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How NOT To Profile

May 5, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://none Burgi

    Can we all get together and support Gary Kreep, United States Justice Foundation, to prove Obama is not a natural born citizen of the US and thus not qualified to be our president??? This would stop much of the land mines going off on all sides.
    Is this possible that we could unite our efforts and accomplish something???
    Darlene F Burgi

    Bob Livingston,
    I’ve been sending the above paragraph to every conservative group sending emails. If we could UNITE, we could prioritize and dismantle these land mines one at a time???

    • Sharon

      Impeach Obama & all will be 100% better

  • Joy

    Hi John,
    These paperless people sign up in an Agency to get them a job. I knew one filipino agency in glendale. Do you know that those who are undocumented are the ones who are agressive and trying to take over your position. We americans should be alert …should tell the INS if we know who are these people working without social security or people working with fake SSN.
    Thank you and we should cooperate because we are an abiding citizens.

  • Doug Warner

    I still haven’t heard Obama say anthing other than basically, gee, this is too bad. I didn’t hear him provide and concern when Rob Krentz or the sheriff deputy was shot (Krentz killed) in Arizona. We DID hear him defend Major Hasan when he said “…sometimes these people just crack…” obviously not wanting to call it a terrorist attack, and we DID hear him call the Cambridge Police Stupid when he got involved in a townships police business because his friend was the culprit. We DID see him send millions to Hamas to bring refugees here from Palestine. So, am I to believe that the Obama policy on imigration is if you can’t sneak in, we’ll send you airfare? And once you get here…it’s open season on Americans, don’t worry, your Democrat Party membership card is in the mail?

    • Gramma from Canada

      VERY GOOD!!!!!

  • s c

    I have simple point to make, and I’d like an answer to a simple question. First, I see no good reason for us to think twice about the so-called inherent dangers of ‘profiling’ someone. Profiling is the computer-age version of ambulance chasing for lawyers.
    Second, in this part of the world (probably more than any other country in the world), Uncle Scam has been profiling American citizens for many years. Uncle Scam intends to do this with impunity. Forget the law. Forget morals. Uncle Scam suffers from an irreversible case of ‘if I can get away with it, I will do it.’
    For some reason, we are supposed to be intimidated by the idea that protecting ourselves involves a constitutional violation of someone’s ‘rights.’ As long as Uncle Scam has no plans for profiling everyone in America (the entire world?), I see no reason to play the game, and stand by and let lawyers or ‘enlightened, superior beings’ do what they want.
    ‘Do what thou wilt’ is an old theory. ‘Do what thou wilt’ is the penultimate Liar’s LIE, and it will fail those who worship it when they need it most.

  • b

    I say empeach the “O” and send him and all of his ilk back to where they can from after we try them for treason !

    • Sharon

      ME TOO & the sooner the better

  • http://google mike b.

    Between the illegals invading america and kidnapping and killing innocent americans(not to mention destroying property during protest) and islamic jihadist terriosts and marxist communist Hussein Obama and his thug administration, along with his minions in the state-run mainstream media, and the juvinile criminal democrat-led congress destroying america as we once knew it. This once great nation is now beyond repair. The average, law-abiding, common-sense morale majority(or now probaly miniority) of americans have no longer any say so in what happens in this decaying, corrupt country. I would think we would have a say in the next election, however between the state-run bias media and Hussein Obama’s race-baiting, radical, divide and conquer political aqenda, i just dont see it. Believe me i hope i’m wrong, but i just have a gut feeling Hussein Obama will allow voting from criminals, illegals who do not have to show i.d., and automatically register everyone from acorn to prisoners. This country has seen its best days and there is nothing but catastrophies ahead. If you don’t think america is at its last stand then you are just blind or are not looking around or just are simply apathetic and dont care to see it. The governor of arizona is a brave woman and politician and she should be given a award not crucified by the media and the illegal alien thugs. They will not stop at arizona they will slowly infutrate the entire nation and impose thier will on us. We must join the governor and the authorities in arizona and make a stand now!!! America is bleeding a slow death and the stae-run media is having a field day and Hussein Obama and his thug admninistration is aggitating and orchastrating this entire thing with thier race-baiting only for the forsake of future votes. We cannot impeach anybody, and even if we vote Hussein Obama out i would not bet the house on him leaving as he would probaly declare marshall law or delay and protest the results until their is a riot in the streets and he can proclaim a national disaster and throw out the election results and stay in office. Do not put anything past this thug Hussein Obama and his arrogant, self-loathing, condecending image of himself. Im afraid there is nothing we can do, Hussein Obama and the criminal congress will infringe and intrude on the rights on the people and keep trampling on the constitutional rights of all americans. They cannot be stopped, case in point, ramming down the massive Hussein Obama care bill down the throats of the american people. Hussein Obama and the government own practically everything in the country now, including wallstreet, banks, auto-industry, healthcare, student loans and will use his massive amounts of money and political war-chest and un-leash it on the american people. They will stop at nothing and nothing will stop them. The ill-advised american voters wanted change and now they will have to live with it. Iran with a nuclear weapon, Isreal now a enemy of the Hussein Obama administration and terriosts with more lawyers and rights than the american people. We have had 5-6 near misses of terriosts attacks, and by only mere luck and the grace of GOD have we avoided one under this thug administration and joke, clown of a so-called leader Hussein Obama. Pray now, lock and load, and run for cover as america’s under attack from many fronts, including the federal government including Hussein Obama and his minions in the criminal congress. They will not protect the border and the next 9/11 style terriost attack will come from somebody sneaking or just simply walking right thru it. Hussein Obama and a.g. Holder and homeland security director Napolitano will not protect the border and will not protect the american people, thats why arizona gov. brewer had to act. You people dont need to worry about your money and finances, you need to worry staying alive and safe from the next jihadist attack. Im sure the majority of americans, and a lot of the people i know feel the same way, as Hussein Obama and the federal government will not do thier sworn duty of protecting the american people, rather infringe and intrude on our constitutional rights. Hussein Obama and the stae-run media and illegal immigrants are protesting because they cannot continue to murder, rape and kiddnap innocent american people. All american people must show an i.d. when stopped and accused of a crime, no matter what your race is. These boycotts are silly, and only political, because why would you want to go visit or spend time and money in a state where you more likely to get murdered, raped or kidnapped, anyway.America as we once knew it is done and Hussein Obama and his marxist, communist is well on its way to conquering this once great nation. This is the “change” the american people voted for and now they have it. Lock and load before its too late, and pray for america hard now. As for prayer and the grace of God is all we have left and is ALL and the ONLY thing we can do now.

