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Huckabee Advises Pawlenty To Ditch Advisers

June 17, 2011 by  

Huckabee Advises Pawlenty To Ditch Advisers

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who enjoyed a fair amount of popularity during his run for the Presidency in 2008, is concerned about his friend, former Minnesota Governor and current Republican Candidate Tim Pawlenty. After Pawlenty’s disappointing performance in Monday’s primary debate, Huckabee had some advice for the candidate, which he shared on Laura Ingraham’s conservative radio show on Tuesday.

Of Pawlenty’s campaign advisers, Huckabee said, “He needs to get rid of some of his consultants. I saw this with (Mitt) Romney four years ago, and I’m seeing it with Pawlenty now. He’s over-coached, over-consulted. Get rid of them.”

“I like Pawlenty. He’s a good friend; he’s a good candidate,” Huckabee said of Pawlenty. “But it was Michele Bachmann who showed up with the gloves on.”

Huckabee was clearly impressed with the performance the Congresswoman from Minnesota gave in the debate: “People sometimes forget that it’s not what one says, it’s how one says it that is equally important. One of the things that Michele Bachmann brings to the race is a level of energy and a sense of exuberance, a sense of optimism.”


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  • D-Man

    Who the HELL does Huckaby think he is ?. You wanna know why this goofball from Arkansas ain’t running for president. It’s because he’d get his bariatric surgically repaired ass kicked over the Maurice Clemons parole screw up he made. Maurice Clemmons was a POS career criminal literally serving a life sentence, but he was able to sweet talk this spineless wonder into commuting his sentence which made him eligible for parole immediately.
    Maurice Clemmons ended up in the Seattle Washington area where he hooked up with a woman who was even dumber then Huckaby. Clemmons sexually assaulted the womans children,and was free on 150,000 bail. Whenhe had a friend of his drive the getaway car when he walked into a Lakewood Washington coffee shop and ambushed and murdered 4 police officers who were getting ready to go on shift. Luckily the next day,a member of Seattle’s finest was able to shoot and kill this walking piece of human excrement. Thats why old Huckster ain’t got a snowballs chance in Hell. Adios dickhead.

    • C130 Gunship

      D-Man + 100%

      Huckafake and Pawlenty are both RINO’s who don’t stand a chance in the 2012 election. Yeah, I know Huckafake isn’t running.

      Because of the above RINOs and others like them, I get to die in a revolution instead of living out a natural life.

      • Greg

        Put Romney in your list of RINOs. The establishment Republicans think Tea Partiers have no place to go, but they will lose the energy we have to save the country. I am tired of voting for the least bad candidate.

        • Bruman

          When Romney came out and basically said he believed in man made global warming, strike 1,2,3, he’s out. I may end up with C130 the way things are going.

          • moonbeam

            Absolutely correct!!!!! I said the same thing when I read what he said about global warming. It put the last nail in that coffin for even forming his lips to speak about it. Talk about foot-in-mouth disease.
            Global warming is NOT a priority right now.

          • C130 Gunship

            And lets not forget Herman Cain’s idiotic comments on 2nd Amendment Rights either, and the fact he is a former board of director of the Kansas City Federal Reserve….He’s out as well…….I can’t figure out if he’s a ‘deep dish’ or just a ‘thin crust.’

          • Orley

            I’m with you. I have supported Romney from the beginning but when he said he was for the hoax of global warming- BINGO He’s off, The only reason global warming is such a hot topic is because too many people are getting filthy rich from this stupid scandal. The problem is they have NO clue in Who is in charge of this universe.
            In three quarters of a century I have seen climate change and it makes it’s cycles and we are not going to stop it even with the amount of the national debt is thrown at it.
            People like Al Gore and his Green God and all his yelling has made many believers. Don’t get sucked in so easy.

      • Jeff in OH

        Pawlenty is no Rino, Romney is not a conservative, & Bachmann is great!!!!

