in check.

        Huckabbe’s commuting sentencing skills are somewhat amateurish as well.

        Believe it or not Robert, everyone here has not be bite by a werewolf.

      • Jana

        I agree, it is the best we can expect for right now since the Democrats are STILL IN CONTROL till Jan. 4th.
        At this point the conservatives are still outnumbered.

      • dhellew2

        Taxing taxes is also illegal but many states charge sales tax on the federal gas tax.

        The loop-hole that needs to be close is government. The economy is a business, a business that is made up of private sector businesses and workers. Government is an overhead expense (taxes) to the economy.

        Government spending does not help the economy because they reduced the economy to get the money they are spending. In order for government to be sustainable with any hope of paying down the debt it would require a reduction in size and spending of 80%.

        It takes the taxes from 11 private sector workers to pay one government employees salary, yet government makes up nearly half of the US workforce. To make matters worse, government employees make more than twice what equivalent private sector workers make.

    • Sharon

      You are the one acting like aa 2 year old. Obama is a #1 idiot & not leader…..

    • Castaway

      In fact, it probably is the best we can hope for. It can only get worse with more compromising. With our form of government, that is all we Americans can hope for, a Compromise, not a best deal, or a real solution. Then they say this is great, it is our government working, and our parties working together. THat is the entire problem.

      • ValDM

        This is probably the “best deal”????? Seriously??? It’s a SPENDING bill. Another 13 months of unemployment? Do we need this? Where is the money going to come from to fund these 13 months of unemployment? Our economy is in the toilet, and I can hear the sound of rushing water. This whole “bill” needs to be taken out to the burn barrel and lit up with kerosene.

        • Bus

          Romney and Palin 1012.

          • JeffH

            Romney? NOT!

          • Sam in Cal


          • falling

            Romney? NO THANKS! I live with Romneycare and trust me, it isn’t fun…too expensive, to hard to get covered if your problem is not simple, to paperwork heavy. Romney may well be a brilliant businessman, but he is not a conservative or an effective leader.

    • marvin

      and your point being .it,s not like this just came up in dec 2010,the dems have been in control of both houses from jan 2006 the white house jan 2008 and could have repelled dadt the bush tax cuts,could have passed the night mare act,when clinton left office in jan 2000 we had a def of 4 trillion dollars not a surplus all smoke and mirrors when bush left office in jan 2008 we had a def of 9 trillion dollars ,but the dems had both houses in 2006 up tell jan 2011 still do have control of white house and congress now we are 13 trillion in defclinton def 4 trillion bush def 9 trillion add 5 tillion in 8 years,obama, 13 all most 14 trillion has add all most 5 trillion in 2 years thats 5 TRILLION IN 2 YEARS,point i am making this could have been last year on the tax bill,but when you are about to lose power you do all the damage to the country you can as pay back for being voted out,of office by we the people

    • Bruce D.

      I have to agree with you Louie but I do not know if it is for the same reasons. There was a lot of pork added to that bill and the two year extension is not enough stability for business. For me it is a better deal for the left than the right. They should let the tax cut expire and come up with something better in the beginning of January.

  • photo lady

    Being president is above his pay grade. The emperor has no clothes.

    • Robb

      Being bus boy is above his pay grade!

      • marvin

        now thats not fair, obumbos wife said on tv that obama is the smartest man she know,s if that is the case so much for harvard grads but hell what do i know i have had to actually work for a living,no one would pay for me to go to harvard,i had to work,no handouts,but oguffs must be doing something, he started on welfare and has 15 million dollars now

  • D.H.

    I think they forgot to tell Obama that he would have to answer the tough questions. To put Clinton in front of the press with the excuse that he had a Christmas party to go to, was ludicrous. We already know Obama cannot speak without a teleprompter.

  • richard

    this man is a fraud.(obama). get him out!!!

    • Sharon

      God Bless America is right.. Obama needs to be removed ASAP,he knows squats about running a Country ass great as ours…

      • KCDonovan

        Unfortunately as soon as all the illegal aliens are accepted into this country, they will be able to vote for the man who gave them their freedom. So – if the vote for president were held today, I doubt that he would be voted in. But the vote will be after millions of new illegals are citizens and that will assure ‘the man whose name should not be spoken in public’ a reelection to his high post of president.