  • http://google mike b.

    This muslim, piece of crap is a registered DEMOCRAT. As for this idiotic mayor Bloomberg wanting to bet 25 cent, well thats about the amount of money each American citizen will own after Hussein Obama gets through with his marxist, communist, radical agenda. Sadly however, this Stephanie Miller takes the grand prize of stupidity, actually bashing american people who just barely missed being murdered by this islamic, jihadist, muslim worthless piece of shit. What would she want innocent americans to do if it was a successful attack, apoligize to this muslim bumb while we were burning to death. Beckel was being his normal fecicious self, unable to face the fact that Hussein Obama is going to actually be worse than the 2nd worse presidential administration of Jimmy Carter’s that he worked for. This is amazing that these thugs are apoligizing for this terriosts, anti-american registered democrat, and bashing innocent, average law-abiding american citizens. How about this “Hope and Change”. Hussein Obama is a joke and his administration is thugery in full force.

    • Sharon

      It is in the Bible that satan would rule for 4 years,need more bee said as to what obama is

  • Dave

    Mike b. How many attacks so far have been by people coming over the border illegally? How bout these two ways to stop illegal immigration 1. Put the business OWNERS in jail if their business is caught using illegals. Still fine them, but have MANDATORY JAIL TIME for owners. 2. If you are caught in this country illegally not only will you be deported, you will also NEVER be able to have any legal status in this country and N E V E R become an American Citizen. I think the first one would take care of the problem. As long as there is opportunity here people will cross no matter how high fences we build, how much we patroll, even if we start shooting them they will still cross!

    • DaveH

      Your second point is valid.
      But your first point, I think, is kind of Draconian. If we as a society think it is wrong to allow illegals, then the policing of that policy should be strictly the realm of Government (who currently aren’t doing their jobs). It certainly is not a function of business to be the immigration police.

  • http://google mike b.

    Dave i agree with what youre saying. It will only take one attack from somebody crossing the border illegally, especially if its large on a large enough scale. I didnt say a illegal immigrant will cross and commit a terriosts attack, but they do smuggle drugs, attack innocent people in thier backyards, kidnap, murder and rape innocent americans. Not all of them but enough of them. Just this past friday they shot a deputy who was lucky to survive. I dont care how many come here and go through the process and become legal citizens, however they need to get in line and do it the proper way like many others have. You dont know how many of these close calls, as in New York the other do was from terriosts crossing the border illegally, including the fort hood shooter. We dont know for sure, Hussein Obama and Holder only wants thier votes they dont care about thier intentions. I agree with your points 1 and 2 but what the innocent arizona people and authorities are going through trying to deal with this problem must be a living hell. Polls show 70% of americans and 63% of arizona people agree witht the new law, including the majority of blacks, legal hispanics and democrats. Gov. Brewer’s approval rating jumped 17% after signing this new law. If the federal government and Hussein Obama, who’s only using this issue for race-baiting and trying to get votes from illegals, would do thier job, and the presidents before him, this would not happen. Im not saying those presidents protected the border either, but they would not have attacked a sitting governor and criticized her only minutes after signing this law.

  • Dave

    mike b., Apparently you got the mistaken idea that I’m against the Arizona law. I was pointing out how walls etc. won’t do the job and the people screaming for the wall are as you say, only after votes. I know the situation at the borders is getting out of hand but that is mainly due to our archaic and criminal producing drug laws. I also have no problem with coming to this country legally, from anywhere. I wonder however, with this new law if a police officer hears someone speak with a German, English, etc. accent is he also going to ask them for papers??? I think you are mistaken about the NY and Ft Hood shooters though, I don’t think either one came across the border illegally. I might be wrong but I don’t think a single attack has come from someone crossing the border illegally. Let me say again, I am not against that law at all as long as it is applied equally!