        • Orley

          Some people aren’t going to like Powenty just because he has strong morals. I think I could go for him

          • Orley

            Sorry = I left out a l;etter Powlenty

          • bob wire

            so how do you know he has strong morals, he tell you so?

            and I don’t believe Bockmann ever take she gloves off! LOL!

            Scrappy little woman, she’s going to win something regardless if nothing but respect.

      • MikeP

        I’d be interested in why, exactly, you think Pawlenty is a RINO? What has he done or said that merits the title?

  • DanB

    I was interested in the possibility of Michelle Bachmann running before several of the others. And I don’t live in Minnesota. She caught my interest during the 2010 elections with all of the Tea Party.

    Not sure where I stand on Ron Paul, but the only three so far that interests me is Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul, and Herman Cain. Sure, there are some that are not running which sound like interesting possibilities in the future.

    Although I am “LDS” from what I have read on their policies thus far, I don’t think I would vote for Huntsman or Romney.

    That “Romneycare” is awful and the way Mitt Romney dodges around it makes me very leery. Makes me think he would try and “fix” certain health legislation that really ought to go instead if we want to preserve our freedom (no fix will fix its inherit breach of liberty).

    If it was Huntsman, Sr., I would vote for him in a heartbeat, but from what I have learned of Jr., he strikes me as a bit too “progressive” for me. When I read that he tried to dodge questions about his religion, it made me very leery. As if I wasn’t already concerned based on his stance on several other issues–or what I could find on them because his campaign is very tight lipped (another thing that concerns me). We already have a President that seemed to only pick a church after we all started arguing that perhaps he wasn’t Christian after all. I had more respect for Bush because he was willing to be a man of faith. I don’t know, if a man is willing to push away his religion for politics, what else is he willing to sacrifice for the “greater good”? Would such a man sacrifice the last of our freedoms if someone gave a good enough argument and/or a large enough interest group supported it?

    • Skyknight

      Your right about Romney, he is a RINO. He backed same sex marriage, Obamacare, and is a Global Warming supporter. These are not the kind of people we need in the White House.

    • get right

      DanB, you might be interested in this article:

      She is obviously a great mother, and knows how to help the rich, as a tax lawyer, however, isn’t she a little too nutty to be President?

      • DanB

        A couple of those were interesting. Now if you were trying to promote Michelle Bachmann as a valid candidate, then most of the points actually were great!!! Perhaps you should check your audience first before throwing out talking points first.

        2) Absolutely agree with Bachmann!!! The studies I have read shows that unemployment goes up traditionally when minimum wage goes up. So if we try going the opposite direction away from a minimum wage, perhaps the opposite will happen. There is no guarantee. Just because raising minimum wage also raises unemployment does not guarantee the opposite will happen: lowering/eliminating minimum wage lowering unemployment. But why don’t we give it change? Because raising it has a demonstrated history.

        6) CO2 is extremely healthy (for plants)!!! We need plants to live. I think you’ll find life extremely difficult without CO2. Even my little children who seem more carnivore than omnivore need plants to feed the animals whose meat they eat. Now if you were talking carbon-monoxide….

        7) Um, a lot of us suspect there are some problems with many politicians, and that either they are leading us down the road to hell with a lot of good intentions. Or, they really do secretly hate America.

        8) If you believe homosexuality is a sin. If you believe that cancer is a good time to get right with God. Well, if you believe both those things, then it does makes sense.

        9) Um, some of us thought that the government itself was breaking the law with going far above and beyond taking a census. Better check your audience….

        10) Because he would choose and select experts that could??? In fact, he did run a few TV episodes where he had experts on that talked about how you could do just that.

      • Pete

        Get Right,

        I just read the hyperlink and Michelle Bachmann sounds even better …
        Bachmann for Prez ? OK !

    • http://Verizon Bud G.

      I agree with you but she needs a strong person to run for vice president and I believe that person is Allen West. He is by far the most astute black person in Congress right now and he is rising fast because he is challenging the big guns and getting away with it. Why, because what he says makes sense and he is bound and determined to bring sanity back to our policies and laws. He has already gone after the budget, Obamacare, Planned Parenthood and even told CAIR where to stick it. It was the black and Hispanic voters who for the most part put him into office with the full knowledge that he would go after fraud in our system and the Department of Education for their bad record. He is the real deal and hope everyone has the opportunity to see and hear this man speak.

