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How To Beat The Flu: Simple, Natural Approach Does The Trick

February 8, 2011 by  

How To Beat The Flu: Simple, Natural Approach Does The Trick

You think the flu is harmless? You’re wrong. In fact, influenza kills more people than AIDS, lung cancer and heart disease combined. Here’s a sobering thought: Every year you run a 50/50 chance of contracting this disease. You’ve probably had it before; even many times before. Perhaps you even suffered from it last winter. Luckily, if you’re reading this letter, you obviously survived.

The World Health Organization tells us more than 25 percent of the world’s population gets hit with the flu virus every year — that’s about 1.5 billion people. Now granted, most of those 1.5 billion will get better. That much you probably expected. But more than 15 million people will not. In fact, many of them are dead within a week of first falling ill.

The Chilling Facts
The chilling truth about the world’s deadliest disease is simply that there are literally hundreds of thousands of different viral strains — each mutating and multiplying into killer bugs, some as quickly as once every 20 minutes.

That fact is chilling enough. But did you know that it takes three to four months after a new virus emerges for an effective vaccination to be manufactured and dispersed? And once you get the virus, the vaccine is of no use at all. Of course, the loss of life is the real tragedy.

Among those who survive, the flu epidemic sickens enough of the U.S. workforce each year to drain more than $10 billion in lost wages and production from the U.S. economy. And again, that’s just the loss here in the U.S.

Not to mention the money Americans spend trying to beat the sniffling, sneezing, aching, hacking, feverish symptoms of the disease — more than $3 billion every year. That’s many times more than the economies of some Third World nations. No wonder there are more than 100 different brands of flu medicine.

Right now, all the over-the-counter flu drugs are pretty much the same. Drugs like Sudafed®, Alka-Seltzer, Robitussin®, Theraflu®, Dimetapp® and NyQuil®. But not one of them actually prevents the flu. They all just treat symptoms. And you know by now that treating symptoms will never prevent the onset of anything.

You may be thinking that a flu shot will get you through the season unscathed, if you get it in time. Not so. Flu vaccines are only 30 percent effective in preventing the virus. According to Dr. Richard Judelsohn, medical director of the Erie County (N.Y.) Department of Health, 30 percent of those vaccinated against the flu or pneumonia get no protection whatsoever from their shot.

The news only gets worse. Among the elderly or those suffering from health conditions that weaken the immune system, the flu vaccines may be useless up to 50 percent of the time.

Prevention Is The Best Medicine
While there’s no way to completely protect yourself from the viruses that cause colds and flu, you can take all-natural measures to prevent them from nailing you. Strengthening your immune system is the way to do it.

I personally use a combination of Chinese patent herbal formulas to build my immunity during cold and flu season. These include Gan Mao Ling, Zhong Gan Ling, Chuan Xin Lian, and Yin Chiao tablets. Each of these can be purchased in Chinatowns nationwide, and are also easily found on-line through a simple keyword search. 

If a more mainstream approach is your cup of tea, consuming a hot cup of ginger green tea each day can do wonders in preventing this debilitating illness. Green tea is full of anti-oxidants and ginger is a diaphoretic (promotes sweating). Sweating out the dampness and phlegm — that get infected and provide an environment for viruses to live — is essential to prevention.

Doubling the recommended daily doses of vitamin C and zinc starting a month before cold and flu season will also boost immunity. Adding more garlic to your diet is great. Garlic acts as an anti-bacterial… and can also be taken in supplement form. Altering your diet during cold and flu season will also do wonders. Here’s the good and bad of it.

Here are some healing foods to include in your diet: Stews and soups (that are not milk or cream based), ginger, brown sugar, green tea, walnuts, scallion bulb, peanuts (Steamed or Boiled), egg whites, garlic, watermelon and tomato juice, pears, apples, raisins, mung beans, rice, radish, Chinese date, water chestnut extract, eggs stewed in vinegar, carrots, and lotus root.

Here are some foods to remove from your diet while experiencing symptoms: All animal milk products (milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, ice cream), excessive oil consumption, refined white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, coffee, black tea, sodas, bananas, and butter.

