Howard Dean And The Death Panels


In Monday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal, former Vermont Governor and Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean offered up the opinion piece “The Affordable Care Act’s Rate-Setting Won’t Work: Experience Tells Me The Independent Payment Advisory Board Will Fail.” At first glance, Dean’s dense argument seems to be both for and against one of Obamacare’s most basic principles. But closer inspection reveals yet another in the myriad cracks which have appeared in Obamacare’s wall like a web spun by a meth-addicted spider.

The trick lies in the language. When Dean refers to the “so-called Independent Payment Advisory Board” as “essentially a health-care rationing body,” he’s not describing the unworkability of some random bureaucratic tumor, the likes of which always sprout from obese Federal programs. He’s talking about something with which we are all far more familiar. Dean is admitting that the “death panels” are bad politics incarnate. And that’s one hell of an admission, considering the fact that Obamacare proponents have been denying the very existence of death panels since they began assembling Obamacare in their Frankensteinian laboratory.

Of course, Obamacare has stumbled before. Its first iteration, 1994’s abominable “Hillarycare,” collapsed under the weight of the enormous unpopularity not only of socialized medicine but its most visible proponent: the unelected and, therefore, unaccountable Hillary Clinton. Well aware what Barack Obama was planning, the worthwhile half of the McCain/Palin 2008 Presidential ticket — then-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin — in 2009 pointed out Obamacare’s inclusion of what Dean refers to as “essentially a health-care rationing body” but she more accurately termed “death panels.”

Like most of her pronouncements, Palin’s “death panels” remark drowned in the roar of the Democrats’ campaign of appallingly misogynist hatred. She was, as is every woman who defies the Democratic syndicate, subjected to bone-chilling venom for her forthrightness. The “death panels” remark engendered exceptionally crude liberal attacks on everything from her intellect to her sanity. The left-wing propaganda site Politifact even called her remark its “Lie of the Year” for 2009. According to the Democrats, the death panels were a fiction, a figment of Palin’s imagination with no more connection to reality than a Piers Morgan monologue.

And yet, there was Dean in Monday morning’s WSJ, arguing that not only are the same death panels Palin identified — and was excoriated in often violent and/or pornographic terms for mentioning — real; but they’re a bad idea.

Given Obamacare’s background, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there might be some bureaucratic bits and pieces that lean toward “bad.” Indeed, Obama’s first attempt to impose it upon the people failed, but it returned immediately like a zombie in a George Romero movie. Following a long and brutal run through the courts, Chief Justice John Roberts delivered the lightning strike needed to get Obamacare up off the table and out where it could terrorize the villagers. The fact that the overwhelming majority of the villagers — the American taxpayers — wanted to grab the pitchforks and torches left Obama unfazed.

Now, one of the most prominent Democratic firebrands of the past decade — and certainly one of the loudest — Howard Dean has come out against the Obamacare death panels his Democratic Party accomplices insist don’t exist. That prompts me to offer one of the rarest statements ever uttered in human history: “Listen to Howard Dean.” It also prompts me to point out that the Democrats need to take a break from waging their actual war on women to offer an apology to a woman upon whom they have waged actual war. Palin got it right. And they should be very contrite.

Granted, if the Democrats had to apologize for every lie they told about Obama’s fraudulent folly, they’d never have time for much else. All things being equal, that might not be such a bad conclusion.

–Ben Crystal

Personal Liberty

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Warrior

    This “monster” needs to be defunded NOW. Heir sebilius already showed her hand. Now we learn this is THE PROGRAM to bail out the bankrupt states/municipalities with all their unfunded union health care liabilities. It is destroying small business. Why you ask? Because small business is too difficult to control. Much easier to push the Corporate/Public Partnerships that the “progressives” just love these days. Screw the threats of gubmint shutdown. Go ahead mr community organizer. Boehner, grow a pair, TODAY!

