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How Much Do Illegal Immigrants REALLY Cost the United States?

February 11, 2009 by  

How Much Do Illegal Immigrants REALLY Cost the United States?

A report by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) cited several interesting statistics based on census data. Some of these facts may be familiar to long-time readers… but I wanted each of you to know the enormous costs placed on the United States…

Our government continues to claim that the war on terror is bankrupting us. But what about these numbers? You do the math…

  • $11 billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year by state governments.
  • Illegal households only pay about one-third the amount of federal taxes that non-illegal households pay.
  • Illegal households create a net fiscal deficit at the federal level of more than $10 billion a year. If given amnesty, this number could grow to more than $29 billion.
  • $1.9 billion dollars a year is spent on food-assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC and free school lunches for illegal aliens.
  • $1.6 billion is spent on the federal prison and court system for illegal aliens.
  • $2.5 billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens.
  • About 21 percent of the population of U.S. prisons is classified as “noncitizens” from Mexico, Colombia, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. About 5 percent is listed as “unknown.”

Immigration costs like all “costs" come out of the "TAXPAYOR" hide. These costs represent additional money creation that dilutes all the savings and assets in America.


“The High Cost of Cheap Labor: Illegal Immigration and the Federal Budget.” Steven A. Camarota. Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

Quick Facts about the Bureau of Prisons. Federal Bureau of Prisons. Updated December 2008.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c mailen, jr.

    This issue concerns waste of money, time and resources. It is a constant drain on our economy, and our leaders have refused to do their job. As long as elected leaders willingly choose to live in denial and violate their oaths of office, then individual states have the constitutional right to correct the situation.
    We must view the leaders of Mexico and America in the same light. That is, Mexican and American officials have chosen to abandon the people.
    It is time for responsibility and character and the love of freedom to relegate useful idiots, social engineers and anarchists to the ash heap of history.

    • Aida

      Yes Mailen you are 100%. Time to get rid of the bozos in government that are just self centered and don’t keep the oath of office and keep pandering to the illegal aliens law breakers Ids thieves. We the people are the ones that have to pay their bills, while they enjoy all benefits supposed to be for American citizens. These bunch of irresponsible seating in government, who the only thing they know what to do is getting rich on all the benefits they get direct and indirect from being in power. We had been squeezed to the limits by these selfish and greedy bozos in our government. Time to send back to their states to earn a living for themselves and making sure not to come back again! Time everyone wake up and see the danger
      we are facing at this time and more to come if we don’t stand up for our rights
      and the Constitution. We are loosing the country and the freedom we have.
      God bless and have a great week!

      • Maria

        Really? So we dont consider how they get paid 20% less in wages then those that are legal? Illegals stimulate enormous economic activity. The majority of them still pay taxes while using phony security numbers. Others work fill job positions that many of us would not do, therefore producing lower costs in goods and services. Really? How much would you want to get paid for picking strawberries and cleaning houses all day?

        • Ralph DeMattia

          If they are here illegally, I DON’T CARE who takes advantage of them! They’re criminals and should be tossed out. We spend billions each year on them, taking away money from Americans, then we have to watch these pieces of filth prding down our streets, waving MEXICAN flags and complaining about our immigration laws. THEY AREN’T TOUGH ENOUGH!
          Illegal immigrants, usually mexican, must be harshly dealt with or legal immigration will vanish and all we’ll have left is THEM

          • John Doe

            RIGHT ON, RALPH!!!

          • Rory

            Why are Mexicans coming here? Because Americans pay them to. If illegal jobs dry up then so will illegal immigration. This is the most inefficient argument I have ever seen. Every one of these speeches need to be redirected at the Americans who enable desperate people to run across a desert for 4 days, without adequate food or water, for labor that most Americans snub their noses at, for wages few would take seriously. If we spent half as much time shutting down or severely fining corporations responsible for illegal hiring as we do demonizing poor people this problem would be solved already. I’m ready to pay the extra money at the grocery store (which will probable be more than double the current price for fruits, vegetables and meat) to ensure a legal wage. Lets make sure our elected representatives know we are all willing sacrifice to make this happen.

          • Timmothy Jones

            Dear Ralph,
            there are so many ignorant people such as yourself who make me laugh! So I guess I should have to thank you! Why is it that people such as yourself talk about immigration and don’t even considerer factors such as NAFTA. But I bet you don’t even know what that means?!Thanks to American policies not only in Mexico but throughout all Central America, people are force to leave their land because the US screws them over. READ ALITTLE BIT MORE AND EDUCATE YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE! P.S THANKS FOR YOUR SENSELESS COMMENTS CAUSE THEY ARE FUNNY!

          • Elaine in Texas

            Ralph, you are absolutely correct. Obama is NOT doing anything about it. Only Arizona is doing something about it. The situation is getting
            worse everyday. Mexico incarcerates their illigal immigrants and has
            no compassion what so ever with people from Central America.


            Obama apologizing for Arizona, makes me SICK!

            We are losing our America.

          • Augustine

            Hey Ralph, you represent the millions of “Americans” (and I say that tongue-in-cheek because I don’t know of what ethnic background you belong to, Polish, Italian, German, etc,)that do not bother to read or fact-check things out before comenting, only to make a fool of yourself and worse, showing your racism, which you are entitled to since a lot of Mexicans have fought and died and continue to do so to defend our nation in order for you to excercise your constitutional rights.
            You see, I do not think much of your ignorant comment since you did not mention criminal employers and the complicity that our government has with these criminals. They exploit people, cheat the government out of taxes, and indirectly make it easy for you to make excuses as to why you or your “white” brothers cannot find a job because illegals are taking them and/or driving wages down.
            When America needed cheap labor and our economy was humming, no problem. Now that China owns our credit card and we are toughing it and of course, election time, it is time again to beat on the illegal alien.
            Politicians are worse than maggots in that they promise you the world only to always let you down. They sucker ignorant people like you to spew their rethoric. The one they always play. “It is time to beat on the illegal alien again” as it happens every time.
            As of right now I cannot find a name for a country that under the guise of “Manifest Destiny” invades a weeker and steals half of its territory. If it was “justified for the US government then it should be equally ok for a “Mexican Manifest Destiny” to invade the old country in search of opportunity. After all, the US is still a land of immigrants, right? Oh, wait a minute, I got the name….WHINERS! Wahh! Wahh!. We can do it but they cannot, wahh! wahh!
            Get some backbone and accept that our government has gotten us into this because only our government knows its agenda. Maybe it is because you do not realize that in the short future the US will be competing with other countries to attract cheap labor in order to stayglobally competitive.
            So, I can go on forever but what is the point. “Americans” will remain ignorant to a lot of things because they are lazy and still have that sense of “entitlement”. I am better than a Mexican because I am white.
            I always laugh because it is inevitable that the more Mexicans are attacked the more unified they get. They are young, vibrant, family oriented, goal oriented, and yes, as a baby boomer, the ones that are going to pay for my social security check and yours when you and I retire.
            So go ahead, continue to be one-sided. Illegals 0, employers 1.
            As for myself, I hope to be alive to see the “Reconquista” of the Sowthwest. We deserve it.

          • Tone

            Maybe all the lazy/cheap white people should stop hiring illegals. If there are no jobs they will not come. Check your own people before you start to discriminate.

          • Ryan

            I have to say, I agree with you Ralph. These illegal criminal immigrants should not be here, bottom line! More people with our views need to speak out on this issue, & stop being so complacent. The majority of Americans feel the same as me. We Americans should enact immigration laws identical to the laws that the countries they come from have. Lets see how they like it when the shoe is on the other foot! These people come to our country, take our jobs, wave Foreign flags in our streets, mooch off our social service programs, then demand we learn Spanish because they fail to learn English as ALL the immigrants before then did. They demand,& in some cases border line riot for us to give them amnesty. I say never! This is America, a country designed to be for the people, by the people. Being that the MAJORITY of our country wants these people deported & absolutely “NO AMNESTY” given it’s high time our “For The People, By The People” government do what we ask of it. Since the government cant seem to do their job, let us do the job. Let us vote on the illegal immigration issue during the next major national election.

          • Andrew Brown

            Ralph, if you say you don’t care about the above statement, that means your being ignorants
            Ignorance is hiding one side = corruption
            Ralph, you sound ignorant
            Very true.
            However, those are the anchor babies, which, are considered now legal.

          • R Martinez

            Sick Sick Sick I sure in the heck can’t wait for our friendly Hispanic friends to come & attack such discriminating people in this COUNTRY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA give me a break. The people in this stupid country are happy killing people, how sick have you all become. I am 100% AMERICAN & I don’t believe in harming a soul. I think every color every race every single person that was given life by God himself deserves the right for freedom all the way. Regards to such people blogging on this site out of hatred toward the MEXICAN community. Then all you lazy — Americans get off the couches, stop using your own Country for a luxury right now & accept the low paying jobs & work from dawn, clear up to the next morning with no sleep as the Mexicans do for this Country. OMG people get a grip if the MEXICANS wanted to right now they have every power in this world to start a war in this Country, & our Citizens have caused so much disruption in their Country known as Mexico that used to be a very joyful place for vacationing for thousands of people, now you go there be prepared to be a target of death. THANKS AMERICA! WAY TO GO ARIZONA!
            I will no be a part of this racial U.S.A anymore I will be strong & stand up for the rights of our MEXICAN hard workers who will work for this Countries obesity because none of you AMERICANS will work in the fields that feed you & your children, but California needs illegal children as young as 10 to come here to please this Country. BACK OFF ALL YOU IGNORANT PEOPLE TOWARDS OUR MEXICANS & FOR THE RECORD GET YOUR DUMB FACTS STRAIGHT ABOUT TAXES & THEM RECEIVING BENEFITS. EVEN ILLEGAL MEXICANS LEGALLY WITH PIN NUMBERS FROM THE I.R.S FILE TAXES. THOSE WHO DON’T STILL HAVE EVERYTHING WITH HELD FROM THEIR CHECKS, HUH DOES THIS MONEY GO TO MEXICO OR RIGHT BACK INTO THE GOVERNMENT FUNDS!
            Yea, I can give breaks to the casino playing Tribal Indians who eat, live, receive free medical care, gosh they don’t file taxes either imagine that, nope the Indians sitting on street corners drunk day & night & sniffing the paint they buy from winnings at casinos, that they don’t pay taxes on. Stupid American & Mexican people who are attacking the Hispanics give it up its too late folks. I’m all they way supporting them to be here & I’ll fight for their rights legal or not. Americans your people of God, so are They. UNDER GOD, LIBERTY for all. GET RID OF THE FLAG SALUTE it don’t make sense.
            AMERICANS please do all of us a favor go rent the black and white movie the Grapes of wrath, or my family, American me. WE TOOK THEIR LAND come on read between the lines all they want is freedom! Y NOT

          • ROY

            Really smart ass try and do it.If the US has so much money and power how come they don’t deport all illegal aliens,99% of them dont have benefits like you. I dare you to go and work a day in construction or picking strawberries in the fields of california. I don’t think the americans would wanna work in the sun.

          • American*67

            I think its ridiculous that some americans think that they are more american than others. It doesnt matter if you are a 2nd generation or 100nth generation immigrant, the point is; we are all immigrants. That is how america was founded, a bunch of destitute people came over from their oppresive land and began a new start, that was 200 years ago but the situation was no different than it is now. The problem of citizenship will resolve itself in a couple generations cause guess what? IF YOU ARE BORN IN THE UNITED STATES THEN YOU ARE A CITIZEN and 8% of babies born in the U.S. have at least one illegal immegrant parent. In an estimated 20 years, being caucasin in the U.S. will be a minority. So cling to your ignorance and racism now, and your opion is respected and valid, but in 20 years, all that will be left in you argument will be ignorance and racism.

          • victor

            Not sure what form of NAFTA you people are reading. NAFTA is ABOUT TRADING AND BUISNESS. In fact it promised to reduce illegal immigration “NY Times.” Please tell the coal miners, oil drillers, police officer and firefighters that gardening and house keeping are jobs Americans won’t do. We Americans don’t do them because we cant on account of illegal immigrants. (Because of the bosses aswell) and to the individual who said I can’t wait for Mexico to retake the Southwest, please they can’t even control Mexico City, last thing they need is even more land.

          • JodyJo

            Ralph I like the way you think!!!!!

        • John Doe

          Really Maria?

          So what if Illegals are paid LESS than AMERICAN Citizens for picking produce and housecleaning?

          You FAILED to mention the BILLIONS and BILLIONS of US $$$ which AMERICAN Taxpayers PAY YEARLY,





          TOTAL YEARLY COST TO AMERICANS TO PROVIDE FOR 12,500,000 ILLEGAL ALIENS IS $125,000,000,000(Billion)!!


          • Timmothy Jones

            Where are you getting your sources? Why is it that you have to make it so obvious that you are just copying and pasting some crappy/ phony statistics from a random website? At least do some readying I really recommend you Inevitable Revolutions! So you can educate yourself about Freedom Riders, NAFTA and those good stuff! Just for your information you have to be able to know how to read and not just copy and paste! Good luck!!And by the way, what Indian tribe are you from?

          • Scott

            Timmothy really???
            First off they have been busting farmers for the illegal hiring of immigrants; this has caused 90% of all farmed merchandise to be done legally. I have my house cleaned for years and my uncle owns his own service, they would never hire illegal immigrants because there clients want them to be accountable. Also their insurance would be voided if they did so. YES they would still be here with no jobs as most of them are now. My father is an officer and they constantly bust homes for selling drugs where there are 5-10 families of illegal immigrants living there. This sickens all of our citizens that came here legally because they see how there ex countrymen have caused a huge burden on there new country. Morons like you just quote a simple organization that stretches truths and lies for there own profits and fool eat it up! Illegal immigration is a blithe on our civilization and we need to take action in preventing it. I believe strongly we need to analyze and maybe increase the number of folks that wish to because citizens. Before we do this we must nip the illegal immigration issues in the butt so others can get here and join the best country in the world.

        • Mark

          When illegals or anyone representing them cry the blues, remember this.

          Cheap Tomatoes


          This English teacher has phrased it the best I’ve seen yet.
          Tomatoes and Cheap Labor
          This should make everyone think, be you Democrat, Republican or Independent.
          >From a California school teacher

          As you listen to the news about the student protests over illegal immigration, there are some things that you should be aware of:
          I am in charge of the English-as-a-second-language department at a large southern California high school which is designated a Title 1 school, meaning that its students average lower socioeconomic and income levels.
          Most of the schools you are hearing about, South Gate High, Bell Gardens , Huntington Park , etc., where these students are protesting, are also Title 1 schools.
          Title 1 schools are on the free breakfast and free lunch program. When I say free breakfast, I’m not talking a glass of milk and a roll but a full breakfast and cereal bar with fruits and juices that would make a Marriott proud. The waste of this food is monumental, with trays and trays of it being dumped in the trash uneaten.
          I estimate that well over 50% of these students are obese or at least moderately overweight. About 75% or more DO have cell phones. The school also provides day care centers for the unwed teenage pregnant girls (some as young as 13) so they can attend class without the inconvenience of having to arrange for babysitters or having family watch their kids.
          I was ordered to spend $700,000 on my department or risk losing
          funding for the upcoming year even though there was little need for anything; my budget was already substantial. I ended up buying new computers for the computer learning center, half of which, one month later, have been carved with graffiti by the appreciative students who obviously feel humbled and grateful to have a free education in America
          I have had to intervene several times for young and substitute teachers whose classes consist of many illegal immigrant students, here in the country less than 3 months, who raised so much hell with the female teachers, calling them Putas (whores) and throwing things, that the teachers were in tears.
          Free medical, free education, free food, free day care etc., etc, etc. Is it any wonder they feel entitled to not only be in this country but to demand rights, privileges and entitlements?
          To those who want to point out how much these illegal immigrants contribute to our society because they LIKE their gardener and housekeeper and they like to pay less for tomatoes: spend some time in the real world of illegal immigration and see the TRUE costs.
          Higher insurance, medical facilities closing, higher medical costs, more crime, lower standards of education in our schools, overcrowding, new diseases. For me, I’ll pay more for tomatoes.

          Americans, We need to wake up.

          It does, however, have everything to do with culture: It involves an American third-world culture that does not value education, that accepts children getting pregnant and dropping out of school by 15 and that refuses to assimilate, and an American culture that has become so weak and worried about “political correctness that we don’t have the will to do anything about it.
          If this makes your blood boil, as it did mine, forward this to everyone you know.
          CHEAP LABOR? Isn’t that what the whole immigration issue is about?
          Business doesn’t want to pay a decent wage.
          Consumers don’t want expensive produce.
          Government will tell you Americans don’t want the jobs.
          But the bottom line is cheap labor. The phrase cheap labor is a myth, a farce, and a lie. There is no such thing as cheap labor.

          Take, for example, an illegal alien with a wife and five children. He takes a job for $5.00 or 6.00/hour. At that wage, with six dependents, he pays no income tax, yet at the end of the year, if he files an Income Tax Return, he gets an earned income creditof up to $3,200 free.

          He qualifies for Section 8 housing and subsidized rent.
          He qualifies for food stamps.

          He qualifies for free (no deductible, no co-pay) health care.

