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How The State Enables Rape

March 6, 2013 by  

How The State Enables Rape

She survived, but others haven’t been so lucky. And Amanda Collins is on a mission to ensure liberal lawmakers do not take away one of the most valuable deterrents a woman can have when facing a violent sexual predator.

In 2007, Collins was 50 feet away from the campus police department at the University of Nevada-Reno, a gun-free zone, when serial rapist James Biela attacked her at gunpoint and brutally raped her. After he had finished violently forcing his perverse sexual will upon Collins, the 28-year-old pervert went on to rape two other women, killing one: 19-year-old university student Brianna Denison.

Collins, who has become a public proponent of protecting Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights of self-defense, says she lives with more than the trauma of having been raped at gunpoint. She believes the situation might have ended with one deserving victim rather than three innocents if the 2nd Amendment had been better protected. That is because, at the time of her attack, the young woman was a concealed-carry permit holder; but, being a law-abiding citizen, she was not carrying when Biela’s perverse sexual dysfunctions overtook his respect for the rule of law.

In recent weeks, Collins has been fighting legislation being moved in the Colorado State Legislature to ban concealed carry of firearms (which was allowed just in the past year) on college campuses in the State. In an interview last month with National Rifle Association News host Cam Edwards, she refuted the claims of state Representative Joe Salazar (D-Thornton) who recently claimed that police and screaming are the most effective rape deterrents.

Collins said:

If I had been carrying that night, two other rapes would have been prevented and a young life would have been saved. All of these are just sentiments that give a false sense of security. In my experience I know that the university that I attended, the University of Nevada-Reno, they didn’t have any call boxes the night I was attacked. They afterwards installed them but I can tell you that a call box above my head while I was straddled on the parking garage floor being brutally raped wouldn’t have helped me one bit. The safe zone? I was in a safe zone and my attacker didn’t care. It’s known that I could see the police cruisers less than 50 feet away from me, from where I was being attacked but the moment I saw those cruisers, I knew at the same time that no one was coming for me….they were all off duty.

The young woman took her message to the Colorado State Legislature Monday, where her assertions that guns are an ideal form of protection for women were condescendingly disregarded by lawmakers based on a couple of interesting premises: Men are often bigger than women. And guns hurt some people’s feelings.

Collins was addressed by State Senator Ted Harvey (R-Highlands Ranch) after asking a simple question, “How does rendering me defenseless protect you against violent crime?”

Harvey replied: “What we are trying to do here tonight is not to protect ourselves from violent crime. What we are trying to do here tonight is prevent students and teachers from feeling uncomfortable by you carrying a gun to protect yourself.

“Every witness that has come up here tonight, they want to feel unintimidated and feel free to debate freely on a college campus. And having you have the right to defend yourself against a violent attacker weighs more for them than for you and the right to self-defense. And for that, I apologize,” he added.

State Senator Evie Hudak (D-Westminster) told the young rape survivor, “Actually, statistics are not on your side, even if you had a gun.” She said that for every one woman who used a handgun to kill someone in self-defense, 83 were murdered by them.

It isn’t clear where Hudak got her numbers, but FBI statistics indicate that firearm use for self-defense outnumbers criminal firearm use 4-to-1. Of the 2.1 million times firearms are used in self-defense annually, 1.9 cases involve handguns and 10 percent involve women fending off sexual predators.

Also according to FBI numbers, there were an estimated 83,425 forcible rapes reported to law enforcement in 2011. Females age 16 to 24 have the highest likelihood of becoming the victim of rape — two to three times higher.

Hudak went on to claim that because Collins — who also happens to be skilled in martial arts — couldn’t fend off the attacker unarmed, he obviously would have taken her gun away.

“You said that you were a martial arts student, I mean person, experienced in Tae Kwon Do, and yet because this individual was so large, was able to overcome you even with your skills, and chances are that if you had had a gun, then he would have been able to get that from you and possibly use it against you,” she said.