        • artinthewild

          Well said KC – I hope they stop this rediculous amnesty. We can’t afford the ones we have -

  • Steve

    Regardless of the Location, Obummer is always the least qualified most inept person in the room, is it 2012 yet?

  • Jim

    FairTax Huckabee has my vote if he runs in 2012. The FairTax would be a tremendous boost to our economy. Any progressive tax plan our current administration passes is the equilovent to a band aid on dimemberment. Mr. Obama doesn’t have the background, grasp of free market economics or the experience to run this country anywhere but into the ground.

    • American Citizen

      The only thing he’s good at is practicing the politics of envy. According to my church, that’s a sin.

  • Jim

    Sorry, (equivalent) proof reading can be a plus.

    • Castaway

      Did you understand what he meant?????????? Then P off! D ss.

  • http://YAHOO val


  • Hector J. Martinez

    We need to go back to the old days of protesting,sit downs and strikes. The government does not hear us with out votes and our emails. We need to show them the masses of people that are just pissed off at these no good SOB’s and fire them. If there were 100 lawyers to get together and be funded by the american people then they can use the Constitution to impeach and then punish them with jail time for the crimes thay have committed against us. We The People need to get together physically and show them we want our country back the way our founding fathers and we need to stop them now. The internet is a good tool but we need to take advantage of it before they censure our freedom of movement thru the internet.

    • Castaway

      Very well stated, and I agree. When do we get started?

    • Pat R
      • AzApacheNative

        Hey Pat R, Thank God someone else is pursuing a free Republic! We’re real excitied what is doing behind the scenes for all Americans. If more people could see what they are doing, millions of troubled Americans would get involved. Here in Arizona, we’ve assembled and won the first ever case against bankers and foreclosures in Common Law! Gotta get involved at the local level. Yes, normal people like us can unite peacefully and take a stand against tyranny…it’s clearly spelled out in the Constitution. Go Republic! God Bless America


    The only hope for this country is to get a leader with the ethics, honesty, and integrity of a RONALD REAGAN. The only person I see on the horizon is CHRIS CHRISTIE GOVERNOR of NEW JERSEY! He has stated he is not interested, for he is doing his best to bring about fiscal, sanity to a state deeply entrenched in corruption, DEBT, and near insolvency, second only to DALEYS CHICAGO! CHRIS CHRISTIE will stand up toe to toe, eye ball to eye ball with the corrupt UNION BOSSES, and self serving local politicians. That is exactly what this FEDERAL GOVERNMENT needs, an ASS KICKER who could care less if he is every relected, but will sure as hell leave his MARK on the way out.

    • Castaway

      The only hope for this country, is for its citizens to rise up, and smite the beast of a government, that is trying to control them like a bunch of sheep. Then install a true constitutional government.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Mr. Neuman… I think Chris Christie is definitely an up and coming politician. I think he needs more experience. If he were to run and get elected in our next presidential election, the liberal left would have a lot to say about his limited experience and compare him to Barry. Let him prove himself. I think he’s great, what I have seen, but we do not need another inexperienced president.

    • Kim

      I feel the same way about Sen. Coburn; but alas, he won’t run for the position either…

  • Robb

    Huckabee is a stooge in the same vain as Obama. Neither of them have consistent positions on anything and both blame the other side for the problems. In reality, it’s the “elites” who are represented by the above stooges who believe that for reasons passing understanding, they are better than everyone else and thus allowed to make decisions that affect everyone BUT them!

    Get off the stage both of you and leave us the hell alone!

    • http://FoxNewsemailfromHuckabee Ervin [Snake] Harris

      Shame – shame on you Robb for comparing Huckabee with Obama.
      Obama doesn’t have enough sense to pour pee out of a boot!

      Snake – in Virginia

      • JLC

        Ervin – With the directions on the heel!

  • Polski

    It’s really a shame, Candidate #1 is terrible, and Candidate #2 is horrible. Did you all note how we’ve had so many bad presidents lately, you know, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Reagan, Nixon, Ford, Clinton, Bush 1, Dubya, Obama…..just remember, ALL politicians are CROOKS!!!!

