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How To Avoid The Obamacare Death Trap

January 28, 2013 by  

How To Avoid The Obamacare Death Trap

We are less than one year out from healthcare tyranny under the oligarchy-endorsed Obamacare.

It’s very deceptive to call Obamacare socialized medicine. The law has nothing to do with healthcare. It’s just the opposite. It’s sickness care. The Nazis had their gas chambers and America has “medical care,” which is the most sophisticated killing machine that demented minds can create.

Americans are mentally dependent on the “medical” brainwash. When our dumbed-down people hear the trigger word “medical care,” they go blind and hyperventilate. They do not know a scam from a sham. They will go unanimous for anything with the term “healthcare” in it.

Obamacare is not healthcare. It has absolutely nothing to do with healthcare. It’s a great transfer of wealth and population control with a ticket to the death panels when we are no longer considered productive citizens.

As the paper money regime collapses, the money creators are speeding up the printing presses in a desperate ploy to transfer the wealth of the American people before it becomes worthless anyway. It is disguised warfare against the American people.

It reminds one of the last days of the Nazi regime. As the cities were reduced to rubble, German citizens were being shot for “treason.” In the last days of any regime, the process of oppression of citizens is intensified.

In the United States, stepped-up oppression is being done under the cloak of benevolence (healthcare). It is not an issue of so-called healthcare. If it achieves anything related to Americans’ health, it should be called sickness care.

It’s all very simple: The medical cartel needs sick people like military machines need human cannon fodder; no difference. The military industrial complex promotes war under the pretext of patriotism. The medical establishment promotes sickness under the pretext of healthcare.

If you readers grasp the esoteric (hidden) agenda in Obamacare, your thinking runs deep. You should survive the coming crash. Obamacare is a symptom of collapse of the social order. We have no economic order.

As the last days of this system nears total collapse, there will be more and more political calls for synthetic social and medical benefits. Recognize it for what it is: a camouflage for stealing.

Once again for emphasis, Obamacare is not about the healthcare of the American people. It is not about the cost. It is about the stepped-up transfer of the wealth of the American people to the global elite.

Obamacare would be impossible under the gold standard as the medical cartel would not exist, and most of the politicians would be in jail.

Despite denials by the elites, a government-run healthcare system will quickly bankrupt the U.S. Treasury. What’s more, it will condemn millions of elderly and disabled Americans to substandard care and perhaps even to fatal rationing of medical resources.

The New York Times’ resident nincompoop, former Enron adviser Paul Krugman, famously said: “In Britain, the government itself runs the hospitals and employs the doctors. We’ve all heard scare stories about how that works in practice; these stories are false.”

Yes. Sarah Palin was right. Krugman, as was the case in his advice to Enron and in most of his Keynesian screeds, was wrong. There will be death panels. The State cannot justify expending resources on the non-productive. Ask Taro Aso, the finance minister of Japan, who said last week that the elderly should be allowed to “hurry up and die” to relive pressure on the state to pay for medical care.

“I would wake up feeling increasingly bad knowing that [treatment] was all being paid for by the government,” he said during a meeting of the national council on social security reforms. “The problem won’t be solved unless you let them hurry up and die.”

Death panels will become acceptable to the public by dehumanizing the elderly and infirmed. They won’t be classified as people. They will become units or incompetents or, as Aso referred to them, “tube people.” Propaganda to dehumanize “the enemy” has been used throughout history.

“I see people aged 67 or 68 at class reunions who dodder around and are constantly going to the doctor,” he said at a meeting of economists. “Why should I have to pay for people who just eat and drink and make no effort? I walk every day and do other things, but I’m paying more in taxes.”

Government bureaucrats in Canada, the U.K. and Europe routinely deny healthcare based on abstract determinations of “quality of life,” rather than of medical necessity.

I know assurances were given by the elites that Palin was off her rocker and the death panels were merely “end of life counseling.” Similar panels in the U.K. are now the equivalent of euthanasia. Professor Patrick Pullicino says pressure on beds and difficulty with nursing confused or difficult-to-manage elderly patients have resulted in patients in the system’s controversial “death pathway” being put into the equivalent of euthanasia for the elderly.

How is the British deathcare system? You might ask Peter Thompson, 41. But he’s dead. He was left dying on the corridor floor unattended for 10 hours while nurses stepped over him. When it was finally discovered he was dead, his body was dragged away in a manner his family likened to “dragging a dead animal.” The scenes were caught on closed circuit cameras and played during an inquiry.

Of course, none of this could ever happen in America. Ask Steven Rattner, an Obama and Democrat insider who wrote in an op-ed for The Times: “WE need death panels. Well, maybe not death panels exactly, but unless we start allocating healthcare resources more prudently — rationing, by its proper name — the exploding cost of Medicare will swamp the federal budget.”

Yes. Hurry up and die rather than be a drain on the all-important state. Money is needed to rain bombs down on the children of other countries. It’s for the good of democracy and for the safety of the children.

We can have our health if we avoid the system. Get off the sickness diet that is the standard American diet (SAD) and get on the “Go Green” or nutritarian diet.

What you will be doing is getting rid of the SAD, which is very high calories and very low nutrition, in exchange for the tasty green diet, which is very low in calories and very high in nutrition.

Lower calories make for longer life. This is a proven scientific fact. You can find details in the DVD “Forks Over Knives” and Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s lectures on cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Google them.

What will we gain?

  • Guaranteed better health.
  • A way to avoid cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
  • A very big percentage of us can grow what we eat in a very small home garden.
  • Americans can, for the first time in 100 years, stamp out the oppression of the medical mafia. This is the subversive cartel that has deceived us into believing that drugs will take the place of food in healing and health.
  • We will increase our years on this Earth by reducing our calories.
  • We will re-train our taste for the right nutritious foods.
  • We will not be hungry. The green diet is completely satisfying and we can eat to fill our stomachs.

We can kill Obamacare in its tracks by becoming healthy. This can all happen in just one year.

The commercial food empire (junk food) will be cut in half. America has been deceived into bad health through bad diet. Hippocrates said, “Let your food be your medicine.” Who profits from the SAD?

  • The commercial food manufacturers.
  • Most of the medical profession. Doctors need sick people.
  • The pharmaceutical cartel and drug monopoly.
  • Medical equipment manufacturing companies.
  • Representatives and Senators who hold hands with the pharmaceutical monopoly under the table.
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture which has a silent, but all-powerful, vested interest in promoting and expanding the SAD.

If America spends more than any nation on Earth on “healthcare” yet ranks 17th in the world on healthcare, aren’t we naive to not believe there is an economic and commercial motivation in the shadows?

The nutritarian diet can restore the Constitution and human liberty in America. How? This seems like such a simplistic solution to such a vast empire of control, deception and crime euphemistically called American democracy.

It will work because the charlatan politicians and bureaucrats can’t profit from the nutritarian diet. The vast trillion-dollar beef and pork industry will collapse. The huge dairy industry will collapse. The pharmaceutical cartel will be cut to 20 percent or less of its present size. The USDA and the Food and Drug mafia (aka Food and Drug Administration) will collapse to a midget size.

Most of all, the health of Americans will awaken in the Garden of Eden. All the “incurable diseases” will begin to vanish.

Good diet will be accessible to all and Americans will be less dependent on the ominous fascism that has taken over America.

You should order the DVD “Forks Over Knives” and Fuhrman’s “Immersion Excursion” series from or whoever. It is an investment of less than $200. It will change your life beyond anything you can imagine.

This will save your health and restore America.

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Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • KG

    Mr Livingston, I’m sure you will keep the subscribers to your email spam machine by using language like “tyranny” and “oligarchy.”

    However, your legitimacy goes out the window, mostly because of your personal “germ theory”. Mr Pasteur, your mortal enemy, help prove Special Creation by using germ theory. Meat could NOT “spontaneously” produce flies, nor piles of rags produce rats. These effects HAD to come from “somewhere”.

    Now, you want everyone to “get healthy” to ward off the “obamacare” death lists. However, recent research has linked Alzheimer’s with “rogue” proteins from animals feed from feed that contained the remains of slaughtered cattle. And these effects won’t show up until decades after exposure.

    The truth is we are ALL going to get sick from something. And sense we know that, we can understand the need to provide healthcare for everyone. Unless you want a distopian future for your grandkids. “Hey, Grandpa, tell us when people didn’t live in bomb shelters? You know, the good old days?”

    • FreedomFighter

      “Obamacare is not healthcare. It has absolutely nothing to do with healthcare. It’s a great transfer of wealth and population control with a ticket to the death panels when we are no longer considered productive citizens.”

      What part of “not healthcare” did you not understand? It a eugenics program aimed at Americans. Now they want to take your guns, because to many Americans are waking up to elite/Red China takeover of America, the land grabs by government to give to China, the “free trade zones” inside the USA where Red Chinese slaves take American jobs…

      and of course, the EUGENICS program called Obamacare.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Robert Smith

        From the article: “How is the British deathcare system? You might ask Peter Thompson, 41. But he’s dead. ”

        Yup, and it occurs in America: “On Nov. 28, 2009, Joaquin Rivera entered the waiting room of the emergency department of Aria Health’s Frankford campus. Rivera, 63, entered the ED at 10:45 p.m. complaining of pain on his left side. According to the state report prepared as a result of investigating the incident, surveillance footage showed Rivera stopped moving at 10:56 p.m.

        That’s from:

        And there are more. Just google: “Patient dies in hospital waiting room”

        By the measure of life span and infant mortality England has far better, and less expensive, health care than America, as do all advanced nations. It’s time for America to move forward and IMPROVE its health care system.


      • Luckyone

        Man it is so true to fact why U r saying . It all ties to FAKE money and big corruption !!! And why the masses don’t wake up to the problem is beyond me ??

      • eddie47d

        Says “the Nazi’s had their gas chambers and America has their medical care” makes this whole article beyond cheap and irrelevant. Rational thought process has gone into meltdown and needs to be put on resuscitation. One of the biggest scams ever pulled on the American people is the enormous charges for procedures pulled on the American people BOC (Before Obama Care) and how did we get to this point in the first place. Hmmm! No mention in how private health care has bankrupted families!?

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear eddie47d,

          As expected, you miss the point.

          Best wishes,

      • rendarsmith

        Yeah as long as its at everyone else’s expense, right Robert?

      • Robert Smith

        From Eddie: “No mention in how private health care has bankrupted families!?”

        “Medical Expenses (42%)
        Recent studies have shown that 42% of all personal bankruptcies are a result of medical expenses. The study also reveals that 78% of those who filed had insurance.”

        How can anyone claim they are “pro-life” and not support universal health care?


      • Vigilant

        Once again, Rob draws out the apples and oranges non-argument of “How can anyone claim they are “pro-life” and not support universal health care?”

        Tell me, Rob, How can anyone claim they are “pro-choice” and still support universal health care?”

      • Douglas C. Smyth

        There is a word for this screed, and for FreedomFighter, too: it’s “paranoia.”
        Note: I exercise, I’m a vegetarian, I live in the country, I also do a lot of physical work, now that I’m retired. I’m 73.

        But, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer three years ago. Thanks to Medicare, I received high quality radiation therapy and today I’m apparently cancer-free. Medicare is the socialized medicine you inveigh against, even provided directly by GOVERNMENT. If I hadn’t had it, I would have been bankrupted by the $100,000′s it cost for treatment. Instead, I’m told, I’m likely to live into my 90s.

        The major problem with Obamacare is that it is NOT Medicare for all; it should be.

        So, Take That!

      • Bill

        The reason you got prostate cancer is that you had no testorterone left and you had too much estrogen. Have you been eating a lot of soy?

        You could have avoided the radiation and cancer all together if you would hve kept your testosterone up. Are you incontinent yet? That is the usual side effect of radiation on the prostate.

      • Robert Smith

        Vegelant asks: “How can anyone claim they are “pro-choice” and still support universal health care?””

        Easy. The company I work for has changed insurance providers. Some of the specialists I’ve been seeing for years aren’t “in plan.” I have to change or pay out of pocket. That’s not a “choice” as far as I’m concerned.

        The fact is that with universal coverage I wouldn’t have to worry about such things because I’d be able to choose which doctors I go to.

        Literally today, I need to surf the web via the new company to find a new specialist. That sucks.


      • Robert Smith

        Bill says: “if you would hve kept your testosterone up. ”

        I haven’t seen any of the fad advertised “testosterone builders” that work.

        What does work is AndroGel. It’s prescription and a schedule 3 drug.

        Walmart’s list retail price is $261 for 30 days.


      • Bill

        You are so funny. You just have to show me up at every step. So you haven’t found herbal remedies for testosterone and you are recommending Andro gel. I used andro gel 10 years ago and there are much better ways to keep your testosterone up. But you have to monitor your estrodial also. But you knew that because you are smarter than me

        I have found very effective ways to keep my free and total testosterone levels at the levels of a 30 year old and my estrogen levels very low. You do know the difference between your free and total testosterone. I should not ask you that because you, again, are smarter than me.

        Your obamacare will not cover any of these therapies, you have to pay for them yourself

      • JeffH
      • Benjamin Fox

        Semper Fi friend and your 100% right, God Bless:

      • Carol J

        How to keep testerone levels up? I’d say ask Lance Armstrong. AFter all, that’s what brought him down. Levels too high after a bicycle race.

      • robob

        Government healthcare is a scam that steals money, at best, or worst, disguised eugenics. For all of you free stuff junkies, heres how bureaucracies handle budget issues and overcrowding in a gov run system. The vaunted NHS PAYS hospitals to KILL patients with poor prognosis or limited future benefits to society. Oh, I’m sorry. They place them on a Care Pathway and prescribe treatment that substitutes sedatives for medicine, and then withdraws food and water, often without asking the patients or family.

        DEATH PANEL is not a cheap political slogan. This is for real people. This is actually happening in a civilized society.

      • sam1966

        Right on! We’ve been saying this for a long time that Obama bin Laden Care is not healthcare, but a $1 trillion dollar tax hike on the American people. Here is something I found on info wars that tells what Americans need to do to stop the government takeover of our daily lives:

        Rob Smith, is this another example of SSDD? You had a choice with your healthcare, so what did you decide? Did you decide that your pocket was more important than your health? Just look at the problems with the current health system and write your representatives, which may or may not work, with ideas and possible solutions to the problems at hand. Crying will not help. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out.

        “Let it be impressed on your mind that God commands you to choose for rulers, just men who will rule in the fear of God. If the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted.”

        Noah Webster

        *This is different than the current administration that “occupies” Washington, now isn’t it?

      • Larry K.

        You are right FreedomFighter and i agree with everything you say and have said in past posts. I for one of many thousands will never give up my (our) weapons, the idiots that voted for obama the murderer and believe in him will need us to defend them and this country. ObamaCare is nothing but a way for obama and his people to kill The Good

        Semper Fi

      • GiGi Bronson

        No one wants to take your guns! Tha’ts propaganda!. BUT NO ONE NEEDS ASSAULT WEAPONS!!!

        • Bobbigirl58

          Hahahahaha…………..OMG!! Hahahahahahahahaha.

          Good joke!

    • rswallick

      mate, you need to educate yourself, just google ‘raw foods’, it is not just this author, thousands of folks have cured themselves of so called incurrable diseases by getting off off processed foods (sad diet) and eating green

      • eddie47d

        There’s the catch twenty two to all this. The Conservatives have this eat beef mantra and drink big gulps mantra and says its their right to peddle these unhealthy products on the American public. We can’t interfere in the free enterprise system/big business no matter how unhealthy it is BUT then they will say or endorse that we must all eat green. I remember that same game played with the tobacco industry and big tobacco was defended because they were an American icon. Advertisers can wrap almost anything in a pretty package and sell it to you as the best elixir ever but buyer beware.

      • anon

        But you need to watch WHICH raw foods you eat…
        The GMO’s are out there in almost ALL the processed foods and some that hit the markets as vegis…
        Can’t prove it but I have high suspicions that it’s true…
        Scares the hell out of me to think I could be poisoning myself with the store bought vegis… That’s why I grow my own and keep seeds for next year..

      • Bill

        Good advice, rswallick
        Raw foods are very benificial. If we can mix raw foods, grass fed meats and beneficial oils, then we have a winner.

        It is all about promoting oxygenation over oxidation in your body. I read an article by Bob many years ago that discussed how to keep your body at the proper alkaline – acid balance.

        You can maintain your alkaline balance with only 60% raw foods. You should eliminate all your processed carbohydrates and make sure you get plenty of the proper fats

        Bob is right in this article by pointing out that the liberal elites have another agenda besides your good health. These polititians are all bought and paid for by the drug industry, who is is the main beneficiary of Obamacare. Not only are they political drug pushers, they also want to kill their competition by limiting your access to natural foods, herbs and supplements

        Dick Durbin has been trying for a long time to implement Codex and Diane Feinstein votes right along with him. So we have Feinstein wanting to take away your guns and limit your rights to healing yourself.

        It is turning law abiding citizens into criminals. I know that if they make my herbs illegal, I will go to the black market or grow them myself

      • Robert Smith

        Not necessarily rswallick. Cooking helps meat: “A new study suggests it may have been our ancestors’ carnivorous diet that allowed the modern human brain to develop as it did.”

        For more to read see:


      • Vigilant

        Eddie says, “The Conservatives have this eat beef mantra and drink big gulps mantra and says its their right to peddle these unhealthy products on the American public. We can’t interfere in the free enterprise system/big business no matter how unhealthy it is BUT then they will say or endorse that we must all eat green.”

        Have you actually looked at your own sentence, eddie? First, you claim Conservatives endorse beef and then you wind up saying they support a green diet.

        Such arguments say….nothing.

      • JUKEBOX

        Eddie, all of those K street lobbyists, as well as the Obamas are consuming great quantities of that beef, that you mention. Of course, America beef is not good enough for the Obamas, they have to have the $500 pr pound Japanese beef for the taxpayers house. Obamacare also demands a 50% premium increase for smokers.

      • Charlie

        Well,,,here we are again with The Bible,,,would you believe food Laws are in The Bible?
        Would you believe the “Cure” for Cancer is in those “Food Laws’ in The Bible?
        Now to top all that ,Medical Science ,told the world “The Cure and prevention for Cancer more than 50 years ago,,, BUT,,,most people don’t read and analyze what they have read, and they are lacking in a bunch of “Basic Chemical Science” to analyze with…. Here’s what Medical Science said ” cancer cells cannot live in a alkaline solutions”… BINGO!!! what’s the pH factor in most (all) cancer victims ??? would you believe it’s below 7, mostly in the 4, 5, and 6 numbers?,., you can test your pH with a urine sample and Litmus paper strip… What’s your knowledge of Bible food Laws? what’s your pH factor? ,,,well no wonder your health is NOT as good as it could be… To HELP avoid Obama Care , get King Jesus Care from The Bible!!! Meanwhile…………………
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

      • TML

        Eddie47d says, “The Conservatives have this eat beef mantra and drink big gulps mantra and says its their right to peddle these unhealthy products on the American public. We can’t interfere in the free enterprise system/big business no matter how unhealthy it is BUT then they will say or endorse that we must all eat green.”