    • DaveH

      It appears that there have been numerous criminal actions by illegal aliens:

      But that should not reflect on the majority that just come to the country to better their lives. Don’t get me wrong, I think those who entered illegally should be punished if caught until they get the message that they have to immigrate legally. But they are human beings and most of them are good human beings, and they certainly don’t deserve the blame for our bad economy. That blame rests squarely on the shoulders of Big Government.

  • http://google mike b.

    Dave, you are misinterpating my thoughts. I can tell you agree with the law in arizona. I never thought you didnt agree with it. Im not sure any of the terriosts have come from across the border yet either, but who knows for sure. All i am saying Dave is dont be nieve enough to think the next terriosts is not gonna come from across the border, or has probaly already crossed. I am almost positive that when the next attack happens, and it surely will, this person or persons would have come across this mexican border illegally, it is just entirely too damn easy. I agree with a lot of what you have post Dave, i am not at odds with you sir. For the sake of our kids and grandkids we need to vote this criminal congress out in Nov. and Hussein Obama out in 2012. GOD Bless America!!!

  • http://google mike b.

    The only people who are deranged are mayor Bloomberg, A.G. Holder and commander in thief Hussein Obama and his tax-cheat thug of an administration. The state-controlled minions of Hussein Obama led by radical MSNBC and thier 20 or so viewers have spewed this hatred and race-bating against the average law-abiding american citizens. The state-run mainstream media loves this anti-american, radical, american apoligizing thug Hussein Obama and his radical , marxist agenda aimed at bankrupting americans and trampling and “changing” the constitution.

  • Dave

    mike b., I read uyour post above and wonder if you read mine. What exactly do you think we should do about the border? You shouldtry to cut down on your name-calling hate mongering ways of expressing your thoughts. When you do this it is all anyone reads into it. I clearly see that you know we have a problem but I don’t quite get what your answer is. You also did not comment on the trouble with the border crimes steming form our criminal producing drug laws. We also have illegals in this country who are not mexican. I am more inclined to be watchfull of them and they do not come across the border but fly into our airports. As far as steming the flow across the border, PUT THE BUSINESS OWNERS IN JAIL. THIS WILL WORK AND I FOR THE LIFE OF ME DON’T KNOW WHY NONE OF OUR LAWMAKERS WILL EVEN TALK ABOUT IT! Unless the opportunity for ILLEGALS is done away with, they will continue to cross illegally. I just don’t see how this illudes anyones way of thinking!

  • beverly

    Look at the movie on the top of this page… How Not to Profile !!!

  • Dave

    Dave H., You want to put out the fire by putting water on the top of the flames and not at the base. You want to punish those coming across but not the ones causing them to come across. If the government arrests the business owners that is ” government handling the situation.” It is not the function of business to be the immigration police, however, it is illegal to hire illegals! I just do’t see how people can’t see that AS LONG AS THERE IS OPPORTUNITY ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION WILL N E V E R S T O P!!!!!

  • Phil

    If the word says Illegal and the action is not legal and the people do nothing to stop it, then something is wrong. By definition it is legal. Therefore all the Asians, Indian, Russians, etc can now come to the US at their discretion. We are officially the first ever open border country. Come one come all.

    I can’t wait till Nancy Pelosi wakes up in the morning – opens her eyes in her bedroom and sees 1000 new immigrants in her (& their new) Home.

  • Dave

    Phil, What the heck are you talking about??? By definition what is legal? Here again we see someone who is SIDETRACKED into thinking immigration troubles are caused by individuals. Until people wake up to see that their leaders are lying to them and crying wolf things will never change. What is really amazing is people think things will change in November but they plan on replacing the people they don’t want with people who have the same agenda they had before the presidential election! How is that going to change things or make them any better. Back to immigration, AS LONG AS THERE IS OPPORTUNITY HERE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO COME ACROSS THE BORDER EVEN IF THEY RISK GETTING SHOT!!!!! The only way to stem illegal immigration is to put the business owners in jail (mandatory jail time) when their business is caught using illegals. I just thought of something else, a reward could be given to people who turn in businesses using illegals and the money could come out of the fine. I hve yet to hear a polititian calling for jail time for business owners using illegals, WHY? W H Y ?

  • Dave

    Pull up the picturtes from montebelo high school in California and see if it doesn’t PISS YOU OFF! These kids have only made things worse. The ones who actually partisipated in putting the mexican flag above the american flag should at least be jailed if not deported (even if they are american citizens!) If they love mexico so much they should move their asses there! I still want mandatory jail time for business owners who get caught using illegals as well as any fine. Why is it not a damn one of our polititians will adress this? Their buddies own these businesses! Thats why!!!! Put the business owners in jail and illegal immigration will screech to an almost hault. THE WALL WILL NOT WORK ANDIS A WASTE OF OUR MONEY.

  • John

    Can we just do like we did in WW2, round up the people we are at war with,”muslims” and send them back to there country, or put them in concentration camps till they stop try to kill americans????


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