  • Houston

    Whether you like Huckabee or not, he has good insights.
    It is good advice.

  • SS McDonald

    One RINO giving another RINO advice.

  • Charles

    The trouble with Michele Bachmann or any other women running for President
    is we are charting unknown waters. The questain is can we afford at
    this time to take that chance? We can not lose this election, it is a
    must to defeat Obama and his Marxist pigs. If Obama wasn`t President,I would vote for Bachmann in a heart beat. I think she
    would make a wonderful President. We, however, may not have a choice
    unless a man, anyman, steps up and shows us he is Presidental. I hate to say this, but Donald Trump makes more sence than any of the men. The men need to hire a speech theropist and put some spunk in their
    speeches. They are boring at best,and I would spend a hour a day learning to give a speech like Obama. The man that can do this will
    emerge as your Republican canidate. You have to have the right policies, however, you have to be able to deliever it to the voters
    in a way that it gets their blood boiling. What is wrong with the
    Republican leadership,can`t they see this? I think this is where you need a strong leader of the RNC.This is a very small thing to fix.Do you think they will fix it, hell no, because they didn`t think of it.
    Michele Bachmann is right at the top of the list because she was the
    only canidate who showed any passion in her speech. If it wasn`t for having a must to get rid of Obama,I would tell the Republican men
    to go to Hell.

    • bob wire

      Like the “men” have done such a bang up job?

      I hope you and many others come around to accepting the fact quality thinking doesn’t have to have a penis attached.

  • Good’ole American

    Michelle is the ticket. She is extremely smart, bullish, exuberant and gutsy. She moves on conviction and is not a white-washed, can’t-think-for-herself person. She doesn’t really need advisers. That is why I am hoping that she and possibly someone that is anti-IRS and Federal Reserve will come into power so we can break the chains that bind us. Regarding foreign affairs I would say that we give incentives to manufactures to come back to the US and reduce our trade with China by 90% by charging a 100% tariff. We stop ALL foreign money to ALL countries except Israel. We give zero dollars to the UN. We move to the Gold Standard, adopt the Fair or Flat Tax, and we Do away with Lobbyist for 4 years until we get our economy and jobs back in the black. We kick out all illegal aliens that don’t have proper papers to get here AND their children that came here with the false pretense just to have citizenship. They are still illegal aliens. That would free up jobs that AMERICANS would want and do. College kids would have great summer jobs up until their Junior year at least. Kick out ALL Muslim Brotherhood members in this country. If they do not like our Constitution then go to a Sharia Loving country. Absolutely no radical Muslims here. As far as the communist living here, it is fine but are NEVER allowed to run for political positions. Also, if they are a communist then they must never gain any security level position within corporate government. We don’t need our trade secrets going over to China or Russia. Lastly, every liberal, Marxist or Communist professors in our higher institutions of learning must be forced out. Regarding the big schools like Harvard, Yale, MIT, etc they have so much money in endowments that it can send every kid in the US to these schools for free. If we are going to be strong again then reduce the cost of education by 80% so that we are not having to pay a lifetime for our loans and then the money that we are saving can be infused back into our economy for jobs.

    Child care, well I would love to see a new approach and model for centers in every community. We we took the National Guard approach we would have parents released from their jobs by their employers to volunteer once a month for a reduction in their child care by 85%. We were paying $1000/mo for child chair and to see it reduced to about $150/mo would be realized and could go for owning a home, vacations, education, retirement or for eating out a lot.

    These are but a few ideas I would love to see implemented. I have a ton more that would save families but these are the major ideas.

    • Jim Wieland

      Hi “Good Ole American” Your whole commentary is the only one making some sense. If we don’t “clean house” in the 2012 elections, we will
      lose America as we have known it.

      I have just one additional comment: Start acknowledging GOD again in politics. There is going to be a price to pay, if we don’t.