Stress… less!
Finally and most important: Lower your stress. Stress is terrible for you, causing tight muscles, headaches, belly fat and high blood pressure and it weakens your immune system. In fact, nearly 75 percent of people who get colds each year are found to be under heavy levels of stress.

So relax, smile, eat some garlic, take some supplements… and you may be able to take a vacation from this year’s cold and flu epidemic. Happy winter!

–Dr. Mark Wiley

Dr. Mark Wiley

is an internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, motivational speaker and teacher. He holds doctorates in both Oriental and alternative medicine, has done research in eight countries and has developed a model of health and wellness grounded in a self-directed, self-cure approach. The Wiley Method provides a revolutionary way of providing recovery and prevention of chronic pain, illness and disease. Grab your FREE COPY of Dr. Mark Wiley's "The 3 Secrets to Optimal Health" HERE.

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  • TIME


    This may seem a tad on the odd side, but when ever one of us has felt like we were coming down with the flu. We cut a few Onios in half and place them around the house.
    Yes it smells like onion’s and you need to replace them daily.
    But this is the deal even if we do get sick its at most only 48 hours on the long end. Hey the results are what they are.

    My wife had the flu for all of two days, she was back to 90% on day three, by day four she was at work and doing fine as in like she never had the flu.
    Sometimes the Witches brew work better than modern meds.

    • libertytrain

      Time I think you are correct. Wish I could remember some of Grandma’s fixes. I’ll note this suggestion. It kind of makes sense, like garlic perhaps.

      • TIME

        Why you need to replace the onions daily is that they turn black. From what I understand thats the germs, somehow they are drawn to the onion’s hey it works and thats what really counts in the long run.

        Now it may not work on a “Man made virus,” that I can’t say 100% for sure.

        I have not had a Flu but once and that was so long ago that I can’t even recall much about it. But as my wife has had a flu 3 times since I met her and I used the old Onion trick she is up and running and I mean in three days she is fine, by day four she is back to normal.

        • libertytrain

          I think it’s definitely worth a try. I got a bad flu (the same year I had my first and last flu shot) immediately after a Las Vegas Superbowl weekend. I don’t know if it was all the crowds or the tightly-packed flight; if I’m with the grandkids (toddlers) since they are with a zillion sick kids, I tend to catch things but last summer I started with the Vitamins D, E, C, garlic tablets, and now turmeric and I have found if I start to get ill (cold etc.) it doesn’t last but a day or so and never get uncomfortable. Last year those kids brought home everything from daycare when we had them while the parents were deployed and we all got sick. Wish I had known about the onion (or the vitamins) then.

          • TIME

            I also take Vit, C, E, and have done so for years, as I love to be outside and I walk daily no matter where I am at, its at least 3.5 miles per day, so I get a lot of Vit D feeding the Head.

            One other trick I use is {{H2O2 35%}} “”food grade only,””
            Do not confuse this with over the counter stuff.

            Mixed with distilled water to make a 3.5% solution. I use this rather than water to brush my teeth, as an aftershave on my face.
            Plus I use a 4% solution in a spray bottle that I spray in my mouth daily many times per day.

            I also use it up my nose in a 3.5% solution.

            Google a 35% FOOD GRADE H2 O2 dealer its about $40.00 per gallon and it will last a family of four about one year, used the way we use it.

          • libertytrain

            will look into it – I think you or someone mentioned that before but I hadn’t checked it out.

          • Jana

            These sound like some really great ideas.
            Since you are mentioning onions, thought I would pass on this little tidbit. People often think they get food poisoning from the mayonnaise in potato salad at picnics, but they have found it is more likely the onions. Leaving an onion unrefrigerated lets it build up bacteria. Evidently it builds up quickly.

          • Jeryl

            The H2O2 routes is good, but whatever you do, don’t swallow it at any higher concentration than 1.8 percent. Some even suggest not taking it at over 1 percent. Another really good preventative and also helpful in limiting the length of sickness is NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cystine (sp?)). A preventative dose has been suggested of two 500 mg capsules per day. That along with ester C is great. Once you have the flu, as many as two – three times per day is helpful. Personally, I haven’t had the flu in 17 years. Aside from a good mixture of anti-oxidants, I take cayenne capsules daily. Why it seems to help, I’m not sure.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            the garlic will also help with atheletes foot!!! I know it sounds weird but it does.