        It’s not hard to figure out Eddie. While it a good idea to eat healthy, people should be free to eat crap that’s bad for them if they want to. It’s personal responsibility to make healthy choices against all the advertising that might be thrown at you. Should there be laws against eating bad? Hah…

        “You see… …I’m the enemy, ’cause I like to think; I like to read. I’m into freedom of speech and freedom of choice. I’m the kind of guy who likes to sit in a greasy spoon and wonder, “Gee, should I have the T-bone steak or the jumbo rack of barbecued ribs with the side order of gravy fries?” I WANT high cholesterol. I wanna eat bacon and butter and BUCKETS of cheese, okay? I want to smoke a Cuban cigar the size of Cincinnati in the non-smoking section. I want to run through the streets naked with green Jell-o all over my body reading Playboy magazine. Why? Because I suddenly might feel the need to, okay, pal? I’ve SEEN the future. Do you know what it is? It’s a 47-year-old virgin sitting around in his beige pajamas, drinking a banana-broccoli shake, singing “I’m an Oscar Meyer Wiener”.” – Denis Leary – Demolition Man ;)

      • eddie47d

        Vigilante: Like the Tobacco industry the beef industry simply said “eat more beef regardless of the steroids and added hormones they put into their products which weren’t the best for human consumption. Some beef for protein is good for you but not the amount they were trying to push on us. Today’s Conservative article says that we should eat green which I try and do and I also eat beef in moderation. Last,night I had fish,Brussel sprouts and a sweet potato thank you.

      • JeffH

        Stuff Liberals Say – sound’s so familiar

      • Bill

        Robert says
        “Not necessarily rswallick. Cooking helps meat: “A new study suggests it may have been our ancestors’ carnivorous diet that allowed the modern human brain to develop as it did.”

        It is not a new study, it is called the Paleo diet, of which I have been following for the last 15 years. But why should I tell this to you, you are smarter than me and should have already known that.

        And you should know that the Paleo diet is basically raw veges and fruits (like rs suggested) and cooked, grain fed meats. And by using the raw food and meats in a certain proportion you would keep the best alkaline and acid balance, which would oxygenate your cells and thus prevent disease. I don’t need to tell this to you because you already knew this

        You should do what your Obamacare doctors tell you. Don’t listen to a bunch of Libertarian nutjobs like us that wish to prolong life and maintain ultimate health through natural means and not have to depend on the doctors

      • sam1966

        Good post rswallick. Just ignore Rob and Ed as they are here to troll and not contribute to the debate. Here is something that Ed and Rob need to watch about how this his just a part of Obama bin Laden’s plan to destroy this country.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “If a republican government fails to secure public prosperity and happiness, it must be because the citizens neglect the divine commands, and elect bad men to make and administer the laws.”

        Noah Webster
        The History of the United States

    • plfprime

      Well KG, I would never presume to respond for Mr. Livingston, so I shall simply
      refer you to “ole Louis” death bed admission that, “The terrain is everything.”
      That this did not receive the attention of the press to the same degree as
      his other “activities” ( or any attention at all ) is easily understood, when one
      considers that the press was complicit regarding his notoriety……so while
      he might have been attempting to “make things right” in his shuffling off, the
      press had no such motivation. ( or moral compunction. )

      For this issue and many others ( all others ) I am constantly drawn to the irony
      of the either/or certainty expressed by those of differing opinions ( polarity )
      when what should be expressed is the intelligently reasoned grasp of the
      objective elements involved.

      The “problem” with Germ Theory is not that it is invalid, nor is your citation
      These effects HAD to come from “somewhere”.of any value in support
      of what follows, since the proper understanding of the criticism of
      Germ Theory, rests on the fact that it is the basis for the practice of
      “WESTERN MEDICINE”, as opposed to the alternative developed by
      BeChamps, regarding the “immune system”, to which “ole Louis”, deathbed
      admission was referring.

      It would seem somewhat foolish to disregard an obvious alternative, which
      is empirically based, when the deficiencies of the present system are
      both well established, and deteriorating with each passing day……and given
      the clear understanding that the “talking monkey’s” have yet to recognize
      the need to anticipate or consider the consequences of actions, let alone
      the “unintended consequences”. ( as well as the length’s the “self interested”
      will go to insure that such an approach is never adopted, since it is far easier
      to profit from the “willfully ignorant”, who suffer from a similar “bias”, share the
      same ineptitude of intellect, and are completely devoid of any empirical basis
      for morality, which until embraced will prevent any understanding or hope of
      ever knowing “what the right thing is.” )

      If you have objection to Mr. Livingston’s views regarding the ‘consequences’
      of Pasteur’s Germ Theory, you will need to find something more specific, for
      it is a valid criticism, and when combined with the known behavioral deficiencies
      of the “talking monkey” and the sheer damage caused by the discovery and
      use of “anti-biotics” ( and misuse ) you may wish to re-evaluate or consider
      the basis for this “alternative” approach.

      The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens by Christopher Bird

      I strongly recommend that you secure a copy of the above volume, which
      is and has been difficult to find……..and for which, there are no legitimate
      sources available, regarding any of the “facts” regarding the subject

      Now there is an interesting “segue” that does arise should Mr. Livingston’s
      vision of a “healthy country” actually take place………and that would be the
      effects on the ‘current economy”……….who knows, we might be able to
      alter the current and “false” understanding from…….

      “It’s the economy STUPID!!!!!!!!!!”


      “It’s the STUPID economy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      Although probably way to much to ask……..can you hear the footsteps Warren????

      “To conquer, first DIVIDE!!!!!!” ( and then HANG, separately. )

      • GALT

        Another segue for this topic……..facts regarding ( not faith ) the “mandate”……

        This is not to be confused with an actual “implimenting regulation”, such as

        26 CFR 31.3402 (p)

        Ignorance ( like faith ) is bliss, for someone……if you rely on it, rest assured it
        will be both painful and costly.

      • Vigilant

        Tell us, GALT, why you’ve changed your screen moniker to “plfprime.” Your circular reasoning, trademark confusion of thought, taking 100 words to say what could have been said in 10 words, and overuse of ellipses gave you away.

        S’matter, sonny? Have you become disabused with Ayn Rand?

      • JeffH

        Vigilant, Can I try to answer that? Because GALT believes everyone else is too ignorant to notice…and he can?

      • GALT

        What change would you be referring to? What purpose or motive would you be
        imagining? The reasoned logic here is bound to be fascinating…….as only
        w.i.f.i.A.L.F.’s like yourselves could demonstrate……..and I promise to be appropriately

      • GALT

        So Mr. Livingston, have you changed your moderating policies from
        deleting comments, to just deleting posts……

        Are you confused by the meaning of “ad hominem”, or simply by the meaning of
        other words……..and do you have an objection to those words….as they were used
        in the responses here and below……..or did you somehow believe that what they
        were responding to, was so valuable a contribution that it required protection
        from being properly identified?

        For your edification and enlightenment we shall now proceed to define what that means:

        Willful ignorance is the state and practice of ignoring any sensory input that appears to contradict one’s inner model of reality. At heart, it is almost certainly driven by confirmation bias.

        It differs from the standard definition of “ignorance“ — which just means that one is unaware of something — in that willfully ignorant people are fully aware of facts, resources and sources, but refuse to acknowledge them. Indeed, calling someone “ignorant” shouldn’t really be a pejorative, but intentional and willful ignorance is an entirely different matter. In practice though, the word “ignorance” has often come to mean “willfull ignorance”, and indeed, in many non-English languages, the word based on the same stem actually mean “willfull ignorance”.

        Depending on the nature and strength of an individual’s pre-existing beliefs, willful ignorance can manifest itself in different ways. The practice can entail completely disregarding established facts, evidence and/or reasonable opinions if they fail to meet one’s expectations. Often excuses will be made, stating that the source is unreliable, that the experiment was flawed or the opinion is too biased. More often than not this is simple circular reasoning; “I cannot agree with that source because it is untrustworthy because it disagrees with me”.

        In other cases, slightly more extreme cases, willful ignorance can involve outright refusal to read, hear or study in any way anything that does not conform to the person’s worldview. With regard to oneself, this can even extend to fake locked-in syndrome with complete unresponsiveness. Or with regard to others, to outright censorship of the material from others.

        and next:Functional Illiteracy

        Hidden Illiteracy: The Ignorance of Ignorance

        Twentieth-century philosopher Alfred North Whitehead once said, “Not ignorance, but the ignorance of ignorance is the death of knowledge.”

        There is a type of illiteracy that threatens us all. It is not the illiteracy where a person is unable to read. It is, perhaps, the most dangerous and destructive of all the illiteracies.

        We’ve heard the terms illiterates, semi-illiterates and functional illiterates, and we have a good understanding and awareness of the problems associated with these types of illiteracy. If you have observed illiterate and functionally illiterate individuals, you are aware of the frustration, upset and disappointment caused by their lack of literacy. These individuals are painfully aware of their problem.

        There is, however, another type of illiterate—one who can be very dangerous and destructive because of his or her type of illiteracy—the hidden illiterate.

        There is, however, another type of illiterate—one who can be very dangerous and destructive because of his or her type of illiteracy—the hidden illiterate.

        Hidden illiterates are ignorant of their own illiteracy. Their illiteracy is hidden from themselves. And, because it has never been identified, it is hidden from others as well. Hidden illiterates are ignorant of their ignorance; they do not know that they do not know. They do not fully comprehend the information and ideas being received, studied, or applied and are not aware they do not understand. Their actions, feelings and beliefs are founded on their unknown wrong suppositions, ideas and understandings. The problems and results of being a hidden illiterate can range from humorous to disastrous.

        In fact, what we are talking about here is the phenomenon of the misunderstood word, something which American author and educator L. Ron Hubbard discovered is the cause of much social and personal difficulty.

        “What has not been studied previously or known,” wrote Mr. Hubbard in 1980, “is that the flow of ideas in any message or field of learning can be blocked in such a way as to suppress further understanding or comprehension from that point on. Further, the misunderstood word can even act in such a way as to bring about ignorance, apathy and even revolt. And it will definitely depress productivity.”

        and now this word from our sponser, especially for Mr. Livingston…..

        “The Master said….If names are not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things. If language is not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success……..Therefor a superior man considers it necessary that the names he uses may be spoken appropriately. What the superior man requires, is just that in his words, there may be nothing incorrect.”

        “The Master said,…..Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know men.”

        Confucious 551 -479 B.C.

      • GALT

        And just in case you require a refresher on what it is you are claiming to be
        moderating for:

        Of course if you did, just think of all the stimulating dialog that would be lost and how uncluttered the bored would be………I wonder if the talking hominid would make
        the effort to improve…….or just quit altogether? Previous complaints about comments
        deleted would seem to suggest the latter…….what do you think?

      • sam1966

        Actually Galt, the quote is to divide and conquer. Second, why do you give such long, boring posts that amount to nothing? Here is something that has not been reported to the American public. This deals with our debt, healthcare, and unconstitutional welfare state.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out.

        “In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government ought to be instructed. No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.”

        Noah Webster
        Preface, Webster’s Dictionary 1828

        *Totally different than the current pretender.

      • GALT

        Why do you keep responding to me with posts that signify even less.

        Not interested in what I have to offer…..ignore it.

        As for what you have to offer me, for it to have any value, I would have to be
        three years old, and even then things would probably not go well for you.
        Enjoy your fantasies and your “blissful ignorance”, both are of no consequence
        to me…….nor will they ever be.

        “When gods cease to be powerful, they necessarily become good.”

        Look it up………you’ll still be behind the curve, but some things can’t be helped.

      • sam1966

        SSDD, eh Galt? Here is something that seems to be a good idea. But alas! Your ilk always finds fault with such things.

        This sounds good, but they should also give their loyalty to the one responsible for our Constitution. The Lord our God. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out.

        “The said Constitution should never be construed to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens, from keeping their own arms.”

        Samuel Adams
        Signer of the Declaration of Independence
        “Father of the American Revolution”

      • GALT

        Non Sequitur!

        “He who controls the present controls the past. He who controls the past,
        controls the future.”

    • hipshotpercusion

      Keep drinking that Kool Aid, KG. You are going to love life in the camps.

      • eddie47d

        If those camps will be operational who’s to say You won’t be running them?

    • Bill

      The joke is on you Kg. You have been sold a bill of goods by the global elitists. There is a direct link to alzeimers and statin drugs. Alzeimers is a shrinking of the cholestrol in the brain and statins encourage it.

      You can prevent 90% of illness through diet and preventative therapies. When I say preventative therapies, I mean unpatentable therapies that work but have no profit in them.

      They took a flawed system, which is drugs for symptoms, and added high taxation, a large beauracracy and total government conrtol. What we will have is a product that does not put your best interests as their prime motivation

      So follow your political prophets, don’t eat meat, eat lot’s of soy and take your statin drugs. We will soon be reading about you in the obituary column

      • JUKEBOX

        I agree with you about staying away from drugs. I am 73 yrs old, on no prescription medicines, have excellent blood pressure, and I am on a homeopathic regimen for my ailments, which includes prostate cancer. I am doing fine with this program.

      • Kate8

        Good for you, JUKEBOX.

        I haven’t made it quite as many years as you so far, but I haven’t been to an MD in 30 years, at least, and do not use medications. I am my own doctor, and my health is much better than most folks younger than me.

        As a child doctors nearly ruined my health with antibiotics and vaccinations, and it took me a long time to regain my health from that. But since being a young adult, I’ve managed my own health and will continue to do so. I want NOTHING from western medicine. And I want NOTHING from Obamacare.

        Having also worked many years in natural healthcare, I’ve seen so many people who resorted to natural care only after having their bodies damaged from modern medicine. It is sad, and I’m always amazed at how people cling to their pharmaceuticals as their health deteriorates.

        Drugs never heal, and eventually they kill. When they do, rather than seeing how dangerous medical “treatments” are, people shake their heads and say the doctors did all they could….

        Anyone can learn to manage their own health. They just don’t want to. They want to go to a doctor (and have someone else pay the bill) to get a magic pill that will undo the damage they do to themselves. Sorry, but it just doesn’t work that way.

        It always comes time to pay the piper, sooner or later.

      • Bill

        You need to boost your testosterone levels and reduce all estrogen. That will keep your prostate healthy. Look for a clinic that does “Hormone balancing”. They can do the proper testing and administration.

        None of your health insurance will cover that so you will have to pay for it on your own

      • sam1966

        HHHHHooooorrrrraaaaahhhhh! Good job Jukebox, fellow patriot. Sook Young and I wish you the best and a long life. Keep up the good fight! Here is something that we should know about the progturds in office:

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “The duties of men are summarily comprised in the Ten Commandments, consisting of two tables; one comprehending the duties which we owe to God, the other, the duties which we owe to our fellow men.”

        Noah Webster

    • Rob

      One thing is written in stone when it comes to liberal mind-warp. We will never see the day when you come out of the fog you seem to want to stay in for some reason. Move home.

    • Bonnie Meehan

      KGB..apparently you are an orphan and don’t care that if a major health issue presents to either of your parents when they are 70, they will not get the care they need but rather a pain pill.

      • Robert Smith

        Awwwww, the Palun “death panels” again. Pants on fire lies.

        BTW, if all I want a doctor to do is give me a pain pill (or enough of them to stop pain forever) shouldn’t that be MY choice, not yours?


      • FreedomFighter

        Robtard Smith:

        The following are 30 population control quotes which show that the elite truly believe that humans are a plague upon the earth and that a great culling is necessary…

        1. UK Television Presenter Sir David Attenborough: “We are a plague on the Earth. It’s coming home to roost over the next 50 years or so. It’s not just climate change; it’s sheer space, places to grow food for this enormous horde. Either we limit our population growth or the natural world will do it for us, and the natural world is doing it for us right now”

        2. Paul Ehrlich, a former science adviser to president George W. Bush and the author of “The Population Bomb”: “To our minds, the fundamental cure, reducing the scale of the human enterprise (including the size of the population) to keep its aggregate consumption within the carrying capacity of Earth is obvious but too much neglected or denied”

        3. Paul Ehrlich again, this time on the size of families: “Nobody, in my view, has the right to have 12 children or even three unless the second pregnancy is twins”

        4. Dave Foreman, the co-founder of Earth First: “We humans have become a disease, the Humanpox.”

        5. CNN Founder Ted Turner: “A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”

        6. Japan’s Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso about medical patients with serious illnesses: “You cannot sleep well when you think it’s all paid by the government. This won’t be solved unless you let them hurry up and die.”

        7. David Rockefeller: “The negative impact of population growth on all of our planetary ecosystems is becoming appallingly evident.”

        8. Environmental activist Roger Martin: “On a finite planet, the optimum population providing the best quality of life for all, is clearly much smaller than the maximum, permitting bare survival. The more we are, the less for each; fewer people mean better lives.”

        9. HBO personality Bill Maher: “I’m pro-choice, I’m for assisted suicide, I’m for regular suicide, I’m for whatever gets the freeway moving – that’s what I’m for. It’s too crowded, the planet is too crowded and we need to promote death.”

        10. MIT professor Penny Chisholm: ”The real trick is, in terms of trying to level off at someplace lower than that 9 billion, is to get the birthrates in the developing countries to drop as fast as we can. And that will determine the level at which humans will level off on earth.”

        11. Julia Whitty, a columnist for Mother Jones: “The only known solution to ecological overshoot is to decelerate our population growth faster than it’s decelerating now and eventually reverse it—at the same time we slow and eventually reverse the rate at which we consume the planet’s resources. Success in these twin endeavors will crack our most pressing global issues: climate change, food scarcity, water supplies, immigration, health care, biodiversity loss, even war. On one front, we’ve already made unprecedented strides, reducing global fertility from an average 4.92 children per woman in 1950 to 2.56 today—an accomplishment of trial and sometimes brutally coercive error, but also a result of one woman at a time making her individual choices. The speed of this childbearing revolution, swimming hard against biological programming, rates as perhaps our greatest collective feat to date.”

        12. Colorado State University Professor Philip Cafaro in a paper entitled “Climate Ethics and Population Policy”: “Ending human population growth is almost certainly a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for preventing catastrophic global climate change. Indeed, significantly reducing current human numbers may be necessary in order to do so.“

        13. Professor of Biology at the University of Texas at Austin Eric R. Pianka: “I do not bear any ill will toward people. However, I am convinced that the world, including all humanity, WOULD clearly be much better off without so many of us.”

