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How Your Daily Activities Aggravate Your Health

April 5, 2011 by  

How Your Daily Activities Aggravate Your Health

People generally describe the signs and symptoms of their pain, illness or health concerns in terms that they think the healthcare provider in front of them wants to hear.

For example, when facing their primary care physician they tell a story about issues related to the body like pain, itching, rashes and/or congestion. When meeting with their psychologist they may describe the same issue in terms of stress, anxiety, worries and how those things are connected. If meeting with a dietician they may try to relate a connection between what they are eating and drinking and the quality and level of their health concerns.

The one thing I always try to impress upon people is that wellness issues like pain, illness and disease cannot be divorced from every aspect of the person. Wellness must be addressed utilizing a systems view of health. In other words, it must be addressed with the understanding that the whole of one’s life is greater than the sum of its parts and that a change in one part affects every other part.

Therefore, limiting the description of a health concern to a small area that is of interest to a particular healthcare practitioner will derive a “management method” aimed at helping that one small area. Yet, when one considers that every aspect of their life affects their health—thoughts, sleep, diet, exercise, stress, habits, etc.—then in no way will addressing one piece change all the pieces responsible for causing the issue.

Everything is important when considering the triggers for ill health and for addressing a method of care, reversal and ultimately prevention.

When speaking to a specialist, many important things that can and do affect the patient’s health in the course of their activities in daily living (ADL) are omitted from the dialogue. The problem with this is that, in order to better understand and treat the patient, the doctor/therapist/chiropractor should know about all of the things one does and feels and thinks is related to their health concern.

We all want fast and effective relief from our body pains and illnesses. The way to go about finding the right approach toward relief—or even a cure—is to identify those things that do or may trigger, relieve or aggravate the pain and illnesses and then communicate these to every healthcare professional sought for treatment.

You may think there is no correlation between feelings of depression and the carpel tunnel you have from typing all day. Yet studies show that chronic body pain can lead to depression. In such a case, the best course of treatment for that depression may not be therapy or psycho-pharma drugs, but physical therapy or bodywork.

You may see a chiropractor or massage therapist and tell them of your excruciating low back pain. Their therapies may offer symptomatic relief. Yet, the problem persists because it may, in fact, be caused by dehydration.

Your work life may find you seated all day and drinking four or five cups of coffee to stay alert and keep working, then enjoying a few drinks at happy hour with co-workers to burn off steam. Both the coffee and alcohol are diuretics causing dehydration, and this may be the cause of the back pain. In such cases only reduction of diuretic beverages and increase in water consumption will relieve and prevent the back pain.

If you are suffering from acute or chronic conditions that affect your activities in daily living (ADL), then it just may be the ADL themselves that are causing the problem. There is no way to know this for sure, or to see how your ADL may play a role in your health and wellness, unless you speak of them to your healthcare provider when describing your symptoms. Some daily activities that are known to cause body pain and health concerns include:

  • Irregular sleeping patterns.
  • Skipping of meals.
  • Sitting for long periods of time.
  • Playing sports without warming up or cooling down.
  • Talking with the phone held between ear and shoulder
  • Repetitive motions of hands (typing, factory work, playing piano).
  • Cracking your own neck and knuckles.
  • Engaging in too much or too little sex.
  • Engaging in too much or too little exercise.
  • Sitting with one leg crossed over another.
  • Not washing fruits and vegetables before consuming them.
  • Having arguments with co-workers or loved ones.
  • Worrying night and day about things you have no control over.

While the above list is brief, it offers insight into some of the most basic things that one does during the course of their daily life that can, may or does in fact cause or aggravate their health conditions. It is therefore important to paint a complete picture of your life when speaking of your health issues.

With this information, your healthcare provider can better determine the best course of treatment… or refer you to another provider who can.

–Dr. Mark Wiley

Dr. Mark Wiley

is an internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, motivational speaker and teacher. He holds doctorates in both Oriental and alternative medicine, has done research in eight countries and has developed a model of health and wellness grounded in a self-directed, self-cure approach. The Wiley Method provides a revolutionary way of providing recovery and prevention of chronic pain, illness and disease. Grab your FREE COPY of Dr. Mark Wiley's "The 3 Secrets to Optimal Health" HERE.

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  • Polski

    In years past, psychosomatic medicine had it’s 15 minutes of fame, but now, I haven’t heard it mentioned for a long while. You can choose to be happy or unhappy. It’s really up to you. This is a very important aspect of good health. And what is good health? It’s NOT being not sick. It’s being physically, mentally, and spiritually the best that you can be. Our world affects us, and causes our outlook which causes our health status. For instance, about 30 years ago, I noticed that my attitude was really bad. At the same time, I noticed that the news on TV, in order to be news, had to be really terrible/horrible. Up to that time, I had been watching the news pretty religiously. But once I realized what it was, I shut off the TV. I probably was extreme because I have this 30 year old TV set that I haven’t turned on in 30 years…..LOL…..