  • Raggs

    I’m surprized that he didn’t have George Soros speak in his place instead of Clinton…

    • http://FoxNewsemailfromHuckabee Ervin [Snake] Harris


    • Bob Wire

      Well, I’m not one to pick on any politician in a personal fashion as many here seem to enjoy the sport. But with cry baby John Boehner I’m looking forward to making an exception.

      He’s going to be my personal Obama and I’m looking forward to kicking the can at every chance. The first time I seen him cloud up, I gave him the benefit of doubt and thought maybe he was fighting back an untimely gas bubble and felt sorry for him, but like the GOP, he’s developed a track record that you can count on, he’s a cloudy man and not the Scotch drinker of Winston Churchhill caliber.

      Huckabbe is a bigger joke then Palin, an Andy from Maybury, the corn is still a little too green to pick, leaving me to wonder what is it about the GOP that attracts this people that’s so often appear to be quarter bubble off plumb? ~ something is just a bit “wrong”?

      The Sharon Angles with her 2nd amendment solutions and Gods Will, Michelle Bachmann and her Tarra Cards, Palin with voice that could peel paint and a 4th graders understanding of world and social events in contention for the most powerful position in the world? ~ Really? you like that idea?

      I’m left to believe Woody Allen was right ! “The world is ran by the people that keep showing up” as that seems to be the only qualifier.

      Huckabbe a good man as Shara is a good woman but they will not get my support for their ambition of office holder.

      • dstk

        the guy (John Boehner ) is a nut case, it has nothing to do with sensitive side/strong side male/female.
        he’s a flippin nut case!

      • Dale on the left coast

        Gee Bob . . . were not the Huck and Palin both governors? Each ran their state with some measure of competence, relatively high approval rating.
        But your boy Bama, was a community organizer, union shill, pretend professor. Went to school probably as a foreign student (we won’t know till the records are released), and voted Present in the legislature and senate. What a list of accomplishments, I can sure see why you are a fan.
        How you feelin about the national debt? And the fact that our interest payments will soon be funding the entire Chinese Military?

      • Raggs

        Well bobwire.. prehaps Hugo chavez is your buddy…
        You win the noble prize of ignorance! Oh shit obama has already taken that spot!

  • http://FoxNewsemailfromHuckabee Ervin [Snake] Harris

    I agree with Mike Huckabee 100%!

    Obama doesn’t have a clue and he was so amaturish for a President in his speech.

    Obama will NEVER be my President because I didn’t vote for him and I will NEVER vote for him.

    Ervin [Snake] Harris in Virginia

    • Bob Wire

      Same feeling Booth held about Lincoln and he felt compelled to act them out.

      After 5 days of hiding in the swamp with a broken leg, swimming across the Potomac River twice he was caught hiding in a horse barn with no friends or support and shot through the neck with a pistol ball, breaking his neck and spent the next 45 minutes to bleed out.

      I never voted for BUSH’s, but they were both MY president because I am an American Citizen and believe and accept the principles set forth by the founder’s of the nation.

      There is nothing wrong with opposing leadership ! in fact it can be viewed as patriotic, as worthy opposition is part of the process.

      But there is something wrong with refusing to accept and denying American principals while claiming to be an America patriot.

  • P.I.C

    Just remember who voted for him and look to see all the bumper stickers that have been removed from their vehicles. They just voted because of RACE! Nothing more, nothing less! Hope and change just as bad as King George W. We will all pay but, those who remember what the COMMUNIST PROGRESSIVES have done will not forget! I promiseto shout it from the highest peaks! The PROGRESSIVES led by COMMUNISTS have een infilteraing this counry for a long time. Now they don’t care who knows. REMEMBER!

  • cheryl jessup

    I believe this president is when in over his head as far as being a leader of this nation. However after seeing that he want’s another 1.2 trillon spending bill I’m convinced he is trying to bring the country to it’s knees. He wants to bankrupt this coutry and build it back up in his own image.
    To watch the American President drag up a former president to do his talking and then excuse himself because to go party what just unbeivable. As far as I can see partying and vacationing is the only thing he does well.