          His children get free breakfasts and lunches at school.

          He requires bilingual teachers and books.

          He qualifies for relief from high energy bills.

          If they are, or become, aged, blind or disabled, they qualify for SSI. If qualified for SSI they can qualify for Medicaid. All of this is at (our) taxpayer’s expense.
          He doesn’t worry about car insurance, life insurance, or homeowners insurance.
          Taxpayers provide Spanish language signs, bulletins and printed material.
          He and his family receive the equivalent of $20.00 to $30.00/hour in benefits.
          Working Americans are lucky to have $5.00 or $6..00/hour left after paying their bills and his.
          Cheap labor? YEAH RIGHT!
          Please pass this on to as many as possible. Immigration legislation is to be considered in 2010. This is important to working Americans, our economy and our American culture and heritage..

          Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe. Theodore Roosevelt

          • Elaine in Texas

            Mark, post this on Facebook. Send it to O’Reilly @ FOX.
            People need to wake up! California is broke and this gravy
            train continues to grow. High school sports programs stopped
            due to lack of money. 1/2 day on Wednesday, soon one full day
            off for school children like in Hawaii. Hawaii is also broke.

            We need to protest, orgazine and be heard. IT MUST STOP!

          • J. GRIGGS


          • Diane

            Great post! REALLY LOVE YOU FOR THAT ONE, but I am sure the ignoramous’ couldn’t stomach the whole thing and face the music. Really great, Mark! That was needed in this arena. I work in the healthcare arena. A Registered Nurse who deals with insurance companies, medicare and medicaid EVERY SINGLE DAY OF WORK. The amount of $$ we lose on the undocumented is UNBELIEVABLE. I laugh when some say Illegals don’t have health benefits. Somehow, they are treated in our Clinic and pay a nominal fee, if any… and they arrive and go home by taxi!!! If they get really sick, they come to the hospital, get admitted, sometimes for days; then they are billed. HA! Just billed; not a dime is returned. And they multiply like rabbitts. And it is certainly not all Mexicans here in NY. I work my ass off. Always 6 days; sometimes 7, to pay my mortgage and send my kid to private school. HS starting soon, so tuition doubled. These Illegals have it made in the shade, and these idiots who defend them like they are “picked on” or the like are really ignorant and/or have no clue. Where the hell is my American dream?

        • Vicki

          Marie – Most do NOT pay tax because they are working the CASH only jobs – but they are on the government dole. You need to get the facts. and face reality.

          If our country would control illegal immigration, we could get the economy back onit’s feet and the our welfare systems would not be bank rubpting our country! There would be jobs – and Yes the Americans that need a job would work at them – they did it before and they can do it again.

        • Ed

          Okay, lets take this and look at it. IF we sent back the illegals (crimmials all – they broke the law comming here) where would we get the people to the jobs no body wants? How about if we cut out welfare? Then the other freeloaders (those on welfare) would have to find jobs (work the illegals were doing). Problem solved – AND the freeloaders would become productive tax paying members of our nation instead of being lazy bums and a drain living off those of us that work and pay taxes.

        • tmaiers

          Maria, not sure where you live, however growing up on a farm in Mn. and without a job,I would be glad to pick strawberries and what else needs picking and many would as well in this economy for minimum wage. I believe your responses are excuses and the costs outweigh the income produced by non citizens. I suggest you wake up and know your liberties and your way of life most likely will be in jeopardy in the near future as we head down the road of Socialism.

        • MARGARET

          then you pay the billions of dollars these illegals take from legal taxpayers.
          you are a sickening human and apparently ANTI/AMERICAN

          • Emily

            No, You are anti-American.

          • Diane

            Yes! Maria should take a hike or long walk off a short pier if she is so unhappy here. Bet she would crap a brick if she had to go to the country her family originated from. But she should go since she is so unhappy. Immigrants I know of years ago came here and stood on a bread line. That was ALL they got, and they made it. Somehow, this is now the land of entitlement with little or no input. Couples coming here, stayin illegally and multiplying like rabbits. Citizen Mom’s can’t afford to be a full-time Mom; somehow, non-citizens do. Go figure.

        • Emily

          Immigrants have as much right as anyone to be here in the land of opportunity and freedom. I think we should open the borders up and let anyone in who has good intentions and proper back ground checks. Imagine if you had grown up in a land of poverty adn try to escape and make a better life for you and your family and were rejected and denied. What is the USA? The popular kids A.K.A. the bratty snobs. If we really wanted to look into improper spending we need to go Republican. The Democrats are costing us more than immigrants ever have. There are bigger things we need to focus on. Maria made a GREAT point.

          • http://personallibertydigest glenn

            Th is no more opportunity

          • Deborah

            Emily, good intentions pave the road to Hell. You really think we should open the borders to anyone seeking opportunity? If they want opportunity in America, they can go through the process of AT LEAST getting a Visa. I may disagree with many things the U.S. has done, but, whether I like it or not, I am an American. I was born and raised here. I’m all for universal acceptance and all that crap, but I’m rather sick of not being able to get a job because I can’t speak Spanish.

        • http://personallibertydigest glenn

          do you actually think there just picking strawberries you need to do some homework look in the private sector thats all there is sure it’s the companies fault for hiring them but they create less wages so the companies will go for them so they can get more of a profit and in return that screws us all you people that keep saying there picking strawberries or in fields are full of it and you know it

        • Dam BA

          Maria, I have lived amongst illegal immigrants the last three neighborhoods, near Riverside, CA. I rent from them, even though I have a masters degree from private colleges, not the other way around. They are not living in the shadows, have big middle-class homes and drive three, four or five cars to each of their households. However, most of their income is off of the books, except, in sharing mailboxes with them, they get a lot of letters from Medical (medicaid),Gain, free lunches at school, one of them gets 800/mo for a special needs kid, who really is not special needs. Two of the men in the households have a wife and family here and another one in Mexico. They have cottages out back they rent to illegals but they are not registered with the district, so they don’t pay taxes on them. Their names are spelled slightly differently on the mail they receive, and they also get mail to relatives of theirs from medicaid. (who don’t live here). Most don’t pay income taxes. Don’t have auto insurance, which means everybody has to pay for that, and they don’t seem bothered if a citizen neighbor would like them to abide by the ordinances. Somehow, they come into possession of new autos quite regularly, for a while, and then drive them down to Mexico to sell. Now, this is three out of the three illegal immigrants I have rented from. Before that I had never lived in a neighborhood that was 90% illegal. One of these three also sold Meth, and another sold weed. Don’t tell me to contact the authorities; I’m surrounded by them–so that would be a death sentence.

        • Lou

          Maria, Here are the numbers- there’s a path to legal immigration there is no excuse. They can simulate the economy like every other legal person here.

          -$11 billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year by state governments.
          Illegal households only pay about one-third the amount of federal taxes that non-illegal households pay.
          Illegal households create a net fiscal deficit at the federal level of more than $10 billion a year. If given amnesty, this number could grow to more than $29 billion.
          -$1.9 billion dollars a year is spent on food-assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC and free school lunches for illegal aliens.
          -$1.6 billion is spent on the federal prison and court system for illegal aliens.
          -$2.5 billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens.
          -About 21 percent of the population of U.S. prisons is classified as “noncitizens” from Mexico, Colombia, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. About 5 percent is listed as “unknown.”

      • ivette

        you are stupid illegal ppl come for better lives

        • Sophie

          Thats all fine and dandy if they want to get better lives. Personally i honestly dont care, they can suffer and i’ll sleep like a baby at night. if they cant read and write and pass the citzenship test the shouldnt be in the United States in the first place. also theyre could be criminals coming in to the U.S. and we wouldnt even know. They do easy jobs that any bum on the side of the street could do in fact i would actually prefer it if the bum got the job so they dont have to be on the street homeless. As a country we have to pay more for them because they use are schools are welfare progarms etc etc and they dont pay the taxes for them. Pardon my french but its a bunch of Bull Shit

          • Gemma

            Sophie If those bums wanted those jobs they would get them but seeming that they are lazy, drunks, who prefer to beg for its much easier to ask for money or live under a bridge. Both my husband and I are of Mexican descent and have done tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our parents were legal immigrants who worked hard and never asked for any kind of assistance. I see many I mean plenty of Americans white black you name it at the foodstamp office where i work. Fact is we like to always have scape goats and the mexicans and other central american people are being targeted for where our country is failing. And i have earned my right to speake my mind as has many of my cousins and inlaws who serve and have served

          • R Martinez

            First of all go back to school,learn about the history of this Country, then blog about our Mexicans. Personally the Mexicans know more facts about our Country than what you think. LANGUAGE IS LANGUAGE!! Some of you AMERICANS can’t even speak ENGLISH properly. I’m all 100% white, & till the day I die I will support both legal, & illegal MEXICANS. Those who appose to our Hispanic Community are not of human nature. Give me a break, sleep like a baby, well I hope you can sleep like a baby if it was one of your babies thats body parts show up in a box with a ransom letter demanding money or the head will get sent to you next. I have personally witnessed enough from all the racist people in this Country, & I can’t wait till the borders are took down, & we all become one, wow even having the MEXICANS bringing their jobs to our Country so Americans can stop with the ignorant excuses THE MEXICANS ARE TAKING ALL THE JOBS, please look in the mirror Americans are the lamest excuse makers I have ever came across. AND FOR THE RECORD AMERICANS ILLEGAL MEXICANS DON’T RECEIVE BENEFITS as you think they do. AMERICANS good job for falling for what you hear you believe, what gets broad casted all over news, sometimes is not even based on true facts. I would love to see those who say ENGLISH PLEASE, ITS AMERICA SPEAK ENGLISH, get your butts to a different Country for vacation, for work, or any other reason, & learn their language too, ha ha impossible because Americans can’t do what MEXICANS do & thats work, make money, raise loving families. I seriously doubt any AMERICANS are sleeping like babies right now because your neighbor may be Black, Indian, White, or any other race thats not Mexican, & I guarantee they are just as much as dope dealers than what you think. If you seriously think drugs are in this Country simply because Mexicans, your a fool to even believe in such retarded facts. Drugs are drugs, made on your same street from any race not just MEXICANS. Now Sleep like a baby because it will only get worse from here, Thanks to people like you, & all of the other un-intelligent AMERICANS that can’t see between the cracks. Slavery is back, Blacks better watch out, you may be targeted next to be deported, Indians better prepare for your Tribal casinos that make your beer money & drug money to be deported too, because Americans in this Country think their —- don’t stink. Well it does I can personally feel the devil has taken over & this world is doomed, because judgmental, corrupted, racist, cry babies over anything that has singled out the MEXICANS have created disasters all of the entire world. GOD has it all in his hands people we don’t & if you think that God will keep allowing his Children to be harmed, no one will survive the next Apocalypse. WAY TO GO Thanks America & all the Stupidest people that cry & discriminate, didn’t this Country do this before thy Black race, Obama are you in for the long run to allow this to keep going on, so the U.S.A can turn into another Iraq, or are you in to keep peace amongst skin color, & languages. FREEDOM, LENDING A HELPING HAND FOR A COUNTRY DESPERATE IN NEED (MEXICO), OR ARE WE JUST GONNA SIT HERE & LISTEN TO THIS CRAP ALL OVER MONEY, DAMN MONEY GREEDY COUNTRY LET NATURAL HUMAN KIND OF GOD, BE HERE FREELY SO AMERICANS CAN GET BACK TO WORK, COUNTRY WITH COUNTRY HAND IN HAND THOUSANDS OF MORE JOBS CAN BE BROUGHT HERE FROM MEXICO & YET COUCH POTATO AMERICANS, AND ALL ENGLISH AMERICANS, WHO SLEEP LIKE BABIES IS BECAUSE YOU YOURSELF USE THE LEGAL SYSTEM AS A LUXURY. BE KIND LOVE & RESPECT GIVE & THIS COUNTRY WILL RECEIVE ITS BLESSING WITH OUR MEXICAN FRIENDS HELP.

        • Mary Anne

          Yes, the ILLEGALS come here for a better life. So did my ancestors when they escaped the potato famine and oppression from the Irish landowners, but they had to pass approval from the government first. Then because there was no welfare they started working. They did the jobe no one else wanted, like police and fire duties, and they made them into something honorable. The women worked as maids and very often had only 1 evening a week off. So, yes, you are welcome here as long as I don’t have to support you and I don’t have to speak Spanish because you are too lazy to learn English. If I emigrated to Sweden they sure are not going to have a translator available so I don’t have to learn Swedish. So if you want to live here, give up the Mexican flag and FIT IN.

          • kathleen

            Wow I’m sad to read your self centered story.
            Guess what when the early immigrants came they didn’t all have papers. Yes they did work and they worked in factories not skilled jobs. Also, just a bit of advise learn another language besides English because that is not going to get you very far, challenge yourself. I hope you know that we are all here illegally we stole this land from the Native American it was not given to us it was occupied when we arrived. Perhaps this is our “Karma” we are now paying for what we did to the Native American.

          • Manny 11

            Mary anne u believe because ur family suffered at one point that u can relate to the suffering illegal immigrants are going through u are wrong…. Im glad ur family made it through… But think about this, how can u compare coming over back when america started to now… Back then you had to wait maybe a few months at most to be allowed in to the country legally… Ur family was suffering the potato famine, do u think they would have waited in their country for years we are talking up to 10, until the united states decided to allow them in, no they would not, so dont use ur ancestors to make an argue ment that about the present when things are much more difficult.. and Immigrants are not being lazy to learn english, actually they end up learning enough english to get by after being in this country for a few years, they work sun up to after sun down seven days a week, where can they find time to take english classes? so unless u can actually put urself in their shoes u have no room to talk, u among so many other ignorant americans that dont understand the meaning of hardship and expect everything to be handed to them… educate urself… with ur nine to five job im sure u can take time to learn spanish, and maybe help u get a better job because u will become bilingual…

          • Diane

            It’s NOT just the Mexicans (here in NY), but YOU GO GIRL!

        • Elaine in Texas


        • http://personallibertydigest glenn

          Yea and in return we pay more in welfare we don’t need this right know in these times.Why don’t you go protest your own govt and tell them that you want a better life

      • shonnique

        thats soooo gay… why would we spend so much money on first of all hunting all these people down, then ripping them away from america. where there families who care about them enough to sneek them into america… why dont we look at all the money that we have spent in the past what like 5-15 years on these illegal immigrants and use it to legalize them all so that they can pay taxes without having to worry about being deported… they are here for a reason… they wouldn’t risk their life to get here because they want to go on a vacation, they’re here because there previous living conditions were unbearable. they wanted better for themselves and their families… and since america wants to be the country of the rich and famous, were the promis land and were the ones who are supposed to be the best of the best. but when we do see people who are in need they automaticaly become unworthy of america. like really people i am 16 and i can tell you that all this hate is going no where… we should legalize these people so they can help us… they do things that most americans will not do… so next time you see that the floors in your place of employment are clean then you can thank the illegal immigrants that you want deported for that…. MAN AMERICANS NEED TO GET OVER THEMSELVS…

        • Ralph DeMattia

          That’s a GREAT idea! Then we can let all the killers, rapists, and pedophiles out of jail so that THEY can be citizens too! Are you SERIOUS????

        • JD

          “I am 16″ is the main point here. First, you need to go to school and learn how to spell. Second, you need to find out facts and figures before you start spouting off. You must not have lived in any border state or town. You do not know what is happening. You do not know that we are not talking about only Mexicans coming across the borders, but more of the illegals coming across are from terrorist countries. If they want to come to the US for a better life, then they can do it legal, learn english, and apply for citizenship like our forefathers did. Do some research before you start putting down people. Grow up!!

          • Beverly


          • Diane

            16 going on 30. Kudos to you. Well said. You make me proud. :)

      • Tonkatoy02

        Hey Aida, Very well said and I thank you for your courage and or anger to say it like it is. One of the problems with this country is that we have not developed a better way of running our government, and our people. There needs to be a better insentof other than buying off All Politicians, because your not a politician if your not a crook and we all know this to be true. Were always to pre occupied worrying about what everyone else is doing that we don’t pay attention to our own lifes. “We need to feed our own family first before we start feeding the neighbors” and my fellow Americans that is a huge part of this countrys problem. So sllep well all.

      • AMRO

        ok here i go

      • cindi

        aida: you need to stop hating on us Mexicans just because we are hard workers we aint lazy like you guys. i mean at least we are not in the streets, outside the restaurant or on the exists of the freeway asking for money. people like that need to get a real job. so i suggest you to shush up and stop talking about Mexicans.

  • David Welker

    These are just outright lies.

    • Rick Simard

      Now this is what I call a factual reply! NOT!

      • elainekramer

        You’re out of you mind Sir.

    • Bill Thomas

      Exactly what is not factual? Look at what is happening along the border as we speak! The mayor of Juarez as moved his family to Texas for their safety. Is this what you want for our country? Mexico is corrupt to the core and the drug cartels are taking it over and spilling their violence into this country. If anything, this doesn’t tell even a minute portion of what their REAL cost to this country is.