“Respectfully, Senator, you weren’t there,” Collins responded. “Had I been carrying concealed, he wouldn’t have known I had my weapon; and I was there. I know without a doubt in my mind at some point I would’ve been able to stop my attack by using my firearm.”

Collins also said that firearms are not a rape preventative, but rather a tool to reduce the risk of rape.

Colorado Democrats and the Judiciary Committee approved the campus concealed carry ban along with six other gun control proposals, despite Collins’ testimony. Lawmakers in the State’s Senate will debate the measures on Friday.

Perhaps if Collins were one of their own — a member of the elected class — like Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), her credibility as a victim would be more respected by lawmakers.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Robert Smith

    I’ve said many times in the past: It’s one’s RESPONSIBILITY to assure that a perp doesn’t go on to another victim.



      All part of the march on disarming America. What good is a concealed carry permit when most places are posted not allowing guns on the premises? However, they are still making money on issuing said permits and they also have your firearm registered so that they will know where to go to take your gun when the time comes.
      I have also wondered–how does a population of approx. 311 million people be held hostage by a corrupt government entity of approx. 1,000 thugs? Do the math–the only way they can maintain control as one by one, some of the sheeple begin to awaken, is by being the only entity that is armed. Even armed, how do you suppose we can fight the technology that is only available to those in power that will be used against us (i.e. drones, computer/phone easedropping, cameras everywhere, access to your health, banking information, ….the list is endless. This is NOT conspiracy–this is real. “They” use the label “conspiracy” against us to keep us quiet. I’m afraid it is much too late.

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        it’s only too late when you lay down and succumb..Period!

      • kimo3690

        AMEN Bob Peters!!!

      • kimo3690

        George Washington once said, “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” = 2nd Amendment Rights

  • TheTruthHurts

    What a horrible reply from Harvey… By his own admission we should disarm all government officials bc I don’t “feel comfortable” knowing they have a monopoly on violence… How can you say with an iota of reason that freedom of speech trumps your right to defend your person? Harvey truly is a domestic threat.

    • Walt

      You realize of course that this poor excuse for a “human being” was elected by those that felt he was qualified to represent their interests. In some congressional districts, more than 90% of incumbents are re-elected over and over again (Charlie Rangel come to mind?), no matter how corrupt, inept, or how much they lie or flip-flop their positions. In short, America deserves this horrific tragedy that these 535 folks have created for them!

      • Dennis48e

        Since eddie is so quick to defend their position I wonder which of them ( Harvey & Hudak) he voted and campaigned for.

  • eddie47d

    Very seldom in life when someone has a gun pointed in your face will you be able to strike back. The perp has the upper hand whether a robbery or a rape. Ms. Collins was surprised by her attacker and wouldn’t have had time to react whether she had a weapon or not. If she saw him coming at her then a weapon would have been useful but that is not the case.

    • TML

      Ms. Collins seems to disagree with you.

    • Buster the Anatolian

      eddie, were you there? No. I didn’t think so. Since you were not there and she was I will take her word that she could have defended hereself with her gun not your speculation that she could not.

    • Vicki

      eddie47d says:
      “Very seldom in life when someone has a gun pointed in your face will you be able to strike back.”

      ~2.5 million times a year people do defend themselves with firearms.

      That is a LOT larger than seldom. It also does not count those who struck back without firearms.

      • eddie47d

        She knew martial arts and couldn’t repel her attacker because he snuck up on her. The same reason where a weapon wouldn’t have helped her out because of that element of surprise. Vicki: We are talking about this incident not the other ones so stick to this story not some case in hobunk! Each case is different or are you that clueless!

      • Buster the Anatolian

        ” “Had I been carrying concealed, he wouldn’t have known I had my weapon; and I was there. I know without a doubt in my mind at some point I would’ve been able to stop my attack by using my firearm.””

        eddie since you were NOT there I will take her word over your speculation.

