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How Much Do Americans REALLY Know About Obama?- Michelle Fields – Sean Hannity – 5-18-12

June 25, 2012 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Doc Sarvis

    Average Americans = New Yorkers???
    All these snippits are in his book(s), he is not hiding ANYTHING. The books are in (practically) all the bookstores. If it matters to Americans then they should be reading these books. I read one of his two books – no real big deal items in the Dreams of My Father book.

    • Thor

      Put your thinking cap on, Doc, if you’ve got one! The point is simple (two points, actually): 1) during the election, the mainstream media dissected John McCain and Sarah Palin down to their restroom schedules, clothing—and when they weren’t juicy pickin’s enough—went after their families, never mentioning Obama’s early Marxist/Communist/Socialist affiliations and even defending him when alternative media pointed these out. Even you, Doc, should view Obama’s communist-socialist political leanings as more significant than who paid for Sarah Palin’s dress! 2) It’s obvious that if the media had been more forthcoming about what was in the book then more people would have read it! But, the media endorsed their candidate, protected him, even lied when they said none of this was true—these very issues about which you say ‘All these snippits are in his book(s), he is not hiding ANYTHING’ and ‘no real big deal items in the Dreams of My Father book.’

      I did not buy the book for two reasons—one, I already knew these things about Obama and, two, I did not want to put money in his pocket.

      The only real shocker here is that people who voted for him either did not know these things about him or do not find them significant—especially after a century of history that has already demonstrated that capitalism in a free market, republican system provides a superior standard of living compared to a Marxist-Socialist system.

      • Doc Sarvis

        President Obama has educated himself, as any good President should, about various political ideologies – left and right. That does not make him a follower of any particular one of those ideologies. Candidate Obama was as much a curiosity to various aspects of the media as the Republican candidates, though McCain was by far a better known entity then. Those who vote with their minds and with the best intentions for our country pay attention to policy stances as opposed to your restroom schedules and clothing.
        I did not buy the book either but found several copies in my local library. By reading the book I note that President Obama is a full supporter of our political system and his policies verify that he is also a full supporter of capitalism.

  • Steve L.

    How Pathetic, I mean that anti american Hannity. Its not front page news because it means nothing.

    • Thor

      It’s not front page news because fellow travelers like you don’t want it to be. I hear that both China and Russia have an open-borders policy…you could always use your welfare money to buy a one-way ticket.

    • AK Tom

      It may mean nothing to someone who doesn’t care about the future of America. I mean, who cares if a presidential candidate hung out with marxists and was heavily into drugs. During the ’08 election the news media swarmed all over little Wasilla, AK even going as far as interviewing the town librarian about Sarah Palin. It’s one thing to admit to doing drugs and hanging out with marxists as a young man. But not condemning them and coming out and admitting how wrong his behaviour was is a giant red flag! Even more disturbing is the people he’s appointed to some very high positions in his administration(czars,supreme court justices,attorney general etc.). The main stream media was more concerned to elect the 1st African-American president to be concerned about his past. Martin Luther King jr. is turning over in his grave.

  • Karolyn

    Hallelujah! Somebody being honest in his book. And some of these people are so shallow. Does anybody have any idea what goes on in college? It’s time to explore who one is and who they want to be! Stupid! If he want ed to hide any of this stuff, he wouldn’t have written the book and had it published. Who gives a flying f**k what somebody did in their 20s? Jus t keep stirring the pot and goading narrow-minded conservatives.

    • jopa

      Karolyn;You are confusing many of the readers here with the word stupid.Many of them I have noticed in the past spell it “stooped”.Just sayin.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    I did not realize attending socialist conferences and hanging out with marxists is bad for a future leader of the free world. Does it matter that he himself is not a marxist. Does it matter that our country is socialist. For the simple sake of argument marxists are human beings with their own ideals. A large number of people may not agree with them, but they have a right to their opinion. With respect to Mr Hannity and Mr.s Fields they are talking like President Obama was part of some terrorist cell. He hung out with people with a particular view. Nothing more. As to drugs every person to the best of my knowledge has done things they are not proud of during college and I am sure that includes presidents. Personally I see his story as being one of overcoming a time when he acted childish to become a better person. As to the whole dog thing that has been in the media quite a bit. I figure as long as he never does it again its okay. When compared to Mr. Romney I would say they are even. Also people do know ALOT about Obamas past. Thanks in no small part to Fox News and Mr. Hannity every facet of President Obamas life and in particular his college years has been dissected and analyzed. Every meeting he attended, every professor he had and every person he ever hung out with has become headline news as to whether this person influenced Obama. We know about Obama. What I am concerned with is how Obama is as president. I believe he is a decent one and when I have to choose between him and Mr. Romney I choose President Obama.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Very well put.