          • libertytrain

            Joe – on the foot or eating it? I’ve seen some things made with mashed up garlic and perhaps baking soda, or apple cider vinegar, my brain is fried – I can’t remember right now, I think that was for moles or skin tags. Coconut oil is nice for skin and other ailments. Love the stuff.

          • bob wire

            I’ve heard this about onions before but never tried it.

            But here is something that I have tried and works! For any parent raising babies and small ones it’s MOST valuable.

            A drop of onion juices in the ear stops a throbbing ear ache in seconds!

          • Cathy

            Me too…the last time I had the flu was 1994, the same year I had a flu shot! I use the food grade H2O2 every morning, ten drops in a cup of water, first thing. Then I put a tiny bit of colloidal silver under my tongue. I also use a lot of antioxidants, take a wide assortment of vitamins, and eat apples and walnuts every day for breakfast, along with other fruits in season. Do smoothies, apple, carrot, and spinach and/or strawberries and bananas. I don’t eat any animal products including dairy.

            I just had blood work, etc. for a life insurance policy. The insurance guy told me that I’m in the top 7-9% of all Americans health-wise. I thought initially that he meant for MY AGE. Nope, all ages. I’m 63!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            As I was told used on the foot! I’ve never had it so I don’t know. I was told about a few garlic “cures” a few years back. It is also good for the heart! EATEN of course!!LOL

    • Mrrobinson

      I’ve read that as well. The flu virus in the air is attracted to the enzymes in the onion and the onion absorbs the virus. Not that it gets it all, but any less virus in the air certainly can’t hurt. This also stands to show that you should serve onions quickly and not store them once they’ve been cut…they are naturally attracting viruses that may be in the air/environment. Good ol Mother Nature!

      • TIME


        I was reading about what cures Nastradamus was using when I found out about the Onions.
        It seems he also used a form of Rose Hips / Vit C. that he ground up and would give to folks. Nastradamus record for healing is really quite impressive.
        Please everyone also keep in mind he was using what Witch’s used for healing for thousands of years prior.
        Please do keep in mind that much of the healing in the really old days was done by a clans “Sprit leader,” of what later became known as Witch’s.

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      That is an interesting remedy! Smell aside, if it works then why not do it. Perhaps there is something antiseptic in the onion vapor that kills germs, or virus? I am not sure, but will look into it!

      • Granny Mae

        Dr. Mark Wiley,

        My grandmother made a syrup type liquid of sliced lemon, onion and water and cooked it for a little bit then sweetened it with honey and gave it to us kids when we had colds and sore throats. Seemed to work. For years I have made a medicine of 100 tablets of 500 mlg. vitamin C crushed to a powder and mixed with 1 cup hot water and sweetened with honey. Take a tablespoon of this every hour while awake and it will cure sore throat over night. Even strep throat in two days. My kids all make it today for their kids. It works like a charm. Got that remedy from Adele Davis in her book Let’s have healthy children, years ago. I used many of her formulas and found every one of them to work ! I also use vitamin D3 and olive leaf extract to prevent the flu, and for me that has worked great. I have a lot of problems with my immune system and nothing worked until I started taking this. I trust vitamins and herbs far more than I do any medicines put out today. I save those as a last resort if nothing else works !

        • jimbob

          olive leaf extract is realy good. the liquid is best.

    • EddieW

      The Onion works really good, I find Vitamin C 500 MG and Vitamin D-3 make me totally immune to colds flu ir anything else that comes along!
      I worked in a hospital 16 years, never once got sick working with the sickest of the sick, because as soon as I felt something coming on…I took my remedy and it’s history!!
      PROBLEM with onion, Destroy the onion the following day…
      Do Not Eat it!!! After being cut, it develops deadly toxins, which won’t affect you, unless you should eat of the onion!!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I just eat clementines all winter. i can buy them around here for about 5.00 a box and since I started that I’ve only gotten sick once and believe it or not, it was while I was out of them, a mistake I will not make again!

      • Sidewinder

        I agree EddieW,

        I take 5,000 Iu’s of vitamin D3, and 1,000 mg of vit C everyday, and have not had a single cold in years. In fact not one cold since I began doing this.

        Vitamin D3 cannot be underestimated.