        14. Detroit News Columnist Nolan Finley: “Since the national attention is on birth control, here’s my idea: If we want to fight poverty, reduce violent crime and bring down our embarrassing drop-out rate, we should swap contraceptives for fluoride in Michigan’s drinking water.

        We’ve got a baby problem in Michigan. Too many babies are born to immature parents who don’t have the skills to raise them, too many are delivered by poor women who can’t afford them, and too many are fathered by sorry layabouts who spread their seed like dandelions and then wander away from the consequences.”

        15. John Guillebaud, professor of family planning at University College London: “The effect on the planet of having one child less is an order of magnitude greater than all these other things we might do, such as switching off lights. An extra child is the equivalent of a lot of flights across the planet.”

        16. Democrat strategist Steven Rattner: “WE need death panels. Well, maybe not death panels, exactly, but unless we start allocating health care resources more prudently — rationing, by its proper name — the exploding cost of Medicare will swamp the federal budget.”


        17. Matthew Yglesias, a business and economics correspondent for Slate, in an article entitled “The Case for Death Panels, in One Chart”: “But not only is this health care spending on the elderly the key issue in the federal budget, our disproportionate allocation of health care dollars to old people surely accounts for the remarkable lack of apparent cost effectiveness of the American health care system. When the patient is already over 80, the simple fact of the matter is that no amount of treatment is going to work miracles in terms of life expectancy or quality of life.”

        18. Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger: “All of our problems are the result of overbreeding among the working class”

        19. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

        20. Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger: “The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

        21. Salon columnist Mary Elizabeth Williams in an article entitled “So What If Abortion Ends Life?”: “All life is not equal. That’s a difficult thing for liberals like me to talk about, lest we wind up looking like death-panel-loving, kill-your-grandma-and-your-precious-baby storm troopers. Yet a fetus can be a human life without having the same rights as the woman in whose body it resides.”

        22. Alberto Giubilini of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and Francesca Minerva of the University of Melbourne in a paper published in the Journal of Medical Ethics: “[W]hen circumstances occur after birth such that they would have justified abortion, what we call after-birth abortion should be permissible. … [W]e propose to call this practice ‘after-birth abortion’, rather than ‘infanticide,’ to emphasize that the moral status of the individual killed is comparable with that of a fetus … rather than to that of a child. Therefore, we claim that killing a newborn could be ethically permissible in all the circumstances where abortion would be. Such circumstances include cases where the newborn has the potential to have an (at least) acceptable life, but the well-being of the family is at risk.”

        23. Nina Fedoroff, a key adviser to Hillary Clinton: “We need to continue to decrease the growth rate of the global population; the planet can’t support many more people.”

        24. Barack Obama’s primary science adviser, John P. Holdren: “A program of sterilizing women after their second or third child, despite the relatively greater difficulty of the operation than vasectomy, might be easier to implement than trying to sterilize men.

        The development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin and removed when pregnancy is desired opens additional possibilities for coercive fertility control. The capsule could be implanted at puberty and might be removable, with official permission, for a limited number of births.”

        25. David Brower, the first Executive Director of the Sierra Club: “Childbearing [should be] a punishable crime against society, unless the parents hold a government license … All potential parents [should be] required to use contraceptive chemicals, the government issuing antidotes to citizens chosen for childbearing.”

        26. Thomas Ferguson, former official in the U.S. State Department Office of Population Affairs: “There is a single theme behind all our work–we must reduce population levels. Either governments do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kinds of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran or in Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control, it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it…”

        27. Mikhail Gorbachev: “We must speak more clearly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about values that control population, because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90% and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage.”

        28. Jacques Costeau: “In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it is just as bad not to say it.”

        29. Finnish environmentalist Pentti Linkola: “If there were a button I could press, I would sacrifice myself without hesitating if it meant millions of people would die”

        30. Prince Phillip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II and co-founder of the World Wildlife Fund: “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.”


        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Chuck S

        Robert, you said you should have a choice to take a pain pill instead of treatment – Bonnie was saying you’ll have to take the pain pill – not your choice..

      • Robert Smith

        “Bonnie was saying you’ll have to take the pain pill – not your choice..”

        Bonnie is incorrect when it comes to a terminal end. Palliative care should always be an option for those who choose it.

        BTW in America only in Oregon can a person get help from a doctor to die legally. Why is it anyone’s right to interfere with that? Why isn’t it legal in the rest of America?


      • Guest

        Wrong Robert. Oregon isn’t the only state where doctor assisted suicide is legal. It’s neighbor to the North, namely Washington State, passed a law recently making it legal here as well.

      • sam1966

        Hey Rob! Why don’t you look at what you buddy Al Sharpton said about the Constitution?

        He sounds somewhat like you Rob. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves Rob out.

        “It is impossible to rightly rule the world without God and the Bible.”

        George Washington

    • machodog

      Most cultures revere their elderly and cater to them until their death. I once went to a casino on a reservation in Colorado and there was an old Indian woman sitting next to me at the Blackjack table. She was in a wheelchair, with her head bent, chin to her chest. How she could see the cards, I don’t know. She kept winning. It seemed that everyone in the casino knew her and would stop by and talk to her. You could barely hear her answers. I was impressed with how the people there respected her.
      Now, I can give the government some pointers on how to be able to afford to care for the elderly in our country. STOP EFFIN SENDING BILLIONS TO OUR ENEMIES IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND STOP GIVING FREE MEDICAL TO ILLEGAL ALIENS!!! …USE IT TO CARE FOR OUR OWN PEOPLE!!!
      What first grader doesn’t understand that new and unusual concept??
      How can our own government think it more important to appease and support our self-proclaimed enemies rather than our own elderly people??? hOW FESTERED DO YOU HAVE TO BE INSIDE TO NOT CARE FOR OUR ELDERLY?

      • Don


        Your pointers make too much sense. I’ll add, how about really going after our own domestic energy supplies, including coal, oil, and natural gas? We’re a wealthy nation with our hands tied.

      • JUKEBOX

        You only have to be an eighty year old member of Congress, like Dianne Feinstein.

      • http://none SA Dave

        Good day match dog and whoever else,

        Oh the machinations machinations and machinations of our local and national politicians,
        will we ever get to know the instant they indulge in same, eg, the genuine content and eventual outcomes, devilish they may be in their intrigue, so take control of how you feed your body.

        I am 71, physically standing upright, not stooped, shuffling or doddering, still very alert and reasonably intelligent, why, my wifes cooking and any other foodstuff that she puts before me, all with a foundation of “all things in moderaration”, particularly so the junk food and liquids, eg,coke or pepsi and others in particular, one 40gram packet of potato chips per week, likewise one chocolate candy bar, likewise 125gram packet of loose candies. All evening meals to have either red or white meat and gilled fish, with any of same, all accompanied with various green vegetables.

        After meals we do not drink any kind of liquid for at least 2 hours, treat your body with as much if not more care and attention than you do your motor car, which do finish up in junk yards depending on how you treat and feed them, similarly these wonderful machines called human bodies will suffer the same fate.

        Oh yes, such meals at times can be a bit boring, I do and can live well with that.

        To reiterate, take good control of your bodies and good health to you all.


        SA Dave

      • Aaron

        Thank you Machodog for your answer, full of truth.
        Here in France we know the same problem; a lot of money is given to stranger people [comment has been edited] who are in irregular situation…and we have old european people who have only 100/120 us dollars per month.
        I wrote last week you, american people, have a witch-president.

      • Bill

        Good for you, SA Dave,
        My Buddies business partner is 72 and he jogs 5 miles each day before he starts work. They lead a real active schedule traveling one week out of two.

        I don’t know if you are working or not but add a project to your schedule, Stay active and challenge the mind whenever you can

    • Chester

      FreedomFighter, why don’t you follow the MONEY TRAIL for Obamacare? It does NOT lead back to the government at all, unless you consider BlueCross/BlueShield, Aetna, The Hartford, and all the other health insurance companies the government. The biggest thing Obamacare does is insure a new bunch of customers for all these companies, while allowing the companies to make more than reasonable profits. When they are allowed to keep up to ten per cent of every dollar they charge you for insurance, seems like they are making a pretty good profit, especially when you figure the average health insurance payment runs in the neighborhood of six thousand dollars a year. Ten per cent of six thousand is six hundred, multiplied by fifty thousand or so, the average number of customers for one of the lesser insurance companies, and they are making a pretty good sum of money, even after normal administrative expenses.

      • Bill

        They sure have you brainwashed. Be sure to take all of your vaccines and drugs. You will end up being part of the herd that gets thinned out

      • TIME

        Dear Bill,

        On this Chester is correct, the Insurance Co’s as well the Pharmacutical Co’s helped write the “NON Health care act.”

        This is an Indirect way of bailing these Co’s out ~ ALL ~ at the expence of the American people’s hard earned income.

        If you go back and look at Hillery care, this is nothing but a RE VISIT ~ but now with Thrillions being robbed from the American people, rather than Billions.

        “The Lie is differant on every level.”

        Peace & Love Shalom

      • Bill

        I apologize if I am wrong. Everything out of your mouth usually is the progressive agenda, of which I have no patience for

    • tim

      What your’e saying is we just go along with obamacare instead of fighting it. Doctors in this country are crap!! You have to go to specialized clinics like the mao clinic to get medical help. Nowadays your’e doctor tells you to call another doctor, they won’t even get off thier asses and make an appointment for you no matter how urgent!!!!! All they want is thier 8 appointments an hour and thier payment!!!! Very few doctors are worth anything anymore. They don’t care about anyone, only the money! I have told 2 of my wives doctors in the last month they should have thier diplomas ripped off the wall and thrown in the trash because they don’t treat people anymore, just thier wallets!!!! We live in las vegas and we finally got an appointment in the mao clinic in scottsdale arizona!!!! There they have panels of doctors who all see you and then consult with each other to figure out what is wrong!!!! The best thing to do is fight these crap doctors and tell everyone about them even if you have to stand outside thier door!! Emergency rooms are the worst, the ones in vegas admit you if theres room and they keep you for 3 days. Run a few tests, send you home after 3days and tell you your’e okay with no results whatsoever. They will do a whole battery of blood tests and send you home without any results. When your’e doctor calls for the test results, they never come!!!!!! Let people know about the crappy ones, put them out of business!!!!!!
      Don’t put up with obamacare! Continue to write your’e reps and demand it be stopped!!!!!!! Tell them there is no funding and you will not vote for them if they don’t do anything about it. Tell your’e friends and relatives to do the same before the sheep in this country except it!!!!!!!

      • JUKEBOX

        Don’t forget, doctors bury their mistakes.

      • sam1966

        Here is something about Obama bin Laden’s exchange program and the high costs to taxpayers.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “The Christian religion is the basis, or rather the source, of all genuine freedom in government. I am persuaded that no civil government of a republican form can exists and be durable in which the principles of Christianity have not a controling influence.”

        Noah Webster
        Letter to James Madison
        October 16, 1829

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Douglas c. Smyth, why weren’t you prudent and buy health insurance? Now you want to continue living on other people’s money. You incurred the doctors and hospital bills so therefore it is your responsibility to pay those entities. Your type of attitude is what brought on Ocare. Don’t be surprised if you end up on the receiving end of the death panel’s decrees.

      • Bob666

        HMO or Obama care, death panel is a death panel.

    • sam1966

      OMG! You must really be drunk on the kool aid. My wife and I stay healthy by eating right, no McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King, etc., and exercise every day. Sook Young can do more than 100 sit ups before needing to rest, I can do the same and can also drop on down and do 100 push ups at the drop of a hat. We don’t go to the hospital unless we are very ill, also go to our annual physicals. Our healthcare costs, not counting insurance, is less than $200 a year together. So I guess that we would be a family that Obama bin Laden and his NWO masters seem to hate. Healthy and armed. Sorry KG, but I will not pay for someone else, let them pay for themselves. Self reliance and personal responsibility are enemies of this pretender’s administration. Just another way to tax and take from the people and to bankrupt this country. Fortunately, Indiana will not implement Obama bin Laden Care. Here is something about a successful CEO and Obama bin Laden Care:

      FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out.

      “It is alleged the religion (Christianity) and morality are not necessary or important qualifications for political stations. But the Scriptures teach a different doctrine. They direct rulers should be men ‘who rule in the fear of God, able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness.’”

      Noah Webster

      *This is the opposite of the current pretender in office.

      • Bill

        Hi Sam
        Thanks for the great comments. You and your wife are on the right track. Investigate how to keep the proper acid – alkaline balance and learn the difference between oxygenation and oxidation. Giving up sugars and processed carbohydrates is also beneficial to you.

        Somewhere in Bob’s archives on alternative health is a wonderful article on eating meats and keeping your acid / alkaline balance. Are you Korean? If so you are already ahead of the game with your cultural food kimche. Fermented vegetables such as kimche and sourkraut help maintain your probiotics and have wonderful health benefits.

        As far as Obamacare is concerned, you have to be really stupid not to see through the BS. It is not about health care, it is about taxation and control. The sales pitch for obamacare is that it will help the poor. The reality is that it will hurt the poor because employers will hire less people and keep more of their workforce on a part time basis or independent contractor basis to avoid the added costs

        Good luck to you and your family and be sure to browse through Bob’s archives on alternative health

        • http://naver samurai

          Actually Bill, my wife Sook Young is a Korean-American and I’m an American. Yes, it is true that we eat lots of vegetables and she only uses olive oil when she cooks. We stay in shape, for health and financial reasons, and try our best to help our fellow man. Thanks for the wish of good luck as we wish you and yours a safe and happy year this year. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

          You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

          “America was founded by people who believed that God was their rock of safety. I recognize we must be cautious in claiming that God is on our side, but I think it is all right to keep asking if we are on His side.”

          Ronald Reagan

    • Pete Sagi

      And now, what Bob Livingston refuses to discuss when talking about OhBummerCare … how liability for it is incurred in the first place.

      To the dismay of many, the nine learned orangutans with toy hammers rightfully rulled that OhBummerCare is just another tax. Most were outraged over this decision without taking the time to gain an understanding. So here it is, spelled out again …

      OhBummerCare IS just another tax, and the nature of the tax is an excise, a tax on privilege, the privilege being that of “employment” as per the legal term, which does NOT always mean the same thing as the common dictionary word “hire.” It is easily possible to be hired without being “employed.” If you fixed your neighbor’s car, drywalled his garage, or mowed his lawn for some cash, no imperial entanglements such as a W-4, that was mere hire without “employment.” If you work for XYZ corporation making widgets, and they insist on a form W-4 with an SSN, you are EMPLOYED. Employment is a PRIVILEGE and is therefore TAXABLE where mere hire is NOT.

      Once you have filled out a form W-4 and used an SSN, you have invited the federal govt. into what would have otherwise been a 2 party contract. They come in as a senior third party. It is now as if you are going thru them same way as you would a temp agency. They insist upon certain things on your behalf, such as minimum wage, OSHA regs, overtime regs, maternity leave, etc. None of those things would be applicable in a situation of mere HIRE. Nor is a form W-4 nor is an SSN actually REQUIRED by any law, except for EMPLOYMENT, and NOT mere HIRE. No law prohibits hire without “employment.”

      Once employed, you are now operating under taxable privilege. First, their is FICA and medicare tax, and your “employer” pays “payroll tax” for the privilege of hiring a fed. But it doesn’t stop there. There is the big one, federal income tax. Then, because of a reciprocal taxing agreement between the states and the federal govt. known as the Buck Act passed in 1940, the states get to tax the same incurred liability, and that is known as state income tax. There is no such thing as liability incurred for state income tax unless liability for federal income tax was incurred first. And even various municipalities get to tax that same liabilities, hence local income tax. FINALLY … on top of all of those taxes which tax the privilege of “employment” OhBummerCare is added to the mix. As I said, just another tax.

      What if you could be hired without being employed? You would incur NO liability for ANY of those taxes, including OhBummerCare. The biggest obstacle to overcome is everyone who will robotically insist upon an SSN or Socialist Slavestate Number. If you can do your own thing without being an “employee” sidestepping not only OhBummerCare but all the rest of those stupid taxes is easy … just use a proxy such as an LLC to provide your customers with a taxpayer ID number while keeping yourself personally out of the system with NO personal taxpayer ID use.

      And as for employers who don’t want to bother with OhBummerCare … just make everyone an outsource. Have them form LLC’s and screw employing them. Perfectly easy, legal, etc.


      • GALT

        I don’t think the “rugged self reliant patriotic god fearing individualist’s” here
        have much use for solutions or information that would require them to DO anything
        they are not already doing……..they’re here to kvetch, hear what they think they
        understand, denigrate that which they can not possibly understand, and of
        course to………”wait for the call”.

        In short……..they can’t hear you. ( just in case your still not sure? )

      • sam1966

        Hey Galt, since you want to attack patriots on this site, for you are no patriot, why don’t you tell us the way to get our country back to going by the Constitution and our Christian founding? What? You have no idea? I thought you were supposed to be an intellectual, not. Maybe this will help awaken your dense lib mind?

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out.

        “The religion which has introduced civil liberty is the religion of Christ and to this we owe our free constitutions of government.”

        Noah Webster
        History of the United States
        Page 300

      • Bill

        Hi Pete,
        You are right with your comments. Obamacare is just another nail in the coffin of capitalism. When employers react to the added costs, they will outsource, cut back and fire employees.
        The economy will continue to move into the toilet and progressives will cry that it is not fair that business outsources to a more cost effective work force. I read an article that Chysler and GM are building manufacturing plants in China. But wait!!!, I thought the savior just saved those union jobs.

        We need to keep our heads down, stay self employed, hire the best accountants, maintain our own health and do not participate in the killing of capitalism by the progressives.

        And by all means do not participate in Obamacare. Write off any forced costs and do not ever see one of their doctors. They will use your health records against you

      • GALT

        Sammy, still answering your own questions?

        Since I have no interest in “going back” to anything, I can’t help you.

  • Warrior

    I implore everyone to read “thoughts from the collective” to fully “appreciate” the other sides view of our country at this point in time.

    • KG

      “Traditional left prescriptions have failed on both sides of the Communist/socialist divide. Global economic integration has rendered obsolete both the social democratic solution of independent national economies sustaining a strong social welfare state and the Communist solution of state-owned national economies fostering social development.”

      From the website Warrior provided. Now, I cannot think of a better description of the problem America has than this short paragraph describes.

      Does anyone agree?

      • Warrior

        Here is an example of “progressive” groupthink!