      • Rick Simard

        Umm, I think you misunderstood my comment. I was referring to the BOOB with one line…”These are just outright lies”. I love when people make a comment like that and don’t add what facts they have to back up such an ignorant comment. Sorry you misunderstood…I Stand with you on the cost of illegals to our nation! I have written my representatives many times on this issue and all I get from them is how much it would cost to round them up try them in a court and send them back. I don’t understand why there has to be a trial. They don’t have proof of citizenship, they simply get shipped back to the country they are citizens of! Simple, isn’t it?

        My solution would be a simple one. Since Obama is abandoning Iraq, put those Abrahms tanks on the border with there big guns facing Mexico…Have some target practice for the next moron that wants to screw with the US, and end of illegal problem, no more overcrowding in our schools, no more bankrupt hospitals due to having to treat these criminals for a runny nose in the ER…NO MORE!

        • KB

          RUN FOR CONGRESS!!! My white daughter is a minority at her middle school (60%illegal hispanic/20% white/10%Black and Asian). They do not have the same values regarding education and morality that we do. It is like a 3rd world country at her school. It will not continue for us-we are moving. But please help!

          • R Martinez

            KB & Rick,
            Too bad so sad for you all & your children who over populated by other races in a public school system, anywhere in this Country or others your going to be surrounded by other colors. How about home school for your precious children, then this way they are entirely surrounded by white people as parents like you. Anyway leave the congress out of your hissy tantrums, because maybe they have had their eye opener already & realize there is no such thing as white Americans living in this Country alone. Let me tell you all why. I’m white & I have 4 beautiful Mexican girls because their father is Mexican & legal, so therefore your out voted all the way because my children are U.S. citizens born here & guess what the tree roots will continue to keep growing, meaning whether you like it or not, all WHITE don’t exist anymore, so you either deal with other races that attend public schools or you all can find a place in the desert somewhere all alone with no neighbors, or any friends for your children. Why are you making these types of decisions for your children anyway, let them decide if they want other races for friends,if you want to run the system then I guess you better find a large group of all white AMERICANS that will join you. Otherwise deal with facts of life now & in the future. Home school maybe your best solution. And for the record, my 4 Mexican girls they have many friends that wish they were them. Beauty comes from within, not from the outer of one. Good Luck, move to the end of the earth, MARS maybe, but you wont like those Aliens either.

        • Rick Simard


          I feel your pain, and share your grief! No different here!

          Keep in mind, We are congress. Those people in congress work for us. Somewhere along the line they got a differing perspective on their position. “We the people” need to take back what our forefathers fought and gave up their lives for. The only way to do it is to constantly be on our elected officials case. They sneeze, we tell them they blew it! They fart, we tell them it stinks! We have to hold they accountable for EVERY thing they do. The idea of term limits comes to mind. The longer they are in office the more power they achieve. Power that simply doesn’t belong to them. But we the sheeple of this country are too meek to fight. Too complacent to argue. We need to rise up and let them know we are here, and we are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore!

          • suddencall

            Do you really believe that you can change these politicos by threatening them?I think not.
            Do you really believe that you can change these politicos by voteing?I think not.These politicos won’t even return a reply to your inquirey,much less read your mail.
            The people are going to have to get and show much more agreason if they want to change this crapo system.If you think these con – men are afraid of your talk and your vote ,you need to think agin .The use of vigilanty pressure is the most likely cure for this type of conformtation and is the most likely cure .

          • JD


          • Diane

            And we keep voting for them… but don’t have much to choose from…

        • Aida

          Rick I agree with you but, the problem is the government we have don’t want to hurt the illegal aliens feelings, most of our so called “leaders” just care about their re-election to power. Our voices don’t count to these group of morons, whose greed and selfishness had blinded them. As you have seen the minority is taking the lead, the majority don’t count and have no say lately. They want to silence all of us, who act responsible and love our country. If the suppose “leadership” wanted to get rid of these leeches & Ids thieves, just don’t allowed the to work here, no freebies from the government or benefits, they deport themselves and we don’t pay a penny.
          I can’t remember the name of the president, who got all illegals aliens in buses and sent them back to their homes, but todays “leaders” just want their votes and their cheap labor, which is hurting the American people to the limits. They don’t care about the country or us citizens. Need to know who pay their salaries!

          • Manuel S Rivera

            How much? the undocument help the nation,? and how much the Evil Politic Party waste in Iraq, Also in the two wars. So this (WORD REMOVED FOR OFFENSIVE CONTENT) Evil Politic Party ( Republican Party). Are acontaminate the nation over and over by using anti-Democratic and Anti- constitutional politices. These paracites are more evil then Al-caeda, yes both are evil.

            Thank you and Sincerely
            Activist Chicano/Latino Manuel S Rivera

          • JD

            Three presidents Hoover Truman and Eisenhower have cleaned out the illegals to provide jobs for returning military people. We just don’t have a president that has the balls to do it. And now it more than just the returning military. It is now becoming just regular citizens who need jobs because the Gov has closed companies down and upset the ecomony and our unemployment is way high. There are people that would do a $7 an hour job, IF it wasn’t taken by a illegal.

        • Ana

          Haha wow if you think that this will make you feel any better, you should probably try to get it done. did you not understand the corrupt part of this?(Mexico is corrupt to the core and the drug cartels are taking it over and spilling their violence into this country)This would be the worst thing AMERICA could do. Without illegals there would be no “AMERICA”!!!!!

          • JD

            BS Ana! Without the illegals, we would have a better and safer America. But Mexico doesn’t want their people back because they are broke too and they are depending on those working in the US to send millions back to Mexico each yr to keep their ecomony up. So our money is supporting 2 countries. And more.

          • Diane


        • Ralph DeMattia

          Rick, that sounds like a great idea! Many countries in Europe and Asia have the border guards SHOOT illegal aliens. Maybe we should too. How about a bounty of, say $500.00 on every dead mexican someone brings in? Harsh, YES, but so is making US citizens pay for these creatures to make a mockery of our laws, then come here and tell us how lousy the country they just illegaslly entered is. I’m tired of it!

          • Zach

            Here are some Facts:
            “In 2006, then IRS Commission Mark Everson told Congress that “many illegal aliens, utilizing ITINs, have been reporting tax liability to the tune of almost $50 billion from 1996 to 2003.”

            The Social Security Administration estimates that about three-quarters of illegal workers pay taxes that contribute to the overall solvency of Social Security and Medicare.

            “The agency estimates that for 2005, the last year for which figures are available, about $9 billion in taxes was paid on about $75 billion in wages from people who filed W2 forms with incorrect or mismatched data, which would include illegal immigrants who drew paychecks under fake names and Social Security numbers.”

            “Former IRS Commissioner Mark Everson calculates that illegal immigrants contributed $428 billion dollars to the nation’s $13.6 trillion gross domestic product in 2006. That number assumes illegal immigrants are 30% less productive than other workers.

          • Jose Velazquez

            Ralph I do not aprecciate you making fun of my people. i dont intend to get shot by you whiteties and your crazy wife. insted of guns why not use a minefield? im joking. ur an ass


          • Diane

            Hope you’re talking about impenetrable bullets, and just the ones that hurt. Anyway, I am tired of it too. I am half way to what Obama considers the “rich”. HA! HA! I own a home, but it is attached. I drive a 2002 Pathfinder. I travel a few times per year; only places I can drive to. I DO pay for private school and my daughter is now entering HS (with double the tuition I am used to), so I DO work 6 days per week; sometimes 7. And these Illegals sail through with there kids getting food, healthcare and education for free, and I am still struggling to survive. Something wrong with this picture??

    • CDA

      hey Welker, what planet have you been living on ? Come to San Diego and see what’s going on.

      • BT

        hey yall whats crackalackin my homie G?

        • BT

          if yall talk bou this stuff u guys sure do lead a borin life

          • keeping it real

            You are reading as well. This is a huge issue everybody’s dicussing. But your probably an illigal immigrant, at least you can write.

    • private

      people that condone illegal immigration are just down right idiots
      im 18 years old and concern for my future, everything is being taken away by the illegal aliens…

      how can you honestly be for this? the are taking your health care, taking spots in colleges that your children have earned.

      what you(words removed for offensive content) dont realize is your paying for them to take your job, your health insurance, helping more drugs and violence being brought in to this country..
      im just in shocked in what liberals and obama lovers have really let this country seep down to..

      • Manny 11

        Lol. u make me laugh with ur downright ignorance, i can tell u r an 18 yr old… ur just making rash statements with no proof, if the spots in college u speak of are that of janitorial work, and gardening then i agree we r taking that from ur children… Illegal immigrants cant go to college because they have no papers…. And If ur “children” cant get into college, well then maybe its because they did not earn that right and should have done better in high school. And dont be an idiot, drugs are being brought in like import, because they are in high demand by americans, if u guys werent such coke heads, and pot heads there would be no drug business here… get ur things straight.

        • Virginia

          Manny, could you do us a favor and write out the words “you” and “your” as it is really annoying to read your posts with all the u and ur. Texting on blogs is unnecessary.

          • Ralph DeMattia

            Maybe he’s stupid?

        • Jerry49

          Manny – Maybe you should re-check your facts. Illegals have very little trouble getting into our colleges. They’re just required to pay out-of-state tuition. Google “Colotl” at Kennesaw State University, if you won’t take my word for it. She has broken God-only-knows-how-many state and federal laws, and she is studying to be a lawyer!!

          • Lee

            Many states are offering illegals in-state tuition rates. They can better afford to go to college!!

        • J. GRIGGS


  • Karen

    I am sick of it ! I am sick of all the bailouts for the corrupted banks as Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac as the democrats were in congress and did this and not they are bailing them out giving more money then needed to what ?To stock pile money for the 2012 election as in banking their money into an account and they are getting this money for their funded corruption from the tax payers. Fannie Mae Freddy Mac or Acorn should have not a dime. !!!! I am sick of all the corruption of the democrats as I am independent and have sense to not watch the main stream Media in the lies they tolds Americans they control the minds of people,but hey could you not go and look at all campaigns and see where the media has lied to you all ! I will never watch the media ! tHEY ARE THE WEATHY PEPLE MEDIA.oBAMA IS A LIAR ND NOT MY PRESIDENT JUST A FRAUD !AND not they are taken tax dollars in funding and giving to banks and more as Acorn to help hide and save for 2012 election.


    And now Bill linton stands and tells Obama he needs to tell the people it will be harder and worst..for hide the fact that people ofmany race and color have now waken up and that’s why Bill Clinton said hey change your tone cvause all you are doing is wrong..Obama can’t un do what the mess he has now put our country in as he started this many years to take down america.People you have your children and grand children to think about.We will now be to the point of nomreturn in what the democrtas want us to be.! Control.. and why want your medical records no longer you and your doctor is the two who talk and control what is best for you..Obama wants to control your treatmeny as he tewlls the older people to get over it and the pain they have oh to bad.As our younger children willl also be turned away from treatment that now our government wil make if he/she should well hey lets wait another 3 years and then come back..That’s what they are three yers that problem could have been something and now grew to a death trap because the goverment said no treatment.thery are controling your children in scholls and all over. WAKE THE FUCK UP ! .

    • marcy


      I’M WITH YOU.

      • http://factcheck C D A

        whoa there. Remember, (you right wingers with your selective memories) the bailouts began with the GOP. The big banks, brokers and mortgage houses appealed and pleaded with the GOP fist, for bailouts, before Obama was elected.

        the most absurd fact is, that in the recent pole vote on this site, 72% blame the Obama admin. for the economy crisis. Right wingers are so good at forgetting that the Bush admin has helped greatly to run us into the ground. Yes, Pelosi is a fool. But so are the GOP right winger hypocriits for sticking their heads so deep into the sand that they can brainwash themselves into believing they didn’t play a part in ourdownfall.

        Obama didn’t BS us into an invasion, draining capital and doubling the deficit.

        Obama didn’t excuse the oil boys from paying royalties and taxes on historical profits.

        Obama didn’t fail to close our borders.

        Obama is not a savior, but in fact, none of the GOP clowns are either. He was handed a very sick dog, and doesn’t really know for sure how to save it. I’m not an Obama supporter, but a realist. Check the facts people ,and look in the mirror. your hypocricy reeks.

        So if the GOP side knows how to fix it, let’s hear it……………silence…………
        Oh, now I hear it, but it sounds a lot like someone imitating Pelosi. gripe, bitch, gripe and whine.

        if hypocricy were a crime, you’d all be in jail.

        • Rick Simard

          Good point! And the bottom line is, even what the Republican party is sending us is still for the most part LEFT WING! Face it folks, there is no real two party system, unless you count Liberal and REALLY Liberal, as two parties!

        • The Captain

          You seem to have selective memory as well. The denocrats purposely tanked the economy when they took over Congress in 2006 so they could blame it on Bush and control all three houes and take over scotus as well. Barney Frank, et al, wouldn’t allow reforms to be made on the CRA to prevent this crisis.

        • Crush

          Captain -
          The Republicans had control of this country for nearly eight years. The Dems had a slim(non-veto proof) majority for a year and a half…do you seriously think these problems cropped up overnight? You are very delusional..these problems have been brewing since the late ’90′s when Phil Gramm and two of his cohorts pushed through a bill which dismantled part of the regulation that was put in place after the great depression. Clinton signed the bill and we were off to disaster. That’s what allowed these lenders to make up all these crazy loans giving money to people who had no jobs and a terrible credit score. It was all about the banks making money hand over fist…it was all about greed…and it happened while the Republicans were in office. As long as home prices kept going up and people could keep refinancing the problem stayed below the surface…once the housing market started to go down, that was it. I worked in the mortgage industry, I saw what was going on.

          • FrancoPhx

            Great reply. I think that each party has a huge amount of blame. The fact is, we continue to re-elect them. What’s the answer, who knows. Accountability is one way. There should be a Huge House Cleaning.

    • Aida

      Karen, it’s getting worst! Have you heard about the new driver’s licenses with a tracking chip? It’s really scary, we can even move we will be watch whated 24/7.
      If refused the person can’t travel, since that will be their ID for everything and will not be able to get back in the country. The excuse is to track who is not a citizen and
      control who are in the country illegally???? Does this sound familiar? God help us and keep us safe from the monster!

    • suddencall

      Like Barny Franks said ” on which planet have you been spending most of your time? ” you are completely wrong on your summary of who your enemy might be.As every general has learned ,You must know who the enemy is before you can begin to fight.
      You are blaming the wrong people.Obama did not bail out the banks,the republicans did that, along with wrecking the economy and spending all the money( big debts).

  • Robin from Indiana

    No wonder California is broke! Why when they are caught for whatever reason, are they not deported? Why are their rights the same as ours? What is happening to our country? I say all illegals between the ages of 18 and 30 when caught, need to be inducted into our military, or sent home. Let them serve 4 years. When their term is completed and they ‘pass’ tests to qualify for citizenship, by all means, let them become US citizens!

    • elainekramer

      I say nobody who comes to this country should never become a citizen. The idea of giving illegals citizenship when the first thing they ever did was come into the country illegally.

      • Krysta

        You keep forgetting that this country is based on immigration. If the topic is on citizenship, then I believe that the true “citizen” are Native Indians, other than that, everyone else, technically speaking, is an illegal immigrant. Historically speaking, everyone was an “illegal immigrant” to begin with. Why do you think that the United States is so diverse? We weren’t all born here. Who is to say what people deserve the rights that we have? Our Founding Fathers left Great Britain looking for a better opportunity and life, the Natives could have easily kicked our ancestors out and prevented all of this. I believe that anyone who is looking for an opportunity to better themselves, their families, and their rights as HUMAN BEINGS, deserves it. [If you're Native, then I take back what I said].

        • suddencall

          Krista ?
          The Indians were not native Usa. Citizens ,the republicans just told you that so you would give uup your christian right to not pay taxes as a native citizen. As for illegals your other subject ,that dog don’t hunt either.Illegal means breaking the law and no one should be rewarded for breaking the law.Where do you get your reasoning?

          • Jose

            Natives dont have to be U.S citizens. because they have every right to be here, they were here before they started with their stupid “manifest destiny” no where does it says that people have the right to kill and invade a country, because of “manifest destiny,” thats just an excuse to do things that yall dont have a right to do. and you should get your political partyes right before wrighting. and if you have been to another country does that mean that your an illegal too, because you cross a border wen you do that. yall just want to see things in a white and black point of view. leave that to a child, but your an adult u should have a different mentality so act like an adult. and educate your self on facts before posting things, and get your political parties right…..

    • Jose

      Dear Robin

      I want to see u join the millitary. just because whe werent born here dosent mean whe have to fight or the rights of ignorent people like u. yall dont deserve an innocent human that wants a better life for his family, to fight for yall in a war that makes no cense to begin with. so dont bring up this serving for yall bs!!! what yall need to do is get educated and learn that mexicans make the U.S. more money than they what yall ignorent people say they spend on yalls “securing the border.” The reason why the U.S. is in debt is because of their past mistakes with not knowing how to spend money. and yall are just using hard working immigrants as a skape goet for yalls mistakes. stop blaming things on other people and and step up for the crapy decisions yall make. yall are just gready people and all yal think about is money and no one else.