    • FreedomFighter

      500+ channels now, still nothing good to watch.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • Suellen Mankin

    I would like to read the article about the daily activities aggravating health, but that is not possible because of the videos that are attached on the side of the article. They cover parts of the article. It happens on every computer I open this article with. It happens a lot. I’m almost ready to delete this subscription – but there is a lot of good info here. Please fix this! The videos are nothing anyway.


    • libertytrain

      Suellen, I have two computers at home, one older, one new, it doesn’t happen at all on my computers or my viewing of the pages you mentioned.

    • Mike in MI

      Ms. Mankin -
      Look over your screen on the page when you first bring up the daily Liberty Alerts issue for a day. Look for a yellow or brightly colored lineal window with a line of type in it.
      If the window reads something like, “If you can not view this entire page click here.” Put your cursor on it and click the window. That may delete the ads, thus allowing a full view of the important information you seek. Hope this helps.
      Or, change your carrier. I view Personal Liberty Alerts on MSN and have no problems anymore.

      • Mike in MI

        Or, if you still continue to have difficulty take the question to a Best Buy store’s “Geek Squad” and ask them – or any other computer company. There is an answer…find it.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Ms Mankin,
      Is your screen centered??? If not, use your left/right buttons!!!

  • greg

    First, turn on your pop up blocker on your tool bar. I had no problem viewing this. Second, wow. Great article. Been disabled for over 10 years with bad back, neck, shoulders, hands, knees. Doctors say I’m just worn out. $1500 a month for insurance and that’s the best answer? I’m being fleeced by those who claim to care. Having run the whole gammit of severe and chronic pain, including jail, mental hospitals, pain clinics, chiropractors, surgeons, accupuncturists, and all; having swung on the pendulum of emotion from suicide to euphoria, I can tell you with certainty that ADL has EVERYTHING to do with your state of health. PERIOD!!! And it’s not just what you do, but how you do it. How you stand when brushing your teeth, shaving, or combing your hair. How you sit when typing or eating, how you drive and what you drive. It’s endless, which is what makes it ADL. Get it? Got it! Great work. Take it a step further and tell people how to live and you might just save a few of us! The one’s who say they care; ie, government, doctors, and insurance companies only care about the state of your checkbook, not your health. Your poor health is what makes them rich. Why would they want to change that?

  • Kate8

    Great article.

    I’m so glad that this is coming into the forefront of healthcare. We are multi-dimensional beings, and trying to treat illness on only the physical level hasn’t worked so far…but it’s gotten a lot of folks fabulously rich.

    These times in which we are living are causing many to explore their greater potential as whole beings. Operating only on the physical is operating on only a fraction of the power to which we have access.

    Science is proving out the idea of being “saved”, or “born-again”. When we can find a way to let go of the negative charge on memory, programming, and thinking, our energy channels are freed up and we feel “clean” and alive. (Actually, this has been the principle behind Eastern medicine for millenia.)

    All I can say is, Hallelujah!

    • bob wire

      “Science is proving out the idea of being “saved”, or “born-again”. When we can find a way to let go of the negative charge on memory, programming, and thinking, our energy channels are freed up and we feel “clean” and alive. ”

      I never have felt that I needed to be “saving” LOL!

      Mother told me last week, that I needed to be baptized so I could be with her and dad in heaven. ~ What a thing to say to a 63 year old son.

      I’d do anything for her but that!

      What’s in other people mind (brain) is all fine and good but why must it be planted in mine?

      I would think it enough that I am a student of Jesus Christ, but no ! they want more.

      A few hours ago I returned from Dr. Zang offices for acupuncture treatment. It helps with the pain management for all the abuse my body has taken over the years.

      It works. Zang graduated Shanghai University in 1955 so I guess that he knows what he is doing by now.

      • Kate8

        bob wire – You missed the whole point.

        EVERYONE has negative cell memory. Beginning at the earliest age, we start having experiences with those around us that sometimes have negative impact on our psyches. As we go through life, we are impacted by events that affect us emotionally, sticking in parts of our very bodies. WE ALL hold negative and false beliefs based on our interpretation of life progression.

        None are exempt from this, and if you try to say you are you are more eccentric than I thought.