        “The solution to a symptom in the 60′s has evolved as liberal politicians expand it to cover more symptoms. the original part-time educational goals have morphed into programs offering full day day-care – along with a lot more jobs.
        When business manage problems the solutions are changed as reality occurs. Government programs don’t change except to expand – creating more “unintended circumstances”.
        A liberal government’s approach to any problem:
        1. Think of an answer that will deal with the most obvious symptoms.
        2. Implement the answer.
        3. Declare problem solved.
        4. Recognize unintended consequences as a new problem.
        5. Go to Step 1. “

    • Bill

      Thanks for that info, Warrior
      The green movement is also a socialist movement that actually has been genius in the way they have sold it. I am into marketing and I always appreciate a well thought out marketing campaign that brings good results.

      The global warming/green movement taps into everyones emotions of “saving mother earth”, saving all of the fishes and birdies and having constant rainbows. The real motivation is to be so regulatory that it kills capitalism. Just read on the socialist web sites and you will be able to read between the lines.

      Green technology is political phrase to open the door for tyranny. Because, they only way that green technology will be implemented in our daily lives is when it is cost effective. And the only way for it to be cost effective is for it to be developed by the private sector not government mandate.

      Just try to discuss this with a brainwashed global warmest. It is like it is a religion and you are telling them their god does not exist.

      Yes, pure genius in advertising

  • LizzieB

    This system IS going to collapse but no man is going to have anything to do with either stopping it or causing it. Scripture is being fulfilled and all world governments will be replaced by ONE government under Christ which will reign forever and restore the earth to what it was originally meant to be. That is the only answer for any of us and it’s a promise – however, we need to be searching and learning what God expects. Daniel 2:44, John 17:3, Psalm 37 – and many more The prophesies for the last days at Matthew 24 and 2 Tim 3:1-7 are being fulfilled. Answers are with God and not man because man can not rule themselves and they have been given ample time to prove the truth of that.

    • Diane

      thank you, I have to copy and save so I can look these up. I love it when there is wisdom shared.

      • LizzieB

        Hi Diane, There are many more scriptural reasons that I say this after observing things and studying the Bible for 40 years – it’s great that you can appreciate wisdom from a higher source when so many don’t. Obviously no man has any answers – if they did things would be getting better instead of worse. Yet God’s original purpose for the earth will come true. If you would like to discuss it and have more scriptures you can email me at – I always enjoy talking with people that appreciate scripture because both parties learn things. We do need encouragement in a world that seems to be going mad!

    • FreedomFighter

      An interesting date is coming up: 3-23-13 big occultist day – wonder what the satanist have going down?

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Robert Smith

        Really? That there number of the beast thing is a christian thing I hear.

        Those who don’t follow your brand of christanity don’t have to think about it.


      • Aaron

        Your 30 citations…These persons who said or wrote them are horroble.
        They forget that increasing of world population come from
        Middle East, Africa and Asia….not from the white people.They are liers.

    • Charlie

      What year will Obadiah happen ?

      • LizzieB

        It looks like it was actually fulfilled in 607 BC and it showed the accuracy of what the prophet had stated and strengthens faith it God’s prophesies.

      • Charlie

        Obadiah has not happened yet because there are still Edomites on planet earth today,,,better read Obadiah again and take another guess…My guess is ,it will happen some time in 2013, 14,,,My guess is based on other Scriptures that tie in with the so called rapture at 1 Thessalonians 4:13–18 and which ties in with what Peter said at 2 Peter 3:10 which ties in with the “Facts” that the whole earth is made of very explosive elements , for example , H2O , water, when broken down to it’s 2 basic elements is very explosive… God could arrange very easily for evil Men to detonate planet earth as Peter calls out at 2 Peter 3:10… But ,,,IF,,one is ready per Acts 2:38 for the “Will” of King Jesus Christ,,,the sooner the better… I love to fly anyway …. Meanwhile…………………
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

        • LizzieB

          I find no where that says every single Edomite descendant must die off – the Edomites were destroyed as a people. And you are trying to give an exact year and no one knows. It is also quite possible that some of the descendants living today have a different heart and are in line for a future since each person is accountable for their own actions. Just as the Jews were eventually rejected by God as a nation that doesn’t mean that all Jews are condemned. And of course if God chose he could destroy the earth or allow man to do it. But a careful study of the scriptures shows that those that go to Heaven have a purpose there – to rule as join heirs in Christ over his Kingdom – and his subjects are on the earth but a cleansed earth. There is nothing wrong with the earth itself – it is evil people that need to be removed. There is no reason for God to destroy the earth that he made or to allow his original purpose to be changed and throughout the Bible he gives promise that this is the case. If someone chooses to ignore it all that is their right but it’s good to recognize the fact that the scriptures point to two classes of people that are both in line for blessings. As I said before – it’s worth reasoning on but too much for this forum. Anyone that wants to exchange ideas about it is welcome to write to the email address I posted earlier.

      • Charlie

        Go to the book of Obadiah, between Amos and Jonah and read I:18 , note where it says
        “no survivor of the house of Esau”… Then go to your handy dandy Dictionary and figure out that “no” means “ZERO”,,, in Math terms ,,,to arrive at a “Negative”one must go from +1 to zero … Zero is the beginning of the Number system , to the right is +1, to the left of Zero is minus 1,,,the word “no” is a “Negative” term,,,therefore ,,,No means ZERO!!!
        Now , tell Me ,how many Edomites are going to be left on earth AFTER the accomplishment of Obadiah 1:18 ???
        King Jesus pointed out some Edomites at John 8:40—45,,, King Jesus pointed out some of today’s Edomites at Revelations 2:9 and 3:9,,, Psalm 119:160 says the equation for “Truth”,,, Truth = the Sum of God’s words …
        Could it be? You are on the minus side of Acts 2:38 and need to be on the positive side to understand “Scripture” better??? Meanwhile………………..
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

        • LizzieB

          First off I know where Obadiah is and I also know what zero and no mean and I wouldn’t feel it necessary to be sarcastic. At any rate I see nothing at those verses in Revelation that mention Edomites so I’m not sure what Bible you are using. Apparently you have decided that anywhere the Bible mentions people that are not of Abraham’s seed they are talking about Edomites. If there are any edomites (actual descendants of Esau) left on the earth now I don’t know – perhaps there aren’t. You obviously think you have everything figured out for a certainty. And since I firmly believe in Jesus as a ruling King who is going to bring about change I certainly don’t worry that I am on the minus side of that scripture. After 40 years of intense study of all the prophesies I know there is always something new to learn and one of them is that many of them have both a minor fulfillment and a major fulfillment that has taken place in our day or will in the near future. I can assure you I know I am on the right track and I know for a fact that the Bible teaches the earth will remain forever and righteous human beings will inhabit it without the hindrance of the wicked. However, I could quote numerous scriptures on the subject and you would still apparently ignore them or try to find a way to prove whatever it is you are trying to prove – apparently that you have the special privilege of knowing the year that you think something is to be fulfilled – something I don’t claim to know. Those that GOD decides are worthy of finding truth WILL find it and I have no idea who each individual is that he will eventually determine HE wants. I hope you are one of them. I am going to stay off this forum at this point – it’s not the place for this as I’ve said before and I’m out of time. I wish you all the best.

      • Charlie

        Thanks for your reply,,,but,,,My comment may have been a little sarcastic because it was written with simple “Concrete” Science facts and Scripture per number ,,,that many people do not know or understand AND your comments indicate You are NOT a Christian according to “Scripture”,,,also your comment to Me are very short on Scripture facts and/or Scientific facts… So,,, how did you become a Christian per Scripture? give Scripture… While you are in The Bible,,, study Genesis 27,28 for a little history of Esau and then turn to Malachi 1:1–5 to see what “Curses” God put on Esau and his lineage… Then tell Me IF,,,God “Hates” some people or things… Meanwhile………..
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

        • http://Charlie-youhave LizzieB

          Charlie you have your definition of Christian – I’m not going to argue about it. It’s pointless. And if you didn’t mean to be sarcastic that IS what it seems like.

    • Imbabci2

      Lizzie, Psalms 37 is a lesson that the successes of the wicked don’t last, while those who do right flourish over time. Mathew 24:36 “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Only arrogance would have you predict the end is coming soon. Daniel 2:44 The Babylonians highly valued dream interpretation as they believed their GODS (plural) spoke to them in dreams. In interpreting the Kings dreams Daniel certainly found a way to better his life in a land of pagans. That dream was completed upon the end of the Roman Empire. 2Timothy 3:1-7 It was Paul’s last days…Those kinds of people (his tormentors) have always existed and will continue to exist.

      Indeed, eternal life is gained in the recognition of the one true God.

      Bob Livingston, your message to raise a garden and eat properly is a good one. So very many valuable lessons are learned while growing your own food. You are never closer to God’s truth than in a garden….

      • LizzieB

        If you believe in Jesus he quoted from Psalms 37 when he said the meek would possess the earth and live forever upon it. Revelation 11:18 says God will “bring to ruin those ruining the earth” – It was the original purpose for the earth to be a paradise filled with people that would live forever – that was the prospect put forth to our first parents. And actually I quote the “no one knows the exact day and hour” to anyone who predicted a specific DATE. The very predicting of the “exact day and hour” means whatever date is predicted is not going to be accurate. But Jesus gave the sign of the conclusion of the system of things and the Bible Timetable itself shows that we are in the end of the system – there is much more to this than you are seeing. Way too much to go into in a forum such as this. There are millions of people who have studied and observed and come to the exact same conclusion. There are also millions more that do believe the end is coming but they look on the end as destruction of the earth. And if you study history you find that at the time of Daniel they were in the fourth world power with three to follow – we are in the last world power – the time of “the days of those kings” – it clearly says God will crush and destroy all those kingdoms (rulerships by man) and set up a kingdom that will never be brought to ruin. God’s kingdom restoring the earth to the way he originally intended is the theme of the entire Bible. I have seen all of this carefully examined in light of the ENTIRE Bible and it all fits – how many more people will come to understand is up to God himself. There is much more to consider. And since earth is getting more and more dangerous to live on one should be glad to look forward to a higher power bringing about change. No – there will not always be wickedness causing misery. There are reasons it has been allowed to go on this long but the Bible shows that God’s patience will run out and he will put an end to it.

        • Imbabci2

          Lizzie, I choose to look at my life as a miraculous gift from God. Jesus, our teacher, warned not to obsess over the end of times and his return. He tasked us to believe in that which is greater than ourselves and to show love and compassion to all. Many of His parables are lessons on how to handle difficulties. Awaiting the second coming is missing the point. The Father has already given us everything we need to solve our own problems.

          • LizzieB

            Of course we have to live and try to solve various problems now – and we try to do what it takes to stay healthy and there is much scriptural advice that helps us to cope and even improve our lives. But most people, even those doing everything they can, have many problems and see others that are desperate for help and answers. I don’t think that keeping close in mind that HE will bring an end to the suffering is obsessing over anything – it’s more about looking to the future with confidence in HIS promises. Humans were not designed to live the way we are living now. If your life is great that’s wonderful. Mine isn’t that bad right now either but I try to give hope and comfort for something better to those that are suffering and many are – no matter how much is their fault or not. The world IS deteriorating at a faster and faster rate and most people I know are troubled by it – especially if they don’t know it’s not going on forever. God HELPS us endure but that doesn’t mean that, for instance, being in a lot of pain is fun and that someone can just will it to go away. Knowing there will be an end to suffering makes it easier to endure now. We ARE told to keep looking to that time of deliverance.

    • sam1966

      Well said fellow patriot. I know some things that are written in Romans 1:24 – 32 are coming true with all the queers these days. If you look at the Bible and watch the news, they are going hand in hand. Be ready for the day that Jesus comes back to earth. If you are not ready or don’t believe, you have a very hot reception to the afterlife. Here is something about the spiritual war in this country:

      FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

      “The Bible is the cheif moral cause of all that is good and the best corrector of all that is evil in human society – the best book for regulating the temporal concerns of men.”

      Noah Webster
      The Holy Bible…With Amendments of the Language
      1833, page v

  • GALT


    • OneGuess

      Congradulations! Your post today is the most cogent ever!

      • GALT

        How would YOU know?

      • Bob666


    • alpha-lemming

      Thanks for the heads-up……. I now know to load up on penicillin prior to reading your posts.

    • sam1966

      Ah yes, a. k. a. That’s you alright. An Atheist Knocking America. Here is something that Obama bin Laden and his friends believe:

      FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out.

      “The right of bearing arms is declared to be inherent in the people.”

      Fisher Ames
      Framer of the Second Amendment in the First Congress

  • Johnny D

    I agree. Obamacare restricts the elderly in their fight for survival and will deny the care necessary to prolong life citing cost efficienty. Thats why congress is exempt from participation in it. The bastards make sure they keep their safety net while depriving the average citizen.

    • Ron

      Just wait until you retire and you can’t have a yearly physical, they say you have to have a Wellness visit. The doctor can only talk to you and cannot in any way touch you. That is the first year Now I have been called by my doctors nurse that I cannot see the doctor on my next Wellness visit. I must see a Nurse Practitioner because Obama Care forbids it. The kicker is I pay almost $300.00 per month to for added health insurance but they will not pay unless Obama care does. It doesn’t look good for any seniors that really need the services that they have paid for all their life. RE: Death Panel!!

      • wayne andrews

        You liberals Do realize that pages like this weren’t made for you, the were made Because of you.

      • Bill

        You have to take control of your own health. Click on the link at the bottom of this page on “Alternative Health” and start educating your self.

        They do not care about you and will not act in your best interests. You need to take care of yourself

      • Bill

        You are so right. It is actually funny to hear the progressives arguments for a system that will rob them of their health and promote early death. The joke is on them

        It will make all of us criminals that want to opt out of their system and heal ourselves. Psst… want to buy some black market cordyceps?

      • Stephen Tareila

        Why do you pay $300.00 per month? You could get a good physical for $800. out of pocket from a private doctor. Only use medicare and do not pay extra. Finally, if you don’t get what you want for your dollars then stop paying for it.

  • Warrior

    Now that “women” have equal rights on the battlefield, I think it is time “julia” takes her place under center. There’s probably not enough “research” on female “concussions” and the effects although maybe one sec of state would be sooo kinds as to donate whatever remains of her “grey” matter to help us solve what actually happened in “benghazi”.

  • Lt Roger Wilco

    Both medical and dental degrees and a lifetime love of the body of knowledge that is medicine I think qualify me to comment. There is more than a kernel of truth in this column. I am going to check out the references given. The good new is that the hoi poloi will not follow good advice and will continue to drink soft drinks and eat junk food and will decrease the surplus population. Much of our healthcare dollar is spent on expensive care for the nonproductive who have never contributed to society and do not work so they have extra time to haunt emergency rooms. Just look at obongo’s huge expansion of medicaid. Those of us who work hard and raise productive children need to take this advice to heart and modify our ways The sad thing is that the vast flotsam of worthless humaniity will be served by the huge welfare entitlement while the old folks who have contributed all their lives will become Soylent Green.

  • John Hasse

    The short answer,,, as I told a neighbor, who is a ‘rabid’ democrat: YOU CAN’T GIVE EVERYONE A BLANK CHECK, AND EXPECT THE BOOKS TO BALANCE. I can’t figure how so many people can’t realize that this is the path to destruction.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You can give anyone a blank check but the concern becomes what people will do with that blank check. How many people will say that they want no part of that blank check because they didn’t earn what is offered?While others will hog and grab much more and demand even more.

    • TIME

      Dear John,

      The answer to your question is really quite simple,{ the average child who graduate high school has an 85 IQ, } thanks to: ” NO Child left behind.”
      Saddly even after years of higher education their IQ growth will be only a few points higher, Then add into the mix ~ “Pharmaceuticals.”

      To Everyone:

      Lacking Gray matter is only one of the root’s of this problem and will be until the following issue is addressed:> “REMOVE the PRIEST CLASS” from the Political forum. Its all a “BIG LIE.”

      “THE LIE is differant at every LEVEL.” Thus the term of ~ { Divide and Conquer! }

      When you can understand this statment your well on your way to understanding all of the Why’s, Who’s, When’s, Where’s, etc. { ” To see it in a differant LIGHT.” }

      Again only when you can understand all of this can you understand who you are, also whom your fighting. I say this with only LOVE ~ its not an insult.

      You also can’t wake up until you break this mold, as these are the very chains that bind you as the slave you are to these “RULERS.”

      Peace & Love, Shalom

      • Robert Smith

        Clue: For most tests overall average IQ is normalized at 100.

        With a population of high school graduates as huge as it is I would think it would be closer to the norm.

        I’m very curious where you found your information. I don’t like “no child left behind” but I don’t want to condemn it with false information.


      • JeffH
      • sam1966

        Here is someone talking about putting Michelle bin Laden and her daughters on the front lines.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves Robert out.

        “The primary objects of government are peace, order, and prosperity of society. To the preception of those objects, good morals are essential. Institutions for the promotion of good morals are therefore objects of legislative provisions and support, and among these, religious (Christian) institutions are eminently useful and important.”

        Oliver Elsworth
        Chief Justice of the Supreme Court


    Hitler’s T4 Program Revived In Obama’s Health-Care `Reform’

    In July of 1939, a conference of medical professionals was held in Berlin, Germany. Participating were the professors and chairmen of the departments of psychiatry of the leading universities and medical schools of Germany, many of them, the most respected professionals in their fields. The subject? What would be the criteria for determining what patients would be considered to have “lives unworthy to be lived,” and what was the most “practical and cheap” manner of removing them from being burdens on the health-care system—by death.

    Thus, the bureaucratic machine began to be cranked up for what is known as Adolf Hitler’s program of genocide through “euthanasia,” a program which killed hundreds of thousands of non-Jewish Germans, and eventually, millions of Jews and non-Germans as well.

    That program, which had already begun years before, against concentration camp inmates and handicapped children, was officially put into effect in October 1939, when Hitler penned his own personal, and secret, authorization for the program, under the title, “The Destruction of Lives Unworthy of Life”:

    “Reichsleiter Bouhler and Dr. Brandt are charged with the responsibility for expanding the authority of physicians, to be designated by name, to the end that patients considered incurable according to the best available human judgment of their state of health, can be accorded a mercy death.”

    To carry out this program, Hitler and his fiendish Nazi associates would fully utilize the “professional” apparatus which had been put in place, as well as the popular, British-eugenics-spawned ideology which had been increasingly dominant in Germany since Hitler seized power with the aid of powerful British-Wall Street financiers. The killing would proceed with the utmost “cost-effectiveness” and professionalism, in order to save funds for the Nazi state’s preferred projects, and not waste them on “ineffective” medical treatments.

    If that sounds familiar, it should. For the proposals which the Obama Administration has currently put on the table, follow them in virtual lockstep. First, the “experts” decide what is “effective” care, with “cost-effectiveness” foremost in mind, ruling out “inappropriate” treatments. These standards become the law, in terms of what medical care will be paid for. Then other experts efficiently implement those decisions, through the existing hospital apparatus.