      • Vicki

        Buster the Anatolian says:
        “eddie since you were NOT there I will take her word over your speculation.”

        Her speculation is certainly based on far more facts then eddie’s. Obviously from the comments eddie wants her to play possom. I have a better idea.

      • rocketride

        [comment has been removed]

    • JimH

      Hi eddie, Are you saying because someone may not have 100% chance of protecting themselves, we should “just not try”?
      At least let someone have a fighting chance.

      • eddie47d

        If I had the chance to kill an attacker I would do so as she had the right to kill a rapist. College campuses have many reasons not to allow weapons on the grounds and yes there are reasons to allow them. On that day the situation was not in her favor. Should she carry a purse and never tell anyone she has a weapon in order to feel safe. That could be and maybe she now does. .

  • cawmun cents

    Collectivism again defeats individualism.
    And laws are being passed to show you it is true.
    When shall the eyes of the populace open?
    Never….they are blinded by their senseless god of government.
    To them I raise a toast!
    Cheers!(I think they will need cherring up someday)

  • chocopot

    Willfully violating (or even considering the violation of) any part of the Constitution is treason and should be treated as such. In addition, these s–mbags are violating their oaths of office and should be removed immediately. Our country is sliding into oblivion because so many of our elected officials have no clue as to their duties and responsibilities (or are knowingly ignoring them) toward their constituents and this nation. We can start with the White House and work our way down. Remove them all and charge them with treason!

    • eddie47d

      The only slide into oblivion I see is coming from right wing hotheads who are instigating their own brand of chaos. Your mirror must have too many cracks in it for you to notice.

      • chocopot

        Any doubts that you are a left-wing propagandist moron without an original thought of your own are removed with every entry you post. Your tired old responses to every posting that doesn’t follow the left-wing BS are getting very tiring. Give it up and go crawl back under your rock.

      • eddie47d

        That’s impossible with you Chocopot taking up all the oxygen under that rock

      • chocopot

        Really lame…

  • jdn

    Nothing , not logic , not the desire for self protection or the fact that the right to bear arms is one of our founding rights punctuated with the statement that this right shall not be infringed will deter the liberal class from their agenda . As violence is the supreme authority aka armed police and military and they will not stand up for our rights against these liberals it may soon be our responsibility to enforce our rights . I bet when it comes down to a fight of the armed vs. the unarmed the police and the military will defend those who are unarmed but wish the destruction of our rights just because they are politicians .

  • Warrior

    Dear “Evie”, you are a disgrace to humanity! All People have the “right” to defend themselves by “whatever” means necessary. Period!

  • Anna

    The women’s Lib movement no longer lives on the left. Feminism and feminists are clearly planted to the right of the political center. Women on the right need to recognize this fact.

  • John R. Howell

    It has gotten to the point that I don’t even go out to my mail box unless I am fully armed.
    I carry a small aerosol pepper spray in my hand for rapid defense against vicious dogs or a sudden attack by thugs. For backup, I have a Kimber pepper blaster and a loaded
    .38 revolver in my pocket, and I know how to use it.
    Concerning the woman who was raped, if she had been carrying even a small pepper spray in her hand (not in her purse or pocket), she might have had time to squirt the rapist and run away. Carry it in your hand. BEPREPARED!

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Ariviste

      John, you need to think twice about using that pepper spray. A really mean person will not react to it, and some people under the influence of drugs will not react to it. My son is a policeman. He and some other officers tested the hypothesis that if a person is determined enough he can overcome the spray. My son volunteered to be sprayed with the most powerful spray the department had. He overcame the spray, subdued the suspect, and handcuffed him. The spray you buy over the counter is not nearly as strong as the police use, and my son tells me not to use it. Someone might kill you for spraying them. Use your gun if necessary. The spray might work on the dogs, however.