        I wasn’t looking for people to bring into any fold. I was merely stating that Yeshua was telling us that the way to heal is to clear out our false beliefs in how life is, and forgive ourselves and others. False beliefs ‘short out’ our energy systems, and lead to illness. This is the meaning of “The wages of sin is death”.

        • Christin

          Hey Kate8,
          “The wages of sin is death” means that when you are in sin you are separted from God… He can not go with you there as He is a Holy God.

          • Christin


          • Kate8

            Christin – Yes. That is what happens when we are “shorted out”. We are out of balance with spirit – disconnected, so to speak.

            In other words, separated from God.

            I was trying to explain this in a more scientific vein, but it’s all the same.

            Thank you.

      • libertytrain

        bob – how funny, if you don’t believe why would you deny your mom the joy of thinking she will be with you again. She must love you very much.
        “Mother told me last week, that I needed to be baptized so I could be with her and dad in heaven. ~ What a thing to say to a 63 year old son.

        I’d do anything for her but that!”

      • Christin

        bob wire,
        Getting Baptized does not get you to heaven… only your belief and trust in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

        Getting Baptized is a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ, the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. Faith in Jesus Christ makes one a Christian.

        If you believe then you should get Baptized (sometimes called Believer’s Baptism) as Jesus did and make your faith public.
        It will be a gift to your mom, but an eternal commitment forever in God’s presence for you.

        It is funny because I told my boys a very similar thing when they were about five or so that I wanted them to go to heaven with me… and I cried if they weren’t with me and I couldn’t see them always I would be sad that they did not trust in Jesus and go to heaven.

  • Kate8
    • Mike in MI

      K88 -
      Hey, Lady K8, Thanks very much for the heads up on that NC freedom destruction bill the medical system is laying down against all of us.
      And, eventually, it will be against all of us far and abroad from N. Carolina. That’s just a feeler put out there to see if the masses react or go along. If there’s a strong reaction they’ll pull in their horns a little or for awhile and lay down some more preparatory bulwarks or cause an epidemic or a big scare or entrap a Naturopathic Doctor (maybe another type practitioner) in a furor of medical hubris and self-righteous angst over

    • Mike in MI

      (Above cot’d) “patient safety” or “protecting the public” from quackery. Then they’ll try to wipe as much of what they see as “competition” off the cultural landscape. They will come ridin’ in on their big white burro spraying everything in sight with a bottle of legislative “Roundup”. If there are any healthcare “weeds” left in THEIR yard after that they’ll start a campaign against that too. Often MD’s REALLY break out in a hyper-gnarly rash if any other provider type has success with a patient on whom their methods failed.
      One of their latest efforts is to legislatively and regulatorily corral the dissemination of all nutritional advisement under the control of Registered Dieticians. You know them. They’re the ones who are responsible for the development of malnourished states and frank deficiencies in hospital patients. It’s a great way to make people develop new diseases while they reside in the torture traps we call hospitals. Of course tha requires extended care and treatments galore which the Insurers are more than happy to pay for (at least they do pay) – then they can jack up everyones rates (or in the case of elderly) put it over on Medicare.
      You hit on the real way out of their trap above, K88: Spiritual healing.
      It is a fact folks. You better learn how to do it – if you have eyes to see what’s coming. God is faithful, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.
      If you want to learn what scientific investigations have found out about it research “Placebo/Nocebo Effects”. Also, there was an article in Scientific American Mind magazine called “Cure in the Mind”, by Maj-Britt Neimi, pg. 42-49, Feb./Mar 2009. It isn’t just pejoratively passed off and referred to only as “faith healing” anymore…witha roll of the eyes. Of Course science will never refer to od in relation to the phenomena they’ve been studying – but their serious. Partly because the health care scene is getting is getting SO critical.
      I suggest if you plan to live very long…find out about it.

  • Kate8

    Mike in MI – There are alternative physicians who have developed and are using very effective methods of healing these cell memories.

    Two of my favorites are Alex Loyd’s The Healing Code, and Brad Nelson’s Emotional Codes (my most favorite). The results are nothing short of astounding. I’ve used them myself.

    Millions of people are turning to these healing modalities because they get results, are inexpensive (even free) and are lasting. Big Medicine is being majorly threatened by this, and is launching a push-back. Expect the push to increase until they control it all.

    If people figured out that they can heal themselves, they won’t need doctors. They’ll decline all conventional treatments. They’ll stop taking drugs.

    Our medical system would collapse. Good for us, but they’ll do all they can to prevent this from coming about.

    Our very lives are at stake, on ALL fronts.

  • http://none Jerry Vaughn

    Why are emotions, thoughts, visions, and subconscious negative experiences not included in your
    health assessment?


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