    The result, as in Nazi Germany, is that millions are, with the stroke of a pen, consigned to death.

    The T4 Program

    The T4 program, which was established following Hitler’s secret order, took its name from its Berlin office address, Tiergarten 4, which address housed the coordinating organization for the program, the Reich Work Group of Sanatoriums and Nursing Homes. In charge were Philip Bouhler, chief of the Chancellory, and Dr. Karl Brandt, Hitler’s personal physician and chief medical officer of the land.

    Their first task was to devise the questionnaires which would be used to categorize the targetted institutionalized populations. Four categories were specified:

    Patients suffering from specified diseases who are not employable, or are employable only in simple mechanical work. These included schizophrenia, epilepsy, senile diseases, therapy-resistant paralysis, feeble-mindedness, and the like.
    -Patients who have been continually institutionalized for at least five years.
    -Patients who are criminally insane.
    -Non-German patients.

    While including these categorizations, the questionnaire overall gave the impression of a rather neutral statistical survey, which also delved into the patients’ biographies, their financial situations, and the like (Figure 1). It was accompanied by a questionnaire for the institution in which the patient was housed, which asked about staffing, beds available, and budgetary questions. A significant stress was also put on detailing the patients’ abilities to work.

    The first questionnaires went out in October 1939, the month Hitler signed his order, to state hospitals and other public and private institutions where mental patients, epileptics, the mentally retarded, and other handicapped persons resided. The responsibility for filling them out, often in a very short period of time, fell on the physicians at those institutions.

    The questionnaires were then sent to panels of three or four psychiatric experts, who indicated their opinion about whether the patient (whom they had never seen, much less examined, and whose medical history they were unfamiliar with) was to live or die. Each “expert” made his or her decision independently, and passed on the questionnaire to the next. The choice for the experts was effectively only one of two options: a plus sign in red, which meant death; or a dash in blue, which meant life. Occasionally, a psychiatrist would put a question mark in the space provided.

    The questionnaires were then sent to a chief expert, who passed the final judgment. At this “higher” level, there was no alternative other than life or death. In fact, the “senior expert” was not bound by the recommended decisions. From his judgment, there was no appeal. From that point on, it was merely a matter of sending back the decision to the relevant institution, where the final dispensation of the patient was carried out, and, if so ordered, sending him or her to one of the designated “killing centers.”

    These centers were supervised by medical personnel, who oversaw the killing, and were responsible for devising the fraudulent death certificates which were sent to the families of those who had been determined to have lives “not worthy to be lived.”


    • Nadzieja Batki

      Death will come by the stroke of a keyboard by some underpaid public sector clerk and their hands will be clean from deaths they decree because those deaths will be assigned to nurses and doctors to carry out.

      • Robert Smith

        As it comes to those today who get answers from clerks in India who are preserving the fat cats who need to make money for the stockholders.

    • nc

      WTS, by Oct. 1939 any ‘DOCTOR” still remaining in Germany was a NON-JEW party to the sick minded people running a MEDICAL SOCIETY that is nothing like the medical profession in America today! I am not aware of a” death program” in this nation that is in any way connected to a person’s religion as in JEWS! OR TO NATIONALITY AS IN POLES ETC.ETC.
      Until life expectancy falls back into the 55-60 ranges we have little argument with how the medical profession has EXTENDED lives. Death panels???? I’m 77 years old and my mother lived to be 92 and NO ONE FROM THE DEATH PANEL HAS BEEN TO DINNER AT OUR PLACE OR TACKED A NOTICE ON OUR DOOR!

      • Bill

        Good luck to you, NC with your new healthcare system
        Be sure and do everything your doctor tells you

      • alboy5

        Obamadeath starts next year.

      • sam1966

        What Jay is telling you no cajones is the truth. I’ve done extensive studies on the Nazi regime, its beliefs and acts. Neeeeed to wake up and smell the coffee. Denying health care to someone, like Obama bin Laden Care will do to the elderly, is the same as a death panel. No care for you because you are too old and unproductive. Here is something that backs up what Jay is talking about:

        This covers videos from the Nuremburg Trials and testimony of what certain individuals did during Hitler’s rule. You sure you want these things? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out.

        “For it came to pass, when Solomon was old, that his wives turned away his heart after other gods: and his heart was not perfect with the Lord his God, as was the heart of David his father.
        For Solomon went after Ashtoreth the goddess of the Zidonians, and after Milcom the abomination of the Ammonites.
        And Solomon did evil in the sight of the Lord, and went not fully after the Lord, as did David his father.
        Then did Solomon built an high place for Chemosh, the abomination of Moab, in the hill that is before Jerusalem, and for Molech, the abomination of the children of Ammon.
        And likewise did he for all his strange wives, which burned incense and sacrificed unto their gods.
        And the Lord was angry with Solomon, because his heart was turned from the Lord God of Israel, which had appeared unto him twice.
        And had commanded him concerning this thing, that he should not go after other gods: but he kept not that which the Lord commanded.
        Wherefore the Lord said unto Solomon, For asmuch as this is done of thee, and thou hast not kept my covenant and my statutes which I have commanded thee, I will surely rend the kingdom from thee, and will give it to thy servant.

        1st Kings 11:4 – 11

        *This describes our country today. Since God had appeared to us twice before (1st and 2nd Great Awakening) and we follow after other gods like money, Obama bin Laden, greed, power, ambition, etc., isn’t it possible that since God divided the Kingdom of Israel into 2 kingdoms (Israel and Judah), that God could be doing this to our great nation at this time?

      • GALT

        Extensive study on the Nazi regime = youtube video + bible quotes???????

        Not to mention the “moral christian’s” ( lutheran’s ) who lived in Germany?

        “As you treat the least of my brethren……..” of course, not counting the “girls”
        a literal interpretation of brethren would equal 12??????

        Rhetorical, moderately rhetorical and extremely rhetorical.

    • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

      The people not only should study the Georgia Guide Stone’s, but also about Obama’s communistic up-bringing.

      Those people that think the conspiracy theorist are wrong, think again. Not all are wrong.
      Did you know that all the president’s are related, but one. They are related to the people you call elitist.

      • TIME

        Dear Julie,

        The Georgia Stones were a gift from the “Rosicrucians” So to better understand what they mean, one needs to explore who this group is. As they are just one of many within whats called the “Illuminati”
        Or as I noted above they {see things in a differant LIGHT,} The Morning star’s light and who is that?

        Also just a point you may find of interest to go along with all but one POTUS being related by Blood, { as well bound by interlocked } ~ “Secret Societies” They have also been ” Left Handed.”

        Peace and Love Shalom

  • Flashy

    Death Panels ??? Puleeze. Please point these panels out. I guess, twisting reality beyond recognition, one may somehow fantasize that counseling and information somehow is a panel. Maybe.

    Take a gander at Oregon’s Death With Dignity program. The scare stories prior to adoption of DWD were identical. Played on fears. Hammered on fears. Hyped fears. What is reality? It is a program with wide and deep support with the citizens.

    If one wants to debate Obamacare, then debate. If one wants to create fear and debate what isn’t, go talk to a rock … Same level of intelligent debate.

    Prior to Obamacare, health care costs were out if control,increasingly unaffordable, and treated illness, not health. The far right fought reform, every step of the way. No alternatives offered, the out of control system was backed and the data twisted. What resulted was a weak hybrid.

    Now, it’s subject to daily attack with rumor, lies, inaccurate comparisons, solitary unusual instances, and again .. no alternatives offered in replacement. The TOrts, American Taliban, and far right scream and demand a return to a system costing the highest in the world, giving Third World care.

    Typical .

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Flashy,

      You write: “…no alternatives offered in replacement.” Did you stop reading before reaching the end?

      Best wishes,

      • DavidL

        Bob, are you enjoying your guaranteed government healthcare called Medicare? Why are you so eager to deny healthcare to those of our citizens who, unlike you and me, are not yet 65 years old?

        You should be talking about how to improve and strengthen Obamacare. You, and all in the pro-life camp, should be yelling about and trying to prevent the fact that 120 Americans die EACH DAY because of no health coverage. (Many in your home state of Alabama) Over 900,000 medical bankruptcies occur in the US and nowhere else with universal healthcare coverage.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear DavidL,

          You write: “Bob, are you enjoying your guaranteed government healthcare called Medicare?” No.

          You write: “Why are you so eager to deny healthcare to those of our citizens who, unlike you and me, are not yet 65 years old?” Please point out where I have advocated denying healthcare to citizens of any age.

          You write: “You should be talking about how to improve and strengthen Obamacare.” You need to reread the column.

          You write: “You, and all in the pro-life camp, should be yelling about and trying to prevent the fact that 120 Americans die EACH DAY because of no health coverage.” First, please provide proof of this. Second, 120 people out of 310 million? 5,000 die each day due to preventable abortions. Why aren’t you concerned about them?

          You write: “Over 900,000 medical bankruptcies occur in the US and nowhere else with universal healthcare coverage.” And the purpose of my article is to get them out of the “healthcare” system. They will not be bankrupted by the method I propose… but they will be healthy.

          Best wishes,

      • Chester

        Bob, Flashy may have missed your big hammer pounding out the beat of fall back to alternative medicine, but I haven’t. But, I have studied a good bit of your “alternative medicine” and seen the actual results, not the ones your friendly chiropractor or herbalist would want heard. For a good many of us, alternative medicine has some help, but no cures, while traditional medicine has cured a number of diseases. I don’t suppose you have small pox scars on your face and body now, nor will you have any time in the foreseeable future, and alternative medicine had nothing to do with that. How many people do you personally know who have survived polio? Probably none, as polio has essentially gone the way of the dodo. But, if we don’t keep the vaccination program going on that one, there is a real chance we will see a major polio epidemic in the not too far distant future, because the bug is still alive and kicking in other parts of the world. Again, nothing your alternative medicine can do for or about this, and really, other than the vaccines, not much traditional medicine can do other than keep you alive while the virus runs its course. So, don’t try to sell us something as the be all and end all when it has but limited value.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

        Bob, I’ve been reading about Plum Island and those dead monsterious like creatures that’s been washing up on shore in New Jersey. The way it sounds they do alot of virus and chemical testing, plus other test on human and animals. I thought maybe you might want to do some research on this. It could answer a lot of these comments. Another thing, the so called scientist that started the labs on that island worked with Gerling(sp) in Germany during WW2. He was one of the German scientist that the U.S. offered asylum to if he worked for us.

      • Robert Smith

        “The “vaccine court” has just admitted, without actually admitting, that vaccines cause autism.”

        So, may I presume you haven’t heard about?: “Early last year, The Lancet retracted the study by the now disgraced former British doctor Andrew Wakefield. And last week, the British Medical Journal published an investigative report by journalist Brian Deer documenting how Wakefield altered facts about medical histories of patients to support his claim of a “new syndrome” — autism and bowel inflammation — that can be induced by the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine (the discrepancies are summarized in this table).

        An accompanying editorial in the British Medical Journal explains how the damage to public health from Wakefield’s fraudulent study continues.”

        That’s from:

        Or are they just another part of your conspiracy?


      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        Disgraced Robert, watch this Video:

        Vaccination: The Hidden Truth
        The video presents well documented answers to questions like: Was it really vaccines that saved us? Why are they only counterproductive? How are many statistics misleading? What do vaccines contain? What are they doing to our organs, immune systems, even our genes? Are childhood diseases really dangerous to healthy children? Why does vaccination continue? What are our rights? Can vaccine damage be evaluated and countered? What is the true key to immunity?

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        Disgraced Robert Smith,

        Dr. Mark Geier has testified before the Institute of Medicine of the United States’ National
        Academy of Sciences ON FOUR OCCASIONS regarding VACCINE POLICY, as well as before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform and has been accepted as an expert witness on vaccines in Federal, State, Canadian, and English Courts. He is board certified physician licensed to practice medicine in Maryland and Virginia.

        In his letter to the Senator Clinton he wrote:
        We hope the following will be of help to you in your work on this matter: In the United States, a tragic and massive autism epidemic is currently underway. The peer-reviewed scientific/medical literature, (including a recent publication in The Journal of the American Medical Association), indicates that the prevalence of autism was approximately 1 per 2,500 children in the mid-1980s, while by the mid-1990s the prevalence of autism reached as high as 1 per 300 children, and some now have found that the prevalence of autism
        in U.S. children may be as high as approximately 1 per 150 children.

        These statistics are even more troubling considering that autism has been reported in the scientific/medical literature to effect MALES at least 5 TIMES HIGHER THAN FEMALES, therefore, presently, AUTISM MAY AFFECT AS MANY AS 1 IN 30 MALE CHILDREN. It also must be kept in mind that autism is only one of the most severe manifestations of autistic spectrum disorders, which also manifests in other neurodevelopmental disorders such as speech disorders, attention deficit syndrome, developmental delays, etc.

        For example, the 2001 U.S. Department of Education statistics showed in children born in 1983 there were a total of 7,801 cases of speech or language impairment. Among children born in 1994, this number had risen to 211,984 cases (an approximately 30-fold increase). In children born in 1983, there were a total of 2,100 cases of autism. Among children born in 1994, this number had risen to 8,325 cases (an approximately 4-fold increase). Eli Lilly who has just come out with a new drug (Strattera) for the treatment of autistic spectrum disorders has estimated its drug will be of use to 5 to 7% of the current U.S. childhood population! It is ironic to note that this is the same Eli Lilly Company who makes thimerosal, the mercury preservative found in childhood vaccines, that is the apparent cause of the majority of childhood autistic spectrum disorders in the first place.

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        Disgraced Robert, also watch this Video:

        Shots In The Dark: Silence on Vaccine

      • http://personalliberty Alondra

        Disgraced Robert, also read this:

        Vaccine Hoax: How the Globalist Controlled Medicine Industry Kills by Design

      • GALT


        The numbers here don’t work in your favor, and as usual the devil is in the details.

        Step 1.) Do a search for “iatrogenic”…..this will give you the current numbers for
        deaths CAUSED by “medical error” which runs between 750,000 to
        950,000 per year.

        Step 2.) Do the math…….total number of current insured and the current % of
        those killed by medical error.

        Step 3.) Add number of millions of people that will now be covered.

        Step 4.) Add number of people who will die because they ARE covered, by
        multiplying previous percentage to newly covered.

        Step 5.) Compare numbers……your 43, 830 deaths by non coverage
        which is 120 x 365.25

        or using the LOW number and US census data from 2010…..256.2 million insured
        and 49.9 uninsured…….the iatrogenic death rate was .003 for those insured

        which you then multiply by the 49.9 million…….which results in

        150,180.57 additional deaths due to health care COVERAGE!!!!!!!

        Link is for the numbers of insured and uninsured……….

        So you would be killing 107,000+ more people a year by covering them.

        Probably best to concentrate on getting the truth out that, the source of
        this Bill in the health industry and insurance companies…….( not Obama ),
        which now has guaranteed profits and no incentive to provide HEALTH CARE,
        and it never did, but even less of a reason NOW.

        BTW this strange outcome is not unique…….e.g. during the period between
        1877 and 1929…….the number of deaths and injuries that were job related
        in various industries, actually decreased during times of strikes and early
        union struggles……..when the strikers were subjected to “private security”
        and or “government militia or military” action to “break them”……..and they
        were being shot at. ( yes, those right to work job creators were the same
        then as now……..)

        “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past,
        controls the future.”

    • eddie47d

      Another false flag by Conservative elements is that inoculations is wiping out the world’s populations when just the opposite is true. Smallpox was eradicated because of vaccinations. In 1988 Polio was epedemic in 125 countries killing and inflicting 350,000 kids per year. Today there are 215 case in 3 countries. They are Pakistan,Afghanistan and Nigeria and that is because of war. Vaccines can cause problems yet save millions of lives so no one is trying to wipe out millions of the world’s population. Liberals has pushed for equality for handicap citizens for decades in school and in public and wanting them to lead normal lives so why this talk that someone wants to give them a “Nazi death”. Liberals want to give poor people an equal chance in life and have no desire to get rid of them as “undesirables” as seems to be stated. If there are 53,000,000 uninsured in America and 30,000.,000 will be insured under “Obamacare” then how is that giving them the “death panel” if they are given health car opportunities if more are covered?

      • Bill

        As always, Eddie
        Your numbers are just made up. Good luck to you with your new healthcare system. Be sure and get all of your shots and take all of your meds

      • eddie47d

        Produce your own numbers Bill and then we’ll chat. Mine have been around for awhile so maybe you could pull some new ones our of your hat or your a..!

      • eddie47d

        Still waiting Bill and yes it has been proven that polio could be eradicated by the end of this year with the major stumbling block is the war in the Waziristan Pakistan region and religion indoctrination by the mullahs.

      • Benjamin Fox

        When ever I want a good laugh I come hear and read eddie teddy 47 ways to be a commie and tell more lie’s, trashy flashy dashy his brother in crime and Jeromy oh my have to protect my commie buddies. If I want to cry I read their lies and know that they believe their own lies and that is sad, none of the three have ever told the truth probably since old enough to walk and their parents must have come from Russia and miss it very much.

      • sam1966

        What about the health care of 56 million children killed in their mother’s womb Ed? What kind of coverage do they get, hmmm? Sounds like a death panel to me, just lead by unplanned parenthood and their eugenics practices. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “Liberty and Union, one and inseparable, now and forever and exclaim Christ first, our country next!”

        Andrew Johnson

    • Abby

      What kool aid are you drinking? If you believe what you wrote, then God have mercy on you and all of us. Obamacare may have started out as care for all but has ended up being a power trip, transfer of assets, greed for establishments and government and very little else. The article is refreshingly truer than one wants to admit.
      Transparency in our government and its workings is non existent. Rules/Regulations and laws are being made to control the masses and assets. Be careful of falling for the bling — all that is shiny is not helpful.

      • Robert Smith

        Really Abby?????? Obama care has hardly kicked in yet.

        How can you tell?


    • Bill

      Good luck to you Flashy will your new health care system.

      • Robert Smith

        Hey Bill, I’ve gotten good health care while I was in the USN. I expect the VA to do very well also.


      • Bill

        Great, Robert
        I am sure the VA will take real good care of you

      • nc

        Bill, four years from now when, as in the past, all of “you and yours predictions” of doom fall on their A$$ you will be the laughing stock of this nation> You got a ‘heads up” that your paranoia might be more severe than you think when Obama did not cancel the elections or declare himself a DICTATOR! RAVE ON! You are exactly the people that Bobby Jindal says gives the more conservative folks the appearance of being stupid!

      • sam1966

        Here is something about Obama bin Laden cutting military health care.