  • TIME

    Dear People,
    This “lacking of Health Care” Act has so many flaws its criminal in its very nature.
    First off it was written by Insurance company’s whom are either owned or controlled by the Rothschild’s, so straight out of the box its doomed to failure as it feeds the “UBER WEALTHY” you all know the ones I am speaking about the very ones that we are all told about by the very same fruit loops who complain about the alleged 2%.
    Now just how “Hypocritical” is that?
    But, after one explores the bone’s of this absurd scam, one then can also find that this is nothing more than the very same program introduced by Adolf Hitler in the 1930’s to rid the German people of socially “UN-desirable.”
    So just on these two notes alone, what could possibly go wrong?
    But the facts are high quality Medical schools are closing, why?
    Who wants to pay $300-400K to earn $100K?
    So what you will be left with, are doctors trained in nations where the health care is so low in quality that you may as well just do the doctoring yourself.
    And yes that’s true as I have many friends who are Doctors of medicine and they are on the front lines, thus they see what the hell is really going on.
    So, in conclusion, this is not just a train wreck, this is a complete and total disaster from start to finish.
    If you get sick, you will fare better if you just do your self in, as after this takes effect in full. You’re screwed.
    After all with the IRS enforcing this bovine waste material your “blanked” anyway you slice the cake.
    And these reasons I have posted including the “Personal as well Business Mandates” Are the very reason why Barack O’Bama wants to hold back this mess until after the 2014 elections take place so he can get his solid backing in place.
    Let alone YOU will NOT be able to keep your same Doctor and that’s also one of the other BIG reasons why Barack O’Bama is delaying this beast.
    { You all need to know you can still STOP} this absurd worthless scam, but you have to stop feeding the dam beast.
    Peace and Love . May the Holy Sprit open your ears so you can hear GOD speaking.

    • Warrior

      You’re being way too kind. I think it is way more devious and it IS supported by the “progressive republicrats”! If this congress doesn’t defund this NOW, it will be the final straw.

      • gymbutt

        If you read through the information requested in the application
        for Obamacare you’ll find that everything about you, your family, work, income
        and a plethora of other information is required.

        Does having HHS ‘call the shots’ regarding
        essential services give you delirium tremors?

        There are several other government agencies involved and a few
        civilian ‘Committees’ (death panels) that will

        have input regarding what type of policy and care you will

        Given recent events, does it bother you that all of these
        agencies, insurance companies and civilian

        committees will have access to the most intimate, private and
        personal information about you that has ever been accumulated into one database? Oh yeah, and they
        say ‘Trust them’, they will protect your information! I don’t
        know about you but it scares the balls right off my pool table!!

        • TIME

          My Dear Friend,
          I covered that its all under the Adolf Hitler plan that was called the {T – 4 plan } – the centralization of all personal info, so as to be able to prove “Pure Blood”
          Oddly the T – 4 also had questions about Gun Ownership, party affiliation as well all genetic info.
          Peace and Love


      Don’t forget the criminal actions that caused it to even come to a vote in the first place!…the breaking of a litany of parliamentary procedures..while the feckless, ball-less GOP remained silent!

  • Virgil Lipinski

    ATTENTION: To all Christians out there, there is a better way & it’s not health insurance, but it does give one an exemption from the ObummerCare fine/penalty/tax: It’s MEDI-SHARE…..a Christian Health Sharing CO-OP that has been around for over 20 years & one does not have their money go into a corrupt Anti-Life system!

    • Rb

      There are several Christian organizations such as medishare out there offering alternatives to the Obamacare atrocity being forced on us. One needs to understand though that these are not insurance plans. Most only cover you after you have paid $500 per incident from your own pocket and only up to $150,000 for catastrophic care. Some cover up to $250,000 if you pay more per month. Catastrophic care often runs more than that. Case in point is a friend of mine who was otherwise healthy that had a stroke at age 44. The bill was $750,000.
      That said….these programs are a much more affordable option to the “affordable” insurance being forced on us by our current government. The low end plan from the government will cost about $1,500-2000 a month for a family and only cover you after you have paid an additional $5,000 out of pocket. I for one cannot afford $23,000-$29,000 annually in out of pocket costs for my family’s health care no matter how “affordable” the government tells me that number is.

      • dan

        Ideally…every Chrsitian Doctor could set up a small plan like this…and call it PRIVATE PRACTICE

      • Major Domo

        Where are you getting these numbers from?