        I also steer clear from flu vaccines. Never had one, haven’t had the flu since I was 7 years old.

        Load up on the D.

    • http://Americac2c usfrog

      You ARE right. Onions are a sort of disinfectant. My dad was a chef and we always used the “natural” things to heal our ills. Whenever I would come down with anything, he would thinly slice an onion, put a little salt on it and have me eat 4 or 5 slices. Immediate road to recovery.

  • Jane

    Vick’s Vapor rubbed all over your throat, under nose and chest area, two aspirins and go to bed for 12 hours of sound sleep. You wake up in the morning feeling pretty good. Continue the same routine day 2 and by day 3 you feel well again. I read that this as well as putting out raw onions is what kept millions of Americans from dying in the early 1900′s from the flu epidemic. Works for me and my family and doesn’t cost you a lot of money.

    • TIME


      Try putting VVR it on the soles of you’re feet, then put on a pair of socks, and go to bed. Why? I can’t tell you but I have told my friends about this old Witch’s trick and its helped them every time.

      • libertytrain

        I am a big fan of VVR as well but hadn’t ever heard that one. You are just a fountain of good info about so many subjects. Thanks.

        • Jana

          Aren’t you the one who was stating also about taking melatonin before bed to help stifle migraines?
          I have been trying it and it has really helped tremendously. Thanks for the tip.

          • Jana

            Sorry I misspelled your name.

          • libertytrain

            Good Jana, I’m glad it’s helping.

        • Granny Mae


          Time is right about that one. I don’t know why it works either but it does. That is an oldie !

      • Carlucci

        VVR applied on the soles of my feet, then putting on socks helped me beat the sniffles/cold that was coming upon me a few months ago. I had never tried it before and it worked. Washing hands is muy importante. Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C crystals helped as well. I also like hot ginger tea, Zycam, elderberry syrup, and that old standby – jewish penicillin (with some fresh ginger added). It is also very important to stay in bed and get as much rest and sleep as possible. Most people (especially men) refuse to take it easy and rest, so they usually stay sick or get worse. Last year, my boyfriend ended up in the hospital for over a week with pneumonia. It started out as the flu, which I’m sure he caught on a five hour flight to Seattle. Obviously there were all kinds of disgusting cooties recirculating in that cabin air all during the flight, and of course I caught the flu from him when he got home. I was sick for over two weeks, and was ready to throttle him. But at least I had sense enough to stay in bed.

        • Jana

          What is Jewish penicillin? :)

          • TIME


            Chicken Soup…

          • libertytrain

            Ah, I was wondering as well. I should have known that – I’ve heard that before. It does work some. Or at least warms the soul.

          • Carlucci

            Hi Jana,

            “Jewish penicillin” is hot chicken soup.

            I also forgot to mention in my last post that I’ve gotten sick (and so have many friends of mine) from taking a flu shot. Years ago, I was dumb enough to believe the hype and took it once. Never again, especially after everything I’ve read and seen about vaccinations. Did you or anyone else posting to this blog see that Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory show on Tru TV about Plum Island? All of the episodes are excellent and informative, but everybody in America should see the one about Plum Island. That’s where Lyme Disease was developed in a laboratory there.

          • TIME


            Strange that you bring up Plum Island thats part of the book I am working on. Well that and the Cold Spring Harbor labs etc..

            There are many a strange thing going on that most are totaly clueless about that I feel if most knew about even 1/1000 of it, it may well create a total melt down.
            Many things I have been able to prove are mind numbing to be mild about it.
            This book is being presented as Ficton due to obvious factors.
            But anyone who can grasp that the story is between the lines will get the whole ball of wax.

            One thing I found out and I don’t know how many of you all know this or not, and this is not in my book so I will share this.
            Plum Island is straight accros from LYME Connecticut where LYME Disease first started. And oddly this special thing started around 12 months after a massive power outage on Plum Island took place.

            Also that two of the Doctors who worked on Plum Island were former SS Doctors who were brought to the US on Opperation Paper Clip. Both who were into disease spread through flees, ticks, lice etc.

            How bloody wild is that?

          • Jana

            I thought it was but just had to check. I know it does make you feel better, it’s not hard to digest and soup helps keep you hydrated.