  • PIM

    Well if the illegal aliens had been deported all along then we wouldn’t see a economics problem right now…Acorn is the main reason we had the housing melt down, look at it this way the plan was for poor blacks to be able to buy a home, but in fact it led to illegal aliens getting the loans ,even though they had no right to work in this country, and had no social security number..So when the immigration laws started to be enforced the illegals started to run….leaving behind the homes and loans…………
    multiply these figures by 10 years and that is a chunk of money, also think about the money they send home , in my opinion the western union company should be arrested for money laundering……………..

    • elainekramer

      Right on, PIM.

    • Aida

      PIM, the housing problem is the work of ACORN, since they bully the banks to give loans to illegal aliens , who do not qualify for it in more than one way, they are illegal. There is a case the illegal alien got a huge amount to buy a house, so he asked for liquid dollars, he was using a retired senior’s ID, so he got the loan and fled the country and the Senior got stucked with the mess. Meantime the authority did bother to find the ID thief. It’s shameful and outrageous what is happening in our country. These IDs thieves law breakers are laughing at the idiots in our government who keep pandering to them giving rights don’t belong to them.

      • Meredith

        Ha! Ha! Ha! That terrible, vast, all powerful entity named ACORN created the housing crisis! By bullying banks into giving loans to illegal immigrants! Those poor, helpless, multinational banks had no choice but to back down! Ha! I can’t even type a coherent reply, I’m laughing way too hard. You people…seriously, ACORN is such small, small potatoes, and from what I have seen, chronically understaffed and mismanaged by some not-very-bright people. I would like to see some of the numbers on these ID thieves y’all are so obsessed with, it seems to me that stealing your social security number and gain access to your bank account and credit cards, or open up new cards in your name, would be difficult for most illegals, and out of character – they mostly just want to work hard, lay low, send money back to Mexico (or wherever), and not get arrested. You people are living in a fringe alternate universe, and one that happily most Americans don’t share.

        • Gary

          Although I have no use for Acorn as I feel their purpose at present is to help steal elections. That said they didn’t cause the housing crisis. It was Barney Franks and some of his cohorts who forced the Banks to make loans that were very shaky. Of course Barney denies all of this now, remember him on Bill O’Reily? I don’t like O’Reily either he’s a big buffoon on many things but he put Barney in his place. It’s also the big Banks that allow illegals to have Bank accounts without social security numbers. Also Bank of America giving them Credit Cards, hasn’t hurt Bank of America. They know Federal Government will bail them out if they get in a bind. The financial report in this article is very conservative the Heritage Foundation estimates that illegals cost us 100 Billion a year. I know if you’re George Soros that’s not a lot of money, but to me it’s a bunch!!

          • JD

            It was not all big banks giving credit cards. It was Bank of America ONLY IN CA that did a trial run. I used to be a BOA customer. I went and tried to get a CC in AZ. I was told that BOA in CA is not with the rest of BOA and they were the only ones doing it and it has now been ceased. Didn’t work out1 Gee wonder why?? Apply for CC with fake name, fake address, get all the money you can and send it back “home” and then don’t pay. Any idea why CA is so dang broke???? Aww gee! Must be run by idiots.

      • suddencall

        Acorn had nothing to do with the morgage bubble. GOP had everything to do with the morgage bubble and that is not even the half of the law breaking schemes of the republican regimes.You people need to look around and see the republican enemy that is all around you.They are stabbing you in the back day after day and you do not even know they are doing it to you. God , this situation is dumb.Republican = terror organization.

    • Jose

      Do you even know the defeniton of money loundering??? because thats not what it is they send money because they care about their family and try give them a better life. what u should do instead of wrighting nonsence is opening a dictionary or a book and get educated. but snece your probably to lazy to do that, ill give u a quick lesson. money londering has to do with illegal work like drugs, guns or any other job thats against the law. and it has to go threw transfers to get washed/”money loundering” so that the money can be used. not just by sending it to your family. and before u jump to the dumb statment that i know this because im probably a mexican. which i am and so what? u wont do crap about it. i know this because i opend a book to educate my self on facts and definitions, unlike most americans that all they do is complain, and listen to what the tv tells them…..

  • Dan

    AW, i didnt see this one, i was preaching the same thing on one of your other issues. oh well its nice to see im no crazy. Thanks Mr Livingston!!!

  • Dan

    Mr Livingston, by the way, the above article is so up my ally that i cut-paste it in emails and sent it to all my reps. Cong, Local gov etc.

    thanks again!!


    I BELIEVE its time for the AMERICAN PEOPLE to take a stand all our LEADERS
    have become a corrupted bunch who only care how much money there going to steel
    while in office we need to in mass go to our leadership and demand not ask demand
    1 that first of all that the way we elect our leaders be more open everyone’s record
    should be published for an election not by the corrupt media but by voting records opened to the people at each and every library .
    and any public official who takes office does not get to vote on his own raise if he’s a
    congressman or woman he must have it approved by the voters in his district
    president must get his raise from the people of the united states
    no state has the right to violate a person’s constitutional rights
    so gun permits since its in the constitution should be federal not a right given to the states

  • RHem-TX

    To CDA:

    The biggest fault of the Bush administration was that they spent too much money. We were doing pretty good after 9/11 and our economy was on its way towards recovery when the liberals won Congress. So, the last 2 years of Bush (Democratic control) led us to the disaster we face now. Nancy Pelosi is a joke. Harry Reid is a joke. Barney Frank is a joke and a crook. Most of the liberals in our government are rich and corrupt, yet they try and portray a different picture. They act like they care about the citizens of the US yet refuse to protect us at our borders. I am all for “LEGAL” immigration based on our country’s needs but “ILLEGAL” immigration has to stop.

    It is easy to blame Bush (mostly because he would not stand up for himself) and not the Democratic controlled Congress for our financial problems. Just a note: I believe I just read that President Obama has now spent more money in his first MONTH as President than Bush spent the entire 8 years. How does spending more money on pork and earmarks get us out of debt? Do you do that at your house? I sure don’t. If I spend too much, I cut back, not spend more. It’s stupid, and the American people are fed up with seeing the people that we HIRED do such a bad job.

    Also, it is very important to continue to boost our businesses and make sure that business owners make a good profit. Why? I have never been hired by a “poor” person, have you? The poor do not contribute financially to our society, they only receive. And I don’t have a problem with helping the truly poor who cannot help themselves. However, we should not be taking money from those who are working hard to contribute and grow our economy and give it to those who are always needing a handout. Somehow, our liberals in Washington think that is only “fair”. Fair to whom?

    Illegals have to go back, period. If we need some reform in our immigration laws, then that’s what we need. But, first we need to secure our borders. Then we need to get the criminals and those on the government dole out of here. From who is left, we can try and establish a work need for them in our country. How hard is that to see? Apparently, too hard for our elected officials.

    • http://na suddencall

      There is something wrong with the water down there it is effecting the minds of the citizens.They can not tell a terrorist when it is right in their face.Republicans have never done any thing good for America,their sole purpose is to destroy all the institutions of our government and deliver the entire control to a imoral, superstitious,crooked captilist regime of imorel, facist sadists.

      • YUCONJON


  • elainekramer

    The idea that our own government will not stop illegals coming into our country, might be a case for the Supreme Court. Both groups Dems and Reps have plenty in their parties that think there’s absolutely no immigration laws left I guess. If we shipped out the illegals that are working in the US tomorrow, we would have jobs for every person now on unemployment in a job by Monday.

    In Texax our local paper had the amount of monies that each state was paying for the illegals and nobody in our government can see that. We need to get everyone that’s in a Congress booted out and get people who might hear us. Maybe they might see what’s going on in thier districts.

    • http://na suddencall

      I can tell you that voting and talking is not going to get your congress and senate to turn down the corporate well fare that is bribing the oficials to back illegals.You need to come out in force and bring the hemp with you.Every CEO in this country is breaking the law by bribing your rep to help his business.A hemp necktie can change things for the better.Owe I forgot ,we only have cowards who live in America today.No chance of getting a fight out of them..

  • CDA

    elainekramer, you’re right, and can I add; we in San Diego have been hit especially hard by illegal immigration and border crime spilling into our county. a bunch of the drug cartel lives in San Diego county now. we send bills to the feds every year for reimbursement of our costs to deport, prosecute, feed and provide med care to them as well. we get almost nothing back from the feds, who, are obligated by law, to potect us and the borders. In a city near me, the city and developer/owner want to tear down an old blighted apartment complex, to build nicer housing. 70% of the people living there now are illegals. the PC people have sued and the city/developer are ordered to pay each family 3K for relocation!!!! for less than $300, we should deport them instead. but no, we pay for them to go to our schools, give them special ed, subsidize their bussing, food for their kids at school, and also, TEACH THEM SPANISH, as well as english too. Our local full service hospital is barely existing and we’ve been ordered to close it, or fix it. 70% of the emergency costs are for illegals, and they don’t pay. The smugglers continue to bring them in, and kill Americans in car chases. They drive with no insurance and kill people every week. Their neighborhoods have the highest crime rates, but, when we put traffic stops to check for unlicensed drivers, insurance, drunks, they scream “profiling”. Last I checked, if you want to catch criminals, you have the cops go to the places they are. They turn their neighborhoods into places that look like Tijuana, then want the white class to improve their “hoods” after they ruin them. and we do it!!! In what country, may I ask, can we go to and get rent assistance, med care, schooling, and jobs, without paying taxes, or being legal citizens ? NONE. I understand the USA WAS a land of hard working immigrants in the early days of our development, but, they were all recieved at Ellis Island and registered, then went to work at whatever they could do to help build America. They paid their dues and were accountable.

    the indirect costs of illegals goes much higher when you take into account all the little things that go on, outside of the major issues we see all the time in the media.

    and to be frank about it, the legal immigrant laborers get over $9 per hour in the fields. I’m sure we have some people who would rather work the fields for more than the US minimum wage, than starve.

    we need to get down and dirty with out feds and get a handle on it, NOW.

  • PIM

    CDA, I don’t want California getting any federal funds to pay for their illegals. It is California’s fault they are broke.If they enforced the law that has been on the books for 16 years they wouldn’t be broke,but ya’ll had to be sanctuary cities and state, why should my tax dollars go to a state that will enforce the law selectively ???? BTW I have a cousin that worked as a migrant worker and you are paid based on what you pick,so if you do a decent days work you get paid good money,but if you are only bringing in minimum wage then you are not putting in a decent days work……….she and her husband would clear over $2000. a week and during the summer when her kids were out of school they worked in the fields as well, each bringing in over $500. a week for a kid under 16 is good money, beats the heck outta working for Mc D’s.. But now she is discriminated against by the farmers, she refuses to learn mexicanish.
    If you multiply the cost of illegals by 25 years, you would see why this country is in the condition it is.another point I would like to make
    our seniors that areretired factory workers who are in their 70′s and 80′s mostly receive less than $500. a month, but an illegal can come over here have a kid and claim it is disabled and receive almost $800. a month. also ADD and ADHD is considered a disability in California, yet not in all other states?? Give me a break. also if you think illegals cost, look at the refugees we have here they receive more than $2000, a month and there are refugees here who have been here since the days of Vietnam they never became citizens because they would lose the monthly payments, now our President wants to bring 150,000 people here as refugees from Gaza, a people who support Hamas and we are suppose to open our arms and welcome them and pay them more than our senior citizens??? I think the next election we may need to turn off the T.V. and do some research on the candidates …Ron Paul was our best chance to get back to normal, but he refused to leave the dying Republican party.. Next in line was Keyes, but media wanted Obama ,and they elected Obama………

    • Aida

      Greetings! You forgot to mention that the Media make Mcshamnesty the Republican candidate, who at every chance he had voted to help the Demoncraps legislation.
      On top he is in favor of the law breakers IDs thieves to get free amnesty as a reward for breaking our laws and bankrupting our social programs , supposed to be service for American citizens. Meantime illegal aliens are bringing all relatives and friend to enrolled in Medicare and the rest of government programs, costing billions of dollars to taxpayers to take care of the leeches.

    • C Allen

      I don’t thinks it’s Californias problem to close the borders. That’s mandated in our US constitution. It’s a federal problem. Remember, we don’t even know, right now, where millions of illegals are.

      Pickers in the central valley make almost $10 per hour.

      • suddencall

        We may not know where the illegals are at ,but we sure know where the employers of illegals are at and that is the important thing or should be.What we need to know is where the law enforcement people are at and why they refuse to do their sworn duty.

  • Paul Callahan

    I hate to tell you this but you are about 30 years too late. California made laws over 30 years ago that you could not ask if they were illegal. Their was a news article about the school buses driving down a road and children crossing the border waiting to be picked up and taken to the local schools to be taught and nothing was ever done about it. They were also bused back to where they were picked up at the end of the day. California has always been a very liberal state. On a different note NAFTA I believe I spelled it right has also done nothing for the USA but it has helped everyone else in the world. I worked for a company with 6500 employees and is now down to about 800 employees. In the 80′s it was determined that their was not enough profit in some of the products we made so we moved the production out of the USA.

    • suddencall

      You got that right. why do we still have NAFTA today.why has it not been repealed? It has been many years sense it came and nothing has been done to change it.Why not?

  • s c mailen, jr.

    If the libs REALLY want to know what happened, they need to force their prostitute media pals to get the REAL story of Fannie Mae and how ‘certain’ politicians were responsible for the housing/real estate/ banking bubbles. Those who favor open borders and 1984-style government should invite as many illegal aliens as possible into their homes. Pay their bills. Watch your income evaporate. Ignore reality while your freedom is stolen by Washington criminals. Read and understand history (assuming libs can read). Your Washington pals can’t. Grow up, libs. You’ve been manipulated and dumbed-down, just like conservatives have.

    • C Allen

      Plenty of GOP backed businesses that escaped regulation got wealthy in the loan scam. I never heard any griping from them. Where did all the money go that the mortgage houses reaped during the 15yrs of loan fraud? Overseas in offshore accounts. That money, billions and billions, will never come back to the USA and be circulated in our economy.

  • Harry

    It`s laugable that census data provides illegal alien stats, when the census bureau contributes to the probelem, by counting illegal aliens in the decennial census, that inflates population numbers, that sends more politicians to Washington than are needed to represent legal residents.
    Based on phony census counts, politicians & illegal immigration coalitions love this gerrymandering, that sends tons of tax dollars to congressional districts for politicians & bureaucrats to squander on their pork projects. Illegal aliens have more representation in congress, than do taxpayers, who won`t vote the corrupt politicians out of office.
    For what it`s worth…a mail-in campaign to narrow the USPS deficit, by sending tea bags to the White House & congress members, to oppose NObama`s massive porkulus bill.
    Let the revolution begin, again…no more taxation, without representation. Taxpayers deserve restoration of their 10th Amendment rights.

  • Harry

    It`s laugable that census data provides illegal alien stats, when it`s the census bureau that contributes to the problem, by counting illegal aliens in the decennial census, that inflates population numbers, that sends more politicians to Washington, than are needed to represent legal residents.
    Based on phony census counts, politicians & illegal immigration coalitions love this gerrymandering, that sends tons of tax dollars to congressional districts for politicians & bureaucrats to squander on their pork projects. Sadly, illegal aliens have more representation in congress, than do taxpayers, who won`t vote the corrupt politicians out of office.
    For what it`s worth…a mail-in campaign to narrow the USPS deficit, by sending tea bags to the White House & congress members, to oppose NObama`s massive porkulus bill.
    Let the revolution begin, again…no more taxation, without representation. Taxpayers deserve restoration of their 10th Amendment rights.

    • http://na suddencall

      When republicans are spending the money and running up debts it is ok, but when the democrats want to give the poor a chance it is taxation without representation.Well I got news , running up debts is raising taxes and not a smart way to run a government.Republicans are the guilty ones who have run your taxes out of poportions and made no effort to pay for anything.
      This mess did not just happen it was planned by the republicans so they could return the government to their corporate sponsers.A reminder ,in the near future watch your SSi, Veterans benefits and Medicare shink and disapear just as planned when bush got on tv and told you they would spend all the money and then congress would have no choice but cut..

      • The Captain

        Obama has spent more in the first few months of his presidency than all the previous presidents COMBINED, and mostly it has gone to enrich his already rich campaign contributors. Are you really this uniformed or just being dishonest?

        • suddencall

          You could not be more wrong.You are the one making up dreams.

  • Nicole

    if the government really wanted to close out income earning illegal immigrants then they would. the fact is they take on hard jobs that require hard labor cheaper than anyone would even think about. Look it’s either you enforce the laws you regulate or just stop complaining about the $$ it is costing us due to the lack of enforcement on border control. AND, does anyone realize how illegal laborers save us on daily costs of living. Taxes are going to be a pain no matter what, if the govenment uses illegal immigration as the scapegoat for high taxes and expensive healthcare i can only imagine what they would say next.

    • elainekramer

      I really don’t think you’re thinking straight. If the government would make these folks go home, probably all American unemployed people could have a job. It’s not our choice to give illegals jobs. If you know your city is full on illegals, it’s absolutely because the authorites in law enforcement have folks that don’t want them too. I think you think that our citizens can send the home. What in the world can American citizens do to get them back in their own country. You just try to tell your US Congressmen that we want you to get the illegals out of country. Have you tried Nicole? If we could, the American public would shag the folks in any direction that will take them home. And I don’t care how much money they save us here on our daily cost of living. Try talking to your local or US Chamber of Commerce about keeping illegals out. Tell them to stop hiring illegals and further more get them out of the country. Too bad your local paper didn’t have a half page map of all states on your front page a few weeks ago of just how much money that tax payers pay for bills of illegals. So don’t think if we could get them out ourselves, we would be there the next morning.