        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

        “If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”

        Ronald Reagan

    • Bill

      Flashy, Robert and Eddie
      Be sure to take all of your vaccinations, don’t eat meat, eat plenty of soy, take your statin drugs and follow the advice of your new Obama care doctor. I wish you luck on your new health care system, but I will not participate

  • Bill

    Grear article, Bob

    It is such a shame that you are offering information that will benefit everyone with nothing to do with politics. Just one person helping another.

    The progressive posters only see this as politics and argue accordingly. Thanks, again for sharing your knowledge with us. I have gotten many health tips from you over the years and I practice agressive preventative medicine, full time.

    The problem is that I have to pay for health care, in case I break my arm, and I pay more than that for my alternative therapies. But such is life.

  • Jamie

    Plan and simple everyone just needs to stop consuming JUNK foods” that’s any type of Chips with lots of salts/sodium,and they designed them to Raise your blood pressure
    Dairy enzymes are not good for you either. Sodas of any type are very bad for the Body. Beef,Pork. has there Issues as well. Sugar is Not good at all it feeds cancer cells.
    Caring for the body is a matter of eating foods that come from the ground, the older food traditions /meals were much safer and healthier for all. Beans,Fish,Rice.Fruits apples.berries all Greens Veges.
    Apple cider Vinegar is great Medicine. mix with spring water.can lay waste to any digestive issues and even joint pain issues with a long list.
    Honey is great Medicine.with many uses.a long list.
    at 52 and never had a Dr., prescription. Great health is something You have to work at, by avoiding the Poisons that FDA say is good for you. as well as Flu shots and any other.
    I have a Dr friend she was Navy Dr. she has informed me of the govn plans to kill off as they avoid paying them is a savings for the govn.
    You Own your Body not govn nor anyone else.pick your Choices wisely or be another Sick body

  • rendarsmith

    I have to agree with Bob on this. It truly is amazing how much healthier you become just from changing your diet. It is also amazing what you can cure naturally without putting all those chemicals in your body, which are probably the number 1 cause of cancer anyway.

    • Stephen Tareila

      My father was a pharmacist who warned me that one of the worse things a human could ingest was prescription drugs.

  • David G

    I’m troubled by the recommendation. It is not scientifically based as in peer reviewed. The promulgation of the THEORY are of the same ilk as those your warning of. Read Brian Peskin’s book or Primal Body Primal Mind.

  • Dave67

    Obamacare is not the magic bullet to reduce the costs of HC. We need to eat better, have more time to be active, get off the pharmaceuticals and HC needs to focus on PREVENTION.

    Big Pharma does not want cures, they want patients.

    Obamacare does get 30 million people to take responsibility for HC in this country who would otherwise transfer those costs to the tax payers when they get into an acciedent or become massively sick. The law also prevents big insurance from cheating their members but lining the pockets of the executive class in those organizations.

    To fix HC, We need to realize a few factors:

    1) THE BABY-BOOMERS are retiring and they will be using more HC, there are not enough young people entering the workforce to offset and pay for their HC (that means we will have to pay more to pay for the elderly’s HC and I am fine with that)

    2) Private hospitals, doctors, care givers, insurance and big pharma do not care about the level of care in a employer-insurance company dynamic. They care about profit. HC’s end-user should be the patient and they should drive the market based on the level of care they provide. The employer is the end-user now in this system and they want low cost 1st. Level of care for people is down on the list of things they worry about.

    3) A private company exists to make money… Which is fine… But in HC and in our system, that endevor runs contray to providing care and cures for diseases in many cases.

    HC is a complex issue and this article that references the NAZIS is another example of sensationalism to trample over the good points of eating better and understanding what the corp food industry has done to our health, having the individual ecconomic power to have the time to devote to excercise and getting the HC in this system to reward prevention and not keep a population of perpetually sick people so that the industries that leech of them can stay in business.

    • Bill

      Hi Dave 67
      The real funny part about about obamacare is that all of the young progressive posters will be paying for my obamacare, even if I do not use it.

      Most of all my medical will be paid for with my own money, because I use different therapies, and If I do need something big, I would rather go to another country and pay for it myself.

      There is a whole industry of medical tourism that is popping up around the world. So when everybody else is crying the blues that there care has been rationed, I will get on a plane and handel it myself. No muss, no fuss and no medical records

      • Dave67


        I have no problem with doing my part to pay for a system that makes for a better society even if I do not use or need the laws for me personally. that is what being part of a society means.

        I am not sold that Obamacare is anything close to a cureall for what ails our HC system but it better than what we had. What we should have been doing from the start is understanding what works well in other countries and seeing if that can be replicated here. The GOP did not want to do anything outside of torte reform.

        For me the problem here and in just about every other aspect of making laws in this country, big monied corp interests have too much say in what gets passed. We get big money out of the political process, we will see better laws being passed… When Congress has to adhere to the same laws up and down the board that we do, we will see better laws.

        These two things must change.

    • Stephen Tareila

      I take exception to your unfair assertion that the 30 million are forced to take care of themselves rather than depending on others as previously. I paid my health costs in full and mostly without insurance. HC ins became too costly, or had high deductibles or co-pays if affordable, or covered too many things when I just wanted a catastrophic policy. A low cost, high deductible catastrophic policy should be a choice in a mandatory system when I have taken care of myself while others have made their (wrong=abusive)choices. The choice to insure or not should also be my choice as it should be with auto, life, flood or fire insurances. SCOTUS ruled wrongly that it was a tax; it was an usurpation of states’ rights. I hope that many states with their Republican governors will refuse to form the exchanges.

  • munday

    well lets see-McDonalds puts MSG and silicon in their meats and buns/wraps. Their veggies are all gmo. I have been eating very healthy, but was craving a bacon egg and cheese biscuit. shortly after eating I started having heart palpitations. went home and took so coQ-10 and things were better, but oh my. I had to remind myself of the year old cheese burger video on youtube and will never stop there again.
    as for death panels, my sister has her problems. Obamacare has not helped acct they have taken several medicines, that were previously paid for by medicare, away from her. I have tried to give her natural supplements to counter the missing meds and for the most part we have succeeded. The previous meds were way too expensive for her to pay on her own. She has been notified she will be getting her “call” this year to talk about her health. May God protect us, cause obama care won’t!!

  • Jim B

    Serfs and zombies love the fast food. Its more affordable and fits their government handout lifestyles, which they willingly except regardless of how meager it is, or will become. It’s not a revelation, but serfdom is the governments kingdom of the fast food industry. Now I’m not suggesting that a good old double whopper with cheese is a bad thing, had one just the other month, it was the holiday’s after all, but a daily, weekly, even monthly dose is a fat sentence, you look like you’re eating plenty, but your body is sick as hell. This is the fate of the entitlement folks, those that earned their government handouts, it’s obvious your numbers are high and growing, your votes do not support the local, state, or federal liberalism that’s taken over, you are expendable, take heed!

  • jopa

    It seems as though some folks are in denial that they are going to get old and die.No matter how much you exercise and how well you eat your gonna die eventually and when you do get near the end the wise thing to do is have your ducks in order and I mean by having your end of life experience in writing.I already have mine signed sealed and notarized that I do not want to be on life support and living as a vegetable.I am a DNR, DNI or a Do Not Resuscitate and Do Not Intubate.I just cant imagine lying in bed year after year with tubes sticking out of my body in order to breathe, be fed and control waste.Call the end of life consultations death panels if you want but many of your readers are going to be going through living ( if that’s what you want to call it) in the end staring at the ICU ceiling wondering what the hell did I ever do to deserve this.Folks the choice is yours for a respectable end of life, or one of living hell.

    • Karolyn

      Absolutely, jopa. I also would want to end it if I was in extreme pain, like with end-stage cancer. I also would not want to live if I had lost my mind. At that point, you are no longer you. My mother had a brain tumor, which made her weird and eventually not able to remember how to do much. She would recognize us but not really know us. I felt blest when she died peacefully after only 5 weeks. My fiercely independent and intelligent mother would not have wanted to live like that.

  • Kat

    I can tell you that the “death panels” have been around for a long time. My mom had dementia and was blind. Seven years ago, when she was in the hospital for a UTI, the hospital staff tried to convince me (three times) to stop feeding and hydrating her. I was so upset at the suggestion that I started making phone calls to various entities. The hospital got nervous and had one of their social workers contact me. I then received a call from the hospital administrator. He wanted to meet with me. I never pursued the issue. I was so buried with the responsibility of caring for my mom, and for my dad who had lymphoma, that I just let it go. I thought it was an isolated incident but, when I started sharing my story, I found that others had experienced the same type of scenario with their loved ones. We are in for a rough ride!

    • Robert Smith

      Hey Kat…

      Did you ever ask your mother and father what THEY wanted? Did they have living wills?

      Who are you or the hospital to make decisions for them?


      • Kat

        My mom had an advance directive that stated she didn’t want to be on life support, etc. but she was still functioning at a pretty high level and didn’t wish to die at that particular moment. She was still feeding herself and hydrating herself without assistance. As a matter of fact, I did have control over her health care and I certainly had more right to direct her care than the hospital who didn’t give a rip about her well-being.

      • Bill

        Again good luck to you allowing the doctors to make your decisions for you with no input from the people that really care for you.

        And you are going to rely on the VA. I watched my girlfriends father die at the VA hospital and those people were as cold as a rock. He was a decorated marine from guadacanal and deserved a lot better.

        If that is your choice, I feel sorry for you

      • Robert Smith

        My concern is and always will be that each individual gets to decide for themselves. If that’s impossible in the moment I sincerely hope that they have conveyed their wishes earlier.


      • Bill

        Robert says
        “My concern is and always will be that each individual gets to decide for themselves”

        Then why to you support a political agenda that promotes GMO’s, makes it illegal to drink raw milk from your own cow and wishes to implement codex which will take away your right to use herbs and supplents?

        You are either a hypocrit or you are extremely ignorant. Or you are just a mind numbed drone for the progressives

      • Robert Smith

        Here goes Bill misrepresenting me again: “Then why to you support a political agenda that promotes GMO’s, makes it illegal to drink raw milk from your own cow ”

        I like raw milk. I have absolutely no problem with there being no restrictions on it. However, like sex education, firearms education, and a few other things I think schools should be obligated to point out potential risks, particularly for pregnant women and folks with compromised immune systems.

        I think genetically modified foods should be labeled as such and let the marketplace decide about them.

        Check out:

        Monsanto is not our friend.


      • Bill

        If that is the case Robert, Why do you support liberal polititians and the liberal agenda which promotes GMO’s and makes raw milk illegal. That is not the right wing, that is your Dick Durbins, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schummer and that whole left wing crowd.

        But, I forgot that you are smarter than me and you already new that

  • d. hopkins

    mr livingston, thank you for your informative and dead-on-the-nuts article….in support of nutrition, hard work and trying to avoid a tsunami of environmental, agri and food enhanced chemicals and toxins, may we all be en-riched by the experience and perseverance of dr terry wahls. her story is on tedX_dr terry wahls_minding your mitochondria.

  • Jim Shatz

    Control delivery of all health services under the guise of “Comparative Effectiveness Research” and “The Complete Lives System” that decides a person’s value based on age. The Federal Health Czar’s panel and Federal computers will decide whether or not you are worth the cost of treatment and whether you will be approved to obtain treatment.

    So tell me there isn’t a death panel. This organization will let seniors die prematurely. Is Congress so callous to let this stand?

    • Robert Smith

      “The Federal Health Czar’s panel and Federal computers will decide whether or not you are worth the cost of treatment and whether you will be approved to obtain treatment.”

      As opposed to a phone call to outsourced insurance consultation to India where a high school grad is reading from a book written by folks who want to make sure the insurance company makes money.


      • Kat

        You don’t know what you are talking about Rob. For your information, my mom’s health insurance provider was the entity that actually contacted the hospital and went to bat for my mom when they were trying to “put her out of her misery.” Then the health insurance provider continued to follow up and contacted me several times to make sure that things had worked out for my mom’s benefit. I have worked for the government. If I have a choice between a government employee or a health insurance provider, I will take my chances with the health insurance provider any day.

      • Bill

        You will have the same thing with obamacare, but moreso

        With private health insurance, youcould sue. You will not be able to sue with Obamacare, and their motivation will be to get you out of there with even less money.

        Again, I feel sorry for you because you have been scammed

      • eddie47d

        Bill Bill Bill !That is another one of those Conservative mantras. They say lawyers cost the health care system too much and they want to put a stop to those law suits on hospitals and doctors. Are you now changing your tune?

  • Tamara

    This is a very good plan but it won’t happen. Too many unhealthy people are too lazy and unwilling to change their habits. I would love to see it happen and I am not one of them but it is too hard. Easier by far to be fat!

    • Bill

      You are so right Tamara.
      Those people will continue to do what they do and expect a magic pill when their lifestyle results in sickness.

      We cannot care about those people because they will kill themselves and Obamacare will speed up the process. It is the perfect way to thin out the herd

      We have to take care of our own health and offer the information of good health to people that seek it.The rest of the herd will not be convinced and I will not waste any time to convince them

  • The Christian American

    Your right Mr.Livingston. A Dr. Micossi, the head of the Museum of Science and Medicine wrote a paper on medicine in Germany from 1870 to 1945. Bismarck was the first one to offer socialized medicine. In summary, the government found that people were going to hospitals with things as simple as colds they could get free medicines and care. Things they use to do at home. When WW1 came along, there was a run on hospitals with all the wounded soldiers coming home. The system was in financial jeopardy. The government started to put demands on doctors. Doctors began to feel they worked for state, not for their patients. Euthanasia crept in. Pregnant women had to go to a court and their skulls measured to found out they could have the baby or it was to be aborted. All this was before Hitler entered the scene. Hitler had been following the Zionist movement and decided all Jews were potential Zionists and started his purge on all Jews. Because abortion and euthanasia were already practiced it was simple to slip into the holocaust. Eugenics started. One paper entitled: Lives not fit to live, or something like that, was circulated. Dr Mengele’s came on the scene. Experiments with these people commenced. The records of the experiments are still kept. The goal was to breed a super human, maybe physically but not mentality. The ultimate union member. “When I blowa da whis, everybody do as I say”. It was said” The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. we don’t need news. All we have to do is read history. The only thing is the history you haven’t read yet. In my opinion Obama is the ultimate Communist. He knows all of this. He just wants to pick up where Hitler and Stalin left off, in America no less. And to think, the people are financing his rise to power with there hard earned dollars.

    • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

      Good post, You should research Plum Island. It is a continuation of what the scientist was doing in Germany during WW2. After the war the alied countries divided up the German scientist. One of the scientist the U.S. took worked in chemical and viruses on humans and animals. This scientist built his laboratory on that island. The people that live near the New Jersey shore say there are some really strange dead animals and humans washing up on the shore.

  • brett

    well… at least you are encouraging people to eat healthy.

  • JJM123

    Health insurance started out as Catastrophic Insurance to cover high cost items ie hospitalization. Current health insurance which basically covers everything eliminates the individuals responsibility to live health. I have never been a fan of pharmaceuticals and recently have been investigating Nature’s medicine cabinet. Though not as potent and immediate as manmade pharmaceuticals, I prefer Mother Nature over that containing dozens of potential side effects.

    • The Christian American

      It was only in the 50′s that health insurance became an issue. Up till then, doctors use to donate one day in week to the indigent. The doctor / patient relationship was one on one. Doctors use to charge what a patient could afford, the health of the patient came first. “The” government made health insurance a tax deduction and companies and insurance companies jumped on it. Aside from salaries, health insurance was a bene for both companies and employees. Enter the government with medicare. Aside from the normal cost of insurance, we had to add the government overhead which amounts to 60 to 70 cents on every dollar. In other words 30 to 40 cents is actually used to cover the cost of a patients care. Couple that with the cost of medical insurance to doctors, which averages out at about $100,000 a year, and you can understand why medical costs are so high.

  • JJM123

    I received an article yesterday re: ‘Health care for people of faith’. A large group of people effectively ‘self insured’ and claiming ‘If you are a committed Christian family, you do not have to violate your faith by purchasing health insurance from a company that pays for abortions and other medical practices in ways that encourage immoral living. This approach even satisfies the individual mandate on the recent Federal health care law.’ I have not checked into this for several years and this is not an endorsement. To find out more call 888-268-4377 or go to

  • Hedgehog

    The human body is fully capable of repairing itself. It is capable of dealing with all so called diseases including cancer. It can detoxify itself to a great extent. All of the evidence for what I am saying is out there in the literature, find it! Take what Bob has said to heart. Find out how to enable mind/body communication and use it to make your life better! Lastly, beware of stealth toxins, drugs that have side effects at the 1 in 30,000 level and drugs that have never been properly tested at all, e.g.: coumadin (blood thinner), statin drugs, fenofibrate, ramipril, etc., etc.. Eternal vigilance is not only the price of freedom, but also the price of good health and longevity! Your body is the finest diagnostic instrument you will ever possess, LISTEN TO IT!

  • FreedomFighter

    Author Jerome Corsi: Obama’s Plan to Destroy America

    “Dr. Corsi discusses Obama’s second term agenda and Dr. Jim Garrow’s claim that Obama is using a “litmus test” to determine who in the military will fire on U.S. citizens.”


    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • sam1966

      Awesome! Excellent! Well done fellow patriot! I knew about some of these things going on, but not all that were talked about in the video. If they come to Indiana to take our guns, fire on us, or to give labd to the NWO forces from China, Sook Young, our children, myself, and lots of friends will fight for this country and our Constitution. I think that Obama bin Laden does want a new Civil War in America. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

      You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

      “A patriot must be a religious man.”

      Thomas Jefferson

      • Bobbigirl58

        ‘A patroit must be a religious man.’

        WHAT????? Well, my religious friends are all sitting quietly, calmly and with open arms and silly smiles on their faces, waiting for ‘The Rapture’. They will tell you this is what God wants. Is THIS a true ‘patriot’??

        Why oh WHY do religious people insist on bringing their beliefs into EVERY conversation, political and otherwise. Afraid something may get past them without a bit of GOD thrown in? Hey, it’s OK to have faith. But it is NOT a prerequisit for a Patriot.

        Live and let live. THAT is AMERICAN!

        • sam1966

          Live and let live is not the American way. Many of our Christian founding fathers will tell you that. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

          You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

          “The First Amendment was written to protect religious values from government tyranny; If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be one nation gone under.”

          Ronald Reagan

          • Bobbigirl58

            And ‘God’ can be many different things to many different people. God is, after all, Dog spelled backwards!

          • sam1966

            And live spelled backwards is evil, so does this mean it is evil to live on this earth, hmmm? Please respond with something intelligent next time. Remember, what you post is in the Eye’s of God. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

            You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out. Sound like some ignorant atheist that I know.