            Time that was an interesting piece of history that you told us. I have heard of a lot of strange happenings on Plum Island. We may never truly know the whole scope of problems that have arisen from that place and their “experiments” .

          • Sidewinder

            Time, I read what you wrote concerning Plum Island…scarey stuff. I live up that way.
            When I lived in the DC area during the Clinton era, we were alarmed to learn after the fact of course, that a test facility in I believe Reston VA, had a couple monkeys infected with Ebola escape. Don’t remember the details now…

            They are playing with fire.
            Yes, Operation Paper Clip….Mycoplasma, I think that worries me the most.

    • Dr Scott

      The problem with the advice of aspirin is it reduces the immune response to any type of fever. secondly one of th emain effects opf aspirin is to cause bleeding to the stomach.. whiohc causes the body to go into a specific immune response to repair the vleeding…this other aches and pains tend to dissapate as the body corrects damage. Thus is why aspirin is responsible for 10-15000 cases per year of death due to internal bleeding, not to mention thousands of cases of death due to accidental overdose.

      • Ellen

        I have to agree with you, Dr. Scott. We’ve been sold a bill of goods that aspirin is quite harmless. It really isn’t. I am all for using anything and everything that supports and nourishes the body to strengthen IT instead of killing off everything that we deem objectionable.

      • http://LibertyAlert Bud

        Aspirin is one of the best anti-inflammatory agents to use during a cold or flu. Fasprin is a low-dose 81mg aspirin tablet that dissolves in your mouth and absorbed by the lining of the mouth and gets into the blood stream in 5 minutes, avoiding direct contact with the stomach. It also has a pleasent lemon flavor. I take one every day for my heart and have not had any stomach problems.

    • EddieW

      Vitamin C 500 MG and Vitamin D-3 will kill any cold or flu…provided you take at the first sign of a problem…if it gets a good head start…your stuck with it!! I worked with the sickest of the sick for 16 years, and never a day of sick leave for me!!!

  • Bill

    I get russel blaylocks newsletter and also follow Dr John Connell . John has studied Vit D 3 for yrs be recomends 5 k a day. My wife works at a clinic where they harass her to get a flu shot, she use to get sick every yr and with a flu shot. Since I took over her health care she hasn’t been sick in 3 yrs. All her coworkers have taken the flu shot this yr and all have got sick. I haven’t missed a day of work in over 30 yrs. I exercise moderately take a multi, omega3 fish oil, D 3 , lots of green tea and even more potent white tea with less caffeine. Also B12 Methylcobalamin formula, get 7-9 hrs of sleep very little alcohol and 1-2 cups of coffee daily

    • Scott

      I’ll second the recommendations for both the Blaylock Report and daily D3. I’ve been taking it for a few years now and never get colds, and haven’t had the flu since either.

    • Kevin

      The best thing that ever happened to my wife and me was eating breakfast with Dr. Blaylock before a lecture he gave in Santa Cruz. We talked about history as well as medicine and food. Changed our entire perspective of government and medicine.

  • Tim

    I have been following something similar, more fibre, replacing much of my carbo with vegetables (lightly cooked or raw). I maintain excercise to destress and it has been 6 years since I have had a cold or flu.

    Now I can’t say that for malaria,,,,,,,,

  • http://Mr.Hogue'sWisdom Dale Hogue

    If you can: STAY AWAY FROM OTHER PEOPLE! If you can’t: wear gloves and don’t talk to the other people with whom you have to deal. When you must communicate with them, give them notes written on paper that has been sterilized. Wear a sterilized medical mask at all times, even around your family. If somebody coughs near you, spray disinfectant into the air, then leave the area promptly. Also spray everything you touch and everything you see. Don’t eat any food in public, not even food you brought from home. It is better not to eat at all.

    Change your clothing at least three times per day. Immediately place these clothes in a bag that has been sterilized. As soon as possible, wash these clothes in really, really, really hot water. Use soap that will sterilize the clothes as they are being washed. Dry them immediately in a dryer that has been sterilized.

    Do not use public tranportation to get from point A to point B. Drive your own automobile. Sterilize it after each use. Or you can stay in bed — make sure it is sterilized against the flu virus — twenty-four hours a day for the entire flu season.