      Another “Good Ole American” has spoken

      • bob wire

        God is everywhere and only needs to be invitation in your own heart and it’s only for you to offer it for you ~ so what to F7ck are you talking about?

        You seem to be attempting to install your God. Like you might have such power that he doesn’t. Exactly what like of God is that?

        It is this thinking above all others that concerns me with these Tea Party Folks as they posture themselves akind to some holy then thou numbnuts jihad crusaders claiming their heart is pure and most willing to cast the first stone without a second thought.

  • L. Butcher

    You have some great ideas. I would’n give Israel five cents after their navy and air force attacked our ship, USS Liberty, and killed 34 of our sailors. Why don’t you run for office?

    • bob wire

      Yea, I’m still sore over that myself.

  • chuckb

    donald trump and palin, there’ no one out there that comes close. the more i hear trump, he has his act together and not running on cliche’s.

    this election is it for america and we don’t some rino wimp running. we can see right now the republicans are weak and wimpy, trump and palin are the only two that will stand up to the bolsheviks and tell it like it is.
    trump is right about ryan and his budget, this should have never been discussed until they force barrys hand on the debt ceiling. and i feel boehner is going to come up with another lame excuse why they have to raise the debt and give us some of barrys smoke and mirrors cuts. why should we raise the ceiling, just make the entitlement cuts.
    palin would do just that and so would trump, you heard every candidate the other night proclaim they would agree to raise the debt if the proper cuts are made. i don’t remember what paul said.

    • Bob from Calif.

      Trump is wishwashy. He flip flops on just about every issue. He is a progressive in conservative clothing. He gave in on the birth certificate issue too soon, leading me to believe that he was just there to white wash the issue, just as Corsi’s book ” Where’s the Birth Certificate” was released. He has contributed to way to many progressive’s campaigns to be trusted.

      • bob wire

        Ruined all your fun did he?

        Well, It was a long shot and he bellied up with it.

        Not very presidential “thinking” on his part I would say. Poor brinkmanship skills and accounts for his present position. Donald is not ready to run with the big dogs.

        We need someone more cleaver then that.

  • Roland Burnham

    Romney is also for gun control. He will have a lot of explaining to do.

  • chuckb

    good’ole american, i like bachmann too, however, she agreed on raising the debt ceiling with the proper cuts. we don’t need the ceiling to be raised we need cuts. these politicians see their pork sailing out the window if they can’t borrow more money, barry would be devastated. you can bet on one thing boehner will bail him out.

    bob, i don’t see where trump is wishy washy, he called barrys hand on the bc, barry re-issued another forgery, what’s wrong with the congress, are they too wimpy to follow up? the contributions he made to the demo’s were business related. (so he said).

  • Vaughn

    The Audacity of NO HOPE Huckabee. A loser thinks he can advise anyone is beyond rediculous.

    • bob wire

      Howdy Doddy Huckabee’s judgment has a history of not being very sound and Monday morning quarterback skills are as common as dirt.

      But he might be right in this case, A head full preconceives notions and ideas, talking points are very heavy to carry and it’s hard to very mentally nimble with such a load. Especially if you don’t “own” the material.

      A good leader thinks on his/her feet and is comfortable and lite.

      You know the material, like you know your phone number.

  • Linda

    Good Ole American you have some good ideas. The problem is that our budget deficit cannot be fixed as long as there are so many voters on the welfare rolls. Forty percent of all voters are on the government welfare and pay no taxes. After stopping all foreign aid except Israel, I would like to see a constitutional amendment that only taxpayers could vote. If you pay no taxes, you don’t get a vote. That way we could give to those who truely need it and voters would stop voting for those who would dole out more of someone else’s money.

    • chuckb

      great idea, at the same time put safeguards on the voting process, we are getting to the point where there’s so much fraud we might as well not vote. can you imagine what will be taking place in these states were the unions lost their collective bargaining. sieu and acorn are already hard at work.