      • Joyce

        If I.C.E would fill up a bus of illegals I would pay, for the bus and the gas to send them back. After they fix the problem at the border.
        If they wanted the border closed It would be.

  • Bob

    Face it people, we are all part of the manipulated masses. All we know and react to is what we are told by the Media. We don’t take the time to really find out what is going on. Many of us get our news from comedians like like Leno, Letternan, Maher, SNL and those idiots on the View etc, how lame is that? We are more interested in American Idol or who is screwing who in Hollywood then what our Representatives are doing in Washington. It does not matter what our Representatives do in Washington, we keep reelecting them. Then when it is to late and the crap hits the fan we start yelling our heads off. Electing a man like Obama because he is Black (for some and not only Blacks that was the only reason they voted for him) is like buying a car without checking to see if it works because you like the color.

  • joe the plumber

    you are all wrong

  • http://BobLivingston David Wayne

    We don’t need another NEOCON flatulance mill spinning lies against the present administration. You brainwashed idiots seem to have forgotten the democrats have only been in office a month. You OMBIES should have your right to vote taken away because you are all mentally defective. I wouldn’t give the jackass that owns this site a dime. Who pays to be lied to? The republican deadbeat trash politicians have drained this country dry. The REPUBLICANS gave their banking buddies a trillion dollars before leaving office then had the audacity to whine about programs to help the middle class get back on their feet. YEP we will have to pay for it through taxes…just like we will have to pay for the trillion bucks that went to the bankers. Make this dummy Bob Livingston get a real job and work for a living like the rest of us. Don’t give him a dime. I get tired of seeing reformed cocaine addicts like the loser on tv that is (Glenn Beck) rakeing in millions just to sit at the mike and spin lies. We don’t need any mre.

  • Jackie

    Carter’s community reinvestment act was one of the factors that began the road to hell that is the crisis. Forcing banks to make risky loans to people that had no business buying the place they were wanting to buy. Clinton put it on steroids and Acorn pickets and destroys those who sensibly deny risky loans and screams racism. Sorry people, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is every American’s right, not the right to own a spiffy new home. I have an apartment, and will have one until I have the ability to buy a home. Not a moment before. To make us pay for your mistakes is reprehensible. Take your bleeding heart whines somewhere else, we aren’t buying it.

    This bs by the way about illegals doing the jobs Americans won’t do is pathetic. Those who employ illegals are not doing it out of the “kindness” of their hearts-they are exploiting illegals and everyone by paying them next to nothing and not paying the taxes and breaking all the other rules and laws associated with hiring workers, while those who follow the rules and respect our laws get screwed and have to pay for everyone else who is destroying our country. Believe me, if every illegal was deported out, we’d still be able to pick our own fruit or do whatever job “Americans won’t do”.

    To reward those who refuse to protect our border, fund illegals education, medical, etc. and give the millions amnesty that are already here is rewarding criminals and breaking the law. If you don’t respect this law regardless immigration, what makes us think you can respect any other law in the U.S. We are not a nation of immigrants, as the liberals always scream, we are a nation of laws.



    Ah, yes, it’s only patriotic when it’s a republican in power. Now it’s patriotic to pay more taxes for exporting abortion, paying off your union and planned parenthood cronies, etc.

    Guess what jackass, Congress is in control of spending, and they have been in control for the past 2 years, headed by Miss Ardent Catholic Abortion Loving Nancy Pelosi.

    Barney Frank. Soros. Dodd.

    Did we already forget that Obama was the 2nd highest recipient from fannie and freddie? Republicans and Bush continued to call for regulation and addressed the fannie and freddie situation, but not loud and not enough. Barney Frank and the other degenerates continued to say there was no problem with may and mac and that they were doing fine. Republicans have become wimps. We lost our way, but to say that it was Bush and the administration is an outright lie, Wayne-who by the way dishonors the great John Wayne’s name, who loved his country…I digress…- and anyone who pulls this bs either has had their head stuck in the sand for the past 2 or 3 years or is a member of the Obama loving communist hippy cult who wants to destroy anyone that dissents and actually gives facts and speaks the truth.

    Wayne, we all have our problems, but it is clear that your communist loving wasteland of a party by far holds the most blame and corrupt politicians.

    So go try to silence and hurl your bs on someone else, we have no interest in your lies and “tolerant” crap.

    Awesome job Bob. Keep writing about the facts and truths that sends liberals like Mr. “Wayne” off their rocking horses.

    Bring back Reagan for 2012 America!

    • C Allen

      we used to be the wealthiest country in the world, and, have always paid the lowest taxes. So when the GOP boys are driving down wages for the common man, breaking up unions, sending their money offshore to avoid taxes, what’s left? POOR PEOPLE without jobs. Not because they won’t pick berries in the fields. Because the big boys have moved their manufacturing overseas to avoid higher wages and taxes.

      We are in a big hurt without manufacturing, which always got us through tough times. Heavy manufacturing was mostly unionized. That insured people had decent wages, healthcare, pensions, and enough money to buy goods that we make. Look at the 3 most depleted aspects we now have. Manufacturing, healthcare, wages. This aint rocket surgery folks.

      The GOP principles and policies leave many poor people in it’s wake. Then, the DEMs come along and have to institute programs to provide social services, and get blamed for raising taxes to cover for what the GOP helped create. GOP cannot be the elite class as they so aspire. There won’t be anyone to buy homes and products that fuel our economy. Our import/export deficits are astounding. We used to sell our goods to the waiting world. Now, we buy their crap.

      In the last 25yrs, big business has been concerned only with developing technology, and then selling it, instead of product, to the world. You tell a guy who’s been building brick walls all his life that he needs to now get into Oracle software, and he’s lost. Bio sciences and high tech industry doesn’t do much for the average man as far as employment. The self entitled “elite” thinks any man that uses his hands and gets dirty is a loser, and should be subservient. Well folks, that’s the middle class now, and the most taxed sector of the population.

      There should be a flat tax, and nothing else. Bush allowed oil companies to stop paying royalties, and gave them 5 billion in tax relief when he finally figured out that Iraq was not going to pan out as he hoped. The result? Record profits for oil companies. No secret there.

      And steel tarriffs, anyone remember them? Bush shot himself, and us, in the foot on those.

      As far as our borders, not one president has been held accountable to enforce the constitution and provide us with secure borders. The one and only positive I hear about Bush is that we didn’t get attacked again. Come on folks, no country is going to show up with an armada to conquer us, they’ll get us from within. If a small fraction of illegals in this country now, formed an army, they would outnumber our troops tenfold and take us over in a week. Presently, there are more than 10million people in this country illegally. Dems and GOP are both at fault for their pandering to them to get votes. Every GOP boy has learned the ACORN mantra, but they forget, conveniently, that Bush was the first one to make overtures of amnesty in an attempt to get their votes. It didn’t work. Even the uneducated illegals w/out TVs and radio knew better than to trust Bush.

      You should all read the Art Of War. Every mideast and Asian commander has, and uses the tactics proven throughout history. Taliban uses it, Viet Cong did, Bush didn’t. He thought he would ride in like a John Wayne hero movie and secure his legacy. He did, but only for being an idiot. Obama is running and gunning, because no one really knows what to do. He has to sound confident and try to get his admins programs into play, as time is of the essence. If he sat around safely waiting to see what will happen without the injection of fiat money into our economy, we’d all yell that he’s not doing anything.

      Without manufacturing, we’re done folks. Are we going to give our economy over to the banks and mortgage/insurance houses to run for us, again?

  • Craig

    Same old story, Republicans tell the truth about the dummycrats, point out the flaws of the dummycratic party. The dummylicans got on their high horse during the Bush Admin, then get to high and mighty, screw up the works and presto get creamed in the elections The dummycrats managed to get John McCain nominated because not enough dummylicans would come out and vote in the primaries. So what do we have, the dummycrats are excited because they nominated their wolf in sheeps clothing while the dummylicans got some-one they really didn’t want, so a large group of them broke off and voted the stupidependant party thereby insuring that Obama would win and now the dummylicans, who didn’t vote for McCain but WASTED their vote are wondering what in the world has happen. YOU HAPPEN YOU SNOBBISH, STUCK-UP, NOSE-IN-AIR CONSERVATIVES AND ULTRA CONSERVATIVES, WHEN YOU VOTED FOR BARR YOU INSURED DEFEAT FOR McCAIN AND NOW HAVE TO LIVE WITH THE FACT THAT YOU TOOK YOUR GOD-GIVEN RIGHT AND FLUSHED YOUR VOTE RIGHT DOWN THE TOILET. I READ YOUR COMMENTS ON ONE NEWS NOW AND OTHER WEB-SITES AND YOU HAVE NO ONE, NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELVES FOR THE WAY THIS COUNTRY IS GOING. I am not addressing this to all conservatives and ultra-conservatives, just those who wasted their votes and now who’s leading this country? An incrediblely sinful man who has no desire to serve God but satan himself . As Christians you SCREWED UP. Just think all you CHRISTIANS–we had a chance to elect Mike Huckabee, wouldn’t it be awesome to have Mike in White house right about now instead of baby-slayer Obama, instead of pro-amnesty Obama, instead of shut-down conservative radio Obama (don’t believe him when he says he won’t, he will, go to and see the ad for the anti-Rush billboard to go up in Florida. I’ve submitted 6 in-favor of Rush), instead of “tax-increase” Obama, instead of “increased spending” Obama, instead of “give the unions more power” Obama, I would, I would gladly see Mickey Mouse there- oh wait he’s already in the White house. America–you got what you wanted and asked for and you deserve it. You asked for “Change”, you voted for that “change” and now you got that “change” Deal with it or start a new country, that is your constitutional right, start a grass-roots campaign to get on a ballot that you want your state to secede from the union. Good luck and may God yet Bless this country and find favor with her.

  • Craig

    Type in your search bar—–operation wetback I think you all will be amazed, it is possible to send back the illegals. Go to web-site and be enlightened, then send it to your congressmen/representative who is opposed to amnesty.

  • TK

    I came up with an idea that would eventually end illegal immagrants from coming to the country.
    First off I believe everyone has the right to come to this country legally!
    We all agree it is illegal to come here without following the rules.
    However there is no real punishment for breaking the law, except deportation and short time in jail. ( 1 month in most cases )
    My plan is complex and not all the details have been worked out.
    Starting with the laws..They need to be tougher.
    My idea is to change the law to a Five year sentence ( No Release ) in hard labor prison. Then Immediate deportation. (If US citizenship is not obtained )
    The concept is to have the illegals build the wall from Florida to California.
    Also build the prisons that will house future illegal who after 5 yrs are deported, and
    again return to this country illegally. The Law’s should be change at the same time to
    give a 10 year life sentence.
    By making these changes to the law’s, We will solve the problem of not enough
    prisons in the US , And deter people from other countries coming here illegally.
    Prisoners have the option while serving thier five year sentence to apply for and pass
    there US citizenship. This is a fair plan it strongly punishes the offenders, but also makes it possible to become a contributing member of society.
    I have done some research and again the details need tweaking but..
    Approx. 5 – 7 prisons to be build along the border from Cal to Florida.
    These prisons will be tent city’s until built saving taxpayer millions, it cost alot to house
    a prisoner per day, but much less if housed in tents.
    These prisoners with do all the work building the prisons and wall.
    I also believe we should hold other countries responsible for supporting the illegals.
    We should send a bill to responsible country when upon deportation.
    The average cost of a prisoner is $97 a day ( In tents I think it is much much cheaper )
    For five years in jail that would be $17,725.00 per prisoner.
    The offender once deported would most likely have to spend time in prison in thier country in order to pay thier 17k debt back. Also detering return offenders.
    The fact is we need to stop the impact of illegal immagration and the ease in which drugs and possibly terorists can make it into this country.
    For the future of the US and our children.
    Thanks, Tracy.
    Look forward to other’s view of my idea!

  • http://none monicamarietta

    I hope that every person who posted here against illegal immigration makes a point of writing/calling his/her Congressional reps on a consistent basis. Reid and Pelosi think they are all-knowing,. They believe they have their fingers on the pulse of the electorate. If they did, they would realize that the majority of Americans are strongly opposed to illegal immigration and want it to stop. Amnesty is not the answer. Nor is giving anchor baby status (U.S. citizenship to any child born in the U.S.) viable anymore. Here on Long Island, our property taxes are through the roof. Much of our money goes to educate those anchor babies and the illegal immigrants foreign born kids who have landed here. ESL courses are necessary at all schools. God forbid the illegals who are earning American dollars learn English. That would be asking way too much. Our local hospital, like thousands of others across America, lose tons of money each year treating illegals who use the ER like a doctor’s office. You try entering an emergency room without an insurance card, or a proper ID that will help the billing office track you down once you are discharged. Illegals give false addresses and breeze away — treated for colds, drunken binges, and everything in between It’s time for our elected officials to get an earfull each and every day. Call, write, call again. Tell them in this era of economic hardship, jobs created by the stimulus package must go to American citizens. Let them know you vote and you will remember their votes come next election. You want the borders secured and total reform of our immigration system. And, if you don’ t believe in amnesty, let them know that, too. With Obama, Reid and Pelosi in charge, my biggest concern is this will become the United States of Latino America. Mi casa, is not their casa.

  • Krysta

    I have an idea. Why don’t you all get out of MY COUNTRY? My ancestors were here long before any of your ancestors. It was your ancestors who took my people’s land, took away our belief systems, exploited the land, and took away our culture and replaced it with your “superior” culture. My people are the only people who have AMERICAN in their original name, AMERICAN Indian/Native AMERICAN. Technically speaking, you all were once illegal immigrants (your ancestors), unless you yourselves are Native as well. No one barred you or your ancestors from coming into this country, you shouldn’t deny something that was given to you and your ancestors. Think about it, none of you would be here if it weren’t for “illegal immigration,” it wasn’t exactly termed that way back in history, but that’s exactly what it was.

    • The Captain

      You have the name given to you by white men. “Native American” is no more your name than ‘Indian.” And when the white men took this country, it wasn’t “illegal immigration” it was invasion and conquest. And if your people hadn’t been so busy fighting with and killing each other all the tribes could have banded together and expelled the white men.

      The same thing is happening today. We are being invaded, and now we are the ones that are too stupid to band together and keep our country. If we don’t do so soon we will be in the same situation as the “native American.”

  • Stephanie

    I STRONGLY BELIEVE that the majority of illigal immigrants are here to work not to get in trouble. I was born in California San Francisco, and i have a friend which is an illigal immigrant. Even though she is an illigal alien she still has rights as a human being like any one else, and i believe that the world is for every one to share. Okay my point here is that well her life is not easy but it would be even harder if she was in Mexico she works really hard she goes to school and some times gets better grades than i do. She takes care of her younger brothers while her mom (single mother) goes to work. Not all or should i say one out of 100 illigal immigrants are just depending on the government or us. My friend wants to go to collage and become a History teacher, and i believe she would achieve her goals in life. We should just STOP COMPLAINING and work hard and stop blaming others for our own mistakes. Sometimes i just think that people like every one in this website including my father are jelous that people like my friend from other Countries do better than us the American. Dont get me wrong i love my countrie, and i would die for it, but we should just stop being so selfish and help the ones in need, because we never know who might help us in our hard times. Just keep that in mind.

  • ken

    if mexicans keep leaving to america why can’t mexico be part of america?

    • superfast

      Times are desperate we have got to cut out the fat. they make a mockery of our laws by crossing the border whenever they feel like it. they are a drain on the budget illegals cost california $10.5 billion dollars a year thats shakes out to 20% of the total budget. welfare people can earn their check by doing illegals’ jobs. that way people arent so angry about them getting a free check they now have to earn it.

  • C Allen

    gop folks prospered in the mortgage scams too. gop whiners try and say it was dems mandating low income loans, that sank our economy. no gop folks cried then, but listen to it now!!

    where were the gop watchdogs when Bush was spending.

  • jack ebeling

    when a bill to reign in fanny and fredy mac was presented by the gop during bush era it was stopped by a senator from ill. by a fillabuster. guess who ???? Yes!!! Oboma….

  • Selma

    What happened to “must have a sponsor” and other laws? Did we cancel them or did the Congress just ignore and not enforce them?

  • sonny

    The Congress runs this country, not the President. No matter how much I dislike the President he is powerless without Congress. I blame the Congress for the illegal aliens in our country. The Congress is too busy catering to the Hispanic vote to worry about tax paying citizens. Illeal aliens cost our country approximately $338.3 billion dollars a year. Free healtcare, Incarceration in Federal and state prisions, not counting local jail time and court cost. Education for illegal aliens. Education for babies born of illegal aliens who are citizens and get welfare, wic and other entitlements. (anchor babies). $200 billion dollars per year in suppressed American wages is part of the cost. In 2006 illegal aliens sent $45 billion dollars back to their country of origin, while we the taxpayer paid for free school lunches, healthcare, incarceration, and entitlements to their children who never paid into it. I see this as the root cause of the problems were having now. In Texas alone we spend $150 million dollars a year just for incarceration of illegal aliens,in California it cost them $10.5 billion dollars per year for illegal aliens. Pennsylvania spends $728 million dollars per year on illegal aliens. Go state by state and do the math. What hospitals can’t charge illegal aliens is tacked on to our bills, the ones with insurance and the Congress wonders why healthcare is so expensive. why do we keep voting these morons into office each year? We need to vote them all out and start fresh.