    Or, if all this is not possible, just stay away from other people during the entire flu season, drink plenty of liquids, eat only healthy food, and take the proper medicine in the proper amount each day.

    Dale Hogue is the author of the book “Email Connectors and Mr. Hogue’s Wisdom”

    • ValDM

      Most of us can’t isolate ourselves the way you suggest. Here’s what I do: I eat Kim-chee everyday on a salad; lots of fermented garlic and ginger(more bio-available). I use coconut oil around my nose, mouth and on my hands. Coconut oil has these qualities: anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. The best thing about coconut oil is that it is relatively cheap, and can be re-applied easily and you can eat it or wear it as you see fit.

      • barbm

        coconut oil is loaded with good cholesterol too. i put a tablespoon in my coffee every morning. even though it floats on top, it tastes exactly like the coffee, and it makes my lips super soft. :) they recommend 2 tablespoons daily.

  • Ben

    When I worked I got sick once or twice a year, but not by the flu, but with Broncial problems, even broncial pneunmonia. I haven’t had the flu in years and have never had “The Shot”. When I was laid off a year ago, I was no longer in a stressful environment and thus haven’t been sick this last year.
    What I am getting at is, do take your vitamins and supplements, but more than that find ways to destress your life, and/or get away from people who constantly bring their sicknesses to work, because the supposedly have no other choice.
    Another thing that doc did not mention is Collodial Silver. Bacteria and Virsus cannot live in an environment with silver colloids. Google up Collodial Silver and read some of the information about its use. There is a lot of BS out there, so you have to be careful in decifering the truth. Pharmacies and multi national drug conglomerates poo-poo Silver because they cannot corner the market on its use and charge us an arm and a leg for their version of it. I even use it with a Nebulizer when I had Broncial problems.

    • Libertarian

      I’ve been using colloidal silver for about 20 years, have had no adverse affects and never get the flu.

  • newspooner

    To avoid getting flu, or at least to minimize it to half-time duration or less if you do get it, simply take a 50 mg zinc gluconate tablet (commonly and cheaply available everywhere) immediately whenever you think you smell soapy apple pie. That smell results from virus-caused changes to the proteins in the nasal mucous. Zinc helps the immune system impede the replication of viruses. The nasal area is usually the first site of detrimental virus invasion and action.


    Garlic has prevented and cured lung infections for me as well as yeast infections.

  • Russell B. Olinsky, M.S.

    1. Keep your immune system up by avoiding getting chilled.
    2. Avoid removing the natural anti-microbial compounds on our skin by over washing or use of alcohol based skin cleaners and lotions.
    3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, especially in public places, until you’ve washed your hands. Wear gloves where practical.
    4. If stressed, recognize it, and then find ways to relax. Even a few minutes of time-out will help prevent the dis-ease. Also exercising, playing with animals and helping others helps reduce stress.

  • barbm

    i have, for the past 3 years, come down with something that ends up being just short of pneumonia by the time i get to the doctor. i refuse to take a flu shot becuase they came up with it so quickly – no 10 year study there. i read on here a few months ago that, if you aren’t going to take a flu shot, you should take d3. i’ve been taking it since then, and i take 2 if i’ve been around somebody sick. so far, i have been healthy this year except for a 24 hour stomach thing last week. could’ve been a virus or could’ve been something i ate. my son has been taking d3 too and has not been sick this winter even though he’s in school where lots of folks are sick.

  • Protonius

    I’ve read much about and often used Colloidal Silver (Note the spelling: it’s “Colloidal”, not “Collodial”) to try to fight off sinus infections and colds; sometimes it seems to have worked, sometimes not.

    But at least it’s been available for me to access, purchase, and use as a potential health-tool — although, “thanks” to the FDA (and, in Europe, to the official health agency of the EU), “Colloidal Silver” has recently been reclassified, such that it is now officially labeled as a “pesticide. To those holistic medical and health professionals — and users — who maintain that Colloidal Silver (and what some claim is a more refined form known as Nano Silver) provides a critically important health-benefit, this cannot augur good.

    I’m also very much perturbed by an abundance of what I would label as “propaganda” that, in my view, MISLEADINGLY, and with SELECTIVE EXCLUSION OF OR DISTORTION OF FACTS, declares that Colloidal Silver, as a health-supplement, is a danger to one’s health. Could those “warnings” be correct? Or could they have been “put out there” for another purpose?