      • George Griffith

        Rather than pepper spray, use Wasp and Hornet spray. I don’t have the site in my favorites, but the author is a security specialist.The result if being sprayed is temporary blindness and to completely recover, medial treatment is needed. Not only does it stop the attack, it also identifies the attacker.

      • rocketride

        @ George Griffith
        Too bad Wasp/Hornet spray only comes in such big, clumsy cans.

    • Karolyn

      Wow, John. It must suck to live in fear. Like attacts like. Living in fear only attracts that which you fear. Reminds me of a friend of mine who carries a gun when he walks in the few acres behind his house.

      • John

        Really no point trying to explain certain things to certain people… One does not ccw because one lives in fear anymore than one does not drink water or eat unless one is thirsty or hungry, or one lives in a home with a roof because one is in fear of the sky falling on one’s head or is in fear of freezing to death in summer… one believes in being prepared, so one is prepared. One CCWs the same way one wears a shirt on one’s back, and a watch on one’s wrist, etc. “Constant fear” or even “fear” is something people who ccw do not live in or with at all — it’s just about being ready. If something happens, the perp becomes victimized by his/her own decisions to encroach on other people and their property! And the “perp” in some places may not even be human! But there you have it. People who are trying to regulate guns THEY ARE THE ONES THAT LIVE IN CONSTANT FEAR and are afraid all the time!, probably afraid that their abuses will be questioned and they will be forcefully removed from office by “we the people”… It does not matter what one’s political affiliation or beliefs are: buying, owning and carrying a gun are individual inalienable rights and decisions and must remain so. All who think and want to regulate otherwise have ulterior motives, dreams of power over their fellow beings, and hidden wishes that everyone around them may be powerless. You know what Sigmund Freud said about a fear of guns, right? It is a result of sexual immaturity… Have you noticed that people who want no gun laws do not impose on others, while those who want gun laws never stop doing just that, and bossing others and controlling others is never enough for them!? There is one more law to write, one more restriction to impose, one more decision to make for others who cannot decide for themselves. Gun owners are mostly responsible people, who know it is their birthright and responsibility to defend their families, their country, and their neighbors, may the occasion present itself. Thugs, criminals, don’t care about laws, gun free zones, registrations, they are prey animals, stalk, mark, kill, steal, take over… When good guys cannot have guns only bad guys will have guns… and that includes anyone who wants to disarm the law abiding citizen or control, limit, restrict the law abiding citizen’s access to tools of self-community-defense. Will the USA witness the rise of the next Stalin, Hitler, Mao?… Time will tell… Civil disobedience is a civic, patriotic responsibility… When the SHTF, you can go crawl into your hole, tremble and hide: the law abiding citizen that you says lives in constant fear, but loves liberty, will be covering your back, will defend you and your rights, and will die for you!!!

    • Jeff

      I’m glad I don’t live in your neighborhood.

  • Howard C

    It is not the “Liberal Agenda” it is the entire Government’s Agenda. They all want to take away our right to keep and bare arms. They do not want us to be able to defend ourselves against them. It is the Globalist Agenda to bring about the NEW WORLD ORDER. The Left Wing and The Right Wing are the TWO wings of the same PREDITORY BIRD. These politicians want a seat at the table when the NWO comes about. They don’t yet realize that they are only “The Useful Idiots” to be discarded when it is all said and done. Read the ‘Guidelines’ written on the Georgia Guidestones they tell you everything you need to know about the Global Elitist Agenda in several languages.


    What I want to know is how are you going to make someone feel uncomfortable by having a concealed weapon? The whole point of conceal carry is so that other people won’t know you have a weapon on you, therefore you will not be making anyone uncomfortable because they have no idea you have your gun in your posession. Another thing, if I knew one of my classmates did have a gun I probably would accompany them when I left class if it was at night and I didn’t have one.

    • chief1937

      Good points I agree whole heartedly.If you are carring concealed that means it can not be seen if you see it it’s not concealed why worry about others being intimidated just might be you would save their bacon also.