  • Norman Alme

    Illegals are given welfare, health care, driver’s licenses, a job (if they’re willing to work) Why should they go thru the hassle of citizenship and have to work, pay bills, pay taxes and obey our laws? Something wrong here!

  • Norman Alme

    Illegals are given welfare, health care, driver’s licenses, a job (if they’re willing to work) Why should they go thru the hassle of citizenship and have to work, pay bills, pay taxes and obey our laws? Something wrong here!

  • young one

    instead of worrying about the illegals, why dont they end the wars in the middle east, its costing the government alot more to pay for the war than to worry about the illegals problem. then after they end it and fix the economy then maybe they can focus more on this problem. im sure this could help our economy, I’m still young and dont know much but i know the war is pointless and is costing hundreds of billions to the government

  • Jo Joslin

    i love illegal immigrants

  • The Man

    If you add up what it costs per year for illegal immigrants and mutiply it by the number of years you believe them to be here you will get a much larger number then what was spent on this war. Not to mention it does’nt give the senario to the amount we would gain if over these years they were tax paying citizens doin the work instead of illegals and there would have been alot less ppl on government assistance.

    I dont believe the war to pointless myself. I feel those people over there and everyone else in the world would benifit from a more stable Middle East.

  • Rechill

    “This country was built on immigration.” No, knuckleheads. This country was built on LEGAL (mostly Northern) European immigration. We’re getting the best and brightest from Mexico and all points south. We’re getting the bottom of the barrel.

    And if we stopped paying people to not work (welfare) then I assure you that there would be no job an American wouldn’t do.

  • Student

    This country wasn’t exactly built on LEGAL immigration. We came here stole, cheated, and took this land from the original inhabitants; the Native Americans. We took this land as we have it today, illegally. So in actuality, all of us “legal” citizens are here illegally.

  • Donald M. White

    Young One’s comment is the biggest bunch of BS I have ever heard. Yes, we came here, but by and large we have paid for every square inch of what we took. The Dutch bought New York from the Indians. We bought the Louisiana Purchase from the French and Alaska from the Russians. We recently paid descendants of the Indian Tribes of America, some 750,000 of them. $3.4 billion dollars in a court settlement for land rights. It is presumptuous for the Indians, whose population had dwindled a lot before Jamestown, to even think that they owned the whole of America, Canada, and South and Central America. Yes, there were great dynasties and peoples on these lands before, but God intended for others to people the Americas. Had we not come it would still be wild and far from utilized as it is today. We the people don’t own anything, we are here as guests of God. We write up these little ownership papers to keep contemporaries from taking our homes and front yards, but when it comes down to it if you vacate a land long enough the Law doesn’t say you own it in perpetuity if someone after you comes on it and lives for hundreds of years without contest. Yes, America won the east and the west. We defeated Mexico for much of the West including the Great Basin states and California. Does might make it right? Probably not, but after so many years the law is on the side of the squatter, the holder not on the side of someone who would like to hold the land. Afterall, there was a time when nothing was here in America and the Indians became mere squatters for hundreds of years. Now they are being assimilated into the whole fabric of America, which in my mind is good as long as someone remembers their history and some of their ways. Don White

  • Donald M. White

    Pardon me, Young One. I meant to respond to “Student” not to your comment. Don White

  • Jean Tom

    First of all I am neither a democrat or a Republican. I am very much interested in American Politics. I really like Obama alot, his Charisma and is energy but In my opinion I believe he has hypnotize the American People. The Economy was in a very bad state prior to him taking up his post in Office but it has gotten worse. He placed too much emphasis on the areas that have pushed Americans out of jobs, skyrocketing the unemployment rates. I think he should be placing more of his energy on the illegal aliens in the country that is draining the country. This is so unfair to taxpayers. I am from a tax free country and I am now learning about US taxes and it is very depressing. The American people are taxed on practically everything..they live to pay taxes. I do understand that these illegal aliens goes to the US for a better life most of them are fleeing the country because they want to go to the land of the free and the home of the brave..but there should be something where they share some of that tax burden man this is so UNFAIR.

    • J. GRIGGS


  • pogo

    Illegal immigrants cost us less than 1% of our budget.

    The War on Terror cost ten times that.

    From the essay, I added up $32 billion state and federal expenditures on illegals. A lot of money but a pittance of what we spend each year. Not even 1%.

    If you want to balance the budget you need to cut Social Security, Medicare and Defense; raise taxes, or both.

    The math is simple. It’s finding the will and telling the truth that seems to be difficult.

    • momplayer


  • Brian

    As long as the illegal immigration is allowed to continue, it will fuel whichever political parties votes with those nationalities. The old “I’ll scratch yours if you sniff mine”. First and foremost I love diverse cultures in this country. But that being said, my family came over from Ireland and Scotland legally when this before this country was officially founded. Along with the Italians, and many more European cultures. We built this country from SCRATCH. Now generations later my mother and father who are one year away from retirement, can get no real help on medications and doctors visits (both being diabetic), but all the illegals have to do is ask and it shall be received from our pandering government. Illegal still means against the law, doesn’t it. Or can I bend the rules too and get away with it?

  • Brian

    I forgot to mention a couple of other races that meant alot to this country but still managed to learn the language and change themselves to fit this country and not vise versus. African Americans, people of asian decent, etc etc. We all have conformed to fit in to the american society except for one. Illegal immigrants. When our state and federal governments have to spend more money writing books, signs and everything else into spanish because we could never expect someone that wants to live here to know ENGLISH, that cost taxpayers more money. Translaters in the DMV that accompany others to translate for them (SHADY don’t you think?). how much trust do we give a society of illegals if they make no effort to enter legally. We all must be law abiding citizens to our homeland. We all must put America first. Many of our own have died to give us our freedoms. One of which is to legally enter this country. It is not a given for anyone to live here. It is a gift. It has to be earned and not just given on a political whim. If this government doesn’t change then we must vote and impeach until only the common man can hold office. Not a bunch of lawyers. Oh by the way. Check your web for the amount of Europeans allowed into this country to live and see how actually hard it is for them to be accepted into this country. Guess we have to leave room for the illegals and law abiding wanna be citizens. Go figure.

  • rex.dale

    what about all the money they put back in by working for nothing basically?

  • Tiffany
  • Danny Terry

    STOP talking about illegal-immigrants stop paying their way.. give them no reason to invade our country..Just say that’s it! no more illegal-immigrants…read my lips…what is so hard to understand.. The poles are out now make them go home… what is so hard about that..

  • Jenna

    what is so hard about that??? They have no home from which they came from. America is their home now. All of you people are corrupted. Isnt this supposed to be the land where dreams come true? why cant their dreams come true? Not all of them are criminals, most of them are hardworking people who want a better life for their children than they had. Take it from somebody that knows. So what if i am illegal. I’m not afarid of being deported why should i live in fear of anything? I am tired of hididng why should i be ashame to be who i am. I am actually the valedictorian in my school. the best in my shop. so why am i not worthy of you ignorant fools? Because i wasnt born here? because i didnt have the choice of coming here? This has been my home since i was 2 months old. I have dreams, i have wishes just like any “American”. This is supposed to be the land of the free. Long ago didnt people flee to this country because they wanted just that? my family wanted that for me. they wanted me to catch my shooting star.

    Infact, i wanted to join the army, but i couldnt because of my legal status. I am the voices of millions when i say i deserve the right to be here if not have the right to be treated like humans and not like aliens. and whoever said “why dont we just shoot them too?” this is from human to human, not from illegal immigrant to illiterate American, you have no right to take someone’s life. What gives you the power to decide who lives and who dies? People like you are the people that make me sick. The way i’m treated, it makes me wonder if things would have been better in my counrty. Atleast there i can make something of my life. The problem is, English is my language, i only know a few words in spanish. I have no home, no family over there. My friends are here, my classes. My life is in America.

    On the whole Mexico is not safe. Let my give you an insider fact. The northern towns of mexico are dangerous because they border the US which means, if you didnt know this, the mexican drug dealers traffic drugs to the American drug dealers, so dont go on saying that America is contaminated because of illegal immigrants. Americans arent all cherries on top. After you get passed those northering towns in Mexico,all you see is historical traditional towns. Where i used to live, it’s like the suburbs in the nicest places in america.

    I am a human too, and despite whether the government or any of you think i trespassed or not, i dont care because America is my home.i dont need people or papers to tell me i belong because i am an American. Not one person is worthy to tell me otherwise.

  • Ryan

    By the way, why is it that anytime someone speaks out against amnesty & illegal immigration a minority or democratic voter uses the race card? They’re so quick to call a person a “racist” for being patriotic but what they fail to mention is you never hear those same folks complaining about “legal” immigration!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    But after every thing is said & done ,no matter what the facts are, these people are “ILLEGAL”! SO please stop trying to quote,”how much they dont cost” facts to me. The bottom line is they should not be here! Most of us Americans dont want them here! And that means our government should do every thing in their power to deport them!

  • Gerardo


  • G. Jenkinson

    Voters who are relatives of the largest segment of illegal aliens are considered a voting block that can be cheaply bought by defective politicians, if the politicians establish or support government welfare programs that benefit illegal aliens.
    The politicians also get the benefit of growing government larger with these welfare programs. They desire larger government because that means more power for themselves, the politicians.
    As the illegal alien population grows, so does the number of unpatriotic voters (relatives) that will sell their vote to the politicians supporting illegal alien welfare. These unpatriotic voters get more welfare supporting polititians into power who will support even more welfare programs for the illegal aliens, which will draw into the country more illegal aliens, and the cycle grows uncontrollably.

    The solution for this is to help public opinion recognize that support of any kind to illegal aliens is unpatriotic; and to work hard at getting these defective politicians replaced with patriotic, responsible politicians.

    For those who say “All Americas are immigrants, so who are we to deport these people”, remember that in fact Americans are actually (or decendents of) LEGAL immigrants, allowed to immigrate into the country by the choice of the country, not by the whim of the immigrant.
    Illegal aliens by definition show no regard for the residents and laws of the country they break into, so they are by nature undesirable immigration candidates that should be immediately deported upon discovery.

    It is not true that illegal aliens only take jobs that American citizens are not willing to do. If the illegal aliens were not in the country, then the jobs they now take away from Americans would pay a fair rate for the work performed. As it is now, illegal aliens can be coerced to work at unfairly low wage rates. This is because the employers who hire the illegal alens are not patriotic to the USA. Also they lack the proper values and ethics necessary to obey the law by NOT hiring illegal aliens and instead hiring only US citizens (& Permanent Residents) and ensure they pay a fair wage. Since their defective patriotism, ethics and values will likely never improve, the only way to get fair wages from them is to deport the illegal aliens they now exploit.
    This too requires getting people in office who will work hard to deport the illegal aliens and remove all government welfare for illegal aliens.

    A large number of people in the USA living in poverty are single mothers. Most single motherhood is a result of irresponsible behavior on the part of the mother and father of the children. By definition, a natural result of irresponsible behavior are the manifestation of undesirable outcomes, like living in poverty. If these very same people had made the personal choices available to all to be responsible by getting a good education, establishing a solid career and a committed marriage, and THEN having children, these very same people and their children would never have experienced their self-imposed poverty.

    There are many cases of people who were born into poverty making the personal choice of behaving responsibly, and putting poverty behind them.

    Personal Responsibility
    Good Healthy Values (e.g.: Judeo-Christian Values)

  • Mary

    It is amazing how little some Americans know!!!Most immigrants aren’t on welfare! They work hard and do not ask for money! They are hardworking! Even though they may not earn enough money they have never turned to the government for financial support. Why blame the immigrants for the country’s financial hardships? They really don’t know what or who to blame anymore.. so BLAME IT ON THE IMMIGRANTS right?!

    • momplayer


      • Ramon F Herrera

        I believe you are lying.

      • R Martinez

        OK, first of all I would hate to be your neighbor being since you have so much time to watch their every move, seems to me you have nothing better to do, meaning maybe you don’t work either. If you can pay that much attention to their every move, clothes, & food, then you have mental issues, & your just another jealous person because your not happy with your own lifestyle. Also I wanted to share a secret with you, illegal Mexicans save money for years & years on end, that may have been given to them from citizens from this country. If they have what they have then I’m very proud of them, because they deserve to have nice things in life just as you do. How about you follow the mother,the wife of the drunk hubby that lives next door, follow her to the grocery store & watch how she pays, I’ll bet my life its cash, not welfare money as many of you think. In the state I live in there is no illegal Mexicans receiving any types of welfare assistance period. This is based on true facts, so thy nosey neighbor you are, find a hobby & let people live as they see fit. I’m a mother of 4, single mother, raising all my children on my own, I don’t work, I drive a nice suv, my children dress all goody tissue too, so are you gonna tell me that I live off welfare as well because I’m at home all the time spending time with my children, friends, family, will I be put in the category as you put your neighbors in. Guess what I’m white with 4 Mexican children I raise. Welfare nope, darn its that thing I said about saving money, in doing that I own several real estate properties that I rent out 2 illegal, legal, any race, it don’t matter to me. They pay rent I’m good to go, but if it weren’t for the fact I told you this & if you were my neighbor I would have ran you off a long time ago just for being so involved in others personal businesses. Get a job, or hobby so you can focus on other things more important.

  • http://msn ralph trefry

    The explanation to all that has been discussed along with the solutions can be found in the book, “Illuminarti” “The Cult that Hijacked the World” by Henry Makow PH.D. By the book at
    A Shooking revealation. You will learn that so much that you have learned just ain’t so.

  • Tanner

    It’s not just economical problems; these people come here, marry white Americans, and dilute the American white race, by 2025 whites will be a minority in our own country we created. We made the best most successful country in the world and they came here by the millions to take advantage of it and pushing us into a recession, the people who come here are also criminals and fill our prisons and produce negative impacts on our culture turning it from what it was in 1950’s to the way it is now. They must all be removed even if they came here 5 generations ago and are currently citizens.

  • Gen

    Tanner, you’re an idiot. You’re diluting the American way by posting your racist and bigoted views.

    Unfortunately, those who come here illegally are still illegal. How can we enforce our own laws if we choose which ones we enforce? Plain and simple, we cannot let a few get away with living in the U.S. illegally when there’s a threat real and tangible from those who seek out to hurt us from countries halfway around the world. We are undermining our own way of life by not enforcing our laws. I believe in compassion and believe that we can work out a way to not uproot immigrants who are here and are not committing flagrant law breaking, but we do need to manage the people who live in the U.S. Let’s not make it easy for some terrorist to travel to one of our border countries and just walk onto U.S. soil.

  • Al

    I know ultra-conservatives don’t like facts but here ya go….

  • John Peters

    Most of you blaming illegal immigrants or the “Obama” administration as the source of our economic problems are simply arrogant. Not stupid, but arrogant.

    In simple words, the reason as we all know for illegal immigrants coming to America is due to lack of jobs and abundance of corruption in their country. Reason? The top reason would be American policies. For example, “NAFTA”. Do not know what that is? Educate yourself. American Govt. for the benefit of its own interests “bullies” the small nations to do what it asks. Cause? Mexican govt for example. The top or richest in Mexico controls the rest. US owns the top. And, the top ruins the life of the “rest”. In other words, US devastates the life of the “rest”. Result? US is profited. So, what is wrong with the illegal coming to US to take back for what they deserve? They might not see it this way, but to an extent it is their right!

    More examples on policies. Brazil has learned the game. It has learned to stand up and not be “bullied”. Result? Biggest economic growth in the history of its country. They don’t have to plead to America to borrow money, thanks to China. Have no clue what I just said? Don’t be arrogant. Do not read what you want to read. Do some research!

    -Some info about Obamas.
    Now, Obama Administration. Well, lets just take Obama. The CEO of General Motors has more power then Obama. A man whose hands and legs are tied, whose voice is concealed. Thanks to Nov 2 this month, america will really make some progress now! Here is a little lesson for those who watch too much Fox News.
    - On Sept 2008, before Obama was elected, recession hit America. Few days later, Obama became president. OMG! But, OBAMA CREATED RECESSION!
    Well, your level of knowledge is among 95% of Americans. Congrats.

    Btw: 5% includes corps who are spreading propoganda.

    Anyways, Obama entered. What did he do? He bailed out banks at huge costs. OMG! OBAMA CREATED SO MUCH DEBT! Well, nevermind.
    If he had not bailed out the banks, America would have been in dark ages. If you are clueless, stop believing in propoganda. TV hates you.
    Get some research done and don’t be part of the 95%!

  • Bob

    Wow~ that Sucks- What has happened to this Country???

  • Jonathan

    Yo these people need get the (offensive word removed) out this country! I’m 16 years old and i’m trying to find a job! How am I going find one if these mexican running around talking about “i don’t speak no english”. Then the president (not specifically obama previous presidents too)running around saying their trying to create jobs. kick these illegal people out and see how many jobs open up!