    • Jeri Taylor

      I’m sorry you have been a victim of media blackout. If you really want to know the truth about our corrupt government & the control they have over the minds of the American people, look up MK Ultra & Operation Paperclip. It may sound rediculous to you, but after WWII, our wonderful government officials brought Nazi scientists & professors here, to the U.S., to “learn from them.” These were criminals to the highest degree, protected by our government, funded by taxpayers. They experimented on the American civilians through radiation, drugs, media, toxic spraying of chemicals in the air…(by the way, they have increased their chemtrail spraying significantly), just look up. Breathe deep…you are inhaling aluminum particles. They will only cause Alzheimer’s or Dementia…but you shouldn’t mind much. At least, you won’t for long. Look up chemtrails. Look up HAARP. Time to get rid of the warm fuzzies of election time. There is no such thing as a real election. This is warfare…& our beloved nation is being destroyed right before our eyes. Please look up this information. There was a newspaper article posted in April that said thousands could lose internet access in July, blaming it on a virus. I hope you will look up this information while you can.

  • Roger

    Doc Sarvis, I came to the USA, from a country, that a men gave the same speaches a promises that Obama have done for all this year, and that man if you can call him a man
    kill thousands in is first year and for the 50 years that he is been in power, destroy that country a ruin what Columbus call “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY THAT HUMAN EYES HAVE SEEN” That country Mr Doc Sarvis, my country of birth es CUBA and the tyrant is Fidel Castro. I been in this great Country which I am so proud to call my Country for 60 years. and the difference is that I all ready live, what I today see. I pray that Obama will a 1 term president. GOD BLESS AMERICA

    • Doc Sarvis

      I agree that this is a Great country. I also know that it is Great, in part, because of leaders such as President Obama.

      • General “Bull” Shipper

        Doc Sarvis what have you been smoking, snorting or whatever? The pretender oblamer did nothing to make this nation great, thats for sure.

  • Jeri Taylor

    I wish people would WAKE UP to the media BLACKOUTS. The news media intentionally did not touch on these subjects…because they are all players in this game. Now, the FOX team “pretends” to be surprised about all this information(?) Really? After all, isn’t it their job to inform the public? I am a Christian conservative, but I am not one of the dummies who sit & feast on the so-called N-E-W-S. The American people are being lulled to sleep…probably through this next election, just like the last one. The TRUTH is – Ron Paul has more votes than all the others, (even the military support him above all the others COMBINED)! Does that make the news? No! The reason it is blacked out is because all news sources are in compliance with this One World Order elite group. I guess they think they will be kept under the wings of the elite if they follow orders. The news media doesn’t realize they are following the same pattern that Hitler initiated to recruit his followers. Make them believe they are out-numbered. If the news personal would have taken the initiative & stuck their clean, white necks out there, they could have altered the whole direction of this administration & the current election process taking place right now…pretending that Romney is the people’s choice. If the news was real news, the people would have hope. Because of the media, many Americans think their only choices are Obama & Romney. So, I believe it is the fault of our national news sources that are responsible for the destruction of our country. Unless they repent, & start to tell the truth, they will be very sorry when our freedom is gone. They will realize they played a huge role in fulfilling the downfall of this great nation. I guess they do not realize that they also will be abolishing their own liberty.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Please tell me where you find this “truth” that Ron Paul has more votes than the other Republican candidates. I don’t doubt that he has more votes than reported but more than Romney and Santorum?

      • Jeri Taylor

        Go to Ron Paul 2012 to find out what is really going on. Get on Youtube & watch “Ron Paul Rallys.” I am not lying to you, it will blow you away. Tens of thousands across the U.S. support Ron Paul. This should make you furious to find out that all of the media sources have blacked out this coverage. There are people in other parts of the world that love him.

  • s c

    So, this prez “supports” capitalism. BFD, comrades. Aside from the FACT that the word itself – capitalism – was created by socialists to impugn anyone who believes in free enterprise (free markets, that is). Some resident utopians on this web site are incredibly ignorant when it comes to definitions and political agendas.
    The current prez has dared to spew elements of socialism, communism, progressivism, fascism and a new and warped version of utopianism. In other words, the current prez uses many masks to hide his main agenda. While I’m no mind reader (and I don’t pack a crystal ball), it’s not possible to pretend to believe in ‘capitalism’ and have any use for freedom.
    California’s Plastic Lifestyle can’t hold a candle to the current prez. Ask someone who’s in a combat zone what they think of this prez. He’s a leader of the free world like Hitler and Stalin had a use for America OR freedom.
    People who want to wrap this prez in the flag and claim that he’ll make Amerika better owe it to Amerika and themselves to stop taking those mind-destroying drugs. Better yet, they would be better off in an “enlightened” country – like Iran.


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