  • Joe_Ks

    Huckabee is right. If you have to have other people tell you who to be and how to be it, if you have to run opinion polls and then conform to what “advisors” tell you, then chances are you are just a facade waiting to be imposed on America. Not just Pawlenty, but wouldn’t it be great if all candidates would just be themselves? I suspect things would be a lot less confusing come election time.

  • HTCM USN James Graham

    1. O The Time Has Indeed Come!
    Governors of 35 states have already filed suit against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon them. It only takes 38 (of the 50) States to convene a Constitutional Convention.
    This will take less than thirty seconds to read. If you agree, please pass it on.
    An idea whose time has come!
    For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens had no idea that members of Congress could retire with the same pay after only one term, that they specifically exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed (such as being exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment) while ordinary citizens must live under those laws. The latest was to exempt themselves from the Healthcare Reform … in all of its forms. Somehow, that doesn’t seem logical. We do not have elite that is above the law.
    I truly don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever. The self-serving must stop.
    The 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds) took only 3 months & 8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple! The people demanded it. That was in 1971…before computers, before e-mail, before cell phones, etc.Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took 1 year or less to become the law of the land…all because of public pressure.
    I’m asking each addressee to forward this Email to a minimum of twenty people on their Address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise.
    In three days, most people in The United States of America will have the message. This is one proposal that really should be passed around.1. Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:American Conservative says:December 7, 2010 at 11:09 amAn Amendment to the Constitution may be the only way; but how it is worded means everything. I suggest that it be stated like this:The Executive, Judicial, Legislative Branches of the Federal Government – employee(s), appointee(s), bureaucrat(s), volunteer(s) and all elected person(s) of the Republic are subject to, without exception or exclusion, all Laws and Executive Orders (Executive Orders are not enforceable as Law without Legislative passage by Majority vote of each elected Party of both Houses of the Congress) that are passed upon the citizen, and non-citizen alike. All person(s) that have sworn/affirmed an oath to Defend the Constitution of the Republic of the United States are subject to said Laws. No person(s) subject to the Constitution of the Republic will be exempt from the affect/effect of this Amendment. Failure of the United States Justice Department to enforce Federal Law(s) upon the Executive, Judicial, Legislative Branches of the Federal Government will be guilty of Treason against the Constitution of the Republic. United States Law is the only Law authorized to be used to decide or determine the ruling of any case affecting/effecting the Republic of the United States or its Citizens and it is Treason against the Republic for any Court to use/consider any other Law to make its ruling. The United States is a Republic and English is the Official Language of the peoples of the Republic. All Legal Documents are to be in the Official Language and no other without exception. This Amendment affects/effects Past, Present, Future of the Republic.
    You are one of my 20+.Keep it going, Jim.

  • chuckb
  • JohnnyE

    … a sense of cluelessness.

  • chuckb

    only for bolsheviks

  • Charles

    I have to agree with you on Trump. He does get your attention.

    • bob wire

      Hmm? and why is that? He doesn’t get mine, i have to be bombarded to know what he’s up too. ~ Just never care for the blowhard braggart, far to “vein” for a mature grown man, but a child in a senior mans body.

      If you want “crass” from a senior man, try Don Rickles,the king of crass.

  • chuckb

    charles, anyone who pays attention will have to admit the bosheviks are more afraid of palin than anyone out there. that’s why all the denigrating remarks about her. they would love it if romney gets the nomination and i don’t think they worry too much about bachmann, the rest of the field is pretty weak. i believe trump does get their attention and he has a domineering way, knows the issues and is not afraid of stepping on toes. he and palin would be my choice (either way). what we have to fear is john boehner and mitch mcconnell, if they don’t hold the line on spending and raising the debt, barry will be a shew in. i’n afraid of boehner and don’t trust him.

  • Charles

    I agree on every point you made and I thought for a while we were starting to win over our friend bob wire. I know jopa and Denniso
    are two lost caueses. Denniso, just might have a chance comming over from the dark side. jopa, no chance in Hell.

  • http://personalliberty monica

    Ditch the Gutless Wonder-Pawlenty. Dont care how much, the media picks on her, I want to see Bachman burn the media. I like her.


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