  • old hillbilly

    Debating liberal logic doesn’t work because they have no reasoning or logic. I hope she continues the fight against free rape & crime zones. Bullets work, BS doesn’t

  • ibcamn

    Hudak(Dem)maybe needs to go to a rape victom support group meeting,hell Obama should “make”her go to them(he makes us do crap)for at least a year!then maybe she will see the light!or better yet,every body just vote this nasty pos out of office!it’s the liberal inability to look at the proof,rite in front of them,they just don’t want to be proven wrong!and someone find out where she got that number on how many women being raped were killed with their own gun!it doesn’t sound at all in a rehlm of reality,i’m sure some one has been and it will happen again,if the numbers are that high,it will!when will stupid people quit using someones pain to get their way(or is it ideology)it’s hard to believe a woman with this point of view of the rape of another woman is just unreal!!

    It just proves,yet again,that safe zones arn’t safe at all,there just safe for criminals!and just think of it,all these years people always gave me a hard time for carrying a weapon on me all the time,now people say to me”now i see why you carry that thing with you all the time!”odd isnt it?now women are looking at me differantly.(years ago girls thought it was just a bad boy thing,now they see it in a differant light!)

    Oh,..Hudak should be dropped off in a prison yard(without a gun)

    • Carol J

      What I don’t understand is how a woman can turn on other women like this. And she’s not the only woman in (any) state congress that does this. They run for office promising to help women and then go right along with all the male members of the state legislature. I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

      • Karolyn

        Like the female republican congresswomen who voted against VAWA. “Just be a good girl and follow the party line

  • dcjdavis

    Guns hurt some people’s feelings?!!

    • Vicki

      dcjdavis says:
      “Guns hurt some people’s feelings?!!”

      And the people with the hurt feelings are the only ones who have the power to not have their feelings hurt. This is why all laws designed to “protect” feelings are useless. Government can NOT force people to NOT have hurt feelings.

  • Franklin Horton

    The only place I don’t carry is in the Sheriff’s office, I figure there are enough guns around in there and they are all “citizen friendly” in my town. Other than that I carry, no one knows it , no one knows where it is but if I or an innocent person, even a stranger needs protection, I carry. All public places called gun free zones are going against the
    constitution of The United States of America. It’s their “request” not a law. And there you have it. Thanks for reading

  • wvbh17

    just carry. How do these pols. get the idea that they can just curcumvent the Constitution at will. So far in theis country it just doesn’t work that way!

  • wvbh17

    that’s circumvent

  • richard brooks

    how many support the age or criminal conviction restrictions to the 2nd?

    isn’t it the republicans that think rape is legitimate. and want to force the pregnant rape victims to carry to term.

    ironically amusing. and the reason the democrats will be able to increase the restrictions. the gop has shown them the way.

    • eddie47d

      31 states allow the rapists to have legal custody of any child that comes from that rape. He has an equal opportunity to go to court and actually take that child from the mother. Strange laws indeed when he should be in jail. New Mexico Governor is the latest Conservative Governor to allow this to happen.

    • J. Barr

      There would be no pregnant rape victims if all women ccw, only dead wanna be rapists! The problem with republicrats, liberals, etc., is that far too many issues that should be left to the individual to chose and decide upon are regulated and legislated! Burn all the garbage pseudo-laws in existence and get back to basic, sound constitutional principles, and America will be back on her feet in no time! All we need is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! Everything else, is simply evil!

  • JimH

    As I have stated before, The last thing a rapist should see is the muzzle flash.