  • dstk

    “I was just stunned. I really couldn’t believe that a man that was elected president was as amateurish as he was” Sounds just like the previous President and the Administration who got us into all this…

  • Raggs

    We must look at the bright side of this…

    First off he has ruined himself and his base by being so far out in radical left land that even chavez was calling him comrade..
    Now that he was spanked in November he has nowhere to go even his base is running from him.. ( most of which I believe is a front )
    So this leaves him out in thin air with no one for support.. ( ? ).
    He has drastically shunned most Americans in his pursuit of power even if he ( strongly doubt ) moves a toenail to the center nobody will trust him…

    He screwed himself so lets give him more rope.

  • hgh3

    It looks like the highest level mole ever placed in the US by a foreign organization is melting down.OPEC will have to do better with the next President they bankroll.I hope the American electorate has learned to judge by qualifications and not be swayed by the insanely deep pockets of his puppetmasters. Maybe next election will allow us to have an American President for America.

    • Overseer

      To “hgh3″
      There are those that do not see the “inside job” that is being done to our country as you do, but I DO, and until the media, public and the rest come to see the truth (that we are being literally ruled by a non-American) and that “The Freedom of Information Act” has been hushed by his iron fist and of course, millions of dollars to keep this secret; until we all learn about this conspiracy and act of treason done to our nation, we will continue to be lowered down as a country which once held greatness, compassion and security in the face of a savage world. It is far too obvious at this point in time NOT to be able to SEE what damage this man, his sidekicks and his administration has done and not say that he isn’t a danger to us all! Those that prefer to call him “their president” also refuse to acknowledge that “their president” will not show his real birth certificate (like all real presidents HAVE to do), and that he truly and significantly is into having this USA become a socialist country lead by rule of his government as a dictator (read the history books and do so before this government decides to change history to suit their propaganda stories). This has nothing to do with the color of this man’s skin; it deals only with his “IDEOLOGY”, his educational background and those he surrounds himself with, plus the damage he has already done to millions and millions of American lives in so many vicious and different ways. We are even losing our freedom of choice by this man’s wife’s wishes. Dictators work that way. They cover up, lie, cheat, and smile that phony plastered smile of theirs as they rape and pillage the integrity, the freedoms, the honor, and the very sustenance that keep American families even surviving in this corrupt and vile atmosphere that has been permeating since this man got into office. Watch closely too, as he tries to rewrite history and take American traditions slowly away. Also watch, to whom he “BOWS” and to which enemies he is friendly with. This man is SO POWERFUL that mainstream media is shaking in their shoes to even dare expose who he really is and what his final AGENDA will ultimately lead America into. He has given SO MUCH POWER TO HIS GOVERNMENT that people are terrified to even object or comment on what this man and his cronies do, but remember as well, IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE POWER AND THE MONEY, YOU ARE HELPLESS. Guess we’ll be following the paths that England and other countries are already taking but hopefully he will be impeached for treason and un-American activities before that happens!

  • Ellen

    Obama was not remotely qualified, but won the election because his campaign was run like he was a rock star or a celebrity. The non-thinkers were fooled. Everything he says is twisted. Obama Claim: We need to pass a $45 billion bill so teachers won’t lose their jobs. Truth: Only $10 billion went to teachers; the rest went to Medicaid. Obama: We need to pass a $4 billion school lunch bill to give our kids healthier food. Truth: The bill provides 20 million dinners for kids. What does that have to do with making lunch healthy? If you want healthy lunch, remove trans fats, excess salt & sugar. That costs nothing. Obama: We need to pass this health care law so evil insurance companies can’t turn you down. Truth: Most states already have that provision & it impacts a small portion of the population. It’s important, but could’ve been passed as it’s own law restriction. Truth: Obamacare was passed to increase Medicaid and provide more to the 20 million uninsured (they already get free care by law). The new Congress should un-do everything that’s been done over the past 2 years and re-do it right (ie: Fannie & Freddie in financial bill) or not at all.

    • marvin


    • Raggs


      In your comment…. “Obama was not remotely qualified, but won the election”…

      But won looks like an IF to me… And thats the way I see it IF he won! Damm shame America lost on that day!