    Typically, as per the numerous such claims that I have seen, these claims fail to take into account, or to differentiate between, critically important factors such as: (a) whether the colloid is ionic or electrically neutral, (b) the size, shape, and roughness or smoothness of the silver particles’ surface, (c) the degree of concentration of the silver particles in the colloid, (d) whether the silver particles are combined with protein, (e) the purity of the silver particles, (f) whether the colloid in question was stored in plastic (and which kind of plastic?) or glass containers, (f) whether the colloid was stored in opaque or nearly-opaque containers or was exposed (for “extended periods”) to diffuse daylight, bright sunlight, incandescent or fluorescent light, or to what degree of intensity such exposure might have taken place, or (g) how much per dose, and how often, and over what time-frame, any of the persons who were the subjects of the study ingested or in other ways used their selection of Colloidal Silver.

    As per my understanding, all the above-noted points, of “a” through “f”, are of critical importance in determining the potential effects, pro or con, of utilizing Colloidal Silver as a health-supplement for health-purposes. Yet, somehow, at least from what I’ve seen, most of those “anti” Colloidal Silver articles on the internet and in the popular media FAIL TO EVEN MENTION any of the above highly-relevant specifics.

    It’s almost as though when the topic comes to an “analysis” of the “risks” of using “Colloidal Silver” as a health-supplement, the Scientific Method isn’t only thrown out the window — it isn’t allowed to even enter the room.

    Could it be that, much as with the famed “Downing Street Memos” (look it up!), the “facts” had to be “adjusted” to fit the “policy”?

    Nevertheless, now I DO have a related question; can someone here provide a knowledgeable, factually-substantiated, answer to it? It’s this:

    I have also heard that there is a different kind of negative issue associated with the ingestion of Colloidal Silver or even of Nano Silver. The claim is that the silver particles (a) will find their way into the Central Nervous System, the brain included, and through biochemical/bioelectrical means, and/or even through mechanical means, will STAY THERE and cause untold — possibly permanent — havoc with these systems; and (b) if a person has MERCURY FILLINGS — meaning also that the Mercury is permanently leaching into that person’s bloodstream & CNS & brain too — the mercury and silver particles will BE ATTRACTED TO EACH OTHER and COMBINE to form PARTICLES OF MERCURY-SILVER ALLOY which can also wreak damage to the body.

    So, MY QUESTION: How true, or untrue, are those latter claims? Based on what information? My friend makes a logical case for them — but, as Sgt. Joe Friday used to say on “Dragnet”: “Just the fact’s Ma’am. Just the facts!”

  • Boo Ewald Taylor

    I swear by zinc, it keeps colds and flu away for me. One 50mg capsule a day just before and during flu season (always after eating) and nothing seems to bother me. I highly recommend at least this little bit, but all the other remedies work great, too, I just like to make it easy.

    • newspooner

      Thanks for your confirmation concerning zinc. See my earlier post.

      For good health in general, try to build your diet around the “1, 2, 3, 4 Core” principle. The goal is to eat one banana, two carrots, three apples, and four pieces of celery each day. The rest of your diet should be individually constructed, based upon what your personal preferences are and what your body tells you.

  • Sweetie

    Lem-Luan’ch ( Thank-You ) Doc, at this point of time in my Life my Oldest Son has got me so Stressed Out that I finf it Hard to Relax
    yet, I don’t belive my Stressing helps me to get the Flu nor the Sniffles ea. yr. as my own Docs know that I have a Weak amune system,
    as they tried to help me as well. As my husband and I both use Garlic
    in our Cooking.

    Lem-Luan’ch, I enjoyed your article :-)

    ~ WoundedKnee ~

  • http://(Idon'thavemyownwebsite) William E. Hudson

    One of the most effective cures (and preventions) for both a cold and flu is a combination of Garlic and Colloidal Silver (not taken as a combined formula, but taken in two separate doses). For a severe case of a cold or flu, I combine Garlic, Colloidal Silver and Lactofarren. All of these remedies can usually be found at a “Health Food Store”, and the cost is minimal. (p.s.– I usually cut up the Garlic and mix it with apple sauce, or some other “good tasting”

    –William Hudson

  • Martin Gorelick

    I thought you were supposed to tie the onions on your belt.