  • AMRO

    ok here i go first of all mind ur (offensive word removed) bussy to all the ppl tat want to do something bout the immigrant just (offensive word removed) live ur life cuz u only got one get up in the morning nd try something new dont worry b out wat other have to say or anything nd the gov. is stupid (offensive words removed) becuz they r controlling u nd wasting money on stuipd things like borders nd things to keep other “aliens” (y the (offensive words removed) do they call mexicans aliens) away from the united states its stupid cuz mexico is connected with the us so y cant they take out the border nd let ppl go free or wat does it mean to say freedom of speech or freedom if u dont have any at all i just have one thing to say just do wat i do “WRITING MY LIFE LIKE IS THE LAST CHAPTER…”

  • tim

    This article leaves a bit out. like how much the cost to U.S. Dept of Immigration. How much the cost to the DEA is to have all those drugs coming through the Southern Border.

    • Ramon F Herrera

      “How much the cost to the DEA is to have all those drugs coming through the Southern Border”

      Okay, point taken. We will eliminate the DEA. Thanks for the tip and don’t forget to vote!!

      Signed: The US Congress

  • Really

    Every single point in this ‘article’ was shown to be false or exaggerated. This is just pointless drivel that came from a chain letter that flounced around the internet for a while. looked into this very letter and found much of it was wrong:

  • gh0tz

    Have no problem with any nationality just making note of this now but there is just a few things that bothers me..

    -Immigrants(mostly mexicans) want to protest and all this crap in a country that’s not there’s in any way.They wasn’t born here,your illegally here so why are you protesting?

    -Racism is serious and dangrous,it shouldn’t go on but my thing is united states suppose to welcome immigrants with open arms but if a united states citizen went to mexican or anywhere else in the global they get treated like crap,united states citizens do not get treated with open arms to other countries like how united states open these immigrants with,just saying.

    -Costing money?do you see how much children mexicans be making?they have a whole high school class of kids,just saying,than they have a nerve to want food stamps and all these programs,no,if your going to come here illegally get your behind up and work for your rights.

  • Andrew Brown

    And, we Mexicans, or illegal aliens, probably do the most of agriculture and landscaping. We are actually working for you. Why fight against it?

    • R Martinez


  • judy

    I keep hearing Obama is not putting a stop to the Illegal Mexicans coming here, they are draining our system…yada yada yada.
    I want to know WHY he is not, he must be getting something out of it, or is it because it does not effect him directly?
    He is taken care of PISS on all the rest of you.
    I was raised to not be prejudice but guess what is happening? I am not the only one feeling this way.
    Walk up to a perfect stranger and ask them how they feel about the leeches coming into this country for free everything, and how they feel about our more than ignorant government.
    Why aren’t signs put up on hospitals that reads “If you are here illegally and you are knocked up again go home”
    If and when the illegal Mexicans finds out they can’t leech off of us working tax payers, they may stay home, the only reason they come here is to leech.

  • Ramon F Herrera

    I have a question for the anti crowd. Don’t yo ever wonder that there are 23,475,803 companies in the USA and you cannot find ONE that is willing to publicly support your side?? The number of churches on your side is ZERO as well.

  • Ramon F Herrera

    There are 2 kinds of studies about the economic effect of immigration. They show completely opposite results. One type is published by FAIR, CIS and related organizations (which have been officially designated as Hate Group), the other type of study is published by EVERYBODY else: business, government, academia, etc.

    Guess which study produces which result?

  • Ramon F Herrera

    “If current Hispanic voting and demographic trends continue (*), as early as 2020 the Republican party will be unable to get enough electoral college votes to win another presidential election EVER”

    - The Wall Street Journal, not quite a liberal rag

    (*) The trends have accelerated, thanks to Arizona and the Tea Party.

    • Ramon F Herrera

      Political pundits are trying to predict how long will it be between the time Hispanics become a majority in Texas (they are already, in Houston) and the time the GOP ceases to be a national political party.

  • Juliana

    Wow. I read about halfway through all the responses and felt sick to my stomach. I assume that more then half of these responses come from people older than 25 years of age, in other words, ADULTS! I’m seventeen years old and I’m an immigrant. I came from Colombia when I was four years old and became an American citizen at the age of fourteen. I live here with my parents and brother and they as well are citizens. We were all born in Colombia. My dad has been living here for more then thirty years and has worked harder then many people I know. Although I’m an American citizen and appreciate dearly what this country has done for me and the amazing opportunities it has offered me, I still feel Colombian blood run through my veins greatly.
    I go to a school where more than half of it is immigrants. Whether they are illegal or not, I see students who care greatly about their education and work hard to be something in this country. I also see students who do not give a hoot about where they go in life.
    I hate to see how everyone wants to blame illegal immigrants for the criminal acts committed in this country and how dirty the streets are and all other kind of non-sense. Lets not act like Americans are saints and do not do any crime, cause they do. & illegal immigrants are not the only ones on foodstamps and receiving WIC benefits. I see Americans cheat the system all the time. I work in a grocery store and see families come in with up to 3 foodstamp cards fill with more then $300 each!
    I’m not going to be ignorant and say that illegal immigrants are not in PART responsible for the situation this country is going through but, they are not the only ones to blame.
    Its also ridiculous that everyone is talking about Mexicans like they are the only illegal immigrants in this country. Stop with the racism comments. It’s so sad as a seventeen year old to see and hear these words of hate in a country that is suppose to be so “perfect”. In school, all I hear in my history classes is how great this country is and all the “amazing” things it did for others and how much Martin Luther King Jr and other leaders did for all of us to be treated equal. Why is America given so much credit globally if it is still going through the same situations it always has.
    My brother is in the Air Force and I plan to enlist in the future. & yes we are immigrants fighting for a country that we were not born in! Illegal immigrants are working and producing for a country that is not theirs! Immigrants and citizens are also working and fighting for a country they live in!
    Its time to stop with the ignorance.

  • http://personallibertydogest M.Smith

    I am a native born califorain and I love my country to taking in and helping all races,but a lot of them became leagals and worked with us not a ganisnt us as these young mexicans are. They should talk to their President and find out where all the money our Presidents have sent them over the years and how many things we have helped a lot of states and races out ,yes some were done wrong ,but where does any persons think they have the right to cross our borders and steal and rape and kill our people because they thik they own America,no they don’t they didn’t give up a lot to build this state we did and our fore parents did and some of their great grandparents, no place in this world is with their faults, but that don’t give and person to come here and wear our flag around their bodies they take and the had they children not us thaats what ruined their country not us,so you people wake up. the black Americans have had everychance to improve them selfs a lot of them have and they should stand up and help their people too,but they’d rather blame the white’s for their down fall and they don’t even respect the police they stand on the side of killers. our borders should be closed and nobody should be let in with out speaking -reading -writing English and background checks on all and finger prints photos, and job skills and health skills not babies. I thnk the Americans have taken blame for a lot of things,but we believe what happened in the past wasn’t todays peoples fault,we are tired of paying for Presidents vacations -parties-running out to pick up lunches with a pack of Secert Service that we pay for we don’t want to pay for their childrens education whle ours are being shoued into ill equiped schools and over crowed and we don’t want muslims teaching our children thekir language and history first English and are history and we don’t want to pay for their schools or trips or them parying all over the front of the white house Muslim have had diiners in the white house for years but now it’s like Obama is letting them change every thing do you hear any school singin our national anthem any more did you see that are Arlinton Cemeerety has head stones and not croess because it might hurt others feelings what about the American feelings. Too much of our money is being given away and jobs too to the illegals from over sea’s and Mexico We agree with Arizonia Oaklahoma and all the other states,so wake up people of America we will loose America with your Governments help from the white house down. I lived with hardly nothing when I was young and worked hard for all we have and now they keep taxing the middle class like mad WE HAVE TO PAY JUST ABOUT ALL OUR ss BACK IN TAXES AND PUTTING OUT CLOSE TO $5,000 A YEAR IN MEDICALMORE FOR ALL THE illegals evry card or home or rental that they don’t pay up omn we will be paying for,call your lt Gov and Govenors’ mayor’s senator Reps and Congressmen. they want a dream act for these mexicans why? THAT WILL COSTS US AN BUNDLE AND WE DON’T NEED ANY BRIDES TO CANADA OR ANY WHERE ELSE WE NEED JOBS AND GET TEACHERS FROM aMERICA FOR THE CHILDREN AND ADULTS SOPT THE GREEDY EXTRAVAGANT pEOPLE WE HAVE IN THE wHITE hOUSE NOW. AND STAND UP FOR FREEDOM WE ALL MUST WORK HARDER TO KEEP PEOPLE OUT OF aMERICA UNTIL WE BUILD HER BETTER WITH OUT COMMUNISUM WHICH IS SEIU gEORGE sORROS ANDY STREN AND VAN JONES READ UP ON IT bILL aYERS AND THE oBAMA KNEW EACH OTHER IN SHICGO THEIR THE ONES THAT HAD A PARTY FOR oBAMA AND HE SAID HE DIDN’T KNOW HIM HE EVEN WORKED WITH AYERS ON THE WOODS FUND ACCOUNT IS IN THE ACORN LOAN C. THAT IS CROOKED AS CAN BE.WE AMERICANS ARE BEING STABBED IN THE BACK. SENATOR D.FEINSTIEN SAYS SHE WANT US TO BY USA PRODUCE AND SUCH WHY IS SHE HIRING LATINOS TO HELP IN HER BUSINESS INSTEAD OF THSE AMERICANS SHE BOXER AND LEE AREN’T FOR US TO SUCEED OR THEY’S KNOW THE DREAM ACT AND REPARATION AND TOTIILAZTION AGREEMENTS WILL KEEP US ALL SUCHING FOR WORK AND NOBODY WILL HAVE THEIR DREAM,STOP ARE MONEY FROM BEING SPENT LIKE WE ARE BILLIONARIES NOT EVEN THEM THAT MADE IT BIG IS HELPING OUR AMERICA STAY ALIVE THEIR LETTING TO MANY MUSLIMS IN EVEN TRYING TO GET SHARIA LAW HERE AND THAT IS REAL BAD STUFF READ UP ON IT WE ALREADY HAVE ISLAMIC JDHIST TERRORESIT HERE SINCE 2001 AND NOT A SOUL HAS GOTTON THEM OUT OF HERE. NOW THEY PAST A LAW IN SF CA THAT NOBDY THAT DON’T LIVE IN THEIR CITY CAN WORK THEIR,THAT IS BEING WORKING TOGETHER TO BUILD UP AMERICA WELL THEY HAVE GANGS AND DRUGS AND LATINO, THAT ALL THEY NEED AND GREDDY LT.GOV AND WHOM ELSE DO THEY NEED. WAKE UP AMERICA WE ARE BEING TORN APART FROM THE INSIDE OUT. DON’T KNOCK THE PEOPLE AT FOX THEY HAVE THE VIDEO’S AND THE PAPERS TO PROV WHAT THEY TALK ABOUT AND IF THEY GET SOMETHING WRONG THEY SAY THEIR SORRY . THAT S MORE THEN WE GET FROM THE PRESIDENT HE RUNS US ALL DOWN AND YOU KNOW WHAT REAGAN SAID IT’S NOT THE PEOPLE THAT MAKE WARS IT’S THE GOVERNMENT’. THATS JUST WHAT THEY ARE DOING RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA BY BINGING IN ALL THESE ILLEGALS AND MUSLIM KILLING AND SHOOTING ISN’T THE ANSWER IT’S BEING HEARD THAT THEY ANSWER AND GETTING ARE CHILDREN BELIEVING IN AMERIA AND FAITH THEY WERE DOING GOOD WHEN THEY DID GO TO CHURCH AND RESPECT THEIR PARENTS AND FAMILIES AND DRESS LIKE HUMAN BEINGS GIRL-WOMEN AND MALES DRESS LIKE???? god bless all the un is getting to much money from us because your president sends and promises to much to other overseas and in mexico .they ar giving are land to russia thats alaska and i’d read on it folks then may be you won’t think these people are helpping us. they are looking for their own glory and taking our money as they do it. We don’t believe in abortion read how much is being spent on it and oh yes why is obama hiding his birth certificate if he is legal and why is he always going on trips with his intire family if their business-he has a satelight in th white house if they cared about the money why doesn’t he use kit,instead and why isn’t congress stopping all this outrageous spending even on all those staffers they both have it’s not fair thought they would show the worl how great they could save us Ha Has, when he went over seas to campagin that was it for us from 18 to 54 we were dems now were indepenants. keep our military under usa anot he un army they will send are military to darfur and africa and worse because their own un peace keeper got out because two of their people werekilled that all they want from the usa money and more money and their way and us desorted read and listen before you vote we’ve been called racists killers and steales and we take pissoners and feed them clothed them and the eat three meals aday tv computoers and ply games and we pay for it all taxed like rich foks every where we turn and now they want to open up all borders and pay as you go though each border,won’t that be just great. obama gave 220million to get rid of drug cartle trafficing over seas and it ‘s not the first tim e theothers was for drilling but here in america we can’t drill in alaska or get are fish from them and boston mass instead of over seas and we can’t drill off the gulf of california, we were to have clean energy and a fast train when my son was ten he is now 58 they had the money to do all that but pelosi had other ideas and so did our mayors senators governor lt too presients vp and they took from our ss and didn’t put it back with interest and they should and nobody should get bonuses or increase in ss or ritire with what ftheir makeing now and we shouldn’t have to pay for nything for any one of them from the white house down no ceo no president of business bank post office they all should pay taxes as we do and pay for their own secert service and medicali as we have it come out of are hmo and ss.even those that have left office and this also should be for judges lawyers and so on and nobody should use loop holes to hide monkey over seas we tought obama stopped that but yet he is letting GE don it if their doing others are doing it do and he don’t give a darn and what about all the stars that don’t pay their taxes they don’t go after them like timothy g in the white house how mone
    y don’t pay tha thave billions and thwill get more with the cheap labor they only have to make sure a persons speaks and reads everything to those that don’ty read write and speak english but sure know how to cheat the government from the money they make on the side. good luck world muslim ar ekilling the christians over seas is any one doing a thing about tha no.

  • Richard

    Im a citizen(half mexican/half white), my friends parents were illegal untill they got amnesty in some year(idk when). Lets just say the job that they did was in the fields picking fruits and vegetables, they worked about 12-15 hours a day. And they got paid about 4 dollars an hour back then which would be like 7-8 dollars today. And I know for sure I wouldn’t do a job so labor intensive for atleast 12-15 dollars an hour in todays prices, like most Americans. So lets say they people worked for 250 days in a year or more. And lets say illegals cost about 100billion dollars to the US Government. Now lets do the math. Working for 12 hours, for 4 dollars les than a citizen for 260 days. Doing the math that is $12400 dollars less than it would take to pay a citizen who would want a fair pay for the hard job. And now lets multiply $12400 by the number of illegals which would be about 9 million. That would give us about 116 billion dollars right? Now many of you say they use “our healtcare, our education, our money” but in reality only about 35-45% of illegals use healthcare or other perks that come with being a citizen because they are too scared of getting deported. Oh, yes and lets not forget those other billions of dollars that they pour into the US economy by buying goods in the US which allows more buisnesses to be created which in turn creates even more jobs for people, not decreasing the amount of jobs as many think. The fact is the a countries economy thrives with illegal labor. I also don’t like people blaming the illegals for the bad things in our country when the real problem is with Americans who have become lazy and want to earn the most amount of money for the least amount of work. The simple thing is that there dosen’t need to be an attack on imigrants, but an attack on lazy citizens who are not productive to our society and want to point fingers at others. For example(not trying to be racists): [a baby mama gots five little kids with not a baby dady around. Since they all be citizens its real easy for her to gets some medica and food stamps and free education so she don't hesitate to get these perks of being a citizen.] So who is a strain on our society/economy now? Simple fact is the founders of this country were hard workers and now since the hard job has been done the new generation just sits and points fingers at others when problems arise, but hopefully our kids will be smarter than this and will work hard to fix this problem by not just siting and pointing fingers at others. The true problem is our government has become to lenient on its citizens, this wasn’t ever a problem since our founders were hard workers. People now just abuse the perks of being a citizen, thus being a strain on our economy. The government needs to have laws to get lazy americans off their butts and into some hard work that many have forgot about. Btw sorry for bad spelling, and im not a lazy american. I worked hard to get my education and for my comfortable job I have now. A perk of being a citizen(work hard in school for 20 years and have a comfortable job for your life). :) hope you see what I mean. PEACE.

    • David

      You’re way off on many figures. Illegals using free healthcare are more than 75%. I have a brother that works for the free healthcare system. he also writes for the medical journal. I don’t have the time to waste on you and illegals and the gay marriage act my godless country is passing.
      Illegal is illegal. Your friend’s parents were illegal. Period. They broke the law. The goverment is lazy and incompentent. They should have strict laws and enforce them like mexico and China and Iran and other countries I have visited or lived in. England will allow very few to come and live there and then become citizens.

  • S. Fralin

    For all of you who keep spouting out that Mexicans are only doing jobs Americans won’t do answer this question for me: Who was doing those jobs before they got here? AMERICANS !!!!