      • Kate8

        Raggs – It’s a sad day in America when the people will elect someone who has done nothing to qualify him to be president. Who, in fact, has completely hidden his past and leaves questions unanswered.

        His election by the Left was based on nothing but emotional impulse because of some polished rhetoric.

        This alone speaks volumes about the Left. You know, the ones who claim to be so intelligent.

        To vote for someone based on the color of his skin is just as racist as not to.

  • LiarsMustBeDefeated

    More education is needed and not just “facts”. The compromise was not properly vetted. If it had been, it never would have been. As Watson would say, Think, Think, THINK.

  • Leon

    Our politicians have not understood one thing. It’s business as usual. What will it take to let them know that we are serious? 2000 page bills that no one understands should go in the trash, not go to a vote! The only reason for a 2000 page bill is for deception. This kind of compromise is ridiculous. they extend the tax cuts and add more spending. Nobody can be that stupid can they? STOP SPENDING is that concept that hard to grasp. Too many regulations too many laws. Where do we stop. They have my permission to go home and stay there until we call them and ask for help. If they feel the need to justify their existence why don’t they work on getting rid of all the laws and regulations that we don’t need.

  • Lee

    I don’t even know why we are always letting ourselves be slaves to the Federal Government. This whole insanity could come to a screeching halt, if they would just pass the FairTax Act. Go here,, to discover how you could keep ALL the money you make. We need to fight for the FairTax. No more IRS, no more paper work, no more hiring someone to figure out all the complex crap we have to go through now. You get to keep everything you make, and only pay taxes, if you buy something, or use a service. Now, that’s what I call right and fair!
    Technically, the government doesn’t even have the right to tax us the way they do.
    Spread the word, y’all.

  • marvin

    here in alabama we kick the dems out after 135 years of the same old corrupt double dipping union run dem control house and sen, give any one enuf rope and they will hang them self,el cid obama is the same way,when you try to talk with foot in mouth and bad mouth enuf people,you will hang your self stuped is as stuped does, my personal feeling is obama is the reason a lot of dems were removed from office , my feeling alot of people voted straight rep ticket,when you say i won set down and shut up,punish your enemy and reward your friends,white people go to back of buss,looking for who,s ass to kick.

  • marvin

    you can not fix stuped you replace it with knowledge and under standing,bob dylan sang time they are a changin, jan 2011,and any rino that votes for repel of dadt votes for the night mare act ,you will vote NO for them in nov 2012 email and call now not later say vote no on dadt and no on dream[nightmare] act ,DO IT RIGHT NOW

    • rodney burke

      you know what would get congress to do things right? have thier voting record out for the entire country to see. Show who voted for things that do NOT represent what the constituency want. and then have public outcry. Each and every bill congress sneaks by us to Barry should be put out where the American people know if it was good or bad for US!!

      Tally the yeah and the Nays, then demand accountability from you congressman/senator. I don’t think the Demoncraps think they ARE accountable to anyone!

  • Mary

    yes they would get more money if they tax 10 percent across the board. We need the tax to help with the states for the programs to help the poor.Have to admit that a lot of people that are on welfare need off of it. as they could work and do think ones on it should be giving a job of cleaning up road sides or county buildings, not free loading some people know how to work the system and do they should be put off of it. As for President Obama’s speech I heard it and thought it was a good one he explained in everyday language just why he OK’e it.extension for unemployment, and taxes not raised on the poor and middle class.What goes around comes around.

  • jopa

    Marvin: you spelled stupid wrong.

  • Lee

    Mary, evidently you didn’t go to the FairTax site. We’re not talking about a 10% across the board, but a goods and services tax. You get to keep all your money, and only pay taxes, if you purchase something, or have a service provided for you. FairTax has all kinds of provisions for the poor, as well as protecting SS. All I know, the more you give people, the more they expect. AND, as soon as unemployment checks run out, at least in the past, surprisingly, people find jobs. It occurs to me, the government wants the public dependent on them! It’s called socialism. I’m not against helping the needy, but there are many charity groups out there who do just that. You shouldn’t be forced to help the needy. Americans are a generous people, who help each other. Big Brother has no business telling us we MUST help the needy. That is a private sector thing. With the FairTax, a person could actually SAVE some money for something big, because Big Brother doesn’t have his hand in your pocket. Plus, you begin to feel more in control of your own life, and April 15 is just another day.