  • cenk

    Vitamin C has to be doed at least every 8 hours since it has a biological half life of four hours. Take up to 8 thousand mg a day evey day. Year around at tis doe it will go a long way to prevent heart disease and cancer and detoxify mercury and many other toxins too.

  • Traci

    Ive made radical changes in my life this year to cut down on stress…I can testify that the onion, vvr on bottom of feet, and coconut oil has helped every member of my family which includes my husband and 7 children..Im exsposed to at least 50 people a day in my shop and it amazes me how many people come in sick! I obnoxiously walk behind them with a spray bottle with alcohol and spray everything they touch and tell them not to pick up their repair till they are well! I keep sea salt and peroxide in my bathrooms and gargle every hour alterating hot salt water or peroxide at the first sign of a sore or scratchy throat and I routinely spray every toothbrush with peroxide spray every evening.I believe this is why we never have to go to the DR. I keep my twin 3 year olds with me all the time and they know to go wash their hands in between customers and never to use the writing pens I have designated for customers…after reading all of your wonderful helpful posts Im never going to use frozen chopped onions again! ps can we adopt you granny mae?;)

  • Tinman

    my great grandmother was American Indian and my Grand mother who was born in 1900(one of many children). There was stuff she use to use when I was growing up that work wonders. If only I had know back then to write it down, there was camphor, turpentine, spirit of clove, onions and other things(which I can not remember) that she used. I remember the mustard packs, witch hazel, and the alcohol rubs. To bad our F.D.A. is paid for by the drug companies and like to ban the old remedies.

  • Acushla

    I am 75 years old and never had the Flu. The last time I had a cold was when I was 40 years old when I started riding to work on the pushbike. Vitamin D from Sunlight boosted my immune system. Now I suffer from the Sodium Fluoride Pesticide Poison in the water. Is there a cure?

    • Jana

      My husband had metal poisoning from how and where he worked.
      He was put on a detox program. I went to the Health Food Store and talked with the owner who was EXTREMELY knowledgeable. There are several types. There is even Oral Chelation Therapy that has worked very well for me. My Naturopath put me on these. My husband still has to detox at times because he has projects where he welds.

  • The Insurgent

    To the list I would like to add the comment that eating these stuffs NOT just before or during the flu season is recommended. For example, I use only brown sugar with coffee, unbleached flour for cooking, extra virgin olive oil and sea-salt.
    Avoid any refined sugar, salt, flour. MSG, asparteme, HFCS all your tickets to get sick and die. Vegetarians must also consider that veggies are widely and highlky sprayed with carcvinogenouis chemicals. You must wash all veggies used for cooking or for salad for at least 3-4 minutes to remove those harmful chemicals.
    NWO has a very simple goal: reduce population by 50% in the next 25 years avoid food shortages, water-shortages and hunger riots. Their best bet is to make food and water supply dirty, poisonous to make the masses sick and die fast. We need to eat and drink everyday, even more times a day.
    If you know the trick you have a higher chance to stay alive.

  • http://, Sarah S

    hi all, I’m new on here and excited to be a part of the conversation !

  • Hal

    The FLU or the COLD, what to do once you think you’ll be getting it?
    Remembering last time I had a COLD or the FLU, however, it’s been ‘umpteen’ many years ago, besides getting perhaps a headache, etc., a noticeable painful symptom of such usually started first in my throat, and then of course at night, just before going to bed. — No matter what remedial stuff, called medicine, I took, before going to bed, the next morning, as sure as the sun always shines in Southern California, I had one or the other, or even both. — If this scenario fits your situation one day, as it was with me a long time ago, here is what I did and which had helped me every time. — I took a small drinking glass filled it half-way with lukewarm drinking water and the other half with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (H202). — Then, I gurgled, deep down in my throat, several times, or as long as the H20 / H202 Solution lasted. Sometimes I repeated it once or twice, before I went to bed. — Furthermore, I didn’t worry about some drops of that H20 – H202 Solution slipping down my throat, because I knew, that it would just kill the bugs and not me. — GOOD LUCK with whatever! —


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