  • dan

    they could save a lot of paperwork by just socializing medicine….
    but there’d be no pork in it for them and their buddies/contributers

  • Joseph Tummie

    When will Aerican’s wake up, ” There’s no free lunch”.

  • Dave

    Hmm…so death panels are a new idea? Me thinks they’ve always been around just in different forms. How about insurance companies denying payment for treatment? Maybe it’s just a matter of who will be sitting on the board making these life and death decisions. Is it the bean counters of the insurance companies, guarding their bottom line, or government bureaucrats? In my opinion both will serve the same function, both are a bad deal.

    • hungry4food

      We have the Bureacrats on the record saying they want to reduce population , so we know they will short you on prescription treatment at a prescribed time ……

      • Lindel Easley

        I have the perfect solution to their problem…all we have to do is make abortion retroactive for abortion supporters! They get their decrease in population, we get rid of abortion supporters (and the death panels in the process)!

  • labman57

    Palin’s ignorant “death panel” rant was in reference to the optional “living will” consultation that was to be funded under the ACA.

    ALL health coverage providers assess cost vs. need. Suggesting that this is unique to the ACA and that it is a contrived means of preventing certain types of medical treatments from being provided is simply more fear-mongering hyperbole from an ideological group that lacks a compelling argument based on reality.

    The closest example that you will find to a true death panel would be the bean counters in the private health insurance industry who deny coverage for potentially life-saving treatments under the guise that these expensive procedures are “experimental”.

  • Eric Kupris

    Palin predicted the future…..NOW Listen!!!

  • Marshall Watson

    I have commented about these so called death panels before. Some have listened, but I have also received several nasty replies that I am a stupid conservative and I am just trying to start another phony rumor about Obama. Well one of his own party has finally admitted they exist and they are a bad idea. If you want to find out how bad just do some research on what their powers will be, you just might be surprised. Other governments in the past have had similar panels Nazi Germany, and Russia are the ones most remembered. But then you have to have been taught the real history in school to know what I’m talking about, not the “stuff” our public schools dish out.

    • Jack

      You obviously didn’t take the time to read Mr. Dean’s article. If you had you would have seen that once again Mr. Crystal is. to be nice, stretching the truth.
      Mr. Dean doesn’t either directly or indirectly refer to the Independent Payment Advisory Board as being a “death panel”. What Mr. Dean is saying is that the Board won’t be able to reduce health care costs as it is intended to do. Mr. Crystal is the person who uses the term “death Panel” and who refers to the Board as being a death panel.
      Why do so many conservative/libertarian writers and broadcasters resort to distortion and lies, when they could still object to something and yet confine their comments to the truth?

      • Major Domo

        If you are too old to qualify for brain surgery you will be denied under Obamacare. The same is true for many other types of expensive surgeries. Death Panels? Absolutely.

  • Marshall Watson

    I have commented about these so called death panels before. Some have listened, but I have also received several nasty replies that I am a stupid conservative and I am just trying to start another phony rumor about Obama. Well one of his own party has finally admitted they exist and they are a bad idea. If you want to find out how bad just do some research on what their powers will be, you just might be surprised. Other governments in the past have had similar panels Nazi Germany, and Russia are the ones most remembered. But then you have to have been taught the real history in school to know what I’m talking about, not the “stuff” our public schools dish out.

  • TheTruthHurtsAsWell

    No one seems to be picking up in the fact that ACA is but a stepping stone to expanding CMS (Medicare) socialized health care to cover everyone…

    Of course this administration knew health insurance premiums would rise, so they lied, said they would drop, and spoon fed law makers & citizens this incredibly false statement. Now businesses & quite a lot of ‘middle class’ consumers are unable to afford these hikes, face an extra tax burden if not covered by insurance & are more or less eventually forced to purchase into these (subsidized) exchanges.

    However, I believe, as is happening already in the medical community, many HCPs are opting out of big corporations (hospitals) & opening up shop, selling their product at much lower rates than they would be at hospitals.

    Example(depending on geographic location & insurance coverage): a knee replacement may cost anywhere between $10-200k. Yet the same surgeon can perform this task for $4-8k if at his own clinic. With the same outcomes.

    The ‘invisible hand’ of the free market is visible via the purchasing power of consumers