  • H20

    The ONLY hope for this Nation is to return to God!Don’t you know that God appoints ruler of all nations. Why Obama? Look at all the decisions of the liberal judges, the corruption in government, greed, pork projects. Obama sent to wake all of us up and return to God.

  • da norseman

    He’s beginning to realize how tough it is occupying the Oval Office as we can see that he wastes so much of our tax dollars taking these countless vacations just because, as he says, “I’m tired!” He certainly does not know what REAL work is. Jeb Bush is right! Perhaps Obama needs to take a three-month vacation and “chill out”. During that hiatus, when he is not involved, the economy will be allowed to recover, especially once the 112th Congress begins session and begin to get their feet wet and the highly unpopular 111th Congress is out of the picture!

    Once he takes three months off, he can be with his wife – who always comes first!!! She controls his life and his every move no doubt! It’s as if each time he is with a dignitary or with someone like Clinton, he says, “Now you’ll have to excuse me because I have to have dinner with my wife!”

    If a national crisis occurs, such as a terror attack, he may get involved for a little while only to say, “Now you’ll have to excuse me because I have to have dinner with my wife!”

    Even if he is confronted with the public, such as a Town Hall meeting, who criticize him, he will go into a long yarn, allowing very little or no time at all for further questioning. He would pretend to listen and go into something totally irrelevant and then say, “Now you’ll have to excuse me because I have to have dinner with my wife!”

    Suffice to say, his popularity has plummeted drastically by looking at the recent polls such as Gallup and it is continuing to spiral. He has already lost the House but has kept the Senate – just barely – 2012 is beginning to look brighter and better!!!

  • Doc Sarvis

    Huckabee is just positioning himself for 2012 by starting the attack. This is a non-story and he is just using the press since he is deemed “newsworthy”.

  • rodney burke

    We elected, a childish, amateur who knows nothing about politics and is an ego maniac of Hitler proportions. He has exhibited this behavior over and over and we are just now commenting about it? sheesh! Anyone who has served in the senate 142 days is NOT qualified to be anywhere NEAR the White House, but the stupid American people drank the cool aid and look at what we got for it? I am like Gene Simmons, anyone with an ounce of common sense should ask for their BARRY vote back. I for one KNEW better, and didn’t. Look what kind of change we got from this clown? No, no, I’[ll keep my guns, my money and he can have the change…in his left eye.

    You think the WORLD hasn’t seen who he is? Come on! Is he a respected leader around the world? I don’t think so. I think that G2 conference or whatever it was, indicated the type of leader he is thought to be around the world. We need some REAL, genuine Ronald Reagan/John Wayne type leadership in that white house and kick this child out on the street. Monday at 1600 will be soon enough! And Hilary ain’t the answer!

  • http://aol Dennis

    Obama would merely be a sad case, but for the damage he has done to this Nation. I thought he was totaly in charge and wanted to change America into the New Socialist Obama Dictatorship, but Harry and Nancy have shown their true colors as commies behind the throne. They wield as much power as does the boy president. As such, B.O.,has shown himself to be an empty promise. He sees himself as Robin Hood. He steals from the rich, those that work, and gives to the poor, those that will not work. What he has done is to ruin the economy, make those who work poor and, many jobless, and create a nanny state. He has torn up the Constitution, and now due to his self-proclaimed superior intelligence, will tell you what to eat, how to raise your children or raise them for you, and destroy any decision making a person was under the Constitution given the right to do for themselves. After all, He is self-proclaimed brilliant and we the unwashed are truely stupid. After all, look how many votes he received to elect him.

  • Lee

    Dennis, I agree with you, but I do not think BO got into that office with ‘real’ votes. I think a lot of dead people voted. Plus, of those that did vote for him, were looking for ‘The One’ to elevate them to a richer status, at the expense of a hard working America. I don’t know why everyone is going after the rich, because they are the smallest minority in this country, and they pay the majority of tax, even WITH all the loop-holes. The idea seems to be to kill the golden goose.