            “I do recommend and assign Thursday to be devoted by the people to the service of that great and glorious Being (GOD) who is the beneficent author of all good that we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks for His kind care and protection of the people of this country.”

            George Washington
            October 03, 1789

          • Bobbigirl58

            Hahaha………I believe in DOG!!!

          • needfulthings

            AND !!! RACECAR spelled basackward is RACECAR! gawd sure is funny!!

          • needfulthings

            Well there sam1966
            “under gawd” was NOT in the pledge allegiance from 1892 thru 1964.
            “under God,” many regard the Pledge of Allegiance not simply as an expression of patriotism, but also as an expression of religious piety. Furthermore, it has been used by many as FALSE evidence that this is a religious nation; not simply in the sense that most people are religious, but rather than the government itself is founded upon religious (typically Christian) principles. What many of our funding fathers were gladly leaving behind.

            Bye the Bye Francis Bellamy (1855 – 1931), a Baptist minister, wrote the original Pledge in August 1892 (W/O under god) He was a Christian Socialist. In his Pledge, he is expressing the ideas of his first cousin, Edward Bellamy, author of the American socialist utopian novels.
            Thats right Sam .. yer supporting ‘SOCIALIST” IDEAS!!!!!

            Proposed amendments that never passed.

            1876 > The forbidding of religious leaders from occupying a government office or receiving federal funding.(religious perverts would slit the countrys collective throat’s for a Precived higher power)

            1894 > Acknowledging that the constitution recognize God and Jesus Christ as the supreme authorities in human affairs.

            So if our F.F. were such ‘RELIGIOUS PERVERTS” why? didn’t the above ammenments pass ? Hummmmm ????

      • Charlie

        Your comment indicates that your “friends” ARE NOT “Christians” according to KJV, or NASB or Geneva Bibles Scriptures… Look at Acts 2:38 and try to find another single verse Scripture that includes all the “Salvation” and blessings of The Holy Spirit that are called out in Acts 2:38… Let us give you a clue, no other ,single verse in The Bible puts in print all the blessings that are in print ,in Acts 2:38,,, therefore,,, Acts 2:38 is The Ranking Scripture for Salvation,,,BECAUSE ,,, King Jesus Christ, IS The Ranking Man in The entire Bible.,..AND,,, delegated some of that “Rank” to Peter at Matthew 16:19…
        AND,,, Peter, spoke Acts 2:38 and Peter also spoke 1 Peter 3:21 which proves Acts 2:38 is complete “Salvation”… None of the procedural contents of Acts 2:38 can be bypassed AND, still get The “Blessings” of that contents…………………….
        Acts 2:38 MUST BE understood and accomplished as written to become a “Bible” Christian…. Do it The Bible Way OR it’s the hi way to hell… See what King Jesus said at Matthew 7:21,22………………..Meanwhile………………………
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

        • Bobbigirl58

          Bla bla bla bla bla……………..only YOU, dear person, are a TRUE Christian.

          What ever. Good luck to you.

          Isn’t this thread about Obamacare???

      • Charlie

        Yes this thread is about Obamacare, which is a deception,,, and You Bla,bla have been duped, deceived and deluded by the Satanic powers that be…. Meanwhile………………
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

      • sam1966

        Bobbigirl58 is just a troll so please ignore her/him. For they have their reward. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves Bobbi out.

        “The fool hast said there is no God within his own heart.”

        Psalms 14:1
        Psalms 53:1

        • needfulthings

          I don’t believe in god. My god is patriotism. Teach a man to be a good citizen and you have solved the problem of life!

          Religion is regarded by common people as true, by wise as false, and by the rulers as usefull. Seneca the Yomger 4b.c.-65a.d.

          • sam1966

            Nice words, but too bad they are all lies. Patriotism is a love for country when it is right and wanting to correct it when it goes wrong, like it is now. There is no God ability in patriotism. Looks like you neeeeed to study more about our founding. Our founders even integrated Cjristianity and the Bible into our schools, so shouldn’t we be teaching them taht also? I do.

            “Religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.”

            Northwest Ordinance
            April 07, 1789
            Article III

            Looks like you are wrong on that one. Here are some questons that I have written on test papers for my students, do you have the intelligence to answer them correctly, hmmm?

            1. How many times in the name of God invoked in the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution?
            2. Why is this significant?
            3. What are the Bible verses on the Liberty Bell and all four walls of the Washington Monument?
            4. What is written on the capstone of the Washington Monument?
            5. Where do our freedoms come from according to our founding fathers?
            6. Did our founding fathers ask for days of fasting and prayer? If so, when were they set?
            7. What is the opening of the Treaty of Paris of 1783? What is the meaning behind it?
            8. Were Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, etc., Christians or deists? Explain you answer.
            9. What is Habeous Corpus?
            10. Who is known as the Father of the Bill of Rights?
            11. How many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were pastors?
            12. What is the meaning of the image of Moses sitting above the entrance to the Supreme Court?
            13. After July 04, 1776, what did our founding fathers base our laws on?
            14. What principles and laws did our founders base the birth of our country on? Hint, not English laws.
            15. What started in the rotunda of the Capitol Building in September 1800?
            16. Did Thomas Jefferson believ in evangelizing the Indians?
            17. Who or what did George Washington give credit to winning the Revolution?
            18. What did George Washington mention in his last address as CIC of the Armies before congress?
            19. What did Washington mention in his Farewell Address?
            20. Do the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Federalist Papers support each other or are they totally separate from each other?

            Since my students can answer these questions, I supposed you can also. So sit dow, clear your desk, get your pencils ready, shut up, and start. Let’s see if you can do as well as my high school students can do? Probably not, since they are the intelligent ones. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

            You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out.

            “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded assylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.”

            Patrick Henry
            March 23, 1775

            *He is correct. No Christian founding means you cannot worship as you please. Just look at Saudi Arabia, China, North Korea (Your homeland), Iran, and many other places that have no Christian founding principles. Do you think you can worship as you wish in those places, hmmm?

          • needfulthings

            Well Sammy I’m not your student but if you trained them they got MOST of the questions WRONG!!!! Below is a sample >

            1/ How many times in the name of God invoked in the Declaration of Independence and why?

            First of all The Declaration of Independence is not a governing document. It mentions “Nature’s God” and “Divine Providence”—that’s the language of Deism, not Christianity.
            BUT!! There were gods called God before the Christian god was called God. It’s pretty arrogant to assume that your God, out of the thousand of Gods was the one they were talking about. Also, many of the founding fathers were deists. They believed in a higher power, but thought that all religions were wrong in execution. Most who came to this country called there land lord “MY LORD”

            2/ NONE (read above)

            3/ We know Washington was a religious pervert as evidenced by his prayers, throw John Quincy Adams – 6th President, in the mix. Yes ….a Bible verse “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land was because of Washington.

            4/ The reference is an engraving of “LAUS DEO,” which is Latin for “Praise be to God,” and is on the east side of the 100-ounce aluminum cap of the Washington Monument.
            Since the actual inscription on the cap, which on the other three sides provides other information, is unviewable atop the 555-foot stone column, the National Park Service has created a replica, which is on display inside the white-colored obelisk of marble, granite and sandstone shows how the cap replica has been straightened and moved close to the wall so that visitors are unable to see the inscription at all

            Thomas Jefferson actually advocated a “gate” between church and state, and uncovered officials at the U.S. Supreme Court lying about the nation’s Christian heritage, also uncovered a “reinterpretation” of history at Monticello.

            5/ Freedom has been a dream of people long before there was RELIGION, Religious Perverts high jacked the words Freedom, Morels ect.

            6/ Yes SOME DID … NOT ALL !!!

            7/ The Treaty of Paris, signed on September 3, 1783, ended the American Revolutionary War between Great Britain and the USA BUT !!!!!!!
            The 1796 Treaty with Tripoli states that the United States was “not in any sense founded on the Christian religion” –This treaty was written under the presidency of George Washington and signed under the presidency of John Adams.

            8/ Seven Who Shaped Our Destiny: The Founding Fathers as Revolutionaries, identified the following seven figures as the “key” Founding Fathers:
            • John Adams
            • Benjamin Franklin
            • Alexander Hamilton • John Jay
            • Thomas Jefferson • James Madison
            • Georg

            only John Jay can be considered an orthodox Christian

            1 Peter 2:13: “For the Lord’s sake accept the authority of every human institution, whether of the emperor as supreme, or of governors, as sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to praise those who do right.

            Paul wrote in Romans 13:1: “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities; for there is no authority except from God, and those authorities that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resist authority resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.”

            So Sam as you see, If you are a true believer YOU should follow President Obama, and if you don’t you’re a phony (per your bible not mine)

      • sam1966

        Ooops! I made a few typos, but you get the gist of my questions. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot.

      • sam1966

        This will be my last transmission as I have moved on to other threads. Everything you have posted is a lie, but the Treaty of Tripoli written in 1803, under Jefferson, omits that sentence. This is a historical fact and cannot be denied. There were no deists and the only God they believed in was the lord God and no other. Since you have no idea what a deist is or how they believe, I’ll not try to educate you. Just think, my students will be delighted knowing that they were able to answer these questions correctly, while some atheist and scientist could not answer without lying about our Christian founding. Right Kang? You are so non-intelligent about our founding and all you are doing is deluding yourself. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        “The United States is founded on the principles of Christianity.”


  • alboy5

    Abolish ObamaDeathCare.

  • gdamifino

    How much longer are we going to talk and sabre rattle? The longer he stays in office the better his chances for sucess!! This s__t has to stop! There is four+ years of evidence of high crimes. Isn’t it time yet to put a stop to the madness?

  • Bill Woelke

    I agree with the author on many of the issues that he makes, but must part ways with him on some points. Yes, processed foods are terrible and should be replaced with unprocessed foods. I think he should have mentioned something about high fructose and GMO foods imho. Also I respectfully disagree with his take on elliminating beef from your diet. There is a big difference between grass fed beef and grain fed beef.

    The Health Benefits
    of Grass Farming:

    I also think whole raw milk is healthy for you. While I agree with him that less calores does equal a longer and heathly life how you get those calores is paramount to beable to maintain your healthy diet. Here is another article that might be helpful.

    Fats and Cholesterol: Out with the Bad, In with the Good:

    • Bill

      Hi Bill,
      Great Comments
      I mix raw organic veges with grass fed beef. The health benefits of raw milk are tremendous, but the reality is the milk industry has the polititians and govt agencies or their side to kill all competition.

      We need good fats and they counteract inflamation, which is the real problem, not cholestrol. Also systemic enzymes will stop inflammation in it’s tracts.

      Also, increase your testosterone and reduce your estrodial. Excess estrogen is the direct case of many diseases especially prostate cancer. If you do your research, you will find the right herbal combinations to do this

      I don’t want to give away my tricks on this post because then the progressives will make them illegal.

      But the joke will be on them because when they follow their obama doctors advice, by the time they are 55, they will be a mess. And we know how fast 55 comes

  • Mariw

    Such a good article, but it is obvious that, as usual, some understand and can SEE,while others cannot!! May God be with us all thru these next 4 years! Blessings.

  • http://N/A Jana

    I must disagree with one statement. The US should be added to the list with Canada, EU etc. of nations that subject older citizens to rationing and euthanasia.Older Americans have been denied healthcare and even subjected to euthanasia for some time.
    Nutrition and water were withheld from my father even though he asked in his “living will” that they would be continued. He had no chronic health problems except a mild dementia. I lived out of state, with my husband and young daughter. I called to make some suggestions for his care and they said, “Oh, he died; we meant to call you.” That was in 1998, in Wyoming of all places. In the blue state where I live and where I worked in the sick care system, euthanasia is not uncommon. It can and does happen here. May the Good Lord have mercy on us.

  • James

    FreedomFighter—-You speak with wisdom (Truth)


    Its not just about economics under BO Care. It is about Gun Control. He wants all medical records including all MENTAL records to be turned over to HLS for scrutiny and to be able to say this person had a violent thought when he was 12. So now he is unable to own a gun.
    He is already having the Navy give psychological tests to the military for advancing his TERRORIST WATCH LIST of Ex Vets and Conservatives. This will keep Vets from owning guns. It is in violation of the Fifth and Fourth and the 2nd Amendments, Including the Establishment clause and goes totally against the Unalienable Rights given by the Creator in the Deceleration of Independence.
    BO is a TYRANT!


    Health Care is very inexpensive: All the added costs, administative fees, legal fees, profits and ‘deliberate” losses etc etc are what’s wrong with all HEALTH CARE COVERAGES. The rationing should happen not with sick, but the other high costs/fees

  • FreedomFighter

    Obama to Top Brass- “Will you fire on American Citizens”?

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • jopa

      FF: What a silly pointless clip with an unknown source for information.There is nothing new about shooting Americans.Police in every city in the US shoot criminal citizens every day.I am sure if a member of our military was fired upon he would shoot back and make my day and his.

  • http://google David

    Bob Livingston: Great writing. A truthful account how a Socialist manipulates freedom and we can be responsible for a long and healthful life.

    • eddie47d

      The real lack of freedom came along when the hospitals tied themselves into Capitalist Big Pharma and the Stock Market and we all got ripped off for for the last 60 years! They Poisoned us and they got rich!

      • Bill

        Do your research, Eddie
        The largest benefiary of obamacare is the drug industry and that was promoted by your left wing buddies. Dick Durbin, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schummer, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid to just name a few

        Oh, I forgot, you are just a shill for those same people and you will disagree because you are paid to

  • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

    I agree Bob,

    but I would start by not falling prey to the propaganda machines and instead start by calling it by it’s real name which is Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Obama only forced us to face something we should have looked at long ago. It’s not really what he and Michelle wanted for us.

    It’s a start in protection from the medical industrial complex. Start by getting rid of the parasitic mafia insurance which has absolutely nothing to do with health and everything to do with maximizing profits and sucking them out of you.

    Then we need to break up the AMA types of monopolies and allow all successful treatments no matter how alternative they are. Ozone therapies, Colloidal silver, alkalizing, energy medicine, eating mostly raw fruits and veggies. Reducing stress, teaching medication and yoga at a very young age. Allopathic drugs, surgery and nuclear medicine is expensive and only makes us sicker or kills us.

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act meant well early on but after the usual compromise with uneducated, unrealistic, greedy politicians responding to their favorite donor/lobbyists it ended up being just another mediocre bill.

    I would bet that given a clear choice and advantage, Obama would have opted for Universal Healthcare. It’s really Medicare for all that we want. All who are able and work would fund it and then, because we are EXCEPTIONAL, everyone would have access to the healthcare of their choice. We want everyone healthy and productive and happy. Want more people to pay into it, give them jobs.

    Why should businesses be saddled with providing healthcare for their employees. Once liberated from that cost they probably would hire more people to get some real work done. Get rid of the parasites and I bet that we would easily and immediately cut 30% from our costs.

    A burger should not cost less than a salad. That is if the burger industry paid their fair share of the destruction of land, air and water instead of letting all of us foot the bill for them. Fast foods would not be affordable if they weren’t heavily subsidized. Let’s end all big agra, cattle, dairy, subsidies. And anyone that pollutes and destroys must pay more.

    The next chapter in this saga is then to start focusing on education and prevention. You are what you eat. The truth and information is available. It’s Main Stream Media that is making sure we don’t get it easily.

    Let’s fix that and many things will fall into place.

  • Wayne Allyn Root

    Bob Livingston,

    Great wisdom and analysis. Enlightening commentary. Yet so frightening when the light bulb goes off. Keep trying to educate the masses before it’s too late. We must all keep preaching the truth. Thank you for all you do. Whether it’s politics or holistic health, you are “on the money.”
    Wayne Allyn Root

    • Bill

      Right on, Wayne
      Bob has helped me quite a bit over the years with my education of alternative health. I have been working on it for about 30 years and I am still learning new things every day

      You keep up the good work too. Your columns are very enlightening

  • Danielle

    Mr. Livingston, Thank you for your article. I agree. I think control of healthcare equals control of the individual! People don’t see it. Government genetically modifies food AND genetically engineers people. Right out of the womb…pretty scary stuff! My advice to anyone, in a fairly simplistic way, is to stay as far away as possible from the “medical machine”! Eat raw, keep active, surround yourself with good people, and defend your liberty. I suspect we won’t have it for much longer.

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      Danielle, Also don’t beleive all the BS that comes from (college educated dumbazzes with their studies), or any carap coming from expert witnesses from any government agency. Look a what a super sized load of s–t we get every day from the socialisy/communist democrats and the muslim congential lying marxist. In the 70′s the big plan was supposed to stop using herbacides and pesticides when growing any crops. But when the EPA that was created by Nixon, started getting power. Suddenly it was vogue to pay landowners millions a year to sit on their rears,produce nothing, and take away jobs from people in towns and cities. After nearly 40 years, this worthless government program, has created lazy azzed rich land owners. Non ag producers, but Wall Street bankers , lawyers, ponzi program organizers. All support the BS of saving the mother earth bull. all it does is provide them a free hunting preserve that taxpayers pay for year after year. The use of chemicals on land was the brainchild of the dumbocraps, since they have several shares in Monsanto, whivch Wall Street invest heavily all the time. The easist way to force food producers to idle ground and have to use chemicals was raise the price of fuel. Go bsack to the f—king dems. who wanted higher prices and detured any type of chance of being self suffiecncy. The second plank of turning food production by private citizens and converting to a USSR style of government controlled food production. If you have any doubts chech out the Dept of Agriculture, created by the main democrap Pres. FDR, whose first Dept of Ag was a registered communist and beleived in government controlling everything out of a centerlized headquarters, like the Kremlin. If we didn’t have such a bunch of lard azzes doing nothing, and had to really do something, beside play computer games and whine.

      • Bill

        Good analogy, RR

  • TML

    “You should order the DVD “Forks Over Knives” and Fuhrman’s “Immersion Excursion” series from or whoever. It is an investment of less than $200. It will change your life beyond anything you can imagine.”

    Might as well just say, “if it don’t grow out of the ground and you can’t pick it off a tree… Don’t eat it.” That’ll be $200, please.