    • David

      That’s right!!! I cleaned bathrooms and swept floors and many things that if I had to do it to get money to feed my son, I would.
      I am 55. If it meant having a hurting back everyday, I would do it. And I am not working now as it is. I hope to be working soon. I am just waiting. But if I were offered a job at $15, which is less than what I made 17 years ago, I would take it in a second.

    • unknown


    • AJ

      blacks where doing these jobs back in the 50s(not a racist comment you use to blame them for losing jobs. then you gave them equal rights and now even they wont do these jobs for the pay that is given. i don’t bitch about them taking jobs because i study to get a real carer so should all of you. few people are losing their jobs to immigrants they are called white trash, rednecks, getto punks and anyone who did not study anything more than high school.if you want to save money its simple Stop giving it away to other countries that don’t pay back or even use it to support terrorist groups. all of the middle east and the biggest money pit for the US Israel, nothing against Jews they just don’t pay back anything the US has given them since the late 40s

    • Guillermo

      so now you mad becuase we do the job better and cheaper?

    • usvey

      what is an American according to you because there is african american japanese american chinese american european american russian american mexican american i mean really what makes an American besides the fact that they were born here and their ancestor at some point or another migrated here. Because i believe we all have a bad concept of what really makes a True American every culture that migrated here worked this land and this is why its beautiful. in this country every culture planted their own little seed to make this country as strong as we are now and continue to do so regardless of what any one else says or sees it. So sad that the majority of the comments are so so hurtful towards certain cultures and yet i could bet my life on it that the majority of those who make these ugly comments and have such hard feelings are Christians. we Christians are suppose to love each other and help each other progress as not only as a person but as a united country. No wonder other religions hate on us and think of america as a devil country mainly because of all the hate we seem to show towards other who are in need and are not doing as well as we are. so sad and yet so true. We should ask ourself Where is the love not where is the money?

  • Jennifer

    Total War Funding by Operation
    Assuming an annual level of the current Continuing Resolution (H.J.Res. 44/P.L. 112-4) and
    based on DOD, State Department/USAID, and Department of Veterans Administration budget
    submissions, the cumulative total appropriated from the 9/11 for those war operations, diplomatic
    operations, and medical care for Iraq and Afghan war veterans is $1.283 trillion including:
    • $806 billion for Iraq;
    • $444 billion for Afghanistan;
    • $29 billion for enhanced security; and
    • $6 billion unallocated

    This is really why the country is in debt.

    • usvey

      thank you this makes more sense than some of those other statements put out there

  • c.jones

    Well Ilegals or Not this is a wonderfull place enjoy one of this people people may be the one to take cake of you have love for you and other”s god bles you !!!

  • trobles

    Everyone is talking how immigrants spend all of our money, just a little FYI as a person that has worked at the adult and juvenile probaation office, it is our own citizens that commit more crimes and our tax payers are the ones paying their jail time and court fees. You want to talk about criminals, there are more white juveniles that repeat the same offense than mexicans, i agree ppl from mexico, cuba, nicaragua, honduras, colomia should try to make things the right way because not only are they being treated like criminals but they are risking their lifes trying to cross the boarder, but before any of you attack the immigrants arguing that they spend all of our tax money look around and see how many red necks are out begging for money to use them for drugs then end up in prison and we tax payers have to pay for them,

  • radworld

    21% that means 1 out of every 5 people you pass on the street are illegal. And this lying POS expects smart people to believe that crap. Sure, the stupid ones will not be able to see these facts are all made up. Heck, the stupid ones are the reason we still receive Emails from Nigeria hahaha!

    • http://? James

      I think the 21% was for people in prison. If you live in some parts of California or Illinois or a state with a high illegal immigrants count, then it may be possible that 21% is an alright approximation for “the street”.

  • Jokacardo

    HI, first, sorry for my English, I know some part of this problem in US, all country’s have this problem don’t think is US only, the system is the same, the ones they live in “own country”, wants good paychecks less work and Saturday’s and Sunday’s to stay at home, I wish that too. Second, just only the government know the real fact about how an illegal cost, if they are high cost, why they not do something about that, exist reasons for everything. Check this, all biggest company’s is going out of this country for less cost in production, ask your self, why ?. IRS accept illegal to pay tax, why ? Can a illegal stay a year in a employment, NOOO. Why a illegal have to pay +- $500.00 or much more to go a Dentist or even a Private doctor, because a Hospital kill you with the people they make you this they are professionals, not in general, another thing, is not only the illegal they take advantage of the charity care, I believe more then 50% of the population do it. I agree for a opportunity to show what they can do, just let them work legally make them to create jobs legally, do you think scare them helps in anything, No !!! I am stop right here, because this will create a big discussion and we do not have authority to change that. Thank you for your time you spend to read my opinion sorry if you don’t agree.

  • Lila

    Is seems as though the average, middle-class American taxpayer is becoming obsolete. Because of our corrupt, inept govt. more the middle class is becoming the poor and the rich just become richer. The middle-class get no hand out nor any help. We have to pay our health insurance, pay for our homes, our cars, our car insurance, etc. What really bothers me is that an illegal immigrant can come over our country and they get health insurance, food stamps and get their rent paid. And, they never paid into the system. THAT IS EXTREMELY UNFAIR TO ALL THE AMERICAN TAX PAYERS. Here is an idea, why don’t all the middle-class americans who want a better life, that are now living in poverty because they lost their jobs and are now on the verge of becoming homeless and poor go to another country for a better life and suck of the tit of that country. I say this because American is great for everyone, expect for the middle-class, working, tax-paying Americans. Time to bail ship and mooch of another country’s govt. like all the illegals living here do!

    • Legal

      Every year, billions of American dollars go to this particular country with illegal workers in USA. They file tax and claim returns with their so-called dependents in the other country, sometimes including up to 20 or 30 dependents. These dependents can be nieces and nephews and who know who, and no one (and no way) in IRS ever checks to see these people even exit on the face of the earth. One illegal worker here can file an income of $5,000 and receive a return of $10,000 (through earned income credit) because of these phantom dependents. We legal Americans have to work so hard and pay our tax to feed these non-American, or non-existent people in this particular neighboring country. This is not a joke. The information comes from IRS. If you have any doubt, check with the great IRS of the United States of America.

  • Guillermo

    Yo what the hell is wrong with you people what most of you idiots don’t know is that immigrants bring in ten times more than we loose by keeping them. you asses need help if you cant figure that out

  • cynthia

    you people make me sick worrying about people who came to work your dirty unwanted jobs dummies remember you brought them in the first place they only came here because they wanted a better future like your freaking ancestors, how bout you mexican haters get off your lazy butts and work take care first of the crazy americans who are killing other americans and then immigrants will talk business, maybe your mad and stuff but tell me when they leave will you go out and pick ur own freaking vegtables or work in factories cleaning bathrooms or make your own beds i dont think so so shush n stop complain and go eat ur freakin hamburgers who immigrants cook!!!!

    • libertytrain

      A hamburger is not a “who” – I clean my own toilets, pick my own food and clean my own house and do all the dirty jobs…. don’t you?

  • dorthy


  • Guillermo

    belive what ever you want but you can’t ignore the facts eventhough undocumented immigration looses the u.s. about 110 billion dollars a year they bring it back in with the labor force by over 200 billion. in other words IMMIGIRATION IMPACTS THE U.S. ECONOMY POSITIVELY!!!!!!!!

  • Deborah

    Less than 2% of all illegal aliens in the US are working crop fields, but 41% are on welfare.

    Over 43% of all issued food stamps go to illegal aliens.

    Over 41% of all US unemployment checks go to illegal aliens.

    Nearly 1/3 of all federal and state prisons are illegal aliens – costing taxpayers over $1.6 billion annually.

    58% of all US welfare payments go to illegal aliens.

    83% of warrants for murder in Phoenix are for illegal aliens.

    86% of warrants for murder in Albuquerque are for illegal aliens.

    95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.

    These are, of course, approximations, and they necessarily refer to just Mexicans. However, around 57% of illegal aliens are Mexican. Another 24% come from other Latin American countries. About 9% from Asia, 6% from Europe and Canada, and the remaining 4% from the rest of the world.

    • Deborah

      Pardon me. The first sentence of the last paragraph is supposed to read, “These are, of course, approximations, and they don’t necessarily refer…”

    • usvey

      where did you get your facts if i may know i like to see them

  • Eric B. Hensen

    I love the bleeding hearts who feel so bad for that terrible trek that the ILLEGALS have to make. What a hardship. Have you ever seen the pictures of that 100 mile long garbage dump that THEY created from Mexico to Tucson? How insulting is it to deliberately defile the very country you are creeping into?

    Immigration is not a right but a privilege granted by each sovereign country and governed by their own individual laws. The laws are put in place in order for the country to 1. Meter the amount of influx so as not to place a burden upon the resources of their nation, 2. Filter the individuals entering so as to insure the safety of its citizens. Citizens of all nations expect their governments to protect them in every possible way and with all possible effort. That is why when foreign nationals cross a sovereign border without permission, and especially in large numbers, we call it INVASION.
    When laws can be disregarded selectively, all law ceases to have meaning. There is never any reasonable justification for ignoring criminals who have broken the law. You cannot rationalize allowing those who chose to knowingly and deliberately disregard the law, to stay unpunished, simply because you feel that they had a good reason. The REASON IS NOT RELEVANT to the crime being committed, and reasons do not overshadow the laws. You then as a government, have failed to provide that level of protection our taxes are collected for. You have given amnesty to outlaws and criminals, refused to enforce our own laws and thus also failed to insure that an unnecessary burden will be placed upon the resources of this nation that we taxpayers, subsidize as well.
    What message does this send to those who immigrated to this country, through hardships, LEGALLY?

    NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. Not even the President.

    We must Stop this illegal amnesty action NOW!

    “We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.” – Ronald Reagan

    There is never any reasonable justification for ignoring criminals who have broken the law. It’s real simple but some make it complicated for political reasons. If you are here Illegally, you were brought here illegally, or born to parents who were here illegally, you are an ILLEGAL, you are breaking the law, and are a criminal, period. I don’t care what your reason to be here is, it is NOT relevant. There are those who want the reason to overshadow the law. This Can’t happen, and we must never let it.

    • Legal

      Eric: Well said.

      • Me

        While I agree, the problem is that Reagan is the one that allowed the first amnesty which has created this disaster that we currently have. He was a politician plain & simple. Amazing that he was an actor. Who knew it would come in so handy in politics.

  • usvey

    i dont understand how one says illegal take up the welfare system. In order to recieve dont you have to be a .us citizen or resident in order to qualify for any type of social services. also another point according to the system in california the help one gets is not like before if you have a child born within the time one was recieving assitant one does not qualify for any cash money only food stamps. so woudnt that already cut the cost by alot. so if illegals take all the money from welfare that means the ones working for the welfare system are the one doing the illegal work n qualifying them any ways so they could get assistants. if this is so that means all our social service workers are currupted and are helping illegals take money from the government. i doubt that every single worker in the social service system is currupted enough to be able to say illegals are taking all our social services money. Im curious to know how an illegal can qualify for any government money put some information real information that one could actually base that this statements are true and if so then this means we need to start hiring social workers to do their job right.

  • usvey

    I have a suggestion this idea came after i was in my politics class with my wonderful instructor. samuel smith a wonderful instructor who makes me see things in a different perspectives. For those who are so Patriotic about being an American and hate the fact that supposably illegals are taking up our resources. Have you thought how really powerful United States really is i learned that its so powerful that we could envade any country without them even knowing we know what they are doing at all times. If this is true obviously we must of spent over the limit to be able to do this and no other country can at least not without sending thier spies. If this is so true why could we not stop the drug cartels and capture the main leader in columbia and in mexico or wherever they are. If we spend so much money on other countries why not spend money on helping the country that is supposably causing illegals to migrate. why not help our neighbor and help them like we do with other countries im sure they would take the help because in reality Mexico is not as poor as everyone makes it seem its just that curruption is not as hidden as other countries. WE our a powerful country that could do so much why not. Im guessing the reason we dont is mainly because that would mean we loose out in all the money and drugs the border confiscate would probably hurt us a little wouldnt you? Really what happens to those millions of dollars they say they consficate and mind me the drugs too what happens to that. I like to know since most of you on here seem to have a good sense on where all the money goes and seem to be able to back that up. please let me know especially because alot of us are not as smart as those who seem to know everyting about this country wny not help educate the ignorant ones so we could understand you better and see your point of you maybe this way as a voters we could help make the nation you like why not try to give us the knowledge you have and answer all the questions we the idiots have. Please maybe like this i could say with clarity that illegals are the ones causing all the problems that we once caused the Natives by sending them to near extinctions. Since our education system didn’t do that well on educating us Americans about how American system works and how it this beautiful country became such a wonderful place that pretty much every one wants to migrate here at whatever cost and anybodies cost. give us your knowledge please.

  • Joe Joe

    But, what about the .7 trillions of dollars that illegal immigrants inject DIRECTLY to the American GDP, the expense is almost insignificant in contrast with the economic benefit from having employees with salaries way lower than minimum wage, not having to pay benefits, dental plan, medical insurance, vacations, sick days (taking also in account that Mexicans WILL work even with a severe fever or terminal cancer, and that is a fact), plus, they are not willing to go back to Mexico, which means that the money they earn is re-spent inside the United States and just very little is sent back to Mexico.
    The expenses come from frantically keep on trying to get them out, making fences and spending way too much money on deportations and border patrol.
    Plus, besides drug trafficking, Mexicans have never been a security threat to the United States, never terrorists, never violent people unless provoked severely, like any other person, unlike some of you that shout ”SHOOT THE BEANER” just for trying to get a job, even if illegally, to be able to eat and feed their family without doing anything harmful to others, they just build stuff, sell fruit, and many other unskilled and manual, but really necessary jobs that Caucasians nor African Americans are willing to do.

    • Me

      The expense outweighs the contributions to the country as a whole. Using illegals benefits the owner of the company or whoever hires them & NO ONE ELSE. There is no tax money going back into the system – from both sides, the employee & employer. The sick illegal goes to the hospital & gets treated & guess who pays for it? You & I, who perhaps never hired an illegal. So your costs went up when you have done nothing to cause it.

      As for spending their money in the US – what the hell do you think they are going to do, have their dinner delivered from Mexico? The only taxes illegals pay is sales tax – only because they can’t get away with NOT paying it.

      Migrant workers were hired legally to do some of the work here. Some Americans couldn’t live on those wages, but foreigners can simply to do different costs of living.

      As for the jobs no one wants – that’s because we have let people sit on the system here & collect for doing nothing. You want to see how fast all those job get taken once they tell people, no welfare, no foodstamps, no section 8 housing & here’s another one – sorry, but you don’t get college grants, you’ll just have to go to a community college & actually get a part time job while you do it.

      Why don’t you give 100% of your money to the illegals if you feel so much for them? Since you think you have to right to tell others that their cost to everyone else isn’t significant then I think that all your money should go to them. Isn’t that fair? My opinion should affect you.

  • Eva Mingo

    here is a idea , make the Mexicans suffer penalty’s like Iran or Irac does ! They wanna cross the boarder illegal, make them work hard labor for 5 years with bread and water , and boot the rest back and their anchor babies, I’m a Native American Indian Modoc tribe , and i feel like there is nothing worse then these nasty mexicans invading my country, they are criminals raping little kids , selling drugs, and now the pushy pieces of sh!t are protesting, this country is so sickening anymore, Why dont the people band together over take the government and take back what is ours, Illegals should be shot if they cross the boarder without the proper channels, their leeches and iam sick of paying taxes so they can squat and drop a hundred kids and bleed the welfare system, i dont feel like paying their way anymore so Obama can get the Latino vote, let him pay for their nasty ass’s if he wants the vote, everyone should go on strike and refuse to pay taxes , what can they do put everyone in jail i dont think so no money left to pay the jailers without once again tax payers money , get the vermin out why we still can;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  • MLBW

    It’s obvious whoever has the power to let this country collapse is doing a great job. The majority of the citizens of the U.S. know that these issues are not complicated they have DMV, IRS, CDC, FDA, AFT, Fed, State, County, City, officials, military, border police, you name it they are all in place to follow through with defending this country and the people who live here. But, somehow at sometime there were laws passed that tied their hands to follow through with their purpose.
    1. Police in MN are not allowed to ask for citizenship if called for a domestic argument.
    2. DMV no longer requests proof of insurance & many counterfeit ID problems occur
    3. There are stories where our own military have not been able to have a loaded weapon for their own protection.
    4. Higher ups actually forbid border states to up the protection of our borders… and the ones that try to enforce the control of our borders end up taking the blame…
    5. Banks will loan money to those who can not payback their loans & expect the Federally Insured to bail them out.
    6. IRS should have caught alot of the financial problems that occurred in the 80′s, 90′s, 2000′s but did not until the bubble burst.
    7. Food and clothing and toys are coming into this country that are not safe, in many ways than I care to repeat myself. Where is the Consumer Diegest, The FDA.

    Where are the rules and regulations that keep our communities thriving and healthy. What is wrong with the 10 Commandments?
    Even our Forest Rangers are having difficulty controlling the illegal shooting of our deer, moose, wolves, elk, all wildlife… people with no consideration for this country. People that will not obtain a license …..


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