    • eddie47d

      The new wealthy are no different than the old wealthy (robber Barron’s). They have little integrity.

  • da norseman

    Having the Manchild in there has turned into such a novelty – a joke. He acts like he’s interested and reality he’s not. He pretends he’s for the American People and in reality he’s not. He’s hiding all evidence of his actual birthplace with the liberal media covering for him. During the 2008 election, he rose up so fast without a large pertentage of the American People knowing who he really was. Well in the nearly two years he has been there, we begin to see more of his weaknesses, which was meant to be kept from the public two years ago.

    Welcome to the real world! Already, with the diminishing alliance between him and many members within his own party, he has alienated those who were once close to him such as Pelosi who was licking her chops and behaving like a backseat driver ready to wrest control from Obama and Biden if given the chance. Today she is livid! She felt betrayed by the Manchild whom she thought she had wrapped around her little finger. To make matters worse for her is that she will be dethroned from the Speaker’s seat and surrender the gavel to newly-appointed House Speaker, Representative John Boehner.

    The Super Majority failed as I knew it would over the past two years where they could not get it together. Voters have enjoyed the dividing line within Congress since the birth of this nation, which is why there can never be a Super Majority for such long periods regardless of what party is in control without the bickering and the fighting between party members while at the same time alienating voters.

    • Raggs

      Yeah dosen’t that put you in mind of a 10 trillion page bill that nobody reads until after it somehow becomes “LAW”? Well even at that I streched it, the only aspects of an obama law is to infringe and to enslave!

      Damm good thing I have ammo!


    Huckabee is a nice polite person and he would not come out and say, “Barry you are really economically ignorant and socially a rude little jerk.” but I would.

  • libra

    I am proud of the voters in palm beach county fl. in nov. they overwhelmingly turned their back on the democratic party and voted republican.. just keep an eye on lt. col. allan west ret. he will be seated in jan. he is a west point grad. combat veteran of iraq and afghanistan and is a man of brilliance and true good morals. did i mention–he is also a man of color. he will become a familiar name in wash. and the marxists had better run for cover as this man loves his country and has defended it in the past and will defend it in the future. he has no problem calling obama out for what he is.. the democratic party is not the party of your father or grandfather. the communist party usa has usurped it. i beg of all democrats to wake up–read, analyse and think about who and what is undermining the usa.

    • Sam in Cal

      There are almost 80 commies in the house and 12 of them were from cal but after nov 2 I’m not sure of the count

  • Marlene

    This boy that’s in the White House will forever be a boy. When he was elected, he and his wife began partying, going on expensive dates and traveling the world on the tax-payers dime. They think that’s what being in office is about. He had better learn that he can’t put America first, as President, and still put Michelle first because she’ll make him sleep on the couch, or put his responsibilities as leader of our country on the shoulders of others. Why in the world did he have that other liar, Clinton, take over his duties. Isn’t that what Biden, as second in command, is supposed to do? This man had best learn to lead and stop playing games like the little boy he regresses to more every day. Parties, travel, vacations and ‘dates’ are secondary to leading.

    • Raggs

      He was posed as the messiah…
      Only the stupid jerks fell for it and I have no pitty for a freakin idiot as obama.

      He is dammed and he deserves it!

  • AzApacheNative

    I cannot believe Mr. Sotero just walked off the set and left Slick there to absorb all of the attention. This is totally unprofessional in the highest respect, especially when the issue of taxes affects us all, and again Barry walks away as if just doesn’t care. I hope America wakes up and sees whats up and whats going down. There is an answer and we’ve already assembled as per the Constitution; see because we’re inhabiting the de jure government and we need you to get involved at the local level. We won the first ever case here in Arizona in Common Law Court protecting our peers against the evil bankers and foreclosure. Praise God!