  • John

    Hillbilly is absolutely correct. It is impossible to logically debate an issue with someone who has no logic in their argument. A comment on a recent national alphabet morning ‘news’ program was “Guns are icky”, whatever that may mean. As my father used to say, “Never argue with a fool. They will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” My wife (and I) are armed but you won’t know it until you attack her. She consistently outscores local police at the range and has better range habits, as well. Neither of us are terribly concerned that our taking on the responsibility of protecting ourselves makes some few feel uncomfortable because they refuse to accept the same level of responsibility. Cap’n John

  • eddie47d

    Rape was accepted in America not that long ago and the woman was victimized by society as asking for it. Maybe there is a man problem in allowing that violence also. India has a huge rape problem and in the Punjab State there is an actual holiday where rape is acceptable. Its called the Punjab Rape Festival and it is advertised to all comers as a tourist draw. All females from the age of 7 on up (unmarried) are fair game within this State during this holiday week and men are given prizes for the most women he has raped. This has been going on since 43 BC and if a girl is caught and refuses she is stoned to death.


    Again, another example of criminals thumbing their noses at the ridiculous law of “gun-free-zones”. Mr(s) Collin’s mistake was in complying with the “idiotic” law. Gun free zones need be abolished; they are the most dangerous of places for law-abiding citizens!

  • Evalyn Sherwood

    The government really didn’t care what Collins had to say. They don’t care what the American people have to say. They are going to do what they want to do no matter what. They
    are doing the bidding of the president who is a card carrying communist who believes the population should be unarmed. WHY is HE collecting guns & ammunition…to take over the country. We have been systematically dupped by our law makers. They don’t serve you they serve a president who is owned and controlled by then he Muslim Brotherhood. This was a sham from the get go. WAKE UP AMERICA

  • ibcamn

    Off topica little,but applies:Okay,another example of progressive liberal thinking,Fl. state senater Audrey Gibson(D) is saying and trying to get a law passed in Fl. that if you want to buy ammo for your gun,you have to go through anger managment classes!!!?!that’s right,do you think maybe if a woman has been attacked and violated that she would be angry(but then not able to buy ammo for her gun)and if she had a gun,but wouldn’t be able to fire it!so what would she do,hit him??!so it would be illegal to buy and own if you don’t take the class(or have anger issues)!what’s wrong with these liberal democrates anyways??insane?themselves troubled!??!this woman has no brain function as to what the constitution means,and means to a rape victom!vote out this crazy Jacksonville sen.,Audrey Gibson!!

    Wait!maybe Obama has something against rape victoms and doesn’t want them to have ammo for their guns!?!..I’m just reaching!..but i do think it may be a way to still get a register list, name, of people who own guns in Florida!they may just be using Americans anger as a reason!someone needs to check if she has talked to Obama lately!..why else would a senater come up with a idiotic idea like this??!

    Think of all the people that have anger issues with personal issues,not just the gov’t!wow,New Yorkers would never get ammo(for the few guns they have!)the liberals are reaching and running out of options,this would effect every rape victom in would that mentally effect a person?not having that option to protect yourself?

    • TheTruthHurts

      I live in Fl…. That law would never be passed under this admin; nothing came of the Treyvon Martin & Stand Your Ground Law (a special board decided that the law as it is, is effective)

    • rocketride

      It’s just a matter of professional courtesy between the marauders in government and those outside of it.

  • bafford1

    This story is amazing, even faced with this poor young lady, these vile pigs try to tell her how things would have gone, perhaps these (male) should all be raped by a large psychopath themselves. (But that is probably their fantasy).

    This is sick… these (non)men should not be allowed to serve in any govt. office

    I feel like throwing up

    • kimo3690

      YEP YEP YEP!!! Absolutely Appalling……….

  • ireAmerica

    Evie Hudak:

    Surrounded by armed security wherever you go – LIAR and FAKE. Fabricating statistics and DELIBERATELY disarming your sisters. PURPOSELY making your sisters and their children more vulnerable.

    Why? So that there will be more victims. The power you associate with GROWS with privation and injury and CHAOS. And you know it, and we know you are acting with EVIL intent to facilitate EVIL outcomes.