  • nobodysfool

    In 1967 we sat with an insurance agent who explained to us how much we needed his product. It was $50 per month for major medical. We could not afford it but made the plunge anyway. My husband was still in college but I had a good job that paid $169 every two weeks (yes, we lived on that!!) Then I got pregnant. Found out insurance wouldn’t cover the pregnancy because we had not had the policy for 6 months prior to getting pregnant. So we dropped the insurance and saved to pay the doctor and hospital. We paid the doctor $100 and the hospital bill, for 4 full days for me and the baby, was $150. Two and a half years later, our daughter was born. Both bills had gone up. The doctor now charged $125, and because the hospital was new, it cost $251.00 for 3 days’ care. That was before the Medicare debacle hit the fan. Now babies typically cost no less than $3000, and that is for a 24 hour stay with no complications and no surgeries involved, and care is minimal. New mothers are sent home with a squalling baby that they have no idea how to care for. When I had my babies, the nurses taught me how to hold the baby while nursing, how to burp, how to change the diapers, care for the belly button, etc. If the new mom today is lucky enough to have a mom who can stay with her for a few days while she learns these things, she’s ahead of the game. But so many times the grandmothers are both working and have no time, so the new mommy & daddy struggle through the challenges, and very often wind up back at the hospital because they have either let the belly button get infected or the baby is dehydrated, etc. Doesn’t seem cost effective to me. And the cost is so high because Medicare or Medicaid pays for most babies today. I contend that if everyone paid their own way for everything, we could soon get back to reasonable prices and sensible treatments. I take several prescriptions but am trying diligently to get off all of them because I know oBlamercare is coming. I’m 69, and in the gov’mint’s crosshairs for death by starvation or injection or by whatever means they choose. Working on the diet and exercise to try to stay out of their grasp. Anyone who thinks this is a joke better get some history books from the 30s and 40s and see what was going on in Germany. I fail to understand how anyone (even the commies on this site) cannot see the parallel. Great article, Bob!!!

    • Bill

      Hi Nobodysfool,
      They can see the parallel, it is their agenda. They don’t want you to see the parallel

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Medicare or Medicaid pays for most babies today? WHOA!
      Do you know any 65+ year-olds who are having babies?
      And are the majority of babies being born to the poor?

      • Katrina

        Medicaid pays for the slugs that refuse to work. Medicare is for the elderly.

  • 45caliber

    The real trouble with Oblamacare is that it is not meant for just one thing. It is meant to fulfill all of a liberal’s wet dreams. Every thing they want can be found somewhere in it if you look hard enough. That’s why they had to pass it without reading it – if people really understood what was in it, they would have been horrified and voted against it – and voted against those pushing it.

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      Socialist democrats , all have a mind like a lemming, if the head of the dive ais a communist.marxist, socialist, or any other abhorant behavior endorser, they will do what every their brainless USA hater wants Some of the words socialist/communist dems hate,are private propertu rights, freedom of government meddling in a citizens businesses, any private job creation and citizens creating any jobs and of course freedom.

    • Concerned

      Yea like the part that allows Obama to put together his own little army to answer just to him!!! This has what to do with “healthcare”?????

  • mark

    “Don’t let Obama kill you!” “The Nazi’s had their gas chambers and America has their medical care.” Wow. This one is really off the reservation – and deep into Cuckooland. Reminds me of comedian Lewis Black’s bit about Nazi Tourette Syndrome in which extreme conservatives blame everthing that they don’t like in America on Hitler and the Nazis and then link it all to Obama. Obama’s sole goal, according to these clairvoyant prognasticators (all proven wrong in the recent election), is to kill every single American, all 320 million of them! To wipe out the entire citizenry of the nation that elected him to the presidency. What a perverted, ludicrous, and totally ahistorical view of our political system. But here it is right before you! No wonder these extremist paranoids only garner 1-2% of the vote in national elections. Irrelevance is the paradise they all long for. A goal they have finally achieved. Whew.

  • Kate8

    Bob – I loved this article. Finally, someone says what needs to be said.

    Thank you.

  • Karolyn

    Off Topic -Good News – Boy Scouts to lift ban on gays!

    • TML

      If boys young enough to be in the boy scouts are gay, shouldn’t the girl scouts accept them moreso than boy scouts? Just sayin…

  • c

    Eugenics. America is at it again. Hitler found it so interesting that he modeled his program after the Americans that were practicing it at the time. He just went all the way. Kind of sad that he got the idea from us. I wish this was not true.

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      Look at sorry pukes who were in federal office in the USA, at the same time was getting Hilter got going. All of the eleitist pukes including the wealthy Roosevelt beleived in eugentic to cull the american citizenary, federally owned land, to fit the eleitist idea of a perfect operational government and its totally controlled citizen. Durning the WW11 the pedophile worshipping perverts embraced Hilter or any other wanna be dictator. Most of these perverted dictators had beleifs as sorid as the democrats and especially the muslim marxist in the WH. He is following the pages of their manifestos on disarming citizens, building massive data bases, and last bbut not lest, destroy the monarty system and economy. Read the muslim marxists books and see whast an anti-USA capitalism crossbred he is, with his own words.

  • needfulthings

    FINNALY! YOU GOT IT. We’ve been tell’n you for years that “Obamacare is not healthcare” It’s INSURANCE!!!!!!
    Bye the Bye it’s the CORN-servitives that gotta lock on turning the USA into an “Oligarchy/Fascist country.

  • Michael Ashcraft

    Bob, we have heard about Obama’s “Death Panels” since the day the man introduced Obama Care and all it’s components. We who care have tried to get this maniac out of Office by voting him out, but, it was the American public, and, lack of interest by the registered voters who kept him in Office for a second term!

    I am a 61 year old white male dying with Congestive Heart Failure, and, Cardiomyopathy. I have no idea how long I have to live, but, that should be left up to God and me, not Obama, or because of the use of the all-powerful Dollar he is spending more of than I ever could! Life is worth more than money, and, the patency of the Constitution worth more than this man’s term in Office, which has been the most destructive in history!.

    I already have resigned myself to be sacrificed on Obama’s alter of finance by being denied the needed treatment to help maintain my life, but, I intend to make such an international stink about it that he might just be shamed out of Office by proving what everyone has been saying all along about the “Death Panels”. I also intend to tie up the Courts for as long as I live trying to get this “Obama Care” overturned as against my right to life liberty, and the persuit of happiness. This shall be my contribution to expose this would-be Dictator for what he is.

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      Sorry about ypour poor health, but think about your kids and grandchildren, all ready some of the muslim marxist lovers are whining like b–ches in heat, because their paychecks got small, fuel prices are climbing again, food transportation costs are climbing on the average of 4-6% a month. Just remenber too have a good laugh at the idoits, when they start whining. 2 people who got to vote in ‘ 72 finally got a wake up light beam. Only thing liberials every get thru their heads of what morons they are, is when pain gets pretty intense. Cann’t wait till these college degreed idoits go on for several years, of burgers working and gathering cans, maybe these book trained idoits will actually have to find out professors are full of BS and don’t know what real world is.

    • jopa

      Michael A;Apparently you are a Sara Palin fan that started the “death panel” nonsense.Seventy per cent of Americans know death panels don’t exist and the phrase was coined around end of life counseling and the government paying for it.As in the words of Bobby Jindahl the GOP has to quit being the party of stupid and Fox immediately got rid of Sara in doing their part.The GOP has lied so much to their constituents they don’t know their a== from a hole in the ground. and are totally confused when it comes to the ACA or any economic issue.You are still a young man so wise up, turn off Fox and find out how the real world is from various other sources.

    • Charlie

      Michael Ashcraft,,,
      Take cayenne pepper powder with food or olive oil and check out the online info for cayenne pepper health benefits… Some claim it will actually stop a heart attack… I have used it for years ,76 and never had a heart attack yet … That should give you 10 more years on this side… Then check out King Jesus Christ,,, and He may give you eternity on the other side………………. Meanwhile…………………………..
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      Charlie Freedom

  • Bill

    I think I have changed my mind and I like Obamacare.

    It is a good way to thin out the herd. The first ones that go will be the dependant 47% that cannot do anything for themselves then the next that will go will be the arrogant progressives that want to meddle in everyone else business and make everyone else pay for it

    Yeah, I think I am going to like Obamacare, it will be kind of like the plague of the 1300′s.

  • Melvin2344

    HOW THE GOVERNMENT SAVE MONEY ON HEALTH-CARE : Pay the Doctors LESS; they then DIAGNOSE FEWER ILLNESSES ( especially W/O needed “tests” ! ) ; Medicare “A” pays a LOT LESS for HOSPITAL BEDS ; Medicare “B” pays a LOT LESS for SURGEONS FEES ; old people die from more complicated problems ; SOCIAL SECURITY then QUITS sending Monthly Checks ! RESULT ; the federal Government SAVES MONEY THREE-TIMES-OVER !


  • Richard

    Again with the death boards? The election is OVER. Give it a rest.

  • Concerned

    Your article is 100% correct but the average person just will not allow themselves to see this. I do not nor have I ever supported any of the grand picture. I do not go to doctors or any other form of accepted “healthcare”. I eat only foods I personally grow or organic foods. But mostly I just avoid doctors and all of the garbage there is to buy out there..never any “fast food”, “junk food” or anything else sold in our stores. It is all poison. And if you spend money with these places you support them killing you…I will not support anyone whose ultimate goal is to kill me or my family.

    • Julie

      Concerned: I’m afraid there is no such thing as organic anymore. Our so called government is backing Monsanto. Those chem-trails, the release of chemicals into the atmosphere, are raining down on your organic foods. If they can’t get you one way, they will get you another. Even if you grow your food in a green house, the plants take nutrients out of the air. You need to figure out how to filter those chemicals, that you and your plants take in, out of the air.

  • Bobbi

    The whole healthcare system is a fraud. When medicine became privatized medicine became a ‘business’. I went to a ‘doctor’ for a cyst on an ovary. Even though my hospital admitting form stated ‘No hysterectomy without the presence of cancer’ this ‘doctor’, with dollar signs in his eyes, ( I had great insurance ) did exactly that. Total hysterectomy. As to, in his words, ‘Avoid further surgeries down the road’ !!! He removed healthy organs for his personal gain. This happens many times every day. Sue him??? NO attorney would touch my case. Women’s bodies are of NO concern. Now, if I were a MAN who had his healthy testicles and penis removed?? I would be rich. In MY opinion, the whole health care system needs to be trashed. It is NOT about having better insurance. It is about HEALTH. You are correct in that people need to WAKE UP. Take their health into their own hands. Become as healthy as possible in this food sick world. I started juicing. Organic green foods. I have never felt or looked better. You will NEVER be healthy eating the crap our ‘government’ puts out there as food. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  • alboy5

    Obamacare a plan paid for by dismantling medicare to mandate death to senior citizens by a president born in Kenya, who should be deported.

    • needfulthings

      Obama care is INSURANCE. Not health care, where di they find you wakadodols at?

  • Don

    how could the supreme court approve of this mess that obunhole pushed thu. its probly tied to the elitists of the world. we can almost be guaranteed that they are members. the main goal appears to be the irradication of the lowly ones.

  • Newspooner

    Sometime I need to write an article on tue nutrition and share it with people here. Just to start: Apples, bananas, carrots, celery chocolate, meat, real whole milk, butter, sunshine, fresh air, pure water, plenty of motion. NO flluorides, much less cheese, no artificial flavors, and don’t eat anything that bothers you, even if you “like” it. Shovel snow in the winter and dirt in the summer. If you can’t play basketball and swim (the two near-perfect exercises), then be sure to walk plenty, climb stairs, takes long soaking baths rather than showers, and do more shovelling. It’s basically quite simple. Oh, and did I mention: almost no prescription drugs, vaccinations, alcohol, or other crap. And anyone who pneumatically ingests particulate matter with noxious chemicals (smoke) into their lungs is a total idiot,

  • nhor

    you can tell the really low and uneducated. You wanted it, free health care for all, you got it and in 4 years you will not even recognize our own country. You can count on one hand how many people actually know whats in the bill and those who do dont really care.

    After it passes you have world leaders spouted hurry up and die you old folks. They are coming for people like me and one DAY YOUR PARENTS over 70 years of age they say it cost to much and one day they will come for you to probably have I am gone of course..

    Shall I pack my bags now or wait for the knock on the door. it truly amazes me how young and dumb these young kids are today. Even at 79 I can still do math most of the time faster in my head then then young cashier at the local 5 and dime and they want to call me old and out of touch. I just shake my head and wounder what in the world are they teaching these youngsters.

    I am the past, these young kids who can not add, read, write with no jobs freeloading getting all they can get are the future and that scares the hell out of me. When I was young we looked forward to being productive, to going to work every single day. These young kids look forward to there cell phones and video games half don’t know what work is and because all that work has made my joints ache and my bladder not what it used to be they want to put me down like an animal.

    These youngsters think we have nothing to offer apparently many people now thing we have nothing to offer but at my age and many others like me every day is a gift. I have truly seen the good and the bad while many of these kids have only read about it. Its your turn and when you think wow look how bad things are and you look at your parents and your grandparents for guidance we PROMISE NOT TO SAY WE TOLD YOU SO.

  • Pete

    This is EXACTLY what was said would happen under OBAMA. Many did not believe this then. NOW they get to experience it first hand. Sadly so many seemed blind to what is coming and is now in effect. Only the implantation of this is left.

    • needfulthings

      There are NO death panels under “Obama care” … It’s NOT health care, it’s Health Care INSURANCE ONLY! Thee only “death panel” in health care I’ve ever seen was in Alaska. where half Governor Sarah ” [comment has been edited] Palin signed into law before leaving office. Her excuse ” I didn’t know it was in there” ….

      • http://naver samurai

        Wrong, wrong, wrong Kang. If there is a panel that decides who gets treated and who doesn’t, that is a death panel. It is already happening in England, look it up. Only a lazy fool wants Obama bin Laden Care. Here is what a doctor thinks should be done for healthcare, it sure is different than Obama bin Laden Care.

        Be warned, he buries Obama bin Laden at the National Prayer Breakfast. One of 2 men to do so. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!

        You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out.

        “A patriot must be a religious man.”

        Thomas Jefferson

        • needfulthings

          Errrrr.. England is not in the USA , and I did check and it’s NOT True! The Palin comment is 100% true. “A patriot can not be a religious man.” because there ain’t no gawd in my constitution , sorry about yours. “Political out cast” is a collection of religious perverts and that alone makes them unbelievable.

          “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful”

          • sam1966

            Wrong, wrong, wrong Kang. Read the Preamble to the Constitution. It does say, “…secure the blessings of liberty…”. The blessings of liberty. This makes reference to a blesser. The only one that can bless is a Divine Being, or God. We do not have that ability. It also refers us back to the Declaration of Independence which says all our rights are, “…endowed (BLESSED) by their Creator (GOD)…”, ergo, our rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are all given to us, blessed, by God himself. Not the government, Constitution, or your left wing wacko beliefs. In Article VII, it even gives reference to Jesus by saying, “…in the year of our Lord…”. The word Lord is a reference to Jesus. Ergo, you lose again. You say my post from England was false? Cite your source, because mine was from a British news agency. But alas! I expect nothing but lies from you. You say that my sources are a bunch of crazy people? Care to cite a source on that? Sorry boy, but opinions don’t count in this debate, but facts and sources do. Sheesh! How often do you have to be proven wrong and put back into you place? Since I have been posting about our Christian founding fathers, here is something about George Washington. These are historical facts and cannot be denied.


            Also, just because you posted a MSM source about Sarah Palin doesn’t make it true. We both know that what they say is only about 10% true and 90% nonsense. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. Do you not remember God telling you not to do this? Ooops! I forgot that atheists don’t believe in anything. They believe in the great nothing. Very less intelligent for someone who claims to be an intellectual. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 선 한 싸움 동료 애국 자 올려! 하나님과 국가!

            You need both love of country and faith in God to be a patriot. This leaves you out, 교포. In fact, why don’t you just grow up and use some logic. To ignore the spiritual interconnectedness of existence is just plain stupid and delusional. Athiests have significantly more lifetime suicide attempts, more relatives who commit suicide, are younger, less often married, less often have children, and have less contact with family members. Atheists perceive fewer reasons for living, are more impulsive, agressive, and more likely to abuse substances. This describes you pretty well.

            “A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which GOD has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.”

            Benjamin Franklin

            *You live in the region of ignorance. I know my God-given right as are written in the Constitution. But alas! You try to fit the Constitution to your own beliefs, ergo, you don’t know what it says and the meanings behind its forming.

          • needfulthings

            Counter Point>
            Thee Preamble to the Constitution is not the Constitution

            Dictionary sayz . Blessing 1/ Approval, 2/ Encouragement 3/a thing conductive to Happiness 4/bring Pleasure 5/ good fortune. Religious perverts hi-jacked many words to be their own like Blessing, Morals, Good, Evil…. All these things were known by many people. You are blinded by faith!

            “Religion serves men as blinders serve horses”

            Point> Declaration of Independence is NOT the law of the land! it was written to snub the religious perverts on the other side of the pond.

            Point “The year of our Lord…”.
            In marry old England You called the land owner (for which you worked) My Lord, the King whom had the same power of the Church was called My Lord! The year of our lord could refer to the Divine KING. Remember “The King James” version of the bible? Rewritten by a KING to reflect his Divine-ness. All bowed to the Kind and Land owner (commoners could not own land). It was very common to use “the year of our lord” it could not be a legal document without it.

            “ Man will never be FREE until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest”

            Point> Christian founding fathers?
            Most of our founding fathers were NOT Christians (as explained in my last note) PROVEN, VERIFIABLE ! Links given that you didn’t read! HYSTERICAL facts WILL be denied. I gave you a link to counter what you called all our religious symbols on government buildings which you ignored,

            .“The bible is NOT my book nor Christianity my profession” some dude named ABRAHAM LINCOLN ?
            How often do you have to be proven wrong and put back into you place?

            “Religion does three things quite effectively: Divides people, Controls people, Deludes people.”
            Point> ATHEISTS !!!
            I DON’T BELIEVE IN GOD. My god is PATRIOTISM. Teach a man to be a good citizen and you have solved the problems of life. … Andrew Carnege
            Benjamin Franklin >
            “The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason” … Benjamin Franklin

            “Faith embraces many truths which seem to contradict each other”
            “Rational arguments don’t usually work on religious people. Otherwise there would be no religious people”

  • Ter ber

    It has been here for over a decade now. My mother was denied back surgery 6 years ago. And a caller who called a radio show that his mother a nurse saw a homeless man allowed to die of an heart attack because they determined “he did not have a great quality of life”. And where I work a daughter let her mom starve to death because she determined her mother would not want a 2nd hip surgery. Yes folks it here and it’s going to get worse. So eat healthier. Make your diet beans.veggies, fruits. 75 %.

  • Julie

    More on this subject go to: obama_revive_hitler_T4.html This artical will back Bob’s up.

    May God be with you all, and bless you with good life and health.

  • ? cathy bauer

    We can hope that King Obama, just because he said, “Let there be “Obamacare”….that this whole mess (Obamacare)…..has not been thought through….2700 hundred pages!!!??…hopefully the wheels will fall off this piece of garbage……And, I’m not entirely sure the Republicans are against “Obummercare”, either….


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