  • http://yahoo mountainman

    From what Physicians are now saying about the Radiation Issues that these Procedures Do Harm to the Human Body, U.S. Citizen’s Should Just Say No to Air Travel under these BarBaric Socialist Conditions.What Citizen’s need to Ask themselves would be Why are They Willing to Take these Chances for U.S. Government Leaders that Don’t Believe in The U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Right’s.Also remember this, These Machines @ U.S. Airports are a health risk that is Not worth Risking,do you Honestly Trust this Current Government By their Actions.Who’s to Say,They are Intended & placed to hurt American Citizen’s,Cap that Off with your Basic U.S. Constitutional Rights being Ignored through Censorship,We,The People,have The Golden Opportunity to Find Other Ways to Travel !

  • Gayle

    There is a web site,, that has a letter of thanks that we can sign thanking Va. Atty. Gen. Ken Cuccinelli, for opposing and ruling against obamacare. Also Senator DeMint has requested that every page (2000 of them) be read in the lame-duck session before being passed, and the new START treaty. This way everything will be exposed and voted on. The dems are not happy about this, but at least its a hit in the right direction. Also with the wikileaks mess obama wants a patriot act on our internet. This is a sham as is the tsa. The boy is keeping everything in kaos, and that is his only purpose. We’ve all seen how he handles things and we know why. Get rid of him and soros,and ayers, etc

  • Janice Fortin

    Obama-Clinton Clown Act. Take it on the road boys. Hot damn. Add a tap dancing routine or two, why don’t you? Take parachuting pelosi with you~! It’s more of a puzzle every day what flag you represent.
    Make no mistake…..the guy with the creepy czars aint no little boy.
    Look at the absurdity of what he calls “Homeland Security”. What is it? A department to save the world against AMERICANS? There’s no protection for Americans on the mexican border is there? Hey! The president brought America to court!!! If Hamas being trained in So. America to be infiltrated thru our sourthern border, this sure sent a signal of “all clear” from the white house, didn’t it? And Obamacare: is it for or against Americans? J.Demint wants to read the 2,000 page bill to the public? PLEASE DO. All of America sure wants to know what is in an unread bill parachuted to Americans whether they wanted it or not!

  • Merlin

    Obama was and is not competent to be President.

  • Bolivares

    I laugh at all the Ultra conservative retards on this site. It’s so funny how you eschew everything the left has done in government as socialist/communist/fascist fear-mongering, but still have no problem in participating or reaping the benefits of those programs you so despise (public schools, social security, the right to vote for women and minorities, federal aid for your states for endless programs). Most of you are so far to the right that you can’t see how skewed right of center Obama really is. I suspect most of you can’t stand the fact that there is a black man in the white house….and there probably lies the real root of the problem here. Oh no! The president has no real power. He, or the office is not the problem. It’s the senate (both repubs and dems) who are the ones that have sold their souls to the corporate elite. Foreign policy is really quite easy to understand. It boils down to energy, other natural resources, food, and places where corporations can either make a buck or exploit other nations peoples to make a buck. Start looking at the big picture here folks. It’s the mega corporations…energy, financial institutions, insurance and Pharmaceutical companies the are running things. They are the ones dictating every aspect of your life. The problem is that America has become a corporate fascist state under the guise of democracy. Until each and every American realizes this, there will always be this ignorant bickering blaming whoever is in the white house. Presidents inherit shit coming into the office. They can’t initiate real change in your life at will. It’s the senate and the house (whom most have sold out to corporate linguists) that are the root cause of all our ills stretching back to before the great depression. Bottom line is…we need energy to do everything and everything. It’s really that simple. We use war as a means to acquire energy. And war is extremely profitable business for big business. End of story.

  • Bolivares

    Excuse my spelling above…damn iPhone auto-correct!

  • http://MozillaFirefox Susan

    Many of you are correct about Obama. I do believe he went through and free enterprise which he has a complete hatred for. Energy is something we have an abundance of if he would only let the people who know how to use it in an environmentally safe way. Drop all thenonsense about not drilling anywhere. Solar and wind are not going to get us off of begging and paying for foreign oil from dictator and other people that hate us and would just as soon blow us off the map. This nonsense of not using nuclear for power. It can be used till the rods are used till the are completely inert. The idea of having no missal defense system for ourselves and some our most cherished neighbors. My next door neighbor calls him the “President in Training”


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