    Evie, you SHAME the office you were provided by the People. Your “service” is no longer required, the trust you were extended is REVOKED.

    • kimo3690

      YEP YEP YEP!!! Shame ON Evie!!!!!!!!!

  • Den

    It’s better to be a living law breaker than a raped law abider. I’m sorry to hear of the rape but we get no real answers just that these are the policies of the left. Dis-empower a system that has worked for 200 years over the feelings of the few people that are offended because someone is carrying a gun. It is getting to the point everyday is a gift because they will make all decent people criminals. Girls if you can’t carry a gun get a good knife have it professionally sharpened and stick him back. You may die and hopefully he will too- and won’t do it again. Jesse and Al won’t be crying for you just the scum that they got out of jail to do it again. Then the media will put it on tv to get the evil knife assaulting women to turn in their weapons. They days of self defense are over if they continue to win.

  • .

    That’s a helluva headline. It’s ridiculos to say that the state “enables rape” by not allowing people to carry guns. He had a gun; and how do we know that he wouldn’t have ended up killing her? I took a self defense class and feel confident that I could take down a perp without the need to carry a gun. Of course, that will never happen to me because I do not walk in fear; therefore, i do not attract violence.

    • Jim S

      Wow! You had one self defense class and you could take down a perp without a gun. You must be a legend in your own mind! I bow down to you.

    • J. Barr

      WOW! You must be living in a dream world inside your head! And yes, the gov. enables rape if and when it passes/enacts laws that stop law abiding citizens from carrying in order to defend themselves. I would like to see you stop a perp with a gun to your head, who is a psycho, from raping you! And no, you do not need to walk in fear to attract sexual predators! These people are SICK they don’t need to smell fear to pounce… I hope it never happens to you… but if it ever does, you will wish you CCWed!… And by the way, what if she was carrying and he ended up killing her? The other girl got killed and didn’t have a chance! She was raped and didn’t have a chance! It’s a choice, lady, and while you may chose not to carry, and it is your prerogative not to, others may differ and chose to carry and if they die trying to defend themselves, it is THEIR choice, not some stupid law maker’s or feel goody gooder!

      “. says:
      March 6, 2013 at 6:45 pm

      That’s a helluva headline. It’s ridiculos to say that the state “enables rape” by not allowing people to carry guns. He had a gun; and how do we know that he wouldn’t have ended up killing her? I took a self defense class and feel confident that I could take down a perp without the need to carry a gun. Of course, that will never happen to me because I do not walk in fear; therefore, i do not attract violence.”

  • JR

    Senator Harvey is one of the (few) good guys, and if you read his comments, or especially watch them, he is supporting Amanda, and heapingscorn on the liberal ‘witnesses’ that said they would ‘feel’ bad having someone with a concealed carry in class. Please read Sen Harvey’s comments, and don’t dump on one of the few sane people in our senate. Save your scorn for hudak and the folks from the People’s Republic of Boulder

  • Prom Ethius

    Collins was of course correct. The callous disregard for victims is shameful. And as most people are not trained in the martial arts, that is all the more reason for the right to protect oneself. According to the legislators Collins addressed, one must either let one’s self be harmed or killed (even murdered by AIDS), – OR – fight mano

  • bxarmybrat

    Does Evie Hudak tell the numerous female police officers in the country that they should not be armed because the attacker could disarm them?

  • James

    I wonder what these liberals would think it it were their wives and daughters getting raped ? so the ‘feeling’s of discomfort felt by those around Collins – who wouldn’t even know she was carrying a gun because it would be concealed – outweighs her right to defend herself from brutal sexual assault ?? it’s exactly that kind of stupid rationale, and all this politically correct crap, that does away with the true values which made America great.

    • rocketride

      This is what passes for thought among the aneuploid left.

  • rocketride

    We can hope that these wanna-be tyrants (and anyone else who advocates that potential rape victims be forcibly disarmed) get a good healthy dose of rape themselves.

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